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Luke Keuchly

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Breaking news: the Carolina Panthers have traded Luke Keuchly to the Montreal Allouettes for a compensatory pick in the 2019 CFL draft.
Luke Keuchly has a look alike in Statesville North Carolina !
great line ‘what Luke Keuchly is to football. I am to candy’
We didn’t have Greg Olsen and luke keuchly went out in the beginning of the third pls shutup
So how much impact does Luke Keuchly's presence have on a defense, a team? Wow.
Chris Meyers during the panthers broadcast: "Luke Keuchly is the greatest human to ever live, hes so handsome and I want to marry him"
I know u wanna congratulate him for his interception but dont hit luke keuchly on the head please
Wow. Luke Keuchly is really, really good.
We are a completely different football team with Luke Keuchly on the field.
3rd observation Luke Keuchly is. an. animal! Stays healthy and he’s a 1st ballot Hall of Famer.
Luke Keuchly has 46 tackles this season and leads the team in tackles and he has not played in 2 and half games
LB Luke Keuchly is ready to go today against the
With Luke Keuchly back this week, I'm struggling between Doug Martin or Jerrick McKinnon in my flex. What are your thoughts?
Does Luke Keuchly's return lower your weekly ranking of Doug Martin?
*Breaking News*. Panthers have traded Luke Keuchly to division rival in a bid to strengthen roster wit…
We then learn that Luke Keuchly cleared the league's concussion protocol before they get into the story.
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Joe flacco is 6-0 now 7-0 against you guys so you couldnt take that so you had kiko who is a wanna be luke keuchly cheap shot him
For Christmas do y’all think you could hook me up with an opportunity to get Sacked by Luke Keuchly ? Im not joking It’s a dream
Luke keuchly reminds me of zach thomas, beast tackler but u can tell.the brain trauma is there, they have like this numb look in their eyes
Luke keuchly out with a concussion again. Dudes gonna be the next junior seau Bruh
Y’all I’m embracing both watch me show up as zombie Luke Keuchly fan girl
There more serious then people think, that's why I feel for guys like Lu…
I got Luke keuchly and Julian edelman
"Luke Keuchly really reminds me of Brian Urlacher" - probably Chris Collinsworth
exactly I just stopped arguing with them when a girl whose name won't be mentioned told me Luke keuchly best QB in the league
Luke Keuchly cold AF, easily one of my favorite linebackers he textbook 🏈📖
Luke keuchly is the best LB on the field
Luke Keuchly looks like a man among boys out there
"Nobody covers as much ground as Luke Keuchly and you can put Thomas Davis on that list as well." -Chris Collinsworth
Feels like Luke Keuchly is in on every tackle. Dude is everywhere.
Luke Keuchly is something else fr fr
Where was Luke Keuchly on that play? They can't get his *** out their mouth It's sad
Yo but Luke Keuchly just held up CJ Anderson AND Russell Okung. Props to that guy
Not a huge fan of football but Luke Keuchly (??) is wonderful
Luke Keuchly will lead linebackers in tackles this year 👏🏼
Pick Natti gonna look like Luke Keuchly against CSU
Luke Keuchly looks ready to take someone's head off right now
If I caught Luke Keuchly having sex with my chick, I'd have to think about it before pushing him off her
Luke Keuchly looks like he's going to kill someone😳
Luke Keuchly has impeccable white boy football swagger.
It's a joy to watch Luke Keuchly play 👀
Luke Keuchly is so good at reading plays, he could've saved Harambe
Luke Keuchly is the best defensive player in the NFL
If you love football, you love watching Luke Keuchly and Thomas Davis play the game. The smartest hardest playing LBs in the league
Luke keuchly might be in the Broncos huddle
Luke keuchly is amazing at football.
Carolina d is great at disguising blitzes. Always bring Thomas Davis and Luke keuchly in the A gaps and then drop back into there zones
I think the cris collinsworgasims about luke keuchly rival madden’s love for brett favre
Luke Keuchly is a player, defensive coordinator, and head coach all in one. Reminds me of a young Ray Lewis.
