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Major Payne

Major Payne is a 1995 comedy film, starring Damon Wayans.

Damon Wayans Fresh Prince Talladega Nights

You gotta do some Major Payne type stuff
Y'all every noticed in the movie Major Payne he wore a Drill Sergeant hat and a Platoon Sergeant belt? Lol whats ☕️
House "freedom caucus" look to strip even more from healthcare: they want Essential Health Benefits mandate gone.
. NOW. Don't somebody need some killin? I am starting to feel like Major Payne. B…
"KILLING IS MY BUSINESS AND BUSINESS IS GOD!" Sibs put on Major Payne and fell asleep, I love this movie too much to fall asleep
2017: Major Payne still holds up as a great movie
Hey .how many of my "many" videos contain violence and vulgarity? This is pretty unfair representation of my ch…
I believe the word you're looking for is cancer
With & discussing housing affordability & more Fed support for major projects for our great S…
I almost thought Grace was about to a Major Payne on the dance floor but girl can get down ayee
I'd like to give libs a message that Major Payne once said : "Some people need killing'" so u just chew on that 4 a…
I got work to do tho, so I don't have time to think about it.
I'll be there right after my meeting with Major Payne and Sargent Slaughter.
📷 oldroots: elaxisfae: trjoel: Lmao I would’ve reblogged this just for the Major Payne gif. :-D
does Mattis plan a major escalation in & soon?
There's been a major overhaul to Queensland's domestic violence laws overnight.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Major Payne is Damon Wayan's best work idc
Jesus! You don't have to put the dog down!
Call of Duty is ruining Call of Duty
"Religious extremism is a bad thing and should be stopped and not encouraged.". ***CONTROVERSIAL OPINION***
lol I screencapped that because nobody can not contradict themselves for saying something like that
i peeped in the lil grass house hole thingy today & there's TWO BABY BUNNIES in there. now i feel like i gotta look out for 'em 🥕
A Knight's Tale is probably number 2 on my all time favorites movies list. Right behind Major Payne
Hopefully that Rohan OVA is a good one.. at least that was confirmed today
I used to talk always about owning a Tiger Salamander when I was in middle school.
No CGI required for the legendary Charlie Chaplin.
Is Cheryl hinting at some major baby news with this playlist? 👶
Pull up to the trap, peeking out the peek holeee. 😎🏃🏽🎶
When the political discourse is way over your head so you just throw in some reaction gifs
2 doodles n 1 finished pic lol . @ david pro pls give me the venti oreo _(:3/ L)_
is that Death from the Discworld animated movie?
Major Payne will always be one of the funniest movies I have ever seen
"What you laughing at pig boy you find a piece of candy in your pocket?" I love Major Payne
- I enjoyed watching your television performances in "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and "Major Payne".
S/O to mom for takin me to see Major Payne back in the day & bless my dad for catching me play Pop That P by 2 Live Crew quietly in my room.
The main teenage kid in Major Payne is clearly twice as old as Damon Wayans
I was born and raised on this concrete.
When them blessing start flowing, you don't have time to be bitter and negative. 👌🏽😁
Calm your mind. Life becomes much easier when you keep your mind at peace .
Kiss up, and rub up, and feel up on ya. 😌
I think it's probably a major character flaw that i don't call babies humans until they get big but whatever they're tiny worms…
breh...I hate being major payne "It make me feel all funny"
So many of my loves are in Cannes right now I'm having major FOMO.
Watching Major Payne reminded me so much of my brother. It was his favorite movie😢😣
Major Payne loves telling me about how easy it is for me to die over breaks & texting and driving
New Zealand could be left with just one major newspaper group as merger talks revealed
Major Payne might be the movie for tonight
Hard to view him as a major upgrade over Hoyer. Seems like the media believes a big contract means he's good.
he told me he like it bald like major payne doe so I got him
Major Payne was talkin so reckless to them kids lmaooo
"...Major Payne like Damon Wayans/Low Down Dirty Even, like his brother Keenan..."
😂 right his bad lining *** look like dude off major Payne if anything .
Is it really surprising that ATL is the HIV capital?
I suck at decisions. The suspense be killing me. 😑
Watching Small Soldiers now, I feel like my childhood is being revisited. Only if they had Major Payne on Netflix would I feel complete.
I wear green, they salute me like I'm Major Payne💸
I be trying to tell you, Tenay will switch on and off like a light. And thanks Blake 😘
I wanna watch major Payne right now !!
