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Luke Kirby

Luke Kirby (born June 21, 1978) is a Canadian theatre, film and television actor.

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I do not have that one, but Kirby and the Rainbow Curse I got Luke. That could be after this one.
YO! Where did you get that giant Kirby!?
I can't fault this from Kirby. I think a boycott is the way to go.
Catch up on some pre season friendlys over the last 4 days, . Litherland 5-2 west kirby youth. Goals from Jack Jones and Luke Warrington
Cox or keefe will come in Moore only does ruck to relieve Brodie Kirby may come in for Levi
We're looking for Luke Kirby, who may be in or who's wanted for recall to prison.
I knew almost nothing going in - just the bare bones and that Luke Kirby was in it - and the approach was so unusual
I liked a video from Kirby's Adventure Finale!
I liked a video from Kirby's Adventure Episode 9
Yeah, I do get to do some theater occasionally. I don't get to do it as m...
Way down yonder in Willamette Valley yep that's where they found me MavSocial Luke Kirby Caha…
'2000 AD' to Collect 'The Journal of Luke Kirby' In 2017 (Exclusive) -
Hey Luke Kirby thanks for the follow! Heres a free demo as a gift of my gratitude!
Looking forward to the luke morris/adam kirby a.w. jockeys title bid..I wouldn't like to call it tbh.
Oh What to pic, Kirby Superstar would have to be my fav, It's a blast to the past and a huge adventure to go threw.
SNES Games like Kirby Superstar, Super Mario All stars & Shoot 'em up space games, the whole shabang! thanks for asking.
Girls Talk Boys has also been nominated for Best Song From A Movie! Use these hashtags to vote:
ivylevan // Love doesn't even begin to describe 🖤
If there's something strange in the neighborhood, who ya gonna vote for?
Okay rant over sorry for the spam y'all ❤ . . -Liz
Guys I cannot wait to have to start a countdown for a new 5SOS tour.
Is it voting season already? Let's hope for no rigging this time round 👌🏼 . -Shaina
INSTAGRAM|| Matt Pauling posted this picture of Ashton . . -Liz
Guys this was hella fun to vote in last time let's get back to it.
We've done it before. We can do it again . -Shaina
"If I ever left Ashton's lane I'll join you in Michael's" ... I lied . -Shaina.
for Michael at the beginning of JBH . -Shaina .
This would've fit so well if we won last year 😂😤 . -Shaina .
Everyone's a Calum girl at heart, let's stop lying to ourselves . -Shaina .
@ Luke, during album 3 tour pls bring this back . -Shaina .
I wanted to shook Gil and well naturally you guys . . -Shaina
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It wouldn't be fare to attack everyone else and leave out Ashton's lane would it? . -Shai…
1 more thing before I go . I shooked myself . -Shaina
For now we need to vote separately because I'm pretty sure it doesn't count.
Here are some tips on how and where to vote!!!.
SNAPCHAT|| Luke posted this on his story earlier! . -Liz .
INSTAGRAM|| posted this picture with Ashton. . -Liz .
Scrolling through that ig and im just like 😬😮.
Guys does this symbol look familiar to any of you?!. Its bugging me because ive seen it before.
A bit of Malum makes everything better . . -Liz
I just realized that cashton sum up my only two emotions during Christmas dinner with my family .
I'm not even adding a caption to this. . . -Liz
More pictures of Luke with fans in LA || 08/04. ©:
And Luke continues his run through the Kirby series from now until 7
I have been taking some classes in woodworking. It's really helpful just looking at a problem, a
I still think she's dumb for sending Luke home
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost." Luke 19:10
"You know who I get you mixed up with". "Who?" . "Luke Kirby"
Luke trying to kill people through a single smile before spinning away || ©: 5SOSTL__ 🇺🇸
Another picture of Luke on the big screen. ©: 🇺🇸
I just looked at the list... are you kidding me?! What about Worst Witch, Journal of Luke Kirby and Gaiman's Books of Magic?
