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Maggie Hassan

Margaret Maggie Wood Hassan (born February 27, 1958) is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party, and her party's nominee for Governor of New Hampshire in 2012. From 2004 to 2010 she represented the 23rd District in the State Senate.

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Please send the extra money you have in your paycheck in February directly to Maggie Hassa…
Congress woman Kuster ,Shea Porter, Senators Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan. Why would you hurt 89% of NH families?
NH senator Maggie Hassan, whose state has the 2nd-highest rate of drug OD deaths in the country, has been critical of congre…
Maggie Hassan has her “Heil Schumer” pledge of loyalty salute perfected. It must be a tough spot for her. March…
Thank you Maggie Hassan. I am grateful that we can count on you
is NO longer a senator. She was replaced by Maggie Hassan. She can't vote on the bill. Please make the correction!
With you on the issues but Kelly Ayotte, thankfully, has been defeated by Maggie Hassan and is no longer in the Senate.
I’m with you on the issues but Maggie Hassan defeated Kelly Ayotte in 2016.
This is a bit outdated, though. Ayotte is no longer in the Senate (thank god). Maggie Hassan (D-NH) defeated her in 2016
Maggie Hassan defeated Kelly Ayotte by 1,017 votes. Al Franken won in 2006 by 312 votes. Shelly Simonds wins in VA…
U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan joins Chris to discuss the state of play regarding funding to combat the opioid crisis...
A stark reminder of how this could stifle and CC:
Enjoyed this substantive interview with !
We need now. Please call our New Hampshire Senators and let them know we want $2000 more in our pockets! Clic…
“The Pharmaceutical industry is doing everything it can to keep this epidemic going”
Let’s extrapolate on logic: Did Maggie Hassan take three weeks to call for Al Franken to resign because her…
Congress must aggressively investigate the pharmaceutical industry's role in the opioid crisis, says New Hampshire Senator M…
Women in the Senate are not having it today. . Senators Claire McCaskill, Maggie Hassan, Kirsten Gillibrand, PattyMurray, and…
Imagine how different this year might have been if Maggie Hassan didn't beat Kelly Ayotte.
Sen. Maggie Hassan barely won New Hampshire, but she did win. Unlike somebody else who's claiming to have won there. This th…
Other than Maggie Hassan and Catherine Cortez Masto, their recruits were thoroughly underwhelming. Murphy…
Great convo with Sen. Maggie Hassan '80, and President Paxson! https:…
There is an NH case about sexual abuse at Phillips Exeter Academy which is stalled. Hubby of Maggie Hassan was Dean of school.
2/2 Maggie Hassan, a complete do-nothing Governor, Ayotte got everything she deserved by choosing being a McCain minion, smh
Maggie Hassan, who narrowly beat Ayotte, was governor as well.
33. Maggie Hassan - former Governor of and current Senator from New Hampshire. Major advocate for disabled Americans. https:/…
oh boy do I get the picture and it's scaring the *** out of me. Sent donation to ACLU and wrote Maggie Hassan, Annie Kuster
Maggie Hassan is such an improvement over that phlegmatic windbag, Kelly Ayotte.
Go get em Maggie. Bright spot in Nov. Maggie Hassan beat Kelly Ayotte in NH. All Female, all Democrat, Delegation. Hillary won NH!!
WMUR/UHN Poll of the New Hampshire Senate Race (pdf) finds Maggie Hassan leading incumbent Senator Kelly Ayotte by
In New Hampshire, Sen. Kelly Ayotte has not offered concession as she trails Gov. Maggie Hassan https:…
BREAKING: Gov. Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, has unseated Senator Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire. Republicans hold the Sena…
BREAKING: New Hampshire Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte concedes race, says in statement she has congratulated Gov. Maggie Hassan.
Maggie Hassan declares victory over Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire Senate race
If there is a silver lining to this election, perhaps it's Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R) concedes to Gov. Maggie Hassan (D)
GOP senator Kelly Ayotte concedes to Democratic challenger Maggie Hassan in the race for her US Senate seat in NH
I'm just old enuf to remember sayin🙋"Bye Bye Bye" to Sen Kelly Ayotte on Oct 23rd👇after her Trump betrayal. Maggie Hassan ha…
Maggie Hassan (D) is the apparent winner in the New Hampshire Senate race: htt…
Do not underestimate the four Dem women just elected to the US Senate: Tammy Duckworth, Kamala Harris, Maggie Hassan and Ca…
i would say its the party of Tim Kaine, Elizabeth Warren, Maggie Hassan, Roy Cooper, Cortez-Masto etc. (cont)
Is it just me, or does Maggie Hassan look like Kristen Wiig as the Target Lady...
Man, I sure will miss those Kelly Ayotte and Maggie Hassan ads next week!
You sold out for a seat at her table. Doesn't look good for her winning...and
There has literally never been a better day to fight for & all Dems 🌈
First shift of the day kicking off with and
Maybe Maggie Hassan in NH, who is running for the Senate right now.
She's smart, tough, and empathetic.. I watched her handily win her debate on CSPAN with eagerness & class!
.yes!! Thank you for supporting our pledge drive for Hassan for
Strapped for cash? Then prioritize and In that order.
4. Maggie Hassan is about to kick Trumpkin Kelly Ayotte out of New Hampshire's Senate Seat. Please RT
Hey Just talked to Sonya H. in NH shes a new great grandmother and so excited to vote for and
"We need to put in the work to get out Every. Last. Vote." —
We did it Team!! Thank you everyone for supporting for let's keep it up thx
Embattled needs to immediately return her illegal contributions.
New Hampshire: ❤️💕Vote your GOV. MAGGIE HASSAN💕❤️ for US Senate, and vote Koch Bros.,Trump supporter, Kelley Ayotte out.
