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Lucy Ricardo

Lucille Lucy Esmeralda McGillicuddy Ricardo is a fictional character from the American television series I Love Lucy, played by Lucille Ball.

Lucille Ball Ricky Ricardo Ethel Mertz Shirley Mitchell Star Trek Donna Reed Hawkeye Pierce Tom Cruise Cindy Brady June Cleaver Archie Bunker

Just not common here anymore. Last time I saw an egg cup was when Lucy Ricardo was making breakfast for Ricky.
Just when I thought couldn't own my *** more...mama sllaaayyyeeed Lucy Ricardo
Spicer sounds more and more like Lucy Ricardo.
Bar-back Stefan is auditioning to be our spokes model. Come have a boozy Lucy Ricardo (chocolate shake w/Johnny Wal…
As Ricky Ricardo would say, "Lucy, you have alot of splaining to do". Except Susan's splainin…
We start with the Susan Rice story. Like Lucy Ricardo she's got a lot of 'splanin to do!
Ricky Ricardo made Babalu his rallying cry and Lucy's fans for decades have benefitted from his cont…
They are our Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. Thank you for giving us so much laughter threw them
We're like Linda and bob belcher. Or Lucy and Ricky Ricardo
*** really Lucy Ricardo can I be in the show
Yep. It's a catch phrase used by Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo whenever, Lucy did a... Lucy thing.
Oh I love them they remind me of Ricky and Lucy Ricardo
baby I went Ricky Ricardo l, but you be Lucy Goosey when you be on that bottle
Trump looks like Ricky Ricardo in that pose when he knows the gig is up with Lucy.
Lucy! I'm home from the club! [Does his best Ricky Ricardo impression when he walks in the Roadhou…
Greetings from Mexico beautiful Lucy you look gorgeous in all your photos have a nice day and have a nice weekend!
Spicer answering reporters at the press briefing is like watching Lucy Ricardo 'splaining (sic) to Ricky
Doug is like Ricky Ricardo trying to put on a show while dealing with Lucy's scatter brained antics.
Ricardo thinks Lucy has the best Pumpkin Bushels around!
A2: I Love Lucy will always be a fave show of mine! Lucy Ricardo!
Sheryl I'm loving the new up do you're sporting. Reminds me of Lucy Ricardo. Looking good Sheryl.
I made dinner , did laundry. ..looking like Lucy Ricardo. .
What in fresh *** Why is there a David Tutera look alike hanging out in the mixed bottoms with Lucy and Black Ricky Ricardo?
Sleeping in twin beds pushed together like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo
e.g., the "Lucille Ball" statue in NY is really more of a Lucy Ricardo statue:
I just aspire to be the type of wife Lucy Ricardo was lol
or. "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do". Desi Arnaz (as Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy)
" In my best Ricky Ricardo voice, "You got a lot of splainin' to do Lucy"
lookn' for a Lucy Ball future I am no Ricardo you know just a Southerner Home Boy lookin' for Love.
Tony Terran, great session player, trumpeter for Desi Arnaz in the Ricky Ricardo Orchestra on 'I Love Lucy.'
Ricardo thinks Lucy has the best Chickpea Bushels around!
I love Lucy did this first in the chocolate factory where she switched places with Ricky Ricardo so don't try it
Ricardo thinks Lucy has the best Swiss Chard Bushels around!
I was like Lucy Ricardo on Craig Ferguson last night. I could find where I was supposed to stand. I didn't stop on time. Vitameatavegamin.
And which of these food items did Lucy Ricardo dump all over Bill Holden? I think it was the spaghetti.
+ Aunt Clara, Dorothy Zbornak, Lucy Ricardo, Mary Tyrone, and just about every Kate character minus a few lame ones.
Mikey Ricardo...this eagle guy has some 'splaining to do...LUCY
it's like watching an episode of I ❤️ Lucy...only with a Scottish Ricky Ricardo😂
“Apparently, you can’t get a job unless you can do something.” –Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo, "I Love Lucy"
9. Lucy Ricardo - I Love Lucy. How can you not love Lucy! Timeless funny redhead!!!
I wish I had Lucy and Ricardo's relationship!
What was the name of the club where Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) played on "I Love Lucy" (CBS, 1951-57)? Television
You said your name was Lucy, i said where's Ricardo?
Please make this happen. sitcom. He'll be the next Lucy Ricardo, I know it.
lmao bs, like she's a good actor. Have you not seen Lucy? Smfh
Automate your emails Lucy can't keep up with what would Ricky Ricardo say about Marketing Automation???   10% Off
You said ya name was Lucy, I said where's Ricardo, you said "oh no not the show!"
I want a relationship like Ricky Ricardo & Lucy
Donald Trump is the 'Lucy Ricardo' of politics. "Wha-a-a-a-a-a-a-ah! I'm not getting my way! Wha-a-a-a-a-ah!
Bill could really be himself! That's what proves us with her review of I Love Lucy.
Ricky Ricardo was a nationally acclaimed performer. Why was he so difficult about buying Lucy a mink coat??
