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Lynn Nottage

Lynn Nottage (born 1964) is an American playwright whose work often deals with the lives of women of African descent.

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Didn't get to see it, but I finished reading Lynn Nottage's "Sweat" this morning. Wow. Totally see why it won the P…
TONIGHT! Jump back into this Fall reading Lynn Nottage's "SWEAT" @ 7pm 🍂📚
spilled collard green juice all over my copy of Lynn Nottage's Ruined & suddenly the Bad & Boujee beat doesn't sound quiet to me anymore
Intimate Apparel by Lynn Nottage is a beautifully written tale about one woman’s journey to…
UNT Theatre presents Fabulation by 2 time Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Lynn Nottage. Tickets on sale 9/28!
A play everyone should read. Sweat by Lynn Nottage
Our last two showings of Lynn Nottage's 'Intimate Apparel' are happening today and tomorrow at 7:30pm in the Mackla…
Meet us our front of the fine arts building tomorrow at 5:30 for a reading of Ruined by Lynn Nottage
Check out our Insta for pics of the 1st rehearsal of Lynn Nottage's BY THE WAY, MEET VERA STARK:…
Sweat by Lynn Nottage was pretty great when I was there in June.And the Signature Theatre haven't s…
is Back "Sweat" by Lynn Nottage, winner of the 2017 for Drama -
Plays are getting smaller and smaller, not because playwrights minds are shrinking but because of the economics. -Lynn Nottage
Here we are at table read for Lynn Nottage's extraordinary Pulitzer Prize play "Ruined" We get to put it on at the…
So, Duncan Sheik is working on a musical adaptation of The Secret Life of Bees with Lynn Nottage? Interesting.🤔
tackled race and power at Sunday's Brooklyn Book Festival…
Lynn Nottage and Colson Whitehead in conversation, moderated by Johnny Temple. 🙌
.closes this week and I haven't seen it yet 😩 Who wants to give this critic tickets so I can bask in Lynn Nottage's genius?
Paula Vogel and Lynn Nottage have spoken beautifully and Rebecca Taichman won a directing Tony so MY NIGHT IS MADE
Lucas Hnath, Lynn Nottage, J.T. Rogers, *and* Paula Vogel?! That is some category, Tony Awards.
Lynn Nottage's Sweat is a goddam masterpiece. I, no fooling, cried until my cheeks were wet. Every piece of it astonishing.
Congratulations as playwright Lynn Nottage earns historical second Pulitzer for Drama for her play, "Sweat."
Lynn Nottage is so raw and current; without forcing things. She can tell a story where everyone…
Secret Life of Bees Musical, with Book by Lynn Nottage & Music by Duncan.. Related Articles:
After the presidential election, took on a new meaning for the actors & the audiences. Live:
When exploring characters you don't do so thematically, you focus on their motivations says Watch LIVE
Watch Now: and Kate Whoriskey talk race, class + with
Another Round with SWEAT: In Conversation with Two-Time Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage and Kate Whoriskey…
Watch at 7pm: and Kate Whoriskey talk race, class + with
Happy to announce that will moderate our May 1 conversation with on
TONIGHT! See Lynn Nottage and director Kate Whoriskey in conversation talking with
Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage on ‘Sweat,’ her Broadway play about factory workers in Trump’s...
. on her Pulitzer win for drama: 'I’m representing for women' She's here May 1
More details about our the and Powerhouse Season!
Hoping to pitch you a story about our next play. By Lynn Nottage using first hand narratives of enslaved people in the US.
We don't have this yet, but check out some of her other plays
A play about a small American town follows working-class people who are tethered to a dying city.
I'm thrilled to let you know an astonishingly creative team is developing The Secret Life of Bees into a musical. https:/…
has produce 3 Lynn Nottage plays and company member Dawn Ursula had starred in all 3!
Next up is written by Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage
.talks live with Pulitzer winner Lynn Nottage about her latest work, Tickets:
The Cast of Lynn Nottage's Ruined at AADA. Come see our Graduation…
It's a shame we're still having this conversation in 2017...but, 2016 was and this year I'll be at
Sam Gold, Lynn Nottage, Duncan Sheik and Susan Birkenhead will workshop an adaptation of "The Secret Life of Bees"
Beautifully written by ToddLondon A Lover's Guide to American Playwrights: Lynn Nottage via
SECRET LIFE OF BEES musical, with book by & music by to receive workshop:
Lynn Nottage's SWEAT won the for Drama, and we are HERE for it 🙌🏿
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Congratulations to Lynn Nottage for winning Pulitzer Prize for Drama
Congrats to Colson Whitehead, Lynn Nottage, Tyehimba Jess and Hilton Als for becoming Pulitzer Prize winners!
