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Luke Bryan

Thomas Luther Luke Bryan (born July 17, 1976) is an American country singer.

Dustin Lynch Randy Houser Thomas Rhett Florida Georgia Line Jason Aldean Sam Hunt George Strait Chris Young Taylor Swift Blake Shelton Cole Swindell Ford Field Josh Turner Alan Jackson Karen Fairchild Dierks Bentley Lee Brice

Kinda humbling walking through the Country Music Hall of Fame, except for the Luke Bryan exhibit.
I've gone to listening to T.I. To the game to Luke Bryan to Afro jack to judging Bieber to Michael Jackson πŸ˜‚
if you have voted for Luke Bryan for ACM Awards' Entertainer of the Year!
Shoutout to whoever is blaring Luke Bryan down the hall 😍
Can't believe I'm even thinking about buying Luke Bryan tickets. But Dustin Lynch and Chris Lane will make it worth it! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
*memorizes all song lyrics from kill the lights* I'm ready for the Luke Bryan concert! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
She kissed me like she meant forever, we were too *** young to know any better-Β Luke Bryan
Country Music Fact: Today in 2014: Luke Bryan becomes the first country artist to headline at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York
A year ago today I was front row seeing Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell and Lee Brice 😍
I got Lee and Luke Bryan mixed up for a minute. 😐
Honestly all that's in my camera roll are pics/vids from concerts. Got some Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift, 5sos, Brett Michaels, and warped❀
I feel like death. Hoping Twisted Tea Lights & Luke Bryan make me feel better🍺🎢
if you'd rather be at a Luke Bryan concert
My iPod is like 90% Luke Bryan and the rest is Lee Brice, Carrie Underwood, and Blake Shelton. I have more artists, but not much of them.
why am I not at the Luke Bryan concert tonight.
Luke Bryan on his musical hits and misses, celebrity frustrations and what he has to say to the haters
too bad you're not going to Luke Bryan tonight cassandra 😭 they're EVERYWHERE at country concerts 😍
I can't believe that in less than 24 hours I will be seeing my favs Luke Bryan, Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser
Friday morning at 7:40 win this Luke Bryan guitar and Pit Passes to see Luke Bryan, Randy Houser and…
try listing your tickets on Seller Direct. No seller fees & you'll reach more Luke Bryan fans. Would you like the link?
Sam Hunt, Dansby Swanson, Luke Bryan, Devin Booker 😍😍😍😍 pretty good group right there!!
if I win the Luke Bryan tickets, can I take Riley Cooper?
Can't wait to go see Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, and Chris Janson!!!
"As far as where I want to take country music, I want to get everybody in on the party." -Luke Bryan
to when I sat next to John Harbaugh at Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan made a video and he said "hey Valdosta state" and I feel like he was speaking right to me πŸ’“
Home Alone Tonight || Luke Bryan ft Karen Fairchild πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ. "Let's go shot for shot, until we forget what we came here to do."
Anybody else think that Luke Bryan sounds like Forrest Gump and Gomer Pyle combined?
Skai Jackson and Luke Bryan's have been to my city so where are the boys at
Only if Luke Bryan was at blossom tonight
Someone take me to Luke Bryan tonight 😭
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My house smells like bleach and Luke Bryan. Football & Fireball season starts tonight 🏈. Someone is getting lucky in Kentucky.
Alan Jackson the end of this month & Luke Bryan the first weekend in October. I'm so excited 😁
iPod just shuffled from Trey Songz to Chevy Woods to AC/DC to Luke Bryan and then Eminen πŸ˜‚
After listening to Luke Bryan's new album for the first time, I can say he is officially closer to Taylor Swift by genre than Eric Church
FF some of my faves in music ACDC, Metallica Josh Turner, Luke Bryan, Daniel Adair TimMcGraw etc
Luke Bryan is not country music. Alan Jackson is country music.
