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Luke Evans

Luke Evans (born April 15, 1979) is a Welsh theatre and film actor. He is known to theatregoers for his stage roles in Rent, Miss Saigon, Small Change and Piaf, and to filmgoers for his roles in Immortals, The Three Musketeers, Clash of the Titans, and Tamara Drewe.

Tom Hiddleston Emily Blunt Dracula Untold James Bond Sienna Miller Dan Stevens Emma Watson Jason Statham Elizabeth Moss Ben Wheatley Rebecca Ferguson Haley Bennett Idris Elba Daniel Craig Jeremy Irons Christian Bale Richard Armitage

Luke Evans would have been a better Cassian Andor
To be able to work with people who I have respected and admired, to b...
I saw the shoes a few months ago and I liked so much, he decided to do it! He has a lot of patience! 😄 Next 👠...Luke Evans 😂😂
sad that if "we" know it will wreck the fairy tale :). Think we can use our imagination ;). BF is supp Luke Evans. Hot too!
Oh it was a reply that didn't go through right. I do, by Luke Evans. Thanks.
Ok Luke Evans is trying to kill me . it's fine . don't worry about me i'll be fine .
Luke Evans is my new fave onscreen fella... oo la la
Dracula Untold (Luke Evans) killed that Role the whole Vampire thing just sits mnandi on him
What's the temperature inside a Tauntaun?. Luke-warm
Dracula Untold for the umpteenth time because Luke Evans 😍😂
Today's book2movie post: Luke Evans is charming in new teaser trailer for Beauty & the Beast…
I have completed my research, and discovered that I think Luke does have back hair! 😲
She looks young because she is young. Its gonna be weird seeing her with Dan Stevens (Beast) & Luke Evans (Gaston).
Luke Evans on playing Gaston in via 😍 I can't believe he thinks kids will r…
Wouldn't mind seeing Browny and Lee involved aswell maybe Evans too.
Enjoy your Friday and a great start into the weekend with too sexy Luke Evans! 😍😘
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Emma Watson presenting the new 'Beauty and the Beast' TV spot. Also Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, and Josh Gad.
Coming to a Theater near you Beauty and the Beast Emma Watson Dan Stevens and Luke Evans look Brilliant a must see
Another bad play was when Luke didn't sub out Lou sooner when Evans was killing him. This is on Luke this game
Part 3 of fancasting an MCU X-Men movie: Tom Cruise as Cyclops and Luke Evans as Wolverine (James Howlett aka Logan…
Mike Evans caught 81 passes for first downs in the 2016 season, 15 more than any other NFL receiver!. https:…
Steve Nash coached it up today with pro basketball player Luke Evans & his bro Neil Evans!…
Yes a PhD LUKE. We're all qualified to be Drs in Lukology
kaleidoscope with Luke Evans as Richard Wilder, music by
📷 lukeevanss: 31 days of Luke Evans Day 5: Favorite facial expresion: when he smiles (El Hormiguero TV...
Ok. 😄 I've only seen her in Dracula Untold. But I liked the way she and Luke talked about how great it was to work together. 😊
Just hit 300followers on my Luke evans fan blog yay ♥
ikr!!? Luke evans is just hot :( Also this movie made me wanna watch the affair lol u tried it?
4: Always was,always will. If ever someone wants to make me cry get me a print issue of MH Dec 2013!
Kyle chandler for Brody and Luke Evans for Quint
📷 Paula Hawkins, Tate Taylor, Emily Blunt, Luke Evans and Haley Bennett at the premiere of The Girl on...
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Hands down, Johnny Depp! But Luke Evans & Jason Momoa are right up there too! AND Joseph Morgan & Ian Sommerhalder...
I liked a video Beauty and the Beast - Funny On Set Moments w/ Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans
it went from Bradley Cooper (back in 2011!) to Luke Evans to Jack Huston and now they might lose Jason Mamoa
Here's our Speech Competition winner Luke Evans being handed his cup by Shelley Jackson Woodall from htt…
Is Helen Mirren going to be playing Jason Statham and Luke Evans' mum in Fast and Furious 8?
and Kevin Kline as Maurice and Luke Evans as Gaston and Ewan McGregor's no doubt excellent voice acting and
Also starring in the movie are Dan Stevens as The Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, Kevin Kline as Maurice, Ewan...
