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Magic Johnson

Earvin Magic Johnson Jr. (born August 14, 1959) is a retired American professional basketball player who played point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Larry Bird on Magic Johnson as Lakers executive: ‘He’s got a lot to learn’: By Colin Ward-Henninger
Magic Johnson said on that he would like Isiah Thomas (the Detroit Pistons legend) to sit down with D'Angelo Russell.
Magic Johnson wants to see a leader emerge in Lakers PG D’Angelo Russell.
[AXS] - Magic Johnson reiterates desire to see D'Angelo Russell become Lakers' leader - AXS
When Anthony points out how dirty Magic Johnson's name actually is...
MVP? Russell Westbrook is doing something Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and LeBron James have never done.
Russell showing the world why he's the next Magic Johnson...
D'Angelo Russell out here lookin like a leader 👀 Magic Johnson, challenge accepted
Magic Johnson signing has been great for Russell. I'm so happy for him.
Ever since hired Magic Johnson my man D'Angelo Russell been ballin'
Magic Johnson tells a familiar story, but this time D’Angelo Russell is the punchline:
Magic Johnson challenges Lakers point guard D'Angelo Russell to follow in his footsteps.
Magic Johnson at his Hall of Fame speech said no one would ever average a Triple Double again. . Russell Westbrook:
Don’t miss out on meeting the celebrities at ProMat — Magic Johnson, Dana Carvey and VARGO®!
I'm thinking of the work of people like Denzel Washington, LeBron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Carmelo Anthony, CP III, etc.
LaVar Ball: I prefer Lonzo with Lakers to learn from Magic Johnson - ESPN
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regram Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan are all currently try to negotiate t…
awesome picture but Magic Johnson is 6ft 9 Jack Nicholson definitely is not on par & Eddie Murphy is definitely not 7ft lol
I would take Larry Bird and Magic Johnson in a 2 on 2 over MJ and Lebron. Darrell Johnson
We are living in a world where Magic Johnson calls up Larry Bird to make a trade. That's crazy cool
Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, two good friends, on the phone talking about a deal for Paul George. I can only imagine the…
Magic Johnson joins the folks with Billy Mac and Stu Lantz
The Lowe Post discussion about Magic Johnson as Lakers GM could have been about Marc Bergevin in 2012 (without the team legend part).
Magic Johnson's first Los Angeles Lakers' trade now official
Magic Johnson should get one more assist added to his career total for lobbing us Lou Williams in exchange for Corey Brewer
Nick Ward, Miles Bridges first freshman duo to score 20 or more in same game since Magic Johnson (31) and Jay Vincent (22) in 1978 vs. Minn.
Magic Johnson: It's my first day on the job, ima make a trade!. *trades Lou Williams for Corey Brewer*. Lakers fans:. https…
Brian explains what Magic Johnson should do as the new president of basketball operations of the Lakers…
I don't think Magic Johnson sports retro Jordan's?
They need to bring back Detlef Schrempf as president of basketball operations, to counter the new Magic Johnson
For Lonzo Ball, I think his floor is Shawn Marion but his ceiling is Magic Johnson. For Fultz, Steve Francis floor- Kyrie Ceiling
Magic Johnson is going to destroy the Lakers.
Magic Johnson's baby skyhook, Jordan's shot against the Cavs, Fisher's shot with .04 seconds. All out of TOs, all p…
“My father was like HeMan always had me watching Jordan, I watch so much tape on him. Magic Johnson, I love his style of basketball”
VIDEO: Brandon Ingram talks plans to get together with Kobe Bryant & reaction to Magic Johnson taking over
what do you call Magic Johnson and Charlie Sheen o…
Great chat with Bobby Marks on DeMarcus Cousins, Magic Johnson & more. HERE:.
