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Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas (born 26 March 1935), also known by the kunya Abu Mazen , has been the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) since 11 November 2004 and became President of the Palestinian National Authority on 15 January 2005 on the Fatah (فتح Fataḥ) ticket.

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What are your thoughts on Mahmoud Abbas? I haven't researched the man. I read one favorable article by the times of Isreal.
The Palestinian dictator: Today is the beginning of the 13th year of Mahmoud Abbas' 4 year term & the democratic world on…
Mahmoud Abbas: Vatican embassy a 'place of pride'
Today marks the 12th year anniversary of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' 4-year term.
Mahmoud Abbas is the cousin of Palestinian billionaire who is suing me for calling him out on 2004 mu…
Mabrouk to Mahmoud Abbas, who today starts the 13th year of his four-year term. Miracles still happen in the Holy Land. ht…
Today, President Mahmoud Abbas inaugurated the official Embassy of in Vatican City
John Kerry’s speech on December 28 left Mahmoud Abbas in a tight spot.
Mazal Tov to Palestinian Pres. Mahmoud Abbas, who today celebrates 12 years since he started his 4-year term in 2005!
meets with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas - Vatican Radio.
Let me guess the 4 Obama picked: Mahmoud Abbas, Khaled Mashal, Ismail Haniyeh, and Hassan Nasrallah.
In 2005, Mahmoud Abbas was elected president of the Palestinian Authority. In 2006, Hamas won the election.We are in 2017.
Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas says he doesn't believe Trump will move US embassy to Jerusalem.
Who is Mahmoud Abbas?. Fatah’s president,Mahmoud Abbas, also serves as chairman of the PLO and president of the...
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he's ready to work with Trump for peace .
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was the one gathering the money needed for the terror attack in the Munich Olympic Games.
Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas thanks the countries who voted for UNSC anti-Israel resolution...
Mahmoud Abbas informed Maryam Rajavi of the latest developments in the Middle East with regard to and France'…
President Mahmoud Abbas, at the meeting, reiterated the need to combat fundamentalism and terrorism in the region
On July 30, 2016, Maryam Rajavi met with Mahmoud Abbas, and they discussed the crises in the region
Let us all pledge to protect this opportunity in order to see that the...
Defense Minister Avigdor accused President Mahmoud of not doing enough to...
Here, I declare that the Palestine Liberation Organization is ready to...
Mr. Dahlan continues to attack my abilities yet he shies away from the task. Unfortunate.
Soviet Document Suggests Mahmoud Abbas Was a K.G.B. Spy in the 1980s
I hope Mahmoud Abbas bans you from entering Palestine bye
Me watching Syrian and Lebanese people take pride in their president while I'm stuck with Mahmoud Abbas :(
Regional powers grow uneasy with Mahmoud Abbas.
If you thought UNESCO was anti-Semitic, try the European Union. Mahmoud Abbas tells tham about rabbis inciting...
Hamas say Palestinian President showed 'no signs of flexibility' after meeting
Jokes on Lebanon, they don't have a great president like Mahmoud Abbas 😎
Update your maps at Navteq
Actually... it would be nice to see Mahmoud Abbas in German court re financing 1972 Munich massacre.
renews attacks on Palestinian Authority and
Dahlan renews attacks on Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas via
There is a requirement to ensure the withdrawal takes place in a civil...
We always have hoped that American diplomacy deploys itself in dialogu...
Abbas met with the Hamas officials during his recent trip to Turkey and Qatar. He made no stop in Cairo, which...
Mahmoud Abbas attended Peres's funeral, yes, because he had to. But he didn't cry in his funeral.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has failed to resolve his stand-off with Egypt or Hamas, according...
We cannot build a viable state with a country that is disintegrating i...
We cannot build foundations of a state without rule of law.
No Hamas reconciliation as tensions grow between Abbas and Egypt's Sisi via
Mahmoud Abbas continues to act as a brutal despot, world yawns
Hamas claims Abbas 'shows no flexibility' in meetings aiming at reconciliation
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas released from hospital
RAMALLAH — The 81-year-old Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, underwent an emergency heart procedure on...