I'm sure Luke Evans will do a great job, but there was only one person truest built to play in…
I have to agree with Jamie that Luke Evans as Gaston (instead of Joe Manganiello) is a questionable choice. He's not even half a barge!
"Pictures tell any story more effectively than words." William Moulton Marston, Luke Evans' new role in…
Luke Evans, Liam Hemsworth and Benjamin Walker were to star before Colin Ferrell was cast
WHOA, that was quick! Luke Evans will be creator William Moulton Marston in biopic
Regular Passes up for grabs! Starring Emily Blunt, Luke Evans and Haley Bennet.
Luke Evans and Emily Blunt have such good chemistry together. I hope they do more movies with each other in the future
I liked a video from Premiere: Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Tate Taylor + Luke Evans |
Everybody is a suspect in with Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley…
Luke Evans and Haley Bennett as Scott and Megan Hipwell in in UK and US theaters next week!
Emily Blunt & Luke Evans Premiere 'Girl on the Train' in London via
Welsh actor Luke Evans joins stars on the red carpet for premiere of The Girl on the Train
I was trying to stay so out of the loop that I didn’t even know Luke Evans was in it. So this was a pleasant surprise.
Luke Evans at the world premiere of
Luke Evans admits he doesn't feel the pressure of taking on a character from a bestseller
I've had letters from people who have read my articles and said, 'I'm a guy, I'm 18, and I've
Looks like so much fun!cast at the world premiere! Luke Evans, Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Pa…
Luke Evans chats new movie The Girl on the Train Daily Mail Online: via
📷 cheers-mrhiddleston: Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans attend the premiere of High-Rise at the Tribeca...
Luke Evans as Scott Hipwell in is a "husband looking for answers" said Luke.
⚡️ “Emily Blunt and Luke Evans stun at The Girl on the Train premiere”.
Watch moving to 4-0 with a superb display of Boxing against Mr reliable Kristain Laight
Luke Evans v Kristian Laight at the warehouse 17th Sept 2016
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Stunning Emily Blunt joins Luke Evans and Hayley Bennett at The Girl On The... on
✨ LUKE EVANS ✨ so happy to have finally met him, so bloody lovely! thankyou! 😻💕
📷 luke-evans: Emily Blunt and Luke Evans attending the world premiere of The Girl On The Train at...
He did a great job playing Luke Evans' son in 'The Desolation of Smaug'. Excellent choice for Young Ian.
Great new scenes with Luke Evans in the interview by BBC London
Guysss, I'm so excited 😍😍 Luke Evans is making me so happy today 🚂💁
Some cute pics inside world premiere Luke Evans and the 3 ladies! Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Hal…
A longbow takes a massive draw for the arrow to go anywhere.
Luke Evans is looking dapper as ever
Via Got Emily Blunt and Luke Evans signature today LOL premiere -…
Luke Evans quote of the night.. "When two people get married, the world gets better" 😍😍
Interview with Luke Evans at world premiere by The Upcoming via YouTube part 2
Claire Bueno interviewing Luke Evans on the tracks of world premiere!
Interview by with Luke Evans at the world premiere of in London
Emily Bunt and Luke Evans attend the World Premiere of 'The Girl On The Train' at Odeon Leicester Square on September 20, 2016…
Luke Evans at world premiere pictures by Benett/Getty
Emily Blunt and Luke Evans at world premiere! Pics via Karwai Tang/ WireImage
Love those pics! Emily Blunt and Luke Evans seem to have a great time at world premiere! Via Getty a…
Best of luck to one of our former players Luke Evans and the Irish Paralympic soccer team in Rio. ⚽️🇮🇪
I have only two *** Crush, Russell Tovey & Luke Evans. Others are heterosexual.
CineEurope showed a preview of Emma Watson singing, Dan Stevens as the Beast, and Luke Evans as Gaston.
