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Lucy Van Pelt

Lucille Lucy van Pelt is a fictional character in the syndicated comic strip :Peanuts, written and drawn by Charles Schulz.

Charlie Brown Sally Brown Linus Van Pelt Good Man Good Man Charlie Brown

Oddly, Joan's wig does kind of make her look like Dr. Lucy Van Pelt.
I didn't use the Lucy Van Pelt eyes for my fantasy life character because there were sparkle eyes, but I'm haunted by What Could Have Been
I just learned how Rerun van Pelt (Lucy's little Brother) has something in common with Pete Rose.
"Happiness is having something to look forward to." - Charles Schulz/Lucy Van Pelt
Overheard: In which Rerun van Pelt is sassy. - lucy: what would you do if i kicked those [blocks] over?...
How does Lucy Van Pelt from 'Peanuts' do her hair in the morning if she can't reach the top of her head?
Photo: housetohalf: Lucy Van Pelt was also crucial to my decision to be a stage manager.
“It’s too hard to feel sorry for yourself when you’re happy.” ~ Lucy van Pelt
In the war over the meaning of Christmas, conscripts Lucy van Pelt.
Never knew Lucy in Charlie Brown had a Dutch familyname: Lucy van Pelt.
My sister says she knows the woman who voiced Lucy van Pelt. She is now in real estate, which is what Lucy wanted for Christmas
Lucy Van Pelt: Get the biggest aluminum tree you can find, Charlie Brown, maybe painted pink. -Lucy…
It encourages me to pull a Lucy Van Pelt on an unsuspecting Charlie Brown.
RUMOR: Lucy Van Pelt taking over as Senior Pastor for Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill. Lucy has Calvinist street cred.
And the winner of our Peanuts Guides to Life is aka Lucy Van Pelt!
Didn't Lucy Van Pelt already declare Charlie Brown the Charlie Browniest? True, it has been a few decades.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
All you really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. --Lucy Van Pelt
Both ex-Det K N Freese & ex-Det K A Henery stated Monday that no kicker will be successful in Detroit. until holder Lucy Van Pelt is replaced
Regulatory Capture 101. Wow, the sarcasm here would shame Lucy Van Pelt.
The release place kick holder Lucy Van Pelt in hopes on making a field goal this season
I just found out my niece in Dallas got cast to play Lucy Van Pelt in the children' s Charlie Brown Christmas play. Congrats to her!
Houston "Charlie Brown" Rockets continue to fall for Chris "Lucy Van Pelt" Bosh yanking the football away!
Many of the vile haters who joined up with No Kill Nation's effort to close down our sanctuary by having all of our hounds dragged off to the county kill shelter is a RARE BREED of hoarder apologists who fall so low they even defend SteveMarkwell's Olympic Animal Sanctuary that was recently closed in Forks WA. Here's an account of the issue surrounding this controversial "no kill" sanctuary still supported by "no kill" apologists Peter Masloch and Maria Venuto AKA Lucy Van Pelt. How do you defend the horrible conditions Steve Markwell forced his dogs to live in?
Ok, The Old Cowboy is back in front of the computer with a little egg on my face. In my own defense I was partly right. We never made it to downtown Dallas because I was blindly led to the Arlington Convention Center where the Tarrant County Half Price Book Stores are having their big yearly sale. I was a bit clueless because I didn't see about a dozen signs, including a big marquee on the way and it took a guy with a flyer to tell me where I was. Long story short somehow eleven books jumped into my grocery cart. It was even rougher driving to the Twisted Root Burger Company with the trunk of the big car loaded down. I felt like I was running moonshine. At the Twisted Root Burger Company we were even forced to use assumed names to pick up our food. Nope I have never been called Lucy Van Pelt before. Then I was coerced to go to another Half Price Book Store and two more books jumped into the trunk and landed in my sack. I hope your day has been as good as mine. Disclaimer...the editor did approve this po . ...
I guess I've set my expectations to high! People disappoint me! Like Lucy Van Pelt said " I love humanity , it's people I hate! "
Hmm. we've played football with you before, Lucy Van Pelt.// Cuomo threatens Senate coalition with extinction
Lack o' tact? Yeah, we can be friends of Lucy Van Pelt from time to time. ;)
Well it's time for another cartoon review, and this one is a real treat as it will be a major cartoon review where I'll tackle a series as a whole and try to go into as much detail about the show as possible.  Although my priority is classic animation, I've also took on at least a couple of modern day cartoons and anime.  Ever since Sailor Moon, I would check out some anime here and there, and this includes Pokemon, Utena, Panty and Stocking, Astro Boy, Cutie Honey, and this show which to many stands out in a crowd..Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Puella Magi Madoka Magica (or as it is originally known in Japan, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, but for the sake of time and space, Madoka for short), is a 12 epiosde mini series Japanese anime.  It originally aired in Japan in the winter of 2011.  The success of the show gained a cult following (as most anime do).  This show, however, is not very popular as is Naruto, Pokemon, or Dragonball Z (all names you have heard of) so it is fair that 90% of you unless you ...
