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Made In Jersey

Made in Jersey is an American legal drama series that premiered on CBS on September 28, 2012. In May 2012, the network placed a series order.

Undercover Boss Animal Practice

I am spoiled by quick resolutions and callbacks. support I am told to check the asterisk o…
an Xbox Live member for 13years and I get semantics when asked about free DLC thats offered with a game I preordered.
just made it on the Stanford Jumbotron in my ole miss jersey
Michigan had a camp out in New Jersey.. then Rutgers made their own camp down the road the same day
As much as I hate New Jersey, that 78-0 loss the Michigan in FOOTBALL made me feel embarrassed to live here
Seton Hall made the NCCA tourney. Jersey is in good hands
May have lost a lot in the flood from but I made sure to grab my gear and color rush jersey!
Guy in a Vikings jersey gets knocked out and the guitarist from SunSquabi playing behind his head... night made 👌🏻
i was in Jersey for the Forum my first time seeing you alone and you made my night still seems like yesterday 😉😚✌❤
Hurricane Jim has made landfall in New Jersey tonight.
Update: no additions made to Rafter's jersey in the intermission. "7" made with white tape on back and sleeves.
wearing a blank jersey tonight with a "7" on her back and sleeves made from white tape. No tape on in warmups.
hey! You made a similar statement outside a club in Breakneck New Jersey in 2005! I have it recorded on my DAT player. 😬
In the first intermission will someone try to add a nameplate made out of tape to Rafter's jersey? We shall see, my friends.
Omar the Tent maker made that for him from left over scraps from the Hindenburg crash in Jersey
Bobby Hull made his debut today in 1957
I just tucked in my dress shirt and then untucked it a little bit like a baseball jersey, luckily my mom made the save and noticed it.
La decency ready-made nfl jersey is high the top pertinence in order to nfl fans: XkS
Made it back to Jersey in 4 1/2 hours. Felt like Phill Collins red lining to Philly for live aid. Slight difference, but about the same.
You guys are an embarrassment to the Springbok jersey, but then again politics have made it cheap in any case.
What a weekend in Jersey. Thank you so much to everyone who made New Jersey - Part 2!! - such a success.
The thought of watching an fan taking in their Hall jersey and asking them to put Russell on the back has made my Saturday! LMAO
PSG just made Fly Pirates shirt the most wanted jersey in the world
When I was young we didn't need clowns. We watched boxing kangaroos then in fits of delirium tremens made up stories about…
Trump apologizes for lewd comments he made about women in 2005 video
Made a little bit of history over here in jersey 😀
Because this pic made me miss my best best best friend in Jersey:(
CINCINNATI BENGALS football jersey - big LARGE - Made in USA - NEW
I liked a video from MADE IN JERSEY CLUB MIX DJ RECKONIZE 2016
Our 5-0 football team (and us in the marching band in the background 😁) just made News 12 New Jersey :,)
7 hours in a car with cramps from Satan himself I've finally made it back to jersey
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Why didn't I go to college in jersey?! At least I would have made friends then lol
S1-A Riding Jersey Junmai Print: Search and State’s S1-A Riding jerseys are made in N...
Made my dream purchase in New Jersey today, I hope your family member is ready to cause chaos in the UK
No. You are not a Louisiana hot sauce if you are made in Jersey. SMH.
I feel like jersey has made it now we're in the biology textbook
Unashamedly Feminine Made in Italy Navy Silk and Jersey top complete with vest top
dead made a wrong turn and now I'm in jersey.. cool.
Once again has made me proud to be from New Jersey. This has been an ongoing theme in my life. Love The Boss.
Saw a kid in a Jimmer Fredette jersey so day made
Bought a shadow box frame in the States today for my special Rider jersey I'm having made up this season😄
You guys have always made us proud in Jersey.
Kids in jersey playing a beer pong game called Alcoholocaust where the cups are made to form the shape of a swastika. Youth of a nation.
. My boyz in jersey made this fun skate video check it out part 2 .