I haven't seen his other films. But HR is very special. Luke Evans as Richard Wilder is absolutely furious. 😊💕
I liked Luke Evans as The Crow but sad when he left! But now Jason as ERIC will be much more intimidating as The Crow
Okay but what happened to Luke Evans playing him??? Also Jason is too beefy for the crow ***
I was sad when Luke Evans and Jack Huston had to leave the role, but I'm fine with Jason as Eric Draven!
VIDEO:Luke Evans and Tom Hiddleston Dancing - BTS of High-Rise. Source via: torrilla
📷 barduil: Luke Evans photographed by Andy Gotts for ‘Flemings Mayfair Hotel’
Luke Evans - Celebrities Photographed by Andy Gotts at Flemings Mayfair Hotel, London. via https…
thank you! I enjoyed watching your convo :) Luke Evans comes highly recommended
Luke Evans, Zoë Wanamaker, Richard Herring & Gregg Wallace join Sir Quentin Blake in WC2 later for the launch of his ne…
'In class (..) we have: Chris Evans, Luke Evans, Sean Evans, Sîon Evans, and Sean Davies'
honestly his fandom thinks Luke Evans would be a great choice 4 the next James Bond! ht…
Actors I could see as 007- Tom Hiddleston, Christian Bale, Michael Fassbender, Luke Evans
Also watched Dracula Untold last night without knowing that Luke Evans is casted as Gaston😭❤️
Dustin Clare, especially as Gannicuus, Luke Evans as Dracula Untold and any man that's handsome and built!!!
Words can't describe my hype for that 'BEAUTY AND THE BEAST' movie. Emma Watson as Belle, Luke Evans as Gatson. Ian McKe…
if we are dropping the blond hair why not Luke Evans, he did amazing in Dracula Untold.
Beside Idris Elba, I'm rooting for Luke Evans for the next James Bond. The guy in Dracula Untold & the one who played Bard in Hobbit BOTFA.
I loved Luke Evans as Dracula in Dracula Untold it's a Great movie
squad is James?
*waiting 100 years for Luke Brooks followed you*
"When I got the job I was over the moon."
we have a better idea! Why not pick the 1 that won a 180K James Bond poll? Luke Evans! https:/…
The Most Handsome Men in the World 2015 vote Luke Evans please!
A partial selfie with Luke Evans in Rome by fabriziani90 @ Instagram
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I don't need to be super-ripped all year round. That's a pretty misera...
"He is the obvious choice. He is Luke Evans." by
We should not forget Luke Evans as Vlad Tepes in 'Dracula Untold' .
NOTE: you're keeping the fc's name, but your character isn't famous. it's just easier. Needed:. -Luke Hemmings. -Chris Evans
James Righton, Keira Knightley, and Luke Evans arriving at a dinner hosted b…
Yes, at last someone who recognises the wonderful actor Luke is! Luke Evans is the next James Bond!
. unveils new bracelet and video with ambassador Luke Evans ht…
Gemma Arterton in 'The Master Builder' at the Almeida - she was absolu...
Luke Evans dishes on his dark role in thriller High-Rise
IMG Models Signs Luke Evans - Luke Evans, an established actor on London’s West End, has been signed t...
I... Is Jon Kortajarena bi or *** or something? Cause.. I just found out there were some medias saying he's dating Luke Evans.
IMG Models Signs Luke Evans: WME will continue to WME continues to represent Evans for entertainment deals.
the only person who should be cast as James Bond is Luke Evans! No one else - Luke Evans
Just me who thinks Aiden Turner is basically Luke Evans-lite?
o yeah so you know Luke Evans who played Bard in The Hobbit films? well, my grandparents know his uncle so I could maybe meet him one day...
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Luke Evans as Scott Hipwell in The Girl on the Train, the movie is not out until October but you...
Luke Evans signed autographs and took pictures with his fans
I think his name is Luke Evans! And dude ugh he's such a handsome man
you have to see "Dracula Untold" directed by Gary Shore, with Luke Evans . Then you'll know what happened. ... kind of ...
aww thank you, this was a very enjoyable piece to work on… I mean staring at Luke Evans for hours… no hardship!
