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Luke Walton

Luke Theodore Walton (born March 28, 1980) is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Head Coach Luke Walton stopped by our studio to chat with about the upcoming season.
Jordan Farmar talks about what to expect from Luke Walton as the Head Coach of the Lakers. https:/…
[LA Daily News: Inside the Lakers] Luke Walton makes more tweaks to coaching staff
ICYMI: Kobe Bryant says Luke Walton will bring 'a championship foundation' to the Lakers.
first he needs to add modern versions of... Paul Gasol, Derrick Fisher, Ron Artest, Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, and Luke Walton
CHRIS Gavina is the PBA's version of Luke Walton to Golden State Warriors.
"You know who's better then Kobe Bryant? Luke Walton."
"In the short amount of time that me and my staff have been down here...".
Lakers Rumors: Luke Walton is the perfect coach to groom young core... Via News Break:
Luke Walton discusses what he believes Timofey Mozgov will bring to the Lakers.
don't matter. Iggy was finals Mvp last year, RJ was a contributer, Stanley is gonna be an all star and luke Walton is hc
Luke Walton on russell answers your question lol
Agreed. But Luke Walton had an amazing record with GS in interim too because of the player talent...
Warriors 16-0 with Luke Walton as Head Coach . Steph Curry . = BEST FRIEND SIGNS
Luke Walton is impressed with D'Angelo Russell's work ethic and leadership .
Luke Walton showed up a couple of hours later...NBA players at one end of the court...LA Kings at the other!
Good to catch up w Head Coach Luke Walton at in Las Vegas for NBATV! 🏀
The best players on the Laker's teams in 2k were Luke Walton, Adam Morrison and Vladimir Radmonovich. They never missed 3's
Whicker: Brandon Ingram not exactly like Kevin Durant, but he's the player Luke Walton wanted
I'm saying he took Smush Kwame and Luke Walton to the playoffs in a loaded West
Do you think Jim Buss knows that Luke Walton is related to Bill Walton?
The scoreboard featured Jim Buss, and Lakers fans started chanting Luke Walton's first name. Or it was probably something else
What does Luke Walton have to say about Brandon Ingram, D’Angelo Russell after two days of practice?
boy the Lakers would be fun. I'm very very excited to watch Luke Walton run the show. That coming from a Supersonics fan
Luke Walton added more to his Lakers staff, hiring Jud Buechler as an assistant coach.
No Byron, Luke Walton, kids running, Jim Buss goes out if we lose just enough? Sign me up.
How is LeBron the greatest when the boy has 3 rings 😫😫 Luke Walton got 3 rings.
ummm. When he had Smush Parker, kwame brown and Luke Walton and Brian cook as starters/"key" players...
Phil Jackson stacked up the Knicks, Jerry West overstacked the Warriors & Jim Buss made Luke Walton & fans regret the Lakers
Sources: Lakers Head Coach Luke Walton says he will apply for the ball boy internship program.
My boy think Luke Walton's about to do big things. FOH.
get The vibes would be so sweet with Luke Walton coming home too! Even the Black Mamba woul…
The have a dream coaching staff right now. Luke Walton. Mike Brown is a defensive mastermind. And Brian Shaw, it's lit
With Mozgov, Deng, Brandon Ingram and Luke Walton, the post-Kobe Lakers are at least starting to get interesting again.
best move they made was firing Bryon Scott n hiring Luke Walton..the team was awful to put it nicely
This system Luke Walton wants to implement should work well with this roster...D'Angelo will be key obviously.
How many will be made while seated between Luke Walton & George Lopez ?
no one but Luke Walton wants to be on the lakers
Luke Walton gets the player he wanted when Lakers select Duke forward Brandon Ingram 2nd overall in NBA draft -
coach Luke Walton only expected to do one media interview right now - 20 minutes later he's out to check his phon…
Bill Plaschke asks Luke Walton if the Lakers got the best player in the draft. He says, "We got the player that I wanted in the draft."
Think Brandon Ingram is happy to play for Luke Walton? "Of course, everyone wants to play like the Golden State Warriors."
