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Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap or Pratap Singh (May 9, 1540 – January 19, 1597) was a Hindu Rajput ruler of Mewar, a region in north-western India in the present day state of Rajasthan.

Rajnath Singh Prithviraj Chauhan Guru Gobind Singh Faisal Khan Shri Rajnath Singh Babu Bajrangi Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Sadda Haq Bharat Mata

Victimhood is r biggest problem don't know where is d valour of Maharana Pratap, Shivaji Prithvi Raj Chauhan
Definitely...decendents of Maharana Pratap n Prithvi Raj Chauhan will again..rise..!🚩🚩🚩
. that they truly belong to the nation of Ashoka, Chandragupt, Maharana pratap, Abdul hamid and Vikram Batra.
Need to cut Pakistanis like this, follow the great heroes, GURU GOVIND SINGH, SHIVAJI MAHARAJ, THE…
Sir remember Maharana Pratap,V will live like him,but time 2 finish punish evil(Rakshash) Pakistan State
Be a part of the world's oldest dynasty and pledge to live by the values of the the great Maharana Pratap
Will be the Chief Guest and Key Note Speaker at Maharana Pratap Agriculture University Udaipur , National Training Program on Agritourism
Sir sir m a big fan of u i have a wish sir pls make a movie of the story of maharana pratap
Sir let us draw inspiration from Shivaji & Maharana Pratap who fought, let us not forget wht happened to Raja Dahir who slept
Time has come for to become a Maharana Pratap. Budhdha of peace will not work to tackle Pak.
Now imagine if we were in a time when Maharana pratap would fight our wars for us. what a reply he would give!
maharana pratap sliced a mughal attacker with its horse into half !!! Aap kitne karoge ?
Let's go to learn something once again. :) . — traveling to Mumbai, India from Maharana Pratap Airport
It is like when Akbar attacked Maharana Pratap & Maharana Pratap complains y Akabar attacks on him. U r behavng like Maharana.
Haave you forgot Maharana Pratap,Chanakya,Subhash chandra bose. Read their history/biography & you will feel brave
Tourism will shortly float EoI for starting water sports, house boats & shikaras at Maharana Pratap Sagar (Pong Dam) in
Visit to see the battleground that belongs to Maharana Pratap.
and if he didn't come outside to play,his friends probably have said gaand maharana Pratap.
When his friends wanted to call Maharana Pratap outside to play, they called him Baharana Pratap.
The name “Maharana Pratap” has always been held in great honour and respect. His Life # 9 May 1540 – 29 January 1597 https:/…
Maharana Pratap looking at Akbar with combative expression after he threatened to impose Mughal rule on Mewar.(1576) ht…
For answering the traitors, Jalal decided to go for a war with Maan Singh against Maharana Pratap.
Maharana Pratap riding on Chetak in the Battlefield of Haldighati to defeat the army of Mughal emperor Akbar.(1576) htt…
Indian Reserve Battalion to be named after Maharana Pratap: Rajnath Singh - The Economic Times
I liked a video from Faisal Khan aka Maharana Pratap | Technical Dance Rehearsal |
Amar, Maharana Pratap, Anthony, and the joy of renaming everything:
Maharana Pratap deserves 2 be honored, but not by renaming Akbar Rd. Akbar a gr8 King trated Hindus well
8) All Warriors from Shivaji to Maharana Pratap to Guru Gobind Singh to Bhagat Singh are banished as painted of extremist or fringe.
Salute to the brave son of Mother India, Maharana Pratap on his birth anniversary.
Bharat Ka Veer Putra–Maharana Pratap, also known as Mahaputra. He fought for his nation, for his people, and most importantly for his honor.
Maharana Pratap the Great. The Rana of Mewar. Bharat ka veer putra. Finally our greats getting the honour they deserve.
dear friend One praise to other great Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan in Maharana Pratap tag is not wrong.
