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Mac Maharaj

Sathyandranath Ragunanan Mac Maharaj (born 22 April 1935 in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) is a South African politician affiliated to the African National Congress, academic and businessman of Indian origin.

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Mac Maharaj did himself a favour by jumping ship... Lynne Brown has surpassed him at the master of lies
"Zuma’s spokesman, Mac Maharaj, on Tuesday (in the hours before launch) confirmed that this was part of the preside…
People like Zizi Kodwa, Mac Maharaj, Jackson Mthembu hold junior certificates in telling LIES compared to the likes of L…
Mac Maharaj has penned a great tribute to the lawyer who defended Nelson Mandela during the Rivonia tri…
Mac Maharaj, Baba Mlangeni, President Zuma! These people need to tell the history of this country in detail! Mac Maharaj esp🙌
Just installed .Net Core 1.0.1 on my Mac and it finally feels production ready. Even the documentation has a dark mode 🤓
I find it strange that Mr Mac Maharaj has been very quiet during the last year esp the last month.
"Politics is about delivering to the people and you should be judged by the outcomes and to *** with your intentions! "- Cde Mac Maharaj
He's got that sellout look, him + Mac Maharaj + Pit Botha did a lot in Botswana one silly night
Lol. I feel like he used a wrong verb. "ayothenga" vs the more appropriate "ayokwenza" Dammit! I should get that Ma…
Where's Mac Maharaj to clarify this statement? Is Zulu not his mother tongue as well
And the men who can tell the story of the ANC pretty good, Mac Maharaj and J. Zuma
This guy thought he was Mac Maharaj with the spin game 😂😂
[LISTEN] Mac Maharaj focusing on improving caliber of history recording
[ON AIR] Mac Maharaj: transcribing Nelson Mandela's & smuggling it out of was a great privileged
Even Mac Maharaj would be proud of you.
needs to take lessons from Mac Maharaj on 'spin'...we are not buying this
lol yep inspired by the former president's spoke person Mac Maharaj ga ne a buwa about Madiba's health
Next time answer a question and stop spinning like Mac Maharaj.
President Jacob Zuma has bestowed a national order on anti-Apartheid leaders Winnie Madikizela Mandela and former...
Zizi Kodwa was relieved from his duties as JZ's spokesperson in favour of Mac Maharaj. He won't last longer as the ANC spin-Doctor
Zizi Kodwa still has a long way, only has a Diploma in Spinning whereas uncle Mac Maharaj holds PhD in same field
Is there a school for Spinning bro, I want to enrol for this spinning course, where Zizi Kodwa & Mac Maharaj graduated?
One thing you gotta give the ANC credit on is hiring to notch spin doctors. Zizi Kodwa, Mac Maharaj, Jackson Mthembu... 👌
the versatile Mac Maharaj gave up on spinning. These smallanyana spinners won't cut it.
Mac Maharaj's lies ridiculously measured, but still kissed your ears lusciously, Ausi Zizi is just dreadful.
Mac Maharaj must be feeling relieved he resigned when he did...
my chief this one is gonna need old Mac 'the liar' maharaj. zizi boy is a light weight.
One can only wish that Mac Maharaj was still in office to spin this one away. attracts controversy like magnet Mr Mngambi.
Not even Mac Maharaj can spin this.
They must miss Mac Maharaj right about now
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I'm disappointed Mac Maharaj is not here to explain this ruling.
Mac Maharaj 'honored' to receive National Order of Luthuli from President Zuma. Read here for more:
Zuma : Order of Luthuli will be conferred to Mac Maharaj and a courageous woman Winnie Madikizela Mandela.…
Retired presidential spokesperson and anti-apartheid activist Mac Maharaj says SA still has many more mountains to climb.
What's up with Zuma giving Winnie Mandela & Mac Maharaj the Order of Luthuli Award? We that desperate for ANC veteran support now?? Shame.
Instead of rewarding Mac Maharaj with highest accolade,shouldn't Zuma be demanding Mac to pay back?
Fo sho Mac Maharaj got National Order for convincing public that it is racism to call Nkandla a compound.
at 18:30 on Winnie Mandikizela-Mandela and Mac Maharaj are among recipients honoured with National Orders.
The Nelson Mandela Foundation has congratulated Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Mac Maharaj for receiving awards.
You forgot to congratulate your . favourite dodgy spin-doctor,Mac Maharaj😉.
Mac Maharaj recieves the Order of Luthuli for service in exile and in underground operations in the country
Mac Maharaj also a worthy recepient of the Honour for his role in
"I'm privileged that I got the opportunity to meet my father later on in life."- Joe Maharaj on her dad Mac.
Congrats to icons & veterans & Mac Maharaj for getting order of Luthuli in silver.
Mac Maharaj receives the Order of Luthuli; highest honour for his contribution to SA's democracy. Accepted by daughter Joe.
Mac Maharaj and Winnie Madikizela-Mandela honoured with The Order of Luthuli
Family member of Mac Maharaj up on stage, honoured for "his contribution for freedom and democracy" http…
You are Spinning for JJ 😂😂 & doing better than Mac Maharaj, Keith Khoza, Zizi Kodwa & Nomvula Mokonyan Combined😜
What is common between Mac Maharaj and Paul Mashatile?
You wouldn't guess that Fort Hare University has all these successful & rich alumni. Apparently even Mac Maharaj studied at Fort Hare!
Is there anyone who'll interview Mac Maharaj on President Zuma? He seems willing to talk now that he's no longer spokesman
you're in the mould of the retired spin doctor Mr Mac Maharaj
Mac Maharaj refused to comment on gossip. He also shed little light on facts. Basically, he did fokol...until he retired&opened his mouth!
KAJALB Mac Maharaj took NelsonMandela's Manuscript of Long Walk To Freedpm and sent it to London
Mac Maharaj "I told Zuma to prepare himself for repayment" what do you think is up there?
Nkandla - A Metaphor For Enrichments. Mac Maharaj may not be the only ANC member feeling uncomfortable with the...
With the right Mac Maharaj daai killer can spin the free media attention into money. E.g Reformed Hunter giving seminars across the globe
Struggle veteran Mac Maharaj described the multi-million rand Nkandla project as the biggest weakness of the current administration.
Mac Maharaj: On Nkandla, the ANC, Ramaphosa and the country. Today's
Mac Maharaj must have got all the girls when he was still a young lad
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Mac Maharaj is just the way Zuma's office look at this Nkandla issue - money must be paid vack -but none is brave to say it whilst on duty!
You would be a good replacement, you can spin(lie) chief😂"Mac Maharaj is irreplaceable."
They haven't find Mac Maharaj's match neh..?! Hence the chop & change..
If Bra Mac Maharaj lead the school - i would be the first to enroll.
Who is the sugar daddy who gave Mac & Zarina Maharaj a holiday trip to Disneyland? We need a holiday,to better destination.
Acknowledge economic problems-ANC stick to policies As Mac Maharaj said to Zuma, get ready to pay back, I say to...
Nkandla is separating SA patriots from ANC comrades; Mr. Mac Maharaj & Dr. Phosa are my politicians of the year
Nkandla is separating patriots from comrades; My politician of the year 2015, Mr. Mac Maharaj. . Truth will set you free!!!
"Walter Sisulu was a remarkable man. Walter only had Standard 4 education" ~ Mac Maharaj
Mac Maharaj on Mandela, Sisulu & Tambo: "Each one understood the other one's strength. Together they made a formidable trio".
Mac Maharaj says OR Tambo, Walter Sisulu & Mandela had such "a phenomenal faith" in each other that there was no rivalry.
No wonder it took so long to 'free' SA. Mac Maharaj says MK soldiers were taught to "respect the enemy for its power & prowess".
When Helen Suzman first visited Robben Island, she dismissed Mandela's demand to be released as "unrealistic", according to Mac Maharaj.
