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Luke Evans

Luke Evans (born April 15, 1979) is a Welsh theatre and film actor. He is known to theatregoers for his stage roles in Rent, Miss Saigon, Small Change and Piaf, and to filmgoers for his roles in Immortals, The Three Musketeers, Clash of the Titans, and Tamara Drewe.

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All I do on instagram besides following cat/kitten pages, is like pictures of Adam Driver & Luke Evans. There’s als…
I want to see Colin Firth, Hugh grant, Bill nighy, Paul Anderson or Luke Evans in Black Mirror please!
Causs Henry Cavil isnt enough so let's add Luke Evans too
Hello. Before I study for my exams, I just want to say I love Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Emma Watson, the e…
Yo this new show the alienist coming out soon w Dakota fanning and Luke Evans and that other guy I forgot the name…
Just watched the live action I liked it! Sir Ian McKellen, Emma Thomson and Luke Evans stole the show for me!
Goodnight guys you know I love Queen, Ian McKellen, James and Oliver, Luke Evans, Adam Young, my boyfriend and my m…
Prince Charles greeted by actor Luke Evans on south Wales tour
Luke Evans posted photo on the set The Three Musketeers with Logan Lerman, Ray Stevenson & Matthew Macf…
Watch the trailer for The Alienist, an upcoming series starring Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans, and Dakota Fann…
Thank you! I spent ages trying to decide whether to use 1991 Gaston or 2017 Gaston, eventually I felt L…
luke evans deep voice in The Mob Song has me
1. Clemson. 2. Oklahoma . 3. UGA. 4. Bama. It’s not that hard.
I don’t watch this movie for Cate Blanchett And Russel Crowe I Watch It For Luke Evans,Lea Seydo…
Linked with N'Zonzi, Deeney, Johnny Evans and Luke Shaw today too.
I’m gonna love you forever. Forever and Evans, Amen. ❤️
All purpose parts banner
“Luke is hot”. Luke who? You have to be more specific. Luke Cage? Castellan? Skywalker? Evans? . or... Hemmings?. Be specific?
Transfer news live: Liverpool tell Barcelona price for Philippe Coutinho, United to let Luke Shaw leave
.has shared some HOT new shirtless photos taken at the gym!
on the airing November 18 at 9.40pm on ITV. Luke: 'So I have to remind you that you p…
I started a new account for Luke Evans♡
Not even Beauty and the Beast can ruin my love for Luke Evans
Luke Evans is delightfully smarmy as Gaston. Emma Watson is charming and comes across as less snobby and more hopef…
You're right🙄I was speechless about some comments... And I also think it's the anonymity of social…
My pleasure 😉I'm very curious about the movie- I remember this pic Luke posted during the shooting,…
THE GUEST REALLY IS /THAT/ MOVIE. also luke evans is *** so even if you wanted to he wouldn’t be into you 😷
It's sad that most men don't wear their hair like that anymore. Although most men probably don't have…
see i dont agree about luke evans he's so old looking in the face djckdmc BUT THE GUEST IS SUCH A SLEEPER CLASSIC watch it
Luke Evans as bard the bowman hot sexy oh my god that's is one
He looks just like the actor, Luke Evans (Superman, not the huge, grey ogre thing).
Via kencardon. Today it's been 3 years since I took this amazing selfie with at The Hobbit: The Battle of the…
Luke Evans is always giving his fans hot selfies and shirtless photos: via
*The version of Gaston playing. begins singing*. Me: Remember that time Luke Evans was on…
is NOT dead yet. Congress can stop the FCC vote, but only if we make them. Nationwide protests on De…
Is it too early for a Christmas wish list? All we want for Christmas is Luke Evans! .
Luke Evans is trying to kill me with his instagram.
This that annoying girl from the wix ad
Luke Evans - A little light (!!!) reading on my flight today. Anna screenplay 💥 . . . . https:…
Okay so I need Luke Evans to return as Dracula and idc about Monsters Universe GET IT TOGETHER AND GIVE ME MORE VLAD AND MINA. thx.
