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The Mac Pro is a workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The machines are based on Xeon microprocessors, but are similar to the Power Mac G5 they replaced in terms of outward appearance and expansion capabilities.

Apple Mac Pro El Capitan Macbook Pro

The last time the Mac Pro got an update was closer to Steve Jobs' death than it is to today.
Great. My aging Mac Pro is having memory errors. I make my living with the Mac Pro. Where's the upgrade?! We need it!!
Steve used a Mac Pro. Says it all, really.
an actual fact is Apple lack of timed updates across the Mac line has most users angy, Mac Pro and Mini the worst
ages ago it was 2x dual link DVI that forced me to use a Mac Pro over a mini.
Shout out to my Mac Pro long wear and estee lauder double wear keeping me matte and flawless all 2016 🤘🏽
Reading between the lines: the Mac Pro is very likely dead. To Tim Cook, the iMac is the desktop, period.
What if... maybe the Apple Campus 2 is really just a big Mac Pro update for distributed computing running on iCloud…
Just as much as they are supporting the Mac Pro, Mini, & other computer hardware! :)
it's the lack of a Pro laptop and a new Mac Pro that signals bad things to me.
Grain of salt and all, but Geekbench has the iPhone 7 beating the $6500 12-core Mac Pro in single-thread.
it really is. When I first saw it I didn't like it cause I wanted the classic Mac Pro tower, but it really grew on me
Hey am trying to download Os X El Capitan for my Mac Pro and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Kindly assist.
UGGG... so close to having Windows 10 system to where my Mac Pro tools was... a few more updates!!! argg..…
Why the Haswell Xeon would have added little to the Mac Pro:
When will Apple present the new Mac Book pro 2016?
Logic Pro X - Apple: Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic ever.
Review: Updated: iPad Pro 9.7 All the latest technology news
Techradar - All the latest technology news : Review: Updated: iPad Pro 9.7
same parts from MSY is ~$1300 no monitor. kb, mouse or wifi. base Mac Pro is $4,899.
"Apple charges $1,200 to configure a Mac Pro with 64GB of (slower)RAM. That’s almost as much as this entire system."
| This week's top stories: Space Black iPhone 7 leaks, more on the next Macbook Pro, Apple vs Spotify & much more - 9 to 5 Mac
Just did a very painless Windows 8.1 -> Windows 10 upgrade on the Mac Pro (2010).
I’m saving up to buy a 4k monitor for my 2009 12-core Mac Pro that’s running like a champ. Best of both worlds, imho.
on which benches will we have to close Google Chrome to update the Mac Pro today, I'd use it on my radio show.
Does anyone have a Mac Pro or know about it? Really curious as to if its worth the investment. For the main office?
I have OS 10.7.5 and ver. 8 Parallels Desktop . I am on an old Mac Pro. I do not think I can upgrade with Dual core intel xeon. Correct?
I just backed the Mac Pro clone, DUNE CASE: Mini-ITX PC Case w/ Superior Thermal Dynamics on
OC3D :: Article :: Mac Pro like Mini ITX Dune Case is on Kickstarter :: Mac Pro like Dune Case is on Kickstarter.
The Mini ITX Mac Pro like Dune Case is currently on Kickstarter. Is it a PC case or a bin?.
No Oculus VR for Macs. Even the top of the line $6k Mac Pro doesn't meet recommended specs (weak graphics card)
*** you Mac Pro!! I cannot begin to say how much the new disk utility in El Capitan is a load…
How cool is this - a while ago I bought a second Mac Pro. Massive slab of super computer for just a few hundred...
This Kickstarter case wants to help you build a DIY Mac Pro clone PC. Cool, if successful
Is it worth getting CSGO if I have a Mac air? Hb for a Mac Pro?
Can someone tell me which one is better Mac Pro or air ?
I truly wish Hackintoshes weren't so fragile / finicky or that I could run OS X on any hardware. Mac Pro = kludged Ivy Bridge E (from 2012!)
The old Mac Pro where the SHA digital archives live is failing and needs to be replaced, along with a better...
what if seinfeld was today. JERY: ever notice how mac book air is lighter but the mac book pro has faster processor https…
The iPad Pro, for straight line code, beats my MBP in benchmarks. Wow.
review: Mac-like speed with all the virtues and restrictions of | Ars Technica
Nvdia brings 1 Teraflops in the size of a credit card; that is 1/2 of a Mac Pro! via
Loved your iPad Pro review. Whilst there are obviously still niggles, yours is the first review that makes me want to ditch my Mac.
