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Mae Young

Johnnie Mae Young (born March 12, 1923) is an American semi-retired professional wrestler and currently WWE Ambassador.

Bubba Ray Dudley Bully Ray Monday Night Raw Mark Henry Bobby Roode Fabulous Moolah James Storm Dixie Carter Samoa Joe William Regal Eddie Guerrero Sand Springs Owen Hart God Bless Eric Young John Button Chris Benoit Vince McMahon

I think we expect too much out of YOUNG people & forget we ARE YOUNG 😒 don't even have much but wanna put our all in relationships .
So one thing about watching the start of raw I can't remember wwe bringing out the entrie wwe roster to the stage when Mae young Paul Bearer or nelson Frazier the only other time I saw this was back in 1999 and 2005 for Owen Hart and Eddie Guerrero
“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” -- Mae West
Hehehe!! :) My Lady calls me nutjob and crazy!! But we're just young and energetic, you know?
ummm no, you still have to get powerbombed like Mae young did before you leave
Heheehee! The little spoon? :) I'm trying out this snuggling thing. Not sure about it yet! But I'm really young.
When is Mae Young gonna get an all divas tribute show?
ok then that was a yes for Mae young too right?
Still think greatest storyline in wrestling history is when Mark Henry (sexual chocolate) & Mae Young had a kid and it was a hand.
Is Fandango/Layla the first interracial relationship in the WWE since Mark Henry/Mae young?
Mae Young singing a la Bray Wyatt - I brought a new hand, into the world.
Mae young would have LOVED party time Adam Rose! Lol
we've lost two great WWE people this year Mae Young and Ultimate Warrior
Wish Mae Young were here to see this.
Mae Young + Mark Henry hooking up = giving birth to a hand. Sheamus + Paige hooking up = giving birth to a night light. Get on it creative
Just watch Monday Night Raw and all WWE superstars and fans chanted "WARRIOR!!" and before finished ten-bell salute. They never had a ten-bell salute like that before Owen Hart in 1999 and Eddie Guerrero in 2005... I mean I was shocked that WWE lost an icon in WWE history like Andre the Giant, Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero, Eddie's best friend Chris Benoit, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Neslon Frazier, Jr. aka Big Daddy V, Paul Bearer, and Mae Young. Warrior join former WWE superstars in heaven.
Alicia Fox just said "Get out of my ring!" In other news, the late Mae Young just birthed another hand.
So Mark Henry is taking care of his son the "hand" lol so no appearance on raw rip Mae young
It's a *** shame Mae Young didn't make it for season 2 of Legends House.
“I'm young, but I've been through a lot!”
“If you don't do stupid things while you're young, you'll have nothing to smile about when you're old.” 🙊
Aw it sooo sad warrior he diet rip they didn't do mae young when she diet
Rest in Peace Ultimate Warrior. They are doing a tribute show God Bless them. He's in heaven now with randy savage,and big daddy v,Mae young and others. The WWE Universe will miss him.
Mae Young hitting a bronco buster on The Great Moolah at 'Mania 16. Imagine how cool your grandma would be if she told you to suck it.
Cause young love don't know nothing, when the radio plays you sing along.
Embarrassing young Alexis stories from mama violet
Pat Patterson? :) Actually assumed it was was Moolah or Mae Young.
Young, insecure, beautiful, corky, and so weird! Are all the things Rochelle is and I like it. She's funny to watch
... They better do a Mae Young battle royal first.
Hey guys go follow this young nice british girl. midgety_mae .
My all time favourite Mae Young moment.
So apparently Mae Young died young and Nancy Grace implies steroids were the cause
when they showed tribute to Mae Young recently it didn't contain a SINGLE wrestling clip. That's indicative of the problem to me.
Mae Young. died at the young age of 90.
The Rock, the cool kid in school, still can't come to the ring with out his white trash escorts like Stone Cold Austin, Mankind or Mae Young
STFU. A.J is longest reigning. Mae Young is THE LONGEST REIGINING.
just watched Bubba Ray Dudley power bomb Mae young through a table, and now im so excited for tonight!
Nice one! Not all wrestler's died cause of steroids nancy. Owen Hart sure as *** thing u know u will say mae young did steroids LOL its pathetic and its the easiest cover up story.make it look like all wrestlers died of steroids when it was quite clearly a set up.owen's death was fishy and so is warriors...
If they don't know this video they too young
☆ Betty Carter was born Lillie Mae Jones in Flint, Michigan, on May 16, 1929. At a young age, she began the...
We all fall for the bad ones, who just break us 'cause we're so young
New Audio Rumble track on My Mae Mae (instrumental demo) - Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers
In order to be old and wise you first had to be young and stupid.
If it's good enough for Mae Young it's good enough for Dixie Bully !
