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Major League

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the highest level of professional baseball in the world, consisting of teams that play in the American League and the National League.

Major League Baseball Margaret Whitton Rick Vaughn Willie Mays Hayes Major League Soccer Harry Doyle Tom Berenger Rachel Phelps Cleveland Indians Jimmy Tau Charlie Sheen Lou Brown Paul Blackburn Alex Rodriguez Wesley Snipes Clint Frazier

David Letterman said the hospitality at Great American Ball Park was "Major League."
Ex-Major League player and Manager, Don Baylor died today from multiple myeloma, a form of cancer, at an Austin, Te…
Plus, and talk about the Deadline and Major League debuts of Amed Rosario, Ozzie Albies:
Good afternoon everyone Amed Rosario is a Major League player and I screamed like a schoolgirl yesterday about it
Terrible fantasy football GM and worse Major League pitcher
Reminds me of Dorn showing up in Major League...putting himself before the team. Bad start
Major League: nobodies and underdogs WIN. For real: Wesley Snipes and Dennis Haysbert were nobodies! Imdb the cast and go WOW!
In the words of Willie Mays Hayes from Major League "I don't intend to slide."
In the movie "Major League", why isn't Willie Mays Hayes stealing 3rd on the first pitch--the one that brushes Jake Taylor back? 🤔
The offense is so bad they are making Mike Bolsinger look like an actual Major League pitcher.
Alexi Amarista since 2015: .226/.269/.299, 49 wRC+, -2.2 fWAR, -1.8 rWAR, -1.1 WARP. How on earth is he still on a Major League roster?
Zack Granite bloops a double over the head of Jose Altuve to record his first career Major League hit in the top of the 3…
Major League was filmed at County Stadium in Milwaukee not in Cleveland
RHP Paul Blackburn (0-0, 0.00 ERA), traded from SEA to OAK last December, went six innings in his first-career Major League start July 1.
Baseball in London? A Major League showcase is held in Hyde Park
My kids are going to watch Remember the Titans and Major League. They will be well rounded lol
In his first MLB game, Clint Frazier goes yard off Tony Sipp for his first Major League homerun 👀🔥
A's call up Paul Blackburn to make Major League debut
Stephens today became first pitcher Red to record a win, hit and RBI in his Major League debut since John Roper on 5/16/93 vs Col.
Miracle, Rudy, Major League, and Remember the Titans...had to go with 4
Heritage High School C/O 2012 graduate Paul Blackburn is set to make his Major League debut tomorrow for the Oakland Athl…
Dustin Fowler injures himself and leaves the game a half an inning before his 1st Major League at bat, terrible. https…
Miguel Andújar has set a Yankees record with 4RBI in his Major League debut (previously 3RBI, Marv Throneberry-1955 and Bill…
Imagine having a quality Major League roster and putting John Gibbons in a position to manage that roster.
Will the New York promote Tim Tebow to the Major League's before the end of the 2017 season?
As the late, great Margaret Whitton said in Major League...
Chris Hatcher has no business wearing a Major League uniform.
what counts and doesn't count Major League Baseballs count. does Minor League Baseball's count. Or any other type of baseball
Faria makes first Major League start at home
Wire: Faria makes first Major League start at home
Aaron Judge belts his first Major League grand slam to right, giving the Yankees a 5-2 lead with his 16th homer of the se…
This 101.6 mph Hunter Renfroe rocket was the hardest throw made by a Major League outfielder this year.
Meet actor Corbin Bernsen at Vulcan in American Gods, Henry Spencer in Psych, Major League, and more:
Salt Lake Bees provide Major League-like experience not too far from home
COLUMN: Knoxville's baseball factory is about to give the city a Major League reputation...
- Ian Happ homers in Major League debut
How an adopted Korean ‘god’ has turned baseball on its collective ear via
Best part of varying costs of marriage proposals in baseball games is how many are just messages on the scoreboard
70 years ago today, Jackie Robinson bravely broke the Major League Baseball color barrier when he made his debut.
do you think simply lack of major league experience is to blame for Kyle's slow start?