.opens up 6 point lead over in new Emerson College poll. Up 50%-44% in race:
Granite State Solutions PAC runs scurrilous attack ads against Maggie Hassan. $ seem to come from everywhere but NH
Both Katie McGinty in PA and Maggie Hassan in NH are up against Republican incumbents, and every $ helps remove them from office.
Maggie Hassan outraises Kelly Ayotte by $800K in pre-primary period, outraised her by 700K in Q2
Ayotte: I will 'stand up' to Trump but will vote for him and we vote for Maggie Hassan!
MUST GO: Please, if you can, donate to GOP Senator Kelly Ayotte’s opponent, Maggie Hassan
Maggie Hassan, Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire would beg to differ.
We need an independent Berniecrat to run for NH US senate. We can let Maggie Hassan nor Kelly Ayotte to get the seat!
NH Governor, Maggie Hassan, speaking at the Healthy Community Summit V about substance misuse/abuse prevention,...
Charles Arlinghaus: Save it before Gov. Maggie Hassan spends it | New Hampshire via
N.H. Gov. Maggie Hassan "is very confident" that Clinton will be the Democratic nominee:
is too important to lose. Maggie Hassan must replace Kelly Ayotte as Senator from New Hampshire.
Maggie Hassan running neck-and-neck with Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire Senate race
Maggie Hassan chooses new drug czar | . via
NH : support Maggie Hassan for Senate in Nov. Replace Ayotte who voted against women's fair pay act
Kelly Ayotte, who’s been hammered by Dem opponent Maggie Hassan over the SCOTUS issue, said she'd meet with Garland
Maggie Hassan blasts for putting politics above her constitutional obligations.
U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Gov. Maggie Hassan on Monday commented on the Obama administration's intention to...
The D gov at the White House most eager today to talk abt the Supreme Court fight? Maggie Hassan, who just happens to be running for Senate
Republican U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte has challenged her potential Democratic opponent, Gov. Maggie Hassan, to sign a...
Need proof that Gov. is a great leader? New Hampshire ended the year with a $62 million surplus!
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Anyone in who supports legalizing marijuana should NOT vote for Maggie Hassan.
We been listening to her 2 & b/c of her record don't believe a word. I'd say quit now & save face but 2 late.
Gov. Maggie Hassan has submitted to the Legislature a $3.7 billion 10-year transportation plan.
Too bad. Rush and emotion are rotten motivators for passing legislation
Excited to join today in support of Sign up to volunteer:
AP: House sends substance abuse bills to desk
Maggie Hassan does NOT represent the values & priorities of everyday Granite Staters.
And they claim the Republican choices are messed up
don't actually care about WOMEN other than lying to get votes
How Classy, what is wrong with these people
.On stage with accused serial sexual assaulter
And almost all of her colleagues in Congress.
Gov. Maggie Hassan: "Hillary is the 1 candidate who knows how to move our economy forward."
NOTE: Maggie Hassan intro'ing was first Dem Gov to call for halt of Syrian refugees
"She did the quiet, patient, persistent work to create change." –Gov.
Little Giant Ladders
.& firing up huge crowd in Concord ready to work for
"Hillary has spent a lot of time in New Hampshire this year...and has truly been listening." –Gov.
.I'd say THIS is far, FAR worse for your buddy
.Maggie, need I remind you that you VETOED the budget you're taking credit for? https:…
.ties to poor showing in Tuesday poll via
.ties to poor showing in Tuesday poll
Margaret Hassan: Governor Maggie Hassan: Abstain from giving your superdelegate vote to Clinton via
.like Ovide was Maggie Hassan's worst nightmare, & Scott Brown Jeanne Shaheen's? Don't think so.
That was quick! Gov. Maggie Hassan with attack radio ad vs. Kelly Ayotte, returning the favor.
Maggie Hassan's Turkey Tax: Democratic New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan is under fire for leading the charge t...
I went to a Democratic dinner last night and Met the Governor of NH, Maggie Hassan
Thanks for the support Governor Maggie Hassan
Hassan, state GOP strike deal on budget: CONCORD - Republican legislative leaders and Gov. Maggie Hassan have ...
Maggie Hassan isnt playing politics w/peoples lives on the budget but those pushing for business tax cuts want you to think so
Idk what's worse: Maggie Hassan being in Concord to screw up NH or Maggie Hassan being in DC to be Harry Reid's puppet?
Hassan, GOP lawmakers reach budget deal ahead of veto day: Republican legislative leaders and Gov. Maggie Hassan…
Gov. Maggie Hassan wishes NASCAR phenom Joey Logano well in the chase.
still won't tell me if she's seen CMP videos.
And Maggie Hassan is now on the clock
And now Maggie Hassan is on the Senate campaign clock...
New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan, NH GOP leaders push for budget deal as 'veto day' nears on Wed. via
Stand with Gov. Hassan on gun safety
NH is so liberal I'm shocked Ayotte won. The alternative will be the Dem Gov Maggie Hassan. You don't want that!
Governor Maggie Hassan can't answer a simple yes or no question.
The Telegraph takes Ayotte down for an attack ad which blames Governor Maggie Hassan for the heroin addiction...
It does not surprise that Gov. Maggie Hassan isn’t following the spirit of the new law created to b…
SolarCity opens operations center in Manchester: Maggie Hassan, left, Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas and Ex...
Hassan, Ayotte quiet on upcoming campaigns: New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan is considered by many political…
Gov. Maggie Hassan arrives to hand out food in
New Hampshire group asks Maggie Hassan to stop playing politics with heroin funding
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Despite relentless Republican pummeling, Gov. Maggie Hassan is still basically tied with Sen. Kelly Ayotte.
Gov. Hassan, mobile food pantry visiting Portsmouth: PORTSMOUTH — Gov. Maggie Hassan will be in attendance as food…
Updated: refuses demand it pull anti- ad re drugs
Is it stonewalling when the other side says, "Nah, we'll wait until September"?
