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Luke Harper

Jon Huber (born December 16, 1979) is an American professional wrestler, better known by his former ring name Brodie Lee.

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I was going to do it with a Sit Out Powerbomb like Bubba Ray Dudley or Luke Harper.
I added a video to a playlist Luke Harper vs Drew McIntyre
pretty good Luke Harper cosplay in that pic Derek. Needs more stains on the wife beater tho.
Luke Harper's is just a ladder made of various twigs he found in the woods.
Luke Harper looks like a fat Jimmy Wang Yang
-wouldn't approve of this. Luke Harper belongs back in the woods. A man with no hygiene isn't royal enough to be a Champion like myself.-
I just saw that ladder bump Luke Harper took. Hope he's okay. Looked bad. :/
I think they put Charlie Manson in witness protection program and renamed him Luke Harper
"who's the best big man in the business today in your eyes?" Luke Harper is really good.
What if I let my beard grow and do a Luke Harper cosplay? . Huehue
best CZW team ever! Lots of Sami Callihan/Solomon Crowe, Roderick Strong, Luke Harper & Drake Younger stuff on there too!
Here we go! Ambrose has knocked off Stardust and R-Truth. Can he defeat Luke Harper to move on in this
Daniel Vs. Stardust Vs. Ziggler Vs. Luke Harper Vs. Ambrose Vs. R truth Vs. Barrett. Who do you go for?
3-19-2015 Smackdown, GIF of Daniel Bryan landing horrendously on his neck from Luke Harper's Full Nelson toss -
Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have had less TV time this month than the Ascension
Luke Harper vs Kane finle two in the Royal Rumble. WE WANT HARPER!
That move from the untalented Luke Harper nearly broke Daniel Bryan's neck
Here's a question that's never been asked. How big is Luke Harper's duck?
Luke Harper vs. Daniel Bryan always seems to consist of Luke Harper throwing Bryan on his head
RonKillings. If u do win the IC Title in a ladder match at Wrestlemania Barrett,Luke Harper or Stradust may go mad as sore losersm
Luke Harper is impressed by your beard
Crazy that Daniel Bryan/Luke Harper was part of a It could easily stand on its own. And now we get Dolph โ€ฆ
Did I just see Daniel Bryan doing his surfboard move on Luke Harper and doing his YES gesture. Good one!
Imagine being stuck under the arm pit of Luke Harper. That's enough to knock you out!
wow they have u Luke Harper swap him out he is fusion food
I'm still in love with Ambrose. That match with stardust was good and against Luke Harper. His match with Truth was short but dirty deeds
Joe Coffee channelling his inner Luke Harper & Wolfie wins the four way to retain :(
If Dean Ambrose stopped bathing and kept growing, in 5 years, he would be Luke Harper.
"Clearly Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper go shopping together๐Ÿ˜‚. That's what I said! Lol!! XD
him and Luke Harper my favorite right now. Wished they used Harper better
So on Smackdown Luke Harper suplexed Daniel Bryan right on his neck.
when I watched the match Dean Ambrose made a mistake while fighting Luke harper and cost himself to be knocked off
any chance of getting luke Harper on
The only show that will ever have Teddy Hart, Hailey Hatred, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Nick Gage, and Okada together httโ€ฆ
Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper wearing pretty much the same thing.
We need to throw in The Luke Harper Yell
do you think and Luke Harper will ever have a "Winner keeps the tank top and jeans gimmick" match?
And it's the smelly wanker Luke Harper still had changed his clothes or washed
Well atm Daniel Bryant Luke Harper & Dean ambrosia rice pudding aren't exactly exciting me no move will ever out do the people's elbow
Luke harper ist so ein genialer wrestler
Luke Harper wins in a case of very questionable booking
is new Intercontinental Champion for wrestlemania 31 ladder match stardust,Daniel Bryan, BNB,r-truht, Dean Ambrose, luke harper
Luke Harper on dirait un ours awaih !
FACT: 90% of wrestlers who go up against Luke Harper end up looking like gators.
Just smile and wave, outfielders. You're not bringing HR back:
Luke Harper manages to perservere and hit the power bomb for the win...but here comes
1. Dolph Ziggler d. Luke Harper (c) in a ladder match to win the IC Title. 2. Usos d. Miz & Mizdow (c) by DQ; champs retain the Tag belts.
I got kevin nash and Luke Harper yeaaa nailed it
Well just a rumor but Bad News R-Truth Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose
Daniel Bryan vs Luke Harper happening now!? This is better than
the-reaper-89: Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper is one of those matches which, if given more time, could be a...