We got in trouble for driving on Luke Bryan's and Bobby Bowden's yard at work, and they filed a complaint. πŸ˜‚
Selling a Luke Bryan, FGL, Dustin Lynch, Thomas Rhett, and Randy Houser for Saturday at First Energy! Let me know if you are interested
Jason Derulo 'Want to Want Me' makes so so happy especially when Luke Bryan sings it πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ
what if Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Florida Georgia Line, Zac brown band, Darius Rucker, Brett Eldredge, and Kenny chesney went on tour together😍😍
Thomas Rhett, Dustin Lynch, FGL, Randy Houser, Luke Bryan it was a *** of a concert for my first one
2 Luke Bryan (w/FGL, Randy Houser, Thomas Rhett, and Dustin Lynch) tickets for Saturday. $150 for the pair... Who wants them?
"I have a picture of Luke Bryan over my bed." -Cam Edwards
I feel bad for you folks who are into Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, and FGL and not Ryan Bingham, Chris Knight, and Charlie Robison
but if you're talking about what comes from Georgia Southern recently: Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, Jerick McKinnon, & JJ Wilcox
Cody Martin looks like Luke Bryan had a love child with Dustin Ackley
Home Alone Tonight by Luke Bryan & Karen Fairchild. Covered by Denver Massey and
Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Little Big Town, Sam Hunt, Kenny Chesney, etc, are not country. At all.
I'm seriously guys I still have two Luke Bryan tickets. Randy Houser, Dustin Lynch, Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line and Luke! All in one!
I'm in the running to win Luke Bryan tickets with the District, &
When your friend texts you and tells you Luke Bryan is currently at his work in Nash playing ping pong with his coworkers.
So pumped for Luke Bryan on Thursday 😍😍 with
Luke Bryan and Kip Moore's new albums are the best thing ever πŸ˜πŸ™πŸΎ
if you're not Luke Bryan or Derek Shepherd could I ever really marry you?
I called about an hour. Hoping to hear home alone tonight by Luke Bryan and Karen Fairchild😊
Win Tickets to see Luke Bryan !! Thanks to Jason and Todd at The Diamond District.
Luke Bryan's wife is one lucky woman
Luke Bryan is my favorite, I have never listed to George Strait tbh
Selling my Luke Bryan ticket for this Friday. Text or DM me if interested
Got hooked up with pit passes for Luke Bryan...fricken awesome concert
I need more friends that would choose going to Cody Johnson or Aaron Watson over FGL or Luke Bryan
Wishing I was going to the Luke Bryan concert😭
Went camping last night now time for the Dustin Lynch/ Luke Bryan concert…
Not the worst line up, but no Luke Bryan, Billy Currington, Michael Ray, Hunter Hayes, Dustin Lynch
"Like imagining Luke Bryan doing that just tickles me pink." - Katie baker
Luke Bryan, FGL, Thomas Rhett, Dustin Lynch concert is only 2 days awayπŸ˜ŽπŸ’ƒ
Luke Bryan and Thomas Rhett have stolen my heart so I have no time for anything else
I just found out that Luke Bryan (left) is the hottest guy in 2015 . Now look at Mike Tramp in 1990 (right) . Times sure have changed!
I honestly can't wait to go to the Kelly Clarkson concert and the Luke Bryan concert 😌
Luke Bryan was the best with the best. . Thanks for coming with me and letting me show you my country side 🐴❀️
why do Luke Bryan and William Lewis from laosvu look exactly the same
if you'd wanna burn up a backroad with Luke Bryan! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜Ž
really is my best friend. free pumpkin cheesecake and Luke Bryan concert tickets :)
Exclusive content that can only be found in the Luke Bryan app.
For my brother Niko Baird - Flipagram with music by Luke Bryan - Blood Brothers
My bday, Josh Turner, Billy Currington(or JAB) lol then Chris Young, and Luke Bryan 😍 September & October sound so perfect already.
