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Magic Johnson

Earvin Magic Johnson Jr. (born August 14, 1959) is a retired American professional basketball player who played point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Lebron James is the second greatest passer in NBA history right behind Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson, Marc Morial of NUL, and Eric Holloman at Magic’s reception.
Quote this with your all time starting 5 in NBA, I got:. PG: Magic Johnson. SG: Kobe Bryant. SF: Lebron James. PF: Tim…
Well there is Magic Johnson's ownership of Aspire channel. It has no daily new show and…
Ben Simmons needed 23 career games to record his 3rd triple-double. Only Oscar Robertson (4) and Magic Johnson (15) need…
Jordan was the greatest ever to play the game. I'd put Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, and Larry Bird a…
I hope Magic Johnson tells Lavar to shut the Ffff up. He probably won't but he should.
LaVar Ball is not too bright. Magic Johnson is the Laker President and LaVar just slammed Byron Scott publicly. Doe…
Lavar Ball know better than to say some mess about Magic Johnson in LA. He'll go missing if he do that.
Lavar is Goku sending Gohan to fight Cell:. Magic Johnson is the rest of the zfighters disapproving: .
LaVar Ball Continues to Violate His Vow to Magic Johnson, and the Lakers Have a Real Problem
We're focusing on everything LaVar says, but Magic Johnson helped set unrealistic expectations for Lonzo Ball. .
Magic Johnson was overrated. KD is better than Larry Bird. 2015 Warriors > 96 Bulls . Westbrook is holding the Thunde…
If you see flashes of Magic Johnson or Lebron James in Ben Simmons' game, that's no accident. Brett Brown drilled Ben with…
Doc Rivers says the Lakers and their new regime of Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka were fortunate with Kyle Kuzma. "Right n…
Brett Brown says Ben Simmons is playing tonight. Adds that any comparison between Simmons and Lebron James or Magic Johnson at t…
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Lonzo joins Magic Johnson as the only Lakers rookies with multiple triple-doubles. 11 PTS. 16 REBS. 11 ASTS
Lonzo Ball joins Magic Johnson as the only Lakers with multiple triple-doubles in their rookie season.
People said he was supposed to be the next Magic Johnson. When he has bad games they gonna keep bringing that up.
Incredible block by Lonzo and then the Lakers ran the fast break perfectly. That's the kind of basketball Magic Johnson ha…
Kyle Kuzma said he idolized Magic Johnson while growing up in Michigan. He also was a big fan of Shaq and Kobe.
Bit of a Shaq and Magic Johnson type connection if they reach their full potential.
Gonna easily reign supreme as the BITW for the next 10yr. Magic Johnson skills, Kobe Bryant psyche, Shaq dominance;…
Magic Johnson to new billionaire Michael Jordan: 'Can I borrow some money?' via
The greatest NBA players of all time:. 1. Kareem the Muslim meme. 2. Lyndon B Johnson. 3. Magic Johnson. 4. Stephen Cur…
Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Lebron James and Derrick Rose were all top Highschool and college…
Kyle Kuzma is the best Laker rookie and it's obvious. The person to blame for Lonzo is Magic Johnson. A…
Magic Johnson said the Lakers wanted a leader (as if the PG needs to be the leader🙄). Was Derek Fisher the "leader"…
Magic Johnson put to much pressure on L.Ball? He's not Kobe, Shaq or Magic? He can't score plus he's not the best player on the team! Hello!
Right. If it's a 30 for 30 about Magic Johnson, you don't have to spend a bunc…
His first win was against a retiring Magic Johnson who had aids...
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Portland Maine's Kristen Bailey from Zipline will be speaking at a national conference next to Magic Johnson!
"Right now, he's Ricky Rubio not Magic Johnson." — on Lonzo Ball
Hurricane Harvey humanitarian relief from the Southern California team. Yes that is Magic Johnson in the trailer! https:/…
"All that young people need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes believes in them." Magic Johnson ht…
I liked a video Magic Johnson and Jerry Buss: Master and Apprentice?
