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Mack Brown

William Mack Brown (born August 27, 1951) is the head coach of The University of Texas at Austin Longhorn football team.

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Lions fans, let me repeat: This is as shocking as Lucy pulling the ball on Charlie Brown. And you are Charlie Brown. My con…
Mack did that to get Malcolm Brown and Johnathan Gray. SMH.
that fumble ended the Mack brown era, we just didn't know it yet
Uber driver insults famous football coach (who's the passenger) - CNET
why not run Mack Brown yesterday.. baffling.
I'm wondering why we didn't see any Mack Brown yesterday if Rob Kelley was wearing a brace per
Make it happen!!! Millie Bobby Brown could totally be Princess Leia in the teen years of her life on Alderaan. Carrie would'v…
should they have given Mack Brown at least a look with Kelly not getting it done?
running game was none existent. Kelly did not look healthy. Why was mack brown not put in the game?
fat rob didnt look healthy. Why was mack brown not utilised?
about what? Running his mouth about core values doesn't make him a good coach. Mack Brown had the same values. But he won.
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Orlando Brown's sextape is so very musty.
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Someone get they mans Orlando Brown lmao
now I'm just waiting for us to hire Tommy Bowden or Mack brown. Smh.
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One thing I didn't understand is how didn't Mack Brown earn 2 or 3 carries tonight?
Weber, Mccall, Victor, Mclaurin, Brown, Hill, Mack are your dudes. O will be fine in 2017. But secondary and kicker gonna need some help.
who the *** makes up these names for colors? THAT IS STUPID. Brown is a color, wheat is a grain.
Rob Kelly Mack Brown are not her answers as an every-down back. Need to get back in the draft
LOL There was no Jim Brown on that field today or even a Byner or Mack. Either & we won!
makes you wonder why Mack Brown never got a carry. Kelley favored that leg all day
Kelly was gimpy... why not play my man Mack Brown
Should've put in Matt Jones or Mack Brown smh
Still can't believed Mack Brown isn't playing
how soon do you think until they put Mack Brown in?
yeah I saw that after the replay. How about some Mack Brown? Change of pace.
Great Job by Mack Brown in Washington's 20-13 win over the Bucs.
Mack Brown could've helped us there lol
Really wouldn't mind seeing Mack Brown at RB
Mack brown cannot save us, idk what you see in him
it's amazing we still only down 10. We gotta get going, put Mack Brown in!! Lol
Everett, mack brown, and mason foster, and sua cravens, and pierre garcon, are the future of this team. no denying that
why not play Mack Brown...Rob is clearly hurt...smh.
defense not good but not horrible. *** is up with the offense though ? Did nothing at all especially on 3rd down. Play Mack Brown
"This Alabama band is giving just as solid effort as the football team" - Stan Verrett "Maybe just as talenented" - Mack Bro…
Robert Kelly offers nothing if the hole is not blocked. So please put Mack Brown in there Gruden you *** He least has a lil speed/shake
Been obvious last few games that Kelley isnt doing squat but they dont use Mack Brown ? Smdh
. They haven't brought Mack Brown in. They keep doing the same type of runs. Tired of these 2 clowns coaches
Sometimes I think Jay is too loyal. Mack brown clearly a stronger runner.
Wouldn't mind Mack Brown getting some more touches.
Mack Brown saying that was a good play because it was "like a punt." It was first down
Mack Brown is doing color commentary for the Alamo Bowl. He just said a Colorado player was the middle child of three twins. Longhorn DNA!
Today I learned Mack Brown, while at UNC, lost a recruit to NC State because they had an ice cream machine and it forever…
Kevin Cosgrove getn love from Mack Brown on the espn telecast of the New Mexico Bowl. DC of New Mexico. Didn't realize KC still in business
I can't deal with Mack Brown talking favorably of Kevin Cosgrove. Makes me sick.
Head coaches who new Houston head coach Major Applewhite has worked for:. Mack Brown. Greg Robinson. Todd Graham. Nick Saban. Tom H…
Adam Amin & Mack Brown will call the Molly McGrath on the sideline.