Luke Evans attends the Save The Children’s Magical Winter Gala at the Guildhall, November 16 in London with Laura Baile…
Luke Evans is so handsome. I bet Steven Colbert's wife is somewhere like 😂
Doug Jones in The Shape of Water, Ray Romano in The Big Sick, Luke Evans in Beauty and the Beast and Elizabeth Marv…
Luke Evans would have made a good Nick too.
How come Luke Evans survived being thrown out of a plane but not Gal Gadot?? I just gave ya another sequel for Fast & Furious..
Luke Evans' first interaction with Wonder Woman was the iconic Lynda Carter
Watch Usher, Luke Evans and James Corden square off in a sexy vocal riff-off on htt…
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Luke Evans and Orlando Bloom are the same person and no one can tell me otherwise
I think I love Luke Evans so much because he's Orlando Bloom for adults.
She was auto tuned big time! Luke Evans portrayal as Gaston was great as was Josh Gad as Lefou. Althoug…
First Look: New character posters for starring Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall, and Bella Heathcote!
Annette Bening, Diane Kruger and Luke Evans headline our Tuesday roundup!
Bella with Luke Evans and director Angela Robinson today at
Chadwick Boseman is now doing the one mission in past GTA games everyone hated by following Luke Evans via car
"Message from the King" is on Netflix, Chadwick Boseman as the vigilante hero versus Luke Evans as…
Not that it's anyones business but a *** power couple like Jon Kortajarena and Luke Evans is needed.
📷 gastt: lukevanski: Luke Evans and Josh Gad doing an impression of each other’s characters [x] I want...
|| *Cuddles back* Luke Evans and Josh Gad make everything better 😍
I liked a video "Gaston" live - Josh Gad, Luke Evans, Alan Menken at "Beauty and the Beast" press
I can't believe people are actually voting for James McAvoy, Luke Evans, Charlize Theron, Javier Bardem and Elizabeth Banks. 😒
the movie is beauty and the east, it has Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, Ian Mckelan , Dan Stevens,Ewan McGregor, Luke Evans
Disappointing that the leading role in "Denmark" was not given to a Welsh actor like Michael Sheen, Matthew Rhys or Luke Evans.
if u are a fan of Daniel Bruhl and Luke Evans or Cary Fukunaga hit me up to yell about this new tv show of theirs
Art by me:. Dracula Untold fan art. Played by Luke Evans
I could listen to Luke Evans all day. Also, I'm not sure what it says about me that I think he's hotter as Gaston than in any other role.
I might RP both Dracula's​ from Dracula Untold and Van Helsing but keeping my FC as Luke Evans
I liked a video Adam West dies at 88 Tribute, Dracula Untold & Luke Evans for Dark Universe?
Luke Evans from Dracula Untold & Beauty and the Beast would be a great Wolverine.
Scrolling through my TL and Luke Evans pops up, so naturally I open this thread of fineness 👀 I'on ev…
After watching the live action Beauty and the Beast, I will now forever have a crush on Dan Stevens and Luke Evans. 😍😍
Luke Evans, Dakota Fanning, Daniel Brühl and Brian Geraghty in a series coming to TNT later this year.
Luke Evans, Neil Patrick Harris and Andrew Rannells at the 10th Annual Veuve Clicquot Po…
📷 lukevanski: Luke Evans on set as Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) [x]
I liked a video Beauty and the Beast | Josh Gad & Luke Evans | Full Interview
Exclusive Beauty and the Beast Interview with Luke Evans and Josh Gad
okay so the only ppl who can sing in this dumb are Josh Gad, Luke Evans and Audra McDonald
EXCLUSIVE: Luke Evans, Emma Thompson, and Josh Gad joins Disney's Live-Action 'Beauty and the Beast'…
Luke Evans sings "Gaston" with Josh Gad and Al Menken on the piano
"Beauty and the Beast": a boring, cold mess, saved by Josh Gad and Luke Evans.
I need to make a picture with Luke Evans, Johnny Depp and Tom Hiddleston.
So where's the petition for Disney to make a beauty and the beast prequel about Gaston and Lefou with Luke Evans and Josh Gad?
