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Malcolm Jamal Warner

Malcolm-Jamal Warner (born August 18, 1970) is an American television actor, television director, and musician.

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why do I always get malcolm jamal warner and darius mccrary confused?
Hillary was also all about Black love™, from Ice Trey (Don Cheadle) to Trevor to Malcolm Jamal Warner.
And Tory flipping 1 call away too man, still remember the music video w/ hot sauce from AND1, and I think Malcolm Jamal Warner
Being a celebrity can be very intoxicating and very addicting. A...
Acting had been a hobby that turned into a career, the directin...
Urkel wanted Laura but Jaleel White was THIRSTY for Myra. . Too bad Malcolm-Jamal Warner wasn't having it.
Anthony Andersen if Anthony Andersen was wearing a Malcolm Jamal Warner mask
u never had a base head in your life Malcolm Jamal Warner
Hear what Malcolm-Jamal Warner thinks about the Cosby Show legacy!
Black lives matter but human rights is our request! ~Malcolm Jamal Warner
Was it just more or does Jovan Adepo from Fences remind anyone else of a young Malcolm Jamal Warner?
Instead we get Malcolm Jamal Warner speaking in something embarrassingly dissimilar to a Jamaican accent.
African-Americans are not a monolithic group. So, we tend to...
Malcolm Jamal Warner straight-up throwing THE Cosby Show under several buses in a monologue right now on SUITS. "My fath…
I almost gave up on rap and acting until Malcolm Jamal Warner followed me. Then Freez Luv Comedy, the Eddie Griffin. Now I'm not bashful!!
Who knew Malcolm Jamal Warner had a record out.. Not me🙋🏽...well he does.. Wow.. Y'all check it… featured in NBC s Science of Love
I interviewed Malcolm-Jamal Warner aka Theo Huxtable, from the Cosbys, on his bday at the…
Today in Black History, August 18, 1970: Actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner was born. He is best known…
Bowlegged Lou / full force. A great and sincere Happy Birrthday to my dear friend Mr. Malcolm-Jamal Warner! A...
Malcolm Jamal Warner and hosts the taping of the National Museum of African American…
Actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner is celebrating a birthday. He turns 46 today. Enjoy Malcolm!
Happy birthdays to previous guests Edward Norton, Malcolm Jamal Warner and Christian Slater.…
Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Phylicia Rashad after a celebrity game to benefit the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, 1987
Howard students will eat you alive. They have victimized Malcolm Jamal Warner, pre-old-Kanye Kanye, George W. Bush, and many more...
Or ... Malcolm Jamal Warner ... It's going to be a HELLVA Maury episode !! Hashtag Johnny Cueto Huxtable
As great as this show is, I don't think OJ was casted well. I think Malcolm Jamal Warner would've made a better choice than Cuba Gooding Jr
Jamal Murray is the best Jamal since Malcolm Jamal Warner.
Malcolm Jamal Warner - I Love My Woman listen, like, share at
Malcolm Jamal Warner was in an episode
my joint had Anthony Fuqua, Morris Chestnut, Michael Jai White.and the 4th was just ridiculous, Malcolm Jamal Warner lmao smh
Malcolm Jamal Warner is like wine. With time, he only gets finer.
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You know the AC Cowlings actor as Theo from The Cosby - Malcolm Jamal Warner
Malcolm Jamal Warner. And his points - re: Polanski, Collins, Allen - are valid.
Malcolm Jamal Warner is aging quite nicely. 🙂
Theo Huxtable Wants His Money: Struck by a selfless epiphany, Malcolm Jamal Warner wants to know why Bill Cosb...
Travolta, Diane Ladd, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Selma Blair, Bob Costas, Ross...this show knows how to appeal to a demographic
This OJ show on FX is utterly ridiculous why am I watching it what am I doing w/ my life hold up Malcolm Jamal Warner is playing Al Cowlings
Haven't seen Malcolm Jamal Warner since that show he had with Eddie Griffin
Download a copy of Selfless by malcolm-jamal warner's miles long!!
when Malcolm Jamal Warner reached out and gave me positive advice about the industry and morality. http…
. The answer to the Evening Quick Trivia Splash was Check it out here:
With the exception of Jill Scott, Saul Williams, Malcolm Jamal Warner, "big name" Poets ain't that big. We ain't there yet. Including myself
My sister said looks like a bootleg Malcolm-Jamal Warner. That ain't right.