I thought you were a good Catholic.! I'm very disappointed in you.
Just had a lovely meal at with friends and family. Massive thanks to for looking after us
Congrats Luke Millward-Browning! He arranged 'West Kirby Live' music festival and raised £3,200 for our charity.
Terminally-ill Luke Kirby (pictured) from Bristol died six months after he was punched to the ground by 18-year-old Da…
Congratulations from all to Charlie Allen and Luke Kirby for a fabulous season with Sefton Schools .
It took like 10 times for Luke to take that photo.
. It's a shame Kirby doesn't crack away at it to make it a contest?
I think he's cool. He's fun to hang out with even though we aren't great friends
A long interview with Katie, Luke Kirby, Paul Dalio and...
"A disgrace. An absolute disgrace.". Watch tee off on Kirby Smart, other coaches who restrict transfers:
Baseball defeats CCS 14-1. Cedric Kirby and Jake Taylor have 3 hits. Luke Taylor has 4 hits and Ashley Jump 2 hits. Jake Taylor picks up win
There was a guy on for glory called Luke and he played Kirby, Roy and Game & Watch . Was dat u
Paper Mario Color Splash doesn't look like a Paper Mario game, it looks like if Splatoon & Kirby had a baby together.
When you realize Kirby was in home alone
Shes had more Rides than Luke Morris and Adam Kirby put together and thats only the All Weather season
"Do not fear those who kill the body, and after that have nothing more that they can do." Luke 12:4
See in star Luke Kirby's hometown today til Friday - review here
On Take This Waltz, Luke Kirby thought he was making a nice movie about people falling in love. via
Director Paul Dalio, Luke Kirby and Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison joined the to discuss
Great article on the best show being made (but...and Luke Kirby are Canadian!)
Came to the conclusion there's more strategy behind Luke growing a beard than I first thought... It's to get him into …
Breath taking and looking amazing bring it on Stuart Busby Simon Basnett Luke Kirby plus glues to the real...
Stephen has prepared a sadistic trap for Luke, but can he handle an unexpected foe?
Kirby & Luke Ellis Do you have a Future Tiger? Click the link to get a free legacy shirt or...
Do you and Luke Kirby have similar chemistry off-set?
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Luke Kirby is acting like he's on (or auditioning for) a different, better show. Something on AMC, perhaps.
I kind of love Luke Kirby & wish he were in more things. I 1st saw him in a very sexually explicit TV show called TELL ME YOU LOVE ME
Btwn last week's ep & this one: I watched "Take This Waltz," which featured a thinner, cuter Luke Kirby playing another would-be adulterer.
Fun fact. You can see Luke Kirby in your television screens twice tonight. First on and later on
5SOS band acc (aka Ashton rn) just faved Luke's recent reply to Michael
ATTENTION: Here's an MP3 + downloadable link of Luke's singing in (thanks to 😍
That must be Carlton Kirby, another plonker!
Luke singing WILAY this way really MESSED ME UP
For some reason I really like Kirby when he doesn't talk cycling. He's funny. Embarrassing isn't it?
for a dm to Luke. Must be following us😎. *sending the link*. ~ Jose xx
I added a video to a playlist Berceuse No.1 "Starlight Dreams" (for Piano) Composed by Luke Kirby
Since Luke's on band acc there's a possibility he could do a lowkey follow spree on it like he did a few months back! …
I added a video to a playlist Etude No. 2 For Piano by Luke Kirby Popular Composer
I believe in at first sight & I feel sometimes you have to just be open to whatever love is & let yourself fall. ~ Luke Kirby
Map Sports is delighted to announce another top junior with a very bright future
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Ben H. looks like Luke Kirby who plays Max the writer in Astronaut Wives
Holy crap another 5sos birthday is next week, what cake am I gonna pull out the bag for Luke?! Only a crumb will be le…
Thanks, Luke! Great job today, too, can't wait to see how that turns out!
