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Lucy Torres

Lucy Torres-Gomez is a Filipina congresswoman, actress, and television host.

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I couldn't find u? Still desame. . Haven't no idea how I can create new beginning. .♡♡♡♡♡. I love cong.Lucy torres. .
Spotted Lucy Torres-Gomez looking chic in our ginto minaudière at last weekend's grand wedding!
Happy new year, (Lucy?) Torres! :)) wish you nothing but the best in your fandom & real life. mwah! 💋💞
VIDEO: Torres scores just 1 of his 5 headers in his 1st training session! Good Luck Simeone! htt…
Couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez at the DongYan wedding. ☺ ♥
Lucy Torres-Gomez runs to shed holiday calories |
Finally time for my kids to have some family time and set up the Christmas tree :-)
"The best Torres impersonation we have seen in a long time... lol I would have been tight
Carmen Limon, Lucy Dominguez, Lupe Valadez, Lidia Torres getting ready for a long day in the OR.
*Lucy has a gun on the table next to her bed. The gun is next to a cross* oh..
in the first chapter Lucy killed a little boy in the church :o
Thank you Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez for an early Christmas present…
Gina Torres as Wonder Woman Nicki Minaj as Power Girl Laverne Cox as Huntress Lucy Liu as Zatanna Beyoncé as …
Okay, after doing a little fact checking before I sent my reply I found out that Lucy Liu is OLDER THAN GINA TORRES WHAT???
What famous people were born in your city? — it's lucy torres...
Don't be jealous, you know you're a Dyosa so better drop your Lucy Torres act and be Gretchen Barretto.
A big smile from our ever beautiful resident judge, Ms. Lucy Torres-Gomez! Follow the link for more exclusive...
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"Volleyball is like family to Lucy Torres-Gomez
“Volleyball is like family to Lucy Torres-Gomez
looked hot in that Lucy outfit, dannnggg!
yehh andy and lucy should hook up again they look calmm togeva Victorias a deadie even rosieee pisses me off
he defo did lucy has the gossip OMG Victoria is just a side chick man
Volleyball is like family to Lucy Torres-Gomez
Volleyball is like family to Lucy Torres-Gomez -
*** looked sexy in that Lucy outfit on
Lucy Torres has a crush on David Beckham
Casually sitting right infront of Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres at a restaurant here in Megamall.
Richard Gomez says wife Lucy Torres has no plan to run for the Senate in 2016: Richard Gomez will continue to ...
Richard Gomez on 16-year marriage with Lucy Torres: Walang perfect marriage
Lucy Torres admits she almost gave up on Richard Gomez
Youth empowerment is mission of LUCY director in Camden via
Spotted lucy torres and Richard Gomez
Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez are sitting right across us here in Cibo. 😂
working holiday with this beautiful family... Richard Gomez, Congresswoman Lucy Torres Gomez & Juliana
Pleasant to watch 2 of the most beautiful artists Ms Lucy Torres & 👯
Lucy Torres x Marian Rivera ahh can u not 😍
The interview of Marian Rivera to Lucy torres ✌️😘😍 KiliglikeMarian
Dan torres — ouvindo Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
The Cttee on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples is holding a public hearing in Melbour…
Feeling inspired.. I can't believe I'm still awake when I have to be up so early tomorrow morning. Time flies...
Saiu Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds com o Dan Torres no Spotify!
Torres replaces Diego Costa who unsurprisingly receives a wonderful ovation from the home supporters following his two goals…
if you’re going to get your *** kicked by a broad, you want it to be Lucy or Katee. Or Gina Torres.
Abs is the hardest workout!! Hate it but I guess is not only good to tighten and tone your stomach but also gets...
he failed the medical at Liv.but still better than Torres
Loic Rémy would be a great backup striker to have if Costa were to get injured. We cannot keep relying on the misfiring Fernando Torres.
with Richard Gomez & Cong. Lucy Torres — traveling to Manila, Philippines from Hong Kong International Airport
yeahhh!! :D its LUCY time :D MOVIE MOVIE TARA! :D — watching Lucy at Robinsons Movieworld
Got the feature by Lucy Torres about Bench donating 200 fiber glass boats to Yolanda fisherfolk victims. Appreciated, Ben Chan, applause!
achei , lucy in the sky with diamonds de Dan Torres
We all know is going to blow the roof off this November. Be there. •
Repost from Instagram. Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez, the love of my life.
I just got a call from my principal. They moved me to 4th grade. No more Kinder... I'm kind of upset because I...
At the Dual Language Institute. This dual language program it's a lot harder than I thought. I want to go back to...
