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Machine Learning

Machine learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence, is a scientific discipline concerned with the design and development of algorithms that allow computers to evolve behaviors based on empirical data, such as from sensor data or databases.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are HOT TOPICS for the... Catalyst Conference (London) - 25/26 Sept.
What’s the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning? | … ht…
Machine Learning with Weka and MathLab by tuncertezik: You are…
Machine Learning with Weka and MathLab by tuncertezik
Dear Joe, why not traing yor own AI/Machine Learning model, like ,computer vision is getting better 🤓
thehrisworld: Dawn of the autonomous era: Machine Learning, and …
IoT Machine Learning – Industrial or Printing Press revolution? - Data Science … see more
Psyops in age of Social Media, Big Data, Machine Learning. From altering mood to shaping the whole nation's opinions.
Machine Learning in the Browser with Deep Neural Networks by
Machine Learning, and the Future of Data Analytics in
Machine Learning, AI and the Future of Data Analytics in Banking
Another job posting for Global Product Marketing at SAP. This role is focused on Cloud Analytics & Machine Learning.
Machine Learning models and algorithms from scratch
See our latest CA and click to apply: Engineer and Researchers in Machine Learning,... -
I remember seeing you do some matrix manipulation! Try picking up Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course? I took that!
... Machine Learning which can be used to build such artificially intelligent systems. We've also seen intelli…
We have an opening for Machine Learning in Diabetes at Imperial College London, 4 days to go!
Zillow is looking for Principal Software Development Engineer, Machine Learning. Learn more or Jo...
What Does the Future Hold for Machine Learning? Is it a Better Career Option ... Read Blog:
pl setup Tata Institute of Machine Learning in India, Both TataGroup & India can be benefited immensely frm TIML
Probability theory applies to more than Machine Learning? .
IBM always makes great explanations via victorXwong
IBM always makes great explanations
We're force-multiplying AI technologies and it's going to change the way machine learning happens:
Why Deep Learning is suddenly changing your life via
"6 areas of AI and Machine Learning to watch closely" via
LendingRobot launches hedge fund that uses blockchain and machine learning — with no hum...
"Experience Design in the Machine Learning Era" - by
Join this meetup in Israel to learn about 2017 opportunities for Machine Learning & Intelligent Applications
How this chatbot powered by machine learning can help with your taxes
Machine learning sounds difficult, but many of the ideas are straightforward. Learn how to get started:…
Amazon Web Services unveils three new machine-learning services
IBMBigData : What is Making the complex simple:
Machine learning for international tax loopholes
Big stride forward for AI & machine learning in healthcare, as FDA approves machine learning for medical imaging https:…
h2oai/h2o-3: H2O scales statistics, machine learning, and math over Big Data.
JOB POST: Data Scientist with experience in data analytics, machine learning:.
Ok. You want to know just what is Machine Learning? Why the hype? I made it so anyone can get the gist of it here: https…
Machine learning is all the rage with Big Data developers.
The Ultimate Machine Learning: Robot to learn Baby Behaviours, Google Invests on the…
The power of machine learning is in your hands with Reader's all new Scan tool, powered by https:…
From devices taking ur command to understanding ur sentiments. At the end it's & learning .
Do you know what differentiates and If you don't, take a look at this...
Travel brands on alert as Google increases machine learning on search results
Applying machine learning to the Service Desk is an increasingly viable option. Here's how to get it right
Machine Learning the holy grail of Advertisers probe deeper into each shopper’s interactions…
Daniel Gross, Apple Director of Machine Learning is leaving Apple to join YCombinator
“Machine Learning is Fun Part 6: How to do Speech Recognition with Deep Learning” by
60+ Free Books on Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Python, R, and more | ht…
Google’s Peter Norvig on the Failures and Feats of Machine Learning
AI and Machine Learning, how the trend will continue into 2017
AI World Conference Observations on Machine Learning in the Enterprise - by via
Introducing Data Science: Big Data, Machine Learning, and more, using Python tools
ACM Q&A with Peter Norvig on A.I., Machine Learning, live in 1h
(Re)mixed reality, Machine Learning as a Service, and the next mobile platform: cars. Buckle up for 2017! Whoa.
