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Luis Scola

Luis Alberto Scola Balvoa (born April 30, 1980 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine professional basketball player.

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this kid has no fear! He is ALOT, and I mean ALOT better than who Phil said who he compared him 2. Luis scola
Name 1 reason why Luis Scola continues to play for us, and most importantly, over
Amazing that Argentina's Luis Scola, a former Pacer now a Net, turned pro when he was 15. He's now 36. Guys on his 1st pro team now 50+.
Yogi Ferrell and Luis Scola playing simultaneously in this game. SO WORTH THE MONEY OMG
Only Luis Scola can make Al Jefferson look fast
Luis Scola looks like the main character in an NBA-based romance novel.
Why go stand in the cold when the legend himself Luis Scola is at Bankers Life rn!?
I used to get a lot of Toni Kukoc, then it was Ginobili, then Luis Scola, then I knew it was time to retire
I'll take him anyday of the week over Luis Scola, the worst defender in NBA history.
Do you agree that Luis Scola is better than Kobe ? — You got my *** 🤔
It starts with releasing the most useless player on this team: Luis Scola. No Defence --> Time in the NBA is done
Luis Scola is so unspeakably awful at basketball
Marcus Smart did not want to allow Luis Scola to grab that rebound.
Luis scola he cutest player in the NBA 🙈😩😝
Luis Scola playing I believe his 21st year of pro ball which is pretty amazing for a guy who can't run or jump
Randy Foye, Luis Scola, Trevor Booker. This team is just a potluck of random players outside Bogdanovic, Lopez.
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I think the spectrum of how Mike Gorman feels about non-Celtics through time has Luis Scola on one end and Corey Maggette on the other
11 chances to solidify a starting role + preseason games. And he lost it to Luis Scola 😒. Bring up any stat you want, that cannot be ignored
Luis Scola: Could move to bench for Game 5...
In my opinion, Draymond on was okay, Luis Scola was much more interesting. Give it a listen.
Free agent Luis Scola tells me, via DM, that he’s going to have 20 at the buzzer.
Luis Scola will always remind me of the Bad Guy Razor Ramon
Anthony Bennett is hit by teammate Luis Scola, who was pushed by Vonleh. Nice try, Noah.
poll: which nets player - BESIDES LUIS SCOLA - evokes romance (like the kind you propose to someone on the kiss cam…
Gotta love that "-11" stat for Luis Scola, the most useless player on this team. Why he's suddenly ahead of Bennett is beyond me
What does playing Randy Phooey and Luis Scola do for Nets that they don't play the young guys instead. They aren't going to be on the team
If LaMarcus was still on the Blazers we'd be watching him get torched by Luis Scola right now
Luis Scola back in rotation after not playing against OKC. That might mean we won't see Anthony Bennett today.
Luis Scola getting the early minutes over Anthony Bennett, who had 13 points in loss to OKC.
Raptors’ Luis Scola to carry Argentina flag in Rio...
.joins Alex Len, Markieff Morris and Luis Scola as the only Suns to have 15+ points and 15+ rebounds in a game since 2011
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Of note: Anthony Bennett took Luis Scola's rotation spot in the first half. Will be interesting to see if that continues.
After adding Jeremy Lin, Luis Scola, and others this summer, here’s the Nets’ cap situation: https…
Luis Scola, KG, Lance Stephenson, Rasheed Wallace.. all dirty players in their day. Still deserve to react like Draymond did
The Heat may show interest in David Lee or Luis Scola this offseason to add depth to the front court. http…
so Terrance Ross was irrelevant and in JV's spot they started Biyombo but they had Luis Scola who could shoot and post up
Luis Scola is gonna look like Benicio Del Toro with a wig in twenty years.
Raptors to start Patrick Patterson over Luis Scola against...
Luis Scola should have been on the bench 4 minutes ago. Paging Patrick Patterson!
The Pacers could steal 4-5 points by starting CJ Miles in Game 3. If Vogel makes that move, Casey needs to swap out Luis Scola asap
It'd be the most Casey thing to do if he subbed in Jason Thompson for Luis Scola.
Least favorite Pacers all-time in order. 1. Luis Scola. 2. Tyler Hansbrough . 3. Roy Hibbert. 4. Lou Amundson
At least, this is truly a different Raptors team. Shout out Luis Scola, Norm Powell, Biyombo & DeMarre. This is now "Masai Ujiri's" team.
Aaron Brooks, Luis Scola, Shane Battier all had shoe deals. MAny more player shold cut Yao a check!
In the last two days I've seen Meyers Leonard and Luis Scola take and make threes, it's official the NBA is
Autographed Luis Scola jersey found at the thrift store while shopping with grandma in Arizona
Lowry got 10 shot attempts tonight. DeRozan got 10. Luis Scola got 13. Bruh.
Recommendation by :Luis Scola has been a complete non-...
James Harden, Rockets snap Raptors’ record home winning streak: Toronto Raptors forward Luis Scola has a big n...
Luis Scola gives a big endorsement of Michael Beasley as a teammate, player, and person.
end home win streak, 113-107 This game belonged to Luis Scola
James Harden scores 40, makes 14 assists as Rockets end Raptors’ home win streak at 12 via
when Luis scola leading in points made that game
One time for Luis Scola, who was all of the offense early on.