I'm completely convinced Luke Cafferty from FNL is Luke Keuchly
Love watching my boy Luke Keuchly play. He be swarming everywhere !
Luke Keuchly is stupid good, there on every play. And then Thomas Davis forces an INT. LB's are the heartbeat of that defense.
Luke Keuchly just too good bruh smh
luke keuchly is unreal. He might be the smartest LB to play the game
Luke Keuchly WILL win D player of the year
Luke Keuchly and Thomas Davis are the best LB duo in the NFL and I don't think it's even close.
Luke Keuchly and Thomas Davis heard me say New England's duo was better and promptly came over to make me empty my pockets
Luke Keuchly and Von Miller are just so ridiculous. And that Panthers defense is so scary. Football is back
Luke keuchly is hands down the best linebacker in the NFL
Imagine JJ Watt, Suh, James Harrison, Khalil Mack, Luke Keuchly, Navarro Bowman, & Von Miller all on the same team 😵
he's got Luke Keuchly and Thomas Davis coming at him week 2
Either a QB or WR Julian Edelman, or Luke Keuchly, or Kevin White, or Alshon Jeffrey
.compares himself to Luke Keuchly and Jamie Collins...
So like, Fletcher Cox or Luke Keuchly at 3 and Harrison Smith or Alshon Jeffery at 22?
Hey Jerry Reese, have you seen Luke Keuchly and Von Miller play today.
Zach Thomas if you can get him for under 300k. If not Luke Keuchly
Anyone have the new 93 Luke Keuchly on Xbox?
He's not even MVP of his own team That would belong to Luke Keuchly fact! Teams defend his run dare him to throw
just when I was about to send Luke Keuchly your way. I'll return that now.
Luke Keuchly over JJ anyday of the week.
I just got told I look like a blonde Luke Keuchly
Luke Keuchly missed like 4 games and he's still top tackler for Carolina
Luke Keuchly had a severe concussion and missed 4 games. His season's not over.
Luke Keuchly been a dawg in the NFL since his rookie year
Roman Harper: "Luke Keuchly,like Jonathan Vilma, has authority to change any call on defense,& it's one of the biggest reasons we're 11-0."
Ziggy Ansah may be the best name in the NFL, behind Cam Newton and Luke Keuchly of course.
Hmmm.. I can't decide between Matty Ice or Luke Keuchly. *tapping my chin in thought* Keuchly it is!
Darelle Revis got a concussion the same day and still hasn't passed either. Luke Keuchly missed like 4 weeks earlier this year.
Luke Keuchly having one *** of a season but I'm pretty sure missing games is going to count against him for DPOY. He not in my 5
Archaeology and ancient empires. Kurt Coleman, Luke Keuchly. The declining New Orleans Saints. Read all about it!
I would like to thank the parents of Luke Keuchly for making such a fine specimen 😍
Steph Curry is the Luke Keuchly of basketball. He will destroy you in the nicest way possible.
Luke Keuchly is the best and it's not close. Keuchly has 20 more tackles this year. He is better hands down
or why didn't EA do a dual collection this week --- Russell Wilson and Luke Keuchly? I ask because I am a simple person
I hope y'all know if you watch Friday night lights Luke Kaperdys story is based on the real Luke Keuchly on the panthers
Jack looks like a faster Luke Keuchly, but would you take him over Ramsey or Bosa?
The cashier at CVS said I look like Luke Keuchly if he had a beard. The comments I get can be so interesting.
I see the defense in the NFL per yards allowed and a extremely soft schedule so far. If anything Luke Keuchly (sp) is the MVP
cam is on a team where Luke keuchly, Thomas Davis, josh Norman, and a stacked front 4 is on the defense.
he's the best player on the best team (and even that's debatable w/ Norman & Keuchly), but his numbers really aren't special
Mike just pulled 2 Luke Keuchly's, get in this stream dawg
puberty hit him like a bus or a Luke Keuchly as us REAL fans say amirite
Luke Keuchly I think solidified his rank as best LB in league after Thursday if it even ever was a question.
