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Lupang Hinirang

Lupang Hinirang is the national anthem of the Philippines. Its music was composed in 1898 by Julián Felipe, with lyrics in Spanish adapted from the poem Filipinas, written by José Palma in 1899.

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I may not remember all of Lupang Hinirang, but whenever I see boys and girls selling lanterns on the street, I remember the child
Hope I live to see the day the Lupang Hinirang is sung as fervently as the Malaysians are singing now vs Thailand.
Lupang Hinirang. sang to the tune of a march. tell me where tf does marching happen in our whole country's culture. sa tinikling? sa arnis?
Play 'Lupang Hinirang' (National anthem of the Philippines) . . Then put your hand into your heart
Julian Felipe-Lupang Hinirang ft. Jose Palma now available on iTunes,Spotify
Looking forward to this performance of 'Lupang Hinirang' by
I added a video to a playlist A tribute to Marawi heroes - "Lupang Hinirang (Philippine National
Gabe Norwood with his eyes closed singing Lupang Hinirang is everything ❤️
Joey Ayala's version of Lupang Hinirang is better than the one we are using today
Watching the awarding ceremony inside the aircraft! The Champs singing Lupang Hinirang 🇵🇭
aye I sang my part of lupang hinirang that i could remember
I can hear Summer downstairs singing lupang hinirang, tatlong bibe, and bahay kubo. Cutest thing I've ever heard, made my day 💓
i remember when you sent me to the 🏥 twice (cheerdance and Lupang Hinirang dance)
"The Lupang Hinirang Challenge" by Do you have the guts to accept this test? 😏😉
when somebody ask you what is the national anthem and you will say "bayang magiliw" instead of "Lupang Hinirang"
Concert done @ Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Santa Rosa Campus by yours truly. Lupang Hinirang and Pup Hymn medley 🎶🎶🎶
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Lol one kid started singing Lupang Hinirang and another joined in at the top of their lungs
when singing Lupang Hinirang while your hands on your chest gives you happy goosebumps
Lupang hinirang before meralco vs blackwater easter game
Right, there was an audition where I sang LUPANG HINIRANG cos I can't sing to save my life 😂😂😂
I was supposed to sing Lupang Hinirang but I didn't know the lyrics so I sang Beyond the Sea instead 😂
Koki: ate do u know lupang hinirang?. Me: yes, do u know how to sing it?. K: yes, I know how to sing it, some idk😂
First time in a long time to hear 'Lupang Hinirang' in a movie house. 😀😅. Just for
Just realized the Filipino ntl. anthem is called Lupang Hinirang and not Bayang Magiliw. I am ashamed yall can shun me now. Am I Filipino??
1st flag cem, first time conducting Lupang Hinirang and PSHS Hymn, hands were very stiff and I messed up some parts.
& that, my dear children, is how i illustrated Lupang Hinirang & what u shud b thinking of the next time u sing/hear it
Would you rather sing lupang hinirang backwards, or... — Sing lupang. I feel like it would be fun to learn i...
when u get asked 2 sing Star Spangled Banner at an event but Lupang Hinirang will always be your anthem and u have…
My heart was overwhelmed when they played the Lupang Hinirang.I'm so proud 😭💕
Ah memorising a spanish version of Lupang Hinirang 😑 my brain is in fire 🔥
I am surprised that Lupang Hinirang is no longer sang everyday. This is laziness and not good for nationalism
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Singing the Philippine National Anthem, Lupang Hinirang, takes a heavier and deeper meaning in this movie.
I liked a video from Lupang Hinirang: Philippine National Anthem
When you're supposed to just sing "Lupang Hinirang" in front of a live audience and the feels strike you like:
Omygod nagplay yung Lupang Hinirang for God knows why and I just kept busy with my phone at nakacross leg pa. Uhm am I a worthless Pinoy now
First Lupang Hinirang knowing that we are almost free from the tyranny of the Aquinos. Feels great. Good morning Mr. President,
It's 12:46 AM and the Lupang Hinirang is stuck in my head ***
The Philippines is called Lupang Hinirang or The Chosen Land. It is the Pineal gland of the Earth.
Don't fight, we'll still sing Lupang Hinirang as one 🇵🇭❤️ I love you Philippines
When I hear "Lupang Hinirang" tomorrow, I'm going to sing loudly and wholeheartedly. It might be the last time I could ever do it again.