Alan Pardew: Man United boss Jose Mourinho has major issue with this player
Andrew Jackson would have never allowed the Designated Hitter Rule in Major League Baseball.
Has some control issues but makes for a good laugh and gets some K's. Reminds me of Rick…
[actually pitched in one game in the World Series, throwing…
Really wanna go to a MLB game I wanna go do some different if you don't know what that is it's a Major League Baseball Game.
It's funny a league that has major pr problems like the NFL won't sign an all around good guy bc Trumpist who don't watch it don't like him
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
.remain perfect at home. The Lions jump to top our MLS Power Rankings ➡
This reminds me of tge scene in Major League where Hayes thinks he's been cut before Spring training.
Congrats to Christian Arroyo for taking the first walk of his major league career
Major League Baseball has problems with attendance and viewership because they make the game even less accessible by doing…
MHS Vikings getting ready for a Major League Show at Angles Stadium!! Vikings Proud.
I've never in my life seen a major league CF misplay the first two balls like that to start a game. Ever. Not once. Till tonight. 1-0.
Taste the feeling! is now the official soft drink of Major League Baseball.
ICYMI: Homegrown 🇿🇦 talent, Gift Ngoepe, has made his Major League Baseball debut in the US
Cavs are the funnest team in major league sports
HGift Ngoepe from Polokwane, a first South African & African born player to reach Major League Baseball, & he signed $7m…
Chase Utley is not a major league hitter any more. It's going to be tough to send Taylor down when Forsythe back
Garage league. Mario had it right all along. Will never be a major sport. Too bad, it could be.
Just 2️⃣7️⃣ games into the season—37 into his Major League career—and Manuel Margot is posting some very impressive numbers 🔥
by that logic I'm a Major League Baseball player and I am because I call myself one.
It's impossible to draw conclusions from any of his major league stats. 40% of his major league at ba…
Cody Bellinger, this kid's the real deal. Love the way the future of Major League Baseball is shaping up.
Oh no. I know what this is. POTUS saw Major League and thinks if he's bad enough he gets to move the White House to Florid…
Is Bannon staffing the government using the same strategy Rachel Phelps used when she took over the Cleveland Indians in M…
Curving these *** like I'm a pitcher in the Major League
History made as Kiwi suits up in Major League Baseball via
Which metro? Which gigs? Did you notice Major League also changed this year? Maybe gigs you talking about are non-compliant.
Michael Martinez is not a Major League player... call up Erik Gonzalez up and get rid of him already.
Uh, what? Nope: Major League, the most perfect sports movie of all time.
Yes, that is correct . . . Ozzie Smith in 10th Major League game when he made that amazing back-handed stop. Jeff Burroughs hit the ball.
Today is the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's Major League debut. Here is the NY Times coverage from that day.
Charlotte Knights third base coach Garey Ingram imparts a wealth of Major League experience as a player to a new...
Major League!?! The original...not the lame Scott Bakula sequels...
Mira Rai is the sports icon of Nepal. You know you are in the Major League when you are on cover of Outside Magazi…
If you can't throw strikes , you shouldn't be a Major League pitcher , no matter HOW hard you throw , Million-dollar arm , 10 cent mind !
SCV in play on MLB’s opening day - Here’s a look at Santa Clarita Valley products on opening day Major League...
.Valley native, Umpire John Mang Jr. working his first Major League game between the Nationals & Red Sox t…
Wasn't it Don Adams in 'Get Smart' who said that?. Bob Eucker said "Just a bit outside" in 'Major League.'
please dont use Major League in this context. Jimmy Tau might still be in pain lol
Two weeks today, “Major League: in Focus”, curated by yours truly, begins Line-up/Tix: https:/…
It's not the fault of that it makes me think of Jobu from "Major League." Very cool place. via
The Natural, A League of Their Own and Major League are my go to baseball movies when gearing up for the season
1997- April 15, Commissioner Bud Selig announces that Jackie Robinson's uniform will be retired from all Major League teams.
nickgillespie Major League is the only good baseball movie.” A League of Their Own is significant bcuz of it's historical basis.