May angels lift SWEAT tonight for Lynn Nottage's opening on Broadway. A brilliant play which demands to be seen. Brava!
Happy Opening to the cast/crew of Lynn Nottage's Here's to a mighty run!
Review: ‘Sweat’ Imagines the Local Bar as a Caldron Lynn Nottage’s bracingly top
How does feel about making her Broadway debut in male-dominated season?
Lynn Nottage's new Broadway play Sweat is a piercing cry from working-class America. Here's my review:
Can't wait to see this wk and intrvw in Apr. Two Female Playwrights Arrive on Broadway.
Lynn Nottage's SWEAT would be a great play for our times if only it were a better play. My review:
Lynn Nottage's ‘Sweat’ on Broadway at Studio 54 — theater review: “Sweat” is a group of portrait of lost American……
'Sweat' is Lynn Nottage's new Broadway play about working-class frustrations
Lynn Nottage, "Intimate Apparel" playwright, is the subject of the New York Times's lead Sunday arts feature... https:/…
Lynn Nottage's play “Sweat” may be the first theatrical landmark of the Trump era:
Broadway Review: Can "Sweat" live up to its billing as the first theatrical landmark of the Trump era? Read…
Lynn Nottage brings to Broadway tonight, and we can’t wait to see it! Happy opening to Carlo Albán and the whole cast & team!
Photo Flash: First Look at Johanna Day, Michelle Wilson, Khris Davis and More in Lynn Nottage's SWEAT on Broadway …
If you lead with the anger, it will turn off the audience. And what ...
.Sweat by Lynn Nottage (offers understanding of 2016 via an American bar play set in 2000/2008
I've been asked a lot why didn't 'Ruined' go to Broadway. It was the...
'Intimate Apparel' by Lynn Nottage opens Dec. 1 in Waltmar Theatre African-American experience ...
by Lynn Nottage opens next Wednesday 12/1 in Waltmar Theatre! READ MORE:
Also Lynn Nottage's Sweat, not sure is published yet but remarkable piece
Yes, I'll let u know, but several recommending Lynn Nottage's Sweat
Lynn Nottage's "Sweat" (it premiered regionally last year but is only just reaching New York).
Warm, intelligent, and deeply human, Lynn Nottage’s Intimate Apparel explores the desire for both independence...
"Both artists [Lynn Nottage & Suzan-Lori Parks] have productions in New York just now, and each raises...
African American women in particular have incredible buying power. S...
Wow. Incredibly topical & fierce play has given us with Lynn Nottage's Sweat. Art is going to save us in th…
Sweat -- Lynn Nottage’s strong new play about work and the lack thereof
I always thought of my mother as a warrior woman, and I became inter...
How a black woman ventured into the heart of Trumplandia
So women like Lynn Nottage, Wendy Wasserstein, and Suzan-Lori Parks have never started those conversations in theat…
I need a release from whatever I'm writing.
Per playwright Lynn Nottage: "I like to go into a space, listen, absorb, & then interpret" what I sense & see in energ…
On the ground reporting/storytelling we've been missing. Trump Supporters: Why White, Middle Class Men Are So Angry
I was repeatedly told that there isn't an African American woman wh...
Arthur Miller, Eugene O'Neill, Dion Boucicault, Bertold Brecht, August Wilson, Lynn Nottage and those are just some faves
I can't quite remember the exact moment when I became obsessed with ...
That said, it's intermission at SWEAT. Man, Lynn Nottage is a great writer.
I wrote on Solange's A Seat at the Table and how it draws on black theatre from Lynn Nottage to August Wilson.
Lynn Nottage's play highlights value of liberal arts education in distressed economic times:
Winnie Madikizela Mandela picked by Lynn Nottage as: "Who is the greatest supporting player of all time? The Atlantic, Mar pg. 108 - Bravo
Each play I write has its own unique origin story.
Lynn Nottage Talks Research, Collaboration, and the Fracturing of America via
delves into the history of creating Nottage's new play SWEAT
Provocation is when you enter in the space and everything you believe in is changed.
After bragging for a month about my most recent interview with Lynn Nottage, I completely forgot to share the...
