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Luke Bryan

Thomas Luther Luke Bryan (born July 17, 1976) is an American country singer.

Lee Brice Cole Swindell Keith Urban Klipsch Music Center Hunter Hayes Jason Aldean Blake Shelton Jason Alden Miranda Lambert Florida Georgia Line Dierks Bentley Roller Coaster Aaron Watson Eric Church Play It Again Taylor Swift

Sitting on our silverado tailgate just before the Luke Bryan concert.
my mornings always start off with some Luke Bryan and Lee Brice πŸ’–
Id say my singing voice is easily a mix of Justin Timberlake, Eddie Vedder and Luke Bryan
I like to think like Luke Bryan is singing about me in his songs.
Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton loosen up for ACMs return
Mom: "Where do you want to apply to college?". Me: "Wherever I can see Luke Bryan all the time". Mom: πŸ˜’
If for some reason you hate college football then come to Gexa tonight and see me and The Wolf at the Luke Bryan concert!
I've decided I'm going to college in Georgia so I can find me my own Luke Bryan.
Cole Swindell, Lee Brice, and Luke Bryan tonight with and she almost surprised me! If it was a snake it would've bit me!
I wana go to Luke Bryan and zac brown band😭😭😭
Listening to Luke Bryan always cheers me up
All I want for Christmas is Justin Timberlake, Hunter Hayes and Luke Bryan. Is that to much to ask for ?
Adam Rosales looks like an athletic ball playing Luke Bryan.
Billy Currington, Chris Young, Luke Bryan & Hunter Hayes are still on my list to see in concert... πŸ˜πŸ’• they are all a must.
Why would you even waste your life listening to Luke Bryan when Josh Turner music exists?
"Drake is probably the hardest person in the world...behind Luke Bryan and David Beckham" -
Hunter Hayes, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton all in one playlist
Another winner! Congratulations to Austin Hayes! He just won tickets to see Luke Bryan live at the Forum...
anything by Hunter Hayes, Luke Bryan or Brett Kissel please !!
If you missed Luke Bryan's performance on Jimmy Fallon, we have it for you right here! ~Rose
Fun show tonight! Hugh Jackman & Nick Offerman are here. Plus music from Luke Bryan & new
The end of this year is gonna be great! Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, So You Think You Can Dance, Nutcracker, Spurs, Lion King
Luke Bryan could stab me in the arm and I'd thank him. πŸ™Œ
"Country's my favorite kinda music". "Really, who're your favorite artists?". "Luke Bryan & Taylor Swift". A real life conversation I just had
First Taylor Swift and now Luke Bryan (again) : best. year. ever.
What country have you been listening to? Because Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, and FGL don't count.
When people only listen to Luke Bryan or Hunter Hayes and think they're country fans🚫
It's not even funny how bad I want to see Luke Bryan tomorrow
This time on Friday I will have my eyes on Luke Bryan , Cole Swindell and Lee Brice 😍
Cole Swindel, Lee Brice, and Luke Bryan all in one night! I CANT wait!😁🎧
I can't wait to be at the Luke Bryan, Lee Brice, and Cole Swindell concert on Sunday πŸ’ƒπŸŽΆ
So who wants to go to Luke Bryan and Lee Brice?
Love Lee Brice and Luke Bryan so much! Saw them in concert at jones county fair! plz follow me
Luke Bryan, Lee Brice, and Cole Swindell at the Hollywood bowl 😱😭
no! I've gotten meet and greets for Luke Bryan and cole, but not lee!
What can I say about this week's show, Awesome again!!! Great job guys, any chance of some vids of Hunter Hayes & Luke Bryan!!
Attempting to learn all of Lee Brice and Luke Bryan's music for next week 😁 πŸ™Œ
I cannot believe I will be seeing Dierks Bentley, Lee Brice, and Luke Bryan on the same stage in 24 hours
So excited for Luke Bryan, Lee Brice, and Cole Swindell tomorrow night😍❀️
One more day until Luke Bryan and Lee Brice!