A Commercial I did with Carolina linebacker Luke Keuchly a few months back...
Luke Keuchly and his two INTs say hi.
Eff the broncos and da pats Cam Newton n Luke keuchly taking over the nfl anyway 😂😂😂🔥
Shocking to see all those people naming luke keuchly I'm not even convinced he's either the best player on his defense or best lb even
Luke Keuchly has to get consideration
This is like when the refs didnt call pass interference on luke keuchly against gronk in carolina at the end of the game a few years ago
Luke Keuchly might have something to say about that
Luke Keuchly has to be a Totw Candidate! 2 picks! 1 a pick 6
Luke Keuchly is best player on his team whose success is defensively derived yet his teammate getting MVP momentum with pedestrian numbers??
I never want Cam Newton or luke Keuchly to ever leave the panthers
definitely. Still take luke keuchly as best player on that defense still.
Tempted on getting a Luke Keuchly shirt
Luke keuchly is the only reason I'm interested in watching the 😍
Bruh just heard the radio call for Luke's second pick "Tony don't throw it deep! Luke Keuchly's out there! Luke Keuchly's out there!"😂😂
Luke Keuchly ate yesterday. but its Brown, Julio, Hopkins, Fitz or CJ, Demaryius, obj, Allen rob
have Captain America and Superman in Luke Keuchly and Cam Newton.
Luke Keuchly got me more fantasy points than Aaron Rodgers😔
Nick Holt out there playing like Luke Keuchly today. 2 Ints & a forced fumble!
Luke Keuchly had the same amount of catches and more yards than Dez Bryant last night. Yep, you read that right...
Hey Tony woudja please pass the turkey?. /Luke Keuchly returns turkey for touchdown and Cam Newton get's all the credit fo…
Luke Keuchly low key punch romo in the face lol
Jared Allen was called Luke Keuchly. Greg Olsen was called Jason Witten. Someone give these substitute announcers the …
We have two starting white LBs and they are not named Luke Keuchly or Brian Urlacher
Luke Keuchly is overrated yall, he benefited from Johnson and Hardy, look at his numbers since Hardy off da field
Thomas Davis and Luke Keuchly make each other better. It's the same as Collins and Hightower making each other better
or trucking dudes like Clay Mathews or Luke Keuchly
So this happened today. Thomas Davis and Luke Keuchly. Also got Kelvin…
dope dude. Could you make a Thomas Davis and Luke Keuchly for the Panthers?
“Marcelo is arguably the best LB in the world right now” idk Luke keuchly had a pretty good year
I want a Luke Keuchly pro bowl jersey so bad 😩
Im an 87 i only have 10k but i can play up to 50k i have a 95 luke keuchly
so the Phins could have Luke Keuchly and Russell Wilson, but took Tannehill and Jonathan Martin. Not to mention no Philbin. Ouch
My sister thought I'd grow up to be Luke Keuchly
LOL *** did you not like about Luke Keuchly coming out of college??? You might want to never bring this up again
if the Seahawks had luke keuchly they would be one scary *** team.
Dan Patrick just asked Luke Keuchly if he's played Marshawn Lynch. Love DP but c'mon. It was only two games ago.
after week 10. He can't stay healthy. The Secondary was ok. Luke Keuchly was the best cover guy they had.
Imagine if the chargers had Luke keuchly and Brent grimes.
I need that there Luke Keuchly to lay the boom dangeRuss Willson to toss some dots and OBJ to go up top for them!
Linebacker! I used to play, my dream is to play like Luke Keuchly!!
Bradley Roby, Luke keuchly, and captain Dontari Poe
I wish Luke Keuchly could eat my Brussel sprouts for me🍴
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Luke Keuchly pro bowl jersey is almost 200 dollars but I need it 😩
Babe got me a Luke Keuchly jersey for Christmas that does not fit me at all right now 😂
Someone buy me a Luke Keuchly pro bowl jersey or a Greg Olsen one 😩😍
Greg Olsen and Luke Keuchly repped the Panthers well tonight
You can't tell me that Luke Keuchly isn't Luke Cafferty from Friday Night Lights.