Starting to get real excited for Luke Bryan tomorrow night
Luke Bryan concert tickets for Oct 9 at Midway at Central City Park in Macon GA
Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan are not country
Strip It Down by Luke Bryan is my new music obsession. 😍
Going to see Luke Bryan, Flordia Georgia Line, Dustin Lynch, Thomas Rhett and Randy Houser on Labour day with
September 5th- Here we come: Luke Bryan with Florida Georgia Line, Randy Houser, Thomas Rhett and Dustin Lynch
Finally got my tickets for Luke Bryan, FGL, Thomas Rhett, Randy Houser and Dustin Lynch. Got an extra one. Any takers?
Luke Bryan comes to Ford Field in October and I couldn't be more excited 😍😍
After a Luke song, the radio guy goes "Kenny is Ford Field tonight but that guy, Luke Bryan will be rockin it Oct. 30!" Trying to kill me😭
can you guys help me out its my 22nd birthday and I want VIP meet and greet to meet Luke Bryan on oct 30th at Ford Field.
Spotify playlist with Luke Bryan and Walk the Moon
Time to jam to Hank Williams Jr. and Luke Bryan this morning 🎢
Do I have your love, am I still enough, tell me don’t I, or tell me do I baby. -Luke Bryan
And then the next day I get to see Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Dustin Lynch, Randy Houser, and Thomas Rhett. 😍
Can't believe that I'm choosing camping over Luke Bryan. . I πŸ’œ my bffs & the Bears. . ⛺️⛺️
Tails for Trails raffle: something for everyone! Luke Bryan, Indians, Monsters, Gladiators tickets; Qdoba taco bar for 10, bd’s, DQ & more!
When u try to be billie227 on Skype to scare Luke Bryan and u had Chloe Amy Jones in on it messaging u what to...
bruh. Luke Bryan ain't even country. Try George Jones, George Strait or Garth Brooks. You'll love it.
you can't compare people like hank, Alan Jackson, Merle haggard, George Strait, and George Jones to Luke Bryan
My mom is excited for Luke Bryan's concert and she doesn't know a single song of hisπŸ˜‚
"I just want us back to the way we were before.". -Luke Bryan
I turn on YouTube at bedtime and watch George Jones & Jamey Johnson. My wife is watching Luke Bryan on her phone. I have failed as a husband
That's like saying "Luke Bryan, you are an atrocious and lazy songwriter" and then comparing him to Hank Williams...
If all you know is Luke Bryan and Jake Owen, but not Hank Williams,Waylon Jennings, or Johnny Cash, you're not country. But you are a poser.
Luke Bryan concert tickets for Oct 15 at Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Wheatland CA
Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues has a flute solo & is still manlier than any Luke Bryan song.
Luke Bryan, Randy Houser and Dustin Lynch in Concert at Usana Amphitheatre - Aug 26. β–Ί Ticket Info:
my play list so diverse it go from Travis Scott to Kehlani to Cole to Luke Bryan to Trina like idk if I wanna b in love or vibe or TU πŸ˜‚.
every time I hear a Dustin Lynch, Luke Bryan, Chris Young, or the band perry song I'm gonna cry because I want to see them all again
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Randy Travis, George Strait, Brooks and Dunn, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood... all of them πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ’˜
Could listen to Dustin Lynch and Luke Bryan all day
A10: the new zac brown band album "Jekyll and Hyde" amazing! Also like Luke Bryan's kill the lights but not finished dissecting it yet
The John cragg and Luke Bryan are all blown out
The countdown is on till the Luke Bryan concert πŸ’•πŸ‘
Had a dream Nesto, & I went to the Luke Bryan concert and before we went we crashed into an ice cream/ cookie shop πŸ˜‚
I may or not be in like with Luke Bryan.
I don't really do the Hollywood/Musician crush thing but Luke Bryan could tempt me. Maybe.