If life were Peanuts, I’d be Charlie Brown, my manager would be Lucy van Pelt, and this project would be the football.
Noted psychiatrist,Lucy van Pelt,can the actress who plays Flo on the Progressive insurance ads afford to buy the Clippers?
Oh actually it was the one before the but I think you can see which one I mean. Anyway, Lucy Van Pelt forever.
Spending my summer with the fabulous Miss Lucy Van Pelt!
Photo: soulgeyser: people think the important part in this bit is nico going all lucy van pelt on that...
Get your tickets now.going to be a wonderful show!!! Pax Amicus Castle Theatre is pleased to announce the performance dates of our mid-spring musical, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown will be performed at 8:00 pm May 3rd, 9th, 10th and 17th, and at 3 pm May 4th and 18th. This timeless story of childhood through the eyes of Charlie Brown is musically directed and staged by Darlene Yannetta and Matthew Gandolfo, with choreography by Beth Amiano Gleason. Visit the wonder years of being 6, whether you are 16 or 60. Charlie Brown and his friends, human and not so human, wander through a day not quite like any other. You will love this family-friendly musical from the Castle on Budd Lake. Perfect for couples, teens and tweens, or for groups (we have specials!). While maintaining the intimacy and charm of the original Broadway production, which the NY Times called “spectacularly funny, magical and enchanting” and the NY Post said was “miraculous joy”, the Pax Amicus ...
For the book collector... Ha, ha. Sounds like something Lucy Van Pelt would say to her brother Linus
I wanna see a cage fight between Rat and Lucy van Pelt.
Though this has been said plenty of times, it is incredible how talented everyone involved has been, and we are so excited and proud of the cast we have! Charlie Brown Jorge Montemayor Sally Brown Luba Cheung SCHROEDER Christine Huang Linus Van Pelt Jephthah Eernisse LUCY VAN PELT Leah Nadel SNOOPY Raphael Bailey WOODSTOCK Nico Michel FRIEDA Sydney Shanahan PIG PEN Seth Randall FRANKLIN Scott Greenberg PATTY Maddie Clay VIOLET GRAY Geriella Hailemariam Rehearsals are on Monday and we will pass this list out so you can officially sign for your part! Congratulations again everybody!
He gave me a case with Lucy Van Pelt & he has the Charlie Brown one 😘
Im so tired of my job an all its insanity.
Lucy van Pelt woulda been a better investment.
Maria admits to spending two years trying to her someone to sue her yet claims everyone else is "obsessed stalkers"? What is wrong with that statement? Over the last two years Maria has of course created her masterpiece stalking alias with her Lucy Van Pelt blasts. Her Exposing Page has crossed over the line of common decency to a point where now even people's own pets are fair game for her attacks. Maria has clearly demonstrated she will lie, manipulate, attack or do whatever is necessary to push her "agenda" - whatever that agenda happens to be. One thing is certain - Maria's agenda has NOTHING to do with saving animals. If her agenda was based on saving animals she would be able to see where she HERSELF endangers animals with her relentless attacks, lies and false allegations she spews as she goes about her mentally challenged and lonely life. The sad thing is Maria is so far gone from reality that she doesn't even see how truly sick she has become. Thing about it - here's a woman trying desperatel ...
Doing Prince or Bowie or Queen at karaoke is Lucy van Pelt with her football, and every time I land back on the ground with a baritone thud.
Lucy Van Pelt is not God. Do you believe God wants you to succeed? Or do you harbor some lingering belief that...
Firemen have a dangerous job, but it's all worth it when people jump out of burning buildings and do gnarly tricks on th…
.Wait I checked Alex Van Pelt is not related to Lucy Van Pelt so disregard
Poor Mark! You might win today's Lucy Van Pelt Award for Crabby. ;-) featured in NBC s Science of Love
Witty Wednesday: With Easter candy on the way, here’s a quote from Peanuts’ Lucy Van Pelt: “All I really need is love, but a little...
And now a look at the weather with Lucy van Pelt. Looks like you're getting pelted, Lucy...
Watching "Citizen Kane" with commentary by Roger Ebert; he breaks down every scene and how it was meticulously plotted from script to composition. Every viewing of this movie (and I've watched it more than Lucy Van Pelt) turns into a master class in classic filmmaking for me. I've really got few excuses if any to not make a great feature when my time comes.
that sounds like something Lucy Van Pelt would say...
Lucy Van Pelt to be roadside in Boston this year.
America should pull a Crimea and steal Nova Scotia.
