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Malcolm Young

Malcolm Mitchell Young (born 6 January 1953) is a Scottish-born Australian guitarist best known as co-founder, rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist, and songwriter for the Australian hard rock band, AC/DC.

Angus Young Phil Rudd Brian Johnson Axl Rose Bon Scott Cliff Williams

Twivia Question This band formed by featured Angus & Malcolm Young on guitar in 1973, pre AC/D…
Ah WB/DC, the lesser known failed band Angus and Malcolm Young formed
AC/DC's Angus and Malcolm Young got into a fistfight over what song to play for an encore at a Pennsylvania concert…
Bon Scott, Angus Young, and Malcolm Young. They took the highway there.
1) You are a man of taste. 2) Malcolm Young. Robert Forster. Rick Parfitt. The dude on L A Woman. Me.
Young whites don't understand King was only begrudgingly accepted because the alternative was Malcolm X.
A young man was shot multiple times in Malcolm X Park on Tuesday night, critically wounded
They wonder why my heart is so numb.. I saw so much when I was so young
Malcolm X is dead so how is he a terrorist. Don't terroris…
I'm giving away something for you on 2 AC/DC rockcards-Malcolm Young. Get it here -
A warning for Aust - UK election heralds the begining of age-based politics: oped w
Remember the movie Malcolm X, when a well-meaning young white woman asked him what she could to to help, and he said, "Nothing"?
Have a Platform USE it! We will support youcost. Lord I ask U 2 bring out the Martins, Malcolm's, Mandela's& Rosa in these young folks
great question on notice response for Malcolm Roberts
Didn't Malcolm X decide to leave the Nation of Islam because he noticed corruption when El…
Just a reminder and update regarding the contribution of Malcolm Young to the magnificent AC/DC.
Okay Young brother, I just may have to check out those hip tunes by MC Fiasco. lol 😂😂
and Malcolm Young are the best rhythm Guitarists ever
I'd a great time with the young folks at today. Delighted to share the message that Irish belongs to…
Miss you too much, Malcolm Mitchell Young. You are The Furor and thanks to make…
You too young to know civil rights era, but this is what it was like. Malcolm X and the Black Pant…
If you need a young brotha wit African consciousness to patiently explain WS to you. My man goin off today!!
Malcolm Jolley talks to Toronto food lawyer and podcaster Glenford Jameson. Like a lot of young Canadians,...
You either die young enough to stay on the MLK side... or live long enough to understand Malcolm X.
Not surprising at all. Malcolm X got sent to prison mainly because the Judge felt him and his crew were…
Why do you think Malcolm left for? It wasn't b/c of how highly Elijah Muhammad considered women, esp young ones
bc young women called him out & told Malcolm X & he called him out for it during his Feb 14, 1965 speech.
I'm like a young Malcolm X in his prime so what are we planning to do I hear a good talk but what about action
Bedtime, I think. Giving a cross-community talk on Irish to young folk in tomorrow. Looking forward to it.
NBA is fun to watch now. The young generation got a huge huge impact on the game
Malcolm Butler really had OBJ in maximum security lmao
You should see me when a helicopter flies overhead. I'm all like scurrying around on the floor like Malcolm Young. 😁😁😁
the biography of Malcolm X by Walter Dean Meyers was life changing as young boy.i'm beginning to question it now.
when they see a young Malcolm like me
Yes sir - I hear some AC/DC Malcolm Young influence in there - you like him? young Malcolm.WHEN will you be visiting Detroit or Columbus Ohio?
And much like The Simpsons, Malcolm In The Middle, Friends & Seinfeld, I can't bear to watch the fi…
A from. which will get you where you want to be!.
But if you're a young person overpaid by centrelink. Malcolm won't forgive you.
of course I would be to young coz I've only been on this Planet since Aug 31 2001
Why did they cross out Malcolm and then write it again by hand? Is this some custom I…
If PVO thinks it is going to be the 'young' vote that wipes Malcolm's Gov out he hasn't been watching the polls. LOL
I know that many of you are too young to understand or too paid to have sense. But this is what happens in a dictatorship…
Very impressive start for the young man. Playing with NO FEAR
I find myself watching a very young Malcolm McDowell in the film 'If.' God he was so pretty.
