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Macomb Community College

Macomb Community College is a community college with several locations in Michigan. Its headquarters are in Warren.

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Sleeping in the bleachers at macomb community college nbd
Harriers stay hot with another double header sweep. 9-5 and 4-1 over Macomb Community College. Record now 11-4
Macomb Community College, not sure where that is compared to where you are. It's in Utica which is right outside Detroit!
I got accepted to Macomb community college
Macomb is literally the worst community college I have ever dealt with. Even the manager has no idea what is going on.
Anyway - Lookin into school at Macomb Community College. Hopefully it goes well. Getting slightly...
Someone in my class smells delightful and I don't know who to compliment. (@ Macomb Community College: South Campus)
hey how are you? I am in my second semester of college at macomb community college center campus but I miss u and miss Cindy
Macomb Community College tuition will rise: The Macomb Community College Board of Trustees has author...
*** yea lol I go to Macomb community college
Another beautiful day at macomb community college
Thank you Macomb community college students for the boost today. Very encouraged about your response with book donations!
I should be at some college drunk rn. But where am I about to go? Macomb community
Everyone looks down on Macomb community college, for what tho? It's a *** of allot cheaper and we are getting the same education
""Everybody calls me creepman and I have no idea why" - Macomb community college"
In just the past week, I have gotten calls and emails from people at Oakland University, Macomb Community College, and Oakland Community College (NURSING programs!) wanting to know more information about human trafficking, how to get involved, and who to get as speakers for events. The importance of educating health care workers about human trafficking and breaking down stereotypes, and really learning the facts, is becoming evident in the colleges, it seems. I'm so happy about this, and so happy this young generation behind me is stepping up to DO SOMETHING NOW, and that they are IN IT, TO END IT. Please visit for more information and see how you can help just by drawing a red "X" on your hand on February 27! God's plan has NEVER been for ANYONE to be bought and sold. Never.
The Great Lakes Comic-Con is Friday, February 28 and Saturday, March 1, 2014 at Macomb Community College. More Special Guests have been added to the web site! Booths and Artist Alley tables are still available!
But it's really between Grand Valley, University of Toledo, or Macomb Community College.
Call out to all Graduates of the Macomb Community College Criminal Justice Training Center Public Service Chaplain Academy. Our first Advan…
Awesome start for my day. Pause not. @ Macomb Community College: South Campus
im take the rest of the week and i decide if im go 2 Iowa state is fall or return 2 macomb community college but im come 2 a decision monday
I'm going to macomb community college out here in michigan
Someone tried to argue with me last night that Macomb Community College has a better Nursing program than MSU.
lol I forgot about my Macomb community college one
I been in Redford nd I be chillin gotta start feelin out my fasfa so I kan go to Macomb community college
Macomb Community College, get ready. A Will storm is heading your way this fall!
When it comes to finding jobs or candidates to fill them, Southeast Michigan has a treasure trove of resources available to help employers and jobseekers find one another. WIN recently reached out to two community colleges (Schoolcraft and Macomb Community College) and two Michigan Works! Agencies (Oakland MWA and Macomb-St. Clair MWA) to understand some of the services they offer to support the job-matching process. Needless to say, they had a lot to say!
Another fantastic breakfast on the road,Am teaching for a second day at Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan
No snow day for Macomb Community College! The Gilded Age to the Great War is open till 4pm.
Macomb Community College is open today as scheduled.
Alright everyone. Macomb County Special Olympics is looking for volunteers for their summer games May 7th at Macomb Community College. If your interested let me know. It is one day of your time to make memories of a lifetime for some special athletes! Counting on my PACU girls to come through on this one... with Jeanne Haase, Kathy Marko, Cynthia Hesse, Gisele Monson, Kathleen Dowis, Bridget Nicole Green, Barbara Noch, Sue Peake Boniecki, Sue Sue Reich Bott, Megan Witt. Not to put you on the spot, but we need some good peeps!!!
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Age I was given: 23 Where I lived: at home with my parents :) What I drove: whatever my folks had What I did: worked at Sbarro Who had my heart: single & loving it Age now: 42 Where I live: St Clair Shores What I drive: 1993 Saturn What I do: Just graduated from Macomb Community College with associate of applied science internet technology computer programming.. So i'm job hunting lol Who has my heart: Lori Lynne Sanders
Macomb Community College looks so beautiful when it's snowing.