I want job writing I-tunes movie summaries. Ms Winslet embodies a mod, sloppy Madame Bovary type who would rather be at Lucy Ricardo's house
Sorry Lucy, I went Ricardo, I know youll be back tomorrow, get your whiny *** in the car tho... She'll be back, that's my motto.
Cause I really love Lucy, and baby I went Ricky Ricardo.
Lucy Ricardo ain't got nothing on me🍇. @ Viñedos L.A…
Creator was given a great ride there by Ricky Ricardo---
Sammy Sosa looking like he's fed up about Lucy Ricardo trying to get into his show will always hurt my soul.
Bernie's bizarre Lucy Ricardo-esque schemes to meet smacks of desperation to salvage his sinking campaign.
It was a fun day, when Universal Studios calls for a Lucy Ricardo KB comes a knocking and…
RUBIO is the second Rickey Ricardo..All he needs is Lucy and Fred
Lil Ricky Ricardo needs to go back to doing I love lucy and let the big boys handle politics.
THIS JUST IN! Named for the classic character on the "The Lucy Show," Ricky Ricardo is a gorgeously dappled...
Quoting Ricky Ricardo in the episode when Lucy gives birth, "The time has come!"
Back to black me recuerda a lucy y Ricardo
All this time, I didn't know that Lucy and Ricky Ricardo were married in real life.
Rubio has some splain'in to do as Ricky Ricardo used to say to Lucy.
Lucy Ricardo, an English Bulldog in CA, needs a home now! See her on
LUCY Doll and ETHEL Doll Giftset Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance Star as Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz Dolls, Captured
He reminds me of Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy. Does he play the bongos?
Cruz and Rubio reminded me of Ricky Ricardo chewing out Lucy in Spanish when they went after you. You did great.
Marco,name the Cuban TV character married to Lucille Ball aka Mrs Ricky Ricardo on the "I love Lucy Show."
I felt like I was watching Little Ricky Ricardo on a taping of I Love Lucy
Way to go GOP. Get two crazy Ricky Ricardo's to try and stop Trump. Good luck with that. Lucy!
suggestion for sound clip when Dan starts yelling: Ricky Ricardo does his rant in Spanish when he gets mad w Lucy
Same time; same station--as they said back in the day of Ricky/Lucy Ricardo
honestly if you look at the Rubio Trump exchange Trump comes off like Ricky Ricardo and Rubio comes off like Lucy
I just gotta say...I've ALWAYS seen you as playing Lucy Ricardo! Can u make it happen?? Give me ur agent's number lol
I love Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. And then bedtime. Peace.
why did Lucy and Ricky Ricardo sleep in separate beds?
I just did 15 min and I might die. Right here right now.BUT I DID IT! A little Lucy Ricardo style 💃
"Stop cackling, Marian, I've been waiting 30 years for you to lay that egg.". No one makes snarky comments like Lucy Ricardo.
"She's like Lucy Ricardo and I'm Fred Mertz" is one of the most classic lines in any song ever! AMAZING tune!
Marco Rubio has as much chance of being prez as Cuban Ricky Ricardo of "I Love Lucy." Rubio's playing a role: a FAKE one!
Every time I hear speak, I can't help but think that Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy is running for POTUS.
When Ricardo halal rings me on unknown knowing full well i have him on my contacts 🤔
Who are you and your significant other? I got Ricky and Lucy Ricardo
Fight club? Lucy Ricardo after Ricky threw the book and it hit her? Halloween going on too long? Probably not.
For a while, I did an explainer for XKCD -- Ricky Ricardo explaining to Lucy.
Lucille Ball from I LOVE LUCY fame connection with
How Lucy Ricardo Gave Birth to ‘Mission: Impossible’: If it weren’t for Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Tom Cruise wou... http…
Seeing "Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation" this weekend? Find out how Lucy and Ricky made the movie happen
You are the beloved Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy! You are full of energy, charisma and have an outrageous...
vanessa is playing her best Lucy Ricardo " I have a plan"
You got my attention with this headline: How Lucy Ricardo gave birth to 'Mission: Impossible'
If it wasn't for Lucy Ricardo, Tom Cruise would not be saving the world in
I know Lucy Ricardo was accident prone, but even Ricky would disapprove of his wife's uncontrolled bowel movement.. :)
guessing Ricky & Lucy Ricardo *may* have crossed the imaginary dividing line @ some point. They had little Ricky Jr. after all
This ---> Lucy Ricardo hologram to be unveiled at Lucille Ball Comedy Fest, headlines
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. Ricky Ricardo: I can't afford it. . Lucy Ricardo: those must have been the first English words you learned.
For the next two weeks, we will be focusing on Classic American Television in Study Skills. For those not in the class, here is a brief overview of what we will be learning: You Gotta Know These Classic American Television Series The Ed Sullivan Show (1948–1971): This long-running CBS variety show occupied the same time slot—Sunday night at 8 pm—for over two decades. For most of that time, it broadcast live from what is now called the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway, which is currently the home of the Late Show with David Letterman. Among the characters it bequeathed to American popular culture were a Spanish ventriloquist known as “Señor Wences” and an Italian mouse puppet named Topo Gigio. In 1964, the Beatles appeared on the show for three straight weeks, appearances which are credited with launching the “British Invasion” in popular music. I Love Lucy (1951–1957): During its six-season run, I Love Lucy was one of America’s most watched shows. It centered on Lucy Ricardo, played by . ...