Magic Johnson about to have a World Series ring to go along with his LA Sparks and Lakers rings 🙌🏻
If the Dodgers can score 2 runs here, they might have to put in Magic Johnson to pitch the 12th
Magic Johnson left a World Series game to go watch a meaningless NBA game. Ban him from baseball Rob Manfred.
Isiah Thomas just said on NBA TV that of all the young players in the league, Ben Simmons is the closest to Magic Johnson.
Dodgers part-owner Magic Johnson: "I’m so glad that Clayton Kershaw can finally pitch in the World Series. He deserves this m…
(Magic Johnson and Larry Bird 1985 NBA Finals...) Read more NBA Season 2017-18 -
Larry Bird had Dj, parish, mchale. Magic Johnson had Kareem lol and he won the finals his rookie year.
Magic Johnson with the Nicole Murphy plug. Wow look at how dependable black men are.
Ultimo Dragon was the top rope, Woman shook the rope and he deserves to be in the company of a Larry Bird or a Magic Johnson.
& that's rly the gift that optimum entertainment gives. (like Michael Jackson or Magic Johnson for example). their gi…
Lebron James is not better than Michael Jordan, Kareem Adbul-Jabber, Magic Johnson or Kobe Bryant!
Our weekly run podcast is up!! In this segment, we talk about Dante Exum, Magic Johnson and Donovan Mitchell -
The top college PG's from the state of Michigan all time I rank Magic Johnson number 1 and Stats don't li…
Magic Johnson doing his thing at Global Gaming Expo. Great photos by Sam Morris of Las Vegas News Bureau.
Here comes and A.K.A. the Magic Johnson and Byron Scott of the All-Stars.
Other than Magic Johnson has any athlete ever had the kind of rookie season Aaron Judge has had?
With set to suit up for the Lakers, who is your favourite LA Lakers player of all time?. Ox: Michael Cooper. Mark: Magic Johnson
I'm not saying he isn't good I'm just living in hope that a Karl Malone or a Magic Johnson might be eligible
Or at the very least Spiro Agnew on Magic Johnson's late show.
Can you be put on the injured list for having an STD or? With the exception of Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson says "a lot of teams" are calling for Brandon Ingram and Larry Nance Jr
What if the NO Jazz don't give up an unprotected 1st round pick for an over the hill Gail Goodrich…
I Wish I was in LA Talking pictures by th Shaquille O'Neal statue and Magic Johnson statue At the…
If you found an iPhone at the Lee intramural softball games tonight with a Magic Johnson screensaver could you please return it to me thx
Spoke to rookie about the upcoming season, Lonzo Ball, Magic Johnson, Project Health, & more.
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It's like head coach Magic Johnson. "Hey point guard, go for 30-15 tonight. Ok cool."
"Kobe Bryant is the greatest Laker ever. He has represented this city and Laker organization as well as anybody could.". -…
UPS and Magic Johnson in So Cal sending help to victims in Houston. Packing Donations that UPS will move for the MJ Foun…
.partner with Magic Johnson Enterprises, West Angeles Church and Stevie Wonder to provide relief to
I hope you get what Magic Johnson had
.When women lead, we all rise. Join us in honoring women of color filmmakers:…
Chelsea Gray been doing the Magic Johnson no-look passes with increasing frequency these playoffs. My favorite 🏀 play.
What if the Jazz never traded the pick that became Magic Johnson...? Or the rights to Dominique Wilkins...?
Magic Johnson son be wearing heels. His SON be wearing HEELS!
Yea thats what they did to Ali, Mayweather, Tyson, MJ, Kobe, Tiger Woods, Willie Mays, Magic…
But magic Johnson and Tim tebow were born on August 14th
After watching 21 seconds of the bucks game I can safely say Michael carter williams is a mixture of magic Johnson Steve…
Did anyone said they need some magic in their life😏😏😏
My sister just referred to Magic Johnson as "AIDS boy"
Magic Johnson believes Lonzo Ball is the playmaker the have been missing.
Is Kyle Kuzma the steal of this year's draft? Magic Johnson believes so:.
