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Mads Mikkelsen

(born 22 November 1965) is a Danish actor.

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[Mads Mikkelsen] there's no doubt that the second that Hannibal lays his eyes on Will's for the first time, he fell in love.…
Well that was an interesting evening. Like having dinner with an intense Mads Mikkelsen (just more intense...) . I'm exhausted - night all 😴
Mads Dittman Mikkelsen. My first step to love Denmark 💐
mads mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy portraits, TCA 2014
The Danish way of commuting according to Carlsberg and Mads Mikkelsen.
You know ladies .. jeez my mind has gone so far ... thinking of Mads Mikk…
I had a Mads Mikkelsen as Hook account but I never followed through with it and the muse is long gone.
Ohh .. Mads Mikkelsen is something for sure 😜😜
Just shared a bowl of gummi butterflies and gummi sharks with Tom Holland and Mads Mikkelsen. More as it happens, with co…
I liked a video [The Return of Superman] Ep198_William met Mads Mikkelsen and Steven Yeun
you look kind of like Mads Mikkelsen from this angle.
Current dream movie idea: Mads Mikkelsen in a film about the Yakuza.
Look at my faves Mads Mikkelsen and Evan Rachel Wood
The best confession you will ever hear: brought to you by Mads Mikkelsen.
People don't believe me when I say Mads Mikkelsen is ridiculously cute. But I mean-...
is a piece of art, high level TV, great team, great Mads Mikkelsen *please* and bring season 4 on screen
Aka: Mads Mikkelsen, a miracle I can never fully understand.
Freddie Highmore absolutely owns Norman Bates in the same way Mads Mikkelsen owned his Lecter.
"Mads Mikkelsen comes across as a painfully serious actor"
.told us about the various ways he's been mistaken for and the time he spoke French to Mads Mikkels…
I’m currently watching The Salvation starring Mads Mikkelsen and wow just wow this is a GREAT movie!
Trivia time: Hannibal (the show with Mads Mikkelsen) had a few scenes at the Observatory:
AND lost it a little over THIS video of Mads Mikkelsen from said premiere, shot by British GQ
It gives me GREAT pleasure to (at last) confirm that Mayor Prentiss in Chaos Walking is going to be played by the amazing…
Love that me and Amanda are just sending each other gifs of mads mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy
Nicolaj Coster-Waldau is awesome in SHOT CALLER. Would like 2 see him paired with Mads Mikkelsen in old school Winding Refn film. Danes rule
Mads Mikkelsen as Andy Warhol, he's so cool
I'm meeting Michael Madsen, Mads Mikkelsen, Christopher Lloyd and Valene Kane. But my boyfriend is mee…
Doctor Doom, eh? I wish they could get Mads Mikkelsen to play him, that would be awesome
Mads Mikkelsen in Talks to Join Sci-Fi Pic Help me out: have Mads and Christoph Waltz ever done a film together?
Mads Mikkelsen in talks for villain role in Doug Liman's Chaos Walking
Everyone will be so surprised when after all these trailers with Mads Mikkelsen and Norman Reedus we actually play as Guy Fieri.
Me too. I would have cast Mads Mikkelsen as Roland. Ed Harris as Randall Flagg -The Man In Black-
Doctor Strange starts with Mads Mikkelsen beheading someone...that's my man!!!
Mads Mikkelsen is perfect in the role of Lecter
I want Anthony Hopkins and Mads Mikkelsen on Iron Chef. The secret ingredient is...fava beans and Chianti!
I thought Mads Mikkelsen was in the new King Arthur & was about to worry for with he and Michael McElhatton in the same movie.
When you're like WHY is bjerg so good looking? Then you find out he's Danish & it makes sense because Mads Mikkelsen & Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Mads Mikkelsen auditioned for Fantastic Four, but walked out in the middle of it
Mads Mikkelsen walked out of Fantastic Four audition -
Mads Mikkelsen reportedly walked out of 'Fantastic Four' audition.
Rogue One star, Mads Mikkelsen, walked out of his Fantastic Four audition. What happened:
Hannibal has taught Mads Mikkelsen how to kill somebody. We blame htt…
Mads Mikkelsen walked out of his audition to play Mr. Fantastic in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four. I don't blame him.