“Lucy van Pelt in the Sky with Diamonds
“Lucy van Pelt in the Sky with Diamonds 💜💛💜
Lucy van Pelt in the Sky with Diamonds
There is me and she acts like Lucy Van Pelt to me.why does thou even try.but who knows who is Lucy Van Pelt is.
Lucy Van Pelt is into In Need of a Word, on vML
I never know the names of people in a TV show, I just identify them by thinking “okay now its that guy.”
You need to stop, I just figured out that Delaware is a state, and not a city in PA.
I guess Its time for me to get the 7 year itch.
Once you learn that there's absolutely nothing new about New Jersey.
I know. Seven years can go by in seven years, just like that.
Hai presente Lucy van Pelt? "I love mankind, it's people I don't stand!". :-)
I feel like guys with ED are just non contributing members of society.
Did anyone ever think to make sandwiches before sex?
Sitting at Paneras. Picking at a bear claw. Im tired, bored, sad I didnt think I could feel much more pathetic.
"If everybody agreed with me they'd all be right"! - Lucy Van Pelt
“I never made a mistake in my life. I thought I did once, but I was wrong.” ~ Lucy Van Pelt ~
There's always the Lucy Van Pelt method to get word count up: "The very very very very very end.." aka footnotes
Congrats to Core Talent's Jennie Jermaine, cast as Lucy Van Pelt in YOU'RE A Good Man, Charlie Brown with The Firehouse Theatre!
Pat LiCalzi and I had a great time with Sarah Danielle (Mary Neebe's 7 year old) last night at "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown". I never laughed so hard. The girl that played Lucy Van Pelt reminded us of Jacquie Fry. I think it was because of her wealth of knowledge and of course her voice. Also, the girl that played Sally Brown was a mirror image of Pat's granddaughter Maria. Next month we are taking Sarah to see the play Cinderella.
Bill, is he beautiful? "Lucy Van Pelt: Aren't the clouds beautiful? They look like big balls of cotton. I could just lie here all day and watch them drift by. If you use your imagination, you can see lots of things in the cloud's formations. What do you think you see, Linus? Linus Van Pelt: Well, those clouds up there look to me look like the map of the British Honduras on the Caribbean. [points up] Linus Van Pelt: That cloud up there looks a little like the profile of Thomas Eakins, the famous painter and sculptor. And that group of clouds over there... [points] Linus Van Pelt: me the impression of the Stoning of Stephen. I can see the Apostle Paul standing there to one side. Lucy Van Pelt: Uh huh. That's very good. What do you see in the clouds, Charlie Brown? Charlie Brown: Well... I was going to say I saw a duckie and a horsie, but I changed my mind."
Lucy van Pelt, you're our holiday style hero:
Relying on Rush Limbaugh as a climate science expert is like relying on Lucy Van Pelt as a psychiatric expert.
Talking someone off the ledge wasn't how I expected to spend my morning, but the person is finally seeking help...I really am Lucy Van Pelt after all...all in between making calls to set up meetings for take care today...
Money money I love the sound of.cold hard cash.Lucy Van Pelt...just not in the dryer
Making fun of them. . Lucy van Pelt the liberal.
It's the Lucy van Pelt of franchises, tho. I always think I'm gonna kick the ball this time, & they always turn it into a shooter.
no one likes a know-it-all, Emily. especially if she's a girl. now get in the corner with lucy van pelt. facing this way, please.
She sounds it! Anyway, I run all of our sessions, so I'll pocket the cash, thanks.
According to the internet, I have the same personality types as Princess Leia, Mike Wazowski, Lucy van Pelt, and DOLORES UMBRIDGE.
Sun's out, wind's up, temperature is down-let the vortex begin! "Snow falls up, Charlie Brown" Lucy Van Pelt
Louise Belcher is Lucy Van Pelt for the 21st century.
Lucy Van Pelt and her football = every restroom paper towel dispenser
Suddenly hit us like a ton of bricks, so crazy-obvious-- amazed took so long to speak on it. Namely how this FB monkey, The Zuckenburg Revolution *** has slowly become this safe space for a wide swath of Black men we know to be maaad vulnerable, confessional,grieve, publicly address hurt,loss, mourning, shame etc. And we know some of yall super macho code-of-silence-acting in-public mofos quite well in real life. How'd George Clinton put it --''Funk is better than disco-family therapy''? In our boyee AJ's new film-doc Kathleen Cleaver drops how the women of her generation had other sisters to unload on, play safety-valve, when they started to unravel, go insane- but the Panther-era men imploded, repressed, began dying early. All provoking scary visions of Mark Z set up on the corner like Lucy Van Pelt and her therapy booth, talking about ''five cents please'' after a session with Charlie Brown.
"Andy Dalton, of all the fumbles you could cause, that was the Andy Daltonist" -- Lucy Van Pelt, Bengals offensive coordinator
I only work so I can finance my true passion, sitting down and doing nothing,
I lived in a big house but it wasnt my house. I think to myself where is my big house? where is my happy family?
