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Lungi Dance

Lungi Dance is a song composed and sung by Indian rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh for the soundtrack of the 2013 Bollywood film Chennai Express.

Kevin Spacey Honey Singh Chennai Express Shah Rukh Khan Deepika Padukone Shahrukh Khan John Travolta Shahid Kapoor Salman Khan Sanjay Dutt Chammak Challo Tihar Jail Tampa Bay Farhan Akhtar Vishal Dadlani Hrithik Roshan

I can wear a 'lungi' and dance like no one's watching to show that I am very very ❤❤❤.
Hiding from serial killer. Me: I'm gonna die if he finds me. Killer:All the rajni fans don't miss the chance. Me: lungi dance lungi dance 😂
stand outside an ATM and do a lungi dance
And listen.I was humming Tooti Taang...Tooti Taang...Tooti Taang to the tune of Lungi Dance this morning.
Pierce Brosnan did Pan Parag. Jackie Chan did Kung Fu Yoga. Vin Diesel did lungi dance. . India, destroying one global i…
I liked a video from lungi dance sahara kalan
Girls Lungi Dance: Lungi Dance became famous over the world now, see how Asian Girls dancing at their backyar...
As most of time is inside field he prefers to do 'BALL DANCE' rather Lungi dance.Great show Anna
Yo! Yo! Honey Singh has a reason to celebrate. Yo Yo Honey Singh, the Lungi Dance crooner got emotional after...
I added a video to a playlist 'Lungi Dance' by TDP leaders for New Year ! - TV9
I added a video to a playlist TDP MLA Baburao Funny Lungi Dance with Item Girls | New Year 2017
'Where are you from?'. 'Chennai' . 'omg do you know rajnikant'. 'no'. 'lungi dance lungi dance'. 'pls stop'
This Sri Lankan President is only good in doing Lungi Dance. 😬😀😂😊
Its Sunday morning and here I am dancing like a retard for Lungi Dance song. FML.
What type of liquor they serve in Punjabi weddings? People are doing Bhangra on Tum Hi *** and Lungi Dance 😂 —...
I just used Shazam to discover Lungi Dance by Yo Yo Honey Singh.
If he can beat Yo Yo Honey Singh in lungi dance and gulp 'chaar bottle vodka'...we will consider :) .
Mee vekili chestalu police chokka galla lungi--for gods sake that is not mass appeal, its disgusting,sad dance,
The Thalaivar(r) Tribute to Rajani Sir is out. Lungi Dance. Seemed apt if u make a film called Chennai Exp..u need to bow to th…
Totally agree!!! Remember all captains joyously dancing to lungi dance in an opening night whilst he barely moved a muscle!
Was watching the music video of lungi dance and don't know from where did deepika suddenly come in...😕😕😕
All the gaurav fans don't miss this chance. Lungi dance lungi dance. 6 DAYS FOR FAN
lungi dance was shot in 1 day ade 1234 in CE shot in 3 nights. Choreographers planning lo untadi
It still bothers me that Shahrukh Khan isn't wearing a lungi in lungi dance
I know.. never liked his songs.. lungi dance bhi faltu ka hype kia tha.. none of his songs are good except aaj blue hai paani
will do LUNGI DANCE to make them laugh
. . I will do SRK Famous Lungi dance in a funny way on Kapil Sharma Movie song to make them laugh.
When an entire life is described thru hair! Especially if it's s Lungi dance time. Thank you .
How the *** SRK remembers everything he does and have done in last 25 years he danced from deewana songs to lungi dance exactly the same
I would like to do funny lungi dance to make laugh.
Don't say a word whilst we dance with the devil.
Coz then we can celebrate it later by dancing on Lungi dance :P
Not lungi sheila dance they behave like her
Its time for Lungi dance Our King is back
I liked a video from Lungi Dance by Jaydeep Rami - Multidots
Ya, though it is also possibly even before the DJ played Lungi Dance.
It was in celebration of the DJ stopping Lungi Dance and playing something more Madras appropriate.
The 3D Blasphemy of illegal assets in Swiss Banks & FBR Lungi Dance.
Edinburgh honorary graduate on today. Watch SRK's lungi dance & Oct Edinburgh lecture
you have finally decided to broadcast R u guys waiting 4 SRK todo Lungi dance in Chennai rains..pathetic journalism!!
Is lungi dance reqd to cover chennai's plight?
See i am here now let's do Lungi dance
All the fans. Don't miss the chance. Lungi dance lungi dance...
Its time for lungi dance lungi dance lungi dance for chennaities.. _/\_ xD
Dont be surprised if in DILWLE srk dedicated song for salman bhai like LUNGI DANCE. (ALL THE SALMAN FANS DONT MISS d CHANCE)
Watch out very soon Lungi Dance in Tihar Jail by PC ...
1 2 3 4 step on the Dance floor. Lungi dance Lungi dance!!
Shah Rukh Khan m - Salman Khan’s LungiDance & 5 things they MUST do in Big Boss 9 house.
Be prepared to see Lungi Dance in Tihar Jail. It will be a combo by Lungi and the bar girl.