Scott Drew, for one. Mack Brown came from UNC having never coached here.
I can't take Mack Brown... he sounds like Ross Perot.
Edith Royal, Deloss Dodds, Mack Brown all here for Herman's press conference.
Hearing that Tom Herman invited Mack Brown to his press conference today. Mack will be there in support of his former GA.
Special moment between Tom Herman and Mack Brown after news conference.
Is this the UNC talk show? Bad enough with Mack Brown now Roy Williams. Next their going to show Dean Smith clips!
they said the same thing about Mack Brown and Les Miles and Bobby Bowden and Jim Tressel & Lloyd Carr & so forth. Give me Herman.
Mack Brown = Lloyd Carr. Charlie Strong = Rich Rodriguez. ?? = Brady Hoke. ?? = Jim Harbaugh. Texas is still two hires away from relevancy again
know I am silent minority though. Vocal majority is used to TV telling them it is Oline, Mack Brown likes that.
Yes yes and yes. Rob Kelley + Mack Brown + Chris Thompson and put Jones in at FB to block.
Takeaway from Texas-OU game. Coach Strong has never embarrassed Texas fans like Mack Brown did during Red river game
Rumor has it same cabal of old drunk jock sniffers caused ouster of Longhorn Coach MacK Brown are shopping a coach to replace Charles Strong
Texas doesn't believe in patience? LMAOOO they led the corpse of Mack Brown coach for how long again? Hilarious
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Mack Brown is annoying, he can go. Bring in the Head Ball Coach.
Mack Brown being fired started the dominoes that made Bill Clark coach at UAB. Weird stuff happens.
I love coach Strong but I think UT needs to replace him. Lack of upperclassmen just cost him the job. Mack Brown curse?
Man Texas needs a new coach already. Charlie Strong gotta go, wee need Mack Brown back!
Anybody hearing Mack Brown coming back to as head coach?
I agree with Mike Perrin at Remember how many losses Mack Brown suffered?
PLEASE give me a Vine of Mack Brown's guffaw in reaction to hearing that "Texas needs this win for their coach" statement.
Mack Brown knows what today is and him being our ex coach he has the audacity to wear sooner red. Not cool man.
Did I just hear Mack Brown say "Paul Pasqualoni is one of the best coaches in college football" out loud?
Mack Brown: tremendous coach, great with strategy, horrible with names. Gotta study that media guide a little more, Coach
he hasn't reached Mack Brown status yet
I really just want our game to be over because Mack Brown keeps saying "Coach Venerables." -__-
Really think Mack Brown just loves hearing himself talk. He adds nothing to the broadcast
Mack Brown just said that the kicking team WR should call for a fair catch on a onside kick. It didn't hit the ground. Come on Coach
Mack Brown is as clueless as he was when he was at Texas.
I'm sorry Mack Brown is irritating. He thought is was PI. I thought no one wants u to coach anymore
Mack Brown is a joke!! There was nothing to call a PI on the WR was never touched
Mack Brown: BC now has to play sudden change D.. 🤔🤔. That's not sudden change. Come on coach
Mack Brown puts me to sleep every time...
Mack Brown was a terrible recruiter and mediocre coach his last 6 years at Texas. He owes VY some money
Adrian Peterson shares how Mack Brown whiffed when the coach was recruiting the star running back to Texas.
Jim Tressel talking about how he wouldn't have Mack Brown-ed Ohio State is still fascinating to me
Aaron Rodgers with a shot at Mack Brown, as he picks to upset
What did Mack Brown do to make Aaron Rodgers call him out on ESPN? Is this a 15-years-ago recruiting grudge?
'Mack Brown's not there anymore so I can pick Texas.' - Aaron Rodgers He needs to watch Frozen and "Let it go!"
Per preseason favorite Mack Brown will not make the initial cut down to 53. However, Redskins hope to put him on practice squad.
