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Luo Nyanza

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Orengo bullies all other politicians from Luo Nyanza who do not toe his line,
Now according independent candidates in luo nyanza are to blame for Chris' death! Toxic level of sycophancy
That's the propaganda...I know most people fight MM coz he bombarded "Baba". Soon MM wl l…
If there has been a place in Kenya where illicit brew is rampant its not luo nyanza but specifically ce…
First Lady appeals directly to women in Luo Nyanza to vote for Uhuru.
only read widely in Canaan A.K.A Luo Nyanza where idlers dwell
Luo nyanza bogeyman is jubilee just as NASA is the bogeyman for Mt kenya region. I love way politicians play with o…
just know when u r posted in Nyanza n u Kikuyu a Luo is posted in Central both with the same command! Be wise
In his almost 5 years term ,his tours to Luo Nyanza can not even reach 4 times simply because we never…
Nyanza residents we are ready to vote for any Luo but not Raila.
about the performance from Nyanza & western regions, I'll dispute that because my side chick is a Luo
I'm one of many luos fighting for freedom in Luo Nyanza. We need
By the way I am not luo and I don't come from Luo Nyanza or even nyanza. You need to underst…
unga is not luxury according to Babu so get going and plant are luxurie…
1/1 Jubilee bloggers are all over celebrating that Luo and Luhyas are moving out Nairobi, Kiambu and Nakuru back to Nyanza and Western.
Ask why have they neglected luo nyanza
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Yea..But Dude only has influence in Nairobi.. Luo Nyanza Dude is still a Nobody
In 2013 won 26 counties, Luo Nyanza has only 4 counties. He never gets credit for expanding his electo…
Because that is how people from Luo Nyanza are wired
Can Angela Ambitho of give us the names of her employees. They are all from Luo Nyanza. Western and Kisii Area's
Whom will luo Nyanza coalesce around after RAO? He hasn't done a great job moulding a successor.
Absolute lie! statistics show mortality rate is high in Luo Nyanza as a result HIV epidemic
Bitter rivalry between governor contestants in Luo Nyanza will ignite violence that could reduce turnout in...
3 kikuyu presidents we have had created cartels around them & were poor at uniting the country..It's time to try the ma…
A night of its own in the Lakeside city of Luo Nyanza
Mombasa ina wenyewe. No wonder the President Has never stepped in any county in Luo Nyanza apart from Kisumu which is a city
Via Tony Kibagendi. We had 4 MCAs by-elections yesterday, ODM won 3 out of 4 not in Luo Nyanza, but in Kisii...
From Coast to Western and even Luo Nyanza all sane people are running away from the senile witch
A very rare opportunity to share with professionals of Luo Nyanza on issues affecting our people, and the way to move forward
Jubilee & Rao are both equally dictatorial,but its about time Rao let go of Luo Nyanza to decide for themselves
If you want to know the full extent of. Raila's dictatorial tendencies just ask Luo Nyanza politicians
Rao will discredit and turn the whole Luo Nyanza community against any promising politician who threaten his supremacy
well then...mention me any fish processing plant found in Luo Nyanza?
its not that l hate Rao in relation to his national political stands,but how he dictates Luo Nyanza like his second family
yeah...l'm sick...sick of Odingaism iron grip on Luo Nyanza,aren't people tired of this family already?
My heart bleeds out to my brothers & sisters from Luo Nyanza who're imprisoned in Odingaism mentality
Luo Nyanza is in a deplorable condition in terms of development cause of
I can imagine the hatred if kids from luo nyanza were burning their dorms
Since central kenya is united as Gema , we need to unite nyanza and western to form LUGULU..., Luhya ,Gusii , Luo
As long as Baba surrounded himself with OrengoMidiwo,Mbadi and a few Luo MPs who only use him to secure seats in Luo Nyanza
The four counties of LUO Nyanza should also follow suit...
LUO Nyanza MP tells RAILA chasing NAMWAMBA will cost him the Presidency like R...
Luo nyanza politicians are jinx to odm & Rao as well,they misguide & give Rao false hopes for their vested intetest
Luo NYANZA needs investors MORE than empty rhetorics and STONES
. . . . U have no respect 4 the Head of State. Luo Nyanza alone will not take Raila to State House.
and that is what Moi did to Luo Nyanza. Even banks were instructed not to lend the business people.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
u ar a disgrace to coastorians. karisa maitha sharif nasir deserve a road not a boy born and brought up in Luo Nyanza
As long as the coalitions stay that way, R. Valley, Mt. Kenya are Jubilee. Luo Nyanza and Ukambani are CORD.
Economic marginalization of Luo Nyanza by state operatives increased poverty and left various social and economic problems unaddressed.
The fall out between Jomo Kenyatta and Jaramogi in 1966 was the beginning of marginalization of Nyanza and Luo community
Raila it's high time you bring yourself to Mt.Kenya.Ur deeply rooted here better than UK seen in Luo Nyanza.2017 smelling win.
Now I understand why you can't compare Nyanza and central..No Kisii town is awake, @ 5:30 No Luo town is awake..pita kiambu at 4am!..
everyone including those in Luo Nyanza&western must learn how to dance mugithi
The Kenyan political landscape is so dynamic. It will be more difficult 4 jubilee to get votes from ukambani than luo nyanza in 2017
US Presidential hopefully Ben Carson is set to begin his presidential campaigns in the swing state of Luo Nyanza next month😂
one party Wi unite us just like Luo Nyanza vote in block under 1 party
The last time William Ruto visited Luo Nyanza, he convinced the Luo nation that in 2013 he was not in competition...
Luo Council of Elders, Henry Osano, decries rise in GBV linked to disco 'matangas' in Nyanza region.
Nyanza: A Documentary on Owiny Sigoma Band documenting the origins of Luo Music via
Thursday December 3, 2015 - An Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) elections official in Luo Nyanza has gone into...
A certain guy from luo nyanza got infected with HIV for tryin out if sex was sweeter for a circumscised guy afta he went for the voluntary 1
True. Wife sharing affected Luo Nyanza and other areas in Western far more.
Its possible the disease had spread out of Africa and came via Reckless sailors but epicenter outside of Nairobi was Luo Nyanza.
Luo Nyanza recieved me rather too well this Sunday.
