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Lyme Disease

Lyme disease, or Lyme borreliosis, is an emerging infectious disease caused by at least three species of bacteria belonging to the genus Borrelia.

Yolanda Foster Avril Lavigne Katina Makris

Alright everybody we have two weeks left to donate to help kids fight Lyme Disease with the…
Today, I got diagnosed with Lyme disease. My whole family thought it would be hilarious to call it... FML
President Obama and Congress: A Call To Legalize Lyme Disease - Sign the Petition! via
hey guys! if you would like to support + to help kids fight Lyme Disease donate here:.
It would be brilliant if Rte did some Awareness for Lyme disease Patients too
I cured 2 people Er 2 dog lovers of Lyme disease in recent past. . The fools went right back to sleeping & eating wi…
Let’s help kids fight Lyme Disease and get your ROCKS T! Visit to find out more!
Lyme Disease has a wide variety of symptoms
Ticks carry many disease carrying microbes in addition to Lyme disease
Lyme is creating havoc across the country
What do you really know about Lyme Disease? RT
PLEASE READ, even if you don't have Lyme. I guarantee you know someone who does.
Oldest case of bacteria Borrelia was found in 5,300 year old mummy.
Do you know someone with Lyme Disease? We will have a special Healing Mass for them and others at on Oct…
It's official - "Autoimmune Illness and Lyme Disease Recovery Guide" is available nationwide!…
What do you really know about Lyme Disease?
One Woman's Struggles w/ Lyme Disease: "Her joints froze. She couldn’t walk. She had to be carried to the bathroom."
Former Sen. Chris Harris who suffered from Lyme Disease started this effort.
Out at chackbay fairgrounds today supporting my Aunt Lois & spreading the awareness for Lyme Disease!! We love you!!
Doctors misdiagnose Kris Kristofferson with Alzheimer's for years, officially diagnose the star with Lyme Disease. htt…
Do you or someone you know have Lyme disease? Check out my blog: you may enjoy laughing a little!
.identifies cause of disease in humans: Borrelia mayonii
If only Drs believed in mythological beasts like Dragons and Lyme Disease.
this important & informative article. | 8 Common Signs of Lyme Disease in Dogs via
Kristofferson has new lease on life after misdiagnosis
Former 'RHONJ' star diagnosed with Lyme disease via
Round Lake’s Matthew Decker who has Lyme disease & Babesia, announces debut album -
Did you know that tick bites can cause Lyme disease? Simple steps to prevent tick bites:
LA Lymies! + any1 who wants to learn about Lyme Disease: My mom will be joining TODAY https:/…
Former 'RHONJ' star diagnosed with Lyme disease
My boss is asking the symptoms of Lyme disease. Only one I know is. "laugh maniacally after being slapped" but she doesnt want to…
Geocaching our way home from Cape Breton. Seems like a pretty good way to get Lyme disease.
Dr. Horowitz has treated over 12,000 Lyme disease patients. When I wrote my latest Lyme disease book and sent him...
Lyme disease may seem scary, but once you know the truth, you can take easy steps to protect yourself and be sure...
ICYMI: As seen the current issue of JAMA- Treatment of Lyme Disease
Interview with Dr. Neil Spector, whose heart was damaged by unrecognized Lyme disease.
Summer just started and with it: tick season! . It's really important to protect yourself. . And demand testing if...
Summer camps mean outdoor activities which also mean Check our our tips to protect kids & staff from http…
My son's struggle with Lyme and the reason for the continued fight for access to treatment coverage.
Former star diagnosed with Lyme disease via
Great Hackathon. Looking forward to positive outcomes to help Veterans with Lyme disease.
They thought it was Alzheimer's, it turned out to be Lyme. Best news: treatment helped.
Is your dog protected from Lyme disease?
my 12 y/o dog has lyme and my 9 y/o son has it as well. He got it when he was 5. Its a horrible disease that doesn't get.