Lungi's son Kartik being raided by ED. Seems there is going to be Lungi Dance in Tihar Jail.
Pucca Chor PC pucca going to jail very soon Lungi Dance in Tihar Jail ...
I added a video to a playlist When mickey mouse dances on Lungi dance.mp4
with MiraShaKapoor this lungi dance competition and festival MadhuMantena ❤
Multiple resistance breached by India cements.. Yes love from South.. If u bought India cements with me, lungi dance is must..
It's great that modi and nawaz sharif met in paris and shook hands smiled at the cameras... Fam when u gonna do the lungi dance.
what about rest of players they came for lungi dance ? Stop blaming
Meet saundarya tallakhbudhe tomorrow! She is smart witty and above all puneri !!enjoyed Pinga? Tomorrow lungi dance! http…
Prince n Mandana dancing with d lungi ! . They had so much fun . . jumped in to dance along with them ! .
if you loved Prince and Mandana's Lungi Dance! . Mandana The Best
After the incredible order by JK High Court I'm waiting for the Friday prayer lungi dance.
Somnath Bharti ,the Bin Laden of Left Wing (Aam Aadmi Party) faces jail for "Liberally" harassing wife. lungi dance!
dances the Lungi dance on stage at the . Have you ever tried it ??. . inst…
please play - my favorite Bollywood song lungi dance
awww thnx v much ugly duckling! I miss u more mate & iA I'll be coming soon so we can eye to eye the steps of lungi dance
for Kamal R khan is a place where he could freely do his lungi dance moves.. ;-)
Would shah rukh and yo yo Honey Singh have the GUTS to make a song caled "veshti dance"? Lungi has lower caste connotations
"My next class is at 2pm what do i do" Lungi dance.
LOL like lungi dance sounds profound ermm
Now we know the origin of SRK's lungi dance.
Shah Rukh Khan dancing on the tunes of Lungi Dance at the last night!
Thanks for these great pics of me doing the Lungi Dance with at
Is everyday lungi dance will/was happened?! Loudspeakers are used 5 times a day mam!!
Omg me doing the lungi dance with made the front pages!
Before you sleep would you like to do lungi dance with me ? 󾌰
Video: Lungi dance with the ladies 😩🙈💔 🚫Not Hot at all😭
He was driving.Song played'le le le re selfie le'.Took mobile n clicked one. Thankyou radio channels for not playing - lungi dance :-P
Shah Rukh Khan is teaching people how to do the Lungi dance and it is EVERYTHING – watch video!
"Highlight of Kevin Spacey doing 'Lungi Dance' with Shahid and Deepika... FAVOURITE…
Download the video of lungi dance of Honey Singh
You know it's time to get some new music, when shuffle randomly throws out 'Lungi Dance' :-/
I am already dancing dude. Let's do some lungi Dance. 😂😂😂
and yes...ur KUTTYstyle was jst awsm... but if it had have one LUNGI DANCE dn it wuld b jst mor than super se upar.:)..
All the fans, don't miss the chance! Lungi Dance but first Give a missed call on 1800-274-1006 :P
Sri Lankans celebrating by doing the "Lungi Dance".
alrighttt lungi dance then on Eid yh
For Lungi dance to be performed, need to purchase LUNGI...justified or not ?
It takes an Eega or a Baahubali for the Dawood-controlled Bollywood to know that South Indian cinema is not all lungi dance
Lungi dance.Do I really have to wear lungi to dance on this song??? lol wid dear
ChennaiExpress title song deserved to be in the movie, or atleast at the end. But lungi Dance stole it's place. What a waste.
CSK is banned for 2 years. The team starts it sabbatical with "Lungi dance party" after watching Bahubali.
Danced all nite long to lungi dance…Indians, koreans Slovenians, Croatians, Greeks & so many more. Fan & Dubrovnic has been lif…
We Hosted and We got the chance. so, We "Lungi Dance,Lungi Dance,Lungi DanceLungi Dance"
Hey just look at the and they have started LUNGI DANCE
why this greedy is not arranging lungi dance with ticket 20K?
SRK : Which song are you dedicating for me ?. Fans : Pandeyji Seeti... SRK : Hmm... Fans : Lungi Dance...Lungi Dance...
Lungi Dance even at office after hearing about this biggest sale from Myntra
62. Lungi dance was one of the most fun I had...long shoot thru nite but worth it. Thanx for immortalising it.
LKM will be dancing to lungi dance tunes
RR, CSK suspended from IPL for two years. LOL.. Lalit Modi breaks into a lungi dance.
Yo Yo Honey Singh. I love Lungi Dance. One of the most played song on my phone. :D
Everyone is singing Lungi Dance outside Mannat right now. Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan.
I'm starting to hate Chammak Challo and Lungi Dance !! Getting on my nerves !!
Lungi Dance by our Pastry Team @ Hilton Abu Dhabi., Have fun watching a super dance by my team...!