Born in the U S.A. 1984 Album From the New Jersey Rocker, the Blockbuster Album That Made Him a
I'm happy to hear that u made it to Boston :) see u next sat in jersey
Buddy in the jersey made me spit out my drink
I hate driving in new jersey. I have made so many naughty turns already hope there are no camera lights here.
I eventually ended up in New Jersey, camped outside a haunted house, made a camp fire out of sticks that looked like tiny people. (3/END)
This story about Syrian refugees arriving in Kansas City and getting a jersey actually made me cry (happy):.
.you should have been in kitchen today. We made some killer jersey grilled cheeses.
Going to Vibez Crews in a jersey I made out of boredom 🙃
Stuck in Jersey. Not as great as it was made out to be.
well it's just chilly in jersey and I had some amazing home made quesadillas and fresh salsa 😍
My Pete rose jersey came in the same day he made his professional baseball debut years ago. 🔥
.made an impact on local entrepreneurs in JC ht…
.made an impact on local entrepreneurs in JC
Kyle made a wrong turn twice on our way to McDonalds ... Now we're driving in New Jersey ... 😐😒
how bout me living in jersey? I even got a shipment I made a day later come out before my original purchase!
It's Factoid Friday! The first highway in New Jersey was made in 1912 with Edison Portland Cement.
Here's a quick ad I made in class for the jersey! All support is appreciated!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Italian food is what made me, a dorky Chinese kid in New Jersey, feel like I could belong. https:/…
Seeing Dhoni in a multi- colored jersey with prominent pink shade made me wonder if he was campaigning for breast cancer awareness.
yes only because it's a pro jersey. All are made in USA though.
Made in new usa well made plain knit ski hat warm solid n, LINK:.
just spent 2 hrs watching the game in my other favourite jersey... Just need 2 enjoy history being made while I can!
Walking around campus in my Cubs hat and jersey and just made eye contact with this dude in a pirates hat and just smiled
I was just informed that my bestfriend/sister is in jersey!!! Deff. Just made me dumb happy 😁😍❤️
Carerra? I thought I’d never see him play in a Jays jersey again. That thought made me happy.
Have a feeling there'll be a few jerseys in work tomorrow for jersey day! Some may not have even made it home 💚🍀
grew up in St. Louis but going to school in jersey made me the man I am today 😕
Just arrived and now shipping! Long dolman sleeve top in black. Soft rayon jersey with stretch. Made…
fairies just dropped me in a new Ireland jersey for the match .. Made up ..
Jersey style: A match made in a hospital
Idk what made em think citi bikes in jersey city would be ok 😩😩
Made in Jersey but almost got NYC on my back ✊ 🗽🌃
I just saw a Falcons jersey in Indiana and it made my day.
And Henry the snitch in the movie that narrated most. Died in 2012. And they still made arrests from that heist in 2014
Changes made to United's festive fixtures
Jon Bon Jovi made an onstage gesture to honor a high school football player who died last week in New Jersey after taking …
I made my train. Before second lunch I should be in New Jersey
Alvaro Morata: "I am truly in love with Juve and want to spend much of my career in the Bianconeri jersey."
have a kobe Bryant tools of the trade auto dual jersey four colors patches 2/5 total made in gem mint or better. Can you tell a
The fact that New York City isn't in BIGBANG MADE Tour schedule. So he thinks New Jersey is NYC? 😂
When Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey, it brought about a humble beginning. A crumbled spirit humbles.
I've got an O'Malley jersey my mom had made for me in 2005 😂
Seeing Lucic in a Kings jersey made me feel a different kind of pain
I found picture of Randy Gregory and made it better it's 50/50 of him in Husker jersey and Cowboys jersey
The mascot just found me and made everyone boo me in my jersey... Laughing
Old dude in the Marlins jersey behind home plate made it happen.
pretty sad when we are walking back to our hotel in Toronto and being made fun of for having a leafs jersey on
Havent got work like the one I got today in Jersey in a while pushed me passed the limit &' made me dig, definitely going back there again💪🏼
Mo williams made his jersey number the highest points he've scored in a game
the guy made me tuck my jersey in for my soccer picture and I'm upset
Good to see the guy in the Marlins jersey made the trip to Pittsburgh
Lmao my little sis made an order for pizza in New Jersey not paying attention to the location 😂😂
Glad the guy in the orange Marlins jersey made it to the game. Dude is literally at every major sporting event.
last thing I made was my hand embroidered aomine jersey because I am a loser in love
Finding out that IHA has lost a game in two sets by some one in New Jersey too. really just made me so happy lol
i've already made more than like fifteen three pointers the first day i hooped in my green melo Jersey.