No body from Luo Nyanza has ever benefited form this yet Luos also lost lives and property
For Luo Nyanza to make meaningful development, certain cultures must change. Areas like Uyoma, Alego ,Kano and...
IDP's from Luo Nyanza as always 'wajipange? Really sad.
Hon. CS, what about those from Kisii and Luo Nyanza?
LUO Nyanza will remain poor for decades! See how RAILA has been siphoning their money -
I'm sorry,I'm a Luo from Alego,Siaya and i barely have time for Luos from South Nyanza. Its nothing personal by the way Cc
Got the NYANZA LP by in the mail...Just in time for the WKD! NowPlaying 'Luo Land'
LUO Nyanza residents express disappointment over OBAMA’s visit to Kenya next week. -
Pen over mind and paper. They call it THROW BACK THURSDAY . In luo nyanza we call it thirsty thirsday. . Anyway as...
"the biggest culprits are those iPad-holding, English-speaking and expensive perfume-wearing men from her Luo Nyanza"
"CORD Mps" simply translates to mps from luo Nyanza. If in doubt, watch a press conference called by "CORD mps"
Fellow Kenyans from Nyanza, who broke Music Ladder? got talent
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
What new will Rachier bring in Kenyan football than a bridge to politics in luo Nyanza?We need young blood.Nick mwendwa 👍
Can't wait to immerse myself into the new album " Nyanza"
Ahead on Luo Nyanza MP's led by Otieno Kajwang tear into Nairobi governor Kidero for supporting Ford Kenya's J…
I didn't know there's another Lake in Luo Nyanza "Flamingos in Lake Simbi Nyaima in Homa Bay County.
kibaki kivuitu mess? I heard some parts of luo nyanza recorded above 100% turnout.
Good news for LUO Nyanza as KICC opens branch there - Even OBAMA will be happy -
Is really to deal with a luo from South Nyanza!!
guys tell to step out of politics like his age mates so that luo Nyanza can come up politically.
OBAMA confirms the best news for LUO Nyanza residents – Raila Odinga in the mix. -
Luo Nyanza Governors meet in Homa Bay, declare support for Raila 2017
How it be possible to shift grounds from Pdp to Odm if the ODM constitution remains tact
Four Governors from luo nyanza have said they are committed to improving the ECONOMY of the region
The bad news for LUO Nyanza from State House concerning OBAMA’s visit this month -
Kisii perhaps,Luo Nyanza will disrupt the thoughts but not the votes..
LUO Nyanza residents tell UHURU to give them free OBAMA money - He came with billions. -
LUO Nyanza residents want OBAMA to bring fancy shoes for them from United States. -
Which county is Luo Nyanza? I think people should stop reading too much newspaper stuff.
I salute Alfred Mutua. Governors from Luo Nyanza, are you listening? borrow a leaf from this man
Raila Odinga’s ODM accused of rigging elections – See what happened in LUO Nyanza
My deepest condolences 2 the family, relatives friends, pple of Homabay county,larger Luo Nyanza n Kenya for the loss of a great statesman.
Free Ads to online >> LUO Nyanza will remain poor for decades! See...
tell him that the Luo don't survive on him. Am searching for the donation he has given to nyanza and all I find is none!
mutahi can't feed the Luo nyanza and nobody eats from his house!
someone tell Ngunyi that Luo Nyanza is a we do not need his apologies
Washing roads for this Owuor chap could've been termed stupid on these streets if it were being done in (Luo) Nyanza
There was widespread rooting Kisumu, the main town in Nyanza province, home to Raila Odinga's Luo community.
Dear is 'poverty' of TNA supporters in Luo Nyanza,why kick out Joy Gwendo from the party?What is her sin,sir?
I think Joy Gwendo shud Put Her House 2gther becoz Joining CORD wont Help her...she is already a Traitor in Luo Nyanza Politics.
Before nominating her,TNA knew Joy Gwendo was a Luo from Luo-Nyanza.Sacking her for working with her Community sounds more of a comedy.
To add Kenya's medal haul in Olympics,lets promote Discus and shot put throw in Luo Nyanza,it works well
*Imbroglio " : Luo Nyanza yawa, "They are thrown into IMBROGLY" get Willis the word master to expound on this word"
CD: Owiny Sigoma Band - Nyanza: ... exploring the region in which the Luo people created their mu...
makodingo is a luo who realized that his single digit IQ could not put him anywhere in nyanza
I just think as a Luo in Nyanza,we think that we are da only fish in da pond called Lake Victoria but Kenya has more?
pity all the money was used to pay for Gor Mahia's coach's house and populistic Luo Nyanza fund-raisers!!!
Luo Nyanza needs a serious reawakening and turn the arc of their energy towards development. The talk is long overdue.
Felix Omondi . LUO NYANZA IS A SMALL UNIQUE WORLD . 1.The only place in the world where DUALE. cannot step into.
If luo nyanza trades their democratic right,2 willydilly deals by Raila,and be answerable 2 only him, please altr. Control del me?
I pity luo Nyanza who are stuck neck deep in swamp of Odingaism till eternity.They are doomed.Slaves for ever.
Robert Ouko murder and the irony of Luo Nyanza’s wasted decades
Those who think that Raila is losing grip in Luo Nyanza is day dreaming.He is very much in control
The problem in Luo Nyanza is the name tag. If you are anti - Raila you are also anti ODM & the people. Some politicians lack principles
We don't have voting robots in Kajiado central controlled remotely by Raila like in Luo Nyanza.Its a forgone *** win in Kajdo
RAO still commands a big following in Luo Nyanza n critics have to swallow this bitter pill they like it or not
congratulations. But next time ensure u conduct a free n fair nomination in Luo Nyanza.
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No relative of a politician, apart from Oburu Odinga, had ever inherited a political seat in Luo Nyanza before Moses Kajwang'
In the mean time,today experienced CIVILIZATION in KAMURU.Unlike in his Luo Nyanza,No one heckled in Muchai Funeral.
Statement made. Luo nyanza is intact. Solidarity is strength.
The trend is worrying:from a national leader to a Luo Nyanza village elder.
I blv there r many lessons dat our friends from luo nyanza can learn of what it means by a 'decent sendoff' using...
I hope our broz n sizs from luo nyanza are takn note on hw funerals are conducted.
