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Macleod Trail

Macleod Trail is a major road in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is a six to eight lane principal arterial road extending from downtown Calgary to the south of the city, where it merges into Highway 2. South of Anderson Road, Macleod Trail is an expressway and is slated to be upgraded to a freeway in the near future.

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Whole U Nutrition is at The Carriage House Inn on Macleod trail from 10am-4pm. 20 % off 1 week and 4 week packages.
See you TODAY in Calgary from 1 - 4PM at Municipal Plaza, near Macleod Trail and 9th Ave SW. Come out today and sho…
Happening on October 23rd the CEFN ‘Cash Mob’ at the Save-On-Foods Macleod Trail
Ride in Liverpool - 25 years on from Nowhere. Vapour Trail & Taste were sublime. Laurence Colbert on heroic form.
Crash: NB Macleod Trail at 109 Avenue SW - in LH turn lane to Anderson LRT
Love seeing people work out in costume. (@ Macleod Trail World Health) on
Holy moly! I was on Macleod Trail when Bautista homered and I almost cried tears of joy. This game!!
Crash in underpass on Macleod Trail between 10th & 9th Aves blocking the middle lanes. Backups toward 12th Ave.
looks like someone got the message - Big New Display Rack Fully Stocked at Co-op on Macleod Trail - Thanks!!
Some pictures of the 2015-07-22 in These pictures were taken east bound on 162 Ave and Macleod Trail SE
In the SW - a 3 vehicle crash is tying up the 2 LHLs on SB Macleod Trail at 73rd Avenue with emergency crews on scene.
Hand crafted coffee at macleod trail's literally best (almond milk) iced coffee I've ever had.
All you can eat sushi may be my favourite thing. @ Macleod Trail Sushi…
So I'm leaving and turning on MacLeod Trail to head home. I had the green for a good 5+ seconds in my approach to the
Prepping for a weekend of gluttony. 💃🏼 (@ Macleod Trail World Health) on
I still remember the first Chinook arch I noticed while driving south on MacLeod trail. Shadow and sun on road.
Construction slowing traffic on NB Macleod Trail at Cemetery Hill and on SB Crowchild at 24th Ave in the NW.
Live at 9309 Macleod Trail and colour analyst Ken Thrower. Tune in now.
Just saw a senior citizen woman with a walker walk into traffic on Macleod Trail by Chinook Centre. Hope she made it across okay.
Fatal early morning crash on Macleod Trail - CTV News
Getting an update from Duty Inspector Joel Matthews on the body found on Macleod Trail
Tomorrow's our first Team Queen Esther team meeting! We'll gather at Marquee Beer Market on Macleod Trail...
Lined up down Heritage Trail, we moved off Macleod into old Studio 82
Well Feb 20th is 10 days away i hope i get my wish and the line up to get in the is all the way down macleod trail !
Gotta prep for discount chocolate day 💪 (@ Macleod Trail World Health) on
Crash in the intersection on Shawnessy/Midlake overpass. Slow both ways, and on ramp coming off SB Macleod Trail.
What's up with the log home on Macleod Trail?
Want your own spin shoes!!! Our clients receive 15% off at Cycle Path on 9176 MacLeod Trail SE. You have to buy a...
Watch the 50 Shades of Grey at Chinook, and once your inspired, our Macleod Trail location is just a few blocks away!
Dear fix the turning light at 58th AVE S & Macleod trail turning onto 58th! Why would it only be on for 5 secs @ RUSH HOUR?
In the SE, on Macleod Trail at 36th Avenue/Mission Road, the NB RHL is blocked off. That'll go til tomorrow (Tues) at 3 PM.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Come join us for a FREE Business Networking Event at Carriage House Inn on Feb 12 @ 7PM. 9030 Macleod Trail...
Off to schools in Banff and Canmore today! Transitioning Event tonight in Calgary. 7 pm, Holiday Inn MacLeod Trail South!
My Sundate going over wedding things 😘💕 @ Macleod Trail Sushi and BBQ Restaurant
In the SE until 6 PM on 1st Street (SB Macleod Trail) at 11th Avenue, 2 lanes are closed.
weekend drivers on macleod trail bring out my road rage in full effect CAN YOU MOVE OR WHAT 🔫🔫🔫
In the South - a multi-vehicle crash is blocking the 2 RHLs on NB Macleod Trail just after Canyon Meadows Drive.
In the South - a crash is tying up SB Macleod Trail at Southland Drive with emergency crews and a tow truck on scene.
After 2 periods the Tommies trail 3-2. Shots 25-13 for STU. Goals that period were Hall from Levesque and MacLeod from Poulin and Campagna
The crash on Macleod Trail at 12th Ave is CLEAR.
Update on the Macleod Trail / 162 Avenue S Interchange:. The City of Calgary has retained ISL Engineering and...
Remember that tonight's show is downtown at the CPL - John Dutton Theatre. Doors at 6:30. Show at 7:30.
Hi. I will make sure that your $25 is at the Macleod Trail Cafe to pick up. Thanks!
listening to the show, I'm glad you like the apples. Cheers from Macleod Trail
I was at the Macleod trail location earlier today looking at vap pens, but I can't remember what it was I was looking at
Don’t forget all February shows are at the John Dutton Theatre – Calgary Public Library downtown branch (
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Multi-vehicle pileup on Glenmore Trail on Centre/Fairmount o'pass. 5-ton & 2 cars crunched up in the EB LHL. Backups past Macleod.
The stall and emerg crews on the ramp from EB Glenmore onto Macleod Trail are GONE.
Stalled car on Macleod Trail just past Glenmore Trail in the SB LHL.
morning! Would you know if there is a problem with north? No bus has shown up at stop 7737 on Macleod Trail by Chinook.
In the SE - a crash is leading to slowdowns on SB Macleod Trail in the intersection just after Southland Drive.
ALERT: 2 vehicle incident blocking the right lane SB Macleod Trail at 162 Avenue SW
Thanks for understanding. Today it was that there was no scheduled bus for about 40 minutes on MacLeod Trail at 3 pm. Seriously?
Stoney Trail WB stall in LHL on the bridge at Macleod Trail. (6:13pm) via
In the deep south - a broken down pickup is tying up the LHL on WB Stoney Trail on the bridge at Macleod Trail.
Lots of four legged users on the trail this week :) Thanks to Colleen MacDonald MacLeod and Reaching Strides...
