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Madison Rising

Madison Rising is an American rock band formed by singer Dave Bray and guitarist Alex Bodnar. The band composes and performs guitar-heavy rock music with an explicitly conservative, pro-American message and sound.

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Heartfelt tribute to our soldiers from own Dave Bray & Madison Rising!
SoundCloud Link to Dave Bray and Madison Rising new Song "Soldiers Christmas" an amazing tribute!
Words to Madison Rising's new song Soldier's Christmas with Dave Bray
Brand new MUST SEE release from Dave Bray & Madison Rising. Amazing Tribute. Thank you to all our men & women who...
Another great song and video from Madison Rising!!
Madison Rising launches NEW Soldier's Christmas video! They're counting on your support to help spread the word!...
For Music with Meaning from great patriots check out Madison Rising and Dave Bray
Love our Military, love Madison Rising. Madison Rising new song...Soldier's Christmas.
get to know them. Madison Rising Patriotic Rock Documentary: via
Christ this is as bad as Madison Rising
Have you heard ‘Guest Host Mike Daugherty and Madison Rising Join You Know What’ by WAARadio on
This Christmas, Madison Rising honors those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Listen free:
Dave Bray, U.S. Navy veteran & lead vocalist of Madison Rising will be on the show today at 5:05pm to debut the...
Madison Rising, Missing Stateside, Kid Rock – all you artists patriotic, proud, and free – thank you for boldly... http:…
House of the rising sun is a all time favorite of mine, no doubt
Sharing: of my rights as a free man..Madison Rising!
Madison Rising is proud to present our very special rendition of the Marine's Hymn to the United States Marine Corp on their 239th birthday. From America's m...
Madison Rising proudly salutes the United States Marine Corps on their upcoming 239th birthday. Listen for free at http:…
Defend Freedom Tour at NASCAR Hall of Fame with Karen Vaughn, Gold Star Mother; CL Bryant and Madison Rising!...
Madison Rising warming up for soundcheck at our tour event in Charlotte at the NASCAR Hall Of Fame. It's not too late to make your way over before it starts!
Join us on Friday, October 24, for an evening of FREE food, live entertainment, and a message of action at the NASCAR Hall of Fame! This FREE event features performances by patriotic rock band Madison Rising and country music star Ayla Brown, as well as guest … Continued
Free Concert - Going to be fun! Madison Rising is an amazing band - come out and check them out!
Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner - YouTube. This is the best song ever, Makes me proud to be an American!
Fresh off his stint supporting at Madison Square Garden NYC for rising young…
TBT - Concert For Heroes - February 2014 - WIth Madison Rising. Supporting those who gave all !
Game on and the spirit and energy is rising. See you there. 28 Madison street jeppes town.
.Here I try, unsuccessfully, to strike the rebel pose of the lead singer of Madison Rising
Madison Rising should be the only band allowed to sing the National Anthem at the World Series.
today for family, friends, and big ball of sun rising high over Madison Wisconsin.
Good News for Madison Rising Fans: New Songs on the Way!: Madison Rising fans, take note! My good friend Rich ...
Who the bleep names their band Madison Rising?
Bailee Madison star rising with new TV roles via
Bailee Madison star rising with new T.V roles! 🎥
I have a rising follower graph! 20 more followers in the past week. Get your stats right here
Star-Spangled Signoff . Madison Rising. I don't usually like my National Anthem...
"Madison Bumgarner is one of the game’s best pitchers, but he works in the shadow of the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw."
Please share this 4 all of our A great song by
. Chk out what I just got my hands on. Release is next week . htt…
Help share new tune from comes out next week! . PolitiBunny
a tribute to our awesome marines. I know a mom of two will love.
This goes out to every Check out awesome tribute to you all!
Hey hey, wake up and go do Physical Training! While youre up, purchase the special signed copy of Madison Rising's Bicentennial Star Spangled Banner. These are my buddies. We have played together numerous times across the US. Now. back to your regularly scheduled burpee broad jumps! AIRBORNE
American Warrior Radio with Madison Rising: via Most patriotic Band of our Time! Rock on USA!
If you have never witnessed Madison Rising perform The Star Spangled Banner, watch this! You definitely need to treat yourself to some awesome patriotic music! Lead Vocalist - Dave Bray served in the U.S. Navy as an 8404 FMF Corpsman for the 2nd Battalion / 2nd Marines stationed out of Camp Lejeune NC. -Cobra
Our National Anthem sung by rock group Madison Rising. Some talk-show hosts & comedians have recently criticized the National Anthem as being stupid, silly, too militaristic, & worse. This band sings a version that will knock your socks off... A Navy Vet sings the lead.
Blackhawk, Madison Rising, Smokin' Joe, Tripwire & more!! Will you be there?? Join KQ 94.5 at the Friends 4 ND...
Everyone is invited to this armed forces freedom concert! The awesome part is that it is completely FREE! So come hang out and enjoy some amazing live music performed by the one and only Madison Rising! Saturday May 17th at 7PM at Patriot Outdoors, See you there
Thanks to the funds brought in by the First Ever Gettysburg Uniting For Freedom Concert Benefit in 2013, The Adams County Young Conservatives will be hosting it's first of many activities for youth in the area.A Youth *** Shoot this Saturday at 11AM.if you are in the area and would like to attend, please send me a PM and I'll get a registration form to you and get you signed up.need response ASAP, but we have a few spots left open. Prizes will be awarded to the top shooters. Pics to come. Thanks to all the local businesses and individuals such as Richard Alloway, Rep. Scott Perry, 193rd Dist of PA-Reelect Will Tallman & Suzanne Angliss Tallman, Dan & Lori Moul that made the concert a success and special thanks to Madison Rising for making it a wonderful event. Richard Mgrdechian Dave Bray Becky Bray Samuel Fishman PICS TO COME.
We'll be back in TEXAS on Thursday May 15th to do a special show for our friends at Hot Shots Bar and Grill in Lewisville, TX. Shaun Outen opening at 8:30 pm. Madison Rising at 9:30. NO cover charge, so NO excuse to not be there!!!