I thought it was only in Luo Nyanza that part of the funeral programme included politics.?. Amos Kiboi,Makinya Ng'ash B
Odm is a party to beat in Luo nyanza.
20k votes by Philiph Okundi is. the true image of few people trying to fight the very many year's slavery in Luo Nyanza
odingaism in Luo Nyanza is a perennial disease which if not treated can be fatal. (just saying)
That landslide victory by the youthful Kajwang' shows Raila losing grip of Luo Nyanza is just but a myth.
Reports of RAILA demise in Luo Nyanza clearly have been greatly exaggerated.
This war between vs RAO to control Luo Nyanza Politics is a creation of the Media. U cannot out muscle Raila in Luo Nyanza.
IEBC should strike a deal on Luo Nyanza .Instead of wasting taxes on elections, Raila points his man and the money be used f…
Bay county Baba still remains the force to reckoned in Luo Nyanza politics, Big-ups Senator elect Moses Kajwang100,000votes diff Omera
The resounding victory of Moses Otieno Kajwang confirms that Luo Nyanza is still bound by the shackles of Odingaism.
Moses Otieno Kajwang is not the first person to be backed for a position by Raila Odinga in Luo Nyanza and in...
Dr. Evans Kidero with due respect is playing a losing battle in Luo Nyanza, time will vindicate my assertions !
A section of ODM MPs from Luo Nyanza have warned former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to keep off Homa Bay politics
If the elders of Luo land are the likes of Oburu Odinga and Jakoyo Midiwo, then its clear we are going to have a tall order trying to civilise the people there. Today was the day Fidel was laid to rest and i had chosen to let the burial take place before coming forward to offer my two cents worth of advice to all those that engaged in brutal battles on social media. Having witnessed Rao dancing and cracking vitendawili on various funeral ceremonies, i was keen to see how he would handle one that is his own! There were none from him, but his goons represented him well. They attacked an innocent girl, as usual, the government wasn't spared. Kenyans from all walks of life witnessed yet again the pathetic and sad state of affairs that Nyanza politics entail. My conclusion was not any different thereof from the many i have drawn before! Something needs to rise in Luo Nyanza. It needs to come fast before we have lost the whole of the region to Raila worshipping and Omweri rearing. They said the gods have conspi ...
People from Luo Nyanza need to grow up.. *** was that ??
Today i was in Bondo and i found it stupid for Bondo residents to heckle written condolence message from H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta .I condemn heckling of Hon Charity ( who fought hard for Raila from 2002-2007 ) till he became PM and heckling of Uganda representative.Luo nyanza people ought to emulate kalenjin nation in mourning ( like burial attended by Raila of Isaac Ruto daughter and KNUT official in Kericho).Our people has never heckle Raila despite all the wrong he did to our community and our son HE D.President who made him PM is not tolerated in Nyanza just because he opted to support Uhuru.Raila did his best to calm the crowd.RIP FIDEL
Today as we laid Fidel to rest, key things have emerged: 1. That Luos are very civil only if you comply with the law but react if violation is allowed as Kalonzo put it we don't fear standing for what is ours. 2. That Odingaism is a lifestyle that MUST just continue in Kenya as Nyenze said it-so mess with Baba and face me. 3. The political class believe in Raila and see him as the true saviour of Kenya and in him we will continue to anchor our political and leadership aspirations 4. ODM is still the most popular party in Kenya and Mbadi and Ababu must work towards building the party further 5. There can never be a divided Luo Nyanza and all the votes will be cast in one house as Mbadi puts it 6. MCAs are not recognised in hierarchy as I don't remember any acknowledging their presence. So the MCAs stop getting too drunk with power and hungry for recognition we now know you're just "there" in the party. 6. Luos speak their mind resoundingly without fear or favour. Raychelle Omamo felt that wrath Lastly, I p ...
I think time is rife for Rosemary to contest for a political seat to bring a total change to the manner in which politics are being played in Luo Nyanza if her speech today was anything to go by. She can unite leaders irrespective of political affiliations and ethnic background. My opinion.
You are not a luo coz your parents are luos,nor are you a luo coz your rurual home is in luo nyanza, it's the luo language,the luo culture,the luo character(the hooligan nature) and the rural home,thats what makes one a luo, so Junior Raila am not seeing yourself succeeding your dad,campaign mar sheng',english or swahili won't work in nyanza. If Kidero can speak fluent luo why not you?
The in Luo nyanza is all I read in that meeting! Oburu called Shiru baren,insinuated that Fidel was murdered, yet said further tests will be carried out in Germany!!After this they immediately invited Omamo who was never allowed to read the presidents speech...
Why do our brothers\sisters from luo nyanza like speaking in their mother tongue even in a big occasions where there are pple who do not understand it ??
You see, its NOT that Uhuru Kenyatta does not know, he simply doesn't get it. He claims to have appointed a Luo Nyanza representative at the cabinet. Representation also means the representative can understand the people and the people can understand him or her How else do you expect people to receive a person who cannot construct a full sentence in the local language and wants to read speaches in the language of the people she represents because she cant properly speak it? Rachel Omamo is a Nairobi professional, not a representative and Uhuru Kenyatta's childhood friend since the days of Omamo Kaliech the senior who Kenyata and Moi used to frustrate Jaramogis efforts in Kenya..People draw those comparisons and will always look at her with the same glasses
It saddens that even at times of solemn moments when all kenyans are United in mourning fidel, our brothers in luo nyanza can not churn the timeless hooliganism that defines them. Truth be said some folks are difficult to understand.
Forget what analysts tell Luo Nyanza politics there is only one King. His tenure has no limits.
Luo Nyanza should promote funerals as a tourist attraction coz of the drama that comes with them
'Outsiders' who viewed that function should keep this: Luo Nyanza has no particular problem with Uhuru, but his Luo CS non-Luo; can't speak!
in Luo Nyanza there is know democracy. You must be somewhere to please someone. This is my life to leave.
Its SAD to die, but its even VERY Sad and SHAMFUL when you die and be berried by political class in Luo Nyanza.
From my Inbox. If another Luo politician or some other person of Nyanza dies and burial has 2 be aired live soon,...
The only Girl from Luo Nyanza who calls for National Dialogue with Give Rosemary Political Post.
This is the second high profile congregation in luo nyanza in as many days and it's. Being conducted in Dholuo 75%.
