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Mad Men

Mad Men is an American dramatic television series created and produced by Matthew Weiner.

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Hm guys I think I just walked by John Slattery aka Roger Sterling from Mad Men in Manhattan this is not a drill
John Slattery came into my job the other day and I was completely 😍. Like my love for Mad Men and seeing Roger was…
Is it just me or Malcolm Turnbull looks like John Slattery from Mad Men
GALLERY: 'Mad Men' Star Jon Hamm's stunning NYC Penthouse can be yours, for just under $15,000 a month:
It’s disappointing but I’ll still watch his movies. . I know someone who stopped watching Mad Men when…
student Angela Smith presenting now fascinating Mad Men research
RW: Weiners new Amazon series The Romanoffs, featuring Mad Men alums Christina Hendricks and John Slattery, is set to premiere in 2018,
"Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner accused of sexual harassment
Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner gets into his first novel with Seattle’s own Maria Semple. $5 tix:…
'Mad Men' creator Matthew Weiner is at this weekend talking about his new novel. Who's got tickets…
If it's as good as Mad Men, it should be unputdownable! ‘Mad Men’ Creator Matthew Weiner’s Foray Into Fiction
The guy who brought you "Mad Men" has a debut novel out --a mystery set in wealthy Manhattan.…
Dawg how in the *** is mad men gonna make me get this emotional
1. Cause key word they boys not men . 2. There actually be females who wanna get mad at you for no reason
Eight days into and the ginger slug is coming along nicely. Itching like mad, but worth it. Support Men…
that's why I'm mad. You'll find the story in this episode . Listen to Why are men trash ? by
. 'Mad Men’ creator Matthew Weiner comes to Seattle to talk about his debut novel via
Mad Men star Jon Hamm will trek into the spooky wilderness in Off Season
I️ promise if I️m mad or not feelin like myself I️ could watch videos of my lil men and my whole attitude would change
Older black men be mad annoying on the phone, like sir I'm tryna help you stop getting defensive
yea it’s on some Mad Men x 007 ish call that Wise Women 011
Mrs appiah : Ghana men > Nigerian men. Mama bisi: you mean Short men with Bum are greater!!. You are mad!!. Me:👇👇
Be mad at Pharma but don't put children's lives at risk because y…
Toxic relationships hinder growth. & as women, we want to take care of our men and sometimes forget that we deserve to be…
I hate it when people address grown *** women/men as "kwedini " or "ntombazana". I don't care how old you are, that's mad disrespectful.
Yeah, it's incredible. I always wished the last ep of Mad Men was Draper turning into The Swimmer.
MEN: would you be mad if your girl woke you up in the middle of the night because she didn’t feel good ??? Asking for a friend
Mad men will forever be the best show ever
This makes me so mad. White men shoot up churches & concerts and the FBI hunts innocent Muslim family men
I can't watch ads without thinking of mad men now
You think you get mad at them because they don't seem like they want to work for their own because they e…
Update your maps at Navteq
See, they should've ended "Mad Men" with Don Draper telling Steve Jobs in 1997 "Put a handle on the case of this co…
Do you also get mad at the men who do it for them willingly bhuti?
Cashew nuts before they're picked look like really angry old men with mad hats
*** I'm still hoping for a day when new 'MAD MEN' episodes will be produced. Meanwhile:.
I missed an entire episode of Mad Men bc these stronzi at work decided to play a prank on us
Mad rubber sex men with two rubber girls with elements of bandage and humiliation in the basement of the house! -…
guy season hot men. You won today. Everybody playing game in this start men. Even the rookies mad.
“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, say…
Since grown men want to message me and make fun of me because they’re sensitive and don’t like to be called out on…
Only reason i did that is Bc he was moving funny. Men be moving mad weird that's how we know y'all be cheating
I have a lot of characters SO:. I'm mad that menstrual hygiene products are still taxed in several states throughout the…
You have to change your own course usually And need no lefty violent mad men changing lives around me
Thunderdome. Aunty Entity. Two men enter one man leave. Master Blaster vs Mad Max. Love this movie.
They gave mad men 280 characters too?
If she makes you mad, tell her why. If she makes you happy, tell her why. Women love men who are in touch with their feelin…
It's funny how men are big mad abt how well she doing without a man. They KNOW they're keeping women d…
Peggy is legit my absolute favorite character in Mad Men. She is such a bos I love her ❤️
...Mad Men always makes me want a cigarette. And booze. Wait... am I really blaming Mad Men for this?
the people who watch Mad Men and think it's about a cool man you should emulate are even cooler than the people who do tha…
Books: Matthew Weiner of 'Mad Men' fame writes a novel; an edgy local debut; bestsellers and more
I am watching "Mad Men" all over again. To say the least, I will read Matthew Weiner's novel. I owe it to him.