Luis Scola commends Rockets' addition of Michael Beasley -
Luis Scola took more shots than Lowry and Derozan ..
How is Luis Scola our leading scorer lmao
Let's take a look at the last month of Luis Scola before tonight
I still cringe at the sight of seeing Luis Scola in a non-Rockets jersey.
Luis Scola is whipping off the rockets with his hair.
Just saw the Rockets double Luis Scola.the team has no idea on defense.
Luis Scola is having a very good game. It's quite encouraging. A ton of energy.
James Harden is guarding Luis Scola. Raptors post Scola and get lay up.
I swear Luis Scola is the original Benjamin Button. He's playing like he's 20 years old.
The Rockets are saying hola to Luis Scola!
Luis Scola and Kyle Lowry having solid games. Wish the Rockets had some solid players like them.
Luis Scola is doing for the Raptors what DMO should be doing for the rockets
The Raptors lead the Rockets 61-51 at the half on Luis Scola's 16 points and 1 rebound!…
The with 19 assists in the first half to lead 61-51 at halftime. Luis Scola 16 PTs for TOR.
And that's why they call him Lightning Luis "Pep" Scola
my brother met Luis Scola and Liana is jealous
Never a good sigh when you've been beaten down the floor by Luis Scola for lay-ups twice in the same half. Houston laggi…
Luis "Boogie" Scola is 7-for-10 with 16 points in the first half.
Don't think the Rockets counted on super saiyan Luis Scola and James Johnson showing up tonight.
Luis Scola's been magnificent here in the opening half. Knocking down shots and also doing an admirable job defensively.
Oh luis scola taking over the crappy shooter who can't miss role now
7,000 year old Luis Scola beats the entire Rockets team down the floor... twice. Houston, we have a problem, and it's your basketball team.
The revival of Luis Scola is here..
TWO LUIS SCOLA THREES IN THE FIRST HALF! One more and has to grow a ponytail!!!
Luis Scola Revenge game? This is the best he's looked in 2016.
Scola is running the floor like an old Alcre Luis Sport.
In other news: Luis Scola cannot check Trevor Booker in pick-and-rolls. This is a problem
Every Raptors fan: "Patrick Patterson should start over Luis Scola". Dwane Casey: "You want it to be one way...but it's the other way"
In other news, Luis Scola is still trash
I find it hard to believe Kevin Love couldnt emulate Luis Scola on defense under Stevens. Scola isnt great but hes at least meh
Let's get even bigger! Toronto Raptors veteran Luis Scola calls for more ...
It seems like Marcin Gortat and Luis Scola are having a "who looks more like a extra"-off tonight.
On the floor last night in Chicago: Kyle Lowry, Luis Scola, & Aaron Brooks. Needed to get Chuck Hayes, Carl Landry and Artest there as well
Luis Scola looks like a movie evil henchman of some sort. Or Billy Zane.
Luis Scola looks like the 6th grade Hispanic lunch lady.
Luis Scola working with assistant Nick Nurse pregame.
James Johnson. Luis Scola. Bennett. All free agents after this season. Patterson will be on the year after.
What kind of season are you expecting power forward Luis Scola to have with the
Luis Scola’s pre-season goals are to get in shape, blend in with Raptors
Luis Scola has to have some dark and tragic past.
I wrote about Luis Scola and Bismack Biyombo yesterday:
Coach Casey says durable veteran Luis Scola is a Godsend for the .
Toronto Raptors’ Luis Scola, Bismack Biyombo eager to fit in with new club via
Luis Scola looks like an ugly Robert Pires
if you get more minutes than Patrick Peterson or Luis Scola your just a cheerleader right now 😆
Luis Scola more than just a mentor for Raptors
According to Chris Paul can post up Luis Scola but god forbid it be the other way around.
they were confident when Luis Scola was starting
Only time Luis Scola looked like his international self was in Houston.
Best three dudes on my MyTeam Jeff Teague , Luis Scola and Khris Middleton I have some work to do lol
Luis Scola becomes FIBA Americas Championship all-time leading scorer
FIBA comes around and Luis Scola turns into Chris Webber.
Wiggins/Bennett & Team Canada favorites as they head into FIBA Americas Tue vs. Luis Scola & ARG.
they won one gold medal and he also had Luis Scola and Carlos defino who aren't scrubs. Stop
No Manu for Argentina but they're still led by a couple forwards from the 2004 Olympic gold medal team - Andres Nocioni & Raptor Luis Scola
Luis Scola is the world renown chef you are scared to eat his dishes because he refuses to cover up his massive arm hairs
Derek Fisher destroys Luis Scola on a screen
The made many moves this offseason, none more under the radar than the signing of Luis Scola
We're not your kids you Luis Scola faced rodent. Die in a hole.
Phil sobre "I'd compare him to a stronger version of Luis Scola". --
Raptors officially ink deal with PF Luis Scola
can't get into canada, and Luis Scola is our starter. Best case, we upgrade our PF spot but not by a crazy amount.
