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Madison Shipman

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No. 4 Tennessee slugs four homers in 13-5 win over Tennessee Tech: Madison Shipman hit two home runs as the Lady...
Check out what Madison Shipman had to say following her 2-for-3, two home run game vs. Tennessee Tech on Tuesday, April 8.
UT Softball: Madison Shipman Postgame TTU (4/8/14): Check out what Madison Shipman had to say fo...
Tennessee Tech makes a pitching change. The new pitcher Hannah Weaver gets the prize of pitching to Madison Shipman.
We head to the bottom of the 5th with the Lady Vols up 8-5. Madison Shipman leads the team with 4 RBIs
Madison Shipman blasts her second HR of the night. It's 8-2 Lady Vols B2
Madison Shipman with her second HR of the game puts the Lady Vols up 8-2 in the bottom of the 2nd
Madison Shipman hits her 2nd HR run of the day. This one is a single HR.
Madison Shipman gets her 10th HR of the year. The Lady Vols lead 3-2 in the BOTTOM 1st with no outs.
Madison Shipman answers with a home run of her own, putting the Lady Vols up 3-2 in the bottom of the 1st
Trying to get everyone to vote for your sister. πŸ˜‚ GO MADISON πŸ‘
Fans, remember to VOTE TODAY for Madison Shipman for the Senior CLASS Award!
Tennessee takes an early 2-0 lead in the first inning after Madison Shipman hits a two-run home run. Andrews, Blades, and Jaquish lead off.
Geer singles, and steals second with Madison Shipman at the plate for UT.
Corbello hits Madison Shipman to start the fourth.
Madison Shipman singles up the middle.
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Hey fans! remember to VOTE for Madison Shipman for the Senior CLASS Award!
students, be sure to go vote for Madison Shipman for the Senior Class Award! You can vote once a day at
REST IN PEACE MADISON SHIPMAN .. I cant believe you're gone - im gonna miss you , you'll always be remembered babygirl ~
VOTE for Madison Shipman today for http:/…
I'm voting for Madison Shipman for the Go to to do the same!
Make sure you VOTE for Madison Shipman today for
Vote, vote, vote for Madison Shipman, an outstanding senior. GO Lady Vols.
I would honestly be scared to pitch against Madison shipman
Asking all Vol fans that follow me to go and vote for player (Madison Shipman). .
Hey Vol Nation! VOTE EVERY DAY for Madison Shipman. It's easy, just go to
Vol fans can vote for Madison Shipman for the CLASS Award here:. .
BREAKING:Madison Shipman has been named a FINALIST for the 2014 VOTE: …
I'M thankful for despots renford Madeline shepperhorn aka Madison Shipman John franks aka Jack Pizzo. My family and our water heater that went out today so everyone is grumpy from thier cold showers
Last night with Jack Pizzo Madison Shipman and Kevin Joanna Kingsbury was wild. There was dancing, grinding, moves, falling, being locked out in the snow for 6 hours and even an action movie was partly made. About an boy who risks it all including the money he was supposed to spend on a ring for his wife, to go mine moon pearls on the moon! Wild I tell ya
I can I grow up to be Madison shipman or Lauren Gibson please?!
I wish I was as tall as Madison Shipman... .
Lauren Chamberlain rounded first base waiting, wondering and praying even that her long drive would be a home run and not just a foul ball. When third-base umpire Christie Cornwell raised her right hand and signaled that it was a home run, Chamberlain thrust both arms into the air and ran around the bases into a celebration at home plate. Chamberlain's two-run home run in the bottom of the 12th inning lifted top-seeded Oklahoma to a 5-3 win against Tennessee on Monday night in Game 1 of the Women's College World Series finals. It was her 30th of the season, tying for the most in the nation this season. "I really couldn't believe it," Chamberlain said. "It was awesome." More WCWS Coverage Oklahoma came up swinging Monday night like the champion it was expected to be. The champion it is again one win from becoming, Graham Hays writes. Story The Sooners capitalized on a dropped pop-up to rally from three runs down in the 11th after Tennessee' Madison Shipman broke a scoreless tie with a three-run home run of ...