Why my brother sitting here tryna tell me betty white was a wrestler & she was mae young's partner somebody please tell him that was the Fabulous Moolah and Betty white did not date Mark Henry -_-
Serious question: Why isn't Ravishing Rick Rude, Mae Young, Fabulous Moolah, Chris Beniot and Vince Sr. up there?
Lita explained her reaction when she learned her introduction to the Hall Of Fame: "It came out of nowhere for me. I had not anticipated or crossed my fingers and I was told me Oh, "the Wrestemania season is approaching, they will begin to announce world, I wonder if I will be." I am rather the type of person to tell me "what must happen will happen", so yes I was really excited but I can't say that I had anticipated it. Lita will become the seventh woman to be inducted into the HOF after The Fabulous Moolah, Wendy Richter, Sherri, Mae Young, Sunny and Trish Stratus.
The following second round match is scheduled for one fall Coming down the aisle from Calgary Alberta, Canada NATALYA NEIDHART Coming down the aisle from Sands Springs,OK MAE YOUNG All fans, voting ends at 3pm. Good luck and have fun :-) -Michael
high school I was a young pup. Me and my ninja Anna Mae...
Check out my new active page Mae Young && shoot me request!
Too many young lives taken too soon. I'm so sick of hearing people I know passing away. In a tragic way too.
I keep telling y'all invest in Fannie Mae now ! Take your tax money & do something smart with it . But I'm just chilling like 😎
This is very true. I mean, look at how amazing Mae Young was.
Jesus don't love me no one ever carried my load I'm to young to feel this old
Sand Springs has lost another notable - this time our astronaut. William "Bill" Pogue, a United States Air Force Thunderbirds pilot and NASA astronaut who served on the nation's first space station, died Monday (March 3). He was 84. Pogue's death was confirmed by the Association of Space Explorers and Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, to which he belonged. Selected by NASA in 1966 with the agency's fifth group of astronauts, Pogue made his first and only spaceflight as a member of the final crew to man the Skylab space station. Serving 84 days as the command module pilot of Skylab 3 (SL-4) from November 1973 to February 1974, Pogue and his two crewmates set numerous records for the distance they traveled and duration they spent in orbit. At the time, it was the longest human spaceflight in history. The Pogue display is in the same case as Johnnie Mae Young. A new exhibit is coming in April so visit soon to pay your respects.
I had an amazing time in Chicago with & . Next trip coming soon
good question. Trish, Lita, Chyna, Ivory, Molly Holly, Mae Young, Moolah, Jaqueline, AJ, Victoria. How about you?.
Too many people I've met has died. At so young
Remember when you were young and thought if you made $40-60k, you'd be decent...then Uncle Sam/Sallie Mae slapped you with reality!
Moolah vs Ivory - oh god. Both of them, even Mae Young, took nasty spills to the outside. Thin line between entertainment and hard to watch.
Keep on praying for the Ateneo Lady Eagles. May they truly defy the odds. It will be such a treat for a young and rebuilding …
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Old enough to know better, young enough to not care -Allyssa Mae Lao
when Mae young gave birth to a ham sandwich
Not even clicking on that Mae Young pic. I value my stomach being inside my body
Mae Young really showed her titties? Never knew that. Though she used pasties.
they were ruthless remember bubba had power bombed Mae young
Today is the 14th anniversary of the Team 3D powerbomb on Mae Young thru a Table in RAW
his says toughest but the site says intimidating. Mae Young is the toughest clearly
[PIC] Another pic of Dianna with Darren at the Young Story Tellers Event
Fox's upcoming TV series on the rise of Commissioner Gordon has found its (very young) Bruce Wayne.
I need new people in my life. Trustworthy, loyal people. Young and old.
My heart goes out to the family of the young man that was murdered at club Social this weekend.
“We were both young when I first saw you..” favorite Taylor song xox
"When God said "Let there be light, Mae Young threw the switch.”
Gonna miss her when she moves. don't forget where you belong, and don't forget to live while your young, love ya sis!
We look so young and innocent in my DP. Huhuhu
When I was young I used to give up Garfield comics every year because I read them alla. Cheating the system at an early age.
Thank you for the memories... R.I.P. Mae Young
Eat the cake like Annie Mae Young Based God and I been doin my thing
Somebody tell Princess Rihanna if she ever had a lunch date with the liberty of a real young man would she his Sallie Mae 2goBacoll
Re. WWF: Do you remember when Mae Young had sex with Mark Henry and gave birth to a hand? (Cont.)
From I was young, I always loved jumping on the back of motorbikes, four wheelers, riding jet skis, and going in the boat !
RIP Mae Young...true pioneer who will hold a special place in my heart & the hearts of millions of others!
Selling my SIGNED One Direction single - Live While We're Young. 1 day left to bid on it!!
Life is one big party while you're still young, but who's gonna have your back when it's all done? 🎶
Being old enough to strip but too young to watch someone strip.
A young aAgent Mae, the raising of a Brawler.
