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Luke Kennard

Luke Kennard is a British poet, playwright and academic born in 1982.

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"Luke kennard is In my class right now"
Shotgunned w luke kennard and chilled w Brandon Ingram
by Luke Kennard, published by dry voice, great dialogue, lovely reading on a
Today, Luke Kennard was aware of my existence for approximately 15 seconds. We made eye contact.
I hate Dooke but Luke Kennard and Grayson Allen are two bad white boys😂
's Luke Kennard just obliterating ankles out here. 😳😳😳
Luke Kennard leads all players in rebounds (8). Also has 8 points. 4-10 FG.
Just Announced: Readings from next generation poets on 28 Sep. Book now:
New on the Blog: videos and write up of our brilliant evening with the wonderful
Do you see guys like Grayson Allen and Luke Kennard guarding these guys? Yeah, I don't either.
Duke have Harry Giles, Jayson Tatum, Frank Jackson and Grayson Allen and Luke Kennard are returning. RIP to every other college team
why does Luke Kennard look like Taran Killam
Luke Kennard playing strong on both offense and defense!.
so Riley just told me that a couple years ago he got TYB'd by Luke Kennard 😂😂
Yale looking at Grayson Allen and Luke Kennard like
Walking through the mall with Cole and two people think he is Luke Kennard and are taking pictures.
Ian Eagle had never met Luke Kennard...until this moment.
Duke's Brandon Ingram with the dish and Luke Kennard with the swish. Blue Devils extend lead to 41-19
Duke's Brandon Ingram, Grayson Allen, and Luke Kennard combined for 44 points in the 1st half. (via
Luke Kennard's official team photo on Duke's website is stunning.
Interesting nugget: while in HS, Duke's Luke Kennard won co-offensive player of the year in Ohio with ND's QB Deshone Kizer.
Just once I want the ghosts of Larry Bird and Adam Morrison to take over the body of either Luke Kennard or Grayson Allen.
Luke Kennard & Brandon Ingram combine for 44 points to lift Duke over NC St. Blue Devils will face Notre Dame next.
Rewatching the UNC-Duke game from Saturday night and I'm telling you man, Luke Kennard is gonna be a helluva player yo
“Luke Kennard isn’t gonna be good at Duke, he got all his points against bad teams.” . -People that aren’t smart
Grayson Allen has 12 points on 5 of 14 shooting for Duke. Luke Kennard has 10 on 3 of 8 shooting. Duke is 12 for 32 as …
oh man. If that was the we wouldn't have lost on Devin Booker, Jamal Murray, Luke Kennard, Cassius Winston, Jaylen Brown et al
Luke Kennard looks like the victim in every episode of Veronica Mars.
Luke Kennard comes in for Matt Jones at the timeout. Probably a good move for offensive purposes.
AP's Gerry Broome gets pic to sum it up: Duke's Grayson Allen, Luke Kennard hugging injured Matt Jones after UNC win http…
I've heard the Grayson Allen/Ted Cruz comparison but can we talk about how Luke Kennard looks like Derek Zoolander? http…
All purpose parts banner
Luke Kennard crashed the party tonight. 15 points on 6-of-9 shooting (3 of 4 from 3), incl. go-ahead trey and critical block in closing mins
Carlton Bragg, Luke Kennard, Caris Levert, Aaron White, Adreian Payne, Travis Trice and the list goes on...
It's ok State, at least you don't go thru life looking like Luke Kennard
Marshall Plumlee & Luke Kennard have seen their roles expand w/ Jefferson out: htt…
Luke Kennard just obliterating ankles out here. 😳😳😳
Duke freshman Luke Kennard is averaging 18.2 PPG in his last five games. 14-22 from the field in his first two ACC games.…
VIDEO: Franklin off to surprising 7-0 start in 1st season without Luke Kennard .