Bri is the the next Madison Shipman, maybe better!
Madison Shipman! Wow...! The eye black and dirt make her that much more attractive!!
I honestly wish I looked like Madison Shipman.
Madison Shipman can ball and she is sexy!!
Madison Shipman from Tennessee... Ya she fine! Plays Short Stop too, think I love her.
Madison Shipman is so beautiful. I wish she was my girlfriend. And she's tall too :D 6'1" ! She's the cutest softball player ever! Love her!
An amazing season for the Lady Vols softball team. Congratulations for making it so far. Y'all should be very proud of yourselves! Lauren Gibson, Raven Chavanne, Madison Shipman, Katherine Dotson
Ellen Renfroe, Madison Shipman, and Lauren Gibson named to the All-Tournament Team
Madison shipman only a junior. Get to watch her again a year from now
Tennessee still has Madison Shipman though. She will probably come back even better next year.
I'm gonna miss seeing girls like Lauren Gibson, Madison Shipman, Ricketts, and so many more on the field next year!
Madison Shipman, if you need a shoulder to cry on, you can cry on mine 😍😘
It's okay Madison Shipman, I still love you
WAIT. It's 44 :p but Madison shipman I think.
i cant believe they didnt let Madison Shipman her last at bat.
I'm definitely rootin for Oklahoma in this game but Madison Shipman is still my girl ⚾🍊
Madison Shipman grounds to short. The are one out away
actually it's Madison Shipman, and we are lovers in the night
Madison Shipman, can you like, hit a homer again?
We may lose but I just thought I would inform all of Vol Nation that MADISON SHIPMAN IS ONLY A JR. 😍😍😍
Could be like oh ill go visit Tennessee pike chapter and track down Madison shipman. But we know how they are doing
"Madison Shipman, one fine piece of ace" brought home the W in trivia tonight
Madison Shipman and Jessica Shults remind me of and I
Madison have a new solid fan.
I have a HUGE CRUSH on Madison Shipman!! Tennessee beauty!!
Madison Shipman has the prettiest hair! πŸ’
"Madison Shipman can I have your hair?"
Madison Shipman's hair is freaking gorgeous. –  10% Off
Madison Shipman can I have your hair?
Renfroe and Madison Shipman! 😍 I can get used to this. Lets go Vols!
Madison Shipman is quickly climbing up the ranks though...
Madison Shipman and Laura Gibson from Tennessee are hella fine
And Madison shipman's hair is still perfect..
Watchn the WCWS Oklahoma vs Tennessee. I am a huge fan of madison shipman but goin for the sooners.
Lets go Sooners! My girl at 1st base is gonna rock it again tonight!!
Watchin replay of last night's softball game. Madison Shipman may be my new favorite softball player.
Hopefully, you've caught your breath. The Oklahoma softball team's 12-inning walk-off win in game one of the best-of-three NCAA Women's College World Series Championship certainly provided enough drama for the entire series, but the Sooners still need to win one more game to be crowned national champions. They get that opportunity tonight at 7 p.m. on ESPN in game two against the Lady Vols. If it's anything like the wild affair in game one, fans are in for a treat. Head coach Patty Gasso called Monday's battle "the greatest game I've ever been a part of." Both teams went scoreless for 10 innings; the respective pitchers, Keilani Ricketts for OU and Ellen Renfroe for Tennessee, both stubbornly refusing to budge. Then, in the 11th, Tennessee put two on and Madison Shipman smacked a home run that left the Sooners in a 3-0 hole. With Renfroe seemingly untouchable, scoring three runs seemed like climbing Mt. Everest, if Mt. Everest on the moon. And climb it they did. Ricketts popped-up for a sure out, but the ...