I remain confused at the assertion of Big Show/Kane as henchmen when Luke Harper and Cesaro are right there
Knowing that Luke Harper is not a massively pushed bad guy in an organization to me is further proof said org is worth ignoring.
I really hope Luke Harper gets some chances in showcase matches this year.
Luke Harper has been wrestling on Superstars a lot as of late.
About to do my tri-weekly Superstars review. If you've been looking for Luke Harper, apparently he's been hidden on the D-show.
Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper looking like a tag team with their wrestling attire ๐Ÿ˜‚
Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose have the most amazing chemistry.
You saw how I refused to go down? *** Luke Harper distracted me to get hit with a third Sister Abigail.
That was Ziggler and Luke Harper in a ladder match. whoa at ladder matches on back to back PPVs. So weird!!
The swamp gets murky with in Elite 35!
Luke Harper should really be sponsored by swamp people. Not the show. Just actual monsters from a swamp.
I thought IC title thing was corny with Truth until Luke Harper and Ziggler joined in. Divas had a great segment. I think
tons. Luke Harper held one of our titles. Tommy Dreamer has been here twice. Look into us.
*Realizing that Luke Harper borrowed the belt I borrowed form BNB*๐Ÿ™€๐Ÿ™€
I really need a Luke Harper shirt. needs to get in that
Luke Harper is my favorite wrestler that I also don't want to have sex with.
Truth gives the belt to Luke Harper.. Dean wins the match... confusion! Someone put a tracker on that thing! http:โ€ฆ
in fairness, I would probably give the belt to Luke Harper or Dean Ambrose
Mark it. We will always remember Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler among the great ladder matches in history. Incredible effort.โ€ฆ
I like the way Luke Harper carries the IC belt like it's a dead lamb over his shoulder. ..
I'm pretty sure having soft hands is just propaganda. I mean did you see that ladder match vs Luke Harper. Soft hands...really?
luke harper in the IC title situation. .. great stuff :)
Barrett vs Luke Harper vs DanielBryan vs Ziggler vs R-Truth and Dean Ambrose in the Ladder match
I'm having a good old chuckle at this kid having a go at luke harper
Obvious point but Daniel Bryan vs Luke Harper is great.
LOL at Luke Harper who came, took Barrett's title and went away !!
Luke Harper with a ladder! R Truth can still go in the ring. Dean! Daniel?
Luke harper gone take the belt at WM!!!
I want Daniel Bryan one on one with Luke Harper at wrestlemania.
and wade Barrett as Wade with some offense but Ambrose Dirty deeds and its 7576878 as Luke Harper steals the IC belt
He's not champ yet. BNB stole it back from Ambrose, then Luke Harper stole it, then Ziggler hit a super kick and stole it
I'll tell you who is better than Luke Harper. This man
But is Luke Harper better than Titus O Neil? i don't think so xD
Luke Harper being added in is interesting
"You stink, my sister wrestles better then you " loool some American kid owned Luke Harper
So or Luke Harper or LH or whatever you want to go by, bring the crazy eyes because on Raw I secure my spot in MITB!
It's absolutely crazy to think that is still only 34 years old. He's younger than Sheamus and Luke Harper. . ~Oliver
John Cena: Cesaro and Luke Harper most underutilized talents in WWE Bing John Cena
Our opening contest tonight on is Luke Harper going one on one with Dean Ambrose! CALL IT!!
Would I be more intimidating if I were to use Luke Harper eyes? ๐Ÿ‘€
TheDeanAmbrose. On RAW bit Luke Harper. Will u do it 2 Wade Barrett at Fastlane & then at every opponent u face afterwards as well?
I hope to never encounter Luke Harper one on one. I don't even want to know what he'll do with a cat.
OMG!! the Luke Harper commercial for was the greatest thing! I CAN'T WAIT TO GO!!
Dean Ambrose hits luke Harper with dirty deeds for the win -adminy2e
Triple h is not impressed with Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper but i am.
Speaking of which where's Luke Harper? Haven't seem him in a while?
Luke Harper is on the prowl: WWE App Exclusive, February 16, 2015
Dean Ambrose defeats Luke Harper in a really good match. Kudos to both guys.
The new Elite 35 set features great figures like this one of http:/โ€ฆ
how fast will you beat Luke harper Tonight at
How old is luke Harper dang grey in the beard and bald in the middle what the heck
Deans on a roll! Picking up a decisive win over Luke Harper..