Its trailer gives away too much by showing the best parts of the movie. I… [pic] —
hoy! 6:30 pm ta watch Lucy Torres Gomez.
Exhausted!! And school hasn't even start yet... Just trainings! But I'm excited to go back to what I like to do.
She would be! I’m hoping for Lucy Liu or Gina Torres. Felicia Day is an obvious choice.
Let's have Torres off and Drogba on. Would love to see a Costa-Drogba partnership.
Breast Cancer Awareness
What would a Chelsea game be without a miss from Torres?
Jose certainly is being perseverant with playing Costa and Torres together; maybe he thinks they'll gel eventually.
Lucy torres filipiniana for my attire at Student's night for our Oath Taking, please!! 😃
Lucy was awesome! It's one of those movies that really gets ya thinkin' 🙉
Top story: Lucy Kellaway interviews Everyday Sexism Project founder Laura Bates… see more
A star-studded night here at CCP. With Richard and Lucy Torres-Gomez (with pretty Juliana beside us).
Dan Torres 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds'
lucy in the sky with diamonds, cover do Dan Torres
Attacking options, because Drogba is only going to play a handful of games and Torres (IF he stays) will likely be inconsistent. (2/2)
It's almost inevitable that we will sign another striker if Torres leaves. We'd have to.
Jose said no more signings would be made this summer. . Signings were made. . Jose said Torres will not leave this Summer. . There is hope.
Lucy Coffey, the Nation's Oldest Female fulfilled her dream at the age of 108, via [
If Lucy Torres & Julia Montes would have a daughter, it would be you jrac95. I was glad to made you up…
The movie Lucy made us realize what is life?
Let me make one thing clear: I don't think we should sell Torres until we buy another striker. No way.
Torres and Costa. Imagine the former performs and the latter doesn't. Scenes.
ohhh I didn't see MVG was playing! 3 in midfield and torres striking from wide left
Well watching was a complete waste of time 😓
I love my Lucy she's gotta be the cutest puppy(:
El mejor cover de 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds' lo hace Dan Torres, sin dudas.
Ps. (Look, I'm supposed to be the last person to comment on fashion, but...) si Lucy Torres (minus the yellow ribbon) ang best-dressed!
Cong. Lucy Torres was also a stunner! As always!!!
Doing my reaction paper on SONA, all I can think about is how effortless Lucy Torres' beauty is, and Heart's gown.
I wonder if people will have the same reaction if it was Cong. Lucy Torres -Gomez who wore Senator Nancy Binay's gown at yesterday's SONA.
. Lucy in the sky with diamonds de Dan Torres
when Atlético presented Mario m to the fans they was chanting Torres so clearly he's wanted back there! Hopefully it happens😂
Has anyone ever missed a sitter as bad as Torres' sitter yesterday?
SONA 2014: Who's the most fashionable of them all?
But in all fairness, sexy si Lucy Torres sa gown ya. 😍😍
Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez for me is the best dressed earlier. 😂
best dressed for me are Leyte Representative Lucy Gomez-Torres and Senator Pia Cayetano. 😍
The ever elegant Lucy Torres and her hubby, Richard Gomez
And why is Lucy Torres even a congresswoman??? Yung totoo?!
Lucy Torres just drowned everybody else's effort to standout.
Outifit of the day entry! . Leyte's 4th District Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez in her Champagne…
Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez & Richard Gomez. Vote for the best dressed in the
Scary! If coke can do this, imagine what it can do to a person
Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres here at Todd English. o_o
Meet Miss Lucy Torres. Delighted that this restaurant employs Aetas to serve traditional Capampangan…
With congresswoman Lucy Torres Gomez. A very classy lady who is helping ROFI with the donation of…
Selfie with lucy torres at my right lol
I think lucy torres and I are meant to be lol we're in the same restaurant last night and now, the same salon cool 😎
Looking forward to the movie LUCY (Average person uses 10% Brain Capacity. See what LUCY does at 100%.) LUCY...
Bruh did Lucy really call me a bandwagon for Germany.
Come ZUMBA with us tonight at Swift Sessions at 7:30pm!. The wonderful Lucy Torres will be leading us. — at Swift...
Arsenal are signing Sanchez for half of what Torres cost and the same price as Lallana
I'm supposed to be reading about Lucy Torres-Gomez for class (yes this is a thing) BUT MARTIN.
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Seriously? A honk-free day in the Philippines? We need to get to the bottom of the kind of thinking House Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez (wife of movie idol Richard Gomez) was applying when she c...