Monster right out of the box. MAINGEAR, Mac Pro and other Workstations killer.
£900 for the iPad pro 128gig lte screw that might as well get a Mac book ohh wait that's overpriced too such a shame 👎👎👎
Could the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 convince Mac loyalists to switch to ... - Al-Bawaba
3.3 performance is abysmal. I have a Mac Pro with 32 gigs of RAM and it still hangs a lot 😡
MBP is Millennium Falcon and Mac Pro is the Star Destroyer
I love my Mac Pro 💖 Cant wait to get the new one in gold 😁
Deals GTX 680 4GB CUDA Video Card for the Apple Mac Pro with 4K resolution …
look me up, friday04I’ve been here forever. Pencil on only iPad pro, kind of ticked
Nice, I have a 2006 'cheese grater' Mac Pro, but with 9 GB. Still running like a champ.
Mactv old pro treat - simplest mores as far as turn among the living television set after which thy mac: DtFDPtur
Yes, the Mac Pro is still an excellent development and transcoding machine. One of the best.
Wondershare PDF Editor Pro: Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac allows Mac owners to manage ...
The problem with the Mac Pro is that it’s 3x to 4x more expensive than a gaming PC. :(
At least when Mac Pro was a tower you could just throw anything in. Didn't make sense to get PC tower
MixTape Pro 50% off today: MixTape ProMixTape is a simple, beautiful, and easy-to-learn application for makin...
El Capitan upgrade was fast on my Mac Pro, but don't like the new spaces ui
I wish the Mac Pro provided more storage than just a 1TB SSD. Do people just add external drives via Thunderbolt or something?
I've been running El Cap on my 2012 MBA since dev beta 3 and my Mac Pro since GM. No issues to report except Handbrake is broken.
Crazy idea, but what if Apple were to make a Retina Thunderbolt Display? You could plug it into the new Mac Pro.
If you want to buy an Apple product, you need to pick a model from. 3 tv. 3 Mac Mini. 4 Mac Pro. 8 iMac. 12 iPhone. 15 MacBook. 23 iPad…
[Linux Help] Want to know why Network cards Mac Pro always down on start up.? Do you know? Figure & help out:
Best video card for Adobe premier cc for Mac Pro: ‌I have a Mac Pro quad core 12gigs of ram and I USA adobe…
Tech face-off: Apple's Mac Pro vs the 5K Retina iMac via
The 256GB HD on my Mac Pro was too small so bought this Thunderbay Mini + 4 Samsung 850 PROs. Great perf.
I'd nominate John von Neumann's genome if I was one of the SevenEves. 5000 years later, my children could have built a far superior Mac Pro.
Adobe decided to give me a free Creative Cloud subscription. Thanks! Now I need a hardware to install this. A free Mac Pro please, Apple?
We've put all of our Mac Pro guides on one page. Check them out here:
Thunderbolt Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter for iMAC Mac Mini Macbook Pro Air - Full read by eBay
ah... my Mac Pro is too old. never mind.
My gaming choices these days are limited to what can be played on a 2008 Mac Pro without Windows/Boot Camp...
My Mac Pro still takes forever now.
I used to have a G4 Cube, too. I wish those would have survived and continued to evolve. The new Mac Pro should have been a cube!
for a everyday make up look, what products do u use a... — I use mac and sleek products and la pro girl conceale...
well Macbook Pro of MacBook Air IDC I just want a Mac 😂
"start looking for a laptop you'd like" *** YEAH MAC BOOK PRO YOU'LL SOON BE MINE
Mac Book Pro, Ipad Air II, Iphone 6, and the Iphone 6+ . were good to us
that's it ... I'm bringing a Mac Pro with two displays
Modern Family’s New Episode Takes Place on the Screen of a Macbook Pro
I need a Mac book pro RN so I can edit my videos😑 and maybe a good camera... Not just my phone😅
lauren is such a pro cook pls make a cooking channel teaching me to make Mac and cheese
So my dad just randomly bought me a Mac Pro
awesome.Currently I'm saving up for OF pro on my Mac. I'm scared it'll be forever before I own all 3 & by then they'll be a new one 💔
after using a stylus to basically run my Mac, an iPad pro would have to run iOS and not OS X.