"After [the snow] comes up, the wind blows it around so it looks like it's coming down but actually it comes up out of the ground- like grass. It comes up, Charlie Brown, snow comes up!" -Lucy van Pelt
You are part Charlie Brown. You are always optimistic and persistent, and everyone appreciates your simple sweetness. Sometimes, however, your anxieties get the best of you, and life's mysteries can confuse you. You are part Lucy van Pelt. You know what you want and you know how to get it, even if i...
Mark M. Rosier today, or maybe yesterday (seriously, one day just bleeds into another) said that he had breath in his body and was doing what he loves. If that's not the most positive affirmation of a new year (though it is slightly used; I've talked to Lucy Van Pelt about the subject) I don't know what is. Affix thyself to his star. It is going in the right direction.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Real pressure is when your boss walks in and you have like 2.3 seconds to decide on the least dodgy tab to switch to.
Dog contest winner. Nice job! He really looked great, but hates cameras. How do dogs know about cameras? Its weird.
Biggest you know what Ive ever seen.
Lenox Peanuts Christmas Caroling Need more details on "Lenox Peanuts Christmas Caroling"? Click here: more: Peanuts christmas time peanuts caroling white fabric by the yd; Lenox peanuts snoopy the christmas pageant set; Hallmark christmas boxed cards px 3984 the peanuts gang; Lenox the christmas pageant; Lenox peanuts christmas caroling; Lucy van pelt caroling action figure Charlie Brown christmas from peanuts; Peanuts? snoopy on motorcycle figurine by lenox.
can you please beagle hug me too? or else I'll be crabby like Lucy van Pelt :(
"Will you still love me when I'm old and crabby?" - Lucy van Pelt
Working a lot, moved, had my kid here for the last 8 days. Tired and cold an you?
For those of you who don't know who Lucy van Pelt is (mexk ek), here is a picture. You're welcome.
Most of the time i feel like Lucy van Pelt.
The last time a kicker had this many problems, the holder was Lucy Van Pelt.
What if Mojo Jojo was the satirical caricature of the American crackhead?
I could never associate with people that dont help lady bugs that are drowning in swimming pools.
You can always tell who has the most social confidence by who blows their nose in the middle of a meeting.
Finally understand what Lucy Van Pelt was preaching about. This January snow is charming. That December snow was for saps.
January is THE month for catching snowflakes on your tongue, according to Lucy van Pelt.
"This could very well be the most important day of your life!" - Lucy Van Pelt
Me. As Charlie Brown in YAGMCB. 10th Grade at Walter Johnson. Judi Spungen played Lucy Van Pelt. The director of the big musicals, Stephen Perialas, gave me a compliment that made me think I could be an actor for a long, long time. Teachers can make or ruin your lives.
I wish my real hair was as good as Beyonces fake hair.
Ok. My turn. As with every year, 2013 had it's highs and lows. But overall, I am pretty pleased with everything I did and accomplished. Top Ten Highlights (In no particular order): 1. Travel! Started the year in DC. Three weeks later I flew internationally all by myself to beautiful Aruba and had my first girls vacation (complete with a cabana boy). April brought me to New Jersey for a wedding and Chicago/Indiana to visit Randi. August and I went to LA with my bestie to visit two of my faves. Hoping 2014 brings even more trips! 2. Concerts! Skynyrd (3 times in one year!!), Darius Rucker, Maroon 5, The 90's tour, Huey Lewis. I love live music! 3. Weddings! The Bourques, the Dines, The Hedricks, and the Burnaps. And I got to be a bridesmaid for the first time! 4. Weekly dates with Pepere are a permanent fixture in my life that started in January 2013. :) 5. I did three shows in one year, which is usually unheard of. 6. I made more time for family and friends and it felt great. 7. I got promoted to superviso ...
"I don't mind the rejection, it's the smile that bugs me." --Lucy Van Pelt
"Paradoxically though it may seem, it is none the less true that life imitates art far more than art imitates life." Oscar Wilde Svetlana (after Schulz's Lucy Van Pelt)
"Hey, Charley Brown, we all know Christmas is a great big racket. We all know it's run by an Eastern syndicate." - Lucy Van Pelt
You gotta hand it to Lucy Van Pelt: As my friend, Diane McGregor Key says, she's frequently wrong, seldom in doubt...!
