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Mackenzie Davis

Mackenzie Davis is a Canadian film, television and stage actress, who garnered a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the 2nd Canadian Screen Awards for her performance in The F Word, which was subsequently rereleased internationally under the title What If.

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It's had a bi dude in it too. Plus '80s-90s Mackenzie Davis. And no viewers. She said in an interview TW…
I love Denis Villeneuve, but the part of Blade Runner 2049 that has me the most excited is Mackenzie Davis and her furry hat.
Can someone tell me how Mackenzie Davis was in
What will stars like Mackenzie Davis, & more wear for the premiere
is that the Mackenzie Davis hat movie
Mackenzie Davis on Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 and Blade Runner 2049 with Collider
Erm, that's Mackenzie DAVIS in Halt and Catch Fire, not Mackenzie Crook...
Guys Mackenzie Davis is really gonna be in can you believe it
I choose to interpret Donna belting "We Belong" on the last "Halt and Catch Fire" as an answer to Mackenzie Davis in "San Junipero."
Mackenzie Davis seems to be popping up in everything I love right now.
Congrats to Mackenzie Davis kenz.davis on getting her 1,000 career assist this past weekend!!…
That's because they overplayed the Mackenzie Davis awkwardness. I spent the first part of the ep thinking she was an alien!
Mexico HS Senior Night as the Bulldogs celebrate Lauren Quinlan & Mackenzie Davis 4 Year Career with Mexico Softball
Still of Mackenzie Davis as Cameron Howe in 4x07, "Who Needs a Guy"
Additional stills of Mackenzie Davis as Cameron Howe with Kerry Bishé as Donna Clark in 4x06, "A Connectio…
Mackenzie Davis (Cameron Howe) in Halt and Catch Fire brings me pure joy.
New photos of Mackenzie Davis as Mariette in
Mackenzie Davis wants to find a man for sex without a relationship
Although Mackenzie Davis and Kerry Bishé are always vocal about their female directors and writers. I mean this isn't a vocal writers room.
Guys I just did something terrible. I imagine Breeda Wool and Mackenzie Davis playing a couple in a movie and I’ve died
Everything Mackenzie Davis does on “Halt and Catch Fire” is magic. I wish more people knew this.
Mackenzie Davis has such a wonderfully expressive face.
I feel personally attacked that he cast Mackenzie Davis and Anna de Armas in Blade Runner, thereby forcing me to watch it
It's alright. It's about the growth of the computer industry. Also has Mackenzie Davis in it, who is great as well.
— Mackenzie Davis . "I sat at the popular table, but I always felt really geeky."
*** Alec should sit down and mackenzie davis and you have to shoot arrows! chat?
Mackenzie Davis wants to get acquainted with a man for recreation
Cameron Howe played by the always wonderful Mackenzie Davis reading Gerald's Game by is a nice touch…
Mackenzie Davis gets to know a man for a relationship
Mackenzie Davis, and Sylvia Hoeks talk to about their complex roles in
favourite Mackenzie Davis on the billboard above Times Square!
Thank you, Emmys for the "Thank You" cam which Mackenzie Davis thanks you for as well.
Mackenzie Davis is looking for a guy for sex
Mackenzie Davis, photographed by Zoey Grossman for Malibu magazine, Sep/Oct 2017.
I think you'd be surprised. And as long as a copy found its way to Mackenzie Davis you could call it a win.
one of these pics made me realize you remind me of Mackenzie Davis
These two 😍😍😍 Going to watch San Junipero for the nth time
Mackenzie Davis is a legitimate star. She completely embodies her character. I also feel…
Young Kelly and Elder Kelly got to read lines together ! Give the Emmy now. .