Night two at the Hornbeak hotel in our Lucy and Ricky Ricardo beds😄 slumber PaRties are way more fun than I remembered! 💗Thanks friends!
Lucy Ricardo, we found your tablecloth!
Her daddy rich. Mercy Gallardo. I be off the Lucy. Ricky Ricardo
"No, Lucy. The movie's name is also your name, and I need you to explain it to me-- Ricardo. Please."
She got some explainin to do. Yo boo keep callin me Ricky Ricardo. LUCY
Little Giant Ladders
Your girl got some explaining to do she be calling me Ricky Ricardo ,Lucy lol
'Rhyme with Ricardo' 'milkado the chocolate u like' 'Lindor' thank u Lucy
I wanna marry a girl named Lucy, if you don't get that joke then you need to go watch some tv
Saw Lucy this weekend. Kept waiting for Ricky Ricardo. Never showed up. 2 out of 5.
In which New York nightclub in I Love Lucy was Ricky Ricardo bandleader and emcee?A: Tropicana Club.
Everybody keeps posting on how disappointing the movie "Lucy" is. Morgan Freeman must be a horrible Ricky Ricardo...
LMAO! said he has the bootleg movie "Lucy" & he was mad as *** when he saw Ricky Ricardo was in it! WHO KNEW!!! LMAO!
How did bootleg copy of the new movie "Lucy" go wrong? Ricky Ricardo was in it! Listen to more:
Naeem Khan Fall 2013 runway Reminds me of Lucille Ball's Lucy Ricardo's dress in I Love Lucy
That's it! I'm dying my hair red and you're to call me Lucille!. Honestly ... how many Lucy Ricardo moments is a...
New movie Lucy claims we only use 10% of our brains. That’s wrong. But, this is funny perhaps:
"Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo. What's your favorite quote?
Who is on YOUR TV Character Mount Rushmore? Mine: Homer Simpson, George Costanzo, Tony Soprano, Lucy Ricardo... Larry David first sub in.
Saw 'Lucy' last night. Scarlet Johansson was great but the guy who played Ricky Ricardo was a total hack.
Chillin with my girl Lucy Ricardo in Palm Springs. @ The Coffee Bean…
She was trying to channel Lucy Ricardo's "Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular?
They're trying to give something else for Rosalee besides being Ethel Mertz to Nina's Lucy Ricardo.
ok share a coke with Natasha and Ricardo but not with Lucy
“Lucy Ricardo swag unpacking I like youre pic
Kim used to call me Lucy, but it was after Lucy Ricardo. I get compared to that Lucy a lot.
"LUCY, GO HOME!! You're drunk." - Ricky Ricardo after seeing this movie. Well, probably.
Scarlett Johansson is the perfect Lucy but I don't know how I feel about Morgan Freeman cast as Ricky Ricardo.
There is no way in *** Lucy is making more than 20. I'll call Ricky Ricardo himself to serenade if that success shows
wow what a way to remake i love lucy. Whose the new Ricky Ricardo?
So who else can only picture Ricky Ricardo bustin into this new Lucy movie sayin, “Lucy! You got some splainin to do!”? ..just me?….ok
Ricky Ricardo's wife this ain't. Scarlett Johansson kicks *** as "Lucy." See the preview screening tonight at 9 PM!
Did y'all see the I love Lucy Christmas special last night? Epic. I want to be Ricky Ricardo when I grow up
Lucy Lawless takes action to Join her >>> via
I thought you used the Lucy Ricardo Scalp Treatment. LOL!
In my mind, I look like Lucy Ricardo imitating Marilyn Monroe, but in real life, I look like a potato.
I wanna relationship like Ricky Ricardo and Lucy.
UFO's on TV. Why do they have to be smarter than us? It would be cool if lookalikes of Ralph Kramden, Lucy Ricardo and Al Bundy landed.
Dorthea "Doris" Singleton (September 28, 1919 – June 26, 2012) was an American actress, perhaps best remembered as Lucy Ricardo's nemesis or frenemy, the snobbish Carolyn Appleby, in I Love Lucy. Singleton, born in New York City, trained as a classical ballerina, dancing for three seasons in the mid-1930s with the newly formed "Ballet Theatre", later to become the American Ballet Theatre. She began her career in show business as a vocalist in the late 1930s with Art Jarrett's orchestra. Her distinctive low, lyrical voice made her a favorite in the radio industry. Doris Singleton worked in New York during World War II as both a guest star and in a regular role on numerous hit radio shows During a guest appearance on the radio show My Favorite Husband in 1948 she met Lucille Ball and began their long professional relationship. She had a recurring role in I Love Lucy playing Carolyn Appleby in ten episodes between 1953 and 1957. (The character was named "Lillian Appleby" in her first appearance but "Caroly ...