Abbas hospitalised for heart tests: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has been…
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas undergoes heart tests
UPDATE: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas left the hospital after being admitted for chest pains.
Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas share a brief but historic handshake at Shimon Peres funeral
Abbas Rejected US Call to Meet with Netanyahu: In Paris last month, Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas...
Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority recently refused an offer by Secretary of State John Kerry to meet PM B…
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice prepares to meet Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.
Pres. Jacob Zuma will today, 25 May 2016, host Pres. Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine on a Working Visit to SA
sign for the road and house of president Mahmoud Abbas
"Mahmoud Abbas, President for life of the fictitious democratic Republic of Palestine, where no voting takes...
today: PA President Mahmoud (Abu Mazen) inaugurated a new street, named after... Mahmoud Abbas.
Abbas says new museum will 'preserve Palestinian memory': Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hailed...
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas dedicates a new street in Ramallah to Mahmoud Abbas, via
A couple of facts about Mahmoud Abbas, the PLO leader and "President of the West Bank"...
I'd rather have Bashar Al-Assad as the president of Palestine instead of Mahmoud Abbas, don't @ me.
Because Pal leaders don't care ,Yasser Arafat ,Mahmoud Abbas ,Ismail Haniyeh stole billion from the People
third who is Abu Mazad? Try Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the PA and how he turns down every chance for peace talks.
NEW State of Failure: Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, and the Unmaking of the Pale
oh, he's next to Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas. Those are *** a Legend Seats.
...Same with Mahmoud Abbas, who received his PhD from Patrice Lumumba. : )
Or maybe it's because Khamenei is a Russophile, and a graduate of Moscow's Patrice Lumumba School, like Mahmoud Abbas.
Meeting today with President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas.
Mahmoud Abbas actually received his PhD from Moscow's "foreign agent of influence" training academy, the Patrice Lumumba school
PM Muscat meets Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas: Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who is on a visit to the Mi...
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas's son has $1 million in offshore company 💰
The Palestinian Authority is “on the brink of collapse,” its president, Mahmoud Abbas, told Israeli TV.
Palestinian President reaches out to Israel, backs talks: "I want to see peace in my life," Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says ...
1935 – Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian politician, 2nd President of the State of Palestine. Happy 81th!
Fatah is a political party and movement, whose chairman is Mahmoud Abbas.
Joe revisionism Duffy Show. I'm half expecting to hear 'researchers for the show were David Irving and Mahmoud Abbas'
Mahmoud Abbas || Most disgusting Palestinian President, does nothing for his people and is a complete traitor. https:/…
recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday reiterated his opposition to
Mahmoud Abbas & Hamas maintain the incitement to butcher Jews
President Mahmoud Abbas to kick off four-day visit to on Sunday:
Mahmoud & maintain the incitement to butcher leaders are purposely inciting the...
Mahmoud Abbas to declare three days of official mourning
My 3 year old niece can do a better job than Mahmoud Abbas
All I'm saying is if Bernie Sanders was the president of Palestine, he would've done a better job than Mahmoud Abbas.
Idk about the rest of y'all, but besides the fact that Mahmoud Abbas lives there. I'm proud to be from Ramallah
If Mahmoud Abbas is guilty of so, then so is Israel since it bankrolls him.
Authority Mahmoud Abbas Fatah party praised the three terrorists who perpetrated the attack in Jerusalem that
Let Mahmoud Abbas explain what happened: Any questions?
Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah publishes cartoons accusing Jews of responsibility for https:/…
No state on earth can afford to allow several authorities to co-exist next ...
Let's all congratulate Mahmoud Abbas who recently started his 11th year of a 4 year presidential term.
Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has a new website . . h/t
President Mahmoud signs into law long-gestating protection bill.
Palestinians are holding dialogue for peace conference - President Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas : " our hands are still outstretched in peace , and we are working to achieve...