The Reign of Terror is impending if not countered. GOD BLESS Lupang Bayang Hinirang!. Shalom!. G3
Lupang Hinirang played in the theater. I never felt so frustrated and sad. I literally almost cried. What happened Pilipinas???!
on the verge of tears hearing Lupang Hinirang from a distance
I've been singing Lupang Hinirang for like 20 times now
*Lupang Hinirang starts playing while the Philippine Flag burns in the background*
God bless the Philippines! You are with us in prayers our Lupang Hinirang! 👊
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[GoT opening theme remixed with Lupang Hinirang plays in the bg]
I attended a flag ceremony at 7am, with 100 crying men after the last verse of LUPANG HINIRANG. And they are off to vote. . . Vote wisely
As I start this historic day for our country and our people, a beautiful rendition of Lupang Hinirang (…
Lupang hinirang! Election Day is here. Praying for our beloved country. Vote wisely not just for your future, but...
Literally singing the Lupang Hinirang atm. So much love for my country! 🇵🇭
Watched Miting de Abanse of Liberal Party. That's the most emotional Lupang Hinirang ever, makes me feel so proud to be a Filipino.
At the Miting de Avance, there were 2 moments when I almost lost it: singing for her mom and everyone singing Lupang Hinirang.
I dare you guys to sing the Philippine National Anthem"LUPANG HINIRANG"
Yesterday's event was worth the long walk. That was the first time I sang the Lupang Hinirang with tears in my eyes.
Hi Sir Jim. Do we have a video of the last song from last night.. Then segue to Lupang Hinirang? 🇵🇭
Lupang Hinirang being sung like this causes goosebumps! Makes me proud to be Pinoy! Ang gandang tignan na...
I was there,and for the first time i felt how it is to sing "Lupang Hinirang" with all my heart.
The things we do for WATCH: Davao United Singing of Lupang hinirang for the Gu... via
I swear I have never seen so much passion manifested by Pinoys whilst singing the Lupang Hinirang anywhere else! Change is coming! 👊
A heart-warming singing of Lupang Hinirang happened earlier at the Oval Plaza in Gensan..
Today was the first time I cried while singing Lupang Hinirang. . ctto: my friend took this shot
DUTERTE GRAND RALLY traffic situation heading to Davao Croc Park for the singing of Lupang Hinirang.
I want to Lupang Hinirang at Croc Park but I have work 🙄
I liked a video National Anthem of the Philippines (Alternative Version) - "Lupang Hinirang"
Haven't sang Lupang Hinirang with this ardor in a long time.
Depends on the school but we actually have a bisaya version of Lupang Hinirang. I remember singing it before.
I could be mistaken, but I think they still sing Lupang Hinirang in English in Cebu, sir :)
Seeing these students singing lupang hinirang makes me wanna go back to school. 🇵🇭🇵🇭
If you want to know the true meaning of being a Filipino, you should song the Lupang Hinirang.
First time I saw an English version of our national anthem! :D :) " LUPANG HINIRANG " ( CHOSEN LAND )
A very interesting fact about the Philippine National Anthem, "Lupang Hinirang."
They have their own station-id-like Lupang Hinirang video. Featuring teachers, students and the schl of course. Ang cool! 😂
I liked a video Lupang Hinirang Music Video with An All-Women Cast
all I can hear in my head is lupang hinirang
Tomorrow, March 8, is National Women's Day. Watch rendition of Lupang Hinirang, with an all-women cast:.   10% Off
Before that, we will be singing Lupang Hinirang and Candon Hymn first for the opening. 😭😌💘
Your "thank you" and appearance last night won't change the fact that you don't know how to sing Lupang Hinirang. 😶.
. For a good 4 months in 2015 it appeared that Thinking Out Loud, and not Lupang Hinirang, was the national anthem of the Philippines.
Lupang Hinirang before the movie starts. Nice, when was the last time? 5 years ago? Deadpool @ SM Cinema Clark with bebelabs ❤️
Can't say the same thing about our own Lupang Hinirang though. March arrangement good for wartime, not today.
I'll vote for a lawmaker who crafts a bill allowing the Lupang Hinirang to be sung in a different arrangement other than its current march.
Memorizing spanish version of Lupang Hinirang like a pro.
The kids from downstairs are singing the Lupang Hinirang. Talk about pride.
I liked a video Lupang Hinirang Animated Lyrics in Baybayin HD
Coz Star Spangled Banner is much much more dramatic than Lupang Hinirang.
well our laws cannot allow such an interpretation for our Lupang Hinirang :/
Amazed again on how Lady Gaga sang the anthem. I played Lupang Hinirang ang my inner Filipino cried BUT Domeng boy, sorry won't come tom.
Call me pro-American but this rendition gave me goosebumps than all the Lupang Hinirang renditions in all Manny...
(Sadly) I've never sung Lupang Hinirang with as much pride & honor as I did last night. That intro left me shaking!!! 😭😭…
Driving at a 100kph while "Lupang Hinirang" is playing on the radio brings-about a different kind of pump I tell ya'lls 😂
Jessica Sanchez's Lupang Hinirang is the best! Gurl! that high growl is perfection i cant even
Hi Dreamers, I have a suggestion, Can we request Manny Paquiao to let 4th impact sing " Lupang Hinirang "for his last fight
Thanks Achie Stella Arnaldo for the Kids, for the future of Lupang Hinirang we aspire to inspire Hope, Dreams and...
