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Malcolm Kelly

Malcolm Kelly (born December 30, 1986) is a professional American football wide receiver who is currently a free agent.

Devin Thomas Fred Davis Dan Snyder Jordy Nelson Trent Williams Mark Clayton Josh Doctson Kelvin Benjamin Devon Thomas Jamal Charles Limas Sweed

Listening to S Malcolm Jenkins talk about the final play of the game is fun: . "We were able to recognize that (…
I dedicate this win to Malcolm Kelly
Malcolm Jenkins and Co. coming back into the tunnel.
Wow.. Also gotta look at who's throwing to Doctson and who was throwing to Malcolm Kelly. Big differe…
I never got the Malcolm Kelly comp except for the injuries. That said, Doctson was also near the top of the team i…
I get this a decent amount so time for some clarity: Do not in any way compare Josh Doctson to Malcolm Kelly. In an…
Reminder: Malcolm is still seeking businesses to sponsor Fun Run t-shirts for our students. Deadline is 1/29. Please e…
I see Doctson as Malcolm Kelly 2.0 . How many balls did he drop, and how many were TD'…
Kelly Malcolm, UNF assistant professor of photography, is the curator of MOCA Jacksonville's new "Unverified" exhib…
Here we go again, the guy who drafted Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly in 1st and 2nd rd of same draft is pontificati…
Throwing this on the TL just so that folks don’t forget Malcolm Kelly’s legendary freestyle.
Im in stitches that there calling Liam Kelly, Foderingham 😂😂
How's that make you feel Peter Dutton Malcolm Turnbull G…
Relationship Goals: Find someone who'll look at you like Kelly O'Dwyer beholds Malcolm.
Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, quit while you're behind darl. Just waffling on and…
The only menace to Victoria is Malcolm Turnbull, Peter Dutton and now yo…
Malcolm Kelly needs to get back in the lab. Who will OU players be messing with in the summer time now? I haven’t worked ou…
Eleven years ago, after the Big 12 Championship win over Nebraska, Malcolm Kelly performed his famous freestyl…
Trent Williams, AP and Malcolm Kelly all came from Texas but went to OU
Big poetry EP today with Todd Boss in interview, Malcolm Kelly reading, plus I read a poem by Nicole Oquendo.…
Last player Skins drafted with arthritic issues was Malcolm Kelly (Knees). I'm hoping Allen pans out and can stay healthy.
Does he still keep in touch with Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly?
he must have him confused with Aldrick Robinson, Ryan Grant, Leonard Hankerson, Malcolm Kelly..Good lord we've had some bad WRs
we heard that before with Malcolm Kelly and Devon Thomas
lmao. Malcolm Kelly, waste of a draft pick. Dude had hands of stone
"I felt encouraged because I felt like I could do more." told us about his visit to Capitol Hill
Michelle, Kelly, LaToya, LaTavia, and Beyoncé are about to do a 20 year reunion album and tour. I just fe…
"You don’t like what’s happening in the workplace, go to human resources or leave."
Join Malcolm O Kelly & Tony Ward at tonight for their Heineken Rugby Club! Free pint of Heineken to…
Remember this as a youngin!! Malcolm Kelly Straight murdered this 🔥🔥
Shorten out to trump Turnbull But Shorten will not get that near 2 Trump: not in a life time. Wong on fool's errand.
Shorten out to trump Turnbull Re last parag: can see cartoon w/ Trump asking Shorten who is barking mad POTUS or u?
Shorten out to trump Turnbull Seemed erratic but isn't: ran multi-billion $ empire; won nomination & now an election
Malcolm Delaney-THJ-Tauren Prince-Mike Muscala-Ryan Kelly unit has been effective. What world are we living in?
Ryan Kelly, Taurean Prince, Malcolm Delaney and Tim Hardaway are all +7 or better off the bench
If Malcolm Jenkins is Chip Kelly's legacy in Philadelphia, that's something to be proud of.
The comparisons between Malcolm Kelly and Josh Doctson need to stop. It was known that Kelly had 2 bad knees but Vinny ignored that.
him too, i remember way back when OU vs TX was a WR showdown between Limas Sweed & Malcolm Kelly
In honor of former WR Malcolm Kelly being the new WR Coach at Texas A&M Commerce we bring you this
nope 🤔 only ones that did aren't pictured... Malcolm Kelly,Trent Williams,Chris Ivory
I remember the Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas experiment, it was painful to watch
What does drafting for need look like? Try Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly & Fred Davis. Two busts & a loon who couldn't work an alarm clock.