Needing a favor from a few veterans willing to help out a very honorable high-school effort. We're letting them use our music. It would be great if you could help out on the interview side: Hello, My name is Alexis and I am a senior in high school. My stepfather came home from Afghanistan with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This was the worst point of my life but the most pivotal point as well. I decided that I could no longer be angry at the situation I was thrown into but instead rise to the opportunity to teach others of my struggles and veterans struggles of mental disease and poverty. This is when I started my group Seeds of Hope. We have five projects but I think that Madison Rising could really help us make an impact on our documentary project called Our Way Home. Our Way Home is a about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how it has changed from WW2- present day because of the culture of America at that time. We are teaching this message by testimonials of veterans ww2-Afghanistan however w ...
Another great letter from a fan. THIS is why we do what we do: As I sit here drinking my morning coffee... Catching up on what Madison Rising has been up to... It brings tears to my eyes to see you guys working so faithfully to bring an all important message to the American People. A message that has been needing a Loud Voice... A voice delivered in a light for all to hear, a light for all to see. A message so important for every single man, woman and child of this nation, from age "8 to 80". A message that once rang loud and bright through this Great Nation... Once again, is spreading Loudly and Bright! With your "Most Excellent" renditions of the Star Spangled Banner, America The Beautiful and your original music... Americans have a 'creative force' driving the Spirit of Patriotism that has bled for, stood for and built a Great Nation... A Nation that once again is facing a foe to Our Liberty and Way of Life. Thank you! I salute you, Madison Rising. Cary X
I wanted to send out a special shout out to Dave Bray & Madison Rising because it was their music that got me through last night. I had my nurse cracking up laughing when she came in at 4am to take my blood and I was playing drums along with the Star Spangled Banner. You guys made an ER visit, an overnight stay in the hospital, and a diagnosis of Diabetes bearable. Thanks for being ya know, kinda awesome :)
Here is something you didn't see in the news yesterday. 15,000 gun owners came to protest Gov Coumo. Notables such as Donald Trump and Madison Rising were in attendance. Just when you thought the liberty movement was dead in New York.
Amazing America (Original Theme Song) - Madison Rising Irrepressible lightning-rod Sarah Palin has launched a new TV show on The Sportsman Channel featuring the rock song "Amazing America" from the patriotic band Madison Rising.
Kenn Blanchard, Black Man With A Gun speaking at 4/1 rally in Albany, Trump, Astorino and free concert by Madison Rising join me
Madison Rising frontman Dave Bray is U.S. Navy veteran who served as an 8404 FMF Corpsman for 2nd Battalion/2nd Marines ou…
Yesterday's performance of The National Anthem by Madison Rising at Daytona's Nationwide Race was disrespectful,period ! It should never be alterd and don't give me the Jimi Hendrix version either. I'm a United States Air Force Viet Nam Veteran.
The band Madison Rising performed America's most patriotic song before the Daytona 500 . Their rendition of the National Anthem had a few drivers chuckling and some fans shaking their heads at Daytona International Speedway.
The National Anthem at Daytona was awful via
Madison Rising known as America's Most Patriotic Rock Band is taking flak from all sides because of their rendition of the National Anthem before Saturday's NASCAR Nationwide Series race. Here are ...
Most patriotic band sings Star Spangled Banner... And *** This is just awful. Madison Rising. Sounds more like Madison Hurling.   10% Off
Wow I just read how Madison Rising got slammed for their rock version of the National Anthem. I think it is a good rendition and done with great respect. I think the reason it was hit so hard is they played at the most redneck sport America has "NASCAR". I don't like how negative people get on something and how viral the negative comments go and spread. I like their rendition and if they wanted a non rock version from a redneck they should have gotten Roseanne Barr.
Photo: Before Saturday’s Nationwide Series race at Daytona, Madison Rising, the band who played the...
I found these guys appalling, how about you?
I feel like we could get these guys for like $300 this summer.
I HATE when the National Anthem is butchered like this. Makes a mockery of our flag, our country, and that...
The National Anthem was murdered earlier today…
NASCAR promoted these guys who performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" before today's Nationwide Series race at Daytona as "Madison Rising, America's Most Patriotic Rock Band." I guess the more patriotic, the less talented! (Things really get good, and by good I mean bad, around the one-minute mark.)
I'm really tired of seeing people trash Madison Rising for their rendition of the National Anthem! The dude is a Veteran and very patriotic. Yes, he changes it up a bit, but he throws in so much passion. You can see and hear it! Get over it or take your *** to the desert and fight for it like he did!! ***
This is exactly what I'd expect a group that advertises itself as America's Most Patriotic Band to sound like:
Everyone knows is run by a bunch of leftists...that's why they didn't like Madison Rising. But they love Roseanne Barr! lol
Hmm..that's funny. The left wing sports writers freak b/c some patriotic band named Madison Rising did their own version of the Nat Athem.
Man who in the world booked those clowns to sing the National Anthem Rising.
I just wanted to state that I really enjoyed the performance of our National Anthem today at the Nascar Nationwide Race by Madison Rising. I don't understand why everyone is complaining. It's a tough song to sing, and this version was done very well and patriotic. Good job, guys.
I liked a video from Liberals Go NUTZ Over Madison Rising (National Anthem Performance)
rocked the Star Spangle Banner at NASCAR today! .
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I'm generally not a fan of re-interpretations of the National Anthem, but "Madison Rising" played this at the Nationwide race today. This is the long version that was done in the studio.
I liked a video from Madison Rising Plays Worst National Anthem Ever (High Quality)
Madison Rising is on a mission to make great rock music and send a message that American culture is alive and well: http…
"Bob Parsons, founder of calls Madison Rising his favorite band"
I would be more than happy to hear Madison Rising perform our National Anthem before a Cincinnati Reds or Columbus Clippers game...
I liked a video Madison Rising rocks National Anthem
So, let's see who on my list comments on the Madison Rising story first.
I see your 'Nickelback' and raise you a 'Madison Rising'. Holy crap.
Regardless of what you think of the Hendrix rendition, madison rising are *** of the first degree.
I would have made Madison Rising sit down before they got to the rocket's red glare.
Our friends Madison Rising! MT“on ESPN today at 1:15 PM EST as we kick off the 2014 season :
'Patriotic' band performs spectacularly awful National Anthem at Daytona
What. The. *** Not sure what this garbage is, but it's NOT the National Anthem.
Madison Rising sang the National Anthem at Daytona on Saturday. it was not good. Not good at all.
I think did a great job on the at Review:
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Every time someone tries to take this Tea Party crap too far, this happens. You'd think the cretins would learn.
