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Maggie Smith

Dame Margaret Natalie Maggie Smith, DBE (born 28 December 1934) is an English film, stage and television actor.

Dame Maggie Smith Judi Dench Judy Dench Downton Abbey Helen Mirren Meryl Streep David Attenborough Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe Dowager Countess Professor McGonagall Gosford Park David Niven Outstanding Supporting Actress Ian McKellen

100% of Britons feel a lot happier knowing Ian McKellen and Maggie Smith go on days out together.
Maggie Smith brings home her second medal with a bronze in the 3000m. Well done, Maggie! Good luck today in your final race
Watching Maggie Smith being interviewed is pure joy
Sir Ian McKellen's impression of Maggie Smith always makes me laugh
My colleague does an amazing impression of Maggie Smith, its on YouTube. It makes me feel cheery
Honestly I just disgraced Dame Maggie Smith and I have no doubt she would shame me for it
The McGongagall-Snape duel while short has so much raw emotion in it & shows off Maggie Smith & Alan Rickman as the talented actors they are
Why do I feel like Maggie Smith and Jackson Avery are gonna be a thing? I really don't want them to be a thing..
Hugely disheartening day, so here's something delightful: Dame Maggie Smith laughing at herself, & fame. 😊
There is something that Maggie Smith can not do?!
Maggie Smith has an app that will allow users to report police brutality.
Watching the first wives club. Oh my goodness this is so great. And MAGGIE SMITH.
Our own Maggie Smith wins a Silver Medal at in the 1500m! Way to go Maggie.
Amazing having the gorgeous Dame Maggie Smith at the show this afternoon. What an absolute gem of a human being
We got a standing ovation this afternoon at Including Dame Maggie Smith. Which was pretty cool. She was awesome.
Me talking to a career counselor: "what do you want to be when you grow up?" . Me: "literally Maggie Smith."
Surprise birthday treat to Theatre to see the "play that went wrong ". Two seats away from Dame Maggie Smith
Famous Capricorns in the movie industry include Anthony Hopkins, Maggie Smith, Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper and Kate Boswor…
Turns out I'm not going to be able to make Maggie Smith's reading after all. Have all the fun for me :-)
Ian McKellen and Maggie Smith are Living Their Best Lives at Wimbledon via
Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson Are Dying to Work with….Maggie Smith? More on
Okay I just discovered my old piano teacher has her own wikipedia page and has been in a film with Maggie Smith
That is miss Dame Maggie Smith my dear! Not this Benjamin le cream you seem to be talking about
A bunch of people on the break room just collectively agreed that they would do anything for Maggie smith
Just met Maggie smith and therefore my life is complete. ❤️
medal alert: Maggie Smith 3rd in 3000!
Maggie Smith in her first movie in 1958, "Nowhere to Go" via
I think/hope if I were to meet her she would like me a lot (as would Dodie, Ed Sheeran and Maggie Smith)
Just met Maggie smith and derek Jacobi one massive tick off the bucket list !
My kids are watching The Secret Garden. When Maggie Smith showed up on the screen they lost their effing minds. Professor McGonagall!
When I grow up my new life goal is to be an English dame like Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren & Diana Rigg bc their badass bawses.
The best thing about (playing on is Olivia Williams being an aristocratic hag like Maggie Smith on meth.
Una Kiss cam entre Maggie Smith y Leonardo DiCaprio. What a time to be alive.
England has the Queen. England has Daniel Radcliffe . England has Emma Watson. England has Maggie Smith. England has Sh…
Ian McKellen & Maggie Smith at Wimbledon is my new favourite thing...
Maggie Smith and at together, my heart can't take this, please tell me they're best friends??
Dames Judi Dench and Maggie Smith star in gentle comedy-drama The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel at 6.35pm.
Teachers are pretty spot on. Alan Rickman as Snape. Maggie Smith as McGonagall. Emma Thompson as Trelawney. Kenneth Branagh as Lockhart. 👍👍👍
Maggie Smith, Sarah Jessica Parker, AND Elizabeth Berkley?! I had no idea was packed w A+ cameos!
Kidman (Emmy incoming) and Maggie Smith all worthy. Jessica Chastain and Michelle Williams. . World class
Just sending that because Jeremy Brett, Robert Stephens and Maggie Smith were such great chums. Lots of luvvie stuff in there!