Today's price of progress: the purple building in Macleod Trail. This will be gone by the time I get…
New set of lights installed at 14 Ave and 1 ST SE. The lights at 13 Ave and Macleod Trail are also operational.
In the South until 10:30 AM at Macleod Trail & 25th Avenue, the RHL's are closed on NB Macleod & WB 25th.
I got rear-ended on Macleod Trail and then the guy drove off. Jerk!
Dave would be proud of the new look at 7109 Macleod Trail. Just chilling around the fireplace.
In the SE from 8 AM - 3 PM on 1st Street (SB Macleod Trail) at 14th Avenue, 2 RHL's are blocked off.
In the SE at 7 AM on Macleod Trail between 17th & 14th Avenues, 3 RHL's are blocked off. That runs til tomorrow night at 8 PM.
The most dangerous hiking trail in the world. Read about it here: htt…
Need some mead?! Go visit Nathan tonight at Macleod Trail Centre, he'll be sampling there until 6:00 pm. Where...
grounded because dad saw me rip past him on Macleod trail 🚗
Trains are travelling south, however if you need to travel north shuttle buses are travelling along Macleod trail. *AY
Catch the route 10 or a shuttle bus from northbound Macleod Trail. *AY
Dessert tonight at the Keg with dianne.hyland. Was so good @ The Keg Steakhouse + Bar - Macleod Trail
the number 7 hasn't come around for a good half an hour now. Any reasons behind the delay? Macleod trail and Stephen ave, NB
Why would you build a train line ABOVE ground Downtown and bring in back ABOVE ground at Macleod Trail??
Stay away from Macleod Trail North right now
The C-train accident has NB Macleod Trail closed at 11th Avenue. Try 1st, 4th or 8th Streets SW as possible alternates.
one of your officers is being a thug and abusing his power at 9th ave and Macleod trail. shameful.
Somebody hit by at City Hall sth. S/N train blocking 1/2 of Macleod Trail intrsection. Can hear sirens now.
Calgary residents guess what!!! reflexcalgary located just at 6100 Macleod Trail SW now carries…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
2 crashes on EB Glenmore - one on the ramp to SB 14th Street, the other on the exit to Macleod Trail.
A pickup truck's stalled out on Macleod Trail at 50th Avenue. It ties up the LH turn-bay from NB Macleod to WB 50th.
A stall on Macleod Trail near the Shawnessy/Midlake overpass blocking the SB middle lane.
Sushi lunch date with my love @ Macleod Trail Sushi and BBQ Restaurant
We're sorry to hear this. Do you mean the P.O located at SOUTHLAND CIGAR AND DRY CLEANING, 400 9737 MACLEOD TRAIL SW?
Crews working on traffic lights Macleod Trail at 25 Avenue SW - NB traffic backed up to 34 Ave
Update: traffic lights STILL flashing red at Macleod Trail & Mission Road SW - traffic backed up to Heritage Drive now!
ALERT: Traffic Signal flashing red on Macleod Trail at Mission road/36 Street SW.
Traffic lights flashing red in all directions: Macleod Trail and Mission Road SW - use the 4-way stop rule!!
In the SW, a stalled vehicle is blocking the middle lane on SB MacLeod Trail at Lake Fraser Gate.
Cactus Club Macleod Trail now hiring for Day Host and Expo positions.
The Town of High River has approved a land use change for the Narrow Road Home on MacLeod Trail.
Crash: NB Macleod Trail approaching 25 Ave - LHL - backed up to top of hill
ALERT: 2 vehicle incident blocking the left lane. Northbound Macleod Trail South of 25 Avenue SE
Cars really kicking through the water on Macleod Trail in this little rainstorm now!
SIGHTED IN CALGARY running loose on MacLeod trail at the 194th lights
I like that. MacLeod heads home to his apartment and a New York City cop remembers the crimes of the first movie and is hot on his trail!
Matt MacLeod has 4 goals as the trail Oakville 10-8 after 2 periods in game 2 of Sr quarterfinal series.
We closed down Macleod Trail with the 1000+ Pro-Palestinian protest & our mayor didnt even support us.
1000+ came out today! Proud of you calgary, we shut down Macleod Trail with our movement
Post-game party starts following the final whistle Macleod Trail and Sunridge Mall - your official home game headquarters.
Macleod Trail now shut down in front of City Hall. Chants are near defeating.
For Lease - 5,000 sf. Great central location with easy access to Macleod Trail and Glenmore Trail. Close to...
NB Macleod Trail up to Glenmore was lined with green balloons this morning. Every light pole each had 3 tied to them.
I saw a TON of green balloons on Macleod Trail from Heritage to Glenmore.
Clear: WB Glenmore Trail at Macleod Trail - fire crews have picked up bags of insulation
Heads up: big bags of insulation on Glenmore Trail WB under Macleod Trail - slow thru area
We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Here’s a BIG idea for your Father’s Day menu: king crab legs & tomahawk steaks. Pick up king crab legs for $7.49/100 grams and Co-op Perfect Beef Tomahawk Rib steaks for $4.59/ 100 grams. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER from June 12 - 15, while supplies last at participating locations (see below). (Available at: Midtown Market, Macleod Trail, Richmond Road, Crowfoot, Shawnessy, West Springs, Creekside, Quarry Park and High River.) more! Anyone remember Kelly's? I worked at the Sunridge Mall location then at the Record World location east of MacLeod Trail when they went into receivership and sold everything off.
The Herbalife 24 Calgary FitClub is currently under development. Meetings will be held in Walden (in southwest Calgary, just around the corner from highway 22x and Macleod Trail). This FitClub will start up in the fall (2014). Led by a fitness professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry (who just happens to be an independent Herbalife distributor who recently returned to Calgary), this FitClub is looking for current Herbalife nutrition users (or those interested in learning more) who would like to meet up for regularly scheduled fitness and exercise sessions to compliment their improved nutrition through Herbalife. If this sounds like something that fits you ... contact Andrea at andrea
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Calgary officers investigating a drug complaint have uncovered a mail theft and fraud operation, which resulted in more than 40 charges against two Calgarians. Police were called after 3 p.m. on May 12 to a hotel in the 9200 block of Macleod Trail S.E ...