Keep getting dem Mickey Mouse checks Mads Mikkelsen. Dude was in Dr. Strange and Rouge One in the same year.
Petition for Diego Luna, Donnie Yen, Mads Mikkelsen and Ben Mendelsohn to attend the Oscars with Riz Ahmed and Felicity Jones…
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*sigh* I miss Diego Luna and Ben Mendelsohn and Mads Mikkelsen and Riz Ahmed and Donnie Yen and Alan Tudyk and Felicity Jones…
Bryan Fuller & Mads Mikkelsen in discussions between takes in the Hobbs' living room, photographed by David Slade.
Mads Mikkelsen is Euron Greyjoy. Until this comes true, reality is unacceptable 😐. What is dead may never die 🐙
4. Who is the host of The Amazing Race? A. Mads Mikkelsen. B. Phil Keoghan
The *** game has Norman Reedus AND Mads Mikkelsen as characters, I mean come on you can't have Daryl Dixon and Hannibal as characters and
Oh look everybody, it's Mads Mikkelsen aka the perfect DCEU Hugo Strange
Mads Mikkelsen's character walks on-screen with a big jiggling dickbulge, "As a child, I was caught in an explosion at the…
End of 2016 mood: Mads Mikkelsen opening a full bottle of vodka in the middle of a Rogue One interview.
If you're having a bad day/year/life/existence, here's Mads Mikkelsen with cats (don't @ me, I'm dead)
"You have to take off your fan boy hat". Turns out go-to villains Ben Mendelsohn and Mads Mikkelsen aren't so scary after…
Mads Mikkelsen was great. Forest Whitaker was great. Riz Ahmed was great. EVERYONE WAS SO GREAT Rogue One WAS JUST AMAZING
Mads Mikkelsen and Felicity Jones attend the premiere of ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ at the Pantages Theatre. https…
Mads Mikkelsen: From James Bond to Star Wars, an interview with Denmark's biggest star via
The new 'Death Stranding' trailer features and Mads Mikkelsen:
Hannibal fans are psyched to see Mads Mikkelsen in Death Stranding
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The mystery continues! . Watch the new Death Stranding trailer featuring Mads Mikkelsen
i keep rewatching the Death Stranding trailer but only the Mads Mikkelsen part 👀💦
I really hope Mads Mikkelsen doesn't get type cast as "guy with gunk coming out of his eyes" for the rest of his career. Would be a shame.
i want to know more about Mads Mikkelsen and his mpreg skeleton swat team.
What I’m trying to say here is that I want Mads Mikkelsen to animate MY skeleton with his electric tentacles
Mads Mikkelsen stars in this crazy new video game Watch the trailer:
I liked a video Death Stranding: Mads Mikkelsen Game Awards Trailer in 4K
Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus. Mads Mikkelsen and the Maybe Baby. Guillermo Del Toro and the Unborn Bro
Mads Mikkelsen Knows a cold dancer that slangs cuts.
Hideo Kojima unveils a brand new trailer for his mysterious post-Konami project, Death Stranding. ht…
tbh i've never found mads mikkelsen attractive before (not that i though him ugly or anything) But Well
I'm not sure what the *** this game is about, but Mads Mikkelsen, and have me interested
Mads Mikkelsen in that death standing trailer
I'm completely blown away by the new Death Stranding trailer that was just released! Mads Mikkelsen looks amazing in it.
Mads Mikkelsen has threaded a narrow career path that allows him to become typecast as devil surrogates dripping with assorted viscera.
For those who fell in love w/Mads in Death Stranding teaser visit Mads Mikkelsen officialsite to explore Mads' world. http…
New Death Stranding trailer features Guillermo Del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen from https:/…
To Mads Mikkelsen We will you see fighting as in Hannibal or shoot as in The Salvation?
I need Guillermo Del Toro to direct a Gothic masterpiece starring Mads Mikkelsen as the hero. . I need this so much
The man in the suit is my dear friend & the man in the army suit is Mads Mikkelsen. Main character (the playe…
It's this simple really. Mads Mikkelsen eclipsed even the great Anthony Hopkins in his performance as Dr Hannibal L…
Happy birthday to Mads Mikkelsen, who was brilliant as Daniel Craig's first adversary, Le Chiffre, in Casino Royale.