Does anyone know where I can see Major League with Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger online somewhere?
scores a deal to live stream Major League matches
Clint Frazier hasn't hit AAA pitching but he's got Major League hair. Why won't the Yankees let it flow?
yes it's a joke. California Penal League is where Rick Vaughn pitched before he joined the Indians in 'Major League' lol
Healy prepping for shifts around diamond: If Ryon Healy's seamless transition to the Major League level is any…
Here is a still from my movie "Major League: Back to the Minors." It was fun to play Pedro Cerrano again.
Glad to be with good friend Rick Baker at the Nbrhd Assn to hear plan to attract Major League Soccer to St Pete.
Ok CBS sports, you can put on a different game. I'm done. Officially in Major League 2 Randy Quaid mode.
Dont forget, this random ends tomorrow at 8. The Topps Archives Jake Taylor and Eddie Harris from Major League are…
Baseball: Former Vaquero star and 24-year Major League veteran Jesse Orosco is named to the CCCAA Hall of Fame.…
The record for the most Major League career innings is held by Cy Young with 7,356 innings
TIL that in Hall of Famer Billy Herman's first Major League at-bat in 1931, he fouled off a pitch into home plate …
Major League. Louis must forfeit top 2 draft picks and pay Houston $2 million for hacking Astros | FOX Sports…
Nashville mayor to propose building soccer stadium - report: Shaka Hislop delves into Don…
Kleenex sales are still soaring, so many liberal tears from their major-league meltdown.
kid has a future in Major League Soccer.
Another pro team in the Valley?. Phoenix is being considered as a location for one of two expansion franchises: https…
[Call To The Pen]A former great Japanese Major League pitcher has decided to retire …
Toronto FC star Sebastian Giovinco will listen to offers from China, says agent
Can we trade Drew Remenda for Bob Ueker's colour man in Major League?
Bullpen action starting to heat up | FOX Sports
lol what? My lifestyle has nothing to do with you and your buddy attacking A MAJOR LEAGUE PITCHER
Cheers! During the '94 Major League Baseball strike, I actually starting watching and briefly became a Canberr…
Do you think that the have the chance to became a Major Soccer League Team?
Phoenix now contending for Major League Soccer expansion franchise via
See the league butcher the Sabres/Stars game tonight? Embarrassing. Officiating is a major issue in the league.
Sorry I was talking about the Major Soccer League.
I can't remember a major league game where I could make eye contact with...
dismantle it one small piece everyday through 4-5's term, like in Major League
Whole new ball game! Steps 3-7 set for major FA re-structure under new plans for the the National League System https:/…
clans of old before bolo there was MLK which was Major League Knifing. They told me I couldn't join as I wasn't skilled enough
Top, or bottom half? Fun Fact: Spring Training scenes in the movie Major League were filmed in Tucson. ⚾️🌵
Major League Baseball is better than this crap.
So blessed to have minimal interest in the NFL, i.e. America's 3rd least woke major sports league.
have signed catcher Ryan Hanigan to a minor league contract with an invitation to major league spring training. htt…
Best player in the league that no one speaks about...when he starts playing major minutes, he's gonna kill
You are a major sports league Put some more cameras in your net. Dear lord.
ESPNFC | Nashville mayor to propose building soccer stadium - report
who the *** are you to be talking to a major league pitcher with success? You are who? This is funny and pathetic
This weekend in esports: 'Dota 2' Major and 'League of Legends' All-St
Top prospect Tyler O'Neill heads an array of non-roster players heading to Seattle's Major League camp.
Charles Barkley stays unafraid to go out there on national TV and argue that Marc Gasol is the best big man in the leag…
Astros projected to have deepest 2017 lineup
Stability or shake-up? D.C. United defense entering 2017 with new options
In the 2016 draft, 123 players were selected from JuCo programs. Only one major league team did NOT select a player from…
⚾️ Thought you'd like to know, How many days until Major League Baseball Season Opening Day?