Oklahoma – 5 Tennessee – 3 An interview with: TENNESSEE COACH RALPH WEEKLY RAVEN CHAVANNE ELLEN RENFROE MADISON SHIPMAN THE MODERATOR: We are now joined by Tennessee cohead coach Ralph Weekly and studentathletes Raven Chavanne, Ellen Renfroe, and Madison Shipman. We'll start with Coach and go to the floor with questions. COACH WEEKLY: Okay, that was a great fast pitch softball game between two great teams who played their hearts out. The pitching performance out of both Keilani and Ellen was unbelievable. Both of them just pitched phenomenal games. I think there were only four hits total going into the ninth inning. We just have to congratulate Oklahoma in a situation like this. You've just got to congratulate them. I just told our kids that this is not over yet. In 2007 we won the opening game and lost the series, and we're still very much alive. We're facing a very, very good opponent, but we're ready to move on to tomorrow. Q. Ellen, I've just never seen you pitch as well as you did toni ...
I cant believe the Lady Vols lost that game lastnight. After Madison Shipman hit the 3 run dinger in the 11th I thought it was over and went to bed. Woke up this morning and found out otherwise on sportscenter.
I was so excited last night when madison shipman hit that 3-run homer,I declared TN winner--(forgetting OK still had an at-bat.) bad Mistake. NEVER count out the team at ANYTHING.. :(
Awesome game, congrats to Oklahoma on pulling out game 1. The Lady Vols had a 3-0 lead in the 11th inning on Madison Shipman`s three-run homerun, but just couldn`t finish it off. The Sooners scored three runs in the bottom of the 11th to tie it, and then won it in the 12th, 5-3. This game hurts, and will for awhile. But we are still alive, and now must win the next two games to claim our first softball championship. But this can be done! I totally believe in my Lady Vols! We played a heck of a game tonight, and I am so proud of them!!! Go Lady Vols! We have to win tonight, then we`ll worry about tomorrow night when it gets here!
WOW what a game. After 4 hours and 12 innings the Lady Vols lost 5-3. It was scoreless until the 11 th inning when Madison Shipman had a 3 run homer and then Oklahoma scored 3 to tie it. 0 for Tennessee in the 12th but OU managed to score 2 on a HR. hopefully tomorrow will be a better night...or else it's all over for the Lady Vols. GOOD LUCK TENNESSEE.
Andrea Nicole Grant with Ellen Renfroe and Madison Shipman, two of tonight's College World Series stars.
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Took a number one team extra innings to beat a number 7 team don't look good on u sooners. Still think the Lady Vols r winners they played their heart out. Great job girls s
Oh my gosh... 166 pitches later, Madison Shipman takes Ricketts out of the park. 3-0 Lady Vols!!! Please just hold on!!! What a friggin game!! Is Ellen Renfroe our Tee Martin as Monica Abbott was Peyton Manning? Hope so... let's get this national title!!
*** Madison shipman you are look good and you can hit like a champ
Never thought I'd be pulling for the Vols, but Madison Shipman is my hero! Leave it to the SEC to put on a show!
3 run homer good job Madison shipman lets go Tennessee. New favorite pitcher Ellen renfroe who!!! :)
That was one sweet 3 run homer from Tennessee's Madison Shipman in the top of the 11th
I've got a crush on Madison Shipman lol. This girl is an intense ball player
Watching WCWS Tennessee vs.Oaklahoma! Top of the 11th inning! Madison shipman hits a home run with 2 on base!! Yay!! Lets go Tennessee!! So intense! 󾌳
Way to go Madison shipman great job.
Madison Shipman, you have my heart. Go Lady Vols!
Lady Vols 3 Ok. 0 in top of 11th after 3 run home run by Madison Shipman
Madison Shipman had a great hit for her Lady Vols! Lets play hard defense now and win this ball game! Go TN!
Wow Tennessee and Oklahoma in the 11th inning and Madison shipman just hit a home rum scoring 3 runs.. Tennessee ahead now going into bottom of the 11th inning..
