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Macchu Picchu

Machu Picchu (Old Peak ) is a pre-Columbian 15th-century Inca site located above sea level. Machu Picchu is located in the Cusco Region of Peru, South America.

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Who trying to go see macchu picchu with me
Really hope I get that macchu picchu trip. Would love to document and take pictures with llamas
This has nothing to do with anything, but LOL at the idea that we need a Baptist revival to restore Macchu Picchu.…
Californian man climbs 'Stairs of Death' in Macchu Picchu -
I still want to go to Macchu Picchu!
You are correct. Our friend in Izu has a garden everyone calls Macchu Picchu.
Photographs from travelling last century (my old analog Canon camera). Sahara and Macchu Picchu in Peru. Scanning them
Macchu picchu and the Colca Valley are waiting for you guys
The Sumaq Hotel at the base of Macchu Picchu in Peru is a 2-bathrobe situation!
I want to do that. Have you read post on 14 ways to Macchu Picchu?
anybody taking World Lit & has read The Heights of Macchu Picchu ??? 👀
Professor: I want to take that hiking tour at Macchu Picchu you know where all those rich *** tourists go. Class: ROFLMFAO
Throughout my travels, Peru has been one of my top destinations. The views alone are wort...
macchu picchu I'd my favourite pokemon
Oh my god this radio is getting worse. Someone just said Macchu Picchu was in JAPAN
Side view of Macchu Picchu - I had never realised this before...   10% Off
if things like MachuPicchu and the Inka Trail appeal to you, try Choquequirao. It’s 4 times Macchu Picchu but way unknown
Wow! In wonder if there are more new cities to be discover, right now just like Macchu Picchu.
Move over, Macchu Picchu–Peru's other ancient city is even more mysterious
A place so magical, it almost feels like a dream. Macchu Picchu
Seen some amazing buildings lately - Taj Mahal, Macchu Picchu, Eifel Tower, ... But this right here is the best ...…
"Panoramic view of Macchu Picchu and the surrounding valleys I took from the top of Wayna Picchu."
feel you bruh! Cheer up gurl one day we explore macchu picchu togetherrr 🏋🏿🏋🏿
One of my favorite shots on the journey to Macchu Picchu Peru. Th…
Good morning my beautiful friend. Taking a short trip to Peru for business and some pleasure (Macchu P…
Would you like to go to Macchu Picchu?
if u get to macchu picchu make sure to head up the back side - waynu piccu. Great look
However you get there, Machu Picchu is the ultimate adventure for
We are visiting Macchu Picchu this week
Have a merry Christmas and all the best for the new year. I am going to Peru for personal reasons, and…
See Macchu Picchu, Cusco and all that Peru has to offer with the sociology department this spring break!
In the late 70's my family missed the train from cusco to macchu picchu. We rode a taxi up a dirt road and had to jump on
Leaving Lima this morning 2:30 am local time and heading to join the ancient Incas at Macchu Picchu via Cusco and...
Flashback to an awesome sunrise I got to experience at Macchu Picchu
This is a powerful program for teenage girls that culminates in a trip to Peru and Macchu Picchu. Scholarships...
You cannot help but be blown away by the train ride and the amazing spectacle of Macchu Picchu
half of the time in Macchu Picchu was spent admiring the structure. the other half was taking photos with the resid…
I liked a video from Macchu Picchu (povestit)
I added a video to a playlist Macchu Picchu (povestit)
Ruins in extreme hills would be awesome. W/ new addition of llamas, I'm thinking Inca-themed Macchu Picchu style build.
Macchu Picchu, Peru. click and drag to look around
Throwback to Macchu Picchu a few years back with my parrot. Back story: when I first start…
Macchu Picchu's always impressive to look at. A great vestige of the Inca civilisation.
The majestic Macchu Picchu in Peru. This has to be on your bucket list!
pls sponsor me here to climb Macchu Picchu and raise money for who helped my mum when she went blind htt…
A5. Hang gliding over Rio or finally getting to see Macchu Picchu
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the most important city of the Inca culture in Peru located almost 2500 meters above the ...
T Minus 9 days until I take my cakes up on the mountain in Peru. Macchu Picchu bound.