A young agent Mae, the raising of a brawler.
Did he just say Mae Young is standing in the ring?
put mae young thru a table. TWICE. on MNR. Back to back 😂
I like how you mentioned all time greats like the Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young!
the days of Mildred Burke and Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah r long gone and it's a shame
One day I hope my kids get belligerent old Bella twins at Wrestlemania the way I had the Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young.
Sebastian Quist VS Ezequiel Ramirez Q1 What happened to Mae Young when Bubba Ray Dudley did a - through a -
Saddened to see the Mae Young tribute video :(
teaching Mae Young's son how to be a hand
BETTY WHITE celebrated her 92nd Birthday on January 17th but unfortunately the sports entertainment universe lost the legendary Mae Young at the age of 90 January 14th. RIP. Betty will be the special guest this MONDAY on She will be promoting BETTY WHITE's OFF THEIR ROCKERS and HOT IN CLEVELAND and no doubt provide some good comedic moments live from the Staples Center in LA.
Almost got into a fist fight with Mae Young just a minute ago.might be a long night...,
She's young and the world's wide open
"They say we're too young now to amount to anything else.."
People say I'm too young to know what love is. But maybe they're too old to understand that things have changed.
Is there no existing footage of Mae Young wrestling? Because that's just sad
I hate young people in relationships
I cried, never gonna hold the hand of another guy, to young for him they told her waitin for the love of a travelin soldier
I am so proud of the young people. You guys are awesome. Imagine that: intelligent and compassionate. Educate your peers!
Mae Young was hittin the APA in cards fam lmfao
They were young and they were free like a mountain melody in love a they could be singin that blue ridge song
We were so sorry to hear of Winton's passing. He was a true southern gentleman. Our opportunities to visit with him were few, but we enjoyed every moment spent with him. Aunt Lola Mae Young also sends her condolences and regrets that she cannot be with you. We pray that God will be with you during this period of mourning. God Bless.
I actually love working Saturday nights at wal-mart. You work with all the young associates and get paid to socialize with them,
Rip Mae young for every funny thing u did in the wwe :)
Heading to today with 40 people. Looking towards a profound and prayerful day with young people ♡
Who said 5sos were too young to amount to anything? Congrats on 2 million followers
All I need in my entire life is HAPPY ENDING. You know were not young anymore.
I haven't watched wrestling since Sexual Chocolate was romancing Mae Young. I didn't think anything could top that.
Johnnie Mae Young gave birth to a hand. RIP
Eat the cake like Anna Mae young based god and I came to do my thing take my shirt off and all the *** go Insane
Vanessa Mae competing in downhill skiing. Does she hear Devil's Trill on her way down the hill?
We are doing a cinematographic analysis for Young Group of a Danish movie. These kids are too smart
If I could personally pay the Dudleys to give her the Mae Young treatment...I would
Since Mae Young sadly passed on has the new oldest woman alive coming on with Betty White.
R.I P Mae Young. ♥ ive been watchin you since i was little, you will be truely missed .
The end of an era in Mae Young.pioneering the industry with a cable channel..My idea? Who will be the first women's tag team?
Both amazing producers born on today, taken at a young age but left us with some beautiful music
Someone please tell sallie Mae I ain't got it, because it's obvious that she ain't listening to me
Young Leo gives me breathing problems
Mae young was just awesome I cry when I think about her she was just soo willing
I have so much respect for Mae Young - an amazing woman and pioneer of the wrestling business. It is an honor to sit in the WWE Hall of Fame with such an incredible person and talent.
WUT? Mae young died? Why am I only just finding this out?? I loved seeing her on WWE!
How can people judge a young boy who loves my little pony to end like this. Its so sad ht…
That's the hand Mae Young gave birth too. gg
R.I.P Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Test, Crash Holly, Big Bossman,Umaga, Mae Young, British Bulldog, Brian Pillman, Mr.Perfect, Owen Hart, Hawk, Yokozuna, Andre the Giant, Paul Bearer and to the rest of you wrestlers that are no longer here the list goes on, I can never forget about my WWE family ! :( first love
it's from 9 too 11:15 I'm pretty sure..
Forever Young by Audra Mae will probably be on repeat for my daughter and the one song I hope she lives by.
Just spent 3+ hours watching Monday Night Raw's 100 greatest moments. I didn't recognize anything passed like 2002 but it was hilarious. I was sure that Mae Young giving birth to a hand was gonna be close to though. But it wasn't even on the list. That poor hand was robbed! Smh. HANDS HAVE FEELINGS TOO, Vince McMahon!!
got her copy of Magazine, now get yours. ft. Mae Young
Ron Simmons comments on Mae Young, Ole Anderson, Butch Reed, and more
I liked a video Wrestlemania 27 The Rock backstage with Eve Torres, Mae Young and Stone Cold Steve
Mae Young died. Kaitlyn left. Jojo left & replaced her with summer rae on total divas. CM Punk left & is possibly going to TNA. WWE has me in my feels.