Amazed how much better Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper always is, especially compared to how Dean vs Bray Wyatt always turned out.
Seriously. Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose do it all the f'n time.
I want to see the day Luke Harper becomes World Heavyweight Champion.
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That mule kick by Luke Harper would knock a train off it's tracks lol
if you want to enter my giveaway for this Luke Harper and Erick Rowan BATTLE PACK 31!
In a perfect world, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper are the next Kane and Undertaker.
Dave Taylor. Cessaro. Daniel Bryan. Eddie Kingston. Luke Harper. Grizzly Redwood. One of these things is not like the others. . .
Erick Rowan looks to power his way into the Royal Rumble Match against his one-time Wyatt Family ally Luke Harper.
Luke Harper. Brody Lee. Harper Lee, author of to kill a mockingbird. It means nothing.or does it?
Luke Harper better than: Bad news barrett ? โ€” Yes. Both are good though
I forgot to post this last night but goes against kane bigshow Seth Rollins and it was from to get ryback dophin ziglar luke harper back anf John Cena did it beacuse of sting
its the last one character of wyatt family..!!!. Luke harper...!!!
I found this shirt located directly in the middle of your wheelhouse -
My guess for the final 5 in the :. Luke Harper, Reigns, Bryan, Wyatt Ambrose.
God gave you the ability & the opportunity. Give Him the glory.
finally the was here again in Luke harper are back in
Luke harper back then without the beard and crazy as hair he still looks like a plumber LMAO
Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, *** near the NXT roster..Look up the wrestling film and you'll see what it should look like
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Seth's eyelashes appreciation pic. [This sorta reminds me of Luke Harper BTW ]
So, are Jack Swagger and Luke Harper dead or something
Obviously with Reigns, Bryan, Ziggler, Sting/Orton definitely going over, then Luke Harper/Ryback winning battle royal. Rollins cash in too!
after watching that reminds me of the good ole days. Luke Harper has nothing on you.
โ€œOnly person close to being as great as JBL is with Clotheslines is Bray Wyatt. Harper got a pretty good one.
Isn't Luke Harper apart of The Authority? Why is he never with them?
Unless you count the Little Ceaser's commercials! That guy is so Luke Harper!
There ain't enough Luke Harper on this episode of Just saying.
Luke Harper has been making a push for that title though
JBL's clothesline from *** makes me second guess Luke Harper's version...
I think Cena is going to fight Luke Harper
I wouldn't be shocked if cena's opponent is Luke harper
ok, I was wrong. But he had a two match series with Luke Harper that is worth exploring.
We all know Cena is facing Luke Harper. / At least, that's my prediction.
JBL, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt in the best closeline competition
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it probly will be,Although I'd like to see Luke Harper or Cesaro win
Paige is the only eye candy I have to jack it to since AJs on break. Well her and Luke Harper.
so are Cesaro, Luke Harper, and Dolph Ziggler like 3rd tier jobbers?
Luke Harper will be bigger than Bray Wyatt.
John Cena gone accept that challenge to get Luke Harper, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler there jobs back. We all know that
the only guy who is getting big of pts is Luke Harper
Hey I forgot to tell you at the show that you got a Luke Harper thing going when you perform. It's tight.
Photo: "WWE needs to do a storyline where it turns out that Luke Harper is *** Foleyโ€™s son. It would be an...
doesn't matter Luke Harper was already here!
I wish I could have Luke Harper back me up in real life situations because he's a team playa
Amazing match! Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper in a ladder match for the
how cool was it meeting Luke Harper??
Luke Harper needs to stop eye balling me as I'm trying to give a Reality Check
this band is custom made for Luke Harper
HIGHLIGHTS: went to battle against former
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PHOTOS: How did fare against with lurking at ringside?
No they are no longer together and that's why we get to see Erick Rowan going against Luke Harper
Speaking of Luke Harper one of his underated moments was him throwing Dolph Ziggler and saying "I'm a team playau"
Alex Riley in action versus Luke Harper. Photo by reader JeffRock, taken at WWE'sโ€ฆ
Jake Dirden is a mix of Bruiser Brody, Hanson, Luke Harper, and Nord the Barbarian.
Pretty sure if Luke Harper ever goes face, he'll end up being Hillbilly Jim
Luke Harper is So *** Entertaining he's like a modern day Bruiser Brody without the blading
the Xavier Woods and Luke Harper are my favorite
when you get a Luke Harper tshirt we'll talk
Bray Wyatt, you can't control Erick Rowan anymore. You set him and Luke Harper free.