Interesting how 1 week before the show starts, Amber Marchese announcement of Lyme disease hits the news.
A description of lyme disease showing only half of what we who have this experience go through!
Former ‘RHONJ' star diagnosed with Lyme disease
Kristofferson gets his life back at age 80: it's just disease, not like they had thought.
Chronic Lyme Disease-Epidemic Hoping this will help someone out here who may be suffering w/ no answers- praying 4 u
Map shows where in Scotland Lyme-infected ticks are most likely to get you
I liked a video What are the symptoms of Lyme disease?
We have the cure for Lyme disease without drugs! Used on hundreds of people. Please inbox me!
I liked a video What does it feel like to have chronic Lyme disease?
New species of bacteria found to cause Lyme disease:
Worried about Lyme Disease? Our best selling blood test will help confirm the diagnosis:
Tick time: Ways to avoid Lyme Disease: DECATUR -- Linda Kehart, Chairman of Macon County Lyme Disease...
Many diseases can be transmitted by ticks Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis & Tick Paralysis
Idaho Falls woman living with Lyme Disease "I had chronic headaches,... https:/…
A post about what it's like to live with chronic Lyme Disease
May is Lyme Disease awareness month! Spread awareness about it & spend some extra thoughts to all who suffers from it
My post explains how Lyme Disease tests are unreliable:
My post on Lyme Disease explains how treatment may not work;
Thank you so much for all of the Lyme Disease awareness you are raising Ally! 💚 Can't wait to get my book tomorrow!
Please support Lyme Disease research & awareness by taking the htt…
I understand 😢 People need to educate themselves about Lyme. Chronic long-term Lyme Disease is debilitating. I know & I care
This is all I can find in the Pennsylvania General Assembly for Lyme Disease. Really now, as my daughter would...
One woman shares her story living with Lyme Disease...and is raising awareness so you stay safe.
Very good article about the excellent and compassionate Dr Stephen Phillips MD in Wilton CT. Lyme Disease is real. ht…
Broome County gives out tick removal kits to prevent Lyme Disease
Mitochondrial dysfunction secondary to Lyme Disease. Serum carnitine concentration is... https:/…
My favorite part was apologizing and the awareness brought to Lyme Disease
has me crying for everyone suffering with Lyme Disease. So grateful uses her platform to spread this awareness 💗
can any of you help raise awareness for Lyme Disease by doing the plz??
We are working to raise awareness of Lyme Disease and not afraid to take on the controversy
I thought you were getting better a few months ago?-Are you still Not All Good?-I do not want Lyme Disease either.
Not a question, just wanted to thank you for all the awareness you've brought to Lyme Disease! Can't thank you enough
Plum Island and the American Scientists need scrutinising over Lyme Disease, too much of a coincidence it isn't man made
029 Continue on the path to wellness! Katina Makris discusses how to healing from Lyme Disease. -
Today is a major Tooth Pain with a side order of a left Calf Muscle Charlie Horse. But it's better then having Lyme Disease like my GF has.
Raising awareness about Lyme Disease, one pedal at a time
I feel ya- Arizonans don't know about Lyme Disease. But all awareness of our struggles is valuable!
So much for using the show for Lyme Disease awareness instead she used it for promoting children and her ex.
Thank you for bringing awareness to Lyme Disease and getting the word out there! I cried when I watched your show t…
’s battle w. Lyme Disease is critical 4 raising awareness of
Divergent strains and species of Lyme Disease . From Scientific American: New Cause for... http…
Emerging research confirms divergent strains of Lyme Disease in the Southeastern United States
"Lyme Disease is the next epidemic and can mimic many other kinds of diseases. This is why awareness and...
Thank you to all the celebrities who are spreading much needed Lyme Disease awareness 7...