I can't stop watching the video of Luke Bryan and Jason Derulo singing😍
ENews: Luke Bryan talks Justin Bieber: "He had a couple of bumps in the road... but he's manned up and handled it like he…
if you would rather be at a Luke Bryan concert
From Fort Campbell here enjoying the show play some Luke Bryan 😎
ARLINGTON, Texas (Reuters) - Luke Bryan won the fan-voted top prize of entertainer of the year at the 50th Academy of Country Music Awards
Listening to Luke Bryan - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye on now in Google Play store for free via
Park it and we pile out, baby watch your step now, better have your boots on, kick the dust up. -Luke Bryan
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My Pandora from the past three songs: Selena, Paula DeAnda and now Luke Bryan.
Mark my words in about a month everyone will be singing Way Way Back by Luke Bryan
If you wanna go to a Luke Bryan concert 😍
Justin followed Luke Bryan on Instagram so he's probably going to be next! Mark my words
"Luke Bryan is about as country as Kanye West"
People say Jeff Zatkoff looks like Ryan Gosling? Oh no, I say he looks like Luke Bryan!! πŸ˜πŸ‘
Fast by Luke Bryan is a perfect song on a night like this
You were born and raised to be a southern belle, but in a place like this you like to raise a little *** -Luke Bryan
I can't quit watching that video where Jason derulo and Luke Bryan are singing. OMG πŸ˜πŸ’―
Visit Yankee Candle and pick up the new Luke Bryan album and some of their new fall fragrances!
Luke Bryan scented Yankee Candle. I kid you not.
Jimmy Fallon and Luke Bryan team up to take on Chris Meloni and Steve Higgins in a game called "Catchphrase" on...
Honestly though, Trump impersonations, Detective Stabler, AND Luke Bryan all in one night?!
I liked a video Taylor Swift and Luke Bryan sing "I Don't Want This Night to End"
Taking on the Luke Bryan farm tour this year with Taylor 😍
Update your maps at Navteq
Thx to Luke Bryan and Universal Music Group for inviting us to to w/ Cabela's and Buck...
I added a video to a playlist Luke Bryan - Suntan City
Waking up from my nap to pictures of Luke Bryan
I mean I feel like if you turn on luke Bryan that everyone is gonna know it was me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
Really don't find Luke Bryan that attractive. I'm sorry.
PS, do you like Luke Bryan? Because we have a you can enter to win
I'm ready for Luke Bryan farm tour this year
Luke Bryan can strip me down any day
your obsession with Luke Bryan makes me hate Luke Bryan
A guy that will let me sing luke bryan very loud around him
Only time I'd ever wish to be blind and deaf like Hellen Keller would have to be around Luke Bryan
Love me like you loved me when you loved me and you didn’t have to try. -Luke Bryan
anyone going to Luke Bryan on the 22?
Luke Bryan's new album gets to me in some sorta way😍😍
I just want to meet Scotty McCreery, Rascal Flatts, Dustin Lynch, and Luke Bryan at CMF is that to much to ask for?
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I love my beautiful baby Luke Bryan! He's so amazing! I would love 2 win a signed copy. β™‘β™‘β™‘
Maybe the answer is: Luke Bryan is the country male Katy Perry is the female pop Nickelback.
Will someone come to a Luke Bryan concert with me for my birthday?
Is your bestfriend taking you to luke bryan for your bday? Cause mine is😍❀️
"Do you ever stop talking about Luke Bryan?"
You don't like Chris Stapleton but you like Luke Bryan? Oh. Ok. So are you giving it or taking it in the ***
ppl are so judgemental...if I wanna listen Luke Bryan, Brad P, Chris Young one day & Fetty Wap, J. Cole, Nicki the next I CAN. Can I live 😩
I wanna go to another Luke Bryan concert 😩
Great way to start my Friday. Luke Bryan on GMA. Just saw his new exhibit in Nashville at the Country Music Hall...
Luke Bryan's new song strip it down *** Sorry not sorry.
Free ticket to whoever wants to DD for Luke Bryan farm tour πŸ˜‹
I can't wait for the Luke Bryan farm tour concert !!
the fact that we now have tickets to the Luke Bryan concert in October makes me so happy 😁
πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š can't wait for Luke Bryan 2015 Farm Tour in Fort Wayne!!!