I just ousted as the mayor of Macomb Community College: Center Campus on
Macomb Community College ... No thank you. My standards are set a little more higher than that. *** Commercials on Pandora ..😒
Final day of RET Days 2012 off and running. Fantastic, inspiring opening remarks by Macomb Community College's Associate Dean of Engineering Technology Don Hutchinson. Makes us want to go back to school .
Good luck to all the teams competing today at Macomb Community College. GO VIZION!!
Check this out, folks! As part of Macomb Community College's Wordcraft Wednesdays, Chris Profeta will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the release of Skyful of Love: A Short Collection of Stories and Poems with a reading of various selections from the book. Come hear this gifted writer read his exciting work! Hope to see you there!
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Macomb Community College Career Services Student Release of Information By logging into MacombCareerLink, I, a current student/former student/alumni, of Macomb Community College, hereby authorize the College to release any information regarding my academic progress and job search materials, including my resume. As a student that has attended Macomb College in my adult years, without children and with children, this college has taught me a lot about life as an adult and living, and how the world can treat you as an adult. I have seen people come and go here. I have seen people return here because they missed something. Overall as a student, It’s better to keep your affairs on campus oppose to bringing trash off the streets to the campus. Yes I am not your trash on the streets but one of your true and beloved treasures as a mother. So keep the low life’s away from here, and set higher standards of learning and treating other’s with respect. Some of us don’t know why we are here. We ourselves are her ...
Only a few hours away from registering for my last semester at Macomb Community College, and know that I won't be leaving there empty handed.
Should CHEMISTRY 1050 at Macomb Community College be taken with many other classes or should I limit my classes? Any input would be helpful :)
Macomb County Voters Vote yes on Macomb Community College Macomb Community College is seeking a millage to update its facilities and equipment. (The Detroit News) It's not often that a business organization will support increasing taxes, but our more than 1,500 members, directors and administration give our wholehearted support to asking for your "YES" vote for the MCC "Facilities and Technology Bond Proposal" on the Nov. 6 ballot. Macomb Community College is the top granter of associate degrees in Michigan and consistently ranks among the top 25 in the nation. During 2011-12, the college provided educational and training opportunities to nearly 48,000 students. With a substantial portion of its infrastructure and facilities more than 40 years old, Macomb Community College is asking voters to consider a "Facilities and Technology Bond Proposal" in the upcoming election. The proposal seeks approval for funding capital expenditures to preserve the community's investment in the college. Jim Jacobs, president ...
Dude there's some crazy dear on campus! @ Macomb Community College: Center Campus
Macomb community college gone get blown tf up the i
On November 3 People Pets & Vets will be at Macomb Community College. This is a great event you won't want to miss!
The Man, not a Myth, but a Legend. @ Macomb Community College Sports Expo Center
Macomb University Center Open House is this Thursday! Come learn more about the University Center from 4:30-7pm |
why do girls at macomb stand infront of the mirror for 10 mins fixing themselves??? UR AT A COMMUNITY COLLEGE WHO TF ARE U GONNA MEET
I'm gonna get rejected from Macomb Community College and grow up to be a bum living on the streets eating garbage.
Ford about to run macomb community college next year
My dog is more organized then macomb community college.
I AM the only person at Macomb Community College that doesn't smoke cigarettes, including the teachers.
Macomb Community College. IDK if I can get in tho.
Macomb Community College.too bad i already go there
Harvard is begging me to come to their school, but I told em' I ain't tryin to be in they stank *** school MACOMB COMMUNITY COLLEGE ERRDAY!
Detroit gem and mineral show. Use to come here with my dad. (@ Macomb Community College Sports Expo Center)
I'll be going to Macomb Community College.. I don't go to any college right now.
we have a game tomorrow at macomb community college if you can go, go and bring $85 dollars for the season. I'll get all the info
Can you dig it? Jenifer Smythe DeBellis, Clark Iverson, ML Liebler, Michael Dec ... Holy Moly - Be there, or be seriously square! October 30th, Macomb Community College - both campuses!