Our today's special customer Mads Mikkelsen - best known for playing the main antagonist Le Chiffre in the James Bond film,…
Happy Birthday to Mads Mikkelsen who played Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. To find out more about Le Chiffre visit
Unbelievable. starring Daniel Craig and Mads Mikkelsen was released ten years ago this week. Still my…
Happy 10th anniversary to Daniel Craig's first outing as 007, 'Casino Royale'. P.S. Mads Mikkelsen is awesome…
Mads Mikkelsen and Evan Rachel Wood. as Nigel and Gabi in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman (2013)
Mads Mikkelsen is great, even if he is underused. And Chiwetel Ejiofor is absolutely fantastic as Mordo.
I'm enjoying seeing great actors like Mads Mikkelsen and Chiwetel Ejiofor getting in on a piece of that sweet Disney dollar.
And another great short film/ad with Mads Mikkelsen if you haven't seen it yet, or just want to watch again...
Electronic Device Insurance
Mads Mikkelsen on superhero style, Star Wars and real-life cannibalism
Mads Mikkelsen outside the Doctor Strange Premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood
Mads Mikkelsen talks about his villainous character in "Doctor Strange" (Watch) |
Darth Vader, yeah whatev, there's Mads Mikkelsen, sign me up.
Casino Royale was way ahead of its time casting Eva Green and Mads Mikkelsen in big roles.
Mads Mikkelsen is almost unrecognisable, with his perm, moustache & hare lip.
From radioactive spiders and aliens to magic and mysticism, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is leaving…
What I would give for a photo of Mads Mikkelsen in footie pyjamas right now. (He looks good in a frock coat, though.)
I've always been interested in strange foods, coming from all different places.
It’s the end and the beginning. You’ll die protecting this world. Mads Mikkelsen is Kaecilius.
Awards mean absolutely nothing if you don't get it. If you do get it, they're the best thing
So Mads Mikkelsen being in Death Stranding is all but confirmed at this point, right?
Mads Mikkelsen: I’ll get revenge on Benedict Cumberbatch for my brother's Sherlock death
"Mads Mikkelsen provides quite an entertaining mystical threat in his first encounter with the hero."
Mads Mikkelsen once said he would get revenge on Benedict Cumberbatch for killing his brother Lars on Sherlock. 1/2
I like Mads Mikkelsen and Richard Armitage. Since I saw the cast for American Gods I hate Brian Fuller
In the Mads Mikkelsen talk, He said he wanted to play a Zombie hmmm a walker in The Walking Dead ..Make this happen https:/…
Great first day at - met Mads Mikkelsen, Keith David, Aaron Stanford, Judge Reinhold, Dave Prowse and Michael Emerson. More on Sunday!
Move On is the story of a hero, played by Mads Mikkelsen (James Bond: Casino Royal), who travels through...
Can I dream about a movie with Julianna Margulies,Jeffrey Dean Morgan,Mads Mikkelsen and Sarah Paulson? Oh I can,thank you! 😊
Silver lining of rushing to get to an Anders Thomas Jensen movie: you'll *still* never be as sweaty as Mads Mikkelsen.
My favorite part of the panel was when Mads Mikkelsen smiled so proudly and said: "now I can say I'm in a star war…
First look st Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Urso is Star Wars Rogue One.
hi there. Question, do you like Aaron Stanford? Or Jeremy Renner or Mads Mikkelsen? :D
Mads Mikkelsen's outfit for Rogue One is spectacular.
Mads Mikkelsen in Rogue One is "the galactic version of nuclear pioneer J. Robert Oppenheimer.". Cool!.
Mads Mikkelsen: “George Miller is a teddy bear and the girls are crazy — they are chain-smoking all the time.”
Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen reveals that he's playing the father of the main character in Star Wars film Rogue One
Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen says he might have to KILL Ben Shephard!
I owe Hugh Dancy an apology. Claire Danes too probably. Mads Mikkelsen? Na, he'd find it hilarious.
Mads Mikkelsen and Arnaud Desplechin are official jury members
Cheekbone deluxe in (and I even haven't included Mads Mikkelsen yet)
Serious answer, probably Mads Mikkelsen. I don't have a funny answer
Ahh, fair play, pegged you as a COMIC NERD and thought you might have. Looks bit dodge to me. Mads Mikkelsen as the villain tho
At least Mads Mikkelsen is gonna be there so i'm ok 💕
Mads Mikkelsen. You might know him from Hannibal?