"The reputation of President Zuma in Africa is not weak. He outshone Obama at a press conference. So he can rise like that" ~ Mac Maharaj
"What is important is to create a culture of taking responsibility for our actions" ~ Mac Maharaj
"I'd say that is the biggest weakness, the Nkandla saga. He (Baba) ought to take some clearly defined level of responsibility" ~ Mac Maharaj
What is worrying me day and night is the Absence of Mac Maharaj in that President's office.
I told Zuma to prepare himself for repayment, says Mac Maharaj on Nkandla: report - Times LIVE via
"The president is critical but stable" - Mac Maharaj Basic principle of politics "if you can't convince them confuse them."
. I know. And yet JZ has such a facility. Guess who was a director of Nedbank when the loan was first made?. Mac"context" Maharaj.
This is what Mac Maharaj said about Zuma on Gaddafi. He didn't support that NATO bombing of Libya by accident.
Full transcript: Mac Maharaj on Mandela, Zuma and South Africa -
ANC games Mac Maharaj doesn't want to play political football he told Zuma &Tokyo develops football in…
You can't spin Mac maharaj tried but failed and thereafter confessed to all & sundry that zuma unduly benefitedpay back.
Mac Maharaj is a very smart guy..he has a good understanding of Karma !!
Prof Friedman is raising some serious issues in the business day, similar to Mac Maharaj, interesting times ahead
"There's a fad in SA, small business development, informal sector, and how many jobs has it created? " ~ Mac Maharaj
"The black vote is split. It's the white & the other minority voters that are voting in a particular way" ~ Mac Maharaj
Mac Maharaj says he will be writing a book on the ANC’S 100 years history with former MP Pallo Jordan.
Mac Maharaj's last day in the office! wth talking to journalist Max Du Preez
President Jacob Zuma’s spokesman, Mac Maharaj, criticises Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille’s claim that Zuma is trying to ‘capture’ the SA...
Presidency flouts legislation and names National Key Point Written by Kim Helfrich, Thursday, 27 November 2014 In the week the Right2Know (R2K) campaign went to court seeking the names of the apparently verboten National Key Points, the Presidency broke the rules and published the name of one ahead of a visit by President Jacob Zuma. An advisory issued by Mac Maharaj noted Zuma would visit NECSA (Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa) on Thursday, with members of the media invited to attend. “As this (NECSA) is a national key point, attending members of the media MUST bring identification documents for security purposes,” the statement reads. On Monday the Cape Town headquartered R2K went to the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg to argue the case for South Africans to have access to a list of National Key Points. “R2K and the South African History Archives (SAHA) will ask the court to set aside the refusal by the SA Police Service to release a list of National Key Points in terms of the ...
In church last Sunday, I heard a sweet elderly lady in the pew behind me saying a prayer. It was so innocent and sincere that I just had to share it with you: "Dear Lord: The last four or five years have been very tough. You have taken my favorite actor - Paul Newman; my favoriteactress - Elizabeth Taylor; my favorite singer - Andy Williams, My favorite author -Tom Clancy, and now my 2 favorite comedians – Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. I just wanted you to know that my favorite politicians are - Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, Robert Mugabe, Cyril Ramaphosa, Jackson Mthembu, Mac Maharaj, and Kgalema Motlanthe Amen
Not even Mac Maharaj will believe this - "uproot" ? Rubbish. Unless you mean those who don't go along with you and Luthuli House
I'm sorry to say but Irving Khoza is starting to sound like Mac Maharaj and that Peter from Chippa united!! waste of words
A piece by Paul Hoffman. Read and enjoy and most of all ponder. IT IS beyond question that the presidency of Jacob Zuma, shortly after the start of his second term, is sailing in murky and troubled waters. His role in the Nkandla debacle and the Lesotho coup are but the latest in a series of events that must have his spin doctor, Mac Maharaj, tearing his hair out in frustration. The media is full of speculation about the longevity of the second Zuma term. Will the spy tapes relating to the charges of corruption, money laundering, fraud and racketeering inculpate or exculpate him? Does the Nkandla saga include a criminal element? Will facets of Guptagate come back to bite Zuma? Does the empire of his family contain the seeds of his destruction as the Aurora liquidators circle his nephew while other relatives are named in dodgy deals? Will Zuma "pay back the money" as demanded by the Economic Freedom Fighters in vociferous chorus in Parliament? Has his Special Investigating Unit (SIU) scored an own goal by ...
on CIA payroll. Old trick of camp to divert attention from the issue. Mac Maharaj accused NPA...
i hope dep.minister did his research on thuli otherwise he must just apologise.Ask Mac Maharaj on accusing Bulelani Ngcuka
So You Think You Are Funny? Try besting an EFF, Mac Maharaj and Gwede press conference for humour.
Gwede Mantashe & Mac Maharaj must be the BIGGEST KAK praaters / Spin Doctors ever!. When Jesus comes, they can work for private sector.
Mac Maharaj on why Pres. Zuma is opposing the release of the spy tapes. On shortly
The SpyTapes ... an awkward new remix. ... by Mac Maharaj ?
President Zuma has again met with the NDPP head. More details with Zuma's Spokesperson, Mac Maharaj. Live now on
Mac Maharaj has this mantra "The president is applying his mind" and the outcome is always a disaster. So, what does Zuma apply his mind on?
Don't bother - Mac Maharaj lies ALL the time. Secret Swiss bank accounts or Zuma's
Zuma welcomes release of Spy Tapes - Presidency: Mac Maharaj says the President is happy with the process foll...
The de facto PM of SA Mac Maharaj, on behalf of has welcomed publicly the release of the so-called
Mac Maharaj says: “The president is happy with the process thus far…”
Let's hope the spy tapes are not like this one.kikikiki.I don't trust Mac Maharaj.
I dont understand why Mac Maharaj hasn't issued a statement wishing Beyoncé a HBD yet did you ran out of DATA?
If u were mac maharaj which scandal would be 1st priority to cover? The spy tapes or
Peter Koutroulis is a character and a half, I thought Mac Maharaj was the master spin doctor, Peter is God of spin doctors
I used Ponds in high school...I love it a lot was like Mac makeup to me :"D bese ngithi le lipgloss eThick yase…
South Africa Denies Zuma Health Rumors South African President Jacob Zuma delivers his State of the Nation address at Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa, June 17, 2014. Peter Clottey : June 22, 2014 The spokesman for South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has dismissed reports the country’s leader is in poor health, following his recent visit to the hospital. President Zuma spent two days in a hospital after the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party said it gave the leader a break following a “hectic campaigning” period before the May 7 general election. Mac Maharaj insists Zuma is in good health and has been working hard and long hours at the office. His comments followed a local newspaper report, which cited sources from the ANC suggesting Zuma is suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems. Maharaj rejected the newspaper report as rumor mongering. “The doctors attending to the president are satisfied, there is no reason or cause to be concerned about his health,” ...
President Jacob Zuma needs to rest. By Kameel Premhid Friday, June 6, 2014 Both the African National Congress (ANC) and South Africa’s Presidency issued rather revealing statements on Friday, June 6th 2014. They both stated that President Jacob Zuma needs to rest and, as such, would be taking a few days leave. The justification for this was that the President had just gone through a gruelling re-election campaign and transition process. They suggested that our Commander-in-Chief needed to rest before the demanding Cabinet lekgotla at which Zuma would brief his bloated Cabinet and the Premiers on what tasks lay ahead. The statement may have been innocuous enough but it seems to reveal more about the President’s state of health, and governance within the country, than both Zizi Kodwa and Mac Maharaj may have cared to reveal. Firstly, the fact that the statement first came from the ANC, and not the Presidency, is telling. While Jacob Zuma may be President of both the party and the Republic, the ANC has n ...
President Jacob Zuma HAS BEEN ADMITTED TO HOSPITAL Mac Maharaj claims its just routine check-up, however the raw-flies (impukane eziluhlaza) say he suffered a stroke can't he die ?
