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Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago (formerly Children's Memorial Hospital) in Chicago, Illinois is a pediatric specialty hospital.

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Great day at Lurie Children's Chicago Dance Marathon. Thanks for the support team
Lurie Children's hospital (serves a lot of underprivileged, minority families), volunteering at Lake Forest Hospital or
Come in and "Adopt a Bottle" from now til Feb 1st and we will donate 10% to Lurie Children's Hospital.
how would you two feel about donating to Lurie Children's Hospital -
The Heart Center at Lurie Children's is one of the top cardiac centers in the country. Their team acted fast and...
Beyond excited to shadow at Lurie Children's hospital in Chicago this week
We would like to make Valentines 4 Lurie Children's Hospital. Do you have a place for us to send?
Hello friends! In two weeks I will climb 80 stories to raise money for Lurie Children's Hospital!
Even though we may not always root for the Cubs (go Cards!), we love to see them teaming up with Lurie Children's...
Stop in and order from our "Adopt a Bottle" Menu before Feb 1 in support of Lurie Children's Hospital
At Lurie children's hospital.thanks for all you do! It helps!
If only I was older and already a nurse at Lurie Children's Hospital because I could have met Anthony Rizzo 😭💔
Seeing these children smile will make your day!
This must have been taken when he found out just how many millions of children he gets to deprive of healthcare.
hello, at Lurie Children's with my daughter in a Spica cast. Need car seat and training. Are you coming to Lurie today?
Excited to get going! @ Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of…
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Lurie Children's, is now trending in
ugh my only goal in life is to work at Lurie Children's 💕🏩. my heart would be so full forever
Happy to be baking for families at House of Lurie's Children's hospital.
Student Council has a HUGE goal of raising $10,000 for Lurie's Children's Hospital at Dance Marathon this May...
thank you to everyone from Pritzker School of Law, SPS, Feinberg, Lurie Children's and Northwesten Medicine for attending
Ivy Hill donated 2Tournament of Books winners to Lurie Children's Hospital today.
On a more positive note, Chicago's Lurie Children's Hospital has taken a huge step forward for their trans and...
Donate cards & new books to kids at Lurie's Children's Hospital now thru March 18. Boxes in front office & library.
Come support Lurie's Children's Hospital by attending the Saint Joe Dance Marathon!
BHS Dance Marathon for patients at Lurie Children's Hospital VIDEO about those who benefit
Teen goes from ICU to Lurie Children’s board room
Teen goes from ICU to Lurie Children's board room
Shout Out to Gab Guillen who just donated $100 towards Lurie Children's Hospital!!
Here we go again... @ Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of…
Join our city site and volunteer with near Lurie Children's March 27:
Today during my usual volunteering time at Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children's, I found out that a recent...
MJHS HELPING HANDS BUDDY CLUB blankets to send to Lurie's children's hospital
I can officially say I was one of the two VU students accepted into Lurie's Children's Hospital of Chicago for my senior practicum ☺️😭
Dropping off the $6700 at Lurie's children's hospital we made at the "Dance It Off" fundraiser!
Lurie Institute welcomed Sara Rosenbaum today for a fascinating talk on children's health policy.
Read the inspiring story of siblings Talia and Anthony - both treated for cancer at Lurie Children's.
$5 Donation for Lurie's Children's Hospital or $10 and you get a Tshirt.
My husband is running the Chicago Marathon this year on Lurie Children's Hospital Team. Donate at
please consider donating to children in need! all proceeds go towards Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago.
I visited the Ann Lurie Children’s Disease Clinic to meet with patients and parents
A special thanks from Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
Make a donation, get a free short stack of pancakes. Money goes to Lurie Children's Hospital.
After months of planning, we finally held Loyola's first ever Dance Marathon for Lurie Children's…
We're down at the at Soldier Field raising money for Lurie Children's Hospital!
Surfrider Foundation relay competition for Young Adults Cancer Survivor for Lurie Children's Hospital…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
can you get to come to LURIE children's hospital in Chicago to visit the kids. They need a smile
Giving back. Doors of Hope! @ Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s
bring the cup to Lurie Children's Hospital! We are ready!
yup I'm working at Lurie children's and lululemon. Are you here for the summer?
: can you come to LURIE children's hospital in Chicago? Kids there are huge fans of star lord and need it
Franklin P.E. dance-athon raised $2001 for St.Judes and Lurie Children's today! Way to go dancers and A-Team!
does Kalla do any philanthropic giving? Fundraiser for Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago looking for monetary or prize donations!