How do boys know how to pee when they're at a young age I mean like. "Yep son just hold your dingle dangle and aim". "Tha…
You’ll never be old and wise if you weren’t once young and stupid.
Ellie Mae was the stuff of young men's dreams.
Still no Valentine's date and I'm getting desperate! Can you send me a nice young man with his own hair, teeth and memo…
WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young Passes Away at Age 90: WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young, who will long be remembered as...
Just thinking about my kids, Whitlee Mae Young and Bryce Young, and others who might be in need of this. "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11
Dear young people, always be missionaries of the Gospel, every day and in every place.
. . if I was as tough as I'd be a monster... my condolences to her family... .
In memory of Johnnie Mae Young via this is the tribute video to thank u Mae we luv u
Mae young, cherry and kelly kelly VS kharma, vickie and Victoria. who you think will win? leave it on the comment.
I was more wondering about Jacqueline, Miss Kitty & Jonnie Mae Young's ***
I want to make an specil honor to mae young R.I.P
Mae Young, 90, almost surely the most storied of the lady wrestlers, passed away on January 14, 2014 in Columbia, South Carolina. She had been in worsening health for a number of weeks.
“Crazy how much one boy's opinion can affect a young girl. Crazy.”
Koalas sleep cuddled in their young to protect them at all times
I like Mae young sable ivory and the kat! :)
I'm really disappointed with women's professional "wrestling". Today's women's wrestling is crap. The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young are rolling in their graves over this injustice.
AJ will NEVER be as good as Moolah, Mae Young or Wendy Richter.
Wrestling Cartoons and Spotlight Tribute to Mae Young. Heaven Wrestling Federation is getting pretty stacked!
Oksana paying homage to Mae Young with that in ring moo moo?. Have you ordered yours ?
Rest in peace to the great Mae Young. What an inspiring, sweet & tough lady she was. Such an honor to have known her.
"We're just crazy young teenagers that want to feel something"
yeah Mae will be missed, she was always Young at heart
with no gloves ? Just doesn't look right. Some one find them check Mae Young's son
Getting beat by the Old Age Outlaws is like getting beaten by Mae Young!!!
ADR vs kofi match of the night.Mae young and Henry's baby hand for the hall of fame.
We love you Mae Young and we will miss you.
It's probably the most effective blurring of the real/fake wrestling line since Mae Young gave birth to the hand.
Sound off on the next inductee to the my guess is Mae Young
In honor of Mae Young, The Hand should be the next HoF inductee.
R.I.P. Mae Young. One of my all-time favorites to work with. Such a good sport. You will be missed.
Chris Young's Who I Am With You gives me goosebumps every time!
WWE universe we said goodbye to Legend diva MAE Young
Can't stand him. I'd rather watch the Mark Henry / Mae Young sex tape. With the sound ON.
Rich is *** bruh lol...that *** act like a eat the cake Anna Mae type *** 😩😂😭😭
If that Mae Young tribute didn't make you tear up, you don't love wrestling. It was heartfelt and touching.
What has happened to It used to be a place where Mae Young could give birth to a hand. It's now Batista, again, and dumb smart crowds.
Look back on the unpredictable of the incomparable Mae Young UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS
In Memory Of Mae Young The WWE Hall of Fame is full of tough, strong competitors who forever changed the …
Pro wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young passed away Tuesday night at her Columbia residence. She was 90.
That time Mae Young did a spear was better than Batistas spear.
0bituary in the I paper today of Mae Young, not many female wrestlers get that for them.
the young Mr. Miller said the district office has basically already said we're closing so hopefully we do
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To all asking who the young chap was in my new video. he's go show him some love. but not too much okay,wait…
Ha! I stand corrected! Yesterday I was reminiscing about Mae Young birthing the hand - WRESTLING IS INSANE / THE BEST.
hope you are warm today! Do you see yourself being involved with wrestling when you reach Mae Young's age?
The Bella twins best divas I have saw in my life even better than stratus and Mae young
Happy birthday to the best mommy in the entire universe!! Gracie Mae!!! She turns 74 years young…
. QotD: "I like a man who's good, but not too good--for the good die young, and I hate a dead one.". - Mae West
R.I.P Mae Young you will be loved and missed in the wwe wrestling
Royal rumble marathon. 2014 1992 and 2000. Mae Young bikini contest things are getting ugly over here.
WWE celebrates the brilliant life of Mae Young, the true queen of the canvas.
Should Mae Young be inducted into the GERWECK.NET hall of fame? Yes (93%, 1,546 Votes) No (7%, 109 Votes) Total Voters: 1,655 Click here for Mae Young’s profile The GERWECK.NET HALL OF FAME is intended to include the elite members of the wrestling community that deserve to be inducted into a prestig
Lol. Madonna looks like Mae Young in that outfit. I love me some Mo but she might want to go away and never come back because she is losing cool points fast.