What's on my mind they ask. Peggy Lee singing "Is That All There Is". It's the day after Christmas and already there are two trees in the garbage in the alley. CVS wasn't playing holiday music and they had 50% off on Christmas papers, candies and cards. AND there's still no peace on earth. No goodwill towards men. December 26th always brings a tinge of sadness. Of emptiness as there is no more shopping and party going ansd holiday shows and baking and present wrapping and decorating that commands our attention. And then, more suddenly than it started it is over. There is a quiet and an empitness. And a sadness, too. I begin to feel as if we, the human race are Charlie Brown and God, here played by Lucy van Pelt sasy, "C'mon, Charlie Brown. I promise I won't pull the football away this time. I promise." And then she does. In the silence of December 26th I begin to wonder -- what was all this craziness for? What does it mean that we reace around, stomp WalMart workers to death, grab the credit c ...
Lucy van Pelt is a crabby 8-year-old. Being in charge is important to her, as is having pianist Schroeder become her boyfriend. When she isn't bossing others around or dispensing advice, you'll find this sassy gal hanging with her pals and avoiding dog kisses from Snoopy.
Lucy Van Pelt got real estate for Christmas. Sally Brown got what she wanted for Christmas. She got her fair share.
Lucy van Pelt: "you do think I'm beautiful don't you Charlie Brown? No. You had to think about it. If you thought I was beautiful you'd have answered right away. I know when I've been insulted.".
Lucy van Pelt makes me want to strangle someone.
Merry Christmas Dear Bizzaro World. May you have a day of smiles with family and friends, and may you get not necessarily what you thought you wanted, but rather what you didn't know you needed, and do. Lucy Van Pelt: I know how you feel about all this Christmas business Charlie Brown, getting depressed and all that. It happens to me every year. I never get what I really want. I always get a lot of stupid toys or a bicycle or clothes or something like that. Charlie Brown: What is it you want? Lucy Van Pelt: Real estate.
Look, Charlie, let's face it. We all know that Christmas is a big commercial racket. It's run by a big eastern syndicate, you know ~ Lucy Van Pelt~
"Charlie Brown is a blockhead, but he did get a nice tree." - Lucy Van Pelt
If comics were written by our fav. authors.Peanuts by Jane Austen Miss Lucy van Pelt, young, witty, and handsome, found it unavoidable that she play a game of foot-ball with Mr. Charles Brown, the dreadfully wishy-washy companion of her otherwise commendable brother Mr. Linus Van Pelt. Wishing to be rid of this bothersome neighbor, she lifted the foot-ball just as Mr. Brown ventured to kick it, leaving him out of sorts as she tittered with laughter and went to hear Mr. Schroeder play at the pianoforte. -T. McSweeney
My Christmas tree with. balls of Piperita Patty, Charlie Brown and Lucy van Pelt :-) AUGURI DI BUONE FESTE !
Yes. This happened. Carrie you have to help me see if this is a confirmed reference. Me: *listening to You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" musical soundtrack The Track "Schroeder" starts to play. Me: oh that's a cute song, even if Lucy's being creepy and wants to marry Schroeder. Nearing the end of the song... Lucy van Pelt: My aunt Marian always told me never to discuss marriage with a musician. Me: Is that a reference to Music Man? God I hope it is, 'cause the musical side of my mind just blew up in this nuclear explosion of a realization
How discussions with my daughter normally go! I'm Schroeder Schroeder: "What do you mean Beethoven wasn't so great?" Lucy Van Pelt: "He never got his picture on bubblegum cards, did he? Have you ever seen his picture on a bubblegum card? Hmmm? How can you say someone is great who's never had his picture on bubblegum cards?" Schroeder: "Good grief."
Here's the storm casualty list from last night : Mom, Dad and the baby are all still here along with the animals but Charlie Brown, Linus And Lucy Van Pelt are all face down in the yard and will need assistance back on their feet.
There's something wrong with this room... an appalling lack of mistletoe. Lucy Van Pelt
5 Good Reasons: The inside story of Lucy Van Pelt's reign of terror as director of the Peanuts Christmas play.
Charlie Brown could’ve been a great football punter…had it not been for one Lucy Van Pelt.
Lucy Van Pelt of Peanuts fame loved Christmas trees -- and so do we
Lucy Van Pelt has no problem with Richie Incognito. Charlie Brown feels bad for Jonathan Martin.
"You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" is based on the beloved "Peanuts" cartoon strip by Charles Schulz. The Hill College Players and the Hill College Music Department are presenting the 1999 revised musical that was a Tony-winning success and won Kristin Chenoweth her first Tony. The show tells the story of a day in the life of Charlie Brown, with songs such as "Suppertime," "Beethoven Day," "The Book Report," "My Blanket and Me," and "Little Known Facts" and much of it is drawn from Schultz's cartoon strip. The characters featured in the show are: Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Sally Brown, Lucy Van Pelt, Linus Van Pelt and Schroeder. It is fun and very family-friendly! Performances at 7:30 p.m., on November 7, 8 and 9. The house will open at 7 p.m., and all tickets are $5 for the musical, $3 for under 10 and over 65. Hill College students, faculty, and staff are free with ID.