Hezbollah field commander Abbas Mahmoud Hijazi, from the southern town of Qabrikha killed in Syria
jimmy carter is a dangerous fool!. He undermines moderate palestinians by his legitimizing hamas(mahmoud abbas said that)
JJ Masiga was my next door neighbor and we celebrated Eid every year with Mahmoud Abbas in Kibra...does that count? 😂😂
The terrorist who shot 3 IDF soldiers today near Beit El was a Palestinian police officer. Mahmoud Abbas has not condemned t…
Mahmoud Abbas calls on US Administration to prevent further deterioration between Palestinians and Israel.
Chill guys neither PLO nor Mahmoud Abbas represent the Palestinian people. His opinion of supporting Russian intervention …
Acc to Speaker of Federation Council, Mahmoud Abbas "unambiguously and firmly" supports actions in Syria.
Shout out to Palestinian Pres. Mahmoud Abbas for 11 years of a 4 year term. I'm sure will lead parade
assessment that violence will die out has been proven wrong with Palestinians now using guns
Hadar Cohen. Murdered. Remember her. Shame on Mahmoud Abbas for not speaking out against cowardly, barbaric acts. https:/…
Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas met in his office with the relatives of 11 terrorists killed while c…
This guy and Khader Adnan and many strikers in israeli prison have done more to Palestine than Mahmoud Abbas..
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas dismissed on Wednesday weeks of rumors that the Palestinian Authority could...
13 million $ Palace to be built for Mahmoud Abbas near Ramallah...
How do you feel about Mahmoud Abbas, nom de guerre Abu Mazen, whose sole elected term in office ended in early 2009?
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas attended Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem after a violent day left 4...
Can Palestinians follow their president Mahmoud Abbas example of unity at Midnight Christmas eve mass in Bethlehem.
I could be The president of Palestine running the country from California and I'd still do a better job than Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas arrives in Bethlehem as 1000s flocked to holy city for Christmas celebrations
Mahmoud Abbas, palestine's president, always go to church every christmast to show the war they face isnt about the religion
Mr. Mahmoud Abbas of the State of during the Mass for the
With the President of Mahmoud Abbas, laying a wreath at the mausoleum of Yasser Arafat
Will he be also meeting with Mahmoud Abbas? That will make a huge difference.
The post Munich 'Golda Doctrine' and Mahmoud Abbas: Israel did not sit idly by when, after the horrific Munich…
I think Mahmoud Abbas should be What do you think? Vote now via
Will you stand against this Was paid for by Mahmoud Abbas.
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Mahmoud Abbas: Murdering Israelis is "popular peaceful uprising" like "peaceful" Paris attack
Mahmoud Abbas, current head of PA & fav of Clinton/Obama/Kerry, was member of Black September - responsible for '72 Munich Olympics massacre
"The Islamofascist colonists have violated absolutely every single treaty that they have ever signed and…" — Gee
22 Israelis murdered in terror, but calls it a “peaceful uprising” |
Recall also that Mahmoud Abbas was a key player and leader of Black September terror group that carried out attacks.
this would be Mahmoud Abbas who celebrates stabbings? Yep that Mahmoud Abbas
Conveniently ignoring that Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestinian Authority, detests BDS and their entire mission.
Let's see you parodize this:. Mahmoud Israelis is "popular uprising" |
explains why he hasn't condemned any of 22 Israelis murdered in terror attacks |
How Abbas personally violates a treaty that he signed himself
And Mahmoud Abbas, a Munich conspirator, now runs the West Bank Gang.
"We said to everyone that we want a peaceful popular uprising and that is what this (murdering Israelis) is." Mahmoud Abbas
Why is the Munich role of Mahmoud Abbas still ignored?.
He needs to see a psychiatrist urgently. Mahmoud Abbas: Murdering Israelis is "popular peaceful uprising"
Abbas: “Arabs who rejected the Partition Plan in 1947 were wrong”
Mahmoud Abbas: Murdering Israelis is “popular peaceful uprising”
Another picture from earlier today: PM meeting President Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine.
