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Mad Money

Mad Money is an American finance television program hosted by Jim Cramer that began airing on CNBC on March 14, 2005. Its main focus is investment and speculation, particularly in publicly traded stocks.

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What do you think of Jim Cramer and Mad Money?
I think I just heard Jim Cramer say "undoubtably" on Mad Money tonight.
"You gotta get your facts straight." - Jim Kramer from Mad Money. Maybe now wealthy Republicans will see what Trump…
Also, I'm totally baffled that Katie Holmes decided to make Mad Money instead of The Dark Knight.
Ginni Rometty talks to 'Mad Money' host Jim Cramer about how reignited the conversation about in the world
Did you miss "Mad Money" on CNBC? If so, here are some of Jim Cramer's top takeaways.
$ADS could have A LOT more, . not a little, . but A LOT more upside. —Jim Cramer, Mad Money.
Apple’s Tim Cook dumbs it down for Mad Money (video)
Fun night in with Jim Cramer of Mad Money on CNBC last night! Thanks to Bob Lang for the great event!
You see ehn! I tire for that caller. Sha girls una see? Carry your own money, some pple are mad! You bought her dri…
The money Villa have spent this season is mad - financial imbalance in Championship is even worse than Premier League
My mum would be so mad if I killed myself she'd be like "I saved up this money to get an extension now I have to waste it on her funeral"
How to improve your kids' money skills and raise finance-savvy children
Ehh, rather be mad with money than mad & broke. Lol
You all should wait for Money Palava before you start de mad over you and ur mind 😂😂😂. .
i need banter coz im shaking im that darn mad. Cant even have heating on and theyve got front door off. Im not burnin money
Andrew thought that 2k work was sweee last night 😂😂. *** got mad I was using kyrie and had the Warriors 🤔🤔. Easy money
What is the difference between a crazy bunny and a counterdeit banknote? One is .ad money and the other is a mad bunny!
Well, the fumes from the DVDs might be toxic and I've still got your money, so by all means borrow my lighter.
Make em mad, aww man I got them hating bad. Blood clot money green like Jamaican flags.
Secrets are secrets. You can't keep your own hidden stash of money and. get mad at her for doing the same.
Why is everyone still mad we're not getting any strikers, we're playing for mid table if anything. Spend the money in the summer instead
They got too much money. why you mad?
Y'all females gotta stop waking up mad and bitter ... its a new day get over that *** that got you in yo feelings and go get some money
I prefer to watch movies at home, no money inserted and my mom won't get mad if I stay late
having a medical apparently, they're chucking money at everyone like we did when Mel first took over, mad if they don't go up
Save money on our special new book Gilbert Filbert and His Big MAD Box - teaching children how to make a difference
So many teams throwing stupid money at lower league players in England, the world's gone mad
Yo *** be so mad & broke 😂 get up get some money with ya mad *** 😫🆗
Gave the wrong *** money 💲 Ima make the streets mad 🤐Ima walking blessing I get everybody bags 💰
mad considering he played on Sat! My money's on him being released in June now.
with what? We dont have money. We spend 11m on a striker and dont get promoted then what?
I spend a lot of money on food and I ain't even mad about it lol
so mr Andrea like cellino not going to spend money then
Very unlikely we sign anyone today, unless someone quality comes available. The manger would prefer we hold the money til…
A molecular everyday person has to play the game of a mad man to get the money to save their wife
"Lawyers, doctors, plumbers, they made all the money. Writers? Writers starved. Writers suicided. Writers went mad." -…
how can you borrow a friend that amount of money? Are you stupid or mad?
Its been a while. Though I expected him to join the money mad Chinese league
Stop leading w your money, then get mad when ppl use you for your money.
Mfs be so mad 😂👎🏼 Idc if you don't fwm you ain't putting money in my account ✌🏼️
"Royalty is 2 and already has more money than Soulja boy. I'd be mad too"😹
Be careful, Congress, if Trump finds out you're stealing more money than he is, than he will ACTUALLY get mad at you.
Wouldn't be mad with Romo but do we have enough money?🙄
Thic crooked lady(mamta)needs to arrested having black money in crores getting mad need checked in a neruo — Jaipal
I was so mad cause I thought I lost money
Hamilton Collection
But I guess I need mad money , mad weed & a whole lot to talk about to be good enough!