Malcolm Jamal Warner, every since he let cockroach take his spot on Dance Mania!
Look. I know Bill did an awful thing but as a fan of Malcolm Jamal Warner, I'm sad they no longer syndicate The Cosby Show☹️
My favourite documentary about Malcolm Jamal Warner is probably "The Malc" by Werner Herzog   10% Off
Trudatbaby has a male crush: Malcolm Jamal Warner
Periscoping with Malcolm Jamal Warner before the Summer Classic on 9-5-2015
Malcolm Jamal Warner gave me a lil support before I opened the show 😊
my boy Malcolm Jamal Warner doin his thang.
Wow. I had no idea Malcolm Jamal Warner was such a huge pro wrestling fan.
Because there aren't enough "brothers" out there killing each other, right Malcolm Jamal Warner
Malcolm Jamal Warner finally cracks after being asked if he's wearing Gordon Gartrell for the millionth time
Like...I watched the Cosby Show growing up and now, to be on the same stage with Malcolm Jamal Warner is just... *** God is wild
I'm still trying to wrap my head around Malcolm Jamal Warner.
It's ok y'all. We still have Malcolm Jamal Warner and he's conscious. Theo is our generation & he's conscious. We straight.
Phylicia Rashad, Tempestt Bledsoe, Malcolm Jamal Warner - the moments of so far.
Jesus Children by Robert Glasper Experiment & Lalah Hathaway & Malcolm Jamal Warner, found with Listen now:
Patriots by Sunday : Malcolm X, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Malcolm McDowell, Malcolm McLaren. (Even though McLaren really should be a Bill).
Baby. Malcolm Jamal Warner is not here for the bull. Fed up.
I hate to brag but I made a light work video of me rapping over a beat and Malcolm Jamal Warner watched it and LOVED IT.
"Listen, buddy. You've been Malcolm-Jamal WARNED." - Malcolm-Jamal Warner trying to avoid getting in a fight
*looks at avi* why do you make these Malcolm Jamal-Warner jokes so easy?
Watch as Malcolm Jamal Warner rocked the stage! Who will show up THIS MONTH?
lol. That's my, Lavar Burton mates with Malcolm Jamal Warner face lol
Is it just me or was that Malcolm Jamal Warner narrating that Halo commercial??
It's hard to hate Andre when he is played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner
He lowkey does look like Malcolm Jamal Warner
I liked a video from The KTookes Spot: Malcolm-Jamal Warner's Miles Long (
Why do ppl always misspell my name. Did you ever watch Malcolm in the middle or know who Malcolm Jamal Warner. Most errors Malcom malcome 😑
Are Lisa Bonet and Malcolm Jamal Warner the only cast members that haven't run afoul with black folks?
I'm not Malcolm Jamal Warner. I am not from New York City. I am not Jamaican.
When I was younger and I heard people refer to Malcolm X as just "Malcolm" I assumed they were talking about Malcolm Jamal Warner
I thought I was going to be next Malcolm Jamal Warner with dread locs 😒
And lest you forget, Lily Tomlin and Malcolm-Jamal Warner starred in all 52 episodes.
The only thing getting me through the 6th viewing of this educational film today is Malcolm Jamal-Warner's smooth baritone.
Just saw Malcolm Jamal Warner and Questlove get trolled at the same *** time. THE INTERNET: STILL AMAZING IN 2015.
Malcolm-Jamal Warner is on campus to discuss the inspiration and development behind the sassy, scholarly and...
Lavell Crawford said Malcolm Jamal Warner got hush money from Bill Cosby lmfao
Jessica Lange won't be back though. I hope Malcolm Jamal Warner appears and stays more than one episode.
mr Malcolm Jamal Warner love your work on the Crosby show you have help so many mens around the world keep doing it thanks
“Let your Soul Glo Brandon Carr. it's as if Prince and Malcolm Jamal Warner had a love child...
They sending Keshia home . I think she could've at least call Phylicia Rashad or Malcolm Jamal Warner, if not Cosby.