I liked a video from The secrets of MACCHU PICCHU
Can we talk about how about how my parents are currently at Macchu Picchu and I'm stuck in eug without any sun 🙃
.yeah, Macchu Picchu is totally on mine!
from Macchu Picchu & Sacred Valley, to Nasca, to Lake Titicaca, Paracas, (all amazing) to sand dune boarding in Huacachina! /2
A5 walking the Inca Trail to macchu picchu
this was after team regime got to Macchu Picchu in time for sunrise x
I felt on top of the world when I hiked the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu
Inca Bridge and Sun Gate (used to see the solstices) are in Macchu Picchu. I think the rest may be.
Pictures of Macchu Picchu which show why a visit, is a MUST
I can't remember if I saw the llamas taking any stairs at Macchu Picchu, but I know they can scramble up slopes.
I am all wet and dirty and so exhausted but Macchu Picchu was gigantic!
First photo of Macchu Picchu in 1911. Most experts believe that Machu Picchu was...
Was in Macchu Picchu in 88, always wanted to do Inca Trail but.need imp cardiovascular fitness for +4k' altitude - remember J Peel.
Macchu Picchu after the clouds have cleared.
Happy birthday! if you want to travel you should visit Macchu Picchu,I really hope meet you some day.All the love from Peru❤
Finally having wifi after few days. It's time for Macchu Picchu tomorrow
One more pic of MP. Off to Lake Titicaca this AM. @ Macchu Picchu, Peru
Arrived safely in Peru and about to embark on an Amazon excursion followed by the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu 🙂
Definitely Lion's Rock in Sri Lanka for the view, Macchu Picchu, The Pyramids and Angkor Wat. ~ Dani
and I will be doing the Macchu Picchu Inca Trail trek on 2017. Who else fancies the challenge? Its for charity!!
From TheXFactor to the last concert :'( Macchu Picchu I'm Peruvian
Perú stay in the history video I love it . We love MACCHU PICCHU Thank you 1D for all I love it ♥♡♥
Right before we could start our hike to Macchu Picchu, there was a bug. . 📷KRob…
if you follow the urubamba river go to Macchu Picchu through the mountains it's what u see from the top
Up at 4am, headed to see Macchu Picchu!
waiting for the apology from the China, Egypt and Peru. No way the wall, pyramids and macchu picchu built themselves slave free
At Macchu Picchu this morning with Lots more pics to come on Instagram!
Mi chica and I completed the 4 day Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu! Such a sick experience. Just down to base town eating pizza...
pretty crazy that everyone took a group trip to Macchu Picchu for that shot
Judging ONLY by Tinder all white women have visited the Taj Mahal and/or Macchu Picchu, or adopted a little black boy from Africa 4 one day.
Huayna Picchu to be exact. For me the most exquisite part of a Macchu Picchu visit
Google launches Street View of Macchu Picchu. Thousands of people around the world will now be able to enjoy...
Yup!!! Who's comin with me? While we are there, we will have to see Macchu Picchu, and maybe partake in some...
bet Huw Jenkins just decided to go to South America to see Macchu Picchu and if he sees a prospective manager en route he'll interview him
South America is a first, I ned to go to macchu picchu
10 of the most awe-inspiring mountains in the world: from the Matterhorn to ... - Evening Standard
Leaving Macchu Picchu for Ollantaytambo and onward to Cusco. Here, the train passes by the roofs of…
this is and always will be the most traumatizing thing to me... This or Kath's Macchu Picchu story
Quite touristic, but still impressive when you see Macchu Picchu live. The fact that the Inca had no…
I've found a golden ticket! Take me to Machu Picchu. Thanks xadinc!! @ Macchu…
This is definitely Macchu Picchu viewed from the train to Aguas Calientes.
I am a fan of a trip to Macchu Picchu! and
hi dude ! seems your DP is of peru,,macchu picchu ! and their mighty empire . looking great with the ruins behind
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Macchu Picchu took my breath away (not just the Inca Trail hike to get there!) :)
Bummed to miss the Kings opener but representing from Macchu Picchu. Get that W
Makes my blood boil to see this...this is what Macchu Picchu, Delphi, etc., is reduced to...the gods sleep...
I want Nadine Lustre to bring the to macchu picchu
Even though I've played so many times, there's still some things I don't know how to reach. Like Mount Elbrus and Macchu Picchu.
Calabria is a part of southern Italy, not a city AT ALL. And yes, maybe Macchu Picchu was once considered a city. I'd like to
how did he bridge the 1500km gap between Rio and Macchu Picchu, another drunken event?