Social Media ... We have only Shivaji, Maharana Pratap & Guru Gobind Singh here ... not in real life i.e the problem :)
Bhama Shah was a Jain and he also fought with Maharana Pratap ..Sadu ki sangat mai sab badal Jatha hai . Even his son fought against Muslim
Please save Kumbalgarh fort of Maharana pratap,Illegal migrant living there,also fort of Prithviraj Chauhan in Ajmer
It's as bad as the one on Mahabharat, and even on Maharana Pratap
Now Tharoor will say that Sonia Gandhi is Laxmi Bai and Rahul Gandhi is Maharana Pratap. What a rubbish.Disgusting.singh
Such historians speaks language of our rivals-we need2change Shivaji, Maharana pratap,Rani Laxmi Bai Prithviraj Chouhan Rana Sanga great 4us
Even u r born out of hindus ..and made another panth.. But u forgot about maharana pratap,Shivaji, prithviraj chohan
entire nation stand with your view . I wish every mother of akhand bharàt should give birth to a child like Maharana Pratap,
ive been binge watching maharana pratap w/my parents for the last couple of weeks LOL
I added a video to a playlist Maharana Pratap || Gajendra RAO ||Superhit Rajasthani Songs
So Maharana pratap aired there on Antv??
Chetak, the courageous horse of maharana pratap must b flng jealous of all attn bng gvn 2
lol then so is using bullocks for farming, milking cow, camel.. . Maharana Pratap was probably a criminal for riding Chetak..😂😂
distinguished Amar Singh that all Rajpoots are not in lineage of Maharana Pratap. Few are Man Singh types also.
So very sad that it is happening in a nation where v sing praises for Maharana Pratap n Chetak.
MahaRana Pratap Singh, to be arrested for injuring his horse Chetak...Blasts RanaPratap
RSS is an IDEALOGY, an idealogy of Maharana Pratap, Shivaji, Bajirao and it is the OLDEST INDIAN IDEALOGY
Save the date guys. . 3rd April at Maharana Pratap Auditorium. Meet the awesome crew at Pitchers, The Tech Portal...
When Barkha Dutt,Rahul G replace Maharana Pratap,Shivaji in the books of kids,this was expected.
From the land of Maharana Pratap to the land of Chhatrapati Shivaji! Feeling brave?
.awaits the right opportunity to make a TV comeback.
hi! Roshni your character is so cute in maharana pratap 😊
along with are off to Jodhpur for Vaibhav Sir(Director, Maharana Pratap)'s wedding ht…
Maharana Pratap & Chetak in the court of Akbar, sorting out differences just before the battle of Haldighati.(1576) htt…
Can't forget heart rending pics of Shakitiman writhing in pain. If Chatrapathi Shivaji or Maharana Pratap alive 2day BJP MLA wd be deadman!
. 6. Another Famous Horse which comes to mind is 'Chetak ' horse of Maharana Pratap !!
traveling to mumbai domestic airport from Maharana Pratap Airport
-MLA ashamed not only Hindus who worship Horse but also Great Patriot Maharana Pratap !.
Maharana Pratap was loving his horse Chetal as own Child & Sick BJP Mind Hits Horse . featured in NBC s Science of Love
If than So is Maharana Pratap, Laxmi . Bhai and Polo Team of Army 😂😂
Now we should be like shivaji and maharana pratap if we want justice...just fight for it
Hindu Rashtra is a fact. India is a Hindu Nation freed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Maharana Pratap from Islamic Slavery.
Bharat Mata is happy that son of swine and a traitor has PERISHED from the land of Shivaji, Maharana Pratap
yess,, not only Baalveer but there are Uttaran, Beintehaa, Maharana Pratap, Surya Putr Karn, and Ashoka
"Great timing Abhay and Radhika. Very informative post. I am at the moment reading Badayuni Vol 3 in which…" — Devki
Kg sword of 7 feet tall Maharana Pratap - Greatest King of...
In it your pictures . I'm you from indonesia. Acting you in maharana pratap is the best. Young akbar
Ajabde friendship and more exciting phool
bt still if we check Ashoka& maharana pratap's story distortions,BM still far better,1 hv to insert sme thngs fr entertainmnt
I knw few serials like Ashoka & Maharana Pratap, where producers do not seem to have put in any effort..
1/n Maharana Pratap died in 1597 at the age of 57. However abruptly ended the serial on this legend by showing that he died around
Pratap Niwas is a boutique yet majestic elegant heritage hotel. It gets it name from the Maharana Pratap Singh.