"Well, maybe I can call Cockroach or Malcolm Jamal Warner for the big donation so I win as project manager"-Rudy
Wait is this really Malcolm Jamal Warner in SOA? Lmao
Okay, so how does Malcolm Jamal-Warner's name get in the info for this movie over Cuba Gooding Jr's? Dropped the ball there,
Malcolm Jamal Warner you are not a biker. No one believes you.
The fresh prince episode where will gets sued by malcolm jamal warner is on
Malcolm-Jamal Warner: "Will, I'll see you in court!!" . Jazz: "Court?!? It's a ball and a hoop and out back...we can go now sucka!!!" 😂😂
Just figured out that Raheim Sterling looks like a skinny version of Malcolm Jamal Warner, remember him from the Cosby Show?
shoot. Going to still call him CDR and Doug E Doug. Malcolm Jamal Warner. Wacka Flocka. Whoever I can think of.
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Malcolm Jamal Warner, always had a crush on him...still do 😌
Listen shanica Knowles upcoming movie Megachurch Cast with Malcolm Jamal Warner and Lil Romeo…
Omg, why didn't anyone tell me Malcolm Jamal Warner was gonna be on this season!? It's given me a reason to go on w/the show!
inside scoop tips Malcolm Jamal Warner as the new head coach of the NY Jets.
They got some of the best cameos...Malcolm Jamal Warner and even ol girl from Criminal Minds
Thought it was lil Jon, Mr cheeks, and Malcolm Jamal warner
I can't take Malcolm Jamal Warner as a member of a biker gang serious on sons of anarchy. He'll always be Theo.
Just ran across an article where referred to me as one of his 2 favorite poets http:/…
don't forget marilyn manson is in Sons of Anarchy also malcolm jamal warner.
i turn twenty-two on the sixth of february, next year. someone, get me Malcolm-Jamal Warner?
I met Malcolm Jamal Warner earlier this year and screamed internally.
Malcolm-Jamal Warner featured on The new all star album> Full Force:With Love From Our Friends. Off to a great...
I was thinkin of putting on a bandana and bein Antwon Dodson but that's 💀. Maybe Malcolm Jamal Warner cause I look like him.
I think I lowkey have a crush on Malcolm Jamal Warner.
Was just in the elevator with Malcolm-Jamal Warner, my crush from the 80's. He is STILL hot as ***
All purpose parts banner
Malcolm Jamal-Warner, Marilyn Manson, and Lea Michele are all on the same episode of Sons of Anarchy? What is happening?
wit one of my idols Malcolm Jamal Warner...i met him n 1993 when i was one of the kids on a BET…
Malcolm Jamal Warner and Dolph Lundgren and Roger Moore and Huey Lewis and Bergerac and Boyzone and Jason Alexander
So...Malcolm Jamal Warner aka Theo Huxtable just left a couple comments including some good advice on my IG account. Currently Fangirling. 😆
Last day at the hotel. Charity ride sponsored by Harley Davidson begins around 10 AM. Hopefully, we can get pictures with Ben Cohen and Malcolm Jamal Warner! Incredible Brunch in the yard (with River) and live entertainment after that. Mexican for dinner? Awesome weekend!
I'm probably just "some guy." But who knows. I might look in a mirror some day and find out I'm Malcolm-Jamal Warner
so THATS what happened to Malcolm Jamal Warner
Did anybody catch that episode of Community that Jamal Malcolm-Warner is in when Jeff says "nice sweater" & he says "my dad gave it to me"
'Sons of Anarchy': Kurt Sutter shares details on Malcolm-Jamal Warner's role
Malcolm-Jamal Warner wanted Theo to be cooler |
u see they got Lea Michele from Glee and Malcolm Jamal Warner to guest star on man i can't wait!!
I should have known that Malcolm Jamal Warner looking brother was nothing but trouble
Malcolm Jamal Warner is apparently joining the cast of SOA for the final season.
If you don't know who malcolm-jamal warner is than you're too white for me
The Cosby Show's Malcolm-Jamal Warner admits he had a massive ...:
So far that's Courtney Love, Marilyn Manson, Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Lea Michelle on SOA's final season.
.talks appreciating Theo & his former celebrity crush. Watch.
