Mad Hatter & Jack Sparrow

Hatta, the Hatter is a fictional character in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the story's sequel, Through the Looking-Glass. Captain Jack Sparrow is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series created by screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, portrayed by Johnny Depp. 5.0/5

Mad Hatter Jack Sparrow Willy Wonka Johnny Depp Edward Scissorhands Sweeney Todd Barnabas Collins Benjamin Barker John Dillinger Dark Shadows Disneyland Paris Ed Wood Sleeping Beauty Castle Captain Jack Sparrow Walt Jr Tweedle Dum Todd Collins Donnie Brasco

Jack Sparrow, Mad Hatter, and Sweeny Todd are my fav
because...ya know...the Mad Hatter needs a Willy Wonka needed a Jack Sparrow needed a father... :I
Watching DWTS with Lexi and a Transcendence commercial comes on. Lexi - "Who's Johnny Depp" Me - "He is a famous actor. He played Capt. Jack Sparrow" Lexi - "Wasn't he the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland? He must like to wear make up" Me - "hmmm, I guess he does"
Well it's not every day that you have Batman, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Queen of Hearts, Willy Wonka, Captain Hook, Dennis the Menace, Jack Sparrow, Cruella De Ville, Cinderella, Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, Glinda, Batgirl, Princess Jasmin, Mad Hatter, Alice, Garfield, Cat in the Hat, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Darth Vader AND Jedi's all come and visit your back garden! But thanks to today's sunshine we've had a very constructive washing and drying day today (bet my neighbours love my washing line!).more of the same tomorrow so keeping everything crossed that the sun stays another day :)
Ive been 2 of those for halloween. Jack Sparrow & Mad Hatter. Done Sweeney Todd & Barnabas Collins too
Once Upon a Time a group of Redwood 6th Formers set off on a journey to Disneyland Paris. Tuesday We all had a brilliant journey to Paris; arrived at hotel, settled in and had a few drinks in the bar before bed. Wednesday We were up with the larks for breakfast at 8.00am. Tom and Sandra help get the lunches from the supermarket and then it was off to Disneyland on the bus. We arrived in Disneyland and checked into City Hall for our priority passes - no long queues for us! We started our adventures in Fantasyland where we enjoyed the magic of the Disney classics;- Sleeping Beauty Castle, Le Carrousel de Lancelot, Alice's Curious Labyrinth, Mad Hatter's Tea Cups, It's a Small World and Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains. Josh was delighted to take us all through the labyrinth. Sandra said it was "exciting and beautiful". Then it was onto explore Adventureland with the Pirates of the Caribbean, La Cabane des Robinson and Adventure Isle. Adele had the fright of her life as she bumped into Jack Sparrow! Alex felt ...
Like from the flamboyant Mad Hatter or Jack Sparrow to like a serious, cool John Dillinger or George Jung. Unreal how it is the same man.
Agreed. But I still loved him in it. My fave is the Mad Hatter, and of course, Jack Sparrow.
They were the movie characters portrayed by Johnny Depp: 1._? 2. Edward Scissorhands, 3. Willie Wonka, 4. Mad Hatter, 5. Sweeney Todd / Benjamin Barker, and 6. Capt. Jack Sparrow... sorry i don't know who's the first one on this picture.
I can see Hook with Regina and the Mad Hatter! Jack Sparrow is too All Over the Place! lmao!
My Saturday night consisted of walking the new neighborhood, making new friends, and handing out invitations with goodie bags to the Nightmare at Dorsett Cave Halloween Party! Costumes are mandatory of course and the way I figure it . . . why not throw a housewarming halloween costume mandatory party to REALLY get to know the wild side of these new friends and introduce them to my current friends!! Looks like about 40 people so far, yikers!! This is going to be SO much FUN!! Can't wait for the decorator to arrive, the cooks, and this weekend all the Ghosts, Goblins, Pirates, Clowns, Freddy Krueger's, Fair Maiden's, Mermaid's, Mad Hatter's, and hopefully some Johnny Depp's just cuz' Jack Sparrow CRACKS ME UP!! xo friends xo!!
So i need opinions yall !! Me and Brett are doin a couples theme for halloween our choices are: Alice & Mad Hatter or Jack Sparrow & Elizabeth or Gangsters or Bar Wench & him a beer mug (I dont really wanna do the gangster theme but he looks good in a fadora) HELP!
Mad Hatter costum is not working. Must go with Jack Sparrow idea. Besides I have more pirate stuff.
I especially like him as Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, Mad Hatter, and Barnabas Collins. ;)
thinking about what it would be like to have a conversation with Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, and the Mad Hatter in one room.
I just blew Hannah away by showing her Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, the Mad Hatter and Willy Wonka are the same man
Omg. I love you Barnabas Collins, Jack Sparrow, Mad Hatter, Willy Wonka, John Dillinger, or whoever u might be! Always have & always will ♥
I wonder why Johnny Depp suka ambik character like Willy Wonka, Mad Hatter, Jack Sparrow and all. Hmm
Dear Johnny Depp, I am so sorry for your relationship breaking up, know that I will always be here for you. I am from Kentucky as well so I UNDERSTAND you. I am available if you need a shoulder (and any other body part *ehem) and WHEN we are together, I will only make you wear your Cap'n Jack Sparrow outfit once a week and your Public Enemy once a month... (uhm and the Mad Hatter once every 6months because its creepy) Love Always, Margaret. P.S. talk like a pirate day is everyday in our house.hehehehehehee
The fact that he can go from Jack Sparrow to the Mad Hatter to Willy Wonka and back just astounds me. This why I wanna act in film.
Johnny Depp is arguably one of the best actors of all time. Jack Sparrow, The Mad Hatter, John Dillinger, Willy Wonka, awesome actor.
Happy Birthday Johnny Depp or Jack Sparrow or Don Juan DeMarco or Edward Scissorhands or Mad Hatter or Barnabas Collin or Benjamin Barker
Let's not forget Johnny Depp was Mad Hatter, Scissorhands, Jack Sparrow, Dillinger, Donnie Brasco & more
Pretty sure somewhere around this time yesterday i was high 5'ing Woody, assisting (captain) Jack Sparrow recruit and sing a pirate's life for me, talking to a singing mouse about making Cinderelli's dress while making heart symbols with my new (and Cinderelli's ex) fairy godmother, making out with Tweedle Dum, and told the Mad Hatter we're late for tea cause obvi he forgot. Pretty sure they all need me there year round. Votes for Women!
| Dark Shadows lives up to its movie title. It was dark, alright. Dismal and dreary to the point of boredom. We play the "vampire" plot awfully lot that we find ourselves yawning from the sight of classic vampire characteristics: thirst for blood, scared of sunlight, and a pallor that so hurt the eyes. Focus on Johnny Depp; conscious indifference for the plot. Depp is at his best when in character of freakish nature. Remember Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow, and recently the Mad Hatter. He is a theater in flesh with hands as if manipulated by invisible puppeteers. Dark Shadows has a decent - curiously imaginative - ending I like to associate to the recently honeymooned Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.
Adding to his gallery of memorable film characters such as Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, Sweeney Todd and the Mad Hatter, Johnny Depp now plays the reluctant vampire Barnabas Collins in Warner Bros.’ new black comedy “Dark Shadows.”
Sweeney Todd, Jack Sparrow, Mad Hatter, Willy Wonka. I'm sure you can add at least a half a dozen more faces there!
Should I disguise myself as Jack Sparrow or Mad Hatter?
On Hollywood Boulevard, guys dressed looking like Johnny Depp characters Jack Sparrow, Scissorshand & the Mad Hatter make $$$ panhandling
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