Yes..we certainly will miss Maharana Pratap serial
I,m your big fan Roshani ji,. I seen u in Maharana Pratap Serial
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during akbar the great's time maharana pratap used to ghaas ki roti. UP neta,s birth day spent millions rupees .
Knew about Maharana Pratap,he used to eat chapati made from grass during war,unfortunately Bundelkhand people are still eating it.
The Same place Maharana Pratap was born see my header n u will know
5 Reasons why we will miss Maharana Pratap.
5 Reasons why we will miss Maharana Pratap
May this festival of lights brings lots and loads of health, wealth and success in ur lives! Stay blessed each... http…
"I got a bit busy, hence articles about Maharana's battle with Mughals will take some time,though other posts"—Abhay
Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap ||| If you are impotent Hindu / Secular cockroach Hindu..then don't watch
Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap ||| Every *** Hindu should watch this video ..if you are born as Hindu..
a movie on maharana pratap must be done. They were a great warrior and a hero of our nation.
there should be a censor board to pass serials based on religions n history , see maharana Pratap, and now siya ke Ram,
sony ended with one of my fav PRATAP,atleast come up with something similar to it !!
Maharana pratap the first freedom fighter (official show online - Hari deo joshi (17 december 1921 – 1995) was an...
really hope he makes one on Shivaji or Maharana Pratap someday. with his prowess it would be just kickass !
where do we get to c u apart from social media & after Maharana Pratap???
is modern Shivaji, Maharana Pratap who is fighting with the enemies of mother India!
A great initiative you can undertake - discuss the struggles & feats of mighty indian warriors like maharana pratap,shivaji,etc!
haan prev wala was wid costar he is now in Maharana pratap rumours der after yrs he accepted
Maharana Pratap serial on Sony looks better than Bajirao Mastani movie
Government to observe birth anniversaries of Maharana Pratap, Tatya Tope and Lala Lajpat Rai
Btw i also love Maharana Pratap do u know him ?
Very true. It has already happened with personalities like Maharana Pratap etc. being portrayed in mythical ways.
India, first day cover, Maharana Pratap rajput ruler, 11-6-67 Bombay new
He should be treated like a National Hero who carried on the Goodwork of Maharana Pratap & Shivaji Maharaj :)
And Maharana Pratap wishes us on our 1st birthday :)
nice video we all miss them both and we all miss serial of Maharana Pratap
The relative king of Maharana Pratap who surrenders to Akbar and becomes his liaison : goes to meet rana in the...
History of Maharana Pratap || Learn to fight Hindus .Even Guru Gobind Singh accepted finally that we need to fight
if Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj,Maharana Pratap & Guru Teg Bahadur wud have not fought, we wud not be existing..
Maharana Pratap: Emotional drama between Pratap and Rani maa after she returns: via
> After Rapes & Murders, felt like Maharana Pratap.
Babu Bajrangi accepted he sent 100s to the ditches, poured oil and burnt them.Felt like Maharana Pratap. Now on bail
Dare to watch last weeks episodes of Maharana Pratap on Sony. You would spit on the so called Akbar the great.
Another nephew keeps imitating stuff from this serial on Maharana Pratap. I doubt a history book can be so powerful.
Hellooo bhaii :) I'm so excited bcs Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap will be telecasted in Indonesia :)) 😘
Rajshri Thakur excited to return to Maharana Pratap
Is there a Maharana Pratap or Shiwaji Maharaj soul in India which can take care of He needs to be tackled if SC doesn't act !
Though Maharana Pratap didn't win the final war, he is the idol of every Bhartiya / Indian. . of
Maharana Pratap was one of the bravest sons of who guarded his motherland till his last breathe. . Great of
Mom was watching Maharana Pratap and she says: Pratap is so brave!. Me: Yes mom is 😂😂😂😂 .
b2c news Video - On the sets of Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap.
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same as Hakim Khan joining Maharana Pratap against Akbar! Wisdom then. Wisdom now.
what about Maharana Pratap, Rana Sanga ... there have been few others?
No it has been for over a millenia. Remember Raja Mansingh(slave) vs Maharana Pratap (nationalist)
Finally a better statement than on Akbar & Maharana Pratap: Development, not Ram temple, a priority: Rajnath.