Luke Harper kicked out of Billy Gunn's move. Ziggler should stop using it.
Now when I see Luke Harper, I think of what my friend said at "You got this, Ziggler! He doesn't even shower!" smh
Jack Swagger is no longer with Zeb Coulter? Anyways, he vs. Luke Harper is the next match. -DJ.
Here's another link to my year end awards, so you can see where I ranked Batista, Luke Harper and Jack Swagger:
Jimmy Jacobs, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, and Joey mercury back stage of last week's RAW. DO YOU THINK JIMMY...
Good luck on your match against that freak Luke Harper. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜
Both Bruiser Brody and Luke Harper have fantastic yearbook photos as well.
Funny they're saying Luke Harper is compared to Bruiser Brody. The guy competed as Brodie Lee prior to WWE, for crying out loud.
Luke Harper vs Dolph Ziggler at TLC was the best match in the last six months in WWE, fureal
The similarities between Luke Harper and Bruiser Brody are pretty mindblowing.
Luke Harper & Eric Rowan have better theme songs.
that was a great match between Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper reminds me of Bruiser Brody vs shawn michaels
If Bruiser Brody and *** Foley had a baby, you'd get Luke Harper.
This Dolph Ziggler & Luke Harper feud reminds me of HBK & Razor Ramon feud. It has the presence of it.
Luke Harper is THE NEXT BIG STAR.He gets too much comparison to Bruiser Brody he's better than Brody
am I the only one getting a huge Bruiser Brody vibe off of Luke Harper?
finally broke out of the 500's question anybody else playing for Luke Harper ?
Luke Harper vs Razor Ramon in a ladder match is something I wouldn't mind seeing tho lol.
Luke Harper creeps me out, just sayin'
he has Luke Harper like eyes sometimes lmao
I feel like I have a unpopular opinion but I really wish that Luke Harper retained his intercontinental title.
WWE spent all of 20 seconds on Luke Harperโ€™s very sad titantron
Luke Harper & Dean Ambrose Fued over WWE title to end the year.
I bet the undertaker or Kane can beat Rusev maybe even Eric Rowan or Luke Harper one of those four
Erick Rowan just flattened Luke Harper and it was awesome!
Attention WWE universe Luke harper is now accepting soap for Christmas
I figured it out, and I'll randomly stand in the hallway and do the Luke Harper yell. ๐Ÿ‘
That Luke Harper is not a team player, that's why Wyatt is not messing with him
This 6 person tag team match against the team of the Usos Erick Rowan and the team of The Miz Mizdown Luke Harper this is go to de awesome
"- Luke Harper will FINALLY take a SHOWER!!: TOO funny!!!
Am I the only one who thinks Luke Harper is a REALLY special talent. He's not a "good wrestler for his size" he's an amazing wrestler period
- Luke Harper will FINALLY take a SHOWER!!:
I'm kinda glad they broke up the Wyatt family. Luke Harper is amazing. But they did break them up almost out of no where
Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper Ladder WWE TLC 2014 โ€ฆ: I'm pretty sure this match should have been the main event. ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ’ช
The Uso's and Erick Rowan take on The Miz, Damien Mizdow and Luke Harper on Friday night Smackdown.
Luke harper and Dolph Ziggler stole the show!
Main event time on as Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan, and Ryback face Kane, Big Show, and Luke Harper! CALL IT!!
The Ussholes and Erick Rowan vs The Miz and Damien Mizdow and Luke Harper
Kanye west is the type of guy that would get freaked out if he ever saw Luke Harper or Erik Rowan in person ๐Ÿ‘
My luke meet and greet post on tumblr went up over 200 notes yesterday. Other's have a harper fever as well?
Heh, I'm the same height as Luke Harper, but I'm heavier than him!
For Christmas I'm going to buy Luke Harper laundry detergent.
"Tick Tock, Goes the clock, and what then shall we play"?? . - Luke Harper
Per the night's Raw General Manager, Daniel Bryan, the bizarre Luke Harper defends his title against The Lunatic...
The ladder match opens for the Intercontinental Championship! Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper! CALL IT!!
Did luke harper while my painting dried. Didnt draw anything out, just colored blindly.
Oh god, yeah, I'd expunged that period from my memory. Do you have any other current favourites? I love Luke Harper a lot.