Inside the mind of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. Weiner & Maria Semple chat books, TV, and more 11/13 $5 tix:…
Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner comes to the Brattle for 2 events this Friday – visit for details!
'Mad Men' creator Matthew Weiner in Toronto, Thursday, to discuss his first novel
The only way to do a FF movie that I can see? Go retro. Set it in the 60s. Mad Men style.…
Julia Ormond Before she was on Mad Men she was showing off her mad mams.
Betty Draper/Francis is one of the worst characters on Mad Men. She’s so irritating.
Feel like the real nuclear winter playlist would just be that Cuban missile crisis Mad Men where Betty…
Lane Pryce suicide (Mad Men) : wrong person won't apply says the oher court&do not arrive to the:now they'll likely
Lane Pryce suicide (Mad Men) : wolf court and "gal" the what about gul when at court with branch who what when
Electronic Device Insurance
Lane Pryce suicide (Mad Men):pryce the system of and the arrivel to financial :
Mad Men: disaster for women's style. Why you want me to look like Betty Draper. No.
one of my favorite pop culture "fun" things is that on Mad Men, Bert Cooper's sister's name is Alice. Alice Cooper! That's fun to me.
Really? Mess everything up for today and now not even going to get some soothing rain to lay around with? Lame-a-cane.
"Mgtow is not refuge for losers. You're mad because, We're men who do not submit to women or ta…
This Cam Newton story blew up amongst mass shootings & natural disasters. U can tell bein mad at black men is this nation's…
Hmmm... I really like Mad Men. I dunno about "much better."
I have a theory that men this mad about birth control don’t understand how important it is bc they never ever ever…
... Mad Men had a better final episode than Breaking Bad.
I don't think they do unmasked stuff for characters in later games and it makes me so mad there are so ma…
Why do men do wrong and get mad when they get called out for it? 🤔
You know the worst advice to ignore is when it was said the surest route to insanity was trying to find sense in the mind of the mad men
Why do grown men watch football games if they know in's gonna upset them every time ..why do you love to be mad!
When you think Mad Men has a perfect protagonist.
It is not legal. But Trump is mad at Obama for outshining him, so T.was to blot him out of e…
HALT AND CATCH FIRE is the kind of TV show I sift through hours of whatever to find. This, QUEEN SUGAR, MAD MEN, SHOW ME A HERO. Move me.
1/It drives me mad when certain men w/anti-Islamic agendas lecture me about how evil a relig…
1. Don't get mad when abortion rates go up 2. Equity > Equality 3. Men can get viagara paid for by insurance so...
That’s prolly what Azealia was talking about how racist white men’s wives should cheat on them with black men bc they really do be mad 💀
1) NFL viewing down in almost every demo, with almost everyone, including blacks. Men 18-34 down 14% from last year. ht…
We down in caution in we mad hat, . Sober? What is that 😂. Big up to Aquille, one of dem men,. I ready for my comp and…
"Nobody watched it, but people loved to talk about it"—Jon Hamm on Mad Men's connection to the iPhone, blog, and recap culture.
Why do so many men think that birth control pills are solely for birth control...and why are they did mad about it being covered?
I need that Don Draper retreat resort in my life. Just finished all of Mad Men again, Breaking Bad is next but man, that show brings tears
Watching Mad Men is never a bad idea.
Mad I had to end my workout early cause of creepy *** men smh.
This makes me want to watch Mad Men
Nobodys mad about ur dumb comment Ur just pandering to the ESPN liberal audience ratings will keep…
• THE CHAOS •. Men are men darling. They don't deserve your tears. Neither your loyalty. They deserve to be played
"Strictly for live men, not for freshmen."
White Angry men mad about equality. What’s new.
extremely obsessed that Pete Campbell from mad men is in MY FRIEND DAHMER
Trump is the most dangerous man in the world. Congress needs to intervene now & take his ability to start a preemptive war.
Wollaston station on the red line completely flooded
Mad at men for making broad statements. Makes broad statements about men. Seems legit
Because they don't want a war with 2 mad men
I misread that as Mad Men. Have been having the best mashup fantasies ever since. Would rather have some roll.