Nice home cooked meal from Lucy Torres Thanks mom dinner was great.
Chillin this morning got my favorite niece and nephews here with my mom Angela Bergeron and my sis Lucy Torres chillin feels great to have my families around plus Ada Valle I got ur boys here they so big lol love them mucho
To Lucy Marrero, Sonia Torres and Yaz Melendez thank you so much for purchasing the t shirt. I am forever...
After the Master Game Face Challenge, TV5 is now showing...a ballroom dance show with Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez and the Semerad bros??
Dafuq?, So what are the drivers supposed to do to warn/get noticed by other vehicles and people on the...
Lucy Torres-Gomez files a bill that will ban blowing of car horns during sundays! *** srsly? -___-
Lucy Torres-Gomez files House Bill that bans blowing of car horns on Sundays
In other news Lucy Torres Gomez proposes ban on blowing your car horn.
To quote Mandy Patinkin as Saul Berenson in Homeland: Kill 'em. Kill 'em all.
Lucy Torres wants to ban excessive use of car horns on Sundays
Just why should we waste tax money on a very trivial matter???
Electronic Device Insurance
What do you think of this bill that Rep Lucy Torres Gomez has filed, Coconauts?
"Why is Torres at this World Cup? I need answers" Type of question you leave blank in an exam rt
As for the likes of Pique, Xavi, Alonso, Torres, Villa, Cazorla Iniesta and even San Iker that was their final World Cup …
And what good is Torres going to bring?
need to see you at a few away days this year Lucy! 👍
No blowing of horns on a Sunday, as a precursor to murderous or homicidal road rage? Hmmm...
WALANG BUSINA | Lucy Torres-Gomez seeks ban on blowing of car horns on Sundays
Try to catch Stephanie Wei's intervw with Lucy Li on That 11-year old has the head of someone twice her age. She's…
Only 2 bills (authored by Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez & Rep. Elisa Kho) seek the TOTAL abolition of the Sangguniang Kabataan / youth rep in brgy.
A supporter of Latin Dance- the immaculately beautiful Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez
Lea: For her [Charlene] to say that, it meant a lot to me. Vice: parang si Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez na kinikilig si Lucy Torres
Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres were like 2meters away from me, I just smiled. LOL. Ang gwapo ni Goma!
Excited watching this movie with Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres
“A guy who is not afraid to show off his girl and love her in front of others 🙌😍” 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Amen
2 Robert & Lucy Torres on the contract 4 their new home. you 2 my referral partner Alex Robayo. I look fwd 2 working with U
A big Congratulations to Robert and Lucy Torres on the contract for their new home. I'm grateful for you choosing me to help you through your mortgage process. And to my referral partner, Alex Robayo. Thank you for the referral and I look forward to working with you again!
Rose Galvan Rose A. Lopez Lucy Torres all theses ladys have been my moms i love them all
Beautiful hosts of the night Lucy Torres & Ai Ai Delas Alas at the
So happy that all of you are going to be in our wedding, Charity Garcia Vannessa Ramirez Mendy Burris Lucy Torres Nickolas King A A Lawncare Gutierrez Damian and amadeo! It means so much to Tony Ramirez and I!
The fabulous Lucy Torres will be leading our Zumba at Swift Sessions class tomorrow morning, Saturday 5/17 at...
Why does Dawn Zulueta , Lucy Torres, Kristine Hermosa , Anne Curtis , Julia Barretto , and Lexi Fernandez have to be so pe…
One day after Lucy Torres took Gabriel Macht around Ormoc, Richard Gomez revealed his wife is actually a big fan of the hit series 'Suits.'
Dr. Paul Dumol, Chris Tiu, Rep. Lucy Torres, Rep. Karlo Nograles, Mr. Oliver Tuazon, HIS EXCELLENCY Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle -- two words: THE BEST. "If we want to master leadership and excellence, first focus on mastering the VIRTUES. Everything else will follow." --bagay na alam na, but ALWAYS FORGOTTEN. Let's begin starting one PILE at a time.
To my everdearest friendships Andee Andrea Barbin to Mishy Michelle Loreno-Motos and to me super goodluck to us! Gosh kelangan ilabas ang inner goddess! Andee ipack up na c Lucy Torres ilabas si La Greta. And to you Mishy ilabas si Mila. And for me , well thy will be done. After this, bonding is badly needed. Break a leg Mishy! Aja gurls! Mwuah...
Lucy Torres & Richard Gomez attend an ongoing meeting organized by PPA GM Juan Sta. Ana to support GK and 2014 Bayani Challenge.