I don't know how I'm gonna handle these three under one roof! Luke Bryan - Cole Swindell - Lee Brice…
Luke Bryan and Lee Brice concert October 24, this is great.😍
are you guys going to Luke Bryan or Jason Aldean?
So -- Miranda Lambert killed it, Justin Bieber is possibly the most stupid person on the face of the earth, I want to put Ryan Seacrest and Usher in my pocket, Jennifer Lopez showed us more in four minutes than she has in 20 years of filmmaking, and Luke Bryan needs to be in my bed. Now. Goodnight.
β€œWho do you want to see at Chili Cookoff? Carrie underwood, Hunter Hayes, Luke Bryan and Lee Brice!
I want tickets to see Luke Bryan and Hunter Hayes 😭😭😭
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What do Garth Brooks and Luke Bryan have in common?
I really can't stand Cole Swindell. He tries way to hard to be like Luke Bryan.
One month until Luke Bryan and season 4 of American Horror Story! My life will be complete 😁😍
In stone Luke Bryan, Lee Brice and Cole at the Hollywood Bowl!
Might be going to see Luke Bryan, Cole Swindle and Florida Georgia Line in Cancun Mexico πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Ž
Fun fact: Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell were frat brothers in college
A girl who says "don't take me to a Luke Bryan concert take me to a Aaron Watson concert" is a girl I want to marry & give her everything
Cole Swindell, Lee Brice, Luke Bryan, & a day in the city this Friday with & the rents. What's better?
Well I suppose I'll go see Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, and Lee Brice this weekend
A Salute to the Troops with Luke Bryan and Miller Lite
JUST ANNOUNCED! On the day we give you Luke Bryan at the ATT Center.WE GIVE YOU Cole Swindell in our...
I, Jill Beach, like Cole Swindell more than Luke Bryan. . Yep, I said it. . 😍🎢
Luke Bryan, Lee Brice, and Cole Swindell will forever be my favorite artists to see in concert. Or in the same one for that!
I'm more excited to see Cole Swindell than I am to see Luke Bryan
What should we give one lucky Lady at this weeks Red Carpet Friday's Event? Last night we gave away a Michael Kors purse, week before a $300 BeBe Gift Card and the week before that 2 tickets to see Luke Bryan this Thursday! What should we give away this Friday? ;)
Little Giant Ladders
"Yeah we're proud to be young, we stick to our guns. We love who we love, and we wanna have fun." -FGL/Luke Bryan
Jk. I take it back . I'm not selling my Luke Bryan tickets cause I fear what and will do to me if I do 😳😳😨
"How many Luke Bryan songs do I have to give the thumbs down to before Pandora learns to not play him πŸ˜ πŸ‘Ž"
Luke Bryan brings teen boy on stage to shake it with him! | Dollar Bill & Madison on 102.5 The Bull
Great night at the Luke Bryan concert at soldier field! Couldn't be with a greater group of friends!
Take her to a Luke Bryan & FGL concert and she'll thank you but take her to a Aaron Watson & Randy Rogers Band show an…
I still can't believe I met Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, and Thompson Square. I was so shocked I won the tic...
Luke Bryan continues to break touring records: Music Row reported on Sept. 2, 2014 that Bryan claimed the new ...
Luke Bryan is great to listen to as long as you ignore that he sounds like a young Jim Nabors.
Ugh I am so in love with luke bryan...
Just sitting back here. Listening to Luke Bryan. And waiting for it to be 1 o'clock.
I can't wait for the Luke Bryan concert 😊😊😊😊
CONGRATULATIONS on your CMA nomination for Entertainer of the Year -
Luke Bryan has a duet of his part with some black dude
CONGRATULATIONS on your CMA Nomination for album of the year -
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Its so hard to find someone who wants to see luke bryan.
Just found out Luke Bryan has a wife of 8 years 😭
Luke Bryan's music video for I Don't Want This Night To End is always gonna be one of my favs 😍
This song reminds me of my good friend JT Kisiah! Hope you are having a great time at school!
