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Mad Men

Mad Men is an American dramatic television series created and produced by Matthew Weiner.

Don Draper Pete Campbell Alison Brie Matthew Weiner Matt Weiner Jared Harris Betty Draper Jon Hamm Richard Harris Bob Benson Maggie Siff Harry Crane Dave Franco Peggy Olsen Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce New York Cole Phelps

Why did Netflix release 13 Reasons Why, Mad Men and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 the same time my end of year essays are due 😧😧😧
When are the final 7 episodes of Mad Men season 7 dropping?
Me: I should start studying. Also me: *finishes one season of Mad Men in one day*. NAILED IT
The chemistry in Mad Men between Kiernan Shipka and Jon Hamm is delightful 🕶
I've been watching Mad Men lately and you look so much like the actress Jessica Paré!
Internet service providers want your data so they can be the new "Mad Men."
from Washington University St. Louis in 1954 and from there he got his kick to work in the world of Mad Men illustrating car advertisements
The box set of Mad Men takes a good few weeks to get through.
Will I come back from this trip to Tokyo as Bert Cooper from Mad Men? Maybe.
Harry Crane is getting way more laid on than he ever did on Mad Men.
Seeing Harry Crane outside of Mad Men is weird. Like he's a time traveler.
Getting a ad in real life. Great job Don.
Dear Batman aka PLEASE call in all favors to investigate Russian hacking collusion before these mad men d…
: Mad Men will always be one of the best 21st century TV series.
Heinz approves ads first proposed in Mad Men ’50 years ago’
Sauce material: how Mad Men wrote the new Heinz ads
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I think I'm going to spend the rest of my Spring Break researching Mad Men.
Heinz has brought a fictional ad campaign from Mad Men into the real world
Here's a fabulous halter maxi dress for your next Mad Men party!.
Men be wanting to humble me. That's why they always point out "yo you mad cocky yo, you act like *** ain't nothing…
When men don't ask for help when they lost is like us ladies saying we not mad when we are
Coming out today: This ad for Heinz ketchup was developed for a "Mad Men" episode of season 6, and is showing photos of…
This ‘Mad Men’ pitch for ketchup is being turned into a real-life ad campaign
I honestly feel bad being taller than more than half of the men at this school. I'd be mad if I were them too.
Mad Men fans will get a chuckle from Heinz's new ad:
If you've never watched Mad Men before...grab some ☕️ and get'll thank us! 👌
Why Adidas steps away from TV advertising? From Mad Men to Math Men
You aren't a real man until you watch Mad Men. That show makes you a man. Most influential TV show of my life 👔🚬
Men, it has been said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slo…
Don Draper’s “Pass the Heinz” ads are finally being brought to life.
Release Reminder: The Air Max 1 OG Ultra 2.0 LE, will be available tomorrow in men and women…
Heinz approves ads first proposed by Don Draper in Mad Men '50 years ago':
the other day I was too embarrassed to ask the guy behind the counter for some bc the store was full of men. still mad at myself.
Heinz's new ad campaign actually uses a Don Draper idea from 'Mad Men'
This is why men think I'm crazy as *** If I'm little mad, I'll be over it in a few minutes. If I'm big mad, I'm m…
Dominican men be *** but got a whole family with mad kids ☹️
Heinz Ketchup Wises Up and Runs Don Draper’s ‘Pass the Heinz’ Campaign from ‘Mad Men’
I've just watched episode S05E13 of Mad Men!
Feminists don't care about men who were left behind in society, they care about debating to get rich powerful *** mad a them for sex,
I told this woman at the bar last night men don't cheat. Then she got mad when my wife showed up. I tried to tell her.
Scott who is going to step up and stop these mad men?: Big big trouble is coming. Yes the sky is falling!!
ICYMI: "Pass the Heinz" pitch is now a real ad campaign for
Heinz is using a rejected Don Draper pitch in its real advertising, because reality is a lie
It's mad, misogyny from *** black men on the TL goes unchecked. If we're gonna do call outs, let's be consistent.
I see black men always bothered by what black women say on here but why bother getting mad and defensive? Lol let them have it.