Mackenzie Davis looking at your soul and sins in this picture
My update on Gary MacKenzie story from yesterday's press conference. Davis and Magennis st…
Towards the end of the Offcamera podcast aka Cameron Howe, talks about too.…
Yes! I've shortlisted What If, not just for the main romance but also the one between Adam Driver + Mackenzie Davis
"The important part is the making of the thing.". Interesting podcast interview with Mackenzie Davis.…
I could watch Lee Pace and Mackenzie Davis ad infinitum.
An interview with the two stars of my fav episode ever, San Junipero
Mackenzie Davis is so perfectly expressive.
I watch Halt & Catch Fire & Mackenzie Davis's character had a really cool response to this topic. It's a really good show.
It took me a while to get familiar with Mackenzie Davis but I am glad I did.
Q&A:Mackenzie Davis on Cameron finally chasing what she wants. (Is it Joe?)
I love this best friend of mine, thanks for always having my back since 5th grade. ily happy birthday 👯 💜…
There are so many things to love about it but MACKENZIE DAVIS *swoons*
What is it about Canadian actresses? You're all so beautiful! You, Mackenzie Davi…
Good point. But I felt Mackenzie Davis did a great job of admitting complicity without trashing her mov…
If you like Mackenzie Davis, yes watch it. If tech industry intrigues you, yes. Show reboots…
Can i just say how GOOD Mackenzie Davis looks in the s4 premiere of Halt and Catch Fire? That hair? You're killing me.
I would like Mackenzie Davis, and Tim Roth to do a movie together.
Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis from the Emmy-nominated episode, “San Junipero" Credit: Eric Charbonn…
Mackenzie Davis and Kerry Bishe crush every second of screen time, and nice to see Toby Huss play an actual person.
Great actress, great show. Sad to see Halt ending: Mackenzie Davis on Whitewashing, Equal Pay, and Feminism
Hang on, Suggesting Kate McKinnon is "closer age-wise" to Lori Petty than Mackenzie Davis is? Yeah. By a whole 4 years.
Lexington Police are searching for Mackenzie Davis. He is described as 5'8" 330lbs and 31 years old. He is...
Brilliant.Stellios MOM.Mallan Morgan superb and Davis Mackenzie oBrian triple act was outstanding!
I look super early bird and mackenzie davis and in this.
That's the movie that introduced me to Mackenzie Davis (i.e., the perfect woman).
Don't forget the Hollywood members: Alicia Vikander, Alycia Debnam-Carey and MacKenzie Davis.
Mackenzie Davis is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. i am in love 💕
It's CRAZY good. My highlights: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mackenzie Davis, &, of course, Mr. Glover (who mostly inspired this rewatch).
Mitch Hallahan, Mackenzie Willis and Ryan Davis cut from final 26-man Gold Coast Suns team for clash with Essendon.
After you've read our article on Female Anxiety cinema, check out this interview about Always Shine:
ICYMI: art smuggling investigation references research. Was an honor to work w/S…
Also want to see Davis and MacKenzie really dominate the middle of that defence. Two big lads, need to impose themselves more.
So was San Junipero actually a nice episode of Black Mirror? It seemed like it was. Always thankful to see Mackenzie Davis on my tele.
The sobering female rivalry of Mackenzie Davis's new film, 'Always Shine'
Just watched S03E04 of and it got me all misty-eyed... Thank you Mackenzie Davis! Thank you Gugu Mbatha-Raw! ❤
Mackenzie Davis on Why Modern Womanhood Is the Perfect Subject for a Thriller . When I met Mackenzie Davis in the …
Today Mackenzie Davis & Sophia Takal on their new film Always Shine & the occasionally ugly side of female friendship!
"We want actresses to be clean and understand them to be desirable, which means there aren’t a lot of loose ends...
If I had criteria, it would just be that I want to play active peopl...
Move over Anna Kendrick. Mackenzie Davis has my heart now.
As a viewer, I'm personally less interested in the damaged, white,...