Somebody hook me up with any version of pro tools after 8 for Mac, I need it for a class
I bought this lil *** Macbook Pro lol i miss my orginal mac book but somebody POOR stole that
Thunderbolt Mini DisplayPort DP to HDMI AV Adapter for Apple Macbook Pro Air Mac - Full read by eBay
Mac Pro optical drives clicking on startup
Thx, Adi! Doing some work the other day in a FREEZING cold studio in Malibu Canyon. Huddled against the Mac Pro & thought of you. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Apple's latest Mac Pro continues to cause problems for professional users via
As expected, Apple used today’s keynote presentation at their WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) to launch the latest version of their mobile operating system: iOS7. The launch has been greatly anticipated, not least because iOS7 has been completely overhauled by Apple’s design guru Jonathan Ive. Ive’s involvement with Apple has, until now been restricted to hardware design and he is responsible for some of the company’s most iconic output, including the iPod, iMac and of course, iPhone/iPad ranges. The keynote began with introductions to new Apple products, including a new version of MacOS and the astoundingly Vader-esk Mac Pro, that will launch later this year. But it was clear from the reaction of the crowd in the auditorium that it was the announcement of iOS7 that had been most anticipated. There had been much debate as to whether or not Ive would adopt a flat design approach, and it was clear immediately that although iOS7 is substantially more minimal than its predecessors, he hadn’t ...
the price tag on my Mac Pro still stings when I think about it.
I still cant belive who pays that money for a five year old Mac Pro.
.and on Mac Pro (Radeon HD 5770) it has lost OS X Mountain Lion Support:. Pro 7.0.5
Who Wants a Mac Pro that looks good and works Good these are fully Reconditioned (A Mac is Better Than PC) Trust me and look how good it looks you can have Mat Black or stainless steel. The macs come with A 1TB SSHD hard drive 4GB of memory and the latest OSX operating System. There not new but a Mac like this would cost you. There Good
Cutting an International spot for Coates Golf shot on RED Dragon. Gorgeous to say the least. Also, loving the fact that I'm playing Full - frame 4K RED Dragon footage on our 2012 Mac Pro with a flashed NVIDIA card. Why spend $9K on a trashcan that stutters 4K when you can beat the system and massively upgrade your Mac Pro for $800 and see real - time performance of RED files?
Yes, but technically I bought it from another Mac Pro user who upgraded through Apple :)
my fear is we give up on him this yr and he goes somewhere else and becomes perennial pro bowler. Needs consistency
I hope so too. And retina external monitors for the Macbook Pro and Mac Pro. It's been too long!
My Mac Pro (running 10.9) spontaneously logged me out this week. Freaked me out a little - I was doing stuff!
Another question. Can you upgrade to OS X Yosemite on the normal MBP wo/ Retina?
My Mac charger blew a fuse so I have no CPU at the moment smh ... Anybody got an extra Macbook Pro charger
i think the pro is better bc it has more choices and more space & it's like a smaller version of the Mac
ahh fair enough, really want a Apple Mac Pro ahah
New work Macbook Pro is ready for me. I'm being transitioned to a Mac user. Don't worry, I'll always be a PC user at heart.
Even though I'm pro-mac and cheese, I won't demand to see your thoughts on why you hate mac and cheese.
if anyone can find me a MAC Pro store that still has the Rocky Horror Collection pigment in Burgundy, i will personally buy you something from MAC. thats the one thing from the collection i was dying for and all the locations around me are sold out.
Does it take awhile to be approved for the Mac pro?
So I made myself mac n cheese lol I feel like a pro chef
what's the learning curve with pro tools, I've never used it :). It's for Mac? Thanks so much for the help :)
Centerspread in Playboy Mag of Computing! Expensive but we do lust.
My huge 2006 Mac Pro tower with Snow Leopard gets replaced with a new tiny 2014 Mac Mini with Maverick OS - plus I can now move from Pro Tools 10 to 11! Install begins in 10min.
Starting to compete with the Mac Pro
Macbook Pro stepped on. Apple logo cracked. This sort of situation. Sadness.
If Apple updates the Mac Pro line, can I return my newly purchased Mac Pro for a swap?
To have the day off and just laying around on the mac book pro editing pictures and videos and snap chatting peps
I'm just about to try CollageIt Pro For Mac (via Anybody else used this and recommend it?
Thanks to data persistence, I was able to update an 'old' machine: via
Looking for a Mac Pro, 2010, Windmere Eight Core.. anyone has one they want to part with LMK.. Needed for
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Cleaning the studio in preparation for the new Mac Pro!