I liked a video from MLB The Show 16: Road to the Show Ep.20 | Payne's Major League
u said curry had help and Lebron had to carry the load. It was his team so that's say he aint have help is reaching
lol ain't no winning. It's your opinion. I just know if steph get another ring this year it shouldn't be no question
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
and that was an injured d wade and bosh wasn't just OP'd like that
how can you say that when Lebron left twice to be with other superstars. steph been with the same team since drafted
anyone who would draft curry before Lebron is crazy lol Lebron has put in work by himself curry has help
regardless how you feel like he get his steals. He get enough of them to lead the league he got some kind of defense
😂 that ain't got nothing to do with it.. But we gone see how it play out
lol you'll see homes, I can tell you only watch offense in these games.
he's done it for 13 years and hasn't slowed down yet lol. At all.
and Lebron can't win in the finals. Steph 1 for 1 slick about to be 2 for 2
he ain't slowed down yet. He can't play how he play for that much longer. His body not gone be able to take it
Steph got his steals off of help side. Not playing great defense. LeBron is 31 and hasn't slowed down.
and steph just now getting in his prime. Lebron bout to be out of it in a couple years
for one he lead the league in steals. And he avg almost 7 assists. He gets his team involved too. Lebron had his time lol
lol has Steph done it? No sir. You're not even making sense now.
lol that's fine, LeBron still best player fam. Curry best scorer. That's already been established.
kno I'm takin steph. Time to pass the torch Lebron
😂 curry does more than just score. And he scores better than anybody else in the league
It was close, and then it wasn't. Curry drops 17 in OT, the most ever in a playoff overtime. Warriors grab 3-1 lead.
lol you're a young guy. More to basketball than scoring young man.
Lebron definitely not the best player in the world no more
Girl. Tonight it's Major Payne and The adventures of Pluto Nash
Just thought of another Superhero: Damon Wayans in Blankman! My fav. movie he did though was Major Payne...a hero too
For just one state, Turnbull's health cuts are the equivalent of closing two major hospitals >>
The AG has put forward that major difficulty in processing is due to consultation with 3rd parties - Dreyfus says no consult…
AMA is urging Health Ministers to collaborate on major health challenges at today's COAG Health Council meeting.
I hate when ppl call me major payne😒
Even if your thoughts are running amok now, this is a perfect ... More for Gemini
I be feeling like major payne sometimes trying to be sensitive to others feelings
Possible SPOILERS Regarding The Villains' Motivations In WONDER WOMAN: Here we have some pretty major details ...
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Michelle Payne is the first woman jokey to win the Melbourne Cup, one of the worlds greatest/oldest major horse race
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Tuscaloosa will more than likely reach over capacity this weekend.
UA should be everybody move this weekend.
I'm tryna see what fournette talking bout
I'm in the LSU vs Bama game this weekend 😎
How didnt we know Hillary from Fresh Prince was fine until 'Major Payne' came out. 😩 .. they hid it so well
Steph Curry becomes the first player to make 25 threes in his team's first 5 games in history.
Ok this is why I'm always in trouble, this no filter this is problematic, I feel like Major Payne, needing a...
Harlem Nights, coming to America, major Payne, the color purple (my fave, don't judge me)
you wanna be major Payne so bad huh
Major works to remove at to start early 2016. Completion by 2017 ht…
"Pain is part of life. House of Pain. Major Payne. Painkillers. Anyone who says differently is selling something."
Turnbull's $17.7bil in cuts the equivalent of 2 major hospitals lost
2/2 Sen. Macdonald wants loans for individuals getting grants what about major orgs
Respect is something you gotta earn
So that mean after class tomorrow I'm done with class 😏
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
The sobering truth about what health funding cuts will mean for Victorians
let's hope so Greens progressing to a major swing against labor and liberals.
they are the major Harcourt crop for over century here,just up road
Started off walk to the math lab, ended up at fresh foods 😂
Tiger from Major Payne just turned 19 yeaterday
You called me ugly in 7th grade , now you in my messages 😴😴😴😴
You are confident that you're on the right track and you're no... More for Gemini
I'm chilling lil mama we not doing nothing lol
Best of the Rockies: how to choose a national park: by
I've seen every major Payne but I admit there are gaps in my knowledge.
This brother/sister pair just won a major horse race and the Internet's hearts.