Homerun for Lady Vols by Madison Shipman with 2 on. Vols up 3-0 bottom of 11th.
Lady Vols about to win it all. Thanks to my softball gf Madison Shipman. Lol
Three run homer Madison Shipman!! Let's bring it home ladies get your bling
Amazing softball WCWS! Hard to root for Tennessee. Something about that orange color. :-)
I love you Madison Shipman!!! Kinsley is asleep I was jumping like a mime! Having a silent very happy moment
Madison Shipman just his a three run homer to give the Tennessee "Volunteers" a 3-0 lead over the Oklahoma "Sooners" in the top of the 11th innings in game one of three in the NCAA Women's College Softball World Series in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Thats the way to do it Madison Shipman.home run.. 3 to 0 Tennessee Lady's!
Madison Shipman!!! My new hero!!! Home run in the top of the 11th! 3-0 Lady Vols! Lets hold on and beat them Sooners!
Madison Shipman with the 3 run homer! Tennessee up 3-0 in the top of the 11th!!
This game is a dog fight that Smokey is going to win! Great 3 run homer Madison Shipman!
Madison Shipman goes yard with two on! Please, hold the Sooners in the bottom of 11th so I can go to sleep.
I guess madison shipman new she hit that one out of the park, like the commercial she's in says... Lol
Awesome homer Madison Shipman!!! 3-0 in the top of the 11th. Vols leading Oklahoma!
Madison Shipman goes yard for the Lady Vols. *** yeah.
Top of the 11 0 to 0 people on 1 and 2 madison shipman hits a homer!!! GO Lady Vols!!!
Madison Shipman is representing for the Big Orange. Go Lady Vols!
Madison Shipman just smashed that ball
Awesome hit Madison Shipman to put the VOLS ahead in the 10th inning!! GO BIG ORANGE!!
Wow! Big ups to Madison Shipman for the three run home run the 11th inning! Lets go Lady Vols!
Woohoo way to hit the ball Madison Shipman
Oh yeah!!! That was awesome! One mistake...and the Vols are up 3-0 against 34-1 Ricketts. Go Big Orange!!!
Madison Shipman just made A LOT of people really happy!
BOOM! Madison Shipman makes up for being picked off first in a big way!!! C'mon UT finish it!
Nice pop Madison Shipman. Go Lady Vols! Keep it in the SEC.
Leave it to a Madison Shipman to mess up my evening. How many times can they say her name??
Thank you Madison shipman! Woooho. I literally just jumped off my bed!
Lauren Gibson...all we need is that gorgeous home run that you had the other night! 󾍛
Still scoreless & headed to the 1th. Hopefully Chavanne, Dotson, or Gibson can do something about that.
This Oklahoma Tennessee softball game is a flippin' exciting game. Can't wait to see who wins this one.
Tennessee / Oklahoma ladies softball!! Would someone please score so I can watch something else!!
All you softball fans out there. While watching the WCWS over the next few days, you may notice a similarity of hometowns of the players. Jessica Shults and Brittany Williams of OU and Madison Shipman and Melissa Brown of UT are all from Valencia or really close. Maddie and Jordan Taylor were on the national champs, Valencia High School, who beat Melissa from Hart High in the CIF finals, 2007.
UW Women Huskies lost to Oklahoma, so their season has ended, but what a magnificent road they traveled. 11th-ranked against Oklahoma, a battle hard-fought, I consider it a good loss. Proud to be a UW woman today!
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Oklahoma vs Tennessee in the Finals! Who are your favorite players and why?!?
So proud of my girls on the lady vol!!! Way to go Raven Chavanne Lauren Gibson Melissa Nicole Brown Whitney Hammond Tory Marie Lewis Madison Shipman Ivy Renfroe Katherine Dotson Ellen Renfroe Melissa Davin and company!!! keep battling ladies!