With a nod 2 & their article bringing up same, Luke Kirby from is channeling J.J. Abrams!
I just watched Take This Waltz because I'm kinda obsessed and in love with Luke Kirby
Luke hasn't replied or followed anyone in 17 minutes so he's probably eating his food now 😂
Yes, that is Luke Kirby, driving, talking on the phone and acting at the same time...that is illegal in 49 states
Luke Kirby who plays Max Kaplan is soo good on the show. You'll love his arc with Louise...
Film Review: 'Mania Days,' Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby play bipolar patients in love
I added a video to a playlist String Quartet in C Major By Luke Kirby Pop Composer
"Woe to you, when all people speak well of you, for so their fathers did to the false prophets" - Luke 6:26
Wow, showing off his hot hole in Cockstar. Smoth
I added a video to a playlist RETRO (2 Part Fugue in F Major For Distorted Harpsichord) by Luke Kirby
You can only be whole though Jesus. Don't look for completion in the world, you'll be fishing all night. Luke 5:1-13
I added a video to a playlist The Departure (Fugue For Organ in E Minor) by Luke Kirby Popular
it'd be a lot easier on me if Payton picked up Luke, and I'll pick up Kegan & 😁
Adam Kirby to ride 3 or more winners at Wolverhampton, Evs, 3+ 13/2; Luke Morris to ride 2 or more winners, 5/1;
I watched a cute indie movie Take This Waltz w/Michelle Williams & Luke Kirby. Omg in love w this Kirby, I see him as Joe!
Recommendation if you're looking for something different from the usual cheesy blockbuster stuff - "Take This Waltz" - Michele Williams, Seth Rogen (I know, but he's good in it) Luke Kirby. Nice little movie. It's on Showtime but you can prob get it on Netflix and Amazon Prime too. You're welcome.
Luke 10:20 Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather (cont)
Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power (cont)
"Only on Disney Channel". Calum and Luke looking ever so pleased about that
Statement by Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby on failed rescue operation to save Luke Somers in Yemen ->
Kirby confirms US role in rescue op in Yemen "to free a number of hostages, including U.S. citizen Luke Somers"
All about Luke Kirby : height, biography, quotes - see at
"Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me;. yet not my will, but . YOURS BE DONE.". Luke 22:42. ~
for the Mighty One has done great things for me- holy is his name. (Luke 1:49
Blessed are those servants, . whom the lord when he cometh . shall find watching:. -Book 0f Luke 12:37 KJV
Just beat the original Kirby on NES. That is easily one of my favorite games of all time.
This guy Watson has a date with, played by Luke Kirby, he's half way between Sebastian Stan and Mark Ruffalo. Remarkable.
Did you miss out on this? --> Inspirational Running Dad: Luke Kirby
Rochester native Shane Prince is the Player of the Week. Luke Richardson comments on Prince's season
Cissie Graham Lynch (read the Christmas story from Luke 2 before her daughter helped light the star.
"Ashton Irwin self harm deleted picture". "Calum and Stella". "Luke Hemmings and Taylor Swift". "Michael and Abigail" htt…
'Michael and Taylor' . 'Luke and Taylor'. 'Calum and Stella'. 'Calum and Bianca'. 'Ashton and Bianca'
And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? - Luke 6:46
You who are hungry now should be happy because you will be well fed - Luke 6:21
Luke 21:11 And there will be...pestilences.
1) Luke kills Han and is insane. Han sacrifices himself to shield His son and creates Good... Think Luke asYoda...
I have heard preach many times. Today may have been the best as he introduced Luke's gospel. Listen here:
"All the books that were written in the first century that were left out of the Bible are zero." on Luke 1:…
Then the Lord said, “Learn a lesson from this unjust judge. - Luke 18:6.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Luke Morris and Adam Kirby Good jockeys on bad horses the rest are picking up riding fees🏇🏇
Back Luke Morris or Adam Kirby at Woves you won't go far wrong
Gift Catalog item: Give 20 copies of the gospel of Luke for 2 languages in Africa.
Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.-Luke 6:38 (NIV)
Ashton, Michael, Luke and Calum please notice the swedish meetup we organised in october💕
YOU wont be able to say HERE IT IS or IT IS OVER THERE . for the KINGDOM of GOD is AMONG YOU. LUKE 17:21
Whoever receives this little child in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me receives Him who sent Me. Luke 9:48
Luke 14:11 For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.
Luke 4:32. And they were astonished at his doctrine: for his word was with power.
Luke 2:21 And when eight days were accomplished for the circumcising of the child, his name was called Jesus,
And when the Lord saw her, . he had compassion on her, . and said unto her, Weep not. . -Luke 7:13 KJV
But a certain Samaritan, . as he journeyed, . came where he was: . and when he saw him, . he had compassion on him, . -Luke 1…
“Watch out! Be on your guard against wanting to have more things. Life is not made up of how much a person has.” Words…
It will be all about Kirby n Luke Morris at Wolverhampton tonight
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Why do I have a job when Ladbrookes practically gives me money 💷💰
Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness - Luke 4:1
Luke 22:43 And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.
Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life? Luke 10 Bible Gateway
I cast out devils, and I will be perfected -Luke 13:32
I'm a bit distraught that it's taken the headlines off my wonder goal!
I don't rate Lita, he had a good year at Reading but then fell away, Luke James and Winnall are unproven
Luke James just signed for peterbrough? Plenty out there!!
here's my full kirby tribute piece, a spread from Eternals
If Luke dropped my phone I'd purposely kick up a fuss and insist he pay for replacement aka I have to get his number to sort…
If you like romantic indie films watch Take This Waltz! Starring: Michelle Williams, Seth Rogan, and Luke Kirby!
Getting ready for Luke night two. lindsayboidock
Luke was killed in my dream last night. I killed the guy who killed him
Check out this post from the archives: Inspirational Running Dad: Luke Kirby
Ashton's leaving the band to become a full time ballerina and Luke a model
we should have more followers than Luke bc of vine
doesn't it *** you off that Nash Grier has more followers than Luke, it makes me very sad.
Watch Luke Kirby and trying to be funny in Sure Thing.
What depravity needs to afflict Christians before the Foreign Office denounces it by name? asks Luke De Pulford
it's gotten to the point where I'm not even a calum ashton luke or michael girl I just kinda drool at anyone who pops u…
If you dont believe that 5sos care,then just leave, stop sending Ashton,Luke,Michael and Calum unnecessary hate
Next teach how to play Kirby Air Ride.
Luke Bryan's play it again is a jam
Seein Luke Bryan on tv makes me even more excited for his concert! 😁
Does it also say you're one heck of an actor, Luke Kirby?
Fame changed Ashton and Luke and turned them into twins.
im going to bed but i love oliver kirby, luke hemmings & niall horan bYe💓
Forgotten Fiilms: I saw a movie a couple of years ago called "Take This Waltz," directed by Sarah Polley with Michelle Williams, Seth Rogan, and Luke Kirby (I think), in a love trianlge that feels very real, and seemed to express the romantic ambiguity of our generation very well, maybe like Annie Hall did for the baby boomers, but I never hear anyone talk about it. It was funny, sad, sweet, and lonely all at the same time, and stays in your mind long after the movie is over.
MuchToo Many has many highlights. I like the part where Pastor Hidge confessed. Terrific performance by Luke Kirby.
I was reading in Luke chapter one, what another great miracle god has done
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
& Adam Kirby two jockeys you want on your side this winter
People of New Brighton and West Kirby it's time to get you're canoes out again.
