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Luther Strange

Luther Johnson Strange, III (born March 1, 1953), is the 49th Attorney General of the U.S. state of Alabama.

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The groups also expressed frustration with McConnell’s endorsement and support for Luther Strange in the primary. The…
The people of Puerto Rico are suffering, but they'll rest easy tonight knowing NFL ratings are down and Luther Strange k…
The meaningless Rockstar Games news is a well-played distraction from the Luther Strange fiasco.
Luther Strange offered a Capitol Hill-ized version of Trumpism, but it's the Roy Moore model Republican voters want. http…
how is 'Luther Strange' not the name of a Ving Rhames character
Congratulations to Roy Moore on his Republican Primary win in Alabama. Luther Strange started way back & ran a good ra…
Luther Strange and Swamp critters lost big today. Roy Moore wins AL and Bob Corker announces retirement in TN. More RINOs a…
Wait... huh? You were literally in Alabama LAST NIGHT campaigning for Luther Strange.
LMFAO. Roy Moore just beat Luther Strange. Get your cowboy hats and chaps ready... THE REPUBLICAN GOAT RODE…
In Alabama to boost Sen. Luther Strange, Trump detours to insult Kim Jong Un and defend himself
At 22s, Trump says to vote "big Luther Strange". Voice recognition on my phone thinks he said: "big Loser Strange".
"I love Alabama — it’s special": At rally for Sen. Luther Strange, Trump vents frustrations in rambling speech
Sen. Luther Strange is another McConnell look alike RINO. What happened to draining the swamp?
At Trump's rally, I found many more supporters voting for Roy Moore than the president's pick, Luther Strange.
Luther Strange is another globalist puppet. Vote for Judge Roy Moore to Make America Great Again.
Don't take it personal if Roy Moore wins.Alabama knows Luther Strange is just another McConnell DC Sw…
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Pres Trump, Vice Pres Pence & NRA are backing Luther Strange for Senate in AL. They want Strange. W…
Luther Strange is a senator's not for your for Roy...need too liste…
Luther Strange imports Chinese to do the jobs Americans won't: pay $500,000 to get a visa. .
In the debate, Sen. Luther Strange repeatedly pointed out that he has the support of Donald Trump and Pence
Chief here Luther Strange blew that much or more to try and stop bingo halls and messing with Wi…
Judge Moore is a pro-gun veteran committed to draining the swamp. Luther Strange is a lobbyist who killed jobs.
2 legislators accuse Luther Strange of cover-up in Mike Hubbard investigation
Luther Strange is 6'9''. That puts him the 99.997 percentile.
The political proxy war between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon just got very dirty |By .
The open borders Chamber of Commerce has backed Luther "DACA" Strange after assuring them he will support amnesty legislatio…
Who is Luther Strange, who Trump keeps endorsing? — NOW on
. Alabama is so LuckyTo have Candidate"Big" Luther Strange, Smart,Tough OnCrime, borders& trade, l…
Who is Luther Strange, who Trump keeps endorsing?
This is a reason to vote against Luther Strange. FYI.
Scoop - Luther Strange has agreed to back DACA legislation, which is why Senate Leadership Fund gave him $780,000. He's pro-…
Luther Strange benefits financially from company selling visa access to wealthy foreigners .
Senate Tries to Buy Alabama Votes for Luther Strange with $600 Million Ship. GLOBALIST McCONNELL PICK. Vote for MOORE. http…
Alabama is sooo lucky to have a candidate like "Big" Luther Strange. Smart, tough on crime, borders & trade, loves Vet…
The NRA strongly endorses Luther Strange for Senator of Alabama.That means all gun owners should vote for Big Luther.…
I am really pulling for Roy Moore in Alabama. Luther Strange is a McConnell lap dog surrounded by the pungent aroma of c…
Looking forward to Friday night in the Great State of Alabama. I am supporting "Big" Luther Strange because he was so…
We want to go see the but VOTE FOR Roy Moore instead of Luther Strange!