The ads on the radio keep talking about Lurie Children's Hospital, but the ears don't hear Lurie Children's Hospital. No, the ears hear LOU REED Children's Hospital.
It benefits Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago and will begin this weekend. Check our our FB for the wish list!
So besides studying my butt off today. I managed to put in three volunteer applications in. Yesss you read correctly VOLUNTEER apps in. I sure hope one calls back ;) I applied at Lurie Children's Hospital, RedCross, and Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago. In life its not about making money.but making a difference!!
Understanding in Children. Our colleagues at Lurie Children's Hospital of Northwestern University Feinberg...
Bishops in Service is right around the bend! Save the date for late morning, Saturday, October 4th! That morning we will prepare brunch for families staying at the Lurie Children's Hospital Ronald McDonald House.
I am currently working with Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children's Medical to schedule some photo shoots for...
Another wonderful Wednesday volunteer night at RMH near Lurie Children's! A fabulous charity that deserves to win $$
A BIG shout out to our Caring Partners at HAVI Global Solutions who are celebrating their Annual Week of Giving! A wonderful team volunteered together yesterday afternoon at our Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children's and OH BOY were those home-made pizzas delicious!
A crew of window washers dressed as super heroes descend via rope lines from the roof of the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital in what has become a b...
Awesome photos from yesterday's superhero window-washing at Lurie Children's Hospital
Austin was checked by 2 ER dr at Robert h lurie children's hospital. They looked at X-ray and said it is def broken and callus formed shows healing. Get another X-ray in 4 wks. Otherwise this is a common bone to injure being that he was so big. Bones will naturally fuse together in time. Got referral for orthopedic dr if want to see him/her in 4 wks if X-ray does not indicate healing. Thanks for everyone's concern.
Seen this before, and it is awesome. Superhero window washers descend on Lurie Children's Hospital
Superhero window washers descend on Lurie Children's Hospital
is raising money for Lurie Children's Hospital AND busting some sweet moves in the process!
One week until registration for DemonTHON '14 closes, sign up & use promo code "15OFF" to get $15 off your registration fee. Be a part of something bigger than yourself and support the patients at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago!
Window washers at Chicago's Lurie Children's Hospital this week continued what is fast becoming a popular tradition to help put a smile on the faces of sick children. The Chicago Tribune reports that three Lurie window washers donned superhero cos...
Fist bumps from the window-washing superheroes at Lurie Children's Hospital this week.
Check out these super hero window washers brightening the day of children at Chicago's Lurie Children's Hospital.
Spot us in Wrigley and donate to Lurie Children's Hospital! Do it for the kids!
If each of my 222 followers donated just $3, I would have raised $1000 at Lurie Children's! Help Make Miracles!
to the place that never feels like work. @ Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's…
2nd Job? Superhero window washers swoop in to brighten up kids' day at Lurie Children's Hospital
Batman, Captain America and Spiderman cleaned the windows at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago this week for an eager audience.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
A trio of window washers dressed as superheroes Spider-Man, Batman and Captain America descend down the windows of Lurie Childrens Hospital to entertain the young patients.
I’m not in the office today but I’ll be building a fundraiser page. Once again all proceeds to Lurie Children’s.
Their superpowers? Boosting spirits at children's hospital.
Check out this super hero power at Lurie Children's this week...
Their superpowers? Boosting spirits at children's hospital
This is my friend and sometimes travel agent David. Read all about how he has been volunteering at Children's Memorial/Lurie Children's for 50 years! What a great guy, so glad to call him a friend!
Interested in KandiLand 2015/ Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children's send your chil/ren photos to info.livingboldlywill contact you in early Summer
Superhero window washers save the day at Lurie Children's Hospital.
Everyday Heroes: Window washers at Lurie Children's Hospital don superhero costumes before swinging by patients'...