Who was teenage crush? Plus, he explains why he's just learning to appreciate Theo. Watch.
Malcolm Jamal Warner ...I didn't know had a band named Miles Long and he…
Tomorrow at work, I will randomly work "Malcolm Jamal Warner is bae" into a conversation.
W good friends TC Carson and Malcolm Jamal Warner, (both who hv performed @ Gardena JF) and CP @ Central Ave JF
You better believe I'm gonna watch Malcolm Jamal Warner on Sons of Anarchy 😍📺 😂
Malcolm Jamal Warner has been bae ever since I saw the first episode of The Cosby Show. He just keeps getting finer like
Malcolm Jamal Warner admits he had a crush on Lisa Bonet during The Cosby Show.
Malcolm Jamal Warner admits to having a on Show sister Lisa Cool. They can swing & swap with and
Migo Gang is My Posse Takin over like Nazi I Juh Got out Da County money Old Like Bill Cosby - Malcolm Jamal Warner
Hello Jesus Jesus children Jesus loves you Jesus children Hello children Jesus loves you of America Are you hearing What he's saying Are you feeling What you're praying Are you hearing, praying, feeling What you say, inside [Bridge] You better tell Your story fast And if you last It will come to pass [Verse 2: Malcolm Jamal Warner] Cries of young lives sing silly songs of laughter in the life after Hurt, ego, and misguided pride which lead to lies the soul can no longer stand to bear But I see twenty children standing there beaming bright in angel light as they take flight Together they smile the type sunlight that makes the devil backtrack into his lair Yeah, these young souls are soothsayers, spiritual players Accelerated graduators of this game called life Spitting sixteens making Biggie breakdance and Frankie seem like Lalah's dad With ten thousand other souls watching true love withhold nothing And through dried tears we will spend the next few years silently screaming "why" Until we realize that the ...
My brodie out here looking like Malcolm Jamal Warner
Thanks my man. You make Bryant Gumble look like Malcolm Jamal Warner.
Malcolm-Jamal Warner Stuns With His Spoken Word deep is this guy...dope!!
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I know who Malcolm Jamal Warner is. Does that get me any points?
I'm listening to Jesus Children Ft. Lalah Hathaway and Malcolm-Jamal Warner by Robert Glasper using
Finally starting a show starring malcolm jamal warner and it's the same.
andreenamusic opening for Malcolm Jamal Warner in a pair of Poetic Justice Jeans Dreya Destroyed Camo…
Malcolm Jamal Warner will always be Theo to me.
what's the verdict on Malcolm Jamal-Warner
Esteem We Atlanta celebrates April as National Poetry Month. Checkout Malcolm Jamal- Warner in Passion and...
Malcolm Jamal Warner,. hi... I am still interested in having your children if you're not busy 😩😘
Post FlyPoet show with Malcolm Jamal Warner. Cool brother, showed me mad love. One of the best parts…
Driving home reflecting how cool it is that, in the past five years, I've had the great fortune of meeting: F.F. Copala, Nicholas Cage, Annette Benning, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Rita Moreno, Marlee Matlin, Caroline Rhea and in March: Jodi Foster. That's a pretty impressive "resume." So cool to work at OSA!
I had dinner with Malcolm Jamal Warner , escorted the sister of Martin Luther King Jr (Christine King…
With my lovely bride Anna Ponds-Velez at the 2014 Salute to Greatness Award Awards Dinner! Bernice King, Muhammad Ali , Malcolm Jamal Warner , and so many others! I have been selected to give the benediction tonight! Please pray that the Invisible GOD will be made VISIBLE!
Here at the 2014 SALUTE to Greatness awards dinner. Malcolm Jamal Warner, Dawn Lewis & Laila Ali in attendance. ...Nice!
Malcolm Jamal Warner surprises one of his fans on Friday Night Surprise Show.
I like that TV show where Bill Cosby and Malcolm Jamal Warner played cops.
Pictured,Owner Tamara Lovemelots of SUGAR & SPYKED and Malcolm Jamal Warner best known for his roles as Theo..
Did anyone else notice that Malcolm Jamal Warner is in a ground turkey meat commercial?
Got told I look like a cross between Ideas Elba and Malcolm Jamal Warner. Whoever that is lol.