Ppl are mad about poor ppl stealing their money (welfare programs etc), but aren't mad about billionaires stealing their mone…
Can't be too mad about it. He KO'd Robbie already! I can see his logic. But, Nate doesn't have many options as far…
Missing out on mad money rn who tryna sell me their car rq
not everyone is able to put away $2,500- $5,000 per year. People are mad as *** because they can't save any money.
"royalty is 2 and has 5times more money than SOULJA boy already. I'd mad be too"
Bhris Brown said Royalty is only 2 and has 5x more money than Soulja i'd be mad too 😭
Watch as a Mad-SEO-Scientist Methodically Shoots Money Making Keywords Straight to the Top of the Search Engines...
Me: I have no money. I'm so poor right now. . Also me:
Mad cuz he see you with money *** we on the same team I could put u on
I miss money sm I ain't even mad my manager called me at 2am tellin me to come back to work
"Royalty is 2 and has 5 times more money money than Soulja Boy already. I'd be mad too" 💀
Mad cause yo Money Longer than they *** tho 💅 Boss Women always intimidate lesser than men if they were secure th…
Wow so were shading ur own cousin.Why are u so mad does he stop giving u money u beggar ?
Guys will use money to attract females and get mad when they only get gold diggers smh
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
And the beef continues..."Royalty is 2 and has more money than Souljaboy already. I'll be mad…
Its early so if i annoy her well she's deff gonna mad n throw money at me to leave her alone
Junk mail companies are actually charged more money if you send their mail back to them.
I am not into fast food but if I do Wendys is always Top 3. You go Wendy eveyone has to make their money. "I aint mad at cha"!!!
I'm so.mad at le boyfriend .. He even sent money.. I didn't call to tell him.i received.I even thought he would reverse it...😂
Rockstar *** first they banned you for no reason one gta5 so that makes me mad then they took all my money and all my car…
Dear ladies,why tell ur boyfriend to wait 90 days for sex?Are u mad? He waits for his salary for 30 days, are you swee…
lmao reporter asked Jim Kramer, "how are you gonna do Mad Money tonight" omg
18 billion people & devices are connected to the Internet today,. 50 billion in the next 4 years. — Chuck Robbins, CEO $CSCO, Mad Money
I spent money like I had it... and now I have carne asada, kit kats, and Dr Pepper... IM AN ADULT! Not really...
and he was mad when Yukito ran away from home bc it meant he had wasted money on his upbringing :'(
If you got money and you get married, get a Pre-Nup
😭 how you mad about you doing me wrong ? & please I'm at work right now making money like you should be
I'm about to argue with my roommate bc she owes me money & she doesn't want to give it to me wish me luck I'm so mad I want my money
Do you ever spend money on stuff you don't need and then get mad at yourself because that's me rn
My sisters boyfriend has a Mercedes g class wagon and I told her she was only dating him for the money. She got super mad
Cuz they mad she getting money for being mediocre 😩
I'm so mad at myself rn for all the money i spent today
Overwatch and watching mad money with loadsa beer. Its a good day.
She's mad cause I won't tell her what I do with my money lmao idgaf stay mad 😂😂
same af. I know I'll blow mad money on that lol.
Well I mean they do make mad money while being one on the biggest bands of this generation but hey whateva
exactly, like the dung earlier saying paying mad money for Barton then that we we dont have any cash 😇
Mad how last year a could go out with 20 quid at the weekend and still have money left over and now a spend £100 n not even know what on
No, my boyfriend would get mad.unless ypu got money i need a sugar mama
When customers mad at me for charging them but thats my mf job & i take their money like,
Im so mad. Like please understand when you mess with my money, I stop fwy. Idc, idc.
U ever so broke u get mad about things that u spent money on like *** IT IF I WOULDNT HAVE BOUGHT _ I WOULD HAVE 6…
I see why broke *** be so mad ... I would be unhappy to if I had no money 😔
God, money, and women will turn you mad. Always reaching out for something that you can't have"
This girl must be making mad youtube money because she uses beauty blenders to paint.
The money that u owe me u can have. I cant even see me getting mad. I cant even see me going backwards. I know you wanna see me on my *** 💯
Hey better get money and stop getting mad 🍁💰
The money you owe me ? You can have 👐🏾 I can't even see myself getting mad .