📹 luke-evans: Luke Evans, Josh Gad and Dan Stevens play True or False. 1. Beauty and the Beast is...
Luke Evans would be the best choice for the new Bond!!! Agree? ;)
I heard Josh Gad is expected at MTV on 5/7 could you please confirm if Luke Evans is coming?
I liked a video Luke Evans & Josh Gad: Beauty and the Beast Prank
Did you like the LIVE Disney Version of Beauty & The Beast that starred Dan Stevens, Luke Evans & Emma Watson?
109% pointless doing almost a shot for shot remake BUT done very well and Emma Watson and Luke Evans are great in it
Luke Evans and Henry Cavill sharing a laugh during their promotion of Immortals at the 2011 WonderCon held at the M…
Disney perfectly cast Emma Watson as Belle, along with Dan Stevens as the Beast and Luke Evans as Gaston.
Seeing the interview with Emma Watson & the kittens I hope someone will do one with Luke Evans & a bunch of puppies. 😸
No where can you go wrong with putting The Rock, Vin Disel, Jason Statham, Luke Evans, Scott Eastwood & Ludacris in…
So many hotties on the movie as well ; Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, Scott Eastwood and Luke Evans. 😍😍😍😍
I still believe that Luke Evans is the lovechild of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. ♥♥♥
Amazing night seeing with the girls. I cried. Best performances go to Luke Evans (Gaston) and Emma Thompson (Mrs Potts) ❤️🌹
Beauty and the Beast actors Josh Gad and Luke Evans, along with composer Alan Menken, talk about the impact of...
The inside story of how Disney, Alan Menken, Josh Gad and Luke Evans recaptured the 'Beauty and the Beast' magic
Dan with Luke Evans filming for the Late Late Show with James Corden
Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Josh Gad in a new outtake from Art Streiber photoshoot for
Luke Evans and Dan Stevens potographed for Buzzfeed. I love my handsome boys.
I have never seen any casting as perfect as Luke Evans as Gaston, except maybe Mark Addy as Robert Baratheon.
I'd just like to thank Jonathan Ross for getting taron Egerton, Luke Evans and Hugh jackman on the same sofa
After watching Beauty and the Beast...Emma Watson can't act or sing. Ewan McGregor's "Be Our Guest" and Luke Evans were the highlight.
Emma Watson was utterly sublime! Luke Evans is the greatest Gaston that there ever has been or ever will.
Luke Evans as Gaston absolutely stole the show though he did the exact opposite of Emma Watson and made the character so full and a person
Saw today. Loved Josh Gad, Luke Evans, and thought Emma Watson was good, too. Enchanted objects this time, not as much.
Film 25 in 2017: Beauty and the Beast. Magical and so well made. Emma Watson powerful and Luke Evans sings his heart out. 4.55/5
ok Emma Watson isn't the strongest singer but done a great job! I loved Josh Gad and Luke Evans.."gaston" was fantastic
Beauty & the Beast was amazing. It was visually stunning, Emma Watson was perfect as Belle and Luke Evans was brilliant as Gaston 🌹🥀💕
Emma Watson did a wonderful job as Belle, but to be blunt she was the weakest singer; Luke Evans was the best performer
I should mention how FABULOUS Luke Evans is. Closest to taking permanent ownership of a character. Emma Watson only lacked breath control.
{{Back from watching Beauty and The Beast...perfection. Emma Watson, Luke Evans, guy who plays Lefou whose name I cannot remember, was+
While all of the people praising Emma Watson for her performance, buta the true star of the show is Luke Evans
Crosswalk the Musical: Beauty and the Beast w/ James Corden & film stars: Josh Gad, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans
Watching stunning Emma Watson as Belle & very Gaston-ish Luke Evans with wonderful soundtracks just made my night! 4/5
I have been in love with Luke Evans this whole time until I saw BATB and Dan Stevens stole my heart
i don't usually root for Disney movies, but Emma Watson and Luke Evans in costumes? yes please!
I don't like Beauty And The Beast, I love it!! Emma Watson is really fit being Belle but no for Luke Evans as Gaston, he has kind figure :(
*"What The Flick?" Movie Trivia*. What do Emma Thompson, Luke Evans, and Emma Watson all have in common?...
