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Made In Jersey

Made in Jersey is an American legal drama series that premiered on CBS on September 28, 2012. In May 2012, the network placed a series order.

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Seriously why couldn't this video be made in jersey :(
ABC buys cop drama from Shondaland and “Made in Jersey” creator Dana Calvo
Shonda Rhimes is back at it and ABC is eating it up!
yeah because nowadays whoever is MADE in Jersey STAYS in Jersey
I am tired of all the Greek Yogurt...I think it's made in Jersey!
GREY'S ANATOMY and SCANDAL duo and MADE IN JERSEY creator set up cop drama at ABC:
it was alot of money being made in jersey in the 90s too... U hear our stories alot less than those of NYC legends...
Was Made in Jersey ' Removed & Sent to Va beaach , Transfer to Norfolk Va , ❤
.seriously my shows have had the worst luck these last 6 months. Monday Mornings on TNT premiered to just a (0.3) 18-49. That's lower than repeats of The Mentalist and Supernatural on TNT. If you take the average of all the shows I've watched that premiered since August (Go On, Animal Practice, Made In Jersey, Partners, Guys With Kids, 1600 Penn, Deception, The Mindy Project, Underemployed, 666 Park Ave, Monday Mornings) the average is probably right around (1.3).absolutely dreadful. Excellent chance they'll all be canceled by this time next year. The only ones that MIGHT still be here next fall are The Mindy Project, Go On, and 1600 Penn. I'd say Mindy and Go On are 50/50 for renewal and 1600 Penn is about 15%. Guys With Kids maybe a 5% chance.
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I saw some of the top players in Jersey play today and I want my little brother to be next and not make the same mistakes I made
So I never made it to jersey shore since the show came out...however a trip to west va is in order this summer.
I made it all the way to day23our number,his jersey,our day,my birthday 23 promises made,23 wishes made and 23 times we kissed in 1 hour :)
Does everything in this world made in China? Really sad lah to see my New Jersey made in china also. Penat2 jer kirim! Sigh
Seeing my high school soccer team talk about jersey numbers made me realize, for the first time in 4 years, I will not have :(
In scary movies when the killer wont die -__- niga yu been shot stabbed drown put on fire smh stoppp it die already
The part in Scream 4 when she be beating her own *** ! ROTF
How was Australia?? I was stuck in jersey. I would of made you a sandwich. ;)
you think you will ever be back in jersey .. You did a great thing and made me a huge fan
This weekend was good, got out of Jersey played in front of a pretty much sold out Cleveland and LI.. made money etc, I love my job.
Mom just made my day / week.. going to see the fam in jersey.!!!
agreed. Road trips are fun! We've made the drive from Florida to jersey and PA soo many times! What state are you in?
Join me in supporting Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. In lieu of holiday gifts, I made donations in my clients' names. Help if u can
Did Aaron Rodgers ever live up to his word when he made that bet back in week one that said if the 49ers won he'll wear a 49er jersey?
Wanna watch Reality tv like Geordie/jersey shore, Towie, made in Chelsea ? I'd rather ejaculate into my hand and happy slap a pensioner.
If Bruce Springsteen had been born in France instead of New Jersey, he would have made "Rust and Bone."
If someone would wrapped up and gave him to me in an jersey for Christmas. My life would've been made.
Policy 10: All the cast of Jersey Shore will be cooked and fed to the cast of Made in Chelsea.
I think I have just watched the worst film ever made in the history of planet earth: Jersey Shore Shark Attack. Has anyone else seen this?
the great comp. was what made the house and senate which combined the Virginia plan and the New Jersey plan in article one
The only thing that made enjoying my tim hortons panini and coffee better, was eating it in my pens jersey.
Accidentally went into New Jersey. Whoops. Made it to the venue in Philly though.
Jersey Shore, Towie, Geordie Shore, The Magaluf Weekender, Made in Chelsea. End of my tether with popular culture.
If romo is in a Dallas jersey next year Bad things will happen to bad people who made dumb decision..
Jersey was held. Had arm in there and still made the *** catch wow
Living in NYC just made me realize how people here in Jersey have no urgency, I'm always in a rush!
Looks like im going to be chillen by myself in my RG3 jersey watching the Redskins game w/ this homemade pizza I made. 
Why is everyone messing with the homie for? So he has his Knicks jersey on in his avi. If you made it to the NBA u would too
Gotta go with a jersey of a player you KNOW the org will keep awhile. Made same decision on a Leetch roadie in his 2nd year.