• She helps to raise awareness for Lyme Disease as it affects her family
BLUMENTHAL for SENATE. Has done significant amount of legislative research on Lyme Disease. Vote ° = • Blumenthal 4 Connecticut
Mundry came across this, Lyme Disease: Natural,Effective approaches with Kenyon Kelly. Feel Better, good luck!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Calling UK disease sufferers to add their data to Have your voice heard! Complete and RT…
Surge in acute cases of Lyme disease in Britain spurs ministers to act
good for you doll! I have Lyme disease so reading is hard, but hope to read yours!
I was just diagnosed with Lyme Disease after years of suffering and countless doctors. Journey begins
2015 bumper acorn crop in US northeast predicted to lead to 2017 disease spike
plz sign and share plz help fight Lyme disease in UK thx
StoneyBrook Univ is the center 4 Lyme disease many advances
come2 Stoneybrook University Gospel the Mecca 4 Lyme disease they treated my mom
It's been a tough year for Avril Lavigne, Lyme Disease and Divorce. 2016 will be your year, Keep Holding On Avril ✨🙏🏼 ht…
Click here to support Olivia Maxwell's Lyme Disease Cure by Alessandra Dunn
Yolanda Foster: Lyme disease was contributing factor to her divorce from David Foster
Four tick-bourne illnesses you want to prevent!
Lyme disease: "The suffering of many affected patients obliges us to learn more about this disease, and fast"
When your doctor has no idea if Lyme's disease can be recurrent
Lyme disease costs up to $1.3 billion per year to treat, study finds
Charlottetown woman facing big bill for Lyme disease treatment
Lyme disease is absolutely horrible . Please protect yourselves . . I've never been so sick in my life.
Unravelling the mystery of Lyme disease: Why Canada needs to do more via News
LYME NEWS - from our DELAWARE neighbor - Ticks don't care about state boundaries. They are everywhere. DE is a...
See why tick prevention is key to avoiding tick-borne illnesses:
the tick is the only known vector for Lyme Disease. Study the lifecycle o…
Learn how NOT to be one of 300,000 people affected by tick-borne illnesses:
Lyme disease flare ups feel like death. . hurt so bad
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: End Preferential Treatment of the IDSA Guidelines...
Tick-borne illnesses affect more then 300,000 people a year; learn how to avoid them:
Just my luck that the tick was a deer tick and had lyme disease
the vaccine for Lyme disease doesn't always work. Its best to use a monthly tick prevention product as well.
TickEase shares keys to avoiding four big tick-borne illnesses.
Hello Readers, Read the stories of the people we are following as well as Our Girls story Things need to be done urgently about Lyme disease
Exactly! To our Institute of Medicine Lyme disease panel years ago, I fiercely exhorted representative drs not to +
Little Giant Ladders
After 2 1/2 years of battling lyme disease I have decided to share my story. This is the first of many chapters. Fe…
Four tick-borne illnesses YOU need to know about:
I am trying to raise funds for microbiology tests - essential oils vs Borrelia. Campaign live at
Yolanda Foster on splitting up with her husband: Lyme disease "sure changed the dynamic" of the relationship.
Petition: Develop accurate NHS tests and effective treatment protocols for Lyme disease.
Ecologist predicts 2017 a bad year for disease in US due to boom in acorns in 2015 https:…
Just got news that they can't stop Nukas Lyme disease. Theyre gonna keep him at home until I can see it again but :c
dont the horses need 2b tested &/or treated? Where r they now, r they infecting others or not the culprit.
Super-fit athlete left bed bound after medics failed to realise she had Lyme disease...
So many people with Lyme have contacted me that I had to explain the ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia connection to chronic lyme… htt…
Ohio Legislature Sends Feds Patterson, Ruhl Call for Action on Lyme Disease - Bipartisan resolution for better...
Trivia: The Aussie Stosur (is a US Open champion and a Lyme Disease survivor. |
Eileen Davidson defends good friend Yolanda Foster over Lyme Disease
I swear, I feel so stable right now you would think I don't even have Lyme disease.