Magic Johnson plans on negotiating with Larry Bird to somehow get Paul George to LA. (via
Magic Johnson says these young Lakers are ‘untouchable,’ but they shouldn’t be
Brandon Ingram's reaction to Magic Johnson in charge: "Great for the organization, legendary player, great mind, winning…
Magic Johnson should stick to basketball and his companies and fall back..
Magic Johnson and Larry Bird discussing a blockbuster trade. Doesn't get better than that.
Magic Johnson is already in the process of trying to bring PG13 to LA (USATODAY)
Magic Johnson isn’t wasting any time as he’s reportedly pursuing a trade for Pacers star Paul George.
Magic Johnson says these young Lakers are 'untouchable,' but they shouldn't be
Magic Johnson isn't wasting any time for Lakers power grab via
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Magic Johnson is Kobe's ticket back to the Lakers via
Magic Johnson seizes control in swift Lakers upheaval via
SO, how many jobs does Magic Johnson have now?. BECAUSE, remember, he also is involved in running the Dodgers.
Magic Johnson now runs the Lakers after the ousting of GM Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss.
Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak, exec Jim Buss relieved of duties as Magic Johnson takes over basketball operations: On one…
Sources: Sports agent Rob Pelinka expected to be new Lakers GM under Magic Johnson - ESPN
Mitch Kupchak couldn't get a 1st round pick for Pau. Magic Johnson got a 1st round pick for Lou Williams. This is why he's here.
BREAKING: The Laker have fired Mitch Kupchak and named Magic Johnson as President of Basketball Operations.
: Los Angeles Lakers shake-up: Magic Johnson is in charge after general manager Mitch Kupchak fired February 22, 2017 at 01:20PM …
ICYMI: Lakers fire GM Mitch Kupchak, put Magic Johnson in charge of basketball operations
Jeanie Buss has named Magic Johnson the Lakers' new President of Basketball Operations, and in th... - via App
Magic Johnson reportedly wants Kobe Bryant to return to Lakers in player relations role https:/…
Magic Johnson:. Lakers GM. Dodgers owner. Sparks owner. This man runs the city😂
The hammer finally fell when Jeanie added Magic Johnson, fired Mitch Kupchak and stripped Jim Buss of his power.
Daryl Morey when he saw that Magic Johnson was hired
Today was a day I'll remember. Magic Johnson was one of my favorite players growing up. So, being trusted to...
Magic Johnson now in charge of basketball operations
Kobe Bryant thinks LeBron James' kids 'pass too much'
The fact that Magic Johnson's first order of business was to nab Corey Brewer makes me respect him more than I've ever r…
Magic can fix the Lakers in three not-so-easy steps
Magic Johnson takes over as Lakers president of basketball operations in stunning front-office shakeup -Yahoo Sports
Magic Johnson's first order of business? Bring back Kobe.
Magic Johnson takes charge in major Lakers shakeup -
Magic Johnson was the best move you guys have done in the last 4 years
linda ikeji>>> Lakers announce Magic Johnson as president of Basketball operations
LA Lakers purge front office as the Magic Johnson era commences
Lakers shake-up: Magic Johnson in charge after GM Mitch Kupchak is fired.
Sources: Pelinka emerges as top target for Lakers GM - after LA abandons hopes of pursuing GSW's Bob Myers. Story: http…
Lakers President of Basketball Ops Magic Johnson gets Corey Brewer and a first round pick from Houston for Lou Williams.…
Magic Johnson told the LA Times he has spoken to over 10 GMs today and is ready to "wheel and deal".
Live footage of Magic Johnson walking thru the Staples Center
Magic Johnson and Larry Bird can now negotiate trades against/with each other. Wrap your head around that.
No player in Lakers history was ever closer to Dr. Jerry Buss or his family as Magic Johnson. They entered the NBA at the…
Sources: Lakers hire agent Rob Pelinka as GM. report on
Magic Johnson makes his first move as President of Basketball Operations
Magic Johnson paints his vision for the Lakers
Lakers president Jeanie Buss saying hiring Magic Johnson ‘isn’t about going back to Showtime’ . ht…
Report: Jeanie Buss, Magic Johnson kept in dark on DeMarcus Cousins trade discussions https…
Lakers president and co-owner Jeanie Buss on hiring Magic Johnson as president of basketball operations: "This...
