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Made In Britain

Made in Britain is a 1982 British drama film directed by Alan Clarke, and written by David Leland, about a 16-year-old white power skinhead named Trevor, and his constant confrontations with authority figures.

Tim Roth Pauline Black

Made in Britain. We build the world's best live & interactive web experiences! Take a look.
Done and ready for shipping. Leaving for USA later today. SD644 cast iron housings. Made in Great Brita…
She made the deadline: Jill Stein has filed for a vote recount in Wisconsin
ERIC, one of the world's first robots, made his public debut in Great Britain in 1928
We must build on our strengths to ensure the next generation of discoveries is made, developed & produced in Britain.
He made the biggest blunder in modern history & uk single handedly brought our country of great britain in to disrepute
we still have 1 of those. 20yrs old and never even needed a repair. 'Made in Great Britain' Works perfectly
It's absolutely farcical that hasn't made it in to the New Years honours list. First now this. Britain is so soulless.
Hear, hear, well said. More 'Made in Britain Campaigns' required. Getting fed up of reading 'Made in China' in…
Fields, villages & quaint pubs - find out which 50 rural villages and towns have made top 50 list.
What do we need the EU for? Nothing. Seems a strong negotiating position. Others made similar points:.
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Nothing says made with great pride in Great Britain quite like our Thomas Crapper high level pan with throne seat
Anyone that saying Britain must be great again has to say exactly what made it so great in the first place and why it isn't now
.have been pretty much wrong on every call made in projections We should remember this as tell us otherwise
Agreed . "This just in: Britain and South Africa has finally made peace because of their shared interest in boobies."
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Seems George Osborne was really fixing his own roof when he punished Britain with austerity.
and his ilk sold off Britain to elitist mates and made rest of us homeless in TRUE sense of the word! Fcuk You & your politics!
Vintage handwoven Persian carpet. . Made and finished by hand in Britain. One of a kind.
Our Made In Britain pocket squares by Claudia Meller as seen on Grey Fox Blog will be arriving next week! Advance...
If everyone in the UK bought just one gift made in Britain it would add £1billion to the UK economy Buy Now…
Brand new Errington Reay & co salt glazed pots and troughs in stock. These pots are hand made in Britain's last...
I've entered the Giveaway to win £100's of gifts made in Britain. Enter here
I hear you but I'm still super excited that a fully electric SUV is going to be made in Britain. I can't think of many others ATM
By buying a gift made in Britain directly from British manufacturers you help the economy and support local employm…
Seems in late 2000/early 2001,Britain made seriously poor decision. Cleaning up will take years,involve a lot of pain and egg on the face.
not only u people have made life *** in india but also in Germany France Britain USA Australia Canada Poland. Everyone HATES u
V&A made Christmas Tree's popular in Britain because they originated from Germany~~
2/2 yet made in Britain with British staff is now shameful? Then again, patriotism in UK has been a crime for years now anyhow
Shetland Wool Fairisle cardigans. Made in Great Britain 🇬󾓪 but perfect for our Canadian fall weather!
was created in western Europe and Britain actually first made it popular.
Made in Britain using the best materials from around the world.
good choice mate I've just got a barcode on my neck me with made in Britain underneath, only 30 bar as well
High cost of electricity in Britain has made it difficult for UK steelmakers to compete on a global stage
BBC1 came to film yesterday for 'Books that made Britain', to be aired in October. Exciting times!
the mess in the middle east can be traced back to decisions made by Britain and France after WW1.
Coming to Britain in 2017. A joint / Venture. *All badges made by the fair hands of a white British pro…
Tombstone from South Shields, made by Barates of Palmyra for his wife Regina, script in Latin & Palmyrene, Roman Br…
THE PURSUIT OF PROFIT:. This bomb was made in Britain. The aircraft that dropped it was made in Britain. Think about thi…
All our products are of course made in Britain.
If your products are Made In Britain you can get that verified by V-Marq
is the home of original wooden painted boxes, designed and hand-made in Britain
Looking forward to seeing expert in 'The Books that Made Britain - Birmingham' this evening
Hello ! We're new to Made In Britain, but have 10,000 labels on their way to us showing the marque.
