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Maasai Mara

The Maasai Mara National Reserve (also spelled Masai Mara; known by the locals as The Mara) is a large game reserve in south-western Kenya, contiguous with the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.It is named after the Maasai people (the traditional inhabitants of the area) and their description of the area when looked at from afar: Mara , which is Maa (Maasai language) for spotted, an apt description for the circles of trees, scrub, savanna, and cloud shadows that mark the area.

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During my trip to Maasai Mara, Kenya in March 2017, . I had a chance to witness one of Natures…
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I did see one for a month in Maasai Mara during the Great Migration. Was so tempted to use up all my vacation days for it. The dream!!!
courtesy of we have 8 Days trip to Aberdares – Lake Nakuru – Lake Baringo – Lake Naivasha & Maasai…
Maasai Mara week: Can you see the cheetah and cub feeding on a gazelle in this…
Hanging by a thread. Leopard heading back to earth.Maasai Mara - Kenya
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am yet to get my loan 3months, do something about it, it had been deposited to the school account MaasaI Mara Universty id29420230
Some things are even MORE interesting in the Mara...
Into the wild at Maasai Mara National Reserve explores
- Ride opens first stables in the Maasai Mara.
ride through the wilderness of on thanks to the first permanent riding stables in Maasai M…
Cape Buffalo in Masai Mara. This is the most dangerous animal of the big five members.
Tunai and his godfather must bring back the maasai Mara proceeds they have stolen
Showed up to the Maasai Mara dressed as a lions meal 😂😂
Swagger. —. Leopards are masters of disguise, but they are also masters at looking fancy. Maasai Mara, Kenya,...
One of the stunning creature of the maasai mara
Having a picnic breakfast in the Maasai Mara National Reserve
Lovely photos of Demi Lovato enjoying a at Maasai Mara National Reserve in via
For Taueret: a pod of hippos, including several calves, in the Mara River, in Maasai Mara.
"And now let's go to Gary Gnu with the Gnews in Review." A gnu, or wildebeest, in Maasai Mara.…
Maasai Mara University is locked Narok... listening online
obvious jubilee have done a wonders in a short span. they deserve 2nd term... Joseph John maasai mara
Real luxury! Ngerende In The Wild is offering 2 exclusive safari lodges in the Maasai Mara National Reserv…
Maasai mara bruh.. will pass by in feb Gw.. we toss some.
This is not Photoshopped. It's what sunset looked like last night in on the Maasai Mara.
John Ngeno[Ngong] is doing nothing to curb fighting in Trans Mara. is just watching because maasai community have upper hand.
The different horizon outlines in the skies of Maasai Mara and also a zebra that has disjointed lines on its back...
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Gov 001 made look like a first year Maasai Mara campus student with a plagiarised term paper
Watch my safari experience in Kenya here. From Nairobi to the Maasai Mara:
it's already lit. Maasai Mara University locked vinoma
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Goatee. —. A backlit topi on the Maasai Mara, Kenya.
Still not missing Washington. Kenyan Maasai Mara is a whole different kind of wildlife.
Maasai Mara, Kenya. The view from our lodge tent. Zebras everywhere. Trump can wait.
But Demi Lovato likes visiting Maasai Mara. But who can blame her? That place is gorgeous. 😍
Maasai Mara University graduate opts to vend fruits after failing to secure a job
I added a video to a playlist Lioness Hunts an Injured Wilderbeast in Maasai Mara Nat…
I added a video to a playlist Hyenas in Maasai Mara National Reserve
I added a video to a playlist Bush Baby Family - Maasai Mara National Reserve
I added a video to a playlist Safarilink Flight to Maasai Mara
The Maasai Mara National Reserve is a large game reserve in Narok County, Kenya; contiguous with the Serengeti...
. Have you thought about going in safari? May I suggest Kenya's maasai mara!
Whilst the beach is charming, If I ever get married, I want to have my wedding in the middle of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. So picturesque
Our 'Out of Africa' picnic at in the Maasai Mara.
Sometimes it's not all about property, we could not resist posting stunning photos showcasing Kenya's Maasai Mara…
Maasai Mara University's leadership and its students alike are the single most disgusting and worst disaster for education in our country.
Maasai Mara Uni main campus closed indefinitely after student riots over beating of a colleague in a suspec…
Watch out world, here come the girls of the Kenyan Maasai Mara! 💜🦄
Now reading- Ashamed that I once went to the Maasai Mara and watched Maasai dance and toured their'houses'
Day 4 Nature Challenge: Maasai Mara, Kenya. Cheetah surveys his prey (yes, he got one!). An African safari stays...