Almost everyone I seem in Walmart had a Redskins jersey on. Almost made me sick
Made my home made guacamole, heineken in hand, Rice jersey on my back, estoy listo!!!
A gif needs to be made of that kid in the colts jersey staring at his dad in the ravens jersey singing seven nation army
just made my day. GO SEAHAWKS!! U should get a Seahawk jersey, ud look good in that jersey or really any jersey
Artcraft made my signature jersey; Hockeybarbie in my profile pic, & fixed the sweater I cut of Briere in the ER
...but you're both great directors, and you made both movies which take place in New Jersey ! So, why not ?
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I've made a conscious effort to stop hating the colts. However, I do maintain the fact there is no uglier jersey in professional sports.
Decision has been made. Going with home jersey in College Navy Blue!
I was in elementary school last time they made it and I came to school the next day in my jersey hearing "next year.." Lol
A Randall Cunningham kelly green jersey just made an appearance in Baltimore.
My setting right now is 2 McDanno sets & 1 Shevine while watching 1x08 of Made in Jersey and crying over CBS canceling it.
It's intense in my household.. Matt made me switch out of 'his' jersey.
Just high fived a gentleman in an yzerman jersey at a grocery store in Maryland. Made my day.
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THIS NEWS JUST MADE MY BREAK! I can finally do my homework in my Hawks jersey & watch the game at night
I really need to start getting into these reality tv shows every1 seems 2 watch-like TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, Geordy shore, Jersey shore...
Quote of the day: I was made in New Jersey but made happy in New York ~ Meryl Streep ❤
Finally made it in the NY Times - look at the Princeton Events in New Jersey
I got your jersey in the mail yesterday, made my whole day!
Hi friends. What an exciting year it was! I filmed three movies that will be coming out in 2013 (The Iceman w Michael Shannon & Winona Ryder, Zarra's Law w Tony Sirico & Brendan Fehr and Eye of Winter w Bryan Cranston & Logan Marshall-Green), was a guest lead on USA's Common Law and TNT's Major Crimes, did a very funny pilot presentation where I got to play God to William Fichtner's Satan, and finally fulfilled my dream of moving to New York City when CBS picked up Made In Jersey for their fall schedule (and then they canceled it, but I still have love for them). While there were certainly disappointments (would have been really cool to be Donnie Wahlberg's partner on Blue Bloods or Holly GoLightly's bestie in Breakfast at Tiffany's on Broadway), I'm proud of the past year of work. Mittens for Detroit doubled the number of gloves collected and distributed from the previous year and we launched the Mittens for Detroit Fine Jewelry Collection, with proceeds going to buy gloves for our charities. Personally. ...
I just found out made in jersey was canceled. They're so stupid for that.
I am having troubled getting into Made in jersey. I'm wondering if its just me or are other people having trouble getting into this show?
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😁 Made it to jersey in 1 piece. Let the drunk texting begin 😂🙊🙊
Wait I thought Made In Jersey was cancelled now its on again on a Saturday? Make up your mind
All this ND hype made me remember I have a Brady Quinn ND jersey.& why I wanted it in the first place. ohh hey Brady;)
When they put that scam newton jersey on bear bryant's statue carma came back with vengeance and made scam in his sophomore slump and a ...
I think I've made my presence in Jersey
Jipped! Comcast lied. Made in Jersey isn't even on :(
Um, did anyone notice that Made in Jersey is back on the air? Is that allowed?
Watching made in jersey cause Im missing my Jersey Girl (I have no idea what it's about)
Just watched Made In Jersey for the first time and these are THE WORST Jersey accents I've ever heard!!!
Made in Jersey I really like the show
Going ice skating and seeing all these little kids in Sid, Malkin, and Fleury jersey's made me miss hockey so much more than I already do! 😔
I really need to watch the movie again. Just finished watching Made in Jersey.
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Yeah! Unshown episode of the canceled Made in Jersey!
Do you kats know there R 3, I REPEAT, three BAD ONES on this new show called MADE IN JERSEY? Who is Janet Montgomery?
Made jersey to home in only 2 so hanging for drinks with my BFF :)
Watch the newest series, Made in Jersey episode 3 online at...
Sick Beard: Download Finished: Made in Jersey - 1x03 - Camelot
I just watched Made In Jersey the show I've been scoring which CBS has put back on the air. I'm right now on the east coast but if you're on the westside it come on at 8pm. So, if you're not going out and recovering from the Thanksgiving food and Booz check it out, it's really quite good.