Yolanda Foster is not very happy with the other women on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and sources say... https:/…
Lyme disease in Arkansas: Is it here?
BREAKING NEWS! 's call for an inquiry into Lyme-like disease was passed in Aus Senate! http…
Yolanda reveals Gigi was rejected TWICE by Victoria’s Secret
Tick-Ease: Peace of mind in a world of increasing tick-borne illnesses:
Lyme disease in Arkansas Is it here?
Avril Lavigne 'fights', 'conquers' Lyme disease; shares a photo from her medical appointment on Instagram.
Things are looking up for in her ongoing battle against Lyme disease
Avril Lavigne is proud to be conquering Lyme disease:
Alzheimer's and Lyme Disease: Caused by Disruptions in Food Chain via
Parasites found in blood of Lyme disease sufferer Tahlia Smith: An aspiring Australian actress who flew to Ger...
It's Peter Irwin but as parasite never isolated locally, these samples from patients useful
Protagen and Mikrogen agree on Co-development of Novel Lyme Disease Markers
Lyme disease sufferer Tahlia Smith had live parasites in her blood ...
How Avril Lavigne is doing after year-long battle with Lyme Disease
When Cosmopolitan magazine has a piece about you know we are close to a tipping point.
Order Miche Bag Online!
A senate enquiry into the existence of in Australia established this week
Lyme t know could kill you.: This 82 Page E
Australian's and overseas treatment Hope some of the "copious amounts" of parasites returned for study
Overcoming Lyme Disease. Feels good to have my Dr. smile and tell me how much progress I am making.…
TickEase: Get one for your family, pets and loved ones:
Avril Lavigne today shared a positive update on Instagram about her battle with Lyme disease https…
hello our girl, Avril Lavigne, has Lyme disease but she wanted me to tell you happy birthday
NHS refuse to treat student from New Forest with confirmed Lyme Disease. A 19 year old student from Hampshire who...
philprehn Huge crowd east side deer control Opening statement it's about deer it's about Lyme Disease https
Huge crowd east side deer control mtg. Opening statement "it's not about the deer; it's about Lyme Disease." (1/2)
"Never, never, back down" and don't be afraid to stand up for what you know is right with respect to Lyme Disease... htt…
Dealing w/Lyme Disease is complex. Help ease journey for chance to hang w/& be in
Yolanda Foster is back and confronting Lyme Disease doubters
Come to Maitland park ! I am doing fundraising face painting for the Smith family. Come help cure Lyme Disease !
NIH: Must see Lyme Disease as an epidemic! Many PCPs dont recognize or refuse to treat symptoms. Integrative medicine is best route to heal.
Reader Poll: An Increase in Lyme Disease: More US counties have reported cases of Lyme disease from 1993 to 20...
Do you have questions on Ticks and Lyme Disease. Check out our short presentation on Tick Awareness and...
Children’s Book: Spot the Barbados: Raises Awareness for Lyme Disease - Outnumbered 3 to 1
Follow Us! To get more updates & information about the BX Protocol™ & to see how people are healing from Lyme Disease
Thank you for spreading Lyme Disease awareness
PA DOH promoting Lyme Disease awareness - learn how exacerbates the problem:
From Maryland: Two Frederick County lawmakers are preparing bills dealing with Lyme Disease.
.treated 4 Lyme Disease: best wishes. Take v seriously if you work/walk by sheep/deer. Pic my Lyme rash
Could this be used to eliminate Lyme disease bacteria at the source? I think so! (See Radiolab CRISPR episode too)
NY-19 Rep. Chris Gibson is hailing the passage of legislation designed to fight lyme disease
Are dear the real culprit in the spread of Lyme Disease?
Comprehensive approach to defeat Lyme disease
other Canadians are fighting for awareness & you've become a hero for speaking out.
Thank you to the Karl McManus Foundation and MC Mike Crossland. Fabulous, heartfelt, awareness raising fundraiser for Lyme disease.