The best Hampton Inn stay, for me, was in New Jersey! The staff made us feel like family.
I see the Marlins guy made his way to Pittsburgh. If it's not about you buddy why do you sit right behind home plate in your Marlins jersey?
But. A lot of you are making the very same mistake I made by passing on Sule. Trust me he's next in Jersey..
Blind long snapper Jake Olson made first live drill snap at practice. He's in yellow jersey. Snap was perfect. http:…
Pair Doug Church with for a match made in heaven
I just got out of my car to pump my New Jersey...I've never made that mistake before lol
at dinner across from T Burgess and 2 other souffs and they just made fun of a roosters supporter in a jersey.
Knotted headbands made with Soft Jersey Knit Material, $9 in newborn to Adult sizes.
Hand-made in Midtown Manhattan, jersey and bibs bought from the best…
But Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, none of the Hawks or Grizzlies' players made the top 10 in jersey sales
BS on AZ DBacks security at Chase Stadium in Phoenix made Dodger fan cover his dodger blue shirt w/ a AZ jersey
All Junior’s cheesecakes are now going to be made in New Jersey. Hmm...
jersey looks like cheap knockoffs. Checked the tags..they might have been made in the US.
Gortat didn’t think he made it. He just wanted to make sure TNT got a "Secaucus, New Jersey" reference in.
His jersey sold probly top 5, and there was always a tingle in your gut before each return. No other player made me feel that way
As is the case in New Jersey with Chris Christie...fortunately a judge made him take his grubby hands off!
Thank god the Browns finally made a jersey change. They had the plainest, most boring jersey in all of sports.
I know I'm fat and all.. but I didn't know they made a jersey in a size "tarp" for Kevin James.. I only say this because I think he's awful.
dude just bought a authentic game worn cooch jersey in the Orioles team store u made it dude
Just made it home from Medina in 8 minutes, which is usually a 15 minute drive, because I didn't want to miss the Browns jersey reveal
thanks man I'm from south jersey that's how we made cheesesteaks and I keep that magic alive here in Colorado.
Junior’s cheesecakes won't be made in New York any longer
Skateline! New Jersey's Dillion C made it in here!!
in the mid 80's when I moved to Jersey from A DODDS education (Military schools overseas) they made me do remedial classes.
So the essentially made Elaine take off her Orioles cap in the owner's box.
I just want to eat Macaroni and Meatballs with a side of home made garlic bread at 166 Bamford Ave in Hawthorne New Jersey
Look who made the trailer for movie! Trailer here:
Our Muslin Pattern for The Magdalena Gown, Paris House Couture next it'll b made in silk jersey
Is it still NY Cheesecake if it's made in the Jerz? BK is now too expensive for its soul:
that was your first mistake. They look like the generic jersey when you made a team in madden 04.
Junior's hasn't made its famed cheesecake in Brooklyn in years --and now it's moving baking ops from Queens to NJ:
Junior's to bake its famed cheesecakes in Jersey (and did you know they weren't made in Brooklyn?) via
Who knew that when you put a FLA boy and Jersey *** in the same room that videos would be made err time. We count 💰 err time
Rainy day in Jersey. Sunny day in my heart. "This is the day the Lord has made."
New Browns Jersey for sale on street corner in Malaysian 2 month ago. Its not like Betsy Ross made it.
Kyrie Irving has definitely made the leap. The guard is sixth in NBA jersey sales this year, trailing only LBJ, Curry, Kobe, Durant + Rose.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
The Lakers made one of their players play in a bootleg jersey last night
Apparently, Tom met some bloke off one of them made in jersey shore programs in Zante the other night.