Lakers coach Luke Walton ready to change the culture in LA.
no Kobe+ Luke Walton+ Ingram+ young talented roster+ You're lakers just need to find a way to build chemistry
Just got my *** kicked by my boy ...and way to have Head Coach Luke Walton riding with us
I just wanna say I'll do a 3 way with the voices of Luke Walton & (noidjustin) RIGHT NOW ;)
Luke Walton: "I am thrilled to come back down here and have my dream job, which is to coach the LA Lakers."
Find somebody that looks at you the same way D'Angelo Russell looks at Luke Walton
Luke Walton, now Brandon Ingram. Nothing can stop us, we're all the way up.
I'm not hyped bout the next NBA season cos my team has a long way to go. I just go sit back and see what Luke Walton go do with the boys.
Find someone who looks at you the way looks at Luke Walton
Luke Walton is introduced as Head Coach of the Lakers
VIDEO: Lakers officially introduce Luke Walton as Head Coach.
D'Angelo Russell won't be traded, Lakers confident he fits with new Head Coach Luke Walton (via Jeff Goodman)
Luke Walton plans on bringing joy and a new brand of basketball to the Lakers.
Luke Walton takes over as the Los Angeles Lakers' new coach - LA Times
Brian Scalabrine and Luke Walton have rings as players too, Charles Barkley doesn't, neither does Steve Nash lol
Steve Kerr needs to go ahead and just let Luke Walton take over for Game 7...not sure if Mark Jackson would approve though 🤔
Luke Walton and Adam Morrison have 2 rings as well
best to delegate decisions like that to Luke Walton
Luke Walton and Adam Morrison. All stars all day.
Luke Walton, Adam Morrison got more rings then draymond.. That make them better then him?
ICYMI: Kobe Bryant believes Luke Walton is a top-2 coach in the NBA right now.
on a scale of Anne Frank to Hitler you're Luke Walton
Bruh.. Luke Walton coached that team this year and he set ain't worthy.. Kerr ain't that good a coach he inherited Mark Jackson ring
They're also tied with Adam Morrison and Luke Walton
Someone tell Luke Walton that the players he has to work with is not named green, curry and Thompson
I hope Luke Walton does not tell the Lakers to give Barnes the max. He is not worth it. Not helping Steph nor Klay at…
Wonder if Luke Walton understands that Curry and Thompson WON'T be playing for the sorry Lakers next year!
Luke Walton is desperate to win tonight if for no other reason than to not have to coach Nick Young for a little while longer.
Luke Walton's exagerrated allure compared to Larry Coker and Barry Switzer by
Breaking: Luke Walton will coach game 5 for the Warriors.
Lakers gonna just be Luke Walton & Paul George taking on the whole league. Not another soul on that roster.
I can confirm report that Brian Shaw will be assistant under Luke Walton for Lakers. Just finalizing contract
If I was Luke Walton and the Lakers, if going after Paul George doesn't work out, Gordon Haywood would be a great piece in LA
KD and Westbrook are.They have that type of game.We are still the LA Lakers.Luke Walton and others know this.We run the NBA
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Luke Walton is recruiting Brian Shaw to join the Lakers' coaching staff .
Luke Walton trying to convince Brian Shaw to join Lakers coaching staff.
L.A.’s free agent pitch got stronger: No. 2 pick, Russell, Randle, Clarkson, Nance, Jr., Luke Walton and a bunch of spa…
Luke Walton, the 36-year-old who led the Golden State Warriors to a 39-4 record earlier this season, will be the new coac…
D'Angelo Russell talks about relationship with Nick Young and Lakers hiring Luke Walton.
I liked a video from Kobe Bryant on Luke Walton as a coach
In the application economy, winning depends on agility. See what basketball coach Luke Walton has to say.
PODCAST: GM Bob Myers discusses what Luke Walton will bring to the
VIDEO: Draymond Green wins shooting contest vs Theo Robertson, who has to do push-ups, plus Luke Walton 📺 (2:45)
co-owner Jim Buss said Head Coach Luke Walton has a handle on relationships with players, how to build them and build trust.
Lakers fired Byron Scott over concern another team would hire Luke Walton: The Los Angeles Lakers fired Byron...