Throwback Thursday to my friend, Malcolm Jamal Warner (& I goofin off on set of the…
Why did Malcolm Jamal Warner let her get away?
Am I the only person who noticed Malcolm Jamal Warner in the Jenny O turkey taco commercials?
Has seen anyone seen else besides me thinks that in the new Jenny-O commercial that the people ride their bicycles on Tuesday night for tacos and substitute the ground beef for turkey and they show the townspeople and I swear one is Malcolm Jamal Warner aka Theo Huxtable??? Am I wrong or not??
Can I just say I love to see Malcolm Jamal Warner in anything. LOL ;~.)
First time watching this.didn't know Malcolm Jamal Warner was on here too.
Saw "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" last night at the Arena Stage with Malcolm Jamal Warner. A great production! If you get a chance to see it, do so!
Went to Arena Stage last night with my "Theatre Ladies" and saw "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" featuring Malcolm Jamal Warner. It was great! We laughed we cried. Theo grew up real nice! I really thought Tom Key as Matt Drayton was terrific. We are gathering on Sunday to watch the movie. (Thanks Janet L Hawkins!) our Arena tickets have been a lot of fun.
NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION: My apartment building is just across the street from Arena Stage on 6th Street, S.W., one of the top live theatre venues in Washington, D.C. The current stage production at Arena Stage is “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner,” in which Sidney Poitier played one of the leading roles when it was released as a movie in 1967. Cast in the role of Dr. John Prentice, played by Poitier, is Malcolm Jamal Warner, who played Theo in the Cosby Show. I' ve been promising to go and see it ever since it opened on November 29, but I’ve procrastinated and have not yet done so; however, its last performance is this Sunday, which is already sold out, so I plan to buy tickets tomorrow to see it on Saturday. I have a serious problem with procrastination, which I hope my only New Year’s resolution will help me address. I suspended working on my first novel two years ago when my mobility problems, resulting from my need for hip-replacement surgery, made it extremely difficult for me to sit and concen ...
If you haven't seen "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" please make an effort before Jan. 5th. It will make you laugh and cry. Malcolm Jamal Warner was excellent in the lead role. It's a new year FB Family. Let's all make an effort to ensure that each day will be meaningful for ourselves and others. Black eyed peas and cabbage are cooking. Getting ready to prepare Bar-B-Que Shrimp. Have a wonderful rest of the day and God Bless.
Just saw Malcolm Jamal Warner in 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' at Arena Stage. Getting ready to open some bubbly and say good-bye to 2013 with Will Bevins and Cressa.
Ft. Malcolm Jamal Warner... Haven't seen him in anything in a while
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Malcolm Jamal Warner is on Major Crimes he looks really good!
I have been super busy since on vacation doing some remodeling, however, want to say thanks to my wonderful wife for such a great weekend. We spent weekend in DC, went to theater Friday night and saw "Guess who's coming to dinner" with Malcolm Jamal Warner, awesome play. Saturday I went back to old school and we went to the Hoyas game and Saturday night we saw 2 awesome comics at the DC Improv. Nothing like some alone time every once in awhile thanks again Tra and luv u. Then came home and topped off the weekend by watching Dallas get knocked out of the Playoffs, don't get me wrong I hate Philly too but not as much as Dallas. To all my Dallas Cowboy friends out there, just remember 1 thing, Jesus Loves U, no really he does.
Malcolm Jamal Warner is on Major Crimes. Dammit, now I have to start watching this show.
Enjoyed the play today. Malcolm Jamal Warner is all kinds of fineness!
Josslyn was Malcolm Jamal Warner ok Lamont is drake dude at the hypo
Last March, some of us were shocked to learn that actress Regina King and Malcolm Jamal Warner had ended their romantic relationship. For starters, most of
I'm watching the Cosby Show reminiscing about when my mom took me to see Malcolm Jamal Warner, at the Civic Center. She always did fun things with me when I was a child. As a single parent she still made sure I had a great child hood! There is no one that can even compare to her. I really miss her! R I P MOMMY!!