Seriously why couldn't this video be made in jersey :(
ABC buys cop drama from Shondaland and “Made in Jersey” creator Dana Calvo
Shonda Rhimes is back at it and ABC is eating it up!
yeah because nowadays whoever is MADE in Jersey STAYS in Jersey
I am tired of all the Greek Yogurt...I think it's made in Jersey!
GREY'S ANATOMY and SCANDAL duo and MADE IN JERSEY creator set up cop drama at ABC:
it was alot of money being made in jersey in the 90s too... U hear our stories alot less than those of NYC legends...
Was Made in Jersey ' Removed & Sent to Va beaach , Transfer to Norfolk Va , ❤
.seriously my shows have had the worst luck these last 6 months. Monday Mornings on TNT premiered to just a (0.3) 18-49. That's lower than repeats of The Mentalist and Supernatural on TNT. If you take the average of all the shows I've watched that premiered since August (Go On, Animal Practice, Made In Jersey, Partners, Guys With Kids, 1600 Penn, Deception, The Mindy Project, Underemployed, 666 Park Ave, Monday Mornings) the average is probably right around (1.3).absolutely dreadful. Excellent chance they'll all be canceled by this time next year. The only ones that MIGHT still be here next fall are The Mindy Project, Go On, and 1600 Penn. I'd say Mindy and Go On are 50/50 for renewal and 1600 Penn is about 15%. Guys With Kids maybe a 5% chance.
Find a collection made in Italy using the finest Italian silk and jersey - 50% Off in Sale -
and this *** too -> made his season debut in the maroon jersey. Well in!
I saw some of the top players in Jersey play today and I want my little brother to be next and not make the same mistakes I made
So I never made it to jersey shore since the show came out...however a trip to west va is in order this summer.
I made it all the way to day23our number,his jersey,our day,my birthday 23 promises made,23 wishes made and 23 times we kissed in 1 hour :)
Does everything in this world made in China? Really sad lah to see my new jersey made in china also. Penat2 jer kirim! Sigh
Seeing my high school soccer team talk about jersey numbers made me realize, for the first time in 4 years, I will not have :(
In scary movies when the killer wont die -__- niga yu been shot stabbed drown put on fire smh stoppp it die already
The part in Scream 4 when she be beating her own *** ! ROTF
How was Australia?? I was stuck in jersey. I would of made you a sandwich. ;)
you think you will ever be back in jersey .. You did a great thing and made me a huge fan
This weekend was good, got out of Jersey played in front of a pretty much sold out Cleveland and LI.. made money etc, I love my job.
Mom just made my day / week.. going to see the fam in jersey.!!!
agreed. Road trips are fun! We've made the drive from Florida to jersey and PA soo many times! What state are you in?
Join me in supporting Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. In lieu of holiday gifts, I made donations in my clients' names. Help if u can
Did Aaron Rodgers ever live up to his word when he made that bet back in week one that said if the 49ers won he'll wear a 49er jersey?
Wanna watch Reality tv like Geordie/jersey shore, Towie, made in Chelsea ? I'd rather ejaculate into my hand and happy slap a pensioner.
If someone would wrapped up and gave him to me in an jersey for Christmas. My life would've been made.
I think I have just watched the worst film ever made in the history of planet earth: Jersey Shore Shark Attack. Has anyone else seen this?
the great comp. was what made the house and senate which combined the Virginia plan and the new jersey plan in article one
The only thing that made enjoying my tim hortons panini and coffee better, was eating it in my pens jersey.
If romo is in a Dallas jersey next year Bad things will happen to bad people who made dumb decision..
Jersey was held. Had arm in there and still made the *** catch wow
Living in NYC just made me realize how people here in Jersey have no urgency, I'm always in a rush!
Looks like im going to be chillen by myself in my RG3 jersey watching the Redskins game w/ this homemade pizza I made. 
Why is everyone messing with the homie for? So he has his Knicks jersey on in his avi. If you made it to the NBA u would too
Gotta go with a jersey of a player you KNOW the org will keep awhile. Made same decision on a Leetch roadie in his 2nd year.