Just played: Playwright Lynn Nottage unmasks the cost of industrial decline in Sweat - Art Works
REFLECT & CONNECT: Students that attended the production of Sweat by Lynn Nottage on Tuesday, participate in a...
Was so lucky to see SWEAT Terrific story here on play, writer Lynn Nottage.
Steelworkers’ stories of disappearing jobs come to life onstage in "Sweat," a new play by Lynn Nottage
In an interview on the PBS NewsHour last night, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage said that she...
Poverty may not be much on the Prez candidates' lips but Lynn Nottage has put it on stage.
Collapse of Reading at the heart of Pulitzer Prize-winning Lynn Nottage's latest play, Sweat
SWEAT! Lynn Nottage is about 47:30 minutes into program!
Lynn Nottage talking about SWEAT on PBS!. Check out 'PBS NewsHour Stream' on Ustream!
Just heard a great quote from playwright Lynn Nottage, "Replace judgement with curiosity"
Good art is so invigorating! If you can see Lynn Nottage's play "Sweat," I highly recommend it.
the latest in the from Lynn Nottage, Pulitzer-Winning Playwright, Talks Research, Colla...
I'm turning into a regular Lynn Nottage groupie.
Playwright Lynn Nottage reveals the disappearing middle class in "Sweat".
day 4 / favorite play: Ruined by Lynn Nottage
I'll watch Theater of Lynn Nottage: A Retrospective plus So you have a job? Sweat and crafting of an American Dream
Lynn Nottage’s SWEAT could be headed to The Public with a possible transfer to
For her play, “Sweat,” soon to come here, Brooklyn-born Lynn Nottage interviewed the unemployed in Reading, Pa.
Midtown producers feel time is finally right for ‘Intimate Apparel’: Lynn Nottage’s "Intimate Apparel" made its…
Glad to read such a rave for Lynn Nottage's play directed by Kate Whorisky. Look forward to seeing it! Congrats, too, OSF!
newest play is SWEAT...and we can't wait to see it!
Rave NYT review of Lynn Nottage's terrific play, "Sweat," on impact of decline of U.S. manufacturing:
Lynn Nottage’s new drama, produced at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, examines two generations of factory workers and the…
Flashback Friday to the first quilt I ever made. A crazy quilt for a production of Lynn Nottage's…
Lynn Nottage giving love to for providing a refuge for young people to grow and take chances. Axé. .
Seating with Lynn Nottage & Michele Roberts. Totally an ICanPassOut moment pero I'm holding it together!.
If this was the play "Ruined" by Lynn Nottage the play we made black history in 2011 doing.. I would be the poet, the hopeless romantic..
Exciting one-on-one theater project happening in May & June in NYC w/writing by Will Eno, Jose Rivera, Lynn Nottage
Hamilton Collection
Exciting news from Las Meninas playwright Lynn Nottage and former Artistic Advisory Committee member Craig Lucas.
Congratulations to everyone involved in Eclipse TheatreCo's spectacular, award-nominated 2014 Lynn Nottage...
Oregon Shakespeare Festival wins $125,000 for new plays by Lynn Nottage
Premiere Stages to welcome Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage to Kean University
The new season of Artists Repertory Theatre has been released!. Intimate Apparel. by Lynn Nottage. Guest Director...
The reason why none of us knew who Ursula Burns and Lynn Nottage were by face is because they are not glorified for their accomplishments.
Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage's Crumbs from the Table of Joy (Hour 2) is on Sunday at 6. If you missed Hour 1 last week, you can isten to this beautiful play at at your leisure on the Two Week Archive. It's a story of African-Americans in the 1950's. A recently widowed father and his two daughters have moved from Florida to Brooklyn to start a new life. Godfrey Crump believes that the charismatic preacher Father Divine holds the key to his family’s salvation – but the social upheaval of 1950s America, and his own daughters’ adolescence, are testing the limits of his faith at every turn. It stars Charlayne Woodard, Russel Hornsby, Deidrie Henry, Tinashe Kajese, and Kate Steele. Directed by Seret Scott.