I'm so mad. I seen too many videos where BW are handled by men so violently. This is assault & the woman jumped in. Th…
Good read if you have watched Mad Men:
she was also in Mad Men and 10 things I hate about you
Life - Art - TV. Did a creative team work on campaign for Mad Men? How does Heinz pay Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce?…
Heinz to run the actual ketchup adverts first shown by Don Draper in Mad Men
An ad campaign pitched by Don Draper in the fictional series Mad Men is being put to use in real life by Heinz:
Heinz Uses The ad Campaign Pitched by Don Draper in Mad Men via
One of Don Draper's riskiest 'Mad Men' pitches is becoming a real-life ad campaign
Heinz launches ketchup ads inspired by "Mad Men" - Food giant attributes new condiment campaign to "Don Draper,...
Franco marries his Mad Men love: Dave Franco and Alison Brie are man and wife.
Pass the Heinz. - it doesn't get more meta than this: Mad Men's Don Draper designed the new Heinz campaign.
Dave Franco and 'Mad Men' star Alison Brie get married
Mad Men may have ended, but Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce still lives on.
Heinz actually uses the ad campaign pitched by Don Draper in 'Mad Men'.
Heinz is using Don Draper’s mouth-watering ad campaign 50 years after he pitched it on Mad Men
Celebrity alert! Funnyman Dave Franco and Mad Men's Allison Brie tied the knot this past weekend:…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
yeah, Mad Men and Sopranos do this to the wife character too. It doesn't make it good or okay!
Some guy in my office both sounds and looks like Harry Crane from Mad Men and I don't even know him but I hate him bc of it
While watching Mad Men, I keeping Aaron Staton's character is just Cole Phelps having lived, and being undercover in New York.
There's a New TV Show About the Romanov Dynasty from the Creator of 'Mad Men'
Me either. And it has (again) made me think of this from Mad Men: // Happy 40,
Matthew Weiner talks 'Mad Men' book and cast reunions at launch party
Can't really afford to pay £90 for Matt Weiner's new Mad Men book and this is the second most emotionally distressed I'll ever be.
I actually recognised Jon Hamm in this photo by Edgar Wright thanks to his trademark pose on Mad Men.
Matt Weiner & Benedikt speak from the balcony like popes at their "Mad Men" book party
Picked up a nice used copy of Katherine Anne Porter's "Ship of Fools". A novel from the JFK/Mad Men era.👌😎
When does Jay Wright find the time to coach while shooting the next Mad Men episode?
Currently thinking about why we never found out what happened to Peggy Olson's baby in Mad Men
The Peggy Olson's of the world got us away from this, so why are people thinking we are still living in a Mad Men-e…
I think is very good on but he looks like Bob Benson from Mad Men. "Senator, what's the mood lik…
Stuck between high energy for presentation & wanting to be in bed with a glass of wine watching Mad Men or Downton Abbey 🙃
that Bob Benson beat in Mad Men where he sends a gift of cold cuts to a funeral and it;s ALL WRONG sums it up
"He looks like Jon Hamm and drives a Harley so yes" same lol that dude on Second Date sounds so Mad Men & I love it
There is one aspect of working in the "Mad Men" era that needs to come back -- the only aspect -- and it is this: office napping.
ICYMI: Jon Hamm finally confirms that dark thing about "Mad Men" via
Elizabeth Moss looks like she never ages. She played in West Wing in 1999 then Mad Men in 2007 and looked almost the exact same.
I just ran into Rich Sommer from Mad Men! I wasn't sure so I basically stopped him on the street and asked if he was in Mad Men.
feel like thats from the Mad Men prequel about Bert Cooper in the 40's
Understanding the election with a little help from South Park, Mad Men, and the Onion...
I don't know what 'Mad Men' has done for my fan base. I didn't kno...
With 'Mad Men,' you feel like you're a member of Seal Team Six when ...
Five things we want to see in the Ransom Center’s "Mad Men" archive
I went to the special Mad Men exhibit at the Moving Image Museum it was so great, can't wait to see this when it's ready!
From Bond girls to Brooks Brothers, how Janie Bryant designed costumes for Mad Men
of heads to Texas; show archive donated to at at Austin. https…
Cis-feminists need to stop shaming *** sizes! This mad disrespectful to trans men who have had surgery
Instead of being concerned that black men have the highest crime & rape rates, they get mad at the person bringing it u…
The archive for the acclaimed drama "Mad Men," has been donated to UT's Harry Ransom Center. -…
'Mad Men' archive donated to University of Texas: 
Strong women and sensible men are a threat to small minds
Peggy is my favorite on mad men so far
Don: I give you money. You give me ideas. . Peggy: You never say thank you. . Don: That's what the money is for. .