From the funerals of Otieno Kajwang & now Fidel, Luo Nyanza has set itself apart from the rest of Kenya
Luo nyanza are peaceable, they can't be intimidated that's why you think they are always violent - kalonzo Musyoka.
Are there kiuk women out there still dating luo men? Mimi am not going to nyanza for dowry negotiations..or welcoming them home! Ctaki upus!
Luo leadership should behave. Nyanza youths must be tolerant. If you eye to govern this...
"Rosemary Odinga: "ODM shud ask 4 dialogue without ultimatums". Given opportunity, she will the most powerful voice of reason in Luo Nyanza.
I have 3 Lessons to my Male friends from Luo Nyanza 1. Marry 19 wives 2. have 109 kids 3. Circumcise your minds and you will win elections
Luo Nyanza turning Castro Burial tribal and political.We mourn as Kenyan not as Luo.Why boo CS Rachyle Omamo?
Oburu Odinga~ " Shiru was not giving us grandchildren. I suspected Shiru" My GOD, how can grown ups with brains talk like this; do they know the reasons why she didn't conceive? Do they know the one who bless people with kids is GOD? What is wrong with these leaders from Luo Nyanza? These dudes are mad and downright stupid.
They have exposed the underbelly of Luo Nyanza politics..hooliganism and intolerance
He had declared he was running for the Kibra seat,with him dead...the Luo nyanza succession is even...what about the family?
We need sobriety in Luo Nyanza. I wonder if Uhuru was present. Rachel Omamo humiliated, but I love her courage.
No wonder the president finds it hard to attend funtions in luo nyanza. Raila should realise that his own people arent
Luo Nyanza sometimes we can be very intolerant not good for the society cohesion
Who will save the People of Luo Nyanza? you heckle & throw bottles to yr own Daughter,CS Defence. Shame
Omamo is not wanted in Luo Nyanza for various reasons you will not understand LEAVE UHURU out of this
I kindly ask the people os Luo Nyanza to be Tolérant Yawa,we r one Kenya one People
They say luo nyanza is one of the poorest regions in Kenya, well we have seen why
They're pelting Amb. Omamo with bottles. Not cool. No love lost since her father used to be President Moi's henchman in Luo Nyanza.
Uhuru should make an effort to visit Luo Nyanza every so often. This divide is very unhealthy.
I will be the happiest Luo if civilization takes place in luo NYANZA. NI HAYO TUU KWA SASA
Luo Nyanza;Respect Fidel even if you. dont respect Omamo..
So Uhuru hired Rachel Omamo to be his errants girl in Luo Nyanza? She should be shouted down.
Luo Language is a National Language in entire Nyanza. I like the tune BUT I don't understand the language
When will this hooliganism end in this Luo Nyanza.
Luo Nyanza got no love for Museveni.
It is only fair if Luo nyanza learns to respect other leaders despite political ideologies.
Moi indeed had metallic balls, he went to Jaramogi's funeral at a time when his ranking was very low in Luo Nyanza
If I were Kidero,I would be busy identifying which seat to vie in luo nyanza coz Sonko is eyeing the governorship.
Everytime CORD leaders get cheered by a large crowd, especially in Luo Nyanza, they tend to forget everything and...
John Mbadi is an articulate politician in the Luo Nyanza and in the Opposition ODM.
These Luo Nyanza politicians and associates be dropping like flies
You must be somewhere in Luo Nyanza.
LUO Nyanza residents refuse to admit that FIDEL is dead as they wait for RAILA's word
The recent domestic violence experienced in the country has made some people lose the plot. Now my friends Ben Murigu & Capt'n Collins Wanderi strongly believe that the attacks are mostly affecting women from the House of Mumbi. Nothing could be further from the truth. 1. To purport that these domestic violence cases are targeting Kikuyu women married to non-Kikuyus is the most lopsided and pedestrian argument one can ever imagine of. 2. To "advice" your daughters to "find partners at home" is a JOKE. Which home? The ratio of men 2 women in Central is 1:3...& even this one man has more alcohol in his body than a sperm count. This is therefore a JOKE, unrealistic and goes against the "spirit of cohesiveness." 3. I know many friends of mine from Luo Nyanza, Kisii & Luhya who are married to Kikuyu ladies and they're HAPPY. To then imagine that 2 or 3 cases involving your daughters and "outsiders" are unique and therefore deserve any attention more than other similar cases is really...elementary. 4. Another m ...
If North Easterners who share ethnic tradition with the Al -shabaabs aren't against terrorism bill, why a Kenyan in Luo Nyanza complaining?
what do you mean transform luo Nyanza?
Those (''people with'') going back to. Luo Nyanza for the festive season,. where do we meet? JKIA or Wilson?. LOL!
KIDERO surprises RAILA as he receives warm welcome in LUO Nyanza despite heckling - Ads on >>...
Hamilton Collection
KAJWANG’s brother takes Raila Odinga by surprise as he tells him off LUO Nyanza politics.
Nairobi ODM leaders oppose proposal by section of Luo Nyanza MPs to have Raila Odinga vie for Homa Bay senatorial seat
looking at all the senators from luo nyanza they r men of yesterday . isit time HB county gives us a younger sen.?
The most extractive political/economic "institution" in Luo Nyanza is the individual who purports to lead them.SHAME!!!
He beseeched the Luo elders and the. people of Nyanza to allow him. concentrate on revamping ODM. ahead of 2017 to show Uhuru/ Ruto. dust.
He impoverish Kibera n now taking the same idiology to Luo Nyanza unfortunately not his county.
There are so many capable leaders from Luo Nyanza that are way better than Rao in their work plans and visions. Some I'd vote for.
I knew RAO had totally hoodwinked luo Nyanza people when they refused to re-elect Tuju in Rarienda*(sp ) because he went against him.
And the biggest joke is that Raila still thinks he can win the 2017 elections. Or any election unless in Luo Nyanza.
You are the kind of problem people in Luo Nyanza have. Nothing bad can be said about Raila.
. There's nothing like South, East or Northern Nyanza, a Luo is Luo from Kanyakwar to Rodi Kopany the religion is Raila
RAO knew he was losing grip of Southern Luo Nyanza, that is the ONLY reason he needed to move 'closer'.