Yo Yo Honey Singh's Lungi Dance was the top dance song in Times Polls 2013
Mahesh Babu's Lungi Dance! July 31st, 2014, 05:00 PM IST T-town Superstar Mahesh Babu does a Shahrkh Khan, if reports to be believed. Confused? Well buzz is that Mahesh Babu has done lungi dance in his forthcoming flick Aagadu, a la SRK in Chennai Express. The dance form - Lungi dance - instantly became a rage after SRK did it and it was followed by several others. "Earlier Mahesh was seen sporting lungi in Puri Jagannadh's Pokiri in a song. But the star's lungi dance in Aagadu is totally different from that, " shares a source in the know. Source adds that a special set has been erected in Ramoji Film City to shoot the song on Mahesh and Shruti Haasan. Apparently, baddie Sonu Sood too shaken his legs for this song. What's more interesting is that Shruti Haasan has crooned for the song. However, we hear that the makers of Aagadu are keeping the news under the wraps. The audio, composed by SS Thaman, will be unveiled on August 31, on the eve of birthday of Gautam Krishna (son of Mahesh Babu). Makers are pl ...
Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 7 found itself on the global map with former guest judge Maksim Chmerkovskiy rumoured to be the new love of Jennifer Lopez. Infact, shortly after he bid adieu to the show, Maksim was reportedly spotted at a nightclub partying the night away with JLo and looking completely at ease in her company. Jennifer Lopez recently split up from boyfriend Casper Smart after dating him for two-and-a-half years. But clearly Maksim and Jlo's romance isn't the only one blossoming between Hollywood and Bollywood. At the recent IIFA awards held in April, Hollywood heavyweights danced to Bollywood's tunes quite literally. John Travolta showed off his famous Staying Alive dance routine with Hrithik Roshan for company. Hollywood star Kevin Spacey also wowed the crowd by grooving to the immensely popular Lungi Dance with Deepika Padukone. An interesting development is that even India's small screen isn't being ignored by Hollywood anymore. Anil Kapoor started the trend with 24 and even Amitabh Bachchan and An ...
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Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Pokhara and a lot dancing to Bollywood music with the kids, locals and other nationalities. Of Ainvayi Ainvayi, Chammak Challo and Lungi Dance. All captured with a GoPro Hero 3.
On Sunday, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan clashed once again, albeit at different venues. Sunday was the day of the Khans. While Shah Rukh wooed the young, and the young at heart, at a Father's Day event at a city mall, Salman unveiled the first trailer of his upcoming film, Kick, at a suburban theatre. What was interesting is that both the events were timed just half an hour apart, splitting up the fans and dividing the media turnout, since both were open to the public. Sallu's event started with a bang with over 500 fans outside Bandra's Gaiety theatre setting up an ear-splitting roar in anticipation of bhai's entry, both on screen and off it. Around the same time, SRK was dancing to the tunes Chammak Challo and Lungi Dance with kids, in far-flung Ghatkopar. The invites for the SRK event had gone out on Wednesday, June 13 while the invite for the Kick event arrived only late on Saturday. When asked whether he had planned his event to coincide with SRK's, Sallu quipped, "Planning aur main?" and thwarted ...
If India qualified, their goal celebration would be the 'Lungi Dance' 😂😂😂
Flash !!! Shah Rukh Khan's lungi dance with kids on Father's Day - Times of India: Times of ... celebs choice ;-)
V were Maha Impressed with your Lungi dance. Bhai wwahh!!
Shah Rukh Khan, who is himself a father of three kids, treated his young fans to 'lungi dance' as he celebrated Father's Day on Sunday (June 15).
One does not simply make Keyser Soze do a 'lungi dance'.
I never thought I will see my favouritest one & only KEVIN SPACY doing a lungi dance, what next?
I mean I don't even feel like regretting to have missed out that neeya naana episode and Kevin Spacey doing the lungi dance.
Yayyy the Lungi Dance with Shahid, Deepika, Kevin and Farhan! One of my favorite Parts of ♥
King Khan of Indian Film Industry, Shahrukh Khan does Lungi Dance with Mumbai Police. A must watch dance performance of Officers and King Khan!
Original lungi dance for fb friends only
The zaz with started with Shah Rukh Khan joining the kids from Smile foundation for a very special Lungi Dance performance! Stay tuned for more pics and updates!
Gautam's article during IPL'14.. Wifey called and asked, “How is it going?” I replied, “Great. Feeling tops after we won back-to-back matches.” I wanted to be a little more pompous. I cleared my throat, raised the pitch of my voice and narrated something I knew she knew very well. “I’m sure you know that I now have three fifties in a row and back-to-back man-of-the-match awards. It feels great,” I said.There is nothing more satisfying for a married man than to narrate his heroics to his wife. I felt like a Roman emperor riding a decorated stallion, which I like to imagine as proudly aloft on its hind legs.“Of course, I know all of that. It was really fantastic but…” she was about to continue when our newborn daughter demanded her attention. There was a pause of about 50-60 seconds. I was wondering why did she say, “but”. Was there something amiss? Did I miss anyone’s birthday or anniversary? I was already “googling” my excuses. By that time the Roman emperor in me fell off fr ...