Magic Johnson discusses what the Lakers need to do this year to attract big-name free agents. http…
.and are celebrating 26 years of marriage today. Here's a look at their epic getaways:…
Magic Johnson has some real advice for Ezekiel Elliott. (via
Magic Johnson would be poor mans Shaun Livingston in this era tbh
If I had to choose between watching your stand up or getting AIDS; I'd already have my *** in Magic Johnson's bunghole.
Does the NBA have a tampering problem?
Swear I thought this Magic Johnson at first
EJ Johnson is Magic Johnson's karma for beating AIDS
When magic johnson gets bored he lets mosquitos bite him and see how long it takes them to fall out the air
The best NBA starting 5 of all-time would be: Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson as guards. 'Magic' Johnson, as a point forward. Larry Bi...
Magic Johnson son is a disgrace smh
Magic Johnson has high hopes for Larry Nance Jr. making him unavailable in trade talks: . "Our secret weapon is Larry Nance.…
basketball players I would like to gamble with . 1. Iceman George Gervin. 2. Dr J. 3. Charles Barkley. 4. Magic Johnson. 5. Earl Monroe
Family is everything Magic Johnson. Thank you 😊 for affirming
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Magic Johnson is the best player to ever play the PG. However, John Stockton is the best PG ever. That's my hot take
LOL Magic Johnson telling Zeke "get your life together". Earvin you positive you wanna go down this route?
How did Arsenio Hall have a show that sucked? Magic Johnson, I get. He's slow.
Magic Johnson asked Lakers owner Jeanie Buss to take the team's tampering fine out of his salary…
Magic Johnson, the Lakers' president of basketball operations, took full responsibility for the team's $500,000...
I love Beyonce but she has often copied Kim Kardashian. They're really rivals tho. Magic Johnson vs Larry Bird. Both tal…
Magic Johnson with the lob of $500K to Adam Silver for keeping the Paul George to the Lakers plans going while pleasing the🗑…
Magic Johnson retired the year he lost to MJ so you’r…
It’s safe to say that Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka won’t lose any sleep over the team's $500,000 tampering fine
NBA Star Craig Hodges Explains How He Tried to Get Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson to Speak Out via
Longtime Michigan State coach Jud Heathcote, who led Magic Johnson's team to the 1979 NCAA title, has died at 90. https:…
After coaching West Valley High School basketball, he coached Magic Johnson to a college championship in 1979.
"Pacers file charges against the Lakers, accusing Magic Johnson of tampering with Paul George"
Magic Johnson of the game these lames don't wanna play with me
Magic Johnson out here lookin like Ben 10 though
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Photo of Samuel L. Jackson, Magic Johnson w/ shopping bags sparks outrage in Italy as they are mistaken for migrants. https:…
Good old-fashioned Amerikkkan-style racism, now available in Italy!
Italians went to social Media & mistaken Samuel Jackson and Magic Johnson having as immigrant using their money…
Report: Magic Johnson the focus of NBA investigation into Lakers
so how do y'all feel about Big Sean & Magic Johnson plan to bring a new amusement park to the city??
Magic Johnson & Samuel L. Jackson are in and many people shared this photo criticizing "migrants living at the expen…
Her roommate better be like Magic Johnson son..other than that *** no
"Am not racist, but I know there are people who really don't have money, while these wear branded clothes and relax”
Italian model, and others of Italy's alt right complain of migrants Samuel L Jackson & Magic Johnson.
Magic Johnson is at the center of the NBA probe into Paul George tampering, according to sources.
Today's hot debate in /r/nba: Is Magic Johnson a good businessman?. (He is you fedora wearing ***
LMFAO somebody come get Magic Johnson son
Magic Johnson and the Lakers are being investigated for possible tampering with Paul George.
That 'racist' meme of Samuel L. Jackson and Magic Johnson in Italy isn't what it seems
Big Sean is partnering with Magic Johnson to build a amusement park in Detroit. Sweet.
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"Samuel L Jackson and Magic Johnson mistaken for 'lazy migrants' by Italians after shopping in Tuscany" 😮.
Racism row in as Samuel L Jackson and Magic Johnson compared to illegal migrants.