MACKENZIE FREAKING DAVIS LOOK AT THIS (saw this and instantly thought of you❤️)
Always Shine is brilliant on so many levels. Great to hear about the process from Sophia Takal and co. Mackenzie Davis flaw…
from is now playing and remains one of my favorites this year. My review:
Director Sophia Takal and actress Mackenzie Davis discuss their film in their interview
Fans, we regret to inform you that Davis Mackenzie will be out 3-4 months due to horse voice.
Mackenzie Davis brings an edge to the sharp vacation thriller 'Always Shine'
I just like the insides of things and finding ways into microscopic ...
no country has access to single market without contributing to the costs of running it. Why should we? David Davis knows this
Davis wants to pay to EU budget. Boris wants freedom of movement. I don't remember this stuff being on the side of the bus!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
An hour long podcast with Mackenzie Davis. Sure, why not.
Mackenzie Davis, 29, photos by Celeste Sloman. . Lee Pace, 29, photos by Scott Council
Black Mirror s3e4 OMG! Always had a crush on Mackenzie Davis, then she plays a giant nerd in this sweet 80's *** romance. 😍
Mackenzie Davis is becoming my lady crush lately
I have such a crush on Mackenzie Davis. I loved her in Black Mirror but she's also going to be in the new Bladerunner too.
It was cool to see Hannah John-Kamen in an ep as well as Mackenzie Davis. This might be something doable for ADC's schedule.
Mackenzie Davis & star in the thrilling new trailer for
Mackenzie Davis & Caitlin FitzGerald are best frenemies in the new trailer for the thriller
Best Actress winner Mackenzie Davis is joining latest, TULLY.
nobody told me that Mackenzie Davis is going to be in Blade Runner 2!?!?! I'm offended
I don't just act to pay my rent. I really like doing it, so I get frustrate...
📷 Mackenzie Davis at the ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology’, the 2016 Costume Institute...
"I only put my hands up at like Reality Weekend like when the Holy Spirit is movin all over the place." -Rylie Davis
you kinda sorta look like Halt and Catch Fire's Mackenzie Davis here.
Mackenzie Davis looked rad in a tech-inspired dress at the last night.
Discover these award-winning treasures, like Mackenzie Davis in ALWAYS SHINE.
'Always Shine' star Mackenzie Davis says "I feel too messy to be a woman":
We went behind the scenes of a fitting with Joseph Altuzarra and his date, actress Mackenzie Davis:
Actress Mackenzie Davis wears a custom embroidered gown and cape to the for https:…
I love Thanksgiving. In Canada, we don't really have a lot of history with ...
I think Julianne Moore is the most radiantly beautiful human being and isn'...
Not got round to seeing it yet. I'll watch it soon. Mackenzie Davis is in Freaks of Nature. She looks awesome as a vampire.
i'm 80% sure Mackenzie Davis is at this renaissance festival and i'm 100% freaking out
I've just sort of jumped into relationships and moved in with people way to...
How to handle Mackenzie Davis and Sebastian Stan in one movie? . You don’t.
Behind the scenes of our prep w Joseph & Mackenzie ht…
I dream of not having access to technology. I think it's a very wonderful t...
I do a lot of thrifting, but I don't go shopping in a concerted way very of...
Me and Mack Attack Mackenzie Davis doing some leg work for for our movie 'Always…
Mackenzie Davis looks great as a vampire in Freaks Of Nature. Can't wait to check her out... I mean check the movie out. Got the DVD here.
Mackenzie Davis and Sebastian Stan, cast members of ‘The Martian’ participate in a NASA roundtable (2015.9.15)
Behind the scenes with Joseph Altuzarra and his date, actress (and event first-timer) Mackenzie Davis:
PLUS: Mackenzie Davis and Adam Driver and Zoe Kazan this film has a dream cast and it's set in my city.
I'm late on this one but mackenzie davis will get an oscar in the next 4-5 years and i don't want to hear any *** excuses
'Breathe In' was such a big deal for me. It was my first anything. Before t...