Such a sad thing: during a NASCAR event, the band Madison Rising was to perform the National Anthem. OK, the band has a really interesting rendition of The Star Spangled Banner but, is it appropriate to open a sporting event? If you've never heard of this band and their version of the National Anthem, I would recommend you google them and their song. It's really a great song but I don't know about its value as an opening for an event where a bunch of conservative red-necks (not a derogatory term) are gathered to watch NASCAR.
Many traditional renditions butcher the anthem. Madison Rising's was passionate and patriotic, tho un-traditional.
Madison Rising is an indie band unafraid to preach an occasionally controversial pro-American message. Their eponymous debut disc, Madison Rising, is a patriot
'Patriotic' band, Madison Rising, sings one of the worst renditions of the National Anthem you're ev
The U. S. Navy Blue Angels aerobatic team performance photos set to the music of Madison Rising performing their new version of The Star Spangled Banner.
Not sure what was the bigger tragedy.Dale Sr's death or Madison Rising's "version" of the National Anthem
Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner via here's a pick me up. Send it to the men's…
Booms favorite version of the Star Spangled Banner by Madison Rising
The rock band, Madison Rising promotes the principles of liberty, independence, smaller government, and personal responsibility. All of their songs reflect thes
We are a town with military all over. We appreciate those that fight for our country. If you do not know this band is... Do yourself a favor and look at the Star Spangled Banner that Madison Rising did.
Special guest tonight with Dave from Madison Rising, the Patriotic Rock n Roll Band.Also with Tim Chambers the Saluting Marine from Rolloing Thunder. Run to the Wall!
Great night tonight at the range with Madison Rising! Thanks again for coming out!
Saw the buzzfeed what state do you belong in quiz... Let me share my thoughts... Didn't like the restaurants, nor the shows. The babies annoyed me, but I could go for an Elk steak. I'm a free spirit, and realistic wasn't listed as a negative. Madison Rising isn't listed in the musician section, and my babes names are Becky, Delaney, & Kaylee. "Do or do not. There is no try." Isn't listed as a movie quote. Harrison Ford. My party anthem is "The Star-Spangled Banner" by Madison Rising. I like the pic of pines and the snow capped mountains of Alaska. What state do I belong in? You decide... cause I like where I live! ;)
A special thank you to our friends at Green Beans Coffee for helping support Madison Rising and for all they do for our men and women in uniform.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
From the band that performed the greatest version of our National Anthem - Madison Rising!
The band Madison Rising on The Golf Channel is awesome!
Nuke Neutered: I thought it might be useful to put in context some news which I broke in the past two days on Paul Prestons Radio Show and also the Don Smith Show where I was on just before the folks from Madison Rising. Three seniors officers saved the lives of 300 million Americans by defying the orders of the President which would have set up the EMP nukes to devastate the infrastructure of the country and over the course of the next two years approximately 90% of the country would die. As you know the occupant of the White House has taken Saul Alinsky and his methods as his protocol and modis operandi. "Create a crisis and manage the crisis" is part of his very apparent actions since taking office. The attempt to destroy America just mentioned provided him with the opportunity to now cull the ranks of those associated with the recent thwarting of his criminal intent. Last week 34 nuke folks were removed, the apparent crimes were of a fictitious moral laxity. Another 90 are on the way. So let us cut to ...
With barely 24 hours left to go, we thought it would be a good time to do a quick retrospective of just some of the highlights of 2013: We started the year with 2.3 million views on our Star Spangled Banner video, played Cowboys stadium with Toby Keith, had a 4 day all expense paid trip to the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, opened for Lynryd Skynyrd at Sturgis, opened for Kansas, got a $10,000 gift out of the blue from GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons, opened for Steppenwolf, did a bunch of really cool Easy Rider events around the country, released a new album and new video, did NFL halftime shows for the San Diego Chargers, Carolina Panthers and Phoenix Cardinals, were grand marshals of the Phoenix Veterans Day parade, were featured on both Fox & Friends and the Fox Files and FINALLY reached our goal of 5 million views on our Star Spangled Banner Challenge. Here's to a great 2014! Madison Rising: Music With Meaning
4.75 millions views! Please check out the Star Spangled Banner by Cabot friends Madison Rising by watching the...
· . Madison Rising a Patriotic Band. Listen to their Awesome Rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Lead Singer...
If you have no feeling after this song then unfollow me. ->Star Spangled Banner Madison Rising
Help Madison Rising reaching 5 millions on their rendition of The Star Spangled Banner:
Tomorrow nights guest live on the show will be patriotic rock band Madison Rising. 7-9pm EST.
Hey folks, help Madison Rising get to 5,000,000 likes on their rendition of our National Anthem! Let's kick it!...
Heard of this Band this weekend... Pro American Rock. ♫ The Star Spangled Banner – Madison Rising
Madison Rising's new album, American Hero, available on :
The rising sun this morning over Madison Square Park.
Grind Time in the lab with a 4th grade rising star
I don't know kind of music you like, Star Spangled Banner by Madison Rising has had my face watering over 2 hours-a MUST!
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For all my America: Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner: via
I still say Green Day is not punk rock. And Madison Rising *** As does Creed. And Nickelback. Deal with it, peoples.
I complain about Creed & Nickelback then my mentions blow up w/ Green Day & Madison Rising. This is what I get for last night's rant.
Only if listening to them comes with pencils to shove into my ears. "But Madison Rising… 😜"
Shout out to you still rising the Sunday night struggle bus too?? 🚌
At least they don't play Madison Rising on there...
The next political person to suggest Madison Rising as a rock band. So help me, I swear.
Fan vid + lyrics for "Honk If You Want Peace" by Short list for most unintentionally funny song ever.
Thank you for the follow back... Madison Rising are Great Patriots Stepping out for America and Our Troops~>
Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner: …
*PATRIOTS * . Listen to "The Star Spangled Banner" by MADISON RISING. Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave
Right wing dupes, are a mockery of metal. dusts off his denim jacket to defend the faith.
Check out this PRO AMERICAN rock band Madison Rising .
Hey El Floyo, Check out MADISON RISING. I think you are going to like these guys
Hey Sandra, Check out MADISON RISING. This is a great group
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Hey Je, Check out MADISON RISING. You are going to love this group
Heidi, Check out MADISON RISING. You will love this group
Cath, check out MADISON RISING. You will love these guys
Hey SIS, check out MADISON RISING. You will love them
Modern day patriotic rock them!. Madison Rising - The Star-Spangled Banner.