Made in Britain using made in Britain lampshade supplies Pic:
The Britain I’m proud to live in: a film set in Iran, shot in Jordan, in Farsi - and British made!
Hello If you have a UK-made fashion brand you might find this useful
Follow all sorts of splendid homeware and gifts, all made in Britain.
Part of Britain's current woe is the absence of a Civic England or Englands - arguably dismantled in 80s while Civic Scotland (re)made.
Thanks for having me! China is a B-I-G opportunity for Made in Britain brands :-)
... David Cameron got a lot of criticism for austerity though in effect his policies made Britain the great country it was destined to be
"Always buy stuff with 'Made in England' label. Never with 'in Britain' or 'U. K.' because it could be made in Scotland. Or even in Wales!"
Lo what Brexit has wrought. Xenophobia made acceptable. Not my Britain and not in my name.
The Royal William, hand made in Great Britain in just 14 days exclusively for our customers in the colours and...
The Prime Minister made clear her belief that Government is 'good'
Millie Small, whose ``My Boy Lollipop'' made # 2 in both the U.S. & Britain in '64 was born in Jamaica.via
'Made in Britain'. & a good consumer & business campaign would have been far more beneficial to UK than self- harm Brexit .
Selasi and Benjamina should go head to head with Tamal and Nadiya in our new made up TV show, 'Britain's Most Adorable On-Scr…
This year, the UK has dropped from 9th to 26th place in terms of gender equality since 2006
-I just wished they made a note at the end on the fact that the right to vote was awarded only to white women in Britain in 1928.
Ruth would have better answers for you. My tribe made Treaty with Great Britain in what is now Southern Alberta.
The Video may be made out side but these men are already in Britain.
I think it's more about dropping 'made in Scotland' to be replaced by 'made in britain' . A loss of provenance perhaps.
they actually made (12h-24h) timing in Britain, they used to know by the sun, so they waited until the p…
But not if he wanted glasses that are made in Britain!
twool products are made in Britain from the 'lustre' long wool of the rare breed Whiteface Dartmoor sheep
Design tricks made one generation of Brits the heaviest drinkers in a century
DTN USA: Prince William: Fatherhood made me more emotional: Royal does interview airing Monday in Britain.        
Royal does interview airing Monday in Britain.        
the part where they're not called tunnocks 'Scottish' tea cakes...we are in Britain are we not ? Hence 'made in Britain'...
Soft Italian calf leather, designed and made in Britain ❤️
The differentiation in crowns alone from Egyptian times to Great Britain are a form of gender roles like it's just the way society was made
. The Shah was ousted with help of the U.S and the UK, Mullahs are made in Britain!
Made in India: Cooked in Britain: Recipes from an Indian Family Kitchen
Made in Britain' is menswear's new major movement - here's everything you need to know:
British fashion manufacturing is quick, reliable and quality, helping to build brand loyalty
Made in Great Britain – recommendations of quality products made in the British Isles via
The Made In Britain logo sells well internationally. I hope though for Sco sake they get their export duty.
Irn-Bru, made in Britain from cheaply sourced Chinese girders.
From Britain With Love! Online shop selling luxury gifts and essentials! Made in Britain by hand picked designers
Excellent article making the same points that Francis Pryor made in Britain BC
No surprise M&S clothing sales are sluggish. Their USP was "made in Great Britain" Followed the offshore manufacturing to their cost. 🇬🇧
I'm on a train in Britain and it made me think of I do not have but I do have
Take the opp to hear from & network with some of the most innovative & productive businesses.
they have made a purely business decision as they think it will sell more in England with the word Britain
Former music teacher found guilty of raping teenage boys on his houseboat Another Made in Britain monster!
Just made a donation to Britain Stronger In Europe
may was well start saying whisky made in Britain, Arbroath smokies from Britain ...Aldi sell alt
How about starting the new year wearing a tie designed, printed and made in entirely Britain
These rare show of Northern Lights in Britain astound me!