Luke Walton signs contract to become Lakers' new Head Coach
I would love to see Luke Walton's coaching staff look like this:. JB Bickerstaff. Brian Shaw. Jarron Collins. Mark Madsen
ICYMI, names are starting to surface as potential assistant coaches under Luke Walton. Including Brian Shaw:
Luke Walton reportedly looking to add Brian Shaw to coaching staff.
Report: Luke Walton wants former Nuggest Head Coach Brian Shaw to be a part of the Lakers coaching staff.
I hope Luke Walton and Brian Shaw team up together.
Lakers HC Luke Walton looking to add former Lakers/Pacers assistant coach and Nuggets HC Brian Shaw to the coaching st…
My take on the rumors surrounding who Luke Walton wants on staff with him in Los Angeles.
Lakers hire Luke Walton as new Head Coach, team announces
Congratulations to Luke Walton on becoming the new Head Coach of the . »
Kobe took Luke Walton, smooth Parker, Kwame Brown, and Lamar Odom to the playoffs. (IN HIS PRIME) would of happened in his decline
going back to his nets days Jason Kidd led that team not him...can't pass up Luke Walton who could be a Brad Stevens
Luke Walton as our new coach and hopefully we get Brandon Ingram
The Lakers are reportedly making Luke Walton their top target to become the team's new Head Coach.
Lakers have agreed to terms with Luke Walton to be their next Head Coach, according to team sources.
I think the did well bringing Luke Walton in as the next Head Coach.
B fired in 2 yrs.⚡ Lakers hire Luke Walton as new Head Coach.
Lakers hire Luke Walton as Head Coach...
Lakers reveal plans to new Head Coach Luke Walton including free agency targets via Rageous
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New Head Coach Luke Walton: "We’re trying to set the foundation for how we want to play."
"We're gonna miss him desperately" -Steve Kerr on Luke Walton becoming the new Head Coach of the
Luke Walton named new Head Coach of Lakers - SFGate.. Related Articles:
Lakers reportedly gave Luke Walton a 5-year deal to become Head Coach
What can Lakers fans expect from Luke Walton?
Luke Walton has agreed to be the Los Angeles Lakers' new Head Coach
: Lakers give Luke Walton long-term deal LUKE Walton was quick to accept the Los Angeles Lakers’ head co…
Lakers hire Luke Walton as Head Coach | Related Articles:
For the late night crowd, I tried to figure out what Lakers fans can expect from Luke Walton as a coach.
it’s now official: Luke Walton will be the Lakers' 26th Head Coach in franchise history
Who would have ever thought that little Luke Walton would be the Head Coach of the Lakers, so happy for him
Luke Walton is the new Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers
Kobe took Luke Walton and Smush Parker to the playoffs and almost beat the suns with prime Nash and Stoudemire
"Lakers coach Luke Walton's heart is in L.A. - The Orange County Register" via
Magic Johnson praises Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak for hiring Luke Walton.
Two of the three guys Phil Jackson wanted to hire - Steve Kerr & Luke Walton - turned him down. The other - Derek Fisher -…
Steve Kerr advice to Luke Walton:. "It's too bad you don't have Steph, Klay, or Draymond anymore. You're on your own pal…
At 36, Luke Walton is the NBA's youngest Head Coach. He's also the 8th former Lakers player to become LA's coach.
Luke Walton, in his first interview as Head Coach has already praised the Lakers players more than Byron Scott did in 2…
"I used to call him the next Phil Jackson. He's an average player with a messed up back." - Kobe on Luke Walton
"You're on your own, pal.". Steve Kerr had some great tongue-in-cheek advice for Luke Walton. WATCH:
New coach Luke Walton plans to run a motion-based offense, similar to that of the Warriors. https:…
Luke Walton was a champion as a player and an asst. coach and he will bring that championship mindset & attitude to the
Outstanding hire by Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak to name Luke Walton as the next coach!
[Orange Country Register] Video: New Lakers coach Luke Walton says he was drawn by opportunity, team's plan
On this trying season, his new perspective, Luke Walton, Phil Jackson and much more: Golden Warriors Coach St...
The Lakers have officially talked with Luke Walton and apparently it "went good".