Down into the cloud forest and beyond to Macchu Picchu
The Indy reporter must be drunk as well: Macchu Picchu (photo) is in Peru.
Altitude is no joke but Cuzco is just awesome. I'm beat but well worth it. Macchu Picchu in the morning
Terrace steps w/Macchu Picchu Peak in the background.
Macchu Picchu is our new featured place
If u like exotic places you must add Macchu Picchu to your you'll have an awesome time
cmon you can visit Macchu Picchu (if you don't know what that is, google it)
Help me fundraise for the Macchu Picchu trek challenge for help make dreams come true ! .
Off this morning to the Salkantay route to Macchu Picchu. Pretty cushy. Except for the high pass.…
Bucket list! Great read about Macchu Picchu by htt…
From Macchu Picchu to Lima, Peru needs to be on your list of must sees!
Love this message found by Macchu Picchu!
Peru is fabulous! So much more to do than Macchu Picchu
Day 16 - Walk to Macchu Picchu. Super early wake-up call 3:30 am. . Pack my gear up then breakfast - the porters...
is not only about Macchu Picchu! How about floating islands of Lake
Visits to Macchu Picchu and Huayna Picchu to be suspended in April 2016
Peru: Visits to Huayna Picchu and Macchu Picchu to be suspended in April 2016
Thanks for the follow. Do we have mission trips & Macchu Picchu in common? Visit East Gate, the Bridge & Huana Picchu 2
take me to Macchu Picchu so i know its real
bailed out by his parents after trying to steal a brick from Macchu Picchu
The Sydney Opera House, Macchu Picchu, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center and more – the world is full of incredible …
Looks like Macchu Picchu might be off the cards for now, maybe next time I grace Peru then :((
Hi saw the latest episode of Macchu Picchu of . Loved it! :)
Leaving for Cuzco in the AM! Gonna see Macchu Picchu on Saturday I think
Have heard so much abt the Inca Trail, I took the lazy way up Macchu Picchu though. Wanna do it someday!
Machu Picchu : Unveiling the Mystery of the Incas + MACCHU PICCHU - ILLUSTRATED
jumping in a moving train to get to Macchu Picchu
Guess I will see you earlier than I expected, Macchu Picchu.
Not sure who else can say they had an allergy attack at the foot of Macchu Picchu.
of the week: Macchu Picchu, on view as part of Colorama through June 21!
Thinking about this epic campsite en route to Macchu Picchu today. I've got some pretty exciting…
This is the classic view of Macchu Picchu in Peru. I took it in November 1999 from Inti Punku, the 'Sun Gate' as...
holidays. Hiking through Sacred Valley to Macchu Picchu then a few days up the Amazon exploring.
come to PERU u will love MACCHU PICCHU👌
Jack and Jack should come to Peru and visit Macchu Picchu 😏😏
I skimmed through the whole book and find another--just one other--asterisk marked in a verse from "The Heights of Macchu Picchu".
The first time I visited Macchu Picchu was 20 years ago. Seeing it yesterday as an adult was quite awesome.
So, apparently Haworth is now twinned with Macchu Picchu.
jack and jack should visit MACCHU PICCHU af
Uponly 2 days at altitude, climbed 400 steps. Seeing Macchu Picchu at dawn -- breathtaking
I want to visit Macchu Picchu in Peru
Macchu Picchu comes a close second, then Oblivion is number three
Will you come to visit Macchu Picchu someday?
Someday I will be going to Macchu Picchu and the rest of the world to see the beauties in it.
Please don't take off your clothes at Angkor Wat or Macchu Picchu. UNESCO Heritage sites and nudity simply don't mix.
he brought his son to Macchu Picchu.
Everyone wants to go to Macchu Picchu in Peru but can you imagine how touristy the Inca Trail must be. Give me random part of Bolivia anyday
A15 One day Macchu Picchu and Everest Base Camp! In short term, Juan de Fuca Trail and Berg Lake Trail again!
A4 I'd like to do Macchu Picchu and Everest Base Camp but my kids are small and it takes $$.
Inca Trail: Done. Macchu Picchu: Explored. T-Shirt: Bought. Now for a relaxing day in Cusco before heading into the depths of the Amazon rainforest. I love holidays.