'Mad Men' Archive Donated to UT's Ransom Center: The archives from the hit cable series Mad Men is headed to…
Halt and Catch Fire: not Mad Men in the 80s, but so much better
Why are you so mad that I don't care what Kolor you are? Are you one of those privileged white men I saw in the…
it's a trend for men to hate women wearing makeup, dressing however they want, etc. THATS what is making us mad. Not the fact that
Modern 📺 takes its seat at one of the top culture-archives in the 🌎 archive is coming to
'Mad Men' archive lands at University of Texas
Matthew Weiner and have generously donated the archive to
.Thought you'd love hearing the news that the Mad Men archive has been donated to the Ransom Center!.
archives including costumes and production notes were donated to the University of Texas…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Her wearing your clothes, putting cold feet on you, taking mad long to get ready... Leftovers are our reparations as…
Messi + Ronaldo scored 96 goals that season. 2 men. 96 goals. Messi - 50, Ronaldo - 46. Next was Falcao with 24. D'you know…
I've just watched episode S02E04 of Mad Men!
The irony of yt men being mad that festivals don't book exactly who they want/yelling @ women that u can't "book to fill…
Don Draper and 'Mad Men' Archive Land at University of Texas - ABC News -
Don Draper and 'Mad Men' archive land at University of Texas
totally. Edie Falco is an amazing actress. I like it better than Mad Men.
I really like January Jones. i'm also obsessed with Mad Men. . Life is good.
This *** got mad at me for agreeing that calling women "female" is demeaning. He then said calling men "male" is demeaning also.
For those keeping track, I am still waiting on an affordable/non cumbersome edition of Mad Men: The Complete Series and a SE of Gone Girl.
More I think about commercial, the more it offends me; utterly sexist & clueless about women. Women should boycott. Is this Mad Men?
Fences got me mad at all the men right now! 😡
Me: I should be productive . Me: *starts season 5 of scandal and adds mad men to queue*
Lol girls in a relationship can do whatever they want and we're not suppose to get mad as men LOL. Oh.. well I'm the wrong guy. I bite back
I have to wonder if the reason these girls are mad at men is cause they cant get laid.
Stop mistreating the good men & getting mad when a real female like ME get him and appreciate him.
I'm regards to Mad Men...Katie just asked me when the guy shows up with the mask on his face. Guess she's watching…
Mad men is the wrong show to watch when trying to quit smoking
its some real disrespectful *** *** BOYS AND WANT TO BE *** MEN like bruh yall real mad disrespectful .
Spoiler alert: Narcos has the same ending as Mad Men
Just when I think Mad Men can't get any stranger it outdoes itself
Rewatching Mad Men. Season three, Pete and Trudy dancing the Charleston at Roger's Derby party: proof that even the worst have ok moments.
"Every car has a cup holder, but only ours has a holder for cups". It's like Mad Men meets Zoolander.
How quickly men lose weight makes me so mad lol
This chick was telling me a story and I was like *** dudes suck and this guy with us literally got mad and said "not all men…
Just started that show Mad Men and can't believe how badly women were treated in the 60s!! So glad the patriarchy is over nd we're equal now
how women can turn any argument or any bad 'situation' on men and we begin to feel guilty for their mistakes... Mad
Women can't be mad at men for trying to have their cake and eating urs too if u allow it😬😬😬
I still love chris but all 🌲 of dem men are mad and I hope tomorrow were laughing at something new
They are truly “Mad Men”:I see humans, but no humanity. for the world🌍🌎
domain names
Mad Men is my next series binge. Don Draper isn't a bad guy per se, I think he's philosophically a naturalist.
I need the whole Mad Men discography.
Once upon a time man had to defend himself from wild animals. Now he has to defend himself from other mad men. What a fall…
lmaooo mad men laughing a Soulja like they aren't just like him
I'm still confused.are they shooting like a "lost episode" of Mad Men? Why is Don Draper touching all of that lady's donuts?
I must know why these old old men are sitting down discussing creep squad like they're in the mafia. It's mad embarrassi…
Who said Japan has "entirely different views about gender" than West? How is JPN corporate sexism different than Mad Men 1960s?
