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Luke Harper

Jon Huber (born December 16, 1979) is an American professional wrestler, better known by his former ring name Brodie Lee.

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sunday spear luke harper and Erick Rowan what a beast
Luke took out his lip piercing for the Brits!
“Calum and Luke taking out their clothes for The Brits tonight! (via tumblr)
New Recording & Music Technology Instructor, Luke Harper, has a pretty fun venture going on involving puppets.
I like a good twist,what if luke harper turns on old Husky Harris ,son of irs at e.c that would be great
Would you like to see Erick Rowan and Luke Harper become tag team champs someday ?
Today I woke up with the Bryce Harper's favorite bible verse in my mind..., Luke 1:37, “For nothing is impossible with God."
Dolph Ziggler had a chain in hand and AJ Lee had a pipe looking backstage for the Wyatts fan booing and found Luke Harper and CM Punk backstage and then they attacked. AJ attacks Punk with the pipe and chokes the life out of him with it and then smacks him repeatedly in the sternum and Dolph takes it to Harper choking him with the chain and starts beating Harper down with it and then wraps it around his wrist and then whales away on his forehead and then AJ bashes Punk's head on the table several times and then puts him into the black widow screaming in pain. Dolph drags Harper seeing a pile of crates and then drags him over to them hits a hard zig zag on him through them. Then Dolph and AJ look down at them shaking their heads Dolph saying Tylerr Wyatt your next as they both walk off together.
So may know this but for the some who don't, on Saturday night while visiting with my daddy, Curtis Karr, I had another 2 segments of bowel die and had to go straight into emergency surgery. The surgery went well, at this point we are just really praying that it sticks since I kind of need the rest of it. Having my dad there with me was very comforting tho, times like that can be very scary. Next couple of days are slow slow slow rest rest rest. Didn't do much today but enjoy visiting from my mommy Fay Karr, my bestie Ashley Watts, a dear friend Rose Grant Caltrider, daddy, and of course my hubbs Robert Luke Harper. God is good
After Tonight we now found out that at Chaos itll be a Triple Threat Match for the WWF Championship itll be the NEW Champ Ricky Ortiz vs Luke Harper vs The Undertaker
When it's all said and done Luke Harper (Brody Lee) will be the bigger star.
Please support Luke, my second cousin.
Luke Harper is awesome when he does his mountain man yodel.
I'm officially taking Luke Harper. He will at least get a win, maybe two.
I don't even know. Probably Sheamus or Luke Harper.
Still can't get over the fact that Luke Harper has a kid. I want it.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Every time Luke Harper is on my tv, my daughter says "that guy kicked Alex Castle in the face."
Gorilla: And here come the ever-so-dangerous, and ever so spine chilling, Wyatt Family! Brain: These three scare the the sequins right off my jacket, I mean we talk a lot about how impressive Bray Wyatt is, but that Luke Harper is vicious in the ring, and Rowan, also enjoys inflicting punishment! Gorilla: All three of these men certainly a force to be reckon with. Los Matadores and Sin Cara will have their work cut out for them here tonight.
Gorilla: We're back here on Monday Night Raw, in Denver, Colorado. And now we take you to Mean Gene Okerlund, with the Elimination Chamber report! **EC Graphic appears with "Doomsday" by Nero, playing** Mean Gene: Hello again everyone, Mean Gene Okerlund here, with your Elimination Chamber Report, which is brought to you, by WWE 2K14, journey through the 30 years of Wrestlemania, with some of the all time greats, such as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Andre The Giant, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, The IMMORTAL ONE Hulk Hogan, and of course upcoming Hall of Fame indcutee, THE Ultimate Warrior, WWE 2K14, available at a Video Game store near you! FOLKS, speaking of Wrestlemania, the road continues and makes a big stop, at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota! My old stomping ground, I just hope I can fit in some ice fishing while I'm there. And of course, WHAT a main event we have for you, the Elimination Chamber match, where the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, will take on, hi ...
See also: Paul Newman winning for Color of Money & not Hud, Harper, Hustler, Cool Hand Luke, Sting, Slapshot or even The Verdict.
Worked out at Gold's Gym around WWE SuperStars Ryback, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, Damien Sandow, Luke Harper, and Mark Henry! Best gym experience of all time! Got to pick their brains for some good information too.
Alright, I did the same thing with the shield members earlier, now for the Wyatt's. Erick Rowan, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper. Keep one, fire one, push one. Go! -JT
Add The Usos and Luke Harper to the "Hanky Code" list, along with Cena and dBry.
What if Luke Staley doesn't get hurt at Mississippi State?
Luke Harper's catchphrase is the best. Although I feel Dan Bryan might be onto him for gimmick infringement...
Big thank you to Kayleigh Knight and Luke Harper for keeping me sane last night xx
Luke Harper's clothesline looks as good as
Michael Elgin. Match 5 of 5 (Brodie Lee is Luke Harper from when he was in the indies)...
& are strong with their first ever figure in Battle Packs 28!
. Hope Harper sees this. . Can only imagine reaction , ha ha. Great stuff. I have been Luke warm on Trudeau. This is good.
I would take luke Harper just so he could shout like a goat like always
let Luke Harper speak, he's the best one ffs
And who knew Luke Harper was so good on the mic! Wyatts will continue to dominate!
Is it just me that thinks Luke Harper looks like a young in a plaid shirt?
Cheers Ashley Ricketts right now it's for the MVP himself Louis Monaghan and Luke Harper seeing as ya bro won't ever be on here. 24 hours boys enjoy...
while Daniel Bryan keeps kicking Luke Harper in the face. It's a work of beauty.
Bryce Harper signed LUKE:137 for my son,now it's part of my home forever. God Bless All LEO.LOVE4LUKE.
there is a typo on Luke Harper's name where it is spelled "Like". Thank you :)
could you imagine if the APA were to be in the ring with Luke Harper and Erick Rowen?
Raw 2/17 (pt11): Luke Harper is great. Don't think most people have caught on to that yet? He could be the ugly/bad guy version of D-Bryan..
Bray Wyatt should be President. And Luke Harper his VP. That is all.
And once again our differences show. After that Luke Harper thing, I was kinda worried. LOL
Luke Harper should get a Roman Reigns push.
Lawwwd Luke Harper hasn't washed that vest in forever! Its making me uncomfortable.
I like Rowan, but he can't hold a candle to Luke Harper. Truth hurts.
What if Luke Harper is just a big U2 fan and he's just trying to sing the last part of "Vertigo"?
Luke Harper is trending because Luke Harper is great.
Lol nope "I wonder if Luke Harper ever washes his wife beater.
Luke Harper is the Seth Rollins of the Wyatts. Second-best on mic, but the best of the trio in the ring.
Clothesline to Sin Cara by Luke Harper and Harper tags in Bray Wyatt. Bray hits Sin Cara with Sister Abigail to pick up the…
Luke Harper tag in Bray Wyatt for easy pin for Bray.
the Wyatt Family which is Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erik Rowan just beat the Los Matadors and Sin Cara in a six man tag team match
Yall can't tell me that Luke Harper doesn't look like some serial killer from like Arkansas or Milwaukee or
After a wicked clothesline from Luke Harper and a Sister Abigail from Bray Wyatt, Sin Cara is out. A pretty fun match considering the different styles in the match. I can not wait for The Wyatt Family vs The Shield !