Pelicans PF/C Anthony Davis under went an “ultrasonic debridement of the degenerative area of the pa: Pelicans...
119 - What If - Enjoyable, but I'd have much rather watched a movie about Adam Driver and Mackenzie Davis
Also, I'm probably more in love with Mackenzie Davis' fictional character than her herself. For better or worse.
Sometimes I can't decide if I really love Halt and Catch Fire or if I'm just in love with Mackenzie Davis.
don't worry Mackenzie, we're not lol
I'm always surprised when actors say they don't like sex scenes. It's like ...
Mackenzie davis is so hot in freaks of nature 😳
Nobody talks about mackenzie Davis, Lord see her eyes😍
I always imagined that magically, at some point, I would settle into this v...
Who Will Take Anthony Davis's Spot At The Olympics? : Anthony Davis will undergo surgeries on his knee and sho...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Anthony Davis will skip Rio 2016 to fix shoulder pain that has been ailing him for 3 years:
With that in mind, my fan-casting of Captain Marvel: Mackenzie Davis from HALT & Catch Fire
Mackenzie Davis - I've been really lucky that I've been expos...: via
no ma'am, Mackenzie Smith's boyfriend. Chase Davis. He does my hair every two weeks, and coloring my friends hair on Wednesday
S2 finale and then some jibberjab w/ me, Mackenzie Davis, Kerry Bishe and some Google hotshots a…
Mackenzie Davis reminds me of a young Laura Dern.
is "A Country Called Home" (Imogen Poots, Mary McCormack, Ryan Bingham, Mackenzie Davis). Subtle film that hits the mark.
Good list and sorry to be That Guy, but the part about Emory Cohen is included twice, under Cohen and then Mackenzie Davis too.
yes, the Martian did. The character of Mackenzie Davis was Korean in the book :
well on the bright side I'll be there too so you can tell her you'll have a friend.
but why did Scott cast Ejiofor in a role meant for an Indian man? Likewise Mackenzie Davis?
Mackenzie Davis is a babe in The Martian.
BREAKING NEWS: I have a crush on Mackenzie Davis
📷 Mackenzie Davis in a little black dress. Check out our new website: Ooh La La Club! Battle of Legs,...
Mackenzie Davis is a babe in The Martian
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I've been really lucky that I've been exposed to a lot of lovely, talented peopl...
Mackenzie Davis completely owns my heart.
The role played by Mackenzie Davis in Halt and Catch Fire. Quirky tech genius with a feisty side!
"I'd go to Mars if I was ready to die" Mackenzie Davis on her role in the The Martian
Viola Davis'ing, Nicole Beharie'ing with a side of Carina Mackenzie'ing
it's okay. I can't even get a text back from my parents 90% of the time. Let alone Mackenzie.
recommended! And not JUST because my hometown Toronto looks great in it. Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Mackenzie Davis also star
I was imagining a long life of being a stone cold loser. Then I got a job, which...
Proud to have edited publication with chapters from Neil Brodie, Simon Mackenzie, etc https…
are there going to be any cameos from Martin Freeman, Lucy Davis, Mackenzie Crook etc?
speaking of which why are you in your yard? It is bed time and too cold for you young lady.
yes I do u, all u guys just don't realize I check like 3 times a day you I know where your home is 😅😂
same Mackenzie. You never check on me. 😑😑
Mackenzie Davis This post was made for you. . "She doesn't even go here!"
Temple Looting in Cambodia: Anatomy of a Statue Trafficking Network by Davis & Mackenzie. FREE h…
so is Mackenzie Davis a lesbot or not
Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis secure roles in Black Mirror for Netflix
MacKenzie Davis and Sebastian Stan stopped by the studio. I even got to ask a few questions. Go see
Wrap your mind around this: Sebastian Stan, MacKenzie Davis, Astronaut Nicole Stott & Mr. Mars are here! h…
"WAIT.There is water on Mars?! What else is out there" Sebastian Stan n Mackenzie Davis are in this wknd! …
"The Martian" actors and Mackenzie Davis with and this morning!