Italy comes in second to France in racism after they mistook Samuel L Jackson and Magic Johnson for Lazy Migrants
Samuel L Jackson and Magic Johnson unwittingly embroiled in racism row in Italy by Nick Squires via News
Italians mistake Samuel L Jackson and Magic Johnson for 'lazy migrants'
Actor Samuel L. Jackson, ex-NBA star Magic Johnson mistaken for migrants in Italy
Positano same time as Magic Johnson, dinner in the same restaurant as David Scwhimmer in Florence, and Chelsea Handler at Heathrow. A+ trip.
"Are OJ simpson and Magic Johnson the same people" - Chelsea
I went from a negative Nancy at work to as positive as Magic Johnson's HIV test when I walked out them doors
Richard Sherman rocking the Magic Johnson throwback at the WNBA ASG
The perfect man has Joss Whedon's eardrums, Magic Johnson's spine & Nick Kroll's first-class intensity
BREAKING: Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers just landed the recent five-star prospect.
Maybe Magic Johnson was better. No, not maybe. Magic was better. . That said,…
Magic Johnson is investing in NYC's LaGuardia airport
Magic Johnson invests in NYC's LaGuardia airport via
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Delta to rennovate its terminal at LaGuardia Airport, with Magic Johnson as an investor
Magic Johnson is investing in NYC's LaGuardia airport - Aug. 8, 2017
An open wound on Magic Johnson's hand.
"Wait is Michael Jordan still alive, is Magic Johnson famous?" -my 7 year old. And I've failed as a father.
Magic Johnson: Proud to announce that my firm, JLC, will be partnering with Gov. Cuomo & the LaGuardia Partnership to build a new airport🛫
Lmaooo he took a Magic Johnson pill tho
I find it hilarious that wizards in fairy tail show as a whole can only use 1 kind of magic for the most part.
Magic Johnson gave em a couple of his magic pills
Magic Johnson came back from HIV, you can easily come back from herpes. If allegations are true, be the face of herpes medication.👌🏾
The original Mr triple double. Magic Johnson even called him the best TRUE point guard of this generation. Sad to see him…
Happy B-day Magic, the best basketball play i've ever seen, Earvin Johnson
Magic Johnson invests in NYC's LaGuardia airport: CNNMoney -
Delta teams with Magic Johnson for $4B Magic Johnson's killing it! LaGuardia terminal rebuild.
Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Dream Team with some Larry Bird and Magic Johnson Olympic highlights.
What's going on NY? Magic Johnson LaGuardia Airport investment revealed during… Local SEO
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
It's the 25th anniversary of the Dream Team winning gold:.
Also, it would seem that Magic Johnson showed his white teammates this, claimed he invented it, then it spread from there, potentially.
what is with these little league kids favorite athletes? I've seen Bo Jackson and Magic Johnson.
Plot Twist: Usher had herpes but had enough money to request a cure through Illuminati. He survives like Magic John…
Delta teams with Magic Johnson for $4B LaGuardia terminal rebuild
Magic Johnson or Mario Lemieux cmon Casey you're a pens fan
Alan Trammell, Bo Jackson, Don Mattingly(to get a ring), Magic Johnson, Larry Bird
Magic Johnson. Nolan Ryan. Joe Montana . Wayne Gretzky . Anna Kournikova. (Hey, she kept me interested in tennis.)
Ozzie Newsome, Chris Chelios, Omar Vizquel, Magic Johnson, Dan Gable (hard to find him on TV).
Favorites from before I got into sports:. 1. Muhammad Ali. 2. Ernie Banks. 3. Wayne Gretzky . 4. Walter Payton. 5. Magic Johnson
- Frank Robinson. - Magic Johnson. - Pavel Datsyuk. - Edwin Moses. - Martina Navratilova. ask me again tomorrow
According to Patrick Ewing, Magic Johnson was outspoken, but it was Michael Jordan leading the show.
Magic Johnson: "The Dodgers are going to win the World Series. That's the only ring that I want that I don't have."
Magic Johnson expects Brandon Ingram to do the majority of the scoring for the Lakers next season.