Report: Jeanie Buss did not make the decision to hire Luke Walton as Lakers coach
Luke Walton becomes the first 1980s-born Head Coach of a major American professional sports team.
Lakers’ hire of Luke Walton a move L.A. needed to make
Ty to Dr. Jerry Buss for pulling strings from beyond the grave to make Luke Walton the new coach. Your son and Mitch are grateful
Crazy how Luke Walton not a great Laker gets a gig with it's former team but Patrick Ewing can't get one with the Knicks
Does Steph Curry come to LA with Luke Walton? If not I'm not satisfied
So my drafted DE Shallique Calhoun out of Michigan St who is a monster & my hired Luke Walton as Head Coach!!
Luke Walton to be next coach of the & see Via
Lakers tap Luke Walton, University of San Diego High School grad, as new Head Coach
This is why I don't talk sports with people... He say Luke Walton is better coach than Mark Jackson... LMAO... Im Loging off
Here is telling the Lakers to hire Luke Walton from this morning. Jerry continues to be psychic.
Luke Walton is best Laker hire since Jerry Buss passed away. He grew up reading John Wooden quotes on his lunch bag. ht…
So happy the Lakers hired Luke Walton. Next step? Ship Jim Buss off to a desolate island for a yr, bring back Jerry West,…
Luke Walton head Lakers coach. They prolly gunna ask Smush Parker to be assistant coach too 😂
Luke Walton heading back to LA like…
"Lakers are DESPERATE!" I feel bad that Luke Walton accepting the Head Coach job keeps Smush Parker from getting his call.
[Orange Country Register] Lakers hire Luke Walton as new coach
Mark Jackson d fish Brian Shaw Monty Williams better options then weak as Luke Walton he only ...
Luke Walton won 2009 and 2010 NBA titles with Los Angeles.
Luke Walton played in three straight NBA Finals with the Lakers and won back to back titles in 2009 and 2010.
You saying Luke Walton was a better player than Magic Johnson? I'm with you.
BREAKING: The Los Angeles Lakers have hired Luke Walton to be their new Head Coach. (via
I hate the Lakers and just can't find it in me to hate on the Luke Walton hiring. It's the first smart Lakers move in like…
Fellow Lakers great Magic Johnson wasn't a good coach. Why would Luke Walton be any better?
I hope Luke Walton got Jeanie Buss as Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations in his deal.
Now that Luke Walton is coaching the Lakers does that mean that my fellow Bruin will become a Lakers fan.
BREAKING: The have hired Luke Walton as their next Head Coach. He went 39-4 as Warriors interim coach.
Luke Walton is the next Head Coach... It won't mean anything until they acquire some talent and build around Russell and Randle
JUST IN: Lakers announce they have hired Luke Walton as their Head Coach.
What kind of a joke is this? The select Luke Walton as their new coach? Well ok if you want to be picking in the lottery for years.
Luke Walton going from the Splash Brothers to The Derailed Train and Lightskinned Tony Wroten
Watching this ESPN Classic playoff laker vs Suns game. Kobe is really on the court w Smush Parker Kwame brown and Luke Walton 😂
Bob Myers said Luke Walton deserves a lot of credit too. He joked & asked if he could give Walton a shoe or hat off the COY tr…
Little Giant Ladders
Gotta love b-ball! Rockets to interview Luke Walton: Rockets to interview Luke Walton
I still dont know how i feel about Luke Walton. Could be the next Brad Stevens. Could be the next Fisher, Rambis, Brian Shaw.
If you are Luke Walton, you command at least 7 mil per year right? I mean Scoot, roll the ball out, Brooks got 7 mil... You should to.
Why are the Rockets considering Luke Walton? He pretty much rolled the ball out in my opinion.
Steve Kerr said Lakers have reached out & received permission to speak with Luke Walton following 1st-round series. https…
"Everybody wants Luke". Rockets received permission to interview Luke Walton for coach job
After being eliminated by GSW, Rockets received permission to interview asst. coach Luke Walton for coach job, sources…
Steve Kerr: get permission to talk to assistant coach Luke Walton.
Steve Kerr receives NBA Coach Of The Year...and made sure Luke Walton joined him at center court...Classy!!!