Why we do what we do. Madison Rising: Music With Meaning
Check out "Madison Rising"! Really cool band w an uncompromising message!.
Great segment on Madison Rising from this weekend's Fox Files:
Listen to & support the patriotic rock band Madison Rising. Check YouTube for other songs & videos!!.
Right To Bear-Madison Rising. They will not take our guns.
I liked a video Madison Rising The Greatest Version of the National Anthem
The lead singer of Madison Rising, is a former USS Guam shipmate
Madison Rising released its widely acclaimed best-selling rendition of the Star Spangled Banner earlier this summer, updated with a special addendum to reflect our nation?s
Want a peek behind the scenes at Madison Rising? Tune in to the Fox Files this Saturday at 10 PM EST to see our interview with Alisyn Camerota, along with special behind the scenes footage from our shows, interviews with fans and a host of other surprises. This is something no fan will want to miss. Madison Rising: Music With Meaning.
OK , Veterans Day is almost over. how many of youse listened to " the Star Spangled Banner " ? let me suggest Madison Rising's version. and don't forget about us the rest of the year.
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Above - Distorted picture of my Amy with Dave Bray of Madison Rising in Lynchburg, VA last night. This was part of the America Freedom Tour where they were speakers who are also part of the tour. One was a gold star Mom, one a helicopter pilot (female pictured below)
Wow! Some days just reinforce the amazing companionship we hold as brothers in Arms and today was certainly one of those days. Alk day with new friends we had yet to meet, Dave and Sam of Madison Rising. We forged a friendship over cordite and explosions and it extended late into the evening for a live show. It will be a day we will not soon forget. I value my brothers and sisters in arms greatly and if you're reading this you deserve a Thanks as well. You make this Nation great by standing by your convictions and seeing hope where others have given up long ago. Onward and upward. Molon Labe!
Music selected for tomorrow's drive: Eagles, Maynard Ferguson, Rod Stewart, Train, Mercy Me, Chicago, Kansas, Foreigner, good old Three Dog Night, Creedence, Metallica, Madison Rising, my country mix, Mozart mix, Sousa Marches, and my Big Band mix. Yep, that'll do.
Thank you for sharing with us Madison Rising.
Madison Rising – The Star Spangled Banner: I’ve been meaning to post this and thanks to Sarah ...
Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner via This is a awesome video. Please share.
FROM: Madison Rising. We know you love our but be sure to check our some of our other great...
We showed you their National Anthem, now check out what what I personally call the 2A Anthem, Madison Rising's...
Best rendition I have heard in awhile. -> Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner.
Well done none traditional version which i don't usually like. Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner
One of the best versions Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner
Fox & Friends on Fox News - An interview with Madison Rising: via
Great rendition! What do you think?. Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner . via McTube.
I think I'm going to buy this song today. Madison Rising singing the Star Spangled Banner.
The Star-Spangled Banner rendition by Madison Rising available on You Tube is quite good. Check it out:
Love this! Francis Scott Key would be proud I think. Enjoy! Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner: via
Opening for Madison Rising a couple weeks ago. Had a great time playing for you all! Thanks Huske Hardware for...
-- Yes Glenn -- Madison Rising is the band U R looking for, as well as 20lb Sledge! Bring em on UR show!
Madison Rising plays free concert in Havelock: The band promotes patriotism and personal responsibility with i...
JP here~ Madison Rising is having a video making contest using their song Soldiers of America. So if you can make...
Madison Rising back in NC tomorrow night at 2 Government Ave. Havelock, NC playing at 6PM or so, be there if you can
Madison Rising Answers Glenn Beck’s Call: Let's see if he answers back.
Walking Through That Door by Madison Rising these guys are
AWESOME! One of the best versions of the Star Spangled Banner heard in a long you goose bumps. Madison Rising is an American rock band led by s...
They played the Madison Rising version of The Star Spangled Banner tonight at the fireworks show. So great! Perfect evening with friends!
Hey Guys- "Madison Rising" is playing at the 4th of July gig down in Artesia NM, will give Dave Bray the F-111F "Thunder Vark" flying video I married up to their cover song "The Star Spangled Banner", should be a hoot, maybe Dave puts it on you-tube. for S&G's. Dave & I talked about this back in November at a concert in Clovis, NM, but had to go thru the handlers instead of face-to face.
Madison Rising- named in honor of James Madison, the fourth president of the United States,and a key author of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and ...
FROM: Madison Rising . We'll have to update our Star Spangled Banner Challenge to include him as one of the...
FROM: Madison Rising. Catch us tomorrow at 7:00 on MSG Varsity as we open an event for the Boomer Esiason Cystic...
Alright, I'm bringing this up a little early, but wanted to let some know. At the rate we are growing we will have 180k followers by next year. We are in the beginning stages of planning a national meet. We're thinking somewhere centrally located like Kentucky or the likes. I know everyone will want this in their own state, and the location is still TBD. Anyways what we're thinking is a weekend long rally and get together. Somewhere like a campground. We'll be getting guest speakers, vendor giveaways, looking at having Madison Rising play a concert, somewhere that maybe has a shooting range, or at least one close by. This event will be huge! Now I know this isn't that productive to our cause but I think it would be a great time. What are others thoughts? Would you and your family be even remotely interested? I know its a drive for many, in fact where we're looking is even over 500 miles for me and the other admins. But as I said, this is just an open discussion to begin with. -Matt III% Founder featured in NBC s Science of Love
The Adams County Republican Committee held its Bi-Annual Convention on Thursday, June 13th, at the Biglerville Fire Company Social Hall to elect Committee Officers in accordance with the organizations by-laws. Pictured are newly elected Vice Chair Chad Collie of Highland Township and newly re-elected Chair Elizabeth Hower of Huntington Township shortly after they unveiled the poster for an ACRC hosted benefit concert featuring the nationally acclaimed rock band "Madison Rising", set for Saturday, September 21st, at the Gettysburg Rec Park Amphitheater. Proceeds will equally benefit the Gettysburg High School JROTC D-Day 70th Anniversary Travel Fund and the Adams County Conservative Youth Activity Fund.
Also, don't forget Madison Rising is performing at Hofstra University June 18th for the Boomer Esiason Foundation!