ISO books for or to buy I need everything is an argument, world of ideas, penguin plume, and a collage English handbook and last but not least Ruined by Lynn Nottage
Click "Like" to help us congratulate Teatro Vista resident playwright, Martin Zimmerman! Martin Zimmerman’s White Tie Ball has been recommended for consideration for the American Theatre Critics Association’s annual ATCA/Steinberg New Play Award, honoring new scripts produced outside New York City in calendar year 2013. Congratulations to the playwright and everyone involved in the production. With only about three dozen scripts or so recommended in most years, out of hundreds of new plays seen by ATCA critics across the country, being in this group is certainly an honor. Past Steinberg citations have been awarded to August Wilson, Moises Kaufman, Adam Rapp, Nilo Cruz, Lynn Nottage and Horton Foote. Six ATCA/Steinberg New Play finalists will be chosen in late January, and three ATCA/Steinberg New Play winners will be announced in a stage ceremony during the visitors' weekend of the Humana Festival in Louisville, Ky.
Amongst 2014 highlights Ustinov Studio stages more top US plays incl Intimate Apparel by L…
Readers theater auditions are coming up...stay tuned. Maima Fahnbulleh has agreed to direct the Lynn Nottage play "By The Way, Meet Vera Stark" in February for our Black History Month celebration at VOCA! Get in on the fun :-)
Trinity Rep kicks off the new year with the Rhode Island premiere of Intimate Apparel, by Pulitzer Prize-winner Lynn Nottage, sponsored by Brown University with supporting sponsor Ruth's Lingerie. Directed by Trinity Rep company member Janice Duclos, the show begins previews on January 30 in the Dow...
the end of a perfect day... midnight emailing with gloria steinem. long talk with lynn nottage about a big grant we might get. best job ever, working with inspiring artists at Girl Be Heard…i love you madly…each one of you. tonight i will dream of meeting emily mann… hp, can you make that happen?
Taped: 12/17/2004. Lynn Nottage describes her plays Intimate Apparel, Fabulation, and Poof, among others, as well as being an African American woman playwrig...
" I feel it's my social responsibility to shine light on areas that don't get seen"- Lynn Nottage
Intimate Apparel - Acting Edition This is the acting edition of the play "Intimate Apparel" by Lynn Nottage, who was born in 1964 in Brooklyn. List Price: $ 8.00 Price: $ 7.20 Related Intimate Apparel Products
Here is a look at some of the noted birthdays for today . . . . . Singer Jay Black (Jay and the Americans) is 75. Political commentator Patrick Buchanan is 75. Actress Stefanie Powers is 71. Author Shere Hite is 71. Rock musician Keith Emerson (Emerson, Lake and Palmer) is 69. Country-rock singer-songwriter J.D. Souther is 68. Actress Kate Linder is 66. Rock musician Carter Beauford (The Dave Matthews Band) is 56. Actor Peter Mullan is 54. Singer-songwriter k.d. lang is 52. Rock musician Bobby Dall (Poison) is 50. Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage is 49. Actress Lauren Velez is 49. Actor David Schwimmer is 47. Christian/jazz singer Alvin Chea (Take 6) is 46. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is 46. Rock musician Fieldy is 44. Rock singer-musician John Hampson (Nine Days) is 42. Rhythm-and-blues singer Timothy Christian Riley (Tony Toni Tone) is 39. Rapper Nelly is 39. Prodigy (Mobb Deep) is 39. Actor Danny Cooksey is 38. Rock musician Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie) is 38. Country singer Erika Jo ...
I Had the distinct pleasure of meeting Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Lynn Nottage last night. There is a local production of her play Ruined here in town presented by the Greater Reading Alliance of Community Theatres and Alvernia University. What a profound and uplifting play. She so beautifully gives voice to women that are suffering an unfathomable horror that is occurring in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (the rape capital of the world). And yet drills down to the core of these women's ability to triumph in spite of the horrid conditions they are subjected to. And it is so beautifully nuanced. Thank you Ms. Nottage for a wonderful Theatre experience. Looking forward to working with you in the near term.
A reading from Pulitzer Prize winner of author Lynn Nottage.
Theatre folks: I need play suggestions so I can pull scenes for showcase. GO! (I'm already looking into Katori Hall, and Lynn Nottage plays)
I recently realized that I've been lucky enough to work with or meet three, count em', three Pulitzer Prize-winning playwrights. First I stage managed a staged reading of Lynn Nottage's "Fabulation" and she was gracious enough to participate in a Q&A. Then I was directed by David Lindsay-Abaire in his hysterical play, "Fuddy Meers." He may be the funniest person I have ever met. And lastly, John Patrick Shanley came to see me in "Doubt." He compared me most favorably to Ms. Streep! Needless to say, I was putty in his hands. If I were a cleverer person, I could share photos with you. Alas, I'm not that clever.