Why the “Made in Britain” label carries a value worth celebrating
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
“When it comes to eating, fat people are very stupid.” The head of Weight Watchers in Great Britain in the late...
Britain to share more electricity with France and Ireland under new City scheme. HV cables made in UK
A reminder that the UK is no longer in the gender equality top 10 list
The truth about 'Made in Britain' menswear:
Tim Roth's debut came with Alan Clarke's Made In Britain. We've just added it to BFI Player:.
Made in Britain: Why manufacturers must invest in design
Im doing it now i still havent made notes for: civil rights, women in america, liberal reforms, home front and women in britain
We've made it very clear we do not want in Luton.
ERF - Made In Britain. Classic. Does it still have the eaton twin splitter ‘box ? Nice truck.
Lee Hopley at on why must invest in http:/…
"It's not a 'nice-to-have', it's integral" EEF's Lee Hopley on the economic impact of in
Lee Hopley at on why must invest in
From fresh fish to aerospace components, there's growing demand for 'Made in Britain'.
"It's not 'nice-to-have', it's integral". Chief Economist Lee Hopley on the economic effects of in
For years controlled immigration has made Britain great, this open door EU policy is c--p & has no place in the UK.
All our Brushes are made in just look for the SPOTS all the colours
😊our site launched 2 months ago! We hand design all of our products and everything is made in Britain! Age range 0-3 years 🍑
The loophole that allows non-doms not to pay tax on earnings made in the UK as well as those outside
First was Stephanie Moat, who applied Taussig's Memesis to local icons made in Roman Britain
Every human on the planet has seen Maggie Gyllenhaal in a movie and thought to themselves "wait, was this made in Hollywood or Britain?"
Over 50% of us would be more likely to buy a product if we knew it was made in -nearly 40% of us would spend more on it too!
A new report investigates the use of 'non-dom' status as a way of avoiding on money made in the UK:
Hey . Any chance you could support british manufacturing a bit more? . MADE IN BRITAIN
If Britain was on a school trip and made all these demands and posturing , they'd be sent home in a taxi.
Working in Britain illegally is being made illegal? Eh?
Made in Britain Campaign appoints CEO to push British manufacturers further
has made it illegal to work in Britain illegally. Genius!
Nice to see at the top of the 'Best' list (we love their 'made by' stickers)! Whats your fave place to shop?
Reuters analysis: Some "non doms," found a way to avoid tax on money made in the UK.
Looking for ribbons.Try this site. Largest discount ribbons retailer online.made in Britain
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I've made the to show my support for dairy farmers in Britain. Have you?
Love this new ad from Charles Owen. It's amazing to see the amount of work that goes in to making their riding hats!
Thank you to all enquirers re: our Made in Britain trench covers available at up to F900 load rating w…
how important is made in Britain to people?
there are over 25,000 species in Britain? Reception made their own to add to the collection this week
Fake of Nanking is made in China. Great Tokyo Massacre is made by USA.
When Britain joined the EEC in 1973, the EU (as it now is) made up 38% of global GDP. Over the next 30 years, that figure dec…
75 films that could only have been made in Britain | via
Quakers in Britain only charity to so far to declare donations made under lobbying act regs in run up to election
Would the unexploded bomb in Wembley have made headlines if it hadn't disrupted the semi finals of Britain's Got Talent
Huge congratulations to Richard Webb in year 13. He made his debut for Great Britain at the weekend. Finishing 7th in the…
in Britain, Red Nose Day was to raise money for comic relief. So the clown nose kind of made sense. But yeah.
Being part of the EU has made Great Britain greater
This TV film was the 4th in a series (all penned by the same writer) dealing with the educational system -
And I was hoping Britain made a better choice this time in GE2015 but unfortunately that didn't happen.
MLB top prospect Byron Buxton only played one game in New Britain but they made a bobblehead and I now own it.
All our products are lovingly made in Britain. Support your loacal trade
Awesomeness: our Turkish Delight Sundae has made list of the top 10 sweet treats in Britain
Went to Tate Britain in London yesterday from Brighton. Got completely lost! Made it in the end!