Director, Machine Learning and Data Science - United Kingdom, LondonAmerican Express is a global ser
G+: The Art of Machine Learning in the Process of Recruitment
Machine Learning.. Neural Network.. Could this help the Remote Sensing researcher as well as disaster response pers…
Machine Learning will turn the marketing world upside down. Are we ready? # via
Neural Networks for Machine Learning. Free online course from
machinelearnbot: Introduction to Machine Learning & Face Detection in Python
Top speakers and practitioners in Machine Learning and Deep Learning at West!
Basically Numerical Linear Algebra forms the basis for Machine Learning to an extent. Nice Logic.
There's this Teaching Assistant for Machine Learning (ML) and he's taking Numerical Linear Algebra (NLA) now in this semester. Blasphemous.😂
❤️ that my friend is a badass, she keeps slaying the game! Machine Learning for Android Devs https:/…
Mobile Broadband Operators Transform with Big Data and Machine Learning on the Journey to Digital Service Pro...
Congratulations to Prof Stephen Roberts, new research chair in Machine Learning
CfP - SI on Machine Learning for Knowledge Base Generation and Population
Unlock How Human Neurons Function is the Key to Open the Black-Box of Machine Learning .
Interesting: pattern recognition by humans & machines...The Fundamental Limits of Machine Learning via
Guy Yachdav predicts who dies next in Machine Learning + pop culture
Excellent primer on AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning via
Hot Job Alert! is hiring a Software Engineer, Machine Learning in the Bay Area!
Fascinating chat on Machine Learning, Big Data, and Causation by on
New job: Computer Science PhD Studentship in Machine Learning and Optimisation: Big Data set shift and
Machine Learning techniques that mimic human recognition & dreaming processes to analyse exoplanet atmospheres
AWS Big Data Meetup April 27 in Seattle: Explore the Power of Machine Learning in the Cloud
Machine Learning helped create a new map of the brain. Unsupervised/Neural/ Deep Learning algorithm? Maybe all ?
.offering "Neural Networks for Machine Learning" class via birthplace
Reviews for Neural Networks for Machine Learning from Coursera | Class Central vía
HubBucket Cloud is focused on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Cognitive Computing
Read Oliver Schabenberger's view of the differences between Statistical Modeling & Machine Learning
Machine Learning and will be in full force at this year!
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Machine Learning at the Department of Mathematics and ...
Embarked on a confidential search for Senior Vice President - Machine Learning & Big Data Labs. Write to me for a co…
Ricardo Sabatini talks about Machine Learning and the Human Genome Project at Ted 2016 in Vancouver https:/…
Google's Journey into Machine Learning: What Marketers Need to Know: [feat our Analytics Evangelist ]
Fascinating: 1. Blade Runner Perfect choice of film to recreate; 2.Very interesting application of Machine Learning
Happy to help Creative Destruction lab evaluate Machine Learning startups at University of Toronto
Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning have become the latest buzzwords promising an industrial revolution.
Machine Learning: 327 cos, $16B invested, 89k emps. Stay on top of it!
AYLIEN Text Analysis API is a package of Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning
Learning. Easy introduction to Networks and Machine Learning the go here # … …
We now have over 400 women who do machine learning on this list, invite one for the next panel you plan!!
How Do You Go Deep On Machine Learning?: What would be your advice to a software engineer who…
on moonshot long term thinking over the next 5-10 years; machine learning? Liquid biopsies?
Shared this with our local Python machine learning developer... totally relatable!
Google Calendar’s newest feature uses machine learning to help you actually accomplish your goals
Machine learning harnesses power of thousands of scientists for progress . https:…
I meant whoever is making dingbats should judge. Bit too long for machine learning!
Google launches distributed version of its TensorFlow machine learning system by
Top story: What Developers Actually Need to Know About Machine Learning see more
Advancing Machine Learning to Uncover New Insights: . Machine learning holds the promise of not only structuri...