Casey Benjamin, Marsha & Common should be there. It'd be dope if Malcolm Jamal Warner & Lalah Hathaway reach
If you haven't peeped Robert Glasper's Black Radio 2 -- kill yoself!! Fave so far, his cover of Stevie's "Jesus Children of America" featuring Lalah Hathaway and Malcolm Jamal Warner.
I learned everything I know from Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Malcolm Jamal Warner & I backstage lastnight at the show !
Laila and the girls hanging out with Malcolm Jamal Warner and Chris Tucker at the Joseph E Lowery birthday celebration this weekend.
Malcolm Jamal-Warner. Since the 90s til now.. Yea 😏
Malcolm Jamal Warner is fine. I could go home to that every night!
That moment Malcolm-Jamal Warner tells you he's a fan. Wow. Yall don't understand how huge this is.…
I had NO idea Malcolm-Jamal Warner was introducing me to the stage tonight. WOW. Y'all I sang until my gut ...
Got to hang out with the gorgeous/talented Kenny Leon, Malcolm Jamal Warner and…
Patti LaBelle, Chris Tucker, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Terri Vaughn. What an evening so far.
Yes. Me and "Theo" Malcolm Jamal Warner at RevDrLowery 92nd Birthday celebration.
Sitting backstage within arm reach of Tyler Perry along with Terri J. Vaughn, Ann Nesby, and Malcolm Jamal Warner
Headed to with Malcolm-Jamal Warner where we are joining http…
Malcolm Jamal Warner on just made my morning.
I remember when Malcolm Jamal Warner came to the literary cafe...amazing poet & super down to earth, easy to talk to kinda person
Malcolm in the middle , Malcolm little with a ink pen, far from Malcolm Jamal Warner for my livin' no Theo Huxtable I hustled for my livin
I'm beyond done with Malcolm Jamal Warner Harris y'all lmao!!
Malcolm-Jamal Warner didn't look as hot as usual on Key & Peele but them lips still nice.
Busy weekend. Going to Blogalicious Conference, Georgia Music Hall of Fame, 100 Black Men Football Classic (Suite tickets yay!) and of course the Dr. Joseph Lowery 92nd Birthday party with Tyler Perry, Jamie Foxx, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Demetria McKinney and more.
It ain't shyt funny about Malcolm Jamal Warner
It's good to see Malcolm Jamal Warner still getting work.
Malcolm Jamal-Warner from Cosby Show is on the black republicans sketch
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Almost shot milk through my nose watching Malcolm Jamal Warner on Key & Peele
Mentioned Theo Huxtable in the MLJ thread and come to find out Malcolm-Jamal Warner is on Key and Peele. What a beautiful world we live in.
yea maybe the money went to the black republican sketch with Malcolm Jamal Warner then
Sure he's tired of being called theo like 30 years later 😂 *malcolm Jamal Warner...think that's his real name. Lol
Nice cameo by Malcolm Jamal Warner on Key & Peele
I am sooo done ROTFL!! And a guest appearance by Malcolm Jamal Warner
MALCOLM JAMAL WARNER ON KEY AND PELE also remember when Lisa Bonet was on Drunk History?
Malcolm Jamal Warner speaking on this made black convention. Lol
I am...and you got Malcolm Jamal Warner!
Wait. Malcolm Jamal Warner or whatever his name is lol
Malcolm Jamal-Warner is on right now. This show is perfect.
If you think about it, Malcolm Jamal Warner was the original Malcolm In The Middle.
Some of the incredible, talented people I had the pleasure of hanging with at Vic Wooten's music camp a couple of days ago. Malcolm Jamal Warner from the Cosby Show. He's a passionate Bassist, Singer, composer and he graced us with a killer performance. Lee Taylor sang us a soulful tune. The incredible Marcela Pinilla sings with Victor when he is on tour. And my friend Shaun Andre, Killer bassist touring with Zappa . We have worked together for fifteen years. What an amazing time and amazing people. Ya gotta do it. Go to Victor and check out the camps.
So CBS has greenlit NCIS: New Orleans but they passed on Rainn Wilson's cop drama? I guess they'd go for the low hanging fruit easy ratings than try something different. Worst part about NCIS:NO will be buying Malcolm Jamal Warner, Kirk Cameron and Tina Yothers as cops.
I can't believe Regina King was dating Malcolm Jamal Ew... Theo.??? Really...