Great win tonight for Lauren Gibson Raven Chavanne Madison Shipman and the rest of the Lady Vols. Now go get that title!
I know I post something like this every year around this time but... Longhorns SS Madison Shipman makes me thank God for whoever invented women's softball pants.. That is all!!
I am extremely excited and sad about tomorrow! I have to first say "Good Luck" to my Lady Vols (Lauren Gibson Raven Chavanne Hannah Rose Akamine Ivy Renfroe Madison Shipman Haley Tobler ) and my Longhorns (Taylor Hoagland Gabby Smith Blaire Luna Mandy Ogle) tomorrow. I hope both teams win and play their hearts out. I won't be able to watch you play but I will be there in spirit. I hope you understand, my daughters first ASA tournament is tomorrow ( Go Scarlet Saints!!) and I just can't miss that. With that being said, i wish you ladies all the luck and hope you have the time of your life...=)
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Congrats go out to 3 Lady Vol Softball Players this morning! Second baseman Lauren Gibson, Shortstop Madison Shipman and third baseman Raven Chavanne were all named First Team All Americans by the National Fastpitch Coaches Association yesterday!!! GO Lady Vols!!! Don't forget the Lady Vols play Florida in the Women's College World Series this afternoon at 2:30 and you can hear all the action on the Sports Animal beginning at 2:15.
Crushing so hard it hurts and he dosent know how much i really care πŸ˜”πŸ˜‘
Congrads to the Lady Vols!Keep the wins going thru Oklahoma City!
Kat Dotson with a sac fly scores Madison Shipman. Lady Vols take first lead, 4-3 headed to bot 5th. 3 of 4 runs scored for LVs on sac flies.
Tennessee takes it's first lead of the day on Kat Dotson's sac fly to the warning track in center. Madison Shipman scores. 4-3 after 4.5
Madison Shipman is seriously my idol
Madison Shipman is so beautiful, it barely even computes.
Leadoff double for Madison Shipman in the fifth. 3-3 tie in game two.
Madison Shipman vicious bruh. The only reason I will ever like Tennessee
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Madison Shipman is so tall. Oh my god.
It's okay because Madison Shipman is beautiful.
Madison shipman is one fine *** softball player ... Tennessee vols got some cute players
Madison Shipman hair is perfect, and I love her bow! πŸ˜πŸŽ€
A sac-fly off the bat of Madison Shipman gets the Lady Vols on the board. Now 3-1 Alabama with one out in the third.
Gibson singles to make it three straight to start the third. Bases loaded, no outs for Madison Shipman.
i dont get why like she had all day and its not like Madison Shipman is a short person lol
Go Lady Vols! Old friend Bill Shipman and Lorri Shipman' daughter Madison plays shortstop for the Lady Vols Softball team. Madison is plays short-stop. They are playing right now in the NCAA Super Regional for a chance to reach the NCAA Womens World Series!
Madison shipman is actually perfect 😍
I retract my statement them, no one but Madison shipman looks good in them
β€œNo one on Tennessee looks good in these orange pants, it's just not a flattering color.”Madison shipman does she's perfect
Madison Shipman just looks like a badass.
Tennessee puts two on but nothing doing. Also, I almost got killed by a Madison Shipman foul ball. And I'm 30 feet above the plate.
Madison shipman is do sexy and good
So who wants to help me move this weekend?
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Got my first schedule from Starbucks! Super excited, yo.
Renfroe helps to third shutout of weekend - KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Madison Shipman had a...
Lady Vols beat NC State 7-0, advance to Super Regionals: Madison Shipman finished 3-4 with three RBIs,...
Madison Shipman drove in three and Ivy Renfroe pitched seven shutout innings as UT punched its sixth trip to the...
Madison Shipman got under it but ball dropped between short and left fielder just inside line. 5-0 Tennessee lead.
Lady Vols up 4-0 on NC State heading to the top of the 4th. Madison Shipman: 2 RBI, 1 run scored.