Lupang hinirang to Thinking Out Loud to love yourself real quick
So something awkward just happened. I was in line for the elevator when suddenly Lupang Hinirang plays. *Elevator opens*. ?
Singing both the Star Spangled Banner and Lupang Hinirang today! Wish me luck! 🇺🇸🇵🇭
Lupang Hinirang is stuck in my head God save me
Atm, memorizing the notes in Lupang Hinirang. This is excruciating. 😭😭😭
the Lupang Hinirang played in my dreams, so I stood up and put my hand on my chest . then i woke up like that
Love Yourself is the new Thinking Out Loud. Move over, Lupang Hinirang
PNoy said our "Lupang Hinirang" was the best rendition he has ever heard in his entire life VERBATIM!!!
my hands in my chest then I'll start singing lupang hinirang 😂 joke lang papi drake
Wishful thinking. Lupang Hinirang though was inspired by the French La Marseillaise
Aaaand Lupang Hinirang just played in my shuffle.
Lumad radicalization | A new version of the Lupang Hinirang?
Throwback to the Lupang Hinirang which is the national anthem of the…
Wow I'm hearing LUPANG HINIRANG, don't know if it's for sign on or sign off!!!.
Do you ever just stop and appreciate how beautiful Lupang Hinirang actually is? No Pinoy pride crap. Objectively, it's really nice.
I added a video to a playlist Lupang Hinirang -CPSU Choir
A Death that ushered Lupang Hinirang's re-birth on the way business, politics and community pursuits are...
Tv Patrol to Lupang Hinirang to Bridges of love. Shet finally!.
What is the world's best song to dance to? — lupang hinirang jk uhm 7/11 😂😂😂
Lupang hinirang now. PNOY is going to speak in a bit
Need to memorize the Lupang Hinirang English version😟
Y'all have no idea the shame I carry at having heard Lupang Hinirang a million times over my lifetime, but don't know it by heart yet.
i'm in, i just sang 1 tagalog song but the requirement is 1 tagalog 1 english and Lupang Hinirang.
My baby brother's current obsession is the Lupang Hinirang.
omg!! 😍😍😍 coz they know how good you are, Lupang hinirang for?
that actually makes me feel better. Because at least I know the title of Lupang Hinirang better that y'all's title.
Do you know how embarrassing it is to realize that I know the lyrics to "O, Canada" and "God Save The Queen" but not "Lupang Hinirang"?
I always get teary-eyed when I feel the singing of the Lupang Hinirang.
The version of Gwyneth Durado of Lupang Hinirang is just a WOW 👏
That was a beautiful rendition of Lupang Hinirang by Gwyneth Dorado
Lupang Hinirang at I just love our national anthem. Nothing like it in the world. 😊
Asia's Got Talent finalist Gwyneth Dorado to sing Philippine National Anthem in
its been a long time of not singing Lupang hinirang 😂😂 ah, that stuttered moment. thats how i easily forgot lol ✌️🇷🇺
I liked a video How Lupang Hinirang ought to be sung: Joey Ayala at TEDxDiliman
if I become a boxer I'll let 5h sing the national anthem idc if its lupang hinirang
Who do you want to sing the Lupang Hinirang at the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight?
Casually humming Lupang Hinirang on my way to the meeting
What was the last song you sang out loud to? — lupang hinirang ata o happy birthday
How cool am I?. I just memorized Lupang Hinirang in English and Spanish but I barely studied for Chem 17.
Harry: Lupang Hinirang is your national anthem right?. Me: Thinking Out Loud na.
my neighbors are listening to Lupang Hinirang 😅
i will buy a dress (G&W/BLCK&BLUE) and make a banner with her/his (their) pictures in it. and sing lupang hinirang out loud
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Caught this Singaporean singing Lupang Hinirang. He said it's his most favorite song.
La Marseillaise, the French National Anthem, inspired portions of Lupang Hinirang. Listen to the comparison here:
Thirdie: Tita Anne, what's your national anthem?. Me: Same as yours, Lupang Hinirang. Thirdie: No! Your…
I liked a video from How a 3 year old sings Lupang Hinirang
THis is FUDGE!! back pain and annoying neighborhood that even "Lupang Hinirang" kinanta with matching birit na...
Our neighbor is now singing Lupang Hinirang. Oh crap! Perhaps I should stand with my hand on my chest.
My neighbor's karaoke choices: the alphabet song, Happy Birthday and Lupang Hinirang.
When did christmas involve so much lupang hinirang...