I ain't mad, boss man said get money
A jug machine cost 2K?? Why were they acting like Nelson spent mad money on it. I could buy one right now
they've gone from adorable dogs to sex mad dogs on heat... Truth coming out now😏 dog agility course (my money is on Rex)
Men refuse to give their BM money for their child then get mad when they get put on child support 😂
post it! It's easy af and they provide you with a shipping label so you just put it in a box and ship it and get money
What makes me mad about Nigerian politicians is not so much the stealing but the fact that they invest the money overseas!!!
Living in the house does nothing but drain me of money and make me so so mad!😤😤
Dawg This makes me so mad! Only caring about the money. Women forget it takes two to have a kid. It's not only yours https…
CEO Marc N. Casper talks genomics, Zika Virus, China market development and more on CNBC's Mad Money
my moms mad im getting money for my birthday and she didnt get money for hers aH
When ya *** no you mad and he thinks giving you more money will fix it 😧
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I've spent all of my money on alcohol and I'm not even mad
You're all happy when we're making money, don't get mad cause you lost money.
It's actually mad how much money limit you from living
Moral of the story. Make your own money girl! Get a career and think and work smart. Don't wait for a man to come save you.
I know the reason my husband hasn't found me is because he's busy accumulating money and growing in the Lord somewhere s…
Tomorrow we're doing a mad thing for . Give us some money ;-)
If you do not want to lose money then don't bet. This guy is mad because he just lost $93...
I've calmed down about Hermes but i'm still mad, i hope i get my money back for next day delivery :)))
rlly mad at ucsb considering how much money i pay to see the word "full" next to EVERY *** CLASS I NEED TO TAKE
I'm so mad old navy better not be messing around with my money rn
I swear on everything. Like men literally say "don't ever spend money around me, I'll be mad if you do"
they broke and mad they can afford to take care of a chick. Men who have money dont want their chick paying for anything
I was dealing w/ they mad *** this morning lol i def have my own money and *** still wanna do for me so.
📶. Listen to Repent Ft. KIIING WOLF (prod. Mad Money) by Jay Money on
great investment analysis Bob, w/ insight like that you could produce Jim Kramer's 'Mad Money' circa 2008.
Little Giant Ladders
Great to see our CEO Marc Benioff telling in Mad Money why salesforce is growing so fast yoy.
When ya dad ask you if you need money 😏😏😏. But mom get mad cuz you have a job😒😒😒
Most girls get mad corny when their ex gets famous or run into a lot of money. "We dated. We were in love" Yes. In 6th grade.
I cant imagine how mad am I cause I dont have enough money to buy the ticket 😢💸 All the best, Mr Anirudh!
Goon Boon. 2/12/16. Friday. $20GA. $25VIP. You gone be mad if you miss it
God made man. Man made money. Money made man MAD!!
I need some curls in my life so i need to get some more just mad i wasted my money
The money that you owe me you could have, I can't even see me getting mad
I'm just mad YouTube commentators can make so much money.
The fact that I'm not even mad about loosing this money, just glad that I got my wallet back
Ion argue bout the bread. That lil money you owe me you can have. Swear ion see myself getting mad.
I can’t be mad at Kanye because he made me famous!
Lmao,that's mad funny.did John John the Jon owe her money or something?
How can you be mad that your *** is gettin money like you wanna be up under his *** all day ? I don't get it
Let a mad mf tell it, I ain't getting no money 😂
All night editing a video, but I ain't even mad. Someone needs to give me my career money so I can do this for a living.
Why do the people hate on the Kardashians? You're just mad cause they make more money then you'll probably ever make in your lifetime
it actually ended up being ~all the money i made in the week since being home from florida and I'm not even mad about it
Lmaooo idk what to do w all this time and extra money. I'm ordering so much chicken. Taking mad naps.
But now i have my BF mad because I wanna go see in Santa Barbara like they are not a waste of money!
Taylor Swifts brother is gross. Why throw out 1000 dollar shoes cause you're mad? Wanna make a statement? Sell them and…
I told my *** yesterday, 'don't be mad if I'm not trying to hang bro, I'm focused on getting to the money'
That's ppl problem now. Always worried about someone else. Don't get mad at me cause my daddy transferring me money & yours can't.