Before skins fans critique this draft, remember when we took Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas and Fred Davis? Ok then Stfu
let's see who he is fighting first. It could be Malcolm that works in the local chippy 😂
Malcolm Jenkins: Kelly struggled to communicate with players - ESPN Video
Malcolm Kelly freestyle is forever trill
PM’s new ministerial mess: Malcolm Turnbull confronts a new test of his authority as pressure builds for sweep... http…
Malcolm Turnbull's ambition is narrowing a little more every day, writes
Husband Malcolm Gossett...Football season is over. Do you think we can have joint custody on the remote control?...
Malcolm ain't throw them hands for this
They need you to drop that Malcolm Kelly rap.
: Politics over policy for PM Malcolm Turnbull is creating a policy dilemma by signalling his rejection …
Great turnout pre-match hospitality ahead of Ireland Wales game. Great analysis from Malcolm O'Kelly.
Malcolm Jenkins: Kelly struggled to communicate with players Video - via App
Malcolm Kelly went in. A shame he went to DC
My new piece: 'Malcolm Turnbull: The shiny charlatan'
Malcolm Jenkins: Colin Kaepernick not enough, Chip Kelly needs to vary tempo
Eagles News: Malcolm Jenkins says teams have caught up.. https…
Malcolm Jenkins on Chip Kelly: "He just wasn't proactive enough to gain the entire trust of everybody" in Philly
Malcolm Jenkins says Chip Kelly's offense is too simple and Kaepernick won't help
Malcolm Jenkins says teams have caught up to Chip Kelly's tempo offense
[« touch Kelly Curtis Malcolm. In fact, the woman was donned in her v-neck shirt, white in colour, with three buttons »
He has been gone like a month Suz! MIA, dont know what is going on there. He must be with Malcolm Kelly on IR.
What I'm working on now. Oh Malcolm (Adrenaline releasing March 22, 2016) how I love thee. Fighting the...
Malcolm O’Kelly: Stick with Leo and he will be a success
So glad Chip Kelly went after Malcolm Jenkins instead of overpaying Jarius Byrd
Malcolm Jenkins explains how Chip Kelly, Jeffrey Lurie saved Eagles season: Eagles safety details what has led...
Malcolm Jenkins really opens up about how Chip Kelly, Jeffrey Lurie saved the season.
Listening to THE POWERS OF ENLIGHTENISM --- SE... by Malcolm Kelly Powers of Mind Hour
Malcolm: I know that ain't no swine... .
Love that Comedy Central brought back Malcolm in the Middle 🙌🏻
Two best roster moves of Chip Kelly era almost certainly trading for Sproles and signing Malcolm Jenkins in free agency
Mark Bradley, Malcolm Kelly, Mark Clayton. favorite OU trio of all time.
Malcolm Kelly free styling after Big 12 Championship via
Then Kelly act like its gone kill her to text me back.
.debuts 'Somewhere in Paradise' ft. Jeremih & R. Kelly on . Listen: https:/…
Malcolm Jenkins at one point was accused of being a Chip Kelly spokesperson,
I get hyped every time I watch this, Malcolm Kelly murked this
thanks for sharing Malcolm E. Kelly, have a great Saturday :) (insight by
Kelly falls to. Malcolm by a pin in the 1st period
: PM fights to change narrative However, the Malcolm Turnbull must not shun tough budget decisions.
Thank you. I don't know how to express this any other way. So, Thank you. Michelle, Malcolm, Jose, Melissa, Kelly. xom
I liked a video Malcolm Kelly free styling after Big 12 Championship
Listening to “Practicing the Principles of Enl... by Malcolm Kelly Powers of Mind Hour
Just now realizing Malcolm Kelly from MKTO was Walt Lloyd from 'Lost', which means he hung out with Ian Somerhalder
Shepard's TD catch was 21st of career, tying him with Malcolm Kelly for fifth on all-time list (Kenny Stills fourth with 24).
Malcolm Kelly and Devon Thomas back to back picks in 2nd round
hanging out with MKTO's Malcolm Kelly and Tony Oller during a private IHeartRadio Event!…
Malcolm Kelly free styling after Big 12 Championship BOOMER Sooners baby
Say, I'm from Longview,Texas and I know Malcolm Kelly and Trent Williams. Sho' waiting on you to come "home". Any leverage??
what's your take on Malcolm Brown DT. >
|| We need John Hammond, Ian and Kelly Malcolm, Doctor Grant and a lot more. Please people we need others! RT!