Almost everyone I seem in Walmart had a Redskins jersey on. Almost made me sick
Made my home made guacamole, heineken in hand, Rice jersey on my back, estoy listo!!!
A gif needs to be made of that kid in the colts jersey staring at his dad in the ravens jersey singing seven nation army
just made my day. GO SEAHAWKS!! U should get a Seahawk jersey, ud look good in that jersey or really any jersey
Artcraft made my signature jersey; Hockeybarbie in my profile pic, & fixed the sweater I cut of Briere in the ER
I've made a conscious effort to stop hating the colts. However, I do maintain the fact there is no uglier jersey in professional sports.
Decision has been made. Going with home jersey in College Navy Blue!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I was in elementary school last time they made it and I came to school the next day in my jersey hearing "next year.." Lol
A Randall Cunningham kelly green jersey just made an appearance in Baltimore.
My setting right now is 2 McDanno sets & 1 Shevine while watching 1x08 of Made in Jersey and crying over CBS canceling it.
It's intense in my household.. Matt made me switch out of 'his' jersey.
Just high fived a gentleman in an yzerman jersey at a grocery store in Maryland. Made my day.
John Cena made his Royal Rumble debut in 2003, rapping his way into the ring wearing an Astros Jersey
I bet Ev's up, made some omlettes, chillin on the couch watchin Espn NFL.. Chick in tow with Reggie Evans Jersey on :
THIS NEWS JUST MADE MY BREAK! I can finally do my homework in my Hawks jersey & watch the game at night
I really need to start getting into these reality tv shows every1 seems 2 watch-like TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, Geordy shore, Jersey shore...
I got your jersey in the mail yesterday, made my whole day!
Hi friends. What an exciting year it was! I filmed three movies that will be coming out in 2013 (The Iceman w Michael Shannon & Winona Ryder, Zarra's Law w Tony Sirico & Brendan Fehr and Eye of Winter w Bryan Cranston & Logan Marshall-Green), was a guest lead on USA's Common Law and TNT's Major Crimes, did a very funny pilot presentation where I got to play God to William Fichtner's Satan, and finally fulfilled my dream of moving to New York City when CBS picked up Made In Jersey for their fall schedule (and then they canceled it, but I still have love for them). While there were certainly disappointments (would have been really cool to be Donnie Wahlberg's partner on Blue Bloods or Holly GoLightly's bestie in Breakfast at Tiffany's on Broadway), I'm proud of the past year of work. Mittens for Detroit doubled the number of gloves collected and distributed from the previous year and we launched the Mittens for Detroit Fine Jewelry Collection, with proceeds going to buy gloves for our charities. Personally. ...
I just found out made in jersey was canceled. They're so stupid for that.
I am having troubled getting into Made in jersey. I'm wondering if its just me or are other people having trouble getting into this show?
Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey - Formula 1 in Austin, TX: After seven years Formula 1 made its return to the...
😁 Made it to jersey in 1 piece. Let the drunk texting begin 😂🙊🙊
Wait I thought Made In Jersey was cancelled now its on again on a Saturday? Make up your mind
All this ND hype made me remember I have a Brady Quinn ND jersey.& why I wanted it in the first place. ohh hey Brady;)
When they put that scam newton jersey on bear bryant's statue carma came back with vengeance and made scam in his sophomore slump and a ...
I think I've made my presence in Jersey
Jipped! Comcast lied. Made in Jersey isn't even on :(
Um, did anyone notice that Made in Jersey is back on the air? Is that allowed?
Watching made in jersey cause Im missing my jersey girl (I have no idea what it's about)
Just watched Made In Jersey for the first time and these are THE WORST Jersey accents I've ever heard!!!
Made in Jersey I really like the show
Going ice skating and seeing all these little kids in Sid, Malkin, and Fleury jersey's made me miss hockey so much more than I already do! 😔
I really need to watch the movie again. Just finished watching Made in Jersey.
Yeah! Unshown episode of the canceled Made in Jersey!
Do you kats know there R 3, I REPEAT, three BAD ONES on this new show called MADE IN JERSEY? Who is JANET MONTGOMERY?