Lungi dance at alwayss super exited for this one MAN,,
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What is the world's best song to dance to? — LUNGI DANCE!!
it was nice to see Kevin Spacey dancing Lungi Dance & John Travolta dancing Tune mari ghanti yaar in IIFA Award It was un believable...
Cant believe Kevin Spacey did the lungi dance !!!
i wiould lyk to dance on Lungi Dance wearing a lungi
Lungi dance performance by our UKG students. keka
Its a silver lungi for lungi dance he performed . .
Shah Rukh Khan treats young fans to lungi dance to celebrate Father's Day
Sonal star band new lungi dance anwar khan
Photos: treats young fans to lungi dance to celebrate Father’s Day
They donned a lungi & did the ‘Lungi Dance’. is here to surprise you with never-seen-before performances.
I will Do Lungi Dance, with all my buddies
At Kidzania,danced with kids on Lungi Dance,shelled out Don dialogues,posed for pics,loud cheers all around
A3) I will do lungi dance even I hate to wear lungi
now Kevin Spacey might be regretting that "LUNGI DANCE"
he must have thought that everyone in Bwood is a retarded wannabe. It was all so embarrassing esp that lungi dance thing -.-
kids and their dads rock the stage wuth Lungi Dance on
John Travolta dances to Tu Ne Maari Entriyaan - Gunday and Kevin Spacey does a Lungi Dance with the hosts. That's IIFA Awards Tampa , Fl for you :)
Lungi dance. . .Lungi dance. K k diba come on.
Another superb performance in lungi dance
Aj ki party yad rahegi my all B.A.U campus friends enjoy with me on dj floor a wedding party i loved it bas thodi der pahele aya bahut enjoy kiya maja a gya the most popular song is papi song and lungi dance hurey
Kevin Spacey doing lungi dance with Farhan Akhtar and Shahid Kapoor!!! :/ :/ :/
Liked watching Kevin Spacey do lungi dance at IIFA awards.John Travolta showing his vintage touch too.
IFFA and FIFA have the same letters but are 2 different things... yeh baat biwi ko kaun samjhaye. in need of another TV. Instead of watching football's biggest show under the sun, I am watching Kevin Spacey wear a lungi and dance on Lungi Dance. Sob story but true... Kartika Nair
Kevin Spacey you're such a sport, You rocked Lungi Dance
Kevin spacy subjected to lungi dance at I IIFA
Kevin Spacy is doing Lungi dance. ohh IIFA...
Kevin Spacey dancing for lungi dance wearing one .. whoa :) :O :-D
Woho Hollywood dancing on Lungi dance !Long live Bollywood
Taking selfies, Lying on the stage and doing Lungi Dance. If not nothing, Lex Luther would feel violated..
Watching iifa never seen something so hilarious Kevin Stecy dancing on "Lungi Dance"
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Watching IIFA awards...Kevin Spacey doing lungi dance just great.jiyo Bollywood !
Kevin Spacey DANCING TO LUNGI DANCE AT IIFA. Deepika Padukone making him do that! What a way for Bollywood to make buffoonery of the Indian culture under the guise of being the "Indian Film Industry". What a disgrace this is that we made, a two time Academy Award winner do this nonsense on an international platform. What's wrong folks, don't you get any attention back home? KUDOS!!
Kevin Spacey doing the lungi dance is so cringeworthy and hilarious at the same time.
They are gonna make Kevin Spacey Do the Idiotic Lungi Dance,I can't wait to watch this :]
amar shate amar gf poulami ar chat: are polu Bol bol na bolbo na Bol na bol na... Tui bea korchis? hmm toke August 9, 2013 6:08 pm dara dichi okk What change came over Ashoka after the war? ans tao de sudhu qu korchis kno The kalinga war resulted in a huge loss of innocent lives and property. This filled Ashoka with remorse and he became a Buddhist. He vowed not to launch any war again in his life. He was the first ruler in the acient world who raised his voice against the horror of war and adopted a policy of peaceful co-existence. baba re baba ota ancient hobe re innocent ta? What was Ashoka's 'Dhamma'? koi ans? Net ta problm krche rate diye debo okkk naki shila boudi eseche? Innocent na kintu acient ta August 10, 2013 11:36 am polu darau tomay dichi Hmm Ashoka's concept of 'Dhamma' comprised some well-known principles of morality like truthfulness, charity,mercy, self-control etc. He wanted parents, elders, teachers and men of religion to be respected. His 'Dhamma' constituted the essence of all religi ...