I was having my own until Malcolm Jamal Warner swallowed some dice and Lea Thompson INSISTED we drive him to emergency
That Kadeem Hardison looks like he's been through a lot, huh? He should take a page from Malcolm Jamal Warner's book...
Are you announcing your engagement to Malcolm-Jamal Warner?!
Malcolm Jamal Warner and Emmanuel Hudson are the same person
OMG I just found out that Malcolm Jamal Warner wrote back to me on here. He said I was creepy! Yay!
Just 1 I think...came on after Malcolm Jamal Warner in "Here and Now"
Check out "Malcolm-Jamal Warner: An Intimate Night of Spoken Word and Dinner TWICEDOT" via
But I love me some Malcolm Jamal Warner and Tracee Ellis Ross so I look past it
I dont know what we gon do bout yo Mother's feet when they swell up like Malcolm Jamal Warner's cheeks...
Malcolm Jamal Warner's, 'I Love My Woman' performance on DJP. > Legit love him and his dreads. So gorg.
we were at a dinner party with Malcolm Jamal Warner. My aunt is his mother, there were no cameras allowed.
Blacks offer Malcolm Jamal Warner to the whites for Tavis Smiley.
Holy jello pudding pops... Malcolm Jamal Warner just jumped up on stage...only in @ Mercy…
Stroud day. Did NAMM today with and ran into great friends and met Malcolm Jamal Warner and now I'm in Sac CA about to get down
Snoopy met Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Smeek met Phylicia Rashad. -__- What the heck is going on?!
The part where Malcolm-Jamal Warner jumps in cracks me up every time.
So jealous of you guys: we don't get Syfy up here, our Space channel is showing reruns of Jerocho w/ Malcolm Jamal Warner & Luke Perry :(
Terrell avi look like he let Malcolm Jamal Warner down
The vocal actors in Magic School Bus were top notch. One of the Petes from Pete n Pete, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Lily Tomlin, THEY HAD IT ALL
I am going to use the phrase "Malcolm Jamal Warner" more often. For example, "Great Malcolm Jamal Warner, it is cold in here!!". You can also substitute Theo Huxtable. I miss Cockroach.
i want to date a woman in her late 30s so she can tell me how cool Malcolm Jamal Warner was. nh?
PICS: Single mother Kimora Lee Simmons lands in London with her kids, chats up LSLH breezy
i'm def talkin about hilary giggling cause malcolm jamal Warner said something but ok lol
If you'd said Malcolm Jamal-Warner, I'd probably have gotten to Drop Zone that much quicker.
It's not everyday you have lunch with a guy in a band with Malcolm Jamal Warner.
"She makes me want to get high and meditate so I can prolong the spiritual and mental state I'm in when I'm in her." - Malcolm Jamal Warner
Seeing Phylicia Rashad talk to Malcolm Jamal Warner at the opening of Joe Turner's Come and Gone is priceless.
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Theo is d best mehn...RT Malcolm Jamal Warner
Malcolm Jamal-Warner has got to be one of the smoothest guys to know.
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Is it weird that I LOVE Malcolm Jamal Warner with his tongue ring?!
Hold up. Malcolm Jamal Warner had a tongue ring! 😕
Commencement is just a few days away. We want to send a big thank you to Malcolm-Jamal Warner who stopped by last...
I've been passing it for 2 years and only just now realized UT's pool is not called the "Malcolm Jamal Warner Texas Swim Center"
Malcolm jamal warner had a tongue ring on the show 
Malcolm Jamal Warner looks like somebody with them dreads !
HOTTness alert!! Malcolm Jamal Warner & in the same room is just 2fine watching
When Malcolm Jamal Warner comes on Community and danced to Motown Philly>
Malcolm Jamal Warner and Me. I love the Cosby Show and I love my soon to be Alma Mater KSU! The 2013 Graduate...
Malcolm Jamal Warner is still alive. He's on Community.
A member of my staff with our guest Malcolm Jamal Warner
DMC, Malcolm Jamal Warner and Nina Blackwood and our very own Jane Root join HuffPost Live to discuss National...