My friend's cousin is missing, her name is Jeanette Lucy Torres, any information please call…
Anti and Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez says her objection to the law is based on her faith, not facts.
EARL (Hotrocks Jazz Funk Choreographer) standing left with the Dance Goddess, Ms. Lucy Torres. Celebrity Dance Battle will be aired next month
Schurrle slipped Azpilicueta in down the left and he squared for Torres to slide into the net! 1-0 Chelsea! Great start.
Ms. Lucy Torres dancing with SPEED DANCERS doin "Bring me to life" by evanesence.
Introducin' Chance the Ruthless, trip shrooms and lucy
Lmao who does this remind u of Lucy Torres
Fernando Torres is on course to match his Liverpool goalscoring record with Chelsea.. All he has to do is score 46 goals in …
You are all invited to join us in SHALL WE DANCE ballroom disco on march 9, 2014.. and meet the popular DANCE INSTRUCTOR OF LUCY TORRES and we are also excited to present the Ginoong Filipinas Italia candidates ...sooo see u all there.The tickets are available from us Ginangs and Filinvest office...Venue:Sala Ovverture, Via Trapoli 22, Rome at 3 pm..Attire: Formal... salamat po
Mr and mrs Richard Gomez and lucy torres.. Was here.
Thank you for my jewelry mommy Lucy Torres you always know what I like:)
Lucy Torres I don't wanna go to work today...I still feel De - congested today! Jk! Hurry hurry! !
My doctor told me that i have the type 2 skin which is next to the type skin of Ms. Lucy Torres. Oohh! 😱 Want to get back my fair skin. 😩✌️🙏
Lucy Torres Vallejo I thought of you prima...:)
Congratulations to our 2014 Leaders for Life Fellows Jovani Hernandez, Jorden Holland, Daniella Rossi, Jaquelynn Shelton,Kevin Tierney, Lucy Torres. I also wanted to thank Governor Scott, Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart, Chancellor of the Florida Univerity System Marshall Criser and all of the legislators for your support for education in Florida, Take Stock in Children and our Leaders for Life Fellowship
Lucy Torres, of the 300 block of Elm Street, said what troubles her most is when people park in her handicap parking space. “I think it's not right if you clean a spot and someone takes it, especially if it is a handicap parking space,” she said. “Me and my husband need that space, but people just park there.” Torres said that she believes that rather than using chairs and buckets, people should revert to something that some may find quaint: the honor system.
Rebuilding lives in Yolanda-ravaged Visayas By Marinel R. Cruz Philippine Daily Inquirer More than a hundred days after Supertyphoon “Yolanda” ravaged Central Visayas, relief operations for calamity survivors have shifted to rehabilitation, and stars from the country’s top networks remain active in the efforts—giving till it hurts. GMA 7 actor Dingdong Dantes is waiting for the Department of Education’s go-signal to build a two-story school in Estancia, Iloilo. ABS-CBN actress Angel Locsin will auction off a vintage car, a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle, that she donated to her network’s Sagip Kapamilya Foundation. TV5 actor Derek Ramsay and ABS-CBN actress Anne Curtis took part in “Pahalipay Ha Leyte” organized by PLDT Gabay Guro at the Leyte Normal University in Tacloban this month. The event coincided with the inauguration of eight “disaster-proof” classrooms in different barangays in Leyte. TV host Boy Abunda’s Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation recently chose 100 families in his home pro ...
ana ra mn c nga si Lucy Torres daw and ana. ok... -_- lol. I just got that bcz we went to a chapel geez
"You accept things because you don't know what you're in for. And when you're immersed in the situation already, it's not really as bad as think it is. Even with all this now, it's not that bad." -Lucy Torres Gomez
Lucy Torres talks about what it's like to be married to Richard Gomez for 15 years
Hamilton Collection
DEFINITELY, i am not a LUCY TORRES, ok. Excuse me, here now is GRETCHEN BARRETO, ready with my red expensive stilletos...FIGHT KUNG FIGHT!
Change of heart Cebu for the win..omg.I hope stella Araneta .drops Venezuela .2 weeks training polishing. .like quimbao. . before proceeding brazil...Philippines bring beacon.miss U.Visayas ...D hi class look ala Lucy Torres..
Lucy Torres on husband Richard Gomez: “He still takes my breath away.” - Posted on: 2014-02-18 17:21:32
Wawww...received a letter from Honorable Congresswoman Lucy Torres...for Typhoon Yolanda victim thru Suyen Group...Thanks Mam and the Suyen Group for helping the VICTIMS...MAY GOD BLESS US ALL.