You want Maggie Smith, I want Hayley Atwell, neither is on the likely lists I've seen.
Let's not forget Othello (1965), Sir Laurence Olivier and Maggie Smith - both world renowned actors
Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson & Maggie Smith all started out as standup comedians! Follow your passion & don't be afraid to try…
"Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.". ~ Maggie Smith .
*firm, Maggie Smith voice* Bless you, but I think we'd be better off without you, dear.
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There are so many great Maggie Smith gifs, especially if you've seen Downton Abby.
great news! do all great British actors aspire to be in Corrie! Waiting for Judy Dench, Maggie Smith and Colin Firth!!!
Photos: Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Ben Forster at first Presidential Awards + winners announced
Okay, setting aside precedent, yes. Maggie Smith for Chief of Staff and Judy Dench for VP?
Day 20 My favourite actress = Helen Mirren Judy Dench and Maggie Smith. Once again I have so many favou…
New ONS board of directors: Laura Fennimore, Julie Painter, and Maggie Smith! Congrats!
yeah! Like Hugh Laurie. Or Christian Bale. But antara my faves will be combo grandmas comel Judi Dench and Maggie Smith
Why the *** am I only realizing how 🔥🔥 Downtown Abbey is now?? Maggie Smith invented Acting y'all 😍😍😍
I love the Peter Ustinov one (Maggie Smith, Bette Davis & Olivia Hussey - what's not to love) but there's something about this version.
I'd pay any amount of money to dance with Maggie Smith. Ron, you're a lucky ***
Peter Ustinov, Maggie Smith, Karl Malden, Bob Newhart. Does it get any better than this?! 😊
Catch up with Maggie Smith, Daniel Radcliffe & Imedla Staunton in our latest theatre roundup:…
Who'll be the Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Joanna Lumley and Judy Dench of the future?
Maggie Smith at the She was utterly wonderful. Loved that Glenda Jackson became a nice running joke through it to…
Beers + Maggie Smith in The prime of miss Jane Brodie. Welcome Sunday.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Rosemary's Baby, starring Patricia Arquette and Maggie Smith. Directed by Mel Brooks, music by Michael Giacchino. Budget: $50m
Watching Sister Act, it’s been years! Forgot about some of the great folks in the film: Maggie Smith, Kathy Najimy, Mary Wickes.
I'd have liked the Dowager Duchess of Grantham (Maggie Smith) and James Delaney (Tom Hardy) analysing a 'soggy bottom '.
The Village, starring Maggie Smith and Juliette Lewis. Directed by Geoff Murphy, music by MGMT. Budget: $20m
‘Maggie Smith was the best teacher ever’: My Weekend interview with Douglas Booth
This film could have benefitted from more Margaret Rutherford and Maggie Smith.
At the Ravla Khempur there is literally nothing to do except pretend to be Dame Judy Dench and Maggie Smith and it's absolutely glorious.
Going to watch a movie that I haven't seen before: Judi Dench, Maggie Smith in Ladies in Lavender.🍿📀
Your man prob uses the smith machine to bench at the gym
Maggie Smith if Downton Abbey were set under some power lines
Diary Date - comedy drama starring Maggie Smith & Kevin Kline, this Sat 9pm on
i feel like I could rival for some Dame Maggie Smith realness!!!
Just realised I'm 3 degrees of separation from Maggie Smith... new motivation to get up in the morning
My favourite thing about Downton Abbey is how much Maggie Smith hates Downton Abbey.
Thank you Maggie Mae Callahan-Smith for supporting my Birthday wish and our work that saves lives and empowers...
Mostly I'm terrified of growing old but then I see Dame Maggie Smith and it's all ok.
if we can have Hagrid played my Maggie Smith
Maggie Smith has looked old my entire life and I find that kind of baller.
how did we go from "you get one, alex" to maggie literally apologizing for her own trauma?? bring back kevin smith im Tired
Note to writers - Englishmen pushing 60 would not Google hot pics of Maggie Smith/Judi Dench. More like Emily Blunt.
Thoroughly enjoyed & interviewing Or was it the other way around...? E…
Geraldine McEwan is vastly inferior to Maggie Smith as Miss Jean Brodie.
do you still talk to and Dame Maggie Smith??