Emma Watson and Luke Evans tho. On point! Just remove the new back story and new music pls.
14 hours later i'm still amazed, Emma Watson and Luke Evans were outstanding
Emma Watson's Belle brought new layers to the character and Luke Evans' Gaston was better than I could've ever imagined. Bravo!
This song keep on repeating in my head. ♫ Belle by Emma Watson, Luke Evans & Ensemble - Beauty and the Beast —
Little Giant Ladders
Thought BATB '17 was a'ight. Felt Emma Watson was OK. Luke Evans & Josh Gad were my favorite actors in it. It'll make all the $ this wknd.
Yep. Luke Evans is good but Emma Watson is so badly auto-tuned for the entire thing.
Belle de Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Ensemble - Beauty and the Beast ♫
Beauty and the Beast Movie Cast: Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston…
plus Luke Evans as gaston, Sir Ian Mckellen as Cogsworth, Ewan McGregor as Lumiere and Emma Watson! My emotions were so overwhelmed
They couldn't have casted Beauty and the Beast any better. Josh Gad, Emma Watson, Luke Evans. Nuff said.
'Beauty and the Beast' Stars Josh Gad, Luke Evans and Dan Stevens Join James Corden for a Crosswalk Musical
VIDEO: Josh Gad, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens hilariously perform low-budget "Beauty and the Beast" on public...
I'm expecting Daniel Craig to come back but if he doesn't I'd quite like to see Luke Evans as the next Bond!
Was very impressed with Luke Evans, and Dan Stevens. Kevin Kline was also a pleasant surprise. :)
"It's the ones that play hard to get that are always the sweetest prey" Luke Evans as Gaston ht…
Love the smirk! Luke Evans attends premiere in Los Angeles March 2nd at El Capitain theater pics by…
Luke Evans gushes about working with Emma Watson and Josh Gad at Beauty and the Beast UK Premiere:…
“Gaston” Clip from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast . Luke Evans and Josh Gad rock!.
I would like to thank the parents of Brad Pitt, Luke Evans, and Eric Johnson for creating such beautiful men 😍 seriously thank you!
Luke Evans at the Global Gift Gala , Red Carpet Arrivals November 19th London by WireImage
When Dan Stevens looks like Tom Felton and Luke Evans looks like Jason Isaac
IG styleanderror - My boy Luke Evans at Shanhai premier of styled in suit &…
— that's dating the jock, portrayed by Luke Evans. You and I have been best friends since we were little [—
Mm. Maybe! If this movie ends up happening, I'll let you know how good a kisser Luke Evans is. We could even take —
Hiddelstone not for me.Hardy to small 5ft 9 I would have Luke Evans
Luke Evans & Jason Statham. I'll be over here waiting for Owen Shaw to wake from his coma so the Shaw brothers…
Luke Evans singing 'Delilah' by Tom Jones at the Lyric Theatre via
Interview by HeyUGuys talking with Luke Evans about Emily Blunt in and
Luke Evans and Ed Skrein looked so handsome at the
Now I'm watching that one Three Musketeers movie with Luke Evans. Gotta show my love for
MISSING: Have you seen 26 year-old Luke Evans who has been missing from Coventry since Monday night? Call 101 or Missi…
how come none of you told me that Luke Evans was going to be in a movie about William Moulton Marston with Bella Heathcote and Rebecca Hall
Beauty and the Beast 2017 Final Trailer - Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans en
📷 Luke Evans & Peter Jackson on the set of The Hobbit
J.K. Rowling, Luke Evans and Kiefer Sutherland among those paying tribute to actor John Hurt who has died aged 77.…
Luke Evans and coach Gary Booth Preparing for Feb 18th
Noel Clarke's kidnap thriller 10 x 10 starts filming today with Luke Evans and Kelly Reilly
My heart and prayers go out to the victim of the Chicago kidnapping.
Remember when gaga invented pokestops? 👌🏼
Luke Evans would have been a better Cassian Andor
To be able to work with people who I have respected and admired, to b...