Here are our newest CFLH Hall of Fame Inductees for March in the category of Best TV Sidekick: 1. Ethel Mertz (to Lucy Ricardo on I Love Lucy) 2. Barney Fife (to Andy Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show) 3. Spock (to James T. Kirk on Star Trek) 4. 99 (to Maxwell Smart on Get Smart)
Basically, I'm Lucy Ricardo. I really have no doubt.
Here Lucy Ricardo and Krysteen Mendez you can make this.
I graduated high school in 1973. Who would have been my kindergarten teacher at Columbus? She looked a bit like Lucy Ricardo. Then I went to Guardian Angels.
In the TV series I Love Lucy, Ricki Ricardo never actually said “Lucy you have some ‘splaining to do”
Every time I *** I sound like Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy for 10 minutes
How Ricky Ricardo made it up to Lucy after forgetting his wedding anniversary >>>
Lucy Ricardo: We have to find Sylvia Collins a husband but where? Ethel Mertz: I'll make the sacrifice she can have mine.
Ethel Mertz: No I'd rather have a lousy present than no present at all. Lucy Ricardo: Yah, its not the gift that counts it's the lack of thought behind it.
My outfit g or dinner with babe looks like something Lucy Ricardo would wear. Lol.
Lucy & Ricky Ricardo were all time great couple
The priest who preached at our wedding, Susan, asked me to join her and two friends on their marriage advice podcast. Check out "Marry Me" on iTunes. Below you'll find my list. Please feel free to add your own advice. Happy Valentine’s Day!   10-Share household chores more evenly. The division of labor is different. It doesn’t start with a historical notion where one ½ supposedly did all the dirty work and the other goes off and makes a name for himself and $. Right now I’m a housewife (while I look for a job) more Lucy Ricardo than Donna Reed but the truth is that my husband and I pretty evenly share responsibilities for laundry, cooking, getting the car cleaned & taking out the garbage. 9-Celebrate what you have. Remind yourselves: We want this & every day we are grateful for it – we do not take the benefits of this right and privilege for granted. Our marriage is not legal in every state, or nation we are still a novelty in many places and a persecuted minority in others. 8-Talk about Sex. Of ...
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All of a sudden, I feel like the episode of I Love Lucy, when Lucy Ricardo joins the Lonely Hearts Club.
I want a love like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo's. Freakin precious.
I had a funny thought, Sometimes I get like Lucy Ricardo and stuff happens. I thought maybe I would pass by a funeral home, visit an open casket funeral. Slip the deceased some Tylenol and ask them "please give these to my guardian angel" Thanks. Enjoy Heaven. (kinda like a larry david style)
Ricky Ricardo from I love Lucy , makes me want a Cuban!
Find a Love Like Lucy and Ricky this Valentine's Day. The love Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo had for…
ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER COMMERCIAL IDEA: Scene from "I Love Lucy" dubbed so Ricky Ricardo enters shouting, "Lucy, You got some to do!"
I love Lucy like Ricky Ricardo. Nom nom nom 😜
Was going to wear something kinda fancy to dinner but I'm kinda diggin' this "Lucy Ricardo" look I've got going on w/ a different dress lol.
*sigh* Just call me Lucy Ricardo. I hope my impulsiveness is what makes me endearing. . . I sure do love my husband. Hope he loves me!! Man, I am a sucker for a salesman. :(
Been snowed in all day so had a lot of time to think. Dangerous, I know. And sad as it is, I miss being able to sing. Now, I've NEVER been a GOOD singer (think Lucy Ricardo ;)). But even though my speaking voice came back after my surgery (took a while but it's back). But if I sing (and I do in the shower and my car - I imagine I give the other drivers quite a giggle sometimes :). Always happy to make someone smile as I go about my day. But when I hit certain notes either nothing comes out or some awful scratchy horrible sound comes out. Hope that goes away and I get my singing voice back. However, I am so thankful that I have had the results that I have so better stop complaining. See, too much time on my hands.
I think Lucy Ricardo and I look more alike every day.
Lucy Ricardo won the gold in yesterday's Me-TV Curling competition! Cindy Brady grasped onto the silver by a...
Chip Jackson: Is Mrs. Ricardo really good? . Lucy: Is she? I'll say I am? She am! She is!
Watching the Olympics makes me feel the urge to become athletic.Feels like I could live out a Lucy Ricardo moment. Must resist.
Today, for the first time in my life, I asked myself, " What am I doing in this field? What???" Had a crazy, stressful morning! In Lucy Ricardo's words, I'm pooped! :/
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Here comes Lucy Ricardo playin glow worm,UR my glow worm, my only glow worm, Umake me happy skies gray, please dont take her golden sax away
Come down to Lucy and Ricardo's restaurant tonight and see my band the written play some beautiful music!
Lucy Ricardo get this cake for Jericho.
Im sorry if I say"I need you" But I dont care, Im not scared of LOOHHOVE Cause when Im not with U I'm weaker Is that so wrong IS IT SO WRONG
Our Bobsleigh competitors have crossed the finish line! Bob Newhart wins the gold! Bob Crane comes in second for the silver and Bob Denver squeaks away with a modest bronze medal. Today, we have Cindy Brady, Elly Mae Clampett and Lucy Ricardo are competing in Curling!Sure, the events are based on scores and times and distances, but sometimes it’s all about presentation. Which hairstyle best defines curling? Place your vote by clicking the link below!