One thing will never change: Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman are utterly perfect.
Read this in the voice of Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey.
"Like the time you made me watch Downtown Abbey." . "Downton Abbey! Who does Maggie Smith play?" . "She played Abbey."
Mark your calendars and invite your friends to Maggie Smith's St. Patrick's Day Festival!
Ah, right then... Maggie Smith stealing Cap's job!
I liked a video What terrifies Maggie Smith?
"I never did repent for doing good. Nor shall not now..". Dame Maggie Smith as
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I told you I wanted to live in a world in which the antidote to shame is not honor, but honesty. - Maggie Nelson ♥️ https:…
Just text the missus saying she is like Nigella Lawson in the kitchen and Maggie Smith in the bedroom. This will end well.
Green tea (antioxidants) and Maggie Smith poems this morning. This place could be beautiful, right?
Downtown Abbey mansion home of Lady Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith) is up for sale for a staggering £3.95 million
Maggie Smith could make a trash bag look like a ball gown
Am watching Death on the Nile with Angie Lans, Maggie Smith and Better Davis and the sass in this movie is AMAZING
Forgot it was Maggie Smith as Wendy. She is awesome
Showing the kids Hook. Maggie Smith (Wendy) came out of the womb looking like Maggie Smith.
She looks like a cross between a young Vanessa Redgrave and Maggie Smith no? Great…
I honestly always thought of Miriam Margolyes as Nanny Ogg and Maggie Smith as Granny Weatherwax
Joining us Opening Weekend will be Eric Gnezda, Will Hillenbrand, Maggie Smith, R.L. Stine, and Lee Martin!
Why isn't there a video of Maggie Smith saying "Boom" on a loop for an hour...
Judy Dench, Helen Mirren, and Maggie Smith have never had a 'prime' movie making period. Always just turned up, kicked *** and went home.
Treat yourself - with Maggie Smith is on unitl Monday. Don't miss out! h…
Denholm Elliott, Maggie Smith & Robert Stephens, Design for Living at the Ahmanson Theatre, 1971. Photo: John Olson
Could you use a jaw-dropping photo of the young Maggie Smith in your life? I have a feeling that maybe you could. http…
Dame Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Danny Boyle and Paul Greengrass in conversation with Downton Abbey’s Jim Carter…
“To not teach music in our schools is to deny a part of who we are as humans” -Maggie Smith (2016 MIOS Tour grant rec…
WFTN: Maggie Smith & Alicia Vikander--same woman, 2 timelines. Vs Morgan Freeman in one, Nicholas Hoult in other
Speaking of TCL I still can't stop thinking about Dame Maggie Smith being The Queen of Maggots
I want Dame Maggie Smith, Meryl Streep and Emma Stone in a movie; playing grandmother, mother and daughter.
Dame Maggie Smith's character 'to be killed off in film' via
Happy Birthday to the amazing, legendary & irreplaceable Dame Maggie Smith!
Dreamt I was watching HP w my parents & stopped when Maggie Smith was singing Reflection (from Mulan) nude bc mom was sad she'd died.
That's subjective, Amber. I've always considered her overrated myself, love Maggie Smith! A matter of choice, no??
2017 needs to be a good year so our full length and Ep will be free downloads all year. Enjoy and share.
"Something pretty magical has surfaced..". htt…
The best women are all the iconic M's. Madonna. Meryl Streep. Maggie Smith. Maria Callas. Madhuri Dixit - Nene...
Daniel Radcliffe on his relationship with Maggie Smith. .
Watched last night. Amazing film. Maggie Smith is a phenomenal and inspiring actress. Alex Jennings as Bennett was perfect!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Happy 82nd Birthday to Maggie Smith! ❤ We must protect her at all costs. 😭
Dames of Classic Drama at the BBC The early work of Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Diana Rigg and Hel...
Idea: put Trump in a room with Meryl Streep, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren and Maggie Smith. . I don't think he'd last 5 minutes.
But then what will be left for Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, and Glenn Close?
we're squarely in the middle of the house-as-hospital drama and Maggie Smith's sass is AMAZING.
Maggie Smith will be so disappointed.