Made in Britain special in May edition of BikeBiz
Shout it loud and clear if you're makin' it good
Squeezing in: This means more people travelling to and from work at odd times. ... made occasional commuting c...
That guy from reminded me of Tim Roth from Made In Britain.
Tonight in The Pity Of War, Niall Ferguson to argue Britain made mistake entering Read his views here
Comfort woman Moon Ok-ju made enough money to buy 5 houses in TOKYO.
Proud to be members of Made in Britain!
The world smallest commercial car made in Britain
Frenchman tries to buy only French stuff: poor guy.. least we had the great stuff made in Britain to choose from! ;-)
"Made in Britain" violin recital in St John's Wood, Fri. Mar. 7th, 2014
No Tomorrow: presents Made in Britain Tour at Cameo in Bournemouth, ., GB on 03/01/2014
I find it funny that the word soccer was actually made in Britain rather than the USA to contrary to popular belief.
Also you forgot the smartness and creativity. Every single show made in America is a copied from Britain! (well almost every)
last typewriter to be made in a factory in Britain has rolled off the production line What gadgetskit are you still hanging onto
all BBC breakfast announce No more typewriters being made in Britain Sa
banning bankers bonuses has killed the sales or luxury items, some made in Britain! Wake up money makes the world go around!
Ray Tarleton talks rubbish manufacturing is booming and made in Britain is much sort after in China
Ian Lewis! Pride & Joy Furniture, designing and producing stylish top quality furniture and interiors all made in Britain
Hi! Please check out our new website for new independent designers, all made in Britain. x
FLY THE FLAG! . How refreshing to see that everything here is made in Britain
At 18 miles in length, the longest shingle beach in Britain is ‘Chesil Bank’ in Dorset. It’s made up of roughly 100 million tons of pebbles.
the ultimate accolade off my wife' I can't bare to watch this anymore' she said the same about Fred Dibner's made in Britain
– Furniture made in Great Britain Fantastic furniture made in GB
Don't forget to check out our website for the finest independent British designers, made in Britain.
Rare Radish designed and made in Britain.
Nice article by highlighting the changes in both attitude and action
Extensive list of the investments Britain made in children in their war on poverty. Many we'd love to see here!
European audiences are used to watch international programs, mostly made in USA or Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China, Japan...
Win! One of 20 AirMotion Brushes: Made in Britain, the AirMotion hairbrush has built-in AirShock™ absorption t...
Summer is coming! Bargain dresses at just £10. Made and designed in Britain. Available in
New 18th-c BBC series w/ on the music that made Britain: nationalism,street song,opera,castrating devices! htt…
50% of all ice rinks in Britain are made of tea, other ingredients include milk and two sugars.
Our new website celebrates independent British designers - all made in Britain. Please check it out!
Lovely piece by about the etho & Made in Britain side to our business! Thank you! xx
Thank you for setting up Made in Britain. We are proud to be making and selling in Britain.
"Made in Britain" violin recital in Hampstead, Thu. Mar. 6th, 2014
is pleased to announce that they have successfully achieved the Made in Great Britain Campaign Marque.
IS man-made, is NOT on hold, and WILL get worse | Royal Society & US National Academy of Sciences
Fab to see Orkney knitwear queen flying the Scots flag in the Best of British feature via
Why you should use 'Made in Britain' to export successfully...
Merkel asks Britain to remain in EU, says the causes of the crisis were essentially self-made.Mentions No Markets No Inequality No Banksters
All purpose parts banner
Made In Britain stamp 'helping the recovery' - Birmingham Post
I added a video to a playlist Made in Britain
What you can do when you are bored meeting. Made In Britain! :D
New Made in Britain collection, now on sale enter code BRIT for free P&P
Currently standing in a shop called, "Made In I want everything.
What's that? You wanna hear WHITESNAKE??? We got Made in Britain cranked right now!!