Luke Evans and Ellie Goulding pose together for ELLE Style Awards
Forget about ur wallets & personal preference when you vote & pray/think about this, this is the stuff that matters
!! The Girl On The Train trailer looks PRETTY GOOD. I am v. pleased with the casting of Luke Evans
how you can defend that is unbelievable. Poor Ched Evans is having a harder time for rape and he was innocent. Luke was guilty.
So excited for Luke Bryan and even more excited I'm going with Gabe😍
I moved to Cardiff when I was 17 and never needed a car. When I came to L.A...
I couldn't stand it (apart from Luke Evans, who is phenomenal) and haven't read the book.
Looking at High Rise and gotta say the best *** movie i seen Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans is phenomenal in it. Bravo…
Luke Evans tapped his dark side for "I became a cypher. I lost myself in the end" h…
Its so good to be back home and what better way than ending my night with a dope message from my favorite baldy   10% Off
Luke Evans as Namor! I went with the classic look. Might do another with his new costume
Luke Evans acts with the passion of a man who wishes to be in a better film.
Don't forget to just thank God for the little blessings. Great message tonight from It's going to be an awesome summer!
*** I thought someone finally snapchatted me back but it was just teamsnapchat
In the future, I would like to do more films with contemporary themes. Perh...
I really loved 'Fast Five.' I thought it was a brilliant movie. I thought i...
"Luke Evans delivers a performance unlike anything we've seen from him." By https:…
Luke Evans "a total maniac who does his best to steal the movie." review by http…
One for The Hobbit fans... or in my case Luke Evans fans! Latest digital painting. http…
In 10 years, I'd love to live near the sea, in a warmer climate. I could se...
Go behind the scenes of Wheatley's new film starring Tom Hiddleston & Luke Evans. h…
A picture says more than a 1000 words about Luke Evans "standout performance" as Wilder in High-Rise!
Luke Evans photographed by Matt Holyoak for Article Magazine issue 07 via
Luke Evans, James Purefoy, Elizabeth Moss, Sienna Miller & Jeremy Irons are in HighRise too. Still no idea what's happening but it's pretty
For Monsters taking note: Luke Evans is Dracula. Sofia Boutella is the Mummy. Johnny Depp is the Invisible Man. Russell…
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Luke Evans great, great, great, great grandparents!
Luke Evans fans would love to see him as James Bond! Great description of Wilder's character, sympathy!
Emily Blunt as Sue, John Krasinski as Johnny, maybe Andrew Lincoln as Reed and Luke Evans as Doom
after seeing the movie, I can only say Tom did a great job, but Luke Evans really stole the show hands down!!!
And fine acting. You'd expect Tom Hiddleston to be good but Luke Evans was a revelation.Saw him at the Donmar 8 years ago.
I do like Jason Statham as a person and as an actor. I think he's a great performer, and he delivers every time. - Luke Evans (Actor).
I liked a video James Nesbitt and Luke Evans duet at the Lyric Theatre 22/09/2013
High-Rise is a bit heavy handed with its symbolism but some great performances (Sienna Miller & Luke Evans especially)
High Rise stars Sienna Miller and Luke Evans: it felt very Seventies' via
You may prefer Luke Evans in it. Bit more Oliver Reedy/Alan Batesy.
If happens, who would you cast? I'd go w/Dan Stevens but he might be too busy. Luke Evans anyone?
yes exactly. it is the Hobbit Theory of coming out. U got ur Ian McKellens, ur Lee Paces, and ur Luke Evans.
Good luck to Luke Evans who is fighting tonight at Victoria warehouse, shout out to his trainer 👊👊
Great to talk to the talented Luke Evans, on St David's Day, about new film which opens March 11th
If you're out and about this evening I'll be playing with Luke Evans, Aiden Jones & Ben Stone as Intoxicated at...
or Hugh Jackman & Luke Evans (who would be into girls for this purpose).
Every time I see this I can't help thinking of Oliver Reed when I see Luke Evans. . Loved the book, and movie
Final thoughts on High-Rise: Luke Evans - severely underrated actor. Reminded me of a young Oliver Reed, which I think was intentional.
Discussing future James Bond possibilities... My picks: Clive Owen, Idris Elba, Jude Law, or Luke Evans in that order.