Safari tent bedside reading: by We flew into the Maasai Mara this…
I captured this photograph in Masai Mara region of Kenya in August 2010. I used an SB900 with a beamer...
Read about the best places to travel in Kenya like the Maasai Mara in your Msafiri copy.Grab yours today.
Maasai Mara University main campus has been closed..
Maasai Mara University students riot over beating of colleague via
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Over 120 students from Maasai Mara University charged with riot by a Narok law court following unrest that has left the…
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Not one, but FOUR powerful lionesses in Kenya's Maasai Mara.
Graham & Narelle farewell the Maasai Mara and head to Lake Naivasha today. . Visit to start planning your own safari
"Here are I took while on a drive safari through the Great Rift Valley - Maasai Mara,
New travel story and video of my experience at the Maasai Mara is now up on
hi when is disbursement of funds for Maasai Mara University?
why is the disbursement of Maasai Mara University not reflecting till now
Maasai Mara Game Reserve at risk as wildebeest populations shrink at alarming rate.
The Migration in the Maasai Mara has started!!!
Road to Maasai Mara is in bad state or its a dry river bed yet we are hoping that this yrs annual wildbeast to attract tourists
In there is small clique of colonial minded persons in Laikipia,Nanyuki & the Maasai Mara working to bring back trophy hunting in KE.
Good morning from Nairobi, Kenya. We depart today for the Great Rift Valley and the Maasai Mara.
Maasai Mara & Amboseli are my favorites. NNP is good for picnics on Sunday's
welcome to Maasai Mara University.hoping to gain positively
Every year Narok County collects over Ksh 5 billion from Maasai Mara.
Hosted the TICAD co-organisers to dinner during a planning retreat at Mpata Safari Club, Maasai Mara.
awesome documentary.Maasai Mara is a gem.
I'm so going to Maasai Mara! Gotta go and discipline those hyenas! .
commences a Big Cat in Kenya's Maasai Mara tomorrow, with expert...
Be sure to watch NTVWild tonight: great shows on the Maasai Mara's wonderful big cats. As Smriti says:. if you...
At dusk, a Maasai Warrior overlooks the Mara from Kilima Camp in Kenya.
We have boarded a very tiny plane to the Maasai Mara.
what a *** .. Maasai Mara.. It's true other people become rich by fortune...
I have never seen a serval cat in the wild before. I decided to go to the Maasai Mara this year during a dry...
Our Game drives are designed to take you close to the wildlife rich spots in the Maasai Mara. This gives you an...
and install tracking transmitters in rhinos in the Maasai Mara
The Stranglehold. . Photography by @ (Alison Buttigieg). . Maasai Mara we came across Narasha the cheetah mom...
if it was a course in bush skills or hunting in Maasai mara it wldnt matter I guess
The administration of Maasai Mara University should come out and clearly explain to us how a form iv leaver...
did you realease anything on an British woman killed in maasai Mara Kenya late eighties to early nineties
Escaped from where? Maasai Mara? No, they are just touring the city :)
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While driving across the Maasai Mara I noticed some commotion over on a plains area. The…
Hello vice chairman of WDM?Am a student of Maasai Mara University, Narok. How can you help us to get voters card??
A man who tear gasses women & children, grabs school grounds & loots Maasai Mara doesn't deserve to be deputy president of Kenya
thnx you mr william ruto the first dupity be come maasai mara culture will support next election 2022.GOD BLEXX U. AM EDWARD KUYO
Maasai Mara for who? The Wildebeest migration is so 2015.
Nolari and her two gorgeous cubs seen yesterday in the Maasai Mara National Reserve https:…
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Dear What is the issue with your network here at Maasai Mara.
Houses in Lang'ata have become cottages, Maasai Mara got natsing on us
Standard Digital News - Form four leaver admits he recruited and lectured students at Maasai Mara Uni for two years
Join us any day,any morning for a 3 days maasai mara,we are happy holidaymakers & we are ready to take your there.
Kenya Wildlife Service installs tracking devices for Elephants and Rhinos in Maasai Mara
The fascinating beauty of wildlife especially the large cats in Maasai Mara National Reserve is unparalled
The buffalo had been snoozing under a tree in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya when a female elephant surprised him. He was impaled
Maasai Mara: Death of the ‘Big Cat Diary’ lions points to a wider malaise. Check out the Independent newspaper... http…
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4 beautiful shots of wildlife of Kenya's Maasai Mara. Pictures by Charlotte Rhodes.