with Matt Jones, Derryck Thornton and maybe Grayson Allen too...not even counting Frank Jackson and Luke Kennard
Grayson Allen and Luke Kennard will be the best back court in college basketball
Only two recruiting losses that ever bothered me were Damien Harris and Luke Kennard *** Luke
Terribly excited about Luke Kennard and Tony Williams reading for Colpitts, Friday 20 November, 8pm, Alington House
Brandon Ingram, Grayson Allen, Chase Jeter, and Luke Kennard were all phenomenal in the exhibition tonight! Lots to look forward to
Grayson Allen and Luke Kennard are going to be absolutely scary together this year for Duke
Duke wins their exhibition by 65 points. Star freshman Luke Kennard led all scorers with 25. Grayson Allen with 19 points/7 a…
Luke Kennard had 25 points and Grayson Allen led the Blue Devils with 7 assists in the rout. htt…
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Just now getting to watch the UK practice. First thought, Luke Kennard turning down UK is this yr's Mudiay blessing. Matthews is special.
Duke has Luke Kennard, Amile Jefferson, Derryck Thornton, Marshall Plumlee and Brandon Ingram running plays on one side of the court.
Luke Kennard, Derryck Thorton, and Brandon Ingram all going to play with Grayson Allen smh Duke back on top
Frank Jackson, Brandon Ingram, Chase Jeter, Luke Kennard, Derryck Thornton, and Antonio Vrankovic. These are the things I dream about.
u was serious asf ablit putting that Luke Kennard picture as everything 😂
Who was the better high school basketball player?. RT• Troy Bolton FAV•Luke Kennard
Iain, what is your "handle" on untappd? I have gone by Luke Kennard because I do not understand anything.
Glad to see my man Luke Kennard came out to see me play today ✊🏻
My dad FINALLY got to meet Luke Kennard 😂😂
they've got a slew of new freshman super recruits. Brandon Ingram, Derryck Thornton, Luke Kennard... Don't think they're AS good
Oh my word I met Luke Kennard last night!
How about Luke Kennard wearing his own USA jersey to the concert tonight? Power move city
Luke kennard Grayson Allen and Brandon Ingram are gonna light teams up
"Video: Duke Frosh Does His Best Steph Curry" is gonna be a special player
Luke kennard is going to be at J. Cole concert and IM NOT GOING
Luke Kennard and Brandon Ingram are scary good
Luke Kennard's sister is a dime tho
I think this video has Luke Kennard's beat lol
“Duke commit Luke Kennard passes LeBron on the Ohio HS scoring list!. (
I'm playing curry, Thompson, ray Allen and Luke Kennard in 50 before I die. Bet I win too. Taking all bets.
Man I can't wait to see Grayson Allen and Luke Kennard in that Duke offense!
Based on this single photo, I predict people will hate Luke Kennard just like they'll hate Grayson Allen
If Luke kennard wouldn't have committed we could've played him today 😅😅
Luke Kennard gonna be the next JJ Redick
so I heard . Luke kennard . Chase Jeter. Derrick Thornton . All duke bound. They seem good but have big shoes to…
This whole mess started when Luke Kennard picked Duke after visiting UK like a thousand times.
Duke just got another good recruiting class! We got Chase Jeter, Luke Kennard, Derryck Thornton, Antonio Vrankovic and Brandon Ingram!
New module 'Luke Kennard Eats M&Ms' rejected because the only learning outcome was "people will get real good at watching me eat M&Ms"
Luke Kennard is tearing people up in that right now, as we get ready to go to another day of school 😩
And by the way Luke Kennard doesn't even play lacrosse, you guys are just dumb if you believed it.
With the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Luke Kennard
Who's this Luke Kennard guy? His name is all over the Franklin records.
Luke Kennard averaged 40 last year.. lol who was guarding him
Imagine if Carlton Bragg, VJ King, Luke Kennard and Esa went there lol. In addition to the PG from Dunbar that's going there.
Luke Kennard and Grayson Allen at Duke next year...possibly two best shooting guards in college basketball
I'd expect Giles to go bc their too sold on Luke Kennard to sign another 3
Luke Kennard is gonna be my guy. JJ Redick 2.0.