"Lucy Torres was a Fangirl of Richard Gomez before."
Lovely couples Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres Gomez, checking out the Canon Booth Photo World Asia 2014
Now is the time to pack up your 'Lucy Torres', pack up your 'Gretchen Barretto' at ilabas ang Dawn Zulueta!
Yoga was a success and every Thursday 7pm at Daniel Nutrition so inbox Mayra Daniel for more info. Big Thanks to Yoga Instructor Lucy Torres and she is awesome. She y'all Friday at Family Night at 0630 pm.
Actress/TV Host Ms. Lucy Torres-Gomez is one of the few gorgeous women in showbiz that seem to have the power to freeze aging. Lucy swears by the Obagi ...
They say that one of the few certain things in life is change. Everything in this world turns over a new leaf. That most certainly includes myself. I turn twenty-six on Saturday (yay!), and in those years, I know change has and will most certainly be always inevitable.   So, for my birthday, I decided to write a little something to my younger self --- my eighteen year-old self that was grappling with weight and beauty issues and basically still figuring out her place in the world. I was inspired by my lovely Cebuana writer friend Therese to do this (I'm tagging her in this one.) to write yet another little note to the past me, and so I came up with this. I admittedly am not satisfied with the last bits of this. However, one thing's for sure, I definitely poured my heart in this epistle.   Here it goes:   Dearest Alexis, Hello! How are you? Yes, I do know that until now, you are still very much fond of receiving little notes and letters, the pouring of soul onto a piece of paper. Yes, I know of your lov ...
Why the Beatles made it in America: Ben Fong-Torres formerly of Rolling Stone magazine tells CNN's Piers Morga...
Thanks to Cong. Lucy Torres for the donations.
Lucy Torres we need to seriously go to this!!
Mourinho reports that Torres is recovering well and is expected to be out for another couple of weeks.
Have a Coffee break before my Operation with my friend Flawless de Mayo no other than Janet Marie A.K.A. Lucy Torres ! Hehe.
to Deniece i would like to borrow the statement of Miss Lucy Torres-Gomez during her guesting on GGV "walang matinung babae na tumatawag sa isang lalaki dis oras ng gabi."
Project update: I received this lovely email from Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez Dear Mel, Just dropping a note to let you know that we have distributed Shelter Kits already and some of the photos and list of recipients are already up on the website. Please do check them out when you can ( To date, we have a little over 11,000 Shelter Kits. God is good! Some have already been given away but there still are quite a number that are yet to be distributed. We will resume when the weather gets better. Another typhoon has been lingering and has delayed our relief operations. Even as the appeal for Shelter Kits continue, we have also started on motorised fiberglass fishing boats. I will send you some information about it and it is so much fun to do because each boat will have the name of the donor on its body. I will send some images. They are fun and lovely, and these will be the prettiest boats to travel the coast! So far I have been able to raise enough for 500 boats:) Long way of ...
same here! she's my one and only bet from the start pa lang. :) GO LUCY TORRES! :)
I was looking of my profile picture and I think I was cute :-) . It's me when I was in first grade. I realized...
I wanted to sleep a little longer, but impossible in this mad house. Between my kitty Floyd, my dog Pepper, my...
Goodness! It is becoming a real challenge here at Tucasita to stay away from meat!! The delicious smell of the...
Followers, who wants to trend I'll start: Snow White starring Lucy Torres.
The voices inside my head are saying "stop being lazy! Get out of bed, take off your pajamas, take a shower, and...
Yeah, sometimes lol except the wine
A night with Richard Gomez, Lucy Torres, Bamban Mayor John Feliciano and Darwin Chan With his baby.
We interviewed Congresswoman of the Philippines Lucy Torres-Gomez at her house in Forbes Park after Global Village Champions donated 600 sacks of rice to the...
Now enjoying a mug of hot chocolate from Lucy Torres-Gomez! This is far better than earthly indulgences of carnality. Well, almost!
“Met when I was 11, met at 19, married at 23” 😍😍😍 -Lucy Torres-Gomez
DID U KNOW THAT LUCY TORRES IS A FAN OF Richard Gomez BEFORE?? see where they are now omg. but- *lesbihonest* with taetae n yul
Feliz Bday! To my momma. Lucy Torres you're finally 21. Lol.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Lucy Torres, an Aquino ally, talks candidly to ABS-CBN's Karen Davila about the corruption that plagued the government's relief efforts in Leyte. View and weep!