Nashville mayor to propose building soccer stadium - report
RHP David Goforth, RHP Aaron Wilkerson, C Dustin Houle. C Jacob Nottingham and OF Corey Ray have been invited to Major League c…
I'll say it again, the referee in this game, looks like Rene Russo's boyfriend in Major League.
RHP Hiram Burgos, LHP Andy Oliver and INF Eric Sogard have signed minor-league contracts with invitations to Major League camp.
Touch of Pedro Cerrano from Major League about P Cummins tonight.
Wesley Snipes rules, and Willie Mays Hayes was the best part of Major League
Meet Black Singles 300x250
AL probably remembers the Toledo Mudhens from the movie Major League, they said manager Lou Brown used to be there
Does the Sale trade indicate a lack of confidence in the Major League readiness of E-Rod and/or Henry Owens?
Tampa Bay Rowdies launch MLS expansion campaign - The USL franchise has announced its ambition to join MLS, wit...
Florida, where Major League Baseball players go to be made fun of when they start crying about being traded 6 months later.
Also, if KC does Davis for Soler straight up that is an absolute crime. Soler has not shown enough at major league level, Davis is top 7 CP.
Actress who played Cleveland Indians owner in 'Major League' passes away via
Major league ready hitters with Soler upside and talent is high price. As a Cubs fan I hate the deal for rental.
Soler is a Major league ready player and can play what the Royals have been looking for for a long time.
need starting and relief pitching. They also need a major league SS. The rest of the team is loaded with potential.
A record amount of money was bet on baseball in 2016.
London Calling: Why the Chicago White Sox should volunteer to play in the UK: Major League Baseball intends to play…
How do you follow a great "expressed written consent of Major League Baseball" with a Trump joke?
Under Armour announces 10-year deal to outfit all of Major League Baseball -- including uniforms.
what would make sense is going after Chapman or Jansen and getting a major league caliber catcher. Neither of which they will do
If you can trade a reliever for an everyday major league player, you have to do it. Now stop selling.
'Major League' star Margaret Whitton dies at 67 via the App
no way around it but so far Treadwell has been a major league bust😔At least CP can impact the game in other ways
My latest story for > Confessions of a beat reporter: There were times I wanted to quit
Shout out to the expressed, written consent of Major League Baseball.
Tampa Bay Rowdies announce quest to join Major League Soccer, plan for stadium renovations
Done Deal! Under Armour will be the Official On-Field Uniform Supplier of Major League Baseball
It wouldn't bother me in the least if they cancelled any and all Major League All Star games (in any league for that matter)
The Red Sox reportedly acquired Chris Sale without giving up any major league talent, and that's a very good thing.
Why is it controversial to suggest that the GM of a Major League team is trying to improve the team?
Bay launch campaign to bring Major League Soccer to
name Dan Haren as Pitching Strategist. He will work with the front office, Major League coaching staff, and analytics d…
Big Papi please come back to Major League Baseball
St. Pete a major league city & Bill Edwards has my support for privately funded upgrade 2 Al Lang. Fans must ultimately suppo…
Rowdies announce bid for joining Major League Soccer - -
“This is certainly nothing to do with money & everything to do with an enjoyment for baseball" -
Matt Hedges signs new four-year deal to stay with FC Dallas Read more news @
I liked a video from The Untold Truth Of Major League
No. 2 prospect Tyler O'Neill will be attending Spring Training with the Major League club.…
Expect major league payoffs to insurers and hospitals by Republicans who have decried them repeatedly in the past https:/…
Who has the best rotation in Major League Baseball?.
ICYMI- Margaret Whitton, aka Rachel Phelps from "Major League", won't have to worry about moving the Indians to...
Margaret Whitton, who starred with in 'Major League,' dies at 67:.