Luke Harper could tell you he has killed your entire family with a Butter Knife.. and his voice will still soothe you...
So happy that I finally got to hear Luke Harper and Erick Rowan talk! ...And of course I'm always happy to see Bray Wyatt!
Luke Harper has surprisingly good mic skills. -CM
Shout out to my homie "Big Rig" Brodie Lee aka Luke Harper, Loving his work in the WWE
Seth Rollins starts the match off against Erick Rowan with Erick hitting a headbutt to the head followed by a chop to the chest and then hits a body slam and then waits for his foe to get up and goes for a clothesline but Seth ducks and hits a low dropkick to the knee followed by a series of kicks to the leg and then hits an ezuigiri to the head and follows up with a jumping ddt and goes for the pin but only gets a one and a half.Rollins hits a running fore arm and then goes for a crossbody only for Rowan to counter into a backbreaker and then throws him to his corner and tags in Luke Harper who hits an elbow to the face. Harper goes for a powerbomb only for Seth to counter with a head scissors and then hits a running dropkick and manages to tag in Dean Ambrose who hits a series of shots to the face and then follows up with a headbutt and a chop and then hits a kneeling ddt followed by two elbow drops.Ambrose goes for a Running Knee Strike but Harper counters with a hip toss and then he hits a series of k ...
Rey Mysterio & The Usos face the newest member of The Wyatt Family Daniel Bryan, as well as Luke Harper & Erick Rowan.
Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan - Wwe Championship Ending: Wyatt starts to rub Bryan's face against the cage wall then he runs the ropes and Bryan moves and Wyatt slams into the cage and Bryan goes to work with kicks to the chest and outside the cage Erick Rowan, Luke Harper and Skull look on and skull starts talking to Harper and the argument gets intense and Bryan with more kicks then he goes for one to the head and Wyatt ducks it and he nails him with a low blow and that is completely legal and outside the ring Skull pushes Harper very hard then Rowan attacks Skull and Harper joins in and they beat him down and skull fights back and downs them both then he starts to climb the cage wall and Wyatt notices and he shouts at him to get down and skull just stares at him from atop the cage and Wyatt turns around and Bryan hits the running knee and he hooks both legs 1,2,3 DING DING DING Wyatt has finally been defeated for that title here is your winner and the NEW!! Wwe Champion Daniel Bryan. Bryan celebrates and ...
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If I could pick Taker's opponent for Wrestlemania.Luke Harper. That is all.
It was dark in the arena and then lights came on and sat Tyler Wyatt in a rocking chair with CM Punk and Luke Harper right beside him and had a sick perverse look on his face he had a mic in hand and talked about in riddles of the *** the Wyatts are going to put the whole roster through true brutal torture, suffering, and agony. That they are just all lost sheep lost and astray from the flock. He made threats against AJ Lee, saying sister Abigail run run run there is no place you can hide child. He talked about how Dolph Ziggler the so called show stealer who ran his mouth at the wrong people, and said that poor Dolph Ziggler stuck up for his poor love of his life and talked about how sad and pathetic for a lost child to defend AJ and make threats against the Wyatt Family saying oh where oh where has your hubby, boytoy gone now. Awe sticking up for you he did he said while we were torturing him for hours saying he refuse to give in and tell us where you were at child, what a strong boytoy you got there A ...
LOS ANGELES – A happy return it was not for Daniel Bryan, who returned to the site of his first WWE Championship victory – and loss – looking for a fight, only to be denied by the same forces that took the title away from him in the first place. It wasn’t Randy Orton Bryan wanted, though, having dealt with him handily last week. Instead, Bryan wanted a piece of Kane, who’s made a point of tormenting his former tag team partner over the past week despite his capacity as WWE Director of Operations. As is the norm, though, The Authority didn’t have much love for the former WWE Champion, giving him an unrequited “night off” while seemingly placing some renewed faith in Orton, whose apologetic, pro-“business” rhetoric showed a shocking departure from his recent rebelliousness. Bryan, on the other hand, was left to stew on his own, looking like he’d like to channel beloved guest star Betty White and “kick some a--.” View Comments Tags: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Batista, ...
In April 2012, Rotunda debuted a new character, Bray Wyatt, who initially associated himself with Eli Cottonwood while in FCW.[3][46] When WWE rebranded FCW into NXT Wrestling,[47] Wyatt debuted on the fourth episode of the rebooted WWE NXT, taped at Full Sail University, where he defeated Aiden English in a singles match.[48] Wyatt is portrayed as an evil cult leader who believes himself to be more monster than human.[49][50][51] The character drew comparisons to Max Cady of the 1991 film Cape Fear and Waylon Mercy.[49][52] In July, Wyatt suffered a torn pectoral muscle and required surgery.[53] Despite the injury, Wyatt continued to appear on NXT by founding a faction known as The Wyatt Family in November, with Luke Harper as his first "son" and Erick Rowan as his second.[54][55][56] Wyatt had his first match back from injury on the February 21, 2013 episode of NXT, defeating Yoshi Tatsu.[57] Wyatt suffered his first loss on the March 13 episode of NXT, when he was defeated by Bo Dallas.[58] On the May ...
This Past Wed. we found out on NewbornWrestling BattleStars that Luke Harper will go one on one with the WWF Champion The Undertaker for the title in 3 weeks at NewbornWrestling Chaos
Smackdown started with Daniel Bryan taking on eric rowan with luke harper and braye wyatt watching outside the ring just when daniel was going to jump on both luke and eric braye wyatt gapped his leg and daniel won by d.q.luke and eric tryed to take daniel out but he got away and gave braye a high knee while he was sitting in his rocking chair.Cody and golddust lost tothe real americans,Mark Henry won by count out to damien sanddow Big E Langston put damien back in the ring but he rolled out before mark could get his hands on him the sanddow said to big e this sunday and big e chased him to the back,Aj and timina won against the bella twins,John Cena came out and said oh boy things are heating up.Why did both champions agree to give there tittles up because it was a 11 years in the making he also said it is going to be epic he admits randy is the apex predator and randy has a glass jaw he also says him and randy are friends they have been in alot of matches together and after being in matches with randy y ...
Mattel must really want my money in a bad way. Here are the figures they have put up for pre-order with a May release. CM Punk Ringside Exclusive with the ECW Championship. Demolition Crush. (Elite) Bray Wyatt (Elite and Basic) Heath Slater (Basic) AJ Lee/Big E Langston 2 Pack. The Uso's 2 Pack. Luke Harper/Eric Rowan 2 Pack.
