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Madam Zille has a plate curry or doctors only *** we would any harm done to understand the lizard the blessings of punishment.
I bet Madam Zille has already concluded that deal with some fat white dude in CT
what about the Africans were they in Europe with madam this clown Mara zille
please tell Madam Zille that we know about her handlers aka the WYSE MANNE GROUP that controls DA and ANC
madam Zille u not gonna win dis trust me. We want out land a we want it now. we knw de history, ours z 2 implement
"If yes, would you lead from the front? How about you assist, Madam Zille, and help Nyanga get a second police station?" 🔥
Madam Zille SA was divided on racial lines by your colonial ancestors, so the ANC LED progressive forces are trying to undo that mess!!
Madam Zille dnt act like I want to see a black person bing emancipated
Thank you Madam Zille for the great weather!
like how u said was the ball boy.its politics if u decided to be on ANC from DA now 1 wil ask you coz Zille was your Madam
congratulations are in order madam Zille on the sterling audit outcomes for yo province,others can learn a thing or 2 from u!!
When Julius called Lindiwe Mazibuko a 'political non starter' and a 'tea girl' to the 'madam' (Zille)
Since morning I have not seen any white person comemorating June16 even white youths even from the DA or the madam herself Hellen Zille
it's all OK even the white madam Helen Zille is not thinking abt fleeing to Australia
Africa versus the rest of the world Jack Warner And Madam Helen Zille
Madam Zille, could you please Ask Why he didn't raise land question on his Goals, To Imperialism
Analysis of Madam Zille's subtle Rascim. I must say and admit that I took exception to the remarks made by Helen Zille in respect of Lindiwe Mazibuko not because I'm a fan of Mazibuko nor a DA supporter but a Black Man. It is my view that when one thoroughly unpack Zille's remarks you find a sickning patronizing if not racist undertones hidden underneath a great smile. Helen Zille is reported to have said she supported Mazibuko not because she believed she deserved her previous position in Parlament but she could not afford a situation that a black Leader lost an election to a white Leader when the DA needed to appear inclusive and attractive to the Black Majority. Now, one is left to wonder what the *** Zille was talking about?? Was Mazibuko elected on the basis of her abilities with the belief that she could best lead the DA in Parlament? Or was she a case of Affirmative action in the political Arena, a concept Zille so despised? Was she a case of window-dressing? It appears to me now that at least ac . ...
Madam Zille has proven to the ppl that we have been saying all along about renting black faces in otherwise is a white supremacist and racist party. Lindiwe and Maimane were bold enough to pay ppl to march to Luthuli House risking their lives for lost cause. Baxelele Zille one by one
I think and had prophesied about the Fall of Madam Zille before, I am not surprised at all
Watch your tongue Madam Zille. Its turning into an insult a minute. Every interview Zille did today, the interviewer inevitably ask about Ramphele, and there are insults galore. A word of caution to my Da friends - MADAM ZILLE DOES NOT HAVE A MONOPOLY ON INSULTS. If Ramphele is too much of a lady to stoop to her level, nothing prevents Agang members from responding. ON THIS Day when the DA should be celebrating, and we are happy for them, could well be the start of a new COLD WAR. Just saying .
Politics, Politics, Politics. if u want to laugh rewi hard just go watch some vids of em debating in parliment. My fave scenario was when Malema said that Lindiwe Mazibuko is Madam Zille's tea lady. she was employed to make tea LOL. Yadelela lobaba Joh
Let's talk reality Madam Zille, and most of the elite Democratic Alliance members, "mind you the majority is white males" rank right up there with masters of deception. If you doubt that, ask those who have decided to leave the DA. How can millions of South Africans be fooled into believing the kind of lies being spread that, the ANC is corrupt in extension the government? Helen and company have told us about corruption in the ANC over the years without ever coming up with conclusive evidence that involves the ANC. Are they saying individual acts are the acts of an ANC collective? At some stage they spoke of racial motivated crime directed to farmers but never acknowledge that the most affected section of our society is black people when it come to serous crime. How can millions of South Africans allow the DA to mislead them into believing that there is so-called "corruption and hate crime"? These lies are based on non-existent threats and bogus evidence such as the distortion of Public Protector findin . ...
So, Madam Zille claims on the front page of this morning’s Cape Times that “Grant Pascoe was offered over R1m and a car” to join the ANC. As any dishevelled, botoxed-infused and polyfilla-cracked wannabe politician should know, the onus of proving an allegation is on the party making it. So Madam, unless you have hard evidence that will stand up in a Court of Law (and not the front page of the media), submit that evidence or ….. shut up!!!
So Madam Zille wants army in Western Cape's rural areas. It is worrying, and is this what we have to look forward to in DA lead government?