Wouldn't be surprised to see Mack Brown on TB's roster LOL
they need to keep Matt Jones, Chris Thompson, Robert Kelley and Mack Brown.
don't understand some of the cuts. Cullen Jenkins, Mack Brown and Matt ionides?
got a feeling will sign him and Mack Brown.
Will come as a surprise to most, but is reporting that the have cut Mack Brown.
Source says the Redskins are releasing RB Mack Brown, hoping to put him on the PS.
Mack Brown showing off his best BeastMode impression. Breaking several tackles on his 60-yard TD run! 😱
Mack Brown is like a really annoying version of Jon Gruden. Apparently there's never been a bad play by anyone.
I'm proud of everyone but three guys I'm especially proud of...Mack Brown, Rashad Ross, Deshazor Everett.
We won't hear the last of it from Mack Brown tomorrow 😂😂. But I'm so happy for him balling out like he is tonight.
Coach MacK Brown, Molly McGrath, and myself with "Corso" The Bison! In Fargo, preparing...
outside of DKR (some) and Mack Brown's era, has UT ever had any notable runs for an extended period?
I almost slipped on a half eaten hash brown today in the bathroom.. like why 😂
QB2 is typically the most popular player on footballs teams. Mack Brown knows this with certainty.
.has been named host of College Football Saturday on ABC replacing He'll work with Mack Brown and Mark May.
Keith Marshall. He ain't earned a spot yet. Might go to PS. Mack Brown is outplaying him. Let alone Kelley
ranks NFL players: 3 of top 20 from the MAC: Brown; Mack; Roethlisberger
Let's see...Brown, Smith, Wilson, Samuel, Mack, Campbell... no. I think they'll be able to go with eight. McLaurin too.
Adam Amin, former Texas head Coach MacK Brown and Molly McGrath will call the Southern game on ESPN.
it's called tryn 2 get hood cred, she's an actress.. She gone get that golden globe honey, any means necessary
bobby brown the goat for Thug Love not Ja
The only thing that could make it watchable is having Lou holtz up there with Mack brown and Mark May
Charlie Strong will fix what Mack Brown let die... Should be a good game...
Prediction- will like Austin so much, he'll wonder why Mack Brown didn't win more football games.
Coach Mack Haman some of my fitness sisters need a quick lesson on how to throw a fast ball for an event. can...
*** to the naw Antonio Brown or Khalil Mack or gtfo
Tipline - Nicole Hillen and Angel Mack were the shooting victims in brown county anonymous please.
Thanks for the update. I just saw it. Somebody was listening to me. Maybe Mack Brown gets to play w/ 1's Friday.
If you can't join me in Fargo for vs. NDSt this Sat. night, the ESPN crew is Adam Amin, Mack Brown Molly McGrath (7:30 ET kick)
Brown of Redskins.prove them wrong on Friday.
Let Mack Brown play with the 1's. YPC better than other RB & he tough.
he don't have any practice team eligibility does he I don't even think he's on team or active Mack brown and rkelley not on game
Don Brown defense vs the Zone Read. Bring on the spread teams
I was in high school that's when Craig Mack was overrated- lol
Does Mack Brown get chance with the 1's...Better YPC and more Rec w/less reps.
Happy 65th Birthday to former UNC/Texas & Now ESPN CA/Studio Analyst Mack Brown! One of better people in all of sports!
**Mack Brown agrees with this statement**
Here is the reason Mack Brown lost his job!
being "Tom Herman" >> being "the next Mack Brown." that's why I'd stay at UH if offered the UT job. build something.
The ghosts of Mack Brown and Manny Diaz weep
I noticed it happened after Wes posted my "Things That Scare Mack Brown" Tumblr page on BON.
So. Where would you put him? . In front of Donald, Brown, Watt, Rodgers, Mack, Von Miller, Julio, Gronk, Kuechly ?
Mack Brown recruited Harambe as a safety
thanks, will do. Loving your digital exchange with 😊
These are the 6 wr's Ohio State should play in their rotation: Noah Brown, Parris Campbell, Corey Smith, Austin Mack, McLaurin , Dixon
Nick Saban and Mack Brown were born in the same year. That one always gets me.