The TV ad campaign vs Maggie Hassan continues in NH, this time focusing on heroin & state budget veto
GraniteGrok. Max Ledoux | GrokWatch News Desk. I’ve been trying to get Maggie Hassan’s office to say whether or...
Gov. Maggie Hassan to speak at book launch for "Different Roots, Common Dreams" by Becky Field
GraniteGrok. Citizens for a Strong NH has a message for Governor Maggie ‘Vetoed the Budget’ Hassan. That budget...
Good news for and Dems. New Hampshire insiders are confident that Gov. Maggie Hassan will run for
Politico: N.H. insiders think Maggie Hassan will run for Senate
N.H. governor GOP lawmakers still at budget impasse: CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Gov. Maggie Hassan and the Republica...
Gov. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire has been accused of anti-Jewish discrimination!!
Gov. Maggie Hassan is very popular, but it appears New Hampshire voters want her to stay put and not run for
Gov. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire held a leadership role at an exclusive beach club that has... via
ICYMI: Keene Sentinel: “Maggie Hassan the choice for governor”
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Christie blasts Maggie Hassan (NH governor) for budget scuffle with Republicans here
Gov. Maggie Hassan's decision about still seems a long ways off. That's good news for Sen. Kelly Ayotte.
Narcan bill reaches the desk of NH Gov. Maggie Hassan.
Gov. Maggie Hassan to speak at Congressional Gold Medal award at NH Civil Air Patrol, Londonderry Sat. at 2.
Gov. Maggie Hassan and the Department of Public Safety have launched a new service called "Text-to-9-1-1." The service makes traditional 9-1-1 services available via text message. Hassan said this is an important step forward and will ensure the safety of people and communities in the Granite State. "Making traditional 911 emergency services available through text messaging is a common-sense initiative that will help save lives as we work to modernize how we provide critical state services," Hassan said in a news release. Officials said the service is meant to allow residents in dangerous situations to send a text for help. The service is for emergencies only. To text 911, you must enter the numbers "911" in the "To" field on a phone. In the message field, type an exact location and a brief description of the help needed. Then, push the "Send" button. A text or data plan is needed to use the new service. Customers on Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile plans will be able to use it. Please remember that a c ...
now joins a small group of female governors across the country that includes women like Maggie Hassan.
I'm sure your iPhone 6 is cool, but I have a coffee date with Governor Maggie Hassan 😎
Please support online poker in New Hampshire & oppose efforts in Congress to ban state-authorized games.
Beautiful sketch of family... ... know more at..
Do any progressives have a table for the North Country Inaugural Ball that isn't full?
NH Legislature should act to close unfair tax loopholes: Gov. Maggie Hassan has done an ex...
Just casually getting my nails done with Governor Maggie Hassan 💅
Got a lot of pro-Maggie Hassan people in The Democrat faces Republican Ovide Lamontagne in the
Me (center) with NH Governor Maggie Hassan and the First Gentleman. Taken yesterday at Governor's Annual Tea.
NH's Maggie Hassan about to be only pro-choice female governor. (Other female govs: Nikki Haley, Susana Martinez, Mary Fallin, Jan Brewer.)
BREAKING: Maggie Hassan wins re-election as governor of New Hampshire. race call at 8:49 p.m. EST.
Maggie Hassan is now Governor Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire! Congratulations, sister! What do YOU say?
Well done NH! Time to pack the pickup and hightail it outta there Scott Brown. Yay Maggie Hassan, yay Jeanne Shaheen!
To recap some of the top-of-the-ticket races: Gov. Maggie Hassan and U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen have won re-election.
Well, glad that Maggie Hassan kept the Governor status, and it looks quite sure that Jeanne Shaheen will beat out Scott Brown tonight in NH. I don't usually express my political views on FB, but I've GOT to speak for my husband, Dave Kolifrath. He got so fired up and made a few enemies, I'm sure. But he was always so passionate about helping out those in need.
Join Hillary Clinton, Jeanne Shaheen, and Maggie Hassan in Nashua! This Sunday New Hampshire is welcoming back an honorary Granite Stater – our friend Hillary Clinton. She’ll be joining Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan at an important ‘Get Out The Vote New Hampshire’ grassroots event, and we hope th…
Looking forward to the debate between and Governor
mT What does Hassan think of Islamic Jihadists her hubby brought to Phillips Exeter?
WHAT did know about her husband's Islamic radicalism?
What does think of the Islamic Jihadists her hubby brought to Phillips Exeter?
.ZOMG SHOCKER... left wing rag endorses left wing ... well you add the word
And after the polite greeting, I bet the next question was what's with the new gas tax?
Gov. Hassan stopped by the annual meeting in Bartlett this evening to greet voters
Ok so is going to do anything else but stand in lock step w/ and kiss up to tonight?
Clueless Maggie, Common core is aLL about privatization featured in NBC s Science of Love
In 1 hour in Silsby 113, find out what you can do to reelect Sen Gov and Rep
-- can undo damage has done 2 NH economy & create good jobs 4 college grads
Officials Outline N.H. Ebola Protocols: New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan says people returning to the state af...
"I support Maggie Hassan for governor because she supports public education in NH" - Gail Mitchell
.call your office, GOP surging in New Hampshire: New poll shows race tied with at 47-47
Gov. Maggie Hassan, U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen among those to speak at Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall in today.
New poll shows closing in on Gov. Maggie Hassan in race; 48%-44%:
Governor to be in driver's seat at Speedway track: Gov. Maggie Hassan is helping to kick off race week at the New...
What a night. Birdsell won the GOP Senate primary, but Foley managed to beat Sapareto. Incumbents in local GOP House races fared well. Guinta, Garcia in for GOP Congressional races. Havenstein to take on Maggie Hassan in gubernatorial race. Scott Brown and U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen will battle.