President Jacob Zuma was admitted to a hospital in Pretoria for tests, the presidency has said. “He was admitted to a hospital here in Pretoria,” his spokesperson Mac Maharaj told Sapa today. “We prefer not to disclose the name of the hospital for privacy reasons.” He said Zuma was advised to rest following a demanding election and transition programme to the new administration. “President Jacob Zuma has been admitted to hospital for tests. “Doctors are satisfied with his condition,” he said. The ANC leadership yesterday ordered Zuma to take a break. “Following a gruelling election campaign, we found that he needed to rest,” deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa said at the National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union (Nehawu) special congress in Benoni, on the East Rand. “He attended the NEC lekgotla this morning, and was thereafter sent packing to go and rest.” Zuma was scheduled to address the Nehawu, but sent Ramaphosa to deliver his speech. ANC secretary general Gwede Manta ...
Attending a lecture @ TUT Pretoria West Campus addressed by Mac Maharaj on History of COSATU and its role in the Alliance
days are numbered for Mac Maharaj as South African Presidential spokeperson then Jackson Mthembu to be appointed...
Sumbody PLEASE castrate ths fool, de Rand is lossin its value ena o buzy wa jala President Zuma to marry 29-year-old Namibian Beauty Queen ⁠April 9, 2014 | ⁠Filed under: Breaking News,International News | ⁠Posted by: Editor South African President Jacob Zuma aged 71 has found love in Namibia and wedding bells are expected before the end of the year. This was confirmed yesterday by his spokesperson, Mac Maharaj, who said that Zuma had been very impressed with the beauty of Namibian women during his State visit in November last year. Namibian Sun first heard the news of Zuma’s Namibian romantic entanglement from a Namibian government source and then called Maharaj, who was very open about it. “I can confirm that Zuma’s relatives are in an advanced stage of negotiations with the family of a young lady from the Omaheke Region. She is 29 years old and is the epitome of Namibian beauty. President Zuma is very excited about the upcoming nuptials,” said Maharaj. Asked which tribe the woman is from M ...
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President Jacob Zuma allegedly helped to clinch a $2-million (R13-million then) investment for his nephew's controversial mining company, Aurora Empowerment Systems. The claim by a director of international investment firm Global Emerging Markets (Gem) suggests that Zuma involved himself personally – despite having a clear conflict of interest given that his nephew, Khulubuse Zuma, was a director of Aurora. The Gem director's claim is buttressed by circumstantial evidence. To make matters worse, Gem was led to pay the money into what appears to be a dummy account from which, according to a high court claim it filed, the cash was diverted. There is no evidence the president or Khulubuse were involved in the claimed misappropriation. Zuma's alleged intervention – a July 2010 meeting that gave Gem the confidence to invest – came while Aurora was desperate to raise funds to make good on its bid to buy the Pamodzi gold mines out of liquidation. Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj confirmed receiving de ...
Presidential spokesperson, Mac Maharaj says President Jacob Zuma will cast his vote in Nkandla on May 7.
Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj has said that President Jacob Zuma will vote in Nkandla on 7 May.
Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj may become Minister of Information in President Jacob Zuma’s post May 7
Zuma Considering ‘Propaganda’ Ministry?: Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj may become Minister of Informat...
Presidency spokesperson Mac Maharaj has denied suggestions that President Jacob Zuma is deliberately delaying acting on recommendations of the Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's report on Nkandla. Zuma responded to the report in a letter to the speaker of the National Assembly on Wednesday, saying he would wait for the completion of a probe by the Special Investigative Unit (SIU) before responding fully.
Mac Maharaj on this gonna be interesting. *braces herself for comedy fest*
My little political knwledge n opinion predict to me dat this is lightly wht 2 happn:Jacob Zuma to return as SA presdnt wit Cyril Ramaphosa as deputy,Tito Mboweni to return as Finance minister,Kgalema Motlanthe to head de ANC school of politics,Pravin Gordan to head de Eskom Portfolio Commitee,Trevor Manuel to head de Trade n Industry Portfolio Commitee,Mac Maharaj to wrk as Minister in de Presidency,Jeff Radebe to wrk as Justice Minister,Arron Motswaledi to continue as Health Minister,Malusi Gigaba to wrk as Public Enterprise Minister,Naledi Pandor to wrk as Communications Minister,Dina Pule to erk as Home Affairs Minister,Angie Motshekga to wrk as Human Settlement Minister,Edna Molewa to wrk as Travel n Tourism Minister,Paul Mashatile to wrk as Gauteng Premier,Nomvula Mokonyane to wrk as Jhb Mayor.Blade Nzimande to wrk as Correctional Service Minister,Envar Sutty to wrk as Basic Education Minister.Fikile Mbalula to resume as Sports Minister,Nathi Mthethwa to resume as Police Minister,Maite Nkoana Mashab ...
JOHANNESBURG – "President Jacob Zuma says using tolled roads is more convenient than taking other longer routes". Since the controversial system's launch in December, the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) has been flooded with complaints of incorrect bills from motorists. Some claim they have never used the highways, yet continue to receive high bills. Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj says the president has urged motorists to cooperate as e-tolls are here to stay. He says in the president’s personal experience, he found it more cost effective to use tolled roads. “When he personally drove from Johannesburg to Durban, it took him eight hours using the old road and five hours using the new road.” Sanral has attributed its billing errors to problematic databases. Meanwhile, a 28-year-old e-tolling call centre operator was arrested last week in connection with two anthrax evacuations and a bomb scare at Sanral’s Central Operations Centre in Midrand. - Share this useful info t ...
Presidency spokesperson Mac Maharaj on Sunday said the office was unaware of any discussion about the country getting two deputy presidents after the May elections. Appointments 'never discussed' ANC national spokesperson Jackson Mthembu told the Mail & Guardian that the ANC national executive committee has "never discussed" Cabinet appointments. "Issues of the Cabinet of the country are matters of the president of the country. I can assure you that we have never discussed issues of Cabinet in the ANC NEC," Mthembu said.
Public protector fight corruption in RSA and number 1 from KZN will not be spared(RSA await Nkandagate report from mama Thuli )...I am afraid Mac Maharaj (Zuma's spin doctor) and the revolutionary Luthuli house have a battle on their hands yonqanda amanzi angangeni, Mama Thuli Madonsela is resolute in her approach!
I still say Cereal made the wrong move by agreeing to be JZ's deputy, his plan will not work...What double deputy talks?: Maharaj Mac Maharaj Image by: Trevor Samson "I'm not aware of any such discussion," presidency spokesman Mac Maharaj said. The Sunday Times reported that discussions had been held within the African National Congress to promote the idea of a second deputy president. ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa and ANC national chairwoman Baleka Mbete had been proposed as the two candidates. Mbete told the newspaper that she had accepted nomination to become a Member of Parliament, but said it was up to the ANC to decide where to deploy her. "It is not a matter up to me. Branches of the ANC decide on people going to Parliament. What happens after that we don't know." Ramaphosa told the Sunday Times he would not comment on his political future. "The ANC decides. No single individual in the ANC decides what they want to do." As it stands, the Constitution only allows for one deputy president. Con ...
:What ıs he actually tryıng to say? Is ıt one of those coded messages understood by Mac Maharaj &Jackson Mthembu only?
Didn't I say this guy has the toughest job in the land??? DA leader Helen Zille on Wednesday accused the ANC of gathering with rocks and bricks at Beyers Naude Square in Johannesburg without permission. Mac Maharaj when asked about the act since Gwede couldn't be reached, he answered. "It is a symbol to demonstrate that we the ANC will be building houses for the poor each brick symbolizes one house " I said it many times that Mac has the most difficult job in the country!
The presidency dismissed media reports that President Jacob Zuma is a rank and file member of NORM. Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj confirmed that the president will be among millions of South African men embarking on an annual national strike commencing tomorrow. NORM's Dineo Chenene Makhura could not be reached for comment. SAPA
Hang on, Mac Maharaj's contact details on a press release are an iCloud email address and a mobile phone number?