The Star Spangled Banner is definitely not spam! Check out the video by Madison Rising...It will make you tear up! It shows clips of the flag raising on Iwo Jima and Mickey Mantle too, how does it get any better than that?
Welcome to the party Metallica! Better late than never. I like Metallica, and wish them well, but if the wish to out do Madison Rising's rendition's sales, they are in for an uphill battle. I personally have bought 108 copies of MR's rockin' rendition of the Star Spangled Banner myself. One for my phone, and one for every active member of my old unit, the 300th MP Company, who is currently serving, and if anybody thinks any of Metallica's fans are going to out do me, I would refer them to the $10,000.00 gift that GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons gave to support MR and their mission! So I say kudos Metallica, and thank you for your patriotism, but you have arrived to the party a day late and a dollar short. Where were you when "Tosh" and Bill Press were running our National Anthem and by extension our Nation, down? Just my opinion and 2 cents worth...what say YOU? -V
Congratulations to James Maynard of the Portage PD, Indiana, for winning this years NPRC!!! Thank you to The Oakland County Sheriff's Office, The Michigan Tactical Officers Association, The Ohio Tactical Officers Association, Multi-Lakes Conservation Association, all of our Sponsors and volunteers, Madison Rising, Laura Fogerty Photograph, Detroit Pipes & Drums, Dave Colt, the U.S. Army Honor Guard, All of the Speakers, All the attendees and to all of our staff here at CMI for pulling off another flawless event!!!
Madison Rising brings great rock music back into the forefront of popular culture. With songs ranging from the lyrically powerful and guitar heavy opening track “Right To Bear,” to the hauntingly epic sounds of “Honk If You Want Peace,” to the beautiful violins and cello of “Hallowed Ground,” it is...
A cool rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. This group of young men are promoting patriotism and traditional conservative values. They are Madison Rising. They are trying to get 5,000,000 likes by the 4th of July.
Celebrate Memorial Day with your free copy of Madison Rising's Walking Through That Door. Thank you to all those who serve, have served and will serve i...
Finally available on DVD - Madison Rising's Star Spangled Banner video. With over 2.5 million views on YouTube, this DVD (with special additional footag...
Madison Rising performing on 3-1-13 at Delancey's NYC with a tribute to fallen Seal Chris Kyle and America's Navy Seals.
Madison Rising is coming to Denton for the North Texas State Fair on August 21...mark your calendars!
Thx Madison Rising's rendition on Star Spangled Banner is on my Patriotic playlist (84 songs)
missed Madison rising. Thanks Eric for the fun game. Well must say you were competing with a screaming 4 and 1/2 month baby
Star Spangled Banner-madison rising,beautiful day U2,someone like you Adele, sweet child of mineGnR,a life of illusionJoe walsh
By the way, if you're impressed by James Madison's Andre Nation, I wrote this about him the other day:
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Madison Dearborn's stake in Boise Cascade appears to be benefitting the firm's recent rising returns
I co-hosted this episode of Politics and Guns. Check it out.
Sweet! It was awesome and I'm glad it's on film!
Politics & Guns - 87B Gunstock with Madison Rising and Crusader Weaponry
Live streaming begins in Miami tomorrow. on Centre Court first against rising star Madison Preview at -
Agree! I think FS Key would have liked it as well.War of 1812 I liked a video Madison Rising
Neighbors better get used to hearing this one. Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner: via
Chef Daniel Bonanno is a rising star at A Pig in a Fur Coat - Isthmus Daily Page
Do you love Madison Rising's Right To Bear? Will be her campaign dong in 2016.
MADISON RISING CURTAIN CALL - Their t-shirts and CDs sold out in the first 5 minutes of GUNSTOCK. But you can...
I said I wish that we can stay here, but I fear our time has come, we can ride out in the darkness chasing the rising sun
Madison area could see rising gas prices
One of the coolest things Dave Bray of Madison Rising said yesterday, in regards to the military, "Push that...
Madison Rising are a great group of guys. I'm loving how much they just jumped in and supported the rally, the...
The Influence of Pop Culture on Politics with Madison Rising's David Bra...: via
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I LOVE seeing that high-rise apartment going up where the "Occupy Madison/Scarey Lazy *** White People Hobo Camp" used to be. It's SO much easier on the eyes.
Milwaukee, Chicago, and Madison please rise for the honorable Sofía Snow - you may be seated. Now please join me in a MIDWEST STAND UP! Sofeezy F. Baby in this mug!
Kids deserve a positive alternative to schools that are failing to meet expectations. Tell lawmakers not to let them down!
Who is the most underrated player this season so far? JCR
Google is bringing three new brands to its digital advertising initiative, an attempt to get marketers to think of technology as their best asset.
To preserve the historic look and feel of the UW-Madison campus
From a friend. I share this sentiment. Oh, and if you DO unfriend me. Please leave a note so I don't accidentally try to re-friend you.. Marian D. Madison-Bender I recieved an announcement that I was being deleted by one of my so called friends.when I inquired about why they were deleting me ( not that I was really overly concerned, just curious and felt I deserved at least a small explanation...I was asked " why do you have to post everything about politics?" I didn't answer this person privately-but will do so publicly...( they know who they are) First I was never concerned about anything even remotely associated with politics, honestly I didn't care...and maybe that was the problem. It's true, you don't appreciate what you have until someone tries to take it from you, or it is taken from you...This can apply to anything...think about losing your parent, your child, your husband, your wife...we don't often think about what we would do should life be so cruel as to take them away from us, regardless of h ...
Can feel her bac rise by simply riding the bus. God, i love madison.
If a spy for a foreign power is convicted under the Espionage Act, what are the rules of evidence for bringing the individual to a jury trial? If they passed top secret documents, does the jury even come close to seeing that evidence? It just seems like it would be too easy to oust a political dissident working within the intelligence community.
Is it true they took the 4th amendment away from the constitution? Anyone knw?
Thanks to United States Senator Mike Lee and Senator Ted Cruz for joining Senator Rand Paul's filibuster of John Brennan. The American people stand with you against the unconstitutional use of drones to assassinate Americans on U.S. soil. It's time for the Obama administration to make clear that such a policy is unconscionable and illegal.