Ask yourselves, all you from Luo Nyanza abusing me, how many towns in Luo Nyanza can compare with Machakos, Kiambu, Eldoret, Nyeri etc?
Luo Nyanza has had ministers in government from the time of Kenyatta but you can't compare what those ministers have done with others.
People in Luo Nyanza have been lied to about the government sidelining them. That point is only valid for people in North Eastern.
My point is that until Luo Nyanza stop "worshiping" Raila, they should not hate on the government for their woes.
What hope do Luo Nyanza have with such leaders. Even education has not opened the eyes for these people.
Progress in Luo Nyanza will be measured when a voter can publicly and peacefully support another presidential candidate other than Raila.
Progress in Luo Nyanza will be measured when we will have legislators elected based on their development record and not Raila.
Progress in Luo Nyanza will be seen when leaders in Nyanza stop kissing Raila's *** to be endorsed but sell strong policies for development.
The chains of Raila on most of Luo Nyanza will one day be broken. Until then, Luo Nyanza willremain in the shadows.
The so called politicians, working hard bt nt smart to be King of politics
It will get to 2017 and you will still be asking Raila to be a senator/MP in your area. Luo Nyanza needs focused leaders.
The people of Luo Nyanza need to move on from and elect development minded leaders, not people who are just power hungry.
I always my friends from Luo Nyanza that Nyanza will never develop as long as they blindly follow and they never listen.
Jakom will grab the seat if that's what he wants. All Luo Nyanza political seats are for his taking if and when he decides.
Luo Nyanza is full of many good-for-nothing-MPs. No track/development record, their only lifeline is worshipping Raila.
Baba,Some Luo Nyanza politicians wants to bury you politically,don't accept Baba, be smart Baba.
kibra is the most poorest slum in kenya yet he was there,he will destroy homabay and turn Luo nyanza into poverty.
yeah poverty level is high. Kenyatta's and Moi regimes totally neglected luo nyanza. We started picking up in 2002
Rao is just a sad greedy selfish old politician to have as a Luo Nyanza defacto leader.
In luo nyanza only "If you run against Raila you will be branded as an enemy!!"
luo nyanza is no longer an Odinga playground, especially South Nyanza which Homabay is part of
The WRONG thing about Raila running for Homabay Sen sit is he'll reduce Luo Nyanza to Odingas playground & stoop low to some Senators level
IDPs in LUO Nyanza praise BENSOUDA as they welcome termination of UHURU’s case via
The peril for Nairobi Governor is that Luo Nyanza is littered with political corpses of those who’ve dared to dethrone the Odingas
Senator Otieno Kajwang' passed on last night. It was breaking news on Citizen TV Kenya , and I carefully watched Raila Odinga, eulogize the late senator. For sure Raila looked a shaken man. He had lost a mouthpiece, a fearless and forthright man. As I join Kenyans in mourning this great man, I am in sympathy and a lot of it, for this man Raila Odinga. The party he leads has suffered double tragedy: the continuing crack and now the loss of a close confidante. What happened to Kajwang' is irreversible but the party ODM can be healed from cracking further. I have come to learn something here: that when death reckons, people begin to give sensible directions. I believe this is what Kajwang' did by inviting Raila to Homabay County last week so the healing process in ODM could begin there and spread across Luo Nyanza, Western, Rift Valley and beyond. And now in true respect to the fallen hero, I call upon Prof. Anyang' Nyong'o, James Orengo, Dr Oburu Odinga, and other party leadership to embrace sanity in runni ...
I think hon Raila Odinga was not elected or endorsed by Luo Elders but he got it through sufferings to liberate Luo Nyanza nd Kenya as awhole,,you can't do three Harambes and start claiming that you are the best to suit Agwambos Position.where have you been all that long?what suffering have you faced for the benefit of this country.
WHY THE ODINGA CALIPHATE IS A CURSE TO THE PEOPLE OF LUO NYANZA. By Omollo Owuor Ngare. 15.50 Hrs. I have never been a gun for hire and will never be one. I don't rent my pen. I write what I feel needs to be dispensed to my audience. I don't work for any establishment and is in no one's payroll. I author from a personal conviction. I am very young. What I need is food on my table; not politics with a basket full of stone. That is what every progressive mind from Luo Nyanza needs. We demand wealth creation and economic development. Not the usual empty rhetoric. Grass thatched houses litter the wider Nyanza region; Disease and poverty imminent everywhere! What should I do? Fly to New-York to get investors? Revive KICOMI? That is a load of bull! I think we are tired of the cheap and empty politics of self aggrandizement, hero worship and idolatry. At some point in time, I had called Raila Odinga an agent of change. A bridge between the old rotten system and the new progressive era. I had termed him an eni .. ...
Sme 1 inboxed me a weeks ago pointing out that President Uhuru Kenyatta is deliberately keeping away frm Central Kenya affairs and minding alot about Western and Nyanza, specifically the Luo Nyanza to kill the tribalist tag. I didnt give an opinion on it. But smethng is notable now. From Migori nets to artists support to Gor Mahia interest to Kibera tours.I see sme truth in it. By 2017 we should see the results.
MIGORI~ ~William Samoei Ruto-Leadership that perpetrates intolerance& hooliganism as was witnessed in migori today is primitive, backward & barbaric! Shame on them! ~SENATOR MURKOMEN- What happened in Migori is a clear show that some politicians would rather have their voters poor than to develop and have them liberated!.The ODM leadership in Nyanza should learn from Hon.Ababu & the people of western.Just compare and contrast President in Migori & Western -Hon Moses kuria -Whatever happened in Migori is despicable. Those Ogoons had their minds totally confused by whatever you know by now.I have cancelled fundraiser i was to conduct in Kisumu on Saturday.After 1969 Russian Hospital riots Jomo avoided Luo Nyanza like a plague. -Hon. Aden Duale -It's primitive & outdated politics to heckle the president. The presidency must be respected. We call for investigation into the incident. -Munene wa Njeru -We have SEEN and NOTED what has happened to our President in Migori,.THANK YOU - Matsanga David they are used ...