Luis Scola never really had a chance.
well duh but the point is they're not bad because they're PF is 6'6 lmao, I could've did Luis Scola but Chuck started more games
The Pacers have lost 6 out of 12 men from last years roster (Roy Hibbert, Damjan Rudez, Luis Scola, Donald Sloan, CJ Watson, and David West)
No throwback Ray Allen, no throwback melo, no throwback birdman but thank god I can get throwback Luis Scola
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Biyombo gotta work on his offensie. And we have Luis Scola. So im good.
Me and my bro getting to meet Luis Scola at the airport by loi…
Just spent 20$ on vc and sold my best players just to get Luis scola and al Harrington
and I managed to get a Onyx Mo Williams and Onyx Luis Scola. Did pick up a Gold Steph and Kobe tho
considering there's only a few months left until why not release fire packs, so we're not stuck getting Luis Scola
Luis Scola officially signed a 1-yr $03.66M contract with the GM Raptors
What can Luis Scola bring to the Toronto Raptors?
Luis Scola looks to bring experience to Raptors lineup
Luis Scola should be down with the Team this season
Luis Scola won't help our problem we need Josh Smith or Kenneth and you guys will regret not resigning Lou and Hansbrough
uh yeah they will or they'll trade for Deron Williams then sign Jordan Hill plus maybe Josh Smith and Luis Scola
What is the next move for the lakers? Gerald Green/Lou Williams/David Lee/JaVale McGee/Luis Scola?
On court for Indiana - Rodney Stuckey, Paul George, Donald Sloan, Luis Scola, Ian Mahinmi - that's their SECOND UNIT!
If James Harden does that to Luis Scola or CJ Watson does he get suspended? I doubt it.
Nick Young is just a walking highlight. Down two in the fourth quarter, Young came off a high pick, ran into Luis Scola, crossed him up a little and got close to the rim and found the long arms of Roy Hibbert, so Young turned his back and put up a crazy over-his-head reverse layup thing. That fell, of course. [ 24 more words. ]
Courtney Lee, Kyle Lowry, Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Owen Daniels, Antonio Smith, DeMeco Ryans, all these players we got rid of in Houston...
Vogel said David West will start and share mins w Luis Scola. Donald Sloan starts at the point; C.J. Watson limited mins off bench.
How is Luis Scola, Lamar Odom, Goran Dragic, and Kevin Martin for Chris Paul not a fair trade? David Stern killed my Lakers man.
hm a Luis Scola? Man idk if that worth checking out. I think I draw the line at Timberwolves Wally Szczerbiak
Turkey thrilled the Bilbao crowd in the game against the defending champions USA at the FIBA Men's Basketball World Cup in Spain. The USA, with Kenneth Faried leading the way, finally caught fire in the third quarter only and then pulled away for a 98-77 victory. Spain, the tournament hosts hammered Egypt 91-54. Croatia recorded a 90-85 win over Argentina. Krunoslav Simon had 18 points and Bojan Bogdanovic 16 for the Croatians as they overcame a 30-point, nine-rebound effort from Luis Scola. Argentina fell to 1-1 with the defeat. Lithuania won again too. Jonas Valanciunas finished with 11 points and 13 rebounds as the Baltic side clinched a 75-62 win over Angola, a result that evened the African champions' record at 1-1. Read more -
Wow! I just won this for free, Luis Scola 2009 Certified Basketball Fabric Of The Game Jersey
Indiana Pacers forward Luis Scola is back in action at 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup for Argentina. Will this be...
True, but he can be a Luis Scola type of scorer
Bruh I could of sworn Luis scola was on his 15th season
I am the Luis Scola of drumming. I don't even know how to interpret that.but I just know it's true.
more concerned with their definition of "Star" Luis Scola.
Luis Scola ran into a brick wall vs Spanish big men trio. Had 2 points and zero rebounds in 24 minutes.
drew you're like Luis scola in the post while I'm more of a Dirk Novitzki
Odom, Gasol are bags of balls? Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Goran Dragic too? Ok, champ.
like I said how is dat better? Hornets coulda got odom, luis Scola and Kevin Martin...but it got denied
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Dell Demps wanted to build a team around Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, and Lamar Odom. Now has Anthony Davis.
.Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, 6th man of the year Lamar Odom, Goran Dragic, and a 1st. Ownership didn't like that deal? Please.
Philippines is in the same bracket as Argentina! Andray Blatche vs Luis Scola.
Would love Gortat on Cavs. Always been one of those random players Ive always liked. Also: Ira Newble,Nic Batum, Luis Scola & Eduardo Najera
Steven Adams, Nick Collison, Marco Belinelli, Ginobli, Birdman, and Luis Scola are all tied for my favorite players left in the
Luis Scola looking to get his revenge tonight! Back-to-back buckets, the steal and the lay-up going coast-to-coast... 25-24 down
Thoughts on the Remaining Eight in the NBA Playoffs: 1.) Indiana Pacers: Every single game I watch from this squad, I think I see a glimmering hint of them returning to Nov-Feb form. That said, it seems short-lived, and without Paul George, this team would be in complete disarray. I do like the depth on their bench with Luis Scola, Evan Turner, and Ian Mahinmi. Ian Mahinmi could start for a dozen teams in the NBA. A case could be made he should start tomorrow in place of the embattled Roy Hibbert. Hibbert's zero points and zero rebounds last night was diseased. Either he played the best series of his life against Miami last season, or he is assuredly in a wretched funk. Indiana's only reprieve at this point is to ride Paul George and pray Lance Stephenson's raw, unabashed energy can claw them back into this thing. 2.) Miami Heat: Obviously biased, but I would not bet against Lebron James in his absolute prime. True, they coasted through much of the Regular Season, but it all may make sense if they display ...