Kevin Spacey doing the Lungi Dance and John Travolta showing Hrithik Roshan some smooth moves.Should be an interesting watch
Want to see Kevin Spacey dancing on the tune of "lungi dance"? Watch IIFA awards at star plus from 8pm
His world was always We... Thank u for all the sacrifices , prayers n the person u been.. I CAN NEVER MATCH UR SMILE Because u make me smile. Some of our moments and statements I recollect dad .. Simple living High thinking ... hard word, determination and dedication three aspects of success.. I still rem the day when I failed in my ninth class ..n I told u when u came to pick me up from school .. you first took me to a sweet house and gave me samosa and kachori to eat coz u knew I was hungry.. I expected u to scold me ..u gave me food. I rem the day when i wanted to make young blood band u sponsored the whole Hari Hara kalla bhawan and the vehicles for our band.. Pradhan Thandra whenever i wanted to travel u would arrange tickets and make me reach the station one hour before and wait. No matter what happens u would call me every two hours n ask ..bablloo thinnava (did u eat).. Oh when I was kidnapped in Ahmednagar n I escaped the trap I ran n came home..u made me join Karate class... My frnds Were ur f . ...
Here is the Number Song of the Year 'Lungi Dance'.. With Lyrics and 1080p HD..Enjoy..
The best song for fifa 14 is lungi dance...lungi dance...
Hello friends, Thank you so much for all the submissions we have received so far. We are really excited that this event will be a fun-filled event with variety of themes and performances. Due to an overwhelming response from the community, we are excited to announce that the time slot for entire program is almost full. We will have to CLOSE INDIA DAY PERFORMANCE SUBMISSION TOMORROW SUNDAY- [06/15/2014], at 05:00 PM CST instead of previously announced date of 06/28/2014. We will not be accepting any more submissions after 5:00 PM. Since we have very little time slot left as of today, we may not be able to accept all the entries which we may receive now through 5:00 PM tomorrow. This will be treated as first come first basis, based on the submission date/time. In addition to the above, we will not be able to accept entries having any of the following songs: · Dilli wali girlfriend · Ainvayi Ainvayi · O Re Piya · Hukka bar · Dhoom again · Jiya Re · Bhumro Bhumro · Janam Dekh Lo Mit Gayi Duriyan · B ...
Please watch my performance with lungi dance
Inspired by one of the scenes in 'Humse Hain Muqabla' by Prabhu Deva...two students of Birbhum zilla School one day went to Rupchhaya studio and forced Kaku (Swapan Roy) to take a snap. kaku said, u all r full crazy. one guy was in school dress and another was in typical tamil costume. Most probably it was a friday of june, 1995 (when we r in class eleven). there was one hour tiffin period in B.Z.S in each friday. we went for photo shoot in tiffin period. now say, who r these two guys? Madhyamik 1994 candidates know us well. it is rumour that... after seeing us later Srk inspired for Lungi dance.
At IIFA Magic of the Movies 2014, Bipasha Basu had everyone in high spirits as she grooved to Tooh, Babydoll, Dhating Naach, Kamli & Lungi Dance.
Lungi Dance is a latest single by Honey Singh and seems he's readily took it out after the rumor that he'd be rapping with SPB for Chennai Express and Shekhar's [of Vishal-Shekhar] denial on the same. As such the single is supposed to be 'A tribute to Rajnikant Ji', some of the lines may even be off…
I mean seriously man, I fail to understand this obsession of Ms. Aishwarya Rai for Cannes, and this media fascination about what she wears or wears not. The thing is, this out of work-housewife -- with not many projects on hands -- splurges her pop-in-law's wealth (considering her husband might not be earning any) on these exotic gowns, then struts don the carpet like a manicured hen, and we all are supposed to gape. Yes, it used to be a bit of a fun at the start, to see our "aamchi mulgi" rubbing shoulder with the who's who. But now that you have Kevin Spacey doing Lungi Dance, or John Travolta doing a bollywood number; the fake-accent and false pout of Lady Bachchan seems a terrible bore. The world is coming to India, and not the other way round. So, who the *** cares about whats up at Cannes, show me Cawnpore instead...
Somebody asked me today if I had any news about Anna Hazare. I was taken by surprise. Anna Hazare? Who's he? Was he talking of the grand old man whose name figures in the 'Lungi Dance' song??? Is he the same person who gave MamBa the superb ditch by not even landing up to address a group of 500 odd people at the Ram Lila Maidan in Delhi??? Is he the same person who used to sit for dharnas with a man who wore a monkey cap upto March 2014. Pls help. I am confused. Is my memory failing?
Watch Salman Khan & Yo Yo Honey Singh perform Shahrukh Khan's super hit song 'Lungi Dance' from the movie Chennai Express which was a tribute to Super Star R...
Kevin Spacey did the Lungi Dance with Shahid Kapoor, my life is made.
Lungi Dance. Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey dances with actress Deepika Padukone and actor Shahid Kapoor at IIFA 2014 Awards in Tampa Bay,Florida.april 28 dance day
IIFA Awards 2014 Full Show Kevin Spacey dancing on Honey Singh's Lungi Dance at the IIFA awards 2014. Hollywood actor *** filmmaker Kevin Spacey was the show...
Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey surprised the audience as he donned a lungi on stage and danced to the beats of the popular Lungi Dance track alongwith actress Deepika Padukone.
Kevin Spacey along with Deepika, Shahid and Farhan sportingly doing Lungi Dance steps at the IIFA Awards 2014 in Tampa Bay, Florida.