Anyone who knows me knows that Major League is my favorite movie. Sad to hear of the passing of Rachel Phelps, aka…
Margaret Whitton. 2016 just keeps taking talent people away from us. Great actress with great range. Shower scenes in Major League was funny
Margaret Whitton, the Cleveland Indians owner in the 'Major League' movies, dies at 67
Margaret Whitton, star of Major League, dies after battling cancer -
'Major League' star Margaret Whitton passes away at 67:
Margaret Whitton, the ruthless owner in 'Major League,' dies at 67
Margaret Whitton Dead: 'Major League' Actress Dies at 67 - Margaret Whitton, who was best known for her villain...
Actress who played Cleveland owner in 'Major League' passes away.
Margaret Whitton, owner of the Cleveland Indians in the 1989 comedy 'Major League,' dies at age 67.
Major League actress Margaret Whitton has died at age 67:
Margaret Whitton, star of 'Major League,' dies at 67 via
TIL that among all Major League players with at least 30 plate appearances in 2016, Andrelton Simmons has the lowe…
Chicago Cubs latest proof that Major League champions can be built in short order
You're definitely the first person to mention that its Rick Vaughn & Major League vs Henry Rowengartner & Rookie of the Ye…
There is a very real chance that this was Mini Mart's final experience in a Major League game:
Slapshot, Star Wars, Empire, Jedi, Fifth Element, Princess Bride, Army of Darkness, Major League...this list may not end
Major League: 7/10. Cried at the end. Tom Berenger got the girl. lost his but wasn't mad bout it.
Charlie Sheen has brought what he says is the final pitch ball he threw in "Major League" to Game 7 in Cleveland (via
bro. Major League. About the Indians. Charlie Sheen plays Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn. Wild Thing is his theme song.
Gary Mancake likes Major League more than he likes Ferris Bueller. Not so for Glen Maffle
grandpa Rossy!!! He's a legend, he's like the Tom Berringer character in Major League..good guy, great leader
That HBP felt like Roger Dorn in the all-time classic "Major League"... Well done 👍
With apologies to Lets Go Indians! Sorry man i love the movie Major League this is for Roger Dorn Jake Taylor etc
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
I loved Joe Buck in Major League, she hated Lou Brown.
I assume everyone else also is narrating this World Series in the voice of manager Lou Brown from Major League.
Lou Brown speaks for the Heat too. - Major League (5/10) Movie CLIP - Picked to Finish Last (1989) HD via
I knew there was a reason I didn't like Schwarber. Reminds me of Jack Parkman from Major League. Smug liitle bast…
I enjoyed the Major League movies even the Scott Bakula one but that's where it ends. Not an Indians fan. .
Sometimes life is messy, and sometimes it's beautiful. Like Rene Russo's hair in Major League.
Charlie Sheen Wants to Throw First Pitch as 'Major League' Ricky Vaughn bring Wild Thing to
Charlie Sheen wants to throw the first World Series pitch as Ricky 'Wild Thing' Vaughn from 'Major League'.
I wonder if will show up to the as Willie Mays Hayes from Major League? That would be dope.
I'm interested to see how many people in Ohio watch Major League on Netflix in the next 2 days
MKE's team too. 2007 Indians home opener was at Miller Park & "Major League" was filmed here!
and that's it for tonight. Bats Better go see the witch doctor from Major League because this is a trend as Joe M would say
A Major League source confirmed to today that Chris Getz will take over as White Sox director of p…
This Indians team may win the World Series simply due to their faith in Jobu. Major League is still fantastic.
Clayton Kershaw saved the Dodgers' season with his first Major League save featured in NBC s Science of Love
The Busch Light can reminds of Willy Mayes Hayes in Major League.
Cooper Davis with a Major League foul ball in the 5th. Both B Davis and C Davis put up singles.
As ambitious new show Pitch follows a female player joining the male-dominated Major League, how have other...
Tebow IS good at baseball, he's just not a Major League quality player.
The movie "Major League" never gets old! Especially with the Indians being American League Central champs!!