Any raising the Made in Britain flag? It could win you Friday Family Business
Made in Britain destroyed in maga.. Hungover is not even the word for it
"If I know that a product was made in I believe it to be of good quality"
Inspired by London ? Why not stock our latest London Clock designed and Made in Britain by Bounce Gifts Wholesale :
Hello, just bought Made in Britain it even suprised my dad because we had earlier the Made in Japan so lisboa is rocking =D
Made in Britain: How to find opportunities in manufacturing
How 'Made in Britain' is reinvigorating our industries
Learn more about our beautiful Made in Britain range of Welsh textiles by the artist behind them herself,...
Made in Britain, Make in the UK or Made in the British Isles?
for mighty fine pants made in Britain (not Bangladesh)
The colour-way may not be the norm...but still made in Britain!!
For the inside scoop on Made in Britain luxury brand & the ethos behind their beautiful dresses
The shorts are flying out-GRAB YOURS NOW!. 4 different colours available. Introductory price of £34.99. Made in Britain
We blog about fashion and accessories made in Britain, always looking for new brands to feature
A beautiful addition to your wedding table and then a take home keepsake accessory. These stylish Mr & Mrs Wooden...
Hey Great , I have not ordered my Made in Britain Cd need to do that , waiting on my TMS shirt to come in
The looks really good, sitting under a tree in the Queen's back garden looking at things made in Britain in the sunshine
Can another boyband be made in Britain please so that overload aren't the "new British boyband" and these trends can stop annoying me
Celtic design label (& ye olde Made In Britain tag) of 70s Origin for Liberty dress, from my archive,…
Did you know we're on - board full of inspiration Made in Britain!
All set for your holiday or festival?. Check out our store and pick up something different... Made In Britain.
we have NEW notebooks, all recycled and made in Britain : ]
Would love you to include me on your site, my work is all made in Britain, all designed by me in Sussex. Website is X
I seen on the front of made in Britain "from the makers of 'scum'" AND my dad literally hours ago told me I have to watch it
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
I watched made in Britain for the first time last night. Was alright
Thanks very much - as far as I can see they don't claim to be all Made in Britain - interesting product though.
Nice suit at Wimbledon and your BFF Mr Cooper, made in Britain I trust!
£1,000 for a business made in Britain! and will reward one great British brand. Apply here
Made in Britain album is just awesome... .
TweedVixen has a "Made in Britain" section so it is crystal clear which products are homegrown
He kept saying he wanted to write his own games, so it was the right present at the right time. Made in Britain, too!
soft, 100% cotton, feather filled cushions. All made in Britain (even the feathers)
just received MADE IN BRITAIN , say no more ,you little beauty.Cheers pal , you are the man.
String Theory Reviews Friday, February 8, 2013 MOTB Review: The Selecter "String Theory" been 2 years since 2-Tone legends The Selecter, led by original vocalists Pauline Black and Gaps Hendrickson, reunited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their best-selling debut album Too Much Pressure. During that time, Black (who secured the trademark to the band name in June 2011, while original guitarist Neol Davies and his band also perform the band's music under his name "Neol Davies AKA The Selecter") and Hendrickson have been very busy. They've toured the U.K., Europe and Australia with their band and released an album Made In Britain in 2011 that explored and trumpeted multiculturalism and included a striking cover of the Amy Winehouse classic Back To Black. Black also wrote and published her autobiography Black By Design in 2012 to much acclaim. Historically, what always set The Selecter apart from other 2-Tone bands, was the pairing of Davies songs and guitar playing and Black's voice, stage energy and . ...
its about our Southern order that we are delivering in record time. Highlighting “made in Britain” trains at Bombardier Derby.
happy to follow and support any Made in Britain businesses. Need more of you to get the Great back into Britain.
'In china, people have made end of the world bunkers and pods in preparation for armageddon. in britain, people are having parties.'
I know of a Derek, sells cool things made in Britain
Is China now the only place in the world that makes childrens toys? toys made in britain are very rare indeed, sad really.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
This year, Harry and William made the top 10 baby names in Britain. See other countries' trends
BBC News: "In China, a man has made a device capable of surviving doomsday, in Britain though, we've been planning parties..."