President Uhuru is one of the most humble president Kenya has ever had. The violence we witnessed in Migori today must be condemned by all peace loving Kenyans. This is portraying the Luo community wrongly now that everything is being done to uplift the Luo Nyanza region that has always lagged behin
Raila Odinga POLITICS IS HINDERING DEVELOPMENT IN LUO NYANZA 1.More Politics,less development: The comtinued mode of politicking by Luo legislators headed by Raila at the expense of economic development is an undoing. It is a sad reality that Luo Nyanza has been associated with politicking and eventually just because of the goal of securing Raila’s "presidency." The calls for a REFERENDUM by CORD just reflects continuity in politicking at the expense of development. My questions to you; (a) What did Raila do as Prime Minister to the Luo Nyanza? (b). Which development project did Raila initiate or launch in Nyanza apart from Kisumu airport which serves only the haves even with the system of development.? No single family from RIAT or Otonglo has benefited from the airport thing. (c). Did you know that as a Prime Minister the fish processing plant in Thika processes fish from Lake Victoria. Was it impossible for Raila Odinga to initiate the construction of a fish plant or processing industry in Kisumu Cit ...
If Raila is alleging that's he a true states man as he's chest thumping now, I have not seen a school, cattle dip,hospital, to ask for a street named after him is asking for so much, coz not a street in Kibera is named after him,not even in Luo Nyanza is that name there, Who has ever seen,Raila Odinga this Raila Odinga that? Just asking, !
BREAKING 1; We have reports that the government intends to arrest Raila Odinga. In consequence, alarming number of security personnel have been splashed across Luo Nyanza and Odinga's support bases in Nairobi. BREAKING 2; Al Shabaab calls BBC to claim further responsibility for last night's (new attacks) in Lamu, saying they abducted more than 12 women who have 'safely arrived' Somalia and killed close to 20 more people. BREAKING 3; If God can help Kenya.
honestly Odingaism is real in Luo Nyanza and Seme is nit left out at all. One of the great me from Seme was born in 1911 the same year Jaramogi Oginga Odinga was born. This great man from Seme had some differences with the establishment and that's what made him to curve his on mark in the society.
Natasha Mburugu The only thing that takes him to Luo Nyanza are funerals. Uhuru Kenyatta is officially a mortician.
I think that Something happened between Oburu and Raila. just like Esau and Jacob. if Oburu Odinga carried the family Politico mantle, Kenya could be safe...very safe..Oburu would be at least a VP. Luo Nyanza could have achieved a lot. But with Raila, no peace just abject poverty.
what a journey! Homage bay County particularly Lamb we east Constituency the former territory of the reknown Bogus Immigration minister Otis Kajwang!! horrible roads, electricity is a dream never come true!! wow Luo Nyanza let's pray for our pals from due south more so HB may God help you elect the right leaders not the likes of senator Kajwang who drives fuel gazlars in the city yet does not even have a foot path to access his constituents!! not even a murum road to his own home. after over 20 years in petty politics. Shame on u!
He was icon and the champion of none "gonya" politics in Luo nyanza convincing voters through eloquence and issues based politics. We shall miss you former MP Hon Oluoch Kanindo. R.I.P
we r yet to c the Luo profiled after identifying the Thika Bombers as Akinyi and Othiambo or nyanza concentrtn camp
Clerics from LUO Nyanza trash Raila Odinga’s plot to impeach UHURU and RUTO
And.just wondering. All are university student leaders from Luo Nyanza???
Very curious about the blending of Mungiki with the traditional Luo Nyanza Militia and the Kakamega-Kisumu dynamic
It's a pity that in the 21st century some politicians are still surviving on the peoples' ignorance especially in Luo Nyanza
Is being a JALUO this expensive . Spotted in LUO Nyanza (With a light touch)
In the middle of luo nyanza... I'm forced to learn & speak some strong dholuo.
am not so sure but I know in a luo Nyanza he commands a bigger crowd after Rao
Kidero was thrown out by the Mt Kenya guys, the Appellate judges were GBM Kariuki, Waweru Kiage and Mohamed Warsame. The judges voted 2:1, meaning Kariuki and Kiage voted to impeach Kidero while Warsame voted to throw out Waititu's petition. I rem Evans Kidero visiting State House and Uhuru paying him a courtesy call at City hall, Kidero refused to go to USA when Raila organized for CORD Governors to go there and accompanied Uhuru to China. Kidero doesn't attend CORD Governors meetings, when they met in Kisumu he was not there. How do we help Kidero? He went to bed with the enemy, did Kidero think that he would re-invent the Kenyan political wheel? His father in-law Tom Mboya's ghost could not forgive him for dinning with people who finished him. unfortunately it maybe the end of the road for Kidero. If he survives this then he will have inherited Luo Nyanza, unfortunately miracles don't happen in politics-they are made to happen. Who will make the miracle happen for Kidero? RAILA AMOLO ODINGA Sycophant K ...
Dr Evans Kidero should know people. I warned him, we warned him. He is out when least expected and the shock is his. He should now forget politics. If he decide to defend his seat as a Nairobi County Governor, in a by-election, he will be reduced to a laughing stooge. Will Luos from Luo Nyanza, where he used to go every weekend to spend millions come to Nairobi City County to vote for him? At a certain point, he refused to employ qualified applicants from Mumias stating categorically that, he can not work with people of Mumias. He gave ODM/CORD the "back" after settling down in office. He dined with Jubilee, who have now played tough on him through court and shown him the door. He should have detected what is in the offing when Mike Sonko. embroiled him im media war. Dr Evans Kidero, you should have listened to me if at all you did not wish to listen to Raila Odinga or CORD leaders. What a wasted opportunity? You have been fried and done. Pole.
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Le me take dis chance 2 thx al wemen in luo nyanza who join us in voting in Hon. Ohuru prezo. may u have hapi mum dai..
THIS is total nonsense and crap. The poor and needy people whether in Luo Nyanza and wherever need help and support no matter from who.
Naivasha has more brown teeth than foreskins in luo Nyanza.
After serious meeting with seniors of pollitics in luo Nyanza we concluded that Nyando will not be a place for academic dwarf like some people we know,wait us on 17.5.2014 at Kabonyo Kanyagwal @ the burial of Mwalimu Abura.ONG'ER Nyathicha olewo koka oonge kalatas .tomitna.
Luo nyanza is in kenya so telling the president & his Dp to keep off is hogwash!
RAILA’s spanner boy, KAJWANG, tells UHURU/ RUTO to keep off from LUO Nyanza
KIDERO says Raila Odinga was behind his ouster - he fears he is losing LUO Nyanza
our brother from luo nyanza are just too proud. Thank God Tinga is not Prezzy.