The people saying Luke Walton just used Steve Kerr's system for 43 games are completely ignoring in-game adjustments.
Etore Messina and Luke Walton look like the frontrunners for the Lakers HC job. Jeff Van Gundy also has interest.
Neil Patrick Harris looks like he will play Steve Kerr in the movie about the Warriors. Paul Rudd will play Luke Walton.
I was being facetious. I think Jim Boylen would have been able to win with this GSW team. Luke Walton did.
Hope Steve Kerr accepts the award with Luke Walton. He deserves so much of the credit for Dubs' season.
true but even when Luke Walton was playing I knew he'd make a good coach and that's all Steve Kerr is
Luke Walton, Jeff Van Gundy and 3 others lol we needed Scott Brooks or bulls old coach smh
Lakers initial list could grow longer but for now, Luke Walton, Kevin Ollie, Jay Wright, Ettore Messina, David... http…
I would have loved Jay Wright or Luke Walton but Earl is dope
Warriors will allow top assistant Luke Walton to interview (Yahoo Sports)
Meanwhile, Steve Kerr has underrated hair and Luke Walton could be second to Quin Snyder in the coach hair game when he gets the Lakers job
I have absolutely no idea if Luke Walton would be a good coach. The GSW are a pretty good team "as is", allegedly.
New Orleans Pelicans Warrriors' assistant Luke Walton has not interviewed for Knicks job
Steve Kerr and Luke Walton should be in the white house.
Luke Walton tells Phil Jackson he's not interested in coaching Knicks [report]
Mark Jackson and Tim thibodeau is available but he want pick Luke Walton
Luke Walton reportedly indicated to Phil Jackson that he is not interested in the Knicks job ht…
The Knicks reportedly have contacted Luke Walton about their Head Coaching job
smh I doubt Luke Walton is coming our way smh we should shoot for Mark Jackson or David Blatt
Other names that should get thrown out: Ettorre Messina, Ime Udoka, Luke Walton, Jarron Collins, David Fizdale, Jay Larranaga, Keith Smart
David fitzdale, Jarron Collins, Luke Walton, and Ettore Messina are the top candidates IMO
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it *** that we don't have Luke Walton and Darius Miles in the league anymore.
I would want Luke Walton or David Blatt personally
Scott Brooks, David Blatt or Luke Walton (in that order).
if Ettore Messina leaves Pop, or if Luke Walton leaves Kerr look for David Blatt to become an asst on Spurs or GSW.
Luke Walton isn't getting respect for his role in the Golden St Warriors record season
Thibs, Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson or Luke Walton ...we need to establish a strong defensive-minded team. https…
The Suns are interested in Luke Walton, Mike D'Antoni, Jay Wright, Dan Majerle, and Earl Watson as next Suns Head Coach (
lol bring Luke Walton or somebody young like that in...someone who is willing to develop guys for the long haul
Good news for fans. Assistant coach Luke Walton is unlikely to leave GS this summer, according to reports.
Received awards ballot today: both Steve Kerr & Luke Walton (designated "interim") listed for Coach of Year considerat…
and I don't want Brian Shaw, Luke Walton, Scotty Pippen, Horace Grant. Get me Thibs!
Never thought the Buss family would allow the Lakers to ever get this bad. Bring back Luke Walton for Head Coach.
you think if lakers get Luke Walton, worthy and co. are gonna rip him any chance they get?
At this Moment...Mark Jackson has to be SICK to see The Warriors be THIS Good while Luke Walton is the "Coach".
Update on the Raymond Ridder bets: Dinner with coach Steve Kerr and WSU/Wildcats shirt with Luke Walton.
the lakers should fire Byron Scott and hire Mark Jackson or Luke Walton
kobe, Lamar Odom, smush "the GOAT" parker, Luke Walton, and Andrew Bynum i think they lost in the first round that year though
ESPN reports that if the Knicks don't sign Luke Walton as Head Coach, Phil could offer to coach home games, while Rambis coaches away games
"WWBD?" - Dancing with the Mad Dog. featuring Mark Madsen and Luke Walton
And on January 22, 2006, Kobe Bryant and the GOAT Luke Walton combined for 81 points against the…
You forgot that Kobe Bryant and Luke Walton combined for 81 points
Winner in Draymond Green getting on Steve Kerr's head is Luke Walton. Loser is the hopes of hiring Luke. He'll replace Kerr
Luke Walton is guy. Kerr too authoritarian but I think necessary. Good cop bad cop tactics
Steve Kerr, Luke Walton and the positive coaching legacy leading the Warriors -
Troy Murphy, Jason Kapono, Luke Walton, Steve Blake and josh McRoberts in 2012, when 4 out of the 5 were on the court lol
Luke Walton gets analytical about what Anderson Varejao brings to the Warriors.