Madison Shipman with a 2-run home run for Lady Vols. Tennessee now leads 4-0 over NC State going to bottom of 2nd.
Madison Shipman just a 2 run Homerun in the 2nd.
UT's Madison Shipman hits a home run to right center field. Vols now leading 4-0.
Kat Dotson singles to right to bring home Raven. Delayed steal home Madison Shipman. 2-0 Tennessee.
Choir banquet was friggin AWESOME Madison Shipman Pedro Attie Shelby Guin u know me rockin with my clip-on tie like a homa G!
today is the day... We go to jamboree! were going to kick tail! And our song is by mandisa and it is called oh my lord! praying god will give us strength and courage to do a great job! were going to be performing it saturday morning! wish me and Kimberly Shipman and Lily Glass a good job and also madison gaston!!! joybelles# to kick tail#
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Tennessee softball player, Madison Shipman shares why she loves playing the game and truly getting a good swing on a pitch
Softball Selection Show story with video interviews with Ralph Weekly, Madison Shipman, Raven Chavanne, Lexi Overstreet.
So I think someone has poisoned our cat. So now we have lost like three dogs and now our cat soon to poison. Why can't these people leave our animals alone. Not happy right now!!!
Gibson walks on 5 pitches 2 on 2 outs for Madison Shipman
Lauren Haeger gets lucky as Madison Shipman hits a pitch halfway to Lakeside Residential Complex, but it curls foul.
And Aubree Munro caps the inning with a great throw to nab Madison Shipman trying to steal second.
How is Miss Maria feeling? Lady Vols had great series over Alabama. I that Madison Shipman hit two home run against Winthrop.
Madison Shipman 'seeing the ball really well,' hits two homers for Lady Vols Β»
Check out what Madison Shipman had to say after today's win over Winthrop:
incredible offense all around right now! RBIs from Madison Shipman, and
I think Madison Shipman's walk out song should be Girl on Fire. Cause that girl is on fire! 2 homeruns on 2 pitchs!
A two-run homer from Lauren Gibson and a home run from Madison Shipman in the bottom of the first, give the team a 3-0 lead over Winthrop.
Madison Shipman DRILLS a first pitch HR over the wall in LF!! BACK-2-BACK JACKS! UT up 3-0
Great game tonight! The Lady Vols beat Alabama 4-3, after a walk-off single by Madison Shipman in the bottom of the 7th! Tomorrow's game will start at 2:30 ET.
No. 4/4 Tennessee picked up a 7-0 win over Long Beach State and a 5-0 win over Cal State Fullerton on Thursday. Check out what Madison Shipman and Karen Week...
lets go for a run.I don't know, I don't want to run into any sex offenders.
Woke up this morning and got extremely happy that Madison Shipman from Tennessee accepted me following her on instagram πŸ˜πŸ’›βšΎπŸ‘
Madison "Maddie" Shipman is a beautiful seven year old with cancer. When She was 16 months old, the doctors found a brain tumor. Since then she has been through many sets of chemo and painful procedures that no child should have to face! The purpose of "Miracles for Maddie" is to get her name out th...
Pray for Madison Shipman. We need God to work a miracle in her life and touch her brain tumors!
my lil sis is helpin organize my clothes, she made a pile for tees I don't wear. fl tee right on top
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i have a chance with Madison Shipman dont you ever say i dont have a chance! How rude βœ‹madison is only gonna be a junior this yr
Also got to meet Madison Shipman. All the players were so nice and it was awesome to meet them and get some autographs.
The amazing shortstop for the USA ELITE TEAM!!!(: Shipman
Check the link out for a hot softball player, I kid you not!!
Tennessee softball fans comment on loss, want All-American Madison Shipman dropped in the batting order:
Congrats on the win, hopefully Madison Shipman & the Lady Vols will see y'all pretty soon!