..but look over the shoulder before calling Maharana Pratap as great..Collective Chutiyapa ??
Is there a good mention of Savarkar, Maharana Pratap, Sikh Gurus who were tortured and killed by Mughals, Shivaji..
wish whole Team of Maharana Pratap.All the best to Sony TV& MRP team.God Bless Sony TV.pray to reach top in ranking
Top serial ever on is Maharana Pratap..great..
Maharana Pratap cast celebrates completion of 2 year
Maharana Pratap shud b glorified more than Akbar as per Rajnath Singh. Read on. Rajputs were utter failures it says!.
liberals did raise a stink when Maharana Pratap was spoken with reverence by "sanghis"
so I know what I learnt in my school, I learnt there who were RANI LAXMI BHAI, MAHARANA PRATAP and role of invaders ( mughals)
Laxmi mittal the rajasthani steel tycoon is a second maharana pratap of India
One of the earliest proponents of Indian patriotism, Maharana Pratap Singh inspires us even today. My tribute 2 him on …
Freedom is not free. Baloch people must study Maharana Pratap, Chatrapati ShivaJi & Subash Chandra Bose.
Sandesh Sandesh is following the Interest "Maharana Pratap The King Of In..." on -
Maharana Pratap Group of Institutions | Placements 2015 | Students got selected by AON Hewitt Placement Drive...
Don't forget to wish the team of Maharana Pratap with and get a personalized message from the team!
Keep sending in your wishes for the Maharana Pratap team with Best wishes WIN a personalized video from the team!
Our show Maharana Pratap completes 2 years! Wish the team with & the best one's will win a personalized video f…
Battle of Haldighati: of 22000 Rajputs who fought along with Maharana Pratap agnst Mughals, only 8000 lived to tell the…
Between Akbar and Maharana Pratap, meaningless to look for ‘greater’
Do not be ashamed to display pride in Shriram, Shrikrushna, Chhatrapati Shivaji , Maharana Pratap and Guru Govind Singh said
There are many great leaders whom i admre but than there are 2 hving a special place in my heart Maharana Pratap and swami Vivekananda
Heartiest tributes to Maharana Pratap. In Valour & Sacrifice of d likes of Maharana, lies d strength of Bharat Mata!
Scroll goes one step ahead of . Compares Teesta & Greenpeace to Maharana Pratap!! .
>cites Wendy Doniger . >still wants to be taken srsly RTIt's Akbar who makes Maharana Pratap great
Shri Rajnath Singh, how can it be Maharana Pratap the Great when he was ashamed of being Indian, according to the PM?
If Akbar's great,so is. Maharana Pratap:. Rajnath Singh. demands new chapter. in history books.jai ***
Why can’t a legendary patriot like Maharana be referred as 'the Great':
Rajnathji, if you'd paid some attention in school, you'd know they already teach Maharana Pratap in history books.
Maharana Pratap became an icon for freedom fighters because his name evoked a strong feeling of love and sacrifice for…
Shivaji claimed descent from Sisodia Rajputs, which Maharana Pratap was as well. Not from Maharana himself.
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If Akbar can be called 'Great' for his contributions,why not MaharanaPratap: Rajnath.
heh, Shivaji himself claimed descent from Maharana Pratap
Our text books have not been able to fully recognise Maharana Pratap's contribution and significance in India's histor…
may be rajnath also thinks the same way about Maharana pratap' greatness
I support that Maharana Pratap the Great and supporting that this chapter should be include in Books.
Maharana Pratap was grt because of hs lifelong defiance of da Mughals & his successful guerrilla campaign & nt becoz Rajnath Singh thinks so
Looks like Rajnath Singh is pushing Sangh's agenda harder than the rest. BJP is creating controversies out of History
When we want to hear on petrol price, falling rupee, 15 lakh in account, inflation, farmer suicide HM tells us about Maharan…
I guess 'Maharana' is itself a title (upaadhi). We don't need to use 'the great' with Maharana Pratap's name. His name was Pratap.
Unveiled a statue of Maharana Pratap at Pratapgarh in Rajasthan today.
