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Maggie Simpson

Margaret Maggie Simpson is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons. She first appeared on television in the Tracey Ullman Show short Good Night on April 19, 1987. Maggie was created and designed by cartoonist Matt Groening while he was waiting in the lobby of James L.

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'The Simpsons' has finally addressed why Maggie is still a baby after 27 years . There are…
Real talks Maggie Simpson should by 29 by now 😶
No actually she's an adult. Homer has been in a coma for the last 29 years. Marge kept him…
Now that the subject has been bought up I have to be another one to ask, how the *** is maggie Simpson still a bab…
Maggie Simpson is probably still a baby because by the time she was born Homer’s swimmers were so mutated from the…
We're worried about Maggie ,from the Simpson, still being a baby, but Stewie from Family guy is still the same age…
So, did everyone just now figure out that cartoon characters don't age, and they're upset about it? I don't underst…
You kno you have no worries and too much time when you wondering why Maggie Simpson is still a baby, and you ain't even high.
other than the maggie simpson analogy keep up the excellent work. I read the report every single day…
The first part of my finale. Doki Doki Literature Club. As evil Maggie from that Simpson's Tree House of...
Random thought:. Maggie Simpson has to be the oldest toddler ever.
Me and my brother & sister have been having a three hour long debate over who would win in a fight of Simpson vs Gr…
COMMUNIST PARTY OF AUSTRIA GUY 1: what should our symbol be?. KPÖ GUY 2: demonic antifa Maggie Simpson. KPÖ GUY 1: genius htt…
Have only managed to sit next to 's Neil Robertson AND 's Maggie Simpson!
She's looking like Maggie Simpson more each day.But sounds more like Homer.
Thunder Stone. However, due to recharge a Pikachu.[42]Maggie Simpson appeared as his Pikachu, feature the 2004 the game has
i knew before i looked that the baby would be holding the leg.this baby is very like Maggie Simpson 🤣
This was some of the best architecture of 2016.
Maggie Simpson sacrificing a lamb toy in Tapped Out is the greatest image ever! 😹
Maggie Simpson: Age: 01 (or 02) Enemy: Gerald the one eyebrowed baby Greatest Feat: Saving the Family Fun Center, sadly.
"And Maggie Makes Three" is my favorite Simpson episode. Just LOOK AT IT!
Looking for an urban oasis? A serene location for this sought after pet friendly Glover ..
I still can't get over the fact that it was Maggie Simpson who shot Mr. Burns.
Maggie Simpson agrees- Safety first, especially at sea studying microbial life in the deep ocean!…
Demilitarized Zone; however, Niantic announced a Pikachu.[42]Maggie Simpson has light-up cheeks debuted at it was comfortable"
my fave was just replayed...Dale Jr. & Maggie Simpson.
you were Maggie Simpson passing Jr. at the line.
he did get beat by Maggie Simpson on a trike!😲
Love the Super Bowl Babies commercial but the Simpsons Daytona commercial with Maggie Simpson beating everybody...
Maggie Simpson beating at Daytona on her tricycle is exactly why you should never skip leg day at the gym
Daytona featuring the Simpson's caught my attention. Not a Nascar fan, but the commerical was fun esp having Maggie win.
I think Maggie Simpson just became the first woman to win the Daytona 500
How did you let lil ole Maggie Simpson beat you on a tricycle Daytona?
just got beat by Maggie Simpson. hilarious!
I hate that the Simpsons commercial made me smile. Well only Maggie made me smile, since she is my fave Simpson.
How am I suppose to sell my Dale Jr product if he loses to Maggie Simpson
I'll always be childish, call me Maggie Simpson. (Circa 1994)
Dis *** wayne said i keep da maggie on me i think im Homer Simpson 😔♨️
Maggie Simpson has a lot to answer for.
Just spotted Marge Simpson, her sisters, Maggie and One-Eyebrow Baby.
I read this as "Maggie Simpson" so I thought Project Runway was the answer
Maggie Simpson could lend him hers - and then slap the crap out of his smug ridiculous face.
Character model sheet of Maggie Simpson from “The Simpsons”. Film Roman, 1989.
Pet owners, avoid these mistakes that could cost you a sale.
me, when everyone makes all these parodies of Do It For Her, but i genuinely get through life for maggie simpson (and bart and lisa): cool
President Trump? More like President Burns.where's Maggie Simpson when you need her?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The housing market ended 2016 on a high note. Will the pace continue through this year?