Dolph! I'm your biggest fan. Congratulations for beating Luke Harper in WWE TLC. Thank you for beating him I really love you.
Luke Harper should still be the Intercontinental Champion
TRIBUTE TO THE TROOPS ON USA NETWORK TONIGHT - Tonight WWE will present Tribute to the Troops on USA Network as part of WWE Week at 8PM EST. The show was taped last week at the Columbus Civic Center in Columbus, Georgia, and was only open for U.S. military personnel and their families stationed in Fort Benning. The card for the show has The Usos vs Stardust and Goldust; Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt in a Bootcamp match; Naomi, Emma, and Natalya vs Bella Twins and Paige in a Santaโ€™s Helper match; Seth Rollins, Big Show, Luke Harper, and Kane vs Ryback, Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler, and John Cena. Florida Georgia Line will also perform on the show and there will be a special appearance from WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan plus thank you messages from several artists.
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Happy belated 35th birthday to former Intercontinental Champion, Luke Harper! Or better known as Brodie Lee if...
Happy Birthday to former Intercontinental Champion and former NXT tag champion Luke Harper. Also known to Indy...
First noticed him in ROH, actually as part of a stable with the now Luke Harper - then Brodie Lee.
I liked a video from The Top 40 Moves of Luke Harper / Brodie Lee has learned that Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler, Aj Lee and Luke Harper were injured at WWE TLC 2014. is reporting that Aj Lee, Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler all suffered injuries during WWE TLC. AJ was said to have suffered chemical conjunctivitis due to the hairspray used by Nikki Bella in their match, but the medical staff was able to flush her eyes with saline to help prevent any long-term vision damage. As for Harper and Ziggler, they were both treated after their match with Harper getting five staples to the side of his head and Ziggler suffering a laceration on his head that was treated with skin glue and bandages. Of course loves reporting storyline and legit injuries with the exact same tone so itโ€™s hard to be 100% sure, but I think itโ€™s safe to say AJ didnโ€™t actually get hairspray in her eyes.
Only one Luke Harper. Strangely similar to Brodie Lee, actually.
Now that's what I call a match, boy did that deliver!! nicely done by Luke Harper aka Brodie Lee and Dolph Ziggler!!
Luke Harper might not have been in a ladder match, but Brodie Lee has been in plenty of them
I like Luke Harper a lot more in the WWE. Didn't care much for Brodie Lee for some reason.
Luke Harper's been wearing that tank since he was still called Brodie Lee
Yea yea it's Luke Harper aka Brodie Lee lol
Rowan is in the ring but here comes the Intercontinental Champion Luke Harper! The reason Harper is bringing a ladder to the ring is because this Sunday he faces Ziggler for the title in a ladder match. But I've wanted to see these two go at it for a very long time! Rowan wins a big one! Naomi is with her Uso! Naomi has talked to Miz's agent and she is going to Hollywood! Jimmy Jon Uso is going to Hollywood too. Well I guess every award show needs their own Russell Brand and Adam Rose comes to suffice that and he presents the LOL Moment of the year. The only true moment that should win this is Mr. T's momma speech! The winner will be announced up next - AE
Always knew Luke Harper and Erick Rowan would strive in the WWE but ehh watch out Luke Harper cause is coming for you at TLC
oh what did Luke Harper do to Ziggler since they decided to show the fans instead
* SmackDown kicks off with Big Show on MizTV but Daniel Bryan interrupts to a big pop. Bryan is the General Manager tonight and is putting Luke Harper and Rusev in matches. * Rusev retains his United States Title in a 20-man battle royal with the rest of the roster. Rusev was forced to do the battle royal for not saying the Pledge of Allegiance on RAW. * Nikki Bella defeated Emma. Nikki cut what was said to be a very good promo. Aj Lee came out after and attacked Nikki and Brie Bella. * Ryback defeated Seth Rollins by disqualification when Kane interfered. Kane beat on Ryback with a chair. * Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods debuted as A New Day and defeated Curtis Axel, Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil. * Backstage promo from Bray Wyatt talking about Dean Ambrose. * Backstage segment with Daniel Bryan. He announces Kane vs. Ryback in a Chairs Match for TLC. * Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper is next with the Intercontinental Title on the line. Ziggler ended up winning by count out but Harper retains. Harpe ...
Some news Daniel Bryan will be running Smackdown as well this week! Intercontinental Championship will be on the line Luke Harper will be defending the Title against Dolph Ziggler!