For long Indian icons' valor remained untold while occupying marauders titled 'great','s time Maharana Pratap honored
Whether or not add 'great' with Maharana Pratap, his life should come into public's knowledge. Kings like him come once in many centuries.
Maharana Pratap Singh was called the light and life of the Hindu community.
Rajnath Singh : Akbar was the great and Maharana Pratap was the great of greats. Me : Kejriwal sir ji is the greatest of grea…
If Akbar is great why not Maharana Pratap? Says Rajnath Singh -
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If Akbar can be called 'Akbar the Great' for his contribution then why can't Maharana Pratap be recognised as 'Maharan…
The Centre has decided to celebrate the 475th birth anniversary year of Maharana Pratap all over the country in a big way :HM
CBSE should include chapters on icons like Maharana Pratap: Rajnath Singh-P News - IBNLive Mobile
Akbar was 'The Great', Maharana Pratap was 'The Great of Greats': Rajnath - Hindustan Times
Maharana Pratap can be recognised as Maharana Pratap the Great only after he happens to be the subject of the next Ashutosh Gowariker film
There's no film on Maharana Pratap as yet!!! I want to do this film with Ashutosh Gowariker ANYBODY LISTENING?
Shri Rajnath Singh to inaugurate Maharana Pratap celebration week on May 17, 2015. Home Minister to unveil the statue of Mah…
there r 3 ISBT in delhi..named on maharana pratap,veer hakikat rai and swami vivekanand..all due to BJP govt in delhi
yeah :) have u seen Maharana pratap serial ??
isn't Hakim Khan Sur Afghan was the most trusted ally of maharana Pratap?
If were a video game, I'd want to play as Uday Singh rather than Pratap. Maharana Uday is just more badass.
Recently the storyline of the popular historical show Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap on Sony Entertainment...
13th April, 2015 - Khetu enters in the area of landmines
It appears as if begging has become our national character. We have lost the vital power to prove our worth. The life of Maharana Pratap!
Whatever but Maharana Uday Singh would have never used terms like "Tera baap". Maharana Pratap on has become another fantasy.
it's shameful to write U as SISHODIA ancestors of Maharana Pratap proved true patriot rather u today yourself traitor. Shameful
Viewers of Sony TV's Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap will soon see a new entry on the show. Papiya Dey...
How will Maharana Pratap save the women of Chittorh? Find out tonight at 10 PM!
Inspector Rana, who killed Vardhan Sir in Sadda Haq works for Shahenshah Akbar in Maharana Pratap. How awkward is that? 🙊🙊🙊
Historically Kings like Maharana Pratap paid dearly for being on ethical side; Now seems like 1/2
I added a video to a playlist MAHARANA PRATAP TV SHOW
u r your work in was just outstanding and now continuing it in Maharana pratap it's just phenomenal, love to watch u;-)
Hey just watch whole opera of pratap and kro na mujhe pyaar with LOL
I was eagerly waiting for weekend to get over, I want to badly watch Maharana Pratap :)
ohh he's a big fan.Ardent follower of maharana pratap and another new one with ronit roy. Wonder what'd he do post marriage 😅😅
We watch Maharana Pratap instead of Game of Thrones
Don't forget that,This is the land of Shivaji maharaja and maharana pratap.We will fight till victory.
slow traffic from APS colony towards Maharana Pratap Chowk on NH8
Small screen's 'Maharana Pratap' now eyeing films: Mumbai, March 30 (IANS) TV star Faisal Khan, who has earned...
Jo dridh rakhe dharm ko, tihi rakhe kartar (He who protects the faith, is protected by God) Maharana Pratap Singh ji
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Mam when are you coming back in Maharana Pratap? The essence of the show is gone wid you. Please come back soon. We miss you
I liked a video Couples from Maharana Pratap: VM | Bahara |
watching the old episodes of Maharana Pratap and crying!
power cuts are the best cauz that's when my grand father starts telling me stories of the past..especially Maharana Pratap's stories
Ssharad Malhotra: I Take 45 Minutes to Get into the Look of Maharana Pratap
How about this edit of maharana pratap ofscreen click.?. Share your views.!