.About to see Lynn Nottage's "Intimate Apparel" in my hometown: St. Croix USVI. Love teaching this play
This weekend: 3rd year WCS veteran director Nicole A. Watson opens her first opera at the Kennedy Center! Girl Be Heard hosts Lynn Nottage tonight at 9mm America with another show on Sunday, Rebecca Hart stars in Helping People at IRT Theater and Marta Rainer directs Dancing at Lughnasa at Wellesley Summer Theatre - WST in Boston! Any other WCS artists have shows this weekend?
New Route Theatre - 2013-2014 Season. "The Gimmick" by Dael Orlandersmith – May 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 – Directed by Don Shandrow This moving play, by the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright of “Yellowman,” tells the story of Alexis, an intelligent girl, whose life is complicated by an alcoholic mother and an impoverished neighborhood that threatens to hold people back. A neighborhood that offers only one possibility of escape, a library and a librarian whose concern and love of words offers a window of hope beyond this neighborhood with its world of “gimmicks.” "F2M" by Patricia Wettig – June 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22 – Directed by Irene Taylor Parker, a transgender freshman college student, is confronted by his parents during an unexpected visit. This new play by Patricia Wettig, primarily recognized for her acting roles in "30 Something" and "Brothers and Sisters," is a funny and poignant look at identity, parenting and making choices. "Ruined" by Lynn Nottage – August 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 – ...
Kudos once more to playwright Danai Gurira for her continuing great work bringing the characters, history & culture of Africa to the American stage. Her work on In the Continuum, Eclipsed and The Convert are nothing short of intelligent, provocative, entertaining, emotional, raw, honest and educational. No offense to Lynn Nottage and her play Ruined which also covered a very worthy topic, but Danai's work cuts much more deeply and mines far more levels to broaden and open our minds. On that note, don't miss The Convert featuring Dawn Ursula and directed by Michael John Garces at Woolly before Sunday's closing.
YOUR CELLPHONE IS LINKED TO VIOLENCE IN DRCongo Birmingham, Ala. (WIAT) most of us can't imagine living without our cellphones. They are a link to the world around us. But if we look more closely, we find that what's so often in our hands also link us to the rape and torture of women in congo. A metallic are with heat-resistant properties called coltan is found mainly in eastern regions DRCongo. The metal helps to keep electronics from overheating. Fights over mining rights in congo are tearing villages apart, causing widespread violence against women. Members of various militias are using rape as a weapon of war. In that sense, the violence against women in congo is as close to use as our cellphone... Most of the fighting between the government and the various militias are really over control of the land; Co-director Jonathan Fuller say. "this play is about how women survive during a time of war." written by Lynn Nottage "Ruine" is only being performed in 12 theatres in the united states. It's not your . ...
In less than 5 days, the GSU Theatre will present "Crumbs from the Table of Joy" by Lynn Nottage, directed by Karl V. Norman. Performance dates are February 19-22, 2013 at 7:00pm. Admission is $3 for students and $5 for general. Please call 274-2201 for more information. Come experience the "Joy" as the cookie crumbles!
If you are in NY beginning on 2/21, definitely take the time to come see Fordham Theatre's Production of "Ruined." This Pulitzer-winning play, by Lynn Nottage, is an intense compelling look at women and their survival during war-time in the Congo. Part "Mother Courage," part "Waiting for Godot," you won't be able to look away. NYT's Ben Brantley wrote, "The never less than creating a complete and hauntingly contradictory world onstage." And Ms. Nottage summed up her play this way: "[Ruined] is not about victims, but survivors."
what a fantastic show tonight! Loved Lynn Nottage's Intimate Apparel!! Sign up for the next script-in-hand STAT!! Congrats WCP!
Join us for Fordham's Mainstage Production of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play RUINED by Lynn Nottage "[Ruined]...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
The latest offering from Steel River Playhouse in Pottstown (formerly Tri-PAC) is the multi-award-winning play by Lynn Nottage, Intimate Apparel. The play is set in New York City in 1905, and tells the story of Esther Mills, a 35 year old African-American woman who travels from North Carolina to New...
