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Lyndon Johnson

Lyndon Baines Johnson (August 27, 1908 – January 22, 1973), often referred to as LBJ, was the 36th President of the United States (1963–1969), a position he assumed after his service as the 37th Vice President of the United States (1961–1963).

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Lyndon B. Johnson did so much damage. It's because of him that people of color have voted over 80% Democrat for 50+ years.
People are forgetting the greatest comment of 2016 "Lyndon B. Johnson is the greatest president ever"
Here's a little more info on LBJ you might want to read.
Jackie Kennedy knew who killed her husband.
You gotta look forward because it's your dreams you've been flying towards.'
FDRs appointment of Bobby is why there's a anti-nepotism law.
Lyndon Johnson Memorial Grove, on a nice day, is the best, quietest view of the city
Here's another: great piece on the 67 law; Team Trump is arguing the LBJ legislation does not apply. .
RFK was a big reason LBJ signed the anti-nepotism law:
In 1965, Lyndon B Johnson enacted a law requiring cigarette manufacturers to put what on their packages?…
Lyndon Johnson was one of the top five worst Presidents ever. Join our patriot army at Enl…
after JFK made Bobby Attorney General (and Teddy a senator), here's what happened.
Why Lyndon Johnson wasn't the greatest president of the 20th Century. Why Richard Nixon was the worst.
it wasn't it was after Lyndon Johnson signed the civil rights act and democrats were furious because at the time they were the
what happened to federal law by Lyndon Johnson on nepotism after Kennedy's?
"Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose."~Lyndon B. Johnson
Lyndon Johnson, in 1967, he signed into law a nepotism statute that, among other provisions, appeared to make it
From Jackson to Wilson to Lyndon Johnson to Robert Byrd who filibustered '64 Civil Rights Act, Dem rhetoric differs…
NO that would be Lyndon Johnson, GW, and Nixon
Lyndon Johnson hated JFK so he conspired with the C?A to kill him and cover it up through the Warren Commission...
Best book on JFK assassination is Roger Stone’s booking fingering Lyndon Johnson for the murder
The best book on the JFK assassination is Roger Stone's book indicting Lyndon Johnson for the murder of JFK:
Don't forget George Wallace or Lyndon God I can count many in the south and even in the NORTH
BTW America, the Democrat Party started the KKK.Lyndon Johnson frequently used the "N" word..George Wallace was a Dem...I can count
Lyndon Johnson dropped more bombs than Barry Goldwater would have ever dreamed of. Just saying.
After driving France into the ground & importing terrorists, François Hollande pulls a Lyndon Johnson and no longer seeks re…
The front page in 1963. Lyndon Johnson establishes the Warren Commission.
This day in history: November 29,1963, Lyndon Johnson establishes the Warren Commission
also I say we freeze Tony Blair until a time people realise how good he once (like they realised with Lyndon Johnson)
Lyndon Johnson is arguably responsible for the most seminal 'progressive' civil rights legislation in US history. He did not…
One more thing about why the 'Love Conquers Hate' thing is stupid. I present to you the legacy of Lyndon Johnson
Breast Cancer Awareness
best policy for the US to follow. So did Lyndon Johnson in Vietnam. So did Bush in Iraq. So did Obama in Syria.
The last time a Democrat took was in 1964 when Lyndon Johnson beat Barry Goldwater, 50.92% to 49.08%.
I could do John Wayne, Jack Benny, Jack Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and ent...
There are millions of people in USA living at poverty level. Most of them are the elderly who had their Soc Sec stolen by Lyndon Johnson.
Not welfare. That was Lyndon Johnson (Democrat) who said, I'll have these &&^& voting Democrat for the next hundred years.
Who cares? There are no rules in this world. Lyndon Johnson skipped debates with Barry Goldwater.
Lyndon Johnson presented a bust of himself to Pope Paul VI. Barack Obama gave audios of his speeches to Queen Elizabeth…
The world was also not ending when Lyndon Johnson was there to sign the Civil Rights Act, but I am glad he did.
For presidents, I'd say John Quincy Adams, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon all edge her out. Candidates? Maybe Henry Clay.
Today in 1965: Pres. Lyndon Johnson announces increase of U.S. troops in South Vietnam from 75,000 to 125,000. https:/…
This is NOT the party of FDR,Harry Truman,JFK,Lyndon Johnson,Jimmy Carter,or Even Bill Clinton.They are so FAR LEFT.