All right people, no Rumble spoilers please. If you must talk about it put big "SPOILER" notices and don't even use gender specific pronouns ("I can't believe that person won!" "It was so obvious that they would win."), that way it'll still be a surprise when Mae Young comes back from fake death and tosses out 15 superstars to win.
The wrestling world has lost a real gem. Mae Young died Tuesday at the age of 90. I always looked forward to seeing her at WrestleMania and whenever the WWE would bring us back for special shows. Mae wrestled with my mother many times, and always spoke fondly of her when we had a chance …
Sup, Wrestling Fans!! Welcome to the historic 50th original AYTWF quiz since 2010. Once again (for the first time in a long time) ALL of the AYTWF singles Titles are up for grabs. That includes the AYTWF Undisputed World Heavyweight Title and the E.C.W. Title, which are on the line for the first time ever in an original quiz. There is no better time than NOW to step up in AYTWF. I invite you all to take a stab @ it!! Are YOU a true wrestling fan? PROVE IT!!   There is a total of 20 questions below. This is for those who can't wait for ARE YOU A TRUE WRESTLING FAN XXVI; however, this quiz is fairly harder. A true wrestling fan should be able to answer all questions within 8 minutes without any help, and score at least 85%. If you leave the letter of your answer to each question below (number them please), I will let you know how you scored; however, I will not let you know which one you missed. Therefore all of you fakes can be revealed. I will close the quiz and reveal the answers 72 hours (3 days) after ...
Happy Soul day to my granny Mrs. Bessie Mae Young, gone but never forgotten!
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Today marks a very special day for me!! It was the day God Blessed the world with a beautiful baby girl!! My Granny...Ms. Virginia Mae Young, would have been 80 years young!! Not a day goes by that I don't miss this beautiful woman!!! I love and miss you Granny!!! Happy birthday!!! Good morning beautiful people!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day!!!
I wish mae young was my grandmom lol
Slapstick Saturday looks back at one of the most frightening moments in Royal Rumble history, when Mae Young crashed the 2000 swimsuit competition to reveal her prehistoric puppies in front of a horrified WWE live audience.
Mae young from wwe passed a way at 90 r.i.p mae
Johnnie Mae Young, a pioneering female wrestler and World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame member whose career spanned eight decades, died on Tuesday, the organization said. "There will never be another Mae Young," said Vince McMahon, the chairman and chief executive of World Wrestling Entertain...
Updated scorecard for this weeks Diva/Knockout of the week contest. 1st. Kaitlyn 22 2nd Victoria 21 3rd Summer Rae 20 3rd Mae Young 20 5th Aksana 18 Tomorrow is the last day for this weeks contest. So if you want your Diva to win you need to vote!
Rest in Piece Mae were not only the diva of the decade...but the diva of the century in my mind...there was.and there will only ever be one Ma...
In memory of the Great Jonnie Mae Young !! 1923 - 2014. The greatest female wrestler of all time !!
The professional wrestling community has been morning the death of iconic female wrestling pioneer known as ‘The Queen’, the great Johnnie Mae Young. The 90-year-old Sand Springs Oklahoma native passed away at her home in Columbia South Carolina from natural age related causes on January 14th. Young
JJ and Hunter are joined by Atlanta Sports Talk host Nick Cellini. Hunter and JJ then discuss the passing of Mae Young and women's wrestling.
Just found out today that Mae Young died like a week ago and I'm *** upset now..:( R.I.P will always be in our hearts thanks for 80 Years of entertainment!!!
Submitted by J.R. on Wed, 01/15/2014 - 4:36pm WrestlingThanks for stopping by on such a melancholy day. Please proceed as I remember the late, Mae Young. Johnnie Mae Young was born in born in Sand Springs, Oklahoma on March 12, 1923 and she passed away at the age of 90 on January 14, 2014. To say th...
Farewell to the legendary Pro Female Wrestler of all time Johnnie Mae Young May God be with you 1924-1014 :(
Wrestling Diva Mae Young Passes at the age of 104...Surely she is Aunt-Ique !!
W.W.E. Hall of famer Mae Young dies at the age of 90, she had been ill at a south carolina hospital of complications due to pneomonia
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R I P Mae young aged 90 the first wwe diva
I missed Monday Night Raw but I am in here watching Friday Night Smackdown and the Animal Batista has been unleashed.yes he is back... Also WWE hall of famer wrestler Mae Young has passed.