Magic Johnson to take driver seat from Jeanie Buss, major moves to happen
Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson join to talk about their vision for the future.
The official press release announcing the Lakers are cleaning house and putting Magic Johnson in charge of basketball ope…
One more time, from earlier: On Jeanie Buss swinging the hammer, and Magic Johnson taking over the Lakers:
BREAKING: Magic Johnson named President of Basketball Operations. Jim Buss, Mitch Kupchak relieved of all duties.
Lakers have fired Mitch Kupchak & Jim Buss, Magic Johnson is now in charge (Y!)
Despite swift changes, patience will be a virtue for Lakers in Magic Johnson era, says
When you see a mosquito at Magic Johnson's barbecue
Magic Johnson is listening to you guys
Didn't South Park reveal the cure for HIV with that Magic Johnson episode? Charlie Sheen has that kind of money.
Magic Johnson is just as clueless as Vlade and trades Lou Williams and Nick Young for Miles Plumlee and a 2nd. 😊
"Tom Crean is a winning coach who will take the Lakers back to the glory days alongside Jimmer!" - Magic Johnson
I had a conversation with Magic Johnson when I was 21 and a rookie. *** I wish I had that 5 minutes back.
To anyone covering the Lakers, the John Black news is infinitely more surprising than the Magic Johnson, Jim Buss and Mit…
BREAKING: Lakers name Magic Johnson their President of Basketball Ops and fire... by…
Magic Johnson named Lakers president of basketball operations.
So when Paula Abdul was singing Cold Hearted Snake she was probably referring to two faced snake Magic Johnson!
BREAKING: Mitch Kupchak FIRED, Magic Johnson named the President of Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers. ht…
BREAKING: Lakers have fired Mitch Kupchak and Magic Johnson will replace Jim Buss as President of Basketball Operations…
Magic Johnson chose the best stage name ever. It's better than Earvin. Or is it Ervin? I don't even want to Google it, because MAGIC!
First Take Video: Stephen A. Smith says Magic Johnson should be calling the shots for Lakers since team passed on trading for Boogie (ESPN)
When you get a message from Magic Johnson on 2K 😂😭
What a memories to see Bill Russel and Magic Johnson
25 years ago, amid fear and concern, Magic Johnson made a statement by playing in the 1992 All-Star Game.
I don't normally get excited about celebrity sightings, but I just walked past Magic Johnson on Canal Street. That smile! 😀😳
"Dat's Magic Johnson's son? Boy big as *** need to put down dat makeup and shoot some ball." - Overheard at a carwash in Louisville.
I've been into the NBA a long time is a Marc Gasol/Dirk Nowitzki cocktail w/splash of Magic Johnson
I liked a video Magic Johnson and Michael Wilbon talk about the Disaster the Chicago Bulls are having
Lakers' Magic Johnson joins The Stephen A. Smith Show to talk about his new role with team; listen live in the ESPN App (ESPN)
Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant running the LA Lakers?. Magic wants it to happen.
“Bring together supermodel Iman, comedy rockstar Eddie Murphy, NBA Heavyweight Magic Johnson, and what do you get? . Unapolog…
Magic Johnson says brass must work in concert
Magic Johnson is the latest NBA legend to boycott Trump Hotels
Magic Johnson talks new role with Los Angeles Lakers
Magic Johnson's investment in a horse was too.
Magic Johnson clarified his 'calling the shots' comments from last week.
If magic johnson makes this happen he is the goat. He knows how to win. New era shaq and Kobe
WATCH: Sports legend Magic Johnson says he won’t stay at Trump hotels anymore
Magic Johnson says the Knicks were among 4 other franchises wanting to hire him to run the team. "I turned everybody down."…
The conversations between D'Angelo Russell and Magic Johnson have already begun...