MORE! — Senate Leadership Fund just dropped 830k to help Luther Strange and beat up on Roy Moore.
Luther Strange urged Pres. Trump to withdraw from the Climate agreement. He also voted for Trump's agenda 91.7% of…
So why is Trump campaigning for Luther Strange, McConnell’s pick?
Someone explain to me why Trump is campaigning for Luther Strange please
Sebastian Gorka and Sarah Palin to Campaign for Judge Roy Moore in Alabama as Trump campaigns for Luther Strange https…
why are you supporting Luther Strange he is following Mitch McConnells orders. Roy Moore is not a McConnell puppet. We need Moore.
MAGA community wants to know how supporting a candidate pledged to LOSER Mitch McConnell, like Luther Strange, would he…
And the lies lies continue from Mitch McConnell so he can keep his puppet Luther Strange, wh…   10% Off
Trump making colossal mistake in decision to campaign with Luther Strange in US Senate race in Alabama
Trump to campaign with Luther Strange in U.S. Senate race in Alabama
I will be in Huntsville, Alabama, on Saturday night to support Luther Strange for Senate. "Big Luther" is a great guy…
Roy Moore gets more anti-establishment support in his Senate run against Luther Strange
Yesterday, my opponent Luther Strange voted with Mitch McConnell to raise the debt ceiling, adding BILLIONS to our nationa…
John Archibald: Convicted former House Speaker Mike Hubbard makes the best case for Luther Strange
New Alabama Senate poll: Roy Moore edging Luther Strange by just 4 points
Roy Moore and Luther Strange are set for GOP showdown in Alabama this September. Here's my latest with ht…
Morning Digest: Roy Moore and Luther Strange advance to GOP runoff in Al.. Related Articles:
ProudlyLiberal2: Morning Digest: First post-primary poll finds Roy Moore with big lead over Luther Strange in Alab…
Breaking news: Luther Strange and Mo Brooks wear silk stockings. Pictures?
Luther Strange and Roy Moore Will Head to a GOP Runoff in Alabama Senate Race
Luther Strange, Roy Moore head to GOP runoff in Alabama Senate race - Chicago Tribune
Trump's choice of Luther Strange poised to make it to runoff, but currently 11 points behind Roy Moore, who now has 43% with 68…
Judge Roy Moore & Luther Strange head to Alabama Senate runoff. Judge Moore is in it to win it for 🇺🇸 Conservatives! h…
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Roy Moore is your guy. I don't know who's telling you to endorse Luther Strange but DONT. Talk to Sir.
Roy Moore, Luther Strange head to GOP runoff in Alabama race - NY Daily News
Roy Moore and Luther Strange are headed for a runoff.
Will Trump continue to back losing Luther Strange, who Jared told him to back, when Roy Moore was big winner tonight?
CNN projects AL Sen. Luther Strange and former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore will go to a runoff
Luther Strange failed to get a majority in a Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat and now faces a runoff.
Luther Strange was forced into a runoff despite endorsements from Trump and McConnell.
Big choice for Alabama. Vote for Luther Strange, he will be known as the candidate who was endorsed multiple times by…
Luther Strange is proud to announce that he is having Donald Trump's baby.
Luther Strange will have your back, just like those CEOs you put on the American Manufacturing Council!
If Luther Strange loses today in Alabama it will send strong message to Republicans that Trump's Way is the Wrong W…
Please tell me that I'm not the only one who thinks Sen. Luther Strange is a name straight out of Marvel Comics ...
Luther Strange of the Great State of Alabama has my endorsement. He is strong on Border & Wall, the military, tax cuts…
Translation: Please, whatever you do, vote for anyone other than Luther Strange. A rock, piece of wood, whatever.…
Luther Strange is a SWAMP criminal dishonest as *** I live in Sunny South Alabama Sir.
Don't forget Alabama to vote for Luther Strange to help our In his agenda. Don't let the Dems /libs take our voice away.