One of my favorite photos from 2015. This is a lion they call Ron, photographed on the Maasai Mara in Kenya in...
Pep is in Maasai National Park Kenya for a holiday. Will he find time to see Sony Training at Green Stadium?
As the year 2015 finally waves us good bye... we are taking our clients to Maasai Mara to usher the new year 2016...
Support us in Building a Cable Car over the Maasai Mara River to reduce human footprint
Hooray 'Maasai Mara Cable Cars' is included - Claim and get featured here
Help make it happen for 'Maasai Mara Cable Cars' via
Sundowners and bush dinner @ Richards Camp Maasai Mara Kenya. Thank you to Katie Terrington for the photo!
The Mayor himself and in Maasai Mara last week. cc…
Enjoy dinner by the pool whilst the kids play at the Mara Bush Houses
2 people suspected to have poisoned a pride of eight lions at famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve early this month have been released on bond
peace campaign for Maasai Mara University on 16th
Mara's highlight extraordinary wildlife photos taken by a skilled guest in this gallery
Best places to camp in the world from to base camp everest
Two men suspected for poisoning eight lions leaving three dead in Maasai Mara Game Reserve have been released on...
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Who will be the first on safari to win the scavenger hunt today? The Corvins and the Ferdinands are in the Maasai Mara, and a lucky dip...
Julius, Jackson, Pilot and Sammy. Best guides in the Maasai Mara, owners of the land, best friends, and one of...
The Ferdinand family are enjoying a full day game driving in the Maasai Mara today!
Pep Guardiola chilling in Maasai Mara-Kenya. I hope those Lions will convince him to sign for after the holiday.
At Angama Mara, 1,000 feet above the Great Rift Valley, experience the romance of Kenya's Maasai Mara on the very...
What i can only do is to go to Maasai Mara Game Reserve and see wild animals the whole of 1st Jan
karibu Maasai Mara can't wait for the meet up.
I am carolthairu reigning miss maasai mara uni. On the 16th of jan i wil Show up 4 will u?
On Saturday, the 16th of January, Tribe Maasai Mara University is going to make news again.
What Some in Maasai Mara are Doing to Prevent Another Marsh Pride Tragedy via
The wonderful wildlife of Kenya's Maasai Mara by photographer Charlotte Rhodes (Rex)
The resort were staying at sent their own private jet to come pick us up and take us to the Maasai Mara.💘
Kenya’s Maasai Mara leads the way in wildlife conservation
Baby cheetahs on a termite mound in the Maasai Mara, Kenya by Paolo Torchio.
all the way to the great Maasai Mara. 2016 is even much closer
Oh my God Pep Guardiola is in the Maasai Mara!!! This is the most amazing xmass. I wanna ask him if he could be willing to manage Man UTD!
Herders accused of poisoning lions in Maasai Mara to spend Christmas in custody
Francis has taken the Corvin tribe into the Maasai Mara Reserve today for an exciting day of game driving!
Am in Maasai Mara University, we had to pack and leave last month due to tribal conflicts btw Maasai na Luo. that's sad
Road Trip to Maasai Mara and parts of TZ
thank God for the gift of life,Bondo Usenge tuned,shout out to all Maasai Mara University crew
A lone tree in harmony with nature in great East Africa Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
is not a place to be.jst the other day Maasai Mara Uni was closed due tu conflicts.
The wonderful wildlife of Kenya's Maasai Mara, in pictures
Stop seeking mere publicity with Maasai Mara University by publishing fake articles.
Entrepreneurs boot camp comes to the Maasai Mara via
Maasai Mara University closed after 19 students were injured after rival groups fought over the results of a football match,,sad.
Maasai Mara University, Narok closed after students clash over football match
What a view of the Maasai Mara from Just for
Learning the art of wildlife photography
Taken in the Maasai Mara area of Kenya yesterday, by Greg Armfield on assignment with WWF.
In Kenya the affects of the Chinese is really there. Wildlife for example. You have the Chinese with bases in Maasai Mara. For why? :/
Breaking this hour. Maasai Mara University Narok town has been closed indefinitely due to ethnic clashes between the Luo and M…
Tuesday, December 01, 2015 - Students of Maasai Mara University were sent packing yesterday and the institution...