Kelly Loui Lucic Chara and Malcolm Subban for Hall Eberle Ference and the 1st overall. Chiarelli would love it
Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are. - Malcolm Forbes
Malcolm Kelly still got the best football freestyle
I'm sick of Marcus Smart and Kelly Olynk. Wasted draft picks by Danny Ainge.
Marynowitz: I think we've got players on the roster who can compete to play safety next to Malcolm Jenkins
Think Malcolm Turnbull is better than the rest of the Libs? Have a read of what he said about downloaders... http:…
Wearing a No Police hat and a Malcolm X shirt in to jury duty.
Earl Wolff: "I told Malcolm.. I don't know what they're going to do in the draf this year. I'm going to be starting be…
Sometimes conspiracy theories are dead-on.
Malcolm and Kelly back in the studio at 12:30hrs - what random - ness will our Malcolm come up with today?
Festival of Books: Malcolm Gladwell discusses fame, writing and three strikes
The Malcolm Kelly Freestyle will never get old!
"Without education, you are not going anywhere in this world" — Malcolm X
... . Brooklyn Beckham is on Instagram. You follow him. He's cooler than you. 😒
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Marcus smart and Kelly olynk will cost us this game
One quarter is in the books and the Celtics lead the Cavs 31-27. Kelly Olynyk is your leading scorer with 10 points off the be…
The lead the 31-27 after the first quarter. Led by Kelly Olynyk who has a game-high 10 points.
at least he doesn't have that Miles Austin / Malcolm Kelly hamstring
If they had Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas, Carlos Rogers, Fred Davis, it would surely hit the ground.
Iglesias, Manny Johnson, Gresham, Murray out the backfield. So much depth. We were hurt by Malcolm Kelly going pro.
I hope so, Kelvin Benjamin is the next james hardy, Limas Sweed, Malcolm Kelly etc
He has a worse hamstring than Malcolm Kelly bruh.. *** no.
I've got a signed football from 2008 training camp with Fred Davis, Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas. Burn it?
Even if it's true that Cerrato wanted Jamal Charles and was overruled by Dan Snyder for Malcolm Kelly how relevant is it 6 years later?
Adam Schefter implies the Redskins drafted Malcolm Kelly over Jamaal Charles in ’08 because of Dan Snyder -
I've seen Kelvin Benjamin compared to Stephen Hill, Malcolm Kelly and Jon Baldwin. Safe to say it hasn't been a good night.
could've drafted Desean Jackson & Jordy Nelson in 2007. Instead took Devin Thomas & Malcolm Kelly -_- Both no longer in the NFL
Oklahoma must have listened to the Malcolm Kelly freestyle before this game
Tried to remain silent all year about my Redskins, but with the latest report about Shanahan wanting to quit before the Seattle playoff game, because of Dan Snyder and RGIII's relationship. And another report that RGIII wanting so badly to start the season opener, because he was afraid Kirk Cousins might replace him. In over 40 years of cheering for the Skins.Mike Shanahan has been the most embarrassing period ever. We all knew Spurrier was a joke, and Zorn was out if his league. Before I could comment about Shanahan I had to research what happened with Raiders and the Broncos. What I concluded is that Shnahan is the most arrogant and egotistical, controlling individual that I have ever seen, and he takes no accountability for his actions. The way he handled Haynesworth, McNabb, Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas, Fred Davis and Santana Moss. He doesn't release them or bench them he humiliates people. All year we watched and heard about the sour relationship with him and RGIII, but I challenge anyone who ever h ...
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Malcolm Kelly had some mad hands too
Kind of annoying when teams drafted good receivers and redskins grabbed Devin Thomas and malcolm Kelly in the 2nd round..
I can't believe Malcolm Kelly from played Lil' Saint on You Got Served.
Malcolm Kelly, I'm watchin you on the telly. you ain't got a belly and you're friends with ned kelly
Malcolm kelly smashed that freestyle man.
Malcolm Kelly freestyle still clean to me
Malcolm Kelly Freestyle is the hardest of any athlete other than ma boi Calvin Howell from the 'tone
Hadn't heard that one until today. Had heard Classic before, but had no idea Malcolm Kelly/Walt was in the band
Listening to Malcolm Kelly OU freestyle , I ain't heard this in yes
Malcolm Kelly free styling after Big 12 Championship. It never gets old.