WWE Survivor Series PPV Report November 23, 2014 St. Louis, Mo. Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor Live PPV First Hour Survivor Series opened with a video package on Team Cena vs. Team Authority, with the future of WWE hanging in the balance. The focus was on Triple H, Stephanie, Cena, and Seth Rollins. Fireworks shot off inside the arena to kick things off. Michael Cole introduced the "Thanksgiving Week tradition" before Mr. McMahon's music played to bring out the man responsible for the main event stipulation of The Authority out of power if they lose tonight. Mr. McMahon strutted down to the ring and welcomed everyone to Survivor Series. McMahon said it will be a Survivor Series that you will never, ever forget. He then welcomed out Stephanie McMahon and Triple H to boos. The power couple sold confidence walking down to the ring as Jerry Lawler said he thinks they're putting up a front. Steph hugged her dad, then Hunter embraced Vince. Big boos once their music stopped. Stephanie said s ...
Ryback Ryback, Luke Harper and Latest WWE News and Rumors from Ring Rust Radio - Bleacher Report
Ziggler survives and overcomes what seemed to be un-surmountable odds. With Big Show defecting to The Authority and knocking out John Cena causing Cena to be pinned Ziggler had to go it alone against Seth Rollins, Luke Harper and Kane. Ziggler miraculously got past Kane and Harper but with The Authority's control on the line, Triple H did everything he could to prevent Dolph from achieving victory but in the end one man evened up the score ultimately assisting Ziggler pick up a huge victory for Team Cena and ridding the WWE Universe from The Authority's tyranny. Thank you Dolph and thank you, Sting. Wo! It's Showtime!
Team Cena wins with Dolph Ziggler being the sole survivor and the icon sting making his wwe debut and planting hunter with the stinger. Now John Cena has the authority in his very own hands. Can we see Seth Rollins stripped of his brief case or could we see Russev and Luke Harper be stripped of there titles. We will have to wait until tomarrow when Americas greatest hill billy Larry the cable guy guest host on raw tomarrow. -Astocker16
Let's just think about this for a second: Dolph Ziggler eliminated Kane, Luke Harper, AND Seth Rollins. Wow!
Not sure what's more disturbing at the American Music Awards...the lack of talent or the lack of pants.
All WWE Fans just watch survive series ! Big Show turn on John Ceda them! Zigger was by himself against Kane Luke Harper and Seth Rolins. Zigger got it down just to him and Seth Rollins Triple H jump in and best Zigger up real bad! Then Sting Showed Up Yes Sting. Beat up Triple H and Dolph Zigger won the match ! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช The Authority is over Team John Ceda won! Sting is back !๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช Good night! Kelton Marshall
WWE Tag Team Title Fatal 4 way match ... The Usos v Miz & Sandow v Los Matadores v Stardust & Goldust ... Miz & Sandow win .. Divas Elimination match .. Paige , Cameron , Layla & Summer Rae v Emma , Natalya , Naomi & Alicia Fox ... Naomi eliminated Cameron , Alicia Fox eliminated Layla , Emma , eliminated Summer Rae , Naomi eliminated Paige ... Emma , Natalya , Naomi & Alicia Fox win . Dean Ambrose v Bray Wyatt ... Bray Wyatt goes out grabs a mic during the match says why are you doing this Ambrose we could have ruled the world together but you choose you path grabs 2 chairs throws one in the ring . Ambrose grabs one of em Bray kneels daring Ambrose to hit him the ref warns Ambrose if he does will be dqed Ambrose hits Wyatt with the chair a few times goes out gets a table elbows Bray through the table then buries Bray under another table & a pile of chairs gets a ladder climbs it then leaves the ring .. Triple H says you all know what's at stake we have to win we must win . Stephanie cries out yes we m .. ...
I wish people would stop making fun of One Direction and just admit those gals are talented.