February 12th 2014 edition of WWE NXT review: Natalya, Emma & Bayley vs. Summer Rae, Sasha Banks & Alicia Fox -Emma gets the win for her team, using the Emma-Lock on Alicia Fox. Pretty good Divas match. Aiden English vs. Colin Cassady -Aiden English wins. Alright match, I think these 2 could have better matches. good segment between Sami Zayn & Antonio Cesaro, basically setting up the match for NXT Arrival on Feb. 27th on the WWE Network. Tye Dillinger vs. CJ Parker. -CJ Parker wins. Basically a squash match, such a lame finisher he has though but his gimmick is interesting. He needs work on his mic skills. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs. 2 jobbers -Harper & Rowan win obviously. Squash match basically. Short promo by Bray Wyatt, good like all his other promos thoughts: I enjoyed this episode of NXT, besides the CJ Parker match and post-match promo everything was entertaining. Especially liked the 6 Diva tag match and the Zayn-Cesaro segment. Overall rating: 8 out of 10
Happy valentines day Luke Harper :3 cya in a couple hours so I can shower you in my sickness (y)
Luke Harper looks like a crazy homeless person dressed up like Billy Kidman for Halloween.
What was your thoughts on the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble? The following are the results of the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view, from Pittsburgh, PA. The panel for tonight’s show consists of Josh Matthews, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. Renee Young is in the Social Media Lounge for the kick-off portion of the show, and is also handling the interview duties throughout the pay-per-view. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL are the announce team for the night. Kick-Off Match WWE Tag Team Championship Match The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) defeated Cody Rhodes & Goldust by pin fall to become the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions! Singles Match Bray Wyatt (w/Luke Harper & Eric Rowan) defeated Daniel Bryan by pin fall with the Sister Abigail. Both Harper and Rowan were sent to the back early in the match up by the referee. This match was awesome, lasting 30 minutes, and highlighted by a tornado DDT to the outside by Bryan, and a Sister Abigail onto the outside barricade by Wyatt. Ba . ...
I meant Bray and Luke Harper the great Kali Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow after the rumble
Bray Wyatt beats danial bryan After The Match After the match, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper come back out to the ring to celebrate with him. Several replays are shown of some high spots during the match as the Wyatt Family theme music plays in the arena. The replays end and we see Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family heading up the ramp as the referee checks on Bryan, who is still laid out in the ring. Renee Young Interviews Paul Heyman Backstage, Renee Young is with Paul Heyman. Heyman cuts her off and informs us that his name is Paul Heyman. He apologizes in advance for the uncomfortable scene that is about to take place. Heyman says Lesnar is going to victimize Big Show tonight. Heyman says Lesnar will defeat Big Show and then go on to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He calls this the dawning of a new era because the WWE Universe is going to be conquered by Brock Lesnar. Checking In With The Expert Panel Ben Rothelisberger is shown sitting front row. We head back to the expert panel. Mathews intro ...
Okay wrestling fans. Let's play a fun little game tonight. 10 spots are open in tonight's Royal Rumble match. Post a reply on this thread of 10 names who might be surprise entrants in the match from most likely to least likely. You get 10 points if your first pick makes it in, 9 points for your 2nd and so on. Most points wins. Putting names already in the rumble match will not count either. Here is the official list of who is in: -Batista -CM Punk -Albeto Del Rio -Big E Langston -The Miz -Xavior Woods -R-Truth -Kofi Kingston -Cody Rhodes -Goldust -Rey Mysterio -Fandango -Roman Reigns -Dean Ambrose -Seth Rollins -Erick Rowan -Luke Harper -Damian Sandow -Jimmy Uso -Jey Uso My picks: 1. Sheamus 2. Brodus Clay 3. Curtis Axel 4. Ryback 5. Daniel Bryan 6. Bray Wyatt 7. Kane 8. Kevin Nash 9. Chris Jericho 19. Sting
Smackdown Results: [Q1] Bray Wyatt started the show via a video promo and asked if we had heard the good news. He needed me! The juxtaposed Daniel Bryan with Wyatt, and Bray said he has a home, and he has no use for our words now. The show cut to the arena, and The Usos made their entrance to their ring entrance. They were followed by Luke Harper and Erik Rowan. The way it was cut, they basically were transported to the ring by magic. 1. Luke Harper and Erik Rowan vs. The Usos: Back and forth action to start, with both teams trading offense and making tags. Rowan took control of the match with a pancake and isolated Jimmy Uso in his corner. Harper tagged in and continued the beating. They made quick tags in order to maintain control. Luke Harper knocked Jay off the apron and hit a big boot on Jimmy for a near fall…[c] The Wyatt’s remained in control and worked their power offense. Rowan hit a big scoop slam and applied a chin lock to slow down the action. Jimmy broke free and hit a somersault plancha ...
nah there was you and Lewis,Luke Harper, Jamie series, and a girl Thorne when you where drunk you told me in the summer 😂😂
*Spoilers* Full Smackdown Taping Results For This Week WWE taped this week’s episode of WWE Smackdown from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Below are full results: WWE Smackdown (Airing On SyFy) * The Usos vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan ended in a double countout. After the match, Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan joined the rest of the Wyatt Family in the ring and attacked The Usos. * Backstage, Randy Orton says he will address Triple H & Stephanie McMahon on Raw. * The Big Show is this week’s guest on Miz TV. Show talks about what happened on Raw with Brock Lesnar before Paul Heyman interrupts. Show challenges Lesnar to a match at Royal Rumble, which Heyman accepts on behalf of Lesnar. * Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara & Los Matdores b. The Real Americans, Ryback & Curtis Axel * Randy Orton b. Big E Langston * Backstage, Daniel Bryan & Bray Wyatt cut a promo on their upcoming match with The Usos on Raw. * Xavier Woods w/ The Funkadactyls b. Fandango w/ Summer Rae * The Shield b. CM Punk & The New ...
I'm pretty sure this Luke Harper wrestler is Daniel day Lewis in disguise
Results Raw January 6, 2014! Ric Flair opens the show for this edition special old school Raw tonight! But Flair is interrupted by Randy Orton who said that it was particularly his evening to him, that of the biggest superstar of all time. Orton asked Flair to clear before complaining about the decision taken by Stephanie McMahon to award John Cena a rematch at the Royal Rumble, he asked that this decision be set aside. Ric Flair remained in the ring and he says what he thinks of Randy Orton on his immaturity. Flair advised Orton to prove it is worth and to face Cena. Tension mounts rapidly between Orton and Flair. But John Cena makes his arrival. John Cena offers to Orton to face it rather than attacking Flair but Orton decides to leave... First match: The Usos and Rey Mysterio winners of Erick Rowan, Luke Harper and Daniel Bryan accompanied by Bray Behind the scenes, Kane comes confront Brad Maddox for the passing last week. Kane encourages Brad to think before taking future decisions! Second match: Big ...
WWE Old School RAW Results: January 6, 2014 Match Results: 6-Man Tag: Rey Mysterio & The Usos def. Daniel Bryan, Luke Harper, & Erick Rowan by Jimmy Uso rolling up Luke Harper. • Non-Title: Big E. Langston def. Curtis Axel (with Ryback) by pin following the Big Ending. • Alberto Del Rio def. Sin Cara by pin following a straight kick to the face. • Non-Title: Goldust & Cody Rhodes def. The Real Americans by Goldust pinning Jack Swagger following the Final Cut. • Special Referee- Sgt. Slaughter: The Great Khali def. Damien Sandow by pin following the Khali Chop. - Brock Lesnar making his way to the ring. Paul Heyman grabs a mic and says that Old School to Brock Lesnar does not mean giving these Legends there last “hoorah”. Brock Lesnars idea of Old School is when there is one man who reigns supreme. Paul Heyman says Bruno Sammartino reigned supreme, Hulk Hogan reigned supreme, Stone Cold reigned supreme, and that everyone wanted a piece of “the man”. Paul Heyman says one man will reign supre ...