Oh and what a cast. Luke Evans was great. Keeley Hawes was great. Tom Hid was great. *** it t…
📷 wicked-sugar: Lee Pace, Luke Evans and Orlando Bloom…would of watched the Hobbit movies sooner if I...
“Like Michael Fassbender and Daniel Craig and Domhnall Gleeson and Luke Evans and Gemma Arterton and Andrea Riseborough,”. HE JUST GOES ON
Jason Statham and Luke Evans in "Furious 7" (2015) Extended Scene. . The comments under this video gives me life
Dracula Untold (2014) Scene: "Let the games begin"/Vlad drinks. via LOVE Charles Dance and Luke Evans!
Dexter Fletcher, on screen, a few minutes. Settling for Matthew MacFadyen & Luke Evans.
Moving away from the Christmas theme...checking this out 🎬 (side note Luke Evans could suck my.blood any day)
that the one with Luke Evans? If so then yeah seen that one. Quite enjoyed it too.
So to sum up Evans' presser - Bridcutt on loan looks likely, Lafferty was watching and he doesn't like Karl Robinson.
Karl Robinson talked up Cook afterwards. Evans: "I don't think much of Karl Robinson so I don't want to be quoted on anythi…
Luke Evans took a lot of great pictures and did amazing pumpkin carving in 2015. Let's see what 2016 brings! ; )
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Luke Evans as gaston? Hmm he actually does have the same facial features as the cartoon
📷 sweetnitina: Luke Evans as Owen Shaw for Fast and Furious 6
Don't understand Evans and his love for Luke Murphy, he's been so average yet always starts and plays full match.
Luke Evans . Let's say, has just become one of my top 3 😉. ..Cute Dracula,
I think I'll watch season 3 of h2o again cause I love Indiana Evans and Luke Mitchell
Matthias Weber to score 'Message from the King' starring Chadwick Boseman, Luke Evans & Teresa Palmer.
Breathtaking when you dress in tuxedo!! :P :P . Good afternoon girls :D. Luke Evans at An Evening Honoring...
Kelly help me. I'm dying. I met Luke Evans and I don't know what to do with myself
Hold up wouldn't Luke Evans make a great Bond after Daniel Craig, make it happen British Hollywood
Emma Watson's 'Beauty and the Beast' costar Luke Evans talks film singing, her playing Belle http:…
And Ian McKellen, Stanley Tucci, Luke Evans and Emma Thompson ofcourse. But Emma Watson is my favorite actrice in the WORLD!
and Luke Evans and Fassbender 😱 if I don't get Tom I quit 😂 like everyone who goes to prems and stuff has met him
Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans at the press conference at Via Zimbio.
Craig Parker, Dean O'Gorman, Aidan Turner, Luke Evans, Landon Liboiron. If none of these work, let us know.
but if he is Bond great if not I definitely love Tom Hardy or Idris Elba or even Luke Evans
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Luke Evans and Sarah Gadon (Best Moments Press Tour Dracula Untold Part 2) I'd break into Luke's house to steal him
Luke Evans joins 'The Girl on the Train,' replacing Jared Leto via
the next sexiest man alive should be Luke Evans!
My pick is Luke Evans.same age as Connery when he started.great style...athletic build...would def…
Congratulations Mr. Evans! Luke Evans! We selected you to be the next James Bond!
.Luke Evans has been voted most popular to be the next James Bond! Excellent, congratulations :) .
A massive congratulations to Karl Morgan, Luke Evans, Dean Gorno & Fry for their first VEVO video launch with...
Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, Elizabeth Moss, Ben Wheatley and Jeremy Thomas at the press conference
Owen Shaw, Dracula, Bard, and now Bond, James Bond. Perfect for every role, Mr. Luke Evans. 007"👤
Vin Diesel backs Luke Evans as the next James Bond” hmm…
The next James Bond: And Vin Diesel picks…: Vin Diesel thinks his former co-star Luke Evans would make a good ...
Luke Evans perfect bulged in his blue speedo.
Luke Evans is the new Eric Draven in The Crow remake? Yes please! Hot hot hot!
Join us tomorrow for our weekly Open Mic Night with Luke Evans! Starts around 8.30pm and is sponsored by Mile End...