"Ugh, missed a new episode of Made in Jersey tonight!" -three people, probably
Well thought it got canceled but made in jersey came back on tonight:-)
Watching 'made in jersey'. The lead character's family reminds me of an ex boyfriend's family. Authentic Jersey!
Thanks to all who tuned in to Made In Jersey tonight. All new episode NEXT Saturday as well!! Beep
Download: Made in Jersey S01E03 HDTV x264-2HD at
"Made In Jersey" lives again ... sort of. CBS has scheduled already-produced original episodes to be burned off on Saturdays, according to
thank you so much for bringing back made in jersey as us fans we love the show and wish I goes on forever
that made in New Jersey show made NO sense
Good Made In Jersey episode. Nothing yet makes it stand out though.
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Made in Jersey makes me wanna be a lawyer and talk with an accent lol
Ahhh Latimore just made a catch! Wait nevermine just some guy in his jersey...
Drama. Nolan and Martina represent a woman acting as a surrogate for her comatose sister; Martina's sister wrongfully accuses the neighbors of knocking down a tree. Series.
I'm watching Made In Jersey. Has anyone else watched this?
Kind of enjoying Made in Jersey. SVU meets RHONJ.
Made in jersey on tv! Why do we USA import British actors to play Americans, do we not have already here? Do we have to import everything?
Made in Jersey is on now, heard it was canceled. Stop canceling all the good shows. 😡
Had some wine...relaxing and watching Made in Jersey.
The image of the ship on the truck was contributed by the grandchildren of the artist.
I'm watching Made in Jersey on CBS. Come join me on zeebox!
So happy that CBS is airing one of the run-off episodes of "Made in Jersey", tonight (8pm)...The show shouldn't have been canceled!
Watching "Made in Jersey" with Viggle. Get real rewards just for watching TV.
hi guys my cousin is on CBS on the show Made In Jersey right now so if you could watch it or leave it on while you poop that'd be awesome :)
Watching my daughter Nicolette on the TV show made in Jersey. CBS network
I just accidentally watched the beginning of "Made in Jersey." I hope never to make that mistake again.
TUNE IN TONIGHT!! Made In Jersey will begin airing the final 6 episodes on Saturday nights TONIGHT at 8pm on CBS. All new episode. HOPE YOU'LL WATCH!! Beep
It may have been the first cancellation of the new season, and Latino actor Felix Solis may have gone down with the ship, but CBS has decided to ‘burn off’ the last few episodes on the Dead Zone of Saturday night. So you can catch a new episode of Made in Jersey tonight at 8P on CBS.
The first TV show of the season to be cancelled, Made in Jersey, is returning to CBS -- for a little while anyway. The low-rated legal drama aired on two
Bye Bye Animal Practice, Partners, Made in Jersey, Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue. I would say it's such a tragedy to get cancelled midseason, but I predicted all of you a tragic ending in my Fall TV previews at Now, when the networks come to their senses over Malibu Country, Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project, my job will be complete.
Does anybody know what happened to that show Made in Jersey? That show looked SO CAN'T MISS??!! Thinking maybe it is just on hiatus because of that hurricane or something?
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Well its official the following shows thus far will get the axe come the end of their current seasons: 666 Park Avenue, Last Resort, Partners, Animal Practice, Made In Jersey, The Mob Doctor, Emily Owens MD, and Guys with Kids. I've watched almost all of the first two and seen an episode or two of a few of the others an tbh im not to surprised to see them get the axe!
So 'Made In Jersey' was the first show to be cancelled this fall. I liked it but I guess 6 million viewers count as nothing in the world of TV shows. Everyone was sure that 'The Mob Doctor' will be the first to go but it's still on. I like that one too. But it's probably gonna meet the fate of 'Unforgettable" and never see the light of a second season...
The new TV season is a challenge! I could not find The Mob Doctor at all last night and Friday I heard she put a hit on Made In Jersey!
If you haven't heard the sad news by now, MADE IN JERSEY was pulled from CBS's Fall schedule yesterday. We were all disappointed to see it go so soon. That being said I want to take a moment to THANK ALL of my wildly loving family, friends and any fans that have reached out. I am so grateful to have such a strong and supportive base. I will miss the incredible cast of Made In Jersey. I have chosen an unpredictable business. It is my burden and my GREAT pleasure. HERE'S to the next adventure. Thanks for being there with me on the ride! Here we Go!! :) xxx - beep
"Made In Jersey" has been pulled from CBS' schedule and this could very well mean the Garden State-set drama is canceled. CBS will shuffle its Friday night lineup and add "Undercover Boss" starting in November.