Can't wait to turn a cornfield into a party with Luke Bryan at his farm tour 😍😍😍
I wish Luke Bryan would go back to his old style of country music. I can't take another kick the dust up or that's my kinda night song
Stop by Kroger off Cedar Bluff! We're getting you registered to win 2 tickets to Luke Bryan's Farm Tour on Oct 2nd!
But on a real note, who's gonna be my date to Luke Bryan's farm tour this year? πŸ˜‹
finding out Luke Bryan's farm tour has a date in columbia >>
Need to go see Luke Bryan's farm tour. someone make plans with me πŸ˜…πŸ˜
I need to go to the Luke Bryan farm tour. 😍
Is anyone going to the Luke Bryan farm tour?
I hope Luke Bryan plays welcome to the farm as his opening song at the farm tour... It just makes sense
Luke Bryan concert tickets for Sep 26 at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre in Raleigh NC
I need the poster sale to happen right now because I need a new Luke Bryan poster.
a trip for four to see Luke Bryan in Concert!
I really wish every country singer did the scavenger hunt for tickets every show like Luke Bryan that would be clutch
So excited about the Luke Bryan farm tour!!! October 9th hurry up!!!
When you say you're listening to Luke Bryan and he says " who's that? "
Tinder Hooks Up with Country Star to Debut Song: Country singer Luke Bryan has debuted "Kill the Lights": a b...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Luke Bryan debuts a song on Tinder, because that's a thing now Brian Anthony Hernandez
Luke Bryan is easily the reigning prince of country music: He's scored 10 No.
Luke Bryan could reach greater heights, including Grammy Award: Luke Bryan is easily the reigning prince of co...
Country music star Luke Bryan performs to enthusiastic crowd at Montage - Scranton Times-Tribune
Luke Bryan concert tickets for Oct 8 at Twin Creeks Farm in Tuscaloosa AL
Luke Bryan concert tickets for Oct 1 at Talon Farm & Winery in Lexington KY
So me and going to turn up this Luke Bryan farm tour! But what city tho? Who ready?
when Luke Bryan sings strip it down on the farm tour it's goin to be wild
true true just can't wait for Luke Bryan's farm tour
Cousin said he could get me whatever tickets I want for Luke Bryan's farm tour!
went to go buy Luke Bryan's farm tour tickets in Fort Wayne and sold out so now I'll cry
I'm that girl that is satisfied with just going to watch Josh Abbott Band live, over and over rather than seeing Luke Bryan over and over.
John... Not sure if you remember me, I worked on your Timberlake Roof. Is there any way to get Luke Bryan tickets for GMA ? Tkx Mike Rank
Everly Brothers get Park name after them story in the blog,. Luke Bryan gives one of a kind app for fans,. Bill Anderson on fall tour dates
If you don't scream Luke Bryan lyrics what are you doing with your life
we can take it to the Luke Bryan concert!!
I swear each Luke Bryan song gets more and more ***
I love how i wake up from a nap to Luke Bryan and my phone being blown up❀️
When you find out Luke Bryan is coming to Lexington 😍
rise & shine Country Thunder, we're seeing Luke Bryan today!!!
Worst concert I ever saw was probably Theory of a Deadman; best was Luke Bryan (pre-fame), Jo Dee Messina, Sara Evans,
The limit of times you can see Luke Bryan in concert...
On the plus side, cat country has played songs from both Tay Swift's and Luke Bryan's first albums (actual country albums) so that's good
She rocked the stage at Luke Bryan last night. Now catch her on the Whiskey Stage tonight!! Christine Nicole Band...
Holiday world is really nice, but still like *** to me. All that could make it worse is a toys r us and a Luke Bryan concert inside
crying because I am not at Luke Bryan
am I the only one that had no desire to go to Luke Bryan at all
Favorite this is your going to Luke Bryan tonight and hmu if you have tickets for sale
Thanks to Luke I get to go see Luke Bryan 😍😍
Kinda want a boyfriend like Luke Bryan...kinda want a boyfriend like Tony Perry
I can't wait for Luke Bryan tomorrow night 😜 & Dylan !