I'm in Peru and we have decided that we have had enough soccer in Brazil and we're going home,back to Arizona.First,we have to fly in to Miami and then to Phoenix and drive back to Sierra Vista.We also have a 2-day layover in Lima.I want to see Macchu Picchu before I return home
HRM: There was a communication gap in the last thousands of years. I don’t claim discovery of this practice – only revival. All cultures in the past had this practice. In India it is called suryanamaskar; in Egypt it was the worship of the sun god Ra, and they had pyramids to harness the sun energy; Native Americans had the sungazing dances; Peru had the sun temples like Macchu Picchu; Brazilian and Mexican people had sun god worship. When we say sun worship it is because of the communication gap about how they made use of the sun in olden days. Human beings are so intelligent, that they will not worship anyone unless there is some benefit! They knew how to make use of the sun in their day to day life.
More about Peru. Macchu Picchu an actual wonder of the world.
If you have ever been called to the enchanting Peruvian energy, join me this August for Blue World Journey's Power Tour. It is an adventure of a lifetime. I will be leading Meditations and other spiritual practices in the mornings and Margot Russell (professional tour guide who often leads $10,000 a person Archeological Tours) is offering us an exquisite deal at 4 and 5 star hotels. Walk the ancient ruins of Macchu Picchu. Bask in the stillness of the Sacred Valley. Walk the roads of Cusco where the past mingles with the present. If it's been on your bucket list, the time is now.
maybe u need to travel a little, why don't u come to Perú =) I'd love to see you in person, plus u can see Macchu Picchu ;)
he went to macchu Picchu anyway. I haven't watched it yet lol
Please tell us where this breathtaking stunning must see photo was taken... Macchu Picchu? great work - gives me a vertigo
Peru - Macchu Picchu hike - June 2014 Friends - a group of us are going to Peru to hike Macchu Picchu in June 2014. Total duration is about 11 day (inclusive of travel - 6/22 - 7/1) and estimated cost is about $2300 per person - all inclusive. Private message me if you are interested and I will send you more info. The tour operator has agreed to provide vegetarian and vegan choices where meals are provided. --- Guru PS: I am not a tour operator I am just sharing info with friends and groups I am part of.
another true story, first time I ever saw a wild orchid was at macchu picchu in peru, what a day!
I'd love to go back there too! Was the best experience of my life! Need more than 2/52. Did you do the trek to Macchu Picchu?
to Macchu Picchu in Peru, it looks so amazing there.
Next I want to go to Macchu Picchu, followed by returning to Australia and tempting the wildlife to kill me again.
I wanna go 2 Peru & the Galapagos! Who wouldn't want to see Macchu Picchu AND spend time w/blue footed boobies!?!
to Peru & see Macchu Picchu. It's about time had another inanimate friend to travel with.
Travellers streak through Macchu Picchu, starting a new trend?
I'm trying to convince my mom to take me on a Disney Adventure to Egypt or Peru and Macchu Picchu, but she's just not having it. Idk y.
is climbing Macchu Picchu in Peru to raise money for sport relief . Well in lad, everyone's behind you. I'll donate a tenner
Macchu Picchu is the greatest song ever written, under cover of darkness is a close competitor; but then the rest ***
Great night with team for as prepares for macchu picchu challenge.
Oh don't worry! can make sure I'm posed correctly at Macchu Picchu 📷
ticchu picchu. That's similar to macchu picchu which is one of the strokes's song tittle :D
At least Macchu Picchu is probably safe from sea level rise.
Australian-New Zealand couple go streaking at Macchu Picchu, Peru
others. Eg Chile. Whereas Bolivia is v cheap. Have a think Bout what you really want to do/go...obvious musts like Macchu Picchu/salt
Oh baby, I wanna get witchyou, and Macchu Picchu
Macchu Picchu is pretty high and pretty cold. This explains why his leg is that way... to hide his shortcomings.
Listening to Peru's CONTINENTS and MACCHU PICCHU. Courtesy of flash strap, of course.
2 minute glance of Lima, capital of Peru. Don't miss to visit Lima and Macchu Picchu, the New 7 wonder of the world!
I've watched enough youtube videos of people channeling aliens to have a pretty good idea of what's really going on at Macchu Picchu
Rising sea levels will drown your Western art history course: Chris ChabotAt least Macchu Picchu is probably s...
Found this picture from when I went to Macchu Picchu. It was too beautiful.