Listening to the Malcolm Kelly freestyle on game days takes me back to the days.
Malcolm Kelly absolutely kills his Big 12 Championship freestyle !
Malcolm Kelly free styling after Big 12 Championship this gets me hype every time
Getting ready for the first game of the season by watching old intro videos and the Malcolm Kelly rap on repeat ❤🏉
Did Joey Galloway make it? If not Malcolm Kelly is going to need to get healthy
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Yo send that "I Will" Under Armour video so he can get crunk. I'll send him the Malcolm Kelly freestyle.
Sweed was a bad pick but the Redskins took Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas. They struck out twice.
And im still mad we let go of Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas two seasons ago.. Garcon, Moss, Kelly and Thomas would have been nice...
instead of Devin we should of had Jordy Nelson or Brandon Flowers and instead of Malcolm Kelly we should have Jamal Charles . 20/20 I guess
Look at mark Ingram Look at Vince young. Look at Jamarcus russel. Look at Troy smith. Look at Malcolm Kelly. The NFL will expose to ***
Chip Kelly turned down a chance to go to the NFL and to returned to Oregon, according to sources. Considered Eagles but stayed at Oregon.
If I don't get nothing else this year..I'm going to need for my stomach to stop hurting and find it's comfort zone! ;-)
Wichita St. is playing and Malcolm Armstead is in the game. How the *** is he still playing college basketball? That can't be possible
Lmao "Malcolm Kelly would've made that catch" -
sort a spice girls tribute night in Kelly's! I'll be lead singer
WVU game, don't forget, 3 defensive starters & Malcolm Kelly were out. But intensity was zero. Is that coaching/prep?
Goin out wiv ma sis to meet some m8s xxx
I hereby owe Malcolm Thom and Kelly Swann a HUGE debt of gratitude. See y'all at FedEx. HAIL!!!
i think Malcolm Kelly was probably more talented, he just couldn't get healthy to save his life.
Kia ora koutou.You have all been such beautiful people to my whanau and I for the sad loss of my darling Michael Glenn. About 300 people attended his service, held at the Onehunga RSA, Friday 4th January. Apart from his brother Sir Owen Glenn and his four daughters, we had other dignitaries whom Mike and I met over the years through his brother. They were Lady Kuia Morrison (the late Sir Howard Morrison's wife) and their daughter, Mrs Donna Grant, Mr & Mrs Barry Spicer from the Business University, Mr & Mrs Banff from the Blandford Lodge Horse Stud Stables in Matamata, Malcolm Gordon, his partner Kelly and his son Danny, John Anslow and his partner Grace and their children, Mr & Mrs Bob Hawke and whanau representatives of Ngtiwhatua ki Orakei, Representatives from Newmarket RSA, Newmarket Workingmen's Club, Orakei RSA, Onehunga Workingmen's Club, Papakura RSA, Onehunga RSA Bowling Club and members and staff of the Onehunga RSA, plus my mother Mrs Heini Wilkinson and my whanau. On behalf of his sons David ...
Its crazy how some people view malcolm kelly like somebody famous and i view him as an uncle .. We sitting on the couch talking now ..
Was weird seeing Jesse Spano get NC-17 in Showgirls back in '95. Kind of weird now. If it were Lisa Turtle or Kelly Kapowski, not so much.
Here is a recommendation from Kelly (Heiple) Ferretti for the Married Couples Retreat ( "WLD Ranch is in the Erie, PA area. It's a Christian ranch where kids can attend summer camp and then throughout the year they have different conferences, retreats, horse lessons etc. It is where my parents worked, I attended and then worked as well. Its definitley a part of our family not only the place, but those who work there are extended family. I can honestly say it is one of my favorite places on earth and would definitley encourage anyone who is interested in having a fun time with their spouse to attend."
Does Kevin Malcolm really like the weiner that much?
The Chip Kelly drama is heating up per
Malcolm Kelly's freestyle was on everybooody's MySpace page lol
Who is that one person you would be star struck if you met?
i got one for Christmas :D and so did kelly! so we shall definitelyyy be playing :)
Hope you come home by Friday your bday Malcolm Carroll want to have a get together grill and have a fire and got some fireworks hopefully guess we see if you are ! :)
“Thw only good thing Shemar Moore ever did was be Malcolm Winters on Young and The Restless.” Yes lawddd!!!