Rather listen to Karl Malden recite Lyndon Johnson's 1966 State of The Union Address than 30 seconds of Don Imus...
The most intimidating world leader was Lyndon Johnson, who became U.S. President when John Kennedy was
Not exactly the biggest contribution comes from constitution and the 1964 food stamp act Lyndon Johnson.
Warren had a chance to put the best candidate since Lyndon Johnson into office. She chose the worst.
Reading Doris Kearns Goodwin's "Lyndon Johnson & the American Dream" (1976) & finding it full of shrewd insights into LBJ's tortured psyche.
On page 286 of 448 of Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream, by Doris Kearns Goodwin
One doesn't simply write about Lyndon Johnson. You get the Johnson tre...
Lyndon Johnson is not a comfortable model for President Obama to imita...
...and as Lyndon Johnson said, "If I've lost Cybele Parsignault, I've lost the American public." Sell all Netflix shares now!
Abe Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson were only stop valves.. there's need for a vaccine... education, tolerance, etc but not restricted 2 US
The snake's face is blurred because it's Lyndon B Johnson
who did it better Lyndon B Johnson and Lady Bird or my mom and dad 😊
mfw i have to go undercover as a Straight or else ill be fired from my job as presidential aide to Lyndon B Johnson
“Books and ideas are the most effective weapons against intolerance and ignorance.” - Lyndon B. Johnson
The 50th Anniversary of the Freedom of Information Act?: BY PAUL WOLF, ESQ. LYNDON JOHNSON…
The fifth freedom is freedom from ignorance - Lyndon B.Johnson
When things haven't gone well for you, call in a or a staff... - Lyndon B. Johnson
Lyndon B. Johnson's sent to Martin Luther King's widow sells for $60k -
okay, so I love my main man Washington and Lincoln a lot. But Lyndon Johnson was pretty bomb. Honesty it's hard to say
"You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning." ~ Lyndon B. Johnson
I just watched the story of Lyndon Johnson "All The Way..." . He really stuck it to didn't he? . My Hero...
i walked into a convo about lbj . . i thought it was Lyndon B. Johnson not Lebron James
He sure did. Here's an interesting sound bite from LBJ himself: and the article.
The theme of the spot from Lyndon Johnson's 1964 campaign is eerily contemporary:
"Education is the only valid passport out of poverty"- Lyndon B Johnson
All of the people in Lyndon Johnson’s family had the initials LBJ, including his dogs.
TIL British Prime Minister Harold Wilson discussed with President Lyndon B. Johnson the idea of Britain becoming t…
Lyndon Johnson and his Times by Robert Dallek, 2 volumes, 1st printings w/DJs
Silly Damon, Lyndon Johnson has been dead for years.
On This Day. 1967: Lyndon Johnson nominated Thurgood Marshall to be the first black justice on Supreme Court
Bobby Kennedy's conduct toward Lyndon Johnson was childish and despica...
Dem Presidents R.F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson led us into and through most of the Vietnam Conflict began in 1963.
Lyndon Johnson may have escalated the war, but when I was drafted and ...
Lyndon Johnson was a He passed the 1964 Civil Rights act! He was a Don't forget were the
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The Limits of Lyndon Johnson: The following is a review of All the Way, playwright Robert Schenkkan's Broadwa...
🇺🇸 Lyndon Johnson had an affair with actress Helen G. Douglas.
REVIEW: Bryan Cranston brings Lyndon Johnson to vivid life...
I'm assuming you know who Lyndon Johnson was and what the gulf of tonkin incident is
JFK amended the Aeronautics and Space Act 1961, placing VP Lyndon Johnson as head of the National Space Council https:…
Lyndon Johnson got the USA into Vietnam, not JFK. Millions died because of LBJ's insanity/criminality.
Lyndon Johnson was a Lt commander in navy reserves.
Mindblowing: the time Lyndon Johnson stole $2 billion in gold from Victorio Peak 1969 ==>
Agree Mark, but Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson are right up there too!
Finish this: Danny Willett is to Lyndon Johnson as Jordan Spieth is to _.
Lyndon Johnson looked like a wrinkled *** William Howard Taft was grossly obese, still not convinced you're wrong.