Mackenzie Davis on anything is a gift to everyone. She and Aya Cash are the two most underrated tv actresses.
Mackenzie Davis on Black Mirror is a gift for n me
Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis to star in Black Mirror season 3...
The Martian had both Kristen Wiig and Mackenzie Davis in it. I was basically in celebrity crush heaven the entire time.
no I mean Chiwetel Ejiofor as Vincent KAPOOR and Mackenzie Davis as Mindy PARK.
Of the supporting players in The Martian, Kristen Wiig, Mackenzie Davis and Chiwetel Ejiofor made the biggest impressions.
"Mackenzie Davis talks to about the experience in this week’s press roundup. !!
3rd season hasn’t been confirmed yet though. Have you seen the Martian? Surprise appearance from Mackenzie Davis.
The Martian is amazing, but Kate Mara and Mackenzie Davis play the exact same character.
- I enjoyed Michael Pena, Mackenzie Davis, Chiwetel Ejiofor & Benedict Wong a lot as well (Wong should be in more stuff).
I'm totally in love with this character of Mindy Park, great job Mackenzie Davis 😊😉
Mackenzie Davis and I'm not sure what the other guys name was. He played one of the astronauts.
I had the privilege of watching the Martian with cast members Sebastian Stan and Mackenzie Davis along with two astronauts from NASA.
Mackenzie Davis is best dressed in Balenciaga:
Introduction to Environmental Engineering by Mackenzie L. Davis International Ed [link removed]
Clothing-wise, the press tour for upcoming film has been a solid, if not mind-blowing one:
Fashionista_com: Mackenzie Davis is buttoned-up to perfection in BALENCIAGA: Mackenzie Da…
Our new member spotlight today is Mackenzie Davis! Mackenzie is currently undeclared and she loves Disney! We are...
Mackenzie Davis Is All Buttoned-Up In Balenciaga: Clothing-wise, the press tour for upcoming film "The Martian...
JSC Director Ellen Ochoa, right, onstage with actors Sebastian Stan and Mackenzie Davis.
I think so. all the all the actors give a good performance, especially Lee Pace & MacKenzie davis.
The list of people whom I want to play Carol Danvers continues to grow... But Mackenzie Davis and Theron still top the list.
I want her in there but then we still need to execute two others to get Kerry Bishe and Mackenzie Davis in there.
So while talking with my Granny I found out I'm related to the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis. My history buff mind is blown
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Just wanted to say I really appreciated your support towards Brett! Honored to play Jeff Davis's work! htt…
Realized that Mackenzie Davis is identical to Alexis Bledel and now I can’t unsee it.
IMO & Mackenzie Davis' chemistry in is the driving force. Excited to see where they go with the plot...
Actresses who should (but won't) be Emmy nominated tomorrow: Tatiana Maslany, Kasha Kropinski, Mackenzie Davis, Emmy Rossum, Melanie Lynskey
UNB Campus room assignment today (Drumroll)... Mackenzie House rooming with Brady Davis! Excited for the city life
Watching Halt and Catch Fire. Mackenzie Davis has to be some kind of long lost relative of Cobie Smulders or something.
not that Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, and Mackenzie Davis aren’t great — i just particularly appreciate Bishé and Huss’ work.
so wait... Who is the Mackenzie Davis he is talking about? Theres another one of me who is a potential super hero?
Is there a pre-existing Mackenzie Davis-for-Captain-Marvel bandwagon I can jump on or do I have to build one myself?
also wow new crush on Mackenzie Davis
Attn mackenzie davis. Dear . If u pepper dialogue with my mementos, at least buy something from
Mackenzie Davis (Cameron Howe on talks about the latest episode! .
"blind fury with wet-eyed vulnerability as well as Mackenzie Davis' punk programmer. Halt and Catch Fire is dynamite."