When I read Barney Mthombothi’s column headline screaming something about Zuma’s tribalist allies, I got disappointed yet again at my President. I even felt guilty by tribal association. The very existence of the ANC is about fighting such scourges as tribalism. So I read in anticipation of the sucker-punch, I’m expecting yet another line from the President that Mac Maharaj will be at pains trying to spin. But I was flabbergasted that Mthombothi’s main evidence of Zuma’s tribalism is the fact that he has ELEVEN ministers from KZN. What? And this is a supposed intellectual and a communist of a big weekly like Sunday Times? He quotes a certain Thabo Mbeki who’s recently bemoaned tribalism in government. Rewind to 2004, Mbeki’s ministers from his province of birth; 1. Ngconde Balfour, 2. Nosiviwe Mapisa Nqakula, 3. Lindiwe Sisulu, 4. Stella Sigcau, 5. Zola Sikweyiya, 6. Charles Nqakula, 7. Makhenkesi Stofile, 8. Buyi Sonjica, 9. Mandisi Mpahlwa, 10. Membathisi Mdladlana. Mind you, Mbeki’s ca ...
Zuma learns that friendship is fleeting Almost 20 years ago to the day, the ANC released its 1994 national election list. At the top of the list was Nelson Mandela, with his preferred successor, Cyril Ramaphosa, second and Thabo Mbeki third. In the two decades since the list was released, much water has passed under the ANC's bridge. Six of those in the top 20 - Mandela, Joe Slovo, Albertina Sisulu, Steve Tshwete, Dullah Omar and Chris Dlamini - have died. Of the remaining 14, only four can be said to be "loyal" to President Jacob Zuma. Ramaphosa stood on his slate at the 2012 Mangaung conference, Justice Minister Jeff Radebe and National Planning Commission chairman Trevor Manuel sit on his cabinet, and Mac Maharaj is his spokesman. Seven are out of favour or highly critical of Zuma. Mbeki is out in the cold after being removed from the presidency. Jay Naidoo is highly critical of the government's service delivery and its failure to deal with poverty. Ronnie Kasrils is an outspoken critic of attempts to ...
R45 million pay hike for government: Report 2014-01-20 06:41:20 | Sapa President Jacob Zuma approved a salary hike of R45 million for government, despite earlier calls to freeze pay increases, the Sunday Independent reported. The five percent pay hike applies to the 2013/2014 financial year and is for members of Zuma's executive, premiers and various other provincial and parliamentary government officials. The newspaper said that its calculations suggested that the salary increase - signed by Zuma on January 3 and gazetted on Thursday - would amount to R45 million. According to the Sunday Independent, the Independent Commission for the Renumeration of Public Office Bearers had previously - amongst other recommendations - suggested that the salaries of politicians earning R1 million or more not be increased. However, presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj said that Zuma had taken a number of factors into consideration in setting the pay hikes. Amongst the increases, Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe would rec ...
EFF and JUJU are problems to the pres Jacob Zuma aka JZ. ., - President Jacob Zuma was in a Durban hospital at the time he was scheduled to speak in Cape Town at the weekend, the Sunday Independent reported. "It was a scheduled visit," presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj told the newspaper about Zuma's treatment at Durban's Life Entabeni Hospital on Saturday. "Each year around this period, he goes for a check-up," said Maharaj. Military health personnel were seen waiting at the hospital with Zuma's entourage, sister publication the Sunday Tribune reported. On Saturday, Zuma had been scheduled to address thousands gathered at the launch of the ANC's Western Cape Manifesto in Delft in Cape Town. The party's deputy secretary general Jessie Duarte took over as keynote speaker, telling the crowd that the president had other commitments. Maharaj told the Sunday Independent that Zuma had been given a clean bill of health after his hospital visit. "He is continuing with all his activities."
Inspired by Alan Wieder's wonderful volume on Ruth First and Joe Slovo (Monthly Review Press, 2013), I'm doing research related to the strategic use of non-violence and violence in the anti-apartheid struggle and the remarkable role of the South African Communist Party in that struggle (its membership strongly overlapped with the ANC). I thought I'd share this delightful snippet from Padraig O'Malley's Shades of Difference: Mac Maharaj and the Struggle for South Africa (Penguin Books, 2008): The brilliant anti-apartheid activist, Sathyandranath Ragunanan “Mac” Maharaj,* speaks about his time in London in the early 1960s (‘a very cosmopolitan environment’), a period when he was attending the London School of Economics and an active member of the British Communist Party (BCP): “In the International Affairs Committee of the party and the Africa Committee, I met and worked with people such as Jack Woddis, Idris Cox, and, the chairman of the International Committee, Palme Dutt. I met Maurice Cornfort ...
“ANC will rule for ever & ever whether u like it or not”our president told the people of Mbombela.“The ANC doesn't need ur dirty votes”& those were the words of Gauteng premier Nomvula Mokonyane,what's wrong with this leaders.I'm jst waiting with interest how Mac Maharaj is going to spin this one around coz Jackson Mthembu doesn't wanna comment on the issue of Zuma in Mbombela,watch this space!
"Michael Schumacher remains in critical but stable condition." Did they say that or you're using Mac Maharaj & Zuma langauge?
Operation Vula, its Secret Safari, and Zuma’s band of comrades During 1986 the ANC launched an underground operation called Operation Vula, also known as Operation Vulindlela (meaning open the way). The present-day perception, in the minds of the masses, is that this operation’s main purpose was to smuggle freedom fighters (aka terrorists) into South Africa and maintain open communication links between the ANC leaders in exile, at home and in prison. This general perception was cunningly designed -- to scam the masses into believing that Operation Vula had very little to do with violence and bloodshed of any sort, but the story of Operation Vula is far more complex than most people will ever realize. To this very day the ANC regards it as one of their most effective ‘secret’ operations ever executed. The operation was commanded by Oliver Tambo, the ANC president in exile, and Joe Slovo, the chairperson of the South African Communist party. Mac Maharaj was the commander of the operation within Sout ...
The late African National Congress (ANC) MP Peter Mokaba's mother Priscilla Mokaba will receive a special provincial official funeral, the presidency said on Wednesday. "The president has ordered that all flags in the Limpopo province fly half-mast during the funeral on December 28 2013 [Saturday]," spokesperson Mac Maharaj said. The former activist and veteran of the liberation struggle Priscilla Mokaba, 76, died of lung cancer at the Polokwane home of her daughter on Sunday, as it was reported earlier this week. The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) said Priscilla Mokaba was not only a great mother to her children but was a distinguished socio-political activist that worked for practical developments. We call on our parents, particularly mothers to learn from Gogo Mokaba "We pass our heartfelt condolences to the Mokaba family and friends. We know that this is also a great loss to the ANC in Limpopo province and nationally," the ANCYL said in a statement on Wednesday. "She will be equal to n ...
I have just Mac Maharaj-ed a statement here, then Gwede Mantashe-ed my way past a traffic officer. The movement will be proud of me.
If there are two individuals who are having a jolly good tym watchin the citizenry squirm and suffer Pres: Lucas Mangope Manyane Pres: Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki The former a president of the Batswana bantustan of Bophuthatswana (BOP)was removed by force when it's people made known that it wants to be part of abdemocratic republic of South Africa , which waz being negotiated abs structured at CODESA The BOP celebrated as Mac Maharaj and Pik Botha told Pres Mangope that the tribe had spoken and ceremonially put out his torch. Mangope used the BOP Army to silence those favoriting incorporation but waz powerless when the CODESA task team led by Pik and Maharaj paid him a visit. Scenes of jubilation were captured as the ppl rejoiced from Mmabatho to Mabopane. Fast forward to 2007 the Pirates of Polokwane led by Jacob Zuma ( now fired as Dep President of SA bcos of Rape and corruption charges leveled against him) mastermind a coup of the ANC leadership at the national Elective conference. The majority of the delega ...
...But why kuthiwa it's..."THE END OF AN ERA".Kodwa we still got people like abo tata uAhmed Kathrada...Archbishop Desmond Tutu...Mac Maharaj...uMntwana kaPhind'angene iNkosi u-Mangosuthu Buthelezi...Living and breathing among us.?!!!...