Calgary - collision westbound 25 Avenue at Macleod Trail Se
There's a rabbit running around on Macleod Trail and I'm concerned for it's well being
I will be waiting in the lot across from Humpty's @ 25th ave at Macleod Trail for anyone who is willing to walk to the BMO center. If you are unable to walk Kimberly Weaselfat will be on 12th Ave across from the BMO center to greet you. Will start walking at 12:15 PM fr...
Enjoying the last day of We've got openings Downtown & on Macleod Trail for that client lunch or post-show drinks!
Opened Roads Repair request via android at 9699-9835 Macleod Trail SE Calgary Large amount of damage to boulevard...
Russian Party again! If you were there last time, You know how good it was! This event will be even better! Great Food - Drinks - Shisha - Dance Floor Cover Charge - Guys $15 Girls - $10 VIP Tables and Bottle Service Reservations Available Drinks are $5 So come thirsty! 4338 Macleod Trail S.W. Calgary,
Public Service AnnouncementJune 11, 2014High River, AB: A temporary road closure will be required at the Macleod Trail and 1st Street SW intersection in High River on Friday, June 13, 2014. This closure is necessary to conduct catch basin and manhole installations. The work and temporary closure is…
There will be a temp. road closure in at Macleod Tr. & 1 Street SW intersection on Fri., June 13. .
Awesome! So if you havent made it out to support the Sacred Water Gathering tomorrow the last day of action. We will be in front of the BMO Conference Centre on Macleod Trail from 12pm - 5pm. Join us there where we will be encouraging the attendees of the Global Petroleum Show to seriously consider developing more sustainable energy. They make big profits right now.. why not invest in the future? They have the opportunity to be the fore runners for world change. Oil isn't going to last forever! Come help us get our message out!
We'll always have Macleod Trail MT Both Casablanca Video locations are closing,but there's a plot twist …
But the original Casablanca video store in Marda Loop will live on: Jon Lord's widow expanding it on Macleod Trail.
UPDATE: barrier in place, blocking LHL - NB Macleod Trail at Glenmore Trail SE
Crash: Glenmore Trail EB at the ramp to Macleod Trail NB SW - RHL
Crash: SB Macleod Trail turning onto EB Glenmore Trail - blocking turn bay and one lane of NB Macleod
listener tip on serious crash that has closed Stoney Trail (Highway 22X) near Macleod Trail in south
In the south - getting reports of a serious crash that has shut down Stoney Trail (Highway 22X) near Macleod Trail.
Collision on Macleod Trail just past 42nd Avenue in the NB RHL.
My butt cheeks were sore from doing this! @ Macleod Trail World Health
Macleod Tr closed today. Access MD via Macleod Trail from Centre St. (Hwy 2A), turn right into laneway, follow around to back service road.
Holiday Inn South Macleod Trail from $113 USD Welcome to Holiday Inn South Macleod Trail, and thank you for takin...
Two people have been taken to hospital tonight with non-life threatening injuries after a crash on Highway 22X and Macleod Trail.
In the SE there is a crash on the ramp from SB Macleod trail to EB Highway 22-X.
I checked in at Macleod Trail World Health on
MacLeod Trail not family friendly. Brought bar order then asked us to leave because we had minors & brought us the bill!
Calgary MacLeod trail is pretty good all around.
Thank you, gym membership, for making pizza eating (without GUILT) possible again. (@ Macleod Trail World Health)
on Macleod Trail, huge herb plants, basil $7 rosemary $11 skip the centre
How can i get to the global petroleum show on stampede park from macleod trail by using C train.
Without killer tunes and cold air Macleod Trail is unbearable in the summer
Macleod Trail has just re-opened to traffic from 9th to 6th Avenues, as the Olympic Plaza party wraps up.
to stop by the Olympia Liquor Store on Macleod Trail to try some - Gewurztraminer & Riesling. Today 2-6
Went to Shaw on Macleod Trail to return a modem
Macleod Trail closed from 9th to 6th Aves by Olympic gala til 3 PM. With other shutdowns and construction, the core is crazy busy.
Saw van on Macleod Trail heading north by cemetery hill. Texting and driving. Thought that was illegal?
Hello Calgary! We'll be demoing our Raincoast Crisps today at the Fed Co-op on MacLeod Trail - come on by, say...
There were some frightening moments for drivers on westbound Glenmore Trail, Wednesday, between Macleod Trail and Blackfoot Trail. Police have shut down the westbound lanes of Glenmore Trail at Deerfoot Trail until further notice as they work on investigating and clearing the scene.
in the SE, stalls on SB Stoney, a bus is stalled in the RHL after the Macleod Trail exit and a truck is stuck in the LHL before Deerfoot.
City of Calgary (the place with no emergency vehicle or HOV lanes) is proposing bicycle lanes on Macleod Trail. Why not? Let's put some on Deerfoot Trail while we're at it! Jeez!
This year the kids and I will make our annual stop to the Mustard Seed Ministry Christmas day to take much needed items to the homeless. If you could see it in your hearts to help, that would be great! Items needed include toques, heavy socks, warm gloves, mens and womens underwear, chapstick, shampoo, small toys for the kids, toothpaste, tooth brushes, scarves etc. We already have purchased quite a supply but could always use more. We would also be happy to take any warm winter coats. Any items can be dropped off to the Used Car Dept of Silverhill Acura on Macleod Trail. Thank you! Your help is very much appreciated!
Calgary friends ... if you are free tonight please consider coming down to Ceili's at 9737 Macleod Trail. Tickets available at the door if you want to partake in a burger, side and drink for $20. We have lots of amazing silent auction items up for bids, as well as a Calgary Flames Alex Tanguay jersey that we are raffling off. Hope to see you there - any time after 6:00!
'A schmozzle' with the lights not working properly on Macleod Trail at Glenmore Trail. 'Nasty' backups building both ways.
Stall on Macleod Trail past Anderson Road in the SB RHL.
Thank you Megan for helping me out and getting onto my computer today. I was able to get notes out to all the employees that are signed up for Stampede tickets and send my spreadsheet home. After running around and getting to our A/P office to retrieve the cheque and then trying to get to the Stampede office, I eventually had to meet the sales manager at Arby's on Macleod Trail and exchange a cheque for 350 tickets...looked like a drug deal going down.