This is my jam: Kick The Dust Up by Luke Bryan on Luke Bryan Radio β™«
Check out this video of Luke Bryan helping Blair Garner prank Chuck Wicks on America's Morning Show!
Luke Bryan was at Pilot near my house a few days ago and now Taylor Swift is there! Super cool 😊
Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line.. Is there really any better way to be woken up?
My life will be complete once I see Josh Turner, Billy Currington, Chris Young, Dustin Lynch, Randy Houser and Luke Bryan 😭😍
Like the Luke Bryan concert would be the best if Chase Rice were with him. 😩
Good decision, but I have yet to hear of any venue issuing an apology for a Luke Bryan or Florida Georgia Line concert...
If you don't like Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Lee Brice, Chris Young, Sam Hunt, and Dierks Bentley, we can't talk πŸ˜ͺ
Luke Bryan tickets purchased. Next up, Dierks Bentley. This weekend is about to be amazing.
So I just founded out that Luke Bryan is playing with Dierks Bentley in Detroit and now I must go.
I really want to go see Luke Bryan πŸ˜•
I love Luke Bryan,he is so caring and you can tell his music.HAPPY BIRTHDAYTOYA ,n my gretchen wilson voice
Country Music fans are heading to the Cincinnati Bengals Paul Brown Stadium for the Luke Bryan concert this...
*Dating Services*. Me: Yes I was just wondering where can I find a Luke Bryan? I'm really looking for someone whose party I can crash anytime
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said we were leaving for the Luke Bryan concert at's now 11:42. She's spent all morning de-wrinkling a shirt
Technically it's my moms birthday but happy birthday Luke Bryan! You're the worlds perfect man πŸ˜πŸ’—
I'd much rather see Luke Bryan at Riverbend than Paul Brown Stadium!
it reminds me of you because you love Luke Bryan
it's always a good day when you know you get to go see Luke Bryan in concert in one week
Luke Bryan is 39 today... 39. How does someone look so good and young and yummy at 39!!
Actually true. Drove by the local station. Miles Davis out front beating up Luke Bryan.
Jealous of everyone that got to see Luke Bryan tonight while I sat at work like a loser.
And another birthday boy (besides Luke Bryan) today!!! It's Craig Morgan who turns 51 years young today! Happy...
It's your Birthday, it's your Birthday =D . Happy Birthday to Luke Bryan who turns 39 years young today!
been trying to call since 5:15. Special request from Luke Bryan to sing Love Me Tender. He sounds like young Elvis Presley
special request for Luke Bryan sing Love me Tender. He sounds like young Elvis Presley
Pumped that Luke Bryan pointed at us and smiled when we were dancing
Nashville producing George Strait and Garth Brooks but also producing trash like Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan is why I have trust issues
Was hoping for more Luke Bryan on my snap chat story so I wouldn't be so depressed about missing it. Maybe tomorrow...
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Luke Bryan is way too good at what he does.
HY my 6 year old brother can identify George Strait, Jason Aldean, & Luke Bryan on the radio
Josh Turner, Chris Young, & Luke Bryan concerts in sept and oct, as well as my 21st bday in sept!
Heading to St. Louis for the Luke Bryan concert and then up and early tomorrow morning to head to good ole Floyds Knobs πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ½
If salmon fest brought Luke Bryan or Florida Georgia Line, I bet they would sell out for once.
Josh Turner in September and Chris Young, Luke Bryan, Dustin Lynch & Randy Houser in October πŸ˜­πŸ’•
Sam Hunt and Luke Bryan are my life
Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and Eric Church would be the best concert. EVER.
Butch Jones says he's "working on" converting Luke Bryan to a Vols fan. Good luck with that, scout. .
Anybody going to the Luke Bryan concert next Friday? I want in
My music taste goes from James Bay, One Direction, Fall Out Boy, and Luke Bryan. It's just all over the place, really.