Magic Johnson will sell LeBron with the lakers I think
Magic Johnson expects Brandon Ingram to score at least 20 PPG next season. (via
Or just think Magic Johnson or Charlie Sheen or even Usher
Magic Johnson reveals something that Brandon Ingram did that showed Magic, he’s going to be a great leader
Magic Johnson on Brandon Ingram: “Showed me the type of leader that he is and that he’s going to become."
Magic Johnson in 5 months as Lakers president of BO:. -upgraded PG,SG,C. -drafted Ball, Kuzma, Hart, Bryant🔥. -got rid of M…
Magic Johnson to Kyle Kuzma after win: "Be ready." 👌. (via
Craig Hodges Asked Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson to Boycott Finals Game - h…
I think that Magic Johnson statue can be modified to appear like Kendall Marshall.
Lonzo Ball's got skills! This may be the dawn of the new Laker's era. Do your magic, Magic Johnson! Cant wait for the regular season.
Free agent guard Rajon Rondo met with Lakers president Magic Johnson in Los Angeles today, league sources tell ESPN.
Magic Johnson annoy the *** out of me anytime he opens his mouth to talk about D'Angelo Russell
Magic Johnson said Russell wasn't a can you expect a 21 year old to lead the franchise after 1 season with Kobe gone??
Magic Johnson basically said he didn't want D Angelo Russell because he was a scoring/shooting point guard 😬
Do you guys think Magic Johnson views D'Angelo Russell as the modern day Mark Landberger?. thoughts?
Lonzo Ball's awful Summer League debut left Magic Johnson shaking his head:
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Magic Johnson on the move: "We weren't pleased with his progress. I haven't been this disappointed since I found out my…
So Lonzo Ball went 1 of 9 from behind d arc in his first summer league action. Magic Johnson would regret trading russell
Magic Johnson really gave up D'angelo Russell for this. If the Lakers didn't have Brandon Ingram, I would just change teams.
1) he is NOT a shooter why is he taking 15 shots? . 2) In not expecting Magic Johnson numbers but *** they could…
Dangelo Russell walking past Magic Johnson and Lonzo like this:
Magic Johnson bout to be a new gif from this summer league game 😂
Magic Johnson calling D'Angelo Russell after watching Lonzo stink it up
Lonzo Ball and Magic Johnson will determine the Lakers’ future – ESPN
Dont you remember Magic Johnson say there will never be another Larry Bird
Lonzo Ball and Magic Johnson will determine the Lakers' future - ESPN
Danny Ainge will never do business with Magic Johnson even if it helps him. I…
He’s a better passers than Magic Johnson, John Stockton, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd?
only 5 man team i could see ever beating them:. PG Magic Johnson. SG Dion Waiters. SF Michael Jordan. PF Lebron James. C Shaq
Magic Johnson ladies and gents from Russel to rondo and Jamal Crawford 😂😂
My top 5 of all time. 1 king Lebron James . 2 Michael Jordan. 3 Magic Johnson . 4 kobe Bryan . 5 Steph curry
Magic Johnson to Paul George when he found out about the trade
players with last name starting with J. Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, James Jones, Larry Johnson ect.
Magic Johnson on Kyle Kuzma's Combine performance: “He went out there and put on a show. … We went, ‘That’s the guy we like rig…
Previewing the free agency with a number of realistic options for Magic Johnson & Rob Pelinka:
My top 5 nba players of all time are. 1.Michael Jordan . 2.Kareem Abdul-jabaar. 3.Lebron James. 4.Magic Johnson. 5.Kobe Bryant
Me:" which one had aids, Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson?". My sister:" Shaq *** ". 💀💀💀💀
Well from your perspective Magic Johnson can turn Ball into a star... Why can't Michael Jordan turn Kemba into a star??
Never saw Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson's father on tv acting like a clown. That guy is…
If it helps I thought Magic Johnson owned Magic and Michael Jordan played for the Bulls. HELP. ME.
Imagine Lebron James as an L.A. Laker, with Lonzo Ball, under the coaching of Luke Walton, and Magic Johnson as the Prez?
Dream team at Barcelona Olympics, Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird etc.etc.
Jalby, I think you mean Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson. They are two different players FYI.