I'm watching 'Major Payne' for the 50th X, you gotta do a sequel. Even if it's a straight to DVD or sequel. lol
phibetasigma_gi MAJOR PAYNE in a few minutes... Come get this exercise!
OMG.Major Payne and James Berry do you see what I see?.
Donald Trump talks about Mexico the same way Major Payne talked to disabled kids
Breast Cancer Awareness
Major Payne is Larry the Cable guy isn't it
I learned major payne on my boof a$$ key board tonight...impressive I know 😏
i really feel like im the only female who is not infatuated with Beyoncé ...
I'm probably the most least materialistic person there is. Idgaf about labels and name brands speaking for me.
Your dad was Major Payne. For that he will always be a badass in my eyes.
Coming from the person that got hit with a sock 😂
Major Payne is still outrageously hilarious
if that's your way of telling me you're a Belieber, it's a deal ✊😂
I will drink and smoke this by my *** self. Text me. Im finna watch Major Payne lol
OK, I'm an atheist. So I'm wondering why the major parties keep preselecting god botherers when most Aussies don't even go …
Two major parts of the first quarter. I hope Norman is okay and Artis-Payne can play!!
Major automotive employer group warns will undermine the Aust apprenticeship system
You are running for a theocracy not Presidency. Thomas Payne spinning in his grave suddenly a major U.S. power source
1943 Lae was the focus of a major land, sea, and air operation by Australian and American forces.
Yall keep in yalls prayers! Minor setback for a major comeback get well soon man.
It's this week & to find out how you can help, Major General Start Smith joined: http:…
I know every word to the Major Payne Movie
My name is Major Benson Winifred Payne!!!as of 0800 I am your commanding officer
MAJOR PAYNE • another in da books by Mark and our • join the ne…
this solves all your problems, since you must be eating like Major Benson Winifred Payne lol 😂😂
I swear.. And they be doing it faithfully in ttown
Major Payne still one of the funniest movies I seen in my life.
I guess Tom Brady can cheat and still get away with it 😒😒
Your responsibilities weigh heavily on your shoulders today, b... More for Gemini
Tony Blair attacks 'major failure' at Ipso after Daily Mail complaint rejected
This iced coffee got me feelin all funny *major payne voice*
I be drillin these chicks like Major Payne
I'm so cold and tired and I'm not ready for this class, and I dare this teacher to be late because I'm about to get that F waived
Helu! Would you trade the Stewart owner Major Payne for Vereen / T Coleman / Charles Sims
a 90s movie, Major Payne, line ringing through my head: "Benson, no one does the robot anymore"...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
ATTEN-TION! Major Payne and Sgt. Bilko premiere back to back tonight at 2100 HRS MT on
Mann if u don't get yo Dave Chappelle , Major Payne look'n ah on.
Can't wait to see what Ken Norton Jr(aka:Major Payne) will make of you. Welcome to the ONLY NATION!!!
My dad is going straight Major Payne on Danny right now
HHH is dressed like Bam Bam Bigelow during his cameo in Major Payne.
Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends…and Major Payne for that itch only Damon Wayans can scratch.
do you think Damon Wayans ever puts Major Payne on the TV and just rolls around in money laughing maniacally?
Imma hit it from the back, Damon Wayans, Major Payne
Hot revolver w/ a blue flame & a kick like Lu Kang so im bringing Major Payne like my name Damon Wayans, the rifle got range 🔥
By the summer every major city gone have a _vs everybody shirt on 😞
Cheers Brian, see yer laddy Major Payne is having a positive effect on you 🎅🎅🎅
Major Payne, Hustle and Flow, & brown sugar. . I call that a good movie night
Major Payne will forever be a funny movie
Major Payne is all time oldie 👌 gotta love this movie for ever man aha
That sad moment when just now realized that Hillary from the Fresh Prince was the love interest in Major Payne.WOW. Wow.
Why he look like the boy that made Major Payne that pink cupcake 😂😂
Democrats urge officials to leave out provisions in major trade deals - the pressure builds
eats like Major Payne.I didn't know cats could do that...
That dude sounded like Major Payne lol
I am. But I'm almost positive they're going too 😎
i've been thinkin bout it. you, Tiara, & Paxton going?