R.I.P to Mae young that was on WWE nd RAW .xox
also forgot to say R.I.P. Johnnie Mae Young you were such a role model for women of all generations.. you will always be in or hearts thanks for 80 of entertainment
I want to wish my one only grandma RIP Happy Birthday I miss her so much ,Mrs.Ida Mae Young you are truly miss ,save me a spot by you grandma love you so much
RIP Mae Young Tribute War! Check out my friend GiantJames2's tribute to Mae Young here and tell us whose tribute is better:
Empowering WOMEN: “When I first started wrestling professionally, the men didn’t like the girls, because we would go out and steal the show.” -Mae Young: First-ever NWA United States Women's Champion. Tonight - NWA Wrestling Revolution proudly brings you "Rise of the...
Snarky Geeks Episode 70 - Snarky Geeks.NOW = 1! Hosts Franky DeJesus And John Turiano A couple of Snarks gather to discuss Man of Steel 2 new release date and possible changes that may occur from it, Donal Logue's role in the Gotham TV series, Ulitmate Warrior's induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Koko B Ware, GLOW, Mae Young RIP, the annoucement of the WWE Network, The Snarky Geeks as tag Champs, John fixes TNA wrestling, Comics, Dead Body Road from Image, DMZ from DC/Vertigo, the effects of the number 1 on comics, and much more.. And the Sorry-List! ... you really have to listen to the whole Show!
Do the fans here at have a favorite Mae Young moment or predictions on the upcoming PPV. Let us know in the comments section below! ~ Stacy
You can tell I haven't been watching much lately, because I just heard. RIP Mae Young! I am saddened by this news. 8(
Obit of the Day: “Loved to Be Hated” Mae Young relished her role as wrestling villain. Throughout her professional career - which covered seven decades as an athlete, trainer, and promoter - she...
We lost a good woman Mae Young. She will be loved and missed! RIP MAE YOUNG!!! 91 years old!!!
RiP JOHNNiE MAE YOUNG -was an professional female wrestler. ;)) ASTIG XD
RIP Mae Young 8 Decades of career in Profesional Wrestling, is one tough achievement for a Woman.
Jesus Christ - that footage of Bully Ray power bombing Mae Young off the stage through a table...
After groundbreaking wrestler Mae Young died in Columbia SC, some people started reading this old story:
It must be a weak economy in town as there were chunks of empty floor seats and lower bowl seats at Nationwide Arena. Only a fraction of the second level seats were filled and the third level was totally unused. Before the action, the Mae Young tribute from Smackdown aired on the arena's overhead video board. Justin Roberts was the announcer for the evening and started the festivities asking we all rise during the National Anthem. Special guest Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer was announced as a Block O was displayed on the overhead video board. 1. The Primetime Players defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel in a less than perfect match. During the match, the bizarre Columbus crowd chanted "Feed Me More." A spot was botched in which Axel came off the second rope for a missed axe handle and his legs fell on top of a prone Darren Young. Young made the hot tag to Titus, who cleaned house and after Ryback took himself and Young over the top rope with a clothesline, Titus hit his spinebuster on Axel for the win ...
Impact Wrestling – January 16, 2014: The Main Story Actually Put Me To Sleep Impact Wrestling Date: January 16, 2014 Location: Von Braun Center, Huntsville, Alabama Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz Tonight is the first night of a double week Genesis special. There are a lot of matches set up for the next two weeks but it’s not clear which are tonight. We’ll be getting some combination of Ethan Carter III vs. Sting, Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode in a cage, James Storm vs. Gunner for the Feast or Fired case and Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson. TNA usually nails these Clash of the Champions style shows so let’s get to it. We open with a very nice tribute to Mae Young with Tazz saying some kind things about his time with her. Nothing wrong with that. Recap of the unification match from last week. Spud is in the ring to insult Alabama and introduce Dixie Carter, in case you didn’t get enough of her last week. We get the usual don’t cross the boss speech before Dixie gives us our second recap of last week’s ...
WWF Foreign Exchange Revolt: Episode # 16 Air Date: 1/18/14 (Commentators: Taz & William Regal) (Dedicated to the memory of Mae Young): 1) Great Khali (-) Samoa Joe (-) Santino Marella (P) Tensai (W). (Fetal Four Way). A) Backstage: Brent Bryant approached Tyler Ted Hurlburt's office asking for a match tonight against Wade Barrett. Hurlburt calmly says no. He claims he never liked Bryant, even when he was in Dynasty. The fact is no one else likes him either. Bryant is simply a waste of space and talent. Hurlburt slammed his door in Bryant's face. Bryant claims rules are meant to be broken. 2) Los Matadores (With Torito) (L) Antonio Ceasro & Jack Swagger (With Zeb Colter in a wheelchair). (Tag). 3) Alberto Del Rio (W) Bobby Roode. (Singles). 4) Magnus (L) Bad News Barrett (With Tyler Ted Hurlburt). (Singles). (Tyler Ted Hurlburt distracted Magnus). 5) Rey Mysertio (L) Kofi Kingston. (Singles). B) Brent Bryant is in the ring and asks why Hurlburt hides behind closed doors and why cant Hurlburt face him like ...