Never did we ever see madam Zille the white stand up for a single woman. A man in woman's clothing she is!
I dont c democracy in a president who refuses 2 debate with da leader of oposition!4 us 2 hv democracy Madiba da leader of oposition debated wit President Deklerk..I think jz fears da journalist in Madam Zille.
The main target of Madam Zille and her associate is a young black person, who doesn't know anything about our history. Brothers n sisters this woman want to use you to bring back an apartheid goverment,she has manage to loot some of young people abafana noMazibuko noNtuli. She's using money to get young people. Let's work together to stop her together we can stop her
It rather funny as well as stupid. The Democratic Alliance seems to be suffering from sour grapes. One of their prominent members, Grant Pascoe unexpectedly defected to the. ANC earlier today making Patricia De Lille and her lackey Ivan Meyer furious and embarrased, that they bad mouthing Grant Pascoe now. I bet their Madam Zille must be fuming. Bad losers they Justin Arendse. You win some and loose some Patricia. Lokl Anc Western Cape
good morning Madam Zille, Mam did you hear what Malema called the ANC ? 'African National Criminals'. Wow, just love it.
Madam Zille is a liar, she must stop laying to us.
Did Maimane say anything about madam Zille's pets?
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shame madam Zille,,Zuma is investing with the blood of soldiers in other countries,the guy is after moola only.
We all know why Madam Zille took a picture next to the pots. It's cos they're BLACK. http:/…
Where is madam Zille in all of the posters in GP. Is she using Mmusi as a puppet for luring voters.
Madam Zille and the group must respond to this gentleman's question please!
J Zuma, Mamphela Ramphlele n madam Zille must just do da rite thing n resign s they clearly struggling with credibility n leadership.
Have you pondered Prof as to why madam Zille could be so bold?
Madam Zille is defintely a workaholic! Some women's/ men's league can learn a thing or tow from her.
He speaks about migrants flocking in to the Western Cape for a better life! School of thought of the Pot stirring madam Hellen Zille!
.I think the Madam Zille also has a crush on him. Watch this space!!
Maimane is in a bit of confusion- trying to be Madam Zille on one hand and Obama on the other, his accent!
Madam Premier Zille needs to be congratulated for managing to get the Dagga King to shut up.
can madam Zille tell us why would she refer to people from eastern cape as immigrants ? I thought we are in a free country.
Madam Zille is a Premier, she can debate with another Premier, Cde Nomvula Mokonyane. Now thats deep
Madam Zille has a mind of a rat. Today she was singing praises to cde Thabo Mbeki forgetting that she was also attacking him, complaining about everything because that wat she is good at en also called him names such as " Lame-duck president.who speaks like a manager, and not as a leader of the country "
The Democratic Alliance youth leader Mbali Ntuli is quoted to have said, "The ANC of today is not the same the ANC of yesteryears..." She apparently continued, "We must thank the ANC for getting us out of apartheid." Helen Zille said on radio this morning, "The early days of democracy under Presidents Mandela and Mbeki showed where South Africa was going...and there was a better story to tell." Really? Fight Back campaign did not show that the DA liked what it saw. Madam Zille blames the party's elective conference in 2007 for the down slide. Others also pounce on the history of the ANC as if it were a carcass left for feasting by hyenas and scavengers. Julius Malema and Terror Lekota. I don't see how it helps me cause to always talk about what is happening in my neighbor's house. I should talk about myself first before I hurl stones... My summation is that there is no alternative to the ANC. ?
Barely two weeks ago,Madam Helen Zille publicly acknowledged that she lobbied Mamphela Ramphela as the DA's presidential candidate not because of her political astutiveness,but her "struggle credentials",academic stature and most of all the fact that Mamphela is black.Moments later she denigrated poor Mamphela as an "untrustworthy individual".Soon after "a five day marriage" sudden collapse,Madam Zille rents black africans to embark on an extremely provocative exercise to Luthuli House where the so-called "Jobs march" was to take place.Unfortunately unfortunately violent engagement took place,unsurprisingly amongst poor unemployed and exploited black africans.For Zille to rent our people for political expediency was ill-informed and borders to worst form of instigating black on black violence.THE DA's agenda to use the failed apartheid tactic of "divide and rule" is treasonous,nefarious and must be nipped in the bud.In a sane democracy a political party,opposition for that matter cannot organise a march t ...
Real supporters of (WHITES)are having joy @ their homes,while rented BLACKS will b stones marching for Madam Zille
DA is using unemployed black youth to march to Luthuli House Mxm, I don't think Madam Zille can stand the stones thrown by ANC thugs, she will hide behind Lindiwe Mazibuko LOL
The ANC Treasurer-General Dr Zweli Mkhize wrote a column and titled it 'Please, Madam Zille, call off the march'. This man is embarrassing the people's movement. Jakopo must go!