Four great Data Science, Big Data, and deep machine learning books | via
Google system is first to defeat professional Go player
In case you missed it - New content in Community Edition: Machine Learning with Spark and two new notebooks.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Overview of predictive modelling, machine learning, etc.
There are so many information about neural networks and machine learning in the Internet.. i have to choice good one..
Cyber Security: Machine learning is the future to the future of online security...
5 Minute Learning Machine: In only 5 minutes you can easily double your reading ...
Excellent talk! A new tool for scaling machine learning algorithms.
Mapping poverty using machine learning and satellite imagery
Yeah, it could be interesting to get data downloaded for this kind of thing for the machine learning forecast.
Why AI and Machine Learning are not the same thing -machine learning SDK to track, learn, and analyze human motion on any sensor
Kite looks pretty cool: machine-learning applied to programming in Python. (If only Emacs integrati…
Visual comparison of machine learning algorithms via
Decision Boundaries for Deep Learning and other Machine Learning classifiers
Atlas Informatics is looking for: Sr. Machine Learning and Applied Engineering.
Google has started a new video series teaching machine learning and I can actually understand it.
I want a machine (deep) learning project. Was going to do trading. This seems more appropriate for the times.
The Workflow for deploying ML models into production: https:…
Why 1. personal learning network. 2. real-time, context rich news. 3. brand building machine. 4. best place to prom…
I built a machine learning POC (bot) to fix it. I showed it to people. Internal politics likely killed. Wasn’t there long enough to know.
This web bot will generate millions of logos for you until you find the perfect one. by via
Want to learn how to build a real-time anomaly detection system using Spark Streaming, Kafka, and machine learning? https…
Combining Human Computing and Machine Learning to Make Sense of Big (Aerial) Data for Disaster Response
Georgia Bulldogs rank in Machine Learning competition and rising, Yale Bulldogs -- -
Great list of new tutorials, articles and videos about Google Cloud and Machine Learning technologies!
- 3/ Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man is a key to EVERY THING, including Machine Learning and data.
Decision Boundaries for and other classifiers
Is machine learning the only way to stay ahead of cyber criminals?
6 Ways will change your food experience
Algorithms and machine learning make everything better *if done right, like Instagram*. I'm excited to see what come up with!
This brand new course begins this Wednesday. Learn how to make the most of your sewing machine learning new...
not in the machine learning world GPUs solve complex algorithms orders of magnitude faster than conventional CPUs
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Machine learning for NeuroImaging in Python — Machine learning for NeuroImaging
Look who made the cut! Meet batch 3 of the Machine Learning Accelerator:
XGear is customizable. Open APIs, predictive analysis based on machine learning, & more.
The best part of is that it really has nothing to do with machines much of anything!
A serious leap in Artificial Intelligence: a computer that can thrash the best Go players https:/…
Less talking, more action: Applying data and machine learning |
Meet the 10 machine learning and Data Science startups in Microsoft's Seattle Accelerator - GeekWire"
These 52 week low stocks had some upside in the past couple weeks
Machine Learning Support shall be a Content Filtering Choice, not an unchangeable default! pls listen to us htt…
Looking for a job in Check out this vacancy of Big Data Scientist: Machine Learning via
My latest Pluralsight course is now live: Understanding Machine Learning
Machine learning's lingo makes it inaccessible to the uninitiated. Would love to see how Feynman would have taught and expla…
The robots are coming. Find out what happens when you apply machine learning to data
We're Read about our latest opening here: Machine Learning Engineer - Connected Car - IL
Build and consume machine learning models for text analysis from your Ruby apps:
The Machine Learning will continue until revenue improves.
Google partners with Movidius to bring machine learning to future mobile devices
The Machine Learning Revolution: How it Works and its Impact on by
Check out this post: Let us know if this helps. ^JI
5 innovations in the enterprise: Machine Learning. App Streaming. Deep Linking. Self-Service…
Self-learning of Machine Learning & Deep Learning. Hard, long and tough some time, but fun.