Phil comes bk with Luke Walton at coach gets batum or Harrison Barnes in free agency add in a defensive guard and whi
Kobe haters remember... Almost Kobe whole prime was during a rebuild he had Smush Parker,Luke Walton,Jordan farmar, no names in the league
all the old LAKERS should come back: Jerry West , Magic, Phil Jackson, Luke Walton, Fisher, Scott! Imagine that brain trust!
Do you think the Lakers should hire Luke Walton as their Head Coach once Bryan Scott is fired?
Report: would fire Head Coach Byron Scott if lead assistant coach Luke Walton wanted his job.
Here's a thought/ no shade to the Laker great Byron Scott but - is Luke Walton a possibility? Steve Kerr will…
Nothing against Luke Walton, but, are we really so high on him for winning with a team Curry, Klay, Iggy, Barnes, and Green ?
Gary Payton, Luke Walton, Horace Grant, and Karl Malone were also on that Laker team.
Rumor: Lakers would fire Byron Scott for Luke Walton via
Los Angeles Lakers News and Rumors: Phil Jackson to Return? Luke Walton to Replace Byron Scott? - Latin Post
Are the Lakers being too emotional for choosing Luke Walton as their first choice to replace Byron Scott?
Ariel what do you think about the rumors of Phil going back to the Lakers and he will take Luke Walton or Thib with him?
Is Phil Jackson set for a return to the Lakers soon? Reunion with Luke Walton maybe?:
Rumors of Luke Walton coaching the Bring your rings home & get us more Luke!
Luke Walton not entertaining Head Coaching offers until off-season.
Luke Walton, Tom Thibodeau will be ‘competing’ for Lakers coaching job.
According to rumors, Tom Thibodau & Luke Walton amongst contention for Lakers Head Coaching job if Byron is let go.
Thibs, Luke Walton or Bryan shaw. Who u like ?
I'm not liking the choices and options that Phil and Steve Mills are looking at! Luke Walton, Bryan Shaw, Kurt rambis! He's stuck on triangl
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Rumors are probably false bc they're coming from Stephen a. Smith but it'd be nice to have Luke Walton and Phil Jackson back in L.A.
Meanwhile - Luke Walton might have the Knicks AND Lakers bidding for him this summer. Time to buy some Luke Walton stock.
Report: Luke Walton and Brian Shaw top Knicks’ candidates to replace Derek Fisher
Luke Walton, Thibodaux, Mark Jackson, Scott Brooks should be at the top of and McDonough's list.
they're both 👎🏾, Kevin McHale, Mark Jackson, Scott Brooks, Luke Walton. It's good coaches that could work with a decent squad
Thats like Luke Walton and Smush Parker shooting down the stretch with Kobe just watching. Its not Rocket Science
Luke Walton's gold records were all credited to Steve Kerr so he wasn't eligible to perform.
Kevon Looney said assistant coach Luke Walton drew up the play that resulted in his first NBA bucket.
Wouldnt be surprised if Greg Poppovich made Luke Walton one of his All Star assistants and let him do all the coaching to spite 😁😁😂
Mark picked up klay draymond & Harrison Barnes and signed igoudala. He got shafted smh. Luke Walton just made it obvious.
Kevin Ollie or Luke Walton next season as the new coach and I'll be satisfied, thanks.
aka anyone but Byron. Agreed. Luke Walton, Kevin Ollie, or Ettore Messina step right on up
If y'all don't hire Luke Walton, Kevin Ollie, or Becky Hammon this summer, we getting you outta here
Byron Scott, Derrick Fisher, Brian Shaw, Luke Walton and Tyronn Lue played with Kobe and became NBA coaches while he still gettin buckets
Head Coaches in the Byron Scott, Tyrone Lue, Derek Fisher, and we can count Luke Walton. Are there anymore?
