Mad Hatter & Sebastian Stan

Hatta, the Hatter is a fictional character in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the story's sequel, Through the Looking-Glass. Sebastian Stan (born August 13, 1983) is a Romanian-born American actor. 5.0/5

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Sebastian Stan? He's the guy who's the Mad Hatter. :]
Sebastian Stan is gonna be the Mad Hatter though right?
Hoping this means more Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter. A spinoff that makes some sense just because there's so MANY characters. As for OUAT, I have to say I love Captain Hook, and was surprised I didn't realize that guy was Peter Pan. duh. And what kid in their right mind would go with that creepy *** Shadow? Next season looks pretty good. I have to say it's about time for a deluge of Sci Fi spinoffs that don't include the word Star in it. Wonderland, The Originals (which I'm sorry, but that's a stupid name). Next will be a Supernatural spinoff starring Felicia Day. I'd watch it.
Oh yes, the spin-of. I'll probably try it but I'm not very excited about it. Especially if Sebastian Stan isn't the Mad Hatter!
Sebastian Stan was the Mad Hatter in Once Upon A Time and Steve could totally pass as Alice. Idk.
Speaking of OUAT, the guy who played the Mad Hatter is the same guy who played Bucky Barnes in Captain America pala. Sebastian Stan!
Didn't know Sebastian Stan was in this (Bucky Barnes) - wasn't a fan of Carter Baizen on but I LOVE him as the Mad Hatter on
So Jennifer Morrison and Sebastian Stan are dating! SO CUTE (they play Emma and Mad Hatter on the show)
According to Deadline the proposed series would centre on the character of the Mad Hatter, who is best known from Alice In Wonderland and was played by Sebastian Stan in Once Upon A Time.
When did Emily VanCamp got confirmed as female lead Sharon Carter for Winter Soldier? And what is this recasting Sebastian Stan as Mad Hatter in the supposed Hatter spinoff!?! Sebastian is so perfect, why would you be so stupidly think of casting anyone else? If Emily VanCamp can play a lead title role for an ABC show and do Winter Soldier then ABC can work out a schedule for Sebastian to do a supposed Hatter spinoff! I won't accept any other Hatter on OUAT than Sebastian! ABC stop messing up Marvel things!
specially if Sebastian Stan can't make it ;/ they're saying they might hire another actor for Mad Hatter no no no.
This is petition for Sebastian Stan: the original Mad Hatter. Join the movement! Sign now!
The Mad Hatter may have a chance at a happily ever after, but not with Sebastian Stan in the role. According to Deadline, ABC is considering spinning off the popular "Once Upon A Time" character into his own show, but Stan is reportedly unavailable for the potential series commitment, likely due to…
agreed Sebastian Stan is the Mad Hatter, but of the names put forth Seth Gabel does seem like the best choice
EXCLUSIVE UPDATED: The Mad Hatter may get his own series. I’ve learned that ABC brass are mulling spinning the character from fairytale drama Once Upon A Time into his own series. I hear ABC’s original plan was to do it with Sebastian Stan, who has played the character in six episodes. But he was not available for the potential series commitment, so the network has quietly put out feelers to recast the role. (Stan is finishing a run in Picnic on Broadway, segueing straight into training for his role in Captain America.) I hear one scenario has ABC filming a short presentation with the character. It is also possible that the Mad Hatter returns to Once for a guest stint later this season. If the character and his storyline pop (as they have done in the past), that would serve as a backdoor pilot and ABC will consider launching a spinoff centered on the Mad Hatter. If he appears on the show, the new Mad Hatter would be cast as a guest star with a series option behind it. This is not an unusual practice f ...
Just saw Sebastian Stan aka the Mad Hatter from Once Upon A Time in Picnic. He was shirtless for most of it. Night. Made.
Reading half that Mad Hatter romance kindle book has sent me back to the Sebastian Stan tumblr tag. *chinhands*
Mentally replacing the Mad Hatter in this kindle book with the Sebastian Stan one.
dude, Jennifer Morrison, girl who plays Emma Stone from Once Upon A Time, plays Chris Hemsworth's wife in Star Trek and is now dating Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes from Captain America), who ALSO is in Once Upon A Time as the Mad Hatter?!?! lol wow!!!
I better not miss this upcoming week's episode of Once Upon A Time. Sebastian Stan as Mad Hatter... I'd totally tap that.
Off with to watch the Mad Hatter himself, Sebastian Stan, in :)
lol the Mad Hatter, Jefferson, actor's name is Sebastian Stan, born in Bucharest, emigrated w parents to US :))
Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter can not get any better !!
Hey fans! We are going to catch a play tonight that stars the Mad Hatter himself, Sebastian Stan. We will let fans know what we think!
I also didn't know that Sebastian Stan (Jefferson the Mad Hatter) and Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) were dating as well!!!
best thing that's happened to the show... Besides Sebastian Stan as Mad Hatter.
ur professor mentions Mad Hatter & u immediately think of Sebastian Stan instead of Disney or Johnny Depp!