My interview with Malcolm Jamal Warner and DMC via
Photo: with Malcolm Jamal Warner at 80s party (childhood crush bucket list accomplished)
just me and Theo Huxtable! Love me some Cosby Show! Malcolm Jamal Warner is the sweetest!
At the NatGeo launch party with Malcolm Jamal Warner:
Malcolm Jamal Warner didn't take time out of his busy schedule to promote for you kids to attend and haze others.
Malcolm Jamal Warner, DMC, and Me after our interview!
Today's moment in infinite regress: I once heard Malcolm Jamal Warner complain that Kirk Cameron got all the breaks.
I like this. Marc asks Malcolm Jamal Warner what his favorite thing about the 80s were. . .
Join me RIGHT NOW as I sit down with Malcolm Jamal Warner, DMC, and Nina Blackwood! via
lmao don't you mean get your Malcolm Jamal Warner on
Chick at work has a Malcolm Jamal Warner mustache. I swear I have more small talk with it than her. SMH
EXCLUSIVE: Malcolm-Jamal Warner discusses getting it easy with the cops. The Cosby Show star was seen with his...
Malcolm Jamal Warner a *** I'm watching Malcolm and Eddie and son got a tongue piercing
follows Sesame Street, PBS, ESPN, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Sinbad, and Movies on TCM. I aspire to be lucky number seven.
Bro. Andre on community so col right now. Malcolm Jamal Warner though.
Welcome to the family Malcolm, Jamal, and Warner.
*** Malcolm Jamal Warner gon forever be Theo tho.
“Seriously my perfect man is Malcolm Jamal Warner” Theo! As long as he isn't wearing the Gordan Gartrell (sp?). Lol
Seriously my perfect man is Malcolm Jamal Warner
Who!? Malcolm Jamal Warner and Martin Lawrence ?“Popeye's after a haircut is what Martin and Malcolm died for”
Well it's all about Malcolm Jamal Warner isn't it? Malcolm Jamal Warner this & Malcolm Jamal Warner that! - argument btw really cool couple 
Dang Regina King and Malcolm jamal warner broke up
Malcolm Jamal Warner splits with Regina King after two years: Malcolm Jamal Warner ...
What if at the end of Breaking Bad they drop Bryan Cranston into witness protection and that's the beginning of Malcolm Jamal Warner?
Uh, Malcolm Jamal Warner is so FINE. I love watching these old Cosby episodes. Cause, I'd watch him all day.
Yea, she had cancer. She was Malcolm-Jamal Warner's girlfriend.
"Martin Luther King didn't write the letter from the Birmingham jail so that we spend the rest of our lives in one" - Malcolm Jamal Warner
Guess who's featured on "Black Love is A Beautiful Thing?" Scroll. We're above Malcolm Jamal Warner & Regina King:
Regina King is responding to the break up rumors about she and Malcolm Jamal Warner. Do you understand her message?
Malcolm Jamal Warner and Regina King are together ?! Deff wasnt hip !
Malcolm Jamal Warner called quits with Regina King after two years check it out!!
when did Regina King and Malcolm Jamal Warner become relevant for us to care if they broke up or not?
Remember that part of The Tuskegee Airmen when Laurence Fishburne and Malcolm Jamal Warner land on the street in front of the prisoners?
Jeremiah. All I'm saying is Luke Perry and Malcolm Jamal Warner together in a post apocalyptic drama = perfection
The person at the VIP entrance must have thought Chris Tucker was Malcolm Jamal Warner
Angela Bassett, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Phylicia Rashad, Forrest Whitaker all did it for VSU, $$$ helped
Malcolm Jamal Warner is a bass playing Punjabi poet now. SMH
BTW, did u know Malcolm Jamal Warner and Regina King got married?
If you have dreads AND you look like Malcolm Jamal Warner, Kill. Yo. Self. 😭😳
"So I was looking through an old blog of mine and found something reposted by Malcolm-Jamal Warner(Cosby..."
The new Pope has just been announced: Pope Malcolm-Jamal Warner. I think Theo Popestable is a great choice. .
Yo. Malcolm Jamal Warner A.K.A. is getting close to 100,000 followers.
I'm coming after whoever made that Malcolm Jamal Warner joke lol.
Theology 101: an introductory study of Malcolm-Jamal Warner’s character on The Cosby Show
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