2 of my favorite stars are playing tonight! Kevin Durant Madison Shipman
Lady Vols back in Series: UT softball to face Bama tonight in opening game: KNOXVILLE -- Madison Shipman has pla...
Madison shipman is a cutie. But nothing compared to
I want this to be known: I think the Lady Vols' SS Madison Shipman is fine.
lol I know right . S/o to the umpire and Madison Shipman
I loved watching the Georgia second baseman duff on that tag lol. And let me holla at Madison Shipman
I feel a Madison Shipman bomb coming on this game.
Madison Shipman, prob has a smokin body
Ah jk their SS Madison Shipman is a beast . I like her :D
Madison Shipman ready to lead Lady Vols: Tennessee sophomore Madison Shipman is ready to co...
UT's Madison Shipman on the softball team's focus
Great start with a blast by Madison Shipman gives a 1-0 lead over VaTech in NCAA Regional.
Tennessee up 1-0 on Madison Shipman HR in bottom 1.of game 1
Home run for Madison Shipman, her 10th of the year. 1-0 Vols in the 1st
Selection Show story with videos with Ralph Weekly, Raven Chavanne, Ashley Andrews, Madison Shipman and Shelby...
ugh Madison Shipman, why are you so pretty?
Madison Shipman has reached safely in 46 of her 56 games this season
Knoxville News Sentinel >> Raven Chavanne, Madison Shipman, Ellen Renfroe, Kat Dotson named to the All-SEC team
My lil "Shipman" had four hits last night. One popup, two to the edge of the outfield that got her singles and a standup triple. So proud of her. Btw I call her "Shipman" cause every team we play has at least one Madison and she gets confused with all the "Madison shouting " going on. Madison Shipman is one of her favorite college players (Tenn) . It was either Shipman or Kayla Hunt. Shipman just has a ring to it.
2 on for the Lady Vols with 2 outs in the fourth as Madison Shipman bats.
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Lady Vols make it 3-1 on Kat Dotson's RBI slap hit and Madison Shipman's RBI hit
SS Madison Shipman chats with OFs Melissa Davin and Tory Lewis during a pitching change in Sunday's game
vs ole miss game was awesome. No hitter by the vols. Not to mention Madison shipman is gorgeous made it unusually easy to watch.
Madison shipman?? Hmm I believe the 3rd baseman, Raven Chavanne is beautiful!!
Just got back from watching Tennessee & Ole Miss play some ball. :D If I was guy, I'd so date Madison Shipman.
Madison Shipman's catch in the fourth inning of
Hey I'm going to spend the next 3 days watching and their soph ss Madison Shipman! Remember her Auburn weekend?
Talked briefly on video to Maddi and's what they had to say...
Tennessee sweeps DH over Memphis - game story + video coverage with Melissa Brown. Madison Shipman, Shelby...
Lady Vols win first of a pair from Memphis, 5-0: Sophomore shortstop Madison Shipman knocked in her Southeastern...
NCAA Softball : Madison Shipman LadyVols shortstop...that girl can play!!!
Madison Shipman with a hit off the wall!
yeah Madison shipman is really good !
didn't you play with a girl named Madison shipman?
Mah girl Madison Shipman up in this clutch spot.
"The 6 foot 1 one shortstop for Tennessee softball has a rocket for an arm!" MADISON SHIPMAN. Shes so ***
Madison Shipman has a rifle for an arm.
Madison Shipman is a softball goddess and super pretty. Why aren't I her
Madison Shipman on the Tennessee softball team...? I'm on to you coach Shipman
okay Madison Shipman is like 6 foot 1. that is obviously not a srtike on someone who is 6 foot 1!
Madison Shipman from the Tennessee softball team looks soo much like markee
Madison Shipman is about to take brittney mack DEEP.
i would die to meet Madison Shipman and Raven Chavanne!
Tennessee plates four in the first inning, RBI singles for Madison Shipman and Lauren Gibson. The Lady Vols are...