Nottingham has more man-made caves than anywhere else in Britain
Wherever Brits migrate throughout the four corners of the globe, they start to help others less fortunate
Building tycoon Sir Lawrie Barratt who made the dream of affordable home ownership a reality in Britain dies age...
MADE IN BRITAIN’ UK TOUR 2012 Seminal 2-tone band The Selecter® have announced an extensive UK tour to celebrate the release of their critically acclaimed 2011 album, Made In Britain. Touring throughout March 2012, this most vital and visceral of British bands will bring their infectious musical message of multiculturalism and hope to towns and cities up and down the country. The Selecter pioneered the ska revival movement alongside labelmates, The Specials & Madness, and were responsible for some of the scene’s classic hits, including On My Radio, Three Minute Hero, Missing Words & Too Much Pressure. The Selecter’s iconic frontwoman Pauline Black is reverently referred to as the First Rudegirl of Ska – and with good reason, with Rolling Stone Magazine declaring, "Hands down, Pauline Black possessed the best voice that ever graced a 2-Tone release" and Gwen Stefani citing her as one of her formative influences. In 2010, Black reunited with the band’s co-singer, the brilliantly charismatic Gaps ...
Lord Coe: New role in sport.great news for "Made In Britain" values
Seb Coe's interview in Sport magazine today with extracts from his book online here...
Excited about going to the House Of Commons on tuesday for the 'Made in Britain' Awards
Thanks for bringing the juicy Lucy into my life! You can't get it in Britain but made one myself, it was amazing as are you!
Cup cake . I was made it in Britain ♥♥:O
pop-up opens today! Til 5 Dec. Events inc Monday's Made in Britain talk w/
ebook MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN£2.97 A bloody good read and £1.00 a copy to Help me make a difference
Why did the south want an inexpensive tariff on imported goods from Britain when the same things are being made in America?
they're so good have you seen the croccadilly one?? Made in Britain (not sure if that's it) was sick too
Was very handy playing a team in Britain, made life 20x easier
imagine if they made a modern drake and josh, that programme would be watched by every teenager in Britain
The Greek Crisis and Trouble with Britain | Made in Germany - Interview: via
Do chinese people realise that when they are visiting britain that they are buying souvenirs made in their own country?.
would have made all 4 the winners. sorry to see Eric go. Joe remember this show is in Britain not just England.
My clients are increasingly wanting to have their product ideas made in Britain. This could be an interesting trend.
why does America have too steal British TV. There's a reason why shameless was made in Britain and called shameless.
Think you're right - because it was definitely in Britain, which made it weirder.
“please can you ask people to ask their MP to sign the REAL EDM on Renewable Energy Made in Britain!” Yes!
Follow by Made In Britain campaign, support your local industries!
UK. Clements Engineering back the Made in Britain campaign: This year at the METS exhibition, visitors may have...
Laura - When you get a minute do me a favour & look at What do you think?
Please ask people to go to when they get a minute for & let me know what they think
Made in Britain via raise awareness of a serious and often overlooked issue
Missed my talk on UK manufacturing @ Here is a copy:
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Made in Britain? Can the EU help to revive UK manufacturing?
'Post-big society Britain is of a public sector increasingly made up of Joe Public'. Great review by Lynn
We joined the Made in Britain campaign - love the logo!
Bigots scent victory in fight to halt Newham 'mega-mosque': Plans to build Britain's biggest place of worship – ...
Mmm! :) A piece of home-made cake was just what I needed! Reading about Britain in the war makes me crave sugar! ;)
'Morning! Do me a favour and look at this when you get a minute What do you reckon?
Erin! For a bloody good read go to in support of Cheers & hope you like it!
For a bloody good read go to Go on. I dare you
Sam - Wish me luck mate with this bloody good read
The Crown in Old Basing made it into the Michelin Great Britain & Ireland 2012 Guide and the Michelin Eating Out in Pubs Guide
The best 'Made in Britain' labels to buy (feat.
I love this web site for handmade gifts made in Britain.
Jaguar Land Rover: Made in Britain. Saved in Craved in China: How the group was via
We think 'Made in Britain' is important in this day and age, we hope you like what we do too!