Mack Brown burned out after the 2010 Rose Bowl loss to Bama. Asst. Coaches total disaster in recruiting 2009..
Mack Brown gives glimpse into relationship with Charlie Strong
.ask Mack Brown where we first met.I also believe is one of the best young PXP guys in our business. Have fun Molly
Nothing against fine institution in Austin. I happen to like Coach MacK Brown. Politics started B12 & narrowly held on in '10-11
they were good under Mack Brown in the 90s and they recruit way better than Dook. lol they'll be favored in that game.
Appreciate the update. Fair to say Mack Brown is not impressing in camp to level of Kelley and Marshall?
.crew for Saturday night's is Adam Amin (PBP), Mack Brown (color) and Molly McGrath (sidelines).
This is what happened to mack brown. He let the media tell him who should start
Urban Meyer says the two-deep at WR right now includes Noah Brown, Dontre Wilson, Curtis Samuel, Austin Mack, and Corey Sm…
My guess is Mack Brown & R Kelley will be good enuf if given time to develop. Just as Christine Michael has become a prime back.
he's fragile. We need to trade with someone to get a good back or give Mack Brown carries with the starters next week. I think
Shiloh Blue-Gold game was a success. Trey with his teammates E-Mack Brown and Josh Rhodes.
The answer was Florida! - with Jordan Reed, Matt Jones, Quinton Dunbar, Mack Brown & Valdez Showers on the current roster.
I got to Texas in 2010 when Mack Brown, Rick Barnes and Augie Garrido were pillars of UT. It's weird to see them gone six years later.
I've spent a bulk of my Monday discussing Mack Brown and Larry Coker. I can feel life passing me by as I type.
if they'll do it to Mack Brown. No one is safe
Outstanding night of honoring 48 scholar athletes and Mack Brown, Distinguished American recipient.
Mack Brown, Bob Stoops, now its Nick Saban and Les Miles. Arkansas has been trying to get over that hump for 20+ yrs.
LSU at 12 is laughable. Les Miles continues to do less with more. 1 NC, 2 CC's? He's channeling his inner Mack Brown.
the video gave me flashbacks to Mack Brown answering questions for Chris Simms. It's a Texas thing y'all.
LOL. I remember Mack Brown telling me that Joe Paterno told him that you lose a game for every freshman you start.
Brandon LaFell...another guy Mack Brown wanted to turn into a safety.
(1/2) But Dabo had line of the weekend, at Friday's All-In Ball. In '09 he asked Mack Brown and Bob Stoops if his staf…
Mack Brown had high praise for Will Muschamp and what his former defensive coordinator can build at South Carolina. http…
Mack Brown tells what he likes about Will Muschamp
Mack Brown on the field talking to Will Muschamp at this USC spring game. What an odd site being a Texas fan
Reminds me of Mack Brown predicting VY will be in the NFL Hall of Fame one day.
Great players get stronger as the game goes on. – Mack Brown
Mack Brown will head group studying whether football will work at UT-Rio Grande Valley: Former Texas coach Mac...
Mack Brown has been a huge source of support for Chip and his family.
UT goes from Rick Barnes and Mack Brown. To Charlie Strong and Shaka Smart. 😂😂😂
One Texas player invited to the Combine: Junior DT Hassan Ridgeway. Indictment on Mack Brown's recruiting.
Mack Brown pioneered early recruiting at Texas. Charlie Strong is making his way by doing the opposite
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Mack Brown just called "one of the best high school coaches in the history of Texas high school football.…
Very classy remarks by Mack Brown on Charlie Strong and his coaches — Brian Jean-Mary, Sterlin Gilbert, Brick Haley and Jeff Traylor.
Not sure who's worse Mack Brown or Verne Lundquist?
Mack Brown just said Oregon "has got to be aggressive now, has got to kill the clock."
there R several others than need to listen to you, Mack Brown, & Paul Finebaum! Andre Ware & Gary Danielson ESP.
Funny how things like that work for coaches. No Vince Young, do we really remember Mack Brown?