Tennessee coach Butch Jones: Arkansas State has a punter, Luke Ferguson, who is one of the best I have seen in a long, lo…
Don't want but need tickets to see Luke Bryan
I need to find something for Luke Bryan's concert
That's My Kind Of Night by Luke Bryan will never get old
Why is the radio overplaying Roller Coaster and Play It Again by Luke Bryan.. Like I was listening to em last yearπŸ˜’
Nothin' better than a little Luke Bryan to start my morning! Off to the gym I go!!
VIDEO: fell off the stage...again. Again??
first on my pandora station comes a luke Bryan song, then a Dierks Bentley song. Take me back 😭
Biggest CMA nominations takeaway? Lack of nominations for Jason Aldean puts Luke Bryan in spot to have Triple Crown night.
I'm gonna act like it ain't nothing, but another Friday night, and you're just some old friend and I'm doing just fine. …
Who wants to go see luke bryan on September 14th
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Luke Bryan quit drinking before concerts this is the 2nd stage you fell off of this year.
CONGRATULATIONS on your CMA Nomination for male vocalist of the year -
Oops he did it again! Luke Bryan fell off the stage in concert over the weekend...and thanked the fans who caught him by inviting them backstage! Would you like to catch him? hehe --Stephanie
Hadn't been to a concert in a while, but Luke Bryan sure knows how to put on a show. He rocked it last weekend.
24 days till Luke Bryan and 23 days till I see you 😍😍😍
Is it time for us to see Luke Bryan again or? it just me or does resemble Luke Bryan in a way?!? All I know is they're both pretty dang hot πŸ”₯😍
Kid is head banging to Luke Bryan. Stop
So ready for Luke Bryan, October hurry up πŸ˜πŸ‚πŸŒ»πŸŽΈ
Country superstar Luke Bryan took a fall off stage while performing 'Suntan City' in Indianapolis over the weekend, a growing trend for the country singer.
Miranda Lambert leads CMA Awards nominations with 9: Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan have multiple nominations, in...
Luke Bryan Breaks Another Attendance Record: Country superstar Luke Bryan wrapped up the last of four stadium dates Sunday night, Aug...
Luke Bryan was great but now I'm sick and I just wanna sleep!
All these girls talking about how much they love Luke bryan... i just think its awesome to hear stories of him...
Reasons Luke Bryan is not good anymore.
Luke Bryan deserves Entertainer of the Year for falling off stages all the time. Endlessly entertaining.
This year is taking a toll on Luke Bryan's body. The singer fell from yet another stage, this time during a concert in Noblesville, Ind.
Luke Bryan fell off stage during his recent show in Indiana. Watch here.
Kylee, 6, turned the tables on Luke Bryan when he pulled her on stage – she began to sing to him instead! With her sweet little voice and her dance moves she not only won over Luke Bryan, but the entire crowd. What a fun little girl with lots of charm!
Luke Bryan is having a helluva time this year! He already fell while performing in February and May of this year...and now
Luke Bryan talking to crowd after he fell off stage into the crowd (I think trying to catch a beer ) 8/30/14 at Klipsich Music Center Indianapolis IN... Too ...
Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan and Keith Urban are the initial top nominees for this year's Country Music Association Awards. George Strait and Blake Shelton were also nominated for this year's Entertainer of the Year. Get all the (early) nominations here:
All my country music lovers -- I need good songs for a playlist I'm making! Already love stuff like This is How We Roll by Florida Georgia Line, Shake it by Luke Bryan and Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band Any and all help appreciated :)
I have one general admission ticket to Luke Bryan concert on Thursday Oct 2. Found out HG has an obligation that night after we ordered it. $50
Amy Lynn Jutting we need to get front row at Luke Bryans concert... lmao
First day of HIGH SCHOOL for my two 14 yr olds!! OMG! I feel nerve racked. Like im going on a big trip and I forgot something important. Luke Bryan wouldnt let me take pics in fear we would be late. Hey its a big deal- Scary, confusing, big, but exciting at the same time! I havent been to a h.s. since I was in h.s. which actually wasnt too long ago, really. Few years bak, good times (best years of my life) Anyways .not worried bout Noah hes in 5th so he rules the school! And jakob just rules, ha!