Another snag hit South Africa's long goodbye to anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela on Saturday when Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu said he had not been accredited as a clergyman at the funeral by the government so he would not attend, but a spokesperson for Tutu said late on Saturday night that he would attend the funeral. He would leave for Qunu very early on Sunday morning. Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj insisted that Tutu is on the guest list and that he hopes a solution will be found so Tutu is present. He said he had verified that Tutu had been invited. The 82-year-old retired Anglican archbishop of Cape Town indicated he felt he had been snubbed by the current government, with which he has clashed several times in the past. "Much as I would have loved to attend the service to say a final farewell to someone I loved and treasured, it would have been disrespectful to Tata [Mandela] to gatecrash what was billed as a private family funeral," Tutu said in a statement. "Had I or my office been in ...
Speech by Mandela at the Diwali celebration Speech by comrade Nelson Mandela at Diwali celebration held at Durban City Hall Sunday, 3 November 1991 Diwali brings back for me memories of days on Robben Island. Regularly at this time of year when our Hindu friends the world over were preparing to celebrate the Festival of Lights we would be visited by Hindu priests. I recall Mr. Govender from Cape Town and Mr. Padyachee from Pretoria. They would come and offer prayers wit us and bring with them parcels of sweetmeats. The authorities were insistent that these parcels were only for believers in the Hindu faith. Through our struggles were able to challenge the authorities on this narrow conception and we insisted that all the embracing philosophies that Hinduism is based on extended a hand to all of humanity. In this way I and my fellow comrades such as Wilton Mkwai, Ahmed Kathrada, Ismail Ebrahim and many more joined Billy Nair, Mac Maharaj, Issoo Chiba, George Naicker and others in collectively marking this ...
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infact Luthuli ws a nobel peace prize laureate as ealry as 1961 b4 Madibas incarceration..Madiba shared his award with De Klerk..Tambo spearheaded the anti-apartheid struggle as ANC president whilst Madiba & other Rivonia convicts were doing time in could Madiba hv fought a lone battle against apartheid whilst in jail for 27 yrs?? about Luthuli,Govan Mbeki,Oliver Tambo,Walter Sisulu,Ahmed Kathrada,Joe Slovo,Chris Hani,Mac Maharaj & others..surely apartheid wsnt fought by Madiba alone as 46664. In renouncing nationalisation,ANC deviated from its central vision of its founders courtesy of Madiba..
So apparently Mac Maharaj has told international Media that the people were saying "PULA,PULA" meaning rain.
Twas really alarming to hear people cheer for Mugabe but boo our own president & then Mac Maharaj act as if it was nothing…AYEYE ZUMA!!!
Shared By Mr Barry HortonNational reconciliation Presiding over the transition from apartheid minority rule to a multicultural democracy, Mandela saw national reconciliation as the primary task of his presidency.Having seen other post-colonial African economies damaged by the departure of white elites, Mandela worked to reassure South Africa's white population that they were protected and represented in "the Rainbow Nation".Mandela attempted to create the broadest possible coalition in his cabinet, with de Klerk as first Deputy President. Other National Party officials became ministers for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, and Minerals and Energy, and Buthelezi was named Minister for Home Affairs. The other cabinet positions were taken by ANC members, many of whom – like Joe Modise, Alfred Nzo, Joe Slovo, Mac Maharaj and Dullah Omar – had long been comrades, although others, such as Tito Mboweni and Jeff Radebe, were much younger. Mandela's relationship with de Klerk was strained; Mandela thought that ...
By *** Krever, CNN South Africa could have been “reduced to ashes” and suffered “a bloodbath” had it not been for Nelson Mandela’s negotiations with the apartheid government, Mac Maharaj, who was imprisoned with Mandela on Robben Island, told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.
Is Mike Haysman going for the Mac Maharaj or the Colonel Saunders look?
We are the ones who will have to be greater than Mandela Sandile Memela Sat 07 Dec 2013 You are greater than Mandela. Our greatest strength as a people is when we are at our weakest. Waking up in hour humble homes to the news that the founding father of this nation, the great Nelson Mandela has passed on, we were not quite ready to believe that. But over the years, ever since he was sentenced to life imprisonment for sedition in 1963, we have been haunted by the prospect of his death over and over again. We discovered and rediscovered that there is no one like him until — on the birthday of his political nemesis, Robert Sobukwe — he gave up the ghost. There is nothing startling new in that Mandela is dead, I know. It is now a fact that President Gedleyihlekisa Zuma has announced it without his spokesperson, Mac Maharaj. Yet it is a stark fact that can be, and must be repeated for many days so long as there are some of us who refuse to believe that the man is dead. In one way or another, the man may be ...
Nelson Mandela always spoke to citizens like fellow human beings. He wanted all of us to feel welcome in this country. Heck, he even visited Betsie Verwoerd in Orania. Now it seems we are slaves, not citizens. The Guptas can fly into a military airport duty-free, but citizens can't drive on the highways without paying a toll every five minutes. We are told to respect our president. Our president who slept with a friend's daughter. When he is not hacking his way through a speech as if the written word were a primordial jungle, our quickly offended leader is quick to offend us. He [is dismissive of] blacks who own dogs and Africans who think like Africans, generally. Mac Maharaj is quick to point out that we should understand these insults "in their context". Maharaj speaks to us as though we were fools. As does Gwede Mantashe. I tire of their smugness. For the record, I suspect the reason both the DA and Agang battle to win support even against a party as unlikeable as the ANC is that both Helen Zille and ...
Nelson Mandela: icon of reconciliation and forgiveness The world's most revered statesman, who became a symbol of hope and justice after leading South Africa out of the apartheid era, has died at the age of 95. Channel 4 News looks back at his life. South African statesman Nelson Mandela has died, after suffering a recurrence of a lung infection. Since his high-profile appearance at the World Cup final in Johannesburg in summer 2010, Mandela appeared increasingly frail. He was admitted to hospital in Johannesburg at the beginning of 2011, and again in January and December 2012, leading to widespread concern about his health. In March he returned to hospital for a check-up and was released on 10 March following a medical test. At the time, presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj said Mandela was "well". He retired from public life officially in June 2004 before his 86th birthday, telling his countrymen with characteristic good humour: "Don't call me, I'll call you". Nelson Mandela dies. The former South African ...
Main article: Presidency of Nelson Mandela Mandela's inauguration took place in Pretoria on 10 May 1994, televised to a billion viewers globally. The event was attended by 4000 guests, including world leaders from disparate backgrounds.[209] South Africa's first black President, Mandela became head of a Government of National Unity dominated by the ANC – which alone had no experience of governance – but containing representatives from the National Party and Inkatha. In keeping with earlier agreements, de Klerk became first Deputy President, while Thabo Mbeki was selected as second.[210] Although Mbeki had not been his first choice for the job, Mandela would grow to rely heavily on him throughout his presidency, allowing him to organise policy details.[211] Moving into the presidential office at Tuynhuys in Cape Town, Mandela allowed de Klerk to retain the presidential residence in the Groote Schuur estate, instead settling into the nearby Westbrooke manor, which he renamed "Genadendal", meaning "Valle ...
Mac Maharaj "He stamped his authority even on prison grounds"
The idea that people in leadership positions are not ordinary humans is a very dangerous concept.He was an ordinary human being.Mac Maharaj
dead? . I don't buy it. . Not until Mac Maharaj announces it.
RIP Mandeba - Heres an extract from The following are extracts from BBC world news Mandela,s life and times. July 2008. Nelson Mandela, the man credited with ending apartheid in South Africa, marked his ninetieth birthday by calling for the rich to do more for the poor. ‘If you are poor, you are not likely to live long,’ he said at his village house in Eastern Cape province for a birthday interview. His predecessor as president, FW de Klerk, described him as one of the greatest figures of the last century. Mr Mandela was jailed for twenty-seven years for his part in the ANC campaign against white minority rule but went on to become the country's first black president in 1994. Since stepping down in 1999, he has become South Africa's highest-profile ambassador, campaigning against HIV/Aids and helping to secure his country's right to host the 2010 football World Cup. In 2004, at the age of eighty-five, Mr Mandela retired from public life to spend more time with his family and ...
"What made Nelson Mandela great, is precisely what made him human." - Pres Jacob Zuma (read Mac Maharaj)
Little Giant Ladders
Mac Maharaj in this CNN montage. They prepared this months ago.