Mack Brown should never announce any game. He's a tool and speaks in cliches and platitudes.
Hubs just said they should never let Mack Brown announce this game. You know he would cheer for Oklahoma!
My mom just called the Texas Football Coach "Charlie Brown" Charlie Strong + Mack Brown. :/
Just talked to a guy in the RiteAid in the airport who played college ball for Mack Brown... At AppSt in 1983
Oh, and Major Applewhite is a stone cold stud at everything he does, including when he was better than Chris Simms & Mack Brown sat him.
mf said . "Chris brown found out he has a baby. fetty wap about to have a baby. lil durk got Dej loaf dressing like a lady"…
Mack Brown picked them this morning on SportsCenter
Mack brown did in sportscenter this morning. Tom Fornelli of CBS has.
MACK BROWN: He said, "If you wanna play football, you come to Austin, Texas.". CASHIER: Sir, this is a Panera, please order some…
Dear lord, please get Mack Brown off my tv.
That cause Mack Brown was calling them lol
Pretty sure Mack Brown was thinking ICHGH when talking about playing Bama.
Pat Jones breaking down Oklahoma game really was Mack Brown not available no bias there
Listening to Mack Brown is like visiting the retirement center on tapioca pudding day. Oh'ing & ah'ing over something that ain't that good.
Headgear and Mack Brown would be an odd marriage.
Mack Brown just made an anology on Gameday that made absolutely no sense whatsoever
Man, Mack brown is awesome. Great on tv.
I like how Mack Brown is now an ESPN analyst
Is Mack Brown announcing one of these games? FML
I fux with Mack Brown on SC this morning.
Who is this Mack Brown character you speak of??
"They're gonna be who they are" The Quintessential Mack Brown analysis
Of course Mack Brown picks Clemson even though back in the day he was OC'n for them boys in Norman 🐸☕️
BIG UPS: to Coach MacK Brown the only ESPN Analyst (so far) I've heard that is picking MSU to win to night...
Mack brown pick Michigan st over no wonder his coaching career over
The reason mack brown not coaching don't know anything
Just now live on Mack Brown picks 28-24. "This will be Connor Cook's night."
Mack Brown takes Michigan St to win a tight one. Mark May picks Alabama to pull away late.
Mack Brown is still bitter about Colt McCoy and losing the NCG.
ESPN begins today with Mack Brown picking the Spartans and Mark May picking Bama
Oh my! Mark May and Mack Brown are picking Clemson. Brown also picking Michigan State.
Mack Brown and Mark May are picking Clemson to win, eh? cool.
Mack Brown this morning said it was always automatic suspension w him because even if innocent, shouldn't be in that situation.
Mack Brown had his recruiting classes wrapped up early in process but Strong going after those premier guys that commit late in process
Thank god u got Mack Brown on this morning, only one worth watching. Only because he's old as dust, & could die any minute lol
Mack brown on talking about disciplining players is like Bill teaching dating etiquette. Apparently Mike Leach wasnt available.
Mack Brown says he's open to South Carolina coaching vacancy
firing Mack Brown wasn't the best idea in my opinion
Texas appeared in de facto Big 12 championship and fired Mack Brown. Sumlin is a hot commodity at bottom of div.
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Being an OU fan I don't want Chip Kelly anywhere near Austin. Id like to rehire Mack Brown tbh
In addition to that, Mack Brown finished in the top 2 in the conference for 12 straight years
Remember when UT had 9 straight seasons of at least 10 wins under Mack Brown
Always liked Mack Brown as a coach. As a commentator, he makes me want to throw the tv out the window. TV is not a talent of his.
DMN: Former head Coach MacK Brown helped Dabo Swinney in early days at Clemson.
As a sooner fan I have or had a general dislike for Mack Brown the coach. But I gotta be honest as an announcer I really like him. Boomer...
Lol bruh I see why Mack Brown doesn't coach anymore
Mack Brown seems like a cool coach to play for
Mack Brown dances like a man who wanted Johnny Football to play safety
I like Mack Brown the person. I thought Mack Brown the coach got a little screwed at UT. I loathe Mack Brown the analyst
How a visit to Texas and Mack Brown became a huge plus for Dabo Swinney when took over at Clemson.