"Well, I grew up in one of them old farm towns Where they hit it hard 'til the sun goes down Nobody really seemed to care That we were living in the middle of nowhere We just figured that’s how it was And everybody else was just like us Soaking in the rain baking in the sun Don’t quit 'til the job gets done" --Music by Jason Aldean (with Luke Bryan and Eric Church) Our Everyday Bon Homme Blog features a photo taken every day of the year somewhere within the borders of Bon Homme County in South Dakota. The photos in this video were taken between January 2012 and March 2013. The people behind the blog are just people that like to find beauty in everyday things. We are not professionals and we don't have fancy cameras. We just like our home and wanted to share the beauty we see in it. Plain and simple. Bon Homme County is located in the Southeast part of South Dakota. It's west of Yankton County on the Missouri River. Communities include Avon, Scotland, Tyndall, Tabor, Springfield, Running Water, Kingsbu ...
CMAs 2014: Taylor Swift and Luke Bryan Among Nominees for 48th Country Music Association ...: Luke Bryan and T...
definitely debatable... I'd rather listen to some Justin Moore or Luke Bryan over anything.
Idk I love Luke Bryan even though I do t like country music. His songs are pretty rad and he's hot
sooo how do I become one of the girls in Luke Bryan's music videos??
Still beyond sour I had to sell my 10th row tickets to Luke Bryan. Housesitting in spring grove is brutal with all these Instagram and snaps
My one dream this summer was to go see Luke Bryan and yet here I am sitting in a car melting in homer glen
got a few for your All Right Now by Free, anything by The Road Hammers, Eric Church and Luke Bryan
"I just want us back to the way we were before." - Luke Bryan.
Sooo exited about the Luke Bryan concert at Klipsch Music Center. OH wait a minute. Our tix were for LAST night. Now we don't get to go!!
I'm seeing Luke Bryan & Dierks Bentley in Chicago while Rick Porcello is in Chicago with the Tigers THE UNIVERSE AND STARS ARE ALIGNING
Luke Bryan is now what Kenny Cheney was the first decade of the millennium. except that Kenny actually had great lyrics.
Good night at the Luke Bryan concert πŸ‘ŒπŸ’• @ Klipsch Music Center
Kaitlyn is having a blast at Luke Bryan! @ Klipsch Music Center
I checked in on CrowdStream to Luke Bryan, Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville, IN
Dad can't wait to hear me obsess over Luke Bryan all night @ Klipsch Music Center
My bestie came back home for Luke Bryan πŸ’• @ Klipsch Music Center
If you're at Luke Bryan, so am I. Come say hi. (@ Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, IN)
So excited going to see Luke Bryan Saturday night. What a cutie he is. Going to hang out with some dear friends that I have not seen for awhile and can't wait.
-> Music: This 6-year old girl steal the show with her singing ! (DR: IN) Watch video on our web tv. [β–Ί]...
Waking up to Luke Bryan as an alarm clock is perfect πŸ‘Œ
Luke Bryan tonight with my favorite boy 😊❀️
Just turn the page in my dirt road diary, it's right there for you to see, every beer, every kiss, every cotton field mem…
Gave me a kiss with Bacardi on her lips, and I was done. -Luke Bryan
Vacation/B-day weekend can officially start now!! 1st event: Luke Bryan Concert tonight!! Yes ma'am.
Good morning! Today is your last day to win Luke Bryan tickets! We've got them for you this morning at 7:10 and...
if we're talking about Luke Bryan, I'll be there Saturday! But will be there tomorrow!
I was this close to making a really bold Luke Bryan prediction, but he's about four years earlier than I thought.
I want Luke Bryan's voice lol or Wiz Khalifa's
Luke Bryan with my favorite, tonight! :)
Ready for the Luke Bryan concert tonight
So get this. I'm taking Madisyn to see Luke Bryan tonight and she has no idea :))
Am I the only one who hates Luke Bryan?
A limited number of Luke Bryan VIP tickets are now available for both nights including single tickets! Contact (317) 249-2752 to get yours before they are gone!
Need one ticket for Luke Bryan concert, Saturday night.
Another long weekend... But I LOVE MY JOB... Luke Bryan is in town for the weekend... 2 SOLD OUT Nights here in Indy...