George Miller, Kristen Dunst, Valeria Golino and Mads Mikkelsen are the jury so don't disappoint me
Job perk = Mads Mikkelsen whispering in your ear ❤❤❤
Mads Mikkelsen spotted on set in New York today
paid to meet them. Mads Mikkelsen is someone I meet regularly since he lives close by when he's not in the US XD
Huh. Mads Mikkelsen is gonna be in Doctor Strange too?
a handful and among those are TH, Adam Lambert and Mads Mikkelsen 😍
I saw a person on the Copenhagen train who exactly looks like Mads Mikkelsen! ***
I'm just nick naming Mads Mikkelsen's character Kaleidoscope man until I figure out who he is
waitwaitwait that means Viggo Mortensen and Mads Mikkelsen are going to be at Cannes at the same time
oh, and heard Mads Mikkelsen, and Valeria Golino might be on George Miller's Jury...
Whenever I read about people throwing allegations at other people without going to the police first, I think about Mads Mikkelsen in
Mads Mikkelsen has got to be one of the most underrated actors currently working right now. Everything he is in is just amazing.
📷 baba-yaga-not-only: Mads Mikkelsen in tailcoat aesthetic (2010/2016).
granpappy-winchester: I really love that Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen have this innate ability in every...
Yeas and so soon! Btw have you heard about Doctor Strange? Mads Mikkelsen is in it! It's also coming out in Nov
there's no tease of Mads Mikkelsen. Quite disappointed.:P
Oh, and Mads Mikkelsen's chicken-dicking happened off screen. It was implied. Innuendo.
young Mads Mikkelsen in a ruffly purple shirt looking genuinely happy and content
I'm pretty sure that Mads Mikkelsen is playing Kaluu in
I can't believe i'm lucky enough to get Benedict Cumberbatch and mads mikkelsen in the same *** film. a MARVEL FILM
Mads Mikkelsen and soup on a rainy day is how I wanna go out
Mads Mikkelsen confirmed to play main villain in Marvel’s...
I'm terrified about psychic people who have their little shops. I always wa...
need. more. of. mads mikkelsen. AND. Hugh Dancy. TOGETHER!
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*** Benedict Cumberbatch and Mads Mikkelsen in one movie. My body is ready
yo and they have Mads Mikkelsen RIGHT THERE. is Cumberbatch really that much more bankable?
Getting ready to watch Mads Mikkelsen have sexual congress with a chicken
I've been personally victimized by Mads Mikkelsen
Just checking out the new Doctor Strange trailer. Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Mads Mikkelsen. Wow! 😍
this movie has Mads Mikkelsen, Tilda Swinton, Cumberbatch, and Chiwetel Ejiofor HOW TF ARE THEY IN A MARVEL MOVIE
Mads Mikkelsen was good in Hannibal if you've seen that? Christoph Waltz is a great actor. Especially in Inglorious Basterds
I had about zero interest in Doctor Strange, but then I learned Michael Stuhlbarg, Mads Mikkelsen and Tilda Swinton are in it. Argh. Fine.
do Mads Mikkelsen and Michael Stuhlbarg kiss each other in this movie or what? please advise.
I feel Mads Mikkelsen's portrayal of Dr. Hannibal Lecter has surpassed Anthony Hopkins. Further validated by re-watching the movie Hannibal.
Mads Mikkelsen and Matthias Schoenaerts both look like more attractive versions of Putin
You know in Casino Royale when Mads Mikkelsen ties James Bond to a chair and destroys his *** w a rope? Ill pay u $500 USD to do that to me
Update: I find Lars Mikkelsen more attractive than Mads
My number 1 fantasy is Mads Mikkelsen dressing up as Hannibal and serving me lunchables
So I'm currently watching Eric Cantona beat up Mads Mikkelsen in a Western. Somewhat unexpected.
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You know you're fluent when you understand aht mads mikkelsen is saying.
When my soul is crushed, i watch a video of Mads Mikkelsen playing poker and everything is fine
If you have to be frightening, you need some actors around you to be really...
how come Gillian Anderson gets both david duchovny AND mads mikkelsen . so unfair
Mads Mikkelsen is so underrated it hurts
'Clash Of The Titans' is one of the biggest movies I've done; it was certai...
honestly, we're not deserving of that much Mads Mikkelsen.