Today allow me to give free political airtime to Raila's critics especially the AMANI followers plus other Kenyans. Tell me, you always open your beaks to shout that Raila is done politically and he should hand over the baton to new blood. That Raila has even lost clout among his Luo tribemates. 1. Who gave Raila the batton to pass it on? 2. In all by recently held elections in Luo Nyanza, ODM has retained all the seats. Why am I not seeing this talk of Raila 'loosing clout in Luo Nyanza? 2. Can you propose a person to replace Raila? Dont tell me we have many Luhya and Luo leaders, just mention for me one. Twende Kazi
Jotelo matindo manie luo nyanza,some of them nigi problems...they should not be cheated ni koro they r the bosses within their respective constituencies and they can do wat they want anytime.Am watching them closely,and the common mwanainchi also.GI AYE LENGRUOK!
A BRAND KWALE BEYOND THE TOURIST DESTINATIONS Forget the "Ouster", and Dr. KIdero's woes in Luo Nyanza-ODM circles (he never got anyone to propose him whereas Kwale Governor was proposed by Mr. Rassanga, the Siaya County Governor -them of ODM- Sec Gen post must be held by home grown person fame- and seconded by Makueni Governor...). The post has a further potential to market a brand Kwale if we can suggest how. Let's go beyond congratulation messages and make the most out of it in the next twelve months. Otherwise, the post has no meaningful value to Kwale residents. We remain tied to our budgets... and ability to mobilise resources!
On ma way to gem luo nyanza to give our colleague a descent send brother oluoch.god loved u most
Citizens Convention Party (CCP) a new party to take the Luo Nyanza to Canaan,what's your opinion correct or contradicting??
Raila Odinga is now finished as new party is launched in LUO NYANZA via
Hill 'dag laa'.'leja leja..'.hanging out with the Acholi people of Northern feels so much like being in Luo Nyanza minus Lake Victoria.and again here we never put to 'shame' the British much fun.
More rebellion in LUO Nyanza as another new party is launched - RAILA is now finished
It will be below 41 of the Luo Nyanza Counties!
It's only in Luo Nyanza where forming another political party is tantamount to undermining the Former Prime Minister ("father of Democracy")
When Dalmas Otieno talked of forming a party, many criticised the idea that it will divide Luo nyanza and now...
Conventional Party is our luo Nyanza's party!
Wish he had said it,cause it's true.Besides Luo Nyanza No ethnic bias in voting Indians,Somalis,Arabs kale
thought wewe ni from Luo Nyanza, my bad. Hio follow back vipi?
Support this initiative. Nyanza Caucus For Youth and Development - NCYD OBJECTIVES 1. To provide the Youth in the four Counties of Migori, Homa Bay, Kisumu and Siaya with linkages for access to Education and Employment opportunities. 2. To mobilize human and non human resources for youth development through existing structures including Youth Groups. 3. To strengthen Youth led and Youth centered development initiatives throughout Luo Nyanza. 4. Create synergy in pursuit for more involvement, inclusion and participation of the youth in elective and appointive Leadership. 4. Promote unity of purpose among the Youth in Luo Nyanza 5. To engage with individuals, organizations, institutions in activities geared towards Youth Empowerment in Luo Nyanza and across the country. Proposed Structure for the Steering Committee 3 Members from Migori 3 Members from Homa Bay County. 3 Members from Kisumu County. 3 Members from Siaya County. 1 Elected leader (optional) who will be the Patron. Total 13 Inputs invited for Re ...
Your excellency make a tour of the entire Luo Nyanza, because you're the republic's custodian
It will be interesting to watch how Luo Nyanza political landscape shapes up once kidero's deep pockets and Dalmas Otieno's organizational acumen tackle Raila.
In the Words of Jimm Bonie: Go ahead Hon Dalmas Otieno, Pursue Your Dream without FEAR, Luos are DARING not Cowards There is a Luo proverb that goes, “once the mushroom has sprouted from the earth, there is no turning back”. The political wind of change blowing across Nyanza can be contrasted to the sprouted mushroom. Listen to me cautiously; it is only the intelligent who evaluate a situation before making a move. On the other side, the feeble minded are champions at noisemaking. I want to address you Hon. Dalmas Otieno. You have made a bold move. Only few politicians if none would attempt this in Luo Nyanza. Recently, speculations have been ubiquitous about you forming a new political outfit. The rumors were however confirmed when you publicly affirmed your intent to form a political party. I want to talk to you honestly. I want to tell you my mind though I know that being a small man; my views may not matter to you. Your choice has earned you plethora of ill-treatment and name calling. In the soci ...
I pity Dalmas. Luo Nyanza MPs cannot risk join him. Only fools repeat the same mistake twice.
Dalmas Otieno Anyango go on people av ua back we a tired of cheap politics in luo nyanza, dont fear anybody itz time somebody wake luos up from thea sleep n hope kidero will folow ua footsteps
I now know one of the forces which were behind the shambolic ODM primaries. Dalmas Otieno, the immediate national treasurer of ODM was helping his masters to bring the party and to make sure that RAO doesn't ascend to the presidency, Migori county (Otieno's county) gave jubilee the highest number of votes compared to other counties in Luo Nyanza. I also know why we conceded more than it was necessary during the Serena deal, again Otieno Anyango was helping his political father Mr. Moi to make sure that Tata does't become the president of Kenya. He is real warthog.
The fact that Hon Dalmas Otieno was appointed as a convoy to the south Sudan Government and coincidentally hosting Ruto at his home turf a number of occasions has left many tongues wagging! What is he up to? He has now said that should Raila not go for the top seat in 2017, then he will do it. What do ypu think of him? Is he just a mere jubilee mole as claimed by the Raila Odinga followers like Homa Bay town Mp- Peter Kaluma? Is he there just to cause rivalry in Luo Nyanza? Is he there to separate Central from South Nyanza Raila die hards? Does he want to renew his rivalry with the Odinga's? Does he want to break the Odingaism dynasty and bring his to the fore in Luo Fraternity? He has even said that he is ready to be Uhuru's deputy should the Uhuruto duo's marriage head south. And remember the loyalty is torn right in the middle , with even the ODM starlwats like Wundanyi saying he gonna give his vote to Kalonzo in the forthcoming General Elections. Other forces in ODM like the Sec. Gen of ITEC, Hon Nam ...   10% Off
Two handsome smart and loving guys one from central kenya and the other one from luo nyanza both aged 30 years old , are looking for a cute lovely well mannered girl .. ladies which one would you choose ?