I would like to congradulate everyone I worked with both on Andrew's and JP's campaign. It is just like skiing. We were not defeated, but united and inspired. JP did a fantastic job, and taught me so much about professionalism and cimmitment. Andrew showed me what great leaders are and how to be strong and committed to your cause. Andrew gave the most inspiring speech tonight. He said that we must do everything we can to defeat Maggie Hassan in November. And you know what? That means uniting and coming together in solidarity here and now. That means those who are able to put everything into it, come unite and help Walt. That's right. That's what it is going to take to make sure New Hampshire becomes the live free or die state it once was. That is true professionalism. Walt, you did well. I want to first thank you for your service in the Marine Corps Colonel. Andrew has inspired me to step up and do what ever it takes to help you win in November. It is my honor sir. We were not defeated tonight, we are onl ...
GREAT night in New Hampshire. Congratulations Carol Shea-Porter, Annie Kuster, Maggie Hassan, and Jeanne Shaheen on advancing through your primaries and on to the general election!
New Poll: Dem Gov. Maggie Hassan's approval plummets in New Hampshire; lead over GOP's drops to 5:
Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan is colonizing New Hampshire . ISIS is here ..
NH Gov. Maggie Hassan makes official two, Paycheck Fairness Act bills, one signed last wk, other today.
Governor Signs 'Fair and Equal' Marriage Law - Maggie Hassan: It is critical that the law in New Hampshire works f...
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Gov. Maggie Hassan is ordering flags to fly at half-staff this weekend to honor the New Hampshire Marine who died in Afghanistan last month.
This story appeared in today's Nashua Telegraph. Jeff Rose is one of the most respected people I've ever known. He does a great job and his appointment was one of very few things I think Maggie Hassan has done right. He should never have been so disrespected as he was here. Where politics goes too far... NH governor candidate clarifies comment on former BAE worker By KEVIN LANDRIGAN Staff Writer Republican candidate for governor Walt Havenstein recently said state Resources and Economic Development Director Jeff Rose “any more than the man on the moon” has the knowledge to encourage business to expand here. Havenstein, a retired defense contracting executive, gave the stark assessment of Rose even though Rose worked nine years for BAE Systems of Nashua, where Havenstein served as CEO. The Alton Republican made the comments last week during a GOP event at the Kimball Public Library in Atkinson. Havenstein was asked about how he would change the quality of appointments that Gov. Maggie Hassan, a first- ...
CONCORD — Education voucher opponent William Duncan of New Castle has been nominated by Gov. Maggie Hassan to the state Board of Education — and Republicans are lining up in opposition.
Gov. Maggie Hassan has nominated Bill Duncan, founder of Advancing New Hampshire Public Education, to the state Board of Education, amid howls of protests from charter school advocates, school choice proponents and Republican candidates for governor.
Republicans oppose Gov. Maggie Hassan's pick for state Board of Education.
Tomorrow, Global Warming just might emanate from the Super Secret Broadcast Location above Jacques Flower Shop! Governor Maggie Hassan has made a simply awful nomination to the State Board of Education. We'll have the details tomorrow. Chef Oonag Williams, ( Gluten Free Cooking With Oonagh) joins us for Not Your Waskawy Wabbit Food, presented by Alibaba Wholefoods Festival Patricia Conway's running for Rockingham County Attorney. We'll have her first interview of the campaign! James Patrick Riley continues his series on pre-Revolutionary New Hampshire as our History Lady's sabbatical continues, sponsored by Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration Services, LLC Josh Chamberlaine of Chamberlain Antiques is in the house for Antique Alley. Rhoda Sommer of Anytime Fitness Hooksett NH joins us once again for No Pain, No Gain, NOT True?!? PLUS: The inbox is just overrun, but we'll get through it all and OOOHHH sooo much more on the Manchester area's ONLY live and LOCALLY owned, operated, interested and focused Rivet .. ...
MD Gov. Martin O'Malley, not playing it coy re:2016, invites NH Gov. Maggie Hassan to headline state party gala
Rally Point March 18, 2014 at 12:22pm A year ago New Hampshire welcomed home its Vietnam veterans. Held to coincide with the national commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the war, the March 30 ceremony inside a Concord national guard hangar drew more than 2,000 people. Some traveled from other New England states to hear Gov. Maggie Hassan, the state's congressional delegation and numerous generals officially recognize a generation of service members treated badly by the nation that sent them to fight. On Saturday, April 5, the governor and New Hampshire's elected officials will host another ceremony for Vietnam veterans beginning at 2 p.m. at White Mountain Regional High School in Whitefield. With 46,000 Vietnam-era veterans in New Hampshire there were many who could not attend the first one. The state's intent is to make the event an annual gathering, each time in a different location and each time to say, "Thank you for your service. Welcome Home." I understand that there is no excuse for nearly a h ...
.Like gambling, if MA legalizes pot, is it OK to legalize in NH so we dont "lose revenue"?
Ridiculous hypocrite Gov Maggie Hassan has now admitted to smoking cannabis but still says it should be illegal.
"Gov. Maggie Hassan has vowed to veto legislation legalizing marijuana if it reaches her desk, but she admitted...
ICYMI Here's Governor Maggie Hassan's interview with me on CloseUp post State of the State. If you're looking for the "pot question" it's two thirds of the way in. Great discussion throughout though.