Tonight we play I guess it's time to see if Luke Kennard really is "unguardable"
get off Jeff Goodman and Luke Kennard's nuts.
they're getting Brandon Ingram, Derryck Thornton, Chase Jeter and Luke Kennard that's brazyy
Derryck Thornton, Brandon Ingram, and Luke Kennard , and Chase Jeter Talk about repeat 😈🔥
Brandon Ingram, Chase Jeter, Derryck Thorton, and Luke Kennard. And we still got Grayson Allen and Jefferson. Let's go!!!
so Duke just got Brandon Ingram, Derryck Thornton, Luke Kennard and Chase Jeter all 5-star recruits for next season! We coming
any chance of adding Chase Jeter, Luke kennard & Derryck Thornton to the 2016 class?
Not sure if you've already heard this, but (re: your Brandon Ingram commit piece) Duke also adds All-American G Luke Kennard
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bruh hes cash Luke kennard still the best player in this class for us tho
This team may be deeper than last years.. Luke Kennard Sean Obi Marshall Plumlee and Grayson on the bench..
Luke Kennard gone be THAT man next year!
That white boy Luke Kennard that Duke signed he broke all of Lebron's Ohio high school records Duke gone win it all next year 💀💀💀
Duke team gone be fye 🏀😅 ; Chase Jeter , Derryck Thornton , Luke Kennard , and Brandon Ingram
Gonna be really weird seeing Luke Kennard with a Tappered Fade next year
Duke is going for back2back , got Brandon Ingram , luke kennard and thorthon .JHEEZE
you heard of Luke Kennard ? And Grayson Allen will be the best player in the nation lol
Luke Kennard will start over Matt Jones hopefully. Kennard by far a better player
Duke signee Luke Kennard will join the nation's No. 1-rated recruiting class
.is a part of the nation's No. 1 recruiting class in 2015 .
Duke now has Derryck Thornton, Grayson Allen, Matt Jones, and Luke Kennard on the perimeter with capable veterans inside.…
is reloading, man. 5-stars Chase Jeter, Luke Kennard, Derryck Thornton (re-classed to '15), and Sean Obi (Rice transfer) available.
yea him, Matt Jones and Amile Jefferson I think. Luke Kennard coming in...they should be decent
Grayson Allen, Luke Kennard, Amile Jefferson, Matt Jones, Semi, Chase Jeter with more recruits lol we good
Duke will win it all again next year. They are getting Charles Jeter, Luke Kennard, Brandon Ingram and Caleb Swanigan.
More on Luke Kennard and the East squad's victory in tonight's All American game in Chicago via
Future Duke Blue Devils Chase Jeter & Luke Kennard after practice in Chicago. http…
Ohio sharpshooter Luke Kennard takes 3-point title at
Luke Kennard advances to the finals portion that will be televised on ESPN2 at 8 p.m. ET. Jalen Brunson and Antonio Blakeney …
Duke should have everyone back except Jah and Cook but they get Chase Jeter and Luke Kennard
Luke Kennard & Chase Jeter gon eat at Duke. If we can get Harry Giles & Brandon Ingram too it's a wrap. But I doubt we'll get them both
if Tyus and Winslow stay this year. We will have Luke Kennard and Chase Jeter to back them up. It would be a monster squad
Tyus and Jahlil could be a mean *** combo for next year too..with Chase Jeter, Luke Kennard and Winslow coming back. GOD! 😦😱
Congrats to Duke signees Luke Kennard (Ohio) and Chase Jeter (Nevada) for winning Gatorade Player of the Year in their s…
Luke Kennard is going to be more hated than Reddick and Laetner
Duke has a huge recruiting night. Luke Kennard, and Dennis Smith just confirmed he & H…
LeBron James has been passed on Ohio's HS scoring list by 5-star Duke commit Luke Kennard http:/…
5-star Duke commit Luke Kennard passes LeBron James on Ohio HS all-time scoring list
Luke Kennard is 71 points away from LeBron James on the OHSAA career scoring list: Luke Kennard is 71 points a... http:…
UNC commit Luke Maye in the last game; Duke signee Luke Kennard in this one. Franklin (Ohio) up 22-17 on St. Edward (Ohio) 8 min in.