Ooh there's a Mads Mikkelsen western on Sky movies.
. Who is the better actor?. 1. Christoph Waltz. 2. Mads Mikkelsen. 3. Leonardo Dicraprio . 4. Donald Trump
Mads Mikkelsen. In a hat. What more could you want? is now on Sky Movies and NOW TV.
9:57 PM thoughts. mads mikkelsen is so hot got dam!!!. also im so tired w/ school stuff
So Mads Mikkelsen, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Eva Green are all in The Salvation together. How did I not know about this film?!
I was going to say "someone pls kill me" but I actually want to live to meet Mads Mikkelsen and eat more pizza so pls no one…
I'm one of the actors who really enjoys working with kids and animals, whic...
Mads Mikkelsen leaving European Film Awards 2008 smiling but with no price ...
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When I was a kid, I wasn't looking at the small-budget films myself. I was ...
Mads Mikkelsen reminds me of Robert Pattinson for some reason... I think it's in the mouth.
*me in therapy* . Hello. I'm Gabi and Mads Mikkelsen has taken over and ruined my life.
When ppl say Mads Mikkelsen is ugly
Mads Mikkelsen and i in Valhalla Rising Mads is in Rogue One a great Dane x
Mads Mikkelsen Rogue One having a pint after killing me on Valhalla Rising x
Is that the sister podcast to "Mad about Mads" where you just talk about how in love with Mads Mikkelsen everyone should be?
The best thing about Nikolaj Arcel directing The Dark Tower is the enhanced possibility that Mads Mikkelsen might show up …
Le Chiffre was played by 3 different actors. Peter Lorre. Orson Welles. Mads Mikkelsen
I'm a big fan of film for one reason: because it is visual.
Life *** but i'm alive at the same time Mads Mikkelsen is alive too
Still haven't read this beautiful interview post .
Still waiting on the Doctor Strange trailer to swoon over Tilda Swinton & Mads Mikkelsen being in the same movie.
Lars & Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Jesper Christensen. Let's face it, we Danes are born to kill you! .
Ya'll can keep Mads Mikkelsen. I'm a Lars man all the way.
of course, and Lars and or Mads Mikkelsen as something definitely villainous, possibly alien.
Lars and Mads Mikkelsen were once children!
when do we get Tom Hiddleston and Mads Mikkelsen in a Lars Von Trier movie. these are my dreams.
releases first photo; Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk join cast
Look who I bumped into today Mads Mikkelsen aka Le Chiffre / Hannibal. Really nice guy and a top actor!
"Benedict Cumberbatch filming Dr Strange in Oxford.Not seen him yet but seen Mads Mikkelsen" https:…
Thought I recognized him from somewhere.Turns out he is Lars Mikkelsen.Mads Mikkelsen's older brother.Dem cheekbones
Because NBC cancelled Hannibal despite its critical acclaim and Mads Mikkelsen never won an Emmy for his work.
Rogue One's cast is great. Can't wait to see who Mads Mikkelsen plays. I wish they'd give Ralph Fiennes a call for Tarkin..
Fan Theory of the Day: Mads Mikkelsen is Victor Von Doom in Doctor Strange (via Marvel Cinematic Universe FB page).
Somebody needs to cast Mads Mikkelsen as an ultimate good guy, just to pull a Henry Fonda
Counting down the days until comes out. Ben Mendelsohn and Mads Mikkelsen are two of the best actors alive and will crush it.
Finally sat down and watched The Hunt with Mads Mikkelsen. Such a powerful drama and should have won the Best Foreign Language film Oscar.
Michael Madsen is not a great actor. Mads Mikkelsen on the other hand
Nicolas Winding Refn on his relationship with Mads Mikkelsen
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Mads Mikkelsen, Harrison Ford & Benedict Cumberbatch at the premiere in London
📷 lackofawareness-vagueness: Mads Mikkelsen playing Lechiffre in 007 Casino Royale, I love his...