How much does Luis Scola look like Razor Ramon?
Al Jefferson, Zach Randolph, Tim Duncan, and even Luis Scola have that Old Man Game: Can't run fast or jump high, but will hoop your *** up. Lol.
PHILIP =DOK BONG ACOP NBA PLAYOFFS 2014 UNDERDOGS HAVE BITE!!! The Atlanta Hawks again prevailed over the woeful Indiana Pacers 98-85 to take a 2-1 lead in their first round series. JTeague led 4 other teammates in double figures with 22pts and 10assts. PGeorge sat most of the 1st half due to fouls ended with 12pts and 14rebs. Luis Scola played more minutes than the suddenly ineffective Roy Hibbert. Indiana defense is now riddled with holes from where the Hawks are shooting. The Memphis Grizzlies also won over the Oklahoma City Thunder 98-95 in OT. The Grizzllies now have a 2-1 series lead over the reeling Thunder. Mike Conley led Memphis which had 6 players in double figures to negate the 30pt efforts of both KD and RWestbrook. The GSWarriors and the LAClippers are going at it at present with the Clips leading 45-37 near the end of the 2nd qtr. Dubs now 0/10 from deep while LAClips already have 4treys.
Tonight's Athlete-MUSICIAN (whoa, switchin' it up) Comparison features Luis Scola and Seth Avett.
There are definitely some good things to take away from the Indiana Pacers’ victory last night to even this first round playoff series.  Paul George stepped it up in the third quarter to get going.  Luis Scola brought his jumper back with him on his way to 20 points.  CJ Watson looked very solid out…
Post Up: DC Risen Hawks 85 – Pacers 101 (Series tied 1-1) Indiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel told reporters pregame, “It’s not who we play, it’s how we play.” The East’s No. 1 seed stormed out the gates of Game 2 to a 7-0 lead and briefly looked like the nearly unbeatable team we saw in 2013. But Atlanta weathered the storm and tied the game at 11 before taking a 26-21 lead after the first frame. The Hawks, looking to build off their momentum from their Game 1 upset, were chucking threes left and right in the opening period, shooting 8 of their 19 attempts from beyond the arc and making 4 of them. The Hawks maintained control in the second quarter, swapping Lou Williams into Jeff Teague’s penetrate-and-dish role off the bench. Williams and Mike Scott both scored 11 points in the game off the pine while keying Atlanta’s second-period attack. On the other end, Luis Scola kept Indy in the game after scoring just 2 points in Game 1. Scola, who Larry Bird traded Miles Plumlee, Gerald Green a ...
Exhausted Indiana Pacers Sat Out All Five Starters With his team dragging of late, Indiana Pacers head coach first gave his five starters a day off from practice Tuesday, then had Paul George, David West, Roy Hibbert, Lance Stephenson and George Hill watch Wednesday night’s thrilling 104-102 win in Milwaukee from the bench. The gamble paid off as the Pacers continue to battle for the top seed in the Eastern Conference. Per the Journal Sentinel and Indiana coach Frank Vogel said in his pre-game remarks that the Pacers consulted with the league about the decision to sit all five starters Wednesday night against the Milwaukee Bucks. Vogel said four of the regulars (would) dress but (would) not play under any circumstance. Center Roy Hibbert (was) inactive for the game. Vogel said league officials did not have a problem with the Pacers’ decision. The Indiana starting five (was): Donald Sloan and Evan Turner in the backcourt, Rasual Butler and Luis Scola at forwards and Ian Mahinmi at center. “W ...
Suns scooped up Mason Plumlee, Gerald Green, and a 1st round draft pick for an aging Luis Scola. Proved to be brilliant.
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would you trade Tyler Zeller for Luis Scola
Luis Scola, Evan Turner, and Andrew Bynum on the bench... that's a ridiculous bench
When you have Evan Turner, Andrew Bynum, and Luis Scola coming off your bench...
Phoenix got Gerald Green, Mason Plumlee and a 1st rd pick for Luis Scola
Two Buckeyes were traded yesterday. Evan Turner to the Pacers and Byron Mullens to the 76ers. Turner is going to help the Pacers. Him with Luis Scola and Andrew Bynum Indiana now has the depth to beat Miami. Mullens should have stayed in school another year or two. He is going to get some minutes with the 76ers. The Cavs have won six in a row (miracle). The addition of Spencer Hawes gives Cleveland another big man in the rotation. Hawes is a below average defender a good rebounder and an above average shooter for a man his size. The Cavs decided not to tank and they have a chance to make the playoffs and be eliminated by either Indiana or Miami in the first round.