ICYMI interview on Med exp, casinos "other things" via
ICYMI interview on Med exp, casinos "other things"
Explosion in USA on Tuesday, 11 February, 2014 at 04:18 (04:18 AM) UTC. Description An employee at a New Hampshire ball bearings plant where an explosion injured at least 15 people says he heard a bang, felt a rumble and saw snow blown off the plant's roof. New Hampshire Ball Bearings Inc. machine operator Paul Clark says he was outside when he heard the explosion Monday afternoon. He says his girlfriend was inside the plant in Peterborough. He says shelves fell off the walls in the department where his girlfriend works but she wasn't injured. Company spokeswoman Kathy Gerrity says it's unclear what caused the explosion. A local hospital spokeswoman says two injured people have been flown to other hospitals for more treatment and the rest have been released. New Hampshire Ball Bearings' corporate headquarters are in Chatsworth, Calif. It's a division of Japanese company Minebea. An explosion rocked a small-town ball bearings plant on Monday, sending at least 15 people to the hospital, but a company spokes ...
for the record, modern marijuana having a higher THC percentage is a moot point. . Educating responsible use > Prohibition
If by some miracle doesn't veto, I am launching an updated motto, "Live Free And High"
Governor Maggie Hassan says the state is standing by to assist workers at NHBB through Dept of Employment Security if necessary
Maggie Hassan walks by me and Nick and says "Hello, how are you guys?". Me: "Aw, just straight blazin, dawg.".
Gov. Maggie Hassan sat down with Josh McElveen on CloseUP this past weekend.
NH Gov. Maggie Hassan, who opposes legalizing marijuana, admits she smoked in college --
July 23, 2013 New Hampshire becomes the 19th state to legalize medical marijuana when Governor Maggie Hassan signs House Bill 573 (215 KB) into law on July 23, 2013. The bill authorizes the use of therapeutic cannabis in New Hampshire, establishes a registry identification card system, allows for the registration of up to four non-profit alternative treatment centers in the state, and establishes an affirmative defense for qualified patients and designated caregivers with valid registry ID cards. HB 573 also calls for the creation of a Therapeutic Use of Cannabis Advisory Council, which in five years will be required to "issue a formal opinion on whether the program should be continued or repealed." REFERENCE Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) "Gov. Hassan Signs Bill; N.H. Becomes 19th State to Pass Medical Marijuana Law," (accessed Aug. 26, 2013)
Maggie Hassan says she smoked marijuana in college, but opposes pot legalization:
CloseUP Interview: Gov. Maggie Hassan: via Dont tell me she is not Stoned !
CloseUP Interview: Gov. Maggie Hassan: via She has no idea that the bank always wins
Governor Maggie Hassan issued the following statement in response to the explosion at NH Ball Bearings in Peterborough: "My thoughts and prayers go out to those injured in today's explosion, to their families and loved ones, and to the entire Peterborough area where NH Ball Bearings is such an important member of the community. While we are still gathering details about the explosion, we are very encouraged to hear that all employees have been accounted for. The state has activated our Emergency Operations Center in order to better coordinate state resources and we stand ready to provide any assistance needed to local first responders."
Peterborough Assistant Town Administrator Nicole MacStay says there are reports of 8 to 10 injured people in the explosion. A decontamination site has been set up. Gov. Maggie Hassan says the state emergency operations center is opening. Police are advising drivers to avoid Route 202 through Peterborough. The company manufactures high-tech parts for the aerospace industry.
Maggie Hassan: approve/support the $25 million Cowell stadium expansion because it benefits the entire state of New Hampshire...
Gov. Maggie Hassan 31s State Emergency OptnsCenter is opening in response to the situation @ nhbb officials en route
We heard Governor Maggie Hassan admitted yesterday on WMUR's "Close-Up" that she used 'marijuana' in college. Anyone else catch that?
She who laughs last... "METUCHEN, N.J. — The former campaign workers who partied at the home of Barbara Buono this month were “just jubilant.” The people she bumps into on the street “are just happier to greet me.” And amid the deluge of supportive texts she receives, there are often pictures of Gov. Chris Christie sitting on the George Washington Bridge. She chuckles but doesn’t reply. The Fort Lee traffic jam scandal has unleashed a wintry mix of subpoenas, tortured apologies and fresh allegations against Mr. Christie, a Republican, and potentially put a deep freeze on his presidential chances. But the same revelations have had a warming effect on Ms. Buono, the Democratic nominee who badly lost to Mr. Christie in the November election... Ms. Buono has gone from media piñata, ...Keystone Candidate to the Cassandra of the Christie scandal, whose October warnings about “the unexplained closure of two lanes starting in Fort Lee” went unheeded by most fellow Democrats. Now, as Democrats unl ...
Governor Maggie Hassan's refusal to acknowledge the will of her constituents is now being cited by publications...
“I got a call from Maggie Hassan after the election ... We had tried to get her in a gajillian times & she wouldn’t”
Gov. Maggie Hassan says on NHPR Exchange she would sign gas tax index to CPI that would hike levy est. 4.5 cents per gallon.
Gov. Maggie Hassan just said on she would sign a gas tax increase. First time, I think, she's said that.
Gov. Maggie Hassan (D): "The rollout of the Affordable Care Act was unacceptable."
Observing a show/interviewing with NHPR and the special guest today is Governor Maggie Hassan!
Everyone knows someone with diabetes. Participate in a Lions diabetes project for them. In December, we pinned Governor Maggie Hassan for diabetes awareness. Thank you, MCC Tom Geno for making that happen! As we make our New Year's resolutions, let's include one to get moving more. Maybe that could include a Lions for Diabetes Awareness and Action Strides event. A Strides event is a highly visible, family-friendly activity that combines fun with service. It is an effective way for you to: engage and empower your community in the fight against diabetes show your support for those living with diabetes and their families raise funds (optional) for diabetes projects in your club or district Strides promotes diabetes awareness and the importance of healthy exercise for people with diabetes or those at risk for the disease and for all of us. Strides events can include walking, dancing, cycling, running, dog walking, gardening or other physical activities that promote healthy exercise. The beauty of a Strides ac ...
42nd Easter Seals Ride-In offers fun for a good cause: The weather was brisk, but Gov. Maggie Hassan bundled u...