Please, Madam Zille, call off march! -Zweli Mkhize writes |
When all is said and done Madam Zille is smart. She has a way of ending political careers of woman that seem to be a threat to her or that might even become a threat to her. Firstly it was Patricia De Lille,Lindiwe Mazibuko to some extent and now its Dr Mamphele Ramphele.
Just musing. Will Madam Zille always produce a rabbit in the form of a black woman every elections? What happened to the love between her and De Lille? What happened between her and Mazibuko? Does she not believe in them if she does not believe in herself? Were they just election fronts? Do. I have any friend here who knows and associates with any practicing journalist to ask him or her to pose these questions to Madam Zille? If you know any speculator, called, collumnist in South African media language , please ask them to speculate for us.
Lindiwe Mazibuko look lost without Madam Zille ...*just observing her facial expression**
I have fillings to see Madam Zille as Pres. Tea girl De Lille dep second tea girl Lindiwe Mazibuko Speaker of Parliament. what a leadership no corruption going to constitution court everyday
Now that we nearing election time, we will hear Madam Zille speaking a lot of Xhosa and dancing to Brenda Fassie.
Madam Zille was here yesterday and makes me wonder in what capacity she came to the Premier or as the DA leader? Well it's as the DA leader, but this Mayor of Bitou can misuse sate resources to clean New Horizon and keep it clean for one single day. Oh yes we know its a contract to clean up but just before Zille visits? New Horizon has this problem for how long? We had a public meeting with grievances and faced this Mayor, nothing came of it. Suddenly Zille is here and BOOM! The DA claims that they build the New Horizon library, the school, pedestal fence around the rank, all of it and more, how did they do that? Without COPE? Elaine is so misled that she claims we come crawling that they, the DA has to beg us for a position. Nothing the DA in Plett did was without COPE, so can they claim this? NO. As a matter of fact, the DA has done nothing new for Plett. Nothing I say NOTHING. The best strategy the DA has is this. Divide and conquer. Look at New Horizon. It's divided. How? Leonard Jonas "resi ...
Madam Zille must be step down as Premier of Western Cape
  Considering that we commemorating 1913 Land Act, I thought I must recall this article which was small contribution on confusion of Madam Zille and Auntie Ramphele. This article first appeared on YCL Bottom Line because this is Bottom Line. Liberals and their toy telephones ANC in its 53rd Congress set with a theme “Unity in actions towards socio-economic freedom”. This was elaborated in strategy and tactics albeit is limitation in that the democratic political institutions are in place and functional but systematic and structural domination in economy remain stubborn. Therefore conference was clear to mandate its government to accelerate and focus on socio – economic aspects in interest of majority which is still trapped in unemployment, poverty and inequality. While this was largely accepted and celebrated by society but certain groupings believed ANC must be defeated as it begins to threaten their wealth and stakes. For them ANC and its government must only restrict its participation to a lean ...
Madam Zille and the ANC Youth League are playing a "kak" game.
In ANC we believe people of this movement became the first priority and leaders of this movement knows that,in Pixley ka Seme region we've got an example that is cde Ntsikelelo Mac Jack and u here when he sing he usually sing as follow**i ANC iyasetyenzelwa ayithengwa ngemali** like what so called Madam Zille and her little girl Lindiwe Mazibuko who supposed to lead DA youth league do.
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Really Zille wanted to form an alliance with Ramphele in order to contest next year's elections jointly and call themselves The Democrats! I wonder why their negotiations/plan failed when they ended up going separate ways after many plannery meetings!!! Madam Zille seems so desperate that she was prepared to stand down as DA party leader and campaign for Ramphele to become leader of their envisaged new party The Democrats. Does this mean that madam realises that she needs a black leader to drive the DA train because she is failing?. Ha!
ANC Youth League Statement on the hypocrisy of Madam Zille 31 January 2013 The African National Congress Youth League has watched with disbelief as the Democratic Alliance has gone to great lengths to vilify the ANC and the ANC-led government for sponsoring The New Age/ SABC breakfasts sessions. Unlike the ANC, we don`t believe that the DA is opposed to an informed citizenry but rather the DA is opposed to a citizenry that is informed by the African National Congress, preferring that only the DA communicate to the people of this country. Since Madam Zille was a Mayor of Cape Town, she has had a radio show on Heart P4 Radio Station in Cape Town. The show airs every Monday and Madam Zille continues even now to use that platform to drive DA propaganda to the people of Cape Town. P4 is a commercial station and thus charges the Western Cape Government handsomely for this honour to communicate to the people, an obligation that the DA believes is theirs only. Indeed then it begs the question, does the DA governm ...