Awww well Pilot season of all the new TV shows launching in the states is well under way and the first victim has already been claimed. After only 2 episodes legal drama Made In Jersey has been pulled from the schedule.ouch, i totally called it, and i bet Mob Doctor is canceled next, Really enjoying 666 Park Avenue but bad ratings means that will be gone soon as
Latest TV news: CBS' lawyer show "Made In Jersey" got canceled after two episodes, "The Secret Life Of The American Teenager" will finally end its reign of terror next year.
American broadcaster CBS cancels drama newcomer 'Made in Jersey'
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New Jersey references do not guarantee TV success. After just two episodes on CBS' Friday night block, the network has pulled the plug on Made in Jersey. Unscripted series Undercover Boss will premiere in its place Nov. 2.
um no she wasnt born in Dallas. judging whoever made this SO hard rn.
"I WAS RIGHT!! Made in Jersey was the first show canceled!!!" cc:
Made In Jersey was apparently canceled. The ratings were worse than CSI Miami which was canceled last year.
Made in Jersey cancelled by CBS to the surprise of millions who have never heard of it.
First cancellation of the fall season is "Made in Jersey", a legal drama that aired twice. to be replaced in Nov w/Undercover Boss
That is pretty sad to be cancelled after 2 episodes of Airing made in jersey
Bad as it was, who is surprised CBS' Made in Jarsey got yanked off TV before Fox's Mob Doctor?
Made in Jersey is the first canceled show of the Fall TV season
is it about the lead from Made In Jersey quitting acting to go back to her job as a maid?
(The Star TV Blog) Made in Jersey cancelled by CBS: The fall season’s first axing is a CBS legal drama, dead aft...
First Canceled Show of New Season Is…: Before the official start to the new television season, Patrick, Tyrell a...
'Made In Jersey' pulled from schedule - Entertainment Weekly
‘Made in Jersey’ is the First TV Casualty of the Season
'Made in Jersey' pulled from CBS lineup; 'Undercover Boss' returns: "Made In Jersey," the new CBS series starrin...
Looks like "Made in Jersey" is getting cancelled. When did New Jersey become a thing? I live here and all I want do is leave.
We have a "winner"! Made in Jersey is the first TV show to be canceled this season.
Fuhgeddaboudit: CBS Cancels Made in Jersey: CBS announced today that it has pulled the plug on its Friday night...
First casualty of new fall season ... CBS Cancels 'Made in Jersey,' Slots 'Undercover Boss' for November via
Fall’s first cancellation--CBS's ‘Made in Jersey.' Friday drama axed after it dips to dismal 0.8 rating in 18-49s:
And the first cancelled Show of the 2012-2013 TV Season is: MADE IN JERSEY !!! after 2 airings CBS has decided to bounce it to the pit of rejected by audiences pile..(it could be growing soon )
It looks like we have the first cancellation of the season. CBS is pulling Made in Jersey from the schedule effective immediately, after airing just two
The entertainment business is tough. When pilot season comes around, actors race to audition for shows they hope will get picked up for Fall
Somewhere, The Mob Doctor is smiling. CBS is pulling Friday night legal drama Made In Jersey from its schedule after only two episodes. That makes...
The CBS drama series Made In Jersey has been cancelled, making it the first rookie offering to be axed in the 2012-2013 season. CBS does not intend to air subsequent episodes of the program, which will be replaced by returning series Undercover Boss in the 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time slot on Fridays, beginning on November 2. Can't really speak about Made In Jersey. I didn't watch it. I was shocked that Undercover Boss was renewed. I thought moving it to Friday would spell the end of the show.
With Made In Jersey cancelled, CSI:NY moves back to it's 9pm timeslot starting this Friday.
Made in Jersey has been cancelled. Is that the first of the season?
And CBS is the first network to rip off the band-aid, effectively cancelling the first new show of the 2012-2013 fall season. The network is pulling “Made in Jersey” from...
Fall TV's first cancellation is in and I'm surprised to say it's not The Mob Doctor! Say goodbye to CBS' Made In Jersey.