Glad Luke Keuchly's team won. OLSEN had a *** of a game though!
Luke Keuchly is the hottest MLB in the NFL.
Luke keuchly might be the best ILB in the league
The Pro Bowl is about to start at 8. Come cheer on Carolina Panthers Luke Keuchly and Greg Olsen. Sunday Funday...
Great exchange between Doug Baldwin and Luke Keuchly. "Had to do it Bud". LOL!
Am I watching Luke Keuchly and Thomas Davis highlights and crying over pictures of Roy Williams and Sean Lee oh heck yes I am so hard rn
Russell Wilson is definitely my favorite player behind Luke Keuchly. Just a consummate pro.
did i say i can tackle him 😂😂😂 what about Luke Keuchly, JJ Watt, Ndamakung Suh, Jadaveon Clowney,
Luke Keuchly gets run over by Doug Martin via
Wow. How did Cam Newton make it further in the madden cover playoffs than Luke Keuchly.
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My background is no longer Lane Frost 😔😭 but Luke Keuchly 😍
Thomas Davis, Luke Keuchly and Cam Newton all deserve Pro Bowl bids. Vote early and often--theres no limit!
Carolina Panthers @ Arizona Cardinals Winner - Carolina Panthers This was a hard one to pick, it's pretty evenly matched. What i've based this on is the Arizona defence hasn't been as great as some expected this season, Carolina balled out before the bye week at New York on offence, so i'm gonna take them in this game. Carson Palmer has been prone to turnovers again this season, and the Carolina D is much improved. On the line and linebackers, they're very strong. Star Lotulelei has been as immovable as M'Jolnir, Hammer of Thor so far in his rookie campaign.. He's been a beast. Luke Keuchly is one of the best Linebackers in the league and he's still young, this defence should be pretty good for the next 5 years. They let Cam Newton loose before the bye FINALLY, and with 2 weeks to prepare, i think they rip this defence to shreds with the running game and play action. 34 - 27
Cam, Luke Keuchly, and Steve Smith are the only good players on that team.
The player I want always goes right before the Bills pick. Von Miller, Luke Keuchly, and now Jonathan Cooper
If Jon Beason stayed healthy, we would have had the best trio of line backers in the league with Thomas Davis and Luke Keuchly.
Can't say today was too bad! Panthers win, had a fun night with some friends, and - did I mention - Panthers win! Luke Keuchly is a beast and Armanti Edwards proved exactly why he should be on the field more often. Give the guy a snap and he runs away with it. Steve Smith/Brandon LaFell/Armanti Edwards - why is that so hard?
Keeping my eye on LB Luke Keuchly. Can't wait to see him in action. Saw him at TC and he is a ball hawk. And Cam of course!
Schneider confirms the had Mark Barron, Luke Keuchly and Bruce Irvin as their top 3 rated defensive players. Not Mo Claiborne.
I realize Jon Beason is a great MLB but Panthers, can we please start Luke Keuchly at MLB and not OLB? I have a good feeling about this guy.
Now I get Cam Newton and Luke Keuchly on Sundays. Nice pick by my new hometown team.
Luke Keuchly is pick for the panthers ILB from Boston College
Just read 25 mock drafts and heres who they got us drafting in 1st round. 6 have Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis 4 have Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama 3 have Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina 3 have Chandler Jones, DE, Syracuse 2 have Michael Brockers, DT, LSU 1 has Nick Perry, DE, USC 1 has Devon Still, DT, Penn State 1 has Luke Keuchly, LB, Boston College 1 has Whitney Mercilus, DE, Illinois 1 has Quiton Coples, DE, North Carolina 1 has Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin and 1 has Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor. Your thoughts?!?!
I think they should trade up to 9 with and draft Luke Keuchly from Boston College
I don't see what these analysts see. Dontari Poe has bust written all over him. Luke Keuchly is talented and hungry for more.
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