Hellen Zille's political party represents an old generation of unreformed political Leaders and a blasphemy to our generation. I think Madam Zille must recruite new voters in England, were they mother body structre lies with the capitalist. The African National Congress must carry on with our african mandate we shall zabalaza to the top. The white man cnt control both State Capital, Resources and Political power. They ere of explotation should see an end. Our African goverment has great flaus bt we must give it up to our african leaders who lead this generation till thus far, without a proper education if your views a different try working for a Private institution, law, engineering or financial firm and you'll be reminded that you an african and that your skin tone is black when you see ppl's pay slipes and company car parks or just check the ECSA Registration committee or Stats for the past 10 yrs for successful registerd Engineers. Tranformation is needed in our country. The African National Congress . ...
Blade Nzimande said there were too many White Madams in the DA.. now this is what you would hear from Malema, not the Minister Of Higher Education..He could've said something more Profound and not sound so "squikey" !! As far as the DA is concerned.. Madam Zille is doing a very good job as Premier of the Western Cape, but she should step aside and give the Leadership of the DA to Madam Mazibuko !!
Lindiwe must shut her mouth. Every time I hear Lindiwe Mazibuko`s voice I realise just how weak this country has become. She was not even born in South Africa but in Swaziland. She was never involved in the Struggle but wants to dictate to South Africans!She is being used by Madam Zille who was living large in the apartheid era. It also shows that some people in this country hate our president. Lekota, Buthelezi and others are even prepared to join forces with racist Zille to fight Msholozi. They should be ashamed of themselves. Mazibuko has a big mouth and she abuses our freedom of expression to disrespect her elders. President Zuma fought for that freedom. She should just shut up or go back to Swaziland and libarate the poor people there.
Watching News today made me sick when I saw this DA lady by the name Lindiwe Mazibuko pointing her dirty finger to the President}she doesn't deserve to be a member of Parliament instead she must be washing Dishes and pants of Madam Zille than disrespecting Our President
Bye, Mrs Nosimo Balindlela! One thing for sure is you shall not be missed at all! Maybe the DA can recycle and reuse you for window-dressing. Madam Zille wants you as a BBBEE partner for political fronting purposes.
Pls. Madam Zille y on earth u go to angry crowd of De Doorns? U ar gona get hurt next time. Bt hey u real brave, nt even ET cn do that.
In 1993 IFP organised a march 2 Shellhouse, we all knw wht happened there.. 2dy Madam Zille uthi uya eNkandla with da tea lady (Lindiwe Mazibuko) mhmm kaz iyozala Nkomoni?,while the crime intelligance unit in Kzn is tasked with ensuring tht there iz No violance during visit..
Since Census 2011 revealed that we have a lot of 'refugees' to quote Madam Zille and her counterpart, Madam Nonkonyana flocking to the Western Cape and Gauteng. By by the power vested in me, as the BEE President, I have proposed that we have a border post in the two Republics, Gauteng and Cape Town respectively, so that we can keep the refugees from our shores. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Jonavon Rustin wrote: COSATU Western Cape demand a public debate with Zille 18 October 2012 COSATU in Western Cape is calling on the Premier of Western Cape, Madam Zille to debate with COSATU Provincial Secretary, cde Tony Ehrenreich on the W Cape economy COSATU WC is surprised about the attempts of the Premier Zille of the W Cape to demand to debate President Zuma on the economy. The secretary of COSATU WC ...
How do you sleep at night, Madam Zille?
Is at Cape Town International Airport back to Durban. Ah its cold and yet still waiting for 6:30 flight. Bye bye Madam Zille.
*** petrol bom vs rubber bullet on N2 from Summerset west to Cape Town my follow drivers use altenative road bcause ur car will be bombed especially from Cape Town to Khayelitsha I never seen this before since 80s Madam Zille this boys they making Cape to be on ungovernable ask swallow you pride and ask help from Meneer Zuma
I wonder z Debraa phetha from etv is nt tempted 2call Lindiwe Mazibuko n subject her 2 her interrogation since she z rapidly gaining weight.Debraa dd it to Malema.Z Madam Zille not worried about lindiwe's extra weight.DA members plz let us knw ur view
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I think Public Protector has mess up with Western Cape tender 4 communication or whatever.cause Madam Zille threatened her & fall 4 it, so wish Malema still had Adv Mandonsela now onwards I am doubting ur finds cause u r subjective also u subdue 2 pressure of long how long our people gonna be compromise in 17 years of democracy
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