As a kid all that I ever knew were these names. Abhimanyu. Maharana Pratap. Shivaji. Arjun. Karna. Arun Khatarpal. Abdul Hamid. & so on!
Me with my friends at Kubhalgarh fort where the great king Maharana Pratap was born...
It contains only infmn abt Moghals kings & no place for Hindu kings Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Prithviraj Chauhan etc.
"Being a part of an historical show which is larger than life, gives me a great feeling" -
Maharana Pratap has a Good News with Ajabde getting pregnant : Bollywood Helpline
has a Good News with getting pregnant : Bollywood Helpline via
great pair!! But please its a request to Maharana pratap team to focus on sshana mor…
in yesterday's epi of Maharana Pratap..This show is one of my favourite show!! You were looking gorgeous.
Ajabde to get pregnant in Sony TV's
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thanks Sony tv for showing a near authentic serial . Maharana Pratap. And not a lies filled one like other channels. Thanks . Thanks
Don't it look like Akbar and Pratap are actual couple of Maharana Pratap??
n do see tower where maharana PRATAP was born too!!! N Udaipur bhi visit Karna especially city n lake palace
Have you missed episodes Watch them here on a device of your choice
Sanghis promised help but did nithing to him. All sanghis learn a lesson at least niw.
This so called "Maharana Pratap" should be hanged in Naroda Patiya. Thats the justice.
its the page : inbox us your EMAIL no. and we will send you request for the administration
If acc to '90%*" KATJU Akbar is the real father then who is MAHARANA PRATAP according to him
Riya As Saleema from yesterday's episode of Maharana Pratap 😍😘.
Dr Swamy has shown us who Maharana Pratap was!
Rana Kumbha made 32 forts kumbalgarh is one of them. Birth place of our supreme hero Maharana Pratap
Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap - - Episode 378 - 9th March 2015: "Click to watch all the episodes of M...
if chief minister of state wept who save the state we want MARD JO ROTA NAHI Sir you learn from MAHARANA PRATAP
Shooting at Kumbhalgarh Fort where the great Maharana Pratap was born.:)
So wants to change the History books,so they can make more People feel like Maharana Pratap like Babu Bajrangi did?.
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What does Ajabde do in this situation? Let’s find out on
Ssharad the maharana pratap on drive time please 🙏
Maharana Pratap saved Hindu Religion. The Mughals would have finished Hinduism. With his small army he won with gorilla warfare.
we want Ssharad on drive time please 🙏 maharana pratap please!
On Sudarshan TV U said Maharana Pratap among Kings who lost. WRONG. HE Fought till his death. Won all Forts back except Chittorgarh
. Maharana Pratap gave 1 chance to Ghazni, He looted Somnath temple 17 times. 1 chance to AAP is like taking poison
there is a high demand ! Maharana pratap on drive time! There are many requesting on Insta..
It was not Gandhian ideology; but the likes of Chanakya, Maurya, Shivaji Maharaj & Maharana Pratap that helped India sustain & thrive.
Maharana Pratap on Sony should be banned as its not showing historical facts but drama.Kids will not learn history from this.
Sony TV's Maharana Pratap has become very irritating to watch.They r taking inspiration from Dhoom 3. Imagine a historical serial doing that
Do you think they know who Che was? They are so dumb that if you say Che they think about Chetak - horse of Maharana Pratap
There are many. Tell him about them all... Abhimanyu. Maharana Pratap. Abdul Hamid. Karna. Bheeshma. Ibrahim Gardi. Laxmibai. N so on..
I liked a video Maharana Pratap 3 Title Songs Lyric video
hopefully they wont stretch it to unnecessary trp-centered drama as in maharana pratap on sony! TRP>content on indian TV
A shoot going on at filmcity in Mumbai for a television serial based on the life of Maharana Pratap, a Hindu Rajpu…
found it Mem Sahib, there is v old one too but diff words... Maharana Pratap 1946 Google da jawab nahin
How is your expressions on Maharana Pratap till now
Battle of Rajasthan: Hindu Army led by Maharana Pratap's ancestor Bappa Rawal killed the Arab Commander Emir Junaid.