Big Show turns on and knocked out John Cena to levae it Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane Luke Harper and Seth Rollings Dolph eliminates Kane and Luke to leave it just him and Seth Dolph was almost beat Seth until Triple H jumped in and then Sting came out knocked out Triple H and help Dolph Win it WIN
anybody realise that Luke harper was the legal man but Rollins pin cena! Cena was never eliminated
Wow. An incredibly complex, yet well-booked, and exceptionally well-worked match. With so many given a chance to shine. That said, the top stars of this Survivor Series' main event, in order (and keep in mind, it's not only WHAT you do; it's HOW you do it): 1. Sting 2. Dolph Ziggler (his star is really born) 3. Seth Rollins (ditto) (didn't realize he is this good) 4. HHH 5. Vince (for his set up, even though he wasn't out there) 6. Stephanie (for the histrionics, that in her own way, makes you believe) 7. Luke Harper (just so real, and so entertaining) 8. Eric Rowan (just so real, and so entertaining) 9. John Cena (as the captain of the winning team, almost an after-thought, but he is "the face of the company" after all) 10. Rusev. (Just awesome work) And on a final note, one I truly like and very much respect; the other, not so much. But in some ways, along with Miz as Tag team Champion, a big night for good 'ol UPW/
Forget just survivor series, that was one of the best matches I've ever saw, period. Ziggler can carry a match, Rollins will be a great heel for years to come, he just has that type of charisma, Luke Harper is one of the best and most athletic big man I've ever seen and he's so fun to watch. And, the return of Sting was perfectly timed and was awesome! Glad WWE stepped it up and allowed for a huge story line change
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Sooo Ziggler was the sole survivor for Team Cena, he beat Rollins, Kane and Luke Harper. With the help of Sting too, unexpected ending there..
Sting Appears to attack Luke Harper and Triple H of and wins with Dolph Ziggler how only survivor.Dolph is helped for The Icon and The Authority is Finally Out of the Power.
okay so cena was eliminated because Big Show betrayed them. Ziggler was on his own. He eliminated Kane and. Luke harper
Rusev will be punished just like Luke Harper and Seth Rollins.
Result Eliminations Team Authority vs Team Cena Big Show eliminates Mark Henry w Knockout punch (1min in the match) Rusev eliminates Ryback due to curb stomp from rollins(ref never seen) Rusev counted out trying to splash thru Dolph Ziggler on the announce table Luke harper eliminates Eric Rowan due to Seth Rollins top rope knee Cena eliminated by Rollins due Big Show turning on cena with a knockout punch and walks out Dolph Ziggler eliminate Kane with the zig zag Dolph Ziggler eliminates Luke harper wit a roll over pin Back and forth attpemts for Dolph to get the three count but always interfered by triple h removing the ref... Until surprise visit from Sting knocking out Triple H n rolling Ziggler over to eliminate Rollins Team Cena WINS
That main event was excellent. And the last three guys were Dolph, Rollins, and Luke Harper. That's incredibly awesome.
Pre-Show Result Fandango - WWE Beats Justin Gabriel - Jack Swagger - WWE Universe Beat Cesaro - WWE - Survivors Series The Usos vs. the Miz and Mizdow vs. Los Matadors vs. Goldust - WWE Universe and Stardust - WWE Universe in a fatal 4 way tag team title match. Mizdow pins Goldust to grab the titles - 4 on 4 Diva Survivor Series Match Cameran, Paige, Summer Ray, Layla - WWE Universe vs. Emma, Natalia heart, Alica Fox, Naomi Order of elimination: Cameron Layla Summer Ray Paige Clean Sweep - Dean Ambrose - WWE vs. Bray Wyatt Wyatt Wins by disqualification. - Adam Rose and Bunny beat Heath Slater - WWE Universe Titus O'Neil - Nicki Bella beats Aj Lee for the womans Title - Survivor Series Match. Team Cena vs Team Authority. If the Authority losses then they are out of power and only John Cena can bring them back, if Team Cena losses then all members but John Cena is fired Order of Elimination: Mark Henry KOed by Big Show Ryback is pined by Rusev Rusev eliminated by count out Eric Rowan pined by Luke Harpe .. ...
so Dolph Ziggler - WWE Universe eliminates Kane - WWE Universe, Luke Harper & Seth Rollins - WWE Universe and becomes the lone Survivor for Team John Cena - WWE Universe after Big Show - WWE Universe betrays and knocks John Cena out . The Authority is out of AND the best 6 time WCW Champion & 2 times NWA champion STING IS BACK
Luke Harper is the most disturbing Intercontinental Champion since The Mountie. Don't ask about his taser fetish.
O MY GOSH Dolph Ziggler just eliminated Luke Harper and now is going against Seth Rollins
I just reached 100 thousand followers man. Wow. That's almost as many people that can fit in the Cowboys stadium. Blows myโ€ฆ
As great as Odell Beckham Jr. is, I bet he couldn't catch Brian Hoyer's passes.
And Luke Harper eliminates Erick Rowan. Team Authority and Team Cena tied at 3.
Yo you think they sell Luke Harper shirts in the wwe shop?!?!