Maggie Hassan. she's horrible, she doesn't do anything good, but for some reason ppl approve of her
Who is Maggie Hassan? Watch our first campaign ad here: ^hassanfor2016
May be crazy and may be a ridiculous long shot, but I am known for making things happen. I just wrote letters to President Barack Obama and NH Governor Maggie Hassan, with which I will enclose copies of my book. My hope is that by humanizing Lyme, which is always looked at so scientifically, a tug at their heart strings (or whomever on their staff might read it), may lead to something. The worst that can happen is the books lay in a pile, but at least I can say I tried. A Twist of Lyme: Battling a Disease That "Doesn't Exist"
Hanging out with Maggie Hassan in Panera right now ✌️
This is what we call a Roll Call. It's a complete list of how each representative voted on a bill. To find out which reps are yours, you need to know your county and your district number. This Roll Call is for the bill, HB 492, and it would decriminalize possession of one ounce of marijuana by adults age 21 or older and allow residents to grow up to six plants. State-licensed stores would be authorized to sell marijuana. NH made history in January by being the first legislative chamber in the US to pass a bill on legalizing marijuana, by passing HB 492 in the House. This was a huge victory for cannabis supporters. The bill most recently went to the ways and means committee for a public hearing and they have a few work sessions on the bill in the next coming weeks. The bill will again be brought to the full House of Representatives for a full vote. If it passes again, it will move on to the Senate. The most important thing each citizen can do at this point is contact their reps and talk to them ab ...
Anyone want to help do some video editing today. We have some chuck morse, Jeb Bradley, Maggie Hassan, and footage from our event with freedomworks that we need to turn into some short video segments.
Find out why Governor Maggie Hassan is committed to fighting for clean air in New Hampshire, essential to people's health and the health of their economy.
NH WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! WAKE UP!!! WE ARE THE LAST VESTIGE OF TRUE FREEDOM LEFT IN THE ENTIRE NORTH EAST! Freedom and liberty took a step back yesterday when the New Hamsphire House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee voted 10-8 on a straight party line vote "Ought to Pass" (OTP) on HB 1589. "Sell a gun to a friend go to jail." Now, some will say the bill was amended and it is no longer anti-gun. Well that is simply not true. HB 1589 (as amended) still creates a new crime if you sell a firearm privately. The first time it is a Class B Misdemeanor which carries a fine up to $1200 but the second and all subsequent offenses are Class A Misdemeanors that can put you in jail for a year. Now some will argue that a person cannot lose their Second Amendment Rights for a misdemeanor, only a felony would cause you to lose your Second Amendment Rights. Do you want to try to apply for a carry license and have to list on the application that you were convicted of a firearms related misdemeanor? Maybe you will get ...
GOA release on HB1589: Bloomberg Leads NH House Committee Around on a Leash Thursday, 06 February 2014 13:35 Written by Gun Owners If you ever had any doubt that New Hampshire House Democrats were wholly-owned puppets of New York liberals, Tuesday's events should have dispelled that. On Tuesday, February 4, the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee voted, along party lines, to approve universal gun registration legislation that former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg had demanded from them. The legislation would effectively outlaw private firearms transfers in New Hampshire (more on the specifics later). And, because the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives has recently taken to Xeroxing dealer 4473's during its annual inspections of gun dealers, this effectively means that New Hampshire gun owners would be dumped into a national gun registry. The bill, H.B. 1589, now goes to the House floor, where it will be voted on during the middle of next week. There is only one reason why H.B. 1589 i ...
NH Gov. Maggie Hassan commits to raise the working to increase pay equity:
Governor Maggie Hassan needs to remember that she works for the people of New Hampshire, not Millennium Gaming or the Big Pharma and Alcohol lobbyists.
Gov. Maggie Hassan embraces more spending on infrastructure but not a specific solution [-] gas tax or raising turnpike tol…
Maggie Hassan hasn't mentioned any of her accomplishments, maybe because she hasn't had any? Less style and rhetoric, m…
Check out: Hemingway Responds to Hassan’s State of the State - Windsor Lien's Blog - Nashua, NH Patch via
Hemingway Responds to Gov {D} Maggie Hassan’s State of the State New Hampshire - NH Patch via
60% today. 61% tomorrow. 70% next month. It's just a matter of time. The Governor can choose to be ahead of the curve, like Colorado and Washington, or she can choose to maintain her regressive & dangerous policy towards cannabis. Maintain the criminal cartels that are at the core of ANY illegal drug trade, and continue to support a world where cannabis is more easily accessible to children than alcohol. Legalize, regulate & tax for our own benefit, and take the profits away from the distributers that fuel violence & funnel money into the hands of criminal cartels. The fact that you continue to maintain this stance just shows you're behind the curve. Wake up, Governor Maggie Hassan. Do the right thing, and strongly reconsider your stance on cannabis. The world IS changing - it's not that difficult to see. The world historically supports those who are brave enough to do the right thing, and help MAKE history. You'll have the people's support.
Maggie Hassan please step aside and give NH what they want. Do not veto HB 492.
New Hampshire Legislature reaches tentative deal to expand Medicaid. National Journal (2/7, Novack, Subscription Publication) reports that New Hampshire’s Senate reached a tentative deal over expanded Medicaid eligibility yesterday. A bill based on the agreement is planned for debate next week. The state House previously passed an expansion bill, but the Republican-led Senate had been resisting. If the House, Senate, and governor find agreement on the plan, New Hampshire would become the 27th state to participate in Medicaid expansion under the auspices of the Affordable Care Act. The AP (2/6, Love) reports that Gov. Maggie Hassan (D) “praised” state senators for reaching an agreement on the plan, which would expand the program “by using federal funds to pay for private insurance.” Another AP (2/7, Love) story reports that the bill, which seems likely to pass, would need to be renewed by the legislature when the Federal government’s share of expanded coverage funding drops below 100%. A 106-wo ...