[December 02, 2015 at 04:31PM] Mahmoud Abbas confirmed he turned down a peace offer in 2008 that would have provid…
Edward Said, Mahmoud Darwish & Marcel Khalife… too much greatness in one picture for me to handle
Mahmoud Abbas personally violates agreement that he signed. No one notices.
Putin and Mahmoud Abbas and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei were classmates. - Ben Carson. . Amazing stuff.
Mahmoud Abbas, at U.N., Says Palestinians Are No Longer Bound by Oslo Accords - Yes, he brought it up...
.where r all the Arabic funds going. The palestinian leaders r pocketing it. Check howmuch Mahmoud Abbas and Yasser Arafat have.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday expressed his solidarity and sympathy with France in a statement...
Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority president, condemned the attacks in expressed support for France
President joint interview with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas now
Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas yesterday said though investigation into the death of their late leader,...
AMMAN King Abdullah of Jordan has sent Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas an urgent message to calm tensions in the West Bank
Mahmoud Abbas is building a new palace in Ramallah (French)
Relative of Abbas has life-saving operation in Israeli hospital. While Prime Minister Netanyahu says Mahmoud Abbas...
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First his wife, now brother-in-law checks into private hospital for surgery. While Mahmoud Abbas... h…
“In the class of 1968 at Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, Mahmoud Abbas was one of the members…
Arguing, as Abbas does, that Zionist Jews helped perpetrate the Holocaust is not only repulsive—it's also a lie:
It is, of course, also noteworthy that Palestinian President Abbas is widely considered to be a Holocaust denier:
I do subscribe to Your statement, but I think PA President Mahmoud Abbas won't listen to the international community's voice...
Sez Lurch the fool. State Dept. Refers to Mahmoud Abbas as the 'President of Palestine'
State Dept. Refers to Mahmoud Abbas as the ‘President of Palestine’ | The Jewish Press
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to meet about …
Ask ur Rep. to sign the Royce-Engel letter to demand an end to PA incitement and terror
Congress is cutting Mahmoud Abbas' allowance by $80 million, about one-fifth of annual US economic aid to the PA.
Abbas' speech was once again about symbols, not substance or practical steps, read my latest:
By Dr. Samah Jabr President Mahmoud Abbas’s speech at the UN, which had been preceded by inflated pr
First fruits of knives uprising condemned by Mahmoud Abbas, subordination of Zionists and opening AlAqsa to all ages https…
Pres. Mahmoud Abbas's brother-in-law undergoes life-saving surgery in Israeli hospital. .
Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid Palestinian PR Mahmoud Abbas is lying,calling for peace publicly and inciting in private
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When Mahmoud Abbas talked about Jews filthy feet on Noble Sanctuary and Holy Sepulchre, he showed his obsessive hatred of Jews.
Fact: The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem cheered the Holocaust. Fact: Mahmoud Abbas has praised Grand Mufti.
Action Alert: Urge your Representative to sign the Royce-Engel bipartisan letter to Palestinian Authority Pres...
"When Mahmoud Abbas went to South Africa, he sort of spoke out against a full boycott of Israel, the ANC was shocked..…
I think it’s time for the international community to say clearly to PA President Mahmoud Abbas: Stop spreading lies about Is…
Meeting today with the President of Mr. Mahmoud Abbas.
Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu are once again in the world media
PolitiFact: The one about Vladimir Putin, Ali Khamenei and Mahmoud Abbas? Don't believe it via
Mahmoud Abbas: Palestinians 'cannot continue to be bound' by Oslo Accords: New York City (CNN) Palestinian Aut...
Abbas Addresses U.N. General Assembly: President Mahmoud Abbas declared on Wednesday that the Palestinian Authority
The broken-record speech of Mahmoud Abbas is replaying at this very moment
Abbas to ‘Drop a Bombshell’ at End of UN Speech: Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas has promised to ...