You would be getting on the opposite side of MacLeod trail on the way back. Check the map *CL
It will let you off on MacLeod trail. Not sure where the west parkade is *CL
The 1 is on his regular routwe except when hes eastbound then he detours around 9 via macleod trail to 4 st se *CL
gonna freak when he sees this rad of on Macleod trail. I know because I saw his yyctower hyperlapse
Edmonton YSA, if you are looking for a way to help Calgary there is a community wide event for service, you're opportunity to do your bit. On Saturday there is a community wide event with the dream centre. 10am Calgary Dream Centre 4510 Macleod Trail S for a muster point to get assignments. shovels, buckets, brooms, crowbars... Volunteers, wear boots, masks, eyewear, gloves, you're going to get dirty! Please talk to your stake about getting a 'helping hands' shirt if your going out into the community! Good luck YSA, I hope everyone can get out there and do whatever they can do to help. Time to be the Lord's hands. Calgary Flood Recovery: Neighborhood Clean Up Saturday at 10:00am Calgary Dream Centre in Calgary, Alberta Join · 80 people are going
A change of venue for the 4:30pm Thursday briefing. Erlton Station and Macleod Trail--major progress!
Diamond lanes for and in effect on Macleod Trail out of downtown to 61 Ave SW:
ok feel like I'm going around in circles. where the f*&( do i go to renew my low-income bus pass here in Calgary.
Grades 6-12...NURV WARS: LASER TAG is TOMROROW!!! Come out with your friends to 9950 Macleod Trail SE at 6:30PM! It's going a great time!!
We still seem to be getting lots of phone calls so I'll just put this out there once more: Yes we are open and have been since Saturday. No we did not suffer any flood damage. Thanks for all your concern though - Greg J
Take a break from making history, to relive it. Our regularly scheduled tours at Burnsland Cemetery on Saturday, June 29 and at Union Cemetery on Sunday, June 30 will be going ahead as planned. Meet at 2pm at the Galloway House. Due to traffic and congestion on Macleod Trail and around the Stampede grounds we recommend that you walk or cycle to the cemetery. If you do drive, we recommend that you park on the SE side of Union Cemetery near Spiller Road.
hi I need to get to 2225 Macleod Trail , the Talisman Centre. by 7 am tomorrow morning and I am leaving from bus stop 8300
The bus-only lanes on Macleod trail are FANTASTIC!. Comuted from downtown to hertiage 20-30 min! just like the LRT
Wholesale order for Tail Blazers MacLeod Trail complete. Wholesale order for Tuscany Vet Boutique is still on the list along with about two dozen individual orders.
Nenshi says roads are "going good". Macleod Trail is open. Reminds people to stay off the roads thanks to the gridlock.
This is usually the Macleod Trail underpass downtown. Photo by our
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Macleod Trail underpass before and after shots.
Water is slowly receding at Macleod Trail and 25th Ave S. This photo from our
“City roads director says Macleod Trail could be opened tomorrow. Here's a photo of the road Sunday
is Macleod trail north into DT still buggered?
And no work today! Something about too my traffic and a train filled with explosive crap on a bridge over our raging river?
Amendment to yesterdays post...Enacted Business Continuity and Emergency Plan (again) at Calgary Alternative Support Services, in the face of imminent bridge collapse, due to train derailment over swollen Bow River, and the possibility of explosions... That whole…NOT my circus thing…not so much.
Macleod Trail World Health is collecting donations for Calgary Flood Relief volunteers! What we need: Bug Spray Water Gloves Garbage Bags Cleaning supplies Snacks (granola bars, muffins, nuts, cookies. anything to keep up that great energy!) If you want to help out, bring in your donations to the club by this Friday. Anything and everything is so much appreciated!
We need to take an aerial snapshot of Deerfoot Trail, Blackfoot Trail, Macleod Trail, Glenmore Trail, Crowchild Trail and 52nd Street, Then we need to superimpose an image of Mayor Nenshi, And then we need to caption it with, "I SAID STAY THE * HOME!"
Urgent ROAD CLOSURES The Bonnybrook Train Bridge is in danger of collapsing. There is currently a train still on the bridge and areas around this location are being evacuated as there are concerns with explosion/poisoning, etc. The following is closed: Deerfoot Trail and Ogden Road between Glenmore and the Calf Robe Bridge are currently CLOSED in BOTH directions. Detours are 17Ave and Glenmore Trail. Blackfoot Trail and Macleod Trail are probably your best options.
Openings: -Langevin Bridge is open to traffic. -4th Street W corridor fully open to the downtown -25 Ave between Spiller Rd and Macleod Trail. OPEN - Calgary Transit is operating bus only lanes on Macleod Trail. Drivers should avoid using the bus-only lanes on northbound Macleod Trail from 61 Avenue S to City Hall, and on southbound Macleod Trail from 12 Avenue S to 61 Avenue S. Right turns are permissible from these lanes. The bus-only lanes are needed for the B201 CTrain Shuttle, which is replacing CTrain service while the LRT tracks are being repaired on the south line. Taxis will also be permitted to use these lanes. Two northbound and two southbound lanes are available for the general public. -Southbound Macleod Trail is FULLY OPEN from the downtown to 61st Avenue S (Bus and Taxi Only right lane from 11th/12th Avenues) – working to improve signage and pavement marking Roads CLOSED: Deerfoot Trail northbound at Glenmore Deerfoot Trail southbound at 17 Avenue Ogden Road at 17 Street Ogden Road at 50 ...
Diamond lanes restricted to and on Macleod Trail from 61 Avenue northward:
Glenmore Trail... Go screw your self with a very long pole... It should not take an hour and a half to just get to macleod trail.
Tell me something??? with all this train situation and now traffic diverting to Macleod Trail where the city said was open but not to use... what is going to happen next? this is scary stuff... we need prayers.
Today has Finally arrived! The sun is shining and I'm Calgary bound to see some of the most incredible ppl that mean the world to me. :) Bouya!
Now, I can't get Sean to his doctor appointment today...they've closed Deerfoot Trail and Macleod will become a parking lot. Sean just can't sit in traffic for that know this past week has been stressful enough...guess they will have to phone or mail prescription renewals for the boys...what else can go wrong?S-IT
Due to a train derailment on the Bonnybrook bridge there are numerous road closures: Closed at Deerfoot northbound at Glenmore and Deerfoot Southbound at 17 Ave. Closed Ogden Road at 17 Street SE, Ogden Road at 50 Ave. Deerfoot Trail is open north of 17 Ave. Word is they'll stay closed through the morning commute at least, likely longer. -The Show
What used to be northbound Macleod Trail.