Former Texas Coach MacK Brown a big help to Dabo Swinney when he took over at Clemson
I hope you guys get a great coach. But yeah, Chip Kelly isn't exactly Houston Nutt or Mack Brown. He can pick from P5s.
Just met Coach MacK Brown. He's an extremely kind man.
Big mouth announcers should coach a game before opining about the play selection. I never hear Mack Brown second guessing.
Maybe that's what Mack Brown did -- remember, he was a coach at OU first.
Mack Brown is great as a commentator. Keep up the great work coach!
Mack Brown credited Western Michigan's head coach for his "infection." Then he changed it to "infectiveness."
I like Mack Brown more as an announcer/analyst than as a coach
I think Mack Brown just said Western Michigan coach PJ Fleck has an infection.
Mack Brown was bad as a coach.Even worse as a commentator.
How did Mack Brown ever coach a top tier football team... he sounds ridiculous!
Mack Brown just called Middle Tenn. QB Brent Stockstill a "coach's kid"... Oh wait, his dad is literally the head coach.
Look, I know why Mack Brown can't coach football anymore. He'd start explaining something to his team and drift off into irrelevancies.
Is it too late for me to include "Mack Brown's Firm Grasp of the Obvious" in my grievances?
Mack Brown releases a statement on the passing of Joe Jamail:
Mack Brown, Vince Young, Charlie Strong and more release statements on death of Joe Jamail
Jamail left rich legacy with Longhorns: AUSTIN - The day Mack Brown became head football coach at Texas in 199... …
Mack Brown on Joe Jamail: He and Coach Royal were two of the most influential people in my life and having lost them both is so difficult.
Mack Brown wanted Johnny as a safety. Maybe he should play both ways.
if only Mack Brown wasn't so stupid not to let Johnny be a qb at UT... If Kyler goes, it'll unbelievable
So have we now officially become Texas? Sumlin = CEO head coach that sat back and let things fall apart = Mack Brown???
Mack Brown should be thankful he didn't coach in the SEC. He would have been gone at least 5 years ago.
Mack Brown is here at the Erwin Center and has spent almost the entirety of halftime taking pictures with fans. Still a class act.
same people wanted Briles to be coach when Mack Brown left
Coach Strong will do very well in 2016 he's still cleaning up the crap Mack Brown left behind
ICYMI: announcers for are Steve Levy, Mack Brown and Mark May on ESPN!
when you ask if a coach can be successful at Tulane, remember this TU gave the world Larry Smith, Mack Brown,
Mack Brown's brutal honesty on coaches leaving is refreshing. Hope Chris Ash heard that.
Mack Brown: I think Alison tried to knock down the Hail Mary. Alison Williams: I’d have been the only Lion trying to.
Via Dave Flemming, Mack Brown, Allison Williams on the call for Friday's Championship Game at Ford Field (8 PM, ESPN2.)
Mack Brown is going to have Mark May talking him up for the USCe job in 3...2...1..
Did Steve Patterson have anybody in his back pocket? He and Mack Brown were dumpster fires.
I am watching the UH, man Mack Brown is Clyde Drexler bad.
Herman says he leans on his mentors Urban Meyer, Mack Brown and Rice coach David Bailiff for advice, especially after his first career loss
Dave Flemming and Mack Brown talking to Coach Walters on Folsom.
Your ESPN2 crew for Friday’s CUBuffs-USC game is Dave Flemming PxP, Mack Brown color and Allison Williams on the sidelines
Dave Flemming on the PBP, Mack Brown (yes, that Mack Brown) on the color and Allison Williams on the sidelines for ESPN on Friday.
ESPN2 announcers for at Colorado on Friday (7 p.m. MT/6 PT) ... Dave Flemming, Mack Brown, Allison Williams
the team will never win big games until the cancer that Mack Brown infected the team with is gone, all of them.