How is it Magic Johnson basically "Kicked AIDS" like a chest cold & NOBODY talks about it! If Anybody can turn around The Lakers its HIM!
Magic Johnson on Lakers adviser role: 'Working to call the shots'
A.C. Green says the Lakers bring back Magic Johnson was a smart decision by the Buss family.
Magic Johnson says he wants to 'call the shots' with Lakers.. Related Articles:
Why is Magic Johnson back on tv? He's a bad analyst...Sage Steele and Michael Wilbon are dragged down by him
I want a Kobe, Junior Seau, Magic Johnson and Jackie Robinson jerseys on my living room walls in glass displays this year
Why does Magic Johnson keep calling him Wussell Restbrook like he's Elmer Fudd?
Someone please find a way to get Magic Johnson to say "Russell Westbrook arrived at Will Rogers World Airport."
hasn't stopped Bethany Hamilton from surfing or Magic Johnson from plowing
That lady who just interviewed Magic Johnson is almost as beautiful as Cari Champion. Almost
25 years ago today, Magic Johnson returned to play in the NBA All-Star Game. 25 points, 9 assists. MVP
I'm so excited to see Jimmy look tiny next to Magic Johnson on Monday, my small bean 😭😍
Magic Johnson's arrival could be good news for Luke Walton, writes
Thanks Luke for including friend Magic Johnson with the Laker family! We as fans want you to be successful!
Luke Walton: "I'm excited. He's Magic Johnson... It's a nice piece to have on your side."
It really is the Magic Johnson era of the Lakers again. My column:
Mitch Kupchak: "We gotta improve this roster". Magic Johnson: "I say we get LeBron James. He's good.". Kupchak(sighs): "t…
Jeannie Buss hires Magic Johnson as special advisor
I added a video to a playlist Magic Johnson returning to Lakers organization
Excited to write these stories for the next 4 months
Magic Johnson talking about his plans for the Lakers, which include building D’Angelo Russell into a leader (in intervie…
Magic Johnson's return to Lakers is a win for everyone except Jim Buss
Dr. Buss wanted all of his kids to have a hand in running Lakers. W/ Magic aboard, they all do. But for how long?
From earlier: I wrote about Magic Johnson returning to the Lakers, and the front-office changes it could signal:…
Tune in NOW to hear talk about how he feels he can help the on ‘Connected With Magic Johnson.’
The end of the Jim Buss era nearing? have officially re-hired Magic Johnson!. Details: https:/…
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Magic Johnson plans on having meetings with both Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss.
Magic Johnson will join the Lakers as a consultant, the team said, reuniting the struggling franchise with one of its m…
The Lakers have hired Magic Johnson as an advisor to the team's ownership.
Magic Johnson is now working with the Lakers and has stated in the past that he will be a mentor to D'Angelo Russell 👀 htt…
.weighs in on Randle, Zubac, Walton & more during his visit to our studio. 📺 | https…
From earlier, my piece on the Lakers hiring Magic Johnson as an advisor & why it might mean bad news for Jim Buss:
BEST NEWS IF THE YEAR!!. The Los Angeles Lakers today announced that Earvin "Magic" Johnson will return to the...
Magic Johnson returns to Lakers as adviser to Jeanie Buss.. Related Articles:
⚡️ “Magic Johnson returns to the Lakers as an advisor”.
Magic Johnson live in 10 mins. In his new position as advisor. Who watching or want to watch? 💜💛
OFFICIAL: returns to the Lakers to advise ownership on basketball and business.
Julius Randle said having Magic Johnson around in his new role is “amazing” and "a really big plus for all of us.” (on
.on . “That’s Magic Johnson, you can’t not be excited for that. Mr. Showtime himself.”…
Magic Johnson, on his message to Lakers fans
From columnist Magic Johnson returns to the Lakers and change is on its way
Magic Johnson is back with the Lakers.