All I want is for Mads Mikkelsen's Hannibal Lecter to meet Clarice Starling as played by Lena Headey (I'm biased..I fancast her as everyone)
Congratulations to Mads Mikkelsen who won the Nordi Award for Actor of the Year! Men & Chicken also won for Nordic Film of …
Mads Mikkelsen talks about Gareth Edwards (director) forthcoming
Marvel needs to get Fantastic Four back and cast Mads Mikkelsen as Doom. Also, Matthew McConaughey as Norman Osborn.
& because they cast really good actors. James Purefoy & Mads Mikkelsen top notch actors that play charming/captivating villains.
Witcher movie announced. Please star Mads Mikkelsen and Eva Green as Geralt and Yennifer, please, please
The cast of Land of Mine meet Mads Mikkelsen in London
My review of Spectre: Daniel Craig looks EXACTLY like Mads Mikkelsen. That's it.
Well, he needs a very specific beard for the role. I like him, but Mads Mikkelsen should've been Doctor Strange.
in better, less lousy news: a Witcher movie?! pls Mads Mikkelsen for Geralt and me for Ciri
Mads Mikkelsen with grey streak in his hair . *heavy breathing intensifies*
JK Simmons replaced Mads Mikkelsen in KUNG 3 PANDA. Presumably b/c every theatre would have to be equipped with captions to understand him.
Smaug will fight Hannibal: Mads Mikkelsen to be villain in Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange!
In other news, BoConcept Toronto broken into&only item stolen: oversized Mads Mikkelsen poster.Suzy didn't do it😁.
Mads Mikkelsen's role in anything 'GotG Vol. 2'
See Mads Mikkelsen sent shivers down my spine.
// The reason why we want to squeeze Mads Mikkelsen
I can't honestly say that I have a preference between Anthony Hopkins and Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal. Both quite different, both wonderful.
Mads Mikkelsen getting ready for the GQ Awards
Mads Mikkelsen backstage at the GQ Awards. +3 short videos here
Mads Mikkelsen won the Film International Award at the
Mads Mikkelsen confirmed for Doctor Strange (but the exact role is not yet).
Mads Mikkelsen arriving at Tegel airport to attend the GQ Awards
Liking Nikolaj Coster and Mads Mikkelsen is included in having a bad taste?
I don't ask for much I just want to witness Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister fight
//I'm not posing photos but my are. 1. Mads Mikkelsen. 2. Johnny Weir. 3. John Barrowman. 4. Alan Cumming
I'm looking for some actors who have never been given credit for great acting. For example, Eric Roberts? William Fichtner? Mads Mikkelsen?
The James Bond villain, Le Chiffre played by Peter Lorre and Mads Mikkelsen, respectively
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I added a video to a playlist Mads Mikkelsen at the European Film Awards 2012 in Malta
it's so BONKERS. I've seen an interview with Mads Mikkelsen and Stellan Skarsgard showing this phenomenon.
Hannibal: Season 2 Premiere: Behind the Scenes of the Fight - Laurence Fishburne, Mads Mikkelsen
Vikings is good but it doesn't hold a torch to that Mads Mikkelsen film, Valhalla Rising.
Highkey less talkative in school than Mads Mikkelsen in Valhalla Rising
So just met Mads Mikkelsen,. What a great man, he's a brilliant actor and inspired me early on, he was very engaging to talk…
Something about Scandinavian actors in Hollywood. Stellan and Alexander Skaarsgard, Mads Mikkelsen, Peter Saarsgard. Creepy characters!
My love and adoration for Mads Mikkelsen is so strong that I'm willing to sit through something Shia LeBeouf is top billed in...
Hannibal Lecter: suit man. Mads Mikkelsen: adidas man
the way Mads Mikkelsen is blowing up w Star Wars & marvel can only help. Bryan Fuller said they're still looking 2 continue it!
me: *drinks tea out of mug reading, "Freudian Sips" whilst thinking about Mads Mikkelsen's daddy tummy*. ... ... ... aesthetic
Hannibal Season 3 Marathon. Mads Mikkelsen and Gillian Anderson You are both amazing!
watch keegan-michael key talk about how he got flustered around mads mikkelsen and then TELL ME YOU DON'T LOVE HIM.
Mads Mikkelsen in talks to join opposite Cumberbatch: http:…
No in Canada tonight but Mads Mikkelsen is in Toronto tonight because of It's surreal.