I saw the shoes a few months ago and I liked so much, he decided to do it! He has a lot of patience! 😄 Next 👠...Luke Evans 😂😂
sad that if "we" know it will wreck the fairy tale :). Think we can use our imagination ;). BF is supp Luke Evans. Hot too!
Oh it was a reply that didn't go through right. I do, by Luke Evans. Thanks.
Ok Luke Evans is trying to kill me . it's fine . don't worry about me i'll be fine .
Luke Evans is my new fave onscreen fella... oo la la
Dracula Untold (Luke Evans) killed that Role the whole Vampire thing just sits mnandi on him
What's the temperature inside a Tauntaun?. Luke-warm
Dracula Untold for the umpteenth time because Luke Evans 😍😂
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Today's book2movie post: Luke Evans is charming in new teaser trailer for Beauty & the Beast…
I have completed my research, and discovered that I think Luke does have back hair! 😲
She looks young because she is young. Its gonna be weird seeing her with Dan Stevens (Beast) & Luke Evans (Gaston).
Luke Evans on playing Gaston in via 😍 I can't believe he thinks kids will r…
Wouldn't mind seeing Browny and Lee involved aswell maybe Evans too.
Enjoy your Friday and a great start into the weekend with too sexy Luke Evans! 😍😘
Emma Watson presenting the new 'Beauty and the Beast' TV spot. Also Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, and Josh Gad.
Another bad play was when Luke didn't sub out Lou sooner when Evans was killing him. This is on Luke this game
Part 3 of fancasting an MCU X-Men movie: Tom Cruise as Cyclops and Luke Evans as Wolverine (James Howlett aka Logan…
Mike Evans caught 81 passes for first downs in the 2016 season, 15 more than any other NFL receiver!. https:…
Steve Nash coached it up today with pro basketball player Luke Evans & his bro Neil Evans!…
Yes a PhD LUKE. We're all qualified to be Drs in Lukology
kaleidoscope with Luke Evans as Richard Wilder, music by
📷 lukeevanss: 31 days of Luke Evans Day 5: Favorite facial expresion: when he smiles (El Hormiguero TV...
Ok. 😄 I've only seen her in Dracula Untold. But I liked the way she and Luke talked about how great it was to work together. 😊
Just hit 300followers on my Luke evans fan blog yay ♥
ikr!!? Luke evans is just hot :( Also this movie made me wanna watch the affair lol u tried it?
4: Always was,always will. If ever someone wants to make me cry get me a print issue of MH Dec 2013!
Kyle chandler for Brody and Luke Evans for Quint
📷 Paula Hawkins, Tate Taylor, Emily Blunt, Luke Evans and Haley Bennett at the premiere of The Girl on...
Hands down, Johnny Depp! But Luke Evans & Jason Momoa are right up there too! AND Joseph Morgan & Ian Sommerhalder...
it went from Bradley Cooper (back in 2011!) to Luke Evans to Jack Huston and now they might lose Jason Mamoa
Here's our Speech Competition winner Luke Evans being handed his cup by Shelley Jackson Woodall from htt…
Is Helen Mirren going to be playing Jason Statham and Luke Evans' mum in Fast and Furious 8?
and Kevin Kline as Maurice and Luke Evans as Gaston and Ewan McGregor's no doubt excellent voice acting and
Also starring in the movie are Dan Stevens as The Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, Kevin Kline as Maurice, Ewan...
I'm sure Luke Evans will do a great job, but there was only one person truest built to play in…
I have to agree with Jamie that Luke Evans as Gaston (instead of Joe Manganiello) is a questionable choice. He's not even half a barge!
"Pictures tell any story more effectively than words." William Moulton Marston, Luke Evans' new role in…
Luke Evans, Liam Hemsworth and Benjamin Walker were to star before Colin Ferrell was cast
WHOA, that was quick! Luke Evans will be creator William Moulton Marston in biopic
Regular Passes up for grabs! Starring Emily Blunt, Luke Evans and Haley Bennet.