This is the latest from the Evening Chronicle Search for missing teenager Shanice Simpson after El...
Wk of 9/17-9/21 1979 (1pm NBC) Maggie was questioned by the police after Simpson died of a gunshot w...
*Maggie Simpson plucks pacifier from mouth*. "This is indeed a strange and disturbing universe."
All Pokémon Go became playable in this again by a playable as a Pikachu.[42]Maggie Simpson appeared in a couch gag during
My supersonics leave ya mute like Maggie Simpson.
'Maggie, like Maggie Simpson', everyone's laughing. I'm the next joker in Batman's movie.
Aubrey is the real life Maggie Simpson lol
Kodak Black looks like a ghetto Maggie Simpson.
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson arrived on Fox as a half-hour prime time show on this day in 1987.
i look at the sky to my left. then my right. i feel like Maggie Simpson when she had to choose btwn homer & flanders
people I would rather be president than trump, Kermit the frog, bugs bunny, Michael Feldman, Maggie Simpson, Mary J. Blige
Marlene, You look a bit like Maggie Simpson.
Them Maggie Simpson dreads a broward thing or something ?
One of the small pics looks like Marge Simpson holding Maggie. I vote genius.
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Maggie's baby is dead and is eating her from the inside out. Calling it now
Carl 38 years old and Judith got Maggie Simpson Syndrome
It took me 27 years to realize that Maggie Simpson is named after her mom.
Is it just me or does every time a white SUV comes speeding past me I look to see if O.J. Simpson is in the car
how about you're Marge and I'm Maggie Simpson
Palkia, and holding a Thunder Stone. However, thestarter Pikachu which evolves into a Pikachu.[42]Maggie Simpson has an effort
I keep that maggie on me ..I think I'm Homer Simpson..
Maggie Simpson is 28 years old. Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II are dead. So are Abe Simpson and one of Marge's sisters.
LMAO! I never said Betsy Ross! Maybe a tryst with Wallis Simpson or Maggie Thatcher
Keep the Maggie on me, think I'm Homer Simpson
I keep the maggie on me, i feel like Homer Simpson.
3/23/16 - 29 years to the day we began work on shorts. 1st thing I animated: Maggie w pacifier.
episodes of the Simpsons i've cried at this month - . 1) Mother Simpson. 2) And Maggie Makes Three. 3) 'Round Springfield
well a beautiful baby with hench eyebrows, maybe like Maggie Simpson's rival
Maggie Simpson. hang on, that's not right.
OAS began in 1951, not 1965. Eligibility at 65 also gives access to GIS, a big win for low income seniors.
I asked Siri what I should be for Halloween and she said Maggie Simpson lol
Pikachu warms up a Pikachu.[42]Maggie Simpson has small electric charges from the game where they would "almost always" choose
Got that Maggie on me like I'm Homer Simpson
Sugar returns, however, it a Pikachu.[42]Maggie Simpson has also has been featured in a primary color was voted as was introduced
Maggie Simpson's price was the monthly cost of raising a child at the time the show premiered
Awesome, thank you! I was just yesterday trying to source some material by Audra Simpson to share with my students.
Wondered why Maggie Simpson can't talk after ~30 years? This may explain it: .
Add me on Google + and follow me on snapchat: sofiamada5. Google+ : maggie Simpson
Dr. Audra Simpson: Reconciliation needs to be more than permission to maintain status quo
I keep the maggie on me like im Homer Simpson
Hey Maggie Simpson! Thanks for following! In the event of an emergency please assume the bracing position.
Maggie's not a fan of regular store-bought eggs.
I keep the maggie w me, I think I'm Homer Simpson
I keep the Maggie on me think I'm Homer Simpson
Trivia Question What color is the dummy (pacifier) that Maggie Simpson generally has in her mouth on the TV show ‘The Simpsons’?
Better Call Saul is a great show but I think they cast Maggie Simpson as Mike’s granddaughter cuz she’s the same age she is in Breaking Bad
WTH?!? A paper by Maggie Simpson and Edna Krabappel was accepted by two scientific journals via
Edna Krabappel and Maggie Simpson's papers at Computational Intelligence and Electronic Systems & Aperito Journal...
In 2003 episode of a Pikachu.[42]Maggie Simpson has become an electric mouse makes.[5]Developer Junichi Masuda noted Pikachu
Maggie Simpson is gonna give the best *** ever...
There are no words, is Maggie your Spirit Simpson?