Izaak, cam, and Luke's commentary on this scary movie is making me laugh way too hard 😂
Ladies, it's not okay to tie up your flannel shirts and show off your belly ring at the Luke Bryan concert.
Kudos to Luke Kirby, James Rebhorn, Rebecca Henderson & Phyllis Sommeville for great performance in Too Much, Too Much, Too Many.
Luke's cut is so deep I can see Adele rolling in it
where'd you get that eyeliner from. Im jealous
I walked into a cupboard and have a scar on my cheek bone we can be twins
I liked Luke Kirby a lot too. When Rogen is playing the husband at the beginning he's good, comes off as very warm and likable.
Watching a race to witch mountain and looks tiny compared to what he is now
Didn't have a clue how it worked though
Luke and Calum with their friend Oliver Kirby at a New Year's Eve party last night! (
Why can't (white) Michelle Williams ever play a likeable character? And that whole *** " dialogue btwn her & Luke Kirby? Ugh
Most entertaining person I don't follow!. Nominees are -. Kirby. Kaya . Luke
"Ain't no reason running after something already gone. -Luke Bryan" :(
Luke, Calum and Oliver Kirby at a New Years party /J
Well looks like Luke and Calum are in a party with Oliver Kirby right now :)
eek. Got it. Thanks. (notice how much less efficient I am than Luke.)
sudden death against Kirby Luke: we meet again you pink ***
Abandoned Star Wars sets in the desert. *cue Luke's Theme*
Home before the lights go out. I love a quick close
Insufficient Luke Kirby (2000AD) info available online. I'd go back to the progs but I don't think I have the last series anymore...
My attempt to find out about Luke Kirby the 2000AD character is being hampered by Luke Kirby the real person. This is not good enough.
Just saw production of Too Much, Too Much, Too Many for the 2nd time. Great cast.Luke Kirby is terrific.
“I'm in need of a much needed fun night”
"Thus it is written: Repentance and forgiveness of sins are to be proclaimed in his name to all nations." Luke 24:47
Catch the unmissable starring Cara Gee & Luke Kirby. Yonge/Dundas. Be there. says so.
Can I just say Luke Kirby in Take This Waltz was uhm...amazing. 😍😍😳💕
“listen to drink a beer by luke Bryan and fast forward to 3 minutes and you'll hear spongebob 😂😂 LITERALLY
Congrats to and the cast and crew of "Too Much, Too Much, Too Many" on your opening!
CONGRATS to SHERYL KALLER on the opening of Too Much, Too Much, TOO MANY tonight!
I know and I wasn't at oxygen lol went too far on them luke your not on the bus💩
Luke's probably making a plan for himself and Eleanor 💕
Barwell team would account for Kirby wouldn't they?
Luke Kirby plays Russell in our new drama Opens in Toronto November 22nd!
Massive PBS for Owen Kirby and Luke Betteridge in the 100m breast plus William g and Simon sweatman
Kirby has me dressed like Zachary Luke Harris
luke Morris is class above the rest on the all weather prob matched by Kirby fantastic jockeys
But for real though. Can we talk about Luke Kirby?
I unfollow more people than I follow nowadays
I only installed the last update last week -.-
He really grows on you. Very sexy in a subtle way.
I'll be there! with Phyllis Somerville, Rebecca Henderson, James Rebhorn & Luke Kirby begins previews tonight!
Most meta moment in Canadian television history: when Luke Kirby asks "Do you have hash browns in Canada?" (S1E4, Slings & Arrows)
I've sneezed and blew my nose so much that my belly hurts
Whoever decided to put a metal handle on a saucepan is a moron
Brilliant scene from the movie Take This Waltz. Luke Kirby, oh God.
I'll never tire of telling people my parents named me after Luke Kirby even though it makes them sound insane. (He was 8 when I was born.)
If you love Toronto, chicken, or melancholy, watch Polley's (and appreciate the gifted and criminally underrated Luke Kirby.)