I'll be at in tonight, how about you? Just look for Lucy Van Pelt!
Lucy Van Pelt: Are you afraid of responsibility? If you are, then you have hypengyophobia. Charlie Brown: I don't think that's quite it.
Jimbo Fisher talked to Lucy Van Pelt before running a fake punt up 35 points on Charlie Brown.I mean NC State
I love Lucy Van Pelt...shes a young lady after my heart
In Our Prime heads to the Hideout Theatre for the Free Fringe with a new format: Yernuts - Adult Peanuts. Come join adult Lucy Van Pelt, Sally Brown, Linus Van Pelt and Good Old Charlie Brown. We look forward to seeing you there.
My friend and Hexagon colleague, Debbie Kirsch, served Hexagon as actress, director and board president for many years. Some of her most memorable roles onstage were Mame in Mame, Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes, Nancy in Oliver, Sister Mary Hubert in Nunsense, Truvy in Steel Magnolias, and Lucy Van Pelt in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. In addition to her comedic gifts, she could belt out a song with the best of them. Nobody who saw her in YGMCB could ever hear Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata again without hearing the words: “Do ya know something, Schroeder?” She directed both children and adults in a variety of Hexagon productions including The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, Bye Bye Birdie, Oliver, Seussical, Peter Pan, Rumors, Drop Dead, Children’s Letter to God, Willy Wonka, 13 the Musical, Annie and Little Shop of Horrors. She also directed Cinderella, Oliver, Once Upon a Mattress, Seussical and Honk in the local middle schools. Debbie received three Perry nominations (NJACT) for “Best D ...
The Mets are like Lucy Van Pelt holding the football for my irrationally exhuberant forever hoping Charlie Brown
And when I looked back, there were only one set of footprints in the sand cause Jesus gives the longest, badass, piggyback rid…
After the Casey case its nice to see Florida FINALLY get it right.
Commercials for medicines are just long lists of side effects.
I still don’t understand why scrotal length doesn’t play a larger role in universal ideas of beauty.
When you want something bad enough you are capable of creating an illusion that it's there. It's when reality sets in tha…
I never thought I would have so much in common with a weather forecast
Men fall for me because I trip them with my laptop charger.
Your jokes are so old they wrote me a check for $13.56 on my birthday.
Current mood: guy eating bread in Miley Cyrus’s “we can’t stop" music video.
Do you know what really turns me on? . Unprotected . wifi
Theres just NOTHING worse then sitting under two French tourists holding the rail for balance when theres no seats available for them.
I will never understand people who hate Lucy Van Pelt.
I would like to nominate Lucy van Pelt I believe it is, for most annoying character ever conceived by humankind. Ever. You all know why.
Nancy Drew because Nancy is an artist.
I make terrible jokes online and in person so at least I’m consistent.
"You think you’re cool because you wear sunglasses inside?? Well you’re not." . Guy on train next to me," I’m blind."
If you ever have children you could introduce them to people by saying, " hey wanna see what I made?"
It goes without saying that the muse behind B's Lemonade Stand when I built it was Lucy Van Pelt's Psychiatry Stand
That was a pure Lucy Van Pelt scream.
All drugs will be legalized, but here’s the twist - all dreadlocks will be outlawed. Choose wisely.
Do you ever get angry at people in real life for something they did in your dream?
WOW these slices of cheese feel really cold on my nipples.
“I don’t see any sense in owning something you can’t kick.”. - Lucy Van Pelt
I wonder what my future husband is doing right this second...
I really want to carry a torch in a cave just like one time .
Does the 5 second rule apply when you drop the bass?
I don’t remember much about 2009- but I do remember the horror that was “hey soul sister"
"Well hello there Charlie Brown, you blockhead.". -- Lucy Van Pelt.
it's comments like those that help me realise I can be more than a somewhat low rent Lucy van Pelt
Sometimes when writing, it's like muse leaning on my shoulder, running fingers through my hair. Today, she's Lucy Van Pelt holding football.
Listening to my kids music coming from her room and pretty sure screamo is a mix of ska and emo.
If I could have one superpower, it would be the ability to never bite my tongue or get any sort of cut in the corner of my lip again.
A kiss is nothing more than a tender punch from one’s lips.
Let’s just say that I moved that booty to the top of my Netflix queue.
If the ghost in my house is taking a dump then it explains why the toilet paper roller is always empty.
I am the son of Lucy Van Pelt and Charles Brown.
Book borrowing/giving is the biggest form of true love it’s like, “Here’s a piece of my soul that I think you would enjoy."
Re-watching LesMiserables , who knew everyone in 19th century France could sing so well?
If I ever get with a black dude I think we will name our daughter Rachel Profiling.
Considering getting a tattoo of Schulz' artwork of Lucy van Pelt at her psychiatric help stand. "5 cents, please!"