.new book The WikiLeaks Files exposes how Israel uses Mahmoud Abbas while blaming him for their problems. h…
VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis praised Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as an “angel of peace” during a meeting...
Will Mahmoud Abbas be the last chairman of the Palestinian Authority? by Danny Rubinstein ►►
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Khaled Mashaal phones Mahmoud Abbas to discuss situation in Jerusalem and Hamas-Fatah 'reconciliation'
Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Meshaal reportedly talked on the phone today regarding the ongoing situation at al-Aqsa
The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas honoring company as one of the top companies
funny cuz Mahmoud Abbas blames the arabs
Race to Replace Abbas. New report from one of the sharpest analysts of Palestinian politics http:/…
The best save in football history...
Abbas big loser in Palestinian National Council postponement: . Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas c...
The move would offer Mahmoud Abbas a chance to demonstrate his push to gain international recognition for a Palestinian state.
And more will be destroyed with the consent of Mahmoud Abbas Our??? President who represent only himself. Viva Palestina
Israel has a moral duty to take Palestinian refugees: Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas has recent...
Palestinian mahmoud abbas condemns an attack by Israeli forces on the al-Aqsa Mosque.
Israel not cause of regional instability? Are U daft, or what?
shameless propaganda. Especially coming from a guy that shakes the bloodied hand of Mahmoud Abbas! hypocrite bellend.
Today’s headlines;. 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calls on the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to...
Palestinian leadership in crisis: Mahmoud Abbas' exit as Palestinian President could serve…
Outgoing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned on Sunday the “aggression” committed by the Israeli army...
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Palestinians “will not allow attacks against our holy places”.
Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas condemns "attack" on# Al-Aqsa following clashes at one of Islam's holiest sites
H.E the president Mahmoud Abbas honored within the First National Forum for
Ali Mazrui caught looking like Mahmoud Abbas. *caught slipping
Mahmoud Abbas resigns as Palestine Liberation Organization executive chairman
Abbas Urges UN Ambassador to Absorb Palestinian Refugees: PA President and Fateh leader Mahmoud Abbas, on Satu...
Alhayat: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told Saudi, Egyptian & Jordanian leaders that he intends to retire
I1Pal: Mahmoud Abbas, 80, the Palestinian President since 2005, joined a reading of the Quran, in Ramallah, West B…
Mahmoud Abbas, the aging Palestinian President, may be paving the way for his exit from political life — or he may be trying to
Speculation about the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, is going wild. Is he staying or is he going?
Mahmoud Abbas, the aging Palestinian President, may be organizing his exit — or trying to consolidate his power.
Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian President, to sit out PLO and Fatah elections. RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Two...
Critics slam Mahmoud Abbas' PLO resignation as 'farce': Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' resignation from ...
"Moderate" PA, Mahmoud Abbas, honors, embraces and rewards Palestinian terrorists who murder Israeli children
All purpose parts banner
Benjamin can't wait F-35 jet to kill time Netanyahu licks Mahmoud Abbas feet and *** ***
Jew Hunting Season Open in Benjamin hunting Jewish w/ Mahmoud Abbas if you ain't *** you are in trouble.
about the stupidest thing I've read in a while. Even Mahmoud Abbas blamed the 48 war on Arabs
Al Arabiya show reveals how Abu Nidal blew up a Gulf plane in skies:
Mahmoud Abbas doesn't represent anyone except himself. Resistance is the only way to librate RT
Acc to Israel, they lack 'day after Abbas' plan - nightmare scenario is Marwan Barghouti as next elected leader
Mahmoud Abbas, the ageing Palestinian President is ten years into a four-year term. .
Top Fatah official: Pres. Mahmoud Abbas has no intention to resign.
If ur Palestinian and u like Mahmoud Abbas I really don't like u
Rumors are swirling that Mahmoud is preparing to his role as Palestinian Authority President.