I'll boom some time off for a few weeks time
Love arrow bring it on plus two great goals from fulham now for more arrow you with me Luke Kirby
I'll have to book some time off and come up
that means you can come visit me at Uni
Are you the one among my pals who likes Luke Kirby?
I just screamed at an email from Roundabout. Luke Kirby is STALKING ME and I must get tickets to the show he is in now!
Luke Kirby is in this frigging movie too. I can’t win.
I just finished Take This Waltz and I have a very big problem. And it’s Luke Kirby’s face. Hashtag holy ***
Jazy-Z was off the chain, not to mention the shout out he gave us. No biggie.
Having a laugh with the barber even though he can barely talk English!
The emotional trauma of Rectify is in direct conflict with my extreme attraction to Luke Kirby; I don't know how to react to this show.
WOW THAT CASTING WE ARE A LOT. speaking of I keep meaning to tell you about my massive Luke Kirby thing thanks to Rectify lol
Ever have that feeling where you just want to get smashed?
Katie Holmes joins Luke Kirby on set of Mania Days - Splash News
Have u viewed her excellent performance with Ewan Mcgregor- Incendiary, Marilyn & with Luke Kirby- Take This Waltz or not yet?
forget it Chris Messina, you've been replaced. Luke Kirby is my new favorite!
Take This Waltz gets better every time I watch it. Luke Kirby, Michelle Williams, & all nailed it.
I would like to thank him for bringing me back to life. I ended a relationship 4 yrs ago because we had grown apart. I would rather be alone, than with someone only for the reason to not be alone. After watching " Take this Waltz ", I awoke realizing what I had given up on. Let me end this with *** you are SEXY "
Katie Holmes Kisses Luke Kirby in Passionate Scene on the Set of Mania Days - In...
Katie Holmes films racy love scene with rumored boyfriend Luke Kirby: Photographers spotted Katie Holmes and h...
Katie Holmes strips down to her bra and kisses Mania Days co-star Luke Kirby on set
Are Katie Holmes and NTS Graduate Luke Kirby an Item? And How Does He Compare to Tom Cruise?via
Are Katie Holmes and NTS Grad Luke Kirby an Item?: Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby? Is it possible that this handsome...
Katie Holmes, rumored new love Luke Kirby get shirtless and steamy on 'Mania ... - New York Daily News
Thursday 30 May 2013 Corpus Christi - Solemnity About Today Other saints: St Luke Kirby (c.1549-1582) Luke Kirby was born in the north of England about 1549, was brought up in the new faith and is said to have graduated M.A., probably at Cambridge. Having been reconciled to the Church at Louvain, he entered Douai College in 1576, and was ordained priest at Cambrai in September the following year. He left Reims for England on 3 May, 1578, but very soon returned to the English College in Rome, where he took the college oath to serve on the English mission. In June 1580, he came to England, landing at Dover. He was immediately arrested and committed to the Gatehouse, Westminster. From there he was transferred to the Tower, where he was subjected to the “Scavenger’s Daughter” for more than an hour. (This was a device named after William Skeffington, Lieutenant of the Tower of London; it was an A-frame shaped metal rack, the head being strapped to the top point of the A, the hands at the mid-point and th ...
Luke Kirby is a thing I'm suddenly interested in.
which actor? That's the one Luke Kirby is in for Sundance network? Or are one word titles getting to me!
Leighton Meester how did I not know about you until today!
I'm personally more of a fan of the Will Kirby's and Dan Gheesling's
Foto: ‘More than just co-stars? Katie Holmes sparks romance rumours as she heads for dinner with Luke Kirby...
Katie Holmes & Luke Kirby going out for dinner in New York City
Katie Holmes may be dating Canadian actor Luke Kirby
Speaking of pseudo-crushes, though, Luke freaking Kirby (the lawyer on RECTIFY). Dude's from Hamilton, Ontario too!