I co-ordinated, the security arrangements for his 1st speach, with he's old sell mate, Mac Maharaj; Rumour had it he sent a letter to the DOT DG. Never saw it ... Whatever.
I won't mourn until Mac Maharaj say something tomorrow. Zuma got it wrong :(
Thanks to Mac Maharaj, I'll always feel like I personally knew Mandela and will forever cherish how he has made the world a better place. I’m now remembering all the stories Mac told me in college about the time he spent in prison with Mandela and how they fought apartheid together. RIP Mr. Mandela, you were an incredible human being and the world will miss you.
I'm waiting for Mac Maharaj to correct Zuma.
Mac Maharaj should have delivered the news tho its serious news to be read by a struggling reader...R.I.P.
Not like Mac "But his family can lie too"I think we need a statement from family not Maharaj or Zuma...
Now waiting for Jacob Zuma to address the nation. The difference this time is it is not Mac Maharaj, it is the president himself
Presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj says he will release an advisory soon. He hopes it will be tonight MV
Mac Maharaj will rock-up and deliver official statement claiming it was just family gathering and nothing to worry about.
Can we wait for Mac Maharaj or the President of the Republic to make an official announcement before we jump the gun? Thank you!
Mac Maharaj, what possible puffery have you got for us now
Mac Maharaj were are you we need your input we can't even sleep,is Tata okay?
Consition is stable but he remains critical., Mac Maharaj reports. is not dead.
Can we just wait for Mac Maharaj to confirm it
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'Mac Maharaj' is the President's spoke person *fro those who care to know
as long as Mac Maharaj has not issued a statement, this shall remain a rumour
Madiba just had a scare and Mac Maharaj gave him a Sensu bean he's cool now. chill guys
.I will cough once. When I cough again Mac Maharaj will emerge.
Presidency spokesman,Mac Maharaj has told news agency AFP that ",my last update still stands".
Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj told AFP earlier Mandela was still critical but stable.
.23h00 news bulletin confirms Mac Maharaj says that is in a critical but stable condition.
I've beın waıtıng for Mac Maharaj to release the statement about Wats really happenıng tonight at Madıba's house,İ gues we'll knw tomorrow
Mac "Zumas Mgijimi" Maharaj got all the answers. Let's wait for him
We need an official statement from the family representative as Mac Maharaj is always economical with the truth.. He can't …
We are still waiting for Mac Maharaj to wake up and lie to us, stop speculating. Let's respect the old man asomblief.
Mac Maharaj, don't even think about it this time around
I must start a business of organizing, hosting and facilitating Press Conferences. It seems this business is booming. I can make a lot of money out of Anc, SACP and Cosatu. One condition though, I get to choose Comrades who will speak at these conferences. No conference will be hosted without Mac Maharaj and Blade saying something, even if its just one line. It will be loads of fun.
You cant be a government communicator and be a freeman. Right now i dont envy Mac Maharaj and Vusi Mona in their jobs you cant really say what you think. You can see that they both know know that they are talking nonsense! Government institutions are spiritualy destructive to those who serve them. You cant be completely honest as a government communicator. You have to make a distinction between what you think and what you say institutionally. They wont make u spokesperson unless they know u r safe
As we wrap the year. Who in your opinion worked hard this year, Thuli Madonsela or Mac Maharaj?
Let's have it citizens award Man Of The Year: Thuli Madonsela (OPP) Friend Of The Year: Wayne Duvenage (OUTA) Fibber Of The Year: Dina Pule Frenemy Of The Year: Radovan Krejcir Zero of the Year: Zwelinzima Vavi and Mac Maharaj for Employee of Year.he's earned every cent and it will kill him.
I'm thinking of writing an Open letter to Jacob Zuma, pose the similar questions I posed to Gwede, but the question is, who will respond? Will it be Mac Maharaj, Jack Daniels Mthembu or Gwede himself? Zuma has one or two things to answer to. This time around, him playing victim, will not get off the hook.
FROM THE ARCHIVES: Jacob Zuma and the constitution The event: The ANC is more important than the constitution Date: November 17 1996 Key players: Jacob Zuma, Mosiuoa Lekota In 1996, Jacob Zuma was serving as African National Congress (ANC) national chairman and, on November 17, he was called to speak to delegates at an ANC regional meeting in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, following a controversial decision by the party to remove Mosiuoa Lekota as Free State premier. Several times that year Lekota had exercised his constitutional prerogative to hire and fire MECs unilaterally, which in turn led to friction with ANC Free State chairman Pat Matosa — Lekota’s "arch-enemy" in the province, according to Business Day. Lekota had done so without consulting the ANC, a cardinal sin in the governing party. His removal provoked substantial fallout. ANC branch structures protested and Zuma was called in to resolve the dispute. As national chairman his primary goal was to re-enforce the ANC’s policy of cadre redeploymen ...
ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe and his deputy Jessie Duarte should follow the example of Mac Maharaj by keeping mum about Thuli Madonsela's provisional report on Nkandla upgrade because the more they try to raise “concerns” is the more they come across as puppets mopping the mess caused by greed and indifference to the plight of the people whom they expect to return them to power.
And the spinning starts. Keep your eye on ANC. Around and around they go, where will they stop? Stay tuned for Mac Maharaj solemnly stating that comrade JZ publically said "I always thought Nkandla was being built for rural development, not me." and that they'll be persuing the shameful victimisation of the President by the public protector.
Letter 2 Jacob Zuma to b read by Mac Maharaj Honourable President, Minsters, Deputy Ministers,members of tradional organisations, cde and compariots-protocol observed! Sir kindly outline deh law that requires fellow South Africans n other road user's to buy an e tag, nor register ur car in order to use free ways around johannesburg, surely if it was @ Inkandla dose bunch of illetrates "zulus" wud hv declined n said no to dis money making scheme idea! Yours in struggle Vejah "Guarana"
Jacob Zuma - President South Africa - Born: 1942 South Africa - Married - Children: 20 Annual: ZAR 2,600,000.00 Monthly: ZAR 216,666.00 Weekly: ZAR 52,000.00 Daily: ZAR 10,400.00 News.iAfrica July 27, 2012: "President Jacob Zuma has approved a 5.5 percent salary increase for top public servants, the presidency said on Thursday. "After taking into consideration the recommendations of the commission and other relevant factors... the president determined that the total remuneration of all public office bearers should be adjusted by 5.5 percent with effect from 1 April 2012," his spokesman Mac Maharaj said in a statement. It would increase the president's annual pay package up to R2.6-million and push that of a Cabinet member to just above the R2-million mark.
Three damning reports expose Zuma's sinking ship of corruption Public protector Thuli Madonsela has delivered a searing indictment of the Zuma administration in three damning reports that expose gross misconduct, deceit, unlawful acts and outright corruption at the highest level of government. The provisional reports paint a picture of a patronage system out of control. The three reports - into President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla home, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Tina Joemat-Pettersson and former communications minister Dina Pule - show cabinet ministers leaning on their officials to ensure their cronies land lucrative state-funded deals, often at inflated prices, and obtaining improper personal benefits, including luxury upgrades to personal residences or free overseas holidays with their lovers - all at taxpayers' expense. The preliminary report about Nkandla, details of which were published in this week's Mail & Guardian, exposes Zuma as potentially having lied when he said he and his fa ...
Dear remote controlled Bandile Masuku Dude we are not interested in the leaked Nkandla reports, go fetch Mac Maharaj to *** & xplain the rumoured special congress.. F'tsek
Mac Maharaj for short "There is a job title out there called "cleaning up after Zuma"”
I need a Mac Maharaj to spin things for me, I'm in trouble a lot lately and maybe get me a day off to get back to shape
The romanticist in me harbours a particular affinity, even an ounce of allegiance to the like of Matthews Phosa, Tokyo Sexwale, Mac Maharaj and Cyril Ramaphosa every time I watch videos of them when they were still young. I become absolutely fond of them. And then I look at what they have become, and my heart just sinks.