Made jersey to home in only 2 so hanging for drinks with my BFF :)
Watch the newest series, Made in Jersey episode 3 online at...
Sick Beard: Download Finished: Made in Jersey - 1x03 - Camelot
I just watched Made In Jersey the show I've been scoring which CBS has put back on the air. I'm right now on the east coast but if you're on the westside it come on at 8pm. So, if you're not going out and recovering from the Thanksgiving food and Booz check it out, it's really quite good.
"Ugh, missed a new episode of Made in Jersey tonight!" -three people, probably
Well thought it got canceled but made in jersey came back on tonight:-)
Watching 'made in jersey'. The lead character's family reminds me of an ex boyfriend's family. Authentic Jersey!
Thanks to all who tuned in to Made In Jersey tonight. All new episode NEXT Saturday as well!! Beep
Download: Made in Jersey S01E03 HDTV x264-2HD at
"Made In Jersey" lives again ... sort of. CBS has scheduled already-produced original episodes to be burned off on Saturdays, according to
thank you so much for bringing back made in jersey as us fans we love the show and wish I goes on forever
that made in new jersey show made NO sense
Good Made In Jersey episode. Nothing yet makes it stand out though.
Made in Jersey makes me wanna be a lawyer and talk with an accent lol
Ahhh Latimore just made a catch! Wait nevermine just some guy in his jersey...
Drama. Nolan and Martina represent a woman acting as a surrogate for her comatose sister; Martina's sister wrongfully accuses the neighbors of knocking down a tree. Series.
I'm watching Made In Jersey. Has anyone else watched this?
Kind of enjoying Made in Jersey. SVU meets RHONJ.
Made in jersey on tv! Why do we USA import British actors to play Americans, do we not have already here? Do we have to import everything?
Made in Jersey is on now, heard it was canceled. Stop canceling all the good shows. 😡
Had some wine...relaxing and watching Made in Jersey.
The image of the ship on the truck was contributed by the grandchildren of the artist.
I'm watching Made in Jersey on CBS. Come join me on zeebox!
So happy that CBS is airing one of the run-off episodes of "Made in Jersey", tonight (8pm)...The show shouldn't have been canceled!
Watching "Made in Jersey" with Viggle. Get real rewards just for watching TV.
hi guys my cousin is on CBS on the show Made In Jersey right now so if you could watch it or leave it on while you poop that'd be awesome :)
Watching my daughter Nicolette on the TV show made in Jersey. CBS network
I just accidentally watched the beginning of "Made in Jersey." I hope never to make that mistake again.
TUNE IN TONIGHT!! Made In Jersey will begin airing the final 6 episodes on Saturday nights TONIGHT at 8pm on CBS. All new episode. HOPE YOU'LL WATCH!! Beep
It may have been the first cancellation of the new season, and Latino actor Felix Solis may have gone down with the ship, but CBS has decided to ‘burn off’ the last few episodes on the Dead Zone of Saturday night. So you can catch a new episode of Made in Jersey tonight at 8P on CBS.
The first TV show of the season to be cancelled, Made in Jersey, is returning to CBS -- for a little while anyway. The low-rated legal drama aired on two
Bye Bye Animal Practice, Partners, Made in Jersey, Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue. I would say it's such a tragedy to get cancelled midseason, but I predicted all of you a tragic ending in my Fall TV previews at Now, when the networks come to their senses over Malibu Country, Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project, my job will be complete.
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Does anybody know what happened to that show Made in Jersey? That show looked SO CAN'T MISS??!! Thinking maybe it is just on hiatus because of that hurricane or something?