Lakers adviser Magic Johnson told Spectrum SportsNet he talked to Mitch Kupchak + planned to have a two or three-hour m…
Lakers announce that Magic Johnson will return to the franchise to advise team ownership https…
So to be clear: You think the politicalization of Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, the Miracle on Ice, Magic Johnson, Robbie Rogers...
Jay-Z and Magic Johnson, photographed at Clive Davis’ “Pre-Grammy Party” at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles…
I went down and played with Magic Johnson at his all-star game i...
Coming soon to a Magic Johnson theater near you
.Just came from viewing Hidden Figures at the Magic Johnson theater after attending service @ Convent Ave BC.
Magic Johnson theater no popcorn until tomorrow ghetto theater
If Mickey Redmond, Lou Holtz, and Magic Johnson all died in the same week it would go down as the greatest week in US history
Davon Dillard is Magic Johnson and Jawun Evans is like Revis. Cool.
I was expecting like Larry Bird or Magic Johnson and they give me this dude 😂
Northline mall was the worst...especially when they built that Magic Johnson theater over there
just going to take the M60 bus the Magic Johnson theater in Harlem.
Magic Johnson, Anna Wintour, James Taylor, Bradley Cooper just pulled up. Asked Wintour about her meeting with Trump, no response
A Chris Paul fan just said he's more skilled than Magic Johnson
By Adam K. Raymond Getty Images This week in 1979, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, both rookies in the NBA, lined...
Tired of all the Lebron MJ comparisons. MJ is the GOAT and I'll take Kobe, Scottie Pippen or Magic Johnson over Lebron any day of the week.
guys are better than the ones Jordan faced? not to mention Reggie Miller & Magic Johnson? James Worthy? bro stop.
On this date in 1979, Larry Bird & Magic Johnson faced off for the first time in the NBA!
Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird all played at the same time. RIGHT NOW is the greatest era in basketball his…
I also have to argue that my definition of a closer it's one who makes the right decision at the end of the game. Magic Johnson
3 celebrities I want to be like when I grow up are Freddy Mercury, Magic Johnson, and Eazy E
- Had this been Dennis Rodman, Magic Johnson, Or any other BLACK player nothing would be said, right Montel
"If the Celtics had Lebron and Magic Johnson in his prime at the same time with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan they…
*** saw Dennis Rodman and Magic Johnson and said "Lol k."
Magic Johnson to Clyde Drexler: “You Had a Chance to Say These Things to Me”
Team Liquid, an esports team acquired by Ted Leonsis, Peter Guber, Magic Johnson & other investors, is represented…
Im taking Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas and CP3 all over John Stockton
ESPN brings back Magic Johnson for NBA pregame show
Russell is a mixture of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.
Move over Magic Johnson, Dwight Howard is now the best PG of all time. (GIF via
I keep hoping. Jason Kidd and Magic Johnson both improved later in their careers.
Trent with the Magic Johnson level analysis.
Seth Greenberg just compared college kids to Magic Johnson and Arvydas Sabonis.
Can't wait to see whose numbers look like Magic Johnson's through their first 127 games or some other random number
Nelson Agholor couldn't catch AIDS if he drank a pint of Magic Johnson's blood.
Thanks to Magic Johnson and his foundation, helping 2,000 families today in Flint, Michigan.
Magic Johnson and his Holiday Hope Foundation will be here in giving away to 2000 families!!
Julius Randle joins Magic Johnson as the only players 22 years or younger to record a triple-double for the purple & gold…
Julius Randle: 2nd career triple-double, joins Magic Johnson as only players in Lakers history to record a triple-double…
.- 25pts/13ast/11reb . He's the only player other than Magic Johnson with multiple triple-doubles in 1 seaso…
Gat daym Bill Clinton gave Hilary AIDS from messin' with that there Magic Johnson.