Men get so mad when we call them trash but they don't got that same energy when men are raping, harassing women :/ ok
White men getting mad at Beadle for telling white men to listen about racism is peak white male supremacy
This is from the Utz ad from one of the early seasons of Mad Men. It's not a very plausible ad.
U arent on my side. None of us are picking on actual men. We are laughing at NAZIS. I dont see any Non Naz…
Melissa is just mad because men ask her for an STD test before offering.
I’m not mad at men just disappointed at women!when you stopped letting men be men,like taking care of the household,opening your door?
Is any member of the GOP or Trump administration outraged, anyone going to call them a “SOB?” Or are y’all only mad when men…
Trumpkins say all men are sexual predators to defend Trump but then get mad when SJWs say the same thing.
Lmao I'm honestly so over men getting mad about makeup, please sit down no ones listening
I know! The women make me more mad than the men. Vaazhkaila nalla ambalaigala paathadhe illayaa?
I desperately want there to be a Christmas episode of Mad Men directly based on the plot of Jingle All the Way
Are circumcised men ever mad about it?
There's that episode of Mad Men, but the tradeoff is having to see John Slattery in blackface sooo
Lionsgate Entertainment City to bring 'Hunger Games,' 'Mad Men'-themed attractions to Times…
1x03 writer is from House of Cards and Mad Men. 1x04's writer is from Buck's time on Dexter, not holding my breath for that one.
Men.. we gotta do better at cherishing our women 🙌🏽❤️
Do you think Alexis Bledel was like 'not great, Bob' when she ended up working w Elisabeth Moss who fake fked her husband on Mad Men
This is powerful! Mad love to those two beautiful men Harry and Louis!
While I watch Mad Men I slam my fist's on the table and chant, "Betty, Betty, BETTY, BETTY!"
And when I finally get the free time, perhaps I can start na with Mad Men hihihi
Shana asks if u listened to her Mans song and then gets mad when you don't know which one out of the 618471 men she's got.
Marcus had an entire other girl, a whole wife. and now he mad at Brooke? Men can dish it but can’t take it 🙄 h…
I don't really have any investment in the Hunger Games so can I still go to the Mad Men restaurant?
God bless the men who are still mad for a WOMAN.
It’s like they KNEW had returned to NYC!
Women get so mad when they find out other women are making it in this world, not bending over backwards for men. 😂😂
Men say goofy stuff like this and then get mad when a girl isn't interested
My aunt went through my Grandma’s closet and found some vintage gems! I may be someone from Mad Men for Halloween
Also what is a Mad Men dining experience? 🙄
Y'know, because men can't compliment each other without wanting that mad D. God forbid.
Diary of a mad black woman makes me really hate men. The way y’all can treat women is so horrific.
I can’t see or hear the Bye Bye Birdie song without thinking about that freaking Mad Men episode
Where can I get so emotionally involved in mad men drinking game.
Finally, a restaurant where it's fine to sexually harass and demean women, because it's a theme, get it?
obvs my take that MAD MEN’s appeal was in large part its function as a gross nostalgia theme park was way off huh
I need 280 characters so I can properly rant about mad men and how much I hate donald draper
when men’s choir gets to wear t shirts and jeans and the women have to wear or CHoIr DrESeSSsSs i’m not MAD
30 Rock also in the same universe as Mad Men.
In reality, Black women aren't against Black men cus of patriarchy. They're mad cus we don't do real patriarchy enough that…
"Black men when we see other races of men with a foothold in technology, commerce and military. It makes us mad and ashamed…
Times Square is getting a Mad Men restaurant
Lionsgate is bringing The Hunger Games, John Wick and Mad Men attractions to Times Square. Details here…
Excellent new video essay on Joan Holloway Harris. I miss Mad Men.
If I could describe my life it would truly be a combination between The Devil Wears Prada and Mad Men. AKA insanity.
John Slattery is extra and deadpan all at once. Very happy with his performances in these first episodes of season 5 of Mad Men.
My choices for a Sully casting was Tom Hanks or John Slattery from Mad Men
Don't get me started, I legit was getting so mad at the comments, stating the majority of drag queens…
You can find me at home all weekend reading my new Gucci Mane book or taking breaks to binge watch Mad Men 🤓😏 lol
Hey Men! reading today shows us if you want to make God mad, treat your bad. .
Trump slams NFL for not firing players who 'disrespect' US - ABC News - via
Huh. Just a couple of men with reasonably sized hands being relaxed and not engaged in petty dominance behavior.…
What set race relationships back was you angry white men being mad that…
Cuz is mad at a perceived disrespect to the men who served this country in a nutshell.