Country singer Luke Bryan was found dead inside of his tour bus early this afternoon. Authorities have not yet released any information
Lyrics to Luke Bryan's new song "Roller Coaster." This song was released on August 13, 2013. I do not own this song. Rights of this song go to Luke Bryan.
So ready to get work over with so I can go see my sexy man Luke Bryan!
My daughter loves Luke Bryan songs more than princess songs.
There is something in this spring time air tonight .. Let's make one night last forever ... - Luke bryan
A six-year-old named Kylee went to a Luke Bryan concert at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey. The country singer invited Kylee on stage, and, to the audience's delight, she began to sing along and dance to…
Selamat pagi soree β™« That's My Kind of Night by Luke Bryan β€”
Do anything to make your smile land on my lips, get drunk on your kiss. -Luke Bryan
"I ain't coming back. I've already been, there done that and I'm done with you messing with my mind." - Luke Bryan
If I was Luke Bryan I wouldn't be married
Your girl might know every Luke Bryan song but she's only a keeper if she can sang you every George strait song😍😍
Last chance to win Luke Bryan tickets. Come to Kilroys BRIP! $2 PBR and Miller High Life Tallboys. $3 and
Katy Perry, but I think they should have country stars like Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan or Rascal Flatts
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Everytime I walk by Taylor's room and see her Luke Bryan pillow face pillow I get a little scared
How does my music preference change from Odd Future to Luke Bryan to Jake Miller in a matter of hours
The only bad part about me having a job is the fact I can't go to the Luke Bryan concert.
I wish Luke Bryan, Thomas Rhett, Sam Hunt, jake Owen and Kenney chesney would put on a concert together
"Oh my god this is my song, We been listened to the radio all night long... play… β™« Play It Again by Luke Bryan β€”
Lee Bryce and Luke Bryan in the same night just spoiled me. How could anything top that?!
Luke Bryan, Lee Brice & Cole Swindell put on a kickass show! Such a great concert, probably one of my favorites I've ever been to. ✨😌
I want everyone to know that I am currently at the Luke Bryan after party. Where Cole Swindall Lee Brice and Luke Bryan are at
β€œLee Brice and Luke Bryan are the best πŸ˜πŸŽ€β€
Lee Brice and Luke Bryan are the best 😍🎀
Luke Bryan & Lee Brice sing Crazy Girl together Roth Luke on the piano
That's my kinda night!! Bringing summer to a close with at Lee Brice & Luke Bryan concert!!
Cole Swindle, Lee Brice, and Luke Bryan absolutely rocked it tonight! What a show!
Luke Bryan & Lee Brice sing 'Crazy Girl' with Luke on the piano
Stood 10 feet from Luke Bryan tonight. Plus Lee Brice shook my hand. So that was pretty cool
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
We r so here!!! What a great day! Now for some Lee Brice and Luke Bryan
Extremely jealous of everyone who is seeing Cole Swindell, Lee Brice, and Luke Bryan tonight
Cole Swindell, Lee Brice, and Luke Bryan! And this ridiculously large chair.
This girl just posted Lee Brice lyrics under her Luke Bryan pic. I don't even like country but I know that Lee Brice sings Love Like Crazy
Day one of Luke Bryan, Cole Swindel and Lee Brice concert!!!
Its finally here! Luke Bryan concert with Cole Swindell and Lee Brice
Luke Bryan, Lee Brice and Cole Swindell concert tonight!
I am selling 2 tickets for Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Lee Brice, and Cole Swindell. The concert is at Soldier Field in Chicago on Sunday, August 31st. Section 214 Row 3 Seats 8 & 9. Tickets in this section are $220 each. $325 obo
Lee Brice and Luke Bryan concert with & 😝🎸🎀
Luke Bryan and Lee Brice concert with my sista 😁😊
Rain or shine, we are ready for the SOLD OUT Luke Bryan, Lee Brice and Cole Swindell concert tonight at Blossom!...