Listening to reminds me of that scene in In the Loop when Malcolm Tucker is in a meetin…
Malcolm Young is now shipping to exclusive dealers!
Yea young Malcolm X sought out retaliating with violence which is not the way but as he grew he changed and…
And most importantly and profoundly, teaching young men how to respect women.
In 2015, Malcolm Jenkins played through a concussion. Now he’s telling kids to be smart about head injuries.
agreed. Our young yank at Rangers looks like a real find - Hyndman - and a young local striker Quigley who's like Malcolm McDonald
Lmaooo Young Thug does as he pleases, video creative af tho 📽🔥👀.
NYT & CNN have been in the tank for DNC for a very very long time. Take a reality check young man.
1. To those young women who say white women don't know how to fight for others rights.. just be careful not to lump ever…
ha. Yeah you seem young from your profile, but your awareness of social issues is beyond your years.
Malcolm Butler has done enough in his young career to proved that he isn't just the SB49 hero and the will pay him.
He makes me so proud My young Malcolm Little, Marcus…
Watching Malcolm In The Middle and my dad goes "That guy's got a look of a young Bryan Cranston about him" jfc
Saw a young white boy at the with a very clearly self made sign with a Malcolm X quote on it. The futur…
A Salute to the Greatest Rhythm Guitarist of all Time ...
You only ever see young Malcolm McDowell and old Malcolm McDowell. There was no Malcolm in the middle. https…
Miguel Ferrer, known for Twin Peaks, Young Justice, and NCIS: Los Angeles, has passed away at age 61
"Because the revolutionaries are children, young people...young ppl are the ones who most quickly identify with the struggle..…
“When he came in it pulled us all together." - Malcolm Young on Bon Scott, born on this day in 1946.
young come on man. this getting back on D after a bucket is horrible
"Only a fool would let his enemy educate his children" -Malcolm X... And that young man is what he was talking ab.
"The system is designed to produce suffering" Dr Peter Young. Join the petition
Radio Not to brag but young brothers in my hood will tell you quick "Uh Oh, here comes brother Malcolm" and U *** right-->
The fact that the young man denigrated Malcolm X. My god. "He was a Muslim. He didn't die for me".
I just watched a video where a young black man said Malcolm X did not die for him because X was Muslim... I'm speechless
Sophia Young-Malcolm, Vickie Johnson, Shannon Johnson are considered for 20 greatest.
honestly... If Malcolm Hosting a young leader - multi faith dinner put you off the Libs... You prob never were lol
This is a PRIME example of why young children need to be taught their history . What he said about Malcolm X😤
This is sickening. He really said "Malcolm X was a Muslim. He didn't die for me" smh so young and so naive. Save him
Former and Sophia Young-Malcolm among 60 players nominated as 20 greatest/most influential players in history.
Bull just said "Malcolm X didnt die for me... He was Muslim." The most ignorant,misguided young man ive ever seen.
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The death of Jo Cox is a tragedy. She was a committed and caring MP. My thoughts are with her husband Brendan and her tw…
People always askin whats that twerk song I always perform, its this---> "Professional"
"Malcolm x is a muslim, he did not die for me" oh my lord help this young child plz
Honestly, Cooky Camp Counselor Courtney Campbell will be missed by old and young!
Hope dey do 2pac justice wit dis movie nd EDUCATE young men bout who Pac really was. He was the remix to Malcolm X.
Here's a lesson for all my young g's out wanting to level up
The poster boys for Malcolm Turnbull's start up policy are... all... young Liberals
We need more young black males imitating Huey Newton and Malcolm X instead of Young Thug and Lil Wayne.
Casey: you caught feelings didn't you?. Malcolm: no. Casey: yea you did *** Malcolm: no I... Casey: yea you did
Orphaned on the ocean, the unbelievable courage of this young girl will amaze you:
Yup . From very young I felt different. . Even joined church to try get rid of this. So yes makes blood boil.
does Malcolm Turnbull or Bill Shorten poll better among young people?
Young Malcolm the Lawn Bowlers are waiting for you on 3 July.
Guys I'm in love with young Malcolm McDowell and I don't even care
From THE BLOOD FEUD (Mess with Aaliyah and all rules fly out the window.…
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Black graduates not getting jobs is a sign that we must start creating our own legacy in business. We can do it as young b…
Cassius X, Malcolm X, ... - angry young men. And rightly so. The question is: How do you deal with your anger?