It's proper mad how much white people hate Lewis and criticise him so much that he can't even spend his own free time and money how he wants
How *** get mad u aint sell em da glizzy when he askin for a picture n da other *** comin wit da money same day
Oh Kanye. He who makes an app for free kids games cuz the charges make him mad and talks of money charges $300 and up for "fashion".
man OLG is mad aggressive about wanting me to gamble away some money with all these youtube ads
For the trolls who are lying about not being paid for we were all given envelopes with money in them. https…
Dow jumps 200 points as oil soars 11 percent
Not made of money dude, and I've got beer to pay for Sunday for my date with my bit on the side
This entire thread is gold. "We waste money on Xbox Live, and now all these PC gamers don't have to, & now I'm mad!"
God made man,man made money, money made man mad
Get mad but give me my check and get over it. These *** don't even have direct deposit cuz they pocketing the money
just tell her you spent all your money on church offering ⛪... She can't be mad at the big guy upstairs 👆😈
Don't understand mad weirdos that save money
that's why you mad? Lol and a rich *** family background they been had money Ray J plan just back fired and made her more
Was about to buy myself a stuffed animal cause it's mad affordable but I need my money for food
Rudolph...we will send Dr Jack over after Mad Money tonight
Imagine Blowing up, making mad money, then just getting arrested he must feel dumb
If you got something going for yourself I respect that. Ion knock nobody else. But you can't be mad at me cause I spend my day gettin money!
I need money so I can pre order Nashs movie. Bc I still haven't and it's making me super mad
When your mom gets mad and yells at you for buying sushi with your own money
Grandma: *calls* hey sweetie you okay . Me : yeah but I'm at chickfila with no money . Grandma:
I literally brought the world to you but now that I've pushed you out I've saved mad money 💸💸💸💸
I get xtra mad losing 4 fun, now imagine losing real money! I'm not about that life but someone is getting stabbed 😂
In Mad About Money we talk about Murray’s and where our market is headed Subscribe
You're just mad he makes more money than your gas station father.
Support our vampire! Love her,worship her, and give her all your money! Well, maybe not all but a good portion of it https:…
When you get right w/ God, your money, health, and body, love where you live, and have overflowing positive prospects, yo…
Ion get mad I get money stunt on me I'm a stack on you .
I'm not mad. But, Any woman who actually works for her money and tries to make a difference earns my respect.
You *** up pics with money everyday but be mad when you get robbed or killed 😳
They had lawyers present and MORE than enough representation. They're mad that they're money couldn't protect them from their bigotry.
I’m not mad with black/ish women making money for no reason.
When I look perfect, and start making mad money all the guys that passed me up are gonna look back and I'm gonna keep lookin forward.
In Kendall .. Where the opps at?? I know this *** man is still mad I finessed him off his money and ain't give him his weed..
Lls I'm mad cause I really saved endless money up for my birthday and I'm not doing nothing anymore 😩😩😩
Boys r mad lol men r making their own money not worried about how she makes a living,calling a random woman u'll never meet out of her name
I'm kinda mad my major moved up to a master's degree this year... But that's more money for me in the end 😌
I have a bad habit of dropping mad money on those that I love.
lol don't you got my number.. Now stop playing for I get mad
I'm guessin an old Louisville player got mad cus he broke now nd decided snitchin to a magazine or something for money wou…
Bro I'm finna get mad af I need my money 😑😒
my mom is so mad at me but I'm so happy i'll make it up to her when I get a job and give her money tbh I honestly owe her
Mad at Michael Bay Benghazi Film Michael Bay's new action thriller about the 20...
Not even mad about how much money I spent today because I needed a break from life
can I put money on him right now to break 100 or does betting make the hockey gods mad
Agreed! He's gonna make mad money for someone other than the Mets.
Truth! I have not a friend! And people get mad when I say going out a waste of money
Told I'm not supposed to listen to Jeezy, or give daps. That ain't happening. Real recognize real, I suppose. I don't get mad…
Why do out of state *** be so mad when you don't entertain them. You got fly out money? You just gonna give me air ***
I'm mad cause now we have to pay Murphy crazy money in the off season 😂😂😓
Don't ask me a question just to get mad at my response , what was your purpose of asking for my input if you were only going to get mad
@ all those people mad that the show was cancelled, you won't loose your money and LIAM'S IS MORE IMPORTANT.
I know someone took two $20 bills out of my wallet during weights today , I'm not gonna get mad I just want my money back
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lol i only saw Cloverfield because Mad Money sucked *** so we hopped screens. It does stand on its own, i will say that.
$XON was featured on Mad Money's Lightening round last week. See its technical analysis in my weekly BanaRama show!