*** that men use money to attract women but hate gold-diggers & Women use their body to attract men but get mad when th…
Lmao you're getting mad that a girl is calling out perpetual & common abuse against women than the fact that men ar…
I love and have mad respect for men who are soft and loving and unfraid to show it, but it gets even better when there'…
Retired Green Beret testifies General Mad Dog Mattis left 'my men to die' in Afghanistan https…
I'm still disappointed they didn't make Don Draper into D. B. Cooper. I'd have cared about mad men.
woke salon expert expertly concludes Trump was elected because ghostbusters were female and women had lead roles in…
📷 HAPPY 2017, TUMBLR! In honor of the new year, I’ve decided to reblog my Top 10 Facts from 2016. I...
The true story of how Teen Vogue got mad, got woke, and began terrifying men like Donald Trump — Quartz
Women give mad care to little things that men kind of overlook... like eye lashes
Have you checked out Rock Your Baby Striped Kitten Mad Men Dress lately?
Men are always justifying their actions, thinking we shouldn't be as mad as we are & if the tables were turned, they'd burn ou…
“We no longer long for 'happy ever after.' We no longer believe in 'you complete me' or Mad Men…
Is your conference room more Mad Men than Iron Man? Read “Do is the New Disrupt”.
Ohhh I legit made the connection that Sterling in Mad Men is Howard Stark mind=blown
My reaction whenever Pete Campbell from Mad Men loses his own argument
Mad Men hair & make up were incredibly talented, but the gradual balding of Pete Campbell was art in its purest form.
And then you realize he's Pete Campbell from Mad Men. Let the hate flow ...
No. Those kids make Glen Bishop from Mad Men (Weiner's kid) look like Robert DeNiro.
'Mad Men' still lives in my life as the best job that I've ever ha...
I'd love to do something on 'Mad Men' and 'Boardwalk Empire.' I...
Cory Bernardi says the welfare to wives of polygamous men as political correctness gone mad.
Binge watching Mad Men while Daddy does big people stuff
make like Mad Men and write better copy
I've just watched episode S07E07 of Mad Men!
I started watching Mad Men again from the beginning. It's so very good.
My man Mad Dog Mattis would know what to do with those men
And the obsession with the early 1960s from about 10 years ago when Mad Men came along.
excuse me general have you gone mad to ask these men to pass the torch???
The case for content marketing – Why today's Mad Men need to embrace th
These camera men are mad the positions they get in to film are jus cray...
Finally about to buy a tv for my room. I'm about to be extra and get a bigger one so my father can be mad. You know how men feel about that😂
Some girls allow they men to have sex out the relationship it's mad. 😂
Y'all, I've been catching up on Mad Men (three years late, I know), and I REALLY dislike this Lou character.
U mad that u could't make the cut like us MEN. After u failed at being a woman?
Finally watching Mad Men. Where has this been until now?!
not all tar heel fans r mad. Give me dad gum Roy, his program an the men he turns out with substance any day
I have exams this week and all I've done this weekend is watch mad men
Lmao where them men that get mad if their home cooked meal is on paper plates 😭? I have a question
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it seems some men are mad for women to be able with State funds to rape their wombs
Black men get so mad when u point out their alliance w the white supremacist gaze per elitism, misogynoir, etc & love to call ppl broke lmao
In the industry, I got a lot of attention for 'Mad Men,' because ever...
I'm not mad that a guy is a covergirl I'm mad bc men's eyelashes are always longer than women's.. so covergirl is false advertising
Relive one of most horrific (and hilarious) moments ever. Watch full episodes from Season 3:
Crazy men get mad when you don't say thank you to their compliments and they get mad when you do say thank you
I've just watched episode S07E02 of Mad Men!
Standard response when women discuss sexual things about men is "you'd be mad if men did that". Untrue. The tone/content/intent matter.
News Corp’s Robert Thomson on fake news: ‘We’ve gone from Mad Men to mad metrics’
'"Mad men, Dead man. I see no difference. They both live in a world beyond mine"'
all these ppl r mad bc theyve got ugly taste in men... — Thanks!!
i reread clickhole's oral history of Mad Men and it's still incredible
More citizens have to wake up. Get some courage to stand up to these mad men.