Introducing AC/DC tequila, now you feel like Malcolm Young! Too soon?
The Tall Girls Basketball Clinic will be run by former Silver Star Sophia Young-Malcolm. Come see us 6/22!
Enough to stop a freight train. Or start the third world war.. Malcolm Young: Peerless.
I figured that whole enterprise would have shut down with Malcolm Young's departure
"What if a Marshall stack had a *** and balls and was powered by testosterone?" -Angus to Malcolm Young, probably
When I saw for the third time (2010): Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd and Cliff Williams.
"Education is our passport to the future, for the future belongs to those who prepare for it today". -Malcolm X
Malcolm Young with all due love & respect to all was the original architect. Massive void.
Congratulations to & Malcolm Howard elected for South. Pic with M's Mother 97 yrs young.
.she said a great example for young muslims.. gharidah! I doubt you even understood wot she meant. Armchair critics.
I wish I could get a young Malcolm McDowell.
Looks very much like a young Malcolm McDowell (with all head hairs dyed).
Who should be ashamed, again? Malcolm reveals what he really thinks of jobless young ppl on Central Coast; Nth Qld. ht…
How to buy a house: chose the right kinda loaded $$$ parents - PM Malcolm Turnbull
Ga. college student stabbed to death after coming to aid of three young women being groped https:/…
Young Herc - Take No L's ft Malcolm Z (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 20 more plays til 1000 show some love!!!
When Nia Long says you aren't too young for her AFTER you get married
"He's really not too young" - Nia Long in response to the line J. Cole said about her on No Role Modelz
Still can’t believe no Phil Rudd, no Malcolm Young, and no Brian Johnson but yet an AC/DC show will happen this weekend.
Malcolm Young's son reportedly confirms that is joining AC/DC | :
Deonte Burton of Iowa State looks like a young Malcolm-Jamal Warner.
Looks like we have a visitor - young Malcolm has arrived for hols. Luv Tilly Rum Harley - First Fur Prime...
thoughts on the rumour Malcolm Young's son has confirmed Axl Rose is replacing Brian Johnson for the AC/DC tour?
Apparently Malcolm Young's son has confirmed that Axl Rose will be replacing Brian Johnson for the rest of the AC/DC Rock or Bust tour.
I firmly believe that reading the works of James Baldwin and Malcolm X changed my life forever. They opened up a talent I didn't know I had
I wish Malcolm Young was still in AC⚡️DC. He'd never let Axl be the frontman
A journalist posed as a young woman interested in ISIS. What happened next is chilling:
Malcolm Young's son reportedly confirms that Axl Rose is joining AC/DC
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Axl Rose to try and fill the boots of Angus Young? Not convinced. # # AC/DC N' Roses
It's official.. Can I cry right now?
Did Malcolm Young's son confirm Axl Rose singing with the band?
Disrespect me I'll chin check ya,. Touch my girl I'll Malcolm X ya
So... is really Axl Rose becoming the singer of AC/DC for a handful of gigs?
Wyatt has plenty of positive attributes - young, mate of Malcolm, MP. ...young (scrub that) Anyway, ask him yourself
Does anyone else think that Curtis's husband looks a lot like a young Malcolm?
So young Malcolm,are we going to design and build our own submarines then?
Absolutly! Educated by Simon Birmingham and the Malcolm Turnbull regime children as young 4 years with help frm SS
then you haven't experienced the pinnacle just yet. You're young. *evil chuckling*
Was bored today so started a sky boxset- skins- was surprised to see a young looking "Malcolm" he's no *** Carter though!!🙈
Young black and Educated Clothing.Malcolm X shirts available now.
Young man outside telling people to register to vote.
I was way to young to vote but been waiting for my chance since since 83
Malcolm young one of the most influential guitarists to millions, lets celebrate a icon
One young girl at my work decided to do a paper on Malcolm X...
Why does Malcolm think that lower house prices is such a terrible thing? Ordinary & young ppl may b able to get back in to th…
students who believe that Malcolm X only promoted violence, are ignorant. but I'm not surprised.
Malcolm, there's a heap of young people with savings ready to take up the slack when investors get out of established housing market.
Y3 be he belt supreme be the Malcolm x be the jersey and Michael khors trench coat
I'm kinda drunk but Malcolm and Angus Young could get it anytime.