Today I thought my Texans would destroy Jacksonville. I did not plan a NFL get together no party no food just me and the kiddos getting ready for Christmas. Of course I was watching he game thinking it was going to be boring and not fun to watch because Jacksonville *** 8 min in the game I found myself rocking back a d fourth screaming at my tv at the top of my lungs forgetting about all projects I have panned that day. 4 mins into the 4 th quarter I yell at the the tv and realize I am not wear ing my lucky jersey I run go put it on the Texans get two touchdowns and win with an amazing touchdown, in OT. All I can say is my Lucky 79 Rankin , Texans jersey is Amazing. Thankyou ! Baby this win could not have happen if you did not get this custom made jersey for me!
whats cooler than a custom made jersey for a "legendary" running club you started comprised only of yourself and your 2 best friends. . . if you are looking for the charlies angels tomorrow at the gobbler grind just look for a couple of hot mammas in these super sweet jerseys! We may not be fast but we look good running slow :)
Well its official the following shows thus far will get the axe come the end of their current seasons: 666 Park Avenue, Last Resort, Partners, Animal Practice, Made In Jersey, The Mob Doctor, Emily Owens MD, and Guys with Kids. I've watched almost all of the first two and seen an episode or two of a few of the others an tbh im not to surprised to see them get the axe!
So 'Made In Jersey' was the first show to be cancelled this fall. I liked it but I guess 6 million viewers count as nothing in the world of TV shows. Everyone was sure that 'The Mob Doctor' will be the first to go but it's still on. I like that one too. But it's probably gonna meet the fate of 'Unforgettable" and never see the light of a second season...
The new TV season is a challenge! I could not find The Mob Doctor at all last night and Friday I heard she put a hit on Made In Jersey!
If you haven't heard the sad news by now, MADE IN JERSEY was pulled from CBS's Fall schedule yesterday. We were all disappointed to see it go so soon. That being said I want to take a moment to THANK ALL of my wildly loving family, friends and any fans that have reached out. I am so grateful to have such a strong and supportive base. I will miss the incredible cast of Made In Jersey. I have chosen an unpredictable business. It is my burden and my GREAT pleasure. HERE'S to the next adventure. Thanks for being there with me on the ride! Here we Go!! :) xxx - beep
"Made In Jersey" has been pulled from CBS' schedule and this could very well mean the Garden State-set drama is canceled. CBS will shuffle its Friday night lineup and add "Undercover Boss" starting in November.
Awww well Pilot season of all the new TV shows launching in the states is well under way and the first victim has already been claimed. After only 2 episodes legal drama Made In Jersey has been pulled from the schedule.ouch, i totally called it, and i bet Mob Doctor is canceled next, Really enjoying 666 Park Avenue but bad ratings means that will be gone soon as
Latest TV news: CBS' lawyer show "Made In Jersey" got canceled after two episodes, "The Secret Life Of The American Teenager" will finally end its reign of terror next year.
American broadcaster CBS cancels drama newcomer 'Made in Jersey'
um no she wasnt born in Dallas. judging whoever made this SO hard rn.
"I WAS RIGHT!! Made in Jersey was the first show canceled!!!" cc:
Made In Jersey was apparently canceled. The ratings were worse than CSI Miami which was canceled last year.
Made in Jersey cancelled by CBS to the surprise of millions who have never heard of it.
First cancellation of the fall season is "Made in Jersey", a legal drama that aired twice. to be replaced in Nov w/Undercover Boss
That is pretty sad to be cancelled after 2 episodes of Airing made in jersey
Bad as it was, who is surprised CBS' Made in Jarsey got yanked off TV before Fox's Mob Doctor?
Made in Jersey is the first canceled show of the Fall TV season
is it about the lead from Made In Jersey quitting acting to go back to her job as a maid?
(The Star TV Blog) Made in Jersey cancelled by CBS: The fall season’s first axing is a CBS legal drama, dead aft...
First Canceled Show of New Season Is…: Before the official start to the new television season, Patrick, Tyrell a...
'Made In Jersey' pulled from schedule - Entertainment Weekly
‘Made in Jersey’ is the First TV Casualty of the Season
'Made in Jersey' pulled from CBS lineup; 'Undercover Boss' returns: "Made In Jersey," the new CBS series starrin...
We have a "winner"! Made in Jersey is the first TV show to be canceled this season.
Fuhgeddaboudit: CBS Cancels Made in Jersey: CBS announced today that it has pulled the plug on its Friday night...