Here's hoping Mo Brooks supporters in Alabama turnout in large numbers to vote today and defeat McConnell's lapdog, Luth…
The voters of Alabama did NOT send Luther Strange to the Senate. He was appointed by disgraced Gov. Bentley! . Quid Pro Quo
BREAKING: Polls are open in Alabama. Luther Strange now offering 2 dropped criminal investigations for 1 vote with the coupo…
Big day in Alabama. Vote for Luther Strange, he will be great!
Senator Luther Strange, who is doing a great job for the people of Alabama, will be on at 7:15. Tough o…
Why do I feel like I have to google Luther Strange to see if he is some kind of white s…
Alabamians: Mo Brooks supports this immigration bill. Luther Strange's friends don't and neither will he. VOTE FOR MO BRO…
Alabama Votes TODAY. as Luther Strange teams up with McConnell establishment to become $2.4 mil lackey👇🏼
I think Judge Moore's supporters will defeat Luther Strange and also retain Mo Brooks as a conservative Congressman.
Luther Strange (with disgraced Gov Bentley) accepts $2.4 mil Establishment dollars from Mitch McConnell to become E…
Howard Baker, Jeff Sessions, and Rand Paul are short, but Luther Strange from Al is over 2 meters. Ran…
Yes my senator is or was Jeff Session, now Luther Strange & Richard Shelby, I know where they stand, yep sure am
our dumb hick losers from Alabama, Luther Strange. I hope by now that our great people from George C…
Luther Strange is clearly trying to "beat" Roy Moore in the race for Jeff Sessions' old seat.
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he is running against Sen. Luther Strange, crazy Roy Moore, Ed Henry, Randy Brinson and Dom Gentile. w…
BREAKING: Rep. officially announces he will challenge Luther Strange in the US Senate race. ht…
When Kay Ivey demanded Stabler's resignation, shouldn't she have requested Luther Strange's - by the same rationale?
VIDEO: Luther Strange on Kay Ivey's ascension to governor -.
Alabama continues to prove its corruption. Luther Strange. Gov Bentley . Let's hope the ongoing corruption is linked to Sess…
State auditor to sue Governor Bentley, Luther Strange over Senate appointment
Luther Strange is clearly a Marvel super villain
to welcome Luther Strange to the US Senate, replacing
Really? The SAME AG Strange who insisted HIS investigation into Gov Bentley be "the only one."
Senator Luther Strange speaks to CBS42 after being sworn in
If you had a giant named Luther Strange joining the senate as the next event in your 2017 pool, reveal thyself witch, leav…
Of course Luther Strange was appointed to the Senate. Not surprising. Looks like the Rev Dr Gov is trying to skirt a special election too.
Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) FAQ: he's 6'9" and yes, he played basketball (at Tulane). From its Jambalaya yearbook 1973 (he's…
I am so excited for the Luther vs Doctor Strange movie.
look his name is Luther Strange and I for one think we should give super villainy a chance
While Jeff leaves behind big shoes to fill in the Senate, I have no doubt that Luther Strange will step in to this position…
Here is a take by on Alabama AG Luther Strange’s appointment to Sessions’ Senate seat.
At 6'9," Luther Strange won't be tallest member of Congress ever, but not far off. (Former MD Rep. Tom McMillen was 6'11…
If it smells bad and looks bad, then it's probably...The curious case of Alabama's new U.S. senator, Luther Strange ht…
Is this how you want to be remembered? DeVos? Seriously? Sessions? Strange and his sex tapes?
They replaced Jeff Sessions in the Senate with a nearly 7-foot-tall guy named Luther Strange. The plot twist is he's a supervillain, right?
Who is Luther Strange? Alabama Attorney General will replace Jeff Sessions in U.S. Senate
Congratulations to Alabama's new Senator, Luther Strange. I'm confident you'll serve the great people of Alabama with honor and dis…
Luther Strange has been sworn-in to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions as U.S. senator from Alabama
Meet Luther Strange, the establishment Republican from Alabama who succeeded Jeff Sessions in the Senate.