"MARTE *** BRO LET'S CUT HIM SUCK". *sits on couch and never ever comes close to being a Major League Baseball player*
Mumbleism for 9/27: "This pitcher is all over the place he reminds me of Charlie Chan in Major League, remember the animal?"
Sept. 27, 1973 - Nolan Ryan of the Angels strikes out 16 Twins and raises his season total to a Major League record 383.
Writing a baseball book is easier when you live next door to a former Major League player. On…
How can a .170 backup career journeyman catcher not be able to lay down a bunt? Roberto Perez is not Major League talented. Sad but true.
Penn is like the owner in Major League who is assembling the worst roster ever to lose and move to Perth
Noah Syndergaard has now allowed 47 stolen bases this season, 13th-most in Major League history. Dwight Gooden's record is 60, in 1990.
I hope and pray performs Dreams, Mamie game and ofcos PikiPiki at Major League gardens 🙏
Remember in Major League when Harry Doyle gets all giddy when Willy Mays Hayes opens the season with a blooper? Then gets picked off.
I am extremely excited Dioner Navarro is coming back to the Blue Jays he is a Class Act and a great Major League player
Gary Sanchez's five Major League home runs have combined to travel nearly half a mile.
I was going to make a Rick Vaughn joke, but then I realized Judge was -3 years old when Major League came out.
Rick Vaughn's glasses in Major League are prescription - why does he wonder why his season *** so much when he's pitching blind?
Altuve batting .889 in this series thats slightly less than Parkman against Rick Vaughn ( Major League )
"Come on Cody" (in Rick Vaughn's voice when he says "Come on Willie" in Major League)
What you need to do to become a better Lacrosse Player NCAA, Major League
- Will Alex Rodriguez hit another Major League home run?
.will play his final Major League game this Friday. He will become an advisor & instructor with the
BREAKING: Alex Rodriguez will play his final Major League game on August 12, then will be released.
The Yankees today announced that Alex Rodriguez will play in his final Major League game on Friday, August 12.
LocknVille will be the new Major League .And that's more problems for Jimmy Tau
.makes his Major League debut for the tonight at 8:40 ET.
Jimmy Tau goes for a young one, Major League ba shappa stinna. He goes for an old one, Malema puts him on blast to the who…
Now it makes sense on why Major League kept chowing Jimmy Tau's stock. They share a blesser
Sanchez shows off arm in catching debut: Major League debuts move fast. Luckily for Gary Sanchez, so...
.anyone ever tell you you sound like Harry Doyle, Bob Uecker's character in the movie Major League?
Lets update this one... Major League leaders in home runs since June 26:. 1. Max Kepler (13). 2. Brian Dozier (11).
Tom Berenger was one if the best actors if the 80s - Platoon, Deadly Pursuit, Someone to watch over me, Major League.
I'm a Mizzou alum and I know fellow alum/star of 'Major League' Tom Berenger would want you to watch this
Six days after Mike Mayers bungled a spot-start opportunity in his Major League debut, the Cardinals watched ...
I'm sorry. Carlos Sanchez is not a Major League player.
'He played at LSU. That's big-time baseball': Will Harris, Alex Bregman thrive from LSU's Major League-type…
Nolan Arenado is playing in his 500th Major League game tonight.
This was Nolan on his 1st Major League game: April 28, 2013
week on was cool. I read pretty much every piece & I liked this one the best re: "Major League"
TBMaxwell steps in for his Major League debut. Bruce maxwell steps into the box for his first Major …
why is Buxton playing Major League Baseball at this point? It is becoming downright painful to watch.
Where is the cheapest place to catch a Major League Baseball game?
Tim Hudson returning to baseball with Kansas Stars - Almost 10 months after his final Major League game, Tim Hu...
Game 2 of the District 2 Major League softball tournament is Sunday at 5 p.m. at Norman Walker Field
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Jared Hughes records his first save since 2012 as the Pirates beat the Cubs, 12-6, It's the third save of his Major League career
To the victor... Congrats Chad Kuhl on your first Major League win! .