Well family went to Macomb Community College, took photo and did test. In two week I will register for my class. Classes started in Jan.
Every Thursday Night @ The Ritz Detroit is College Night - Showtime Thursdays featuring $2 shots all night long & showcasing some of the best live entertainment around LADIES FREE ALL NIGHT LONG / Fellas only $5 Calling all colleges - Macomb Community College, Oakland Community College (Official), Baker College, Davenport, Wayne County Community College, Rochester College & more! 18 & up presented by Lyme Lyfe
Visit MCC tomorrow morning, Tuesday October 9th, at North Lake High School & Memphis High School! Come ask us questions and learn more about what Macomb Community College has to offer to students like you!
Hello, all! Wordcraft Wednesdays is the literary reading series I host at Macomb Community College. I feature local writers and poets as well as student writers! If you would like to come listen to some great talent, I would love to see you. And if you would like to read, let me know! See you there!
If you're local, come on out to the Mom2Mom sale at Macomb Community College from 8:30 til 1:00.lots of super cute stuff for sale at 70+ different tables! I will be one of them.
Thinking we are going to go up to Macomb Community College to hang out for a bit!
at the office of my grind. I just voiced, recorded and produced a spot for Macomb Community College. I hope they use it. We'll see. The script was provided and I picked the music for it. Once again, I love internship. It's been perfect every day and if this is what radio production is like, I'll never work another day in my life because it's my dream. If they accept it, it'll be airing on Pandora Internet Radio!!!
Join one of Macomb Community College's free information sessions to learn about our new Electric Vehicle/Hybrid EV programs! Get up-to-date training to prepare you with the skills sets required to work in the high-technology EV field or battery manufacturing. Learn about each of the following NEW a...
Monday, September 24 at 9:00am in EDT at Macomb Community College, South Campus, Library Lobby
Today was my Baby Girl first day as a college student at Macomb Community College. Proud Mommy❤
Has been drawing since I understood what a crayon was. Have received art awards throughout all grades of school. recently graduated Macomb Community College (South) with a 3.7 GPA.
Macomb Community College and Oakland University (OU) have signed an agreement to allow students to use credits earned at OU toward the awarding of an associate degree at Macomb. The agreement applies to students who have acquired 30 credits at Macomb and 35 degree credits at OU.
Had a great evening getting together with current and former trustees, some of whom I served with, to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding vote of Macomb Community College.
Classes Start August 20th at Macomb Community College. I still have room in one of my Figure Illustration classes. It meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-8 pm Introduction to drawing the human form from life, photographs, and imagination using a variety of media and techniques; a comprehensive study and application of draftsmanship as it relates to the surface anatomy, body movements and relationships, and their systematic application to commercial illustration. MACA-1090-S1603 (96676) Figure Illustration 1 - Prerequisites: None
There's too much knowledge out there in the world for me not to love school for the right reasons. Macomb Community College
Way to go Macomb Community College. After I pay and register for all my classes is when you decide to tell me that you messed up my test score and I've actually placed higher than the classes I've enrolled in? Really? Thank you for this giant inconvenience considering the classes I tested into are now full.
Write, Publish and Market Books That Sell! Class for aspiring authors at Macomb Community College. Center Campus
Proud of my little cousin Jacob for signing today to play baseball at Macomb Community College
I heard this gal last year at the Macomb Farmers Market at Macomb Community College, November 2011. She is positive about Michigan and all the products we produce. It's important that all children in our state have the opportunity to learn to read. Please help her initiative. Orchards we joined our friends of Romeo Rotary and collect used children's books for the Macomb Literacy Program. Drop off books your children no longer read so we can pass along the love of reading to other children. Thanks.
2012 Will Be an Election About the Economy: In a speech at Macomb Community College in Warren, MI, on July 14, 2...
JV plays this week at Macomb Community College. Games today at 5pm, 6pm. Tuesday at 5pm and 7pm. Wednesday at 5pm, 6pm.
Moving to panel on labor/economy w/ reps from Macomb Community College, National Skills Coalition, Council for Adult & Experiential Learning
Macomb Community College Men’s Basketball Coach James Twigg has signed his first player to a Letter of Intent for the Fall 2012-2013.
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