When Palestinian leader Abu Nidal blew up a Gulf plane in UAE skies
Several hospitals to shutdown due to actions by Mahmoud Palestinian Authority
No AIPAC tour of Israel would be complete without a meeting with Mahmoud Abbas
Guys listen to that song "bedna yak" about Mahmoud Abbas it's beautiful
I just found out Mahmoud Abbas had an interesting dissertation on nazism and Zionism..
All those Palestinians that made songs praising Mahmoud abbas and put his posters all over ramallah.I Wanna shoot yall in the face
When Abu Nidal kidnapped Aramco staff - and tried to kill Abbas - Al Arabiya News
is unprepared for the possibility of PA President Mahmoud Abbas quitting his post -
Israel waging war of genocide in Gaza - Mahmoud Abbas to UNGA FULL SPEECH - RT
Im just gonna leave this right here. Obama with "Palestine" president Mahmoud Abbas. 😖😑
VIDEO: Reaction to West Bank toddler death: The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Mark Regev, the spokes...
News says authority's president Mahmoud Abbas will submitt his resignation in September 2015.
Unconfirmed reports Mahmoud Abbas is planning to resign as president of the Palestinian Authority.
Oh wow... Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) is reportedly stepping down as president of the Authority
Say what you want about Yasser Arafat, but Mahmoud Abbas couldn't hold Abu Amar's keffiyeh... Fatah has become a joke of an organization
With tips from the late Yasser Arafat, and an introduction by his successor Mahmoud Abbas.
Mohamed Dahlan: Marwan Barghouti and Salam Fayyad best candidates to succeed Mahmoud Abbas.
Yes, Munich 1972 Olympic Games. The funding for the Palestinian terrorist murderers came from Mahmoud Abbas.
Mahmoud Abbas once again has grabbed an opportunity to miss an opportunity and has rejected a French-sponsored...
Abu Mazen, aka, Mahmoud Abbas, doesn't want peace. Oslo Accords were only ploy to get Right of Return to out vote Jews.
Hamas denies meeting between Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Mashaal in Qatar; Abbas visited Musa Abu Marzouk, who underwent open heart surgery.
Mahmoud Abbas in Belgium to rally support for Palestinian statehood bid
Meeting with Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian National Authority
Why isn't the Palestinian "president" Mahmoud Abbas in US rallying for the innocent lives that were brutally murdered
This is what happens when Palestinian leadership like Mahmoud Abbas and his partners in Hamas incite violence and incentivize terror by paying for acts of terrorism against Israelis. This Channel 10 footage is from this morning's terrorist attack in Tel Aviv when a Palestinian terrorist stabbed 13 people on a public bus. In the footage, he is seen chasing after civilians and stabs one woman in the back.
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas signs the Rome Statute in a bid to join the International Criminal Court, prompting objections from Israel.
Mr. Mahmoud Abbas of the State of celebrating the Divine Liturgy marking the
Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, brought someone to France too.just like John Kerry brought J.T.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signs on to International Criminal Court - ABC Online
powerful letter from an anonymous Palestinian journalist criticizing terrorist dictator Mahmoud Abbas
ESPN doing some Oregon/Woody Hayes montage and for a second I thought Mahmoud Abbas was the Ducks’ new Offensive Coordinator.
16) Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who had several journalists jailed for insulting him in 2013
Mahmoud Abbas is a great believer in the freedom of speech in France. But in France only, not in Palestine.
Ahmet Davutoglu (Turkey), Ibrahim Keita (Mali), Abdullah (Jordan), Mahmoud Abbas (Palestine) are some of the Muslim foreign dignatories...
Watching the foreign leaders march I reached the conclusion that Mahmoud Abbas has a crush on Angela Merkel ...
Today’s mass rally in Paris is a spectacular event for the French people and guaranteed to leave them aglow and refreshed after a most traumatic week. It’s also a useful PR boost for Francois Hollande who has probably been the most inept and farcical figure ever to have occupied the Elysee Palace. As for the other visiting dignitaries, the photo-ops won’t do Netanyahu any harm in his upcoming election and, as for the King and Queen of Jordan, Paris shopping will be a welcome distraction from ISIS forces knocking on their door back home. Mahmoud Abbas is also making an appearance – doubtless in gratitude for Hollande’s support of his UN bid for PLO statehood. Welcoming such a man to this celebration of tolerance and harmony is like inviting the grim reaper to a shiva. But beyond all these ulterior motives and the feelgood factor for the citizens of France, this will not change anything where it counts. The crowds will drift away and life will go on, down the slippery slope to dhimmitude. As Paris ...