That middle rope power bomb that Luke Harper gave to Daniel Bryan made me think about Bubba Ray Dudley... I miss him.
The big news: The final "WWE RAW" of 2013 was notable for who was missing more than anything else. Nowhere to be seen were John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, The Real Americans and many more. WWE ran a non-televised show in Canada Monday night as well, meaning the roster was split down the middle. Of course, those absences gave the talent that was on the show a bit more of the spotlight. CM Punk opened the show with a promo against The Shield that furthered the impending end of the group. He also wrestled Seth Rollins, who decided he was the strong link in the faction. He still ended up losing, though the distraction from his buddies may be at fault. Daniel Bryan also got time to do what he does best: wrestle a gauntlet match against the Wyatt Family. He beat both Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in pretty good matches, earning a shot at Bray Wyatt. Of course, that's when the entire family destroyed him. Bryan also got in a good amount of time on the microphone, complaining that "the machi ...
And followed by Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan carry Daniel Bryan with his head down too the back as ends.…
Luke Harper reminds me of Bruiser Brody--old school
Luke Harper is a tremendous talent. I see a more athletic version of Bruiser Brody everytime he wrestles. Love it.
Luke Harper is like a 21st Century Bruiser Brody
Luke Harper looks like what you'd get if *** Foley and Bruiser Brody had a child.
Punk beats Seth Rollins. Backstage Brad Maddox makes Bryan vs. Luke Harper if Bryan wins it will be Bryan vs. Rowen if Bryan wins he will get his match with Bray Wyatt. Stephanie McMahon makes John Cena vs. Orton For the WWE World Heavyweight title at the Royal Rumble. Now Axel vs. Ziggler -Ninjalo
Michael Cole said Luke Harper was a truck driver before joining the Wyatt Family. He's the guy from the WCW/nWo Revenge intro.
Luke Harper looks like Serj Tankian on roids...
Has anyone noticed that Luke Harper kind of resembles old Bruiser Brody? -ghost-
Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan and Luke Harper at a creepy boiler and Bray Wyatt cuts a promo about Bryan Danielson Mickie James and Paige and Natalya def.Jamie Keyes and Maryse and Alicia Fox via pinfall In ring segment Randy Orton calls out John Cena out comes John Cena and Cena talking. Orton talking and changelles him to a match next week and Cena accepts on one conditon for the Contender for WWE World Heavyweight Championship and they shakes hands
So we're really going with Luke Harper being a former truck driver & Eric Rowan being a Jamie Lee Curtis villain? Really?
The following are results from the WWE SmackDown television taping in Corpus Christi, Texas. This show will air on December 27, 2013. - John Cena came to the ring to open the show. Cena drops a Hulk Hogan reference early on. Cena asks for a match against Randy Orton for tonight. The Shield comes out and attacks Cena. Mark Henry comes out to make the save, but ended up getting beaten down himself. This leads to Big E. Langston coming down to make the real save. Kane comes out and announces three main events for tonight: Big E. Langston vs. Dean Ambrose, Mark Henry vs. Roman Reigns and John Cena vs. Seth Rollins. - Luke Harper & Erick Rowan def. The Usos in tag-team action. The Wyatt Family won in what was almost a squash match. Bray Wyatt hit the ring afterwards and nailed an Uso brother with his Sister Abagail finisher. - Renee Young interviews Randy Orton backstage. Dolph Ziggler ends up interrupting him. Kane sets up a match between Orton and Ziggler for later in the show. - Antonio Cesaro def. Cody Rho ...
SMACKDOWN RESULTS ~HRS 1. Big E Langston defeated Jack Swagger. Langston won with the big ending in a quick match. 2.Brie Bella defeated Tamina. AJ sat in on commentary. Brie rolled up Tamina for the win and then pushed AJ at ringside. Bad News Barrette did a promo ringside. 3. Sin Cara defeated Drew McIntyre. 4. Tensai defeated Brodus Clay. Tensai won after a distraction from the Funadactyls and Xavier Woods. After the match Woods and Tensai cleared the ring. 5. Eric Rowan and Luke Harper defeated Cody Rhodes and Goldust in a non-title match. Great tag match. After the match the Wyatts tried to attack but Bryan made the save which led to… 6. Daniel Bryan and The Rhodes brothers defeated The Wyatt Family. Bryan hit the running knee to win. Damien Sandow cut a promo about canceling Christmas. Miz came out and said where he comes from they celebrate Christmas. It led to a match. 7. Damien Sandow defeated The Miz. Sandow won by rolling up and hooking the tights. 8. Fandango defeated Kofi Kingston. Fandango ...
– As noted earlier, WWE has announced that Goldust and Cody Rhodes will face Luke Harper and Erick Rowan this...
This Friday on the Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust take on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.
Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs Luke Harper & Erick Rowan on What a coincidence they announced it right before Bryan's match.
Bray Wyatt now in!!! Luke Harper is so *** impressive, Some guy has a Colt Cabana Fat head in the crowd. Complete decimation of Daniela Bryan from Bray Wyatt.
What do you guys think of this Wrestlemania card? WWE Undisputed Title CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan (Bryan has joined the Wyatt Family) one of these guys will win the Rumble, the other the title. Not sure who though. Control/face of WWE HHH and Randy Orton and Kane w/HBK and Steph vs John Cena, The Rock and Hulk Hogan w/Vince, Austin can build a feud with HHH and Steph trying to push Vince out of the picture. Vince disputes the claim of HHH and Orton saying they are the faces of the company. Vince brings back the 4 biggest names in WWE history in Cena,Hogan,Rock, and Austin. HBK/Austin could either be in each corner or maybe special ref/enforcer deal. Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar Goldust vs Cody Rhodes Big Show vs Bray Wyatt,Luke Harper and Eric Rowan (If Show loses he joins the Wyatts) Rey Mysterio/RVD vs Alberto Del Rio/Sin Cara I.C. Title Big E Langston vs Mark Henry U.S. Title triple threat Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns Sheamus vs Ryback Money in the Bank ladder match (bring it back for wm 30 ...
Saw Ariane, Eva Marie, Rey Mysterio, Kaitlyn, Mark Henry, Luke Harper, and got a pick with Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal.
sit out powerbomb from the 2nd rope! from Luke Harper to Daniel Bryan
The Wyatt Family didn't need a win at WWE Survivor Series 2013 to show fans that their future is one swamped with greatness. Against two of the company's best, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper looked like they belonged. Those brutes served notice that WWE's future is not solely going to be made up of speedy athletes like and monsters will have their place as well. Roman Reigns' spear buffet will get plenty of the headlines, as will the Randy Orton and John Cena showdown that closed the show. Harper and Rowan, though, deserve some accolades and attention, too. Their in-ring pay-per-view debut began with Rowan stalking Bryan. Bryan skirted around the ring, Rowan's shadow enveloping him. Bryan tried to kick the big man down—and later on, so did Punk—but the bearded brutes wrestled back the advantage. Harper had Punk in the corner, chopping away at his chest as if he was trying to wedge his hand in between Punk's ribs. There was a compelling viciousness throughout the battle. Harper and Rowan were disturbingly ...