The only thing I can remember to play on banduria is the Lupang Hinirang. LOL. It's been more than a…
lupang hinirang playing now on M.O.R 101.9 they're signing off.
Lord's Prayer, Lupang Hinirang, Psalm 23, Kumukutikutitap, Carol of the Bells and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (?) tomorrow. Lezdothis 👊
and if they're really lucky they get to sing Lupang Hinirang for Manny Pacquiao
YES "dili ka mo laugh sa kanang yell that the cadt people do before we sing the lupang hinirang"
The most played song on my iTunes is Lupang Hinirang. Lol
Sing "Lupang Hinirang" on The Voice PH and I'm 100% sure that you'll get a standing ovation.
When waa the laat time you heard Lupang Hinirang live?!
What is the last song you listened to? — Lupang hinirang? :( idk huhu
Saw an aging, near incapacitated politician stand, though with great struggle, just to be able to sing Lupang Hinirang properly. Respect.
I'm making my Carnegie Hall debut tonight! Well, one of my arrangements is. Proud to have sing my arr. of Lupang Hinirang!
Broadway Barkada is thrilled to be performing BEAUTIFUL arrangement of Lupang Hinirang at tonight!
If you look up lupang hinirang (Philippine National Anthem), there's a MV for it. We have an MV for our country's anthem.
In fairness to spotify. They have Lupang Hinirang 👏
now i remember! that's the girl who sang lupang hinirang sa morning ceremony. :P
Good evening, Assumptionists! We would just like to remind you of the shooting tomorrow at the STACY (Lupang Hinirang vid) Don't be late! 😄
On October 2, 1944, Julian Felipe, noted composer of the Philippine National Anthem, died in Manila. Considered as a revolutionist who never carried a gun, Felipe composed "Lupang Hinirang" upon the special request of General Emilio Aguinaldo to make a composition that would inspire his compatriots…
for his bayanihan spirit, and who can recite the Philippine National Anthem Lupang Hinirang better than many Filipino-Americans
This day in 1943, the Philippine National Anthem was named an official symbol. Learn more about "Lupang Hinirang":
have you tried singing Philippine National Anthem? Title is Lupang Hinirang
Late upload.. Clynne's version of Lupang Hinirang.. This is actually his "improved version"... I told him to listen to the lyrics properly.. He said he is listening however it's hard for him to utter the words properly. :)
So Lupang Hinirang plays before a cinema's last show & some people don't stand. Simple act of patriotism they can't give. Disappointed tsk.
I have to commend Ayala Foundation for having the best Lupang Hinirang VTR.
The pianist at the restaurant played Lupang Hinirang without a request because there's a long table of Filipinos 😅
I liked a video PinoyCraft - Lupang Hinirang on Noteblocks by CoolGwordZ!
Why Neri Colmenares hand is not placed on his left chest during the singing of lupang hinirang. Might have different kind lol😆
almost two whole weeks of my nephew belting out “Lupang Hinirang” I am so sick of hearing it, i want to super glue his lips together
I keep on watching your rendition of Lupang Hinirang during pacquaio/hatton match! I love it!
I dont get it, so Lupang Hinirang iinterpret? Not any song? Can someone confirm this
Trying to fall asleep and I suddenly started singing Lupang Hinirang (alto voice) and I got up to ask my Mom the actual tune since I forgot.
Me and yen simulating their daily school activities from Lupang Hinirang to Goodbye Song. She really enjoys schooling. :)
Ateneo still played Lupang Hinirang even with this heavy rain
First, he doesn't know a single Tagalog word. Second, he's a Mayweather fan. I bet you he doesn't know Lupang Hinirang.
In spite of all the reasons one hates this country because of its government, people still pause while Lupang Hinirang is playing. :)
Replay starts now between PHL and SG at I had to stand up and place my right hand to my chest to pay tribute Lupang Hinirang
It's sad, coz even the teachers who should be the models are the ones who keeps on walking while singing lupang hinirang
someone asked if BYE's going to cover another song what would you want it to be. then someone answered. Lupang Hinirang that'll be cool
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People who text or play on their phones during Lupang Hinirang pisses me off. I find that very disrespectful.
Its been a while since I heard the Lupang Hinirang on campus. I had almost forgotten how beautiful it is to see everyone stop.
National Anthem of the Philippines (Lupang Hinirang) Flag President of the Philippines | Watch:
Lol yena and daddy sang lupang hinirang together why are they being so patriotic all of a sudden
The last time I attended an Aglipayan mass was years ago. Same mass run through with the Catholic Church but singing "Lupang Hinirang was definitely a surprise. They are religious and patriotic.