Pacers bench is LOADED .. Andrew Bynum .. Evan Turner .. Luis Scola .. Chris Copeland .. CJ Watson .. Lavoy Allen .. Miami better watch out
From Bill Simmons 30 worst nba contracts articles!!! The original Chris Paul trade: CP3 to the Lakers; Pau Gasol to the Rockets; Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Lamar Odom’s expiring, Goran Dragic and a 2012 first-rounder to New Orleans. What New Orleans got for Chris Paul after The Veto: Eric Gordon, Al Farouq-Aminu, Chris Kaman’s Expiring, the no. 10 pick in 2012 (Austin Rivers). To be fair, the second trade allowed New Orleans to bottom out and land the 2012 no. 1 overall pick (Anthony Davis) — which was hilarious because the NBA owned the team and all. Bring this up anytime an NBA official whines about tanking. But did you ever think Dragic would be the prize of those two trades? Goran Dragic??? And how bad was the ultimate haul for CP3? Gordon, Aminu, Rivers and one year of Kaman? Was that even 15 cents on the dollar? BUTTT IT WAS BASKETBALL REASONS RIGHT? smfh loved Stern as da commish but he fukd that up big time!
Luis Scola looks like Russell Brand's younger sister.
Luis Scola looks like a clean-shaven Russell Brand with a midrange jumper
HOP he east., Indiana has the best record. But...the pacers are beatable. They have their problems and you could see it in Phoenix's win IN indiana the other week. Dragic abused Hill...they put stephenson on him, no help, and finally had to put Paul George on him. That worked, sort of, but then Hill was guarding markieff morris...not good. And miles plumlee and Alex Len matched up even against hibbert. (and for the record, if you re drafted the 2013 draft the pick is Alex Len...i had him at olidipo and adams ahead of him).but i was worried about his ankles. But if he stays healthy, he is a future all star elite center. mark it down. Anyway, pacers can be beat.they are brutal against teams that try to go small. They crush them. But.if you can match up a bit with them on the front line, then they can be beat.they still run a vanilla offense that stalls for long stretches. They also miss Psycho T believe it or not. Luis Scola isnt bringing the same thug game that tyler hansbourgh did. So then there is Miami. ...
Wow! It will be tough road ahead for team Philippines in 2014 FIBA World Cup. We'll be going up against the mighty Argentina with Manu Ginobili and Luis Scola.
The Indiana Pacers added size and depth Saturday when they signed center Andrew Bynum to a contract for the rest of the season. Bynum, who will join the Pacers next week, will back up All-Star Roy Hibbert along with Ian Mahinmi. Also featuring power forwards David West and Luis Scola, the Pacers wil
Chris Mendez, Victor Drew Jimenez, John Serna Regardless of how well every other great team is doing, the Indiana Pacers just continue to show how underrated they truly are, especially at home, against one of the top teams in the league, the LA Clippers. It didn't matter if Chris Paul was there or not, the Clippers still made this a tough challenge for Indy, especially when PF David West was ejection from the game and big man Roy Hibbert and PF Luis Scola were in foul trouble for most of the game. The Pacers knew they were going to need everyone on the team to step up, if they were going to get his key victory at home and get the sweep of the LA Clippers. Luckily for Indiana, they had two players that will always stay consistence and play tough and hard till the final buzzer rings. The Pacers are unselfish ball club, and even when some of there best players didn't make much of an impact, they had other role players step up when they had to, they have solid leadership and great chemistry with each other. S ...
Roy Hibbert was taken 17th in the draft David West was taken 18th in the draft Paul George was taken 10th in the draft Lance Stephenson was taken 40th in the draft George Hill was taken 26th in the draft Luis Scola was taken 56th in the draft Danny Granger was taken 17th in the draft Ian Mahinmi was taken 28th in the draft C.J. Watson was un drafted Chris Copeland was un drafted Donald Sloan was un drafted Orlando Johnson was taken 36th in the draft Rasual Butler was taken 53rd in the draft That's an average of 23rd in the draft. Pacers are proving you don't need high draft picks to win in the NBA their highest pick is 10th Boomer31
Over 183.5 Total Match Points Indiana vs Cleveland - Sportingbet Australia - $1.91 - 1 Stake The Indiana Pacers head to Cleveland to play the Cavaliers. Although the Pacers had had only 12 of their 32 games go over the total points, they face a Cleveland team today without Kyrie Irving who has been their spark since entering the league. Cleveland allow on average over 100 points a game and today face the league's best defence in the Pacers who allow 88.9 points a game defensively per game. Cleveland in their last 10 games have slumped going 2-8 and the Pacers in their last 10 games are 7-3. With Andrew Bynum being suspended from the Cavaliers, the big men of the Pacers in Roy Hibbert, David West, Luis Scola and Ian Mahinmi will look to dominate the inexperience of the Cavs. This could be a blowout victory by the Pacers but take the overs due to the low line given by the bookies - The Punters Guide to the NFL and NBA
Wild Cards These teams can make the playoffs this year but I have them just missing. THE LEAGUE NEWS PREDICTION: 1. Miami Heat Surprised? Doubt it. The Heat are the best team in basketball and Lebron James will lead them to another solid season and their is a great chance they finish the season with the best record. The Heat will be tested in the playoffs though against teams that are deep and big up front. It will not be a easy path if they make it to the finals again. 2. Indiana Pacers The Pacers might not get the big time attention as other teams. But the Pacers are really good. George, Granger, Hibbert, West, Hill, and now Luis Scola make for a very balanced and good team. If Indiana can stay healthy they might have a really good shot at making the Finals. Watch out for the Pacers, they have everything a great team needs to win a championship 3. Chicago Bulls With Derrick Rose returning Bulls should return to elite form. They put up a good fight against the Heat without Rose, Deng, and Hinrich. This t ...