Luke Bryan tickets for Sep 17 at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial in Jacksonville FL
Keith Urban makes history over the weekend. The widow of George Jones has sold their Franklin home, Luke Bryan...
Yes, we went to see Luke Bryan & FGL. If you stay on Broadway, most is around that area but the Grand Ole Opry isn't
I just lost total respect for Luke Bryan, after putting down a true Legend, this kid has no respect, success done...
Like him, maybe another Luke Bryan just so cute!
I just want to go to Luke Bryan or Sam Hunt πŸ˜πŸ˜…
Me: I would break up with anyone to go on one date with Luke Bryan . Isaac: wow, you're pathetic
Thanks for surprising me with tickets to Luke Bryan, wouldn't want to kick up the dust with anyone else.
I was wearing my new nike gear to the Luke Bryan concert last night.
There are people out there that think Luke Bryan is real country music.
Watching my daughter ice skate in Nashville is better than watching Luke Bryan or Vince Gil and the Oak Ridge boys down the street.
One week till Luke Bryan concert number three, who am I??
shouldn't have to apologize for that article he posted about Luke Bryan. Not like he wrote it. Calm down with the butthurt
great show at exit in sorry for the Nashville crowd they must be saving up for some BS from Luke Bryan at VU stadium Saturday
So pumped to see Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan with this weekend!
Country music star Luke Bryan showing off his love for the Pats!.
Luke Bryan is to country music as Hitler is to the Star of David.
Country music star Luke Bryan stays true to his roots with annual Farm Tour. htt…
I hear Cole Swindell and Luke Bryan are getting married.
Brantley wrote it for Jason. You don't tag Cole Swindell in Luke Bryan lyrics?
Can't wait to surprise Terry and Beth's kids that they are going to the Luke Bryan concert with us.
Luke Bryan wears his hat and sunglasses while enjoying the beautiful beaches of south Walton... Make sure you do too!
All these girl like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and FGL. Give me a woman who loves Aaron Watson, Cody Johnson and Randy Rogers
Luke Bryan tickets for Oct 17 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine CA
Luke Bryan and Jason Aldeans latest radio singles are some of the worst musically crafted stuff I've heard in a long time.
Why are white people so obsessed with Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan??? I'm sorry you like cardboard boxes
I love how my music jumps from Drake to Adele to Ye to Rihanna to Amy to Luke Bryan to 5H to Jonas Bros to K Michelle
So ready for Luke Bryan and Jake Miller. Time couldn't go by any faster.
Adam LaRoche's walk up song. He's good friends with Luke. Fun fact. Luke Bryan - Play It Again
I just played Games by Luke Bryan on at Clicks Houston
I wanna go back to Spain..and see Luke Bryan again.. And be in 9 to 5 again.. And go back to college.. And my friends and Kappa Delta πŸ˜”β€οΈ
Is there a guy like Mark Whalberg mixed with a little Luke Bryan 😍
Luke Bryan, Jacob whitesides, 1d, 5sos, R5 & the list goes on ❀️
ok Luke Bryan in his film debut as Joseph if Scott Eastwood plays Jake
I wanta hear FGL, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Brad P, Brantley the list goes on and on and on... Play them al πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
Whos coming with me to see Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Jerrod Niemann and Dierks at country thunder? Dont forget Phil Vassar too!
I could give a whole list of songs. I also like the song Sangria by Blake Shelton and anything by Luke Bryan
my buddy did this parody of Luke Bryan's "Rain is a Good Thing." Cool song... unfortunate situation.
Susan G. Komen supporter Jason Aldean recently went on a fishing trip with his country music friends Luke Bryan...
Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett, Randy Houser and Dustin Lynch tickets for my birthday. Yes please. 😎
Paul Brown Stadium with Thomas Rhett, Randy Houser, FGL and Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan returns to Macon this Fall on
Watch this amazing moment at a Luke Bryan show >
Luke Bryan coming to lexington ut oh
A friend posted a pic of her & John Harbaugh. She met him at the Luke Bryan concert. She said he was really nice. We are no longer friends😊
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