** Willie Revillame Brings Cheer to Yolanda Victims with ‘Pamaskong Handog’ ** Willie Revillame, a former TV host-turned-businessman, visited the victims of super-typhoon “Yolanda” in Tacloban last Sunday using his two private planes; together with some friends from Wowowillie. Cesar Montano, Bugoy Carino, Alon, Cacai Bautista and Lito Camo also went with him to perform for the ‘Pamaskong Handog sa Tacloban City. Revillame’s friends Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres also took the trip on his plane to go home to Ormoc City. He could have done this earlier, but he thought it would be best to have the people in Tacloban settle down a bit before he announced his plan to have a concert there to entertain them. A few days after the disaster, he donated P10 million for Tacloban victims through the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Before the show, Revillame and some of his staff went around Tacloban to personally see the devastation Yolanda caused. The remnants of Yolanda are st ...
Photoset: quantumspork: welcome to night vale genderswap pt 3 lucy liu as cecilia gina torres as carla [pt...
Lucy Torres I love u and I'm sorry for being a *** hole with u
If Jamie ends up with Lucy tonight on MIC I genuinely might Torres knee slide outside in celebration
Let the number of years you have lived not be a reminder of how old you are but see it as a medal of all you have been through in life,Forget how long you’ve lived. Look at how much you’ve accomplished and how much life lies before you. Happy birthday Titi!!.. Love You Enjoy Ur Day!!!.. Lucy Torres Marti
2014 on TV5: “The Noise,” an adaptation of a Japanese game show & “Celebrity Dance Battle” hosted by Lucy Torres-Gomez
DTorres (deceased) singing to his wife, my co-worker Lucy Torres who just passed away. Lucy was ...
Tonight, I pray for family and all my friends . For God to keep them healthy and safe. For them to feel loved and...
“She parallels our vision of perfection in each piece that we make,” says on for Jul B. Dizon>>
Okay its time to pack-up lucy torres And get gretchen baretto out. 
I cld see someone like Gina Torres or Lucy Lawless. I'm going to thk more on it!!!
Who are the top 10 richest celebrities in the Philippines? 1. Manny Pacquiao: worth more than 1 Billion pesos. couples of houses, apartments and mansions, more than 5 commercial buildings, restaurants and bars, golf course, condos and mansion in the US. AND EVEN MORE... he owned limited editions of different watches such as ROLEX, Patek, Cartier, Omega and more... Owns many businesses. Runs a rooster farm for cockfight gambling, lottery outlets, a boxing promotions company and a basketball team. Assets includes several properties for rentals, business buildings, beach resorts, medical facilities. Invest heavily in various bank financial programs. Earns money acting in movies, and also appearing regularly in television shows. Has steady stream of income from pop album sales. Has endorsement deals with companies like Nike, McDonald's, Philippine Long Distance Company, San Miguel Beer, Café Puro, Alaxan, Magnolia, etc., etc. Also receives fee from video game, such as Electronic Arts' Fight Night series. Has ...
The City of Cleveland will like to extend an invitation to all of you to the 5th Annual Fiesta de Reyes!! January 3rd, 2014. This event was created through the Community Relations Board & The Hispanic Liason Mrs. Lucy Torres as a tradition of giving gifts to the Hispanic Children in the community with financial restraints. There were more than 400 toys given away last year providing many smiles to children in the community. If you would like to donate any toys or plan to attend the event and have any questions call Lucy Torres, City of Cleveland Hispanic Liason @ 216.664.6248. Read Flyer for info.
Here's another breath-taking collection from the jewellery label, Jul B. Dizon, with the gorgeous
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Gratitude from a Congresswoman Philippines Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez gives a warm 'thank you' to Jeunesse Kids™ and Global Village for helping feed the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.
Give the gift of life this Christmas by Lucy Torres.
Happy birthday to my cuz Lucy Torres-Concepcion I hope u enjoy ur day.. I know its hard do to tio but baby girl he's watching and as always is proud of u.. I love u n the kids ALWAYS...
Lucy Torres happy her HOME is looking GOOD ;)))
Happy birthday Lucy Torres! I hope you see this. Hope it is an awesome day for you.
Watch the video Lucy Torres: Relief operations in Ormoc not going as well as they should on Yahoo Yahoo Philippines News. Leyte Fourth District Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez says relief goods started coming into her district via C130 planes five days after the typhoon hit. She points out a wide d...
Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez representing the Fourth District of Leyte exposed the main reasons why the relief efforts in Ormoc City is moving slowly. During
(UPDATED) Lucy Torres-Gomez to file a motion for reconsideration, says 'politics, a game of the devils'
Congresswoman Lucy Torres Gomez expressing her love of being a Global Village Champion! The Congresswoman currently represents the 4th District of Leyte in t...