Magic Johnson on D'Angelo Russell: "We want to thank him for what he did for us, but what I needed was a leader"
Magic Johnson explains why the Lakers traded D\'Angelo Russell. (SPEEDonFOX)
Lonzo Ball has a long way to go to live up to Magic Johnson.
Magic Johnson = Michael Jordan , good Iq on the court ... but horrible at choosing talent 🐸
*** Magic Johnson is really stirring up the pot already!!! 😱🏀
People I'd choose over James for 1 shot:. Reggie Miller. HAKEEM. Bird. Magic Johnson. Kareem in his pr…
Magic Johnson sending D'Angelo Russell to the Nets like...
Magic Johnson convincing Paul George to come to the Lakers. 😂
Phil Jackson: When it comes to making a dumb trade, no one is on my level!. Magic Johnson:
Magic Johnson obviously lives by the street code
When fans heard that Magic Johnson has traded D'Angelo Russell away for Brook Lopez. 😂😂😂.
Will never ever forget when Daniel said his greatest fear was mosquitos leaving Magic Johnson's house...
WHAT. I'm gonna go down the street and give Magic Johnson a piece of my mind
If Earl Watson was D'Angelo Russell's coach he'd already have been compared to Bob Cousy, Magic Johnson, Chris Paul and Steph Curry
New Insider. Did Magic Johnson tamper with Paul George & the Pacers?
All I know is any blockbuster with Magic Johnson must include sending Nick Punto to LA
Magic Johnson is "in love" with Markelle Fultz and is also trying to move up to the 1st pick. [Draft Express]
Magic Johnson get your nosey *** out of our deal. No one wants Julius Randle's negative defensive box score on their team.
Magic Johnson is running the Lakers. And Jerry West was just hired by the Inglewood-bound Clippers. Hollywood Hoop Drama…
My point being was Larry Bird or Magic Johnson left their franchises. For example LeBron and KD
Loved the on . Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are legendary!
So, Kerr are going forget Magic Johnson. Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and other greats who exceed LBJ championship wise.
Bob Cousy was a phenom back then. Bruh was a wizard with the ball…and then Oscar Robertson, Julius Erving, Magic Johnson happened lol
Vintage Los Angeles Raiders all over Magic Johnson t shirt sz large
Of course longtime Golden State Warriors rival Magic Johnson was reaching out to Lebron James after Game 4 of the...
*** Rap I normally don't fact check but here you go. . Most free throws made in a half. 19 by Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley
Lebron James just passed Magic Johnson for most triple-doubles in NBA Finals games.
Draymond Green responds to Magic Johnson saying his Showtime Lakers would sweep these Warriors
Great read on Magic Johnson and childhood heroes from a talented young writer.
I guess this guy thought he was entering with Magic Johnson or Mary Hart? 😆
The last five point guards to be drafted first overall:. Magic Johnson. Allen Iverson. Derrick Rose. John Wall. Kyrie Irvi…
King James' 8th triple-double ties Magic Johnson for the most in NBA Finals history.
LeBron has tied Magic Johnson for the most triple-doubles in history
Lebron James joins Magic Johnson & Jerry West as the only players in history to reach 300 career Finals assists. h…
Bet that's what the dude Magic Johnson was Sexing said too. Nice try!
Lebron James basically is Karl Malone playing like Magic Johnson.
Lebron James is basically the perfect mix of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson & Karl Malone. Guess the complaining would be…
Shaq says Lebron James is a mixture of himself, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson.
Lebron James is basically Karl Malone fused with Magic Johnson. Jesus Christ
Magic Johnson has specific improvements that he expects from the Lakers' young core.
There's an ep of Malcolm in the Middle in with cameos from Magic Johnson, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Susan Sarandon, and Bradley Whitford.
Magic Johnson wants Brandon Ingram to gets stronger, D’Angelo Russell to improve as a leader.
Paul Pierce couldn't believe Tracy McGrady would take Lebron James over Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson says Brandon Ingram is the only Laker that's off limits for trade.
I liked a video ESPN First Take - Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan?
People better than Lebron James: Michael Jordan, maybe Magic Johnson. That is all.