Time to move out: The problem with Mahmoud Abbas via
Time to Move out: The Problem with Mahmoud Abbas and His Authority :  Information Clearing House - ICH
Did you know that "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas was involved in orchestrating the 1972 Munich massacre
Still more from Mahmoud Abbas's "moderate" Palestinians: Heaps of Jewish skulls.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to apply immediately to join ICC, expected to sign Rome Statute later today http:/…
Following the defeat of a United Nations Security Council resolution that demanded an end to Israeli occupation and recognition of Palestinian statehood, Palestine's president Mahmoud Abbas signed a Palestinian request to join the International Criminal Court on Wednesday, a move that the Guardian w…
The Palestinian Authority's (PA) official news agency, WAFA, and Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party glorified the two...
So Israeli president Mahmoud Abbas has signed papers to join the International Criminal Court.I can definitely see a few ICC hups lol :D
A day after begin rebuffed by the UN Security Council on a bid to end the occupation, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has surprised the world by signing the Rome Statute, to be able to bring ch...
The ageing Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, is struggling to stay relevant
Mahmoud Abbas pushes for Wednesday vote as Binyamin Netanyahu files to Rome to meet US secretary of state John Kerry
Palestine and the UN: Another gambit - THE Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, has a habit ...
Palestinians dispute autopsy finding of Abu Ain heart attack Palestinian officials called Ziad Abu Ain, 55, who collapsed and died during a scuffle with Israeli border police Wednesday "a martyr" and held Israeli troops responsible for his death. They refused to accept the post-mortem conclusion that he had died of a heart attack, although the autopsy was also attended by Israeli and Jordanian pathologists. Abu Ain's family admitted that he suffered from a heart ailment, high blood pressure and was a heavy smoker. An Israeli paramedic tried to help him when he collapsed but was pushed away by the Palestinian crowd, according to British Sky TV footage. Abu Ain was sentenced to jail some years ago for terrorism and causing the death of two Israelis, but was released under a former prisoner swap. The Israeli military sent two battalions of troops and two companies of paramilitary border police to reinforce West Bank security. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is not expected to go through with this threat to ...
A senior minister in the government of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has died following a violent…
PA president Mahmoud Abbas has stated that he is fully behind Egypt's actions in the Sinai against "terrorists,"...
Mahmoud Abbas, the so-called "moderate" President of the Palestinian Authority, said on Saturday that his people...
president Mahmoud Abbas said that "PNA does not exist in the Strip. is responsible for the Gaza Strip".
Putin sent a message of greeting to the President of Mahmoud Abbas
Abbas: I won't give up one inch of 1967: Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas said he will not negoti...
The head of Israel's security service Shin Bet, Yoram Cohen, has directly contradicted accusations by PM Netanyahu and other ministers regarding the role of Mahmoud Abbas in so-called 'incitement'.Cohen made the remarks at a meeting of the Knesset's Fo
I WONDER….. What it would be like to live in a Fair and Just World. A World in which there was no Double-Standard, No Hypocrisy. A World not governed by Spin Machines, PR and Photo Opportunities. (Though I will admit that Mahmoud Abbas has better teeth and hair than Arafat.) A World that didn’t idolize Homicide Bombers as “Freedom Fighters.” A World where people realized there is no “cycle of violence” in the Middle East – Just Terrorists who NEVER have and NEVER will accept the existence of the State of Israel. The Anti-Semites, the Islamic Extremists will NEVER be happy, Will NEVER be satiated, Until the Jewish State is no more. They cannot stand, they cannot tolerate that we breathe the same air they breathe. NO MORE HYPOCRISY!!! Israel MUST be allowed to Eliminate every last Terrorist – Just like the United States would do if its citizens were being attacked. How many Israelis have been MURDERED since that last Great Photo Opportunity – Oslo? I Wonder….. What is the World waiting f ...