This is a word. Learned this lesson young.
Just sitting here waiting for Young Metro to say he doesn't trust someone I hate.
Having a conversation with some young brothers about Malcolm X; the love for Malcolm is !
I did not know this. AC-DC replaced rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young(retired due to illness) with Stevie Young, his nephew, just 3yrs younger
so Malcolm.. you'd rather assist someone buying their 7th investor property, than young person wanting a 1st home?.
Shouldn't we make life better for young LGBTIQ people by promoting understanding?
Was talking to a couple of young Aussie tourists last night-they'd never heard of Malcolm Turnbull.
Malcolm X's daughter: “Not much has changed, young people, since the assassination of my father."
just know I'm young Malcolm X in the flesh b
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51 years ago Malcolm X transitioned to the ancestors. They took his body, but his spirit is more alive than ever. https:/…
You did not desert me. My brother in arms.. Angus and Malcolm Young
They got me!! Officially introducing "Coach Ken" as I am now helping to coach young Malcolm's…
If Malcolm Young dies this summer, will be forced to bust out Highway to ***
I'm not MLK or Malcolm X or Nelson Mandela but us young black people need to over come the unexpected
Then the professor accidentally added... Malcolm X
Young African Leadership Initiative asks ANC to recall Zuma for 'betraying SA and party'
do you see the trying to trade for a young goaltender such as Malcolm Subban or someone older or drafting one instead?
Crazy Stat of Day: Saturday was 1st time in 3 seasons together that Nick Young assisted on a Kobe Bryant field goal. http…
Started in da trenches as a young bull
I need a young Malcolm after his life of crime, but without the Nation of Islam
Nick Young had to make himself relevant again
That pic of Young Thug in the wheel chair kills me every time
By Malcolm with any means by the gun in my palms . -Many Men.
"Young people,just like Martin Luther King Jr. & Malcolm X,are leading the modern civil rights movement in the U.S."
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My heart is heavy, My son Malcolm just bought another neighborhood young person to the house. He hadn't eaten...
Going back to '98, I've said Erik Per Sullivan (youngest brother on Malcolm in the Middle) would've made a great young Anakin.
Penalty coming. We're on the line. TRY! It's young with his first Warriors try!
Prime Minister Turnbull, working the controls of Ripper the weed robot with young…
Pfahahha i didnt know reese from malcolm in the middle auditioned for the role of young anakin.
All the best to young hooker on his first start for later today
Amid the gloom about Windies, Malcolm Knox sees cause to be optimistic about their young batting line-up.
That’s a good list to be on …. Young add one of most valuable young stars.
Visions of Martin Luther staring at me, Malcolm X put a hex on my future someone catch me
Did Malcolm X ever own up to stealing the young Cassius' bike?
We hope you enjoy this lovely, simple song written by Kiwi Malcolm Gordon and his young son, Sam, as we wind down...
Check out Angus Young Malcolm Young of AC/DC 1970s Original Autograph, signatures on paper via
Happy birthday to Stevie Young of AC/DC who has taken over for Malcolm!
to Stevie Young, nephew of Angus and Malcolm Young, of AC/DC! :)
Malcolm and Angus Young,after finished their concert.
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Nobody does it better than WR Malcolm Mitchell. What an incredible young man he is.
Nice touch from Brian Johnson at the Perth gig during high voltage mentioning the 2 masters Malcolm Young and Bon Scott
‘Condemned for eternity’: young Turnbull had no love for John Kerr: Malcolm Turnbull did not expect Gough Whit...
A wonderful pictorial of Remembrance Day, including a stellar picture of young Bluey, from
A used to love ayr when a was a right young wee guy. See now, I'm speechless
How did 21yr old future PM react to Whitlam Dismissal? His thoughts here:
metro really a *** for jumping on Future side when Young Thug really put this *** on
If it weren’t for Matt Bomer, Brendon Urie, and Young Malcolm McDowell,I would honestly be a ***
AC/DC 1978 If you want blood programme and ticket Bon Scott Angus Malcolm Young
Too many y'all want to be young thug and not Malcolm X...