Ronald was up and driving his wheelchair along the hallways for about an hour today...he is looking more gas...and they took the catheter out this morning. He still has a long way to go before he can come home...his hip is bothering him now...I think it is because he is in bed all of the time and not his own bed at that. He did discover that he likes oatmeal this morning...
Macleod Trail underpass is no longer filled with water. Here's a look at changes in water level there.
DONATION calling: - Looking for safety goggles for volunteers to have during cleanup process Please bring to Calgary Dream Centre 4510 macleod Trail S
FB Pals - my cell won't let me correct previous post - here's the dope - Chuck Rose of Chuck Rose fame - Friday & Saturday - Atlantic Trap & Gill on Macleod Trail. If the good Lord's willing & if the creek don't rise. See you there.
Reminder.Monday July 1st Coady Tompkins Memorial Library Margaree Forks (on the Cabot Trail) Inverness County, N.S. Celebrations will begin on the library grounds at noon, with a BBQ, corn boil, live entertainment on our outdoor stage with Marion MacLeod, Bonnie Jean MacDonald and more. At 3 PM, Alistair Macleod, Tom Ryan, Donna Morrissey, Susan Paddon and Brian Joseph will read passages from selected works. Discussion will follow with Canada Day cake and refreshments. Hosted by Margaree Area Development Association, All proceeds to the Coady Tompkins Library. The Master of Ceremonies will be Margaret Coady We hope to see you there!! Enquiries, please call Maria Coady 248-2211.
Macleod trail had the sexiest makeover ever. It went from looking like this, to opening today. Truly incredible!
In the SE, EB Hwy 22-X over the bridge at MacLeod Trail 5 cars pulled over to the side. Only the LHL getting through, emerg crews on scene
I was out on Macleod Trail today with crews who basically built a new road in one day! Macleod open tomorrow at 5 am. Local tra…
Hats off to the crew at the passport office on Macleod Trail. I was expecting to be there for hours with the DT office closed, but they had everything under control with 3 greeters at the door ushering people to the correct line after just a few questions and I was in and out in less than 10 minutes! A word of advice though, come with your paperwork in order.
We're the place to find help, advice, and education about the world of pianos and keyboard-based music. We're Calgary's only authorized dealer for the Steinway family of pianos and also Roland's Digital Pianos. We have instruments from beginner to world-class performance and friendly staff that love...
Paving on 12th Ave from 8th St SW to Macleod Trail has it down to 1 lane.. and all crossing roads are detoured away. Huge tie-ups.
Right hand lanes of Macleod Trail for transit only north of Heritage. "Please respect that," says.
I'm starting up an outdoors blog for the Kitsap Sun. The blog will be about all the ways people around here recreate in the outdoors – hiking, fishing, clamming, biking, kayaking, skiing, etc. Now I need a name for it. Suggestions?
traffic grid locked westbound Glenmore west of Macleod Trail
NEW VENUE for Curtis Macdonald Trio June 29th at 8pm: Steinway Pianos off of MacLeod Trail $10 suggested donation.
If we are leaving DT and driving can we use Macleod Trail south? Not sure if the bridge by Talisman is open as well
Catch the number 10 on Macleod trail Southbound.
Not much luck finding a place to play for evacuated folks tonight. The number Nenshi posted only picked up the phone this morning and told me it wasn't the right number. Said they'd call back, but I haven't heard anything yet. Central Memorial reception only had contact info for Southland Leisure centre and was told they were too full to host a band. Anyone with a lead on a local shelter that may want a jazz band tonight, please let me know. I'd be happy to try to organize something or perhaps join in on someone else's performance. Thanks.
Macleod Trail and Drop In Ctr both reopen today - this city is crazy efficient.
"I don't know if people understood the damage on Macleod Trail near 25th Avenue" says Nenshi. "They built a new road in on…
Drivers don't seem to understand the meaning of signs that say "right lane transit only" on MacLeod Trail.
Due to Flooding Our Central location at 1705 MacLeod Trail SE is closed until further notice. 1/2
There are dead fish in this hole beside Macleod Trail. Close up coming #
Wednesday Night Elings Park Trail Work Series. We are meeting at the SBMTV Shed 5:45p (by the park office) and on the trail. We'll be brushing on South Oak Ridge and Burro Trail. You’re also encouraged to ride or hike up and meet us on the trail, there will be a MacLeod waiting for you with your name in it! Don’t feel obligated to stay the entire time. Do some work and enjoy the rest of the eve...
Mayor Nenshi thanking workers who are building a new MacLeod Trail in the old median!
"Folks, they built a new road in one day!" Mayor Nenshi talking about crew that rebuilt Macleod Trail yesterday.
Nenshi: Macleod Trail was gone. They built a new road in one day. Amazing work by roads department. Back open NB and SB.
11am Emerg Update: Macleod Trail is "really only open to local traffic" "Don't go there (downtown).yet, pleads
They rebuilt Macleod Trail in a day ... WHY IS 22X (and all other road construction) TAKING SO LONG?!
.Macleod trail is fully open to traffic - they built a road in 1 day
* IMPORTANT UPDATE * 2013 Flood – Mayor Media Briefing Date: June 26, 2013 Time: 11:00am Power/Electricity • Pleased to announce that we have two large residential buildings have had the power restored – Keynote on 12th Ave & Nuera on 13th Ave. While this is exciting news, building owners or managers still need to return for inspection and remediation. These buildings will not be opened to the public or tenants until this has happened • This means that almost 650 residents are a little closer to returning home • Your residence must be dry and inspected. This is to ensure your safety. • Your neighbourhood is dry. If you are in a building that is still wet, within your neighbourhood, power will not be turned on in your building until it is confirmed that it is dry and inspected. This is because everything is interconnected and could cause serious issues for you and your neighbours. • Electrical wires, power poles and utility boxes need to be dry, too. If it is not dry, it could spark a fire wi ...
Macleod trail up and running! Who rebuilds a major road in one day?! Calgary!
Watch LIVE coverage from CTV News Calgary as the region deals with extensive flooding.
Urgent request for a friend: looking for a de-humidifier and the name of a good plumber. Please leave messages on my wall, she will be checkin them. Thanking you in advance for your response :)
Where can I get some good Lucky 13 clothes in Calgary?