Reggie Miller recalls when he heard Magic Johnson had HIV
On in 1991, Magic Johnson announces he is HIV-positive. Read More via
25 years ago today, Magic Johnson announced his retirement from the Lakers after testing positive for HIV
Magic Johnson announced his retirement 25 years ago on this day after testing positive for HIV
Twenty-five years ago today, Magic Johnson retired due to his HIV diagnosis. NBA Hoops made this card later. http…
Really? Magic Johnson's announcement was 25 YEARS AGO today? Amazing on so many levels.
What Magic Johnson's HIV story might mean for cancer patients: by
On this day, November 7, 1991, Magic Johnson announced he was HIV-positive.
Video captures mood of Magic Johnson’s HIV announcement, which was 25 years ago today
AIDS : Magic Johnson remembers Nov. 7, 1991, the day he told the world he was HIV positive: Back then, a diagnosis…
AIDS : Magic Johnson's career ended by HIV-positive test. Lakers star says: 'I plan to go on living for a ...
Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the Magic Johnson Foundation! Thx for all of your support! We couldn't have done…
Why LeBron's new role is great for the Cavs -
Nov. 7, 1991: Magic Johnson shocks the country with retirement after contracting the HIV virus
My story from behind the scenes at the Forum Club on that unforgettable day with ... Nov. 7, 1991 --> http…
On HIV announcement + why he'll always remind my mother of a friend she lost to AIDS
8yr old told me why can't vote trump. Gave my position for no clinton. We agreed on time honored LA tradition, write in magic Johnson !
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TODAY IN HISTORY: 1991 - Magic Johnson announces he has HIV virus and he will retire from the NBA.
25 yrs ago today Magic Johnson revealed HIV diagnosis - See how his story gives hope to via
Magic Johnson was Captain Obvious before there was a Captain Obvious lol
August just said that Steph Curry, Blake Griffin, and Magic Johnson play for the Spurs... I think I'm gonna dump her
we don't agree on Magic Johnson but we definitely agree on this one Jeremy
James Harden became the first to post 30 points and 15 assists in back-to-back games since ... Magic Johnson, 30 seasons ago. htt…
I think the greatest player I've ever played against was Magic Johnson. ...
Russell Westbrook becomes the first player since Magic Johnson in 1982-83 to begin a season with a triple-double in 2 of…
Susan Ley sounds as a positive as Magic Johnson.
When you see Magic Johnson at a NBA game & see a Mosquito flying around
Jesus, that line about Magic Johnson hugging Candace Parker... IM DYING!
Magic Johnson get off the court this not your moment.
New post: "New post: "New post: "ShotTracker raises $5M in seed funding from Magic Johnson and David Stern to brin…
"Tom Lasorda, out of the hospital, is at Dodger Stadium, next to Magic Johnson."
Ask Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson who caught aides. Women are all over them and so many others. So Hillary let it go! Your wrng
This *** Max said "Magic Johnson & Michael Jordan had a baby and it was LeBron James" First Take is garbage without Skip
The only thing John David knows about basketball is that Magic Johnson had Aids.
What does our very own Daniel Rodriguez have in common with the following celebrities?. - Magic Johnson. - Debbie...
Kevin Garnett played against Magic Johnson and with Karl-Anthony Towns, who had yet to be born when KG made NBA debut.…
I wonder if Magic Johnson met up with Jenny from Forrest Gump...
Kevin Garnett so old he was guarding Magic Johnson, who made the gorgeous lob to Eddie Jones here
So now we have Shaq, Rick Fox, Magic Johnson, Jimmy Rollins, and many more. Whose left on your wish list of athletes gettin…
Esports franchise Team Liquid has new owners, investment from Magic Johnson - by Kellen Beck
Magic Johnson thanks Adventists with $550,000 donation to Oakwood University and church. https…
Lol she doesn't know the difference between Magic Johnson & Shaq 😂💀
Math tells me Magic Johnson has 4 years left
Magic Johnson just tooling around the Michigan State campus like he was a regular kid or something.