Without a doubt IT Sec professionals should pay attention to Machine Learning and Deep Learning to help pickup where…
10 More lessons learned from building real-life Machine Learning systems — Part I
Mining Social Web by Russel is a nice book on Machine Learning the Python way, however its mostly text mining!
Big Data dominates - is using Machine Learning to develop insights from 5 million ecgs!
Apply now to work for Reed Elsevier as - Machine Learning in
The big megatrend this decade is everything getting smarter w Machine Learning. ht…
Imperial College is hiring Assistant Professors in Machine Learning. Discuss with me, or Aldo Faisal at
Advances in Machine Learning and Cybernetics: 4th ... -
Example is from Claude Shannon demonstrating first ever "Machine Learning" so seems fitting to use for Learning Machines.
“What is Machine Learning and why it’s cool.”
Top Story: Amazon Mechanical Turk: build Machine Learning data… see more
Not to be missed. Amazon Mechanical Turk: help for building your Machine Learning datasets.
How machine learning will fuel huge innovation over the next 5 years.
Reality is that most algorithms are well-known & AI learning techniques will commoditize fast via
You and I must be a continually learning machine.
Awesome event on 11/2 on Data Science and Machine Learning, w/ great speakers:
Don't miss this event - Machine Learning and the Market for Intelligence
Drivers, start...your...engines! has a good mini-case study on Williams Martini Racing and
From machine learning to clearing: The new is out.
Amazing talk today by on using humans + machine learning to improve prediction toward a more just and healthy society :)
“Currently more than 100 teams are working with the machine-learning group,”
I'll be looking for a new contract starting in November. FCfunctional prog., machine learning, hard problems. https:…
"In the next 20 years, machine learning will have more impact than mobile ever has" Co-Founder of the company which created Java
Interested in how NetBooster use data and machine learning within a DMP? Have a look here :)
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
It's here, Google machine learning technology for the search engine! -
.to invest in 'transformative' says new CEO
Top Machine Learning articles from last week
Have a passion for software & tech and strong interest in Data Science & machine-learning?
Why you should use open data to hone your machine learning models
How robots, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning will affect employment.
Peace be with you. Little fun session today, carving with my new machine while learning the ropes at…
Our department at PSU is searching for new faculty in machine learning and other areas:
Kicking off now! We reveal how we're using in our core machine learning tech at the Scala BCN meetup
Why & how are businesses embracing machine learning? Interesting excerpt from latest book
"Machine Learning: The High Interest Credit Card of Technical Debt" — brought to my attention by Stefanie Tellex. https…
The next big thing for video Machine learning says Rekket CEO - via
Hear from leaders in businesses of virtual reality & machine learning at the next Toasting Winnipeg on Nov. 10 -
: How Williams Martini Racing will use machine learning and the Internet of Things
How machine learning algorithms make predictions...
Very cool visual intro to machine learning.
Mitsubishi uses Machine Learning to detect distracted drivers
Anybody else doing the Machine Learning course with Andrew Ng (Stanford) this time around? Tap me!
Self Driving Cars, Robots, Space Travel, Machine Learning & more from world class speakers >>
Don't miss Dale Smith, from who presented "Tensor Decompositions and Machine Learning" at Atl ->
Don't miss Pedro Domingos, Professor University of Washington present the 5 tribes of Machine Learning this Friday!
This is one of my favorites, along with Andrew Ng's Machine Learning course and the two Berkeley Big Data courses.
Senior Data Scientist - United States, RedmondJoin the excitement of Machine Learning in the Cloud a
Machine Learning has a place in social network analysis, fraud detection & many other areas. Businesses need it!
"A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning"- both beautiful and very useful.
."a form of Artificial Intelligence..., called Machine Learning." AI and ML are fundamentally different.
.Machine Learning researcher at and Research Chair at will be moderating our panel discussion in Sydney, Australia
Machine Learning: The Art and Science of Algorithms that Make Sense of Data
Machine Learning is selling cheaper at INR 338 today
is hiring a Data Scientist - Machine Learning in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Check it out!