*** Chi Minh and Vietnam were perfect for Lyndon Johnson: 220 million agains...
When u list the great villains of History. Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Mohammed, Hitler. Do not for get Ted Kennedy, Earl Warren & Lyndon Johnson.
Lyndon Johnson and Harold Wilson ended up not getting along and Healey said Johnson was one of the most unpleasant men he met
Bill Clinton has the highest net worth of any US president since Lyndon Johnson in 1969. The Clintons ARE the 1%.
President Kennedy did not like Lyndon Johnson but knew he could only win by partnering with him elite nightmare is &
Lyndon Johnson with Jackie Kennedy beside him, being sworn in as 36th President of the United States.
Watch the trailer - Bryan Cranston to play US president Lyndon Johnson:
Cruz would be our worst president? No way. Obama, Carter, FDR, Lyndon Johnson to name just 4!
2 upcoming HBO movies, one with Kerry Washington as Anita Hill, the other with Bryan Cranston as Lyndon Johnson. I'm in
to say it has no impact on sentence b/c Johnson not involved.
the perpetrator has had a police warning , unjust for Johnson to get additional time!
Bryan Cranston plays Lyndon B. Johnson in HBO's new film 'All the Way.'
.sentencing guru predicts 5 yrs for Adam Johnson.
Hi hunn, Lyndon B Johnson didn't waste any time getting sworn in did he?
Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time. ~Lyndon B Johnson~
Lyndon Johnson makes Trump classy .so don't say he could be president you've had a lazy *** backwards OBAMA .
even though i feel like Lyndon Johnson would have an excellent chin teddy would have the technique.
He Held Richard Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller in high regard, and harshly criticized Democrat Lyndon B Johnson in his escalation of Vietnam
Ted has the personality of Nixon, Face of Lyndon Johnson and a haircut of a Lego …
I'm Lyndon Johnson and my hands are huge.Gotta get my pants special made.
Is this going to be worse than Lyndon Johnson ordering pants?
This looks good. Bryan Cranston stars as a US president in The trailer:
I'm excited for All The Way, Lyndon B Johnson is one of my favorite presidents.
“It's probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.”- Lyndon B. Johnson. Ca…
"What happened to the party of FDR, Henry Wallace & Lyndon Johnson?. ...& become the party of Bill Clinton, Tim Geithner & Larry Summers?"
Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson murdered a combined ~6 million Asians (no one bothered to count), but the reality tv guy is…
Hillary or Bernie vs Trump will be the biggest landslide victory for the dems since Lyndon Johnson vs Barry Goldwater
Parallels?: "defuse Republican senator & presidential candidate Barry Goldwater's charges that Lyndon Johnson was irresolute and 'soft'"
Years of Lyndon Johnson: Master of the Senate by Robert Caro-1st Ed./DJ-2002
They sell Lyndon Johnson bobble heads at the LBJ Ranch, should you ever need one.
The Baby is so cute Lyndon Johnson howling on LBJ Ranch w dog Yuki & grandson:
Roger Stone’s book indicting Lyndon Johnson is best on JFK assassination:
Correction: Lyndon Johnson did not provide the voice of Yosemite Sam.
Bernie Sanders is setting the standards for the Great Society, but, like Lyndon Johnson, we know its easier said...
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Do you think other Senators liked Lyndon Johnson? Or Richard Nixon?
progressive politics that appears dead is that of Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, and even Teddy Roosevelt. vote hillary.
Lyndon Johnson won 41 states after refusing to debate Barry Goldwater
. Burny Sanders did'nt order you to. Dien Bien Phu...Lyndon Johnson did. My family died Freeing You!
📷 bonnieblue85: Lyndon Johnson is swarmed by children as he feeds a pair of beagles on the south lawn of...
"Lyndon Johnson is a politician, you know the ethics those guys have. It's like a notch underneath child molester” — Alvy Singer
Lyndon Johnson choose not to run because Batman and Robin stiffed him.
Bill Clinton can be vice president he can't run for president. Lyndon Johnson was president for three years. Do the math.
Only five days after Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act, the Watts riots erupted in California. 34 died and over 1,000 were injured
Woody Harrelson just finished shooting the life of Lyndon Johnson, directed by Rob Reiner. I hear it’s his greatest role e…
Act of War: Lyndon Johnson, North Korea, and the Capture of the Spy Ship Pueblo,
"The change in Lyndon Johnson's treatment of Lady Bird did not extend to sexual fidelity."