For *** sure you're not Lil Abner or Lucy Van Pelt.
Little Giant Ladders
Yes microwave, I will fulfill the sacrifice.
Sure. Wendy Williams and then driving to work listening to Crazy Frog.
We could ask you the same question...
Online shopping gives me a reason to stay alive for 5-7 business days.
I'm thinking of opening a company that makes whoopi cushions - but with- WAIT FOR IT - Whoopi Goldbergs face on each one!
I could REALLY go for a hot glazed doughnut right now...
Sometimes I sit down weird and it feels like my butt cheeks get spread apart and I think I can feel my butt hole touch my underwear.
I want a job where I get paid to do what Im passionate about drawing on pictures in magazines to make it look like people are missing teeth.
I am posting this song as a tribute to a brave soul Lucy Van Pelt who is battling Peta for the right to speak out...
Got a tattoo of Lucy Van Pelt on my neck.
Thanks to some folks, I now have a link to the PETA filing regarding the Huffington Post story I've been posting about. Well, the comments are pretty *** trashy, especially from the rather infamous Lucy Van Pelt, who we've all tangled with. Unfortunately.
from Lucy Van Pelt, urgent, kitty needs a rescue:
said that my hair looks like Lucy Van Pelt (Charlie Brown's friend on Peanuts).
I think every week should have a day in it when boys give presents to girls –Lucy Van Pelt :Charlie Brown Happy national women's day y'all💁
Thanks, had to go to a 4¢ charge to compete with Lucy Van Pelt. RT
Ever since I was a little kid I've suspected that Lucy van Pelt from "Peanuts" grew up to be Suzanne Sugarbaker from "Designing Women".
After all, tomorrow is another day...
I really wanna see the reality TV show Kim and Kourtney take Uganda.
Why the *** do French people always say 'how do you say"? before words they know perfectly well how to say?!!
Its like the soundtrack of my life.
Not yet. Added it to my Netflix queue.
I'm going to buy a little car & drive home to Ok this Summer and listen to this with the windows down. Just me. Tisha
Just finished such a long, long book. One I should have never started.
Oh I've killed before. And now I'm going to have to do it again.
Nothing worse then waking up to get a glass of milk and your daughter asking "hey mom can you help me take nudes?"
Hey ladies- he can do over 2 push ups... just keep that in mind.
Never, ever - take drugs, its rude. Ask politely if you can have some.
I can’t believe that there are still laws in this country that prohibit black people from driving cars into grocery stores.
Just found out that its illegal to impersonate a police horse.
Does anybody else close their eyes and just lay still for long periods of time?
All I need is a little love now and then, but some chocolate will do for now. - Lucy Van Pelt
Filibuster reform is the football and Senate Dems are Lucy van Pelt.
How many times does Harry Reid (Charlie Brown) have to be dissed by Mitch McConnell (Lucy Van Pelt)?
Charlie Brown Voice Actor accused of threatening his ex-girlfriend & doctor. His attorney Lucy van Pelt asked bail to be set at 5 cents!
At Lucy Van Pelt? Good grief! Actor who was voice of Charlie Brown arrested for threats, stalking:
Lucy Van Pelt also described as 'a person of interest'. Voice actor for Charlie Brown arrested in Calif.
Hmm? Wha'? I can't read what you're saying. My protective football helmet is in the way. And I don't even play football!
The reign of terror ends today, Dr. Lucy Van Pelt!!!
Lucy Van Pelt grew up to be Plastic Surgeon for the galpal of SUCH a tease, to this day. Just let him connect ONCE, COME ON!
Voice of Charlie Brown busted on charges of stalking. I blame it on Lucy van Pelt.
There are now rumors Charlie Brown wanted Peppermint Patty, Snoopy and Lucy Van Pelt to do dirty stuff together.
Oh, Dave youre cute in a possibly disabled kind of way.
The very best part about kissing is biting each other’s teeth and trying to not chip them.
Lucy Honeychurch RULES! We named our daughter for her too. With a little Lucy Van Pelt thrown in.
We were in a laundromat and we were both pooping in other peoples clothes dryers.
In all of comics history, has there been a character more evil than Lucy Van Pelt?
"It's my life, and I'm the one who had to live it!". Lucy Van Pelt.
Yea that's true. Its too bad I haven't been with a guy in s0oo0 long that's made me get to say that ;)
Funny how it coincidentally rhymes with your favorite catchphrase. Mo Jizzle.
Im going to leave this one alone without being mean. Lets just say you can kiss whatever you'd like.
You mean name music after your favorite kind of underwear?
Hmm..maybe they will make a song for "guys like you" and call it Grandma Style?
i thought it amusing that he promised again to uphold the Constitution. Reminded me of Lucy Van Pelt and her football..
Things young people say - "We decided to terminate the pregnancy because spring break is coming up."