Flood Update - Macleod Trail into downtown will be open this am. Mayor Nenshi said don’t use it, if at all possible. Work from home, car pool, or bike, The City has established 14 Park & Bike sites. - Power has been restored to about 7,300 more Enmax customers, just over 11,000 remain without electricity. Crews are currently working in Riverdale, Bonnybrooke, Erlton, & Mission. - Enmax has restored power to most buildings in the NW portion of the downtown core. As for the East Village, that could be days away. School Calgary Catholic and Public Schools are re-opening tomorrow. Public schools will have NO ‘yellow’ bus service. The CBE is asking parents to use alternate transportation like car pools. The Catholic board says they WILL have the majority of ‘yellow’ bus routes running as scheduled tomorrow. Both boards are providing kids the one day back to school to say goodbye to friends and teachers and collect supplies. SAIT, Mount Royal, and the U of C, will open again today for the first time. ...
is it just me or does it seem kind of strange that Calgary wants to put the Stampede on this year. with all the damage from the flooding. The LRT tracks at Erlton are buckled and twisted, part of Macleod Trail is crumbled and downtown is a mess. I understand it brings in millions of dollars of revenue for the city but what about the Calgarians? Shouldn't the city take care of their own first? I heard on the radio in Edmonton that Calgary should have the stampede in Edmonton. Have the rodeo, chuckwagons, calf roping, bull riding, barrel Edmonton. All proceeds from the event could go to Calgary. Or have the rodeo in a different city, Red Deer is closer. As for the rides...don't know what to do about that. I heard that the saddledome is a loss. Ten feet under water, kitchens, electrical panels, controls for the jumbo tron under water. How on earth is that going too be ready in eight days?
It took me 2 hrs to get to Canadian tire on Macleod trail but I got a pair of rubber boots!! Off to volunteer with Jay Siu & Monica Ogoniek!!!
Just dropped Mary off at work downtown. Drove into the core from Crowchild Trail and out of the core from Macleod Trail. Mary's office is on 8th and 7th. Traffic was light and lots of police presence to help things flow. The amount of equipment beinng used to rebuild the LRT lines from City Hall to Erlton Station is... well I guess necessary but cool nevertheless.
Good morning! Unfortunately our hospital still remains without power today. Traffic lights in the area are now working and 17th Ave is open to traffic thru Macleod Trail so we are hopeful that power will be restored soon. We will keep you posted.
UPDATE- Macleod Trail open to public again in both directions. Still a lot of work going on though, so avoid roadway if you can.
Being back in YYC and seeing the devastation and destruction the flooding has caused has been very overwhelming for me and has made me realize how very lucky Danny & I were not to have had any loss of normalcy unlike thousands of others. Question that keeps running through my mind - what can we do to help?! Obvious answer volunteer but with 2 little ones at home, not so easy right now anyway - I am doing a costco run tomorrow and want to donate and pick up supplies for people in need in the badly affected areas - can anyone suggest a place to drop off, and if so what are the items people require the most? Also want to donate kids items that I have at home - suggestions?
The city of Calgary remains in a state of local emergency.
ROAD CLOSURES, DETOURS & RESTRICTIONS Take note when you leave home today.
Today's update: wow is about all we can say. Some great work being done for sure. The positive - the electrical inspectors have congratulated us on how we have proceeded and the shape that everything is. They have given us the go to have power BUT - the negative - the other surrounding buildings are so far behind us, the inspectors, are not close to approving their electrical that it will still be some time before they can turn on the power on our grid. The other part is that even tho they have pumped out water in the neighbouring Enmax building (which supplies our power), it keeps bringing in water due to the surrounding buildings still have water inside. As you can see, we removed the 4 remaining vehicles from the parkade so that the crew can continue to clean out the parkade. They will start removing drywall and such (in the hallway to the elevator) as it was heavily damaged. The elevator company has been called out to do an inspection of our newly installed elevator - fingers crossed that goes well. . ...
If anybody knows anyone displaced from High River I have a basement to offer. I live in Evergreen (south end of Macleod trail).
We are selling IPADS!! Starting tomorrow you can purchase and activate your ipad at our locations! They will be in stock tomorrow morning in limited supply so act fast!
Sora Riffic HELP! Small business owners in Victoria Park (including businesses along NB Macleod Trail SE and everything east of, north of 13 Avenue) & Inglewood could really use your help! Many of their basements are flooded, and they could use some help sucking out flood water, removing debris & destroyed merchandise. Many of these small businesses may lose their livelihood if they are not operational again soon. Any support and help you could show in these affected business areas would be much appreciated!
Charlene Bellefeuille Wingert Hi there, I would like to offer my support . I would like to make a tonne of sandwhiches to bring to help the wonderfull ppl helping the flood clean up and to the wonderfull pll that have been affected. Could someone direct me on a phone number or person I should contact?? I would like to donate other foods as well if needed.
Group of young people handing out donuts to Calgary city workers on Macleod Trail. Sometimes it the little things that are the most meaningful.
says Macleod Trail, 4 Ave, 5 Ave to open tomorrow morning to traffic, but asks commuters to avoid the area. -Carly
As of 5am Macleod Trail will be open and safe/clear. DO NOT USE IT, as it is not ready for rush hour traffic but it's on its way to recovery.
Stationed on the corner of Macleod trail & 6ave for the rest of the night filling water trucks. Looks like its going to be a really long shift. ( o.t yeah buddy )
Grades 6-12, reminder that there is NO NURV tonight and no TUESDAY service at Springs Church. Downtown is closed until further notice. BUT! NURV Wars still continues THIS FRIDAY with Laser Tag! (9950 Macleod Trail SE -- 6:30PM --$20). Finish the last month of school with a BANG!
Riding the home as train tracks are still in need of repair. Going past south glenmore park and see a big ol green dumpster and what looks to be a pallet of building materials that were swept into the park with the flood waters. Sad face. However, so totally impressed by everyone pulling together and getting things done! MacLeod trail saw that was badly damaged is already being reopened to traffic. Love ya Calgary!
I have just returned from an excursion to Mission area of Calgary. Power has not been restored to the area and thus OUR OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED ON WED JUNE 26, 2013. Road access is a little better in that you can go slowly through 39 Ave to 4 St SW from MacLeod Trail. Elbow Dr is still blocked at Riverdale avenue. Best access (albeit slow as well) is from the West along 17th Ave. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We will keep everyone posted daily. thank-you for your patience.