In with all these annual strike in Maasai Mara University 8-4-4 is slowly evolving to 8-4-6
Have you ever been to Maasai Mara Village in Kenya?
Meet Notch the Lion, King of the Maasai Mara and his five Sons.
Maasai Mara closed after students clash over football match
Learning the art of wildlife photography in the Maasai Mara
Maasai Mara University students didnt get Pope's message. Poor them, who will heal the wounds of ethnicity?
Learning the art of wildlife in the Maasai Mara:
Go on a balloon ride over the Maasai Mara this
Maasai Mara University was shut down after a football match ended in chaos and running battles.
Maasai Mara University closed over football match. Now this is real Via
Maasai Mara University closed after students clash over football match via
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With local leaders, commits to empower landowners in Maasai Mara, Kenya:
Three cheetah cubs play with their mother in Maasai Mara, . Foto/Barcroft Media
MD congratulates Michael Komen, voted best staff in North Rift Region. Komen gets a treat to Maasai Mara
Photographer Chris Schmid traveled in the nature national reserve of Maasai Mara. ht
Former Nigerian President in Maasai Mara to watch wildebeest migration. Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan at the...
See post featuring and the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya
So President Obama says he wants to come to the Maasai Mara when his term in office is over. How about you?...
A pool with a view of the maasai mara
Going to Maasai mara for 3days for from 10K $130 0704969
Richard Branson giving 50% discount to East Africa locals to visit his Award winning camp in Maasai Mara.
Welcome to Maasai Mara for the Book our 3days package@ 10k $130
A Maasai woman joined others in greeting my safari group while in the Mara. The beautiful clothes &…
Had a great morning today in maasai mara
Goodbye Big Ole Boy. Karanja, the Maasai Mara's most famous Black Rhino has died aged 44. Image by
PLEASE DO NOT LITTER!! This picture was taken a few days ago in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.
Evolution of Lions. Recently also in Maasai Mara few lions have been seen resting on trees. If you saw them,...
maasai Mara national provides a perfect watch of animals in their own habitat.
The real Team Mafisi in action in the Maasai Mara.
Hot air ballooning in the Maasai Mara.
Raw power. One of Notch's boys in the Maasai Mara.
This is the right time to spend a month in the wild plains of Maasai mara.
Expected Rise in Road Safaris to Maasai Mara National Reserve up-to-datish Kenya Consecutive the Repair o...ABp
Prof. Micheni from Maasai Mara University has. this to say to students: "Academic excellence is. overrated! I said...
Cheetah meets tourist recently on a game drive in Maasai Mara. Welcome to Africa! The expressions are priceless! 😂
If you stay very still.she will think your part of the chair.HA HA HA HA..for the love of the Maasai Mara
Don't forget you can also during your safari to Maasai Mara :) Items currently being requested by...
Migration Update: This year the herds of Wildebeest and Zebra are much later arriving into the Maasai Mara from...
Change your life with this unforgettable Safari with a twist: via
Came downstairs to mum asking her phone 'Is the Maasai Mara safari park better than West Midlands safari park UK?'
Maasai Mara is not a but rather a National Reserve belonging to people http:/…
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Good morning from above the Maasai Mara!
Maasai Mara management plan to be put to Narok County Assembly and stakeholders within 3 months and then implemented!
Land land land? --> Tourists caught up in Mara land protest via
Masai Mara is one of the best known and most popular reserves in the whole of Africa.
is now a well calculated sad happening. The whole Maasai Mara will soon belong to individuals
in the Maasai Mara... with the wild.. what an experience it can be
Tourists held up in as airstrip blocked in land grab protest
Tourists caught up in Mara land protest via
These terrorist in red shukas are becoming all too common. Act now before something really nasty: via
A group of tourists were delayed for more than two hours as protestors barricaded an airstrip at the Maasai Mara...
Tourists held up in Maasai Mara as airstrip blocked in land grab protest
Absolutely I’m sure Morani, a lion from the Maasai Mara would like to join
With this being my fourth time going to the... @ Maasai Mara National Reserve
Having fun on our latest overnight camping safari inside the Maasai Mara NR with Emirates cabin crew Laura :)
Maasai Mara. It doesn't get much better than this! 🌍
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Anyone interested in doing a 4 night Nakuru + Maasai Mara safari from 27th June to 1st July…. This safari is...
Goodmorning Kenya. Beautiful morning in the maasai mara.