My idol Lucy Torres just walked in front of my workstation. Na-starstruck ako. Ang ganda nya...
This is true! Mar Roxas is same as lier as his wife he said Mr. Romualdez is the only one complaining and attacking the gov't how about Lucy Torres Gomez who complaint first before him. Right? Now whose telling a lie?
from: lucy torres-gomez 09/12/2013 To: kate simpson Dear Kate, Thank you ever so much for the donation. Everyday the number of shelter kits we can buy from funds donated continue to grow! It is heartwarming, and I cannot wait for the beneficiaries to receive them:) I will acknowledge all the donors, as you have emailed them, on the website. And as soon as the shelter kits are procured and distributed I will post photos as well. Again, thank you from me for and in behalf of the people of Ormoc and the 4th District of Leyte! Lucy:)
Waiting for goob to wake up. We're Spending the day wit Lucy Torres and lil pumpkin. Can't wait to see him! Much needed day too. 󾌰󾌰󾌰
No matter what Mar, Penoy and Malacanang trumpeters would say I believe Mayor Romualdez because Lucy Torres was able to witness the ineptness of the National government in Ormoc City when she said the after 4 days wala pa rin dumarating na tulong from the dswd! Now I will be politicking because I encourage the voters from Leyte, Samar, Cebu, Palawan and Iloilo not to vote Mar Roxas and his allies!
All the affected people deserves to have relief goods, Lucy was right we should based it on the no. of households...
Re distribution of relief goods via voters list, Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez mentioned it in her interview at ANC's Headstart
Just call her Lucy the good girlfriend.
Thanks Lucy for voicing in out. Can politics get even more annoying than this?
Lucy Torres Gomez have already spoken and made a stand for her people, how about the paid supporters of Noynoy...
I want to vote for Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez. Watched her Headstart interview w/ Hope problems in relief ops get resolved.
Congresswoman Lucy Torres Gomez , while helping U.S. navy officers on loading sacks of rice to a navy gunship...
What now? . Have you seen what Lucy Torres Gomez confessed about what really happens in Ormoc which is no the...
Thank you Lucy Torres-Gomez for this honest and brave report with Karen Davila. - not to critique but to...
Lucy Torres-Gomez is such a brave woman. Hands up on her 🙌🙌🙌
Lucy Torres-Gomez exposes the truth in hampering the relief effort in Ormoc and Leyte
Viral: Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez on cause of delay in relief operations.
Wanna know why the goods are not distributed well? Watch the video- .
i watched lucy torres-gomez about the distribution of relief. Feel sorry for the people there. THOSE CROOK POLITICIAN!
Grabe! I certainly don't think Rep Lucy Torres would mouth the untrue on matters as serious as the ones discussed...
WTH! The gov't had 3 US choppers at their disposal to get goods to inaccessible areas at 0 cost and ignored it!
I salute Lucy Torres-Gomez for being brave enough to tell & share for everyone to know what is really…
Congresswoman Lucy Torres Gomez goes straight to the point.
"this is not an election, this is crisis" -Lucy Torres - Gomez
Will have to watch this later. Lucy Torres Gomez being interviewed by ANC's Karen Davila.
Lucy Torres-Gomez shines light on the real situation in Ormoc regarding Relief operations |
crisis. If all Filipino politicians think like Rep. Lucy Torres of Ormoc, the Philippines would be great.
Interview of Lucy Torres vid exposing the political corruption involved in distributing relief goods in Philippines.
real relief operations situation in Ormos and other areas as shared by Lucy Torres-Gomez.
Thank you Lucy Torres-Gomez for telling it exactly as it is. Shame on the people doing those things you mentioned.
"Politics really hampered the distribution of relief goods.." Lucy Torres-Gomez's "must listen" interview on ANC.
Watched Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez in ANC interview.. and for once, I'd say, celebrities-turned-politicians, be like her.
Lucy Torres elucidates the problematic relief operations:
Ang ganda pala ng boses ni Lucy Torres :O. Setting that aside, is this really going on?
Just watched lucy torres interview. Heartbreaking for the victim. Annoyed and ashamed with the tacloban wicked politics.
Thank you for your interview of Lucy Torres. No wonder foreign media very critical of govt response..
Little Giant Ladders
Cong. Lucy Torres revealed the dirty system of the local government in dispatching relief goods. it made me so sad :(
Watchiing Lucy Torres' interview on ANC. Revealing the dirty secret of relief operations in Ormoc.
Politician Lucy Torres speaks the sad truth on distribution of relief goods in Philippines.