Katie Holmes now shuns photogs during flirty jaunts with co-star Luke Kirby
Luke is so hot with blue in his hair though
Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise keep a low profile... as rumours of ...
I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven -Luke 10:18
Such sad news to wake up to, I'll always remember the time you taught me the rules of Kirby. RIP Luke, thoughts go out to the family.
Hearing after impressing at Barnet, Luke Gambin could be off to Ajax (I can see the old Edgar Davids link there) Prem team interested too
Katie Holmes now shuns photogs on jaunts with co-star Luke Kirby and daughter .
S/O to the athletes who made ticket prices a bargain. C. Luke, N. Phillips, M. Haggerty, D. Garretson, M. Kirby, D. Gaines and many more.
Luke Kirby is creating memorable character as legal advocate on
Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby: co-stars or new couple?: Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby have been spo...
Are Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby more than just co-stars?
Katie Holmes gets a soaking as she frolics with Luke Kirby on Mania Days set -...
Katie Holmes, Luke Kirby "More Than Just Co-Stars?": Katie Holmes has “moved on romantically with 'Mania Days'...
- Holloway, Holmes And Jackson - 'Lost' star Josh Holloway has thrown his hat into the 'Star Wars' ring by saying he'd absolutely love to play Han Solo. The 43 year old actor would certainly be a surprise choice, but many believe he definitely has the looks, the charisma and the athleticism to really pull it off. Katie Holmes has clearly been enjoying herself on the set of her latest movie 'Mania Days'. The sexy actress was pictured getting soaked while shooting a playful fountain scene with Luke Kirby. Crew members were said to have been blown away by the sight of a wet Katie in a pale T-shirt and denim shorts. And finally, Peter Jackson has begun work on the final scenes for the upcoming 'Hobbit' film 'There and Back Again'. The last part in 'The Hobbit' trilogy, Peter says it'll be an intense few weeks. The next installment, 'The Desolation of Smaug', comes out in December.
Luke Grindy is by far one of my all time favorite people
What you should know about Luke Kirby, Katie Holmes's new co-star - Yahoo! Canada...
Created by Ray McKinnon. With Aden Young, J. Smith-Cameron, Clayne Crawford, Luke Kirby. Daniel Holden must put his life back together after serving 19 years on Georgia's Death Row before DNA evidence calls his conviction into question.
Christopher Hopcraft Chris Kirby Daniel Healy Luke Hogan Cian O Regan anyone up for the shift? im not on the blob xoxoxooxoxoxoxox
Just lost my first Kirby championship against Luke
I'm always tired until its time to close my eyes then bam! I'm like an owl!
There’ll be weeping and grinding of teeth when you [people] in God’s kingdom, while you’re thrown outside - Luke 13:28
Good luck to our students taking the SAT test this Saturday! Nika, Sam, Luke, Vianney, Amanda and Kirby, use the...
I still don't know the movie name but it got lead as Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby :)
“Sundance Channel has renewed its gorgeous, tragic drama Rectify for second season. Congrats Luke Kirby!!
you have the same wonderful accent as dave kirby i think you know him that's the beauty of class culture just luke da Fabs
Watching 'Take This Waltz.' Luke Kirby looks like Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional.
"Kirby has always been around. It's like dating J.B, except her *** are smaller."
lol, what else is it my username for? Might have been for Xbox aswell but I think that's it?
it's cute that his sdog and Millross is cdog
Simon is that your username for everything?
Being in makes me wanna visit locations. Expecting to see Luke Kirby and rickshaw pull up to the curb any minute...
I'm game got all day off, and I'm working ain't I, but joe Evans asked be to got on a bar crawl in billericay in 2 weeks time x
that could be a shout I'm working that night but we can go during the day and why don't you come my work on the weekend x
Always plan the music for a car journey in advance.
you did a girls make up. Regardless of it being good or bad... It's bent.
I don't think you would say that if you saw her...
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