Luke Bryan concerts: where every one thinks they're country musics biggest fan, but 92% dont know Clay Walker, Alan Jackson or Keith Whitley
Luke Bryan - Crash My Party Purchase now on iTunes: Music video by Luke Bryan performing Roller Coaster. (C) 2014 Capitol...
Who's looking for Luke Bryan tickets??? I have some
Scratch that.. Gym, work, cheer, Luke Bryan, all in a two tomorrow πŸ‘Œ
FVorite this if your going to Luke Bryan on the 30th
well they replaced Luke Bryan with Jason Derulo so
Definitely jamming to Luke Bryan while working on this project since the concert is tomorrow. πŸŽΆπŸ‘Œ
I better be able to go to Luke Bryan even if I have to be pushed in on a stretcher.
'Hi LUKEY' is trending. & I immediately thought of Luke Bryan. & yes my phone autocorrects his name like that πŸ˜‚
I just registered to win 4 tickets to see Luke Bryan with and
I can barely contain my excitement for Luke Bryan tomorrow πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ’ƒ
I think we all loved Luke Bryan a little bit more after seeing that video of him singing on stage with that little girl
β€œLuke Bryan is looking gorgeous today 😍 when is he not
Who's ready for round two at luke bryan?! …
Caleb wants to be a super star like Luke Bryan he says. He also said he wants to buy daddy a bigger boat!
Holla if you're going to Luke Bryan tomorrow
Who's ready for round two at luke bryan?!
jammin out to Luke Bryan like we weren't late πŸ˜‚
Justin an Mark got mad bc they thought Luke Bryan was this Saturday and I told them I wasn't allowed out this weekend πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I need to sell my Luke Bryan ticket for tomorrow! If you need it let me know!
no because I just downloaded over 100 songs by rascal flatts, Scotty mccreery, and Luke Bryan
I have an extra t-shirt from the Luke Bryan concert that I'm willing to sell for cash. Text me if interested.
Dear boys: don't ask a girl if she wants to have sex through the drive thru. Unless you're luke bryan, we're gunna say no
Luke bryan concert Saturday and Sunday hoaahhh *** if only i got to actually meet him it'd be better
Like my ole bud, Luke Bryan once said. I don't want this night to end..
If anyone is still selling Luke Bryan tickets please please please talk to me I'm interested !
I still have an extra ticket for Luke Bryan tomorrow if anyone is interested!
the fact that I will be seeing LUKE BRYAN in less than 24 hours is the best thing that has ever happened to me 😍😍😍😍
Fingers crossed it doesn't rain Friday night for the Luke Bryan concert. πŸ˜”
same:( get as wild as I did at luke bryan plz! For me :)
Lol people talking about Luke Bryan, I kinda wanna go but I hate country music.. πŸ˜‚
Still fan-girling over the fact that commented on my Luke Bryan phone case with an "oh yeah"
The Luke Bryan concert and Homecoming is on the same night idk what to do. 😩
I'm too excited for Luke Bryan tomorrow 😭😭😭
Have to get to bed now so I can go see Luke Bryan tomorrow!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I can't wait!!
Soo who's going to Luke Bryan Saturday and would maybe wanna get a party bus together?!
Taken my babies to see Luke Bryan boyyy. ...
Nobody wants a 50$ luke Bryan ticket for Thursday plus a ride, I think I'm just being to kind here
Won't lie, been getting down to some Luke Bryan and Darius Rucker lately
2.15.12 - Luke Bryan performs for HANK FM listeners at our downtown Indianapolis studios
"I See You" from Luke Bryan's new album Crash My Party. This video is for entertainment purposes only. I own nothing. All rights go to the respective owners.
Who's Going to a Luke concert soon? I'm going to my 1st Luke Bryan Concert in 9 days! *~Chastity~*
This is the HD pie in the Face. I nominate Ricky Hendrickson Jesse Puckett Kelsee Genevieve Saalsaa Mandi Griffiths Destiny Hand Kaylee Olson Hallie Dawn Scace. I'm also going to see if they're cool enough to be challenged but also Luke Bryan Rocko Hunt and Badger Volleyball
I have a Luke Bryan, lawn ticket, for sale, for August 30th! The concert is a Klipsch Music Center, so if you're interested, please let me know!