Wada you laughing at fat boy? You find a piece of candy in your pocket? - Major Payne
Major Payne will always be one of my favorite movies
Josh Ajayi of Cheshire Academy went for 34 points and 14 rebounds. Undersized four, built like a defensive lineman. Low-to-mid major
Hurricane Chris and Chamillionaire hella underrated! If you like *** ? Then listen to that Caniac mixtape and Chamillionaire Major Payne 1.5
somebody come over and watch Netflix with me all night 📺
“Celtics so dumb for trading rondo” done wit they *** forreal . I was gone stick wit it after they traded big 3 but now nah
Inquiry into Defence major projects report - make a submission
I feel the same way totally , I do it like Major Payne. Love it
I feel the same way, this is how I do it like Major Payne! LOL
You may have a detailed picture of exactly what you want to do... More for Gemini
Taking all bets in madden, 2k, etc. today.. Tryna come up a lil bit lol
Auburn gone be unstoppable next year..
Got some *** quick to bang like they major Payne!
This major Payne *** *** Wunsche hired 😤 he really think he the hall monitor or something.
will you ever remake your dads Major Payne Movie...? Prolly hear that all the time
When my Grandma died I got caught reenacting the 'little engine that could' story from Major Payne.
"Im late but G-Eazy is dope. Heard is album on my flight to Africa.." *so late
He must be serving up some mighty fine vittles! Hee, hee, hee, (Major Payne reference)
All I know is ball like I played on Major Payne
safe and sound! last time i saw you was.. BOUT A WEEK AGOOO 💃
when I was six years old I had a full time job. -Major Payne
I left a note but I'm not gonna tell her where I put it 😇
Major payne not the drill Sargent but the stress that be wayon on ur brain
Passion and loyalty are two major ruling traits for a
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I'll tell you what hurt Damon Wayans. Major Payne, Celtic Pride, The Great White Hype & worst of all Blankman.
STATS & LADDER: Check out the ladder and who leads each major statistical category through 8 rounds.
I'm gone let her on top she gone try 2 say my name I'm gone hit her from the back Damon Wayan Major Payne. Might bang bang bang just like pop
*** will wanna Major Payne you having you marching straight lines but then be lowkey doing them 😳
are observant. They watch how you treat others and based that they choose how close they let themselves get to …
3 major issues in Indonesia today: radicalism, poverty, & low-level of education – Panjaitan:
*staffer bursts in*. "sir! i got it!". [christmas 2015]. vo: Damon Wayans in... Major Payne II: Major Controversy!. *america forgets*
i want em all! the MOST comfortable britches in the business 👏
it's all good lmao. They had the paisley print but it was navy blue, I would rather have black or red.
yes! I just got the ones I sent in a snap and solid black ones that are under armor material.
so, i clearly need to make a trip to Gabe's this week 👌💰👖
I like that bald head i major payne it 😏
Tonight on Judge Judy: people who use the words "major appliance" and "emotional distress" in the same sentence.
Can you please ask him to do anything related to major Payne
Major Payne will always b my movie.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
they might not make it past Ohio state..
I think it's safe to say if Oregon and bama play Oregon gone win
Major Payne; not the drill sergeant but the stress that's weighing brain.
Major Payne is still the funniest movie I've ever seen in my life!!
Major Payne puts and end to building snowmen.
Funniest movie has to be Major Payne
ok this is a major cliffhanger . What ?
thankyou ❤️ I've not had any major triggers so it's been ok x
thanks so much for following me :) Im now following you back :) would you mind following beautiful vegan model
Security guards really think they be something like get tf outta my face acting like Major Payne 😂😡
even more impressive that the reference was from "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka." Best Wayans film ever. That and "Major Payne."
A major cabinet reshuffle will be interesting. Especially if backbenchers demand Abbott hard liners removed. Cabinet po…
Social work major...working on a project & ur follows & RTS can help spread some info thank u
Major New Details Revealed About Reverse-Flash's Upcoming Debut In THE FLASH: If you were one of the people th...
I be eatin like im in the military or something fast as a mug like major payne lol
idk why I'm even surprised. He's always been a forf.
Didn't we say LOVE yourself? They don't LOVE u. The world don't LOVE u. Worldly things don't LOVE u. The master will ser…
Anyone else notice they was watching major Payne in the back?
I just realized they were watching major Payne in that vine.. I wanna watch that movie now
"Being with you is almost better than cleaning my gun"- Major Payne
I believe in the grind I don't trust luck 💯💯💯
You are preoccupied with your thoughts today, but it may be di... More for Gemini
This dudes laugh is exactly like Major Payne. 😂😂😂
Seems like you're having major sleeping problems! Get someone to read you a bed time story like when we were kids.