Pierce Brosnan was The Bond I grew up to. My top 6 to be Bond are Luke Evans, Henry Cavill, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, John Hamm, Gerad Buttler
If by some chance our Luke Evans were to play 007 he would be as great as Sean. Cuz Luke will age with grace like Sean
..or Max Irons. or Theo James. or Luke Evans? Why is the list so long.. I should shut up
trust me, you will! It's not like I expected to ever meet Luke Evans or John Rhys-Davies 😊
Luke Evans is the second coming of Oliver Reed (the actor, not my dog) in HIGH-RISE.
Luke Evans, Elisabeth Moss, Tom Hiddleston, and Jeremy Irons at the world premiere for at
Caught in the act: My panel for with Ben Wheatley, Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, Elisabeth Moss http…
"The most fun was the last day shooting the parties and watching Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans dance" says
Ben Wheatley, Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans at the mirror, via:
Another oldie but good... Martin Freeman, Sir Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Orlando Bloom and Luke Evans http…
Backstage at the show – Creative Director Alasdhair Willis, Francois Henri Pinault, Salma Hayek and Luke Evans. …
Tom Hiddleston, Sienna Miller and Luke Evans at Premiere at San Sebastian Film Festival. via @ mr_wheatley
Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, Sienna Miller & Ben Wheatley at the premiere during the Via Torrilla
Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, Sienna Miller and Ben Wheatley at photocall during via: torrilla
Luke Evans is set to attend 'Zurich Film Festival' via
Christoph Waltz, Ellen Page, Luke Evans, Liam Hemsworth, Harvey Weinstein & Kiefer Sutherland are off to this month.
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gang, please. Love to hear Elizabeth Moss, Ben Wheatly, Tom and Luke Evans of course together.
Gary Oldman is my fav., his acting is flawless but Luke Evans is so cool in that costume.
My top four guys are Jonathan Rhys Meyers, David Gandy, Luke Evans and Joe Manganiello
Yes! Elizabeth Moss in High Rise with Tom Hiddleston & Luke Evans. How lucky can a woman get?
So felt like a modern 80s slasher, you can't help but root for Luke Evans' psychopath in the same way you would Jason or Freddy.
Who knew Luke Evans was *** I had a crush on him because of Dracula Untold & now I feel the exact same way when I found out abt Matt Boomer
I don't know, I only know a few including Ioan Gruffudd, Luke Evans, Matthew Rhys, Tom Ellis & Christian Bale.
Is that with Luke Evans & Charles Dance? I'm pretty sure it's on my amazon wishlist. I'll have to get on it and let you know.
Luke Evans, he's one of my favourite actors and I met him at hobbitcon 😊
Luke Evans looked too good in Dracula Untold he needs to be stopped
Luke Evans and Christian Bale should be Psycho killers in films, it's not right✋🏼😞
You'll love it plus, Luke Evans is the main actor in that movie. It's a two part episode by the way. ^_^
And have a good villain, for God's sake, the one in F5 was not that threatening, Luke Evans was ok, and Jason Statham was so ridiculous
Whatever it is, Jason Statham, Luke Evans, and Kurt Russell tho
Check out this Amazon deal: Dracula Untold (Blu-ray + DVD + DIGITAL HD wi... by Luke Evans via
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I need this movie to just come out already lol! Luke Evans & Josh Gad Wrap Up Filming on Beauty & the Beast
Photo Flash: Beauty and the Beast's Luke Evans and Josh Gad Make an Adorable Gaston and Le Fou: According to I...
Josh Gad & Luke Evans share a photo on the set of the upcoming movie and people are getting...
One heck of a final, congratulations to Team Black/Gray (Brent Burr, Luke Evans, Josh Evans) for winning the Team Derby.
Luke Evans's photo, Very green tree, lit up by the huge lights on our night shoot last night.