LUTHER STRANGE. A name out of a dystopian novel called "Life in America Right Now".
Man in the News: Luther Strange, an Establishment Republican, Follows Sessions to Senate
Luther Strange (R-AL) replaced Sessions in Senate today. DC's 1st "Senator Strange" was Robert Strange, a Jacksonia…
Rep. Allen Farley also believes selection of Luther Strange will be good for the state of Alabama. .
Luther Strange, who is replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the Senate, is the second Sen. Strange in history
Luther Strange, Rep, will hold Sessions seat until a special election in 2018, Strange was elected in 2010 as Alabama’s attorney general.
Luther Strange will go from being Alabama's attorney general to being the state's junior senator
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley announced on Thursday the appointment of Luther Strange to Alabama U.S. Senator.
AL Gov Bentley announced that he will appoint Luther Strange (state's current attorney general) as Sessions' replacement in US Senate seat.
Watch special report on Gov. Bentley's naming of Luther Strange as U.S. Senator.
Alabama AG Luther Strange to replace Sessions in the Senate
Report: Governor Robert Bentley to appoint Luther Strange as next US Senator - WAAY
So, Robert Bentley and Luther Strange should both probably be in jail.
Did Robert Bentley's appointment of Luther Strange result in the AG's ethics investigation being dropped?
Luther Strange as Alabama AG investigated the sex scandal of Gov. Robert J. Bentley, who now names him Jeff Sessions' Senate replacement.
PODCAST: Dale & Cameron Smith discuss Luther Strange for AG, turkeys and... via
Chief here AG Luther Strange is pretty corrupt himself he may end up doing like FBI Director Comey did with HRC to begin with
Just got a copy of the letter Attorney General Luther Strange sent to House Judiciary Committee Chair.…
Little known fact: Luther Strange signed this with one of those giant, elementary school markers.
UPDATE: This is the letter Luther Strange sent to the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee…
Committee: Attorney Gen. Luther Strange has asked them to hold on Bentley impeachment investigation
AL house suspends possible impeachment of Gov. Bentley b/c of investigation by Atty Gen'l Luther Strange.
Committee suspends Gov. Bentley impeachment hearings at request of AG Luther Strange
Luther Strange obsesses about bingo; the most important legal issue in Alabama history is ignored:
Today I felt that God wanted me to watch the movie Luther. How strange it is that The Pope has come to Sweden celeb…
Strange and Odd. This is very odd given the fact that Martin Luther condemned many of the Roman Catholic...
I always think about on Strange? Here are my thoughts from a post I wrote 3 years ago...
History misunderstood: "Martin Luther was a strange man. I heard his diet consisted of worms." Happy Reformation Day!
Reformer Pope Arrives in Sweden to Mark Luther's Reforms Strange to honour one who denounced Catholicism.
Impeach the Governor Bentley to authorize the gambling for our state in Alabama besides proposing the lottery and get Luther Strange fired!
I was just at Lambeth CC this morning talking with a Luther advocate about this very thing! Very strange indeed
Dear Luther Strange/Matt Hart: Unlabeled sponsored content is illegal, and you say all the time we have to enforce…
Luther - This Strange Feeling (Hey look at me, Uncompromising me. Not the least affected by the love anyone else gives)
Centuries from now ballads will be sung of the legendary Big Luther Strange, who bestrode the narrow world like a colossus . . .
Ted Cruz wears a Fitbit and a watch on different arms
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Homework this week featuring The Dark Knight Returns and the script for The Strange Talent of Luther Strode.
The sky was a strange color today). Visited Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island after a visit to Island Books.
FanDuel to comply with AG Luther Strange and cease operations in Alabama
Hey Do you guys have Luther Strode (the strange talent/the legend of) comics?