I don't watch unless Maggie Smith is nominated for something 🙊🙊
Nix Oprah and add Dame Maggie Smith and Queen Latifah for me
I'm now confident that Dame Maggie Smith is a time traveler and also the older version of Meryl Streep.
yes! it's about petty aristocrats and Maggie Smith is everything in it
Remember Maggie Smith use to look like this! Travelling abroad gives good chance for some
Olivia Colman is one of the best working actresses we have, so that's nice for her that she got to Maggie Smith the
Who does Olivia Colman think she is? Maggie Smith?
Olivia Colman, who do you think you are? Maggie Smith?
I love it when people who win awards don't show up. It's why Maggie Smith is my crush.
Well, looks like Maggie Smith got to Olivia Coleman too.
Dame Maggie Smith wants her dress back
If you can't even trust a Cantabrigian to say "whom" anymore, then I don't even know. [in my Maggie Smith voice]
Like, Maggie Smith wins an Emmy every year and never goes. And yeah that's baller af but it's also a very awkward moment for the camera.
Downton Abbey's Lady Violet Crawley's home for £3.95million via
I appreciate Liev Schreiber pulling a Dame Maggie Smith and just not showing up.
Just watched The Lady in the Van. Wonderfully funny and very moving. Dame Maggie Smith is outstanding as usual
Maggie Smith came right out of Downton Abbey 😂😂
The cast is INSANE. Hawn, Keaton and Midler obvs, but also Maggie Smith, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elizabeth Berkley and BALKI.
In last night's dream, Maggie Smith taught a class on 19th c. novels. In red pen, she wrote 2 comments on my paper: "Read More" and "Shade."
Maggie Smith's role as the Dowager Countess is BRILLANT
Anne Wintour going to be a dame among Judi Dench and Maggie Smith?!
Man! How did I forget about the Dowager Countess?! Maggie Smith absolutely KILLS it! Her characters always have so much wit!
For goodness sake, hide Maggie Smith and David Attenborough
Maggie Smith and David Attenborough better be tucked away safely forever
honestly, can we all protect Maggie Smith, David Attenborough and June Brown at all costs please thanks
2016 isn't over yet, so I want Julie Andrews, Maggie Smith and David Attenborough to join The Queen in the anti-death bun…
Happy Birthday to Stan lee, Maggie Smith, John Legend, Nash Grier, Jim Chapman and many others, have a great day everyone. (:
Happy 82nd birthday to Maggie Smith, the Dowager Countess of our hearts!
"I love acting. I'm privileged to do it and I don't know where I'd be without it." Happy Birthday Maggie Smith! (December…
82 years ago today, a legend was born. Happy Birthday, Maggie Smith.
Maggie Smith as Miss Jean Brodie is my cycling-to-work spirit animal.
Denzel, Maggie Smith, Stan Lee, Nichelle Nichols, John Legend, Seth Meyers, it's a loaded day of celebrity birthdays!
Can we please put David Attenborough, Julie Andrews, Maggie Smith, Betty White and the Queen into a nuclear bunker for the remainder of 2016
Right, we need to protect the queen, David Attenborough, Rowan Atkinson, Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench and Michael Gambon.
I feel the need to go find Betty White, Julie Andrews, and Maggie Smith and surround them with some kind of protective…
Happy 82nd Birthday to the incredible Maggie Smith, the one and only Professor McGonagall.
J.K. Rowling has stated that she always pictured Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall. https:…
Can David Attenborough, Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Harrison Ford, *** Van *** and all other legends be watched over until 2016 ends, ty
Maggie Smith can convey more with the movement of a finger or an eyelid than most can achieve with their whole career.…
If you haven't seen Gosford Park good movie (Maggie Smith). I recommend it. Downton Abbey is so good & scandalous.
Watching Gosford Park, eating Christmas *** until I pass out to dream of Maggie Smith singing me a Christmas fable.
Maggie Smith . - actual role model . - she battled cancer during Harry Potter because she didn't want to disappoint the…
Have to have a punt with Gosford Park for Michael Gambon & Maggie Smith
as Maggie Smith and Milk as Julia Child and as Judge Judy were my top three
I'd love to see you cover Maggie Smith as a actress and Christopher Lee as an actor, in 2017. Natalie Portman good too.