The Truth about the birth of the Philippines in the edges of Millenium as proclamation in the center of the Galaxies as Heaven. The Uni-VERSE and the ETERNAL LIFE ''The Hour has come''...John 17:1-3 Year 33 A.D written in time of manmade calendar and the revelation on year 1898- 1914. The PHILIPPINES and the Revelations among the greatest Believer of the world... The National Anthem ''LUPANG HINIRANG'' or ''the Chosen Land''.
Roshan Sermana sings Lupang Hinirang during the League of Stars Mall Show at SM Dasmarinas
It was a Filipino school, every morning we sang lupang hinirang, school anthem and some Christian prayers (I was excluded from)
"Lupang Hinirang" The Philippine National Anthem was performed by the University of Santo Tomas Singers during the 153rd Birth Anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal.
This is so frustrating and embarrassing. That this noble nation of ours. "Lupang Hinirang.Duyan ka ng Magiting, sa manlulupig d ka pasisiil".Was able to find and pin down one accused person in the pork barrel scam and let go of the multitude of alleged scoundrels who virtually ravished our nation's governance dependent on truth, honesty and confidence on people.Ito ba ang tinatawag nating hustisya?
PHL EMBASSY IN ATHENS COMMEMORATES 116TH ANNIVERSARY OF Philippine Independence 20 June 2014 - The Philippine Embassy in Athens celebrated the 116th Anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine Independence this June with a series of activities, including a reception for the Filipino community, a flag-raising ceremony, a diplomatic reception, and a fashion exhibition of “banaca wraps” by renowned Philippine designer Dita Sandico Ong. A celebration for the Filipino community was held on June 09 at the Stratos Vassilikos Hotel. Leaders of Filipino organizations and active members of the Filipino community were invited to a simple reception. On June 12, a flag-raising ceremony at the Embassy grounds was held, where Philippine Ambassador to Greece Meynardo LB. Montealegre led the Embassy’s officers and staff in singing “Lupang Hinirang,” followed by the recitation of the “Panunumpa sa Watawat,” and the reading of the messages of President Benigno S. Aquino III, Vice-President Jejomar Binay, Se ...
Those anthems are very victorious, very fast, very much like a march. La Marseillaise and Lupang Hinirang are like that. Also, Algeria's.
Get your kids to participate at the Fiesta Ng Kalayaan at Mississauga Celebration Square and learn to sing our national anthem "Lupang Hinirang". The choir sings at the Opening Ceremony of the Fiesta Ng Kalayaan at noon. July 26, Saturday. Please note the rehearsal dates and times. June 29, 2014 ( 3-5pm) Sunday At Kalayaan Community Centre: 5225 Orbitor Drive, Mississauga Please email infoif interested.
Imagine Niall singing 'Lupang Hinirang'. Tbh I'd freak out if he did.
""You can listen to my new single, Lupang Hinirang, it's available on iTunes." -Julian Felipe *** …
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This mom beside me, she told her 3 y.o. daughter to do a fashion show walk and she sang to the beat of Lupang Hinirang. What the *** ! 😒😂
Uhmm, write the Lupang Hinirang and Panatang Makabayan and I forgot the other one write it in the notebook. :)
If there is one thing that I am proud as a Bosconian, is that Don Bosco Mandaluyong has its own version of the Lupang Hinirang MTV
Marcha Nacional Filipino (?) Was the first name of Lupang Hinirang pala. Didn't know that so kewl
Where's the Lupang Hinirang at though...they must not want to get the stadiums to live
My new single called "Lupang Hinirang" is already up on iTunes. And please don't forget to vote for it on Myx! -Julian F…
Sometimes when im in the zone, i'll put "Lupang Hinirang" on repeat lolololol
Played as Jose P. Rizal for our MV of "Lupang Hinirang" it was EPIC ☆
Star Spangled Banner and Lupang Hinirang-- two majestic anthems!
Can you believe that I was singing The Philippine National Anthem "Lupang Hinirang" at least 10 times every day?? I love this song.
I dream someday they will let Joey Ayala sing the Philippine National Anthem in Manny Pacquiao's fight. His version of Lupang Hinirang is by far the best I've heard.
A National Historical Commission of the Philippines-approved rendition of the Lupang Hinirang by Jessica Sanchez. Lol.
ABS-CBN'S star-studded "Lupang Hinirang" video features some of the network's biggest stars, including Piolo Pascual, Judy Ann Santos, Jericho Rosales, and Kris Aquino. A montage of shots from local fiestas such as the Pahiyas in Quezon and the country's famed tourist attractions like Bicol's Mayon Volcano open the video with Kapamilya stars singing the national anthem. The video was launched during the commemoration of the country's 113th Independence Day via a flag-raising ceremony dubbed "Bayan ng Bayani." The event was held simultaneously at ABS-CBN'S Manila headquarters as well as in regional offices in Dagupan, Cebu, and Davao, and Filipino news bureaus abroad, including those located in North America, Europe, and Middle East, and in Japan. Produced by Star Cinema, the video will be shown in select theaters.