'Made In Jersey' cancelled...why am I not surprised? Speaking of which, is 'The Mob Doctor' still staining our TV screens?
First canceled show of the fall: Made in Jersey
And the first cancellation of the 2012-13 TV season is… CBS’ Made in Jersey. The Eye network has pulled the freshman procedural from its Friday lineup effective immediately. More to co...
So the first fall show to go... Made In Jersey
Looks like Made in Jersey (Friday's at 9) will not make it through the season. CSI: NY is moving down to 9pm effective this Friday, October 12, and repeats of other shows will take over 8pm until November, when Undercover Boss returns. No "official" cancellation notice as I write this - but I wouldn't bet on its return next season (if at all) - Steve Hiltz, Program Director
I was so sure my guess at first canceled for the year, The Mob Doctor, was gonna get canned first, guess CBS jumped on Made In Jersey first.
It has been confirmed the first new show has been cancelled.CBS has cancelled Made in Jersey.Undercover Boss will take its place.
The fall TV season has seen its first casualty. CBS has pulled Made in Jersey from its Friday-night lineup and will replace it with new episodes of Undercover Boss beginning Nov. 2, the network announced Wednesday.
Earlier today, I said there's no first TV cancelation so far. Low and behold, CBS cancelled Made In Jersey today. I'm that good!
Canon goes off, Made In Jersey's face appears in the night sky. The Mob Doctor runs on deeper into the woods.
Yeah, this show was boring, but I hate Undercover Cop. They should just show reruns of procedurals (CM, CSI, etc) from the past week until mid-season.
If you watched/liked Made In Jersey, it has been cancelled. The first of what I expect of many cancellations to happen soon in TV.
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The first casualty of the fall TV season
Made In Jersey got 2 episodes before getting cancelled... Wasn't THAT bad...
*** I put my money on The Mob Doctor. That's the Fall TV Death Pool for you 'Made In Jersey' cancelled
Buh-bye Made in Jersey. CBS has pulled it from the schedule making it the 1st new series casualty of fall.
I just checked to see which of the new TV shows is in danger of cancellation. Does this make me a bad person? I have to say, I'm not surprised that Made In Jersey and the Mob Doctor are already on the list. They didn't even look good in the commercials.
Perplexed. Friday nights now have three good shows at ten pm Cursed on Bio Channel, new Hauntings on Destination and Dead Files on Travel. Will have to tape ones that are replayed later in the evening. Not to mention Made in Jersey on CBS and Ghost Adventures on Travel at the same time. Oh the drama of it all! Good night peeps!
So, I was watching the pilot episode of Made in Jersey, and they talked about this thing. Interestingly, it sounded fairly muffled when played on the website. When I downloaded the MP3 itself, I could *not* hear it... until I raised the volume to about 125%. Any further increase made it *really* annoying, but it didn't sound like a buzzing mosquito to me. To me it's a high-pitched whine that is vaguely nauseating. I can see how it would be used to keep people from dawdling in an area where it was being played.
Eric Stoltz To Guest Star On Made In Jersey: These days, Eric Stoltz might be spending about as much behind the ...
Find out who he'll play on Made in Jersey
Uh oh...NOAH is calling for tomorrow already working on made in jersey...louis , u better call them
My HometownJanet Montgomery, Kyle MacLachlan and stars from Criminal Minds and the new comedy series Partners share where they're from and what their hometown means to them.
Now watching: Made in Jersey ... New tv series ... Lawyery theme ... Looks promising•... Not that I want to be a lawyer. :)
Il be with lovaris best friend GERKSEPPE tomorrow on "Made in Jersey"
Yeah, we all need another legal drama like we need a hole in the head, but "Made in Jersey" wasn't as bad as others said. The lead is real fun & likable. It may not be appointment TV, but I'll watch on On Demand.
Jeanne Tripplehorn discusses her hometown. Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 9/8c.
On the set of Made In Jersey, and just met Sarah Jessica Parkers father, random.
Joe Mantegna discusses his hometown of Chicago. Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 9/8c.
'Made In Jersey' is a new attempt to create a new series with a female entering the realm in which she was not 'raised' and with her less than 'polished' edge, she triumphs! What a refreshing and novel idea for a tv! It's just too 'rustic' for me! Sorry, this show won't last longer than Jersey Show! It has the same cast though!
Check out Made in Jersey's Janet Montgomery and other actors whose accents had us fooled
I don't care what anybody says, the premiere of "Made in Jersey" was better than those of "Vegas" and "Elementary." Law shows rule.