I am going to stop comparing myself to people over 5'5'' with proportionate bodies and no psychotic episodes.
This could be funny if it was based on something. It just seems random as it stands now Could you site your sources, please?
Your new boyfriend is probably too young to know what Gangnam Style is.
Really REALLY wanted to hear Obama say Fo Shizzle while swearing in his inauguration.
I like how most musicals are about young love and self-discovery and then Sweeney Todd is just about killing men and eating them in pies.
Why you really should date me: I’ll make you watch/read/play everything I enjoy this is a totally good reason, I have amazing taste
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
On UT's list of sports liars and cheaters: Lucy Van Pelt (for always tricking Charlie Brown and pulling away football) Excellent selection!
I think I have said this before, but I think the character Lucy Van Pelt was made after me! Even though she was made b4 I was born!
The year is 2025. And time is no longer measured with a calender, but with iphone releases.
If you are not interesting, don’t tell people much about yourself. It will make them think that you are mysterious because they are dumb.
It would prolly be pretty awesome, Dave. Think of all the people you don't love you could forget.
Andy Levy and Lucy van Pelt know all the phobias and their definitions.
Very surprised Lucy van Pelt hasn't been hasn't been punched in the face yet.
Broadway fell in love with Pamela Myers in 1970 when she introduced the now quintessential ode to New York City, “Another Hundred People,” in the original cast of Stephen Sondheim's Company, in which she originated the role of Marta. New York audiences also know her as Lucy Van Pelt in Broadway's Sn...
That moment you realize Audrey Horne is basically a grown-up Lucy Van Pelt.
I want my life to be like a candy bar but its not sweet enough for me. And I'm just sick of feeding this machine.
My new dream is to own a lighthouse and live there all alone.
Donkey Kong Country used to be called Donkey Column Country and before that it was called Greece.
Later in life, Lucy Van Pelt married a developer just to get real estate for Christmas.
You are a loser and don't you forget it! — Who do you think you are, Lucy Van Pelt?? Skedaddle.
My New Year’s resolution is to relearn how to sing the entire gibberish part of KoЯn’s 1998 hit song “Freak On A Leash.”
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Somehow i see myself as Sally Brown after Linus or Lucy Van Pelt after Schroeder both in love and annoying as yiff XC
The people across the street from me are listening to reggae covers of Radiohead songs.
I spent most of the day worrying that I’d left home without flushing my toilet.
Every girl is looking for a guy who will always know the right emoticon to use to cheer her up.
BREAKING: Wile E. Coyote done negotiating directly with Road Runner. Charlie Brown done negotiating directly with Lucy Van Pelt.
I'm me. And its never enough. Or its to much. Take a pick.
Just got the cutest haircut ! Copied Gennifer Goodwin and now I'm changing my name to Snow.
Resigned to Lucy van Pelt's hair probably until March, or May. Ok.
Lucy van Pelt had the same mouth whenever she called Charlie Brown a blockhead.
I wish I lived in the TV show The Walking Dead.
The best part about having your own place is that you can fall asleep while taking a shower and nobody yells at you.
"I love humanity. It's people I can't stand." -Lucy Van Pelt
WELL...Ive eaten I guess I go home and go back to sleep now.
You’re racist if you think that there is a difference between an egg roll and a chimichanga.
Observing fellow diners and thinking - to have a really good eating experience at Taco Bell you have to be thirteen or poor.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Lucy Van Pelt was kinda of a beyotch with latent homicidal tendencies.
That's how Lucy Van Pelt was treated at Guantanamo.
They don't know I'm not wearing my pajamas under these sheets. I am Lucy Van Pelt! I can do whatever I please!
Sometimes I think we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.
Singing and unleashing my inner brat by being Lucy van Pelt in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. ♥
I'll set up a booth like Lucy Van Pelt's. And shout at blockheads.
Pretty sure the only female that understands is Lucy Van Pelt.
The worst thing is watching someone you desperately love drown and not being able to convince them that all they have to do is stand up.
So, according to Mat McBriar tried to pull a Lucy Van Pelt on Charlie Brown Henery?
Dont you think theres a chance that you spend WAY to much time on here reposting others jokes and thoughts??
You have to give me a Christmas present. It says so in the Bible. ~Lucy Van Pelt
You're like Lucy Van Pelt at 100x the price.
But aren't you supposed to wait for January snow before you eat it. According to Lucy Van Pelt, January snow is much sweeter.
I usually harass but his phone is broken so he can't defend himself...or dispute the fact he finds Lucy Van Pelt attractive.
Sounds like you and mom like that old school horror. I bet she would enjoy Mommy Dearest :)
We did that last night. Watched Tenebre. Mother couldn't guess who the killer was.
KoHoSo on Tumblr: Lucy Van Pelt hawking Peanuts ornaments for Dolly Madison.
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