NBA Pacers rip Cavaliers to stretch East edge - Paul George scored 21 points and Roy Hibbert added 19 to power Indiana over Cleveland 91-76 on Tuesday, improving the Pacers' NBA Eastern Conference-leading record to 25-5. The Pacers, who have won 15 of 16 home games so far this season, also had 13 points from George Hill and 12 off the bench from Danny Granger in stretching their overall winning streak to five games. George grabbed eight rebounds and Luis Scola came off ...
Has anyone seen Luis Scola and Seth Avett of the Avett Brothers in the same room? THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON!
A Reddit user has kindly created a GIF to show us what really happened when Luis Scola was defending Lebron James during the Miami Heat's 97-94 win over the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night...
David West and Luis Scola play exactly the same except West plays like hes in the hood
With all due respect to Luis Scola of the Indiana Pacers , in a man-to-man situation against the one and only Lebron James , he was never going to stand much of a chance...
Luis Scola and Greg Monroe is going at Each other
"Luis Scola: The Bench Savior from Argentina I can't overstate how proud we are of our countryman
Luis Scola would be so legit on the Rockets
Everyone check out article on great article on the and his impact off the bench
Everyone should check out this new writer for 8 points, 9 seconds. you could say he is pretty cool
Shameless self-plug. My first article for ESPN's TrueHoops Pacers blog affiliate, on Luis Scola:
loved reading that. Another underrated Luis scola characteristic: ability to get on the nerves of opponents
Edit: Shannon Sharp and Rafael Nadal or the black dude from Thor and Luis Scola?
Pacers impressed Luis Scola last season vs. Miami
but you gotta think about it. We got Danny coming back soon, CJ Watson, Luis Scola. Rhodes three alone can start for a team
put Scola on lebron, you ain't getting past Luis.
worse: Fisher, Ginobli, Reggie Evans, Kobe, Garnett, Carmelo, Blake Griffen, and the worst of the worst Luis Scola.
Josh mcroberts doing his best Luis Scola
“Luis Scola is Russell Brand's smelly big brother.”
I hate to say it but with the emergence of Paul George and the addition of Luis Scola and CJ Watson, the Pacers are the better team.
Luis Scola is Russell Brand's smelly big brother.
but they do have Luis scola . That's the x-factor
Mike Miller ain't there no more just Shane Battier pacers got Luis scola, hibbert, west in the paint too *** nasty
We've beaten this team, playing this style, two years in a row. Now I'm supposed to quake bc of Luis Scola? Sure.
C.J. Watson and Luis Scola gave Pacers instant offense and minutes this 2nd half. Those two will help the Pacers this year.
Love the additions of Luis Scola, C.J. Watson and Chris Copeland by the Pacers this offseason. They will make Pacers' bench better.
Watchin this pacers vs heat game and Luis scola really remind me of ma boy lol
Gasol might end up being Luis scola pretty soon if he don’t get his stuff together
New C.J. Watson and Luis Scola made some key contributions in Tuesday night's win over Miami. My story:
Luis Scola might've been the best offseason NBA move made.
Reminded of this Shane Battier quote: "I love Luis Scola, but he’s the most egregious flopper on the offensive end."
lol they almost had it last year with 2 games ahead. Luis scola was a nice off season pick up.
and you ignoring David West, Luis scola, Roy Hibbert, Lance Stephenson. That's 1 superstar and 2 all stars
Can Watson and Luis Scola have been nice pick ups👌
Miami can't hang with Indy nomo Indy lost last year cause of bench play Luis Scola & CJ Watson be onnat Indy winning the East
And Lance Stephenson, Luis Scola, CJ Watson and Chris Copeland coming off the benchh JHEEZEE
CJ Watson and Luis Scola are significant upgrades over DJ Augustin and Tyler Hansbrough for Indy. Pacers are legit.
But I said this when it occurred and I'm sticking by it, the Luis Scola trade will be a major key in the Pacers winning the east
" David West enters the game for Luis Scola" GOOD,.
I miss having Luis Scola on the Rockets
Luis Scola traveled everytime he touched the ball lmaoo how come its never getting called on him?
Luis Scola should never take a 20 foot jumper again
Pacers' new acquistions Luis Scola and C.J. Watson making plays in the 4th. Miami's new players - Greg Oden and Michael Beasley - inactive.
Ya know I'm really liking Luis Scola's hustle tonight.
Luis Scola has been involved in almost every play of this run
Luis Scola chasing Ray Allen through screens is funnier than 'Duck Soup.'
Interesting to see the Pacers having Luis Scola checking Ray Allen. Indy stays big.
The Luis Scola and the Razor Ramon, same thing.
My dad acts like him and Luis Scola are brothers or something just cause there both from Argentina 😂
Nice by Luis Scola. This team if they this style of is to beat the
Indiana Basketball! Luis Scola scores on a very unselfish fastbreak by Indiana! Incredible team effort to climb back and take the lead
I bet Luis Scola always laughs when he hears the name "Popeye Jones."