Is CBS already going to cancel one of its new shows??? Made in Jersey is seeing low ratings, and could be announced to be cancelled after the third episode this week...if this week's episode has less ratings, Made in Jersey will be canceled.but it may not be alone.another CSI could also get the boot, CSI: NY also has been seeing low ratings, this season could be the last season.
Made in Jersey filmed in Wagner Colleges lunch room
I like this new show Made in Jersey but her accent is really annoying
Ralph and I sampled the pilots of two new TV shows on CBS last night. Made in Jersey, is at least in part made right here on Staten Island, on our block near Walker Park. Other things have been filmed there but this is the first we got to see. This is a little of the premise of Working Girl which featured a character who took the ferry. This time the protagonist is a young and beautiful lawyer who cut her teeth in Trenton and is now in Manhattan (cue georgeous views). We both liked it. The star is appealing and the plot was believeable enough. Knowing stuff about nail polish and pulling up tight jeans is helping the DA's office. The other pilot called Elementary seemed to be Monk without the sense of humor. It was totalaly unbelievable and the new Shirlock Holmes is arrogant and unappealing. Dr. Watson is good but her back story is lame. Surgeons often lose patients but don't quit to babysit addicts.
I watched the new t.v. show "Made in Jersey" last night... those jersey accents make me melt.
New great show on CBS- Made in Jersey. Pilot on now. May help me with Harry's Law Withdrawals.
(get it free) This is a new version which should be a bit better. By listening to frequency you should be able to determine your age ...
Watching CBS Made In Jersey. Took me a minute...but now i wonder who theyre dialect coach was!!! LOL. One woman said " Not for nothing, but..", she was from Seton Hall!!! COACH!!! ITS "notfanuttin but" ( Jersey Girl flys out every once in a while...)
Is anybody else watching made in Jersey??? I kinda like it!!
Just love that new show, Made In Jersey, excellent!
The new show Made in Jersey reminds me of me in soo many ways smh.. aww man another law show I am going to be glued to...
The new show Made in Jersey is pretty good
just watched10 seconds of that stupid show of all times more than Jersey shore. made in Jersey!!! there's a secret sound that only people under 25 can hear! that's how she solves the case.
Great Job today Apaches, another win, and still undefeated. JP made another catch for the extra point. Great kicking. Kid has improved 100%. Proud of him. Now I'm home watching Made in Jersey while the kids are at the dance, and John is off with Bobby.
Watching Made in Jersey...its a good show, except im bored...ugh!
Made in Jersey? Talk about over the top! The make-up, the way they talk, the (NJ Devils jersey) Worst NJ accent I've ever heard. Looked up the girl who's playing the lead & find out she's from England. The person who's playing her friend is from Michigan. Think I'll pass on this show.
Watching the pilot for Made in Jersey ~ they're offices are located in the same building where I worked,101 Park. Cool!!
"Made In Jersey" may not be made much longer. The freshman legal drama drew a miserable 0.8 demographic rating on Friday night. In fact, EVERY show on Friday night showed declines except for "Shark Tank" and "Grimm", which held their own. "Fringe", the only show I watch on Friday night, was down 9 percent from a year ago. People just aren't watching much TV on Fridays anymore.
Does anyone watch Made in Jersey? I really want to like this show but the Jersey accent is a little thick for me. She is supposed to be working in New York, none of the other people on the show have an accent -- I think that is strange, New Yorkers don't have an accent???
My favorite new shows (to me)...Made in Jersey, Once Upon a Time, Evolution, Go On, The New Normal, Guys with Kids and Blue Bloods. Some have already been on before but this is my first time watching. Daytime I love Marie on The Hallmark Channel.
Watch the latest episode of Made in Jersey on
The teaser trailer for the new CBS TV show 'Made in Jersey' starring Janet Montgomery, Kyle MacLachlan and Erin Cummings.The show follows a young working cla...
Why is it when I have a case with you it never goes in a straight line? Made in Jersey. She pronounces "years" just like I do when I'm in Jersey mode! Luv it!
Wow what an exciting Friday! Csi New York, made in jersey, and Blue Bloods! Few to much fun
Made in Jersey follows a brassy street-wise lawyer who joins a posh Manhattan law firm and lowers expectations at first sight. But, despite her white-collar colleagues' skepticism and her Italian family's well-meaning but constant intrusions, she rises to the challenge. She defends her clients with ...