First casualty of new fall season ... CBS Cancels 'Made in Jersey,' Slots 'Undercover Boss' for November via
Fall’s first cancellation--CBS's ‘Made in Jersey.' Friday drama axed after it dips to dismal 0.8 rating in 18-49s:
And the first cancelled Show of the 2012-2013 TV Season is: MADE IN JERSEY !!! after 2 airings CBS has decided to bounce it to the pit of rejected by audiences pile..(it could be growing soon )
It looks like we have the first cancellation of the season. CBS is pulling Made in Jersey from the schedule effective immediately, after airing just two
The entertainment business is tough. When pilot season comes around, actors race to audition for shows they hope will get picked up for Fall
Somewhere, The Mob Doctor is smiling. CBS is pulling Friday night legal drama Made In Jersey from its schedule after only two episodes. That makes...
The CBS drama series Made In Jersey has been cancelled, making it the first rookie offering to be axed in the 2012-2013 season. CBS does not intend to air subsequent episodes of the program, which will be replaced by returning series Undercover Boss in the 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time slot on Fridays, beginning on November 2. Can't really speak about Made In Jersey. I didn't watch it. I was shocked that Undercover Boss was renewed. I thought moving it to Friday would spell the end of the show.
With Made In Jersey cancelled, CSI:NY moves back to it's 9pm timeslot starting this Friday.
Made in Jersey has been cancelled. Is that the first of the season?
And CBS is the first network to rip off the band-aid, effectively cancelling the first new show of the 2012-2013 fall season. The network is pulling “Made in Jersey” from...
Fall TV's first cancellation is in and I'm surprised to say it's not The Mob Doctor! Say goodbye to CBS' Made In Jersey.
'Made In Jersey' cancelled...why am I not surprised? Speaking of which, is 'The Mob Doctor' still staining our TV screens?
First canceled show of the fall: Made in Jersey
And the first cancellation of the 2012-13 TV season is… CBS’ Made in Jersey. The Eye network has pulled the freshman procedural from its Friday lineup effective immediately. More to co...
So the first fall show to go... Made In Jersey
Looks like Made in Jersey (Friday's at 9) will not make it through the season. CSI: NY is moving down to 9pm effective this Friday, October 12, and repeats of other shows will take over 8pm until November, when Undercover Boss returns. No "official" cancellation notice as I write this - but I wouldn't bet on its return next season (if at all) - Steve Hiltz, Program Director
I was so sure my guess at first canceled for the year, The Mob Doctor, was gonna get canned first, guess CBS jumped on Made In Jersey first.
It has been confirmed the first new show has been cancelled.CBS has cancelled Made in Jersey.Undercover Boss will take its place.
The fall TV season has seen its first casualty. CBS has pulled Made in Jersey from its Friday-night lineup and will replace it with new episodes of Undercover Boss beginning Nov. 2, the network announced Wednesday.
Earlier today, I said there's no first TV cancelation so far. Low and behold, CBS cancelled Made In Jersey today. I'm that good!
Canon goes off, Made In Jersey's face appears in the night sky. The Mob Doctor runs on deeper into the woods.
Yeah, this show was boring, but I hate Undercover Cop. They should just show reruns of procedurals (CM, CSI, etc) from the past week until mid-season.
If you watched/liked Made In Jersey, it has been cancelled. The first of what I expect of many cancellations to happen soon in TV.
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The first casualty of the fall TV season
Made In Jersey got 2 episodes before getting cancelled... Wasn't THAT bad...
*** I put my money on The Mob Doctor. That's the Fall TV Death Pool for you 'Made In Jersey' cancelled
Buh-bye Made in Jersey. CBS has pulled it from the schedule making it the 1st new series casualty of fall.
I just checked to see which of the new TV shows is in danger of cancellation. Does this make me a bad person? I have to say, I'm not surprised that Made In Jersey and the Mob Doctor are already on the list. They didn't even look good in the commercials.
Perplexed. Friday nights now have three good shows at ten pm Cursed on Bio Channel, new Hauntings on Destination and Dead Files on Travel. Will have to tape ones that are replayed later in the evening. Not to mention Made in Jersey on CBS and Ghost Adventures on Travel at the same time. Oh the drama of it all! Good night peeps!
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