I aint no hispster but i can make your hips ster 
I can't see emojis so i assume they are all nice :-)
I feel like alot of the short fat teachers are ***
A lil Lana during class is all you need
Lucy Ricardo being English: afternoon mater. Pater won't be down for tea. We just bedded him. Had to - dead, you know
I want a relationship like Ricardo and Lucy
If Von and I was the modern day Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz which one would I be-
for me is more like Might as well call me Ricky Ricardo, because I love Lucy!
Yesterday, somebody was Lucy Ricardo Moon Over Baghdad busted- ok Lucy it's time 4 the sultan of swing sidekick gal's unveiling
Some of the women curler's exhortations to the sweepers remind me of Lucy Ricardo's various noises of consternation and distaste.
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Lucy Ricardo: [a large woman has just sat on Lucy] Madam, it doesn't seem to be getting through to you, but this seat is …
It's their statewide homage to Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.
Started a new book last night.. I've titled it " The AntiWife"!! I found the name fitting considering my three failed marriages ( yes I said 3). It's a humorous look at my Lucy Ricardo ( I Love Lucy) meets Peg Bundy (Married with Children) approach to wifedom! ( the references are for those of you who aren't as ancient as I am) It may be tacky but they say to write about what you know, and if there is one thing I know its how not to keep a husband!! Judge if you must..
There is an old saying that in your lifetime you will be able to count your best friends..thoughout all..on one hand. That is a hard thing to do...I need both hands...My left hand (btw Im left handed) JAMIE MOORE, who stood by me in 5th grade when the bullies for no reason ganged up against me...LeaAnn "soul mate" as far as friends go...Christina Byers...AKA Christina Bridgers sista from anutha mutha...Rita Thomas...My Lucy Ricardo :)...and Julie best friend here in Tennessee. If I could cheat and use two hands...I would choose Beverly Loving, Tammy Buckner, and Sylvia Laws.
Desperate sleaze-ball ad agencies: "You know what would be perfect for this ad campaign...? YOU!!" Enter Lucy Ricardo
Who was your idol when you were growing up? — Lucy Ricardo & the blue power ranger
*Ricky Ricardo voice* Lucy, you've got some esplainin' to do.
So my lovely Pam (read Lucy Ricardo ) made her famous three ingredient French toast this morning. The ingredients are bread, eggs , and a little milk. She forgot 2 of the 3 ingredients so we had toast 😄 God bless her, 22 years and she still makes me smile
It's so incredibly hard for me to wrap my head around the idea and the feeling of how tonight many of us will be watching a still ongoing moment in the culmination of how life changed 50 years ago on this date. And even though this means I have to be old now, I still feel incredibly lucky that I was old enough then to remember that night so vividly, and for it to have had such an impact on an eight & a half year old girl that it shaped and became the backdrop for much of my life. How incredible it is to realize that from the time they came until the time they broke up, was a mere six years...just a speck in the amount of time that they have lasted as though they are still what and who they were. And how many songs were created during those short six years. Songs that transcend, time, aging. Songs that many of us can hear and sing in all their completeness without any music playing. Life is measured in milestones and time periods. A half a century is half of a CENTURY!! Half of one hundred ...
Guess what?!? I have a foot fungus. Very ugly! Did I get it from running? Sure wasn't the result of stomping grapes, ala Lucy Ricardo. Suggestions? Thoughts? Thx!
Let's Stop Pretending That French Is an Important Language BY JOHN MCWHORTER Share A somewhat surprising piece in The New York Times this week reported that the French dual-language program in New York's public school system "is booming," the third-largest such program in the city, after Spanish and Chinese. That commitment is a beautiful thing—for children of Francophone immigrants. But for we natives, the idea that kids need to pick up French is now antique. Make no mistake: For immigrant kids from anywhere, bilingual education is invaluable. But the idea that American-born children need to learn French has become more reflex than action, like classical music played at the wedding of people who live to modern pop. French in educated America is now a class marker, originating from that distant day when French was Europe’s international language. Fewer Europeans spoke English then, which made French actually useful—at least for Americans who could afford international travel. Those same Americans we ...
my favorite episodes of I love Lucy are on it's the California ones. Hope your watching Patrick every morning she's on at 5 am to 8am. I start my day laughing with her daily. with a job I have the past year n half have two everything I can to try n stay stress free so I start with a pray n then watch my favorite girl Lucy Ricardo
So sick, I could barely call in this morning. Hate calling in when I just start a new job. I wouldn't buy any fresh food from someone who sounded like me. Just me, Hannah and Lucy Ricardo keeping me company today.
Lucy Ricardo and Tasha Tripp I think you both with look awesome with your hair like this, I love it.