I liked a video Journey of Faisal Khan in Maharana Pratap
Watching Maharana Pratap on They just lifted the entire double role sequence from
I'm disgusted to see ill treatment of history by these channels. Jodha Akbar, Maharana Pratap n Now Asoka..Completely away from history 1/2
RJ Dhanveer Singh to act in the show Maharana Pratap!.
today in my mind only Maharana Pratap and Itna na karo muzse pyar
Hey, just posted a new video on YouTube. Check it out Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap - महा�
One sr. Leader comparing Kiranji with Jaichand. He is comparing AK with maharana pratap. Hadd hai?
"watching Maharana Pratap on Sony.. :D" please stick to Akbar. Maharana is communal according to our media
Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap - - Episode 348 - 14th January 2015: "Around 400 years back, with the m...
glad that u liked it. It's my place Chittorgarh :) PlAce of Maharana Pratap :)
Did you know, now you can watch your favourite on any of your device here
my frnd- bhai hum to Rss se hai to bjp only, . me- bhai mere purwaz maharana pratap k sath the to mei kisko dun??
yes, he was Modern day Maharana Pratap, we all worship him
Fans of Sharad Malhotra,our very own 'Maharana Pratap', pls get set ready, coz he wants to know who's his FAN NO.1.Mail at …
Here is the cutest maharana pratap ever ❤️😍🙈 cr devi
I have not watched maharana pratap in a long time
we want Gandhi photo taken off from currency notes, replace with Maharana Pratap or Godse: Hindu Mahasabha Karnataka
Ajabde prepares for her first night with Pratap
Ajabde and Maharana to consummate marriage .
for emphasizing on the achievments of INDIAN HISTORY's REAL HERO - Maharana Pratap!
di did u got my gift, I send it fr rachana (maharana pratap lead) let me knw pls . Thanks
SudarshanNews also reminds us of the brave heroes of Bharat. Lets not forget Maharana Pratap!
well I started Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap and Sadda Haq but notall the time
if u miss dem. D cutest n in maharana pratap
Childhood of was so cute coz it was
Why no MRP here in the list... There are many fans of Maharana Pratap..too
This is what modern H r inordinately interested in:. "Lub" google Baji Rao, 1st suggestion that comes up is Mastani /1
Update your maps at Navteq
He's maharana pratap who threw the infants into the pit of fire. He should be PM, IMO
Gurus,Shivaji,Maharana Pratap,Prithviraj Chauhan were the saviours of Hinduism.but for them...contd
please telecast maharana pratap on fridays too its a humble rqst 3 days waitin gonna make sad so plzz give MP on fridays too
Off to Patiala in Volvo A Bus with munish_kumar_ 👍 🏆 💪 @ Maharana Pratap Inter State Bus Station…
Instagram Update - Did selfies exist then too :p ? Maharana pratap with his lady love ...ajabde... http…
please sony tv please show the telecast of Maharana pratap on friday's too n please give repeat telecast in morning also
Google Maharana Pratap and the Bhils, Rani Durgavati and the Gonds
someone remind tht acting like Maan Singh who fought against Maharana Pratap to please his Mughals Masters
The capital of Indian civilization is undoubtedly Maharana Pratap's Mewar !!!
The whole thing is that we have more number of Man Singh than Maharana Pratap.
The hunt for the character of the beautiful sister of Maharana Pratap is finally over!! After an extensive...
Newbie Vaishali Takkar and Kunal Bakshi to enter Sony TV's Maharana Pratap. The hunt for the character of the...
hello sonytv its a humble request can u please repeat telecast of Maharana Pratap in the morning and show it on friday 5days a week
Had Shivaji or Maharana Pratap been in today's times the sick paid media n congresi n other seculars would hav banned them
Akbar was a tyrant too. He wanted to kill Maharana Pratap.
whatever it is bt the best show is Maharana Pratap
Day 5: Sun set from atop the Kumbhalgarh fort, birthplace of Maharana Pratap.
Maharana Pratap, Shivaji to 1971 War are precedents that they can't handle our Stratagem
. Please add she is doing wonderful job as in Maharana Pratap. And gave full justice as in EMA
we will show how it's done in army even if Sikhs are not there we know to defend india has chattrapathi shivaji maharana pratap
initially I liked Shivaji more.but now Maharana Pratap more
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