@ Marie Della Thomas RECORDING ARTIST, SINGER, ACTRESS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED TO PERFORM AT MY CONCERT JULY.6. Marie has grace the stages of the bobby jones show, madison square garden, radio city music hall just to name a few. This annoited singer, now evangelistic has an album out called Rise and LIVE AND IS BACK IN THE STUDIO ABOUT TO RECORD HER ANTICIPATED SOPHORm ALBUM. SPECIAL GIFT IS THE FIRST SINGLE OFF THERE WHIch is now available on itunes.. this night is going to be crazy.
A hiker from south Florida found himself stuck in rising flood waters in Madison County on Tuesday...
New SPLC report: ‘conspiracy-minded antigovernment groups’ reached all-time high in 2012 Posted on March 6, 2013 by Smilardog Activist Post – by Madison Rupert A new report by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) states that the number of “conspiracy-minded antigovernment ‘Patriot’ groups reached an all-time high of 1,360 in 2012” while also calling on the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security to devote more resources to fighting these groups. This report is in line with a West Point study conflating the “violent far-right” with recognizing the tyrannical, corrupt nature of government, a Homeland Security Policy Institute report emphasizing the supposed threat of domestic terrorism while ignoring the facts contrary to their claims, the White House’s focus on domestic extremism and the FBI’s demonization of “anti-government extremists.” The SPLC makes a habit of targeting anyone who opposes the government, especially the so-called sovereign citizen moveme ...
American Family Insurance in 2012 saw its net income rise by 22 percent despite what it called "extraordinary" catastrophe-related activity.
Replace one word in any movie title with "BACON". Post results below. Get creative and have fun :)
I'm hoping that my liberal friends will agree with me when I say good riddance on the death of Hugo Chavez. He stands as yet another example of how the cult of personality can give rise to a despot and hold an entire country hostage. Interesting how his personal fortune is estimated at over $1B.
Rise&&Grind folks! Up and at it once aqain bby , gotta make this day a productive one. Sheffield , Decatur , Madison && Da Ville in dat order.
I wonder if the anti-gun-control folks have thought their primary argument through. The 2nd Amendment was intended as a way for us to rise against tyranny. I get that. However, I don't the Framers realized that someday the tyrants would have drones and tanks and jets and missiles and other nasty stuff. It doesn't really matter what gun you have. If you shoot guns at the United States Government, then you will lose. Kinda renders the intent of the 2nd Amendment moot.
MATTHIAS STORMBERGER AND HIS FASCINATING PROPHECY Destruction of the Catholic Church "The catholic faith will almost completely disappear, the religiousness will be quite badly respected, they will not earn any respect due to their way of living, there won't be many good Christians among the people, the Commandments of God are no longer respected by the aristocracy as well as by the smallest worker, one will not think the greatest unfairness to be a sin. When the faith disappears also the love of the next one will completely lose itself, one will not estimate the justice, often the poor one will not be given right and he will be less respected than a dog. After this a mischief will arise that has to be regretted, there will be no order among the people" Coming World War III "And after the end of the Second Great War, a third universal conflagration will come, so that it will determine everything. There will be weapons totally new. In one day, more men will die than in all the previous wars. The battles wi ...
“The real reason the Second Amendment was ratified, and why it says ‘State’ instead of ‘Country’ (the Framers knew the difference - see the 10th Amendment), was to preserve the slave patrol militias in the southern states, which was necessary to get Virginia's vote. Founders Patrick Henry, George Mason, and James Madison were totally clear on that . . . and we all should be too."
Bouyon Music has a talented,no fake,no wannabee,no see people in ting and want to be in it Dj... so support the vibes and help the music to go far... Stopping giving support to one set who are only in it for fame and make no meaningful contribution to the music down here. Support who supports you!!!... Or you might loose it, and loose out!!!. Peace...
I can't wait to watch the Lady Billies tomorrow! This group of girls deserve to be recognized for what they have accomplished this year! I have supported these girls from day one and like I said at the beginning of the season, I believe this bunch of girls are going somewhere this year! Tomorrow is the big day! So to the Lady Billies, live it up and enjoy every minute!! Play hard! Let's go Lady Billies!!! "Everything negative-pressure, challenges-is all an opportunity for me to rise." Kobe Bryant
He's opening for Elvis Costello and The Who at the Theater at Madison Square Garden tonight. (2/28/2013)
I wonder where this was taken... Thanks from my friends at We Will NOT Be Disarmed :)
Rivers Of Living Water Ministries Chicago, we are located in Chicago Illinois. Apostle Stephen A. Garner is the overseer.
These are the types of government spending programs I endorse. America needs an efficient rail system, mostly because I can't sleep well on planes :)
Really Madison you can't declare a snow day!!! You wonder why accidents rise when it snows outside.. Get it together!! Back to sleep I go!!!
So hard to get sleep these days. Go to bed tired, toss and turn wide awake. I only require 4 hours of sleep. Rise and grind people!
It Is with Thanksgiving In my heart That I rise Today To celebrate my only sons bitthday. 5 years ago on This day at 3:16 pm God saw git To bring This baby boy 1 lb 15 oz To The world. He has brought nothing buy joy To my heart. God spared your life for a purpose! No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Happy bday Junior! Your dad and I love you very much! Enjoy your day!
Joe Madison - "The Black Eagle" shared the following link and had this to say about it: New report dispells myth that more black men are in prison than college. Thank goodness & spread the word that we still have too many behind bars. Me the Numbers: A 13-year-old report using questionable data gave rise to an enduring myth.
Italy’s Sans Cullotes: revolution for export? by Madison Ruppert By Richard Cottrell Contributing writer for End the Lie (Image credit: Corriera della Serra) Practically unreported in the European and North American media, an extraordinary revolution is under way in Italy. It is nothing short of a peoples’ revolution which, failing to lose speed and traction as most such forces do after the first bright dawn, seems to be gaining ground in all quarters of Italian society. The Grillini are the hottest topic in every newspaper, on the airwaves and the Net. The one time stand up jester from Genova, Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Grillo, who looks quite like an Old Testament prophet, has seized control of the national conversation. The grudging establishment parties are forced to deal on his terms. The childish spite that the 150 Grillini MPs and Senators have received from the snooty doorkeepers at the ornate Italian parliament in Rome – telling the sans culottes to enter by the back door – speaks for itself. T ...
If anyone remembers who said this and why I'd be real proud lol, just popped in my head. "Hey, let me tell you something, pal! You're proppin' up a dyin' system, man! You know some day soon people are gonna wake up. And they're gonna realize that most of us don't fit in your Hollywood, Madison Avenue, candy-coated ideal of what's cool. And when we do, we're gonna rise up! We're gonna put you on trial! Then parade through the streets with your head on a stick!"