Watch host Jimmy Kimmel dig into Trump, the Oscars, and for some reason, Maggie Smith https…
Kenneth Williams, Maggie Smith & Sir John Betjeman on 'Parkinson' are predictably brilliant about critics.
I can't imagine anybody but Maggie Smith playing Minerva McGonagall. She has the perfect amount of sass I love it.
Next up is the award for best play. Maggie Smith presents award to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (
Daniel Radcliffe holding Maggie Smith's umbrella, behind the scenes of the final Harry Potter film.
i'm praying the Grim Reaper doesn't come for Angela Lansbury, Derek Jacobi or Maggie Smith.
📷 Laurence Olivier as Othello, and Maggie Smith as Desdemona - Othello (1964) Whether or not Maggie...
📷 Maggie Smith and Laurence Olivier - behind the scenes on Othello (1964)
Maggie Smith wins Outstanding Supporting Actress in Drama Series for http…
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if you're going to go big for a movie, might as well have Maggie Smith w/a laser pistol & Hugh Bonneville w/a lightsaber 😄
back to DS emmys: Kathryn Leigh Scott for the all time most authentic 1st episode 1st tv appearance bang on as Maggie Smith. Good show :)
BBC’s ‘lost’ Much Ado with Maggie Smith and Robert Stephens rediscovered via
Really want to go for afternoon tea with Maggie Smith, Judy Dench and Julie Walters
Tracey Ullman does spot-on impressions of Dames Judi Dench and Maggie Smith - watch and marvel:
SiSu: The Lady in the Van. I flipping love Maggie Smith and she is amazing in this. As is Alex Jennings. Great cast all around.
Tracey Ullman’s Show’ trailer sends up Maggie Smith, Judi Dench & more
Tracey Ullman flawlessly channels Judi Dench and Maggie Smith for her upcoming HBO series:
Tracey Ullman's impressions of Judi Dench and Maggie Smith are featured in the trailer for her new HBO series:
Tuesday Movie at Jacaranda 2pm is a 2016 comedy by Alan Bennett starring Maggie Smith:
It'll be complicated but I feel sure they'll find a way to give it to Maggie Smith for Downton Abbey next year too.
Maggie Smith once again won an Emmy, and once again, she wasn't there to accept it
Checking out the Emmy results. So cool to see Maggie Smith recognised at last!
Congratulations to Maggie Smith on winning Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama!
Maggie Smith wins an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress for "Downton Abbey," but wasn't there to accept the award
The Maggie Smith shade tonight alone has made these 3 hours more than worth it
Congratulations to Maggie Smith on her win for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for
And the winner for supporting actress in a Drama Series is Maggie Smith!
I'm gutted that Maisie, Emilia or Lena didn't win but to lose to Maggie Smith is not a bad thing
I LOVE Maggie Smith, she is a legend...With that said, Constance Zimmer's performance in was REVOLUTIONARY & deser…
maggie smith is like 300 years old and won an Emmy.
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama goes to Maggie Smith for
The news that there will be a movie, and that Maggie Smith will return for it is probably the best news I…
Does the Maggie Smith rule apply if you are busy filming Star Wars: Rogue One?
We run down all of the highs and lows from this year's Emmy Awards:.
Congrats to Dame Maggie Smith for once again winning Supporting Actress in a Drama for 'Downton Abbey' at the http…
Maybe Constance Zimmer will win next year? Maggie Smith is just so difficult to beat.
CONGRATULATIONS to Dame Maggie Smith for winning Best Supporting Actress at the for 👏🎉
Maggie Smith wins best drama supporting actress at the 2016
Can't believe Lena Headey didn't win an Emmy last night?! I love Maggie Smith but come on, did you see Cersei last season?
Downton Abbey's Maggie Smith has won Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series at the in the US https:…
Dame Maggie Smith is a legend, but.. ANYONE else in that category was more deserving. 20 year Maura Tierney fan over here. Com…
CONGRATULATIONS Dame Maggie Smith for her Actress in the Drama Series win for
The fact that the most precious actress of all time, Maggie Smith, won Baranski's Emmy is just beyond me 😂
Maggie Smith wins Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for "Downton Abbey"
Wish you could join us Dame Maggie Smith. Your for Supporting Actress in is in safe hands!
Maggie Smith couldn't be here tonight because she's too busy running Hogwarts.