Luis Scola looks like he's in the Avett Brothers
ya like Luis Scola and Gustavo Ayon my bot
Every player on this Suns team looks to dunk it any chance he gets. Such a contrast from last year's Luis Scola & Marcin Gortat layup-fest.
Paul George, Roy Hibbert, David West, Luis Scola. Man u shud watch their games their an amazing team
Pacers improve to 8-0 after a 95-79 win over the Grizzlies. Paul George led the team in scoring with 23 points and added 7 rebounds, but the big storyline was Lance Stephenson's triple-double with 13 points, 11 rebounds, and 12 assists. George Hill also scored 13 points, David West had 10 points, and Roy Hibbert blocked 5 shots. Luis Scola led the bench in scoring with 12 points, and even Ian Mahinmi was in double-figures (first time this season) with 10 points. Chris Copeland finally made his way off the bench after lots of "We want Copeland" chants, only to make his first 3-pointer as a Pacer. Next game: Friday night vs. Bucks, 7 PM EST
Couple things: I think I've been sitting on the wrong couch (Yes, I am that superstitious and, yes, I have switched couches for the second half), maybe the Colts could sign Roy Hibbert, David West, Luis Scola, and Paul George at halftime to actually play some defense, the Knicks lost at home by 31 this afternoon, and the Colts probably have the Rams right where they want them.
Its that time Nwsportsfanatics NBA Eastern Conference Preview! 1. Miami Heat- Back to back champions have appeared in the last 3 finals plus they have the best player on the planet. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh and their great supporting cast embark on their three peat journey who is gonna stop them? Greg Oden can be huge pick up health willing. 2. Chicago Bulls- Derrick Rose is back to claim his spot of one of the best in the NBA. Loul Deng returns from injury, Taj Gibson looks much improved but the question is which Carlos Boozer are we going to get. Joakim Noah top 3 center in the NBA look for Jimmy Butler to continue his strong play. 3. Indiana Pacers- The return of Danny Granger will be huge for the Pacers. Resigning David West and extending Paul George to a max contract mean the East will have to deal with the man with two first names for years to come. Don't forget about Roy Hibbert and the most underrated player in the NBA Luis Scola. 4. Brooklyn Nets- On paper I see championship and ...
The Indiana Pacers probably have the deepest team in the league. Paul George, Roy Hibbert, Danny Granger, David West, Lance Stevenson, Luis Scola, Chris Copeland, Cj Watson. All they need is a solid PG but for now George Hill is ok.
Heat had some solid pick ups but the pacers grabbed Luis Scola, Chris Copeland, and got Granger back. Dont sleep
agree on that one. But you have to admit Luis Scola looks just like the Shroud of Turin.
Danny Granger leaves game with strained calf October 16, 2013 INDIANAPOLIS -- Shawn Marion had 18 points and 11 rebounds to help the Dallas Mavericks beat the Indiana Pacers 92-85 in a preseason game on Wednesday night. Monta Ellis added 13 points and nine assists for the Mavericks, who nearly squandered a 23-point second-half lead. Indiana forward Danny Granger left the game with 4:05 left in the first quarter with a strained left calf and did not return. He missed most of last season after having surgery on his left knee. He made 1 of 4 shots and scored three points before leaving. Luis Scola and Orlando Johnson each scored 14 points for the Pacers. Four of Indiana's regular starters sat out. Roy Hibbert, David West and George Hill rested and Paul George has bronchitis. Dallas' Vince Carter rested and Jose Calderon (strained left hamstring), Devin Harris (left foot surgery) and Shane Larkin (fractured right ankle) also did not play.
NBA FInals Prediction Indiana Pacers vs. San Antonio Spurs _ Pacers - After taking the Heat to seven games in last season's Eastern Conference Finals, I predict that this is the year that the Pacers supplant them as Eastern Conference champions nd reach the Finals. The Pacers were, probably, a quarter away from beating LeBron and company, and with some uncertainty regarding the Heat (especially how they are going to utilize Greg Oden), the Pacers could take advantage. Oh, don't forget about Dwyane Wade's troublesome knees. Also, with Mike Miller gone, they lose a somewhat dependable long range shooter for when LeBron and D-Wade play the inside out game. The Pacers got a little bit better, in my opinion, thanks to the additions of Luis Scola and Chris Copeland. Scola gives the Pacers an extra inside presence that could either backup Roy Hibbert or David West. Copeland can be a deadly shooter from the perimeter and has shown flashes of that while he was with the Knicks. _ Spurs - The Spurs will only go as f ...
NBA PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS Round 3/Conference Finals Eastern Conference 1. Heat 2. Pacers Western Conference 1. Spurs 3. Thunder Pacers-Heat: After their epic seven game Eastern Conference Finals series last season, it's too hard to imagine these two teams not meeting in the Eastern Conference Finals again this season. Neither team lost much of anything. Indiana probably gained a little bit, though, with the additions of Chris Copeland and Luis Scola. If healthy, expect Greg Oden to start in the playoffs and the Heat using a more traditional lineup with Chris Bosh going back to power forward and Lebron James going back to small forward. Miami will also rest Dwyane Wade as much as they can (without losing ground) for matchups such as this. Thunder-Spurs - This matchup will only happen if both teams are healthy by this round. Remember what happened to OKC when Russell Westbrook got hurt in the first round last season? I'm a little concerned about OKC's depth due to the loss of Kevin Martin. That may come back ...