"In later decades, both Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were fond of using the "n" word."
NCLB was a complete disaster & a mockery of the original intent of the ESEA as conceived by Lyndon Johnson.
“For the Lyndon Johnson administration, the bloodbath was a momentous victory” – Margaret Scott
Update your maps at Navteq
. Lyndon Johnson told the nation. Have no fear of escalation. I am trying everyone to please. Tom Paxton
Book Review: The Years of Lyndon Johnson: Means of Ascent by Robert Caro 1990: via
Lyndon Johnson was not subtle in his attentions to other women, and people made fun of Lady Bird Johnson for it.
What happened was the Lyndon Johnson, the Democratic Party, and Affirmative Action.
Jackie Kennedy, still covered in blood sees Lyndon Johnson swear an oath to serve the country: …
it's amazing to me that Texas, home of Lyndon Johnson, Sam Rayburn, and Ann Richards, shifted so far to the right. Welcome back
Perhaps he never saw Lyndon Johnson. Robert Caro described LBJ's great retail campaign skill.
Lyndon Johnson didn't enact the Voting Rights Act in 1965 for Jim Crow to pay us a visit in 2015. This is wrong.
What if Daily Kos Elections had written about the first campaign of Lyndon Johnson?
The David Cameron pig story reminds me of this Hunter S Thompson anecdote about Lyndon Johnson. Libel of the Century.
Watched Selma last night on dvd; David Oyelowo should have got the Oscar for playing King. Tom Wilkinson depicts Lyndon Johnson superbly
A plaque will mark the spot on Love Fields tarmac where Lyndon Johnson became president
Lady Bird and Lyndon Johnson were married November 1934 in San Antonio
Robert Caro's 4 book series "The Years of Lyndon Johnson" are absolutely riveting and a great primer on the inner workings of Congress.
“A president’s hardest task is not to do what is right, but to know what is right.” – Lyndon Johnson.
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Today is Lyndon Johnson's Birthday! The 36th President was born on this day in 1908. Cred: Texas…
Former president Lyndon Johnson, better known as LBJ, would have been 107 today.
Kim Allen to play Jackie Kennedy in movie on Lyndon Johnson
“Ask not what you have done for Lyndon Johnson, but what you have done for him lately.” ― Robert A. Caro
Kazan and Schulberg observed the political arena by going to Washington,D.C. They interviewed future president Lyndon Johnson.
"She sent off more men to war than Lyndon Johnson." Joe P.
The Passage of Power by Robert A. Caro-Years of Lyndon Johnson-1st Ed./DJ-2012
Nelson Rockefeller and Joe Alsop, LBJ friends, both were convinced Lyndon Johnson was wiretapping him.
Hubert Humphrey was Vice President under Lyndon Johnson when he contested 1968 Presidential Elections.
From V-P to P! Fly by the American Pol. Hist. Lyndon Johnson Presidency Documentary Film (January 1968) via
Photo: oupacademic: On this day in 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare into law. While this...
Well, he did say he wants to run like Lyndon B. Johnson. Maybe he can make a slogan out of that.
On this day in 1965 Pres Lyndon Johnson announced he would expand U.S. troop presence in from 75,000 troops to 125,000.
since you share initials (LBJ) with Lyndon B. Johnson, what is your opinion on his "Great Society" legislation?
He takes up more space than human Lyndon Johnson would
Lyndon Johnson also orchestrated the beyond insane Israeli attack on the USS Liberty
50 yrs ago this August, Pres. Lyndon Johnson signed the 1965 We'll air the signing, speech & more
. It was LBJ, nitwit. “I’ll have those *** voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” .
The noblest search is the search for excellence. Lyndon B. Johnson. .
There were also stories Goldwater was racist, but so was Lyndon B. Johnson.
. "A man without a vote is man without protection.". Lyndon B. Johnson
Lyndon Johnson announces further escalation of the war in Vietnam (and Laos, and Cambodia) …
"it is in our works of art that we reveal to ourselves, and to others, the inner vision which guides us as a nation." Lyndon B. Johnson
An attack on the poor disguised as a race war, to divide and conquer. What Lyndon B. Johnson said describes it.