Last night "House of Cards" lead and Hollywood superstar, Kevin Spacey, performed the popular "Lungi Dance" from the hit Bollywood movie "Chennai Express"- on stage at...
This puts a smile on all Rajini fans faces :) Kevin Spacey doing the Lungi Dance with Deepika & Shahid & Farhan IIFA 2014
Watching Kevin Spacey doing a Lungi Dance n John Travolta shaking a leg with Priyanka amazes me on how far Bollywood has reached. If it did not have money power, these Hollywood legends would have brushed these pyrotechnics away.. What say folks??
Lungi Dance at IIFA 2014 with (from left to right) Kevin Spacey, Shahid Kapoor, Deepika Paducone and Ritesh Deshmukh at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL on A...
Lungi Dance with Deepika and Kevin Spacey @ IIFA …: Further proof is the man!
Kevin Spacey's Lungi Dance with Deepika Padukone steals the show at IIFA 2014 - NDTV: NDTVKevin Spacey's Lungi...
The big highlight of IIFA Awards Tampa Bay was the Lungi Dance of Kevin Spacey... If would have been here he'd have …   10% Off
Ok. So these guys made Kevin Spacey do a "Lungi Dance"? That's it! Dear George Martin, Please script Shahid and Deepika in the book and serve a miserable fate. Die Bollywood. Die! :/
Deepika Padukone along with the hosts for the evening - Shahid Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar made Kevin Spacey dance to 'Lungi Dance'. Not just dance,...
Kevin Spacey & John Travolta at IIFA?? And KS actually did the Lungi Dance? Wow.
So, Kevin Spacey did the Lungi Dance at IIFA. What next? House of Curds?
Presenting full song "Lungi Dance" in Bengali Version from movie "Chennai Express" This song is a tribute to all Rajnikanth sir fans featuring Shahrukh Khan,...
Lungi Dance .Super hit ,appreciated by all
Download free Chennai Express - Lungi Dance with the With The Lyrics video clips from WAPDAM. Choose appropriate file format and download to your mobile phone.
Zee Cine Awards: • Most Popular Actress - Deepika Padukone for her role in "Chennai Express". • Best couple years - Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan • The best directorof the year - Rohit Shetty for the film "the Chennai Express" • Best Choreography - Remo DeSouza "Badtameez Dil" from the movie "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani". • The most popular song of the year entertainment -Lungi Dance. • Best Music Album - Pritam-YJHD • Best Marketing - Chennai Express.
Listen to elhanoune20 / Lungi Dance - -Chennai Express 2013 - - Honey Singh - -Shahrukh Khan - -Deepika | Explore the largest community of artists,...
What the really needs is Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan doing “Lungi Dance.”
d crazines lungi dance did. Its been a new fashion 4 colege ppl 2 wear d checkered lungi. 😁
Khushi yesterday was bhangra today it's. Lungi dance Lungi dance! :-P.
How You'll wear Chennai Express Lungi dance saree!! Take a look! Special Thanks to "Sanjida Shorupa" for sharing...
Mohanlal, Mammootty and Shah Rukh Khan danced together for Lungi Dance number on stage for Ujala Asianet awards. :)
Here is a picture of Mohanlal , Mammooty and Shah Rukh Khan performing the Lungi Dance
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does the 'Lungi Dance' with Mammootty, Mohanlal..Read more:if u find him entertaining!!
All got asianet "awards" this yr too? "Shah Rukh Khan. Mohanlal. Mammooty. Lungi Dance!! MT
Mohanlal perform 'Lungi Dance' with Shah Rukh Khan - Read more -
Son: "When exactly Lungi Dance became your caller tune?" Dad: "The real question is, when was the last time you called me?"
he goes like, I never knew a song called lungi dance . Fml the way whole class laughed
*n police caught you at the place* now go n dance lungi dance there :'D
Some celebration going on and the song which is being played is Lungi Dance
lol... Accha accha... U just hate him!! U don't like Lungi dance also?
You couldn't stop laughing when the beloved CM was doing Lungi Dance in the 9 PM bulletin!
You know what would be an out of the box flash mob? Ans: a flash mob that doesn't have lungi dance it.
Mahi won People's Choice Award :D. Naachhoo :P *whistles and does lungi dance*
I know you can go do balle balle and lungi dance ready. Me not yet. T_T
I just used to tag Lungi Dance by Yo Yo Honey Singh.
Lungi Dance is the most searched song of 2013. Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Lungi Dance from Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai...
One of these I gotta wear a lungi and do the lungi dance.
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Lungi Dance and now Rajini Shake. Can people just stop using Rajini sir/Thalaivar's brand in order to get recognition? Pathetic.
Congos to Gur n Deb n to all of u! Join us in doing the lungi dance lungi dance :))) Lolz:))
.Now u can go I csn not join u for LUNGI DANCE.
[PIC] Deepika performing with SRK and Honey Singh in Dubai LUNGI DANCE
Do the lungi and psy dance in tangle.