I love BBC (currently watching Luther), Black Mirror, Continuum, (SyFy shows). Hm... I watched one called Strange Empire
You kill it because you can't tax it. You get enough of my money Luther Strange ie. State of Alabama
Special thanks to AL Atty Gen Luther Strange for overstepping and forcing Fantasy Sports gambling out of the state. Ridiculous.
So is she gonna check on our good Guvna Bentley or useless Big Luther Strange?. Go Blazers & enjoy your visit
of course my friend Luther likes strange. On job dissatisfaction: an ox wants to be a horse.
Strange thing happened today I had Luther my trusted companion the dog, my son in the shop doing a little test.
Today, Alabama's Attorney General Luther Strange presented the 2015 Award of Excellence to Riverhill School. This...
AG Luther Strange is @ Riverhill School to present them w/the 2015 Ala Safe Schools Initiative Award of Excellence.
Superb, Explains the strange picks by some returning founders. Do they have more pressure to look cool also? https:…
In a strange twist, anthropogenic noise, a type of pollution, could end up adding to biodiversity. Luther...
Luther/Alice is so deliciously weird and wrong and wonderful. It's strange and I love it.
Beck: 10 separate references were made in the letter about incompetence of Luther Strange
by Rashad Snell Attorney General Luther Strange voiced disappointment over an 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals...
Alabama citizens Luther Strange isnt your friend. His tactics are for personal gain. I wouldn't trust him..
It's still strange watching the with so many of the greats gone.
AG Luther Strange: Matt Murphy interviews the Attorney General of the state of Alabama, Luther Strange, about the…
Alabama Attorney General, Luther Strange is now before the Senate Appropriations Committee...
Lord, send us men like Luther, unafraid to stand up against false and strange doctrines, no matter how popular!
Jessie waking us up for Derby day with her football...before stepping on my lungs!! (Strange noise at…
Luther was pretty good. Kinda strange, but entertaining.
Live Coverage begins Monday by Sandra Walden of the Mike Hubbard vs. Luther Strange court battle. As with the...
"Eric Abetz STILL trending!. Takes foot out of mouth long enough to compare himself with Martin Luther King".
The U.S. Department of Justice in September sent a letter to Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, warning...
Governor Bentley and Luther Strange are some *** thieves. Montgomery wasn't hit by the oil spill. Slimy ***
Strange I'm feeling this convo cause I just heard Luther on the radio and geared up cuz most rnb is crap 2day
Alabamians should demand a perjury investigation of Jessica Medeiros Garrison and Attorney General Luther Strange.
Just watched the Martha Wash episode. Why no mention of her duet with Luther? Strange omission.
Judge undecided on House Speaker Mike Hubbard effort to subpoena AG Luther Strange
Today a judge could decide if indicted House Speaker Mike Hubbard can subpoena AG Luther Strange and his employees to an upcoming hearing.
Alabama AG Luther Strange will be the commencement speaker at three TROY commencement exercises in Vietnam:
AL AG Luther Strange to address Troy Univ. grads in Vietnam
The guy from social network is a strange choice for lex Luther
Please share and sign this petition: . Help defend America's Clean Water Act.
Attorney General Luther Strange said 13 were arrested today after being indicted in Montgomery County.
Strange that I use the 'Martin Luther Insult Generator' to attack opponents of Pope's Climate Change Encyclical.
Catholics= no strange gods. Allah Budda,Calvin, Luther, Smith all wacko gods. All like Baal in history.
allows to Misstate Unanimous 16th Amend.cases to its citizens.
oh no worries. Just strange hearing be called that
Luther Strange, Robert Bentley, Arthur Orr, Richard Shelby: We would like to petition Alabama lawmake... via
Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange says Regional Medical Center Board "is not exempt from the Open Meetings Act."
4 of 5 stars to The Strange Talent of Luther Strode by Justin Jordan
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Luther Strange answers questions from the media in Huntsville.
And I thought that one guy casted as Lex Luther in Snyder's film was strange? Boy, Fukunaga sure wins for 1rst place now.