Great article in the by our Trustee Malcolm Dean. Ready for Conference tomorrow
Martin Luther King, Malcolm X H.P Newton Marcus Garvey would be proud of those young students protested. Answers
The guitarist in Garbage is a few years older than Angus & Malcolm Young from AC/DC
Malcolm Young, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd are the tightest rhythm section in history
Can ACDC experience more tragedy? Bon Scott, Malcolm Young and now Phil Rudd. Sing their music at karaoke all the time. Sad stuff.
It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll – Angus Young, Bon Scott, Malcolm Young, Sergio George, Paco Huidobro, Patty Griffin
Tryna be the first big producer to come out of Northern CA😤
Malcolm X was misguided by Elijah Muhammad, he left the Nation of Islam after he found he had a relationship with a young girl.
The future belongs to those who prepare for today. Malcolm X
I'm not Martin Luther King I'm not Malcolm X . I'm just a young black man trying to make a…
also young Malcolm McDowell is totally a twin of Evan Peters it'S SO CREEPY
Malcolm's gone from being a young boy to a man I feel like a proud father
A young rabbit eating a thistle this evening
The ones too young for Bowie may not get that one mate 👍
Very cool reminiscence from the young Malawian who brought Malcolm X to speak at Oxford in 1964
Listen to Uncomfortable ft. Malcolm Z by Young Herc on…
Don't know what a slippery slope is? Malcolm Adekanbi is here to tell you. . - only in theaters June 19th. http:/…
.Civic Center in Maine, the band introduced Malcolm's nephew Stevie Young as his temporary replacement, & shows went on without a hitch
Antony Joshua looks like a young Malcolm x
That's it's why when you read Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X, Web DuBois, James Baldwin and others, allusions to music are so prevalent
dignitasnews: A young black mans journey to conservatism:
Malcolm believed in violence too MF ✊😂😂
Here he go widd dis Malcolm X speech
Not quite. They're roughly 27 when the show starts, let's say Malcolm is 50... 23? Still young, but not 12. lol
I advise every young black male to watch "Malcolm X", such an astounding movie.
Gerald Wallace 🏀🏀at Malcolm young i asked his *** did he ever hold curry and i said that *** raw ain't it he was like yea😂😂
Young Thug son look just like him lmao😭😂😂
[23/30] international cricket for six years. . “When I was young I got motivated by watching Allan Border, Malcolm.
If she can't do the grinding beat with her hands, then she too young for you bro.
The reason encourage us to move on and Keep Rare fantastic---Custom Made Malcolm Young II style!
Wayne don't stay committed to a release date, & Young Thug stay letting trash *** *** feature on his song
No longer boutta hide my feelings, like Malcolm said: "I had learned that if you want something, you had better make some noise."
Watchin Malcolm X and its crazy how the young Denzel look just like em
My dad & my uncle with Malcolm Young about 15ish years ago vs my brother & I this weekend. Can you tell we’re family? htt…
Great stories in the Roundup this week! I especially love the tribute to Malcolm Young...
Eskom and the "Sugar Bowl Syndrome" . Many, many years ago, when I was but a young lad, my parents moved to the...
My only regret was being too young for Malcolm X.
I added a video to a playlist Chief Keef - Bussin [Prod By
Going in like King for outcomes like Malcolm's. Last day in young offenders institute.
Seriously, watch it. Malcolm Macdowell is in charge of a castle. His son is a punk gang leader who likes the Fine Young Cannibals.
So proud of this wonderful young women for graduating her Vet Assistant program today!…
To The young woman that broke into my house, I appreciate the dedication as a fan. I pray she gets the help she needs. It's…
"Oh my god, oh my god, if I nut, I'm in heaven" Legend Remix ft. Young Malcolm X
S/O to Woodlawn for handling up in the spring game today ✊ young talent
he never gonna make hits like I don't like no more
This the young Black man at a PWI whose adviser threatened to call the police on him for sitting in the lobby. Sigh. h…
young kids wearing Malcolm across their chest isn't a bad thing, just could have been executed better.
AC/DC's Malcolm Young dementia tribute video -
These young parents kill me they're so engaged with their gadgets they don't even interact with their kids SMH
My fave part is when Malcolm calls the two young 'uns "The White Stripes."