Shakal dekh apni chutiye.. Songs are already hit and of course will make audience forget lungi dance soon. Chutiye SRGian
"Kerala prisoners, accused of political murder, post photos on FB time for lungi dance
Forgetting abt engaged in dancing LUNGI DANCE...left embarrassed :p
Fun at shooting becos my daughter came, Lungi dance at Hello awards & celebrated with v fx team keiten's wedding. It's been a…
is the most searched song of 2013 While From Grabbed The 3rd Spot.
Gurmeet Choudhary with Karan Wahi and Rashmi in JDJ6 Finale (Performance and Masti) Lungi Dance- Chennai Express
Sorry Shah Rukh Khan have to ignore u !!! got other priorities ... we gonna lungi dance some other time
I'm listening to: Lungi Dance by Yo Yo Honey Singh on my amazing Nokia Lumia.
Now itz time to Lungi Dance...i have enjoyd Chennai Express very much & now I'm dancing with Lungi Dance...supper film & also the songs..specially Lungi Dance.
@ Akkians news update: Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is leaving no stone unturned to make his upcoming action film, Boss a success. The actor has roped in Honey Singh for a club song Party All Night in the film. Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan had signed Honey Singh for a special song Lungi Dance for his film, Chennai Express. Party All Night has all that Honey Singh is famous for with his party songs. The groovy song, peppy beats will force you to hit the dance floor. But Party All Night is no where near Honey Singh's earlier hit party numbers Party On My Mind and Angrezi Beat. The song also has a special appearance by Akshay's Rowdy Rathore co-star Sonakshi Sinha. Sonakshi Sinha, is passable as a party freak dancing away wildly with Akshay Kumar dressed in a shimmery black dress. Party All Night is helmed by director Sumit Dutt who has given Salman Khan's blockbuster hits like Dhinkachika, Character Dheela, Desi Beat and many others. According to reports, Raju Khan has choreographed a mammoth crowd of over 600 d ...
Last month, during the independence day celebration at our KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, a colleague of mine pointed to another person and was asking me, "Why is that person wearing a Lungi in this function?". I told him that what he is wearing is not a "Lungi" but a "Dhoti" and proceeded on to explain to him the intellectual difference between a "Lungi" & a "Dhoti". My colleague nodded his head in some kind of half-apprehension. Think the song "Lungi Dance" from "Chennai Express" has to be a given a National Award for promoting the cause of National Integration by fostering cross-cultural understanding. And this cross-cultural understanding has to happen before somebody asks Finance Minister P.Chidambaram as to why he is wearing a Lungi inside the North Block/Parliament ! :)
Lungi Dance song was like odd one out. Itne achche weather me Lungi Dance song !!
Lungi Dance with my best pal She Is Fun and Happy to dance with
its tomorrow! Even i am...for one hour .. for all the rajni fans.. thaliava .. lungi dance lungi dance!
Only Indians will know what the lungi dance is
The people on my bus are talking about the lungi dance.
I want deepika's lungi dance wali sare. *LOVESTRUCK*
So Yo Yo Honey Singh is coming to go or not to go...that is the question. .*dances to lungi dance song*
Tushti watching her favorite 'Lungi Dance ' with Vinuu mama...
Lungi dance playing on visarjan because Ganeshji wears lungi.
lungi dance is stuck in my head now along w Besharam.which is made on my life story
What's your favorite things to do in the summer? — Lungi dance :v
Lungi dance, dhating naach n now dhatad dhatad...can we have sum meaningful songs?
Favourite song of the month- lungi dance. Love the beats and word. 😜
When Rajinikanth hasn't pledged his support to Modi and BJP, why unnecessarily use his picture in BJP posters.this is cheaper than what SRK did with 'Lungi Dance' to promote Chennai Express!
And just like Bollywood, all the girls and barkas boys gathers on street and they do the lungi dance.
Owhhh the lungi dance song is good !!
All hindi radio have only 1 song to play lungi dance
*Enters her classroom in a bad mood* Friend comes dancing n singing "LUNGI DANCE LUNGI DANCE LUNGI DANCE" *Chapairhafies her and leaves* :)
My one year old is cranky n crying, and all it takes to cheer her up is lungi dance. Now playing on mtv. :-)
Oh wow. Watching Lungi dance song after a long long time. :-)
but in kutch people doing Lungi Dance
Bhangra on Lungi dance. Thalaiva tribute in Punjab. Shows the beauty of our young united fun country. Thanks kids.
Aslam o alaikum, chinaie express was owsm.ohh great fan of lungi dance omg it rocks
Today is gonna be an awesome day.. Woke up listening to 'Lungi Dance'
Sanjay Dutt to act, dance for jail fundraiser. 23 Sep,2013 Sanjay Dutt will reportedly perform the Lungi Dance from Chennai Express. He may also dance to a patriotic song and a number from his superhit movie, "Lage Raho Munnabhai". Sanjay Dutt who is currently in prison, will be soon seen on stage while he will be performing with 50 other inmates at a fundraiser campaign to be held in Balgandharva Rangmandir, Pune. This cultural event organized by Yerawada Central Jail will air on the national channel Doordarshan on September 26. Chief Minister Prithiviraj Chavan and home minister RR Patil will also be attending the event. The rehearsals for the two-hour final show are carried out in the community hall regularly without any of the inmates disturbing their routine of doing jail chores. For instance, Sanjay has been assigned the task of making big and small paper bags which are sold to the outside world through NGOs and he also gets a nominal payment for his labour. However, for the main show, Sanjay, who s ...