IBT interview, . "Lee plays it so beautifully and so unembellished".
"I really love that scene...Lee [Pace] plays it so beautifully and so unembellished." on HACF Ep7
I have! Lee Pace is really something! 10/10 actor. Mackenzie Davis as well! Well, all the cast really. What an underrated show!!
I also feel that Mackenzie Davis and Kerry Bishé are killing it in season 2 of Relationship feels so authentic...
Finally started Halt and Catch Fire and Mackenzie Davis is 🔥🔥🔥
Please continue driving the Mackenzie Davis bandwagon...
shout out Imogene poots and Mackenzie davis for buying in and putting up w those goofball bros and their *** hysteria
thank you Mackenzie!!! Hope I can see u play at UC Davis good luck!!!
I love how half the Mackenzie Davis tag's just people going on about how perfect she'll be as Captain Marvel. Yuusss
MacKenzie just told me my hair was "so Beyoncé" does it get any better? 😭💘
"evil enough to hate Mackenzie and LIE about it 😈"
-New Trailer (Jessica Chastain,Kate Mara,Kristen Wiig and Mackenzie Davis in one intriguing movie, oh...
Yeah, I'd listened to this radio report earlier. Very impressed by actresses Mackenzie Davis & Kerry Bishe
Mackenzie Davis is also in The Martian i had no idea!!
My “Halt and Catch Fire” chat with Lee Pace and Mackenzie Davis:
I am only now, after seeing the trailer 20 times, realizing that Mackenzie Davis is playing Mindy Park!
but I was just surprised at the casting of Kristen Wiig, Donald Glover, Sean Bean, Mackenzie Davis--
Electronic Device Insurance
I don't know if you guys know who this is but Mackenzie Davis from Halt and Catch Fire is a beautiful woman.
Mackenzie Davis was in BAD TURN WORSE, BREATHE IN, & WHAT IF in 2014, as well as Halt and Catch Fire. Now she's in THE MARTIAN. Rising star?
Dear Mundy Park and Ryoko are Asian. Mackenzie Davis and are not. This is a problem!!
Mackenzie Davis is freaking hawt omg
Cameron is going to have a new company, with ex-cons and hackers to make games. Mackenzie Davis
After You've Gone (Bonus Track) by Mackenzie Davis, found with Listen now:
Given the Aloha whitewashing controversy, what are we to make of casting Mackenzie Davis as Mindy Park?
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Mackenzie Beaver, Taren Davis and Katie Zino. We hope you have an awesome Birthday!
Mackenzie Davis is my spirit animal
Mackenzie Davis and Imogen Poots are in some indie movie together though that's coming out soonish.
Mackenzie Davis and Miles Teller also make a dynamite romantic pairing, if only the material were much, much better.
A proud weekend for the Kauffman family of Boscobel. Mackenzie medals in D3 girls 3,200.
The guys are good but Mackenzie Davis and Kerry Bishe are a dynamic duo on
Wonder which ep of will feature a young as Mackenzie Davis' new mentor/love interest.
Catch Fire’ star Mackenzie Davis relies on fate as her guide
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Find out what motivated star Mackenzie Davis to become an actress:
hozier - Take me to church . Sam smith - I'm not the only one. MacKenzie Davis - after you've gone. Nancy sinatra - bang bang
Click here to support Help! send our pets back home by Mackenzie Davis
Mackenzie could sell this for millions
oh no I was watching That Awkward Moment and it was the first kiss between Miles Teller and Mackenzie Davis
I was just told I look like Mackenzie Davis?? I don't think so.😁🙆🏼
Can we just appreciate how perfect Mackenzie Davis would be as Luci for the wicked + divine tv show
One more sleep till River and Blues Fest! Morgan Davis, MacKenzie Blues Band, Erin McCallum Band, and more!
"Cameron Howe, played by actress Mackenzie Davis, is a punk, anarchist loner who intimidates many of her co-workers."