I need to get Shallow Hal, Anchorman, Step Brothers, Along Came Polly, Talladega Nights, Something About Mary, and Major Payne on DVD
Ima hit ha from the back, Damon Wayans, Major Payne!
I have a hard time remembering any Damon Wayans movie that is not Major Payne.
correction. Major buzzkill when a guy doesn't have that 10inch Payne train
About to watch Major Payne. Haven't seen this in so long. Lol CJ is about to trip.
I miss you too terd in major Payne vc
That reminds me of a line off MAJOR PAYNE Ha
Navies arrive in Darwin for major maritime warfare exercise
1200 people, 8 warships and 26 aircraft from 16 nations to descend on for Ex KAKADU
I have been having major sophiam feels toda
my school got interrupted by Major Payne ♥
from the guy that considers Major Payne, Happy Gilmore, and Talladega Nights high art. Give your boy Ravenel a chance.
last 5 days covering important media & marketing news highlights from major Newspapers via
Major Payne was one of my fav movies growing up 😩
Worth a mention: A lot of Arnotts workers donated their personal time to help with a major fundraising day we held for victi…
Major Payne himself Mr ate at my work today! My boss went all paparazzi on his *** Lol Wish I could go to his show though 😭
Just told my parents to take me to hospital, I gots major back payne. = oxycodone but They seen right through it
Hello Disney Fans! Major release of 6 YES 6 new paintings of mine. Here is a featured article on them. Enjoy!...
"I'm a get you sucka I be scheming with this Keenan aiming with this Damon I'm putting that major Payne"
Oomf need to gone head and lemme fu.. Nvm 🙊
Your current actions might inadvertently express more than you... More for Gemini
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I will never let my team down because they are part of me- major payne brune
lol it was so hot in that *** I had to go but I stayed till like 1
girl I can't even remember frfr we went through the most lol
& they already long af so it's so noticeable lol ! What time y'all left last night ?
right! I was going to do the right thing and go to work study but now I'm going to the nail shop !
God got my back so ima keep my mind at ease.
“I hope it's not too hot today cause we got practice at 3:00”... Jesus b some clouds .!
depending on what time they place the scrimmage at . They still haven't decided . He should decide at practice today
Everything went exactly how I wanted it to 😌
Lil bro on ESPNU tonight gone be live!
hit her frm da back Damon Wayne major Payne
Ima hit it from the back. Damon Wayne major Payne, might BANG BANG BANG just like pops.
Major Payne this move kills me lmao
I'ma let him on top, he gone try to say my name. 🙌🙊 I'ma hit if from the back, Damon Wayans, Major Payne. 👐🔫
When struggling, just remember the story about the little engine that could compliments of movie - Major Payne.
A great gift right now would be some benadryl.I cant breathe "/
"Scent of One Direction will cost 100 reais in Brazil" You have not yet understood that Brazilian Directioners are not ?
thank you bff I truly miss you man :)
Havent talked to her in awhile but she still my home girl, musically my partner in crime, cool since 7th grade happy birthday
Aye I aint that old lol but thank you with yo young aah lol"happy 20th birthday ,wit cho ole ahh lol"
Yooo I just figured out that Tiger from Major Payne is Orlando Brown. The same dude who is Eddie from That So Raven. wow.
Yes I got the Damon Wayans scalp from major Payne 😂
...Major Payne like Damon Wayans, low down dirty even like his brother Keenan... . schemin'
So much is gonna pay off for me in the future ...!!
{STYX} Major Payne was just iced by Emilio, which brings the body count to 574,510 rivals.
In rd 4, relax, breathe, trust your lines, enjoy the moment, and win your first major. Loved your tribute to Payne.
From words of Major Payne: You need some "sensitivity training"...
Ima hit her from the back Damien wayans, major payne. Might bang, bang, bang just like pops!
if you would wear these Black Grape 5's
Nothing on TV, so Calvin and I put "Major Payne" in the blue ray. I love this movie! Think I know it word-for-word! Getting a much-needed laugh!!
My nephew look like Tiger from Major Payne
At the bowling alley... Kickin major ***
Turned the channel and Karyn Parsons is on the screen. Nearly 20 years ago in Major Payne. Hard to believe she is now 48 years old.
Drinking beer and Major Payne is on tv. Win win! :D
As if Major Payne is on TV right now.
just watched Major Payne funniest army movie ever
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