Directing Intimate Apparel by Lynn Nottage in Dayton, Ohio. So honored to be sharing this story with a community who has shared so much with me! Sinclair College, Blair Hall Theatre, Feb. 7-10
Up before the sun and prepping for 2nd day back at Medgar Evers College. Today, it's all about my Drama I/Playwriting class. Playwrights featured this semester? Wole Soyinka, Derek Walcott, Ntozake Shange and Lynn Nottage. Let's go!
Centerstage - Join us tonight at 7 pm at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Greater Baltimore as we celebrate the past five decades of CENTERSTAGE hits and highlights. The evening will include performances from such favorites as Tennessee Williams&classic "Glass Menagerie", Eric Overmyer&landmark premiere of "On the Verge", August Wilson&powerful "Jitney", and Lynn Nottage&much-loved "Intimate Apparel".
The Reading Group @ East L.A. Rep Join us for an in-house reading and discussion of Lynn Nottage's Pulitzer Prize winning play, RUINED. Just some theater nerds getting together to read, discuss and enjoy a great script. Totally informal, totally fun, all are welcomed. Hope you can make it. Thursday, December 20, 2012 @ the EAST LA REP Library p.m. Located at the Legacy LA campus (parking available in the gated lot) 1350 San Pablo St. Los Angeles, CA. 90033
12/11: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONDOLA RASHAD Theatre World Award: "Ruined" (also Drama Desk nomination) Birthplace: New York City Ms. Rashad made her Off-Broadway debut as Sophie in Lynn Nottage's Pulitzer Prize Award-winning play "Ruined" at the Manhattan Theatre Club. She made her Broadway debut last season in Lydia R. Diamond's "Stick Fly," for which she received a Tony nomination. Her filmography includes: "Sex and the City 2," and the 2012 release "30 Beats." Her tv credits include appearances on: "The Good Wife," "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," "Georgetown" (TV movie), "Smash," and as Shelby in the TV version of "Steel Magnolias." Condola is the daughter of actress Phylicia Rashad and sportscaster Ahmad Rashad, and the niece of actress/choreographer Debbie Allen.
Open Auditions at the Trustus Theatre on 12/9/12 @ 6pm, in the Trustus Rehearsal Space (enter thru glass doors on Huger St. side of building) OPEN CALL AUDITIONS FOR THE FOLLOWING TRUSTUS SHOWS: GOOD PEOPLE by David Lindsay Abaire, performaces March 22 - April 6, 2013, Directed by Jim O'Connor BY THE WAY, MEET VERA STARK by Lynn Nottage, performances May 3 - 18, 2013, Directed by Dewey Scott-Wiley COLLECTED STORIES by Donald Marguiles, performances May 15 - 19th, 2013, Directed by Milena Herring - in association with the SC BOOK FESTIVAL MY FIRST TIME by Ken Davenport, Performances April 12 - 27, 2013, Directed by Jim Thigpen PLEASE PREPARE A 1-2 MINUTE MONOLOGUE PREFERABLY FROM A COMEDY OR SERIO-COMEDY. Please be on time and bring headshot and resume if you have them . All directors will be in attendance. Call (803) 254-9732 with any questions.
Wednesday, November 28–Friday, December 2 Ruined 28 November – 1 December @ 8pm, 2 December @ 2pm Theresa Lang Theatre PLEASE NOTE: PERFORMANCE DATES HAVE CHANGED! MMC Theatre Production Workshop presents Ruined by Lynn Nottage, which received the 2009 Pulitzer Prize, the Obie Award, and New York Drama Critics Circle Award. Ruined dramatizes the lives of young women working in a rain forest bar and brothel run by the enterprising Mama Nadi, who offers protection from the military forces in the war ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo, and who also profits from the lives of these young women. The play depicts the women’s bodies as the battlefield for both sides, and it offers a view for hope in the most inhumane of circumstances. Ruined was developed by Nottage from interviews with Congolese women who had been through the experiences put onstage in this powerful work. Ruined is performed by students in the Theatre Arts programs of the College with direction by David Mold, scenic design by Ray Rech .. ...
Going into Intimate Apparel, playwright Lynn Nottage was batting .500 with me. Would that average would improve?
Our former Resident Artist (and pal) Lynn Nottage with the fabulous Gloria Steinem and Barbara Walters last night at the Women's Media Awards. When energy like this aligns in one place there should be a lunar eclipse!
Lynn Nottage's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, directed by guest artist Awoye Timpo at Western Michigan University's Shaw Theatre, puts an extraordinarily artful and important play with the ideal director, cast, and a hugely talented design team.