WWE SmackDown Main Event (11/22/13) Luke Harper of the Wyatt Family takes in Daniel Bryan.
CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper which tag team do you think is going to win
My mistake Daniel Bryan vs Luke Harper is the MainEvent, The Shield must be before that match. My bad... Lol
Who is that guy that threw in the towel on He could be Luke Harper's brother
The most promising match on the card involves no championships and no lawsuit-centered storyline, just a stockpile of talent and the classic elimination format that has brought great theater to the pay-per-view over the years. Cody Rhodes, Goldust, The Usos and Rey Mysterio vs. The Real Americans and The Shield is the kind of bout that makes Survivor Series special. The star power, skill and overlapping feuds will have it be more memorable than any other match at the event. This year's Survivor Series features a WWE Championship match that despite some recent plot twists is a lukewarm main event, a world title rematch that will only entice a small portion of fans and a standard tag team match that won't have the same drama as a traditional elimination bout. WWE made some misguided choices when booking this event, but not in the case of this 12-man contest. Overflowing Talent Firstly, The Shield's presence almost assures that this will be a classic. Since storming into WWE at last Survivor Series, Roman Re ...
Ikr lol it was a reference to Luke Harper :p x
Terrell Hill did you see that 12-man tag match on RAW??? that power bomb what Luke Harper gave to Daniel Bryan - WWE Universe was crazy
It's not just Thursday tonight it's LBD in Liquor lounge, it's going to be decent so get those dresses out :P and Get ready for a mental night. Greg Webb Amy Crews Aj Reborn Jefferies Jemma Nash Sarah McKenna Marissa Coulton Dan Alford Luke Harper Leanne Presley
Matches Im Looking forward to for Survivor Series :. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan Vs Luke Harper and Eric Rowan. Big Show vs Randy Orton
if it wernt for my bro's i don't know what i would do thanks lads Ben Steele Luke Dan Harper Luke Harper Mark Leach
can Luke Harper and Erick Rowan be defeated by the "BEST IN THE WORLD, Cm Punk" and the "GREATEST OF ALL TIME, Daniel Bryan"
A giant takes an underdog's spot as championship contender and interweaving bad blood highlights the lineup for The TD Garden in Boston, Mass., plays hosts to the 27th annual Survivor Series. The pay-per-view begins at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Big E Langston defends the Intercontinental Championship for the first time, fans get two traditional elimination bouts and The Wyatt Family can make two marquee stars its biggest prey yet. A pay-per-view that has been criticized for a lack of buildup offers some intriguing matches along with a number of blase ones. "How I Feel" by Flo Rida is the official song for WWE's latest big event, one where Superstars will look to become champions, settle scores or simply survive. Live Steam Info Fans have no shortage of options on how to legally stream the pay-per-view. They can order the show from their local cable companies or watch all the action on a variety of devices. Survivor Series will be available via Google Play, the Amazon app store or similar programs for viewing o ...
OK, so WWE hasn’t exactly done a world-class job of building this Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. However, despite the rather average promotion and routine storylines, there remains great intrigue surrounding a couple of the matches at the event. Just what is WWE champion plan for his bout against Big Show? Triple H and Stephanie McMahon declared to Orton on Monday’s Raw that there would be no outside help from The Authority. Orton wasn’t thrilled with the news, but he claimed he would pick up the win regardless. The question is: Are the married couple trying to punish the increasingly unruly and disrespectful star for his actions, or is this all simply an act to convince Big Show to let his guard down and be vulnerable to an attack from The Shield or Kane? Or will Orton actually try to—GASP!—win fairly? This whole matter has added a new layer of intrigue to what would otherwise be a dull Orton/Big Show program. It may not quite be a must-see, but it will be interesting to see just how ...
Luke Harper looks to be the breakout star from the Wyatts folks I guess that happens when Bray never gets in the ring …
Holding my little granddaughter, Harper Davidiuk, in LA with Esty, Luke and Whitney.
Luke Harper & Erick Rowam seriously make look small which point Rey Mysterio stormed in2 the ring. and struck Jack Swagger & Luke Harper with. a Double 619. The mask, as they say, IS BACK!
Ladies and gentlemen this is my last post for today. I just want to get you guys opinion on Erick Rowan and Luke Harper everyone says that they need to prove themselves they really have not done anything special Bray Wyatt really carries them. What do you guys think?
Dude at the mall looks like and is dressed like Luke Harper of the Wyatt Family. Id get a pic if I wasnt so scared of approaching him.
In my head-canon Jim Henson never died - he now wrestles in WWE under the pseudonym Luke Harper.
Luke Harper is the best wrestler out of The Wyatt Family IMO.
this video is hilarious but what is dinos problem with super dragon ? Also great Luke Harper impersonation by slip
The Wyatt Family has had some heat lately with The Shield in two biggest factions came face to face for the first time on the November 11 edition of Monday Night Raw, and since then, tensions between them are really beginning to boil. And I believe that at some point, those tensions will explode and we will see the two units face off in the ring. The question then becomes when will it happen? When will The Shield and The Wyatt Family choose to settler their differences in a match? From the start, I have to say that this potential rivalry and match has me very intrigued. And the reason for that is because these two factions really have no reason to feud whatsoever. After all, what has one group done to the other to even warrant a match being booked to begin with? From a storyline perspective, the answer is nothing. Basically, the problems began on Raw when Bray Wyatt and his followers interrupted and match against The Shield. Just as it appeared that Dean Ambrose was going to submit to the Anaconda V ...
Cm punk and bryan vs luke harper and eric rowan
Luke Harper. He is currently my favorite wrestler on the main roster. This guy is just a great tough wrestler...
Any thoughts on the new WWE big man Luke Harper?
For some reason in the back of my mind I thought the LHW title was the Luke Harper world title.
“Luke Bryan in a baseball uniform my life is complete
Raccoon Lodge karaoke host looks like Luke Harper btw
The Shield should interfere in the match and cost the Wyatt Family the match, which turns the Shield as faces and...
Punk and Bryan vs. Luke and Harper, Randy vs Big Show.
Can Luke Harper & Seth Rollins go at it 1 on 1 them going at face to face for the past 2 weeks on raw, IT'S BEEN AWESOME!
Luke Harper's really good. I'm not bothered by Rowan.
Punk and Bryan teaming is a novelty and I like Luke Harper a lot. That match could be solid.
He wanted to see if you had the Luke Harper poster yet
Back comes good old Rey Mysterio and 619 s luke harper he stays standing, gets the g,t,s .still standing then bryan finishes off with a knee
I think Doge should be the mascot for Luke Harper and everytime Doge barks, Harper translates it into "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah"
This is clearly the best match on the card:
Someone should buy this and put it in the background of every Chikara video.
Do you think that Luke Harper can reach the main even... — It is of course possible, but not for a while. I thin... http…
Luke Harper will be the breakout star of The Wyatt Family if booked correctly.