Top PF's in the game today:. Kevin Garnett, David West, Luis Scola. (My 3 favorites). But Kevin Love and Nowitzki are the top two overall.
Pacers just got deeper w. luis scola & Danny Granger back
Luis Scola leads team to 3rd place in FIBA
Gustavo Ayon nails FIBA Americans MVP. Looks set to turn into next Luis Scola. Great Internationally, average in NBA. Where was this in ORL?
I mean you have the D-Fish board though you could run Luis Scola over with that and stay upright.
Dominican Republic's Eulis Baez, left, and Argentina's Luis Scola, battle for control of the ball du...
Luis Scola is quite the international player. 👏👏👏
just sent me a video of Luis Scola singing a love song.. Made my day
I see the pacers taking it all the way this year.. healthy Danny Granger and now Luis Scola, that's scary.
The Indiana Pacers have Roy Hibbert, Luis Scola and David West. The Pacers took the Heat to 7 games without any depth.
he gave Bron buckets. They picked up Luis Scola , Cj Watson, & long *** wit the dreads from NY... but u right...
Luis Scola will always have the nickname Kap/ the Capsule over Collin Kaepernick
Though Argentinian 2013 FIBA Americas Championship squad doesn't have some of the usual stars (with exception of Luis Scola), it's still...
Watching AksyonTV's coverage of FIBA Americas' semis. Of course, we know the results. Again, I feel for Luis Scola. Srsly.
So Mexico beat Argentina...poor Luis Scola... *sigh* And will Balkman be the new MVP? Let's see...
So I guess Luis Scola is going to be a three point shooter now this year 😂😂😂
Luis Scola is the only reason that Argentina is relevant in international play.
I also love Indiana's offseason. Chris Copeland, CJ Watson & Luis Scola all great signings. Really going to bolster the bench which was weak
Jeff Saturday's highlights are worse than Luis Scola's
Are we sure that luis scola and Razor Ramon aren't the same person?
Finally caught up - Luis Scola's Argentinean squad was beat by Gustavo Ayon and Mexican squad today in FIBA Americas semis.
he was part of the Luis scola Plummee trade with Indy
I love Luis Scola as a an offensive player. Hard to stop! Glad he is in Indianapolis!!
Luis Scola is 1 of my favorite bigmen in the league. Offensively savvy and great post game. Real underrated
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Gustavo Ayon with a nice face-up 15-footer. He's got his hands full guarding Luis Scola, however. Now subs out.
Luis Scola is playing a game on NBATV right now.
Am I the only one who sees a little Luis Scola in Kelly Olynyk?
I also really would like to get Luis Scola to sign this damned jersey I bought last year.
Are y'all hyped for Jack Michael Martinez vs. Renaldo Balkman AND vs. Luis Scola today? Big games happening in Caracas!
Luis Scola led Argentina and Gustavo Ayon led Mexico into berths in the semi-finals of the FIBA Americas tournament.
Can't stop thinking about Luis scola.
Do the chargers have Luis Scola as a backup QB??
Canada was beaten by experienced NBA & FIBA veterans at the 2013 FIBA Americas
Argentina's Luis Scola, right, moves the ball under pressure from Puerto Rico's Ricardo Sanchez, cen...
Argentina's Luis Scola, right, tries to move the ball past Puerto Rico's Ricardo Sanchez at a FIBA W...
Puerto Rico's Ricardo Sanchez, right, fights for control of the ball with Argentina's Luis Scola, ce...
and then you have Luis Scola, Lance Stephenson, and Ian Mahinmi off the bench. Crazy lineup.
Luis Scola can be huge against Miami. Chris Copeland too.
with the addition of Chris Copeland, CJ Watson, and Luis Scola, they have a better overall team than the heat in my opinion
Luis Scola serious about winning,he's gone,Wes Johnson starts showing up,Lou Amundson worked hard,you get the point...suns o_O
Currently- Luis Scola, Chandler Parsons, Austin Rivers, Courtney Lee, Paul George- "Real" as it gets lineup Right there.
Luis Scola and Roy Hibbert is an unreal front court partnership, wouldn't be suprised if Pacers go all the way this year.
Luis Scola to Indiana Pacers. He'll be a great backup foward behind George Hill and Roy Hibbert. At PHX he averaged 17 ppg, 9 rpg & 2.5 apg.
now have three legit Sixth Man of the Year candidates in Lance Stephenson, Danny Granger and Luis Scola.
So when is Luis Scola going to get traded?
can lakers get Luis scola to play at PF and Pau at C. What I think?
can the lakers get luis scola by any chance to play as PF for 1 year, mini mid level? nash,young,johnson,scola,pau till kobe is back.
I liked a video Houston Rockets VS Lakers:Fisher Flagrant Foul on Luis Scola Kobe Elbow to Artest
Michael Beasley & Luis Scola please come to the Celtics! And Gortat :)
Would you ever date someone with Luis Scola type hair? — Lol no
That kid that looks like Luis Scola plans on making North Jv basketball next year
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