Strange that the media seem to be alone in thinking Russell Brand is not a gibbering, incoherent nonentity.
sexy bones & entrails "the strange talent of Luther strode"
The Strange Talent of Luther Strode is pretty cool too, but super crazy violent.
Loved The Strange Talent of Luther Strode Vol 1 with incredible fight scenes and a thrilling plot, roll on Vol 2
Luther Strange: Solve AL's budget crisis with conservative principles, not tax hikes or gambling - via
how about the strange talents of Luther strode or old man Logan
that's strange, it works perfectly correctly for TV shoes (for me).
That's strange, because Martin Luther King never condoned rioting, and would have nothing to do with this crap.
It's strange how some white people seem to know what Martin Luther King would want. .
US. Atty George Beck & Al. Atty Gen. Luther Strange talk about synthetic drugs and heroin in Alabama.
Luther Strange: We are going to continue to go after the people selling these drugs that are corrupting our society.
U.S. Attorney George Beck and AG Luther Strange at a meeting in Montgomery on synthetic marijuana and heroin.
Did you miss the show this morning? Then you missed JT talking with Luther Strange. Check it out here.
Busy show ahead today for Luther Strange, and Grant Lynch from
Its strange how people claim Martin Luther King on his holiday but forget about his teachings in daily life.
"former Jefferson County District Attorney David Barber, and Attorneys General from Troy King to Luther Strange" -are utter ***
Ironic that Alabama AG Luther Strange is opposing same-sex ruling, seeing as his parents are clearly Jonathan Strange an…
Injustice Still Thrives in Marion and Selma, Alabama – Cities that changed the nation. Alabama State Troopers killed Jimmy Lee Jackson in Marion, Al. Bloody Sunday took place in Selma 50 years later. Believe it or not, community activist, Janice Green, is facing 20 years in jail because of the political agenda of State Attorney General, Luther Strange. Alabama State Troopers killed Jimmy Lee Jackson. 17 Alabama State Troopers stormed her house and she thought she was being attacked. she shot one time in the air. it was a no knock warrant, how could she have known. She was arrested for 7 counts of attempted murder. She was set up by a cousin who later admitted he lied to the jury. She was found not guilty by a federal grand jury but tried again on a state level, Susan Smith and Andrew Arrington, determined to prosecute community leaders in Perry County for voter rights. they persuaded the Black elected Sheriff, District Attorney and judges, to prosecute her, which is highly unusual. Strange also ...
Reed Dudley: Dale Jackson interviews Reed Dudley of the Alabama College Democrats on Luther Strange and gambli...
Alabama's Young Democrats tell AG Luther Strange he should stay at home: Today in state politics
Luther Strange, Alabama attorney general, says he will likely sue EPA ove ..BusinessNews BirminghamNews
Luther Strange calls me the "most liberal member of the Alabama legislature." For a guy who only went to the Legislature for photo ops, he is either as out of touch as his friends say, or just plain desperate.
Luther Strange and 21 AG's from other States Oppose NY Gun Law: Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange and at...
Robert Bentley - Luther Strange - um . there should be many correctional officers going to prison from the...
CALLING OUT LUTHER STRANGE...just the truth Luther, just the truth. That is all that is that so hard?
Recusing his way to re-election. Luther Strange paid by ASU in 2010; cites work in recusal
Luther Strange was paid by Alabama State University in 2010; cites work in recusal: Luther Strange File.
AG Luther Strange recuses himself from Alabama State University matter, citing previous work for the school: I...
Attorney General Luther Strange is pleased to announce that Houston County Presiding Circuit Judge Michael...
Every time I read about AL AG Luther Strange, I read "Luther Strode" for about half a second.
Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange's office will not confirm/deny any investigations from preliminary ASU audit...
Luther Strange speaking to Houston County Bar Association this morning at Dothan Country Club.