If Malcolm Kelly (BEAST) is willing to beat up DB's in run game, & block 4 AD, let him. It's what it takes. Now & NFL. Ask him.
Any 1 know the best driven instructors need 1 4 dylan x
I really gave y'all the Malcolm Kelly freestyle and y'all didn't appreciate the greatness.
Everyone should go and check out my friend and Malcolm D Kelly's new music video
Right the limit has been reached , mi batchelor pad has been converted to a hair dressing salon !
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Chip Kelly: The rare example of a guy who will cash in big by staying in school a extra year.
Racism in Canada too! MT Kelly Friesen (World junior championship: Racial tinge to slams of...
If Malcolm Kelly were playing in this game, Johnny Foozeball woulda been f*d
Malcolm kelly freestyle will forever eat
Malcolm Kelly really had the hardest locker room freestyle ever documented. This is fact, there is no room for debate.
Malcolm Kelly free style after they won the big 12 a few years ago.
Chip Kelly leaving Oregon for the browns.He gonna miss them when he fired this time next year smh
I think Brittney Golden has convinced me to dye my hair. Say a prayer guys, say a prayer!
If Oklahoma gets a halftime freestyle from Malcolm Kelly it's a guarantee win
Im a freestyle like Malcolm Kelly one day after a game
I should have said Malcolm Kelly lol
at first I read it as Malcolm Kelly not Malcolm Kennedy. Malcolm Kelly didn't drop passes.
All OU fans, if you aren't pumped for this game then go watch Malcolm Kelly's rap after the Big 12 championship game. That will get you goin
Speaking of Oklahoma.. What ever happened to Malcolm Kelly?
"Holla at Coach Sumlin, holla at the Stoops" - Malcolm Kelly's rap (2006)
Hoping OU can get Malcolm Kelly live tonight
Malcolm Kelly should pop out of nowhere and start up that freestyle on the sideline.
in honor of the Cotton Bowl I will now go listen to Malcolm Kelly's rap.
Matt everyone is asking if you'd share that beautiful poem. Even if you don't want to put it here will you please sen me a copy for my book? It was great. Daddy would have been proud. Love you
Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly. Oh my gah they're probably eating captain crunch right now
So when Malcolm Kelly told that there was more to the story, did he ever actually tell anyone what "more" was?
Devin Thomas and ol boy from Oklahoma right? Malcolm Kelly? I thought those were good picks at the time smh
We could've had Jordy Nelson, but we thought Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas were better
what his inability to be elite level worthy of comparison to Mark Clayton, Malcolm Kelly and Ryan Broyles???
happened to him twice. Malcolm Kelly. A bunch of guys here.
Fred Davis' blown-out Achilles is just the latest bit of misery for the 2008 draft. (Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, etc., etc.)
Fred Davis is officially a bust him, Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly go down as the 3 worst picks in one round, ever
Fred Davis is officially a bust...Him, Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly are all busts...kill Vinny
Watching the 07 Red River game. Bradford, Malcolm Kelly, Iglesias, Gresham, Manny Johnson, Demarco Murray. Can we have that team back?
Malcolm Kelly freestyle.3gp one of the coldest Wide Receivers to come out of OU lmao boy killed it! ...
*** Patriots got Greg Salas they mine as well go get Malcolm Kelly
was Devin Thomas the guy with one leg longer than the other? Or was that the other Cerrato gem, Malcolm Kelly?
I was so confident that the Skins draft class with Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas was gonna solve our offensive problems. Not so much
Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly were supposed to be the greatest WRs in that '08 class. 847 yards and 3 TDs COMBINED in four years.
I bet Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas and Vinny Cerato are somewhere making out with each other em
he also drafted Malcolm Kelly who is out of the league, same draft as Thomas I believe
Devin Thomas (now retired) and Malcolm Kelly (free agent) were both picked by the Redskins in the 2nd round of the 2008 draft. Ouch.
Argos in hostile territory at Ivor Wynne: CBC Sports' Malcolm Kelly watched from the trenches of Ivor Wynne Stadium...
After the sport of cycling worked hard to clean itself up, Canada's Ryder Hesjdal has emerged as one of its top riders, writes's Malcolm Kelly.
Fred was in that dreaded 08 draft with Devin Thomas & Malcolm Kelly
Injured wide receiver Malcolm Kelly may not be part of the Washington future via
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