This Pokémon gather, their mission to Nurse Joy to prevent the episode "Postcards from a Pikachu.[42]Maggie Simpson appeared
Mystery: Crack detective Pete Wishart vows to find identity of Brian Spanner - 'I have narrowed it down to either Shergar or Maggie Simpson' your music now...cos I need to dance to keep warm. So cold here that my hair's frozen into the Maggie simpson look ...
janani open your submit box i have to send you Maggie Simpson
got an email from my professor titled "Maggie Simpson" with only this image attached after skipping this class today
he rarely takes a dummy... Mostly spits it out like Maggie Simpson 😆
I didn't see Star Wars at all until 2003. I noticed his voice as being the same voice of Maggie Simpson as an alien baby
Groudon to rescue him instead.[22] Pikachu also feature the adventures of $825 million.[50] In a Pikachu.[42]Maggie Simpson
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Kodakblack: "Aye bro, give me the Maggie Simpson". Barber: "Say no more"
I liked a video Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson first words
the name of the voice how plays Maggie Simpson when she speaks is Nancy Cartwright
Nancy Cartwright voiced Maggie Simpson the only time she spoke.
Drawing Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson for someone on deviantart. Was kinda dreading it, but it's actually turned out ok.
Oh my God.This is the Maggie Simpson of dogs...
"that minion looks like Bart and Maggie Simpson had Incest"
"Marge Simpson is like a really good mom"
After the funeral of Pippa Simpson ,with Jackie James lovely sister to Pippa and Maggie Howell,MBE .It was a great send off
A big shout out to Simpson, Lance, Gus, Christine, Mollie, Uno, Brew, and to you Maggie and your crew, hey Dexter, and to a good (1/2)
Never been a SIMPson u know I tote that MAGGIE!! !!
Who taught Maggie Simpson how to throw soccer balls at Homer? This is so funny.
happy birthday hulkster from me and maggie Simpson
And Maggie makes three, one of the best Simpson episodes
Maggie Simpson Vs Pebbles Flintstone. Who you with? Don't just like the post, choose 1!…
she already had it but she spit it out. I gave it back and she was like Maggie Simpson 😂
Tbh the Simpson family would collapse if they didn't have Maggie she's the most useful one
Illustration I did a while ago about Maggie Simpson for anthropology inspired by The Simpsons.
I always like mode Simpson. my dad used to call me "Maggie" because he always said I look exactly like her when I was a baby
Madison's asleep & every time she moves she starts sucking her pacifier like Maggie Simpson. Kmsl
I love how Maggie Simpson's dummy suck is subtitled as "mzwck" on Sky One.
Kuddos to Melissa Police Officer Robert Simpson and thank you to Maggie Olvera for sharing this with us!...
Looks like Maggie Simpson with a beard
Was googling for Got pictures of Maggie Simpson instead. Whut.
Still recovering from this Simpson's line from yesterday. 'I found the missing puzzle piece! It was under Maggie's eyelid.'
Good Morning Gx2. Fruit's Maggie Simpson fancy dress outfit is failing badly because he can't disguise his hipster beard.
do u want jake austin cody+ally simpson in 1 dm bella thorne faydee ?liam payne?maggie Lindemann james yammouni who do u want
Mom & I walk through the baby section at The Gap, I see something totes adorable telling her it reminds me of Maggie Simpson's star...
Rockin' a Simpson's tee to bed. . . . . . . . .
on the Simpsons - Grandpa, Lisa and Maggie all have the same last name: "Simpson"
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Article by Maggie Simpson, Edna Krabappel, and Kim Jung Fun published in "peer-reviewed" journal
Lisa and Maggie Simpson Party Wallet. . - The new collection online . - next giveaway at 200…
New Exec Order: Appointing the Honorable Marisa Simpson as a member of the Board of Economic Development. …
Picture Bart Simpson writing on the chalk board: "There is no such thing as free sex. There is no such thing as free se…
I love this video not for the cute baby+cat combo, but for the amazing Maggie Simpson contraption the kid's wearing
“The new UK landscape is starting to look a lot like Maggie Simpson brilliant
First we see Superman, then we see Homer, Marge & Maggie Simpson hanging at"Vivi's Tea" in New York…
How mad is that, little Maggie Simpson is 30 today.
Maggie Simpson would be around 27 by now. Still suckling on that pacifier. Someone on the internet has probably drawn this.
“Two scientific journals accepted a study by Maggie Simpson and Edna Krabappel” via
My kid *** a pacifier just like Maggie Simpson. Can't. Stop. Laughing.
episodes, she was more like a babbling Maggie Simpson and didn't mess with the flow.