The world famous Intrepids camps in Samburu and the Maasai Mara, and Naivasha's Great Rift Valley Lodge
Safari in the Maasai Mara, Kenya - staying at the Karen Blixen Camp. When wildlife gets personal...! Highly...
Mombasa artist steals the hearts of Maasai Mara University female students..Photos -
Meet Jonathan and Angie Scott from "Big Cat Diary" that made the big cats of the Maasai Mara famous
While Narok is burning and we are watching, we shall soon wake up to no Maasai Mara with that kind of leadership
, KICC will follow. Uhuru Park will be subdivided into 100x100 plots, Nairobi National Park will be merged with Maasai Mara
A Great Migration and Big Cats in the Maasai Mara photo safari. Camp with us by the Mara River this year at
Getting serious now .. 'Tipilikwani Mara Camp' on the banks of Talek River overlooking the plains of the Maasai Mara
43 yr old Black Rhino from Maasai Mara, the oldest in the region is dead.
The Black Rhino, named Karanja died at the age of 43 on Christmas Eve. (Maasai Mara's oldest rhino dies at 43)
Can we please let the remaining rhinos die from old age like Maasai Mara's most famous Black Rhino, just did.
R.I.P. One of my all-time favourites and a legend in the Maasai Mara, the magnificent Black Rhino bull known as...
Feb 1: Nairobi - Masai Mara National Reserve. Pick up from your hotel at 0800hrs and drive to the Maasai Mara...
Lining up a distant dinner: is this the oldest cheetah in the Maasai Mara?
An early morning balloon ride in the Mara with
Off to home maasai Mara my homeland!!
Nice morning light on this male lion in the Maasai Mara, Kenya photographed this past March. The cool thing was...
“This post is about lions. .Lots of lions..”.
Every year thousands of tourist visit the Maasai Mara Game Reserve to experience her wildlife and the beautiful...
Maseno, UOE and Maasai Mara Universities Risk Closure due to Insolvency - Magazine Reel | The...
Maasai Mara varsity students drown in river - Counties -
What I have learnt today.. Maasai Mara Game Reserve does not fall under the administration. Ina wenyewe!!!
Maasai Mara Tribe dancing with clients: via
Take a look at these fantastic offers for Maasai Mara for 3 Days / 2 Nights.
Bodies of two students from Maasai Mara University who drowned at Ewaso Ngiro River on…
Maasai Mara, Maseno University technically insolvent. The auditor-general has declared three public...
Bodies for students who drowned at Ewaso Ngiro River on Sunday have been recovered
Maasai Mara Tribe great in the most incredible way: via
Maasai Mara is part of Serengeti in and one of most ecologically diverse ecosystems in the world 8:30PM
Bodies of Maasai Mara University students who drowned retrieved from Ewaso Nyiro river.
FYI. Maasai Mara National Reserve. Maasai Mara (Masai Mara) is known as one of Africa’s Greatest Wildlife...
Where to stay in Maasai Mara Game Reserve - >>>
Maasai Mara Veterinary Program . Please make you donation to support to the Maasai Mara Volunteer Program to the...
Runaway spending leaves three universities insolvent
Maseno University, the University of Eldoret, Maasai Mara University and Kenya Utalii College have been declared insolvent.
.BREAKING SAD NEWS. An Elephant killed Near Aitong trading Center,Tusks missing .Rangers are on the ground doing investigation .will keep you posted. More terrible than earlier reported. 2 elephants killed this morning in Aitong, in one of the peripheral conservancies in the Maasai Mara; one PREGNANT elephant mother, where the tusks were removed, they also killed one young bull elephant without having time to remove the tusks. This are outrageous news, we urge EVERYONE around the aitong, lemek area to be vigilant an to report any suspect person. Their transporter has already been caught. * SHARE AND SPREAD THE MESSAGE DEAR AITONG COMMUNITY MEMBERS * VIA Amos KipeenMara North Conservancy (Masai Mara, Kenya)Elephant Aware Masai MaraGlobal March for Elephants and RhinosNarok County Government
Maasai Mara lodges scoop top practice awards - The Star
Maasai Mara National Reserve was voted Africa’s leading national park as Kenyan hotels scored highly at the…
Maasai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, being cornered by hyenas and finally ending up in Zanzibar all in the space of a week
Igathe: When the Euro bond gets over subscribed and hotels in Maasai Mara are full; there are positive stories about Kenya …
Maasai Mara is managed by the Narok County Govt.