Toyota to make more of its Made in Britain status: “There is a growing awareness among customers that we build c...
Switzerland is the best place to be born in the world (and Britain is 27th) Lol this made me giggle isreal?
The future of Britain's free press hangs in the balance today as pleas are made for parliament not to shackle the newspapers.
gorgeous baby clothing brand made in Britain. Little Londoners! Any boutiques wishing to stock us do get in touch xxx
2 BMWs. one is better than the other cos its made in Britain.
This is what made and still makes this country great, engineering science & technology. We can still lead the world.
Russian gangster planned to build a mansion with cash made from shipping 13 sex slaves to Britain in UK
Made in Britain - great British inventions via The Cats Eye was rejected by the UK & adopted first in USA
Made in Britain - great British inventions via The Harrier is a French design built with American money.
Hornby model paint production now made in Britain again
A sneak peek of our stainless tools, made in Britain to add to your
Another chance to see "You've Been Trumped" regarded as the best documentary ever made in Britain.
Brother has made 5.9 million in Wrexham since 1985 and has sent its last typewriter to the Science Museum in London to be displayed as an artefact.
Buy British gifts made in Britain - there's no excuse not to this Christmas, and here are our 10 great reasons why you should...
Support designer/makers this Christmas by buying handmade gifts made in Britain
Latest attempt to get us to hand over our sovereignty 'Give Prisoners The Vote'. Note to ECHR - its our Country and we'll do what we want. Today is a defining moment for PM, we're not increasing our Contributions to Europe (END OF). We are having to face austerity measures, our Contributions to Europe need to come down at the same rate our Public spending is supposed to be coming down, its our Finances not theirs, we'll pay what we can afford. Listening to a Polish woman on the Radio this morning really incensed me. Poland, a country from which we are inundated with 'visitors' who stay and take up jobs,(we have to open our borders because EU law says so!!) are getting more money going in than coming out to support their Universities, Infrastructure projects etc. So in one hand the Polish people are getting money to create jobs which creates wealth, in the other their citizens come here, work hard? earn money, send some of it back to Poland. We have always supported the Poles, but we need to start looking ...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The last typewriter has been made in Britain. I can't believe it! I was taught to touch type at 15. I listened to typing records and if I looked at my keyboard, my instructor struck arm with a heavy duty battery lead. It proved a great encouragement! ASDF LKJH reach G, as they used to say. One of the most useful things I ever learned (beside learning to ride a bicycle, of course!)
Sixth Sense Newspaper is the official newspaper for the British Forces in Germany
Watchin made in britain again. I forgot what a naughty fker mr pink was.
HP sauce is not made in Britain any more. just read an article with people kicking off. im sorry but i still love it so ill still buy it!
Wow! More than 30years living in London, my second year in Southend and my first racist encounter! Went to the pub to get something hot to eat and was greeted by a middle aged white man who sang " hey hey she's a monkey" pointing at me! Wow! Told him it was monkeys like me that made Britain great! Where do these breed of animals come from?
Saw a piece on BBC Breakfast this morning . The last typewriter to be made in Britain was being assembled at the Brother factory in Wrexham. I remember upgrading my Olivetti Vera manual for a Brother electric Golfball machine so that I could make a better job of a university thesis for Simon and do my Cambrian Club column. Had it for years until I could no longer get the ink cassettes. And now the last ever typewriter made in Britian is off to the Science Museum. Makes me feel old.
After 50 years and 23 films, Bond has single-handedly made Britain feel good about growing old and answered the question first posed by Ian Fleming in 1953: how do you maintain British pride in a declining British empire?
I made a new friend. He lives in Britain and thinks my neck is gorgeous.
recording GOD on bbc playing the SELECTER MADE IN BRITAIN ALBUM
This made my day : Derren Brown is banned from every casino in Britain ;)
Though now I have a fair understanding of the legal system in Britain I notice all the mistakes made in Silk.
Great resource for the 25th of December: good things made in Britain
Looking for some Christmas presents made in Britain? Then have a look at and pop into the shops...
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