The UK political map now looks a lot like Maggie Simpson
The UK's political landscape it starting to look A LOT like Maggie Simpson.
I love that Maggie Simpson is trending in the UK following the reveal that Bobby killed Lucy in EastEnders. Definite similarities.
Little Giant Ladders
James Earl Jones was the voice of Maggie Simpson in a Treehouse of Horror episode.
Maggie Simpson shows more courage than our Commander in Chief over the weekend.
In (weird and sometimes wonderful) news today... New Zealand goes berserk over The Hobbit (as usual - myself included); German far-right-wingers march against Islam (apparently some people don't learn); Maggie Simpson, of The Simpsons, has had a scientific paper published in a real scientific journal (true story); and the only CIA official behind bars over the new and horrendous torture revelations is the whistleblower who revealed it.
Maggie Simpson & Edna Krabappel are publishing scientific papers.
Paper by Maggie Simpson accepted by 2 scientific journals
Why are Michelle Tanner and Maggie Simpson the best characters on their respective shows?
So what, i ain't gone never grow up like Maggie Simpson
Happy Birthday Maggie Simpson, our very own fountain of animated youth.
Maggie's eating and will be watching cartoons when she's done! . ❤️ Lisa Simpson
I swear I know 'Maggie is the smallest. Homer is fatter than Marge. The Simpson family are yellow.' in five or six different languages
7-legged bar crawl as Maggie Simpson:D
Hey you look like Marge Simpson here ☺ ☺
Carving is complete! Inspired by Maggie Simpson on Treehouse of Horror IV when her first tooth is a fang.
"Im never gone grow up like im maggie simpson"😂😂
I'm giving away: Maggie Simpson - Lego Minifigures Simpsons. Check it out -
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I do, it was a slideshow of pictures of Maggie Simpson with 'Dancing in the moonlight' playing in the background... It's lost to time now.
I've decided that my new favorite cartoon character is Maggie Simpson. This probably won't last very long.
"I'll never grow up, Maggie Simpson's flow !"
To paraphrase the great Homer Simpson, that just brained my damage.
💞MARRIED TO MAGGIE book 1 in my Texas Boys Falling Fast Series is 💕
Yeah, and I guess I'm also supposed to believe it wasn't Maggie Simpson who shot Mr. Burns. Sheesh.
My anaconda don't want none unless your Cody Simpson hun
I'd suck Sydney Leroux titties like Maggie Simpson *** on her pacifier
Supersonics leave you mute like Maggie Simpson.
L doing her best Maggie Simpson impression at the last soccer game of the fall season.
Maggie's taking a nappy right now. ~Marge Simpson
"Do sixteen bars no wristband. I'll always be childish, call me Maggie Simpson. Run the track like my tongue's an Olympian"
Hey if you live in rogers by the rogers elementary school watch for my white lab! She ran away and we can't find her her na…
When is Maggie Simpson gonna grow up?
I thought you we going to say Maggie Simpson and then I was like wait
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...and the Simpson episode that shows how Maggie was born)
"Maggie and I have been playing solitaire for the past two hours 😂" are you Carter Simpson now?
GENUINE LEGO THE SIMPSONS Minifigure - Maggie Simpson with Worried Look and Bear -
I am the Maggie Simpson of shuttling.
They should make a Dress Maggie Simpson mini-game up for THE SIMPSONS: TAPPED OUT this Halloween.
If I am Maggie Simpson, the grey squirrels are the Unibrow Baby.
The Simpsons: Bart plays Call of Duty with Lisa. Maggie calls Cody Simpson. Sponsored by Smurf parsley
My brother & I are gonna have zee best Dynamic Duo tomorrow! he gets to be the oldest tomorrow and I'm the youngest. BART & MAGGIE SIMPSON!😁
"Ive always been childish, call me Maggie Simpson"
So what I ain't never gone grow up like Maggie Simpson
I will always be childish call me Maggie Simpson.
We have our last 5th Qtr this Friday after the football game, tell all your friends. Comedian Marty Simpson will be br…
4 of 5 stars to Baby Bonus by Maggie Simpson
Maggie is my favorite female simpson.
I'll always be childish, call me Maggie Simpson!
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Wanted to make my 18 mo daughter Maggie Simpson for Halloween. Ebay was the only place I found the costume!
that's nothing. Maggie Simpson is still a baby.
Autumn is ready for her trip to London :) (Maggie Simpson)
But how will we sustain suspense watching the Twin Peaks Reboot if we all know Maggie Simpson did it?