Cailin Macmurray. I tried to get her to challenge Luke Bryan on his saturday night show here but she just didn't get that. But she wanted to do the ice bucket challenge
Kaeleigh Brawner was challenged in the We will be making a donation to the ALSA and Huntington's Disease charity in memory of Pam Cox, Ashley's mother, and the girls grandmother, who had Huntington's. Her challenge is issued to Jodi Wright Hitt, Troy Hitt, Joshua Lovett, Laura Fischer, Jonathan Fischer, Heather Stanley, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton.
Thanks to Lauren Hassane I found myself a Luke Bryan look alike. If only he will text me.
8/23 US 99.5 has your Luke Bryan tickets at Cricket Wireless in McHenry
Cordell and I have been talking about our Tight Pants Club. We currently have Luke Bryan, Jake Owen and Tim...
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Country stars are really stepping up to support by taking the Ice Bucket Challenge!! Stars like Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, Darius Rucker, Reba, Luke Bryan
All I want is the looks of Zac Efron, the charm of Luke Bryan, the dance moves of Usher, the style of Ryan Gosling and humor of Mathew M.
I need to see Dustin Lynch, Lee Brice, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, & Billy Currington and then my life will be complete.
Still can't believe I got to meet Luke Bryan. σΎŒ§β€β€σΎ € Just gotta meet Derek Jeter now and my summer will be complete ⚾󾁁󾠣󾠣
I guess it's ok that I'm missing Luke Bryan for this .. View from my hotel πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ So peaceful @ St.…
WNY girls heading to Lil Wayne last week and Luke Bryan today
fine syd be that way. Me and Adam will make our own bomb sandwiches and see Luke Bryan w/o you
Montgomery Gentry was awesome! Now listening Gary Allan - weather is perfect, people watching is off the charts, life is good! Plus signing up for next year Rascal Flatts, Luke Bryan & Scotty McCreery announced so far! Yes.!
My brothers at the Luke Bryan concert & I'm at kmartπŸ˜’
All these famous people just dropping like flies. First Robin Williams, then Luke Bryan, and now this famous ice skater.
Proud daughter moment when Maryann sings along to Luke Bryan with me
Can't believe I'm not going to Luke Bryan πŸ˜­πŸ’”
I'm dead sure that Luke Bryan fell off stage because the ghost of Waylon Jennings pushed him
So whose all blowing up at Luke Bryan tomorrow??
na na na come home tomorrow for the Luke Bryan concert then go back down Saturday, we're blowing up tomorrow
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with your tour last year with Luke Bryan and that chemistry you guys had how is touring with Jason Alden
Am I the only girl alive that isn't obsessed with Luke Bryan...
Luke Bryan is looking gorgeous today 😍
i wish I lived down south on a huge farm with an open field & drove a pick up & my life was basically like a Luke Bryan or Jason Alden song
I what to go see Jason Alden and Luke Bryan who else
That's so stupid that after Robin Williams death now everyone is faking the death of Luke Bryan.. Like what the heck.
I have two extra floor seats to the Luke Bryan concert on Friday if anyone is interested let me know!
If people could trade places I'd trade Robin Williams and Luke Bryan
Why have I been listen to Luke Bryan and Jason Alden
Think I'd rather go see Luke Bryan and either Jason Alden or zac brown band instead
Luke Bryan has issued the ice bucket challenge invitation to Charles from Lady A! Who wants to see him do it at...
Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean are coming to town..But I think I got more excited knowing Casey Donahew & Aaron Watson will be here β€οΈπŸ’
Kelly just said Luke Bryan dancing made her wet last night..
Now that I am healthy again my intolerance for ignorance and my sarcasm is back on overload. But as I found out a work guests and co workers don't like get being brow beaten so I took to Tinder for my latest blast. If you don't know what Tinder is look it up. Here is my latest profile. Tinder pet peeves, if you don't put your picture you won't get right swiped. Or if you put a picture of your dog or Kim Kardashian. And for God sake we all know what Luke Bryan looks like. And if you're married maybe not the site for you although the pictures are lovely! Ughh! I am so very back!