Jimmy Kimmel just roasted Maggie Smith for about 3 min on stage at the Emmys. WATCH OUT FOOL SHE GONNA GET YA ***
GLEN RIDGE, NJ – Maggie Smith had two goals and two assists as the Glen Ridge High School varsity field hocke...
Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Stockard Channing, Maggie Smith, KLG; there can be no better cast than that of The First Wives Club
📷 dontbesodroopy: Elizabeth McGovern, Maggie Smith, Laura Carmichael, and Penelope Wilton - behind the...
I share my bday with Maggie Smith, Nigel Kennedy and Richard Whiteley so I'm an Oscar-winning violinist who got bitten by a ferret.
Have they cast Maggie Smith to play the female version of Saul for Ocean's 8 yet?
I wonder who the 8th will be? Feels like they might need an older lady like a Judi Dench or Maggie Smith in it.
Top film on Brit TV today, PayTV: Michael Palin is wonderful in Alan Bennett's A Private Function 21:10 w/ Maggie Smith
I'm watching Downton Abbey and right now Maggie Smith and Shirley MacLaine are acting on screen together. Incredible.
Dream movie cast: Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, Judy Dench, Maggie Smith, & Frances Conroy. I just want to hear them all talk. ❤
Same re: Maggie Smith, Biden & Zachary Quinto. Don't really care about Quinto but he would, and he'd be mad annoying about it.
Maggie Smith & Daniel Radcliffe in David Copperfield (1999), and in Harry Potter (2011).
Confrontation scene from Dreamgirls w/Cat Zeta Jones as Effie, Meryl Streep as Deena, Maggie Smith as Lorrell, & Martin Short as Michelle.
Penny with resting Maggie Smith face & side-eye.
Meryl Streep, Ingrid Bergman, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Lange, Maggie Smith & Helen Hayes: the only actresses to win Lea…
it is a brilliant movie -all i need to do is name the cast (Alec Guinness, Peter Sellars, Peter Falk, David Niven, Maggie Smith)..
One of the the Dames: Helen Mirren, Judy Dench or Maggie Smith 📽.
Thinking about how funny Eileen Brennan is in Murder by Death! Maggie Smith and Elsa Lancaster, too, of course!
"Those two ladies in their eighties" - my mom on Maggie Smith and Dame Judy Dench
But is she a Rachel or a Quinn? And who's her co-queen, Helen Mirren or Maggie Smith?
81 yo British actress Dame Judy Dench just got her first tattoo. It's on her wrist and it says, “No, you’re thinking of Maggie Smith."
This is the young Maggie Smith. Our very own Professor McGonagall😻
Nicola Sturgeon is,as far as I'm concerned, up there with all 5 Spice Girls and Maggie Smith in my very own top 3 badass British women chart
Maggie Smith and Christopher Plummer in LILY IN LOVE (1984)*. *Can they please do another film together??
All my pupils are the creme de la creme. . 🎥 The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie . 🎬 Ronald Neame . 🎭 Maggie Smith
Spelling of Capital/Capitol: If it has a DOME it's an O. If it has a DAME, it's generally Helen Mirren or Maggie Smith.
Peter Ustinov, Maggie Smith, and Bob Newhart in HOT MILLIONS, available from ht…
How about starring Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith, Judy Dench, and Diana Rigg? Women, British, and of a certain age. BOOM!
How's progress on Downton coming?? LOL watching a Maggie Smith movie with my wife.
Emma Thompson & Maggie Smith shared the stage with a Bavarian brass band (lederhosen) and Dame Judi Dench told us all to swipe right 🇬🇧
I love Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz, Maggie Smith and Judi Dench as well...
I'm calling it now, Maggie Smith is the new James Bond
Finally watching The Lady in the Van. Maggie Smith is genius.
😚 Enjoy! Check out The Lady in the van with Maggie Smith.
Maggie Smith lives in a van in the UK for... 'The Lady In The Van'.
The Lady in the Van is a gem. Maggie Smith is beyond superlatives.
The Lady in the Van: Maggie Smith lets her hair down in the role of a real-life bag lady who lived in a van a...
My painting of Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham from Downton Abbey played by the gifted Maggie Smith.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Evil Under the Sun: Dames Diana Rigg and Maggie Smith hating on each other (and singing together) is my fave thing. https:…
Maggie Smith, Annette Bening, Jessica Lange and Glenn Close are the only ones who come close to Meryl Streep territory.