THE ROAD TO RECOGNIZE PALESTINE, THE CIA-TESTEMONY Mr. Avner ben-Yisrael lifts an imporatan topic in the paper "Israel ha-jom", he writes: ”Sweden has regained the anti-Israeli sentiments that epitomized the era of the late Prime Minister Olof Palme”. Known is the Soviets poltical aid to the PLO during the Cold War, but less known is the names of payed politicians that the KGB ordered to help in establishing sentiments that would result in political support for a Palestinian state. Mahmoud Abbas, the PA-leader is a trained KGB-agent. KGB was everywere in the Palestinian struggle! Olof Palme was another KGB-agent. In an You-Tube-interview with the former head of the Soviet Desk of the swedish Security Service, mr. Olof Frånstedt, its former head gives evidence that Olof Palme was a Soviet agent.His KGB-contact were mentioned. But in Sweden this facts are tabu. It is the governments nightmare. So lets inform about it. They, the Swedish pro-islamic government of today decerve it! M.r. Ben-Yisrael hits t ...
Amid growing tension in east Jerusalem, PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas has condemned the closure of the revered al-Aqsa mosque. Meanwhile, Egypt's demolition programme in the border town of Rafah continues.
Mahmoud Abbas is complicit and partner in israeli war rims against Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank
1/2 Jerusalem News - My Friends, Israel Takes a Stand Against Persecution of Middle East Christians PASTOR EARL "END TIMES PROPHECY" CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Abbas and Hamas Call to Ban Jews from Temple Mount "This is what Isaiah son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem: In the last days the mountain of the Lord’s Temple will be established as the highest of the mountains; … Many peoples will come and say, 'Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the Temple of the God of Jacob.'" (Isaiah 2:1–3) In its latest bout of warmongering against Israel, Hamas launched a rally in Gaza City on Friday shouting for the "defense" of the al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount, while Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas urged for a ban of Jews from the holy mountain. "This is our sacred place, al-Aqsa is ours, this Noble Sanctuary (the Temple Mount) is ours … they have no right to go there and desecrate it," said Abbas of the Jews, stating that Jews should be stopped from entering the Temple Mount "by any means." (T .. ...
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will seek a vote at the UN security council demanding that…
Do you still blame Israel? Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority President, today blamed Hamas for death, wounding and d…
Mahmoud Abbas is a poor man's Yasser Arafat; which is saying something because Abbas is worth over $100 million.
Mahmoud Abbas wants to speed statehood for Palestinians. What else to expect at U.N.? Questions for
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Why Didn’t NYU Students Protest Mahmoud Abbas? By Mendy Boteach If you’d been driving down bowery Avenue in New York City last week on Monday night, you might have noticed about twenty young Jewish students standing on the side of the road screaming “Shame on Cooper!” That night, Mahmoud Abbas had arrived to give a speech at the Great Hall of Cooper Union, which stands nestled within the campus of NYU. What you might not have noticed is that the entire group was under the age of eighteen, and had come from the local Rambam High School. There are more than fifty-thousand students at NYU, and almost a third of them are Jewish. Yet, aside from me and these High School students, not one had shown up to protest the honorable platform that had been provided to the blood-soaked despot that is Mahmoud Abbas. In the arena of pro-Israel activism, a small private high-school had outshone more than ten-thousand Jewish students at NYU. Even worse, they’d done so at what we might call an NYU home-game. In cas ...
His Master's Voice - The mendacious face in the UN is that of Mahmoud Abbas but the speech writer is the master dissembler Saeb Erekat
Islamic world expresses support of Mahmoud Abbas' attempt to join the ICC
Someone is giving Mahmoud Abbas some very smart strategic and public relations advice based on his Cooper Union talk
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