I salute Lucy Torres' confession about the real situation of relief operations in Leyte. Ano nalang?
how dare you let Lucy in your house 😳
Hidden secret of Aquino Govt revealed by Lucy Torres. Hm
Back from Ormoc! Cong Lucy Torres on She talks about needs, rehab, relief!
Watching this "controversial" interview of ANC w/ Gov Lucy Torres-Gomez revealing the exact situation in Ormoc re dispatch of relief goods.
Kudos to Rep. Lucy Torres Gomez for her courage in spelling out the truth in relief distribution in Ormoc. Saw her in 's show!
hi saw your interview w/ Lucy Torres-Gomez. She seems to know what needs 2b done in Leyte, how do we contact her office? Can u help?
Lucy Torres-Gomez: No to police shirts for Ormoc residents via
Lucy Torres: Politics hampering relief effort - Yahoo Philippines News Very well said, please watch the video.
Just saw Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez's interview on ANC Headstart.I am amazed how smart and classy she looks.She knows what she's talking about.
RP from Allona Vosotros: "It is a major sport in the Philippines to criticize." One of the many things I've learned from Direk Joey Reyes at the Liberal Leaders Summit 2013. And yes, even now that our country's in what we could consider as its worst times, useless criticisms have not waned. I hope the government hate would stop. We're in a state of national calamity. Bashing PNoy and his administration ain't any help. Let alone the criticisms thrown to celebrities. Instead let's ask ourselves, what have we done to help? Nonsense barrage of criticisms to PNoy, Kris Aquino, Lucy Torres, and the relief and rescue operations as a whole, seriously? Please consider the logistics. Reaching the affected areas is not easy. You don't just fly to Visayas and deliver help. It is not that simple. Also, the monetary donations from other countries are still and only pledges.. they're not here yet. It would take some time because you see, everything goes under process. Instead of hating and blaming, why don't we help mak ...
The only connection I can think of: Lucy Torres hosted ABC5's ballroom dancing reality show? Liza Macuja na lang, please!
Ogie for music (?) pwede pa. And Lucy Torres for dance? The ***
Ambassador of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts for dance is... Lucy Torres? Uhm.z
Also at the TV5 Trade Launch, SM Megamall:Cristy Fermin, Lucy Torres, Raymond Gutierrez and Joey Reyes for "Showbiz Police" By ErvinSantiago
Lucy Torres and Kris Aquino's fave designer turns silver -
For Lucy Torres Gomez, food is not just about nourishment. It is also about memories. Lucy writes…
Papa Gomz and Ms. Lucy Torres now attending a wedding! :) Picture from
I was invited to guest at Sweet Life with Lucy Torres-Gomez and Wilma Doesnt. "Monster Mom"…
Had the honor of sharing the stage last night with the Megastar, Derek Ramsey, Edu Manzano, Bitoy,Lucy Torres Gomez
If I were Lucy Torres, I would still feel jealous whenever Dawn and Richard are together and act like they're still lovers…
I might have to pack up my Lucy Torres. ☺
Sept 14 Sat 5:30pm on TV5 ; ) hosted by Raymond Gutierrez Lucy Torres
Taylor with Ms. Lucy Torres Gomez at a Dinner Party in Manila (8/16/13)
Some of the current local celebrity endorsers under the BENCH/ brands include long-time endorser Richard Gomez and wife Lucy Torres,
Shall We Dance goddess Lucy Torres Gomez dances again at the Battle Royale on Sunday! MUST WATCH!
Lucy Torres Gomez is so pretty. Oh gahd :O
So, I just noticed, Lucy Torres looks like Lana Del Rey. Or maybe it's just me again..
Guys Confirm that Miss Lucy Torres Gomez will be Going on tuesday for the taping of Minute to Win it of her...
In❤ with Lucy Torres eau de toilette by Bench 😍😍😍
There must be a deep secret to becoming and staying a sought-after power couple: Richard Gomez & Lucy Torres |
Lucy Torres was Richard Gomez's fangirl, now she's his wife :''>
Is it me, or does Lucy Torres just really resemble Victoria Grayson?
Happy birthday to my Lucy Torres, my clingy, the girl with the cutest toes and one of my bestest…
At Julie's wedding with the gorgeous Lucy Torres-Gomez and cutie Juliana
See how blossomed with through the years>>
Spinbusters asks if item in Phil Star on Ma'm Lucy greased "journalist's" hands
"Si Lucy Torres fan lang siya before ni Richard Gomez. Uhh, there is hope between you and dancer ❤✌"
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