NFL says Trump's "divisive" comments "demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL - ABC News - via
I just wanna know why they be so mad when black men celebrate and adore black women?
The biggest difference between men and women is that women get mad for things men PROBABLY did.
Grown men and women not being able to control the way they act mad early in the morning Smh
Why don’t invite your friend Rocket Man to White House two mad men together should be great not fi…
I'm not mad at that, I'm annoyed at the hypocrisy. People blasting black men for dat…
The next Edition will tear apart all Mad Men scared of a birthday win! H.E all the way up
Two real men! You're just mad that you're a little fingered girlie girl!
.call's Kim Jong UN..'little rocket man' at
Why do men assume you want to argue when you want to discuss something that's bothering you? Then wonder why we get mad
jimin really can be out there exposing and getting mad at the members but no one dare get mad or expose him I love powerful men
Men will really try to play you like a *** and then get mad when you don't fall for it lmao.
8 days of not doing anything In a big *** hotel room? Gonna finish Mad Men and The Wire
I want to rewatch Mad Men but I also want to rewatch 30 Rock but I also want to keep rewatching Veep
I think there is a problem with the Mad Men sequencing. It keeps showing the wrong episode order after every episode 🤔
Black men don't cheat so stop lying before I get mad
You mad bro?! Spurs’s cup final...ok then. you’ll be releasing a dvd now about how you nearly got back…
Hey if it makes old white racist men mad, im all for it! Maybe a few will have heart attacks if were lucky
Obviously you know nothing about Nicki. I bet your *** listens to Eminem. Y'all mad cuz Nick…
Trump fires back at Kim Jong Un "We can"t have mad men out there shooting rockets" https:/…
.We can't have mad men shooting rockets all over the place 🚀
Client management the Mad Men way, with infographic (July 2017)
Folks are mad at Black men for taking a KNEE yall look just like the racist whites that was angry that colored folk was…
lol. I think they ones you should be mad at are the black men who beat and denigrate black women
I was mad hungry earlier.. I sat down to eat and my appetite disappeared. Men are trash.
Can we have the last episodes of the final season of mad men please!?
Bikers dressed like Mad Men's Don Draper are riding through the streets of Cardiff
-comes here to say- They're mad fine men already at my event and some of them are vendors. 😂😂
Since 2000, there have been 18 for Drama Series. Shows with Elisabeth Moss (Handmaid's Tale, Mad Men, West Wing) have won…
In Suburban Commando, the little girl that Hulk Hogan launches into the sky is Peggy from Mad Men. . That's me done…
Matthew Weiner Casts Isabelle Huppert, Christina Hendricks and John Slattery in Amazon Series The trio of actors will star in the 'Mad Men'
No, no, no, no, no. Rod Serling was a character on Mad Men, silly! Remember - Serling Cooper. Or S…
Ezra Klein about Mad Men and it's a pretty Ezra Klein thing to do everything myself.
Forget Coca Cola, forget John Lewis, forget Mad Men. Here's all the times Bovril proved they were the greatest advertising gen…
Daredevil,Boardwalk Empire,Game of Thrones,The Sopranos,Sons of Anarchy,Justified,Mad Men,and,of course,Shameless
Just imagine a zine version of Mad Men made by Adult Swim.
Pitcher for the Reds has the same exact name as the *** guy from Mad Men
Molly is a legend for three things: this, her perfect Mad Men reviews, and for introducing me to Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe
Campbell and Layne fighting on Mad Men is everything.
I LOVE Elizabeth moss. I really only know her from Top of The Lake, but apparently she was in Mad Men and played Polly in Girl, Interrupted
So watched episode one of Mad Men on the plane cause I wanted to see my good boy Cole Phelps. Apparently that show isnt about 1990s -
I love Elizabeth Moss. Did you realise she is Penny form Mad Men? And if you haven't seen Top of the Lake look it up 👍🏼
The important thing to know about this week’s episode of Zoo is that Bob Benson from Mad Men orchestrated a lion...
Looks like Ted Chaough from Mad Men next to Diane Sawyer.
I was reading Mad Men recaps & was reminded of the guy who said my Lady Lazarus reading was "hot". I still don't know how to process that.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
The cameos I'm uncovering on early episodes of Mad Men are blowing my mind. Nat Faxon!
dicarlos pizza, being outside, 80s synth pop, bummer tunes, morning sex and Mad Men would all ideally be involved too. the end of the world.