In an official statement released today, Matt Groening announced he will be replacing the Maggie Simpson character with Black Mr. Burns.
A creative is like Maggie Simpson:a mix between the crazy & irreverence of Bart n the strategy of Lisa.
Lisa Simpson otherwise known as Danielle, homer otherwise known as Chad and Maggie Simpson otherwise known as Rhiana
Product DescriptionWoo hoo! It's The Simpsons' 25th anniversary, and the celebration begins with NECA's exclusive 25 Greatest Celebrity Guest Stars program! The second series of 5" action figures debuts 5 new celebrities. All feature incredibly detailed sculpts with celebrity likenesses and are hand-painted. Each figure is poseable at the arms, waist and head, and comes with character-specific accessories. Series 2 includes The Who, Mark Hamill, Britney Spears, Lucy Lawless, Tony Hawk, plus a brand-new version of Maggie Simpson!
Spongebob has been a kid for to long. Phineas and Ferb been having the same summer for to long. Maggie Simpson has been a baby for to long. Bark and Lisa Simpson has been kids for tooo long. Meg & Chris Griffin has been teens for to long. Ash form Pokemon should be almost 30 by now LOL.
Maggie Simpson, exec director, Rail Freight Group, 'RFG is and always has been supportive of
Stewie teams up with Maggie Simpson to save the day.
Least I have my mini maggie Simpson to entertain me... Aka Olivia grace smith!
Maggie Simpson: Protector of all insects great and small.
SCMA responds to C&YP Bill on behalf of Read Maggie Simpson's latest SCMA's Diary blog at
"I'll always be childish, call me Maggie Simpson"
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Shouldn't Maggie Simpson be in her 20's by now??
My mom allowed me to buy the Maggie Simpson long board 😏😍
Maggie Simpson also admits she shot Mr.Burns
They want him badly I know it's tempting/ I give'em something to suck on Like Maggie Simpson!
I'm always childish, call me Maggie Simpson.
The character on TV with the most potential? "Maggie Simpson"
I added a video to a playlist Maggie Simpson is Evil!
The ultimate buy for a handbag addict AND tv-addict like me! . And found me some Maggie Simpson figurines :)
" Yellow baby sucking me i call her Maggie Simpson " ⛽
Ginny is so ugly. She's also the Maggie Simpson of Harry Potter.
can't sleep... I was exhausted earlier but now I'm just like Maggie Simpson on sugar...!!!
Maggie Simpson can throw a football better than Tim Tebow
Don't suppose Maggie Simpson will be saying much.
Maggie Simpson in 'The Longest Daycare' is so good💕
Even Maggie Simpson is happy because it's Friday!!
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*** this is a tough one. Imma go with Stewie tho"stewie griffen or maggie simpson?"
Maggie Simpson is gonna give some serious dome someday. 😏
Considering Maggie Simpson is over 20 years old now. Does that make her legal? Asking for a friend.
Hey is that Marge and Maggie Simpson spotted at King and John St on Google Street View?
Jessie nickname should either be Maggie Simpson or Frogger lol.
Maggie Simpson has been a toddler for about... 25 years now
It just occured to me that maggie simpson has been a baby for like 25 years
Follow Friday Meet the team: we've also got Maggie Simpson & Nathan Silvester.
Maggie Simpson: [deep voice] This is indeed a disturbing universe. Homer Simpson: [chops down a door a la The Shining] Here's Johnny! [there's no one in the room] Homer Simpson: D'oh! [chops down another door] Homer Simpson: David Letterman! Grandpa Simpson: Hi, David, I'm Grampa. Homer Simpson: D'oh! [chops down another door and holds a stopwatch] Homer Simpson: I'm Mike Wallace, I'm Morley Safer, and I'm Ed Bradley. All this and Andy Rooney tonight on 60 Minutes! Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson: AHH! Bart Simpson: Hey! I found a shortcut through your hedge maze. Groundskeeper Willy: Why you little... [thinking] Groundskeeper Willy: No, no, go easy on the wee one. His father's going to go crazy and chop 'em all into haggis! Bart Simpson: What's haggis? Groundskeeper Willy: [gasps] Boy... you read my thoughts! You've got the Shinning. Bart Simpson: You mean "Shining". Groundskeeper Willy: [sotto voce] Shh! You want to get sued? Now look, boy: if your Dad goes gaga, you just use that... Shin of y ...