In the matter of Dalmas Otieno forming a new political party to offer alternative leadership in Luo Nyanza. Well, sometimes ambition becomes an end in itself. A man who does not learn from the experience of history is wont to repeat its mistakes. Where i come from they say that a bird that loves to shake off its feathers ends up without the feathers( kanyoni keribaribi keninagira njoya). My advice: Dalmas, upstaging Raila in Nyanza is not as easy as obtaining a third wife, it is an uphill task that calls for the extraordinary abilities of the proverbial Okonkwo.
The recent announcement by Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno that he will be in the race for the presidency come 2017 has stirred the hornet’s nest in Luo Nyanza and brought…
Otieno’s State House mission stirs up old unease for Luo Nyanza
Rongo Member of Parliament and ODM rebel, Dalmas Otieno, has said his new party that will permanently kill former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement’s (ODM’s) dominance in Luo Nyanza is almost ready.declaration comes after months of speculation about his loyalty to Raila Odinga and to ODM party. Addressing his constituents at the new Chamgigwadu Divisional Headquarters, in Migori County, the Rongo legislator noted that his party will sweep ODM from Nyanza like a whirlwind and that it would liberate Luos from Odingaism. “The party is coming and the whirlwind that is being speculated is just a baptismal name that is on the tipping”, said Otieno. Dalmas accused Raila Odinga of being untrustworthy, saying despite having helped him to win the previous elections, which were stolen, the Odinga family still branded him a traitor and Uhuru/ Ruto’s mole. However, he said, with his new party, he stands a chance of being elected President of Kenya just like Raila Odinga and urged Luo ...
E NYING JEHOBAH ..! kalausi, whirlwind, is a devilish phenomenon associated with destruction ; blowing off roofs,karting away granaries full of harvests, destroyin crops n such..!! nyanza has suffered setbacks that can only be compared to those caused by kalausi,(remember;the brain child of kalusi is a life member of KANU) kalausi had a hand in the murder of ROBERT OUKO. people who knew facts about the elimination plot like , were also swept by KALAUSI. Kalausi is focused on causing a kind of ungovernable and a politically turbulent luo nyanza all in the name of democracy..!! A brief insight into ; his son who died abroad under very unique scenario,landed of his head ...just before his re-election,2006/07 his body guard was murdered in awendo-kanga area these deaths were not by default buh kind of ritualistic in nature to appease the a long tym luos have been used, Dalmas already had been appointed by and the only way to pay back is to spit the luo vote-of which he has started. pause for a moment and thin ...
Everything that come frm luo nyanza is boyetc.
Politics is one game where no one can claim to be a master of all. Raila once claimed that he was a master of all but it came to pass that in politics no one is a master of all. Luos should learn from the principles of natural science of birth growth and death in order to broaden their approaches in playing politics in Kenya. I believe from such lessons a Luo with a dissenting view about issues affecting our backyard would not be branded names like Jubilee mole or ODM rat. The people of greater Luo Nyanza should allow democracy to sink in the villages and in the minds of the people. ODM has failed this test. By democracy I mean losing an election be it party or national elections its an option in any state practicing democracy. But ruling people with autocratic tendencies in the name of advancing democracy is another way of advancing the precepts of the KANU regime. The truth be told why did ODM party election end in turmoil. The reason is clear, the elites in the party feared democracy. By this i mean lo ...
.Ithnk Dalmas Otieno is abitter man after raila prevailed upon him to seek other post and leave senatorial seat for kuria people.raila meant well for ths kanu die hard doesnt see the sense thats why he is vomitng on raila.he is awarthog who forget quickly that the father of democracy has always and will always influence luo nyanza politics.lets see whether His new party will get any seat in nyanza.
Otieno, is the Leader to watch in Luo Nyanza. Go, Otieno go!
Dalmas Otieno has said that his new political party will WIPE OUT ODINGAISM in Luo Nyanza.
LUO NYANZA, VIOLENT POLITICS AND NAME CALLING The recent public quarrels and near physical confrontation between Members of Parliament and former aspirants in their constituencies of Muhoroni, South Nyanza, Nyakach and many unreported ones speaks volumes. These undercurrents are consequences of unfairness/cheating, inequity in party nominations, block voting and euphoria that have characterized Luo politics in the past, just to mention a few. This cheating makes the so called defeated feel cheated. and the elected, who have managed to go through, feel insecure, hence the war that leads to primitive physical confrontation in the public. In this world when you end up in a physical fight it means that you have failed to think and you are bereft of any options. The flawed party nominations have been a problem in this region over the years. I ask for any better way to address the cause. Such differences and quarrels of such magnitude has a tendency of making potential investors destined into Luo Nyanza drag th ...
so katika harakati zangu za ku Google gazetti venye Bill Ruto alisema, I come across a story that Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno is launching a new party and he threatens it will wipe out ODM's influence in Luo Nyanza. And am thinking, if this guy doesn't want to be in ODM, why don't he just resign from 'Chungwa Moja, Maisha Bora,' then he goes back to the ballot with that Kalausi of his or whatever it is. If he manages to make it back to the August House, we'll take him seriously. Sio ati kama baba alikataa kukuendorse for Chairman's post unasumbua watu hapa!
POSTED FRIDAY, APRIL 4, 2014 | BY- ELISHA OTIENO Dalmas’ party to ‘kick ODM out of Nyanza’ Former Cabinet minister Dalmas Otieno has stepped his campaign to upstage Raila Odinga who has dominated Luo Nyanza politics for more than two decades. Speaking to Saturday Nation, the Rongo MP said he had already registered a new political party to rival Mr Odinga’s ODM. “The party is alive and kicking. We are not turning back in our campaign to provide alternative leadership. We will be making a major announcement in two weeks,” said Mr Otieno, who was scheduled to fly to Juba where he represents President Uhuru Kenyatta in the South Sudan peace talks. “ODM is gone. It is indeed unfortunate,” he said before hanging up.
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