That running sit out power bomb that Luke Harper did on Daniel Bryan was his finisher in the independent scene.
Yeah he ia awesome ,Yes to Luke Harper & Jack Swagger :))
Erick Rowan and Luke Harper will face the team of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk this sunday at Survivor Series.
I just watch for Antonio Cesaro and Luke Harper
Nine days before their Survivor Series showdown with The Wyatt Family's Erick Rowan & Luke Harper, Daniel Bryan & CM Punk team up for the first time ever on SmackDown to take on Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel & Ryback! explores five reasons you need to tune in tonight at 8/7 CT on Syfy. FIVE POINT PREVIEW:
Watching Smackdown with Closed Captions on. Ready to watch Luke Harper go up against Daniel Bryant.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
By Swarnava Gan WWE Monday Night Raw 4/11/13 (DD/MM/Y) RESULTS WWE Monday Night Raw Results Greenville, South Carolina November 4, 2013 Commentators: Jerry Lawler, JBL & Michael Cole Report by: David Stephens of CM Punk v. Luke Harper w/ The Wyatt Family Punk takes it to Harper at the start and pushes him into the corner with a series of punches. Luke reverses and uses his knee to apply pressure. Punk continues to be batted down until he is able to toss Harper over the top rope. Punk attempts a suicide dive but charges straight into right fist. Harper rolls back into the ring and traps Punk in a front headlock. Harper bites at the hand of Punk as Punk tries to fight free. Harper whips his opponent into the corner and runs for a big boot. Punk sidesteps which sends Harper catapulting to the outside. Punk runs for a suicide dive and this time it connects. Punk is forced to guard his back as Rowan creeps around the ring. *Commercial* Back from the break Harper is still in control. Punk is pla ...
Monday's raw results: 1. CM Punk pinned Luke Harper at 11:12. Erick Rowan attacked Punk, then Daniel Bryan fought him off. 2. Ryback knocked Khali out at 2:25. 3. Alberto Del Rio made Kofi Kingston tap out at 6:52. 4. The wwe's fans chose E Langston as Randy Orton's opponent over Dolph Ziggler or Miz. Orton knocked Langston out at 12:06. 5. Tyson Kidd & Natalya Neidhart beat Summer Rae & Fandango when Natalya made Rae tap out at 3:44. 6. Goldust, John Cena & Cody Rhodes went over Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger & Damien Sandow when Goldust pinned Cesaro at 19:13. 7. Dolph Ziggler pinned Curtis Axel at 4:54. 8. The Uso Brothers beat Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre when Jey pinned Slater at 2:45. 9. Eva Marie & the Bellas went over Tamina Snuka, AJ Lee & Aksana when Eva pinned Tamina at 3:11. 10. Stephanie McMahon allowed Big Show to be on the roster again & HHH gave him a shot at the wwe title at the Survivor Series PPV in exchange for dropping his lawsuit. 11. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Randy Or ...
CM Punk def. Luke Harper       GREENVILLE, S.C. – As last week showed, CM Punk vs. The Wyatt Family is hardly a fair fight. Happily for the former WWE Champion, he had some help when the buzzards came circling seven days later. Punk avenged his beating at the hands of The Wyatt Family by defeating Luke Harper in a singles match on Raw, despite a commanding effort by the backwoods hulk. With Bray Wyatt observing at ringside, Harper mangled The Straight Edge Superstar within an inch of defeat, though a missed discus clothesline allowed Punk to pounce with a roll-up pin for the victory. Photos: Bryan to the rescue | The Wyatts strike Punk This, needless to say, did not go over well with the Family. Erick Rowan initiated a post-match attack on Punk and the master himself quickly joined, though the trio was immediately thwarted by the arrival of Daniel Bryan. With chair in hand, the submission expert charged down the ramp to save Punk from certain doom and avenge his own attack the previous week. Ju ...
CM Punk gets more than he bargained for when the "Best in the World" faces off with Wyatt Family member Luke Harper.
Billy Kidman must love Luke Harper's wrestling attire.
Do you think Vince looks at CM Punk vs Luke Harper and weeps for the days of Lex Luger?
The following was posted by our fan AJ Jones:- "Hey PWW, Here's an article written by me, for you: Many people like Cena, many like Punk, many like Bryan... But I don't think anyone nowadays likes The Miz, even Vince doesn't seem to. What I think WWE did wrong with him was to make him turn Face. To be honest, I think The Miz was a dominant heel... And he sure as *** was/ is an awesome wrestler too. He has won almost every title in WWE, apart from the WHC, during his Heel run. He beat guys like Cena, Bryan, Big Show, Morrison, Truth, Kingston and a lot more people. But if you notice, when Miz turned Face, he won only one title, that too losing it the other day in a rematch, i.e the Intercontinental Championship. WWE soon should do something with this guy. He is okay in the ring, but GOLD in mic skills... And he deserves the push he requires. For a moment, I thought WWE did the right thing by involving him in the Corporation angle... For a moment everyone thought he'd get his push, but again, he has been s ...
It's Halloween! You're in a horror movie. Choose the first 9 people in your chat box . No cheating! Cries like a baby: Ashley Goodwin The one who trips while running in the woods: Heather Zock The first to go missing: Adam Paul Kibbe Murdered saving you: Amylynn Stafford Survives by faking death: Denise Casey Swezey Had a solid survival plan no one listened to: Caty Devereaux Spends all the time looking for Twinkies: Luke Harper Gets turned into a zombie!: Ronelle Penhollow Is really the killer: Darcy Parker Harmon.
oh ok I live in Rochester NY Luke Harper comes from here from the Wyatt Family
True fact: Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose have faced off before in R.O.H
The Miz and Kofi Kingston lost to Luke Harper and Erick Rowan
Luke Harper's spinning lariat finish pretty sweet when the little guys sell it.
Luke Harper of in the looks as if he could be a long lost uncle on my dad's side
Luke Harper and Eric Rowan is going to kick Kofi Kingston and the Miz ***
Um *** luke harper y u screenshot all my snap chats
I get all nostalgic hearing mark out over Luke Harper clotheslines.
Luke Harper is a bad man all by himself!! I like his ring work although he still a little stif...
Luke Harper and Erick Rowan defeat The Miz and Kofi Kingston after a brutal clothesline from Harper to Kofi. Bray Wyatt cuts another promo directed at The Miz assuring him that it's okay to be afraid and that his time is coming. -ladylux
Am I the only one here that thinks those pins by Luke Harper are cray cray business? 😳
“Never thought i would hear Natalya and Luke Harper in the same sentence!! :P
Luke Harper just folded up Kingston like an accordion.
What a Spinning Clothesline by Luke Harper on Means something more for to genuinely react to it. -BDaMan/Bryce
That was a massive clothesline by Luke Harper!...WOW!
Gotta love some of dat Wyatt Family. Luke Harper lives to take people's heads off.
Not sure if Luke Harper's shirt is grey or white & really dirty.
That was a good win for Luke Harper and Erick Rowan
Eric Rowan and Luke Harper definitely look like they smell bad. lol
What a clothesline from Luke Harper. He’s underrated in my book. Love watching him compete
What a clothesline by Luke Harper on Kofi! Wyatt's get the win over Miz and Kofi.