Fun fact I only started watching Mad Men cause Aaron Staton who does the motion capture for Cole Phelps plays Ken Cosgrove
To be fair, Mad Men had the ultimate showstopping guest roles (granted, more than 1 epis…
Great British Bake Off is super relaxing, Mad Men is p good
Badass female characters: Peggy and Joan from Mad Men, Princess Caroline from BoJack Hors…
Always fancied working in a modern version of Mad Men? This role in a AdTech start-up could be right up your street:
Or borrow the Mad Men for your photo op. Mad About Abstract Expressionism.
It's a mod and Mad Men party for This girl stole my shot by the shuttlecock and I'm…
Raise your martini glass🍸 Mad Men premiered 10 years ago today!
Wow fun fact: Matthew Weiner got hired as head writer on The Sopranos because the producers read his Mad Men pilot. It’s that…
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I hate every male character in Mad Men
I just saw a feminist mad because all men's pants have pockets but not all women's pants. what is this world coming to honestly
You can pick up context from season 1 quickly. They reinvented show and made it way better. It is like…
Angry white men so mad that their turd of a president won. Imagine the rage had he lost?! 😂
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Thoughts while watching Mad Men: women in the 60s had these fancy pajamas and I'm lucky if I don't fall asleep in what I wore during the day
you would have more coronaries than Don Draper's boss (little Mad Men ref for ya)
I hate it when men I don't know follow me to my car. It's mad annoying.
There are some great story gems in oral history. If you love the show, it's a must-read.
'Mad Men' turns 10: The 10 best episodes, ranked
Same I can't even be mad tho cause all my queens are prospering with their men 😭
I look fine asf when I'm mad so it makes sense why men *** me off on purpose
And this is why I hate men lol Jesus. "I love you! I just cheat on you... that's love! Why are you mad? Calm down!"…
I do not think I am emotionally ready for the onslaught of Mad Men Turns 10 articles
Although they are now like mad men, sparing none, but still spoiling and destroying those that fear the Lord.
For its premiere's 10th anniversary (tomorrow), I wrote about how TV feels so different post- the late/great MAD MEN http…
Binge watched Mad Men all 7 season.Don't know what all the hype was was good at times.
Old Man wanted to see what my hype about Mad Men was SO I'm watching it again from the beginning! And Jon Hamm looks SO YOUNG.
Men who are more mad at women for being wary around men then they are of men who make women afraid to be alone are sup…
Women take 2 hours to get ready but get mad at men for taking 10 minutes to poop 🙄
it’s basically that scene from mad men when Draper tells that guy “i don’t care about u at all” lol
"Men, it has been said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recove…
Beginning Mad Men from scratch for the first time in forever. Which means my mental DNA will be radically altered for a bit.
I followed them for Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and now Saul and Game of Thrones.
did people call him that when mad men was still relevant? I know I'm late but I think "donny drapes" is a winner
Ahh why has it taken you so long to get onto Mad Men?
Most of these black feminists are mad that they can't get white *** so they take it out on black men.
Everybody loves Ray, but Romano left a Mad Man; Reds lose, 11-2
"oh man, donny drapes made a big mistake hooking up with THIS lady!" - me, every episode of mad men
1) every line in retrospective is perfect (see: aesthetic procedural). 2) I miss Mad Men so much
Do yourself a favor, and check out excellent oral history of the pilot:
re-watching Mad Men. Every episode ends with me screaming GOD I LOVE HIM.
I've made it to season 6 of Mad Men check out the hunk in blue who just showed up he can throw it a mile but he can…
The more I think about it the more this makes me mad bc the men who get mad about this are prolly the sam…
Men who jump up and get mad when u say men are trash just prove when they speak that men ARE trash, y'all are so funny
Real grown men come on here everyday and defend their bad arguments with, "LOL I only come on here to make people mad!"…
Why should not old men be mad?. Some have known a likely lad. That had a sound fly-fisher’s wrist. Turn to a drunken journali…
Scrolled through Netflix for a good 15 minutes before settling on reruns of Mad Men. Gimme Don Draper any day. 😜
We were told that women and children needed help escaping war. Turns out it's just young African men. Where are the wom…
Y’all preach men should never hit women but she can destroy my property cause she mad? I will knock you out so swiftly
Watch Mad Men on Netflix, you won't regret it.