Rewatching from the start because Maggie Smith is life.
I went to see a movie starring Dame Maggie Smith at the local theatre. IT'S PACKED WITH OLD LADIES! Amazing.
Maybe Owen should do this for Ms. Smith and she will pass him
Get your music professionally featured & focused on - share the audience over at .
7am DGH Breakfast. 9am The A 2 Z of pop with RICHARD SMITH. 10am De Monde in the morning hosted by MAGGIE DE MONDE...
We constantly turn into Maggie Smith at work by the end of the day.
Of course, in EMS, what does it matter that today is only Tuesday? via
When you read books, you imagine your own characters. However, Maggie Smith is Professor Minerva McGonagall, even in my head.
ikr! it's exactly what it sounds like. I imagine Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall, that faint but stern smile
Old people are scary. And I have to face it. I am old and I am scary.
With Over, Creator Julian Fellowes Wants a Movie—and a Cup of Tea via
Check out new book chapter Tired Of Being Scared from my 3rd fiction/fantasy book out now! . h…
"Those moments that otherwise just pass by; as they do, in their millions, each & every day..". . ht…
see you tomorrow! My biggest wish is to get your autograph...Please make my dream come true... ht…
The Lady in the Van starring Maggie Smith: Fri 27th May, 7pm.
Maggie Smith and Timothy Bottoms, behind the scenes on Love and Pain and the Whole *** Thing, 1973
Another great movie: THE LADY IN THE VAN. Maggie Smith & Jim Broadbent. BBC. Her character lived in a van parked on his driveway for 15 yrs
This movie stars Maggie Smith and Jim Broadbent and isn't Harry Potter.
And only one has Maggie Smith, and Peter Falk, and Alec Guinness, and David Niven, and Nancy Walker …
On with A Room With A View. Judi Dench and Maggie Smith, Helena Bonham Carter and Daniel Day-Lewis way back 1985. 😍
Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Colin Firth, Jeremy Irons, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman. My fav people in one sentence.
i think that happened on the Maggie Smith and John Betjeman one, and that is what led to the Jimmy Reid one
📷 dontbesodroopy: Maggie Smith (with a dash of Nick Park, Prince Charles, Judi Dench, and David Mills)...
"…I danced with Maggie Smith briefly - an unforgettable moment." - Rupert Grint .
I want to have a scene with Maggie Smith.
Just saw Maggie Smith in "The Lady in the Van". Remarkable performance. Here's an article on the real woman.
Downton Abbey actress Samantha Bond on ITV's Home Fires and working with Maggie Smith
Just a little excited to have Maggie Smith opening our exhibition!!
Last chance for Maggie Smith & Tom Courtenay in Dustin Hoffman's comedy film on until 11.35pm
Nick and Nora Charles are parodied brilliantly by David Niven and Maggie Smith in the film Murder by Death. Worth a watch.
Watched Alan Bennett's THE LADY IN THE VAN. Maggie Smith is sublime as Miss Shepherd. Fun to see so many of The History Boys in it.
Joan Collins followed Maggie Smith in calling out Ben Kingsley on Graham Norton for insisting on 'Sir Ben'. AMAZING
I want a 24/7 watch on Bruce Forsyth, David Attenborough, Trevor Macdonald, Judy Dench and Maggie Smith, 2016 isn't safe!
Right, if I find out that Maggie Smith, Judy Dench or Julie Walters has died I'm going to be so mad!
Someone lock up Maggie Smith, & Judy Dench please? Heck, all of our icons, let's just put them safely on an island
If the Queen, Maggie Smith, Judy Dench and Meryl Streep make it all through this year in one piece it will be a miracle
Could Judy Dench and Maggie Smith just stay alive 4the rest of the year. I can't stand much more of this & it's only April. Oh &Sean Connery
Absolutely right. She would have been the next generation Maggie Smith or similar - a brilliant character actress
Alan Bennett's story is based on the true story of Miss Shepherd (played by a magnificent Maggie Smith), a woman...
Maggie Smith plays Miss Shepherd, a woman who "temporarily" parks her van in a man's driveway and proceeds to...
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