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Malcolm Young, we won't forget your riffs
Gunboat, Lightnin Malcolm, Col. Bruce Hampton, Young Valley and CBDB are just a few of the bands performing at... http…
Malcolm Young named as 9th dean of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
Malcolm Young, we won't forget your riffs | Classic Rock: via
Check out Watch Dementia Patients Rock Out to AC/DC in Honor of Malcolm Young
Malcolm Young, we won't forget your riffs -
Malcolm Young, we won't forget your riffs | TeamRock:
AC/DC's Malcolm Young looks frail in Sydney after confirmin... . |
By any means necessary, Malcolm X at the Oxford Union (with a young Tariq Ali) via
Crikey, this brought tears to my eyes. Just watch. We won't forget you
Malcolm Young. The greatest of them all.
Ever wondered why young black boys chill in the hood deep doing nothing? They feeding off each others masculine energy thats…
Malcolm Young of "Your music will always be stronger than your disease". Wow. If this vid doesn't move you...
Hey! Wanna help us pay a homage to forever guitarist Malcolm Young? Just share:
I'll stop when Malcolm's not a fish
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Also without Malcolm Young & Phil Rudd it's not really AC/DC. I will remember them as they were.
AC/DC founder Malcolm Young splashes more than $10m for Palm Beach waterfront pad
Like Malcolm X said in 1963, the British monarchy is "superfluous," even more so contemporarily than it was back then.
1. Follow Malcolm on IG (One_CoolGuy). 2. Post this pic and tag him. 3. Hashtag . 😎😎😎
Name 5 obscure AC/DC tunes. Who came up with the name AC/DC? Why did Malcolm Young have to leave the band?
that's very true. Just like there was more chance of young black Americans listening to Malcolm x than MLk i suppose.
if only young black Americans heed the message ehn! Seeing as you mentioned Malcolm X, I assume he also addresses the
Malcolm from Young Chicago Authors freestyling at And honoring
u right I shoulda just waited til I didn't have gas, too young to turn down a bad chick sex at that time tho lol
So tomorrow Will be visiting the dub for Malcolm Butler day and when I tell you these young *** will be flocking.😓
Just been told I look like a young Malcolm McDowell... That's a good but slightly creepy thing, right?
Young’s Chip Shop Celebrates 30th Anniversary and Takes Centre Stage in New Malcolm the Cat Advert. via
Nah he GOAT. “Young thug FOREVER wack for naming his album carter 6”
“We try to cope” - Natacha holds the clothing of her two young children who died
Excellent meeting from in - some great tasks lined up for our young people
AWSOMe james that will keep you busy , hang in there and stay focused, Motocross needs you , ps keep young Malcolm in check , he needs
Fuc these young street punks. They can get this work and rolled up fast.
““Young Thug is really going to call his next project 'Carter 6'
Losing KT, KCRM, Antoine and Malcolm and bringing in young guns. I think it'll take a bit to fit it together.
Lol “Wale's promotion team was Boo'ed today! By Travis Scott and Young Thug fans in Wale's own city.
GOAT. “Young Thug is calling his next project 'Carter 6'
Let's support a great young man and his family - A Request to Support Malcolm Hollett
Young Thug confirms he wants to be Lil Wayne so bad
Don't be so down. C'mon young homie. You'll be okay, you'll find real lover.
Shout out to Carday Solidrock Marshall and a young artist named YB from Monroe, La. aka my hometown. We making...
Pupils learning from Malcolm the engineer. He's explaining london's sewer problem. Yuk!
snap up properties . due to new pension rule changes . Malcolm Davidson .
all these years i been listening to that "devil in my ear, telling me what to do" its taught me a lot. Thx Malcolm.
😂😂 Carrie, McGill,Hayden justin Ellis sip Moore Malcolm smith you want me to keep going bruh?
Young’s Chip Shop celebrates 30th birthday with Malcolm the Cat advert
A fantastic video of, literally, final song ever played live with Malcolm Young. Totally surreal!
Malcolm Young, 1985 (founder, rhythm guitarist and songwriter for seminal Aussie rockers AC/DC
Young black leaders and idols of the 60s MLK,Huey Newton, Malcolm X. . And of today? Who? Nobody promoting education & bettering yourself.
How Malcolm X converted a young man to the GOP:
The Autobiography of Malcolm X is a great read for any young black man. I HIGHLY recommend it, It should be mandatory.
Angus and Malcolm Young are like Jim Rice and Dwight Evans. Malcolm is the better one, but everyone's talking about Angus.
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