DONATION UPDATE! thank you to the hundreds of people who have donated over the last few days, the love in this City is enormous. At this time we are asking only for specific supplies related to the clean up in Ward 9: if you have any of these items, please bring them to the Dream Centre located at 4510 Macleod Trail: Generators, extension chords, electric fans, work gloves, rubber boots, garbage bins, snow shovels, and rakes. thank you for your generosity.
We are able to go into Stanley park pool tomorrow. Volunteers needed ! If you come be prepared to be tracking through the mud. Please wear rubber boots, rubber and work gloves, shovels ect. or shoes and clothes you can throw out! Bring food and water. If you have a 4X4 you can drive close if not drive and park on Macleod trail near the husky or a&w. tomorrow we are asking for volunteers to come anytime after 12:00pm
MOST is trying to organize a group to help with flood restoration work on Friday morning at 9:00am. We will meet at MOST and head out to a neighbourhood to help clean up. I'd like to invite other CrossFit Boxes and anyone else for that matter to join us. Everyone is welcome. Please comment if you're interested. We will also be accepting clothing donations for the rest of the week. Pass this on.
Enmax hopes to have power back to the East end of the core by Wednesday. Nenshi says Macleod Trail will open sometime today. -Matt
Calgary based recovery center. Non Profit Charity serving homless or addicted men. Offering addiction treatment, affordable housing, case management, rehabilitation and change. Recovery from homelessness. Proud partner of the 10 year plan to end homelessness in alberta
Well, went through downtown yesterday, and i admit, its alot siltier than I rmemeber, but overall I was very impressed. Now they say macleod trail and the train will be repaired in a few weeks. I'm very happy with my city
One street East of my building. This is looking South down MacLeod Trail!
We are accepting any donations NON-perishable (food, clothes, cleaning supplies, etc.) for the Alberta Flood 2013. Please bring your donation to our location (Suite 215, 11012 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB.) and we will do the rest. Thank you -ATA Pain Rehab Team
Update as of 8AM Tuesday June 25: Rangeland remains closed due to the power outage. The City advises that power has been restored to 53% of the downtown and we are hoping that they will be able to restore power today. Access to the downtown remains limited and unnecessary travel to the core is NOT recommended although major arteries like Memorial and Macleod Trail are tentatively going to reopen today. C-Train and bus service is starting to be restored. Thanks Management
Macleod Trail to reopen later today; 12 more neighbourhoods to regain power
Pacesetter Directional Drilling will be BBQ'ing HUMPTYS PARKING LOT ON MACLEOD TRAIL AND 25th AVE SW. for volunteers and those impacted by the flood. 10:30AM-1PM.
I had the opportunity to see Calgary. Yeah, hit pretty hard. I had talked to a neighbour, Gloria in the Holiday Inn here. She is from High River. They are totally devastated! Her and her husband lost their basement. They had one hour to leave but they will be alright. They have good resources. She (we) feel for the young families and elderly on lower income. They will take a very long time to recover. Calgary traffic is terribly slow as people reroute to know good streets.
I was driving today and wanted to get over to MacLeod Trail. I wasn't thinking and went to use Sifton Blvd. I had to take a side street. I hadn't realized that this area was hit by flood waters. It was a very big shock to see people having to pull carpet, mattresses and most other belongings out on to their front lawns to be hauled away.. The reality of the losses to these poor folks was over whelming.
Volunteers needed tomorrow at 11am. 2404 Erlton Rad SW. Walk in access only, best to come across Macleod Trial on foot or bike. More sort, haulin, cleanin, packin and movin. Thanks so much everyone!!
IT IS WITH A VERY SAD HEART THAT THIS IS POSTED: Highwood High's Graduation is Postponed The Administation Team of Highwood High School made the difficult decision to postpone their 2013 graduation ceremonies. A date for the new ceremonies will be forthcoming from Ms. Kingston, Highwood's principal. With school ending this week, the loses suffered by students and families associated with Highwood, and the difficulty in communicating with students and families it was felt that postponing graduation gave Highwood students and families the best opportunity to celebrate their achievements. On behalf of the staff and students of FCHS/AHSFA I would like to congratulate the graduates of Highwood's Class of 2013. You're achievements speak for themsleves and your graduation ceremoney will be all the more powerful and meaningful when the stresses of the recent flood are behind you.
Haven't been at work since Thursday, still not going in tomorrow. Talk about an extra long weekend! Only one problem...if they do call us back, how the *** am I getting downtown with Macleod trail and Elbow drive closed? Stupid direct routes all crossed by the Elbow river :(
I do not have patience for this traffic!
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Anyone missing a white Jeep? If so I found it.. Also the north lane on Macleod Trail and the Erlton north and south track!!
Incredibly, the city expects Macleod Trail to be reopened by Tuesday. Read more about the rebuild here:
P The tracks north of the Stampede Erlton C-Train Station look more like a rollercoaster than an LRT route into downtown. Adjacent Macleod Trail northbound lanes were also destroyed. Ted Rhodes/Calgary Herald photo
It's so surreal being downtown and it looks just like a ghost town minus all the construction vehicles. Seeing the twisted and broken C-Train tracks beside Macleod Trail just shows how powerful Mother Nature can be.
Donation and Volunteer calling: Calgary Dream Center - 4510 Macleod Trail SW They are in need of Non-parishables items, men's underwear, boots, socks(any construction gear) and volunteers!
Coming on July 13, the Home Depot at 6500 MacLeod Trail S.W. in Calgary, AB will be hosting the Weiser Smart Security Tour! Event runs from 10am to 2pm.
Hundreds of caring Calgarians have come together to provide donations in the last two days. Keep it up Calgary, we have been able to pay it forward to YWCA of Calgary Calgary Alpha House Society The Salvation Army in Canada and many more. Special thanks to NeighbourLink Calgary, Knexionsmidpark & First Alliance Church Calgary. Helping Us | Help Calgary Currently we have a high demand for: Socks, Underwear, Mens Clothing, Shoes, Work Boots, Frozen Foods, Coffee Mugs & meat. thank you for everything!
As seen from all over Southern Alberta
OGDEN — "I found a fossilized Bigfoot skull."A journalist can go his or her entire life waiting to hear those six magic words. And yet...