Fredericton Lyme disease support group wants better testing
Avril Lavigne is halfway through her Lyme disease treatment. Find out how she's doing:
How the German Army is stopping Lyme Disease via
Hi Mario, do you know if LD422, An Act To Improve Access to Treatments for Lyme Disease was one LePage tried to 'pocket veto'?
I’m 24 and Have Lived with for 16 Years via
Avril Lavigne breaks down as she talks about her battle with Lyme disease
Tonight on singer tells us about bouncing back from mysterious disease that changed her life http:/…
A 'hidden epidemic' in the US has ballooned into a public-health fiasco — and no solutions... htt…
I have chronic Lyme disease & up doing my 9 hr IV now. Your pics of tonight are amazing! 😀🙌🏻
Lyme Disease is in its prime season, doctors warn prevention is key
Courtney legislation to advance critical Lyme Disease research passes
why do all these celebrities have Lyme disease??? how do you become a lime
Despite spread of Lyme disease, Mass. dedicates no money to prevention via
.opens up about her battle with Lyme Disease in emotional interview!
Lyme disease can be passed on to humans by a tick bite. Just be aware if picnicking in the countryside.
BC / Sask both recognize Lyme Disease, but Alberta for some reason thinks we are immune to ticks, AH used an incorrect blood test
Mother caught Lyme Disease in Alberta had to go to 8+ doctors over 2 years before someone listened to her, AH doesn't recognize.
Lyme disease here in North Wales. Check for ticks and bullseye rashes (erythema migrans). Watch Out! Ticks About!!
Avril Lavigne is ‘excited for life' after Lyme disease.
300,000 people a year infected with Lyme Disease needed TickEase: RT
Enhance the efficacy of antibiotics by 1000X with ACS 200!
Pick ticks and prevent Lyme disease: RT
"Not just anymore": 7 new reasons to fear ticks this summer:
Lyme disease is spreading faster than ever and humans are partly to blame via
How the German army is stopping disease (should read 'preventing', but bravo...)
Multiple sclerosis is Lyme disease: Anatomy of a cover-up
Deer tick and Lyme Disease numbers warrant caution for pet owners
Katina Makris, author and Lyme Disease survivor, gave an inspiring talk and signed her book, "Out of the Woods:...
Read our presentations to the government of Ontario legislature on Bill 27 as related to Lyme Disease
Doctor after doctor and faulty labs recommended by the CDC fail to detect Lyme Disease in... http…
Read Amy Tan's sad personal story about how Lyme Disease changed her life.
Dr. Joel Wallach, expert in Lyme Disease says, 80 TO 95% of people being treated for Lyme Disease w/multiple...
Don't know much about Lyme Disease, ticks in Ohio? Read this
Evidence Points to Inflammation as Source of Nervous System Manifestations of Lyme Disease via
The European Space Agency (has backed Scottish highland tick research in the fight against Lyme Disease
It's Awareness Month! Here are a few tips to help you prevent Lyme Disease this spring and summer.
Planting an organic garden w/likely lethal doses of Off Deep Woods to keep ticks away. What's worse? Lyme Disease or Future Morph into Hulk?
A few years ago I had never heard of Lyme Disease until an American friend of mine talked about it. However, I...
It's month! Get 40% off the DVD "Ticked Off: The Mystery of Lyme Disease"-promo code: MAY40.
Pls keep an eye out for ticks in Riverdale Park West. Report rec'd of a dog being bitten and developing Lyme Disease
In case you missed blog on She speaks about her battle w/ Lyme Disease …
Lyme Disease in the press: Yolanda Foster does Lyme disease challenge on ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’...
Avril Lavigne reveals fight to get diagnosed with Lyme Disease took EIGHT MONTHS: The 30-year-old Complicated ...
Lyme Disease has 6 times more new cases each year than HIV/AIDS, yet it receives less...