The Golden Boy: Luke Kennard Discusses Duke and His Development Andrew Slater 28 minutes ago Comments:0 Add a comment In the Southwestern corner of Ohio, deep in the heart of football county, Luke Kennard, a 6'5" guard ,who looks like the epitome of a Ralph Lauren ad model, but has the toughness of an Ohio steel worker, works on his craft shot after shot with his father, Mark, a former player at Georgetown College in Kentucky. The two have forged a shared goal of constantly striving for the often elusive goal of maximizing a player's basketball talents. 6'5" Luke Kennard at the LeBron James Skills Academy, Photo by Andrew Slater Now seventeen and a rising senior, Kennard has developed into one of the more lethal perimeter shooters in the class of 2015. The first Division-I player in more than two decades at Franklin, Kennard has blazed his own path. On March 24th, in a ceremony at a packed gymnasium at Franklin High School,Luke Kennard, in a concise and inclusive speech, announced that he was committing t ...
Coach K and Jon Scheyer are watching Luke Kennard, while Rick Pitino & Kenny Johnson are watching Isaiah Briscoe. Josh Pastner for Eli Cain.
King James 17s up 37-23 over Mich. Playmakers. Luke Kennard doing a bit of everything and AJ Harris is running the sh…
Franklin High School basketball standout Luke Kennard has been selected to attend the USA U18 National Team training camp. He is among 18 players nationally who have been invited for a tryout that will run from June 9-19 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center at Colorado Springs, Colo. Those making the cut will be part of a 12-member team that will represent the United States in the FIBA Americas U18 Championship from June 20-24 at the same location. That men’s and women’s competition is held every two years and serves as a qualifier for the 2015 International Basketball Federation U19 World Championship at a site to be determined. The Americas championship draws teams from North, South and Central America and the Caribbean. Kennard’s invitation was revealed to selected media outlets by USA Basketball this week. University of Florida men’s basketball coach Billy Donovan will serve as the U19 head coach for the third consecutive tournament. Assisting Donovan will be Arizona head coach Sean Miller, bro ...
at in the 2015 team rankings after the commitment of Luke Kennard. -
Can we see a Tyus Jones, Luke Kennard, Grayson Allen back court in the future? Yes Lawd.
PLOT TWIST : Luke Kennard announces he's giving up his basketball career to walk on The Ohio State university football team.
So that's 3 scholarships open for next season. Makes for plenty of room for Luke Kennard, AND Anthony Lee.
Josh Jackson, Jordan Barnett, Luke Kennard and Myles Turner part of this week’s Starting Five (free)
Mark Kennard says the Duke visit was awesome for 2015 G Luke Kennard and will visit Ohio State "Sometime in April."
My feature on 2015 bkb standout Luke Kennard, final 7 are OSU MICH DUKE LOU KY UNC FLA (with video):
By LARRY VAUGHT Louisville coach Rick Pitino came to Frankin, Ohio, to watch junior shooting guard Luke Kennard practice and spent a couple of hours there during the visit. “It went well,” said Mark Kennard, the father of the 6-65shooting… [ 356 more words. ]
Our 5 recruits for 2015 should be.. Stephen Zimmerman, Skal Labissiere, Derrick Jones, Luke Kennard, and Eric Davis..
Moving on to some basketball recruiting, Thad Matta has had his eye on '15 SG Luke Kennard for some time now, and on Monday, Kennard spoke with "Blue Devils Digest" about his recruitment. In the interview, Kennard threw out the names of his top teams at this point in his recruitment and the Buckeyes were named to the list: Thomas Eames: What other schools are currently high on your list? Luke Kennard: Ohio State , Duke, Kentucky, UNC, Louisville, Michigan, and Florida. Kennard went on to say that he will be looking to make his decision by the end of his junior year. The 6'5, 182-pound shooting guard is ranked as one of the top 20 prospects in the country, according to the 247Composite rankings.