Steve Kerr has a better winning percentage this year than Luke Walton.
Brian Shaw, Steve Kerr, Luke Walton pretty much was one and now Tyrone Lue
If the Warriors win the championship again that'll be rings that Steve Kerr earned because of another coach. Mark Jackson then Luke Walton
I hope Luke Walton coaches the Lakers next year with assistants, Jordan Farmer, Sasha Vujacic and Smush Parker.
Luke Walton has worn an A's cap at every city on the road trip.
Luke Walton was a great passer is he great? Michael redd was a great scorer is he great? Aminu is considered a utility guy
Disappointed that Luke Walton doesn't have the old man's gift for digression. Would love a sideline chat about wind power and Ithaca '77.
The Black Mamba had a lot of help from Luke Walton that night! -
Jeff is the problem,we want Luke Walton or Doc Sadler
Kobe explains why he believes Luke Walton is succeeding as a Head Coach
Kobe Bryant with insight into why Luke Walton succeeds as coach via
.knew 'it was just a matter of time' before Luke Walton became a coach
Kobe Bryant on Steve Kerr for coach of the year over Luke Walton: "Nah, just let Steve get it. Break Luke’s balls."
Kobe Bryant on what makes Luke Walton a successful coach [CSN Bay Area]
Luke Walton said Shaun Livingston will start for Steph Curry. Ian Clark and Andre Iguodala will split the rest of the PG…
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Luke Walton has finally experienced how it feels to coach what I call "vintage" Warriors with all these injuries
maybe reason why Mitch said he will wait until after the season, personally I want Scotty Brooks or Luke Walton
Luke Walton, Kyle Korver, and Kris Humphries RTFor Any hoopers on the TL, who did you model your game after?
David Blatt got outcoached by Luke Walton... Let that sink in
David Blatt is getting out coached by Luke Walton, don't blame the refs for the lack of personal changes & defensive schemes. Pathetic
This Warriors fan probably didn't think through their Fire Steve Kerr sign: Luke Walton has done a great job as the coach of the Warr...
David Blatt getting out coached by Luke Walton
Luke Walton sounding like Elmer J Fudd on the sideline interview
2016 prediction win title over again then fire David Blatt and hire Luke Walton.
Golden States interim Head Coach Luke Walton is not too bad 🔥
Luke Walton says Harrison Barnes is getting there but even he played 3on3, ankle fatigued yesterday.
David Blatt and Luke Walton both view as a rivalry that they're embracing. Should be an interesting game, to say the least.
Both Steve Kerr and Luke Walton present at Warriors shootaround today...
Steve Kerr back in charge at Warriors practice with Luke Walton out with an illness | via Sports Interactive Netwo…
I wouldn't mind it if the Lakers hired Becky Hammon, not too much different at this point in time than hiring Luke Walton.
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Luke Walton better be coach of the year even if Kerr comes back soon
"Can't believe Jerryd Bayless did the big ball dance on a motionless Luke Walton" - Klay Thomson probably
White privilege is Steve Kerr and Luke Walton getting all the credit for a team assembled by Mark Jackson, now their commentator.
"C'mon Walt!" Luke Walton exclaimed while missing a slew of 3s in this ensuing contest vs http…
Luke Walton is still the best interm Head Coach of all time
Golden State interim coach Luke Walton earns credit, if not victories - Worcester Telegram
The Warriors are like a pack of wild dogs, doing whatever it takes to win. Love cool hand Luke Walton, how important is the staff. Awesome.
Luke Walton to Brad Stevens; "OK kid, we'll play with one hand tied behind our back". Adam Silver considers it a standing rule this season
Brad Stevens is Luke Walton if Luke never smoked weed
Leandro Barbosa questionable as well and Ian Clark could start. Luke Walton joked Theo Robertson could be made active.
Luke Walton is as close as an NBA coach will ever get to being Jeff Spicoli
Why on earth are Samardo Samuels, Daniel Gibson, and Luke Walton out there?
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