- *** give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you." -Lyndon B. Johnson
We received another bunch of entries today!. We have Lyndon B. Johnson competing in both Open Bodybuilding and...
"To deny a man his hopes... It is to deny America."
on 1965 Vietnam War: U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson announces his order to increase the number of United States troops in South..
Lyndon Johnson signs legislation creating the program on July 30, 1965.
Who support Orval Faubus, Robert Byrd, Lyndon Johnson etc. Some people have gotten rich of race baiting.
Did you know her father Lyndon Johnson murdered JFK?
The Larry O'Brien trophy named after former commissioner who also served as postmaster under president Lyndon Johnson
"One thing's for sure: It's a good thing Jarrett wasn't a senior adviser to Abraham Lincoln or Lyndon Johnson.
the best *** president we've ever seen, besides Lyndon Johnson
President Obama, like Lyndon Johnson in Vietnam, thinks he can defeat from the air and with advisors. It just doesn’t work that way.
51 years ago today Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964
The trade debate was another edition of DC's favorite useless game: WWLBJD (what would Lyndon Johnson do?) my story -
Isn't this reminescent of WI Sen Eugene McCarthy's sudden surge in the '68 Dem primary season causing Lyndon Johnson to bow out?
in 1964 CIA report to Lyndon Johnson challenges domino theory:
Ronald Reagan lost a rare and expensive sportscar to Lyndon Johnson in a poker game.
for a second there I thought u were talking about Lyndon Johnson lol
and yet, blacks think Lyndon Johnson was great president tho' he hated them, they get most of abortions, tho' founder hated them.
Lyndon Johnson was the first elected President in 1964 from a former Confederate State. He signed civil rights laws!
if only President Kennedy chose a hard top instead of a convertible. Lyndon Johnson, McNamara, Kissinger and U= 180 k lives lost
Lyndon Johnson was a pretty lovable president, I agree.
Lyndon Johnson really has us smh tisk tisk Mr president
Kevin Costner uncovers a conspiracy by John F. Kennedy to murder Lyndon Johnson, the FBI, the mob, & others.
Fifty years ago Lyndon Johnson launched the "war on poverty". Nothing has changed.
I was alive but was too young to remember politics. But people these days believe Lyndon Johnson freed the slaves.
==> Judy Morris essay on Lyndon Johnson ordering Israel to murder the USS Liberty
Ike's parting words were watch out for the military industrial complex aka Lyndon Johnson, senator (D-Pentagon).
If Lyndon Johnson had reprised Bryan Cranston’s role in “All the Way” he would have killed it.
Lyndon Johnson's personal hit man was Malcolm Wallace
Lyndon Johnson's net worth in 1964 was $25 million in dirty money, as Ed Clark told Robert Caro.
Lyndon Johnson blackmailed his way onto 1960 Democratic ticket in Los Angeles
I was really considering voting for Lyndon B Johnson but pattys4putin changed my mind
1) Roger Stone’s book is best one about Lyndon Johnson murdering JFK
Lyndon Johnson murdered John Kennedy. Lunatic LBJ also orchestrated Israel's attack on the USS Liberty to be blamed on Egypt.
Here is what Lyndon Johnson *really* said to Wallace behind closed doors according to key Wallace aide
Wait a minute, the KKK endorsed Lyndon Johnson for President?
George Foreman's Tribute to Lyndon B. Johnson Scholarship. (Open to a University of Texas at Austin Student). Radio...
Biafra was when Lyndon Johnson told his Undersecretary of State, “Just get those *** babies off my TV set.”
LBJ biographer Roger Stone says Lyndon Johnson would order a murder like you or I would order a ham sandwich
Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) feels like i feel on the last day of Spring Break
Jackie Kennedy on how JFK scorned the idea of Lyndon Johnson as president
.says he would govern like Lyndon B. Johnson:
"Tell a poor white man that he's better than any black man & he won't realize you're picking his pocket" Lyndon Johnson
Since Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty, we've spent 16 trillion to become an entitlement nation. ~
Soo Texas was really fun @ Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum
Coachella outfit accounts? Did you mean Lyndon Johnson lied about the gulf of Tonkin incident to escalate the Vietnam war
.Found them! Thats my grandfather meeting Lyndon Johnson.
Bush said he would govern like LBJ. I'm not interested in another LBJ.