Had a grrreat day all though we are suppose to get more snow I wish it would stay in the plains state or go out to sea and by pass ...that would be some thing my wishful thinking though .I came to a conculusion I am going to do what Lucy Ricardo did in the I love Lucy show ..she tried to bring a head of cheese back on the train with her I think from France but any ways I was thinking when I go down south I was thinking I may have plan if I stay down South Carolina ...I was thinking I may try cutting a real palm tree down and bring it back here ...hey why not every one puts a x mas tree on their vechiles would not make a difference seeing a plam tree on car .and then I would put it in the ground in my back yard then I would literally be on my island in the sun with a beach chair , a radio and a book and a drink in one hand .lolo being a goof ball this what I have do on daily basisa when I deal with little jimmies .also I love it when people get a kick of either my status or my bit strips comic I a ...
If Lucy Ricardo was a "real" person, I would SO recruit her for my team. She is always looking to make money.
"Television isn't going to last, it's just a fad" -Lucy Ricardo (: i❤️Lucy
And now for a bit of fun: Suggest what dialog might result if Lucy Ricardo was arrested (you make up her crime) by the "Hill Street Blues" cops.
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Greatest Television Characters of All Time. Go! Here are my nominations: Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy Jack Bauer from 24 Benjamin Linus from Lost Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties Arthur Fonzarelli from Happy Days Desmond Hume from Lost Fox Mulder from The X-Files Dana Scully from The X-Files Tony Almeida from 24 Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation Mork from Mork and Mindy Herman Munster from The Munsters Cliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother Spock from Star Trek Dr. Doug Ross from E.R. Dr. Mark Green from E.R. Hawkeye Pierce from M*A*S*H Kermit the Frog from The Muppet Show Beaver Cleaver from Leave It To Beaver John Locke from Lost Capt. James T. Kirk from Star Trek GOB Bluth from Arrested Development The Seinfeld Ensemble Cast The Friends Ensemble Who did I miss?
Fun Fact Did you know that Westport was made famous by the T.V. show I Love Lucy? It’s where Ricky and Lucy Ricardo (played by Desi Arnaz and Lucillie Ball) moved after purchasing their new home.
Lucille Ball, as Lucy Ricardo, imitating Katherine Hepburn in "Stage Door", which featured, in a supporting role...Lucille Ball.
yeaa, Lucy Hale, she has nicer eyebrows and a prettier face shape, and Selena has prettier eyes and a prettier nose and stuff
Trippy chick She loves lucy like Ricky Ricardo
"One day you'll find your Ricky Ricardo and every day of your life will be like an I Love Lucy episode"
Shirley Mitchell, the comic actress who played Marion Strong, Lucy Ricardo's friend with the cackling laugh, on the TV classic I Love Lucy, has died. She was 94. Mitchell, who is believed to be the last surviving adult castmember from the legendary CBS sitcom, died Nov. 11 of heart failure at her condominium in Westwood, her sister-in-law, the Oscar-nominated Sunset Blvd. actress Nancy Olson, told The Hollywood Reporter. Mitchell was the widow of Jay Livingston, the pop composer and lyricist who collaborated with Ray Evans on the Academy Award-winning songs “Mona Lisa” (performed by Nat King Cole), “Que Sera, Sera” (Doris Day) and “Buttons and Bows” (Bob Hope). The couple was married from 1992 until his death in 2001. Mitchell joined the cast of Lucille Ball’s I Love Lucy for the 1953-54 season and appeared in three episodes. In one, “Lucy Tells the Truth,” Marion gets frank opinions about her new hat and her laugh during the girls’ weekly bridge game. (Lucy has bet Fred and Ethel Mert ...
I love you!! you remind me of Lucille Ball :D and ! would dress up as Lucy Ricardo next halloween! :D ?
Ethel Mertz and her pal Lucy Ricardo (see more here: are quite a pair! (About three pounds...
The cast I will never forget from I Love Lucy? The Ricardo's and The Mertz's. I've forgotten everyone else not a guest star.
From the Spanish song Cielito Lindo written in 1882 but made popular by Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy. Ricky said it a lot.
I just wanna be June Cleaver. Or Lucy Ricardo ... Like... Why can't i do these things?
Actress Shirley Mitchell, who took part in popular 1950s sitcom "I Love Lucy" as Lucy Ricardo's friend Marion Strong, has passed away
"Marion, stop cackling. I’ve been waiting 10 years for you to lay that egg!” -Lucy Ricardo
I Love Lucy's Lucy has passed😔. reuiniting with Ricky Ricardo up there🙌
Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz would have a ridiculously long arrest record if they were alive today.
Photo: Shirley Mitchell, the comedic actress who played Marion Strong — Lucy Ricardo’s friend with the...
BRUV pascal is nicer than Lucy anyway
My name is Lucy Ricardo I know y'all know "I love Lucy" & Ricky Ricardo 😂
that's the kind of Lucy Ricardo crap I do
I wanna a relationship like Lucy and Ricardo(Ricky)...they are hilarious
Tripy chick luuh lucy like Ricky Ricardo
“Juan is brain dead...”. The best TV moment since, "lucy!" By Ricky Ricardo, is getting ready for the smackdown,
don't make me look up Lucy Ricardo pics again
you guys remind me of Lucy. And Ricardo. My God. Lmao
When I do the most ridiculous things like drop and break and new jar of coconut oil I think, "only me and Lucy Ricardo" Smh
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If I had the time I would do Lucy and Ricardo too but considering its taken me all day to do that little part I don't think I have the time.