I don't understand why Mac T is allowing the last of the Tambellini hires to be in such a position. That and pro scouts..
Finally got myself a MAC pro palette so i can depot my single eyeshadows that are taking over my makeup stand!
Mac Book Pro. Designed in California, assembled in China, tax paid in Ireland.
I'm getting a new Mac Pro soon and I've told the lab my goal is to throw a breaker at least once a month. ;)
I'm itching to buy a Mac Pro, but with the spec I want it's $5,000
Cleaned out 14.84 GB of junk from my Mac with the help of Like a pro :-)
Just listened to the NYCC Beyond. Mac OS X Pro tip: Hold shift when adjusting volume & it will not make the click noise. :)
Where can I get an original mac book pro charger on the island please? Lagos peepo...
you wrote that they put a stop to GM potatoes because of whatever pro Mac media release you read but in fact the opposite true
looks like I have a broken old Mac Pro in my collection now
My new mac book pro is SO much lighter than my old one. I'd like to thank God,for making me SO perfect. Cheers pigs💕
Tried to connect a tv for reference via HDMI using a breakout card in my Mac Pro...epic fail. Wish I had thunderbolt and a broadcast monitor
This is my first Pro, so I can't compare. Apparently I've been a Mac Amateur up until this point. :)
it's really nippy when vid editing but I'm underwhelmed by it's compression speeds as it's not any faster than a mac pro from 2008
Roundup of Mac Pro sale prices, up to $260 off MSRP
I wish i could enough for a Mac Pro and a copy of 9Live lol
Two optical drives in this Mac Pro. The future!
DealNN: refurbished Mac Pro for $2,549, 4K TVs and more: At Apple's Online Store, save $450 on th...
Refurbished 2013 Mac Pro models now available on Apple online store at 15% discount
The beer machine Marc Newson designed looks just like a Mac Pro
Accidentally bought the Mac Pro w retina display instead of the regular but not complaing cuz it has an hdmi port what's good
The more I mess around with this old *** late-2011 Macbook Pro, the more I think it's just time to just get a whole new Mac laptop..
I can't believe I'm still editing with iMovie man :'( i want final cut pro and my mac already wahhh
Mac video people: Can you decently edit 1080p video on a 13″ Macbook Pro?
I liked a video from How Much C4 Will a Mac Pro Hold?
Ange and I spent the day with Ryan & Jenny, and they gave us the royal tour of their new house, and wow their new house is so cute, it's awesome. Ryan helped me do some work on our car. Then we had pizza for lunch, and after lunch him & Jenny sowed a new Mac Pro laptop into the ministry. He then spent the afternoon giving Ange lessons on it. We have had a busy two weeks with family, Rachel, William and the children last week, CJ, and Sara this week, Ryan and Jenny today, Ben and Maria and children next weekend, then off to Alaska to see Kristen.we sure do have a great family. Thank you Jesus...
Krylon base, with Mac pro preferred white finishing. VOV eye shadow golden base and cornering with black and dark red. Revlon one stroke Kajal...with redish brown chambor lipstick :)
Audio Hijack Pro 2.11.1 - Record and enhance audio from any application.
well Mac is quality and more expensive that's for sure. My pro was 2k lol
Yo I am so thankful to have my lovable grandparents man they buying me a mac pro ♡
Just saw a commercial that Insinuates a surface 3 does more then a mac book pro. Someone need to lose there jobs for false advertisement
“Hey, can I borrow your Mac Pro for a sec?"
If any engineers or producers need a copy of Logic Pro X for mac, hit me up. I got it for the low!
FASTA-6GU3 Pro - eSATA 6G and USB 3.0 Combo Card for Mac and PCby CalDigit(5)Buy ...
We have some big news Soundtooth pro is now Fre come get your Mac or PC version.
I’m performing live on come watch my show! 0721
After 5 years it's time to retire my Macbook Pro -- hello new baby Mac:):)
I truly don't care how many more things your Surface Pro 3/Android can do that my Mac Book/iPhone can't please for the love of God stop
the best type of laptop I've found are Mac Pro book laptops. But those are also like $1,350 too.
Enter home office to prep interview tomorrow w/ turned on Mac Pro, On screen I see "Welcome" My heart stopped!