Aside from the fight being the highlight, just wondering how Jessica Sanchez felt while singing both the "Star Spangled Banner " and "Lupang Hinirang "..hmmm? Good job jessica
I see that Jessica Sanchez is prouder singing the Lupang Hinirang than Star Spangled Banner. Great!
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Fil-am nga si Jessica Sanchez; she sang the Lupang Hinirang and Star Spangled Banner well. Cheers!
So and I sang tonight in class. :) We sang the third stanza in Lupang Hinirang. The Philippine National Anthem!
I need to memorize Live While We're Young,Dance Again,Gangnam Style and Lupang Hinirang in the xylophone.
you? Everything except Lupang Hinirang and the tula thingy
Oh, wait! We sang "Lupang Hinirang" ang Fr. Jopet was very pleased with our performance! :DD *clap clap*
Thankful for the rest time before Lupang Hinirang performance.
I always find the "special kids" in the next bldg fun to listen to when they sing pop songs or the Lupang Hinirang. :)
Lupang Hinirang was playing on the TV then my bro and I start to sing then when it ended, we laughed like *** "What was that about?!" XDD
sir, what time do we have to sing for the Lupang Hinirang?
ikay Lupang hinirang, you're part of our group.We will discuss it on Monday kasi si out of the country.
"What's up with you and these lines from Lupang Hinirang." "Dude, you'll never know how many times I sing those lines in my head every day."
Lupang Hinirang is playing (max volume) in our street. Some dudes are tripping and it's not even funny.
What impressed me while the Lupang Hinirang was playing, was the fact that Marcus Douthit's singing our national anthem! Grabe!
Heartwarming to see Marcus Douthit singing the Lupang Hinirang.
You just have to love the sight singing the Lupang Hinirang fervently.
I liked a video from Lupang Hinirang Animated with Lyrics
Thank you for the beautiful opening prayer & for singing Lupang Hinirang for our General Assembly earlier!
This smattering of Iranians sang their nat'l anthem louder than the 10k Pinoys murmuring the Lupang Hinirang last night. wru at
Stand Straight with right palm on your chest. Lupang Hinirang in a few.
FIBA Asia Championships today. Hope Gilas lands a spot in the top 3, and I hope Marcus Douthit can sing Lupang Hinirang backwards.
Won't be able to sing the Lupang Hinirang properly now thanks to
Maria Montessori teens enjoying bibingka and suman for Filipino class. Well-deserved after working all morning and choosing to work through lunch to translate the Panatang Makabayan, Panunumpa sa Watawat, and Lupang Hinirang.
THE FLOWERING OF THE YELLOW BELLES . . . The Sariaya East Elementary School is a very happy place of our formative childhood years . . . its old Gabaldon style buildings, its then still vast open grassy spaces at both sides of the pine tree lined extension of Gala Street within the campus premises just north of the Administration Building and the Home Economics Building opposite it as well, not to mention the bigger grassy field to the south of the old primary building in between two rows of pre fab buildings,the huge mango tree and the old tennis court next to it, the four concrete fountains where we used to drink, the old bars where we flexed, lifted and squeezed our still little frames, the incesdsant ringing of the old school bell near the classroom of Grade one teacher Mrs. Aurora Quejano, the area of the old flagpole where we sang the "Lupang Hinirang" under the overly graceful hand waving of Miss Josefa Quejada and where we recited the "Panatang Makabayan", the school canteen called the "Lunch Coun ...
A small trivia related to Philipine independence... Independence was proclaimed on June 12, 1898 between four and five in the afternoon in Cavite at the ancestral home of General Emilio Aguinaldo some 30 kilometers South of Manila. The event saw the unfurling of the National Flag of the Philippines, made in Hong Kong by Marcela Agoncillo, Lorenza Agoncillo, and Delfina Herboza, and the performance of the Marcha Filipina Magdalo, as the national anthem, now known as Lupang Hinirang, which was composed by Julián Felipe and played by the San Francisco de Malabon marching band... Feel the freedom of Independence day...
Follow us on FB: Lupang Hinirang (Chosen Land) is the official national anthem of The Philippines. Its music was comp...
The Philippine National Anthem "Filipinas" was originally written in Spanish by Julian Felipe in 1898 and in English during the American Commonwealth Era in 1938 entitled "The Philippine Hymn" and in 1958 in Filipino (Tagalog) entitled "Lupang Hinirang".