I swear I don't even know the people I grew up with anymore. Either their boy crazy or having sex or smoking whatever it is little kids smoke these days... What is this word coming to fr.. I just don't understand what my friends are Becoming...I'm 14 years old .. Never smoked weed never had sex definitely not boy crazy... Now why did they turn out like that?? Who knows?? But I feel for them .! I wish it was not the way things had to be but it is what it is.!!
Just saw trailer for Ironman 3. Looks awesome!
Especially for those X-file fans who enjoyed seeing "Science Fiction" debunked by science. The Mystery of Faith Long before Horatio Caine or Gil Grissom made crime scene investigating a primetime enterprise, the Bloodhound Gang was “there on the double” “wherever there’s trouble,” a doughty group of junior detectives who used science to solve crimes. Written by Newbery Medal-winning children’s author Sid Fleischman, the Bloodhound Gang was a beloved segment on the PBS television program 3-2-1 Contact, and my first encounter with the almost unbearable suspension, “To be continued.” Thankfully, with the help of their knowledge of science, no mystery remained unsolved for long. What I did not realize at the time, or through years of absorbing Unsolved Mysteries, CSI, and my own scientific pursuits, was the hold that simple word “solve” would have on my understanding of mystery. For the Bloodhound Gang, as much as for the philosophers of science who have given rise to the notion, science i ...
Our friends and inspirational American rock band Madison Rising will be performing at the Second Amendment rally...
Encouraging news for jobs, lottery scholarships The Lowe Down By state Sen. Lowe Finney State lawmakers have been back at the Capitol for several weeks now, and the legislature is in full swing. We’ve passed the deadline for filing legislation, meaning we now have a picture of what issues will be debated in Nashville, and the governor has introduced a draft budget for next year, which brought some very encouraging news for jobs. Funding to help create jobs I am very pleased to announce that the governor’s budget includes new funding for community colleges and tech centers that I first introduced last year. By investing $16.5 million in equipment, we can improve degree programs that directly link job seekers to employers who are hiring. Gov. Haslam liked the idea, and has made it part of his 2014 budget proposal. The legislature will have a chance to make changes and vote on the budget later this year. Banning the income tax We have also started the process to amend our state’s constitution to ban an ...
Was sent to me. turalNews Insider Alert ( ) email newsletter Dear NaturalNews readers, If you use a grocery store "loyalty" card to get discounts on the items you buy, you may be shocked to learn this: Your grocery purchases are being surveilled by marketers, employers and even health insurance companies. This data may be used to fire you from your job or to deny you health insurance claims. It's all true. Read more: A "universal flu shot" is coming soon, and it will be the latest heavily-pushed medical fraud that injects you with brain-damaging chemicals: farming works! Check out how this farm grows three tons of food on just 1/10th of an acre: Our Clean Chlorella SL has arrived and is in stock! Check it out: insomnia with these 10 home remedies: third term is alive and well in Washington: See how armed drone strikes on U.S. citizens are being pursued right now: The secret of people who don’t get cancer, click here to find out Sponsor: Get 50% off Vitamin O, a stabilized oxygen sup ...
What a Monday already...Rissy busted me playing tooth fairy... now she wants all her teeth back!!!
I love the NY lifestyle... In Veritown Fort, the Big Apple complex is on the rise. With luxury residences, premier dining options, and boutiques, it promises to be a city that never sleeps. At Madison Park West, you'll be at the core of it all.
"CHRISTMAS EVE" Feature Film (m/f's) SAG-AFTRA (SAG terms) Low Budget Feature/PAY Interview Dates: TBA Callback Dates: TBA Shoot/Start Date: May 2013 (estimate) Pay Rate: SAG low or above Location: Canada There are no deadlines on submissions, but we will be working with our distributor to lockdown the cast as soon as possible, to meet our May shoot projection, so that the movie can release this holiday season. So the chances of your submission being seen 30 or more days after this posting, are limited. There is nudity in this project. The script is freely available to those interested, & can be emailed to you as a PDF upon request. From the Director & Producer of the Anchor Bay release AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL comes their next collaborative feature, the character-driven psychological horror film CHRISTMAS EVE, to be shot in Canada this May-June, with a firm release this holiday season. NOTE THAT EVE IS THE LEADING LADY AND THIS IS A FEMALE-DRIVEN FILM. THERE IS NO NUDITY FOR THIS CHARACTER, THOSE FEMALE ROLE ...
I only have 1 true friend the rest of you are pathetic users
Being a Christian is harder then not being one. Rise up to the challenge. Have a little faith, go against the grain of what everyone else says is "normal" and be different. Who cares what anyone says? God has huge plans for your life that are way more important then what anyone else says about you!
Madison rising is a gateway drug to extreme patriotism.
Hamilton Collection
Listened to Madison rising. I'm not sleeping tonight
Since many of my comments are very misunderstood, and I find myself explaining at length why I am saying such things, I have decided that a very direct and complete explanation is in order. This is it in a nutshell. There is a very predictable pattern that a government falls into as it gets more and more desperate to maintain control. The first time that a natural disaster hits that is large enough in scope that it causes the usual riots, looting and chaos, the government then has enough justification to crack down and declare martial law, which they will do. Then, as they are restoring order, they will find that the vast numbers of people who are refusing to go along with the 'new order' are unmanageable and too numerous to contain, they will begin throwing them onto train cars and shipping them off into concentration camps. Many of those who refuse to go along, and find themselves in one of these camps, are soon going to realize that maybe that is the place to be. Some kind of protection will be over th ...
Does anyone have an iPhone or a decent phone for sale?
People think I'm being sarcastic when I say 'He went to Harvard so how smart can he be?'; or 'She won the Pulitzer/Nobel/McArthur, so her integrity is questionable.'
Give me good horror movies on Netflix
This sounds like a downer, and you don't have to give away who, but how many of you know a teacher who has suffered or is suffering from, a bout of depression because of what is happening to our profession? I'm curious. I have, and I'm addressing it in the strip soon.
Fun afternoon with family celebrating the 10th birthday of my great-niece, Madison Beverly. Salad, Pizza, Birthday Cake & Ice Cream. Took a few liberties with the speed limit on 29 North while driving home. Glad the Po Po took the Sabbath off.