Some before and after shots of the bridge on Macleod trail
Nenshi: on NE, NW and West lines to downtown..trying to get it back up Wednesday. South line "will take longer" 3 tunnels filled with water.
Exotic Moments Lingerie will be closing its store location at 9667 Macleod Trail SW If you have not get your Stampede Corset its time to get yours at a very low price while quantity last!!! 50% to 70% off Everything in the store must go June 29 2013.
always feels privileged when we hear that we seem to be doing the right things at AXE... Here's a testimony we received this morning from another AXEmazing custtomer of ours!!! "I am a retired long haul trucker. I have been playing guitar on and off for 50 years. In that time I have shopped at quite a few music stores. I am writing this letter to inform you that your Macleod Trail store in Calgary has to be the best that I have been to. The staff is helpful to the point that I feel guilty not buying something when I am in the store looking, or phone up to ask questions. My music taste is quite eclectic. Any thing from opera, to heavy metal, to blues, and when I stop to talk about my likes and experiences, they have always shown interest. That means a lot to a lot of us old guys. Kudos to those guys, both young and old." Ken W. Irricana Alberta
Both of our Calgary locations reopened on Saturday evening. Cactus Club Cafe (Macleod Trail) Cactus Club Cafe (Barlow Trail)
Pretty sobering... Basement is covered with about 4' of mud. Macleod Trail is a ghost town.
A fine fellow named Marc got the "after" shot of what my Friday photo at Erlton was foreshadowing (see comments for that photo)
The rest of downtown is only open to building owners and property managers - not business tenants or the public.
My friend took this pic of macleod trail lastnight. Lots and lots of fixing to be done!
Thanks to the help and donations you have dropped off in the last 72 hours, all surrounding communities we have been in contact with now have enough hygiene, clothing and food supplies to last a few days.
AB: Calgary - Macleod Trail shut down from south into downtown. 3 lanes damaged at Erlton... and major roling of C-Train track with repairs underway. City Hall (old and new) are to be closed for about 6 weeks... that will impact city business issues (licenses, building permits) check with 311 for contact point relocation according to each department's disaster recovery plans.
So if I need to head to Macleod Trail and 70th avenue, and I'm on 17th Ave SW, can I do that? Or am I stuck?
Weather Related Service Information UPDATED: June 21, 2013 @ 3:33 p.m. Due to flooding, roadway / bridge closures and community evacuations, the following describes current Calgary Transit service until further notice. There is no CTrain or bus service to / from downtown. All express routes serving downtown are cancelled However, some downtown bus and Access Calgary routes will operate to the following boundaries surrounding the downtown. From the north - 16 Avenue N From the west - 14 Street SW From the east – Deerfoot Trail From the south – Glenmore Trail (some routes will go to 11 Avenue S) B201 Shuttle buses are operating between: Heritage Station to Chinook Station to 39 Avenue Station, travelling south on Macleod Trail, west on Glenmore Trail, north on Crowchild Trail, west on 17 Avenue SW, north on 33 Street into Westbrook Station. B202 Shuttle buses are operating between: Franklin Station (south lot), west on Memorial Drive, north on Barlow Trail, west on 16 Avenue, south on 14 Street, to 14 A ...
"Power is out at the intersection of Macleod Trail and 25th ave in the SE. Cemetery Hill is completely powerless.
Macleod Trail is closed this morning. Hey 22 to 194th Ave S. Also closures on Glenmore. Pole problems.
Accident cleared on Macleod Trail northbound at Gl[...]
Idle No More has called for an international day of Solidarity. UNITY & SOLIDARITY 4 Directions Peace March & Rally We will be calling on the people of the Treaty 7 area to converge upon the Calgary downtown core from the 4 directions onto Olympic Plaza, we will then march onto the Calgary Peace bridge. It's not just an Indian Issue - It's an everyone issue. We all need the environment, We all need government to be accountable, and We all need safe guard for the future generations. Wear your traditional regalia and represent! Or wear one of the colours!!! Dont have regalia, come anyway you would like!!! * From the North: March southbound on Centre st. (meet at top of centre st. Rotary park hill) 12:30 pm From the East: March westbound on 9 ave (meet at the Deane House in Inglewood) 1pm From the South: Being led in by the First Nations Consul March northbound on Macleod Trail (meet at Stampede parking lot) 1 pm From the West: March eastbound on 9 ave (meet at Shaw Millenium park) 1 pm March will be lead by ...
is going to the LADIES FUN NIGHT ON JANUARY 18 -7:00pmHoliday Inn on Macleod Trail South in Calgary
I'm going to watch Texas Chainsaw at Empire Theatres - Empire Studio 10 MacLeod Trail via
Calgary - traffic lights not working bothways Macleod Trail at 58Th Avenue Sw
Traffic lights not working on Macleod Trail both d[...]
Aboriginal Futures Career & Training Centre provides educational, training and employment services to Aboriginal people who live in Calgary or the surrounding area.
Downtown traffic was disrupted Tuesday evening after a serious crash between an SUV and an LRT train. Shortly after 6 p.m., emergency services were called to the intersection of 3rd Street and 7th Avenue S.E. after reports of a car versus train collision, according to duty inspector Patty McCallum.
Creating a Home: From Vision to Reality Thursday January 24th Please join us for an informative evening with the McInnis Family, as they talk about their journey in creating a home for their son with multiple challenges. They will discuss how they got a house and staffed it for their son's needs. This is a great opportunity for you to come out and discover the future possibilities that await you and your child. This evening is for parents of children of all ages. This discussion will be at the CCPA office, 7015 Macleod Trail SW 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM email Sheraleeto register
Crash: NB MacLeod Trail on ramp to Canyon Meadows Drive SE. Multi vehicle collision on the right shoulder. Slow.
Regular LRT service resumes after car crash at Macleod Trail - Calgary Herald
Vehicle Collision with C-Train: On Janaury 15, 2013 at 6:13 pm a SUV was northbound on Macleod Trail S when the...
Am I the only one who thinks First Nations and the "Idle no more" movement is going to backfire huge? Once the public finds out the level of corruption and mismanagement of taxpayers money by the majority of Indians bands ( Chiefs in particular ), the sympathy train will screech to a grinding halt without them having to blockade it.
Video from the scene of the vs car crash - reports.
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