As quickly when asked, "Who's the National Hero of the Philippines?" a swift answer for most would be "Jose Rizal"... But then sadly enough it's not RIZAL.. Was it BONIFACIO? Or LUNA? Or JACINTO? Or AGUINALDO? Or MABINI? No, NONE of them is our National Hero because of the fact that we have no national hero yet.. although recognized as "national heroes" for their works and contribution in the history of our country, not one was ever designated by law since. It's a fact, to be a National 'something' like the national fruit(Mangga), national anthem(Lupang Hinirang), national tree(Narra) and other it has to pass legislature and unfortunately there was none legislated as our National Hero. Yes we have given them holidays and special days named after them, built monuments for them, recognized their works and life as a curriculum to our studies but to officially declare them NADA.. Although ex-PRES RAMOS created a committee called the National Heroes Committee thru E.O. 75 in 1993, the task of this committee is ...
I feel like I am an International singer everytime I make kanta kanta "Lupang Hinirang".
I memorized the kantang "Stupid Love" better than the Lupang Hinirang...
Getting ready for the Lupang Hinirang shoot:) Cto Miss A:)
Excited to see the new Lupang Hinirang station ID !!
Thank you and for doing my hair and makeup today for the Lupang Hinirang…
The Aegis group sings Pagbabalik...with lyrics
The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy. ~Friedrich Nietzsche~
My daughter Jana Buduan and Alycia Ylaenor A. Jose playing the Lupang Hinirang with the organ
Kaleidoscope World should replace Lupang Hinirang as our National Anthem.
Watch out for KathNiel at the new Lupang Hinirang video of ABS-CBN Admin.Chan
I added a video to a playlist Lolo Rave's Lupang Hinirang
TRIVIA Questions is the title of the Philippine National Anthem? 1 winner every unahan lang sa pag sagot.
for the WORLDBEX SERVICES INTERNATIONAL! the Lupang Hinirang and did the
Julia Montes on the shooting for ABS CBN's Lupang Hinirang Video. Watch for it SOON. *ctto*
The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is once again adopting a "do-nothing strategy" in Ayungin Reef, a part of the country’s regime of islands in the hotly-contested Spratlys region being claimed by five other countries including China whose ships have reportedly taken up position in the area.
The Lupang Hinirang video sang by the GSIS chorale was played to start the pensioners' day earlier. I tried to sing the alto part but can't complete one line. I was choking up coz of our temporarily disbanded status, fingers crossed.
In 2007, building upon knowledge gained under an Office of Naval Research (ONR) Innovative Naval Prototype contract, GA initiated development of the Blitzer™...
success!!! Krisvin Kyle is officially enrolled :) ayaw sana tanggapin kasi he's only 2yrs old!!! too early daw na pumasok sa school, hmft...&& d' titch said"AGKANTA KAMAN NGARUD?" then kyle is sing...abcd,1234,bahay kubo and lupang hinirang!!! mem, nalaing kan barok, then he write his age on her list that kyle's is 3yrs old...OMG...
i just wonder why other nations can easily harass or bully us. its happening in our present time , in our own country, where physical & verbal abuse was experienced in the hands of the foreigners. maybe they knew that filipinos are not solid, that we dont work together as one. kanya kanya, sariling diskarte, sa labas man ng bansa o hindi kapwa pilino naglalaglagan. PANAHON NA ! NA ITAAS natin ang DIGNIDAD ng ating lahing PILINO. the leftist & the rightist groups, businessmen, religous groups, educators, politicians, common pilipino , PAKIUSAP, set aside your own agendas and be united in rebuilding our nation's dignity. sa ating bawat sarili dapat magsimula ang pagbabago at pagmamahal sa bandila at bansa. ANG PILIPINO TAAS NOO KAHIT KANINO ! HUWAG NATING PABAYAAN NA MAGING ALIPIN TAYO NG MGA BANYAGA SA SARILI NATING BANSA, kung mahal mo ang pilipinas let this be our advocacy, spread nationalism.
With mark my officemate sang the Philippine National Anthem because of jay walking!! Bayang magiliw!!!
Nobody can replace the bonding, the friendship, the kulitan and the kalokohans we had ever had! Before, it was simply the best 󾰀. Miss you guys.
I'm sure they're making another "Lupang Hinirang" video. And I am sure will be there!
During the APEC summit 2011 in Hawaii; China protest the Philippines to use its resources and explore the oils in Palawan and pronounced its claim to the Palawan Islands.
what if required every pinoy to have Lupang Hinirang on their iPods? Lol
Gonna perform after Metro Manila South's Lingap sa Mamayan at the Mall Of Asia Concert grounds (don't know where we will perform)...problem is.I don't know what songs to sing...HELP!!!
[PHOTO] KathNiel shoot for ABS-CBN's newest Philippine National Anthem "Lupang Hinirang" Video. Abangan! |credit to the owner of the photo
Upon the request of Andrés Bonifacio, Julio Nakpil composed the music and wrote the lyrics of what the KKK Supremo envisioned as the national anth...