Oversized HospitalGowns, Dirty Hair, and the Altered Bucket List A few years ago my husband, kids and I sat in the booth of a restaurantin Seattle. The four of us talked about how much fun the day held, and somehow the conversation evolved into a discussions of things we all wanted to do someday. I pulled out some paper, passed it out to each person, and said, “Let's write out our bucket lists!” I caught my sons eye rolls, as I put pen to paper, and began listing all the things I wanted to see and do someday. Now, I tend to go extravagantly overboard with these kinds of things! The list ended upbeing two pages long, and listed things like seeing Paris, Venice, Rome, London, Vienna, the terracotta warriors, the Great Wall, Macchu Picchu, Angkor Wat, Easter Island, The Pyramids, Petra, Mt. Rushmore, Boston, New York, and many other places I've never seen before. Many strange activities filled the pages as well, riding an elephant, performing in the Rose Garden, air balloon rides, art classes (wow! ...
Our friend Jude is trekking through part of Peru finishing at Macchu Picchu to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care-
Alive and kicking! Feeling exhilarated, Inca Trail journey to Macchu Picchu was well worth the massive blister I have on my little toe. A magical place and special experience I will never ever forget!
Should I hike the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu? -
Ok, so I have just trekked 45kms of the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu...and I can still feel it in my legs! Here are my blogs about the experience (photo highlights to come at the end of the month) Day 1: 'Inca' means 'King' 2: 'Inca' means 'Steps' 3: 'Inca' means 'Rainforest' 4: 'Inca' means 'Pain'
Public Disclosure - A Warning to Travellers considering going to Macchu Picchu with Gregg Braden in 2014. The truth about Power Places Tours and Gregg Braden...
Thought u'd like this "The first photo of Macchu Picchu, 1911
Macchu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, the incredible Andean city stone work of ancient Peruvians are famous. But pyramids?.
Great segment about Steve Gleason on GMA today - and Kevin at Macchu Picchu!
Taj Mahal ranked third as world's greatest landmarks after Macchu Picchu and Angkor Wat
JOIN ME @ uhub TRAVEL T1 NZ as these well travelled guys will save you 10% OFF YOUR ADVENTURES and provide bookings and advice on Australia and adventures around the world like Macchu Picchu (peru) - Angkor Wat (Cambodia) - Trecking in India (tiger spotting) and Komodo Dragons (on Kamodo Island Indonesia).
Sam Bradford using offseason to teach natives near Macchu Picchu 'horns down'. Mack not pleased. (scroll to bottom)
profile pic is of course, Machu Picchu.. this great work-progress-city was never finished because at the time of building the spanish conquistadors had invaded peru. while the incan capitol of cusco was destroyed, Macchu Picchu survived because the spanish never found it... despite being trampled by tourists over the years (inc. myself) the local quechuans still regard this place as a sort of spiritual homeland.
Going to Rio and Lima/Macchu Picchu in April. Anyone have suggestions for either location? Hit me up
Well, I am back from the once in a lifetime trip to the 'Enchanted Islands' (once known) The Galapagos, in the middle of nowhere, is a unique living laboratory where the creatures, because of the isolation, had a chance to evolve into unique species that is found nowhere on earth. There have no fear of humans and you can get right close to them. And of course, there is Macchu Picchu! A amazing wonder of the Inca Civilisation. Wait for the pictures and videos!
A lot of friends have been asking to see the Official "Big Mike's Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List" and even though it is always in the notes section of my profile, here is an easier view! I do need some help though as this is the 1st year I do not have enough things to do to replace everything on the list that I complete, so any ideas to add would be appreciated! Still to go in no particular order: 1. Visit Pearl Harbour in Hawaii 2. See stepson John in a football game 3. Visit Alaska 4. Volcano National Park in Hawaii 5. Play the 5 best mini golf courses in the USA (4/5 done) 6. Ride Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn - COMPLETED JAN 2013 7. Join the Mile High Club 8. Take the NBC Studio Tour in NYC - COMPLETED JAN 2013 9. Visit Atlantis in Bahamas 10. Take Scott's Pizza Tour in NYC - COMPLETED JAN 2013 11. Visit Flight 93 Shanksville PA site. 12. Go to the San Gennero Festival in NYC 13. Go on the ledge hanging over the Grand Canyon 14. Tour the White House 15. Visit Macchu Picchu (7 Wonders of the World) 16. ...
Some pics from the Inca Trail and Macchu Picchu! An incredible experience!