I want my wedding to be Jim Kramer's "Mad Money" themed
Once AGAIN...Professor Cramer throws in an AWESOME reference to the Master Comedy Icon RICHARD PRYOR on Mad Money..thx Jim!!
Jim Cramer of Mad Money turned to the help of Carley Garner, DeCarley Trading of Zaner Group .
ICYMI: CEO of CertainTeed John Crowe and CEO of Saint-Gobain Pierre-Andre de Chalendar were featured on Mad Money:
We are souring high and making another appearance on Mad Money! Check out our CEO, Kevin Miles, talking to Cramer!
CNBC "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer is bullish on Lacrosse. found out why:
McAnaney: Mad Money's Jim Cramer is Bullish on Lacrosse - Lacrosse Magazine via
I thought my mom would get mad at me for wanting to donate plasma for money but she's encouraging me instead??? This confuses me
It's craxy you can have money and still be mad at the world!
She could have been looking for her deposit back. We'd never stab Tim, but we're kind of mad. It's been 13 years of no money.
They going overboard with these prom proposals spending all that money, and gonna be mad when she don't give him no ***
I missed so much money today sitting in child support court & this mfa mad cause he had to pay $68 😩
So people work like mad to continue to churn out these incredible investments of time and money just so people like you and I can watch em
Johns mad at me because I keep making trips and spending my money and he's trying to save for a house ):
You can't get mad at your ex when they tell you "no" when u ask them for money. O_o
Mad I spent so much money today like lesson learned my debit card won't be going with me until my next Check lol
Had money and a job before we got together now are money merge together and we on top and you mad
Yall mad at Jay Z for trying to make more money...he's a business man. You go into business to make money. That's rule
Where is the pattern emplace online unto muster up other money illusion extra edition grand horn-mad fleeces: WiJcyYf
Villain get the money like curls. They just tryin' to get a nut like squirrels in his mad world. Land of milk and...
You shouldn't have to keep asking ppl for money that THEY OWE you. Then they get mad when u ask. Type time is that !
Still spending money I mad like last month 😅
bc I'm mad I paid that money nd now they won't send one😒
Beyond day 2 was such a waste of money I still get mad till this day!! Day 1 was My life tho lol
Shoutouts to for this massive remix of mad tune bro
Clipper series going to be mad long
If me and continue to hang out, I'll end up broke & she'll be mad we won't have money & we'll be fat 😂😂
Dude getting mad that I helped him make $40 like okay I won't help you make money then
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Blacc Chyna just mad cause Kylie didn't have to reduce herself to stripping for $$, she just has to wake up & breathe …
For some reason you guys sound mad about that.Fans pay good money for those games.Raptors have 2nd highest prices
I'm still mad at myself for not going to school to study meteorology. I know it's not too late but money. I have none.
I just think it's mad dumb how it's just money and drugs now
Cramer Remix: No search needed! Winner of the Web: “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer declares the search is over for the…
Stuart Baxter is gonna cash in mad money now.
Mad love, ca$h money and immortal fame await our next playa. Hit me up.
Mad hipsters & rich people. The white kids striving off of Mommy & Daddy money
You're mad, hotel's haunted, boy's got The Shining. Fine. But if you've put our money in the banks, we have a problem
if you go to sleep I'm gonna be mad
You know someone's a mad money baller when they pay $50+ on a plain white tee
I just seen your giving money dressed like a homeless person. Awesome bro. I got mad respect for what you rep. Keep it up
I'm so mad. how the *** you gonna have us bust out our monthly lunch money jus to peep some goons dressed as 1D. all four of em
You know this game is serious when Timmy is showing mad emotion lol
You mad cause I be chasing money and I be chasing dreams 💰💰🏃🏃
Electronic Device Insurance
My manager is mad because I was sending threats but she wasn't mad people stole money out of my wallet.
This game is mad intense for a first round series
I don't get mad, honey...I get money 💸
I don't think I can go to the casino when I get older💀 I will get to mad if I loose my money🆗
I am so mad rn especially since I got that bathing suit for Friday and now it's a complete waste of money.
How some women live with themselves knowing that everything they own is because of blood money
It's Mad Money out here That I'm tryna get 😈
Own car, own money & starting college in August... I see why Yall mad 😩😎
she got mad bc I'm suppose to be saving my money bc I go to New York after graduation
I brought worst liquid lipstick today!! So mad I wasted my money
I have a Q did u just watch mad money movie ??? XD
"It's mad money out hea son... U tryna get it?.. U gone bust yo gun to get it?"