Sebastian Stan is a way sexier Mad Hatter than Johnny Depp. Sorry bout it!
No S2? I guess if I can't have Sebastian Stan as a bi-druggy musician, I better get more Mad Hatter on
Sebastian Stan is such a babe as the Mad Hatter.
so, confirmed that Jennifer Morrison meets with Sebastian Stan. Be happy in love, Emma & Mad Hatter :)
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Sebastian Stan is fantastic. Second best Mad Hatter ever.
Sebastian Stan (The Mad Hatter on Once Upon A Time) is one of the few men who look absolutely fabulous in black eyeliner. Bad boys in black eyeliner are always so attractive, aren't they? (This is a retorical question. It just seemed better than discussing politics for a minute or two.) OK. Back to politics. Here's a nonretorical question: Who thinks the Republicans are hiding George Bush the Younger until after the election?
Oh Sebastian Stan you are such a beautiful Mad Hatter
Is it just me or does it look like Captain Hook (Killian Jones) and the Mad Hatter (Sebastian Stan) look like they could be brothers?
It must be prerequisite to be attractive to play the Mad Hatter. (See Johnny Depp and Sebastian Stan)
yes!! Love the Mad Hatter. Love Sebastian Stan. He really impressed me on Political Animals. I want that show to be renewed.
Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter is so perfect
Excuse me, but uh...can Sebastian Stan be a series regular in Please? The show needs more of Jefferson/Mad Hatter, honestly.
Sebastian Stan is great as the Mad Hatter!
"Once Upon A Time fans missing Sebastian Stan’s Jefferson/Mad Hatter — and we know there are many of you..."
I love Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter and I want him to be in every episode
love love love! Charming & Henry are so cute. Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter. Le sigh! Where the heck did Pinocchio go?!?
I don't think I told you - Mad Hatter coming back to Come on Sebastian Stan!
I freaking love the fact that Sebastian Stan is the mad hatter on :D
im so dumb, today i realized that Sebastian Stan is who plays the Mad Hatter -.-
Loved the Mad Hatter episode. Sebastian Stan is amazing. Hats we're fab. Costumes brilliant.
The first season of 'Once Upon A Time' was nothing less than awesome and put a nice spin on fairy tales, I think the biggest surprise for me was the introduction of The Mad Hatter played to creepy excellence by Sebastian Stan.
Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter is probably the best thing to happen to the universe.
butmyheart: I just love Sebastian Stan’s Mad Hatter.
Just finished once Upon A Time. It was okay. What saved it was probably Sebastian Stan as the mad hatter *swoon*
You mad more Mad Hatter, you got it. We already knew Sebastian Stan was coming back for Once Upon A Time Season 2 and we suspected it wasn’t just for a cameo. He has unfinished business. Once co-creator Adam Horowitz told TVLine the Mad Hatter/Jefferson will be back for, as the site put it, "...
Sebastian Stan is actually the best Mad Hatter. He's the perfect combination of creepy and attractive.
Am I crazy or do I see chemistry between and Sebastian Stan (the Mad Hatter)? I think LP could have chemistry with anyone
sorry ALWAYS beloved Johnny Depp, but Sebastian Stan was way much better than you as the mad hatter ...
1.17- Emma's starting to believe as Jefferson/ The Mad Hatter comes to town. So excited for Sebastian Stan!!
1.17 - Sebastian Stan as the outrageous Jefferson/ The mad hatter is finally here! Emma maybe finally believing?
j'adore le sigh - tho Sebastian Stan as Mad Hatter will get my vote everytime ;)
Sebastian Stan's guy-linered Mad Hatter is giving me very tingly feelings.
now saw a preview, Sebastian Stan is kinda hot, especially since he's the Mad Hatter!
Sebastian Stan AKA Bucky from Captain America! as the Mad Hatter. This I gotta see!
timegoesaway So apparently Jennifer Morrison is dating Sebastian Stan, the Mad Hatter.
Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter is fantastic, always.
Here's another fun fact. I REALLY liked Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter. He nailed it.
Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter is the best thing I've ever seen, holy lord he is hot.
I have to admit, Sebastian Stan is one sexy Mad Hatter.
OMG Mad Hatter episode!!! ugh sebastian stan you are beautiful.
Sebastian Stan...the ultimate actor...r Mad July 15th for the premiere!
Sebastian Stan is unbelievably hot playing the Mad Hatter in Once Upon A Time
oh, well that would be my bb Sebastian Stan. He was in Captain America as Bucky and OUAT as the Mad Hatter! ♥
Are there other reasons to watch OUAT besides Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter becaaause that's about 99% of my wanting to watch it.
omg Mad Hatter *_* I have to admit I have weak spot for Sebastian Stan
DUDE. Did y'know that the Mad Hatter in OUaT is Bucky Barnes?! It's Sebastian Stan! Dude... I may have to watch now. ( ° _ °)
Sebastian Stan's character as Mad Hatter, perfect! Mad hot this man!