- I already told your dad that I wanted steaks ✔️✔️ lol
I would pay money to see and play Lucy and Ricky Ricardo
I need the kind of man who thinks it would be fun to be married to someone as wacky as Lucy Ricardo :-)
Lls I want some more hot chocolate !
Might just tell ya dad to throw a couple on there 💯 but sshh don't tell no one 😌 lls
will do! And I'll help you find Lucy. I really hope she's okay:((
That episode when Lucy and Ricky Ricardo buy little Ricky a drum set.
Imagine I love Lucy if instead of Ricky Ricardo, her husband was Tony Montana
Try call Lucy Ricardo to indulge you in that mess!
trippy chick love Lucy like Ricky Ricardo
Pour us a bottle. Formula is to follow, trippy chick love lucy like Ricky Ricardo
good look on the follow . Tell your friends About me 💯☝️💯
Happy Birthday to my Lucy Ricardo loving, cupcake eating, word searching Luci-girl! Thankful to have…
INSIDE, I have the same personality disorder as LUCY RICARDO!!
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Me when I see Nick Southern in the hallways at school ugh what a babe
Today we celebrate thee engagement of Lucy and Ricardo... It's be a long process but we really hope…
Baby I went Ricky Ricardo but you be Lucy goose when you be on that bottle
I’m headed for my last pickup of the night at a place called, "The Conga Room." It’s owned by Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband who let him buy her out when the divorced. I guess you could call it his "booty prize." How he could ever let go of such a hot piece of *** is beyond me. Everyone is always saying things about her tush, I’m looking forward to seeing it up close and personal. I pull up to the place that looks like something "Ricky Ricardo" would have let "Lucy Ricardo" decorate. It’s swank enough, with a nice Latino flair. I head to the front door and that’s when I get my first glimpse of the world’s most famous behind. She’s bending over trying to grab some bags. "Miss Lopez, let me get those for you." She peers up at me with her golden skin glowing and her smile bright white. "You know, I used to be a ‘Fly Girl’ on TV. I work out with a trainer every day. I can get them." I’m amused as I tell her, "Look, ma’am, you’re the last girl I’d ever doubt, especially when it comes t ...
is answering questions for and I feel like Lucy Ricardo when she saw William Holden at the Brown Derby. *gawks*
and the Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz (respectively) of Asgard.
The "I love Lucy" Live show at the Blumenthal is so awesome! Sirena Irwin is fantastic as Lucy Ricardo!! Clean, hilarious entertainment!
Lucy Ricardo polka dot dress designed by Elois Jenssen for I Love Lucy" sold for $140,000.
Indeed! Hank Kingsley is one of the great comic characters, like Archie Bunker or Lucy Ricardo or Falstaff!
Cindy could be Lucy Ricardo, with Obama as her husband.
Donna Reed and Lucy Ricardo had these @ pergolina
What's the point of passing the Bechdel Test if you fail the Lucy Test?* (*Your female characters have the acumen of Lucy Ricardo.)
I am so Lucy Ricardo. I can't even tell you. Thank God I can spend most of my time as words on paper!
Study Your Spousetv character is your spouse most like and why?? Me-Lucy Ricardo, David-Matlock bc he loves seersucker and hotdogs
everytimey sisters boyfriend comes the first thing he says is "OMG HARRY STYLES ",to make fun of me -__-
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Or see me to be innocent Kendrick that you seen in the street With a basketball and some Now & Laters to eat
If I ever have a wife like Lucy Ricardo, hairline would start to recede at a faster rate. Lol.
When you have a wife like Lucy Ricardo, I think domestic violence IS the only answer
Whenever I see Charles Boyer,always think of Lucy Ricardo saying he looked like he was smelling cabbage all the time.
Okay u can have all the change in my piggy bank!!
What am i suppost to get u for ur birthday ?
YES,Lucy Ricardo sings the whole soundtrack with NO dubbing!. Balls to the wall!!!. No pun intended. -
[Ep19:"The ballet"] Lucy: I'm going to get in that show or my name isn't Lucy Ricardo! "Ricky: What did you say Clem? htt…
Born today: . The woman who will always be remembered as the crazy, accident-prone, lovable Lucy Ricardo was...
Have you had a Lucy Ricardo moment yet?
What do Punky Brewster, a Spice Girl, and the most famous pop artist ever have in common with Lucy Ricardo??...
America’s favorite redhead was born today in 1911. Lucille Ball will always be remembered as Lucy Ricardo.
And since she wanted to be a movie star, my fav role of hers is as Judith in STAGE DOOR. You begin to see the emergence of Lucy Ricardo
BOOM TV CHARACTER OF THE DAY: The one & only Lucy Ricardo played by the one & only (8/6 bday girl) Lucille Ball.
Joseline sounds like Lucy Ricardo when she cries lol
Susan Vance makes Lucy Ricardo seem emo by comparison.