IMPACT WRESTLING 16.01.2014 RESULTS- QUICK RESULTS 1) Samoa Joe, James Storm, Gunner, Eric Young, ODB, & Joseph Park def. Bad Influence, Bro-Mans, Zema Ion, & Lei’D Tapa 2) No DQ Match: Bully Ray def. Mr. Anderson 3) TNA Knockouts Title: Madison Rayne def. Gail Kim (c) to win the title 4) EC3 def. Sting Genesis in Sweet Home Alabama opens up with Taz and Tenay sitting at ringside. Tenay says tonight’s show is dedicated to Mae Young, who just passed away. Taz puts over Mae Young and says she was one of the toughest in the business and knowing her she’s raising *** in heaven right now. A graphic in honor of Mae Young is shown and then the intro for Genesis airs. Rockstar Spud is in the ring and he is welcomed by a chorus of boos from the Bama faithful. Spud calls tonight the most “monumental night” in all of wrestling and he’s doing them a favor because nothing monumental ever happens in Huntsville, Alabama. Spud introduces Dixie Carter who walks out to even more boos. Dixie thanks the fans and ...
REST IN PEACE Mae Young you will always be one of my always made me laugh
Hasta La Vista, Mae Young! Say hey to Bob Denver and the Professor for me !
Sam Roberts & Bubba Ray Dudley on working with Mae Young: via
(Maniac Mike) TNA Impact Wrestling Recap 28th Edition. As always, if you haven't watched yet, beware of spoilers! Remember, on Friday you can watch tonight's Impact on the main Spike TV Home Page. It's time for TNA Genesis. :) Tribute is paid to Mae Young. and footage is shown complete with last week's AJ Styles match. Rock Star Spud is already in the ring. We are in Huntsville, Alabama! Dixie Carter enters the ring and warns about crossing the boss. She says she's done with AJ. A new chapter has begun. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus is introduced. Magnus presents Dixie with one of his titles. Everyone who helped them last week joins them. Ethan Carter III is about to speak, but the Icon Sting enters. He confronts The faces who were wronged last week attacked them. The faces stand victorious. Samoa Joe wants a fight. 12-Person Tag Team Match Samoa Joe, James Storm, Gunner, Joseph Park, Eric Young, and ODB vs. Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazzarian, Robbie E, Jesse and Leid' Tapa and .. ...
I like that Bully Ray had Mae Young's name on his wrist band.
Very classy of to open the show with a Mae Young tribute.
Such a bad week. John Button, Mae Young, and now Roger Lloyd Pack
Saddened by the news of the deaths of Roger Lloyd Pack,Mae Young&John Button this week. All bought so much to their fields. Will be missed.
John Cena paid his respect to Mae Young (Video)
More Talents React To Mae Young's Passing: Dixie Carter President of TNA Wrestling: "RIP Mae Young A true trailblazer in our industry. She paved the way for every woman in the pro wrestling business." Chavo Guerrero: "Very sad to hear of Mae Young's passing. She was a pioneer of wrestling & I was told by my family, she could beat most men. Jarrett: "RIP Mae Young ..." JBL: "RIP Mae Young! What a tough incredible woman. Enjoyed being her friend and knowing one of original divas. She's now reunited with Moolah." Bobby Roode: "Rest well Mae Young. Finkel: "RIP Mae Young. She was an absolute pleasure to have known, and truly was one of a kind. My sincere condolences go out to her family/friends." William Regal: "Very sorry to hear of the passing of Mae Young. A truly tough and lovely lady." Brian Hebner: "I'll have to say, what many of us leave on the table. Mae Young never did! Such a inventor and a example of wrestling! RIP! Marie Varon: "Mae Young will be remembered as a trailblazer who lived life to the f ...
sad to hear about Mae Young her appearance in the WM21 Basic Instinct spot with always makes me laugh
Ring of Honor Wrestling would like to extend our sincerest condolences to family and friends of Mae Young
Well, Mae Young has officially passed away. She is still one of the best female wrestlers in the history of...
“is reporting that Mae Young has passed away. RIP
More Mae Young 90th Birthday on in 2013 ... until & crash the party: http…
Sad to hear about the passing of Mae Young. Incredibly tough person who has left a great legacy.
I have learned that Mae Young passed away. She will always be an example for the female division is wrestling. Rest in peace.
Sending positivity and thoughts to Mae Young's family and friends. She was a legend.
I'll always remember Mae Young. We shared wonderful memories of my grandfather. She made me want to fight. There was no on…
Mae Young dies at age 90 the WWE Hall of Fame wrestler had a career spanning eight decades via
Omg one of the best has gone. God only takes the best always Mae young !!
Mae Young, has passed away, aged 90.
Rest in Peace Mae Young. One of the greatest female wrestlers ever. She was always very nice to me and was forever smiling.
Mae Young passes at 90 | - My condolences to Mae s entire family .