Finally time for Blue Bloods ! Just watched Made in Jersey, not worth the time to watch it again.
So we figured out tonight that the Made in Jersey episodes were filmed in a different order than they are aired. Don't think we'll know for sure when Lewis will be on, but about every other show.
Loving me Made in Jersey. Great new show! Who knew about watering cactus so much?!
Made in Jersey Episodes - Read the latest episode guides from Made in Jersey Season 1 2012 from CBS, Find Cast and Listings Information and More
Anyone else think the girl in Made in Jersey sounds more like she's from Boston?
So "Made In Jersey" new worst show ever, the main character can't figure out if she has an accent or not, my mothers watching it and its just terrible.
Loving Made in Jersey, waiting for my man Tom next, if only. My kinda man.
Watching Made in Jersey it's a pretty good show!
Does anyone think that " Made In Jersey" sounds like a Scottoline mystery novel?
Watching Made In Jersey. The woman is a tough attorney from Jersey. Being that I'm from Jersey and strong willed the title fits.
Watching Made In Jersey. I think the close relationship between the head of the firm and the "Jersey Girl" is a tell. Too soon.
Great day on CBS "MADE IN JERSEY" , finally home now some wine and relax.
Watch "Made in Jersey" on CBS. My niece is a production assistant on this show. It is so cute. Tons of potential. Watch it.
P.S.anybody else looking forward to watching tonight's episode of MADE IN JERSEY? .Jersey Girl's ROCK! ;)
Well my 2nd episode of MADE IN JERSEY has been pushed to a later episode coming up in Season 1.
Made in Jersey might be the worst TV show I've seen in a while
watching Made in bad..we dont TAWK like that at AWL..where do they get this crap from?
So this made in jersey show is awful. But at the same time time spot on.
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Watchin made in Jersey and Criminal Minds but cant wait for flashpoint to come on at 10 00 to see my tv wife
Made in jersey I love her and her acent is great and she's so pretty and then Blue Bloods
With roles in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2” and CBS’ new legal drama “Made In Jersey,” Toni Trucks is taking Hollywood by storm and the actress couldn’t be happier. View celebrity photos and get the
I don't like the new CBS series Made in Jersey cause they copy the plot from the original series Fairy Legal
Making popcorn and almost ready for 'Made in Jersey"! Go Toni Trucks!!
Please watch Made in Jersey and support my cousin! At 9AM on CBS every Friday night! Thanks Family.
The CSIs rush to stop serial arsonist after he begins using fire against people from his dark past. Rob Morrow guest stars on the next episode of CSI: NY tonight at 8pm followed by an all-new Made in Jersey at 9pm on WBOC.
Any one who missed the first made in jersey last Friday. You can see it Saturday nite at 7on 11. Our home town girl plays the nail tec. Bonnie !!! Great show !
Recap of today: I was getting ready to take Tess to the vet for her yearly check-up and got a phone call from the woman who was supposed to buy my yard sale items (everything that I replaced with my new decor, needlepoint pics, things that belonged to my mom, gram and pap) in bulk. Tess had a good visit at the vet and she enjoyed getting out. The woman came and bought all of my families belongings. I then left for the vet in NC. Gidgette (my foster dog of 5 years) and Jennifer (my foster dog of 2 months) went on transport today. I did not have a plan for Gidgette until noon today so I wasn't sure if she was leaving or not. My Paco has a nasty cold and could not leave. None of this has not been easy for me. Recap for week: I let Miss Clover go, I ended my relationship, top on car still isn't fixed after 6 months cause they want to replace the top instead of focusing on why it will not go up or down. I have had enough of this week and I am drinking lots of beer tonight and watching Shark Tank and ...
Oh oh just quick announcement just before the partying starts a new CSI New York a new made in Jersey and a new Blue Bloods is on tonight get those DVR's cranked people good shows crankin up tonight. SHOTS!
From the Director of Programming for CBS11: Friday is a great night for TV on CBS and CBS11.CSI: New York.Made In Jersey.and Blue Bloods.starts at 7pm tonight after Wheel Of Fortune!
Don't forget to watch Made in Jersey tonight at 9pm on CBS. It's the second episode and really good.
Hey guys, please watch tonight's episode of Made In Jersey on CBS after CSI: NY. My character, Bonnie, is featured in this one. Bonnie gets a boyfriend! I haven't seen it but it is airing two weeks early because it tested so well so I think it's going to be a good one!