InvestorTip: Cramer Remix: You're wrong about the Fed: "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer has some choice words for the futures …
Marc Benioff talks about the Apple watch & running your business from your wrist with Mad Money host Jim Cramer:
Tim Cook surprised Mad Money anchor Jim Cramer on the air Thursday. Here's transcript of the call.
Tim Cook Makes a Surprise Call to Jim Cramer on Mad Money [Video] via
Tim Cook talks to Jim Cramer of Mad Money about Health, ResearchKit, Apple Watch and more
Apple CEO Tim Cook on Mad Money: Apple Pay, ResearchKit, and a touch of Apple Watch
Was nice seeing call into Mad Money to congratulate on the 10 year anniversary of the show.
Tim Cook surprises Jim Cramer on Mad Money, talks Steve Jobs, health and more
NBC airing Mad Money at the same twilight hour as Kevin Trudeau infomercials seems more damaging to the reputation of the latter, frankly.
$MYEC . Who knows in the future:. TV INFOMERCIAL before $Mad Money, $Squawk Box on CNBC. . Radio,Financial magazines & eAD. Unlimited★
Pervasive and complacent negativity at root of rally?: Mad Money host Jim Cramer explains h...
Cynvenio interview with CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer: Combating Cancer -
Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: The Bulls Have Their Day - Search Jim Cramer's "Mad Money" trading recommendations using our exclusive "Mad Money" Stock Screener. NEW YORK (TheStreet) "I'm tired of hearing that the bulls are way too smug," Jim Cramer said on Mad Money Wednesday. The S&P 500 closed at another record high on Wednesday, for the 20th time so read more Source: The []
Jim Cramer likes that AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is making a bold move to revitalize its stock with, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), the “Mad Money” host said in a recent discussion. The comment comes from the Mad Money host as a report from The Wall Street Journal revealed that AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) will likely be the sole […]
A couple of days ago, I read an article on Yahoo finance quoting Mad Money financial analyst Jim Cramer. Cramer is concerned that the current problems in Iraq are going to cause the stock market to drop over the next few weeks. He notes that both of the Gulf wars caused a lot of instability […]
A few months ago, David Rubenstein, co-founder of private equity powerhouse The Carlyle Group, was on air with Jim Cramer, the host of Mad Money, explaining the good qualities of his business to a scoffing Cramer. 'They create jobs," Rubenstein, a billionaire, said of venture capitalists, one part o…
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Video: on "Mad Money," discussing his portfolio and taking his gold medal out of a sock ...
I just listed: 'Jim Cramer's Mad Money: Watch TV, Get Rich', for sale on for $3.99.
Sage Kotsenburg on Mad Money with Jim Cramer: Olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg weighs in on his endorseme...
Jim Cramer's favorite stocks in the May 29 edition of Mad Money include: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and Perrigo.
The hubby was on Mad Money with Jim Cramer, made his day!
| You know what makes Jim Cramer mad? Common mistakes that diminish the power of your money. The "Mad Money" host ...
For anyone who thinks hockey isn't mainstream in US, and Game 6 is on same channel as Squawk Box & Mad Money so there!
Can you believe what happened to Juan Jamón last night on Mad Money?!
It's been five years since CNBC television personality Jim Cramer appeared as a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (March 12 2009). The host of CNBC's Mad Money, Cramer appeared in response to host Jon Stewart's highly publicized week-long criticism of CNBC. The exchange began with a scathing piece on CNBC's miscalculations regarding the global financial crisis of 2008–2009 in response to CNBC commentator Rick Santelli, who had recently said on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade that homeowners facing foreclosure were "losers". Santelli [GZ: who is also a climate change denier] had been set to appear on the show, but CNBC canceled Santelli’s appearance. Stewart, along with Daily Show executives, claimed the CNBC montage was not retaliatory and that they planned to show it before the cancellation was announced. Subsequent media coverage of exchanges between Cramer, who had been featured heavily in the original segment, and Stewart, led to a highly anticipated face-to-face confrontation on St ...
Ali Velshi's TV persona annoys me more than Jim Kramer's Mad Money. You're right! Financial pundants DO have annoying public personas!
my dad's watching Mad Money. Jim Kramer just said "Putin doesn't go away."
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