The Hobbit star Luke Evans gets his hands dirty in craft lessons with Welsh ... -… tom bombadil is king
If you enjoy watching Aiden Gillen on check out Blitz on Also has Luke Evans, David Morrissey, Jason Statham and Zawe Ashton
Sarah Gadon gives tips on how to entice vampire Luke Evans via
Josh Brolin, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Olivia Munn to join Luke Evans and David Oyelowo in THREE SECONDS:
cheers mate :), it got an awesome cast Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Elizabeth Moss, James Purefoy, Luke Evans, Sienna Miller
I am, reluctantly, impressed that David rates Luke Evans as the best replacement for Daniel Craig as Bond
Damnit! First it was Luke Evans, now it's Jack Huston.Variety said the "Boardwalk Empire" star who'll be the new... http:/…
not any of these. . We've had English, Irish, Scottish. Y not Welsh?. Luke Evans (36) is my best …
Check out: Sonam Kapoor poses with Luke Evans at Bvlgari's gala dinner | Latest Movie Features - Bollywood Hungama
Watching 'The Raven' w/John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe. Once you heard the story about Luke Evans' real vampire fangs you can't unsee them. 😝
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Fast And Furious 8 to be set in New York with Jason Stratham most likely returning as Deckhard shaw and maybe Luke Evans as Owen Shaw
Okay first Ioan Gruffudd, then Luke Evans, now Matt Ryan I just ugh I adore them so much
I wonder what Marvel fandom thinks about Luke Evans, Lee Pace, Orlando Bloom and Richard Armitage!
Justin my king. Chris Evans my hero. Luke Evans my vampire. Wesley my sunshine. Luke Hemmings my crush. Dylan my bæ. Paul my angel. Theo my life
can you agree this on buzzfeed about Luke Evans as Gaston. See Link Below:.
Guess who 🙈 first one to guess who am I will get either Madison Beer, Tristan Evans, Luke, Cody or Justin 😂
Where can I find me a sexy older white man that looks like Luke Evans? 😍😍 he is perfect
yeah and I keep stopping to marvel because it's so good. Picturing Chris Evans as Luke, and Claire Danes as An…
Ello! So my nominees are in for and Luke Evans for !! :D
I am blessed to have you as a follower Lila. Thank you for sharing lots of Luke Evans' pics :)
"He killed the Dragon. Struck him dead. With a black arrow.". Luke Evans - Bard the Bowman
Taryn's cat has chosen to love me. Luke Evans is here. Things are going well.
Luke Evans in Dracula Untold kills me 😍
Luke Evans, please stop being hotter than my boyfriend.
Luke Evans give your water to Lee Pace ! it's an emergency! 😱.
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Luke Evans is Aramis in The Three Musketeers - Behind the scenes
Luke Evans is my favorite male actor lately
Congratulations to Dylan Evans Triathlete Sascha Bondarenko-Edwards on U/23 Australian selection and Luke Willian...
Bard, is one of my favourite characters so; it makes sense. Played by the brilliant Luke Evans! No complaints here. :)
I do indeed! But I think I liked it a lot because it has Chris Evans in it, but other than that it is a good film
Super thrilled that David Oyelowo joins Luke Evans in cast for my movie 3 SECONDS.
Richard Armitage & Luke Evans at the Desolation of Smaug Premiere in Berlin
Luke McCormack Kills 2 children, plays professional football, everyone is fine with that, yet Ched Evans? So rape is worse than murder? LOL
Watching tonight and again, Luke McCormack plays football free as a bird. Good job he only killed 2 children.…
So many negative statistics for children in care. Let's help Luke challenge those and change their lives for good: . htt…
Valention and all wearing Valentino and …
I just found out that Luke Evans is *** :( I'm quite sad about this as I literally drooled during Dracula lol
always elegant...perfect style. Sexy and elegant : Luke Evans. Totally hypnotized by him :)
ICYMI: shared a few more behind the scenes photos this week
Interested in using drones in herpetology research? Read about research using drones by Luke Evans & Company in...
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Valention Luke Evans and all wearing Valentino and supporting…
The beautiful with Luke Evans and Matilde forming the team for…
Luke Evans and Valentino. These are a few of my favorite things.
My Daily Drawings Sublimated Arts: Luke Evans Portrait of black and white sublimate
How Luke Evans swapped Welsh valleys for Hollywood hills
Luke Evans and all wearing Valentino and supporting htt…
Luke Evans and all wearing Valentino and supporting
Delighted to say & Luke Evans will be appearing on this wkend.Tune in! http…
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