"When I get married imma get a tattoo with my husbands name on my *** lls ,noo you *** 
Youll never ♥ your self half as much as i love you,and youll never treat yourself right,darling,but I want you to ONE DIRECTION
Red, White, Blue's in the skies . Summer's in the air and Baby,. heaven's in your eyes
Ohh im sorry that getting drunk an smoking weed all the type isnt my type of party,exscuse me for not being like everybody else
Cooking out every sunday gets annoying…
The original pilot of I Love Lucy on the 1st season. Fred & Ethel Mertz was not in the pilot, only &
I would love to think I'm as glamorous as Leno Horne or Josephine Baker, but in realty I'm more like Lucy Ricardo...and I'm kool wit dat
Every time I see the "super beta prostate" commercial, I think of Lucy Ricardo and "super veggie vitamin" skit!
Lucy Ricardo, George Costanza & Maxine Shaw are my favorite characters EVER.
I'm what people call an eccentric person ... well, if I am eccentric, then we need a whole lot more of people like me in this world. The first time I heard the word eccentric, in reference to me, was from a woman I rejected as anyone I would ever consider to be a friend. I mean, seriously, wouldn't you expect a friend to call you, send you an e-mail, or drop by, before she headed for higher ground when she heard the news ... TSUNAMI WARNING, GET TO HIGHER GROUND! ... well, wouldn't you? Especially when you know that the person lives alone, and is disabled! There are other reasons that I am called eccentric. I don't like it when acquaintance go around telling people that they are my friends. Friendship is a mutual admiration society. A friend is automatically a BFF ... or they are just acquaintances! Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz were friends. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were friends. Tony Orlando and Freddie Prinz were friends. Friends stick together through thick and thin. Friends are platonic lov ...
Much Ado About Nothing (MAAN): Shakespeare is like Broccolli. I don't like it as much as I like how I feel when I'm taking it in. Look at me I'm eating Broccoli/reading Shakespeare. Well actually I tried reading Shakespeare, but monkeys would get more out of that. No I like watching modern reenactments of The Bard at the movies. Romeo and Juliet with Leo Dicaprio, Richard III with Gandalf. Here MAAN is set literally in director Joss Whedon's nice California home. Whedon makes big spectacles like The Avengers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so this is definitely a small production for him, but he moves it along nicely without it getting too stagey. The actors, some you'll recognize, do a great job of placing the language in a modern context with body gestures and mannerisms. Beatrice sneaking around a kicthen like Lucy Ricardo was a nice touch. With modern day shame killings of daughters in the Indian and Muslim world makes the shaming of Uno more timely and dramatic. Castle's Nathan Fillion is a liTtle too ...
Learning French has me feeling like Lucy Ricardo in the episode she's trying to learn it. I may be able to order a merveilleux plate of snails when I'm in Montreal & Ottawa Canada next week! Aujourd'hui I have begun practicing before it's time to bid adieux to America for a week!! Vive la France!!
A few months back I confessed that, despite my love for old movies, I had never seen ANY of the pictures Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers made together. Well, I'm happy to report that glaring oversight has mostly been corrected--I've now managed to view 7 of their first 8 (in chronological order, no less--all save "Follow The Fleet"), and I must say, they're all absolutely wonderful! Astaire's masterful footwork was a given, but I was surprised at his likable, easy charm in putting over the comedy. Ginger Rogers--ever since watching "The Major and the Minor" and "Monkey Business" as a pre-teen, I've been in love with the gorgeous Ginger Rogers--makes for an unexpectedly perfect complement to Astaire. And every time Ginger breaks out her comedic chops--such as when she's under Fred's hypnotic command in "Cafefree", which I watched just last night--I see so many future echoes of Lucy Ricardo, I have to believe Lucille Ball was watching her fellow RKO stablemate's technique very, very closely. Edward Everett H ...
Interesting question in an article I read this morning about James Gandolfini's death: Who are the top five TV characters of all time? My list off the top of my head . . . Archie Bunker, Lucy Ricardo, Cliff Huxtable, Hawkeye Pierce, Mary Richards. All from sitcoms. What do you think? Should Tony Soprano be on the list? (BTW, "Top" is different than "Favorite" . . . my list of Favorite TV Characters would start with Basil Fawlty and Denny Crane.)
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Henry Winkler as Fonzie, Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo and Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce come to mind
Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) on finances: “This is my system for paying bills. See, I throw ‘em all up in the air, and those that land face-up are the winners!” —“The Quiz Show,” I Love Lucy, Season 1, Episode 5 (1951) Read more:
Okay, new topic and question. What are some of your all-time favorite t.v characters? Character's name and show please. Some of mine are, Lucy Ricardo (I love Lucy), Mr. Spock (Star Trek), The Fonz (Happy Days), B.A. Baracus (A-Team), Daisy Duke (Dukes of Hazzard), Buffy, Willow and Tara (Buffy, The Vampire Slayer), Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) and Gabreille (Xena, Warrior Princess). I am sure there are more, but these are the top ones.
I'm a hispanic Lucy Ricardo, but where is my Ricky?
The bracket is rigged. How did Wilma Flintstone beat Lucy Ricardo?
Yo Wilma Flintstone is about to Upset... Lucy Ricardo in the TV Moms Bracket and Clair Huxtable and Lois Griffinn too close to call
“The road in front of Victoria Jackson's house. / Lives life as right wing Lucy Ricardo
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