Top links: Tonight's results for Luke Kennard, Karl Towns, Tyler Ulis and more; Latest on Torian Graham
I wonder if the head coach of Franklin tells Luke Kennard (who just had "51" of the teams 83) points that he's "TOO INDIVIDUALIZED and that he's doing to much" ... smh. I think not. I think everyone on his team gym, and everyone from Dayton to Mason understands that the offense is gonna be ran through him. Maybe that's why Thad Matta was at the game again last night and their gym is always packed even though they really only have one good player. Keep doing what you're doing Luke!
Congrats to kicker Ryan Stacy, holder Luke Kennard, and the entire FG team. "Gem City Kicking-Kick of…
Story on who is and isn't coming to Madness has been updated. As expected, Luke Kennard will not be able to attend
If you want an idea how prized Luke Kennard is as a recruit, John Calipari was at the Valley View/Franklin HSFB game last Friday.
that's what he told Luke Kennard a 5 star recruit from Ohio. I'm good friends with his great uncle, who is from Paintsville.
Basketball *** the only good thing about basketball is luke kennard . 😂 but it's wrestling 💙
Why has UC not offered Luke Kennard? Rivals has them as the only school without a check
Coach Cal and staff to watch Luke Kennard class of 2015 last night @ the Franklin- Valley View game.
Word on the street is was in Franklin tonight watching Luke Kennard. If you don't know, that's 30 minutes from my house.
9:02 3Q, Franklin 35, Valley View 26, Luke Kennard 13-yd pass to Jake Riddell, kick is good
Franklin 245 yards in first half, Luke Kennard is 16-18 for 160 yards and three TDs
Franklin QB Luke Kennard is 16-of-18 for 160 yds and three touchdowns
Just watched Luke Kennard do a reverse pitch BETTER than Blow Mo ever dreamt! This kid is amazing!!!:)
Luke Kennard 13-for-13 for 126 yards and 2 touchdowns for Franklin
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Luke kennard is 13 for 13 w 111 yRds!
End 1Q, Franklin 14, Valley View 13, Franklin QB Luke Kennard is 10-for-10 for 100 yds
Two hours ago, I received a text from my nephew, Nick Mutschler, that he broke his collar bone this past weekend playing football against the Valley View Spartans. As I had written earlier, Nick, who is sophomore, had started the first five games for Bellbrook's varsity as the weekside defensive end. He had a great game against Xenia and made a defensive pass rush against my alma mater, Milton Union's quarterback, which led to an interception and the winning TD for Bellbrook. He got a dose of reality when ultra stud, Luke Kennard of Franklin, juked him so bad on a run, which made him look like a standing statue. This led to him being benched for the rest of the game. Since he was benched, I did not go to the Valley View game. He did get in the game and made a solo tackle and two assists. After the game, the coaches wanted him to play in the JV game on Saturday in order to get some time in at fullback. During that game, he caught a screen pass that went for 30 yards, but when he was tackled the defensive . ...
FRANKLIN -- Quarterback Luke Kennard posted nearly 200 yards of total offense and four touchdowns be
Luke kennard gets out his wheels and scores a 58 yard touchdown.PAT good by Stacy
Here we go again.another Franklin Wildcats football Friday! Good luck Cats.go Luke Kennard!
In my camp tour notes: Dri Archer, AJ Green, Dontre Wilson, Parris Campbell, Terry Bowden, Luke Kennard and more
Another Big Blue Madness tidbit: Luke Kennard's father just told me they would "love" to attend, but Luke has a football game that night.
Kentucky fans in Ohio pulling for Luke Kennard to play for John Calipari
WBN: Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Recruiting: Luke Kennard: Luke Kennard is an up and coming talent in th...
NEXTCATS: 2015 guard Luke Kennard is latest with UK offer: Ohio shooting guard Luke Kennard picked up a s...
Luke Kennard told Tar Heel Illustrated Thursday that UNC was definitely in his top five.