Awkward moment when your maid sings lungi dance
i was just told by my team,a girl needs TLC (tender loving care,they say) try that or otherwise lungi dance may m…
So did you do e lungi dance wearing this? (;
Dancing with the audience...celebrating...& doing the Lungi Dance in the rains atop the theater. Bring it on...!!
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Such a hypocrisy! Abusing Indians and on the same hand Lungi Dance in Pak TV morning show! . This is a really Doomed Natio…
Guess who is d biggest fan of song lungi dance ? No... its not me.. its my mom
Heard lungi dance gana.hmmm n i liked it...
Sweety Nanna Jodi to get a Lungi Dance-style song - The Times of India
Hey srk i think it's time to do rain dance instead of lungi dance.
Just saying, super disappointed that no one brought up Lungi Dance. Kya yaar.
if u gv me hug right now .. v vl do lungi dance on happy New year .. ;) love to u
After will be a disaster, we will do dhating naach.. and after becomes flop we will do lungi dance insha allah
The ones doing the Lungi dance are buenos nachos.
For All Shahrukh Fans ,Heres a Lungi Dance Version dedicated to Share it for all Srkians
How does allow this nonsense on national tv? doing lungi dance dressed like a man. Laanat!
Lungi dance is my birth right. Can exchange it for puran poli though.
I know only chicken dance and lungi dance...
You have got to be kidding! || "Sanjay Dutt to perform 'Lungi Dance' for inmates in Yerawada Jail"
Lungi dance is one of my favourite songs.I just love it.Whenever I hear lungi dance I can't stop myself from dancing.Awesome song.
Lungi Dance Lyrics Honey Singh - i think in our CBA task we will get full marks. and the song is very wonderful and enterainment
I tried lungi dance by wearing towel but became ranbir kapoor of sawariyaa!!
- if lungi becomes PM , the entire country will do lungi dance
I had the pleasure of waking up to, "Lungi dance, lungi dance, lungi dance!" During times like this, I could totally murder my neighbors.
i dn't have lungi to do Lungi dance.. ;(
dance or 1234..what's your pick from express for a dance performance? Hm decisions decisions :))
-Sanjay Dutt and 50 ofhis fellows inmates in Pune's Central Jail will participate in a play as part of fundraiser on 26 the 2hours cultural program. Wil held Dutt will also dance famous song Lungi Dance from Shahrukhan latest Chennai Express -Prabh Deva's Next 'Rambo Rajkumar' starring Shahid Kapoor and sonakshi sinha has comes under the scanner when the makers of Hollywood Rambo series have objected the use the word 'Rambo' -kangna Ranaut will soon be seen in a mutani avatar in rakesh roshan's Krrish 3 has already started preparing for role in. 'Revolver Rani' currently learning how to use a revolver -here's why Salman Khan turn lean this. Month: Salman had shed some serious weight because salman's learner avatar is an extensive action sequences in his next 'Mental' -Irrfan Khan's Next 'Lunchbox' -Amrita Rao admires Sunny Deol's 'Dhai kilo ka haath'
We live in the most idiotic country! "Sanjay Dutt to perform SRK’s 'Lungi Dance' - The Times of India
When came to Bollywood, he used to talk about powerful movies like Twelve Monkeys during 97. After 26 yrs, he matured to Lungi Dance
TUNE IN NOW!! Just had 'Dholna' from now Stylo G into Honey Singh's 'Lungi Dance'>
Yo Yo Honey Singh's Lungi Dance is a nuisance to ones ears. Vishal Dadlani was right to discourage this farce. Vishal Dadlani is the man.
all d rajni fans ..don't miss d chance ..Lungi Dance fever ;-);-) :-D B-)
Pathetic music in Chenni Express by Vishal Dadlani...Yo Yo Honey Singh saved the album with Lungi Dance
Chennai Express, the whole movie is all about Rajini sir's Lungi Dance, where Shahrukh and Deepika play the guest roles.
Okay now this is surprising, The song "Lungi Dance" is composed, sung and also written by Yo Yo Honey Singh. :O
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I really love the way Yo Yo Honey Singh Call "KING KHAN" in end of Lungi Dance ... Makes me Proud King Fan
I like how Rajnikanth hasn't even bat an eyelid with this 'Lungi Dance' being a 'tribute' to him by SRK and Yo Yo Honey Singh.
Baba Sehgal would have made a better Lungi Dance than Yo Yo Honey Singh
Ohhh Even Ranveer Singh is Present at Making of Lungi Dance . also Niketan Dheer and Yo yo Honey Singh danced
"Lungi Dance" by Yo Yo Honey Singh. . Nothing I just wanted to lose some followers.
Was not a fan of this Honey Singh song but after watching the video I've got Lungi Dance stuck in my head!
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