Oh, my! Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter is awesome! He is awesome per se, but he's just perfect when he plays the Mad Hatter!
Never really found Sebastian Stan super sexy until his role as the Mad Hatter in
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Sebastian Stan, you make an excellent Mad Hatter/Jefferson. Unf.
Okay, well, Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter is pretty f-ing hot.
sorryyy I meant his Storybrooke character. I just love Sebastian Stan so much, I just blurted Mad Hatter.
Looking at a gif on Tumblr, I *just* realized Sebastian Stan was the Mad Hatter in
Sebastian Stan is back as the Mad Hatter!
Thanks so much to OnceUponATime for bringing back the smoldering talent of Sebastian Stan. What girl wouldnt love this Mad Hatter? Epic ep.
Also, Sebastian Stan should please report to my house immediately. Mad Hatter > Carter Baizen.
Excited about tonight's episode of Yay!!! Sebastian stan returns as the Mad Hatter.
Sebastian Stan is the Mad Hatter this is perfect!
If the Mad Hatter shows up, all will be forgiven. Call me, Sebastian Stan!
If you want to see a great stand alone Once Upon A Time ep, check out the Mad Hatter one featuring Sebastian Stan (Bucky).
that one is one of my TOP favorites! Hands down. LOVE Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter!
Sebastian Stan as The Mad Hatter in ? This show just keeps getting better
Did enjoy the episode where ur friend Sebastian Stan played the Mad Hatter? I would have been sooo jealous ;)
Had 5mins of Once Upon A Time with Mik and JJ last night--Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter? Kinda cute ha :)
Photo: › Sebastian Stan is as hot as the Mad Hatter as he is as Carter Baizen in “Gossip Girl”.
Photo: So here we have Sebastian Stan’s Mad Hatter. Crayola Watercolor and india ink and about 10 minutes of...
Cast news from IMDB: According to IMDB we’ll see Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter in episode 1.21...
wow. Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter on was fabulous. the perfect amount of madness. well done.
When people were all omg Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter I was like wut. But he was in Captain America! Double sexy time!
Wow Sebastian Stan was great as Mad Hatter on
Sebastian Stan is fantastic as Mad Hatter! Any way you guys can make him a regular cast member? Fans LOVE him!
So far, I'd say my favorite episode is the one that centers on Mad Hatter thanks to Sebastian Stan!
Sebastian Stan was a much hotter Mad Hatter than Johnny Depp...there i said it
Sebastian Stan to return as Mad Hatter/Jefferson this May as well:
any word on if Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter will be back as well? :)
Just found out that Sebastian Stan is gonna be in 2 more eps this Season YAYY more Mad Hatter :D:D
Photo: › Who’s the best looking Mad Hatter: Andrew Lee Potts from Alice or Sebastian Stan from Once Upon a...
Emma and the Mad Hatter get coffee; plus, info on Sebastian Stan's return to OUAT!
Caught up with Once Upon A Time. Sebastian Stan was really great as the Mad Hatter! Loved that story!!
Mad Hatter episode again, Sebastian Stan's performance is phenomenal
STARK RAVING DAD Like many of the characters in Fairy Land, Sebastian Stan's Mad Hatter has got some family issues.
loved it!! Sebastian Stan is incredible as the Mad Hatter! :)
Okay so I'm a little bit in love with Sebastian Stan's Mad Hatter... and by 'a little bit' I mean totally and utterly...
- Curious to know what you thought of Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter on OUaT ... there are mixed reviews on the TWoP board.
Just watched the Mad Hatter episode of Once Upon A Time! I still cannot get over how brilliant this episode was. Sebastian Stan was amazing!
also I loved OUAT too Sebastian Stan was really good as the Mad Hatter I hope he comes back again!!
watching Once Upon A Time 1x17 Hat Trick... Sebastian Stan is so cool as the Mad Hatter...
Such a good episode! Sebastian Stan was awesome as Mad Hatter as was Jennifer Morrison(good episode for Emma) :)
"Sebastian Stan will reportedly make two more appearances this season as the Mad Hatter." uh! yay!
I just read an article saying Sebastian Stan will return as the Mad Hatter for 2 more episodes this season.
Sebastian Stan will return THIS season as the Mad Hatter! Loved him in this role.
Hottest News: SPOILERS: Will the Mad Hatter Return? - How did you like Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter/Jefferson? A...
Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter, reminds me of when Andrew-Lee Potts was Hatter in that series on Syfy, Alice.
Is it me or did Sebastian Stan's Mad Hatter in 'Once Upon A Time' look just like Andrew Lee Potts Mad Hatter...
EP Sebastian Stan is the Mad Hatter ♥ scary though that he looks like a far more manic Andrew Lee-Potts
Roger Daltry as Abselom and Sebastian Stan as Mad Hatter?! must be trying to atone for wrenching out heart...
i am in love with Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter watch out Andrew Lee-potts lol
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