Right, I've had a message this morning from Michelle Price at Compton Hospice about the 2014 Compton Hospice fundraising tour. The plan is to do Macchu Picchu, somewhere I have always wanted to go. It's an 11 day trip which includes 2 days of community work and 4 days trekking, and therefore probably 2 days travelling at either end. It won't be a "holiday", it will be hard work. Trouble is you need to raise about £4,000 to do it and I'll be rubbish at doing this on my own as I know how hard it was when I did Kilimanjaro in 2011 for Compton Hospice (was it really that long ago ?). Are there any of my Lichfield friends who would like to do it so we can do the fund rasing together ? I'm putting it out there as a news feed rather than a pivate message in case there is anyone else who is interested in doing this trip to rasie funds for such a worth while cause. Please let me know.thank you x
Another beautiful group of people I met in Peru!!! Inca Jungle Trail at Macchu Picchu
You,Tom,the whole Parker family should come to Macchu Picchu,Peru,you'd love it!!
As if riding motorcycles to South America isn't enough adventure, instead of taking the train from Cusco to Aguas Caliente, I decided to ride my motorcycle. Pat and I were taking to a tour operator about the options of getting to Macchu Picchu when I decided that I didn't really like them. Actually, I didn't like the prices of them. Pat has some other circumstances so he opted in to one of the tour packages. The tour operator said it was impossible to ride my motorcycle there so I got a couple more opinions. Everybody said it couldn't be done but by the way one of the packages were described to us, I thought it could be done. The night before we all left I did some research on the internet and studied the maps. I packed light and left my extra gear in the hostel as I knew some hiking was in my near future. At 7:00 AM I was heading out of Cusco on my way to Aguas Caliente, the town at the base of Macchu Picchu. In this part of Peru, this time of year, you must plan on getting rained on. the rain usually st ...
The Mayan calendar is based on advanced astronomical knowledge - the ancient Mayans studied the stars and were extremely proficient mathematicians. We tend think of ancient cultures as being somewhat primitive, but modern science has yet to truly explain how the pyramids were built, how or why the Nazca lines were created, or how the ancients built great stone structures all over the world, like Stonehenge, Macchu Picchu, or the monoliths on Easter Island. The ancient people had knowledge and wisdom that has been lost to us today, but what if they had some form of ancient computer in which they stored their secrets for others to unlock at some time in the future? Could that time be now? And could it be possible that crystal skulls might be the computers that the ancients used as receptacles for this wisdom and knowledge? Some may scoff at this idea, but if someone thousands of years from now found a laptop computer, would he know what it is or recognize the vast amount of information that it contains, and ...
I'd do anything to go to the Nazca lines, and the Macchu Picchu ruins. Enjoy it.
I had an amazing trip to Peru, visited the Sacred Valley, Cusco and Macchu Picchu. I highly recommend it as a place to spend quality time.
Karl begins his journey in the Amazon Rainforest, he is fed up however and wants to do a David Attenborough job. Later on when he is at Macchu Picchu, he man...
The town of Puno is an interesting place to visit as it is the capital of folklore of Peru. It also has a beautiful old cathedral, and it is close to many attractions of Peru like the Macchu Picchu or the town of Cusco.
Flying back from Peru tomorrow. It has been the most amazing two weeks ever. Sunbathed and swam with sea lions in the Galápagos Islands and climbed mountains in Peru (Macchu Picchu)...what an incredible adventure it has been.
corn as well, and lamas and Macchu Picchu and Nazcar and Lake Titicaca
Just back from Macchu Picchu. Climbed Wayu Picchu, very difficult but we did it. You are never too old or unable to do anything you put your mind's all possible!! Also went to Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Salt Lake City. America is beautiful and vast. I know why they call it the Great Plains, you can see for miles and miles in the Dakotas. September was very busy and enlightening!!!
It's always a good day when someone in your S324 class suggests that las Lineas de Nazca and Macchu Picchu were created by aliens, then the professor recommends that this person make a movie about it with Steven Spielberg.
Another view on top of Macchu Picchu @ Machu Picchu
Setting off for Macchu Picchu on wed, checking out Sacred Valley tomorrow leaves me a day in Cuzco :)
Leaving early tomorrow for our hike along the ancient Inca Trail from Cusco to Macchu Picchu in Peru. 26 miles, 4 days, highest point 14,000 feet; 11 hikers (7 American and 4 Brazilian), 3 guides, 16 porters. Should be the experience of a lifetime and, as always, am wondering if I have enough Advil and hoping that if something goes terribly wrong Keith Morrison from Dateline will cover the story.