Even though CBS' new legal drama Made in Jersey is about a Jersey gal, Martina Garretti (played by Janet Montgomery), who goes to work for a snooty New York law firm, co-star Toni Trucks is not too …
Happy T.G.I.F. FRIDEE Kids.ABC rolls out Shark Tank at 8, What would you do? at 9, 20/20 at 10, CBS CSI:NY at 8, Made In Jersey at 9{WATCH THIS SHOW, I really thought oh another CBS stinker but it`s actually good, the lead is VERY appealing and she`s actually BRITISH, and "very easy on the eyes"} Blue Bloods at 10, NBC The Voice at 8, Grimm at 9{new} Dateline at 10, FOX The X-Factor at 8, Fringe at 9{last season} CW America`s Next Top Model at 8, Letterman has Billy Crystal and The Wallflowers, Leno has Colin Farrell, Craig has Sanja Gupta and Ginnifer Goodwin, Fallon has Katie Couric and Dom Irrea,WEEKEND HIGHLITES- SNL- Daniel Craig at 1135pm, Sunday CBS 60 Minutes at 730, The Amazing Race at 830{WATCH THIS SHOW, GREAT SHOW} The Good Wife at 930, The Mentalist at 1030,{WATCH THIS SHOW, GREAT SHOW, CBS will cancel this if ratings aren`t good} NBC has Saints vs Chargers at 830, ABC Once upon a Time at 8, REVENGE AT 9{WATCH THIS SHOW, IT`S AWESOME!!!} 666 Park Avenue at 10...Have a Great Weekend!!...E ... offers diagnostic & repair information.
Made in Jersey's Kyle MacLachlan & Janet Montgomery are In The Spotlight. Watch Made In Jersey, Fridays at 9/8c. Only on CBS!
So, the premiere of "Made In Jersey" was decent enough, but my GOD Janet Montgomery is a gorgeous young woman.
Made In Jersey on CBS is mediocre and formulaic. Janet Montgomery is the only silver lining. She'll definitely become a big movie star.
Lol, love this new tv show, Made In Jersey, its like, Law & Order meets the Jersey Shore meets The Nanny . enjoying it. :p
Speaking of which, Kyle MacLachlan's in that new show Made In Jersey... And all I see is him in the pool... with Jessie Spano *cringes*
Guys tonight is a pilot episode of Made In Jersey with this up incoming actress by the name of Janet Montgomery...please check it out tonight on CBS @ 9. Please check out the show
It's a good day when you pick up the phone and Kyle MacLachan's on the other end. He shares details on his new CBS show "Made In Jersey," and
Actor Kyle MacLachlan joins Andy Greenwald to talk Twin Peaks, Portlandia and his new CBS series, Made In Jersey.
They are filming the new CBS show "Made In Jersey" down the street from my apt. building here in Astoria. They have no budget. The food at the craft service table looked horrible as I walked by. "Tower Heist" and "Nurse Jackie" have filmed in my neighborhood.
Matthew Perry is BACK, baby! Shades of an older, wiser Chandler Bing in 'Go On', which is as brilliant and endearing as any comedy I've seen in quite some time (YES, including 'The Big Bang Theory' and even perhaps 'Frasier'.definitely will be tuning in tomorrow night!) Other winners: 'The New Normal' and, still to come, 'Vegas" (Quaid was BORN for this role, although admittedly, he does evoke network colleague Robert Taylor on 'Longmire') and 'Partners', as well as 'Made In Jersey' ('Suits' and 'Fairly Legal' on rival NBC's USA Network have unleashed a new wave of legal eagles.)
Europeans taking over prime time tv. The chick starring in Made In Jersey is from England, not Jersey. Thats like a white girl doing Saigon
Janet Montgomery's accent in Made In Jersey is inspired by Mira Sorvino, circa 1992.
"Made In Jersey." I hope that this girl who grew up in Newark can survive on the mean streets of Manhattan, which are surely alien to her.
There's a show coming to CBS names Made In Jersey! I guess this is why Harry's Law was cancelled. Well...sure, the main character might be young and beautiful, but I'm betting she has NOTHING on the talent and character of Kathy Bates! I, for one, will NOT even check this show out. BRING BACK HARRY'S LAW!!!
The Roland Emmerich pilot I worked on didn't get picked up, but "Made In Jersey" (formerly "Baby Big Shot") did.
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