In honor of National Anthem Day. Madison Rising with the original manuscript -
After decades of the U.S. prison population being largely comprised of minorities, a new report is showing that the demographic is changing. DETAILS: Say What?! NYPD Uses "Stop-And-Frisk" Proced
If you've believed the exact same political philosophy for years and never explored new ideas, it is time to evaluate whether you've given up on your own intellectual evolution. Stagnant minds are wasted minds. Keep reading and growing. Evolution is growth, growth is living. There is more than just the Democrat and Republican parties...and even the Libertarian party. My friends are a varied group, give me much to consider. In fact, if you believe the entire platform of any party, there's a good chance you are a follower. Be as complicated and impossible to label as you can be. Don't box yourself in. And don't apologize for being complex.
In time of actual war, great discretionary powers are constantly given to the Executive Magistrate. Constant apprehension of War, has the same tendency to render the head too large for the body. A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defence agst. foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home.
History HISTORY OF THE MUTINY ON THE CREOLE AND WHAT IT WAS RESPONDING TO - BEFORE THE CIVIL WAS, African and African American enslaved staged several revolts both on land and at sea. Like the Amistad, the slaves on the "Creole" brig staged a successful mutiny. This story of freedom began as the "Creole" set sail for New Orleans, LA from Hampton Roads, VA. On Nov 7, 1841, the ship approached the Bahamas. An enslaved man named Madison Washington, who worked as a cook on the Creole, was discovered without permission in the main hold with the female slaves. The ship's first mate tried to arrest Washington, who resisted. As Washington escaped to the deck, he called on his fellow slaves to rise up against the ship's white crew. MADISON WASHINGTON SUCCESSFULLY LED 18 SLAVES IN A MUTINY. The revolting slaves forced the white overseer, Willaim Merritt to steer the ship to Nassau, a British port in the Bahamas. On arrival in the Bahamas, the Creole's human cargo were released, while the 19 who revolted were arrest ...
Taking Gavin to a movie for his birthday. I can't believe my baby is 12 today! Where does the time go?!
are incredibly resilient. Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, a Scorp wont stay down for long.
Check out Madison Rising perform the National Anthem for the Military Bowl. Audio by...
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Girl Rising - Coming to the Madison Barrymore theater on March 12:
Madison Rising tonight in Manhattan. I have an extra ticket from the band if anyone wants to come. Show starts fairly late, though...
offers Kerryon Johnson, 2015 athlete from Madison Academy. Another big offer for the state's top rising junior.
Alice Bartsch is the star of the show for Middleton Community Orchestra. Review by Greg Hettmansberger.
Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner. On 1997 i came to this country with the dream o making all my dreams...
Steph curry was silly last night at Madison Square Garden
Madison Rising waves the flag with patriotic tunes.
Here's who will be at 2nd Amendment rally on March 16th, Madison Rising!
Getting ready for my first Hawks game at the madhouse on Madison.
Just turn me loose, let me straddle my old saddle Underneath the western skies On my Cayuse, let me wander over yonder Till I see the mountains rise I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences And gaze at the moon till I lose my senses And I can't look at hovels and I can't stand fences Don't fence me in
    What's Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?         Bad Image or Bad Reality?     "Let me tell you about an incredible ground-level business opportunity," and you are invited to a house or to lunch for "a discussion." Funny enough, you feel sick in your gut that there is some hidden agenda or deception. "Probably a multi-level marketing (MLM) organization," you think. Suppose it is? Should you trust your instincts? Is there anything wrong with MLM?       This article will analyze four problem areas with MLM. Specifically, it will focus on problems of I) Market Saturation, II) Pyramid Structure, III) Morality and Ethics, and IV) Relationship Issues associated with MLMs. Thus, you can properly *** your "instincts."       I. Market Saturation: An Inherent Problem     Back to the Basics     A tutorial on market saturation hardly seems necessary in most business discussions, but with MLM, unfortunately, it is. Common sense seems to get suspended when considering if MLMs are viable, .. ...
A business analysis of four major systemic problems with MLM - 1) Market Saturation, 2) Pyramid Structure, 3) Morality and Ethics, and 4) Relationship Costs.
Preview of our upcoming album. Madison Rising live - "READY IF IT GOES THERE":
Another person who thinks they're clever."Name a band without a 'b' in their name" ...and I was blocked from sharing their stupid picture. Fountains of Wayne, The W's, Our Lady Peace, Creed, Metallica, AD DC, Whitesnake, Daryl and Oates, Shattersphere, Seether, Cartel, Thousand Foot Crutch. This is all in just over 60 seconds WITHOUT looking in My Music folder.
What new music are you listening to?
|| YOUR TURN || What was the last magic thing that really daunted you? The move, strategy or other sleight that frustrated you to the point of giving up on it for a while?
The Recruitment Initiative for Student Employees (RISE) and the Office of Human Resources will host the 2nd Annual UW-Madison Leadership Summit & Campus Job Fair. The purpose of this event is to connect undergraduate students to UW-Madison employers who are hiring for summer and fall internships, pa...
Help Madison Rising get to CPAC! They want to play there for FREE, but need their fans to email the...
Love this. One of the best versions of the SSB. Thanks Madison Rising.
See the available homes in Madison Heights
Count of homeless people in shelters, streets rising.
A semiannual survey conducted last month shows that Madison’s homeless population has grown by almost 12 percent since last year. The survey is pa [...]
Hey everyone check this out! Its an article about my band and I! I hope you enjoy reading it! Make Friends With THE ENEMIES Posted on 12. Feb, 2013 by Brad Liberti in Now U Know Know your Enemies (L-R): Johnny Crean, Martin Shields, Ronan McQuillan, Colin O’Donoghue, and Mark Montague – The pride of Drogheda County, Louth, The Enemies, consisting of 5 Irish lads with a penchant for irresistible pop-rock melodies, is set to take on the world in 2013. Formed in 2003, the band has seen its profile rise dramatically the past year as it’s guitarist, rising star, Colin O’Donoghue makes a name for himself in Hollywood. Though The Enemies have already amassed a rabid fan base in their native Ireland with undeniably catchy songs that recall the great pop rock bands of the 1990’s. Radio friendly hits like “Perfect Stranger” and “Beauty People” harken back to a time when groups like Toad the Wet Sprocket, Tonic, and Sublime were topping the charts alongside rock Gods, Radiohead ...
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