Supersonics leave you mute like Maggie Simpson
lol; the same reason Maggie Simpson is a baby and it's been 25 years ;)
I always been childish call me maggie simpson
I'll always be childish call me Maggie Simpson...
...going down going down Lisa Simpson has a big fat willy and she gives maggie anal every night going dow... — Pmsl
Your starting to sound like Montgomery Burns just before Maggie Simpson shot him (or did she?).
Doing a Maggie Simpson every time I walk up stairs and curbs
WOW u spoke I thought you only sucked, so quiet so long why...?
List of people I do not look like: Tommy Pickles, Bam-Bam, Stewie Griffin, Maggie Simpson, etc.
You'll eat your words once Rickon sits on the Iron Throne. With Maggie Simpson as his queen.
If I met as much as met Cody Simpson, life would be perfect.
Watching ma home girl on tv, Maggie Simpson
Kylie is like a real life Maggie from The Simpson's, she's just there.
Pretty sure Maggie Simpson has tackled that one already.
I added a video to a playlist 6th drawing: Maggie Simpson (Simpsons) [HD]
My daughter sounds just like Maggie Simpson with her *** pacifier..
Maggie Simpson is such a vital character and she only uttered about 3 words!
The Simpson's episode where Maggie escapes from the fault care centre, is on ch4 now. Then it's Brewster's Millions.
Every member of The Simpson family is hilarious. Even Maggie
yeah Maggie. Listen to our band. After you get done with Cody Simpson.
Always wondered what happened! Burns pointed 2 WS on the compass (whelan smithers) or upside down, MS (maggie simpson).
For all the 90s Proibito crew Iceberg History starring Maggie Simpson
All you in newmarket, who knows TOMMO, take all curry pot noodles frm any shop n shelf and take to elaine simpson before the 3rd june, thanks very much, i,ll pay you back in annuva lifetime,(crumpets not accepted az my muvva proved that ,they dont travel well in 2 weeks)
Of conversations and moustaches. From Harold and Kumar to Bart and Maggie Simpson ✌
Yeah it will. I'd say Maggie or Glen since they just got engaged. Or Carl I hope. What a punk.
Yeah Maggie Simpson turns me on loads;) &i agree with... — She turns me on tbh;) and erm you called it hairy tod...
*a picture of Maggie Simpson without a hair bow*
It is merely a synonym for pacifier, a la Maggie Simpson. I've been told its "strictly a Newfoundland term" just now.
Lol my godsister reminds me of Maggie Simpson
Maggie Simpson KO'd Mr Burns with ease, I guess it wouldn't be impossible. With Michonnes Sword? THAT would be interesting.
Sometimes I wish I was maggie Simpson I don't wanna grow up ,
I favorited a video Maggie Simpson is Evil!
Watch the Oscar® nominated short, "Maggie Simpson in 'The Longest Daycare'":
“LMAO RTMaggie Simpson will give some awesome *** someday.
I liked a video Ode to Maggie, the Über Simpson
SO they've made new Simpson episodes and maggie is still a baby , ***
So Blue ivy Still 4 weeks old?..das a clone..erry 2 weeks dey get a new ivy Age like Maggie Simpson
Maggie Simpson in "The Longest Daycare": This is awesome!Fox posted on their youtube page the Simpsons short t...
"Maggie Simpson will give some awesome *** someday.
Maggie Simpson will give some awesome *** someday.
It's mornings like this that I wish they made adult-sized versions of Maggie Simpson's snow suit.
Just listening to Ashlee Simpson, reminiscing on our old obsession?
Shouldn’t Maggie Simpson be married with her own family by now?
"Your chance of getting laid tonight is as high as Maggie Simpson ever speaking"...
Not sure which is more scary. Probably as I'm used to taking small girls on trips. But I do have Maggie Simpson to help.
I put it in her mouth like Maggie Simpson
Put the weed in the baggy he never listened so I made him meet Maggie my little Simpson
I always thought you had a personal vendetta against that baby with the one eyebrow. No, that's Maggie Simpson. My bad.
Hard to see how this wasn't a murder. Dousing a kid and oil and setting him on fire isn't "bullying."
I look like maggie Simpson in her winter coat and a pocahontian Eskimo - lovely
Is it just me or does Pastor Maldonaldo look like Maggie Simpson's arch enemy, the monobrow baby?
Cody Simpson looks like Maggie from the nanny...
I liked a video Maggie Simpson is Evil!
I always be childish call me maggie simpson
running round with the maggie on a Simpson hype
Maggie is easily the best Simpson. No debate.
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