When names like: Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani Oliver Tambo, Joe Slovo, Govan Mbeki, Mac Maharaj, Arthur Goldreich, Walter Sisulu (this list can go on and on) The first thought that comes to my mind when this names comes up would be "Freedom Heroes" .. Robert McBride in my opinion is another name that is associated with greatness and honor, in him the spirit of "Umkhonto We Sizwe" lives on and in my heart I know he is a hero but im having major mixed emotions about his appointment with IPID .. But like a wise men said : let it unfold itself. . saying
When the former president of R.S.A Mr Thabo Mbeki speaks we need dictionary to understand the words.When the current president Mr Jacob Zuma speaks we need Mac Maharaj to put it in proper perspective.
"Some say they are fighting for economic freedom. Who is oppressing them economically? Who do they want economic freedom from? “It is only the ANC that brought South Africa freedom. When it was time to fight, it was us who died for freedom. We were arrested and went to Robben Island and we are the only party that will change our people’s situation in South Africa,” Zuma launching a thinly veiled attack on the EFF over the weekend in Mdantsane (EC)! Somehow reminds me of the Malawi comments. Remember when we had Nelson Mandela, whenever he spoke, South Africa, and the world indeed, would be inspired. Then came Thabo Mbeki, when he spoke we would all scamper for the dictionary, now we got Jacob Zuma, when he speaks, you "bookmark" his words for future reconciliation with Mac Maharaj's words.
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Thinking about drinking like an African A few days ago, President Zuma said we should stop thinking like Africans, although I am fairly sure that he meant to say we should stop drinking like Africans. It would have made more sense. Anyway, our fearless leader is not known for making much sense. It’s why we love him. I thought he might be onto something, though. Just because we live in Africa doesn’t mean we have to think like an African any more than we have to speak, look or taste like one. And so I spent much of the past week thinking like other nationalities. I started off by thinking like the English. This came quite naturally to me because I think in English and it’s easier to think like a particular nationality if your thoughts are in the language of that particular group. This sounds more complex than it is. I think this is what long-suffering spin doctor Mac Maharaj was getting at when he said the president sometimes gets his words mixed up because English isn’t his home language. The prob ...
Mac Maharaj is not a great Spin Doctor for the President as well and let alone his speech writers, what an embarrasment of a president.
Solsidan Sit on your lawn and when people pass by pretend you are talking to a imaginary friend. Mac Maharaj Run up to a random person in the street, tap them on the shoulder and say You're it! and then run. No Usher Call a random person and tell them your pregnant with their child
Eishhh, This man! This is what I would say to myself if I was Mac Maharaj
Mac Maharaj Inhale some helium and pretend to be a unicorn. Record peoples observations. Pune Go to a McDonald's and insist that you want to buy a single french fry. Do not take no for an answe. Rocio Smear blue gushers on your mouth and when someone looks at you say, yeah, I ate a smurf today. Xela Go to a mall. Find a random boy with glasses and yell: YER A WIZARD HARRY!
The office of the South African president, Jacob Zuma, has apologised for remarks he made about Malawi. On Monday, while discussing plans for toll roads around Johannesburg, President Zuma implied Malawi was a backward country. Malawi has summoned South Africa's High Commissioner to explain the comments. Mr Zuma's spokesman Mac Maharaj apologised and said he was withdrawing them. -BBC
Zuma remarks: Malawi summons envoy Independent Newspapers President Jacob Zuma's comments about Malawi prompted Lilongwe officials to summon South Africa's envoy for an explanation. File photo: Masi Losi Related Stories Blantyre - Malawi on Wednesday summoned South Africa's High Commissioner over President Jacob Zuma's apparently disparaging remarks about the country. Ntombile Mabude was asked to explain a Zuma statement seen as suggesting that Malawi was backward, when discussing South Africa's road infrastructure. Foreign ministry spokeswoman Quent Kalichero told AFP that Mabude was “summoned to discuss the issue”. The envoy held a meeting with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, George Mkondiwa, in the capital Lilongwe. Kalichero declined to provide details of the meeting. On Monday, Zuma sparked controversy when he tried to convince motorists to accept the country's plan to toll highways around Johannesburg. He said: “We are in Johannesburg... This is Johannesburg. It's not some national road in M ...
POLL: 35% of readers who voted think Mac Maharaj left it too late to withdraw the president's Malawi comments. Vote:
Mac Maharaj must have his heart in his mouth on every occasion that Zuma has to make a speech or address a crowd
on The Samsung Lift Club: Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj has apologized for President Zuma's comments about Malawi's roads. It's fair to say the country went crazy when the news first broke. Do you think we're guilty of blowing Zuma's comments out of proportion, or were we justified in our response to them?
Piñera Walk up to a small child that resembles you, and tell them that you are them from the future. Lucas Oil Stadium Dress up as a old person and go into victorias secret and ask for a really big bra and panties. Mac Maharaj Go to a parking lot and put a blank yellow stickie note on all cars you find unatractive.
Some disgusting individuals have made a career out of twisting/spinning the truth...i think i hate Mac Maharaj!
If Julius Malema was charged for His comments about Botswana by the ANC, then Jacob Zuma should also be charged for His comment about Malawi. If not so, it shows that Malema was not charged for His comments but were used as a way of expelling Him following Zuma dictatorship. Mac Maharaj publicly apologised for Zuma's comment about Malawi, that alone proves that Zuma has brought ANC and South Africa into disrepute!
I rest my case, maybe RDS needs a Mac Maharaj
When Thabo Mbeki spoke(then) we all needed dictionaries.. But wen JZ speaks (now).. We need Mac give clarity... lendlela
I think presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj has one of the toughest jobs ever…
what did ZUMA meat.According to presidency spokesman mac maharaj
Cde Mac Maharaj has apologised on behalf of the President concerning his comments,those who are still raising such an issue are they implying that what has been said must be used now and then or its just an issue of capitalising on the matter?
.gets the “I wish I could settle down and just dip a biscuit in a cup of tea” vibe from Mac Maharaj
So Mac maharaj is the Minister of Interpretation and Apologies. Sounds nice.
Mac Maharaj Go to a lizard sanctuary while wearing everything thats made out of lizard skin.
Breaking news: Mac Maharaj has been appointed as the Minister of Apologetic and Interpretation Affairs. Lol
I just heard that Mac Maharaj is now Minister of Interpretation and Apologies!
I am not just a dump *** like Jacob Zuma or or speak without thinking like Mac Maharaj.
Zuma must turn Mac Maharaj 2 be the minister of Interpretation and Apologies
"South Africans should not think like Africans does not mean what it says, it's taken out of context" Mac Maharaj doing damage control for the millionth time. How long will he cope in the job of rectifying???
Mac Maharaj Go to the mall and see how many strangers will take a picture with you.
This is South Africa! The country where corrupt activities and acts of misconduct, debauchery and unlawlessness are mopped and covered up. I bet over my grave that the 4 killers who gunned down Mr Lawrence Moepi, the unbiased forensic auditor who was probing into the country's multi-billion rand arms deal ($5-billion weapons acquisition deal), will NOT be found! This is a clear conspiracy and a plot to "vanish" all evidence on the controversial arms deal. Mr Lawrance Moepi has a track record of exposing some known government and ANC officials who were involved in deeds of corruption like Tony Yengeni (an ANC NEC member, he was convicted of defrauding parliament by accepting a discount on a luxury car, a Mercedes Benz ML 350, during the tendering process for the very same controversial arms deal) and Jacob Zuma during his tenure at the now defunct Directorate of Special Operations (DSO), known as the Scorpions. Why else do you think the Scorpions was abolished and replaced with the remote controlled govern ...
President Zuma made Malawi comments in an ANC manifesto forum, which I believe it ws a program of ANC, bt wt I dnt get is why Mac Maharaj is the one who is withdrawing the statement. Is it not Comrade Jackson Mthembu spin doctor of the ANC who supposed to spin arround ANC issues, n Mac Man presidents spin docter?.. khanindi rhabulise majoni ka Tambo.