County Government bans beads sale Narok County government has banned all hotels and lodges in the Maasai Mara ga...
case challenging a decision by Narok County Government to appoint a company to collect revenue at Maasai Mara transferred
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.we are one EAC now...gorillas in RW and UG. Lake Victoria. Kilimanjaro. Maasai Mara. Amazing people. ^JK
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Chinese poachers have build a camp inside Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Then you wonder why there is increased poaching
I understand Maasai Mara is wholly owned by the Narok County government
Explore the Maasai Mara with today's rupu. via Day, 2 Night Maasai Mara Safari
TAITA TAVETA: Sarova Group of Hotels reaps from growing spa tourism One of Kenya’s largest hotel chains, the Sarova Group of Hotels is reaping benefits accruing from the growing trend in spa tourism. According to the Group’s Tulia Spa Manager, Grace Ogolla, Sarova Group of Hotels has established wellness spas within all its units in the country with the largest spa being at its Coast based Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa. Sarova Group other units includes its flagship hotel, The Sarova Stanley in Nairobi, Sarova Panafric also in the capital city. Game reserve Other units are Sarova Taita Hills and Salt Lick Lodges, Sarova Lion Hill, Sarova Shaba and Sarova Mara located in the world famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve. The Sarova Tulia Spa therapy services include western and oriental therapies like the hot stone that creates a harmonising and soothing effect on ones body. Others are aromatherapy, skin detox body wraps, skin detox full body treatment and Ayurveda treatments among others. Wellness Tour ...
We had an absolutely wonderful game drive this morning beginning with the sighting of this highly endangered Black Rhino . We also saw another family of four Black Rhinos yesterday and naturally we are pleased that these magnificent creatures are still or ain't freely in the plains of Maasai Mara. This might not be for long unless all of us today declare a common stand in fighting for the survival of our God given heritage ! In Vietnam and China , the filthy rich are known to pour powdered rhino horns into their whiskey glasses in the hope of getting stronger manhood performance ! That is absolute rubbish.
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I love my country Kenya and its beautiful nature not forgeting the animals we have in It as well — at Maasai Mara...
Last breakfast on the Maasai Mara before four flights to the Serengeti today!
Interesting read on 3 species in the They don't appear to follow migratory herds
Time for a Cat Nap! Photography by Ozkan Ozmen, Turkey. Photographed at Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.
Last sunset over the Maasai Mara before heading to Tanzania in the a.m.
...and we might just take you on a safari to the magic Maasai Mara...that's our dream. Let's dream together.
Transfer rumours: Wanyama might to moving to maasai mara on loan during the wildebeest migration.
There is a reason why the Maasai Mara has been named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.
And this is a man/warrior from a place known as Maasai Mara in And yes,that is his…
BMCC shot from the Maasai Mara, graded with
visit www. for amazing safari opportunities in Maasai Mara
It's one of our favourite places in the world, Mara Bushtops!
Postcards from the Maasai Mara. A lesson in being pro from -
MusTrav: The wonderful Maasai People: People refer to so many places as 39Gods Country39 and that39s fine but ...
Valentines day Maasai Mara special offer, KES 16,500 per couple! Find out more info here
Balloon Safari in Maasai Mara! What a gentle, silent nature flight with unforgettable breathtaking scenery experience! The balloon flight allows clients view the wildlife from a comfortable distance without interfering with the nature! info
I recall turning a corner in the Maasai Mara and finding myself alone except for a herd of over 100 elephants
Postcards from the Maasai Mara: A quick hello from the Maasai Mara and one of the most relax... (
Sitting in a tent by the river with birdsong, hippos, and a moment to send you a postcard from the Maasai Mara -
Some simple rules to follow while on safari in the Maasai Mara.
This is what sunrises look like on the Maasai Mara.
Good morning, Sand River Maasai Mara Camp. Early morning game drive, then off on a bush flight...
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A list of things I will be keen to do this year: Go to Maasai Mara.
Did you know East Africa's Great Migration is the largest migration of animals in the world?
Nairobi rush hour...very scary! But looking forward to and on the Maasai Mara soon
This is the closest I've ever been to @ Maasai Mara
My tent at the Sand River Camp Maasai Mara has a private outdoor shower.
Kenya: The Maasai Mara and Spectacle of the Great Migration via
Hey, another great opportunity to enjoy a 1 hour balloon safari at Maasai Mara. Gonna need not to miss it. Inquire,
Ololchura community is really appreciating Mara simba lodge management,for closely working together in Maasai Mara.
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