Happy founder's day to the wonderful men of ! Mad love to you all on this day and always ☺️❤️
Good stuff from an Obama/Hillary operative: Nudging or Tricking via
Less attractive women always get the best attributed men
Part part All good. We review reviewed
Fun fact: The creator of Mad Men instructed January Jones to read Plath's 'Ariel' to help get into character during the show's second season
so instead of getting mad at men who treats women bad you blame the woman? Men act the opposite who they are.
i made mad tips last night based on the fact that men are pigs and all you have to do is have a conversation with them to scam them LMFAO
1. Two grown men standin outside the Chinese food spot started getting mad when I declined to give them my change...
How am I just now finding out about Mad Men
These men so mad at you like it's your fault god didn't bless them
My mind is blown because I just found out that actor Jared Harris ('Mad Men') is the son of actor Richard Harris (1…
Jared Harris dies in everything I watch and by everything I mean Mad Men and The Crown.
Did you know that Richard Harris's son, Jared, was Lane Pryce on "Mad Men" and King George on "The Crown?"
Blue Devil fun fact: Jared Harris, actor from Mad Men & The Crown and son of Richard Harris, the first Dumbledore, is a Duk…
Mad Men. Folks fell in love with that show & with Thom Browne & now nobody wants to let go. Let go!
WH returning to Mad Men era? That sounds great John Hamm would be great for a cabinet position.Very top shelf
I know I should be productive, but I might just start re-watching Mad Men. Need some Peggy Olsen inspiration.
Samantha Harris from Mad Men stars in Step by Step about a judgmental Musician named Sophie
Christina Hendricks - AMC celebration of Mad Men with The Black and Red Ball in Los Angeles
I would say what Mad Men has taught me has been a super elevated evaluati...
it involves watching her drunk yell "his name is Ben Feldman! He's on the Mad Men. And he is gonna be a star!"
Shows that I never watched but discovered as reruns:. South Park. Bobs Burgers. Mad Men. Law and Order SVU
There's nothing that makes me more mad than condescending comments by middle age men
Me too. I would be mad if men weren't promising me their surname sksksksksk
They seem more like despicable characters from Mad Men than American men of today. Unfortunately these dinosaurs are not e…
I've never watched it. It joins The Wire, Breakinf Bad, and Mad Men on the list of great shows I've never watched.
I hate to complain about a show so progressive but Good Girls Revolt looks like the basic cable version of Mad Men 😕 hope I'm proven wrong
Poop, The Shield isn’t Amazing Prime anymore. Now what am I going to watch to avoid watching Mad Men season 5.
Pretty sure the two hottest men in New York just got in the uber pool with my right now and I am not mad about it
Have we come as far as we think we have?
Find out why Estella Chung describes Hillwood as "Downton Abbey set in the 'Mad Men' world." ht…
One of the worlds mysteries.who washes the glasses in the office on Mad Men?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Men love *** until they fall in love with one. Then they get mad at them for being what they love. It's an amazingly bizar…
I love Mad Men but it makes me not want to get married.
Mad Men and designing a presentation 👌👌👌
".shows BTOB's transformation as sexy and masculine men". That's something newㅋ
There nearly always is a method in madness. It's what drives men mad, being methodical.
I'm tired of men looking mad good ya got me hot
how come y'all mad at black women, who actually made up the majority of moviegoers for BOAN, but not black men?
Yes,they do! agree, these are real men, real OGs. Mad respect.…
It's a lot of men mad at Ciara because they identify too close with Future. Ciara remind them of the woman they lost and…
A troubling prediction for marketers: by 2025, most of you won't be needed
The over reach stuns me. Two mad men squaring off with the population of their countries doing the suffering.
GuardianUS: Can Matthew Weiner bring the Mad Men magic to Amazon?
Trump's view on women is MAD MEN's view on women. He's stuck in the 1950s and he needs to be transported back there on November 9th
Real men WON! Leftist beta males are so mad they have gone through two diaper changes since the verdic…
It took me 4 seasons into Mad Men to realize Ken Cosgrove is Cole Phelps from L.A. Noire. I swear I'm faceblind.
No more Mad Men, or Matthew Weiner written episodes of The Sopranos before bed.
Just watched a guy get fired over drinks on Mad Men. Nowadays they just take you in the corner office. Weren't the 60's great?
Creative friends - read this, try not to cry! "Mad Men" creator Matt Weiner's life advice for struggling artists
I dunno what Matthew Weiner was going for, but my takeaway from Mad Men is that horrible ppl beget horrible ppl. And maybe so do good people
A 'Mad Men' star is KFC's new Colonel Sanders mascot
Bryan Batt's Stylish New Orleans' Home: Bryan Batt, who you may recognize from "Mad Men," a...
Before Donald Trump, I thought a crazy *** grabbing *** was just a weird plot the writers of Mad Men came up with for Don Draper.