Jackie Kennedy believed LBJ had her husband killed according to tapes
Lyndon Johnson's son-in-law Chuck Robb was governor of Virginia from 1978 to 1982.
...She then volunteered to campaign for Republican candidate Barry Goldwater in the presidential election of 1964 against Lyndon Johnson...
By prof in The legacy of Senator Harry Reid: Bare knuckles but no Lyndon Johnson
The legacy of Bare knuckles but no Lyndon Johnson via
"Stevenson was the only person ever to defeat Lyndon Johnson." Coke lost. Pappy O'Daniel beat LBJ in 41.
Lyndon Johnson was a pretty cool president if you ask me
''Being president is like being a *** in a hailstorm. There's nothing to do but to stand there & take it.''-Lyndon Johnson
the last time a US president had his brains blown out was when Lyndon Johnson was VP
Lyndon Johnson hated Israel too like your favorite president Barack Obama does .Was Jimmy Carter there too?
Lyndon Johnson was bisexual and had sex with his grandmother Ruth Ament Huffman! Ew!
Been discussing Lyndon Johnson. If you ever want a good time, Google the bathroom-stuff Johnson got away with. He was a dangerous lunatic.
Atlanta welcomes Joseph Califano Jr on the Triumph and Tragedy of Lyndon Johnson
Lyndon Johnson stole an amazing billion dollars worth of gold in 1969. Read the Gold House trilogy:
Question: Why was George DeMohrenschildt friends with Lyndon Johnson, CIA chief GHW Bush (1976) and Lee Harvey Oswald?
MMFA, do you *really* believe Oswald Killed JFK? Really? Read Roger Stone's book indicting Lyndon Johnson.
After a legal dispute with the estate's heirs, letter from Lyndon Johnson to Martin Luther King's widow to be sold:
Great phone conversation between Lyndon Johnson and MLK. Was this how Selma portrayed the president? .
Watching right now. It seems that Lyndon Johnson would have embarrassed me more than George W Bush to represent Texas as president.
"If one morning I walked on top of water across PotomacRiver the headline that afternoon would read, 'President Can't Swim.'". Lyndon Johnson
on the medical team that treated president Lyndon Johnson. Your delusion with white supremacy is laughably alarming to me.
Keep in mind, the Raiders and Chargers current stadiums opened when Lyndon Johnson was President and Lombardi coached the Packers.
Clinton was the highest-ranking modern President, ahead of Ronald Reagan (11th), Lyndon Johnson (12th), John...
Lyndon Johnson's letter to MLK's widow heads to auction after a big fight - Washington Post
President Ayub Khan having a meal with president Lyndon Johnson of United States during his visit to United States http…
Democrat president Lyndon Johnson sent American troops into Vietnam.
Lyndon Johnson once warned that CO2 from fossil fuels was altering the Earth's atmosphere. Not a big focus then:
Jan 8 1964- President Lyndon B. Johnson declares a "War on Poverty" in the United States
The guns and bombs the rockets and the warships all are symbols of human failure. Lyndon Johnson :-)
Why go with what zippy clown Lyndon B. Johnson
We don't talk about Lyndon B. Johnson all the time and this is the weirdest thing in the world to me.
Elaine Dietrich-Nichols. Being like LBJ is not a good thing. He helped Jeb's father kill JFK, He allowed and...
Lyndon B. Johnson one of our past presidents attended texas state featured in NBC s Science of Love
You would govern like Satan tells you to.
this is wrong lol 😂 . Kennedy was succeeded by Lyndon B. Johnson
"She's sent more men off to war than Lyndon Johnson." 😂
War on poverty by Racist Dem Lyndon Johnson, picking pockets of middle class & keeping poor dependent👎
The Lyndon B. Johnson enacts a law allowing anyone who flees Cuba and reaches United States the opportunity to pursue U.S. citizenship.
The patriots won this Super Bowl like Lyndon johnson won the presidency.
Let's get to WORK Patriots. Jeb Bush has just told you he is going to "govern like Lyndon Johnson" WHOA ! No...
Lyndon B. Johnson was President during the first in 1967.
"...once man can no longer walk with beauty or wonder at nature, his spirit will wither..." -Lyndon B. Johnson
This is a fantastic rebuttal to the idea that SELMA is unfair to Lyndon Johnson.