Lyme Disease will be featured on tomorrow's show! Be sure to check your local listing for air times.
Interesting Article about this controversial issue: Lyme Disease : National Multiple Sclerosis Society
- Lyme Disease is reportedly on the rise. Why is there a vaccine for dogs but not for humans?
No, it was all related to Lyme disease
Challenge: Reliable Diagnostic Tests. A key challenge in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease stems from... http…
Why a Lyme Disease Challenge?. Because those suffering from Lyme Disease and co-infections are challenged in all... http…
MusicTimes> Yolanda Foster and Bella Hadid - Getty Images - Yolanda Foster is probably one of the most real and li...
Many bird species are hosts for the bacterial cause of Lyme disease
A great friend of mine has chronicle Lyme disease and is trying to get to Germany to be treated!…
this hits it right on!!! Fibromyalgia, lupus, lyme disease and many more are hard to see.but thos
On May 17, Fight the Bite at DryHome's Loudoun Lyme 5K. Help find a cure for disease.
We're at Cape Cod mall food court today 12 to 4 pm. Come see us and learn what's new in Lyme disease research, prevention and treatment.
Anyone out there sign this petition but your name isnt showing? -- pls reply "Yes" - thx!
Sorry to hear that. I'm not familiar with Lyme disease, hope its nothing very serious.. I'm sending you get well wishes :)
are hitching a ride into on birds. Have Qs? We can help.
I take like 10 years to walk up a flight of stairs
People who want to avoid the tick-borne Lyme disease might tread warily in forests and high grass. But research...
May is Lyme disease awareness month!Everybody go out and tie a green ribbon on something somewhere public, raise awareness
“Hope everything's ok”found out I have Lyme disease ' thank you Mother Nature 4 no winter.
Could We Vanquish Frostbite With 'Antifreeze' in our Blood? from a
Letter: Help fund a friend stricken by Lyme disease - Pocono Record from a
disease is so political that most people won't get diagnosed or treated. Tests are 70% false negative!
Are you ready? Take a Bite out of Lyme Disease kicks off tomorrow!
Of 321 bears captured in northern Calif, more than 1/4 tested positive for disease.
.And, if one of causes (or main cause) of leaky gut syndrome is Lyme Disease, then it is at core of diabetes, eczema, etc.?
.Dr. Wilson, is Lyme Disease the underlying cause of leaky gut syndrome?
via Lyme disease on French national TV shared by Richard Horowitz, MD.
Great seminar this past weekend of fundamentals of Lyme disease. CanLyme funded many medical professionals to attend.
CanLyme caveat on Live Lyme bacteria video, good video, sick people.
Book review of Why Can't I Get Better Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease by Richard Hor: via
Lyme disease "doesn't kill you, but it squeezes every drop of life from you"
Does Saul's brother Chuck have Lyme Disease? It would explain the aversion to electromagnetic fields.
Lyme disease are far from perfect. Serious consequences.
And I hear that once you get an antibiotic it fixes Lyme Disease...which isn't true and I'm crippled, but that's life.
Eliana and I were asked to do funny pictures trying to eat limes to raise awareness for Lyme Disease.…
I am quite disabled from the impact of Lyme Disease not acknowledged by the CDC. You don't see me freaking out over it.
Research from Johns Hopkins suggests is more widespread in some patients than previously understood.
Well done Knightsy for telling the story about daughter Sarah. She is one of many in Oz suffering Lyme disease. Wake up "govt…
The Lyme and Gut Connection The Role of Diet and Gastrointestinal Health in Treating Lyme Disease
Lyme disease more widespread, costly than previously thought
Lyme disease more serious, costly than believed - KFDA
Just the statement here "New research suggests that a prolonged illness associated with Lyme disease is more...