KFC taps 'Mad Men' star to be its newest Colonel
Simon Helberg from Hairspray stars in Mad Men about a sturdy Sports coach or instructor named Christle
Megan singing "zou bisou bisou" is still the greatest Mad Men moment ever
I've watched the Zou Bisou Bisou episode of Mad Men at least 5 times and it never gets easier.
rewatching Mad Men has been an excellent reminder of how *** I am. Christina Hendricks! January Jones! Maggie!!! Siff!!!
random thought while rewatching Mad Men: when will someone cast Rachel Weisz and Maggie Siff as sisters?
It's also pretty great that Maggie Siff was Rachel Menken on Mad Men, one of my favourite shows
I like that 'Mad Men' is now an adjective I use to describe clothing when I'm shopping: 'I li
Bob Benson from Mad Men would have 100,000 followers but be following 110,000 people
watching Mad Men reminding me how much of a zaddy Don Draper is
Mad Men in today's modern digital world — TTLG Design (ttlgd…
Mad Men in today's modern digital world
You found out all of Don Draper's secrets, but we bet you didn't know these surprising "Mad Men" facts:
"So glad Weiner ended 'Mad Men' so I never see a 60-year-old Don Draper wear a size large OCBD with Top-Siders and chinos."…
“Just think about it deeply, then forget it. An idea will jump up in your face.” -Don Draper to Peggy Olsen, Mad Men
Just starting Mad Men... Is Betty Draper gonna go Gone Girl on us?
I'm catching up with Mad Men and watching I see a lot of similarities between Betty Draper & Libby Masters. Two Great actresses
Wearing a silk robe and feeling some Betty Draper vibes. I've clearly been watching too much Mad Men.
Unfortunately, they never got around to producing "The Negron Complex," Paul Kinsey's spec script from "Mad Men."
My bf and I are watching Mad Men from the beginning and I will be DAMNED if I live in a world where Betty Draper is 3 years younger than me.
For the three years I lived in New York leading up to moving out to Los Angeles for 'Mad Men,
Clive James: "Matthew Weiner is in control of Mad Men the way Aaron Sorkin was in control of The West Wing"
Loved all the drama between fsociety this week. Also what up Duck Phillips. You're still just as creepy as you were on Mad Men.
Esmail just referenced Mad Men as an influence on his pacing yesterday...David Lynch also (obvious)..I suspect Terry Gilliam
Pete Campbell in Mad Men is probably one of the most annoying characters in the history of television .
Hot pics for Linda Cardellini's body in Mad Men
*** Mad Men really made Pete Campbell look horrible as he got older
When the Millennials make the 1990s-version of Mad Men in 2037, Sally Draper will be listening to *** s "Low".
a great unsung film of the 1950s is Jose Ferrer's Mad Men-esque The Great Man, a dramatic parody of Arthur Godfrey:
TIL: Peggy from Mad Men (Elizabeth Moss) was President Bartlett's daughter in the West Wing.
it's Glen Bishop Paul, a cult character from Mad Men
After Carrie *** kills what's next for her? 'Mad Men: The Next Generation: Mad Women' as an older Sally Draper?
I want to be Donald Draper from Mad Men
I always say the classier cousin of 'Anchorman' is 'Mad Men,' because when you really look at...
A Mad Men cross over reference on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and now my life is basically complete.
Good thing to remember going into this season of Mad Men: at this point, Dave Coulier is now almost ten years old.
Im not tired so Ima just watch mad men
Men get so touched when you say "I know" after they compliment you. . Don't be mad just because I love myself.
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um why has no one ever told me how good Mad Men is
Im starting episode 5 of mad men and im getting really sad. is that normal?
I'm only on episode but I'm not sure if I can stand the misogyny of Mad Men
RECTIFY, THE AMERICANS, and especially MAD MEN of more recent.
Mad men finally started getting good at the end of season two.
idc mad men was genius and Don made that coke ad
this show is making me so mad! Being asked to be sympathetic for men in power who let bad things happen d…
Hypocrite claims Yahweh is mad abt men in dresses but fine w/ calling women "feminazis" cos holocaust jokes are fun?
I wanna watch a horror movie. Or continue binge-watching Mad Men but I'm tired.
Silicon Valley, many episodes of Mad Men & the Sopranos. All of Olive Kitteridge, the Rockford Files...
Mad Men is on the list. Just haven't got there yet. How about Turn?
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