Mack Brown on ABC just condoned underage drinking as long as you don't drive. "If you're gonna do it, get a friend to help drive you!"
Mack Brown just referred to our QB & RB as Jacoby Bissett & Matthew Daynes. Solid!
Mack Brown is gonna tell Webb Simpson to make sure to lay up on the par 5's before the end of this, bc that's the golf equivalent of punting
Mack Brown's pronunciation of "Fuente" has gotten more and more preposterous with every mint julep he guzzles down
Is Harold Reynolds the Mack Brown of baseball commentators?
The ESPN crew calling the Memphis/Tulsa game will be Dave Flemming, Mack Brown and Allison Williams
Congrats to my Sportsweek guys.and Bruce James for putting together a great Little Rock TD Club meeting. Mack Brown was great,
Look, if we cant make South Carolina hire Mack Brown, Houston Nutt, and Phil Fulmer as co-co-co head coaches, then what …
I asked Mack Brown if he would be interested in the SC job. "I'd love to talk to them" Listen to his full response:
Is it possible to have Mack Brown only call games on The Longhorn Network?
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I know Dave Fleming and Mack Brown are ESPN's second team commentators, but they are very good.
Mack Brown is like the drunken love child of Verne Lundquist and Dave Rowe.
"I'd love to talk to them & see if the fire is still there, but I haven't had that call yet" - Mack Brown on the South Caroli…
Creating a list of washed up coaches with a NC with : Coker, Fulmer, Butch Davis, Mack Brown - Mark one of them down at USC
.when will teams learn not to be greedy with vet coaches that win? Mack Brown, Phil Fulmer, Lloyd Carr, Frank Solich
Mack Brown, doing halftime commentary, missed his chance to say: "FU, Steve Patterson."
You don't fire Frank Solich. You don't fire Lloyd Carr. And you don't fire Mack Brown.
I thought Mack Brown did a great job angling for Willie Taggert’s job by praising him.
These latest comments from Mack Brown will not make people happy.
Mack Brown is worse as an analyst than he was as a coach (post Vince Young). Compared Deveon Smith to Mike Hart
Mack Brown on Garrett Gilbert: Him transferring 'really hurt us':
Mack Brown and Hubie Brown gotta be related man...
The product on the field is evidence for me. Too similar to Mack Brown and Bobby Bowden.
Please get Capt. Obvious, er, Mack Brown out of the broadcast booth. The only color his commentary adds is khak…
Mack Brown quickly entering Chris collinsworthless territory for "commentators on mute permanently"
Ted Cruz kind of talks like Mack Brown
Jurich is one of 4 candidates a source told Brett McMurphy. Other candidates are Bob Bowlsby, Mack Brown and Oliver Luck
The cat calls for Mack Brown are hilarious. Just because Patterson went Gordon Gecko doesn't mean you discount the business aspect of AD now
Your ESPN announcers for Friday's FSU-BC game are Dave Fleming, Mack Brown and Allison Williams
Brian Williams was there every time Mack Brown never punted inside the on 4th & less than 2 (mute button hit)
Mack Brown had Major Applewhite at QB and Ricky Williams at rb from another staff, Strong had a box of gummie bears.
Mack Brown will be calling the Utah-Utah State game Friday, along with Dave Fleming. Really liked Brown on the Baylor-SMU game.
The under Mack Brown were 8-5 and played in the Alamo Bowl in his last game.
For any interested, Dave Flemming, Mack Brown, and Allison Williams will be doing the Utah-USU game on ESPN2.
The good news? We didn't hire James Franklin. The bad news? Charlie Strong isn't the second coming of Darrell Royal or even Mack Brown. Yet.
I don't remember ever seeing Texas dominated under Mack Brown the way we're seeing under Charlie Strong. They look like UTSA out there.
They let A&M, Baylor and TCU catch up to them in recruiting...kept Mack Brown around much too long.
well yeah, I knew they weren't going to be good this year, Mack Brown left a giant mess to clean up.
All ya'll hating on Coach Strong remember Swoopes is Mack Brown's guy.
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