EDUCATION AND NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: THE JONATHAN EXAMPLE. By Peter Obi Many years ago, the Philosopher, Aristotle observed that the dif­ference between the educat­ed and the uneducated is like that between the living and the dead. To Aristophanes, it is the dissimilarity between bro­ken and unbroken horses. As President of the US, Lyndon Johnson had declared: “At the desk where I sit, I have learned one great truth. The answer for all our national problems; the answer for all the problems of the world — come to a single word. That word is education.” All these notions about edu­cation have been with man as far back as we can trace its his­tory. Efforts have always been on-going to improve on educa­tion among nations and their peoples. It is universally acknowl­edged that the distinction be­tween success and failure lies in education; in the same way that educational attainments explain the disparities in the growth and development of nations. The great countries of Europe, the Americas and A ...
For example, I bought 1st volume of Robert Caro's massive biography of Lyndon Johnson, then decided to wait on that one!
9 things I wish people understood about Lyndon Johnson
Jan. 22, 1973: Lyndon Johnson dies. His presidency was the high water mark for American liberalism. It's all been downhill since.
Is anyone surprised that Lyndon Johnson turns out to control a big block of votes at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sc…
Interesting thing. I was just reading an article about the Texas politician, Randy Weber, that compared President Obama to Hitler, saying that even Hitler went to France (referring to the recent solidarity march in Paris). It got me thinking about Texas and all the weird characters that come from there. Howard Hughes, Rick Perry, Gary Busey, George and Jeb Bush, and others. I just googled famous people that came from Texas hoping to find a balanced mix of nobility and nut cases. I was less than surprised to find that the nut cases far outnumber the nobles. However, some of the notable nobles are Willie Nelson, Ann Richards, Lyndon Johnson, Michael Nesmith, maybe Joan Crawford, Owen Wilson. Texas, generally seems like a place full of regressives. I think it would be great if they seceded from the union. It would be another foreign country close enough to L.A. to visit within less than a full day's driving distance.
Remember when Texas used to produce GOOD people like Ann Richards, & later, Lyndon Johnson? They are RUSHING to counter those with ***
Wondering why Stephen Root (who plays an aide to Tim Roth's George Wallace) wasn't cast as Lyndon Johnson.
‘Selma’ has already come under fire for its portrayal of Lyndon Johnson. The acclaimed film also leaves out Jewish contributions to the civil rights struggle, Leida Snow writes.
Malcolm X In late 1945, Little returned to Boston, where he and four accomplices committed a series of burglaries targeting wealthy white families. In 1946, he was arrested while picking up a stolen watch he had left at a shop for repairs, and in February began serving an eight-to-ten year sentence at Charlestown State Prison for larceny and breaking and entering. Martin Luther King, Jr. Having concluded that King was dangerous due to communist infiltration, the FBI shifted to attempting to discredit King through revelations regarding his private life. FBI surveillance of King, some of it since made public, attempted to demonstrate that he also engaged in numerous extramarital affairs. Lyndon Johnson once said that King was a "hypocritical preacher". Ralph Abernathy stated in his 1989 autobiography And the Walls Came Tumbling Down that King had a "weakness for women", although they "all understood and believed in the biblical prohibition against sex outside of marriage. It was just that he had a particula ...
In terms of the executive branch, I think Obama is the best politician we've had since Lyndon Johnson.
Jeb Bush: I would govern like Lyndon Johnson as president
History Fact: The tallest U.S. President was Abraham Lincoln at 6'4" - slightly taller than Lyndon Johnson who was 6'3.5".
ICYMI: The inside story of when rising star Gough Whitlam met Lyndon Johnson at The White House in 1967.
How Many Did You In the 1960s, Lyndon Johnson was heckled this way. Anti-war (cont)
READY FOR THIS??? Jeb Bush says he wants to be another "Lyndon Johnson" as President. RINO tag fits better every day!
“Depiction of Lyndon Johnson in 'Selma’ Raises Hackles (It's wrong! Saw as LBJ on Bway!)
He gets all the booze he wants AND gets to have lunch with Lyndon Johnson, what a day!
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said he would strive to be like Lyndon Johnson, the Democrat famous for expanding the U.S. welfare state through the
Former Special Assistant to Lyndon Johnson on how he tried to balance support from white racists with the MFDP
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
And that time Lyndon Johnson throttled Lester Pearson in the White House. That was awkward.
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