Ask yourselves why does me saying ..all white men make you so defensive? If I advocate for diversity of all kinds why doe…
The Martin Luther King episode of Mad Men hit me like a ton of bricks. Emotional stuff
i have a hard time imagining a first-time Mad Men binge - it's so dense! still, prepare to enjoy yourself.
Here i am with a few reflections on "Mad Men," from the day after the finale:
no spoilers but towards the end of the Mad Men run Pete actually became one of my favorite characters.
I keep seeing Mad Men top 10 episodes list, and none of them have "The Jet Set"
Looking back at how changed television 10 years after its premiere
Children of Men, Y Tu Mama Tambien, and Mad Men. (I started young cause my older brother has great taste)
Mad Men update: How are there so many baby boomers still alive given their smoking and drunk driving habits?!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Because of backlash from Fred Durst, the SU have shunned Mad Men.
It has occurred to me that I can no longer watch Mad Men without seeing Jon Hamm as the Reverend from Kimmy Schmidt.
and I don't want to hear pathetic excuses for men of color, y'all be the most oppressive ones sometimes, forgetting who y…
Even though Hindus r mocked by others openly ,& closed doors about its idol worship, culture, traditions. 'mad men' etc they don't know
Any decent about MAD MEN? I'm missing it and I need to inject analysis and trivia in my veins.
Bring out your inner mad men outfit and never be afraid of a waffle skirt. It's a refreshing…
I was just gonna say that I hated her in Mad Men (mostly her character) but she's amazing in The Handmaid's Tale 😩💯👌🏽. Perfect choice
I don't do grown men with female tendencies.. you're too grown to be mad and petty over spilled milk.
Lavar Ball is a black man loving & supporting his children. How can you be mad? We need more images like that. Black men loving & free.
All things being equal - Also - men need to stop being mad at women with standards - water finds it's own level -
Mad Men makes me so happy and so livid at the same time
Jon Hamm referencing Olive Garden's "When you're here, you're family" campaign on Comedy Bang! Bang!: Canon Mad Men sequel
Having a writer's mtng for a new project & just found out the place we're meeting was a bar on Mad Men. Bless this endeavor, Elisabeth Moss!
There are many black men with the same preference as Kodak, Kodak just the one that admitted it and got y'all big mad lol
I can't be mad at Kodak Black's comments as ignorant as they are because obviously most black men feel the same
i love parks and rec and mad men, i'm currently watching the handmaid's tale. And am planning…
Some of you females be tryna look "seductive" in ya pics where you lookin mad.. whole time y'all look like men. Strong a…
Really got an appreciation for what y'all go through every morning after I got the Mad Men hair lol
Swear I've been gaining weight like a mad men; totally okay though - amazing things are happening ♡
Girls are really mad at Kodak for saying he only likes light skins when they have a preference on either light or d…
I'm not mad at Kodak but black men need to stop dissing black woman we the ones who have y'all back put some respect on i…
Need advice on new drinks to order - Mad Men has given me cravings like no other.
running into the logic that Mad Men was bad and patriarchal and everyone who likes it is bad is... a trip. Don is the villain
I don't think we were following each other during the show's run but have you seen Mad Men?
I've just watched episode S01E08 of Mad Men!
Literally women have been wanting dark skin men over lightskin men the last 2 years... why y'all not mad about that too? Lmao
when grown *** men get mad after I don't reply for 10 minutes and text me "I don't play these kid games have a nice life" like what
i still havent finished OITNB or Breaking Bad or mad men and im not caught up with Always Sunny but i also love using other people's hbo
Black women slander lightskin black men on a daily basis and get mad at Kodak for saying he don't want a woman as dark as him...
Men that are al about u are mad sexy. Nothing corny about telling her u love her and she's beautiful hella times a day❤❤
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
jesus, the classic misogynist move of replacing a lady's eyebrows with corn...i'd expect to see this on Mad Men; no place for it on here
Started "Mad Men" and omg where has this show been all of my life?!?!?
Acronym says it all. It takes us back to Sick Care. Truly a move to B.C. Free riders and maverick premium strategie…
Here come the trash men who get mad when I say all men are trash
I'm mad at Boys to Men for that Geico commercial lol
sigh, when you realize how powerful those mad men are. How they can make or br…
Steve Carell looks like he has favorite spice bread vendor at the farmer's market in Chilmark and he likes Mad Men most…
Sesame Street's Upside Downton Abbey was a game changer for me. Same with their Mad Men parody
I liked a video Mad Men: The Carousel (Space Oddity by David Bowie)
Stan Rizzo is the best character on Mad Men 🙌🏽
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