February 7th is the start of the The Olympic Games in Sochi and Avaya is the Official Supplier of Network Equipment for the Sochi 2014 Winter Games! To celebrate this amazing moment in history, Avaya launched an Avaya Olympic Torch Relay, bringing the one of the actual Olympic torches used during the Olympic Torch Relay in Russia on October 17, to communities throughout the U.S. Avaya selected our Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children's as one of the stops while the torch visited Chicago. Families had the chance to take pictures with the torch, Ronald McDonald, and two Olympic athletes, Christine Magnuson & Diane Simpson! This will be the third consecutive Olympic Winter Games Avaya has supported. Avaya is proud to drive the evolution of a new communication and collaboration experience in Sochi. More information can be found at
"This place has been so good to us the last 4 months - Thank you Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children's" - Bill Shockley
Beautiful picture. Patrick Kane and Hawks at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago. (
Patrick Kane and the Chicago Blackhawks meet fans at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago
I am honored to be a part of this important event tomorrow night! 3rd Annual Candlelight Bowl fundraiser to benefit pediatric brain tumor research at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago. Please click the event page for more info.
The Chicago Bulls tickets that were for sale earlier have been donated to the Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children's for some of their house guests to enjoy the game. I hope the Bulls can get them a win and a Big Mac too! That would seem poetic, wouldn't it?
Watch the 2 of Stanley Cup celebration at Lurie Children's! Thank you Coach Q. and Team!!
Moxie Jean buys like-new baby and kids clothing, from newborn to size eight. You'll receive your choice of cash, store credit or a donation to patients at Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. To get started, request a pre-paid mailer bag -- it's fast, ea
Dance marathon from DePaul raised more than $150,000 for Lurie Children's Hospital
A huge shout-out to everyone who participated in DemonTHON, which raised an amazing $150,313.37 for kids at the Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago! That's, oh, roughly $20K more than last year, which was itself a record-setter for a first-time dance marathon. Tag yourself if you're in this photo; hug yourself if you donated and/or danced. You earned it!
The new Lurie Children's hospital has some truly extraordinary common space designs. The whales, sky garden, chapel area and fish tanks are examples of cooperative efforts with local museums and arts groups that decorate the entire building to brighten up patients and their families. It was a honor for me to serve on several committees that designed and built the largest, vertical, free-standing children's hospital in the world!
I want to thank all my friends and family for donating to the Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. The Chicago Dance Marathon on Saturday was a blast and I wish everyone could have been there to dance with me! Thank you to: Kelly Togashi, Erik Garcia, Allan Holmes, Joe Robinson, Christopher Clark, Owen Black, Susie Carlsen, Chris Vasich, Alison Bruzek-Mroz, Chris Apap
The Story of Jac's Birth (a mother's emotional struggle) My pregnancy was completely normal; easy, compared to my first. The same with my labor. It went quicker, though just as painful as the last. When I pushed him out, he came out very fast, faster than the midwife expected. So when he appeared a bluish color immediately after exiting my womb, she thought it was because the surprise of a quick birth left him temporarily unable to breathe well. Nevertheless, the hospital team instantly hooked him up to oxygen, and took measures to identify the problem. Given the technology and equipment available at Swedish Covenant Hospital, they were unable to do so. The only thing they were able to observe was that his heart was enlarged. They informed me and my husband that Jac needed to be transferred to Lurie Children's Memorial. This was terrifying to me and my husband - we had been expecting a healthy child, and now we didn't even know if he was going to live. As we prayed together for the life of our firstborn s ...
Age I was given: 33 Where I lived: Willowbrook What I drove: Accord Wagon What I did: full-time hospital PR/Development assistant "foster" mom to 9 y/o nephew Who had my heart: Kent (we were newlyweds) and Tasha, our new puppy Age Now: 52 Where I live: Willowbrook What I drive: CRV What I do: full-time proposal/report writer and strategist, Lurie Children's Foundation and Mom Who Has my heart: Kent, Kevin and Grace and Buddy, the dog. Like my status and I will give you an age!
I just sent a free valentine to a Lurie Children's patient and you should too! This is an easy way to brighten a child's day. Let's help the hospital reach their goal of collecting 1K valentines!
Do you work at the new Lurie Children's Memorial Hospital? Does your department love free Qdoba for lunch? We'd be happy to oblige- let us know!
Carlos Boozer (celebrates the holidays with kids & families at Lurie Children's Hospital
I attended the Memorial Service for my sister Rose Gary today at Lurie Children's Hospital it was beautiful, she was loved by so many. Thanks to all who continue to support us.
Hello CST's I am looking for a Certified Surgical Technologists to supervise one ST student rotating at Lurie Children's Hospital and Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. Either a Tuesday or Thursday. Double pay per hour. Let me know if either you or a trusting fellow CST is looking for extra hours. Inbox/email me resumes. Start date first week of December. Thanks Dr. Mendes nmendes
This Wookie loves kids and will also be at the Lurie Children's Memorial Hospital this Saturday from 2-4pm.
Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children's is the world's largest Ronald McDonald House - located right here in Chicago! Providing care and comfort to families of hospitalized children
So yesterday we were at Lurie Children's Hospital at 225 E. Chicago Avenue and who was at Ralph Lauren Restaurant at 115 E. Chicago Avenue? Oprah Winfrey and Justin Bieber!!!
Our volunteers do it all!! A group of volunteers from the Supply Chain Management Development Program replaced OVER 100 air filters at our new Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children's saving us OVER $500 in labor costs!! THANK YOU for lending a helping hand to provide care & comfort to our families! To join our volunteer team, click here -
Regina will be hosting brunch at the Ronald McDonald House this Sunday, October 21st from 10:30-12:30 p.m. for the families staying there while their children get medical care at Lurie Children's Hospital. Anyone interested in volunteering, pleaes contact mwalton
Beau Betzold and I just spent a couple days at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago again. This time it was not the gut. We are having a terrible time controlling Beau's migraines and some urinary tract pain. He really gets self injurious and aggressive when he's in intense pain. We could no longer control the pain at home with the current pain management plan, it got dangerous, and we headed to ER to get help. Unfortunately they see autism and they see "behaviors," not a child in pain. They want to call for the psych team and not evaluate from a medical perspective. It took a lot of talking and re-telling Beau's medical history over and over again, but we finally got the chronic pain management team to prescribe a new pain management plan that should control the pain. We'll see how it goes. Now for some much needed sleep.
I was wondering how long it would take me to get over to the new Lurie Children's Memorial Hospital facilities. Got to see the new ER this morning when Regan woke up screaming with neck pain. Bad case of torticollis. What a day . . .
Northwestern Memorial 12th best US hospital. Congrats to Rehab Institute and Lurie Children's too.
Owen at the new Lurie Children's Hospital for the first time!
I'm running the Chicago Marathon for Lurie Children's Hospital! Please donate!
Happy to be at Lurie Children's Hospital to see Gov. Quinn sign HB5114 into law!
Come out to my friend's boutique, Roslyn, on Saturday for some great shopping to support Lurie Children's Hospital!
What a joke!!! FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2012 Up to 200 Chicago Cops Assigned to Jarrett Wedding this weekend: Report Following two crime-filled weekends in Chicago, up to 200 police officers could provide security for a clout-heavy Saturday wedding. Ahead of another warm weekend, officers were ordered to secure the parameter of the wedding for White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett's daughter, according to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are on the high-profile wedding guest list. The First Family arrives Friday night in Chicago. Sneed reports police will be pulled from all districts in the city to work wedding duty in Kenwood and a section of the neighborhood will be surrounded. Police overtime will not be involved, Sneed reports. At the same time Lurie Children's Hospital is providing its own security for employees after two doctors were hurt in recent mob attacks. Escorts will walk with workers leaving their night shift, the hospital said. Las ...
Chicago Children's Hospital: Lincoln Park icon hospital, replaced 6/9 by the new Lurie Children's Hospital. Read this:
Before we celebrate the inevitable progress and successes and losses that will come to Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, let us remember and honor what was.
Lurie Children's and CBS Radio Chicago are partnering our grand opening. From June 6th through June 18th buildings including the Hancock, Trump International Hotel and Tower to Willis Tower will be illuminated in Lurie Children's Blue. CBS Radio Chicago is running informative radio spots and is offering visual support on the websites of: WXRT, WBBM-AM, WBBM-FM, WJMK, WUSN and WSCR encouraging people to "look up and see Lurie Children's Blue". Enjoy and share with friends and family.
It's a DOUBLE COUNTDOWN - Our Ronald McDonald House near Advocate Hope Children's Hospital is helping countdown to the grand opening of our new RMHouse near Lurie Children's on Day 42 and they only have 19 more days until Running for Hope 5k Run/Fun Walk!!
Off to do the Move for the Kids, a walk from the old Children's in Lincoln Park, to the new Lurie Children's!
We are getting our first look inside the new Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago. A party there Friday night celebrates the completion of the state-of-the-art medical facility.
Star-studded party celebrates new Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago - Abc Local Web
Thank you Edward Foundation & Volunteer Services at Edward Hospital & Health Services who are counting down the days until our NEW RMH near Lurie Children's opens on June 26th from our new Ronald McDonald Family Room in Edward Hospital!
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