Impressionnant ! Machine Learning in Python,Simple and efficient tools for Data Mining and data analysis
I love Mathematics, Computer Science, Machine Learning, Quantum Physics, Astrophysics, & nearly all sciences.
Video: Miss the 2015 Machine Learning & Data Science Conference? Check out the event recap ... h…
Very excited to be guest lecturer for the on Machine Learning for Musicians & Artist with
A couple of Ph.D/RA and PostDoc Positions in Machine Learning, Data / Mining, and Computer Vision. / / Research..
Open-source projects and community for promotion of Data Science and Machine Learning in Information Security -
- Machine Learning (Tenure Track) needed in at University of Arizona. Apply now!
Machine Learning in the Cloud and the Real Life ‘Minority Report’ via
Data Science Practitioners skilled in Big Data analytics, Modeling and Machine Learning
PhD position in Information Extraction with Machine Learning with
2015 Conference Reg is Open; Semantic Technologies, Machine Learning, & Cognitive Computing on the Agenda
2015 Smart Data Conference Registration is Open; Semantic Technologies, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Computing on the Agenda > …
From Russia with Love: Summer school on Machine Learning in High Energy Physics Apply Now!
Keen to learn how to use Machine Learning? Come along for this one-day boot camp!
By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Robotics & Machine Learning -- A new study on Artificial Intelligence
UBER is looking for a - Machine Learning and Fraud in apply now!
How Google's using Big Data and machine-learning to aid drug discovery | VentureBeat | Health | by Paul Sawers
Time for Big Data and machine learning to take a bold step forward…into 1946
How OPower uses machine learning to better target consumers with behavioral messaging. via
Using machine learning and Big Data to understand democracy and development traps
Done Wrong - great post by on common mistakes to avoid
Now hiring for: Data Scientist - learning,SAS,R,Matlab in San Francisco, CA
A curated list of awesome Machine Learning frameworks, libraries and software
JunctionSol: New services from Microsoft Azure add robust to solutio…
New services from add robust to solutions.
Managed to somehow find the strength to phone my PhD advisor. He talked about papers and machine learning. I wanted to talk to a human.
The Rise of the Machine. Uses of predictive analysis and machine learning
Making Cortana smarter: how machine learning is becoming more dynamic
LAST CHANCE 2 join our Machine Learning Launch this Sat 28/3! Here's a taste of what's 2 come:
Clients won’t pay promptly? Fundbox uses machine learning to advance you cash
New to machine learning, need general direction
Clinical trials and machine learning:
NICAR 2015: Machine learning lessons for journalists via
Datanami » Mapping the Shape of Complex Data with Ayasdi: Machine learning has emerged as the ... …
A Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing: How to Start in 16 Practical Steps:
Extending the Limits of Machine Learning with GPUs - John Canny - UC Berkeley
"Baltimore startup takes cancer fight to the cloud and combines machine learning"
From connected cows to everlasting elevators: How businesses are using machine learning
Want to learn the basics of machine learning? Here's a great place to get started -->
Features are more important than algorithms in via
Machine learning can cull through Big Data to find information doctors need to better treat patients
Yes! author of the upcoming Machine Learning w/ Python , will speak at http…
Apply now to work for Genesis10 as Engineers - Machine Learning in
John Platt the Machine Learning guru at Microsoft Research is now working for Google
Interested in Machine Learning and You need to come to on March 3rd & 4th in Denver. Tickets
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
If in Leeds, don't miss the - BI, Analytics, Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning event on Feb 24
"Why Microsoft could become a force to reckon with in Machine Learning" by on
Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President, Machine Learning, Microsoft announced that Microsoft has acquired Revolution Analytics for an undisclosed amount
Research Assistant in Machine Learning (3 posts): University of Sheffield - Department of Computer Science Salary:…
Machine Learning, a broad introduction to machine learning and statistical pattern recognition
Predictive APIs are a great way to cope with information overflow. Machine Learning = Data Compression
Data Science (Big Data, Data Analysis, Machine Learning) is said to represent a larger potential disruption than the industrial revolution. This session will address…
Proud to annouce that Indeed has open sourced our distributed analytics and machine learning platform, Imhotep.