Madison shipman, softball player for Tennessee, love me some athletic women...and girls in baseball pants
Madison Shipman's homer covers for missed chances, as Vols defeat LSU 2-0
Shortstop Madison Shipman on UT's 2-0 win over LSU
Madison Shipman diving play to save run vs lsu on Friday the 13th in a 2-0 win for the Lady Vols!
Madison Shipman diving play for out no. 3 to save a run vs lsu.
GoVolsXtra: Shipman's homer covers for missed chances vs. LSU: The Tennessee softball team and Madison Shipman k...
Here is Madison Shipman and Ralph Weekly after the game
Here are the highlights of win over LSU
No. 10 Lady Vols blank No. 21 LSU, 2-0: Sophomore Madison Shipman cranked out her ninth home run of the ...
Tennessee SB Blanks LSU, 2-0: Tennessee blanked LSU 2-0 in the first game of the weeke...
Reigning SEC Player of the Week, Madison Shipman, connects for a solo home run down the left field line on the...
Madison Shipman just inside foul pole. Solo blast 1-0 Lady Vols in 2nd over LSU
Tennessee Softball's Madison Shipman Named SEC Player of the Week: A powerful week's effort at the pla...
Congratulations to Madison Shipman. The SS is this weeks SEC Player of the Week.
Could be POY if she keeps putting numbers like that up! our Madison Shipman named the SEC POW! Four HRs, 13 RBIs
So just got word that our own Madison Shipman has been named the SEC Player of the Week! Four HRs and 13 RBIs last week...
Madison Shipman has been named SEC Softball Player of the Week
Madison Shipman powers Lady to series sweep of Auburn
my next glove is gone be the one Madison shipman got tho ( :
Long Ball Powers Tennessee Softball To Sweep of Auburn, 6-2: Madison Shipman posted her first two-H...
Madison Shipman hits two HRs in this game, four for the series...LG also blasted her 11th HR in this win...
All our equipment is Worth...I'll see if I can find out...RT what kind of glove does Madison Shipman use?
Madison Shipman delivers big hits for Lady Vols
what kind of glove does Madison Shipman use ?
Madison Shipman&grand slam leads Lady Vols in rout of Auburn
Madison Shipman delivers big hits for Lady Vols - GoVolsXtra
Madison Shipman delivers big hits for Lady
C. Kempf compared Madison Shipman's swing to yours today on TV!! High Praise.
Tennessee Softball Outlasts Auburn in 10-Inning Marathon, 5-3: Madison Shipman again drove in four ...
The Lady Vols softball team wins a 10-inning marathon over Auburn 5-3. Madison Shipman with 4 RBI.
home run for Madison Shipman ohh yeahh (;
Lady Vols softball takes a 2-0 lead in the first over Auburn thanks to a Madison Shipman home run. You can watch the game on ESPNU.
Madison Shipman's grand slam leads Lady in rout of Aubu
Here is my story from tonight's story
A Seven-Run Third Powers SB Past Ga. Southern in Game 2, 9-0 (5): In the second game of the doubleh...
And add another homer to the count. Madison Shipman, who withdrew from the 2011 due to injury, hit one too for
New law prohibits disposing of electronics in trash: Tossing old, unused or unwanted electronics in the garbage ...
Read stories for, by and about girls and women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Find news, tips, interviews and profiles, or submit your own story. The best stories will be considered for a survival guide for young women in science. Under the Microscope is the website of Women Writing Science, a project initiated by The Feminist Press at the City University of New York and funded by the National Science Foundation. Women Writing Science seeks to celebrate the achievements of women while frankly discussing the challenges they face., Andrea Ghez is an astrophysicist at the University of California in Los Angeles who develops techniques to allow us to see more clearly from ground-based telescopes. After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston in 1987 she got her Ph.D. at the California Technical Institute in Pasadena. After doing a Hubble Fellowship in Arizona she took a job at UCLA, where she has been for the last 15 years. Ghez spoke with Under The Microscope ...
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