Joan Baez ~ NO NOS MOVERAN ~ Recitation: twelfth canto from "The Heights of Macchu Picchu" By Pablo Neruda Arise to birth with me my brother. Give me your ha...
Cuzco photos are labeled, but Inca Trail and Macchu Picchu are not yet. Coming soon!
Just got back from Macchu Picchu and Sacred Valley of the Incas (Peru), back to the coast tomorrow in search of waves
This afternoon we leave the Sacred Valley to set of for Macchu Picchu before heading to the Amazon jungle.
Yesterday we went to Macchu Picchu! What an amazing place! I cant wait to share pictures with everyone. The town of Cusco was also so full of culture and different people. No one has been really sick, just a couple of upset stomaches here and there. Now were in the Sacred Valley outside of Cusco and Macchu Picchu about to go on another tour... ;)
ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY, July 7, 2007: The new seven wonders of the world (as picked in a global poll organized by the private New7Wonders Foundation) were officially announced as: The Great Wall of China, Rome’s Colosseum, India’s Taj Mahal, Peru’s Macchu Picchu, Jordan’s Petra, Brazil’s Statue of Christ Redeemer and Mexico’s Chichen Itza pyramid. To be considered for the competition, all structures had to be built or discovered before 2000. The new wonders project was the brainchild of Swiss businessman Bernard Weber. He said he wanted to invite the people of the world to take part in selecting the world's greatest wonders.
We woke up at 4:30am today and drove to a train station in the town of Ollyantambo. We got dropped off on the side of the tracks so we could hike the last day of the Inca Trail(which took 6 hours)into Macchu Picchu,it was steep and hot but absolutely breath taking. We all did well on the hike, thanks to our Crossfit truly paid off!!
"And then up the ladder of the earth I climbed through the horrible thicket of the lost jungles to you, Machu Picchu . Tall city of stones stacked up in steps, at last a dwelling where what is earthly was not hidden under slumbering clothes. In you, like two parallel lines, the cradle of lightning and humanity rocking together in a thorny wind. Mother of stone, spume of the condors. Highest reef of the human dawn. Shovel buried in the first sand." -'Alturas de Macchu Picchu' (Heights of Machu Pichu) Pablo Neruda
Wow - awesome: Peru comes to London, with Macchu Picchu recreated in Legos -
In Cusco and tomorrow we begin an even bigger adventure than the last two weeks... the Inca Trail. We had our briefing last night and apparently day 2 is the one that will hurt the most, an 8 km walk rising in elevation by 1.2 kms. That sounds almost vertical to me!! And that is before lunch! Cant wait to see Macchu Picchu on day 4!
My brain refuses to accept the proper spelling of Machu Picchu. It's not "Macchu Picchu"! My brain makes my travel journal look uneducated!
flying to Cuzco tomorrow, (going to Macchu Picchu and Lake Titicaca) one last trip in Peru with my buddy Brenda, saying goodbye to Peru
Just hiked the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu in pearls.
visit PERU, Macchu Picchu, lost city, it's magnificent..lived
Matt's been posting more frequently RA Outsider. His latest post on Macchu Picchu is below. Looking for more...
Yes, there is more than one way to reach Macchu Picchu, but some areas are considered strictly off-limits to tour...
4am to Macchu Picchu... that's El Padrino travel right there! lol
The lost city of Macchu Picchu. What an amazing and historical place filled with mystery. The Jewel of the Incas is spectacular. Definitely one of the coolest places to hike, explore, and ta...
On the road to Maine and stopped at Macchu Picchu!!!
Headed to Easter Island saturday,Macchu Picchu in June then to Rio to run one of the most beautiful marathon courses in the world
Enjoyed the day long Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Its wasn´t an easy trek but the views were great and Macchu Picchu was truly a sight to see.
I am SO happy you tried Peruvian food! Your post title made me read your post immediately! I am from Peru too and my husband and I have been to Macchu Picchu ( the actual place) last April ( you can see the pic on my blog header) I am so glad you liked it! Our food is amazeballs! ha!
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - A Video Diary. Part 4 of 5. Taken on a four day/46km/26mile Inca Trail trek in September 2007. Arrival at Macchu Picchu. Also in...
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