Here's a shocking development...former MSU SS Adam Frazier singled to center in his first Major League at bat for the Pitts…
Cubs Catcher, Wilson Contreras hits a dinger in his first Major League at bat 😳
Brendan Ryan's first Major League hit of the season comes in a tie game to leadoff the bottom of the ninth...
Mengden set for Major League debut Saturday: In a matter of four months, Athletics prospect Daniel Mengden has gone…
I'm to the point with Shump where I want Ty Lue to make him do push ups every time he dribbles ala Willie Mays Hayes in Major League
Isn't this a scene in "Major League"? (Santana playing Willie Mays Hayes, of course...)
Caño just gave Santana the Willie Mays Hayes treatment from opening day of Major League.
In a season that is basically one long Major League scene, Mallex is a real life Willie Mays Hayes
Called up just a couple days ago from Jackson, in comes righty Edwin Diaz to make his Major League debut.
Maybe if Dan Gilbert treated the Cavs like Rachel Phelps treated the Indians in Major League they could win a championship.
I'd say Dan Vogelbach would be a good piece. Batting well and there's no Major League place for him.
Yan Gomes recently started wearing glasses, and now he rakes. He's like Rick Vaughn from Major League. Such a simple f…
Cal Ripken League has produced between 22-37 Major League draft picks since inception in 2009. Datres had strong freshman year at UNC
Bad News Bears, Major League, The Rookie, Eight Men Out, Pride of the Yankees, Angels in the Outfield, etc, etc, etc
- your paltry Fitz offer feels like a move Rachel Phelps would have made in the film Major League. You want to lose??
Jalen Beeks strikes out a pair in a 1-2-3 sixth inning. Major League rehabber Matt Belisle coming on for Potomac in the 7th. 3-2 Nationals.
and are both incredibly good at ignoring their fanbases. Shawn Tolleson is not a Major League pitcher.
Today in 1951, a 20-year-old Willie Mays makes his Major League debut for the New York Giants.
ROSTER UPDATE:. INF Wilmer Flores assigned to Binghamton on Major League rehab. RHP Mike Hepple transferred from Binghamton to St.…
Stan Kroenke is the real life male version of Rachel Phelps from Major League
Calculated recklessness: we chat with NDG before the Major League finals
Major League pitchers pitched 4-3 Rick Manning tough, that's for sure.
RHP Dayan Diaz takes the hill to replace Simon and make his Major League debut.
Mark Melancon’s 97 saves since the start of the 2014 season rank second among all Major League pitchers behind Trevor Rosenthal (101).
I always think how Harry Doyle reacts at the end of Major League is how I would react for the if they won
It's like Harry Doyle on Major League. "Nobody's listening anyway!"
Roster moves: OF Carlos Gomez to the 15-day DL; IF Colin Moran selected to the Major League roster; C Evan Gattis officially re…
Ryan Madson gets the save and Sean Manaea gets his first Major League win!
Move official: Astros have selected infielder/outfielder Tony Kemp to the Major League roster and have DFA'd catcher Er…
Congrats to Ben Gamel, who just collected his first career Major League hit with an eighth-inning single!
What do we expect when we put Sean O'Sullivan and Robbie Ross in a Major League game? Just putting trash out on the mound...
STONEsober maybe you should drink like Harry Doyle in Major League!
That was the boldest/oddest bunt attempt since Tom Berenger in Major League
Rangers have the next Rick Vaughn, pulled up a guy that was formally in prison. If you've seen Major League you know what I'm talking about
That movie was already made. It's called Major League and his name was Rick Vaughn. Wild Thing!
Nick Castellanos can play LF at the Major League level on a regular basis. And Quintin Berry could play second base too.
Dickerson is the first to ever hit a grand slam for his first Major League homer.
Derek Holland last 4 innings of work 16 runs . Major League starter
Davies' first Major League win came on the Marlins Park mound on Sept. 7, 2015.
Matt Kemp roatsing on Wil Myers on Intentional Talk for having never seen Major League. Yikes
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