How many people think that Governor Maggie Hassan is doing what she has promised to do for the state of New Hampshire? Are politician spending getting out control.let's stop the democrats and Replicians from fighting with each other and saying my party is better yours nana and work for the people
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Gov. Maggie Hassan says New Hampshire must restore and increase the state minimum wage and work to close the salary gap between men and women.
Gov. Maggie Hassan delivers the 2014 State of the State address.
Gov. Maggie Hassan says the state must continue to improve education in science, technology, engineering and math - the so-called STEM subjects - to meet the needs of high-tech companies.
New Hampshire is a proud State filled with tourism and many good Governors . But Maggie Hassan needs to go . Her ideology is shameful
New Hampshire shows Yankee 'common sense' while LePage and his GOP enablers in the legislature cling to their ideologically motivated and dishonest and inaccurate claims. The rest of us pay for their blind and unthinking opposition to healthcare for the low-income Mainers in need! - Another State Prepped to Move Forward With Medicaid Expansion Split government reaches elusive bipartisan deal. By Sophie Novack New Hampshire appears ready to break its impasse over Medicaid expansion. Members of the state Senate announced the framework on Thursday for a bipartisan deal to expand coverage to about 50,000 New Hampshire residents, according to the Associated Press. The agreement is the result of ongoing negotiations, and will be introduced as legislation next week, following unanimous approval by the Senate Rules Committee. The deal, sponsored by Republican Senate President Chuck Morse and Senate Democratic Leader Sylvia Larsen, would use the federal Medicaid dollars available under the Affordable Care Act to f ...
Gov. Maggie Hassan talked gambling, guns & drugs in today's State of the State address:
Governor Maggie Hassan is Live today on 'New Hampshire Today' at 8am. Here Jack's Live interview with the...
{D}Gov Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire handed one of the most empty speech"s Thursday on .watching paint dry would be better.
Governor: N.H. is tops in democracy: CONCORD — Freshman Gov. Maggie Hassan has renewed her call for New Hampshire...
New Hampshire Governor Renews Call for Casino: New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan delivered her first State of t...
In her State of the State address earlier today, Governor Maggie Hassan called for an increase in New Hampshire’s minimum wage, currently the lowest in New England at $7.25 per hour. “Governor Hassan should be commended for her support for a higher minimum wage,” said NHFPI Executive Director Jeff McLynch. “Increasing the minimum wage will put New Hampshire on a better path toward a more prosperous economy and greater opportunities for Granite Staters.” You’ll find statistics and more in NHFPI’s press release: (Online at )
Governor Maggie Hassan apparently had this to say today about her stance on marijuana. Below it is my response. Feel free to share... "It won’t help us address our substance use challenge. Experience and data suggests it will do just the opposite. Marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Our state already has one of the highest rates of marijuana use by young people in the country, and marijuana has real, negative health effects, especially on adolescents. The evidence suggests that legalizing marijuana will increase the number of minors who use this drug, will make our workforce less productive and our roads less safe, and will undermine public health." -Gov. Hassan 02/06/2014, State of The State Address Governor, the evidence suggests that legalization eases substantial burdens on local and state law enforcement, corrections resources. Generates millions in tax revenues and millions in private new business commerce. Leads to a net decline in hard narcotics use and organized crime coffers. Has (as ...
Your ideas of development are proven catastrophic and still we keep on in the same direction. Governor Maggie Hassan, where is the data and evidence you have proving these are the best decisions for our state? Very disconcerted during your public address today :/
Hey Maggie Hassan. Every argument you just put up in regards to the effects of Marijuana and why it should continue to be illegal can easily be used in an argument to make alcohol illegal. Seriously, did you just jump on the microfiche and read a bunch of prohibition era articles about the war on alcohol before your state of the state address? Seriously, we're not children and fear mongering is not a viable position to debate from.
I had such a great morning with Kriss Blevens and Governor Maggie Hassan. She is a wonderful woman. It's nice to know the state is in good hands. Check her hair and makeup on the news tonight.
Having a blast and feeling honored styling Governor Maggie Hassan's hair for the state of the state address today.
Governor Maggie Hassan will be making an appearance at the races on Saturday February 15th! Along with the City of Laconia Mayor Ed Engler! We will also be having Miss Lakes Region sing our National Anthems on both Friday and Sunday. And we have a special guest singing the Anthems on Saturday!
2PM TOMORROW, Governor Maggie Hassan will deliver her State of the State address before a joint session of the New Hampshire House and Senate, presenting her vision for how the state can support middle class families, help businesses create good jobs, and keep New Hampshire's economy moving forward by working together on bipartisan solutions to New Hampshire’s most pressing challenges.
Ahead of tomorrow’s winter storm that is expected to produce significant snowfall, Governor Maggie Hassan today released the following statement: “With heavy snowfall of up to an inch of snow per hour expected during the height of tomorrow’s storm, I strongly encourage Granite Staters to take every precaution on the roads and follow all traffic and safety alerts, and to limit travel if at all possible,” Governor Hassan said. “State agencies will liberally allow leave for state employees who determine that they cannot safely travel to work, and we will work throughout the storm with Department of Transportation and Homeland Security and Emergency Management officials to support local communities and provide updates as needed.” In advance of the storm, the Department of Transportation is encouraging New Hampshire residents to take the following precautions: - Leave extra time to get to destinations. - Allow safe driving distances between vehicles. - Anticipate reduced speeds. - Keep vehicle fuel ...
Watch News 9 tonight. There will be coverage on today's hearing on Now is the time to let your state representatives and Governor Maggie Hassan know of your support for passing the law that will FINALLY protect NH's unborn.
Due to tomorrow's storm, Gov. Maggie Hassan's State of the State address has been postponed:
Even the Governor has postponed her state of the state speech due to the storm. NH Gov. Maggie Hassan State of State speech and House session off Wed to Thurs at 2,pm.