Luke Evans and Emily Blunt have such good chemistry together. I hope they do more movies with each other in the future
I liked a video from Premiere: Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Tate Taylor + Luke Evans |
Everybody is a suspect in with Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley…
Luke Evans and Haley Bennett as Scott and Megan Hipwell in in UK and US theaters next week!
Emily Blunt & Luke Evans Premiere 'Girl on the Train' in London via
Welsh actor Luke Evans joins stars on the red carpet for premiere of The Girl on the Train
I was trying to stay so out of the loop that I didn’t even know Luke Evans was in it. So this was a pleasant surprise.
Luke Evans at the world premiere of
Luke Evans admits he doesn't feel the pressure of taking on a character from a bestseller
I've had letters from people who have read my articles and said, 'I'm a guy, I'm 18, and I've
Looks like so much fun!cast at the world premiere! Luke Evans, Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Pa…
Luke Evans chats new movie The Girl on the Train Daily Mail Online: via
📷 cheers-mrhiddleston: Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans attend the premiere of High-Rise at the Tribeca...
Luke Evans as Scott Hipwell in is a "husband looking for answers" said Luke.
⚡️ “Emily Blunt and Luke Evans stun at The Girl on the Train premiere”.
Watch moving to 4-0 with a superb display of Boxing against Mr reliable Kristain Laight
Luke Evans v Kristian Laight at the warehouse 17th Sept 2016
Stunning Emily Blunt joins Luke Evans and Hayley Bennett at The Girl On The... on
✨ LUKE EVANS ✨ so happy to have finally met him, so bloody lovely! thankyou! 😻💕
📷 luke-evans: Emily Blunt and Luke Evans attending the world premiere of The Girl On The Train at...
He did a great job playing Luke Evans' son in 'The Desolation of Smaug'. Excellent choice for Young Ian.
Great new scenes with Luke Evans in the interview by BBC London
Guysss, I'm so excited 😍😍 Luke Evans is making me so happy today 🚂💁
Some cute pics inside world premiere Luke Evans and the 3 ladies! Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Hal…
A longbow takes a massive draw for the arrow to go anywhere.
Luke Evans is looking dapper as ever
Via Got Emily Blunt and Luke Evans signature today LOL premiere -…
Luke Evans quote of the night.. "When two people get married, the world gets better" 😍😍
Interview with Luke Evans at world premiere by The Upcoming via YouTube part 2
Claire Bueno interviewing Luke Evans on the tracks of world premiere!
Interview by with Luke Evans at the world premiere of in London
Emily Bunt and Luke Evans attend the World Premiere of 'The Girl On The Train' at Odeon Leicester Square on September 20, 2016…
Luke Evans at world premiere pictures by Benett/Getty
Emily Blunt and Luke Evans at world premiere! Pics via Karwai Tang/ WireImage
Love those pics! Emily Blunt and Luke Evans seem to have a great time at world premiere! Via Getty a…
Best of luck to one of our former players Luke Evans and the Irish Paralympic soccer team in Rio. ⚽️🇮🇪
I have only two *** Crush, Russell Tovey & Luke Evans. Others are heterosexual.
I haven't seen his other films. But HR is very special. Luke Evans as Richard Wilder is absolutely furious. 😊💕
I liked Luke Evans as The Crow but sad when he left! But now Jason as ERIC will be much more intimidating as The Crow
Okay but what happened to Luke Evans playing him??? Also Jason is too beefy for the crow ***
I was sad when Luke Evans and Jack Huston had to leave the role, but I'm fine with Jason as Eric Draven!
VIDEO:Luke Evans and Tom Hiddleston Dancing - BTS of High-Rise. Source via: torrilla
📷 barduil: Luke Evans photographed by Andy Gotts for ‘Flemings Mayfair Hotel’
Luke Evans - Celebrities Photographed by Andy Gotts at Flemings Mayfair Hotel, London. via https…
thank you! I enjoyed watching your convo :) Luke Evans comes highly recommended
Luke Evans, Zoë Wanamaker, Richard Herring & Gregg Wallace join Sir Quentin Blake in WC2 later for the launch of his ne…
'In class (..) we have: Chris Evans, Luke Evans, Sean Evans, Sîon Evans, and Sean Davies'
honestly his fandom thinks Luke Evans would be a great choice 4 the next James Bond! ht…
Actors I could see as 007- Tom Hiddleston, Christian Bale, Michael Fassbender, Luke Evans
Also watched Dracula Untold last night without knowing that Luke Evans is casted as Gaston😭❤️
Dustin Clare, especially as Gannicuus, Luke Evans as Dracula Untold and any man that's handsome and built!!!