The Pasadena Playhouse presents Intimate Apparel, written by Lynn Nottage (Pulitzer Prize-winner, Ruined) and directed by The Playhouse’s Sheldon Epps. Performances are now running through December 2, with an official press opening on Sunday, November 11, 2012. BroadwayWorld has a first look at th...
Tonight at Barnstormers Theatre: Imagine Show Nov. 4th at 6:00 PM Our scenes this month are, as always, interesting and varied, and will include for the first time some poetry: 1. “Bride on the Rocks”, by David Wiener, performed by Amy Fox and Sig Dekany 2. “Breaking Up the Fear” a poem written and read by Sylvia McKinley 3. “Stoned” a Monty Python skit, performed by a large cast of silly actors 4. “Poof” by Lynn Nottage, with Dixie Feeney, Amy Fox and Kent Prickett 5. “Destination Change” a poem written and read by Sylvia McKinley 6. A scene from “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” performed by Burt Eikleberry and Lynn Beach 7. “To Sarah – A Letter from a Civil War soldier to his wife” by Sullivan Belleau read by Mike McCune and Kent Prickett 8. “Post-Its” by Paul Dooley & Winnie Holzman with Wm. Babishoff and Shawna Stewart Bring your friends, something to share (wine or food) and come see our show. Important Reminder: This will be our last show for this calendar year. ...
Just had the awesome opportunity to witness the beautiful amazing actress Sanaa Lathan on stage at the Geffen playhouse. What a phenomenon performance as Vera Stark in stage play By the way, Meet Vera Stark..I'm speechless!! Written by Lynn Nottage and Directed by Jo Bonnet...Now that what's THEATRE ARTS is about...
Fans of Pulitzer Prize-winner Lynn Nottage (“Ruined”) have one more week to catch the West Coast Premiere of “By the Way, Meet Vera Stark” which closes Sunday a
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
36% Off Tix to Intimate Apparel by Lynn Nottage | Presented by The Pasadena Playhouse | Starring Vanessa Williams -
Dramatic Need presents The Children's Monologues directed by Danny Boyle Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley, Gemma Arterton and Benedict Cumberbatch among others give voice to the true stories of South African children in The Children's Monologues. The drama is in aid of director Danny Boyle's arts charity Dramatic Need, which works with young people in Rwanda and South Africa helping them come to terms with trauma and conflict. Edited by Andrew Cross The Children's Monologues. Directed by DANNY BOYLE On Sunday, November 14th, in the lead-up to World Aids Day 2010, 15 extraordinary actors, several award-winning writers and one super-star director came together to present a unique theatrical event in celebration of the work of Dramatic Need and raise money for the Pete Patsa Arts Centre. Writers including Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage (Ruined), Olivier Award-winning Bola Agbaje (Gone Too Far), Polly Stenham (That Face) and Roy Williams OBE (Sucker Punch) adapted 12 powerful monologues from original testimo ...
First of the series- very moving. In the spring of 2012, in celebration of its 50th anniversary, CENTERSTAGE asked 50 of the country's leading playwrights to answer a simple question: What is my America? These 50 monologues, ranging from the political to the personal, form a tapestry of ideas and explore our particular American moment--the people and notions that make the country what it is today. The responses, by writers including Anna Deavere Smith, Neil LaBute, Christopher Durang, and Lynn Nottage, will be released on our special My America website: The first set is now live and the remaining will be released on Tuesdays running through Election Day. You can sign up to receive updates when each batch of videos are released, join the conversation by sharing the videos, and learn about the playwrights.
Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage helps kick off season at the Geffen with BY THE WAY MEET VERA STARK!
So happy the Richard Wright cultural medallion in Fort Greene was a successful endeavor and will be in unveiled July 17th (see note). I'll be there, as will Marty Marcowitz and I've invited my good friend Lynn Nottage to help us celebrate. The same day, at 2pm, a medallion will be unveiled at the longtime East Harlem home of singer, civil rights activist Odetta (with whom I had the honor of performing a few years ago. She was a powerful force). This work is a good thing.
I bet Viola Davis was AMAZING in that! Lynn Nottage writes awesome plays
Performance of Salima's Monologue from Ruined by Lynn Nottage. Please vote for me. This would be a DREAM come true! God Bless!! :-)
Quanda Johnson '11 will appear in Brave New World's production of Lynn Nottage's FABULATION at The Brooklyn Lyceum, April 19th-May 13th.
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