Luke Harper with an explosive clothesline to Kofi Kingston for the 1..2..3...
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Natalya and Luke Harper do the same move, except for Luke it's his finisher. :)
Luke harper took a page out of jbl's book that clothesline was from ***
Luke Harper and Eric Rowan are giants bruh lmaoo
Luke Harper's discus lariat is bad, bad, badass
Tonight, CM Punk takes on Big E Langston. And coming up next, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan takes on The Miz and Kofi Kingsto…
A thing I've noticed: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan seem to get their opponents to work a little harder and stronger. -BDa
And Here Is Our First Match Of The Night Eric Rowan and Luke Harper Of The Wyatt Family vs The Miz & Kofi Kingston The Wyatts didn't make their normal entrance after that "WE'RE HERE" intro the lights came back on and they were all already in the ring Hmmm they reached that point already where wwe is cutting their entrance? Lol Bray Wyatt assumes his rocking chair position and the match begins -jm
Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs The Miz and Kofi Kingston! This is gonna be GOOD.
Erick Rowan & Luke Harper vs Miz & Kofi Kingston should be sooo boring.
The Wyatt Family's Erick Rowan and Luke Harper take on Kofi Kingston and The Miz up next on
UP NEXT: Erick Rowan + Luke Harper vs The Miz + Kofi Kingston. At least the miz can perform on a show even his dad doesn't watch
The Rhodes will go against the shield later tonight but up next is & VS Luke Harper and Erick Rowan
match card for smackdown Cody Rhodes title celebration match 1 Alberto Del Rio vs Shawn Michaels match 2 Eric rowan and Luke harper vs Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns 1# contenders match tag team championship match 3 Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston match 4 Santino Marella vs spike if spike wins he gets a title shot at wrestle mania for the US title Cody Rhodes and mystery opponent vs Damien Sandow and mystery opponent co main event Daniel Bryan vs blade if blade wins then he is the special guest ref at spikes match at wrestle mania if he wins main event John Cena vs Randy Orton vs sting extreme rules match
Having a good night out Leanne Welsh and garys Confederate Man with my man Luke Harper and the should have been blonde one Chris Hill, the night is still young :-)
Kane and taker vs Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Book it.
Is it weird that I'm more interested in Luke Harper and Erick Rowan than Bray Wyatt?
Erick Rowan and Luke Harper will be here any time... . TICK...TICK...TICK...TICK.. WE'RE HERE!
Please do that! Conner's gonna be Luke Harper and we're gonna go to Fat Tony's in our costumes for
The dark main event after this week's WWE Friday Night SmackDown tapings in Columbus, Ohio, saw Bray Wyatt - WWE Universe win a 20-man battle royal to earn a World Heavyweight Championship title shot. It came down to The Wyatt Family & Titus O'Neil - WWE. Erick Rowan & Luke Harper ended up leaving the ring, allowing Bray to win. Wyatt went on to defeat champion Alberto Del Rio - WWE by countout. Del Rio ran out of the ring & ran from Harper & Rowan to get the count out. The Wyatts then beat Alberto down in the ring. Damien Sandow - WWE teased cashing in his Money In The Bank contract, but The Wyatts beat him down also. Sandow posed with his briefcase, as fans cheered him
Recap of NXT 10/4/2013 - Emma picks Santino Marella for her partner, as the weird duo defeat Fandango and Summer Rae with the Cobra - Next week will be the debut of Mojo Rawley Kassius Ohno's return match wasn't what he expected; losing to Luke Harper of the Wyatt Family with the Clothesline from the Underworld. - The Ascension defeat Adrian Neville and Corey Graves to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions. - Bo Dallas Invitaional = Bo defeats a no name wrestler with the spear = Bo knocks Leo Kruger and Antonio Cesaro out of the ring = Bo Dallas is defeated by El Locale which turned out to be Sami Zayn for Contendership of the NXT Championship, which will be defended 2 weeks from now. I'll be with you guys for Friday Night Smackdown - TMGF
NXT Results - 10/02/13 1. Santino Marella & Emma def. Fandango & Summer Rae in 12:13. This was mainly a comedy match with a whole lot of funny spots and they pulled it off to perfection, while also making it a really good match overall. The crowd was really into it. 2. Luke Harper def. Kassius Ohno in 2:58. This was Ohno's first match in four months, since Triple H and WWE officials had taken him off TV for not conditioning. 3. Conor O'Brian & Rick Victor def. Adrian Neville & Corey Graves in 13:30 to win the NXT Tag Team Championships. Good match, although the ending was a bit botched when The Ascension hit their double-team finisher and Victor went for the pin when he wasn't the legal man. The main event is the Bo Dallas Invitational, where anyone except for Sami Zayn can challenge Bo Dallas and if they pin Dallas, they will get an NXT Championship match in two weeks. 4. Bo Dallas def. a local jobber in 1:12. This was a basic squash match. Bo is still majorly hated by the NXT crowd, and there were loud ...
Main Event came from Baton Rogue, Louisiana. In the first match, The intellectual Savior of the Masses beat Italian Superstar Santino Morella. In the second match members of the Wyatt Family, Luke Harper and Erik Rowan defeated the Prime Time Players. In the 3rd match Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel defeated Long Island iced Z Zack Ryder. In the main event The Real Americans defeated Tons of Funk. -Creature of the Night-
Tonight on WWE Main Event, The Prime Time Players face a daunting challenge in the form of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan! Can Titus O'Neil and Darren Young continue to build momentum? Tune in tonight at 8/7 p.m. CT only on ION Television! WATCH HIGHLIGHTS: ION TELEVISION:
2 vs 2 Brodus Clay and Sweet T vs Eric Rowan and Luke Harper.
Luke Harper looks like Jason Lee. You know.. Earl from My Name Is Earl
Luke Harper and Erick Rowan look like the kind of guys Jim Cornette would have pushed to the moon in Smoky Mountain Wrestling.
While Bray Wyatt watched from a rocking chair at ringside, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper decimated Kane with the steel steps,.
WWE officials were happy with the way Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper debuted on last night's RAW, (cont)
The Wyatt Family(Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan) debut on the 7/8/13 episode of Raw and attack Kane. Rights go to WWEFanNation for the video as my reso...
Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan. The Wyatt Family don't scare us. We know that your coming but we are here waiting. When you come to us we send you backwards. WERE WAITING Wyatt Family
Sol the status I posted about Kane possibly being pulled from the Money in the Bank Match this Sunday. Again, I ask Who would fill his spot? I say Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, or Eric Rowin. What do u think? Dave - WWE Universe
Put Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper in a extreme rules match together, they'll do it lol maybe :D
I could be mad at WWE fans tonight or I could of enjoyed the latest episode of Dexter. Things are getting interesting, season 8 should be good. Also great to hear Husky Harris is back, but I'm more of a Luke Harper guy.