Luke Harper and Erick Rowan going at it finally.
Luke Harper is eliminated. Its down to dolph and seth
Ryback gets Luke Harper up for a vertical suplex!
Luke Harper floors Big Show with a dropkick
Ugh! Our internet is so far behind! Luke Harper just got eliminated here. Someone please tell me has shown up by now?
Luke Harper is eliminated! It's down to Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins!
I'm no math major, but if Luke Harper would have just got counted out w Dolph, wouldn't that have left seth as the winner?
since Friday. I got luke Harper and Dean Ambrose for the title!
Luke Harper eliminated by Dolph Ziggler after a Roll up.
Tonight is Ziggler's night. Ziggler eliminated Kane and Luke Harper by Pinfall, and he got the countout elimination over Rusev 2015 is the year of Dolph Ziggler
WOOHOO Dolph Ziggler Rolls up Luke Harper and harper is eliminated ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Dolph Ziggler just eliminated the Intercontinental Champion Luke Harper
talk about making a butt head outta me Dolph Ziggler - WWE Universe the last standing member of Team Cena just eliminated kane and luke harper
Luke Harper is gone!!! Wow...Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins...this will be good. lol
Ziggler eliminates the Intercontinental Champion, Luke Harper. It all comes down to him and Rollins.
Man, Luke Harper it really good. Eric Rowan too. I'm a fan.
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School Boy Rollup to Harper w/a little use of the tights and Ziggler eliminates Luke Harper. It's all evened up. 1-on-1.
Dolph Ziggler just eliminated Luke Harper and now its Dolph vs Seth Rollins.
Kane has been eliminated and Luke Harper
Luke Harper pinned after a rollup by Dolph Ziggler
Team Authority vs. Team Cena Part 8 Ziggler keeps managing to kick out of everything Harper throws at him. Ziggler ends up rolling Harper up out of nowhere to get another elimination. Luke Harper is Eliminated -Faatz
luke harper eliminated by a school boy now its dolph or Seth Rollins 1 on 1 -RayWyatt
Dolph Ziggler eliminates Luke Harper It is down to Ziggler & Rollins
Luke Harper been eliminated it down to Seth vs Ziggler
Yes! Ziggler eliminated Luke Harper with a rollup pin! Let's go Ziggler!
Ziggler just elimated Luke Harper and now it's Ziegler vs Seth Rollins.
Luke Harper has been eliminated by Dolph Ziggler, its down to Ziggler against Rollins.
Kane Eliminated.if show punching cena is the wwe's way of starting a fued between the two...good so been there done than.Luke Harper eliminated.Ziggler and Rollins left.
Watching survivor series. Big Show knocks out John Cena and left the ring. While John Cena got pinned. Which left Dolph to face Kane, luke Harper, Seth Rollins
Luke Harper has been Eliminated. It's down to Ziggler and Rollins.
Wwe survivor series : luke harper has been eliminated
Kane been eliminated it now Ziggler vs Seth Rollin & Luke Harper
Erick Rowan is Eliminated by Luke Harper, by a Discus Lariet.
The trader Erik Rowan is eliminated. Luke Harper pinned him
Big Show turns on Team Cena. Cena eliminated by Seth Rollins. Big Show walks out of the arena. It's now Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins, Kane & Luke Harper. ***
Erik Rowan eliminated by Luke Harper, another assist to Seth Rollins. Then 30 secs after Big Show knocks out Cena 4-2 Team Authority. Dolph Ziggler the lone man for Team Cena
Big Show just Turned on Cena Knocked him out and left only Dolph Ziggler left against Seth Rollins Luke Harper and Kane
The Big Show just KOed John Cena, Cena has been eliminated, turncoat, turncoat. Big Show is now walking away which means it is now 3-1 Dolph Ziggler VS. Luke Harper, Seth Rollins and Kane. Advantage has just shifted completely to Team Authority.
Luke Harper eliminates Erick Rowan with assistance from Seth Rollins Big Show just knocked out Cena getting Cena eliminated & Show walks out
After the distraction once again by Seth Rollins Luke Harper eliminates Eric Rowan. Series tied up once again! Big Show just turned on Cena and knocked him out!! Rollins pins Cena and now it's Authority winning 3-2. Now Big Show is walking away so it's 3-1 Authority -Prophet
Eric Rowan eliminated by luke harper with help from seth and Big Show just helped out Team Authority by knocking out John Cena and he is eliminated as a result Team Cena is gonna lose
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