No offence neh mara Mac Maharaj is such an *** kisser y ddnt he let "de shower man" fix his mess wth Malawi nxa ntate o wa bora
Mac maharaj has a very difficult job in mzansi stru!
Dumb n dumber! U decide who is dumb n dumber btwn number 1 or Mac Maharaj? Mac has de tendency of making an obvious situation worse.
During the time of former President Thabo Mbeki, I used to have a big Oxford dictionary when He delivers a speech. But now things are easy Mac Maharaj is always there to clarify President Jacob Zuma's speech.
Mac Maharaj always keep on playing devils advocate , sometimes he should just say; I don't know what was he thinking!
Dear Mac Maharaj: as man who speaks FLUENT isiZulu I cannot understand how what said is not an insult - even …
Why does the law allow politicians to work beyond 65? Mac Maharaj is 78 and still working.
Mac Maharaj on damage control made by controversal President of the republic.
President Zuma must apologoze to Malawi and must not use Mac Maharaj for that.
the words of Mr Zuma on can't be reversed n the Nation will hold him to that..whatever Mac Maharaj says it won't change.
...and other news, Mac Maharaj is rumoured to be resigning to become a dentist, citing higher levels of job...
I need my own Mac Maharaj, any takers?
I fear one day we gonna wake up to Mac Maharaj saying "The President was voted for out of context"
RE: MALAWI: Zuma such coward he could'nt even apologise himself instead he had Mac Maharaj do it for him !
This two needs mac maharaj to talk to them
Now that Malawi has called SA's diplomat to explain Zuma's remarks about the country's roads, Maharaj must provide answers.
Mac Maharaj is getting paid for being a puppet nxa. Let the one who opened the wound be responsible for it. Theres no other reason to explain the bad statement made by our president.
When the former president T.Mbeki used to talk i needed a dictionary for clarity but when president GJ. Zuma talk i need Mr Mac Maharaj for clarity... status#
The minister to the presidency Mr Mac Maharaj o tshwere mathata ka Jacob Zuma. I'm telling u our president knwz how to be controvential, ke scandal after another. Acheke! Mr Maharaj sir unfortunately for u, u won't stop doing damage control. Zuma is a "MENACE".
Russia says: We are the first to go into space!! The USA says: We are the first to land on the moon!! SA (Zuma) says: We will go land on the Sun!! USA says: But you can't, the sun is too hot!! Mac Maharaj says: Please don't quote the president out of context. What he meant to say is that we will go there at night.
*plop fizz gulp* the sound of Mac Maharaj taking a headache tablet & a Red Bull preparing the spin on how Jhb is still part o…
Revising over Animal Farm. Realized that Mac Maharaj is our Squealer.
I am trying to imagine Mac Maharaj's book when he finally retires! Morning Mzantsi☺
Mac Maharaj must just sit down By: Boitumelo Rosa An old saying goes: "Some people speak because they have something to say, others speak because they have to say something. " The presidential spokesperson, Mac Maharaj's arrogance and failure to admit wrongdoing has rendered him very vulnerable and extremely predictable. It has become a norm that whenever President Jacob Zuma says something that results in his credibility being questioned by the public, Maharaj always claims that the president's assertions were quoted out of context. It then begs the question: "What is context?" Zuma made remarks about people of Johannesburg to 'stop thinking like Africans in Africa because this is Johannesburg and not some national road in Malawi' and those words meant exactly that, but Maharaj insists the president never intended to say what the public believes he was saying. How on earth can we be proud of having a president who talks in riddles, a president whose statements are said to be forever misquoted? What is .. ...
An apology frm mr mac maharaj on behalf of da presidents stupid joke and insult 2wards malawi and its people its not enough just as jacob uttered tht stupidity himself he can do da same with da apology
Mac Maharaj's heart always skips a beat when president grabs the mic to speak without having a written speech in front of him..
If Mac Maharaj was a woman. I could have paid, a million dollar lobola for her!* That Man know how to clean, and cover up a mess of a Man!
No it is okay Jacob, say whatever you want, afterall you have Mac Maharaj to apologise for you
presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj has apologised for the Malawi comments made by President Jacob Zuma
So Mac Maharaj has to apologies every time after Zuma has delivered his speech/statement?
When the former President Mbeki speaks we needed a dictionary but when current President Zuma speaks we need Cmd Mac Maharaj to put it into perspective. Malema
Join Stephen Grootes for the Launch of SA Politics Unspun with Mac Maharaj in Sandton
When Thabo Mbeki was talkin or given speech we would go around luking for dictioneries but when Zuma is talking or given speech Mac Maharaj's lyfspan decreases due to stress level.
Ignorant girlfriends di khenya masepa, o thole o re *** Mzala wa hao, so baby what do you think about Mac Maharaj's speech defending the president? Utlwe motho a re ke mang jwale o, maar mobotse ka Senzo o tla utlwa motho o qoqela the whole day.
mac maharaj, the president's mouth correction piece has apologised to the people of Malawi...wonder what was the president doing...maybe laughing, our cute msholozi, people who don't listen wont hear, erile trevor noah a bua bangwe ba rona be re tshega...
I dont think there was a need for Mac Maharaj to apologise for the remarks by the president about the comparison he made between SA and Malawi roads just like a person in Tembisa and the person is Sandton for example,those two people dont contribute the same to taxes be it personal tax,municipal tax becausethe quality of their living conditions are not the same. The one from Tembisa is working class and the one from Sandton is middle class and upper class. Irhabulile mongameli iphathe kanjalo
Wonder if Mac Maharaj is the president's spokesman or if he's The president's Personal Apologiser To The Public!
Mac Maharaj Make an army out of gummy bears to take over Russia.
Mo Seitlhamo Mahlatse Black-Widow Mashamaite Roxanna Boitumelo Tsotetsi Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj has publicly apologised, saying Zuma was misunderstood, he is forever mis-quoted! or we don`t understand
Given the fact that Mac Maharaj is such a good spinner, it's incredible he never made the Proteas side.
Why is Mac Maharaj apologising on behalf of the President? Should he not apologise for his derogatory remarks himself? Or is he above it? I guess it is the same as eating cake, or drinking Moet et Chandon, on behalf of the people at the Mangaung conference. It still "hits the spot".
Despite the justification given by Mac Maharaj, Zuma's statement was rather insulting to Africa. However, let us not be divided by this.
Mac Maharaj says sorry for Zuma's Malawi comment
Mac Maharaj is way better than Olivia Pope at being a fixer.
Mac Maharaj would be the perfect guy to sit outside Macdonalds and remove all the gherkins from the burgers.
Mac Maharaj is the Indian version of Van De Merwe
I thnk Mac Maharaj is the most over-worked spin doctor in the whole world!
I am just feeling sorry for Mac Maharaj, generally, .some journalist said the old man should retire to save his face. Maharaj:What did Zuma say now!? Did you hear him saying it..? Journalist: Yes, it is on TV... Maharaj: No no no! He did not say that! He said it but he meant something else! Journalist: Whats the difference...? Maharaj: Let me watch that clip again to see what my President really meant. Journalist: What should we write in the meantime? Maharaj:That he said it generally and the meaning is still under investigation!
Is just that I love and appreciate being me but if it wasn't for that and asked who I would like to be, Mac Maharaj would be the second last after Zuma.
Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj apologises for Malawi comments:
So Mac Maharaj apologised to but not to us, the people who employ him?
People who stay in Camps Bay can't think like people who are in Phillipi or Bredersdal, that is not Lagos nor Lilongwe in Malawi, they cant think GENERALLY like Africans in Africa when it comes to Infrastructural Development. Apologise for what nxaa Mac Maharaj uyazigqatsa.
Mac maharaj; has apologise by the malawi comment made by JacobZuma
The damage control Mac Maharaj has had to do this year
People just take 7 minutes of your working time to listen to this Conversation ... I promise you ... its worth it...
Mac Maharaj apologizes for Zuma's comments and would like to withdraw the comments -
Mandela spoke we felt inspired, Mbeki spoke we needed a dictionary. Zuma speaks we need Mac Maharaj & a serious sense if hum…
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