JulQuen at the Lupang Hinirang shoot yesterday :) JulQuen Perfect Combination
Today in Philippine History, May 22, 1867, Julio Nakpil was born in Quiapo, Manila On May 22, 1867, Julio Nakpil, a Filipino composer who also fought during the Philippine revolution against Spain, was born in Quiapo, Manila. Nakpil served as a commander for revolutionary troops in the north of Manila under Andres Bonifacio. His experience in the battlefield earned him the task of securing, purchasing and watching over the funds and weapons of the Katipunan. Nakpil, who educated himself at home and eventually learned how to play the piano, made compositions which were inspired directly by the revolution. One of his compositions, "Marangal na Dalit ng Katagalugan", was a candidate for the Philippine National Anthem, but the choice eventually went to Julian Felipe's "Lupang Hinirang" composition. Prior to the revolution, his skills in playing the piano earned him an audience among the affluent and he became a regular pianist in social functions in Malacanang. Nakpil, who later became a piano teacher, compos ...
Lupang Hinirang na.Sign off.Sweet dreams everyone.z
nakakadismaya naman to, utang na loob, isipin ninyo ito: - For example: "gang-rape of tuna" in Philippines waters shows how large the stakes are. “Let us say there are eight fishing vessels that regularly poach in the waters of Aurora province daily from January to July, that means a total haul of 27,000 tons of tuna per factory ship during the period or 216,000 metric tons of tuna for all eight fishing vessels regardless if they are Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese," Hicap said. According to Pamalakaya’s computation, the owners of the eight fishing vessels could have earned as much as $ 1.274 billion, or $160 million per fishing vessel, in just six months from tuna poaching in Aurora and other tuna-rich waters of the Philippines. Such poaching also has another negative effect on Philippines: Taiwan longliners dump their hauls in local markets in the Philippines, driving down prices and hurting local producers, according to this paper.
I almost failed my entrance exams because of the Lupang Hinirang :( huhu =))
Our Princess & during their Lupang Hinirang Shoot! Watch out for this, Huggies! 😊
Lupang Hinirang - MBBC BYI Sintunado ang alto. XD on
What is the name of your country's national anthem?
Watch out for this Buddies! Our Princess and during their Lupang Hinirang Shoot
Good Afternoon! Princess Kath is currently at a Lupang Hinirang shoot! Let's watch out for that!
Danny Caluag raises the Philippine Flag in the Asian BMX Continental Championships in Singapore! Congratulations Danny and Nino for a job well done!
Count Vin Diesel in as the latest Philippine ambassador of goodwill. The hunky Hollywood star fell in love with the country the first time he set his foot on PH soil.
Should I be proud.Around the world Philippines has 94.5% literacy rate.whooa.but when it comes to election.we are almost 100% illiterate!! What went wrong? Why we have to elect undeserving officials? Filipinos from now on.stop complaining why ...up to now our beloved Philippines is still called Third World Country.Good Luck have your chance but you didn't decide intelligently.
I love the song of Whitney Houston, stress free talaga!!! kaya super love it.
sound trip with my new subwoofer hehehehehhehe listening bartender tnx Raymondjohn Digamon Vinluan
ON TARGET: Dead man biggest winner By Ramon Tulfo A dead man, Fernando Poe Jr., the “King of Philippine Movies,” was the biggest winner in the midterm election just concluded. FPJ won through his daughter, Grace Poe, who dropped her husband’s surname Llamanzares, so people would recognize her as her dad’s daughter. Poe has earned the “Amazing Grace” sobriquet from the media. Read:
N0thing c0mpare's ikaw seems dat its so unfair 2 me u did'nt gve me a chance to explain u are 0ne sided.d na kita bati i hate you,why u are so rude 2 me sabihin mO lng kung may gusto ka sa akin.
FOR THOSE WHO DONT WANT BINAY AS THE NEXT PRESIDENT: Binays claim to fame is that the success of Makati is due to his leadership and policies. The only people who can belie this are the TAI-PANs and mestizo business elite that have headquartered themselves and built their empires around the growth of Makati as a city. I understand that as business people their main job is to protect their shareholders and employees (to save their jobs) from a vindictive president should they speak up. But I think at this point their loyalty should be TO THE TRUTH and for the benefit to the country. If the Tai-Pans and mestizo elite cannot come out to defend or deny Binays claims they its apparent that their loyalty is not for their shareholders, their employees, or their country but only to themsleves. Its a general rule that business and politics are constant bedfellows. So after feeding their riches for so long, its time we take them to task to reveal the truth...what ever side their testimonies support. Di lang pwedeng ...
"Being a good person does not depend on your religion or status in life, your race or skin color, political views or culture. It depends on how good you treat others."
Teaching my 3 year old son on how to sing Lupang Hinirang earlier. I'm so glad he can now sing a few lines.
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