Chels calls her sister spoiled for getting a go pro when she gets a Mac book air 😂💁👑 😘
Only a few days left to enter a template into the contest and win a Mac Pro: (I'm a judge)
I should've gotten a Mac book air instead of the pro
Just got a Mac Book Pro and I can't even describe how happy I am! 😍
Just bought myself the newest Mac book pro with all my own money !!☺️😍
I really really hope I get that Mac book pro for Christmas. 🎁🎄🎅😁
For anyone trying to install an Airport card to a Mac Pro that's old enough to be a preteen, it's very, very difficult.
Apple's latest 15-inch Macbook Pro represents a slight upgrade to the best system mobile Mac powe
I got the older model mac book pro (same as yours) because the retina new one doesn't have a disc ram.
Thanks for the new Mac book pro mom and dad 😊
I could be wrong but I think I need a new battery on the old mac book pro 17".
LAST CHANCE to save $62 on PDF Converter Pro for Mac: Perfect Solution for All Your PDF Conversions!
The Mac Pro is ridiculously stunning. $3000? Worth it.
After nearly three and a half years with only a minor processor bump, Apple late last year launched its redesigned Mac Pro, moving to a compact...
Apple Pro Apps designer job still open "Deep understanding of […] the Mac OSX, iPhone and iPad platforms…
omg wait for your Mac Pro did u get the retina one or the normal one I got the normal one bc the other one had flash memory
My Internet is working... It's time to run my Mac Book Pro😃😃
if I could get a hold of Final Cut Pro X for Mac that would be beautiful. Premier is great but Final cut blows everything away
Brand new retina Macbook Pro runs over 100 degrees F via /r/mac
I added a video to a playlist GTX TITAN BLACK EDITION - Unboxing and Overview + Mac Pro KILLER
16gb ram upgrade acquired for my old Mac Pro ...
Thinking of trolling the entire world by just announcing a spec bumped Mac Pro on Sep 9.
I'm not going to settle for a Mac if it's not a Macbook Pro with Retina Display, 16 GB of RAM, and 512 GB hard drive.
Deciding what to buy, mac book air or pro?
I added a video to a playlist 4K Crysis 3 Gaming in BootCamp on the Late 2013 Mac Pro with 6 27 Inch
Mac book pro, full Adobe suite and an SLR camera when you enrol for TRACTOR with the FeeHelp approved course.
Thank you so much daddy for my early bday present
But it's ok I took her Mac Pro laptop ha
Mom: I want an 11 inch Mac Book Pro. Me: Well I want an 11 inch teetee, but that's not gonna happen either. And she didn't laugh. . Whatever.
so tomorrow may be the day that I get a mac book pro... stay tuned!
Going to apple checking out the new mac book pro
I did a full rollover this year. Went from 2006 Mac Pro & 2009 Unibody MacBook to 2013 MBA and 2013 Mac Pro.
Forgot about that one. I caved and bought a 2013 Mac Pro 6,1 to replace my 2006 Mac Pro 1,1.
yes yes. Mac Pro the secret release I remember.
It's not uncomoon. They had it before. Two years back.Remember Mac Pro and iPhone events?
I think refurbished but in good condition, . And it's mac book pro. Planning to get one.
Your Mac book pro wasn't in your staged "relaxing yet "working" bedroom wine glass pic. I don't know if I can like this.
The Seahawk OL is like the M's O. Just give the Pitching staff/Russ an average Offense/Pass-pro, and it's over.
Wow my dad is seriously going to get mac book pro rn
YOU GUYS I JUST GOT A NEW MAC BOOK PRO AND IM IN LOVE!. i want to get cases and stickers for it. any...: YOU GU...
Apple Mac Pro mint condition 15" for 2000ec, samsung tablet like new 500ec, iphone gold 5s camera not working...
Fact: Julio's Chips are the greatest chips in the world.
Bobbi brown duo concealer is great but mac pro longwear will always be my baby
Apple exec Phil Schiller unveils new Mac Pro with new Intel Xeon chips and flash-only storage
Installing a trial of MC8 onto a Mac Pro running Premiere CC. Anyone know of any issues that might arise?
Adobe Premiere CC is incredibly unstable on the new Mac Pro...or any mac for that matter. Beware...and please share.
Looking forward to meeting with my Apple business rep tomorrow and updating my Mac Pro! My current one (2010...
I looked into trading in a Mac Pro + 27" display, Macbook Pro, Powerbook G4, iPad, two iPhones, and four iPods for Apple gift cards. $87. Anyone know where else I can sell off electronics?
Keep thieves from stealing your 2013 Mac Pro with a $49 lock adapter: By Andrew Cunningham Mac Pro in chains. ...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
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