I am so proud of you Cookie Johnson and your husband Earl the Magic Johnson ; You guys are so REAL. resp. luv mj
Kaleb: why isn't Magic Johnson in the hall of fame?. Blake: He is in the hall of fame. Kaleb: he has AIDS he can't be in the hall of fame
What will always amuse me are the deluded Jazz fans who argue John Stockton was better than Magic Johnson.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Magic Johnson: "There will never be anybody like Shaquille O'Neal ever. It won't even be close."
Hillary Clinton and her lapdogs now believe Larry King is a pro-Russian agent. Magic Johnson and the Dodgers might want to know.
Cam newton reminds me of Magic Johnson and idk why
See Photos as Magic Johnson and wife celebrate 25th wedding anniversary with LL Cool J, Steve Harvey, Others:...
Magic Johnson won 5 titles while playing w/ AIDS. . Teddy Bridgewater can't even play with a little boo-boo in his leg.…
Magic Johnson recorded a quadruple-double in '88 when he had 25 pts, 11 boards, 10 assists, and all 12 of these *** ht…
and now reporters are calling and texting for comment. I hope or Magic Johnson blasts him
Per 100 Possessions, career averages Regular Season and Postseason for Chris Paul and Magic Johnson.
Paul Mitchell Schools Annual FUNraising Gala! Joyce Worrall, Magic Johnson and me! Great memory and cause!
Raising $18M from Tim Cook, Meg Whitman, Justin Timberlake, Magic Johnson, & more via…
This is Clintonland. $50k a plate dinners, Magic Johnson, Martha's Vineyard and pushing $$$-in-politics boundaries.
But it was Hurricane Katrina, 12 dozen forest fires, and drunk raw sexy with Magic Johnson actually.
Next week, HRC appears at fundraiser at Beverly Hills home of Magic Johnson hosted by CEO of Walt Disney & the CEO of DreamWorks Animation.
Sometidbits from co-founder Phil Knight's memoir (which I read on vacation). He admits to takes such as Magic Johnson would be a bust.
Anyone who like Larry Bird or Magic Johnson will love this
Larry Bird, Magic Johnson,. 1978, Salt Lake City, special events center, best title NCAA title match up ever.
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson kept the NBA afloat in the 80s. Why? The racial parity kept people interested. You see what I'm saying...
Imagine Puig in the Dodgers' front office, he walks up to Magic Johnson and he asks "Look Ervin... What are we?"
Russell Westbrook is what Magic Johnson always wanted to be.
Which means, Russell Westbrook will put on a Magic Johnson like performance
Ellen DeGeneres, Magic Johnson, Nick Jonas Among Celebs at Obama's 55th Birthday Party at the White House - Yahoo
that's like saying there would be no Jordan without Magic Johnson we don't know that God created Wayne not Tupac that a opinion
PG: Magic Johnson. SG: Michael Jordan. C: Shaquille O'neal. SF: Larry Bird. PF: LeBron James. I just wanted to type that to see how it looked. 🐐
I would rather eat Magic Johnson's band-aid than watch Mark Teixeira hit
Larry Bird on Kevin Durants' decision to join the Warriors: "I could never imagine joining Magic Johnson."
BREAKING: SportsCenter Video: Ben Simmons' passing was \"Magic Johnson-like\" in Summer League - Chris Broussard; …
Steve Harvey, Samuel L. and Magic Johnson enjoy July 4 on yacht
when Magic Johnson, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard all came into league they had no jumpers. They improved.
Most underrated aspect of Tim Duncan's all-time greatness: His leadership rivaled that of the great Magic Johnson's. W…
Larry Bird: “I couldn’t imagine going to the Lakers and playing with Magic Johnson.”
Larry Bird explains why he would 'never' have teamed up with Magic Johnson
When you at a Magic Johnson bbq and mosquitos are out
BREAKING: Inside sources are saying that Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson are interested in signing with t…
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