Governor Maggie Hassan presenting VP Preston with gubernatorial citation for his dedication and service to our association and for being in New Hampshire as the keynote speaker for the NH Lions 54th state convention. Looking on his wife Lion Joni and PID Ed Lecius from NH. Ceremony took place in the Executive Council Chambers at the state house in Concord, NH on last Friday afternoon.
I've heard some great things about Andrew Hemingway for Governor . Really excited to see some of his viewpoints running right in line with how I feel. Don't want to abide by the citizens of New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan? okay. Next!!
Let the nonsense begin. Democratic attack on Andrew Hemingway, “He led the Tea Party’s efforts to …block access to basic health services for thousands of Granite State women,” “Let the faux War on Women attack by the Dems begin. Want to know who blocked access to health services for thousands of Granite State women? Maggie Hassan and all the others that supported Obamacare, which has shut 12 of the 26 hospitals out of coverage for women in NH.”—Alicia Preston, Hemingway for Governor Campaign Manager
Get arrested for herbals, tell all the cops to vote to legalize herbals. Cop says, give us a name, I said, Governor Maggie Hassan, she's the criminal.
Absolutely disgusted that Maggie Hassan does not support the full legalization of marijuana in NH. Not voting for her again! :
PORTSMOUTH — Gov. Maggie Hassan on Tuesday praised the Seacoast Science Center for its "critical" work as the East Coast's newest marine mammal rescue service — work that officially began Jan. 1.
Friends, family remember New Hampshire’s ‘heart and soul’ By AMANDA NEWMAN anewman— People far and wide came together at Plymouth State University Saturday afternoon to honor the late District 1 Executive Councilor Ray Burton, who died on Nov. 12 at his home in Bath. State politicians past and present joined friends and family members in remembering the iconic councilor, who served his constituents with a fervor unseen by any councilor before him -- and unlikely to be seen again. “He was the very heart and soul of New Hampshire and its people,” said Gov. Maggie Hassan, who recounted how she met Burton back when she was governor-elect. Former governor John Lynch garnered laughs from the crowd when he discussed Burton’s unorthodox methods. “He was the only executive councilor who could second his own motion,” Lynch said. “Ray Burton also had unlimited ‘redos.’”
We'd love to see you at our Holiday Gathering! Governor Maggie Hassan will give a talk at the beginning of the event, and the winning videos for our Count Me In! contest will be shown! The winners are... Sarah and Eliza Cooley of Concord, Adam Whittier of Sunapee, and the Hampstead Middle School “Our World Club”! Congratulations and THANK YOU to everyone who entered. NH sure is full of talented people!
President Obama has issued a proclamation ordering the lowering of flags on all public buildings and grounds to half-staff immediately and until sunset, Monday, December 9, in honor of the passing of former South African President Nelson Mandela. Governor Maggie Hassan has issued the following statement: "The world will dearly miss Nelson Mandela, a true champion for humanity. His legacy and inspiration will live on, but now is a sad moment for all who love and work for equality. I join the people of New Hampshire in sending our thoughts and prayers to the nation of South Africa and all who have been inspired by his fearless leadership.”
'the people of want Medicaid expansion to move
Governor Hassan addressing the great crowd at the packed
State Democratic leaders rally support for Medicaid expansion: Gov. Maggie Hassan encouraged members of the...
Governor Maggie Hassan today cut the first NH Christmas tree of the 2013 season at Noel's Tree Farm in...
Hassan, Senate spar on Medicaid expansion: Gov. Maggie Hassan criticized the Republican-led state ...
What NH officials are saying about Obama's ACA extension proposal: Here's what Gov. Maggie Hassan and members of...
Gov. Maggie Hassan to hold health care expansion press conference in Hampton on Friday morning.
The Whittemore Center opens its doors to more than 3,500 NH students and teachers Friday for our anti-bullying rally.
It's sad how small of a bench the Dems have for female candidates. Only one sitting female governor (Maggie Hassan of NH)
NH Gov. Maggie Hassan-House Spkr Terie Norelli make compromise on expanding Medicaid, say Senate timetable ``will not work.''
Less than 3 days to the anti-bullying rally Friday at UNH with more than 3,500 students and teachers attending.
Politics aside this is a moving tribute to Ray Burton from Governor Hassan. . CONCORD - Governor Maggie Hassan...
Gov. Maggie Hassan has directed flags at half-staff in honor of Ray Burton, the long-time executive councilor who...
with Maggie Hassan and the Dems in the House what do you expect, spend & spend more,no fiscal responsibility
Gov. Maggie Hassan has ordered flags at half mast in honor of Raymond Burton. ""Today we have lost one of the...
Governor Maggie Hassan on New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath to talk about her time working with Executive Councilor Ray Burton...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
10th grade student Mikela with Governor Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire:. When Governor Hassan gave up her time after …
Hassan tours Seabrook nuclear power plant: Gov. Maggie Hassan got a peek into the operations of Seabrook power...
Maggie Hassan is the only sitting female Dem governor.If you look at past female Dem governors, I'd rule out Sebelius and Napolitano
And isn't Maggie Hassan the only sitting female Democratic governor?
Gov. Maggie Hassan thanks veterans for their service at Veterans Count event in Nashua
“Congrats to who was named to the Maggie Dixon Classic All-Tournament Team. Congrats
Curtains closed on the 2013 Behance Portfolio Review organised by Hassan Salih inside The HUB in osu,awesome artists,illustrators etc. GREAT
Medical marijuana at a glance: The following are key features of the bill that – when Gov. Maggie Hassan signs...
Casual encounter with Gov. Maggie Hassan. She shook my hand and thanked us for all our hard work.
Gov. Maggie Hassan on the Importance of Innovation and Building a Strong Middle Class via
NH governor, Maggie Hassan, stopped by to say hello to Breakthrough students!
ADVISORY: to speak on the importance of innovation and building a strong middle class via
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