Machine Learning to ID toxic players: “Encouraging news from Riot's player behaviour team.
well I'm at a machine learning conference but I think they overlap.
that's one way to win free Machine Learning books!
The Business of Learning - Pictures and description for The Business of Learning see here: principles and applications Business english (with student premium website printed access card) The dropshipping guide: how to start your dropshipping business without the learning curve Business Networking for home and small businesses, ccna discovery learning guide Business law: text and cases Business improv: experiential learning exercises to train employees to handle every situation with success The six disciplines of breakthrough learning: how to turn training and development into business results Smart goals: goal setting for students: how to set goals easily for kids and children (smart goals made easy) Big Data, Data Mining, and machine learning: value creation for business leaders and practitioners (wiley and sas business series) Global business Business ethics: case studies and selected readings (south-western legal studies in business academic) Business ethics: ethical decision making & cases The busines ...
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said when looking at what's ahead in computer science research, he's most excited about machine learning, the science of building algorithms so that computers can recognize behavior in large data sets.
MLConf (Machine Learning) today. Slides/vids might become available. Will update
Frequently bought together API built with Azure Machine Learning - no transaction fee.
Great achievement today with Skeleton Tracking using Depth Cameras. Now it is time for Machine Learning.
Artificial Intelligence reveals previously unrecognised influences between great artists
"What You Need to Know Nov 14" quoting Jonathan Brassington from yesterday's article!
5 ways to add machine learning to Java, Javascript, and more - Java World
Computer with human-like learning will program itself - The Neural Turing Machine will combine the best of...
In DetailMachine learning, at its core, is concerned with transforming data into actionable knowledge. This fact makes machine learning well-suited to the present-day era of "Big Data" and "Data Science". Given the growing prominence of R—a cross-platform, zero-cost sta...
8 big trends in BigData Analytics: > SQL-on-Hadoop, Deep Machine Learning, In-Memory Analytics,..
Check out my example that predicts breast cancer with an accuracy >98% on the included data set
Free Live Streaming from The Machine Learning conference mlconf. submitted by shonburton[link] [comment
Catch up on new releases to hit Cloud + Enterprise: Machine Learning Azure Stream Analytics & Azure Site Recovery
Will Deep Learning take over Machine Learning, make other algorithms ... via thanks
Steve Ballmer says that machine learning is the next era in computer science, via
Machine learning: not happy with results? No worries, just run again and get entirely different ones.
The Value of Big Data Isn’t the Data, it's automated machine learning | Harvard Business Review
Loving this Coursera course by Geoff Hinton on Neural Networks for Machine Learning! Log in & watch the 5min video.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Learning that JavaScript!!!. Building my little West Anderson inspired beat machine. Yes.
to give researchers grants for its Azure Machine Learning service
To make the data useful, you need to turn it into a narrative. To do that at scale, you need machines. See it o...
Ballmer says will be the next era of ; Donated
Ballmer says machine learning will be the next era of computer science by via
Scaled Inference Lands $8M From Khosla To Build A Cloud-Based AI Platform For All: Scaled Inference — a startup founded by two ex-Googlers that is building a cloud-based platform for third parties that want to use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning tools to run their apps and services – has raised another round of funding to continue its development and hiring, a Series A round of $8 million from Khosla Ventures. This brings the total amount of… Read More
Looking forward to speaking at Dec 10-11! See you there for my talk on the next big thing in Big Data.. Machine…
learning Will it crystallise?: Now, Richard Cooper and Jerome Wicker at the University of Oxford, UK,...
A new world in which the ability to understand the world and draw conclusions will be really quite remarkable ...
Yann Le Cun on Michael Jordan's article on Machine Learning (and why neural networks are not about the brain)
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