I can’t tell if I love or hate Halt and Catch Fire. *head explodes* Mackenzie Davis should be a star though
Welcome back, Mackenzie Davis and Kerry Bishe. Glad I can finally return to the 80's. Best cast on TV!
Don't worry, thanks for trying :) btw just now u can watch Mackenzie Davis live in Huff Post Live :)
We heart stars and Mackenzie Davis' take on Rose and Jack!
Fotoset: larygo: How adorable are stars Mackenzie Davis and Lee Pace?   —via...
Lee Pace, Mackenzie Davis & Co. at the Press Tour Panel for S2
Aww I love these two. Lee Pace and Mackenzie Davis promote S2 at From Yahoo's Instagram
'Halt & Catch Fire' cuteness - Mackenzie Davis & Lee Pace at TV Critics Assoc. press tour today. (pic: LeePaceTH)
Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Mackenzie Davis and Kerry Bishe pose for a portrait during the
feel like you and all of dropped the ball by not pointing out Mackenzie Davis is the perfect Carol Danvers
.I'm leaning towards Katie Sackhoff or Mackenzie Davis for Carol myself but JLaw could work too!
Mackenzie Davis has joined Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain in Ridley Scott's "THE MARTIAN."
um..pointless and frivolous stuff...I am just getting around to watching last Friday's Craig Ferguson show...oh my gosh...Mackenzie Davis is adorable! Seriously! So cute! (Ice-T awesome too, as always) (um..yeah..I actually posted
Take a look at this scene from the new AMC drama's second episode, featuring Lee Pace and Mackenzie Davis.
Progress reports came out today! You go Mackenzie Davis my honor roll girlie! Keep up the good work! Yes my baby girl has brains as well as beauty.
That Awkward Moment 3 Friends, Jason (Zac Efron), Daniel (Miles Teller) and Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) are old friends that like to hang out whenever they can. Mikey unfortunately comes to find out that his wife has been cheating on him with a lawyer and while depressed and confused, goes to visit his friends and tells them what's going on. They guys then make a pact that they shall all live and enjoy living the single life. Mikey isn't into it at first but after Jason and Daniel hound him, he finally gives in and joins the pact. Jason and Daniel talk Mikey into going out to a local bar they frequent, Jason doesn't take long to find some company while Daniel has his friend Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis) be his wingman, basically she finds girls and introduces them to Daniel and he takes it from there, usually giving them some sort of line to get them interested. Mikey on the other hand isn't having a very good time, even when the guys are trying to get him hooked up with a young lady. Eventually Mikey just sits ...
Well it's been a very emotional week with Chase Lankford leaving for the Navy bootcamp. I want to thank everyone for the well wishes,calls,cards and texts we all appreciated them!! I don't know how I would have made it thru him leaving without Keelee Ellen, Samantha Hall, Kyle Fisher,and Robert Hall!!! Also a big Thank You to Casi Byers and Mackenzie Davis for keeping the salon up and running!! Now begins the long 9 weeks of not talking to him, but I know he will do great!! As soon as I get his address I will post it, he would love to get lots of letters!!
Heading to Dominican Republic on Athletic (volleyball) Mission trip, with Tara Davis, Mackenzie Davis, & Trevor Hogoboom!! Keep us in your prayers!!
Introduction to Environmental Engineering book download Mackenzie Davis and David Cornwell Download here h
The cast for AMC's "Halt & Catch Fire" is AMAZING. Lee Pace, Kerry Bishe, Scoot McNairy and Mackenzie Davis. I want this show now!
I took Mackenzie Davis the the Apple Store today to get her first iPhone. (Just the iPhone 4 that is now free on the Sprint plan.) She was SO excited! (And that is one impressive store. They had no place to check out. Every employee on the floor had an iPhone that was used to check inventory, activate her phone, ring us out and even email us a receipt. It was pretty cool!)
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