Think I may have gotten the last Hannibal Lector Can't wait to have Mads Mikkelsen sign it!
It's gonna be like breathing exercises with Mads Mikkelsen, 'cause Imma faint if not.
From the great state of Denial: premier episode. I am intrigued by Mads Mikkelsen. He has great cheek bones.
did Mads Mikkelsen & Gillian Anderson's duo photo for sunday change or has it not been added on guidebook yet?
If it makes you feel any better they also dont have one for Gillian Anderson or Mads Mikkelsen!
Yes. Yes, you can. :) Love Hopkins & Cox but Mads Mikkelsen is my only now
If 'grown up' behaviour could only mean less Eddie Izzard and Mads Mikkelsen impersonations, before being a *** on social media...
Can't wait for Sunday to go to the Getting our pics taken with Mads Mikkelsen and Gillian Anderson! So excited!!
Kickstarter to have Mads Mikkelsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger start a psychiatry/gym/restaurant all at once. Sounds like a plan.
If Anthony Hopkins got an Oscar for a half hour of screen time, when does Mads Mikkelsen get his Emmy?
I'm just dying like rofl why can't all men be like Mads Mikkelsen?!
Mads Mikkelsen is in a Rihanna video! In related news, I am watching a Rihanna video.
I'm actually pretty sure that's the case. Plus, you /are/ Mads Mikkelsen after all, everyone would love to have dinner with you.
at least we'll be getting mads mikkelsen for Dr strange in a villain role which i believe will be Mephestio or Nightmare.
Photo: baba-yaga-not-only: Is Mads Mikkelsen our new general Crix Madine? I mean he said his character will...
I'm looking forward to seeing pics of Mads Mikkelsen and Gillian Anderson from this weekend.
You should've seen JoJo's face when she found out that Steve Buscemi and Mads Mikkelsen have played the same character.
Watched Legend of Michael Kolhaas. Movie was okay, but Mads Mikkelsen killed it as the "good" guy.
OMG - I think it’s finally sinking in that i’ll meet mads mikkelsen this weekend. “A chair is still a...
We have arrived! Come visit us at Horror HQ. You can see Mads Mikkelsen from our booth!
Here's a supercut of scenes from the Danish dub of Monsters, Inc., in which Mads Mikkelsen voiced Randall:
Mads Mikkelsen just followed me, my night is complete.
Also, would my brain explode if Mads Mikkelsen and Javier Bardem were overly talented and weird onscreen together?
If I die, don't delete my browser history. Let the world know much I googled "mads Mikkelsen" and that Mr. Darcy turn down for what video.
On a scale of 1 to Mads Mikkelsen how distant is your actual fashion sense from your most popular starring role?
232 pics of Mads Mikkelsen on my phone. I need some sort of AA for this.
can you describe Mads Mikkelsen in few words to us?
you say cutesy nickname but now im just thinking of Mads Mikkelsen and
Only Mads Mikkelsen can make a psychopath sexy. My ovaries are distraught that Hannibal has ended 😭
My uncle is a HUGE Star Wars fan and he phoned me to tell me Mads Mikkelsen will be in the new one and he hopes I'll be a fan now too, bless
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Giancarlo Esposito's Gus on BrBa reminds me a LOT of Mads Mikkelsen's Hannibal and I love it.
[Request] Can someone draw Mads Mikkelsen as a pickle? Dill or sweet is ok.
Idk if u mean the shows cinematography or Mads Mikkelsen's face but either way, u r correct
Mads Mikkelsen obsession stage 5: I've googled "how hard is it to learn Danish?"
There is God on Earth and his name is Mads Mikkelsen
Hugh Dancy che pensa a Mads Mikkelsen like :
Fotoset: starkassembled: Mads Mikkelsen says thank you
Me everytime I see a new pic of Mads Mikkelsen
Mads Mikkelsen will be the death of me.
Only 3 hours remain to take advantage of our special 24-hour pre-order for Rupert Grint and Mads Mikkelsen! Head...
Of all the pics of Mads Mikkelsen having a surreptitious cigarette on the Hannibal set, this has got to be the best. http…
Lmao!. "Why yes in fact. I'd like one Mads Mikkelsen in Nude please. Rush delivery.". for reasons.
Mads Mikkelsen say to us ''hello beauties'' with charming accent.
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