Here's what I know, there is absolutely no sense in trying to compare Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan or any new age country star to Artists like George Jones, Waylon Jennings or hank Williams it's just not comparable I feel like "new country" is basically it's own genre which most call "bro country" including myself. So bottom line in my opinion classic country and bro country not the same thing, if you don't like it then don't listen to it. Music is always evolving with society and the stars who produce this music are going to produce what people want because music is their passion and they want to be heard, and now that's what people want "bro country" I personally enjoy both and have an appreciation for all you have a problem with them calling themselves "country" but I'm pretty sure you're not upset about any girl who has lived in the city her whole life never stepping foot in the country wearing cut offs and boots and a revealing "flannel" even though 90% of people don't know what legitimate flannel even i ...
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Luke Bryan got cut from a JV girls field hockey team
Love how everyone is taking selfies with Brian Boyle at Luke Bryan
casually walked by Brian Boyle at the Luke Bryan concert
Luke Bryan concert tickets for Oct 23 at Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoeniz AZ
Ladies and gentlemen, here is the final wave of my 2014 TCA picks. Choice Summer Song My Pick: None. Projected Winner: Fancy/Really Don't Care Comments: None Choice Summer Music Star: Female My Pick: Ariana Grande Projected Winner: Iggy Azalea/Demi Lovato Comments: Ariana Grande actually has talent and the potential to go far. I believe (not that I actually care) that Demi won this award last year. If she doesn't win, this Iggy Azalea person will. This is one Aussie rapper I don't like. Choice Summer Music Star: Male My Pick: Pharrell Williams Projected Winner: Luke Bryan Comments: As much as I like Pharrell dating back to his days with N.E.R.D., this is for choice Summer star, and most teens like to listen to country in the summer, hence Luke Bryan will take this award. But I've been wrong before. Choice Summer Tour: My Pick: 20/20 Experience World Tour Projected Winner: Prismatic/Where We Are Comments: Even though Justin Timberlake is infinitely more talented than either of the two projected winner s, K ...
"Helluva day for Luke Bryan who's going!?" ME E
And I know I am friends with the right people when you start associating cute boys with country singers, so far we have Luke Bryan and Lee Brice :)
β€œDoes anyone have a Luke Bryan ticket they are selling? πŸ˜β€
I don't know country so when talking about Luke Bryan please refer to him as "the one who looks like Mark Ballas, but in tighter pants"
I really wish Taylor would collab with people like Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan or Brad Paisely
I'm going to miss Ryan "Luke Bryan" Clarke at the bonfire this weekend
Iona colleges Gamma Lambda Rho sorority ready to see Luke Bryan
I'm so happy got to meet her favorite country singer ever!! Now you know how I felt about meeting Luke Bryan!! 😊🎢
If your favorite country singer is Luke Bryan you dont truly like country
Luke Bryan is the best country singer to ever live fr
Country singer Luke Bryan creates a memory for a young girl and her father.
Any song by Keith Urban or Luke Bryan is my favorite song πŸ’πŸŽΆπŸ’—
Today's winners and Final Four are: Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Brantley Gilbert, and George Strait. Final Four...
I feel like Josh Turner has horse balls, and Keith Urban has a *** while Luke Bryan is the son of Kermit.
Play It Again by Luke Bryan, Only You Can Love Me This Way by Keith Urban and Goodnight Kiss by Randy Houser.
Luke Bryan's house is right near my aunts in Florida but he's on tour so he isn't here right now πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
The new Luke Bryan song is a poor imitation of a 2006 Kenny Chesney song. So yup, pretty much like the rest of his entire catalog.
What's up? Luke Bryan at 6:20 and Keith Urban row 3 at 7:40am. Sam and bECA
Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Eric Church, and Jason Aldean all need to go on a tour together πŸ™Œ
Love watching the performers on Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Florida Georgia Line and so many more!
Watching the Country Music Festival on tv while working out at Planet Fitness made me work out for an hour instead of 30 minutes.Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Zac Brown with Ricky Sambora.m, so good!
There is only a few country singers I listen too but Luke Bryan, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, and Blake Shelton definitely top the list.
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