King James blitzing Houston Hoops in 1st half. PG AJ Harris is dealing and VJ King/Luke Kennard hot from wing.
John Beilein here watching Luke Kennard and the KJSS. Rough go for King James, down 37-18 at the half.
Go vote for Luke Kennard please!! _ The regular season competition for the Ohio National Guard JJHuddle Ohio HS Girls Basketball Team and Player Of the Week is over. Now it's time to decide the Team and Player of the Year. During the regular season, over 200,000 votes were cast in the weekly competitions, which generated our 22 finalists for the year-end awards. Here's who won what in Weeks 1-11 and who You Can Vote for: _ ONG JJH Ohio Boys BKB Player of the Year The 2013 Voting for the Ohio Player of the Year will conclude March 24 at 1 p.m. Winners will receive an award from the Ohio National Guard and JJHuddle. Vote now for one of the nominees below: _ Week 1: Kersey Long, Galloway Westland (Vote Here) Senior G earned Week 1 POW honors after scoring 73 points in three games. He helped the Cougars win the championship of the Grove City Tournament by scoring 25 points in wins over Brunswick and Grove City and added 23 in a win over Marysville. Long was named first team All OCC-Central Division. _ Week 2: ...
Justin Jackson and Luke Kennard go head-to-head at Flyin To The Hoop
Journalist / editors: pls get in touch if you'd like advance review copy of Luke Kennard's scifi novella Holophin. Limited copies available.
'15 Ohio SG Luke Kennard finished with 21 in King James 66-45 win down here at AAU Nationals
coach John Beilien at the King James Summer Showcase watching Luke Kennard & Vince Edwards
Watching 2015 SG Luke Kennard as he scores a quick four points, with Bob Huggins and Thad Matta watching.'s another one! FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- He is already taller than many of his peers, has better handle and can run the floor like a point guard. Luke Kennard (Franklin, Ohio/Franklin) has three years before he’ll enter college, but the sophomore-to-be is already attracting major attention from schools around the Midwest. There was some surprise at first from the amount of notice he received from big-time programs, including Michigan, but it hasn’t been overwhelming for the Class of 2015 guard. “It’s hard to explain,” Kennard said. “Just the amount of colleges that have been interested surprised me, but I’m glad it’s happening so I’ll have a chance to play at the next level.” Courtesy of Corey AlbertsonLuke Kennard is a 6-5 combo guard with an array of offensive talent. Interest in Kennard started last summer, when he was an eighth-grader heading into his freshman year. This, though, is not new for the 6-foot-5 Kennard, who can play point and shooting guard along with small forward ...
Another great article about Luke.Franklin freshman Luke Kennard has enjoyed quite the whirlwind of a past year and it got even crazier recently when the Ohio State Buckeyes offered him a scholarship to play basketball. “We were definitely very excited about the offer,” said a humble Mark Kennard, who is Luke's father. Ohio State is definitely one of the schools at the top of Luke's list, but ultimately it will be his decision and we don't want to put any pressure on him.” Kennard, a 6-foot-5 lefty, burst onto the scene last year in early April making his presence felt on the AAU circuit with the Cincinnati Knights, who are now under the umbrella of the King James Shooting Stars. Kennard, along with nationally known teammates AJ Harris (Dayton Dunbar) and Nate Fowler (Cincinnati Moeller), are a three-headed monster on the AAU circuit that has become household names throughout the Midwest. IMG Academy guard MaCio Teague and Versailles wing Kyle Ahrens are also major contributors for the King James Sho ...
This just in, Franklin's Luke Kennard has been offered by the Ohio State Buckeyes!
Spoke with 2015 SG Luke Kennard. He holds offers from Ohio State, Xavier, Dayton, WVU, and Miami (OH). Story to follow.
Bob Huggins, John Beilein & Thad Matta all sitting court side watching Luke Kennard & AJ Harris play tonight at the
Names that impressed today: Aaron Scott, J.J. Frazier, Jakeenan Gant, Josh Dominguez, Luke Kennard, and Isaiah Manderson.
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