Pretty cool day today, ate lunch with Big E Langston, Katilyn, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. Seen legends Vince McMahon, Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Paul Heyman, Road Dogg Jesse James, William Regal, Jericho, Mae Young and HHH and the rest of the WWE Roster
Bray Wyatt was supposed to work a match with Sheamus at the NXT television tapings, but Luke Harper took his place because of the arm injury. Luckily, the Bray Wyatt injury is not considered too serious, so it shouldn’t affect their rise to the “Raw” roster. Fans have seen the promos for the Wyatt Family’s arrival for weeks now on WWE television, and Bray Wyatt is the leader of this cult-styled group. Wyatt is also the wrestler who used to go by the name Husky Harris with the NEXUS group. Wyatt is the son of IRS Mike Rotunda, and it was “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes who helped him create the character of Bray Wyatt, an evil cult leader who manipulates people into following him. The WWE news out of NXT is that he has taken this new role very seriously and has impressed officials enough to warrant the call-up to “WWE Monday Night Raw.”
Luke Harper is so scary, Zeb Coulter ran away from the vignette.
NEW MEMBERS FOR Wyatt Family It appears WWE are planting the seeds for more members of The Wyatt Family to debut on TV. Right now, we know that Bray Wyatt will be coming up with NXT Tag Team Champions Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. The video that aired on Monday also featured what appeared to be NXT wrestler Garrett Dylan and NXT Diva Bayley in minor roles as Wyatt's "followers."
The vignette that just aired on RAW is for developmental talents Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan ... looks like a takeoff of "Duck Dynasty". Fandango is a takeoff of "Dancing With The Stars".
Bring up from NXT Adrian Neville, Bray Wyatt, Kassius Ohno, Luke Harper and Sami Zayn. Honorable mentions: Paige and Corey Graves
Yeah he’s been teamed up with Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan in a stable under the name Luke Harper.
I think if WWE wants the tag team division to thrive again, the first step they should do is take a pen and paper and list down the teams that make up the division instead of randomly teaming up and breaking superstars. Here's how the tag team division should look like, in my opinion. 1) New Age Outlaws 2) The shield (Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins) 3) Rhodes Scholars 4) The Usos 5) Epico & Primo 6) hermano enmascarado (Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara) 7) Edge Heads (Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins)(with Edge as their manager) 8) Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey 9) Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erik Rowan) 10) Kassius Ohno and Lex Luger 11) 3MB (Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre) 12) Tensai & Brodus Clay 13) Briscoe Brothers (WWE should sign them) - WWE Universe
1st XI vs Heatherhill @ Bruce Park. Side from: Luke Popov (c), Robert Hearn, Ben Clements, Matt Foon, Sam Buchanan, Ryan McDonald, Matt Harper, Jack Heseltine, Luke Harper, Glenn Wood and Jackson Calder. We wish Jackson Calder all the best for his first game in the 1sts this season. Bring home the bacon Doggies!
Feb 21, 2013, NXT Results: - The Family leader Bray Wyatt returned to the ring on this week’s NXT and made light work of Yoshi Tatsu. After the match he riled up his disciples Erick Rowan and Luke Harper for losing the Tag Title tournament last week, forcing them to exchange blows. The manipulative preacher wanted them to feel the pain and frustration of the loss, so they would never do it again. By the end of the segment the demented trio were smiling; lesson learned. - Also tonight it was revealed Sasha Banks’ secret admirer was none other than Audrey Marie playing a sick a joke. As Banks received the final letter Marie attacked her from behind, saying that nobody can replace her and that NXT is her house! Later on in the night she cemented her point by defeating Banks in the ring. - Xavier Woods def. El Local (Ricardo Rodriquez under a mask). - After taking out Paige, an unremorseful Summer Rae demands to be called “the first lady of NXT”. - Tyson Kidd came out to address his injury but was soo ...
Levi Kitchen performs his original song "Reinvent Me". Thanks to Luke Harper who played djembe, and to Rebecca Friedlander who shot the video...
what do you think of NXT's Luke Harper? Looks like he has a little Bruiser Brody to him
All purpose parts banner
NXT RESULTS! Air Date - Feb. 6th, 2013 on Hulu+ 1.) Oliver Grey and Adrian Neville defeated Leo Kruger and Kassius Ohno to Advance to the Tag Title Finals NEXT WEEK 2.) Summer Rae is Interviewed Concerning her attack on Paige the Week Before. 3.) Conor O'Brian defeated Mike Dalton, followed by NXT Champion Big E. Langston hitting the 'FIVE!' on Dalton as a warning towards Conor. 4.) A Hightlight of the Royal Rumble NXT FanFest Tournament is Played. Hyping Bo Dallas being promoted to the Main roster. 5.) Luke Harper and Erick Rowan defeated Bo Dallas and Michael McGillicutty to advance to the NXT Tag Title Finals NEXT WEEK against 'British Ambition'
I really like chikara. It's a great wrestling product. They introduced me to Sara del Rey, el generico, Luke Harper. Etc.
Awesome to see Father work in so many DNows and other student-centered events this weekend! Thanks go out to Robert Nixon (FBC Bonham), Preston Cave (FBC Grandview), Chris Wigley (FBC Burleson), and Jacob Kade Morrison, Luke Harper, Tim Coop and others (Kilgore DNow) who organize these opportunities to reach students for Christ.
WWE has revealed via the following video that a WWE NXT roster member will get entry into the Royal Rumble. The winner of an eight-man tournament will get the shot; the competitors are Corey Graves, Oliver Grey, Luke Harper (aka Brodie Lee), Xavier Woods (aka Consequences Creed), Conor O'Brian, Adrian Neville (aka PAC), Bo Dallas and Leo Kruger.
Prepare for the WWE Royal Rumble, by watching this week's WWE NXT! Alright, so it won't really prepare you for the Royal Rumble... you should still watch it! RunDown: - Tag Team Tournament Round 1: The Wyatt Family (Erik Rowan & Luke Harper) w/ Bray Wyatt Vs. Yoshi Tatsu & Percy Watson - Alicia Fox Vs. Sasha Banks - Corey Graves Vs. Jake Carter - Tag Team Tournament Round 1: 3MB (Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater) Vs. Adrien Neville & Oliver Grey - Axl Keegan Vs. NXT Heavyweight Champion Big E. Langston Background: - Sasha Banks is also known as Mercedez VK on the indy scene & was recently ON the TNA Gut Check voting ballots. - Corey Graves & Jake Carter used to be FCW Tag Team Champions. Carter is Vader's son.
Luke Harper is so Bruiser Brody. I love it.
*Leaning against one of the walls in the living room, twirling his wand around his fingers silently as he glances around the room studying the amount of or in this case lack of Christmas decorations set out this year* Rem sure hasn't done much decorating for Christmas yet has he? *laughs and looks over towards Luke Harper who's sitting on one of the couches opposite of him* I'm surprised. Usually by this time Dora's got the whole house lit up, aside from having the biggest tree she can force us to levitate in. *smirks* Luke- I guess everyone's been a little side tracked this month eh? *rubs the back of his neck with a half smile* Sirius- *his expression wavers a little* Yeah.. guess so. *waves his wand, summoning a red and green wreath to hang gracefully on one of the empty walls* There that's better. So *raises an eyebrow* What happened at the doctors? Baby alright? Luke- *his smile broadens* More than alright. We found out it's a girl. Sirius- That's great mate. I'm still banking on you naming her after ...
Will wee see this match on television? Luke Harper (Brodie Lee) Vs. Antonio Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli)
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