When Bentley was running for governor, he stated that he would let the "People" decide whether or not gambling should be we are nearing the end of his term he has failed to "allow" us to vote on this issue. I shudder to think how much money has been spent trying to prevent it from happening in our state. Luther Strange is on personal quest, it appears, to prevent gambling.however, it isn't his decision to make, in my opinion. It is "OURS".I fail to understand this whole process and why some feel the need to oppose it so vehemently, whether we are in agreement with it.or not.
Very busy day on the MMS Bentley, Luther Strange, Cam Ward, Mo Brooks, Mike Rogers. Join us from 6a-11a
Luther Strange asks court for sanctions against black residents of Macon County for bringing voting rights lawsuit
Remembering that Alabama AG Luther Strange has just charged Lowell Barron with illegal transfer of campaign funds to an aide, as "administrative fees", alleging that he unlawfully put campaign funds to personal use. Records show that Strange made 15 "administrative" expenditures to MDM 27 Holdings Inc. in roughly the same time period. And MDM 27 Holdings is owned by Strange's former campaign aide. Did Luther Strange try to obscure his payments to Jessica Garrison, violating campaign-finance laws? In light of the Lowell Barron indictment, it seems reasonable for Alabamians to be asking that question.
ICYMI What did ALGOP AG Luther Strange do in return for his contract to study education in India?
His name is straight out of the annals of TV crime drama. Luther Strange, Alabama's attorney general, is about to achieve global fame as the face of the prosecution in the trial of America vs BP. Watch for fireworks.
We reported earlier the Special Grand Jury which was requested by Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange will be meeting on Friday morning. Some persons are ordered to appear before the Grand Jury. We reported earlier the Grand Jury would meet Tuesday through Friday. That got changed and they are scehduled to only meet Friday. This is a special Grand Jury which was empaneled and their names drawn from the cookie jar especially for Luther Strange. You remember who Luther Strange is? He is the Chief Law Enforcement of the State of Alabama which we have now confirmed was in New Orleans when little 5 year old Ethan was kidnapped and held hostage underground for 6 days. As Chief Law Enfrocement Strange is the man who DID NOT personnally call the authorities while they worked dayand night to free the child from the clutch of the hands of the killer. Strange, to my information has not contacted the Poland family, which their husband - daddy - grandaddy stood in between the killer and the children and saved the ...
Luther Strange: Luther Strange joins Matt Murphy to talk about the Oil Bp lawsuit and illegal gambling issues
I would love to be able to follow the cash being STOLEN from Victoryland this morning! Most of it would lead me to Bob Riley's "stash hole", Mike Hubbard's "christian" hiding place, and one of the cash vaults in A.G. Luther Strange's Mountain Brook Birmingham mansion. And, out of pure Bob Riley/Mike Hubbard/Luther Strange meanness and spite, some of the money will probably be given to the Poarch Creek Indians in the River Region. (They vote "right", y'know!) Then the machines will be sold for a little more "pocket change" for these white-collar, government thugs!
Just heard that La. Attorney General Buddy Caldwell is in hot water , because he has hired outside law firms to handle the casework pertaining to the BP oilspill case at a cost of $24 million dollars to date ;while Ala. AG Luther Strange has kept his case work in house and it's cost the state of Ala. $200,000 to date .
AG Luther Strange - Up to Alabama legislature/Governor whether to take Medicaid $$ from feds now…but at least they have that option.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Sen. Jeff Sessions, AG Luther Strange, Con. Robert Aderholt among guests reacting to the SC decision on tomorrows show.
I just signed a petition to Luther Strange, Attorney General: Every citizen has a right to lobby our government. But most Alabamians wouldn’t dream of asking our fellow citizens to give us a tax break to subsidize our lobbying. That’s not true of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC...
Luther Strange asks panel to prohibit slot devices.
Alabama AG Luther Strange: Hold on Illegal Immigration. Call AL GOP state senators - don't weaken the law!
WASHINGTON -- Alabama's Luther Strange is one of just three attorneys general in the country who has not endorsed the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act, an issue Congress is expected to take up when it returns from spring break.
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