Treating Lyme disease costs more than $1 billion per year - Outbreak News Today
Prolonged illness in Americans with Lyme disease is more widespread, costly than previously believed, a new study
Actually, I broke the cardinal rule: NO STRESS! I let work and family get the best of me the past couple months. 😢💚
'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Star Yolanda Foster -- Lyme Disease Has Robbed Me of the Ability to Read or Write -
Yolanda Foster's husband gives an update on her Lyme disease battle via
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Real Housewife lyme disease update: Yolanda Foster is at 'war'
Yolanda Foster's husband has given an update on her battle with Lyme disease:
Foto: livelaughlyme: Be there for your loved ones who are battling Lyme Disease or any chronic illness!
Lyme is an autoimmune disease. Ozone and oxygen treatments help recovery! Sugar and gluten interfere with immune system.
Many with MS are misdiagnosed and have Lyme disease
linds is starting a nonprofit for Lyme disease and she's going to do the concert as a kick off concert
MT"Raleigh NC Man misdiagnosed when he had Great interview w/ his wife a PhD in Biology.
did Skylar even get asked to play overseas? And EDD has Lyme disease and struggles to play the 4 months.
Karen Allen from the movie Indiana Jones talks about Lyme Disease and th...: via
Lyme Disease: Lyme Disease and Modern Chinese Medicine: Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious disease and it
I searched and searched for you but I didn't find you I checked some data banks on the internet but I don't know if this is the correct you. I've been trying to look for u for 19 years I've been too week now to find you I eventually will I will end this search for you I never forgot about you and haven't been very well now for some time I got Lyme disease and it mad me week I truly tried my best maybe some day if you come across this message that maybe you will find me you where a good friend to me and I thank you
Questions and answers from NIAID about chronic Lyme disease
Thank you for sharing your story about your constant battle against Lyme disease
our darling Imp has crossed the Rainbow Bridge ... after a long battle with nephritis following Lyme Disease ... she was 12 years and 4 months old ... the only female ever to defeat Martin for Best of Breed ... mother of Jordan, Imp, Banner, MacAfee, Ready .. and *** Achilles, Alfalfa ... such a smart smart girl, opened latches and was often missing only to be found somehow having found a way YET AGAIN to open the gate to the pond to let herself in for a swim ... we are so grateful for sharing her life !
A couple who spent ten years and a £100,000 getting a diagnosis for their daughter's serious illness have said more must be done to counter Lyme disease.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Check out this story by KOBI-TV: Battling Lyme disease symptoms # Oregon
Update on persistent symptoms associated with Lyme disease : Current Opinion in Pediatrics |
*** . Have they checked for Lyme Disease? That is a horrible disease and it f's up everything...
Lyme disease derailed life as I knew it and left me scrambling to put the pieces back together. On a good day, my circumstances frustrated me. On a bad day, my hopes and dreams shattered. I felt like
Bartonella spp. Bacteremia in Blood Donors from Campinas, Brazil from a
Another chance to remind others that Lyme is a year round risk, especially in The South... "But this time of year, when the weather is frigid and my time outdoors is usually limited, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about the issue." "If you are a Lyme disease sufferer, it's on your mind year-round."
Here's something of interest if you suffer from Lyme disease or know someone who does:.
This predicament is common 4 Canadians who have say advocates pushing 4 change of treatment & testing
A Simcoe woman living with Lyme disease is heading to the U.S. for help.
In a candid and revealing post on her blog, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Yolanda Foster says Lyme disease has...
Late Stage Lyme Disease Late stage Lyme disease Symptoms and treatment information Tips and hints Charting your progress Late stage Lyme disease Most Australia’s are not diagnosed with Lyme disease until the disease has become chronic, also known as Late Stage Lyme disease. This is due to the medica…
It would require insurance coverage for the clinical diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. There is a short time to gather co-sponsors.
Thank you to everyone who came out for our educational presentation last night and made it a huge success! Dr. Sage had a wonderful presentation on Equine Lyme Disease. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and learned a thing or two as well!
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