Perm+dye=bald head..RT I always wonder what kindof perm did that young girl put in Anna-Mae hair lol
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
My memory,heart & soul remembering forever Mae Young,thanks 4 Ur work in the wrestling. .
"There's been only one Mae Young, and there will be only one ever!" - Pat Patterson WATCH:
The Mae young tribute had me close to tears. True legend
Cannot believe Mae Young died. One of the craziest WWE wrestlers around! RIP!!
RIP Mae Young. You will always be remembered as a great legend.
I met Mae Young in 2004 and had the honor of working with her 23 in Detroit. Eugene misses you
I am heartbroken by the news of Mae Young's passing. She was always such a joy. My thoughts are with her family and frien…
RIP Mae Young. Thank you for what you did for the wrestling world.
WWE is saddened to learn of the passing of Hall of Famer Johnnie Mae Young.
RIP to the great Mae Young so much positive energy she gave to everyone
For more check out Tribute to Johnnie Mae Young:
R.I.P Mae Young - One of the greats you will be missed
Mae Young had a life to be celebrated and remembered
I was at Raw on July 28, 2008. Todd Grisham came out during break for the kiss cam. Mae Young came out & made out with him in the ring. lol.
Tonight we will recap Monday Night Raw live from Providence RI. Then we will have alot of news and views Why did Jerry the King Lawler miss Raw Old School Last week? Update on the Condition of Mae Young. A rumor about a possible to the WWE by Chris Jericho Backstage Heat already on Batista? Rumors about Ryback being released by WWE? Plus our thoughts about WWE Network Plus one story that will have all wrestling fans talking around the water cooler tomorrow. All that and more tonight on The Wrestling Forum starting at 11 pm when Monday Night Raw goes off the air.
WRESTLING PARADISE UNLEASHED 1,533: Ask Away w/ Kevin J!: 1.10.2014 Before I begin, I just want to say that, as far as I know, Mae Young is still alive as of this writing. She's a fighter! Kevin The Top Three Q: What’s the backstage opinion of AJ Lee? A: Like anyone with favor of WWE management, AJ Lee has her fair share of backstage detractors. However, I am told that Vince McMahon is an AJ Lee supporter and this is why there were no repercussions for the incident with Michelle Beadle at the 2013 Tribute to the Troops taping. While what exactly happened might never be known, Beadle was viewed as an outsider and WWE more or less wanted to sweep the incident under the rug. Q: Do you see Jeff Jarrett returning to WWE now that he is on his own? A: We never say “never” in this business but, from what I understand, Jeff Jarrett has his own project up his sleeve. I reported previously that there is internal fear within TNA that Jarrett was looking to start a new promotion with the group financed ...
Mae Young started wrestling before Bruno Sammartino was five years old. Just let that sink in for a bit.
When Bubba Ray Dudley gave Mae Young that Dudley Bomb off the stage was one of the trillest moments of the attitude era
Waiting for Mae Young to die is like waiting for Roman Reigns push.
RIP Mae Young, her getting power bombed off the Raw stage by Bubba-Ray Dudley is still one of my favourite wrestling moments!
RIP Mae Young, I'll never forget when Bubba Ray Dudley put you through those tables.
RIP Mae Young. Still can't believe Bubba Ray Dudley put you threw that table.
RIP Mae Young. Hopefully you're putting Bubba Ray Dudley through a table up in that heavenly squared circle!
It's crazy to think of how Mae Young took so many dangerous bumps for Bubba Ray Dudley. Remember that Dudley bomb off the Titan Tron stage?
Mae Young has died first Moolah, Sherri Martel, Miss Elizabeth and now Mae Young
Bubba Ray Dudley put Mae Young through a table of the stage
RIP Mae Young, WWE Hall of Famer. You made me laugh and cringe during the Attitude Era. Anyone who takes a power bomb through a table from Bubba Ray Dudley at 77 years old (a woman no less!!) has a special place in my heart. You will be missed. A true legend.
If you haven't seen it already, here is Bubba Ray Dudley talking about what a tough and willing woman Mae Young was:
RIP Mae Young. Ill never forget when Bubba Ray Dudley did this to you. And you lived to be 90 after it.
We lost a legend today.the Amazing Mae Young has passed early this morning. Toughest old lady in wrestling. Biggest moment I remember of hers is when Bubba Ray Dudley powerbombed here off the stage on to a table! May you rest in piece Mae Young. She was 90 years old!
My favorite moment with Mae Young was her giving birth to the hand and then Bubba Ray Dudley putting her through the table
Mae Young took a power bomb off a stage, through a table at age 80. Then went in the back and slapped Bubba Ray Dudley f…
Man , 2nite is good nite of TV with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit & Chicago P.D. but it's also with sad news with passing of Mae Young . Right now I'm getting sleepy , I'm outta here , see y'all Thursday afternoon .
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