Magic Johnson says the Lakers have been in contact with Lonzo Ball about scheduling a workout. htt…
Did I just turn on & hear say Magic Johnson isn't on Michael Jordan's level???!! I MUST be still asleep...
Marcus Smart remembered he isn't Magic Johnson tonight.
Lebron James has surpassed Magic Johnson as the Celtics' greatest nemesis
Lebron is the most unselfish player I've seen since Magic Johnson. Thought?
Favourite sports players of all time. Golf - Bruce Forsyth. Tennis - Cliff Richard. Basketball - Magic Johnson...
Favorite player in each sport of all time!. NFL- Rich Gannon. College Football- Matt Leinart. NBA - Magic Johnson...
Wait so Lebron got compo but Magic Johnson John Stockton Kareem Charles Barkley Hakeem Patri…
I know Magic Johnson will fail me and draft Lonzo just because I said his son looks like Kenny Smith wife. This is my fate ht…
"Find you someone that'll make you smile like Magic Johnson" 😂
LaVar is an *** but if Lakers think Lonzo is the goods they'll take him regardless. Magic Johnson won't put up wit…
Magic Johnson on free agency: "I don’t think we’re going to be a major player this year. I’m really looking forward to nex…
Magic Johnson about to make the Lakers into contenders again. Dodgers were a mess until Magic arrived!! Lets Go!!
When you waiting for the to begin, but you see a Mosquito flying near Magic Johnson...
Magic Johnson always has the magic touch, Jay Bilas.
Dude said Magic Johnson might have the magic touch. Boy don't ever say that again. You know what he got?
Magic Johnson stone faced as ESPN's Tom Penn disses all of his young players
Magic Johnson, as a rookie in 1980, played center in the Finals, and finished with 42 points, 15 rebounds, and 7 assists. R…
ICYMI, Paul George talked Magic Johnson, summer plans to workout with Kobe and more on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' ⬇️
4 guards in NBA history to play in the Western Conference Finals at age 20 or younger:. Magic Johnson. Kobe Bryant. Tony Wr…
Bryd brings in Al Sharpton, Magic Johnson, John Lewis, etc. They must know Michelle Obama. OU18 lets work to bring her her…
Also, Indiana's OG Anunoby discusses his meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers and Magic Johnson. Story:
Jordan beat the '91 Lakers, who had 3 all-stars in Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Sam Perkins. Jordan be…
Magic Johnson wearing a Celtics shirt under his Lakers warm-up gear to honor Larry Bird during his retirement ceremony, 199…
Magic Johnson had fresh HIV and played with more energy than Harden did tonight
Magic Johnson. Jason Kidd. Isaiah Thomas. Chris Paul . Oscar Robertson. Steve Nash . players people would take over the all time assist leader
You must be too young to remember Magic Johnson, but Reggie's awfully bad.
James Harden joins Magic Johnson as the only players with a triple-double on the road vs Spurs in NBA postseason history.…
What list did Draymond Green join last night w/Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd & Lebron James?. Answer from
Top 5 NBA players of all time (in order):. 1. Michael Jordan. 2. Kobe Bryant. 3. Magic Johnson. 4. Larry Bird. 5. Shaquille O'Neal. Dont @ me!
Magic Johnson when he runs into Paul George in LA this summer
8th grade GA History. Question was who was Ga's first royal governor. I aint know so I put Magic Johnson
That's what I tell people about Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem…
Let me do it like this:. 1. Magic Johnson . 2. Steve Nash. 3. John Stockton. 4. Allen Iverson. 5. Chris Paul
One famous person who I look to for inspiration & motivation, Magic Johnson. Fortunate to have met him in 2011.…
PG13 & Magic Johnson already on the phone
Tony Parker has now played more career playoff minutes than Magic Johnson. He moves into 9th in history with 7,539 minutes…
Mia Khalifa and Magic Johnson should make a sex tape
Mia Khalifa askin Magic Johnson for the HIV cure
Mia Khalifa pulled up to Magic Johnson house tryna get the cure for HIV
I wish Magic Johnson was commentating just so I can hear him say John Wall "throwed" the ball to Markieff Morris
It will be very interesting to see how Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson will tweak the roster this summer.
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