Words can't describe my hype for that 'BEAUTY AND THE BEAST' movie. Emma Watson as Belle, Luke Evans as Gatson. Ian McKe…
if we are dropping the blond hair why not Luke Evans, he did amazing in Dracula Untold.
Beside Idris Elba, I'm rooting for Luke Evans for the next James Bond. The guy in Dracula Untold & the one who played Bard in Hobbit BOTFA.
I loved Luke Evans as Dracula in Dracula Untold it's a Great movie
squad is James?
*waiting 100 years for Luke Brooks followed you*
"When I got the job I was over the moon."
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
we have a better idea! Why not pick the 1 that won a 180K James Bond poll? Luke Evans! https:/…
The Most Handsome Men in the World 2015 vote Luke Evans please!
A partial selfie with Luke Evans in Rome by fabriziani90 @ Instagram
I don't need to be super-ripped all year round. That's a pretty misera...
"He is the obvious choice. He is Luke Evans." by
We should not forget Luke Evans as Vlad Tepes in 'Dracula Untold' .
NOTE: you're keeping the fc's name, but your character isn't famous. it's just easier. Needed:. -Luke Hemmings. -Chris Evans…
James Righton, Keira Knightley, and Luke Evans arriving at a dinner hosted b…
Yes, at last someone who recognises the wonderful actor Luke is! Luke Evans is the next James Bond!
. unveils new bracelet and video with ambassador Luke Evans ht…
Gemma Arterton in 'The Master Builder' at the Almeida - she was absolu...
Luke Evans dishes on his dark role in thriller High-Rise
IMG Models Signs Luke Evans - Luke Evans, an established actor on London’s West End, has been signed t...
I... Is Jon Kortajarena bi or *** or something? Cause.. I just found out there were some medias saying he's dating Luke Evans.
IMG Models Signs Luke Evans: WME will continue to WME continues to represent Evans for entertainment deals.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
the only person who should be cast as James Bond is Luke Evans! No one else - Luke Evans
Just me who thinks Aiden Turner is basically Luke Evans-lite?
o yeah so you know Luke Evans who played Bard in The Hobbit films? well, my grandparents know his uncle so I could maybe meet him one day...
Luke Evans as Scott Hipwell in The Girl on the Train, the movie is not out until October but you...
Luke Evans signed autographs and took pictures with his fans
I think his name is Luke Evans! And dude ugh he's such a handsome man
you have to see "Dracula Untold" directed by Gary Shore, with Luke Evans . Then you'll know what happened. ... kind of ...
aww thank you, this was a very enjoyable piece to work on… I mean staring at Luke Evans for hours… no hardship!
Luke Evans and Ellie Goulding pose together for ELLE Style Awards
Forget about ur wallets & personal preference when you vote & pray/think about this, this is the stuff that matters
!! The Girl On The Train trailer looks PRETTY GOOD. I am v. pleased with the casting of Luke Evans
how you can defend that is unbelievable. Poor Ched Evans is having a harder time for rape and he was innocent. Luke was guilty.
So excited for Luke Bryan and even more excited I'm going with Gabe😍
I moved to Cardiff when I was 17 and never needed a car. When I came to L.A...
I couldn't stand it (apart from Luke Evans, who is phenomenal) and haven't read the book.
Looking at High Rise and gotta say the best *** movie i seen Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans is phenomenal in it. Bravo…
Luke Evans tapped his dark side for "I became a cypher. I lost myself in the end" h…
Its so good to be back home and what better way than ending my night with a dope message from my favorite baldy
Luke Evans as Namor! I went with the classic look. Might do another with his new costume
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